Big Brother 11: Week 9 Friday Live Feed Highlights

Friday in the Big Brother 11 house brought us both nominations and the return of Pandora’s Box. The results of the Box’s opening are much more mysterious this time around because Natalie proceeded to tell a different lie about the outcome each time she opened her mouth. Read on to find out who was nominated and who is allegedly engaged.

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – September 4, 2009:

12:30 PM BBT – Natalie and Kevin are going over her nomination speech. Natalie is planning to say as many terrible things to Michele as she can especially about her being a bad Christian and how she is like Satan. Umm, a little overboard here? Natalie also plans to nominate Kevin and then they’ll fake a fight later.

2:00 PM BBT – Jordan tells Michele she believes Natalie will leave the nominations as they are if she (Natalie) wins PoV. I don’t think this is true. Jordan asks Michele if she was really considering using the PoV last week to save Jeff and leave herself on the block. Michele says she was but “they” convinced it was a terrible mistake. I’m going to guess “they” are BB production. Jordan and Michele promise each other they’ll vote for the other if they’re in the Jury House.

6:00 PM BBTLive Feeds are back and the Big Brother 11 Pandora’s Box was opened again. The HGs are complaining that their visitor stunk and left a bad smell in the house. Something about a visitor dressed up as a cockroach.

6:15 PM BBT – Kevin talking to Natalie alone and trying to get details on what happened with the PB this time. Natalie is making up poor lies about not being able to win the half-million dollar prize. Then Natalie starts saying her boyfriend came in for 20 minutes and he proposed to her. Kevin isn’t buying this story either and points out that she hasn’t been crying. The only part that seems possibly true is that Natalie can’t play in the next PoV because she agreed to open the box, but she says the PoV competition is on Saturday while Julie told us it was live on Tuesday.

8:00 PM BBTLive Feeds are back from nominations and Kevin and Michele are on the block.

8:30 PM BBT – The HGs are setting up the house for a fashion show with their luxury competition wins from the day before.

10:00 PM BBT – Kevin, sitting alone, says outloud “I’m so screwed. She’s going to throw it [PoV comp].” I think he’s right. Natalie doesn’t want to go to the end with him if she has a hands-off ‘not my fault, I tried’ opportunity.

10:15 PM BBT – Kevin goes to Natalie and expresses his concern over his chances for survival at this point. He thinks the odds are against him (they are), but Natalie is trying to encourage him to keep up his spirits.

11:15 PM BBT – Natalie tells Michele she has lost his vote in the Jury House. She’s trying to convince Michele it’d be good to take her to the Finals.

1:00 AM BBT – Natalie telling Michele and Jordan how she thinks she’s lost Lydia and Jessie’s vote as well in the Jury House. Wow, she’s really trying to convince them she’s the easiest one to beat in the F2. Smart move in theory, but I wouldn’t buy it if it was free.

Kevin should be very worried. His teammate, Natalie, seems poised to throw him under the bus and let the girls take her on to the Final 3. This week’s Power of Veto competition likely won’t happen until Tuesday’s special live episode as Julie Chen promised us despite Natalie’s promises of it taking place on Saturday. Nothing is final and everything in the game could be about to change!

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  1. I think Natalie can not play in the POV because Jeff was in the box and is taking her place in the comp. If he wins, he can take the place of any remaining hg.

  2. Good Morning BB Fans! So Nat is such a liar! I can’t believe the stories she comes up with and she sounds so convincing that no wonder Michelle and Jordan are so gullible. I would hate to be locked up in a house with her for 3 months. Kevin seems to be the only one not completely falling for her lies but unfortunately, I think he will be leaving this week unless he wins pov and then it will be goodbye for Michelle. I hope pandora’s box brings some kind of misery to Nat but she isn’t acting like it is a big deal except not playing in pov. I don’t know if I can stand another day of listening to Nat go on and on about being engaged. What a load of crap. So college football starts today and I must say ROLL TIDE!!

  3. I thought I read on here that Kevinn helped her come up with the lie about the proposal to throw them off, is that true?

    How can she throw the POV if she cant compete? What is he talking about?

  4. Julie did say the twist had to do with someone in the jury house. I bet Kevin is wishing he kicked out Jordan and kept Jeff now.

  5. Hey Chelsie – Kevin told Nat last night not to tell anyone that pandora’s box was bad, that she needs to come up with a different story, hence the engagement lie. I don’t know if anyone knows if not playing in the pov is the truth or not but I am thinking that she can’t play.

