Big Brother 12: Week 2 Tuesday Live Feed Highlights

It was drama city last night on Big Brother 12 as the two nominees pushed for votes to stay in the house.  The POV ceremony is over and tonight we will see what went down as Britney and Monet fight to get that veto necklace.  Rachel called a house meeting and gets called out for having the big head as HOH. 

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – July 20, 2010:

9:00 AM BBT – Matt and Lane talking about Ragan.  Matt tells Lane that Ragan told him that Rachel and Brendon are suspicious of him (Matt) and that they wanted Ragan to spy on him but Ragan’s not going to do that.  He’s going to disassociate himself from Matt for a few days and after this week Ragan will not stay allies with BRachel because he doesn’t like how they are running the hoh. 

 7:50 PM BBT – Matt getting up to leave meeting but still slamming BRachel. Definitely gets points for logic but not emotions.  The vote Thursday might be interesting.

10:30 AM BBT – Brendon and Rachel making out under the covers and Rachel says she can’t control herself anymore when she is called to the DR. (perfect timing)  

 10:42 AM BBT – Rachel and Brendon back at it in the hoh and this time Kathy interrupts them having sex and sits down with them on the bed and after a few minutes, gets under the covers with them.  (Can you say weird?)

 11:24 AM BBT – Brendon, Rachel and Kathy talking about Matt and Rachel thinks he is a rat and a liar.  They want to expose him for playing both sides of the house. 

 1:47 PM BBT – Monet begins to campaign to stay in the house and she starts with Kathy.  Apologizes for getting pissed at her.  They talk for a few and Kathy tells her she doesn’t see her getting to stay in the house.

 3:05 PM BBT – Kathy joins Brendon and Rachel and tells them everything that was said by Monet.  And the drama continues.

 3:30 PM BBT – Monet is now pleading her case to Hayden in the have not room and Hayden tells her that he heard BRachel was planning on backdooring Matt and a lot can change between now and Thursday.

 3:56 PM BBT – Kristen confronts Britney and about Brit telling Rach that they have Kristen’s vote.  Brit is denying saying that.

  4:30 PM BBT – Drama is really starting to pick up in the house.  Everyone is talking about the confrontation between Kristen and Brit. 

 4:58 PM BBT – Kathy and Brit trying to work things out in the backyard.  Kathy says her feelings are hurt and Brit apologizes.

 5:26 PM BBT – Brit is with Rachel in hoh and crying, wanting Monet to stay.  Brit really throws Matt under the bus and Rach is buying into the story.

 6:30 PM BBT – Rach is talking to Ragan about the situation and he is defending Matt and wanting to call a house meeting.

 7:13 PM BBT – Rach goes downstairs and calls for a house meeting in the living room.  (This is getting so funny)

 7:18 PM BBT – Rach calls out Matt for playing both sides and he says that he was bullied into saying to put him up on the block because Rach was trying to strong arm him.  Ragan defends Matt and Brendon jumps in trying to run his mouth.  Matt tells Rach she went on a power trip this week and that he’d rather be on the block than try to be forced to vote the way Rach wanted. 

 7:36 PM BBT – Monet now raking Matt over the coals and Brit says the discussion is not going how she envisioned it.

9:45 PM BBT – Matt and Rachel talk it out in the HoH room. He’s doing a great job of smoothing the situation while trying not to laugh at how well it’s working.

11:45 PM BBT – Rachel announces there will be an extra long lockdown on Wednesday. Hmm, could this be the setup for an HoH endurance comp or just the regular extra time to get things set up?

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After the big house meeting, all the hg’s scattered to talk about what went on and it seems like the brigade is sticking by Matt to vote out Monet but this is the bb house where anything can happen so I would expect to see more drama unfold as we get closer to the live eviction Thursday night.

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  1. This is so great for the brigade. They dont even have to win HOH next week cuz there are so many other targets. Really Really dislike Rachel the skank, worst HOH in the history of BB. Just hope Britney wins the next HOH, so that the biznatch and her tool will get whats coming to her.

  2. BG- I agree, I just hope the brigage stay together on this. I’m kinda worried about Enzo. He seems like the kind that could be easily swayed. I like Matt, I don’t want him gone.

