Big Brother 11 Winner Jordan & Fan-Fave Jeff On Amazing Race 16

Update 2: Jeff & Jordan were eliminated this week on The Amazing Race during the leg through France!

Update: Jeff & Jordan on The Amazing Race has been officially confirmed with CBS’ release of the player bios. Check out the Big Brother duo’s video online.

Get ready for more Jeff and Jordan, Big Brother fans! While CBS is trying to keep it under wraps the news has leaked that Big Brother winner Jordan Lloyd and BB11’s fan favorite Jeff Schroeder have teamed up once again for The Amazing Race 16!

Fans spotted the winning duo at LAX over the weekend and were told by Jeff that he and Jordan “are in a race” as that’s all he was allowed to say. No confirmations on where the Race teams were headed but one witness spotted them at a gate destined for Chicago and then possibly on to Chile from there.

The lesson here: win lots of money on Big Brother and then tour the circuit of CBS reality shows for more money. It sure sounds like a smarter move than another BB winner had. Let’s see if Jeff and Jordan can get lightning to strike twice! Do you think they can win this game too? Share your thoughts below.

Check out RealityTVWorld’s article for more details along with the photographic proof of Jeff and Jordan in matching T’s and backpacking gear.

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Thanks to Andrew and Ashley for the news tip!


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  1. Still, rather. Will update once the new season starts up and we have a new cast & crew to oogle.

    So anyone going to start watching Amazing Race for J&J or is this casting news just icing for those who are fans of both shows already?

  2. Matt!
    Really J&J on Amazing Race? LOL I would watch it just to see them! Can you imagine how funny Jordan would be somewhere in Chile? Jeff, I am sure would crack me up! Thanks for the info!

  3. While J&J were fun to watch on BB and somehow became America’s Sweethearts, I’m afraid they will be seen in a whole new light on AR where skill, awareness, judgment, and an inkling of competence is needed. I’ve been in many a heated debate on these forums about how these two knuckleheads played a terrible game of BB and did not deserve the adoration they received. Now, I will relish in hearing the plummeting whistle sound of your affection free-falling as you see what idiots they really are. Jordan didn’t even know what the Vatican was, for crying out loud, and I’m afraid that Jeff may think the Moon is the backside of the Sun. I wonder if the producers of AR will have to intervene with some safety line like the “Coup d’etat” to save these two from themselves like we’ve seen in the past. Oy, I’d better have my first cup of coffee today, I’m sounding a little jaded…

  4. Looking forward to seeing Jeff and Jordan on Amazing Race 12. Seems so long since BB 11 concluded and it would be very interesting to see if they have grown as a couple. Both have engaging manner…


  5. Hi Matt and all! I am excited about this, and not because I was in love with them. (They lost a lot of their luster for me when they were so horrible to Michelle- the person who SHOULD have won BB11). But…. it should make for fun TV. anyone who has ever watched AR (I don’t watch every season) knows that they do not always pick the brainiest or most canny people to do the Race. The way Jeff and Jordan picked at each other (and assuming the sexual tension is being released, now) we ought to enjoy seeing Jeff get totally exasperated at Jordan because you KNOW, I mean you just KNOW, that she is going to leave something vital somewhere and they will have to go back to get it.. All of us who spent most of three months watching these two on BB should enjoy seeing these two on AR. I know I am looking forward to it..

  6. I’m an Amazing Race fan as well as a Big Brother fan.Loved the duo and so excited to see my favorites from my favorite show ,in my second favorite show!

  7. hi joran i knew you would win on big bother11
    i am very happy for you that you won

  8. I think they can win and I hope they will. I will be routing for them all the way they are two very nice people.

  9. Love this…it should be very intersting and entertaining to see these 2 do the Amazing Race.
    While I liked J/J I really don’t think they have what it takes to win this one.

  10. This, I’m sure, will make or break their relationship. They held up under the stress in the house and I hope they do well with TAR.
    They’re bound to bring some laughs. I don’t want to watch the break up of the sweet couple we watched get together. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  11. Totally Awesome!!!!! I hope they are more than just friends!

    If it was Survivor, I’d say they had little chance, since lying & deception isn’t in their DNA…

    But Amazing Race??? Absolutely! Instead of “Ugly Americans” travelling they will be “Adorable Americans” & get lots of help from locals.

  12. I knew about this a long time ago and was posting it on many forum sites. I forgot this one. :p

    But I think it’ll be interesting to see how they’ll do. I’ll be honest, if they make it past the first leg, I’ll be shocked. They seem like nice people, but I don’t think they pick on cues that well.