  6. @Ashley, Good Morning. Thanks! That’s what I was thinking. He told her last night that he was mad at her for lying to him, so I was wondering if he knew the story was a lie.

  7. So Kevin says the name NataLIE contains the work lie where have we heard that before.

    Natalie’s lies are incredible if she wasn’t so classless she would be awesome as a player. I stopped watching because of terrible Dick he was nasty Natalie is more like a fly just terribly terribly annoying.

  8. I wonder if Nat talked to Jesse instead of her BF? AND the engagement is a lie. She’ll be outed by Julie about PB. I hope something is up with Jeff. No good came to him from finding the key and unlocking Kev. Whatever hopefully kev gone and then Nat. Glad to see M and Jor are sticking together! Whatever it is, WE need a twist! Some excitement!!

  9. Oh yeah I forgot to say – I predict Kevin will win the POV – why because this is rigged by the producers and Kevin is being kept on as the smart player.

  10. I actually thought Dick was an awesome player but I wonder if he would have gotten as far without Danielle because she won so many comps. Nat is annoying Mary and I think the reason why I can’t stand her so much is this is the first time I have had the live feeds so I have gotten enough. I may not have liked Dick so much if I had watched him like I have done this season.

  11. I think the person Natalie talked to Jessie in regard to Pandoras Box and doesn’t want to tell anyone so made up the engagement story. She probably did lose the ability to play in POV because she chose to take what was in the box

  12. good morning all….@ashley, i also liked evel dick. he played a good game. he was annoying to the other HG’s and was amusing to watch. lol

  13. You cant believe anything that comes out of Nats mouth. Her engagement story is crap. She will prob be in F2….crap..crap..crap!!

  14. What if –

    Natalie chose badly. She now has even more pressure
    on herself and didn’t want to tell the others so as usual she lied to them.

    She can play in the POV but
    MUST WIN to stay.
    If she loses, she goes to the Jury House
    and one of the Jury House Guests will take Natalie’s place in the
    BB House. Natalie thinks it will be Jeff.

    Also, a vote is held and one other HG will be going to
    the Jury House too.

    Does this many any sense?

  15. @Cat – I hope she (Nat) is not in final 2 but it might be the best cast for Michelle to win. Instead of taking Jordan she could take Nat but I don’t know, the jh doesn’t like Michelle either. I am really hoping Michelle wins pov today!

  16. I can’t wait for the PB twist to be revealed, the money better not be all of it!!! I will be extremely pissed if pitbull wins, I can’t believe she has gotten this far. If I was Kevin, as soon as she screwed him for the money I would’ve changed my noms and nominated her. I’d rather have Ronnie’s annoying self come back and win then pitbull!!!! Has anyone else noticed that she walks like a man? It’s very annoying, Jeff didn’t even walk like that.

  17. @Midwest Fan – What you are saying makes sense but why would Nat lie about the pov and then get to play today because they would all know she lied.

  18. maybe Nat got to spend time with Jessie and he told her that he told everyone in the jury house that she is really 24 and that is why she screamed that she lost the 500,000. It had sounded like she lost Lydia and Russell’s votes for that reason. So it might have a choice between being in POV and spending time with Jessie.

  19. I think Nat gave up her right to play POV for what was in the box…Jesse..NOT her bf! I think Jesse was in the box and she found out she is screwed with the jury. She will be even more screwed when the jury sees her queen Nat nom speech to Michele! Shes finished! One lie too many.

  20. I think Pandora’s Box was and is a dud. At best, for those of us that dislike Nat, she is not playing in the POV. But I dont see her genuinely upset even when she’s alone which means, whatever the consequences of the box,it couldnt have been that bad. And I think we ALL need to admit to ourselves that this season may just have to go down as the worst season. The only excitement left is when they burn Natalie at Finale Night by showing her lies and hopefully my favorite dumba$$ Jeff will “remember” to kiss Jordan! I would not have forgotten that!!

  21. @Diana C: No it wasnt that, b/c they still had 10minutes left over before 9pm ET. I think Jeff might be coming back! Plus they always do goodbye messages, why skip them now?

