Big Brother 11: Week 9 Nominations Revealed – Spoilers

Update: Pandora’s Box returned tonight and Natalie opened it. She’s since made up an absurd story about her boyfriend coming in as her reward for opening the box. Natalie even claims he proposed. Kevin doesn’t seem to believe this story at all, but Natalie swears it’s true. She also says she can’t play in the PoV this week.

For more details follow along on the Live Feeds as the lie unravels.

The live feeds are back on Big Brother 11 and Natalie’s nominations are in. See if Natalie stuck to her plan of attempting to fake out Michele and Jordan with her noms and if she delivered her overly dramatic and mean speech.

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Big Brother 11 Week 9 nominations:

  • Kevin
  • Michele

Natalie and Kevin are putting on a big show about how she was told he was coming after her. They settle it out in front of Jordan and Michele and say they’ll go ahead and still be friends. This way they can get back to being sneaky together without the girls questioning their behavior.

Everything will come down to the PoV as the Veto holder will cast the sole vote this week. Stay tuned for the PoV competition results to be revealed Saturday afternoon on the live feeds.

Jump on the Big Brother live feeds with the Free Trial and see how Jeff is handling this ‘betrayal’ fate right now, live and uncensored.

What do you think of Natalie’s nominations? Would you have rather seen someone else get nominated? Voice your opinion below and get into the Big Brother discussion here.

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  1. I am worried about Kevin. According to “After Dark” last night, I can’t tell what side Natalie is on. I hope that she doesn’t throw Kevin under the bus, because he has been loyal to her. Anybody know anything about Pandora’s Box or was this just another bunch of hoopla.

  2. It really doesn’t matter right now what the hell Kevin or Nastalie do. It’s all about winning the POV! Natalie can’t play so she can take a hike with dreams of being engaged! Michele and Jordan already made a plan if they win to send Kevin to the JH for Jeff. So ladies, get yourselves ready! Put on those warrior women shields of armor and beat the crap out of Kevin in the POV comp tomorrow! Jordan and Michele for the win!!

  3. I assume you meant Natalie’s nominations, not Kevin’s. I can’t imagine Kevin is all that happy about being on the block regardless of whether it is “fake”. However, the nominations don’t really matter as it is the POV winner who will decide who goes home this week.

  4. pandoras box opened tonight. nat cannot play in veto and she went beserk. she has a mystery power or something and her and kevin made up a story about her being engaged to cover so they don’t guess. then right before noms, i would guess because of nat’s comment right before the fish: out of nowhere she said if she had a choice to go somewhere with an hg in the jury or in the house she would pick someone in the house! i think since she can’t play veto, that the veto winner gets to go somewhere with either the current hg’s or the jury. thats why nat went beserk at first and said there goes the 500,000! she knows people in the house know everything and have compared notes and she’s afraid jordan or michele is gonna find out!! thats my guess.

  5. Natalie must of talked to her boyfriend because she told Michele and Jordan that her told her that America hated her.

  6. she opened pandora’s box tonite. they didn’t show it but when back on live feeds she told everyone that she doesn’t get to play pov – she told them it had something to do with opening the box, she told them not all good things come out of the box, some bad.

  7. she is making that up about bf. its a cover story for the real mystery power from opening pandoras box. she knows america hates her, cause she knows everything she has done in this house and she knows we know.

  8. Well things are looking a bit rosier for Michele/Jordan. I hope one of them will beat out Kevin for the veto then it will be down to two ladies and a tramp.

  9. I would loke to know the same thing. i do not want her to win but i have never heard of HOH not playing in veto.

  10. Joy I think Jcat has a point about Americans Hate her cuz her boyfriend must have told her. Gnatalie’s EGO is too big to think they actually do hate her – someone would have had to tell her something.

  11. we can only hope kevin does not win the POV. he is a good player. i love to get him out and then we can watch the 24 year old freak out.

    i love to see Michelle win

  12. Trust me i have the live feeds. kev didn’t even buy it and he new it was made up. michele and jordan aren’t buying it either. nat & kev got together in hoh room and dreamed up this story so they wouldn’t guess there is a mystery power from opening the box!!! i know for a fact she did NOT see her boyfirend.

  13. If natalie is true to form, and if she has no special power, she would throw the POV anyway and let Michele or Jordon win. That way one of them will evict Kevin, Natalie’s hands are clean again, and Kevin could tell Lydia how loyal Natalie had been hoping for Kevin’s, Lydia’s, Jessie’s and Russell’s votes.

  14. Natalie just asked Jordan if they have a F2 and Jordan says yes. In the HOH before the nominations Natalie confirmed with Kevin their F2. When is someone going to catch on that Natalie is a SLIME BUCKET. She just complained about the ants again and said Michele is the ant killer and needs to kill the ants. What Michele needs to do is spray the Raid on Natalie.

  15. why does nat keep talking about the PB and her engagement? is it that she really wanted it to happen or did it? and also, jordan must be in on the nat/kev nominations speech that nat said to michelle because michele just walked out of the room and jordan thanked nat for what she did and said her speach was good. lovely, jordan is in with nat & kev against michele? come on BB enough is enough

  16. ok i am stunned at how dumb this years cast of bb players are. jordan and mich were amazed that nat put up kev. dont they realize it doesnt matter who she put up this week? its the veto winner decides who goes home. even if she didnt put kevin up he still would have to win the pov. i mean between chima walking out. the 3 girls crying over jesse like he died. lydia falling in love with jesse. no one realizing that u cant drink if ur under 21. ronnie playing way too hard to soon. russell having a roid rage on jeff instead of talking civil with him and trying to work something out when he got put on the block. jeff thinking hoh gets to say who goes home when its the voters who have the say. jeff blowing a definate final 4 and putting up russell. jeff believing nat and kev wouldnt put him up. jeff spelling technotronics wrong. jeff not realizing that even if russ put him and kev up that mich and jordan would vote kev out. casey taking a margarita party over trying to win pov. jordon and mich thinking ronny would wear a princess lea costume to a convention. michele not thinking lydia and jesse werent talking in the jh. everyone believe all of nats lies. and jesse well jesse just being jesse and now them not realizing that it doesnt matter who nat put up. these have to be the dumbest people ive ever seen. and this is just some of the dumb things i can remember. maybe u guys can think of others. lol

  17. big brother got boring, they should give away the live feeds,and refund the money people paid as an apology to those who watch it.
    I could care less what happens now. The only people who played well are out….next years stratagy….sit on the sidelines.

  18. Its like being in the twilight zone with Natalie…nothing you see or hear is real! Michele better kick it into high gear tomorrow and win POV. Hope she blows them all away!

  19. @jet fan: if you watched bbad you will hear michele and jordan did not hear that question except for ronnie’s name, there was a plane flying over. as for the cans, jordana totally did not understand the question but she didn’t want to appear stupid and ask.

  20. could production please turn off Natalies’ mic when she’s eating?…Michelles too …doesn’t anyone eat with thier mouth closed anymore?

  21. did nat just cut raw chicken up and then open the fridge up and get things out without washing her hands? and on the live feeds you see her picking her nose alot

  22. …and she chews her fingernails and just spits them out. They find her fingernails all over the house and outside. Gah-ROSS!

    I was sure she had grown up with a bunch of brothers by the way she acts, but I think she only has one sister.

  23. Sounds like something happened with Pandora’s box and the other house guests think Natalie is lying about it! Anyone have any info?

  24. 42…funny everyone else went with first name and last initial…i went with first initial and last name…

  25. @ Cat…. Email me this weekend, so we can touch base about the Survivor Samoa Blog Site ok? Have a great night & sweet dreams – Cat & everyone else!!! :D :) :P

  26. When Mich came out of the DR she had something hidden under her shirt and hid it in the red room.. any ideas what it was ?

  27. @ Sservie….. I am the only one who used just my first name :( I guess I am an idiot :( Oh well ;) It is all good :P

  28. @ Cat…… I am hiding in your emails….. I am going to jump out of your email / tv screens and be the BB 11 winner…..

    Are you happy? :D :P :) ;)

    @ Sservie…. I will send you an email in 10-15 minutes from my main email…..

  29. i was in the other room talking ot myself lol, decided to go looking for everyone, hell yeah came in and told me all was ina nother room talking about pandora’s box. i knew i took a shower before crawling into bed.

  30. @ Diana C….. Thank you…. My last question is for you too ok?

    @ Sservie…. Do you have Showtime 2? BBAD is on….. There is nothing exciting happening…. The HG’s are in the kitchen cooking & eating…..

  31. @sservie, live feeds can be kewl at times however i have went to bed in tears when all the HG’s were making fun of michelle and i was a j/j fan. go fiqure. i have always loved BB but am just disappointed with it this time

  32. @ Sservie…… I might surise you….. Ouch….. My head is too big to climb thru…. :( Help me climb thru ok Sservie ;)

  33. Hey Leo..i would love for you to win BB11…more than any of the hg we have to choose from now! You should apply for BB12…you would have a lot of fans here!!:)

  34. 64 Diana C, they have definately been unnecessarily cruel to her for no game playing reasons, not right.