  3. Rachel needs to go, she is almost ruining this show for me. Last night I wanted to scream. She just kept going on and on and on. She repeated herself over and over. I wish I could contact CBS and tell them to switch the camera to someone else.

  4. BG, the worst HoH in BB history is Chimapet! But you can’t see that because she’s black.

  5. dudemus#5, thanks for sharing your intelligence so early in the morning. Hope the rest of your day is better than how you started it.

  6. Thank you so very much. I’m glad to see your stereotypical racial attitude is still intact.

    Let’s leave racism out of the discussion. If it continues, you will be banned from the site.

  7. The “Brigade” is about to run roughshod
    over BRENCHAL.

    They have Kristin on their side and Ragan will come along I’m pretty sure.

  8. dudemus….i’m black and i hated chima and she was the worst hoh. you need to open your racist eyes and see past race. no one mentioned race but you racist a-hole. so stfu.

  9. How many times can Rachel say “Like” in one sentence? Just another way she drives me crazy.

  10. had blackchick name been something else, he wouldn’t have thought twice about what her comment was. just another ignorant racist who lives his life based on the color of ppls skin. grow up and smell the BLACK coffee.

  11. Oh my god! Rachel is the stupidest chemist I have ever seen in my life time! Her and brendon are a discrase to the bb name! Matt better stay and he better win hoh or something. No matter what, brendon or Rachel need to leave the game next week. Hopefully Rachel because I can’t stand her laugh any longer!!!!!

  12. someone please throw rachel under a bus…she is ruining this season for me.

  13. anotherblackchick, apparently you have not read BG’s comments in the past. They are rife with color BS.

    Don’t worry, from what I’ve been seeing lately, Brenchel is going down hard and fast, and I don’t mean in a sexual context.

  14. dudemus

    July 21st, 2010 at 10:09 am
    anotherblackchick, apparently you have not read BG’s comments in the past. They are rife with color BS.
    ****I challenge you to go back and show everyone where my comments are based on color. Free you mind, and the rest will follow and stop lurking around to find something to bring up race. Thanks ABC but just learn to ignore BS when you hear it.

  15. MATT looks like a snake to me , why are people liking him so much here. he reminds me of ronnie last year thinking he could control both sides of the house. hopefully it will bite him the the a$$ like it did that snake ronnie last year.

  16. FYI dudemus, you can go back as far as Sept 2009 to check all my comments. I will be waiting for your proof.

  17. Okay i am so happy now, from what i saw last night on BB After Dark, Monet now has a good chance to stay in the house. Rachel was telling Brendon last night that if they really wanted to stick to their word of how they wanted this season to be full of competitors then they should let Monet stay and let her and Britney play! I TOTALLY AGREE!! GO TEAM MONET, things are looking up!! I really thing the brigade should ditch Matt this week, i mean he looks like he would be the first one to betray them anyway! He’s just so weird and querky! Keep Monet, I could actually she Brenchel forming an alliance with Bronet! No one would ever expect that alliance out of anybody in the house! Kristen kills me how she’s playing the game, saying she’s not going to kiss anybody’s *** OMG PLEASE, that’s all she has done to Brenchel this week so she is so wrong for telling that lie! PLEASE KEEP MONET this week so we can have a real competitive season! And it looks to me like Brendon is voting for Monet to say and he says he will get Andrew to vote to keep her too, thats what was said between him and rachel lastnight! And i believe Brendon can sway Kathy’s vote too. So I believe Monet still has a very good chance of staying if she keeps playing her cards right, and just let Matt keep digging himself in an even bigger hole than he already is in! GO TEAM MONET WOO! WE NEVER GIVE UP! FIGHTERS UNTIL THE END! :)

  18. @dudemus- I have been coming to this site everday from the beginning of this season. ( when there was only 3 people on here) I have NEVER seen a racial slur of any kind come from Blackgirl. Just for the record

  19. @KL- I don’t know about that. rachel and brendon don’t have the power anymore to control Monet’s fate. But with the votes, the brigade (that’s 3- if they stay loyal to Matt) And Kristen- who kisses Hayden’s A**, it will be a longshot

  20. The racist comments need to stop as of now. I’ve been talking to blackgirl for over a year now and the comments from dudemus are unfounded.