  22. To everyone here,

    While all our good thoughts about someone coming back, they can’t. Once they have contact w/someone else in the outside world (with the exception of Julie Chen) they CANNOT come back. Jeff had his interview with the “INCREDIBLE, TALENTED ROSS MATHEWS” at Inside Dish. I’m so sorry to burst anyones bubble. However, I do believe that the people in the jury house might have had an input on what happened with Pandoras Box but that all. One more night and some (I almost wrote all. Like THAT would happen) will be answered.

    Until next time folks,


  23. #23 Ashley

    Why would Natalie lie about being able to play the POV?

    True, if she can play, all the others will find out at the
    beginning but she may think it will “put their games off”
    and confuse them or upset them which gives her an advantage.

    Also, if she told them another HG, especially Jeff, could return if she loses, she would only motivate Michele and Jordan to play
    harder to Win.

    I also can’t see her telling them about her making a Bad
    Choice. She couldn’t bear the others making comments since
    she is so defensive about EVERYTHING she says and does.

    Just a guess and it does have “holes” in it but then
    again, this whole thing is about Natalie ……………….

  24. @Midwest Fan –
    There is no telling why Nat lies or does what she does. I just keep thinking one day a light is going to go off in Jordan and Michelle’s heads and they are going to call her out. We may have to wait for the finale for that to happen though.

  25. Kare

    You are right about those in the Jury House having contact
    with the outside.

    Has anyone been evicted who hasn’t been seen or heard

  26. Ashley …………….. sad but true.

    it makes you want to shake Jordan and Michele, Kevin too.

  27. @Fred I’m straight and damn I know I wouldn’t have 4gotten to kiss Jordan either. For someone so “in love” I can’t believe he walked out w/o bending her back and laying qa good deep kiss on her. One that should wouldn’t forget anytime soon.
    Does anyone remember when they interviewed jordans mom and she commented how cute their (Jordan & Jeff) children would be? I have a feeling when Jordan get home her mama might tell her to go be w/Jeff b/c he could “take good care of her”. Wow I just woke up and am rambling like crazy. Probably b/c there’s nothing exciting going on in the house to talk about.

    Oh snap I did forget to mention Nats bf. Sh*t his pic was cute. Who knew. Let’s hope she’s not that NASTY in the outside world. Her dad seemed really sweet when he was interviewed. I don’t like her b/c of her grooming habits she had. ♥Kare♥

  28. at 5:17 am
    natalie made a big slip. she said she talked to jessee tonite, i mean my bf. everyone thinks michele isn’t smart but i’m sure she heard it and is trying to figure out what that slip means. i think she was offered a chance to talk to a jury member, she chose jessee and got the scoop that she doesn’t have the votes because of her lies. that means she needs two votes of the four people in the house to win the money. i think thats why she went beserck & said there goes the 500,000

    at 5:40 am
    nat just slipped again and called the so-called bf/fiance that just proposed to her “ex boyfriend” oops. too bad kev sleeping. he would have got these slips

    at 5:51 am
    something else that is funny…nat is keeping the girls up all night talking hoping they’ll be tired & not do well in the veto comp. little does she know, i think veto is live and not until tuesday! all this for nothing! lol

  29. i’m little confused about something. if jordan wins the pov & takes michele off, jordan can’t be nominated so who goes up against kevin?

  30. @teresa what makes u thin Kayser came back? And what could he possibly tell her since he can’t talk game but just give encouragement?

  31. Kare…did you watch the jeff interview with Ross? He didn’t get any inside scoop from him. I have no idea if they will bring Jeff back, it does seem a little late in the game for a twist like that but the idea that Jeff was somehow tainted because he talked to Ross is absurd. The jury members of course can’t come back because they have talked to each other but Jeff hasn’t talked game to anyone. If they were going to bring Jeff back and wanted it to be a huge surprise twist, it would have let the cat out of the bag to NOT have Ross interview him, since Ross interviews everyone.
    Just my two cents!

  32. #37 Joy…good point…I would guess that means Kev goes home, maybe thats why they are doing POV/eviction same night??

  33. Is there any way to google Nat’s so called BF…I wonder if he dumped her, you’d think their local news would know that

  34. @Joy
    Whoever wins POV does not take anyone off the block…they just get to choose who goes home…therefore POV winner has all the power!

  35. I only ask because when Nat got a call from home you would think if there was a BF in the picture he would have been there with her dad. I know if I got a call from home and it was my dad there and not my husband I would have been a little ticked off

  36. last nite they showed in article that nat’s so-called boyfriend is being evicted from his apartment. i think it was all a rouge for the show.