    And if they’re eliminated early, well I can’t say I’m surprised. But most important of all, AMERICA HAS NO SAY IN THE MATTER!

  13. I don’t watch the Amazing Race, but with Jordan & Jeff on, my eyes will be glued to the TV. I am so excited to see those 2 sweethearts back on the “small screen” I’ve missed those little love birds. I also believe they will go very far in the game. Jeff was great in getting Jordan to push herself on BB. If the $$$ hasn’t changed her they’ll do GREAT. I love writting about BB. Survivor just has been a bit too boaring this season. Any one agree? Peace out. Kare

  14. I would love to see Jeff and Jordan do very well on the Amazing Race, if not possibly win it all. All they have to do is keep their cool and they have just as good a chance as any of the other teams.

  15. ohhhh noooooo, I’m tired and sick of Jeff and Jordan fake relationship. CBS can sell that fake love story to someone else. they will win because every time Jeff and Jordan arrive in last place there wil be no elimination!

  16. I’m excited about this news… I saw it the other day when someone posted a picture of them and other couples at an airport with the tradional TAR backpacks, etc…

    I started loving them and then started having issues with their choices and how Jeff fell victim to Gnat and the douche Kevin.. I did like all of their post-interviews and voted for Jeff for the $25k prize..

    I love TAR, and having them on it will be hillarious as goofy as they are! They do make a good couple!

  17. @ #17… rob and amber were super popular, but didn’t win during either of their seasons!

  18. oh my gosh I am so excited–Jeff and Jordan will be so funny to watch on the AR CAN”T WAIT!!!

  19. jeff was victim of his choices. poor thing, he did not apply or knew what big brother was, and he wanted to be famous. if he wanted to see as the nice guy he should applied for another reality tv program and not for BB. get over he is a looser that is using something that considerate unique “LOVE” for publicity. could not he think about something else? what about acting or singing. upsss i forgot he has not talent

  20. 1is 1- Do you even read what you write. You didn’t watch the same show as the rest of us. Jeff played a good game except for the Russell thing. He was one competition away from going to the end and winning it all. He even carried Jordan who was beautiful but not too smart to the point where she could win it. I hope I didn’t spoil the end for you because you apparently didn’t see that episode.
    Team JJ should do well in TAR. Jeff has a lot of street smarts. They have been traveling back and forth between Chicago and N.Carolina honing there airport skills. Jordan may be a burden. She may not be of much use except for showing some cleavage to get taxi’s. At any rate I am really happy to see them on the show and I hope that they do well.

  21. I have to disagree with slim completely. Jeff played a TERRIBLE game, period! He was GIVEN a power that he didn’t win. The previous coup d’etat was several day competition that Boogie won. The fact that we fans were screaming that we would stop watching the show if team Jesse went any further, the producers cooked up a way to appease us and let us choose who to give that power to. He mucked it up by getting rid of Russell, then again for believing to Nat and Kevin’s lie and turning on Michelle. He would have been out weeks earlier had he not been given this power. I was down with it because I hated Jesse, but we can’t say Jeff was a good player for using the coup d’etat. He had no other alternative.

  22. Chi-brad- Your point is taken but does that make Jeff a bad player because he used the CDT. As you say he had no choice but his gameplay up to that point put him in a position to get the Coup detat by America’s vote. He indeed made a mistake turning on Russell but even after his blunder he nearly pulled it out. If he had one the immunity competition instead of Michelle he would have won. The last minute lie theory doesn’t fly because it wasn’t a lie, even though it was intended to be. We have probably had this debate in the past. It is all good. I’m looking forward to BB12. :)

  23. Hey guys! It has been a while since I posted on this site. Where I did not pull for Jeff and Jordan to win BB 11, I do think they will be funny to watch on TAR. Jeff will try to control everything Jordan does and she will lose it somewhere on the road. To say Jeff was a great player on BB would be a false statement. When you think of great players, names like dr. will, janelle, evel dick and boogie come to mind. They would have squashed Jeff. He made a big mistake turning on Russ and Michelle and therefore lost the game. When it came down to Jordan and Nat in the final 2, I do believe the best person won. Looking forward to BB 12.

  24. @ Slim, hey I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings by given my opinion and my point of view. you can take jeff and jordan to your house and live happy forever. you can even spend your money in making them a show in which Jeff can win as many CDT in order to win the game. ahhhh, no you can not do that because CBS is doing that for them right!!. well, you can do that next year!!!