  35. @ Diana C…… I will wipe those tears from your eyes….

    @ everyone…. BBAD is showung a close up of Natalie & her Boyfriend…. Wierd huh?

  36. nat’s downfall in this game will be that if she goes final 2, the things she said to jessie after he left…

    BIG mistake. otherwise she had his vote, since he respects gameplay, and no matter how much you hate nat, if she works this lie over with the box, shes pretty good at this BB game, shes still final 3…impressive considering where she stood after jessie 3-2

  37. Nat still never washed her hands after cutting up the raw chicken! Can you say salmonella! YUCK!!

  38. @ Cat…… I would be voted out because people would think I woukd wn and be a threat…… I am 6’3″ & 228….. I am in Phi Theta Kappa an International Honor Society with a 4.0 GPA….. I am an athlete / personal trainer who has been told I am attractive…. People act like they like me because I live making people smile…. I don’t think I would win because BB is so rigged against people for those reasons IE Jeff, Russell, Ronnie all targeted for being threats and or popular…..

  39. @Leo

    With all your skills (social and physical), i bet you could convince them otherwise! they would love you…seriously should apply!:)

  40. @ Everyone…….. Kevin is outside by himself taling to himself…. Saying “I am so screwed” & “I need to win the POV”

    Are you all watching that?

  41. @nicole, i didn’t see her hide anything, might have been her mic she was fixing, @leo, yep, seen kev bouncing his legs and talking away

  42. @ Sservie…… now my arms aren’t coming thru…. Cat help me… :) :D

    @ Cat…… I would be to disappointed if I didn’t win…..

  43. @ Diana C….. I am putting on my cape and will be taking flight in 5 minutes to wipe away your tears…

    @ Cat….. I am an idiot…. I meant to put 6’3″ & 228 not 6?3? LOL

  44. If there was an engagement, there almost certainly would be a ring. Is there? This particular lie seemz the most ill conceived of all for nat but in her mind she has a master plan. One has to admit that she has formulated an effective albeit despicable strategy. She does have a strategy. And she knows enough game history to piece together the line that America hates her. her only chance of winning, and she has to know this, is going f2 w Jordo.

  45. Your too big to fit through the screen Leo!!!! :)
    I would like to pull Nat through the screen by her lying lips…(just kidding yall…im not violent..just pissed at Nat!)

  46. What did Mich hide?

    I think it was the devil horns she had earlier. Kev said something earleir about her taking them into the DR

  47. 93 Cat…I don’t consider that violent…someone needs to pull her thru the screen to get her outta there…ASAP!

  48. uhm i was wondering what would happen if say jordan one pov and then she took michelle off the block and then they couldnt be touched and kevins the only one left on the block and nastilie is hoh so what happends?

  49. Kevin should realize that Gnat knew that she couldn’t play for the PoV to help save him before she put him up.
    So in reality she threw him under the bus!

  50. @sservie..LOL..i was trying to be nice but you put your finger on how i really feel! I just want Nat OUT!! :)

  51. what happens if Jordan wins the POV and takes someone off the block?

    There has to be a solution BB has for that?
    maybe something to do with Pandora’s Box and the 3 Jury members (Russ,Lydia,Jessie) ??

  52. The winner of the POV this wk does not take anyone off but chooses who goes home. They have the only vote…therefore all the power!

  53. @joy…well u just proved my point that this is the dumbest cast ever to play bb. so jordon and michele need that last question to become hoh and guarantee themselves a spot in the final 3. they cant hear the question becuz a plane flys over head and instead of asking julie to repeat the question due to the plane they both decide to guess?? thats even worse then just getting the question wrong. and can someone let me know if it would have been against the rules if michele would have yelled to jordan to guess fiction and she (michele) would guess fact on that last question so one of them would def win hoh??

  54. haha i dought its something for her . because seriously how was kevins pb so bad like come on i thought the pb = bad not money thats good so maybe nastallie is hiding something from them so they dont try and find or look into anything i think thats why she lied about being engaged so ppl would be like oh thats all and im surprised no one is suspicious yet . i was hopeing for when she opened her pb jeff or russel was standing there waiting . i would love to see jeff come back !
    and i love tht they r trying to throw kevin out (Michelle and Jordan) for jeff <3

  55. so then cuz Gnat cant play PoV then she cant be evicted and goes to final 3 – unless the Pandoras box has a twist still?
    or can she get evicted if the PoV holder chooses ?

  56. Unfortunately, Nat is safe this wk because she is HOH. Does not matter if she plays in POV or not…still safe. Unless of course Pandoras box takes away her safety of HOH…then we’re talkin possibility of eviction! But we dont know about PB yet…lets keep hoping!

  57. She knew she was passingup the PoV that would help save Kevin before she even put him up.
    Kevin should realize that she threw him under the bus – and she must have known that even putting Kevin up he would have a hard time staying in BB house with the PoV winner choosing the evicted HG if Jordon wins.
    I think Gnat wants Kevin out! and this was a way to make that happen.
    Her yapping about BB ‘knowing’ she would pick the Bandora’s Box fer sure is just a cover up.

    Umm make sense?

  58. @Diana,Diana C & Leo. You guys hv a lot of fun and make us all laugh. Leo at times I don’t agree w/ur comments, especially abt Michelle. I am a Michelle fan to the end, however I respect ur opinion, and u sound really HOT. ONO in Hawaiian means REALLY GOOD TO EAT….

  59. @Hell-Yeah…Bingo!! Thats exactly what Nat planned. Sneaky little @*%#@!! I really want Michele to win but it would be poetic justice if Kevin won and sent Jordan packing! I still hate it that she is in F3! :(

  60. Niclole

    The Nominations were AFTER the Pandora’s box thing with Gnatalie – so she knew bout the PoV before the nomination ceremony.

    While she was doing the Pan. Box thing the other HG were involved in a game of some sort.

  61. So when she opened the box she lost the the chance to play POV but still put Kev up anyways and kept it from him.

  62. It will be better to Natalie if Kevin gets evicted. The HOH competition shows her that she has more chances of winning when kevin is out of the game.

    Notice that everybody who wins the HOH, get evicted. I think CBS has to review the Big Brother rules for next session. People that simply sucked on the compatitions, deserve a place on the chopping block.

  63. The only hope Kev has at staying is winning the PoV.

    If Mich wins she will ‘take’ her self off and vote will then be to evict Kev.
    If Jor wins she decides who goes home and will probably pick Kev to go.

    I think that is how it goes… hhaahaha

  64. @ Everyone…… I hope Kevin wins the POV tommorow…..

    @ Everyone….. I can’t see the posts after 91, so I apoligize if I don’t respond to any post after 91 ok?

  65. Bruno

    Mich and Jordan won HoH and are still playing.

    jordan just said on live feed that she would probably evict Kevin.

  66. Jordan is getting dumb again – says to Gnatalie that she feels that Gnat has been honest the whole game!?!!

  67. @ Diana C / Cat…. Fine you can come thru my screen and keep me company…

    @ Jackie M…. It would be a boring world if everyone agreed with you right? Would you be down to post your opinions on my Survivor Samoa Blog Site?

  68. Hopefully Jordan is just playing her. She couldnt possibly believe that Nat doesnt lie! No one believes that Nat doesnt lie..except Nat! She believes her own lies.

  69. nat is a loser. i have a feeling she either got money for not playing in the pov instead of the whole boyfriend thing or she got nothing and doesnt want to tell him. omg can u imagine mich or jord in final 2 trying to explain why they should win? mich would do that stupid giggle laugh and jordon would talk about cookie dough. omg did jordon just say that natalie was the only person who has been honest. ok jordon is officialy the dumbest person to ever play bb. i lliked j/j but they should be in a movie dumb and dumber part 3.

  70. @ Sservie…. I am back on hurray……

    @ Jackie M….. Are you going to be apart of my Survivor Samoa Blog Site? Are you from Hawaii Jackie M? I am from Aiea….. If you are down and want the info to my Survivor Blog site email me at

  71. i hate nasty with a passion! i want jeff back!!!!! i don’t ever care to watch the show now, what a letdown

  72. I hope you are right Cat about Jordan just pretending to believe Gnat.

    And yah Gnat believes her own lies – that be funny when she shows up at her own lie of a ‘wedding’ and her bfriend ain’t there.
    Cuz she believe he proposed to her.

  73. @sservie
    Yes Jordan is as dumb as she acts. Loveable but dumb. Shes like one of those cute cuddly animails that you see at the zoo. You want to hug her but taking her home would be stupid! (She would just pee everywhere) :)

  74. The only kind of man Nat could get now would be a “fake” bf. Thats the only kind that would believe her lies!

  75. I thought I read some where that Gnat had dated her boyfriend for about 5 years and broke up for about 7 months and were thinking of getting back together just before the BB show.