  37. from jokers…
    Posting verbatim comment of Nat at 1:13am The only guaranteed vote I had in the jury was Jessie, and I don’t know if I have it anymore; I was even telling him today, my boyfriend today…

  38. Nat’s comment The only vote I knew I had in the jury was Jessie…I don’t know if I have it anymore. I was even telling him today, my boyfriend today…”

    She dif talked to Jesse!

  39. I dont understand why Nat feels she has to come up with some big engagement lie to cover for the fact that she saw Jesse. Just keep your yap shut and no one would ever know….impossible with Nat!

  40. last night jordan and michelle helped nat with her first tampon…sounds like a pretty lively I mean boring night

  41. no they brought kaysar back after they voted him out america did on a previous BB. so they can bring someone back.

  42. Kaysar was brought back….but it was about the middle of the show when there were at least 6 or 7 people left. If they brought back someone now with only 4 left..they would have to have a double eviction quickly. Dont think they have enough time to bring someone back now.

  43. You know, the winner of “this game” always seems to be – THE BEST LIAR. Rarely does it ever go to the good person, the honest person. The liars always seem to win this game.

    So this means – whoever LIES the best, wins BB.

    That’s a scary game to me and is it no wonder we have a massive problem these days with people who are dishonest. Liars get rewarded!

    Doesn’t surprise me that Kevin was thrown under the bus. He TRUST NataLIE. As did Jeff, look what happened to him…we all saw that one coming. If Kevin doesn’t win POV, his butt is going home for sure.

    I wish with all my might Michelle and Jordan would take out NataLIE the first chance they get.

    Game OVER on Sept 15!!! Last real week to get things done!

  44. While I would L-O-V-E to see Jeff brought back, Natalie would be pissed if that were the case (and she knew about it) and couldn’t hide her feelings for all the $$$ in the BB offerings.

    While I also feel it cannot be Jeff since he’s now talked to a few people in the outside world (but did you notice in his interview with Ross that they only talked sports — nothing whatsoever that would affect his game?), I think the same rule should apply to Natalie being allowed to talk to Jessie for any length of time.

    It’s got to be something else or nothing (like last week).

    My guess is she wouldn’t really play hard in the POV anyway (would anyone notice a difference?) in an effort to get Kevin out without breaking her word to him.

  45. Never have I ever disliked how someone has played the game as much as I have disliked how Natalie has. Thats not to say I didn’t like how past houseguests have played, it’s just Natalie has taken it to a new level for me. I can’t stand the fact that she may win.

    With all this being said, I got to thinking at how so many people hated the way Evil Dick played his game, the way he talked to women, etc. (I personally was not a huge Evil Dick fan til the end), however, he is now considered one of the greatest villians of BB and is considered a worthy BB game player.

    What if… just what if this is the same with Natalie.. all her coat tail riding, backstabbing, meanspirited pranks, and horrible lies brings her the fame of being this brilliant BB player.

    I only hope that someone who has shown themselves to be a pathalogical liar who thinks of only themselves is not able to later considered a worthy BB player that others look up to…. it’s bad enough she just might win.. Lord I’m gonna need therapy…

  46. on bbuk they have brought someone back week 12 the very last week of the game and we only get 10-11 weeks in the house. so its possible, and why would nat be lying about what pandoras box secret is if it wasnt something like that. but who knows i really want to know already, and it better not be something stupid like last week.

  47. @bbfan11
    Where do you watch bbuk at? I would love to watch that also but can never find a link to it. They play the game somewhat differently…not comps but have some dif rules they go by. Would be interested to know how i could watch it.


  49. Dont know if POV will be played today but if it is it usually is played around 2 or 3 o’clock BB time. Of course they could change it any way they want…night time comp..but dont think that will happen.

  50. Thanks Cat! I hope it’s today! I so want Michele or even Jordan to win this POV. I know if either one wins they are sending Kevin to the JH.

  51. i actually wouldn’t mind having michele/jordan in the final 2. at this point they are the only ‘real’ people left in the game and have made it fra enoguh to deserve to win. natalie better go next week! i would love for jordan to win the final hoh (part 3) and evict natalie and bring michele with her to the final 2. what a show that’d be!