  25. @ Ashley. You hit the nail on the head there. Game reasons aside, I loved watching J&J and they will be amusing on TAR. I was watching a flashback of Jeff’s penguin convo this morning and got a good laugh to offset the first day of snow here in Chicago. I don’t think they will go far on TAR, but perhaps they will go the distance and have beautiful, stupid children together. And thank you for the wonderful
    Survivor update this week. Can’t wait!

  26. I’ve only watch BB for a few seasons and all I can say about J&J’s gameplay is that as much as it’s a strategy to lie, cheat, and backstab your way through, it’s also a strategy to be the likable one and seen as the weakest player. Casey was counting on being likable, but it didn’t work out for him. Lydia, Natalie, and Kevin got through mostly because they lost so much therefore seen as weak and beatable. Whether these people had those exact strategies or not, I can’t really say, but it seemed to work for all of them.
    As for J&J on AR, I personally think they will do OK, but they will not win. I’m thinking they will finish somewhere between 4th-6th. A couple times on BB they didn’t do so well as a team in comps. AR is also a whole different game than BB and many more factors can aid or deter you in winning. I think they’ll be fun to watch, but as a newly dating couple, like many others who have done the show, it could make or break their relationship.
    I also personally think they are good together and good for each other. Whatever happens I’m wishing them all the best as a couple and in life. No matter what anyone says about Jordan’s gameplay, in the end she made it to the end and in BB that seems to be all that counts.

  27. I didnt see them, and by the way, Cheyene, the winner of TAR works at my school.

    Jealous? no im just kidding. …..NO im not

  28. i hate it when people call them stupid or that they will have stupid kids id like to see the ones that call people stupid compete bet you wouldnt do that good i think people are jealous of jeff and jordon i think they are great and i hope that they do good on amazing race good luck to them

  29. I saw Jordan, Jeff, and other contestants from The Amazing Race last night. They were on my flight from Puerto Vallarta to San Francisco. I asked one of the girls in the race what they were doing and she told me if she could tell me she would. There was film crew with them.

  30. Sata did Jeff or Jordan still look like a happy couple or did they seem upset or distant towards one another?

  31. Hi Sata,
    Any info you can give us on how Jeff & Jordan were acting towards each other would be appreciated…Did they sit together, hold hands, etc.
    I love them as a couple and inquiring minds want to know…

  32. oh geeze the jordeff fans are mental. you crazies think they broke up cause you haven’t heard from them in a few weeks? THEY WERE RACING

  33. Jess , we know they were racing you moron. And we don’t think they broke up or atleast I don’t. We’re just curious how they did in the race. You should atleast know what your talking about before you run your mouth dumbass.

  34. Jeff and Jordan lasted only 3 legs. I guess she was too busy massaging her boobs, lol. Im gonna love watching them at the Elimination Station doing lots of fun things.

  35. Im sorry Carol but I know cause I read the Spoilers. Ashley knows when they were eliminated. But like I said it will be fun watching them in the Elimination Station videos every week. I Love Jeff & Jordan !!!

  36. I agee with you 100 percent 1is1me. I am sick of their face. They cheated for them on Big Brother now we have to look in their face again. They are so fake and bet that they are broke as hell.

  37. you know you dont have to watch them if you dont want to turn it off a lot of people like them you dont know them so dont judge them you dont know if their broke or not or what they do in their lives they didnt cheat in bb dont know what you were watching you cant saysomeone is fake when you dont know them how would you like it if someone would talk a bout you when they didnt even know you

  38. Carol you can’t get mad about what people say. This is a free country and they are allowed to say what they want. You got opinion and they got their. You can’t get mad about what they say.

  39. Yes Carol, dont get Mad just get Even, lol
    To all you Jeff & Jordan haters, J&J came in as Team #1 on the first leg in TAR so take that and dont hate no more.
    J&J were Awesome in that first leg !!!!
    and they looked so adorable together :-)

  40. yeah i know it shouldnt bother me im old enough to know how people are im a grandmother of fourteen and im trying to teach my grandchildren not to be mean or say things a bout anybody jeff and jordan did good thanks for reminding me not to pay attention to what people say or think

  41. Thats right dont let them bother you with what they say. There are more of us fans than there are haters. I think that they are funny and cute, nothing wrong with watching them it brightens your day.


  43. I hope they bring back Jeff to host a Comp on BB12 at least. Its less than 100 days away. What BB13??? I think BB13 is gonna be the second All-Star version of BB.

    J&J have been great on the Elimination Staion every week. They look so much in Love :-)

  44. I loved Jeff and Jordan on Big Brother. I was so happy when she won. I’ve never watched amazing race, but I will this season.

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