See What You Are Missing Now In The Big Brother 12 House

Update: Finally! Some real drama in the house. Britney has poured her poison in Rachel’s ear and is convincing her and Brendon that they’re being played. Britney is getting Rachel on her side for voting this week and the house is debating. Ragan is calling for a house meeting to find out the truth. Turn on your live feeds and watch this in action. Gotta see what’s going to happen tonight.

Curious about what’s going on right now in the Big Brother 12 house? Then you should stop wondering and start watching with the Free Trial! Here’s what’s you’re missing this afternoon between the shows…

Rachel is planted on Brendon in the Cabana room giving him a massage while he attempts to philosophize and discuss science theories. Say what you will about Jeff and Jordan’s intelligence levels, but I’d take a discussion on what animal you’d want to be over scientific methods any day in the Big Brother house.

Luckily the pool and hot tub are getting lots of use this afternoon as the rest of the HGs are outside soaking up some sun. The discussion has turned to their favorite topic, ragging on past season HGs. This season’s cast must be the most informed BB fans they’ve ever had because they know most everything about the past years which is nice for a change. Let’s see if they can avoid past mistakes!

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  1. I just want to know who the “life long friends” are in the house! When will CBS expose this?

  2. I’m still not convinced this was true. I’m wondering if it was a lie by the Sabo/Annie to throw people off her trail and focus on others.

  3. I am tired of seeing Rachel and Brendan going at it. It’s not cute, it will never compare to last year with Jeff & Jordan. If you want the romance thing go to Kristen and her love. A change up, I’m ready to call it a year already and change to something else. This is nothung more than watching a porn star at work.

  4. poor monet. she doesnt even know she has no chance. i feel bad for her really. she has good points, and talking to everyone like she should, but its too late. i mean it will be a 8-1. with the one coming from her VERY loyal friend britney.

    kathy said eariler today she is not giving her her vote.

    i see it like this


    it will be interesting as i see it as a matter of time before the houseguest’s find out hayden and kristin. its a matter of time before BRachel are out the house.

    dumb dumb rachel is getting ANOTHER girl out the house. once monet is out, its really turned into a competition for the men to compete in.

    one thing though, i would like the houseguests to tell monet, and even with annie that “no im not gunna vote for u” like if their ALL on the same page to get monet out this week which they will be (8-1) why cant u tell her that ur not going to vote for her.

    its pretty jacked that u make her wait out these days, hopelessly thinking she has 2-3 votes because ppl say “ima talk to the others to see whats up” or “idk how ima vote yet?”


    why didnt monet get off in rachel arse?!?!?! WTF?

    she is going home, she should have LIT HER UP!! not walked away.

    rachel is NOT SMART. she is a smart woman. very intelligent, but in the game of Big Brother she isnt smart.

  6. monet needs to be visited by evil dick. she has to know u gotta get off in ppl and break the foot in they arse especially when u know ur going home.

    after she said “i dont use the derogatory term, so monet u need to get ur facts straight!”

    i woulda been like listen beetch haha….dont tell me i need tog et my facts straight when u dont know who said what, and arent willing to put a name out.

    dont come at me with ur sheet, when ur going home. im going home with 10,000 and whoever wins HOH next week is putting up and ur bf up. u will go home with nothing.

    and finally u cant say ima a big threat, when u didnt even put up the two ppl who put u AND brendon up.

    BOOM BABY! lol

  7. team mean money did the exact thing to annie as what’s happening to them…karma…even though I love them oh well

  8. I am with you marcus I would have gone off on her but I think Monet has class and would not embarass her family like that. Kathy is a shit starter and so is Kristen if she did not say that why bring it up? They just want to fight and the men are eating it up. I just hope that she does get to come back in the house. Rachel is mad because Monet lives at home and she does not have to work she is still in school duh. I think that all of them are chicken for not just telling her to her fact that they are not going to vote for her. I wish that they would bust Enzo and put him on the block for eating when he was not suppose to that would put some excitment in this game and break up the Brigade. Kathy needs to shut her mouth and quit trying to be everyones mother and play the game. She is always talking about this is kindergarden stuff. If she felt that way she should have keep her old butt home. These are all young adults what does she expect. God I hope that Britney wins HOH and make them all pay. I am sitting here watching the live feeds and Rachel is saying that she did not have anything to do with who Rachel put up and she is lying.