    Wish i could remember where I read that – sorry.

    But if that was true then there would be no way he was there proposing and making out with her.

  76. She said he left the ring at home (yeah right). What a dumba$$! I dont think even Jordan fell for that one! :)

  77. Now NO One will ever propose to Nat….She is soooo stupid and has ruined her life outside of BB!

  78. @ Sservice….. It wn’t do any good to have a Survivor Samo Blog Site if people don’t use it and leave messages right?

    @ Survivor Fans…. Please leave your opinions on my blog site!!! Thank You all!!!

  79. Hell-Yeah
    I read that also. Actually i think i saw it on the pre interviews (the ones before the show started) with Ross Matthews. She did say they were broken up…(gives new meaning to the term “long distance dating”).

  80. @ Cat & Diana C….. You are both on timeout….. No dessert for you 2….. *** L-O-L *** :) :D :P ;)

  81. If PB happened before noms, than yes she knew she wouldn’t be playing POV. and in turn is throwing Kev under the bus. Putting up your only “supposed” ally while knowing that the numbers are against him winning veto because you can’t compete for it, is throwing them under the bus. And I doubt she saw her boyfriend, unless It was the offer she was given for opening the box(highly unlikey, she’s a filthy liar). I think she’s hiding the fact of bringing back another houseguest. Not just not being able to compete in veto. Like we said yesterday, Jeff never saw his goodbye messages. Everyone sees their goodbye messages. Even Jessie. But Jessie and Russ are right, it’s a game and gameplay is what should get rewarded. They admitted that Jeff getting them out of the house was the smartest things he’d done in the game. If PigPen thinks she’ll have the votes when she makes F2 then she si sadly mistaken. Her gameplay has been non-existent. One LML versus the other resumes, and accepting whatever was in PB will = no $500,000.

  82. Leo
    sorry :( didnt mean to be bad (really i did mean to be bad…its much more fun). I want my brownies!!! :)

  83. @ Everyone…. Has anyone looked at the new Survivor cast? I had a friend make it to the finals for casting but they weren’t picked because it was the year the show was broken into 4 ethnic groups of Asian / Black q White / Hispanic and they picked 4 castaways from each group……

  84. Listening to Nat talk about her fake wedding with her trash bag tie “engagement ring” is bugging me. BBAD sucks, I miss the other players. We’re down to 4 and its down right boring in that house.

  85. Mikey

    Nat cant be trusted…Kevin is just the last to know. Its just now hitting him that she is a lying sack of chit. She gets credit for creativity though. Wonder where she learned to lie like that…she could teach a class! :)

  86. @ Sservie…. You get a cup cake…

    @ Cat….. You get a scoop of ice cream….

    @ everyone…. Natalie just said she was with her boyfriend for 6 years…. WTF?

    My bad…

    @ Diana C…. You must be sleeping….

    @ Sservie & Cat….. what do I get? :D :P :) ;)

  87. Natalie is the most obnoxious person I’ve ever seen. Since she made her nasty devil nom. speech, she said like a 2 min. blessing over her food for the first time in the house. She may have to worry about an even stricter jury house on the the big finale judgement day in the sky. I hope CBS realizes how hard it is to even watch her sh!t. She’s wearing a bread tie on her finger to cover her engagement lie. You might notice I really hate this b&#*h!

  88. @ Everyone….. Do you think J/M will take each other to the final 2 if they evict Kevin or Natalie because Natalie is hated? Also didn’t Natalie tell them her real age because she received alcohol?

  89. I really hope she isn’t lying about the engagement! Her poor family must be so disappointed in her.

  90. @Leo – I would HOPE that they wouldn’t need PigPen telliing them that her skank ass is actually old enough to drink. For one thing underage drinking is against the law. A federal law at that I believe. They should know that the show would not allow someone to break the law on their show. IT WOULD GET SHUT DOWN! God, help us all if they can’t use common sense.

  91. @ Budman…. Do you watch Survivor?

    @ Mikey…. Oh ok….

    @ Sservie thanks for the sundae…. Or as Jeff would say “I apprec”

    @ Cat…… I make a batch of cookies to die for with my ice cream…… What do you say to that!!!

    @ Everyone….. If I was on BB I would cook everyday, so I could get an oppurtunity to show off my skills cooking as well as my ability to get along with people and show I am a good guy to try to win…. What would your strategies be if you were on BB?

  92. Even if somehow Gnat was able to drink on the show – no way would BB have GIVEN her alcohol in the HoH fridge.
    The HG msut be kinda dumb not to realize this and that she can’t be 18.
    Now even she is getting married and all that – how can they believe her?

  93. @ Cat…. Have a good night & sweet dreams!!!

    @ Hell-Yeah…. Will you post your opinions on my Survivor Blog site and tell your friends about it if I gave you the info?

    @ Mikey…. you are right
    … I wonder why the others don’t catch on?

  94. I love cookie dough too. Can’t help it, my favorite is the kind from scratch not that pre-made crap :)

    I don’t think either J or M believe Nat. They both got this high pitched “I don’t believe you” voice when Nat invited them to her “wedding”, and Kev is just sitting out there. He hasn’t said one word to any of the girls. He’s just looking at his feet and taking noisy deep breaths at times. He knows that if he doesn’t win PoV he’s going home.

  95. Yah Leo i would if I was not away working where I have no internet.
    But don’t know yet.

    When does Survivor start?

  96. Natalie is the worst person ever on BB. Ruthless is ok for the game, but mean-spirited and rotten. I’ve watched 8 BBs, and all the other bad seeds have been charming next to her. Even given that this is a game, Natalie is one ugly person. Life will do her in if the game doesn’t. Let’s hear it for Michele!!!

  97. I would totally use cooking to my advantage. But i would also find an alliance and lay low. No outbursts, no nothing. Occaisionally winn a comp her and there. But the alliance part is HUGE. This game is not kind to floaters. Only one floater has won, and i believe it was Jun on BB4. And that only happenend because there were 2 floaters IN the final 2.

  98. @ Nicole… Thanks for answering the question…. Do you watch Survivor?

    @ Sservie…. Be good and have a great night & sweet dreams!!! Email me on Sunday so I can get you the best Blog Site in the world for Sruvivor’s info….. Thanks to the best Blog Site set up man **** – I will leave it a mystery so he won’t get mad but you all know him…. *** Hint hint *** BB :) :D :P ;)

  99. @ Hell Yeah…. It would be like this site… You post a comment when you have time ok?

    @ Mikey & Tina G….. Thank you for your answers…..

    I would also try to do what Jeff did and play down my physical strength at first so I wouldn’t be targeted!!!

  100. Natalie and Kevin are doing brilliant jobs.

    There both lyin very well. Michelle nor Jordan would EVER suspect a thing

    Thats why there the best team in the house now.

    Thats why one, if not both are going to final 2.

  101. @leo -Looking foward to Survivor. I’ll be visiting your site. Looks like you got all the girlies eating out of your hand. KUDOS! Best of luck!

    @Diana, Diana C_ I am torn between who will win the vote for the 25g for America’s Favorite Bloggers.(It would be an insult to Leo since he will probably be up for a Grammy) I finally got a job, So I have to cut back on my BB time. It has been an honor and a pleasure to debate with you and I still hope that Jeff comes back.

  102. oh gawd i hope they don’t start goning on and on about their sex lives and tampons and menstral periods and all that crap.

  103. Leo,
    I think that Jordon will, and so will Michelle, I think they will try to make it to the final two together. I don’t think she told them the truth yet, unless she just did it today or tonight (BBAD isn’t on here yet) I was watching some of the interviews, and during the show and everyone seemed real surprised that she was 24.

  104. Why wouldn’t America be disgusted with a duplicitous, can’t win a thing, Natalie who’s aversion to cleanliness is epic.
    And, even that could be forgiven if she was the least bit entertaining or amusing, but she’s just a boor.
    Go Jordon and Michelle!

  105. @ Cat….. *** L-O-L *** Have a good night trouble maker…. :D :P

    @ Marcus…. It looks like Nat sold Kevin out bro…. Did you get my email? I will have the details hopefully by Sunday ok?

    @ Budman / Hell-yeah…. Email me at for info…. Tell your friends about the site too after I get you the info ok?

  106. @ Hell-yeah…. My bad Survivor starts on Thursday, September 17th ok?

    @ Budman….. I am trying to get every Survivor fan to post on my site….

    @ Jody…. Do you watch Survivor? Thanks for answering my question ok?

  107. @ Jody… What time does BBAD come on there? It has been on almost 3 hours CST AND GOES OFF IN 9 MINUTES….

  108. Leo,
    I am not a very good lier…lol…so I don’t think I would go that route, they would see right through it. I think I would do the best I could in competitions, even in a game I don’t think I could not try for a compotition. I would probably be a little like Jeff, Russell, and Cassie. (the girl version anyways).