  52. i actually wouldn’t mind having michele/jordan in the final 2. at this point they are the only ‘real’ people left in the game and have made it fra enoguh to deserve to win. natalie better go next week! i would love for jordan to win the final hoh (part 3) and evict natalie and bring michele with her to the final 2. what a show that’d be!!

  53. Another theory:

    When Nat. came out of the PB, she told Kevin that it was bad.

    There was a table, two chairs and two plates.

    So what could be bad. Not her boyfriend having dinner, not Jessie having dinner, BUT perhaps Russell or Jeff having dinner with her!

    Can you imagine her face having to have a meal with an enemy??

    Also, how did Nat. know that America hates her. It could not have been Jessie like some have suggested, because all the JH members are still don’t have communication with the real world.

    So there is a possibility that someone in BB crew told her, or it could be that she actually did see her BF and he told her that America hates her and he DUMPED her, so she is telling everyone that they got engaged – total denial and a cover up for her embarrassment.

    Something to think about!

  54. There might be two ways nat could lose if she makes it to final 2. One – Start runing her mouth to the jury about chima, that might turn them off, and second – lie to the lies she has been telling. The jury wants to hear the truth, to know you have played the best game. If you lie to them and they know it, you will lose their vote and respect. Oherwise, I believe she will win, like it or not. Also remember, the jury doesn’t see or hear everything we do so their hatred is far less in most cases. After all its just a game, smile.

  55. Julie actually said that the POV *ceremony* would be live. She didnt say the actual competition would be live. I know, thats just playing around with words but Julie is usually specific about when whatever is held.

  56. she knows she doesn’t have america’s vote because she Knows that we know everything she has done! nothin to do w/jesse or whoever she talked to

  57. I for one am hope-ing that they do have the POV today cause I’m nervous LOL and want it to get over with

  58. I can’t fiqure kev out is he really upset at nat? nervous cause he can be eliminated? just going along with their lie? hmmm. i said the other night i wasn’t going to watch it anymore. but here i am watching my live feeds. and leo if your out there, you caved too. ;)

  59. IMO, Natalie’s main target should be Michele. Because Michelle’s the strongest player left, and Natalie won’t be well liked by the jury.

  60. @ Diana / Ashley / Cat / Diana C / Everyone else……… wuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzz uuuuuuuup?

    Today the biggest POV of the season will be played….

    Anyone want to share their predictions? ;)

    Here is mine….. :)

    Michelle will win the POV – daaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiittttttttttttt :(

    Kevin is going to the JH :(

    Here is what I want – a sandwich….. J/K *** L-O-L *** :P

    I want Kevin to win the POV – Make it to the Final 2 – Win BB 11 :D Yyyyyyyyeeeeaaaaaayyyyyaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! ;)

    Please indulge me with your feedback? Thanks!!! :D

  61. @Diana C #76

    Good morning/afternoon to you as well!

    Well it is interesting to see that we are still trying to ascertain what PB holds for Natalie.

    I post #70 a theory that I am now convincing myself has some credit, in that I think Nat. boyfriend did show up, because now that I think about it logically, what would entice you to open PB when Nat. has said in the past that it can be a bad thing. Surely someone wouldn’t try to be enticed for $10k when there is $500k at stake.

    I think when she went in and there was a table and 2 chairs and 2 plates, her boyfriend came in, told her how much America hates her and he dumped her, that is why it took so long before live feeds went back on line again. Nat. was heard screaming (Jordan said that last night) and like I said I don’t think it was Jessie there because the JH still does not have any commication with the outside world, because it can affect the jury votes.

    What are your thoughts Diana C??

  62. Well they are on lockdown and can’t go in the BY right now. I saw it on jokersupdates. I think Cat might be right. I think the POV comp is going to happen today and the ceremony will be live on Tuesday. If it’s live on Tuesday then that means their will also be an eviction on Tuesday too. Didn’t someone mention that Natalie’s HOH is only for 5 days and not a full week? That would make sense that someone else would be also be playing for HOH on Tuesday too! I hope I hope I hope Michele or Jordan wins if it is today!