  9. I believe the sab lied about the secret aliance just like she lied about escaping the block

  10. I am not 100% convinced that there are lifelong friends in the house. Julie has not said anything else about it… it was said by the SAB…so who knows if it is true?

    If it were true, i think Julie might have mentioned something more about it…don’t know!!??

  11. DID he though?! that would be weird you know…. oh… maybe he did b/c remember when the group was in the hoh room, rachel was saying that she couldn’t understand why Matt would do that? and everyone else jumped on that to… saying “why would he do that?”

    either way, i think monet is going home for sure.

  12. shes is freaking out,she told rachel that matt told her he was pissed off cause they put him up,she is telling rachel that matt is after rachel and brendon,now rachel is crying and pissed off at matt….

  13. oh sh**. i hope rachel doesn’t lose her head and think that it would be better to get matt out… she plays too emotionally. why is rachel listening to brit anyway, you know?! i hope she gets her head out of her a** and just stays w/ her gut and gets everyone to vote out monet!

  14. worst part is rachel asked britney to come in the hoh room so they could talk…..

  15. its so funny how things change so fast in this house…britney is on a roll right now !!!

  16. yea matt did offer himself up as the pawn. the hg are pretty much doing the same thing to monet as they did to annie so she feels better but at this point it’s going to be a landslide and the only vote for monet will be brit

  17. Kristi: after reading what you wrote, I couldn’t have said it better! you are SO right! they are just going to let monet think she has a chance ;-)

  18. oh dont get me wrong monet is still going home,but i have a feeling britney wont be going home next week !! matt on the other hand is in trouble next week

  19. If Big Red believes anything Brit says she deserves what she gets next week. Brendan will not be able to save her.

  20. dani: thanks for the info! i think you might be right! brit is trying hard now to become friends with ANYONE and she sees rach as an easy target….esp. b/c brit knows monet is going home she has to latch on to someone! so now she will get in good graces w/ someone and divert attention onto someone else…poor matt! i hope his smarts can get him out of this! p.s. i am on the l i v e f e e d now…exciiiiting ;-)

  21. all right guys, i hate to go when everything gets interesting but my honey just surprised me with a romantic evening. he’s so awesome. keep the debates goin and i’ll check back in later. lots of love to you guys. hope you have a wonderful evening, i’m sure i thank g*d no cameras in my house. lol

  22. we’ll see if Brendan can see through Brit’s B.S.! Brendan might be the one to make rachel ‘realize’ that brit is just trying to manipulate her…you knw?

  23. kim no joke u r like the 5th person i was able to convince to get the feeds!! i want a commission from cbs !! haha

  24. trish: agreed! rachel should know better than to not litsen to Brit…

    hey! whats going on with the f e e d? do they take breaks like this all the time?

  25. fyi if you guys watch deadliest catch, this ep is in memory of phil. i hope c b s doesn’t mind but dc lost a good man in february.

  26. lol dany! well you convinced me that is for sure! i like to know what is going on…i am pissed b/c literally as soon as i got the f e e d up, it’s saying “we’ll be right back” what the hell!!

  27. yeah whenever they sing a song,or talk about a person that didnt give a release form to talk about him ect…sometimes for no reason also !!

  28. hmmmm…REFUND! lol, just kidding. I really signed up b/c i want to see what happens when BBAD is over… the hg’s know when it ends and i think THAT is when the ‘juicy’ stuff happens ;-)

  29. dont forget they r on the west coast,so its only midnight when bbad goes off the air

  30. aaah! have to remember that! lol. I’ll be awake 24/7! good thing I don’t have to go to work! i can just watch l i v e f e e d all day! omg… what is wrong with me?! lol!

