Big Brother 12 Application – Apply To Be On Big Brother 12

Big Brother 12 might not be until the summer of 2010 but if you’re outgoing enough to want to be on the next season then don’t wait! Apply now for Big Brother 12 to enter the BB12 house when its doors open again in July 2010.

Check the Big Brother 12 eligibility requirements first. Then fill out the Big Brother 12 application.

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Full (updated) application instructions for Big Brother 12 below the break:


Applications MUST be written clearly or typed and MUST be accompanied by a videotape. The videotape must meet the following restrictions:

1) Length: Maximum length is two (2) minutes. Anything over two minutes will not be considered.
2) Format: We will accept all formats with the exception of Hi-8, 8MM and Beta (VHS, mini DV, DVD are all welcome).
3) Content: Tell us who you are and why you would make the ultimate housemate on Big Brother. Be creative!
4) Deadline: March 19, 2010, subject to change without notice.

All materials you send us (including videotape and photos) will be retained by Producers and become the property of the Producers and will not be returned to you whether or not you are selected as a participant. Any expenses you incur during the application process including postage, shipping and materials preparation (videotape, photos, etc.) are your sole responsibility. Producers will not reimburse you for these expenses. Only one entry per person is allowed. All decisions of the Producers are final and absolute and not subject to inquiry.

Applications will only be considered if they are complete. Complete applications consist of the following:
1) Completed Application Form
2) Two-minute videotape labeled clearly with your name and city/region number.
3) Two color photographs of yourself, each clearly labeled on the back with your name and city/region number. One must be a close-up of your face, the other must be a full-length photo of your entire (clothed) body. Polaroids are acceptable as long as we can clearly see you.
4) Identification – Attach a copy of your driver’s license, in addition to a social security card, passport or birth certificate.

Send your application and videotape submission to the following address:
Big Brother (Region #___)
P.O. Box 520
11271 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604

In parenthesis after “Big Brother” on the mailing label, print the region number of the city located closest to your home:
1. LA
2. Charlotte
3. NY
4. Dallas
5. Cincinnati
6. Tampa
7. Portland
8. Nashville
9. Chicago
10. New Orleans
11. Atlanta
12. Vegas
13. Kansas City
14. Boston
15. Phoenix

Unfortunately, we will not be able verify that we have received your application. If you like, you may wish to send your application package via an expedited courier (such as Fed Ex or UPS). They will provide a tracking number that you can use to verify the receipt of your package. Producers are not
responsible for lost applications.

If you are selected for an interview, you will be advised so by the Producers shortly before the interview is scheduled. If you are selected to participate in the final selection process, you will be so advised by the Producers shortly before the final selection process is scheduled.

Producers reserve the right to change the terms of the application and the production schedule at anytime. Producers reserve the right to change the eligibility requirements and any other application rules in its sole discretion at any time with or without notice on a specific, case-by-case basis or across the entire applicant pool. Producers also reserve the right to not hold any participant applicant interviews, or to modify the manner in which it conducts participant applicant interviews, or to not produce the program Big Brother at all.

Best of luck to anyone who applies and let us know if you do!


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  1. i got the app printed and filled out just need videotape, but it shall be done and BB will hopefully call. i mean, come on, they picked natalie so i should be a shoe in lmao

  2. I wondering if Big Brother has a policy on weight because I never seen an over weight person on the show I am definitely applying for the second time.

  3. @#6 Jeanette – they probably do, but if you have issues with your weight and are sensitive about it, BB house is the last place you want to be. They called Michelle crazy and she wasn’t, can you imagine what you’d have to deal with if they called you names? Not enough DR sessions in the world!

  4. Sinful,

    If in fact you WERE on Tool Academy, it would work AGAINST you. Tool Academy is devoted to casting douchebags with no brains…it’s one of those reality shows that no one cares about, NOR remembers

    So many cocky people on here!

  5. Kathy, I do not care about the name calling that is part of the game. There are come a back that is a poor excuse and it is reality that all people are not skinny. can you imagine fats vs. Skinny LOL .

    Saying there not enough of DR is an insult .