  63. P.S. Natalie is a lier who probably did talk to Jesse and agreed not to play in the POV for that oppurtunity and received bad news that everyone in the JH are not going to vote for her since she lied the entire game about her age…. She knows she will only get $50,000 and didn’t want to piss Kevin off in case Kevin wins the POV because Kevin would ditch her for being arrogant and not playing in the POV because she is safe (and sucks in comps)….. Does anyone agree or disagree with this statement? Please indulge me? Thanks!!! ; :) :D :P

  64. Jesse and Russell both ultimately respect the BB player who made the ‘smartest’ moves which automatically eliminates Nasty and Jordo, and possibly Nev Kev. The only player left in the house who had strategic moves thru the whole lame season is Michelle. Even tho I can’t warm up to her, she’s had to truly play a more strategic game than any of the others left in the house. If Michelle can make it to the F2, she wins against anyone currently in the house, cuz Jordo will only get Jeff’s vote. Lydia will do whatever Jesse says and Russell will vote for Michelle.

  65. @ Diana…. Hello….. Remember last year Dan was able to take a jury member on a luxury comp trip? I think BB could use the same means to get Jesse to the BB house as well……

  66. @Leo #79

    I gave Diana C a scenario worthwhile for you to entertain.

    As for who will win what, I am not prepared to second guess who will win. I would like to see Michele win POV again (just like Janelle won 4-5??) then I would like to see somehow the PB twist to make Nat. lose her HOH and Michele send her packing after that dreadful speech of hers.

    No one in their right mind would not be affected by what she said to her. I know if were me, I couldn’t have been so level headed as Michele was. Even though it hurt her, she still smiled and told Nat. it didn’t affect her, yet we all know that it did.

    I want sweet revenge for this girl knowing what she had to put up with throughout this whole game.

    Nat. dillusional behavior has made me question why it is that BB has allowed this verbal abuse, because verbal or physical it still is ABUSE and it should not be tolerated by anyone.

    Verbal abuse can have a far more lasting affect than physical abuse on someone. It can affect your self esteem and question your worth, that is why I feel so proud and strongly about Michele. She is someone that everyone could take a lesson from!

    Kudos to you Michele, take it all and enjoy it!!

  67. they would never bring anyone other than an hg in the house at this late date especially if he’s been watching the show. i think the enticement was “talk to a jury member to get information that may help you with strategy knowing how the jury is thinking.” nat would not be able to resist it. she thinks she’s going to f2 unless michele wins so she doesn’t think she had anything to lose.

  68. Maybe they’re bringing in a celebrity to play in PoV — didn’t Neil Patrick Harris show up one year for Chill Town and participate in something?

  69. @Leo #84

    Now you are flip flopping on me. Yesterday you thought that is was her BF and now I am agreeing that could be a possibility and this morning you think it could be Jessie came to the BB house and spoke with her.

    If I recall correctly when Dan chose a HG, they went to the beach and spent the day together. I don’t believe that 20 minutes is enough to sacrifice $500k to spend time with Jessie – sorry don’t buy that one!

  70. P.S…… I am now tired of seeing Natalie….. :( Yes I said it :( Please BB bring back Russell and evict Natalie!!!

  71. she is so full of herself she thought she has nothing to lose! she knows if kev wins michele goes, if jordan wins kevin goes, if michele wins kevin goes. seriously, what did she have to lose by not playing in pov???? she wanted inside info cause she has sucked up to everyone that has left to go to jh and thought she had the votes in the bag and found out she doesn’t!

  72. @joy — exactly. Why else would she say “there goes the $500K? It couldn’t have been her bf cuz how would he know the jury isn’t going to vote for her?

  73. Kevin just asked Michele who she was going to evict if she wins the veto today and he promises he won’t tell Natalie…(yeah right). Michele told him she wasn’t going to discuss who she would pick. She said lets just play the game and see who wins!! Woot woot! She has him running SCARED!! Please Mcihele win this game!!!

  74. @Leo #89

    I’m with you! Let’s create a petition for CBS to evict Natalie Tuesday by taking away her HOH and giving it to someone who deserves it!

  75. @ Diana….. I think Natalie is lying…. She didn’t give up $500,000….. I think she agreed not to play in the Veto comp to be able to talk to Jessie because she new she was safe and she sucks in comps, so what did she have to lose? She didn’t tell Kevin because Kevin would be pissed and could win the POV and decide to not bring Natalie to the final 2 because she left him hanging with this POV comp….. I think Jesse came clean to her about telling the other JH members her age because she talked crap about him and she lost their votes, so she said she lost $500,000 because of it…. She slipped a few times last night and said her convos with Jesse, her ex bf, and kept changing the years her and her bf have been together, but Kevin, Jordan or Michelle haven’t caught on to the lie….