  31. and whatever u miss u can go back and watch it on the feeds whatever time it happend

  32. dont ask me..i watch about 9 hours a day !! plus i read by the min what is going on my iphone so i seriously do not miss a single second of what happends !!!

  33. torch u r customer # 6 that i conviced to get the feeds!! cbs are u listening to me?!?! i want a pourcentage of the profits from the feeds !! haha

  34. Yes bitchney Is sooooo smart!!! She figured out matts secret LOL yay team mean money may have a chance if braychel gets ppl to chNge votes since matt screwed up but the brigade

    Enzo lane kris will evict money showing their true colors and hay/ragen is a toss up

  35. I was just saying yesterday the pawn almost always get tripped up, and this one volenteered.

  36. all of this started when kathy went up to brendon and rachel to confront monet…wow…way to go kathy!!

  37. ok he ran out because he forgot the lily’s & that new ky stuff so i read a few comments & dany u have to split it with me, i convinced a quite a few myself. lol and sorry guys it looks like the comments are going to get ugly again with who just entered the room. daytona, i hope you prove me wrong and realise we are all pretty nice on here and polite towards each other. i would realy like to be friends if you could do that, and i’m sure the other would feel the same. i’m out, peace all!!

  38. @ manic kathy told brendon and rachel that monet said that britney had the votes to keep monet in the rachel and brendon confronted britney and monet….thats how it all started

    i hope she can get monet to stay
    thats a true friendship right there man. britney and monet, having each others back like that man. thats tight

    but i dont think it can be done. instead of the votes being 8-1 monet evicted, i think it will be 8-2 monet with the votes for her to stay coming from brendon and britney

    this sucks.

    i really wish though like is aid earlier monet would have lit rachel up. she had to know her chances were small at best to stay, LIGHT HER UP!! make rachel’s hair really red!

    but i guess its a good thing she didnt because of now, but still defend urself.

    everyone ganged up on britney and monet, and kathy and kristin just stood behing rachel saying like “yea, yea yea!”

    like is aid, if this would have happened yesterday, monet would have been good.


  40. it makes me laugh how rachel is saying we need to talk to ragan,not knowing how tight ragan is with matt…

  41. maybe ray can get them to switch


    Ragen swing vote

  42. and kathy didnt do nothing but run and hide, and get the ppl in charge this week to do her dirty work.

    she said that stuff, and she should be thanking the HELL out of rachel for not spilling the beans.

    kathy is the WEAKEST PLAYER IN THE HOUSE. period.

    she old, will smoke herself into a heart attack before the finale in the house or not, and she does nothing but float.

    floating is essential in the BB house, but u gotta back it up with solid game PLAYING. she doesnt it

    for those of u who dont know, kathy was on the backs of monet and britney last week, now she spends MORE time in the HOH then BRachel.

    rachel was giving brendon a back-rub and guess who was in the bed watching it and talking? KATHY.

    dang i hope britney can pull this off. if she can, it will be one of the most powerful moves ive seen in a number of seasons.

    monet before today was GUARANTEED to go home. if britney within 40 hours can turn it around and send the voluntary pond home matt, HOLY SHEET. mensa cant help u now brotha. and i like matt, but i like monet much more. and britney.

  43. I knew team mean money was smarter than their bitchiness potrayed them to be ^__^

  44. ok…been watching old days of f e e you really think thought that matt will get voted out? i think no… i can’t stand kathy! i’ll say it again … she is just as 2 faced as all the rest! i DONT like kathy!

    Britney is just working HARD to stay in that house! lol…that girl will do/say anything…good for her, at least she’s trying to play, you know?!

  45. the rest of the house has to realize that brit is doing anything to try to save monet…i mean her and monet are playing pool right now together! i mean…matt hasn’t done ANYTHING! they’re just saying he’s playing both sides of the fence… but who isn’t? hayden/kristen are too…telling rachel/brendan what they want to hear…you know?