  21. dudemus…dude you cant come into our room and insult blackgirl like that. i have chatted with her for several seasons and she isnt racist or reverse racist she is my friend and i will defend her to the end.she wasnt a chima fan or anyones fan due to their color. heck her last name may be black and she may be as white as i am. you don’t know and you dont know my friend. i dont care if she is purple she is my friend and i will defend her to the end and her right to post her dont have to agree with her but u do have to respect her opinion. MATT help me out here

  22. blackgirl I need a jumbo cup of coffee and i will do as i normally do and take mine black lol. wow guess i am racist too being yesterday i requested chima, russ, and marvin come back so i can have something to keep me awake. oh no i asked for cappy and maggie too so i guess im rainbow…oh no now im gay

  23. Nanny, yes its me. Its good to read your comments again. I’m at the beach this week so I’m not on the site very much right now.

  24. LOL It’s hilarious how quickly things can change in the house. I couldn’t sit thru AD last night because the over abundance of lies, bs, and ass-kissing just turned my stomach.

    Is anyone in the house being honest in any way, shape, or form?

    I still hate everyone in the house, but at least it’s getting interesting. Right now I’m pretty much on the “anyone but Rachel” team for winning this thing. The only thing worse than a moron is a moron who thinks they’re a genius.

    As much as I dislike Monet, I think it would be too funny if the “curse of the pawn” strikes Matt. He certainly deserves it, thanks to his mouth.

  25. Oh and PS I think I will literally throw up if I hear Rachel one more time refer to Brenden as “my man”.


  26. Thanks Chick, Asli and Nanny.

    Anyhoo, BB is starting to heat up and my brigade is looking very good. Lets hope that Matt is really safe this week cuz things can change real fast in the BB house.

  27. I don’t think that Matt is a Ronnie, but he has made some bad calls and drawn attention to himself that might bite him in the rear. I really hope not… I’m a sucker for the smart, dorky type and I’d like to see him stick around for a while. Might be that he’s over-thinking the game a little bit when it would be easy for him to float for a few weeks if he’d just.. float.

  28. I agree, Matt has been doing some stupid things lately, but I thought he handled himself pretty well last nite. He definately can talk his way out of the stupidness. I think he’ll be alright as long as the brigade stays together.

  29. It would be a shame if Matt went home. Even though Matt is a “Genius” having the intelligence of Brit, Kathy, Rachel, Monet and Andrew in the house, I am pretty sure it would knock anybody down into the “dumb” category. Brit needs to go, over BRachel and the Brigade.

  30. I hate to say this, but I’m actually starting to like Brit ( a little) But, come on,out of the girls that are in the house- Brit is by far the best. ( Monet was ok too) rachel is a nasty, trashy girl who needs to put on some clothes. That shirt she had on last nite was about 3 sizes too small. And don’t even get me started on that hair.

  31. Matt is no genius. I also don’t think rachel is as bad as everyone thinks. Look at what natalie used to do in the afterdark in bigbrother 9!

  32. hey ash missing you so much. bg i am your brigade lol. ronnie was a pitiful player makes me wonder if i would stink up the place like he did. he was such an authority on bb and that actually was his downfall. i dont think that my experience watching the show would help being each show has its own set of new character and circumstances.

  33. i like rachel, besides the donkey braying laugh. and as for her being easy ya know thats just how some girls are. and typically they are good at what they practice lol, im good at making jewelry and pottery she’s good at chemistry in every sense of the word.

  34. If Brit, go’s the fun is over, she is the only real life in the house. I really don’t know who I like as yet, but one thing for sure it’s not Big Red Bottle or that Man of her’s. Period !!

  35. id rather see some mensa vs brawn. it sounds like i want to see fights but i dont.i just like to see different personalities combined

  36. has everyone forgotten the friends twist? did annie create it or is it a factor for real? i hope it is for real to add a lil spice. hum who do u think it is if it is real? could brit be kat’s niece? could rach be haydens sister or twin? what about enzo and andrew i think theres something there due to their reaction tothe announcement

  37. OMG, I need to un-do that, I ment can’t wait for big red to get paranoid. The phone was ringing & my Yorki was digging my are, she want’s to play & for me to get up !! Bye for a few !