  76. i think jordan will go to f2 as long as she doesn’t win much. if she starts winning she’ll be a threat to everyone. hoping she loses veto and then if she wants to win go all out for last hoh!

  77. Too bad it’s a holiday weekend and grad school started up again. I will be missing everything now. You guys will have to keep me updated. This season has tanked anyway……or is it ‘jumped the shark?’

  78. @grammalilx11 #93

    Way to go Michele!! Remember that her husband said that she is a fighter and that she will have some other things up her sleeve.

    I think Michele has been tight lipped about every HG throughout this game. She has studied them and watched every move they have made.

    She has analyzed them like rats and dissected their personalities and now she is going to strike like a CAT at the right time in this game.

    She has manueverd her moves brilliantly so I think she is really deserving of this win, because she has masterminded every move.

    So Chima, go eat your words by calling her dumb or stupid or whatever it is you called her, because you are the dumb one, as is Natalie!

  79. i want michele to win though. everybody says no one caught nat’s lies last night. i’m not so sure. would she tell jordan? not unless she feels threatened and needs to. mich is smarter than anybody gives her credit for & she has her second degree in psychology so she’s used to listening to those kinds of comments but not acknowlegin what they truly mean just keep it to herself until its necessary to reveal.

  80. @Maggie…I know huh! I loved it that she told him that…LOL!! Him and Natalie both deserve to win NOTHING!!!

  81. @Leo #96

    That certainly could be a possibility, especially since Jokers documented that all 3 JH members were running through the house. They probably pulled Jessie aside for a 20 minute chat.

    I wonder if Nat. got all hot and sweaty when she saw him and came up with the engagement story, because it is wishful thinking on her behalf wanting to secretly be engaged to Jessie (ha ha!)

  82. wow are you biased or what?

    AMAZING how one sided it is

    Kevin threw her under the bus already, last night in the hot tub. Nat didnt…she is making herself look better incase kevin loses POV.

    I think its unfair to judge till we see for ourselves.

  83. @Diane #99….I do believe you set it out perfectly in describing my thoughts on Michele. I want her to win so bad for all the verbal abuse she has had to put up with from all these HG. If she wins it will be a huge slap in the face to Chima, Natalie, and Kevin! We all need to send her all our positive energy today! Go Michele!

  84. @well #103

    No one is judging, we are all speculating. The point is that Nat. has single handly turned America off her, NOT by her lying and cheating (they have all done that), but by her being so mean, cruel, domineering, cocky, aggressive, grating (and the list goes on).

    I generally pride myself not to get caught up in degrading someone and I always try to put myself in their shoes and behave rationally, BUT, I am human and this girl has crossed every boundary of decency and I have admittedly joined the “trash Natalie train”.

  85. @sservie #108

    I agree. I think Michele has been playing stupid for a long time now and she is getting ready to show the remaining HG how to play this game – well that is what I am hoping for!!

  86. if she doesn’t win pov i think she’ll spill the beans to jor or maybe jor & kev. if she wins i think she’ll keep it to herself. if she is in f2 with nat because jordan won one a couple of comps here at the end, she will wipe up the floor with her telling ALL her lies & how she knew all along and then she’ll WIN

  87. At this point, I think Michele deserves to win. I want Kevin to win.

    I wonder if somehow Nat talked to Jessie via TV or something like that?

  88. oops hit wrong button. michele has been the only one to call nat out & not back down when she makes her little jabs and let me tell you, NAT notices! she’s never been able to get one over on her, although nat acts like she does, she KNOWS she hasn’t.

  89. Michele is finally putting two and two together in her head and coming up with..Nat is a liar! Michele is the smartest one left. Also the most competitive. Nat may have been an athlete but we’ve yet to see her pull her weight physically. Hope Michele takes them ALL down in the POV!

  90. OK, I went to Joey Lee’s blog on this site and here is what he had to say:

    The “person” that supposedly DID enter and lock Gnat up was dressed as a Cockroach.

    According to Jokers last night 3 JH members were seen running around the house dressed up and if I recall correctly (because I can’t find it now), one of them was a cockroach (Jessie)!

  91. i just rewatched thursday’s tape. julie says: tune in tuesday for the veto comp with live veto meeting and eviction. that tells me the veto comp will be before tuesday but the veto ceremony & eviction will be live. she’s always careful with her words. so, maybe it will be today??