  109. I mean these are the cream of the crop of ignorant people. did anyone hear their conversation about traveling? gnat said that she will not travel to dangerous places like Paris, that’s right, Paris, because young girls get kidnapped. i want to like Jordon but she is sooooooooo dumb it crosses all my boundaries. its sad. there was a day when there were good players. i miss the Janelles and the keysars and the chill towns. alas.

  110. Natalie is not like the other players you did not see them give up games win they were loosing. I do not think Natalie should win because she did not try during the competitions. If she was a black Belt then why she gave up so easy. I herd she knows a person from CBS that is how she got on the show you know “who you know” Not what you know. I guess she did not read the application were it says you have to be 21 years old.

    Yes everybody lies but there is time when to stop. Natalie lies from the start of the game the houseguest should have kick out when she said she was 18 they knew you have to 21 to be on the show. Natalie only stayed in the game because she hang on all HOH winners (Coat Tail) Well at least there will be a twist so maybe she will be out next week.

    Jeff had made his own choice taking out Russell everybody in the house was not against it own. It funny that everybody wanted Russell out early in the game then when Jeff decides to backdoor him they change their mind. People always says what you what to hear and it up to you if want to believe them or not.

  111. Jeannette,
    I think it was more that he didn’t get Russell out when they wonted him too, but when he wonted too. That is why they are mad.

  112. @ Jody…. Survivor Samoa is the perfect time to start again… The biggest cast, and you can post your opinionss on my Survivor Blog site…… How does that sound? ;) :) :D :P

  113. I sure hope what I am reading that Nat can’t play in the veto. The veto holder will vote the person of choice out (BETTER BE NATALIE). I also do believe Natalie lied about boyfriend and proposal as that girl is a crappy piece of work. She always has something up her sleeve and is a backstabbing liar.BB needs to screen better people because this year is the worst ever. Natalie is the worst person ever on any BB shows. I totally agree with #180 about the whole comments she said. I just wish that Nat would just fly away on her wicked broom stick and never see or hear from again.

  114. Ha Jordan does not believe the crap Nat was spouting off to her tonight. Kevin was really trying to throw Nat under the bus as well, right when Nat was called into the DR he started talking. Jordan maybe ditzy but she’s not as stupid as you think she is.
    I don’t think Nat has any “powers”. I think she screwed up by sticking her hand in PB and she’s trying to cover up her mistake by lying.
    She could have also found out that America hates her by her tweets, but I don’t know if she’s done that yet… When do they get to tweet exactly?

  115. @ Everyone….. I am about to go to sleep….

    *** I think Natalie took money to not play in the HOH but she is lying to Kevin so he won’t blame her if he is evicted ***

    Have a goo night all….. Survivor Fans can email me at if you want some info on my Survivor Blog Site

    ***** Natalie said she has been trying to be cool with her boyfriends sisters for 3 years even though she has been with him 6 years? L-O-L!!! Michelle & Jordan haven’t caught on….. What a joke!!! *****

  116. Don’t these bimbos realize this is LIVE TV for millions of people to watch … Including their Families.

    Gnat’s dad must be so embarrased!!
    and her soon to be husband – hahahaha

  117. I also want to mention that this cast of house guest are completely stupid believing Natalie is 18. Drinking and acting drunk. Come on HG do you really think that CBS would let that be shown on TV??? Total idiots and gullable continue to believe this one as she has rode the coat tails of Jessie and has had Kevin do her dirty work and everyone doesn’t trust her and knows she is a complete liar and doesn’t stick to her word. Who would want to marry her sorry a.. because she is trailer trash scum.

  118. Well timing is in this game if you do something to soon the housguest get mad it you do it to late you loose. If you are a good playing you are on the block, if you are a lier a get caught you are on the block. So Natalie will put on the block next week if she did not win HOH she would be on the block. So go Michelle, Jordan make something happen

  119. @ Leo-From what I’ve seen this season I would be everybody’s friend. I would throw every competition. Cook for the strong people and spot there weights. Once it got to 7 or 8 I would morph into a badass like the world has never seen. I would throw Julie Chin under the bus if I had to. By this time I would know where my loyalties were and who I could trust.(Jeff’s failure this year)

  120. Jordan is giving explicit instructions to Natalie on how to insert tampons. I mean EXPLICIT – about bleeding and the sex hole and everything… – their families must be so embarrased.

    WOW this is unbelievable.

    How they expect not to be harrased when they come out to real life I dunno. What a bunch of bimbos

  121. I am hoping Michele wins as her family is so nice and I truly believe that Michele is a sweet person and she is the one who truly deserves to win. She had to fight her way to where she is at with all the BS she has been put threw to get where she is at. GO MICHELE!!!If Natalie goes this week I will be jumping for joy!! BB get her the hell out of that house……

  122. this must have turned off all the male viewers… this is so friggen funny yet retarded. how these bimbos are talking about inserting a tampon in their sex hole and all the explict details and all of people on the live feeds are watching.

    WOW – hahaha

  123. From JOKER’s update:

    12:14 AM Nat comes out of the toilet, Jor gives her a round of applause. NT
    12:12 AM Nat: It’s in. I did it on the first try. Wait, is it this end supposed to be bloody? NT
    12:12 AM F1 switches to a shot of Nat’s feed underneath the bathroom door as she makes her tampon attempt. Switches back to Jor: “You got the hole?” NT
    12:11 AM Mich now in HOH. Jor says to Nat I’m not leaving until you get this in. Nat goes into the HOH toilet. Mich and Jor hanging out there. NT
    12:08 AM Jor/Nat in HOH talking about tampons; Jor instructing her on how to grip it. Jor: Put it in as if you were putting a penis in you. NT

  124. How does everyone in the house think that the network would let a “18” years old drink?? So many legal problems would ensue…she makes me crazy…natlie that is!

  125. Leo,
    My “game play” would be to be mutual. I’d be everyones friend and vote with the majority of the house. Sometimes I would cook for everyone or do some dishes, I’d be sure to clean up all my messes. I wouldn’t want to be a “floater” but I don’t want to prove my “strength” to soon in the game. As the days go by and the numbers dwindle I’d pick up my game play. I’d never make any enemies but I don’t want any “BFF’s” either, couples are very easy targets. I can’t for sure say exactly what it is I’d do because actions and thoughts change as the situation changes.

  126. I have already mentioned this about the drinking and Natalie saying she is 18. It is just unbelievable that these HG believe her in the first place. They are so stupid because can you imagine the publicity, law suits, lots of legal problems and not to mention the show’s reputation ?????

  127. Oh and no shomances I’m happily married, there is no way I’d pull a Nat or a Danielle and be all over another man like that. You don’t want to be an easy target so you have to try to get along with everyone no matter how hard that might be. I’d also keep my opinions and game play to myself, and hopefully I’d be able to make the smartest, strongest, and sneakiest alliance possible. One that no one would ever expect.

  128. I seen a Youtube commercil for BB sunday saying that Pandoara’s Box is back and the Jury House is PACKING surprise.

  129. Kevin just finally gained some points with me and is coming clean to Mitch and Jord. It’s propably too little too late. Goodbye Kevin! I don’t condone his lifestyle but I think he is a good person.

  130. I know Jody – don’t these bimbos realize that what they are doing and saying will be all over the tv and internet. How embarrasing for the families and friends. *hahaha*
    If Gnats dad is watching this will make him horrified. And Gnat says her bfriend watches all the live feeds… I guess his propsal he is regretting now.. not that there was a real one.

  131. Budman,
    I don’t think that it is to late. From what I have heard already Natalie and Michelle are getting suspicious of Natalie.

  132. Hell-Yeah,
    I agree I couldn’t do that on a live show, let alone in the real world. That is just something I couldn’t and wouldn’t announce to the whole world.

  133. I can understand helping a girl friend with tampons but to be soooo explicit on the internet with such details is unreal.
    I still can’t believe how much of a bimbo they are.

  134. I must have said something wrong in my last post because it is saying awaiting moderation. That is only the second time that has happened. Couldn’t figured out why it did it the first time…lol

  135. I dunno JOdy all my post have gone threw.
    I figured maybe they wouldn’t because of the stuff I typed.

  136. Hell-Yeah,
    I was just commenting on Budmans post. I wish they would tell me so I don’t do it again…lol

  137. Jody now the bimbo’s are having a makeup party.
    Showing the Gnat how to wear makeup.
    I am starting to think Gnat is a guy and not a girl. She has no clue about girl things. *haha*
    Even a tom boy knows some girly things. Gnat is dumb!

  138. Matt you rock! Really enjoyed the site. I agreed with you 99.99% of the time. Thanks!

    @ Jacob-Grow a couple! Stay in kindergarten! You could have your own lemonade stand one day.

    @ Marcus-Learn to spell. I’m sure you made some good points but I really don’t know.

  139. Kevin would have to win POV even if he wasn’t on the block so it doesn’t matter. That’s why HOH has no power this week (only safety); the power is entirely in the hands of the Veto holder.