  6. Zanazoo, writing about your self because you on this website talking about people with no life and you notice Jordan in the bathtub. I guess your on your computer chair typing

  7. #13

    THIS IS THE REAL ZONA ZOO! #12 is sinful disgused as me trying to make me look bad because i told him he was a douchebag for being on Tool Academy!

    i never wrote that comment. anyone can post anything under any name.

  8. That show Tool Academy,is for people who need help or should I say Men that need help and if a person is lying cheat then I guess he would make it on BB because that is how Natalie won 50,000

  9. I think CBS should consider doing a spin-off reality show called “Showmance”. They could bring back all of our favorite reality couples and see which couple survives, at the end the couple to survive could win whatelse – cash!!

    Also, after watching this season, I also think Jordan could be an activist for young girls who are struggling with the pressures of sex. Many times this season Jeff made moves, and many times Jordan resisted kindly. Of course i love the J&J combo, but I also love the message Jordan was sending to the girls across America…

  10. No one has answered my question yet hahaha… will Big Brother ever be open to Canadians… we are big fans too!!

  11. @Leighanne: Unfortunately for you, the U.S. version of Big Brother will not be open to non-U.S. residents. Your best hope is for a Canadian version to spring up for that opportunity.

  12. I was at the party in Vegas. Friend of Libra and she graciously hooked me up with all access. Took photos with all of my favorites. No video, but there is on Youtube.

  13. @Cindy #16

    How about CBS doing a show called “Live From Hawaii” with Jeff and Jordan? Now that would be adorable! Live feeds for that would make a bundle.

  14. were is a policy on weight Sinful,is your made up one ? Zonazoo, Zanazoo sitting on a computer chair worring about a miss spell names who does not watch Big Brother but writes on a Big Brother this feeds. I will ask Matt is their a policy on weight for the Big Brother Show please let me know? If not I want to try out I know they do not take people from Canada.

  15. There is no stated policy on weight limits, but it is worth noting that most HGs are on the more “fit” side of the spectrum.

    That is correct, Canadians are not eligible to apply.

  16. @ Jeanette, Obviously there aren’t any officially stated regulations regarding weight, because that is illegal. I wouldn’t be surprised if within the next few years a lawsuit isn’t brought up for discrimination, since it’s so obvious that weight is an issue on these shows (no one is ever overweight, with the exception of dance your a$$ off ;).

    @ZonaZoo, if you can’t get along with others and insist on talking down to BB fans in this forum, then leave! We don’t want you here! How old are you, 12??

    @Sinful, you sound like a complete tool! You must’ve fit in well!

  17. Kelly, I like your commit so I going to try out again and just see what happens I need support fans maybe if CBS sees that there is people out there who can support people who are not perfect then they will pick a person to on Big Brother “ZonaZoo, if you can’t get along with others and insist on talking down to BB fans in this forum, then leave! We don’t want you here! How old are you, 12??” I agree with this statment took my words out of my mouth LOL

  18. Like the 75 old man (Jerry on 10) who had heart surgery Bi pass or the others who were in shape who had had hypoglycemia Amanda 9 who had to be taken away on the show with the ambulance there was a young mother who just had a baby on the show. There are a lot people who might look fit and can have a physical, mental condition

  19. Jordan play the game and if Jeff made mistakes it was he fault it was not Jeff she still won so it does not matter how she did it she won fair and maybe people you did watch the show because others did the same thing when other became HOH. Cap need to go

  20. I think part of the reason that Jeff/Jordan are so popular is the same concept as George Burns and Gracie.

  21. Hello Big Brother fans! I too am a fan and I have launched a campaign website to be the next America’s Player. I am looking for your support! Please sign my petition and pass this on to all of your friends and ask them to sign and do the same.

    Thanks! ~Billy P.

  22. im not a citizen, but have lived in the US for almost 10 years. i have a greencard; im a permanent resident.
    am i eligible to participate?

  23. @Billy: The key to Eric’s success as America’s Player was secrecy. Your cover is blown if you’re letting everyone know you’d be AP if you were in the house. Heck, I’d want you to be the first one out if I was a HG next season and knew you were AP.