  38. brit doesnt bug me like some other folks. she is at least real. she has emotions, she lies, she can be very sweet but watch ya back.i’d hate to think my best job happened when i was 21. she has a lot of life and work left in her.i’d hate to think her best job is already over

  39. “you cant come into our room”

    Oh, excuse me nanny. I was under the mistaken impression that this was a public forum. Had I had any indication that fools held title to this “room” I would never have entered.

    You may wish to change the HTML to show that only you have permission to post.

    What? You don’t have title? How is it “our room” then?


  40. Nanny your so right, but that little Brit is growing on a lot of fan’s now. She cry’s ocean’s for sure & she talks crap for sure , but deep-down I would bet money she is a sweetheart on the outside. Funny how someone can start to grow on you. Just like a country song , ya don’t like it @ first, then ya fall in love with it. I bet she has a lot of family & friends that well tell us later { if she stay’s past a few weeks } how nice she really is. She looks like she could be a good wife & mother someday. I have that feeling.

  41. I don’t think anyone knows each other. I bet annie was lying. BIGBROTHER needs to come up with another twist. WHOEVER came up with this one should be fired. You don’t come up with something that has a chance to end the very first week.

  42. i didnt say you cant come into our room…i said you cant come into our room and insult blackgirls reputation and dignity. u cant but you wont last long or make many friends here.

  43. matt has another post up. yea it is great that we can change or opinions on people. britt has gained a lot of fans i am sure. i just hope she controls her crying she will loose fan quickly.

  44. I’m begging now !!! If anybody has any RAIN out there Please send it to lower Michigan, { Go Blue } we are drying up fast here. Sorry for getting off the bb subject, buttttt we want rain.

  45. blackgirl,i am so sorry you had to deal with that this morning. i see you on here everyday and your state your opions without race, just like the rest of the people on here should. just wish i was on here earlier to have your back. sorry

  46. Have u ever noticed how Brendon cannot look Rachel in the eye during a conversation..he’s always looking at her boobs.. which she makes readily available for “anybody ” to look at… that stupid laugh…the “my man” reference..n’ I’m with whoever mentioned her use of the word “like”..this person is soooo totally annoying..and she is constantly playing for the cameras as she checks to see if they are focused on “her”..Please..the sooner she is evicted means that I will to stop taking antacid n’ diarrhea meds when the show is airing.

  47. Brittney is so fake it’s ridiculous.. I can’t stand that snotty bit*h.. It’s a good thing Monet is leaving too, I mean these girls are just out to effin’ lunch.
    Did Monet seriously think she had a shot at the 500k? I don’t understand what all her pouting and whining is about, like suck it up princess it’s a GAME! Obviously she sucks at playing it otherwise she wouldn’t be in the situation she is in right now.
    As for Brittney I hope she goes soon, she is one not to be trusted, she’s fake, two-faced, and NEED TO GO!!!
    I just hope whoever wins HoH next put’s her ass back up on the block!

  48. Put russell from survivor and evil dick in this house as a twist. FIND out who is the best villian on tv.

  49. Given advice from the old lady { 67 } don’t respont to him, & he’ll go away. ” dudemus ” that is & don’t answer or give him the time. He’ll fade away. Let him get himself into deep do-do. & enjoy yourselves.

  50. Whoa!!!!my Heros…Russell n’ what a awesome idea…would love to see those 2 team up (gang up) on these whimpy hg’s….lmao

  51. I for one appreciate a site where there is no racist comments allowed and the “bad” language is kept to a few words…

  52. OH more tid bit…(OR TIT BIT)..Last nite on BBAD whoever was working the camera made sure that Rachel was done with overhead shots they too must be in need of a free peep show. CBS get the perv out!!!

  53. Did anyone catch when Lane said Haydens sister lives in his town and Hayden face turned to stone? Def thinking they are life long friends!!!!!!

  54. I think cbs should one year do a survivor show with all former bigbrother people and do a big brother show with all former suvivor people.

  55. Just an opinon but I think there are “several” sets of friends in the house..the conversations are leading up to the truth..we will know soon..

  56. hayden always seems to be more protective of lane than enzo, and matt when he talks to rachel, and brendon. I think your right!