  140. Oh my I don’t think I can watch the three bimbos until the Final Show on the Live Feeds.

    Make up parties, Dress up, and tampon parties.

    This is gonna be a long long 10 days off Bimbos!
    I thought it was boring so far on BB with these HG’s it is bound to get worse unless something GOOD happens with Pandora’s Box. Hope BB brings back Russel – that would liven things up.
    I bet he wouldn’t participate in the Tampon party!

  141. Hell-Yeah,
    I am defiently a tomboy, I don’t wear makeup, I know the basics on how to put it on. But that is it though…lol

  142. Does anyone know what Natalie is hiding about the box? Or does anybody have any speculations on what it might be?

  143. Jody, Well Gnat doesn’t know anything about it. Hard to explain her female incompetancies without actually seeing her on live feeds – sorry.

    She is telling the other 2 girls she wants Kevin OUT and she told Kevin she wants Mich out.
    She is lying on both sides.

  144. Well she told them the boyfriend was in the box and he proposed.
    I don’t think they really believe her, but there has been no time for Mich and Jord to talk about it.
    So so far nothingelse about Pan. Box.

    Either they are all stupid or are playing along and are great actors.

  145. Hell-Yeah,
    I have come to expect that from Natalie. I think she thinks that she can’t win against Michelle. I think she knows that Michelle knows something is up with her. At this point I don’t know who she lying to more the girls or Kevin.

  146. Nat saying Julie and BB probably won’t ask her about her meeting with her Bfriend cuz they won’t have enough time on the Live show – covering why they probably won’t show her bfriend.
    She also said earlier that her bfriend can’t go to the fnale cuz he had wedding to attend.

    Come on Gnatalie… if your man just proposed he would be at the finale!!!!

  147. Mich is smart, i think she asks little questions to Gnat trying to get her to slip up on something.

    Jody i have been trying to keep you posted on the live feeds.. *haha*

  148. this post from JOKER’s updates:

    :23 AM Natalie, Jordan, and Michele in HOH roomTalking about who would win in F2 scenarios Natalie mentions that “today when I was talking to Jessie, I mean my boyfriend”
    …can’t remember the rest of her statement. Doesn’t appear that Michele or Jordan picked up on her slip up. This happened about 1:13 am BBT.

  149. And the youtube commercial says the Pandora’s Box Twist is not over and the jury house is packing a punch for it.


    There is alot going on I think that we don’t know yet.

  150. Maybe Gnat-a-lie or lie-a lot, lost the privilege to compete in PoV because of her Ode to Chima rant after she won HoH. What a crock! Chima was a horrifying mess……good riddance. And good riddance to Gnat when she’s gone. she will never win the money.

  151. I wonder if the Jury House has something to do with it. That is why Natalie slipped up.
    1. Maybe she talked to Jessie.
    2. Maybe he is coming back.
    3. Maybe they will have a contest to find out who is coming back.
    4. Or maybe since it seems she is mad about something, maybe as a consequence of opening the box someone she doesn’t like will come back in the house…lol…that would be funny.

  152. If it’s someone she doesn’t like, it would have to be Lydia or Jeff……unless whoever may be coming back isn’t from the jury.

  153. Noms are great hopefully Michelle wins or Jordan POV and Crybaby face making backstabing Kevin will go out the door then Michelle and Joradan can get rid of the liar skank Natalie.

  154. I hope that Jordon wins POV, she is the only one that can vote right? (Unless there is a twist that we don’t know about) She keeps the nominations the same. She is safe, and she votes out Kevin. I hope is Michelle and Jordon in the final two.

  155. When I was watching BBAD Natalie said that if Michelle wins the veto then she will get into Michelle’s head. I don’t think she will be able to get into Michelle’s head. I don’t think that Jordon will vote Michelle out, because she trusts Jeff’s judgement, and he said to stick with Michelle to the final two.

  156. ummm…doesn’t it make sense that pb gave gnat an option of talking to a member of the jury in exchange for giving up chance to play veto? so, she talked to jesse and he gave her the low down of who will likely vote how, in his opinion?

  157. pandoras box contained bad souls and demons or something like that, but really once it was opened all hell broke loose. i think that this may pertain to the game as russel being the hell that broke loose during his fight with jeff and jordan. I hope that this operning of the box means that russel comes back

  158. natalie made a big slip. everyone thinks michele isn’t smart but i’m sure she heard it and is trying to figure out what that slip means. i think she was offered a chance to talk to a jury member, she chose jessee and got the scoop that she doesn’t have the votes because of her lies. that means she needs two votes of the four people in the house to win the money. i think thats why she went beserck & said there goes the 500,000

  159. nat just slipped again and called the so-called bf that just proposed to her “ex boyfriend” oops

  160. something else that is funny…nat is keeping the girls up all night talking hoping they’ll be tired & not do well in the veto comp. little does she know, i think veto is live and not until tuesday! all this for nothing! lol

  161. Who’ cares what Nasty and Kevin does, the only way I would watch the show is if Jordon or Michelle win the pov, and gets.

  162. BB producer is out after this season .Lowest ratings ever due to incompetence in guest selection and character evaluations

  163. POV this week is more important than HOH. It’s crucial guys. Hope Michelle will pull all of this mess out.

    Kevin is nothing but a liar. He can’t even see his face right now. Bluh blah blah

  164. I’m nervous about what the Pandora’s box will do to the houseguests this week. I think Michelle should go this week, only because she is a very strong contestent in the house.

  165. if he proposed, then where is the ring? shes a liar. i hate her. i hope she cant play in the Veto.

  166. Where does the BS stop with Gnat??! She is so good at lying, I’m almost convinced she is a compulsive liar in real life. She is a little brat! I cannot stand her! Please, POV = Jordan!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  167. natalia is such a scammer and crappy player she was carried the whole game by jessie kevin she has only won 1 competition hoh i hope she fall’s flat on her face and either michelle or jordan wins the whole thing why did big brother even let her on the show.

  168. I love that Kevin is on the block…GOOD FOR HIM!!!! That is one thing that Natalie has done right in this game…bye bye Kevin!!! If Jordan and Michele don’t pick up on all of the lies than something is terribly wrong. Michele HAS PLAYED THE BEST GAME !!!!She deserves to win it all.She has been a loner the whole game and has come this far with everyone hating her and she still keeps her cool when it comes down to playing the compactions…GOOD FOR YOU MICHELE!!!You go girl !!!!

  169. Natalie is greedy and so I blieve that she would take an option from BB for herself. She is not inclined to share! I wish all three other H.G. wuld start comparing notes. Kevin must realize he has been duped and should start sharing inside info on Nat!!! He has no chance otherwise!

  170. Kevin needs to go, then nat! Im for Michelle winning! J and M would be crazy to not vote out Kevin.

  171. So close for Natalie and Kevin. I hope one of them wins. They have definitely played a great game. I can’t stand Jordan or Michelle. I think Jordan is playing dumb to get sympathy votes. Michelle feels entitled. No one thought Nat or Kev would make it this far, so final two is their destiny.

  172. I am still trying to figure out why folks think Natalie hasn’t played the best game. House guests hated her from the beginning and she will definitely be in the final 3, perhaps final 2. She played the game the way it was suppose to be played. She didn’t go there to make lifelong friends in a matter of weeks. The object is to win $500k, not be mr or mrs congeniality. If there was no no Nat the show would be boring as all get up.

  173. I Think jordan will be in the final 2 no matter she wins HOH, POV or not. Because this week, the target will be Michelle. If Michelle wins POV, she will vote Kevin out. If Kevin wins, he will vote Michelle out. If Nat wins, Michelle will be leaving the house too.

    Next week, if Jordan wins HOH, there’s nothing to talk about. If Nat or Kevin wins, I think they will betray to the other and carry Jordan to the end because they know Jordan will not get the votes from the Jury House.

    That’s it. Final 2 will be Jordan and someone. That’s for sure

    I think Jordan fans have nothing to worry about


  175. No matter who wins POV or veto it would be absolutely stupid to take Michelle or Jordan to the final 2. If either of them wins it would be stupid to take the other. If I am going to take someone to the final 2 it is going to be someone who betrayed or scrapped with others, not a Polly Purebread.

  176. The reason that people dont think Natalie played a good game is b/c her entire game strategy is to lie.

    Am I the only one who sees that Natalie doesnt do well in competition b/c she is LAZY. She always asks people to do stuff for her. Kevin go get the tortillas, Kevin go get Chima’s microphone…She is LAZY. Watch her in the comps, she moves so slow and she’s not even trying. Ugh!

  177. Natalie wouldn’t take Kevin to the end because of his purity, how many people in JH don’t like him apart from Jeff ? . I think Jordan is a weak player and if take that into account, Jordan will not get many votes from the Jurors apart from Jeff :)

    Natalie or Michelle would be stupid if they take Kevin. If i were in their shoes, I would carry Jordan.