    @kat: Good question. I think you would be, but I’m not involved in the process. Worth a try though. Updated: The requirements say you must be a U.S. citizen.

  24. @Matt I totally understand what you are saying, that is why it is an interesting twist (IMO)… Would you watch to see if I was voted off first? Would you watch to see if I could beat the odds? This is merely a different way to approach the whole game. Being America’s Player is term, and it may not work like it did for Eric. It’s possible it is merely a title in the sense that America picked me to be in the house.

  25. I know. I read the rules, but they don’t seem to be formulated very well. Usually when they say a citizen, they also then indicate permanent resident too. But I guess not.
    Damnit! This ruins all because I would have won.

  26. @Gina: I stand corrected. You’re definitely right on the citizenship. Sorry, Kat.

    @Billy: Oh I’m going to be watching either way. Yours is certainly an interesting idea and I wish you the best of luck with it.

  27. I reeeeally want to apply for Big Brother!! The only problem is, I’m Canadian and we are not able to apply. Please please please change this rule!! We Canadians are a BLAST!! I think we would rock it. :):) Say you’ll think about it?? :)

  28. I find it hard to believe that 20,000 white people apply and only 5 non whites The show consist mostly of white maybe 1 black 1 asian 1 mexican Whats up with that

  29. I think they are looking for quality people. Last season they had three African-Americans (two of them were half – Kevin & Natalie). Kevin was half Japanese. Natalie was half Latina. Russell was Lebanese. Chima wasn’t very “quality” but maybe BB needed to up their African-American quota. Jeff, Jordan, even Michelle and Ronnie were all decent quality.

    What’s your opinion?

  30. @gina #28

    I quote your phrase

    It says here that you have to be in excellent MENTAL and PHYSICAL condition.

    But if you need to be EXCELLENT MENTAL condition how the f*** did they let Chima on. LOL!!!

  31. I had the idea of getting as many names on a petition as possible a few years ago but it didn’t give me an advantage. James from bb 6 (?) even told me that the producers would frown upon that. You just have to be a character. A lot of us want to play the game but are we colorful enough to make good tv? I am quite the character but I’m not loose enough or comfortable enough at the audition to be myself. I’m going to drink a shot or two before I go on next time!

  32. Has anyone ever been on the show who was previously diagnosed with a minor mental disorder. I have very minor bi-polar, but I am a very stable person. I do take low doses of meds. I am wondering if my diagonis would prevent me from being on the show. I know for a fact I am more stable than some of the past particpants. :-)

  33. Are you going to start a Big Brother Canada seriously i love this show we need a Canadian one so i can apply for it lol! Or you could just allow canadians to apply for your show that wud be awesome!

  34. Is there an age limit? I’m a retired vet in good shape. 66 years old and still kicking young lad’s a**es! My granddaughter got me so interested in this show. I guess trying out would be worth a shot.

  35. @Danielle: It is odd how they exclude our neighbors to the north, but I haven’t heard of plans to change that req.

    @Joe Sr.: No age limit that I know of. Jerry, from Big Brother 10, was 75 years old when he was on the show. Looks like you’re still within consideration.

  36. Matt, will you promise not to be so biased next year as you were this season? I mean, seriously, this place could be mistaken for Jeff and Jordan’s wedding with all the Jordeff love fest that went on here.

    I’m just saying, as a blogger, try to be more impartial.

  37. @Andrew: I certainly can not promise that at all. I write for this site as a fan of Big Brother, not as an impartial journalist (your comment of ‘blogger=impartial’ made me chuckle as bloggers are notoriously opinionated). Just as any other fan of the show has his or her favorites and ‘villains’ so will I and that’s part of the show’s fun.

    I openly welcome discussion and debate on the players and their progress through the season but to imply that I have some sort of obligation to remain neutral throughout is unrealistic. I’m not the Chenbot after all!