  46. omg! ragan needs to shut up…seriously! he wants everyone to get in the same room and ‘talk it out’ to see who’s lying! this is the game!!!!!


    here we go, HOUSE MEETING

    for the next 5 hours, this will be IT. all of u guys that said this season was boring, HA! what did i tell u, i said just wait.

    and in about 2 minutes, its going to BLOW UP!

    strap yourselves in!

  48. this is so stupid! i dont know what makes rachel/ragan/kathy think they are entitled to a ‘house meeting’ to call out everyone for what they’ve been saying…that is the game! its not fair to put everyone in the same room and calling everyone out for what has been said! this is so dumb…that is for the viewers to know..this is the game…not the TRUTH game!! the point is to lie, manipulate, twist…whatever to get to the end…play the game…not the ‘honesty game’… LAME!

  49. dude mat is doing exactly what big red said he might. “Omg ray is so mean” “she put me on the block” blah blah and bri clled him out on his bs and exposed his squirrely ass. Mat is
    Liar this
    Time not bitchney
    Lying about wanting to be on the block and making big red look bad

    Go britney

  50. britney is actually telling the truth. matt did all that. THE ONLY THING IS, who is gunna back her up on it? will the brigade break up right now?

    will enzo, lane, hayden, and andrew tell the truth, or hate on britney?

    i say they will of hate on britney because she got caught on alot o fire.

    ITS ON

  51. if i were in that house and i know i’d been lying and stupid rachel said “house meeting” i’d say EFF no! this is sooo stupid! the rest of the hg’s can just say NO! i dont know why rach etc.. feel like they are entitled to know the truth about everything… i can’t stand it! is anyone else freaking watching?!!!!

  52. Manic: I say “go britney” too! she is becoming the only source of entertainment ;-) i like that she stirs it up!

  53. my chest is beating right now.

    C’MON BRITNEY!! be smart, u got him DEAD TO RIGHTS.

  54. omg the brigade + ragen + kris are gonna hate on team mean
    Money cuz they don’t wana expose a member and back up mat!! Noo plan might not work and it’ll make bri look bad -___-

  55. listen to matt try to squirm out of this!! wow. and why is andrew not there? i didn’t catch that part…

  56. omg… i really hope this doesn’t turn and matt goes home… i hope they keep their heads on and still vote out monet!


    omfg!!!!! he is really doing it!!!!


  58. i can’t believe it is turning!! i want monet out! matt is supposed to be so smart…i hope he can use his big brain to get himself out of this! matt has made some good points though… about rach/brendan bullying everyone..

  59. mat screwed himself for volunteering to go up
    To use hoh room to talk to brigade
    Making big red look like a bitch
    Telling ppl he wanted red out nxt wk
    And blaming her for why he decided to volunteer in first place

    Ahahahahahaha priceless!!!!!!
    Go team mean money!!!!

  60. lol…i think he screwed himself too, although he is making good points and rachel keeps talking in circles…rachel is a liar just like the rest, so i dont know who she thinks she is!! she thinks she is smarter than matt!! they wont give matt a straight answer…matt is only saying what everyone else is thinking…hay/kris will try to get rach/bren out..just like everyone else…

  61. everybody say it with me

    TEAM MONEY!!!!



    u are witnessing a turn. u all on live feeds are witnessing one of the biggest things happening in BB house in so long.

    i gotta give it to him though, he is riding his sinking ship to the very END

  62. i can’t believe how quiet everyone else is being :-( they are just stringing him out to dry, lol!

  63. omg…and monet is trying to play the crying card! she needs to shut up! she wants to start talking to everyone NOW!? please Monet!!! NOW she wants to start playing the game? a little late honey!

  64. when monet raised her hand i was like “this is gunna last 3 seconds before she cries” and guess what? it was 2.

    but ragan is backing matt up till the end. and this should be happening tomaro ntot onight.

    too much time for ppl to think about getting monet out again

  65. yeah, i like that at least ragan is back up matt. everyone else is so quiet. here kathy is like ‘lets have a meeting, lets have a meeting’ but she is just sitting back watching it all go down. i guess, the rest are smart for keeping know…but it still sucks…rachel just keeps talking in circles, and is trying to like sway everything, can’t stand her or brendan now!!!!