  178. What if when Natalie opened the box, it was Jeff and the reason she can not play for the POV is because Jeff is playing. If he wins, he then can choose to take the place of any remaining hg?

  179. Chelsie, you are correct. That is a brilliant strategy. As I said before, you don’t go to BB to make friends. You go to win $500k. Becoming the girl or boy next door is not the goal.

  180. Chelsie, you are also correct that Nat is lazy, but she has admitted that. No one said a rule of the game was to work hard. She is working smarter not harder. I don’t think she will win no matter who she goes up against in the final two because everyone in the jury is embarrassed, angry and bitter that she outlasted them, even Jessie. But, the funny thing is that if either of them had played the same game they would be heroes.

  181. What is she gonna do when it catches up w/ her though Mark? It will be interesting to see if she wins, then she WAS brilliant! IDK though! :)

    Also, to be honest w/ you she KNOWS the game so well. She is a true BB fan. I just think that she is a terible liar. She smirks and looks down when she talks and she loses her thoughts when she’s talking. I think she is starting to believe the proposal lie herself.

  182. I don’t think Nat is a bad liar. She managed to convince EVERYONE she was 18 and the LML and the engagement lie. She is actually a pretty good liar. I hate that it has been her strategy the whole game but it has worked for her. I don’t think she will get a lot of votes in the jury because Russ said he would not vote for her when he found out she was 24.

  183. Really, I dont believe anything she says. Maybe b/c I know she’s lying :) But in the real world, I dont think I would believe her either.

  184. Chelsie, If I were her I would then tell the truth and explain that that was my strategy. They all have lied. Even Michelle. I can’t believe that she convinced everyone she is brilliant intellectually, but can’t remember throwing houseguests under the bus. I lost all respect for Jordan when she was ready to go to the jury house and let Jeff win. If I were her family I’d be so embarrassed.

  185. Also Chelsie, They all know that Nat lies. They talk about her poker face. To me that is too good. They cannot figure her out yet, they fall for her lies. Now, that’s playing the game.

  186. @Chelsie – I would hope I would not believe her either and if I were her friend in the real world, I don’t think I would ever trust her again and play any kind of game with her, like cards, pool, chess etc.

  187. You’re right Ashley & Mark so far this girl has outplayed them all. When you look at it like that, it is brilliant.

  188. Why is everyone so enamored with Jeff? He had his changes and then some, and certainly doesn’t deserve anymore. If anyone is given the chance to come back, it should be Russell.
    Jeff has a filthy mouth, and lied as much as everyone else did. I wish that they would just leave all of this outside intervention stuff out and just let the players play the game. I hope that Natalie and Kevin go to the final two.

  189. Redhead, I am with you. One more thing, after seeing Jordan eat everything in sight I wouldn’t want her to win for fear that she would eat away a half a million dollars.

  190. maybe opening Pandora’s box was about spending time with Jessie and she screamed about losing 500,000 when he told her that he told everyone in the Jury House that she is really 24 and not 18–that is how she already lost Russell’s vote.

  191. Chelsie, are you kidding about her fiance dumping her? I am sure he encouraged her to lie for $500k. I would be so proud. I wouldn’t trust her, but I would be proud. :)

  192. Maybe I watch too much tv, but I don’t like Michelle because she reminds me too much of Phyllis Newman on Young and the Restless. And her name happens to be Michelle also.

  193. My Theory is Natalie chose to speak with an evicted house guest, which is why they are showing them in the commercials. She was locked in her room the entire time the strange people were in the house. I think the strange people are what the veto is going to be about. Questions about them and what they were doing in the house. She couldn’t come down and see them because she opted out of the veto. Just a theory.
    By the way, on YOU TUBE you can watch her pre-interview where she states she DOES NOT have a boyfriend. She had one for two years but they had been broken up for eight months and only two weeks before BB started they started talking again. Making a proposal sound even more unlikely.

  194. On Showtime it showed m/j talking about sticking together. They don’t believe N/K. They’ll stick together and that will be the good thing for both of them in the end.

  195. @Mark: I watch Y&R, too, but I don’t see any resemblances between Phyllis & Michele. I’d love to hear why you feel that way.

  196. @Redhead: He’s beautiful and wonderful both inside & out. When I first started watching, his mouth & language really put me off. Over time, I just realized there is SUCH a lovely human being in there that the mouth doesn’t bother me so much.

    He’s so funny, too! ;)

  197. @Redhead: I don’t know why, but I imagine the most beautiful red-head sitting there typing on the computer. ;) Cute screen name…

  198. Have you noticed m/J don’t talk to N/K when they are throwing each other under the bus. They know what’s up. Jor is not stupid she is just very sheltered. There is a difference!!

  199. Does anyone think there is any way Jordan can win the $500 K? If so, who do you think she would have to be up against in the F2 to do so?

    I think she may have the sympathy vote, but I don’t think she’ll win against Michelle nor Kevin, maybe just Natalie…

    She ought to think this one through… Although I doubt she’ll win POV. I think it would be HILARIOUS if she did, though. Watch the jokers scramble then! :P

  200. I think Jordan would be the smart choice to carry to F2. Everyone knows that she was carried along by Jeff, so the votes on who to award the half mill to, should go to the other who worked a little harder. Unless the dunderheads in the JH vote on who they made friends with….instead of who strategized to get where they are.

  201. @Martie, It’s the red hair, features and mannerisms. You know how Phyllis always looks as one of her alter personalities is about to emerge? Michelle is so much like that. And both of them are strange looking yet, kinda cute.

  202. @Sheshe, Jordan would be the last one I would take to the F2. I honestly think she would get the vote because she is a blonde.

  203. @Mark: Maybe it’s ’cause they both kind of have shnauzes (sp?) on them but still pull off being cute anyway?

    I agree with the creepy behavior and mannerisms, though. You’re right on there!

    Don’t get me wrong. I still like ’em both.

  204. Did anyone happen to see Michele as a blonde when she was HOH and got her pictures? I thought she looked really good there, too.

  205. The truly smart move would be for anyone left in the house to take Gnat-McNasty to the final 2 since no one in the jury house will vote for her. Even if she was up against Jordan, who most people don’t think deserves to win, Gnat would lose. She’s a big loser who has just wasted her entire summer and displayed her pathos to America.

  206. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Jordan turned out to be this amazingly smart, Rhodes Scholar, and had just been acting dumb all summer to win the $$.
    Hey, if Gnat can be 18, Jordo can be smart, right?

  207. Here we go again…I think CBS just loves this kind of attention…put the NOT so smart girl out there for HOH and put up the 2 smartest individuals for eviction, just keeps you all coming back…like I keep saying…IT IS ALL SCRIPTED!!!!!

  208. @ Everyone…… Good morning / afternoon to all…… The biggest POV is being held today….. Can I get some predictions? Here is mine!!!

    Michelle will win – dddddaaaaammmmmmiiiiiitttttttttttt :( *** L-O-L *** :P

    I want Kevin to win :(

    I think Natalie lied to everyone about her boyfriend because she didn’t want Kevin to know she chose money over playing in the Veto because she is safe this week and also sucks in comps…. Any thoughts on these statements? :D

    Any and all comments / feedback is appreciated or like your boy Jeff would say “I apprec”!!! :) ;)

  209. @ Blackgirl / Ashley / everyone…….. Wuuuuuuuz uuuuuuuup? :D :) :P ;)

    How is everyone doing?

    @ Blackgirl…. Do you watch Survivor?

  210. @ Everyone…….. Have a good day!!!!

    Go Kevin in the POV – to the final 2 – to win BB11 – yyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

  211. @leo…, go michelle. oh and leo, you know how i said i wasn’t going to watch BB anymore? well i caved like you did on switching who you want to win and i have been watching my live feeds. although i wasn’t going to watch the TV part anymore but i think i’m gonna hve to watch nat and how ridiculous she looked in her “queen” outfit doing the noms

  212. My thing with Natalie is that she lies so well and so often that it would be looking for a needle in a haystack to find a crumb of truth. When you do something so frequently you become an expert. This is why I’m pretty sure that Nats lies are not gameplay…it is her life strategy…lie to everyone so they won’t even know the truth when they hear it. That combined with her lazy bullyish ways makes her despicable..not within the realms of a game but as a human being. If Jordan and Michelle don’t make it to F2 how about americas vote have a writein candidate?? I vote Julie!! ;)

  213. IF there was a bf for NASTY AND he did come into the BB house, it was on the chance that NASTY won and he would get to use the money. Did anyone see NASTY say she would use the money to buy her own engagement ring? why would anyone wan to marry NASTY? UGG… Did her HOH letter mention a BF?? NO… NASTY does not have a feminine bone in her whole body. No makeup, never does her hair, her clothes are unattractive, doesn’t know how to put on a blouse? Doesn’t shower often. Picks her nose. Absofreakinglutely Gross. Who would marry her?
    Did anyone get the hint she is BUTCH, and what was the name in the HOH letter?? remember when she said LYDIA was interesting?? I think we are all missing the point. What about THIS is for Chima??? rem chima wanted a woman to win. and NASTY favorite person is a MAN hater… ANYONE?? get his

  214. Why do I get the feeling that Natalie is lying about not being able to play for the veto? The only thing she seems to do well at IS lying. Also as far as her martial arts “skills” goes I have a theory. I don’t now anything about MA competitions but if they’re anything like boxing opponents are placed in weight/size classifications. If this is the case then maybe this “24 y/o” has been facing teenagers in competitions, possibly explaining her wins in the arena but nothing but lose in the BB house. This may also be where her “I’m 18” idea came from.