  38. I’m just saying that not everyone here is a Jeff and Jordan fan. I certainly am not. I’m a Michele and Russell fan. And it’s really hard to post any type of opinion on here when moronic Jeff fans (and you’ve had a few) are always defending them like they’re a bunch of crazy JoBro obsessed Twilight fans.


  39. DUDE! im craving me some Big Brother right now. i miss everyone. even Jeff! i miss watching Natalie, Jesse, Kevin, even Julie robotic self.

    is there like season dvd’s?

  40. i am happy that there is going to be another big bother 12 on ntv i am a big fan of big brother
    fr:laurie stoyles

  41. Matt,I am still having withdrawals from BB and After Dark,,and on every night. If anyone likes and wants to know about “survivor’, or just talk come over and join all for awhile. Ashley is our ”Blogger’ and gets the spoilers and news fast.# 30 Summer put the site for anyone interested. thanks again Matt.

  42. I live in salem, OR and I used to see Natalie Cunial everywhere one time last summer I stopped and talked to her at a local fast food place and she actually told me that big brother 12 was going to be big brother super stars or something and that she was going to be on the show this summer…

  43. just wondering why dont they have any of the thicker ppl on the show i mean come on everyone is always says american ppl are being to be thicker then skinny right?

  44. id love to go on big brother. im not gonna waste my time sending in a vid or anything cause its probly fake, i think they have the people already. an i think this celeb one is stupid. some of them people shouldnt be in there, there not big names. but if this is all real then fair enough…PICK ME :-)

  45. I Will Do Anything To Be A Houseguest On BB12!! Please Go To My “Dawn For Big Brother 12 Support Page” On Facebook! I Am Just A Small Town Girl Tryin To Make It In This Great Big World! I Need All The Help I Can Get!! Thank You For Your Support! (at least check it out! It’s more fun to see us ‘little people’ on TV than the ones who have it all already, isnt it?!)

  46. dawn i agree with you there. theres so many people out there that have so much to offer but us ‘small people’ dont get the time to be noticed of what weve got

  47. thanks carla! please join my facebook group! and tell all your friends. i have nothing to “show off” to America… except my craziness! im not a multibusiness owner like boogie and i dont own million dollar nightclubs in california like evel dick. i am not a model or actress like my girl janelle. im not a scientist like michele or a dr like dr will. im just a hardworking, small town farm girl, ‘nobody’ who wants to take care of my family so they dont have to worry about where the next dollar is going to come from. (and ive been a HUGE bb fan since season 1!)
    please help me gather supporters! im shooting for 1000!~ thank you! Dawn :)

  48. I’m having trouble downloading the application on the Website. It sends me to the Survivor Page when I click on the button.

    Can anybody help me out with a link?


  49. @Sam: Thanks for the heads up. Looks like CBS was tinkering and messed up the links. I’ll update them as soon as I track down the new links.

    Update: CBS’s casting site is redirecting to Survivor’s casting details instead of their general info. Until they fix that I’ve hosted the application and eligibility details locally so you can get to them now.

  50. caria bvelieve me it’s not fake i applied last year in NEW ORLEANS and BB sent me to LA for the final interview. i really enjoyed it and was told because of the program they had set up for BB11 my age was a factor in not getting picked. i’m just a regular guy , i think, and was really schocked when they picked me to go to LA. so please dont be dicouraged and do apply.

  51. HEy.. i would really like to be on big brother. I will be 18 when the show starts and I’d make a spunky perosn but exciting to watch. So you should pick me if you want the game to be played right.

  52. BB should be on TWICE a year!! and they should allow CANADIANS in too!! I hate waiting a whole year to watch BB again!!!!

  53. I’m soo happy I never really heard of this show, but my guy is going to be on this show and I can’t wait…I just think its weird we won’t be able to talk, but he’s a great guy and I’m sure everyone in the house will love him..
    “Can’t tell you who he is but America will love him”

  54. I don’t understand why we have to wait until July for the show to return. I never miss a show and hate for it to end.

  55. Do you really have to be 21 to apply? I believe Natalie said she was 18… i know she was just lying to her house mates so they would think she was stupid…but wouldn’t they know thats a lie due to the requirements? should i not even apply?

