Big Brother 12: Week 2 Tuesday Live Feed Highlights

It was drama city last night on Big Brother 12 as the two nominees pushed for votes to stay in the house.  The POV ceremony is over and tonight we will see what went down as Britney and Monet fight to get that veto necklace.  Rachel called a house meeting and gets called out for having the big head as HOH. 

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – July 20, 2010:

9:00 AM BBT – Matt and Lane talking about Ragan.  Matt tells Lane that Ragan told him that Rachel and Brendon are suspicious of him (Matt) and that they wanted Ragan to spy on him but Ragan’s not going to do that.  He’s going to disassociate himself from Matt for a few days and after this week Ragan will not stay allies with BRachel because he doesn’t like how they are running the hoh. 

 7:50 PM BBT – Matt getting up to leave meeting but still slamming BRachel. Definitely gets points for logic but not emotions.  The vote Thursday might be interesting.

10:30 AM BBT – Brendon and Rachel making out under the covers and Rachel says she can’t control herself anymore when she is called to the DR. (perfect timing)  

 10:42 AM BBT – Rachel and Brendon back at it in the hoh and this time Kathy interrupts them having sex and sits down with them on the bed and after a few minutes, gets under the covers with them.  (Can you say weird?)

 11:24 AM BBT – Brendon, Rachel and Kathy talking about Matt and Rachel thinks he is a rat and a liar.  They want to expose him for playing both sides of the house. 

 1:47 PM BBT – Monet begins to campaign to stay in the house and she starts with Kathy.  Apologizes for getting pissed at her.  They talk for a few and Kathy tells her she doesn’t see her getting to stay in the house.

 3:05 PM BBT – Kathy joins Brendon and Rachel and tells them everything that was said by Monet.  And the drama continues.

 3:30 PM BBT – Monet is now pleading her case to Hayden in the have not room and Hayden tells her that he heard BRachel was planning on backdooring Matt and a lot can change between now and Thursday.

 3:56 PM BBT – Kristen confronts Britney and about Brit telling Rach that they have Kristen’s vote.  Brit is denying saying that.

  4:30 PM BBT – Drama is really starting to pick up in the house.  Everyone is talking about the confrontation between Kristen and Brit. 

 4:58 PM BBT – Kathy and Brit trying to work things out in the backyard.  Kathy says her feelings are hurt and Brit apologizes.

 5:26 PM BBT – Brit is with Rachel in hoh and crying, wanting Monet to stay.  Brit really throws Matt under the bus and Rach is buying into the story.

 6:30 PM BBT – Rach is talking to Ragan about the situation and he is defending Matt and wanting to call a house meeting.

 7:13 PM BBT – Rach goes downstairs and calls for a house meeting in the living room.  (This is getting so funny)

 7:18 PM BBT – Rach calls out Matt for playing both sides and he says that he was bullied into saying to put him up on the block because Rach was trying to strong arm him.  Ragan defends Matt and Brendon jumps in trying to run his mouth.  Matt tells Rach she went on a power trip this week and that he’d rather be on the block than try to be forced to vote the way Rach wanted. 

 7:36 PM BBT – Monet now raking Matt over the coals and Brit says the discussion is not going how she envisioned it.

9:45 PM BBT – Matt and Rachel talk it out in the HoH room. He’s doing a great job of smoothing the situation while trying not to laugh at how well it’s working.

11:45 PM BBT – Rachel announces there will be an extra long lockdown on Wednesday. Hmm, could this be the setup for an HoH endurance comp or just the regular extra time to get things set up?

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After the big house meeting, all the hg’s scattered to talk about what went on and it seems like the brigade is sticking by Matt to vote out Monet but this is the bb house where anything can happen so I would expect to see more drama unfold as we get closer to the live eviction Thursday night.

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