  215. i think natallie should of been out of there along time ago but kevin her sweet sucker saved her

  216. I so sick of the liars and cheaters winning these shows. And it’s is rarely a WOMAN!! Women are they own worst enemies! Join together ladies and evict Kevin!! At least that way 2 women are guaranteed to win!!

  217. Maybe her story about her boyfriend sounds weird, but did anybody other than me see the new ring which is on her hand? Hope that Kevin wins the POV.

  218. Why do people insist on hating on Natalie because she has made it this far? She is a liar and everyone knows. That’s why they talk about her poker face. She has played the game smart. She did not go to make friends. She went to win. Everyone in the house is a liar. She is just a better and smarter liar. So, she is lazy. She admits she is lazy. If hardworking was a prerequisite, stronger and more industrious players would still be in the house. When all is said and done, Natalie played a smart game. She is in the final 3 we know. Possibly, in the final 2.

  219. IF Nat’s boyfriend was allowed 20 minutes with her, why aren’t the other houseguests up in arms with BB that she was given the unfair advantage of “outside” information??? Nat’s boyfriend (if there REALLY is one) watches the show, live feeds, exit interviews, jury house entries, etc. – and could tell Nat EVERYTHING that is going on with the others. It amazes me that neither Kevin, Michelle nor Jordan have even QUESTIONED the unfair advantage such a visit would give Nat…. ???

    Nat’s story is definitely bullsh*t – it didn’t happen. BB WOULD NOT allow an outsider to enter the house in this way. I honestly don’t think they would arrange a private, 20 minute conversation with a jury member either. HOH/veto twists have changed this game many times in the past, but I have NEVER seen BB insert “outside the house” influence into the game as a twist… that would be TOTALLY UNFAIR to the other houseguests and destroy the entire concept of the show.

    Nat’s one of the best liars I’ve ever seen! Her dad must be soooooo proud :0

    Who knows what Pandora was all about, but I say she’ll play in the veto..

  220. My friends and I wanted Jeff to win, marry Jordan and live “happily ever after.” This new scenario stinks to us.
    Natalie doesn’t seem to have an honest bone in her body. Does she really have friends on the outside?

  221. I can’t STAND Nat the rat. Who the hell chose to cast her. And what’s the deal with the lying about her age who gives a rats ass. And why is cbs giving her alchohol even letting her drink on TV.You would think they would call her to the DR and make it look like she was getiing in trouble. Yeah lets promote underage drinking on TV. Just someone get her ass out. I do want to see her evicted once they get to final 3 and her nasty ass can really smell the money and bam see ya later.

  222. I hate Natalie with a passion. It’s obvious she got to talk to Jessie. I hope Kevin wins he makes me laugh. When I go to info on my tv it only says Nat, Kevin and Jordan. No mention of Michell does any one know anything?

  223. The POV is live on Tuesday night PEOPLE! Don’t you all listen to Julie on the live show. PAY ATTENTION to the show you idiots!

  224. Does any one really know what happened in ref to Pandora’s Box? If Jesse comes back I’ll never watch BB ever again. This bites…

  225. I think all that people know about PB is what Nat is telling them and you know not to ever listen to her lies.

  226. @ Leo, yes I am happy to say I Hawaii is my home. Live in God’s Country, Kaneohe. How long since u’re been home? As for going to ur blog, I really don’t know. Watched the show on and off, was not hooked like BB. However I really mean it when I say, I am so disappointed in this season, don’t know if I will watch next year. Aloha Nui Loa Leo.

  227. Thats 4 nothing james i was asking about the live feed you can watch 24 hrs. And i think we all knew it was on Tuesday night. smart ass

  228. Nasty Nat does not deserve anything Michelle should take it all now that Jeff is out! Kevin is also a cacaface creep!

  229. I do like michele, but I don’t know how far she will go. Last time, she won POV but I don’t know that this time that she will. Usually, people would not win more than once POV. I am sorry to people who want Nat out, but from now, Nat, she may be in final three. We have to face the reality. The world can get nasty. By the way, Nat may be sneaky but she is not an idiot.

  230. When Natalie had her phone call from home a few weeks ago. Her Dad told her that her BF was not happy about the Jesse ordeal and that he had bought a ring and the Dad thought he was going to propose. That is where all that crap came from. Her boyfriend no more paid a visit than the man in the moon. BB would not take a chance I do believe of having an outsider come into the house.

  231. hope it comes down to jordo and michelle now but i doubt it and if it does i think the others will vote for jordo almost everyone except for nat but i think even kevin will vote for her over michelle but still just see the final 3 being nat kevin michelle the final two kevin michelle with those two i dont know kevin jusdt might have votes to win all but that would suck big time

  232. I can’t stand to watch Natalie scuff her feet around the place in those stupid slippers and she acts like she is so superior. The only reason she got away with her lie about being 18 is because she acts 12 and has the lamest personality. At this point, I hope it comes down to Kevin and Jordan, and I don’t think Kevin deserves to win, but from listening to Jordan she needs it if for no other reason to educate herself. At least Michelle has the intellegence and degrees to financially make it through life. I will not be on the BB band wagon next year.

  233. Hooray!! Good for Kevin. That means that Michelle is on her way home to her rats. Maybe they understand why she laughs all the time about nothing. Guess she has nothing to laugh about now. Hope that Kevin and Natalie are the two left standing. They have both played a good game. As far as Jeff being so HOT, I certainly have seen hotter. His foul language really bothered me. I do think the reason that he teamed up with JOrdan is because he is not too bright either. Anyway, the game is getting very interesting!!!

  234. I am so upset that Kevin won POV! I am just praying that the big twist that we will see on Tuesday is that Jeff comes back and gets rid of Kevin! It’s too bad that Big Brother did not intervene when there were technical difficulties for Michelle and JORDAN :(

  235. The POV is NOT being played until TUESDAY NIGHT live. Kevin sure is worried and he should be. After all that he has done, he can’t go fast enough for me.He thinks he is TOP KING (or QUEEN ) OF THE HOUSE. TUESDAY IS GOING TO BE THE BEST EVER !!! I can’t wait to see how and who is going to get rid of Natalie.I would love to see Jeff come back in Tuesday just to get rid of the stink bomb. Her hair looks like a rat’s nest.Her attitude is holier than though..She is the worst ever. I hope that season 12 will not have anyone so bad. I know that lying is part of the game, but she has taken it too far…Michele should have it in the bag…

  236. I am so sorry people…but KEVIN DID WIN POV. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh !!! I sure didn’t see that one coming…Anyway I still think that Tuesday night is going to be one not to forget.I’m hoping that Jeff comes back in and flops the two on the block !!! Now wouldn’t that be fun to see ??? Both Kevin and Natalie would be gone in a blink of the eye!!!!Hurray, Hurray..

  237. To #362 Redhead-If you want Kevin and Natalie to be final 2 then you are as sick and twisted as they are. You must be as arrogant and mean spirited too!Michele deserves to win much more than either of those two scumbags.

  238. If Natalie wins BB than the world will honestly hate to watch BB. Everyone hates her and would rather see some else win than her. There is no way that Natalie has any contact with the outside world especially with a boyfriend. That is part of the rules of the game. I also don’t believe that she got the chance to speak to Jessie either. I do believe that maybe when she opened Pandora’s Box since Kevin won POV he will decide who is leaving this week. If he can vote out Natalie that would be his best move ever. Michele and Jordan definitely need to stick together no matter what and they should some how convince Kevin to take their side. He would have a better chance. I am voting for Michele to win, but if she leaves than either Natalie or Kevin will win. I just hope it is not that Scag Natalie. She is a beast. The stupidity of all the house guest also believing her every word when they all know she lies and can’t be trusted as she doesn’t stick to her word. The other is the way they believe she is 18. Are these people dumb or what??? BB better screen better people next season or else they may not be able to stay on TV as they are losing ratings left and right this year.

  239. The live veto is for Thursday’s show, not Tuesday’s. Elimination, HOH comp, veto comp/ceremony and final elimination to determine final 2 this Thursday, as the following week the winner will be announced.

  240. @Leo yes I did get your email saying that you would have more info by Sunday on the Survivor blog

  241. I hope that ‘anyone ” comes back and dumps Nasty Natalie out! She is a EVIL person and should be ashamed to call herself a Christan. That is a discrace to all Christans!! Carma comes back to evil people, does she not realize that! If Kevin has any sence, he will get rid of her. There should be a rule that if anyone used that F word, they be kicked out. That takes the joy out of watching the show. This is the end for me!