  56. @bubs: Yes. You have to be 21 to be on Big Brother. The rest of the HGs were either too stupid or too nice to question Natalie’s claim to only be 18.

    If you are under 21 then you should not apply as that is a requirement.

  57. Big Brother is a huge hit in Canada!! Too bad you dont let at least 1 Canadian. It would be fun. you could make it a Big Brother twist!! At the beginning you could tell eveyone there is a secret Canadian in the group! Come on Big Brother, reconsider this policy! We love Big Brother in Canada

  58. What if I’m 20 when I fill out the application but I will be 21 before the show starts? Would I still be eligible?

  59. @Kristin: One would think that sounds reasonable, but according to rule #6 in the eligibility doc you have to be 21 years of age at the time of application.

  60. i think just think that natalie is a big idiot. 1, you must be 21, so she got away with that by having even more idiotic roommates who didnt know the difference, and 2, i go to UA (rival school of ASU) and when she confessed to Jordan that she didnt just graduate from HS but instead graduated from ASU… we all fell to the floor because ASU is just a big slutty glorified HS. i hope we get another natalie because shes so funny to me.

  61. how dare u talk bad about a school in the PAC-10, especially a school like Arizona State University sir? were do ur morals lie? how do u look urself in the mirror everyday? how do u live with urself?

    haha. I just watched some youtube vids of this past Big Brother season, and man i CAN NOT WAIT for season 12. i have a very good history of my favs which i pick on like the second episode always making it to the end. i ant wait to find out the cast, the new twist, AFTER DARK.

    gosh darnett is it summer yet?!?

  62. With as many Big Brother seasons, and as many fans there are; I ask you BIG BROTHER NETWORK – Will all seasons (even with the behind the season and after dark) come out on DVD??????

  63. Hey im 17 n from michigan n iv wanted ta b the youngest big brother do u think thell accept me? im a grdat sneek n im a good lier ask my parents lol

  64. Here I am counting the days for B.B to start. I agree that there should be two seasons in a year for B.B. I can’t wait to see how many of the H.G.that I will like. It is THE BEST show on T.V. I know that it’s like a drug….can’t get enough of it. I love the B.B.A.D . I hope that there will be an exciting group that will play the game to the fullest.Can’t wait !!!!

  65. I love BB. I have watched since Season 1. I am a mother of 2 daughters. Divorced 3 times and no one would ever guess my age, but much older than you would think. I am going to apply for the next Big Brother.

  66. I to think that Big Brother should have two shows a year…why not everyone else is !! lol

    Ken…From That Little Ole Town In Texas… :-)

  67. Hi all ,.. i’M making my move on the audition wish me luck ,..
    —— twitter – BB12star to see my mini bio—
    I’m just screwed up and average enough to be their biggest star ever ,snicker
    wish me luck on april 3rd open call in ohio

  68. How many more seasons before you include Canada? Like Leighanne said. We want to be included!

  69. i am 30 yr old country girl with 3 daughters and 1 deceased daughter i am average size and kind of plain but i am trying out any way in spartanburg Go Gaffney Girls pride for the tribe any thing is possible

  70. I cannot believe i missed the deadline!! I have been watching the show since season one and have wanted to apply but just turned 21 on March 27th. All this time i have been waiting to turn 21 to apply and i missed the deadline. Anyone know if that date has been pushed back for any reason?

  71. @Nicole– Hi, I’m from Gaffney SC, & I’m going to the casting call in Sparanburg also. Are you from Gaffney as well??? Maybe I will see you there. Do you know what time you are goinh that morning? I thought about trying to be there around 5:30 that morning. I wonder how many people will show up? If you have any information about that please let me know. Anyway I wish you all the best!!! “ANGELWINGS”

  72. Doese having a sickness for example(Cancer,Hiv, or herpes) prohibites you from being on the show. If you get choosen to be on the show but is sick, will they not let you on the show.

  73. @Kasi: The deadline to apply is 4/23/10 for mail-in applications. There are audition events through 5/1/10. You have not yet missed the deadline, but don’t wait any longer!