  66. Kathy is a bigger weasel than Matt! Instigating this house meeting, and then sitting there not saying a single word. Regan was pushing the meeting too, but at least he participated in it…

  67. i agree Rico! kathy was all about it…and didn’t say A WORD! she wouldn;t even make eye contact with anyone!

  68. Rachel just got busted big time by Matt… I love it! Rachel says she has never lied about anything, and it takes Matt only 5 seconds to point out three lies…. awesome.


    he is talking sheet to the very end!! i love this guy

    he has rachel DEAD TO RIGHTS in the living room.

    she is speechless. he is calling her out on EVERYTHING!!

    how about TEAM MATTNEY! haha its pronounced (matt-n-nae)

  70. Ok, now that the house meeting is over… who do you think were the winners and losers? Who is better off after the meeting and who is worse off?

    I say, Brendon and Rachel made a mistake. I don’t think they changed anything for this week, but they put a bigger target on themselves for next week. I think Matt pretty much squirmed his way out of it. And Brit will probably allign with the Brigade.

  71. Rico: I think that rachel was trying HARD to sway the house against matt…however, matt made really valid points and ultimately called rachel out! she and brendan HAVE been bullying people around…matt is right here! if rach/brendan think that no one else is gunning for them they are nuts! lol! I like matt now more than ever!

  72. rachel is whining to kristen about people lying etc… give me a break! this is a game! play people against the other… you know?!

  73. monet is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better off.

    however, the brigade may still be intact with a new member. maybe britney for a couple of weeks.

    matt came off good too. since everyone is gunning for BRachel, and matt didnt lie to them, AND they see how honest matt is, then they will role with matt.

    Matt, Monet, and Britney came out the winners.

    BRachel lost. like they were kicking the field goal at the end to not send it to overtime, and their QB aka tony romo aka rachel fumbled the snap at the very end, and the defense recovered it. (how matt called her on every lie)

  74. lol, yep! rach/bren look stupid now…they were the ones who called the meeting and now they look stupid! good!!!

  75. EVEN AFTER ALL OF THAT, monet is still going home.

    it still might be a 7-2 vote.

    yea i knew it was impossible. if their wasnt a brigade, she be good, but kristin who is a beetch but i kinda like despite being from philly just lobbied to hayden to make sure monet gets out.

    so i think the votes now if it isnt 7-2 is 6-3 but thats it.

    unless something else happens the next two days, sad to say, monet should be going home.

    which she will be so pissed. like she keeps getting bones thrown at her, just to be picked dry.

    the brigade will back up matt, kristin would never go against here man, and kathy will be beetch and vote out monet

    so team Monet/britney (team Money)

    will turn into Team Bratt haha. or Team Matney

    which sounds better?

  76. didn’t big brother say that the “close friends out of the house” were rachel and brenden and that they are real girlfriend and boyfriend???? thats what I heard on thursday

  77. Someone mentioned they thought that Kathy & Brittany looked alike & were from the same state & speculated that they are actually mother and daughter….idk…

  78. I wish someone would give Rachel a proper bra fitting. No wonder the most desperate/love crazed male is interested. I consider it comedic when I hear her say “we are the perfect fit” and “this isn’t a showmance, it’s a relationship”…LOL!!!!!!

  79. I just ran threw everything above & ya,all are outstanding in eveything you said. My heart was racing like the begainning of Nascar Race! If I was not so dang old I would get BBAD, but I would fall asleep & waste the money. Butt-you made it exciting for me & I know they { BB } won’t beable to show it all but I can’t wait to see the out come of all this. It’s getting good now people from what I can see. Maybe Monet should stay, they ” Brit & Monet ” seems to be the show for now. But Matt maned-up. They were all good,except ol’ Kathy. Thank’s for the up-date I really enjoyed reading all of what ya,all said.

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