  242. Dang, I was hoping to see Gnat gone. I found a new tool, I DVR BBAD, and try to catch most of the shows sometimes I just can’t. Playing BB is about using your head and tricking other people, I would like to Michelle and Jordan in F2. But I do not think eather are smart enough.

  243. Natalie hasn’t won but one game this entire season. I don’t like her and don’t want to see her win anything !! Jordan hasn’t done much of anything either and even though Michelle has jumped from one side to the other I would like to see her win now……I first choice would have been Jeff.

  244. Of the four left, I hope Michele and Jordan are the final 2. I can’t stand Natalie. She has done nothing except glue herself to a couple of people and by luck hasn’t been kicked out. She has played a horrible game and her strategy sucks. Kevin hasn’t deserved a spot in the finals in my mind. He skated through much of the game. Michele has had to work for everything- she is somewhat of an outcast and nobody has really liked her. I think she has done what she had to just to keep going. Jordan is sweet- she was smart enough to align w/Jeff but she didn’t make any big moves. Jeff was my favorite from the start but of the 4, I think Michele deserves it the most….Natalie the LEAST. I can’t stand her–

  245. Natalie is a total “B.” May stomach turns just watching her. She thinks she is so sly, but she is just an idiot. Did you see how lethargic she was with her “supposed” fiance? Who reacts that way to an engagement? I don’t think she even kissed the poor guy.

  246. Natalie is a total “B.” My stomach turns just watching her. She thinks she is so sly, but she is just an idiot. BB can’t let an 18-yr-old drink like she does. She also claims to be a poker pro. No casino can let her play if she is that age. Duh! Did you see how lethargic she was with her “supposed” fiance? Who reacts that way to an engagement? I don’t think she even kissed the poor guy. She is my least favorite person in all of the years of BB.

  247. WOW To all you Nat haters who said she was lying about seeing her boyfriend and about him proposing what do you say now. It is amazing how now everyone wants Jordan to win and she has done nothing in the game but ride jeff. She only won because jeff let her but you think she is a good player and deserves to win but Nat doesn’t. It is a game people Nat has played the game whether you like it or not and don’t hate her because the dumb houseguest believes her lies. Good job Nat. Play the game take your money and go home.

  248. nasty nat is crude and rude and not at all smart. She is where she is because she is a flea that stuck to the ass of everyone who won hoh-lol.That bf of hers is smart he is now seeing it’s a good time to marry her thinking she is going to win-lol…( she’s not) i’ll be more then glad to see anyone win but her

  249. Count me in as another member of the “I can’t stand knat” club. She and Chima are two “pees” in a pod! She “thinks” she is actually smart! She is only a “smart a**” and it goes no further than that. I feel sorry for her boyfriend. He looked like he really did care for her. She looked like she couldn’t care less. Also,I agree with an earlier post..What is the “big deal” that she is a mature (???) 24 year old NOT actually 18. Ewwwww…that is an AWESOME “secret” she put over on her house-mates…NOT! I too, am going to be verrry disappointed if she even gets second place. I think she would be a very happy girl if she does not go through with her engagement and marries Chema instead. Let them live miserably ever after.

  250. You can tell that Nat is older than 18.And, we must admit that Kevin played the game wisely always thinking how to manipulate people. Jeff is at fault for bailing him out.

  251. Jeff deserves to be angry. Kevin and Natalie flat out lied to him. I pray to God that some how Jordan or even Michele pull off the pov. That would be awesome!

  252. Yes, Jeff deserves to be angry with !himself!. I bet that Russel would have been easier to get rid of. Instead, poor betrayed Jeff used the Pov to bail Kevin out. Jeff should have been more cunning which is what is needed to have a shot at winning a reality contest.

  253. I found it hard to believe that Jeff went the way of “Knat” and Kevin. That blew me away. He “should” have got rid of Kevin first “cuz” Knat is about useless as boobs on a boar hog! The HG’s didn’t like the way Russell would go off the deep end so they would have banned together and voted him off eventually. Russell was a strong guy but he didn’t win HOH but once. Jeff “could have” won it would have been a toss up who would have evicted who. They just should have wiped out the whole Chema,”Knat”,Jessie,Kevin,Lydia and “Ronald MacDonald” team before going on. That bunch of “sore losers” are just that..losers in the game of life! Jeff “knows” that he messed up. Lets hope that it will be a “decent” person who will win the $500,000. When you think about it..with all these reality shows..Survivor,Big Brother etc. it shows that to win at any one of them you have to be a back stabbing,lieing,vicious,unfeeling,mean spirited person. It is kind of sad to see what we are coming to. Has anyone noticed that “this” year HGs are called to the diary room more than in the past? Is there something questionable going on there with the producers and the contestants?? One more thing…does any one else there think that Jessie is “into” Jessie? I have NEVER seen anyone so pre-occupied with themselves. Granted, he has muscles..the biggest one is between his ears..BUT Russell was not chopped liver…

  254. I don’t think that the entire population of the world is like the contestants. just like they, some are bad people, and some have a more sane approach to life. cause we all know that, that type of behavior is not going to make us happy.But, if we are going to be in a reality show that we are fans of,we should be more aware of the type of lies and dishonesty that goes on.And about Jessie, what I noticed this year is that he got busy building up his body and he forgot about the must important muscle of the body (the brain). I also think that his head shrunk and his body got bigger making him look disproportional. And Russel had the worst anger outbursts I believe due to the steroids he may be using in the outside world…but, then again, Chema’s anger? hormonal?…

  255. I have to admit….while I don’t like Nat she and Kevin have managed to manipulate their way to almost the end. Watch Nat closely-she is outwitting, out lasting and out playing. Oh no….wrong game! That’s the other one. I can’t help but wonder if Cheema actually flipped out or it was just something BB asked her to do, if Jordan’s story is acutally true and she plays at being “dum.” Michele claims to be so smart but doesn’t play that way. I adore Jeff but had this fantasy of him sharing the $ with Jordan…….watch him dump her when the world goes back to normal. The houseguests being pestered by all of the visitors was enjoyable but I didn’t understand someone from the outside being able to meet with one of the houseguests. Time for another major upset BB…… still have the time.

  256. lav…Thanks for the smile..Jessie’s head not being proportional with his body..your discription was right on. Thanks again for your much appreciated gift..

  257. About the relationship between Jordan and Jeff (I hate thinking this way),I do believe that they have a good chance of getting involved in a lasting relationship with one another simply because, Jordan does not run away every time that Jeff farts nasty. And he does that quite often, so we are told by Jordan.

  258. lav..are we the only ones here??? Where did everyone else go??? What state are you from? What is your first name..or am I getting too personal? Do you happen to know if “The Big Brother House” OR “The Jury House” is any where near the fires in California? I for one, would like to see J&J get together. Jeff is old enough to know “pooping” around people is not “really” funny. He should grow up a little in that department. When one of my sisters first got married her husband used to pull the covers over her head after he “let one loose”. They were in their early 20’s back then, although that’s no excuse.The whole thing with expelling noxious gases from one’s poop-shoot around other people”intentionally” is kinda uncouth and witless. Sure it is a natural occurrence..hence “natural gas” but there is a time and place for every thing. I guess I would rather see him give up smoking if he had to stop a bad habit. I worry about what it is doing to him as I have lost a few friends due to cancer,a third is presently going down hill fast and another one has COPD. He gets out of breath walking from point A to point B. He enjoyed “his” smokes… even when he was first diagnosed he would stand near people that were smoking just to get some smoke in his lungs. It is a different story now though. Well, tonight we are going to see Kevo win POV.. right?? I am sooo hoping that “The Gnat” doesn’t get in the final two. If she gets sent to the “jury house” I bet we’ll feel a tremor as “almost everyone” that is watching will cheer. I know “I” will be cheering here in Virginia. To all those who dislike her what say “if” “The Gnat” does eventually get sent there we all stomp our feet and holler…

  259. Laurene, hi again. Sorry for not answering sooner. Well, you guessed right, I’m from California. To answer your question about the Big Brother House, I think they are at the CBS studios, which are located in a part of L.A. that is not too close to the mountains. And the losers house I’m not sure if they have said where it is. Regardless of the proximity to the fires, we all got a good dose of ashes. The BB studio is on the west side of Los Angeles, and I live near the San Gabriel Valley, which is on the East side. About the BB winner, I’m hoping is Jordan. But, is going to depend on her winning the H of H. If she doesn’t, Kevin and Nathalie know that they don’t stand a chance if either is last standing along side Jordan. Any way, about the personal stuff, I rather tell you only. So I’m going to give you my email add. it’s up to you to email me or not. Before you do though, I have to warn you, I get my news from MS NBC. Here it goes: There, I’m looking forward to chatting with you some more.Good night from California.

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