    @Mary Joe: I’m not sure about that, but I would imagine that on a personal level someone who was very ill might not want to put themselves in a stressful situation away from their doctors’ care. I didn’t even think to ask that question though.

  74. People would not want to be with a person with Hiv because afraid of getting a disease and a person with HIV can die from secondary causes such as pneumonia so I do think they would take a chance. I would wonder about cancer because maybe they want to win the money to help there family before they past away which is a good cause or for medical bills. Herpes if they know they have it will they tell other guest I don’t think so. I think it high risk if you have people who can not handle the stress and who cannot do the physical challenges. Mental, emotional, or physical strain can cause other problems were a person cannot function right.

  75. So I notice that it says you have to be in exceptional physical and mental health. (I won’t touch the mental health seeing as how so many of the HG’s have been CUHRAZY, but I digress) What if you are diabetic, or have cancer or something? Would that be automatic disqualification?

  76. angela i am going to be there about 3 am i hope to meet ya be in grey shirt and jeans best wishes hope ya get this in time

  77. had a blast myself and betty and justin where there at three to five by our selves be amazed what ya learn bout people when ya sleep deprived goin so early really just was so fun id do it over we three had a blast all the late comers missed some good fun haha

  78. have so much support thought of so much i should have said hope i get another shot j and i would be the power house mike boogie and dr.will all over again the only difference I am an aggressive female no holds bar with me if ya dish it i can take it to all good luck and if i make it watch ya back southern girl is sweet as honey but poisenous as a cotton mouth

  79. Hey guys Im a BIG big brother fan.! I am 19 yrs old at the moment. I know i think on season 4 there was a H.G Michele that was 19 yrs old from flordia. And i know maybe the requirements may have been diff. since that season was long ago and they may have changed now. but if so ive always wanted to be on the show or at least try out. having no regrets. should i give it a shot..or is it a waste of time me being 19.?

  80. Matthew you have to be 21 if you listen to reality wanted to Robyn Kass she has a vedio how to become a big brother .Also Matt # 85 rule #6 that you have to be 21 at the time you fill out you appication.

  81. hey nicole we did have a blast……… good thing the cameras just didnt get quite every angle lol………..

  82. @Matthew09: You definitely have to be 21 years of age to be considered for the show. This was confirmed last weekend when I spoke with the casting producer. So yeah, sorry, but it’d be a waste of your time to apply until you’re old enough.

  83. it’s also in the contract that you have to sign to apply.
    most of the questions people have can be answered by reading what you are signing.

  84. good luck to all been cool seeing what feed back everybody had hey J good luck bring it on dr.will just dont forget the little people if ya make it i stood out there all night with ya as entertainment enjoyed all the personalities

  85. @Nicole– Sorry I’m just now reading the comments on this site, sorry I missed you.It sounds like we have alot in common, I am a very big fan of Dr. will too! Matter of fact I don,t know if you saw me, but I had on blue&white bands on my arms and one that said chilltown. I looked like a freak, but thought it was fun.Anyway, stay in touch! “ANGELWINGS”

  86. Oh the thrill to find out that I can still send mine in. Still need to film my 2min tape, but should be to FedEx tonight and in the office on Friday. After 2 call backs the last 2 years…I got my fingers crossed. That and a trip to a voodoo shop, gonna use all the help I can get. I’m not getting any younger!
    If my Saints can do it this year, so can I!

  87. So with the deadline being April 23rd…..does that mean the tape has to be postmarked by the 23rd or has to actually arrive at the place by the 23rd? Like say I do my tape today and send it off tomorrow… that cool?

  88. @Suzzette– Did you get your tape sent in? I’m wishing you all the best. If you got 2 callbacks before, maybe you will get in this time!!! Good Luck!!! “ANGELWINGS”

  89. @Angela,
    You bet! I tracked my application to Studio City this am…picked up by “Ryan”…so its there. Guess you’ll have to wait to see if I show up on the cast.
    Thanks for your support AngelWings. Good Luck to you as well.