  57. connie i agree completely. i have been saying that for a while. i think couples/friends/family but most know one other cast member

  58. Very few of the Big Brother peeps would make it on Survivor as they are somewhat protected (??right word??) but the Survivor peeps would make it fine as they are used to all kinds of abuse..especially bad food n’ being

  59. ok the LF has 4 cams, why do all four have to be on focussed on the hoh room and the s*x under the covers. please point the other 3 cameras on the other hg!!

  60. yea this would be a breeze for the survivour peeps. bb hg have now idea how good and lucky they have it.

  61. fyi they have a new thread up about the pov tonight if anyone wants to go over there.

  62. I agree with you nanny! (post # 41 about Rachel)….and I’m sorry but,I just don’t agree with the statement on here that “Kristen is like Megan Fox Hot”….????….WHAT????….lol….I mean no disrespect whatsoever, but I just don’t see it….Is there something wrong with my eyes????….

  63. I had the same idea last night as BigBrotherBob. Love to see a BB & Survivor switch up. And “go Brachel” for now.

  64. hotness scale of 1-10.
    megan fox=10+infinity
    she maynot be the same as megan but she is right up there at the top for me.

    • You can’t be serious….Kristens boob job is terrible & she wears her pants higher thn my grandma! I forget she exist most times because she’s not even awake.

  65. I want to see Matt leave. I’m tired of the brigade running things. Rachel needs to open her eyes and see she’s been played, like Britney was trying to tell her.

  66. Ohkay I hope that.. Enzo wins hoh on Thursday. And I think he has a pretty good chance if it’s an endurance thing. And he will for sure put up brendon and Rachel. God I hate those two!

  67. Everything abt Rachel annoys me– her terrible lip injections. the way she eats. the way she walks. the clothes she wears. the unnatural color of her hair. her laugh. the way she says “awww brendon” and the biggest one of all is that I am forced to watch her & Brendon discuss stupid chemistry bullcrap!! At least Jordan & Jeff were funny…these to are just nauseating!!!!!

  68. Seriously I want to vote to evict whoever is responsible for choosing this sorry a$$ cast…ugh painful

  69. Next year bb should put in the house a nun, a homeless person, a pet groomer, a factory worker,a ex-con, { whom is doing good } repair man, & a social worker, a ticket person @ the movie’s, & house keeper, & a maid. Bingo Bango -see were this go’s.

  70. i think that matt is a scam! i dont like him at all! i hope he get voted off! i really hope that there are to showmanses with Brendon and Racheal and Hayden and Kristen!!!! i really dont like the bergade thing i want the maybe 2 showmanses to teamup! and another person i sont like is enzo he is a scam to! i only like his voice!

  71. going off the track again, about next year, also Kate plus 8, would also blend in very well. Not”””she would make a great Boss.

  72. hate to go off topic, but my daughter is driving me crazy about the blue furry blanket that everyone seems to be curling up with. anyone know where i could get one?

  73. re: post #84 Judy, I’m with you on a cast like that! Time to get people who are less likely to opt for the thrill of paid sex in a BB house. I also think the HOH room should be off limits to houseguests who aren’t HOH unless there are meetings and HOH is present. My biggest gripe is the hg’s who do nothing. How about a new HOH task…a job bag! HOH picks jobs for each houseguest…then everyone MUST contribute! What a hoot to see princess monet scrubbing the toilets! (with penalties if they refuse, of course) C’mom big brother..make them work, they’re always talking about being bored…hi ho hi ho….

  74. snickers, outstanding idea, maybe Nancy Grace & Kate plus 8, together for a few weeks would be a great idea if they gave the money to Cancer or of there choice. Man, they might not come out as miss perfect. Talk about who would be the boss ! Wow !

  75. Matt is disgusting! If by any stroke of his diabolical genius he actually does win BB12, he should have to give all of his winnings to his wife’s disease! And who by the way gave Matt magic markers to draw on his arms? He seems to be getting more colorful with each passing day! Wish my vote counted..I vote to EVICT MATT!

  76. I can’t stand Matt, lying about his wife having a fake disease shame on him! I hope they evict him. And don’t get me started on BRachel ugh it’s like watching a cheap porno they make me cringe. CBS please do better than this!!!

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