  90. @Tyler: The deadline was 4/23/10, so your app & tape would need to be in their hands by the end of that day. There are no more extensions that I’ve heard of.

    There are still a few more audition events left.

    • Are they going to be having a BB 13? If so, when can we start to apply and where do we get the application from?

  91. @Suzzette–Glad to hear you got it sent in on time. I truly wish you all the best. Say a prayer for me as well!!! Talk to ya soon!!!

  92. heres to hopin a gaffney girl gets in dont think 2 min is enough to really sell ya self i would be willing to let them shave my 16inches of hair into a mohawk to get in the house dont think most ladies are that brave hope they really think about the offer haha would do it no joke

  93. Jeanette, enough about the weight thing… BB and everyone else don’t want to see a big FAT person on TV, let alone trying to hang on to a rope for a prize, then again maybe we do, I’d laugh my a** off.

  94. @palesa: Yes, the deadline was back in April and the casting will be announced in just a few more weeks. Keep an eye out for Big Brother 13’s audition round next spring.

  95. Hi, I must say that Canadians do love big brother and we would make a difference. I don’t see why we can’t apply as we are all in North America to begin with. I hope you take this in consideration next season. We are neighbours and I would really love to bring some excitement to big brother. Let us Canadians apply eh.

  96. I agree with Carrie!! I love Big Brother and would love to become a competitor. It would likey make a great twist when all house hold is American except for one…and who would it be??

  97. I realy want to be in Big Brother Africa 2011,pls how can i make it into de house?despiet dat am late,is there any posibility? what can i do to be there cos i realy wnt to get started.

  98. i would love to be in big brother all stars 2011,i love big brother Africa and i love competition while you can say fun,making friend is one of my hobbies please help me to be in BBA 2011 THANKS

  99. i’m a british citizen and have been obsessed with big brother since season 4 – i’d love to apply on the show but realise you must be an american citizen – how about a new twist – brits vs americans or something? anything to get me on the show!

  100. i’m a british citizen and have been obsessed with big brother, presently i now live in africa, i’d love to apply on the show anything to get me on the show!

  101. Ide love it I some1 could explain why u have to be 21. Like, i understand it would prob turn out 2 be a really lame show if its all kids, but if u have at least one 16 or so yr old kid that’s fit, outgoing and smart, it’ll be a huge change to big brother. And their motto’s “expect the unexpected”.so Big brother 13s house guests and AMERICA wouldn’t expect it. It’d be pretty cool to see how far a teen could get against 20-30 yr olds. I know they’ve let a 19 yr old but that’s not a crazy diff. And having. Jerry the old mans age was new but not as interesting as a kid. Canadians would be cool to let on too. I love their accents

  102. Does anyone know roughly when casting calls are because Im in Virginia right now but moving to San Diego May 2011

  103. I have been watching bigbrother for 5years now and i must say am ready for bigbrother12 all i can say now is you w8t and see who will take home the money…….oh if you dont get me on my e-mail adress you can call me my number is 0763797287 or my house no:(011)9848465 bigbrother will naver be the same when am throw with it.just too add on i can speak and know 13 diffrent launges so ill be every ones friend for same time waiting for rite time to strike so with much said just give me a ring for more of lebohang lesele

  104. Big brother i wud die 2 be on ur show next yr, i’ve been a supporter 4 sometime nw and i believe this is my time now, give me a chance of a life time, thanx u biggie! 0835119390 its my numba

  105. i have been hoping and praying to be on the show mybe win the money anyways bigbrother ill be on check for the casting cheers…my number 2347062425719….thanx

  106. I would really love 2 join big brother this year but I don’t know what 2do or where 2 start from.

      • Big Brother 12 is already over, but you can apply to Big Brother 13. Try checking out the front page of this site for the BB13 application.

        You must be 21 years old and a US resident to be eligible.

    • its not a dream its reality and the show is amazing i like 2 watch it everyday that show makes my day

  107. i am writing because my daughter wants to go on
    Big Brother 12 but i don’t know how to apply.


  109. So can’t wait. I’m so applying watch out 2012 I might be on bigbrother.

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