  92. There were 3 people that entered the house last night….one dressed as a cockroach, one dressed as a baby and one dressed as a cat! Dont know if this has anything to do with the POV today or if it is some kind of clues. Any theorys?

  93. @Joy #117

    On Jokers posted:

    ….Jordan walks through KT telling Michele “I bet it will start at like 12” then FISH….

    I think that the POV comp. will be held today, then the live eviction Tuesday!

  94. The cockroach costume should be on Nasty…….cuz she’ll be scurrying to stay safe and she smells.

  95. @Cat #118

    Look at my post #116, where Joey Lee’s blog states:

    …The “person” that supposedly DID enter and lock Gnat up was dressed as a Cockroach….

  96. if kev doesn’t win, watch out nat cause he’s gonna spill the beans about everything cause he’s already gone! nat will try to convince him she has control of jor until time for the eviction so he doesn’t spill everything, but kev is on to that and am hoping he doesn’t buy it!

  97. @ Everyone….. That would be the ultimate reversal by seeing Jesse reenter the game while Natalie is being evicted because she chose to see him in Pandora’s Box? Hoooooooooooo Raaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!

  98. @Cat #118

    Sorry I also meant to write that I don’t think it plays in today’s POV comp. only that Nat. lost her right to play for today’s POV.

  99. @Leo #123

    It won’t happen because there would be an uproar by America, because that would mean Jessie has a 3rd chance – it just won’t happen. I think AG, CBS and BB value their ratings too much to turn the house upside down to that extent just to watch their rating plummet!

  100. @Diana
    I have no clue as to what any of the 3 characters could mean..a cockroach(Jesse..maybe), a cat(sneaky Nat), a baby(??). Just know its an interesting thing to keep us wondering. But…my guess is that it will play into todays POV. Just a guess.

  101. Since Jeff and even Russell left there is no reason to even watch…the final four are so BORING…sleep, eat, sleep, eat!

  102. @Cat #127

    I think that the cat was Russell and the baby was Lydia! But I can’t find it on Jokers anymore and there is too much to read to try and find it!

  103. I dont think Jesse is coming back as a player..just playing a character. At this point i dont think they would bring anyone back.(not to compete anyway).

  104. @ Everyone…. Would you rather have

    A) Natalie get evictedd because she opened Pandora’s Box to talk to Jesse (the look on her face as she had Jesse replace her in the game would be priceless)

    *** or ***

    B) Natalie stay and Kevin / Michelle go home depending on who wins the POV

    Please indulge me with your wnderful opinions? Thanks!!!

  105. @Cat #131

    I agree, none of the JH members will return because they would have had an unfair advantage by talking about the game with each other and what has transpired, unless of course Jeff was held up in a hotel somewhere and he hasn’t been tainted by the othe JH members. Otherwise the F4 stands as is!

  106. @Diana

    I do remember reading that on Jokers but convos between the hg have stated that one of the characters was a “little” person. Dont know what that means…short? dwarf?
    Have you read this also? Late last night..between Jordan and Michele…they could have been drunk (lol).

  107. @ Diana….. Jeff has an unfair advantage because he has done 3 interviews since he left BB…. 1) Julie Chen – 2) Ross Matthews – 3) I will post on here when I find it ok?

  108. @Leo #137

    At the top of this page:

    Scroll down to:

    Recent Posts in the Big Brother Diary Room:

    Then there are links with the following blogs:

    Lies, Lies, What happened to Integrity?
    Dont Cry For Me Argent-Chima…The Truth Is I Never Left You
    My Last Blog Until Something Worthwhile Happens
    The Cruelest Cut of ALL!
    Natalie slithers through….

    Select the first one!

  109. @ Everyone….. I am going in the BB house as the invisible hg ok? They won’t even know I am there…… whoohahahahahahahaha!!! I will show them all……….. whoohahahahahahahaha :D :P :) ;)

  110. @Leo #136

    I read somewhere that Jeff’s interview was directed mainly towards sport and not much on the game.

    As I said yesterday, I didn’t watch the videos because I had PC problems, however if there was real game talk, then I would agree, Jeff will not come back either.

    I personally think at this stage of the game, no one will come back and now that all the hoopla has died down with Jeff, the audience is becoming more accepting of his eviction, just as they were with Russell!

  111. @ Diana……. I am in the house…. Can you see me? I am right there
    …. look – look – look…… I am the invisible one who is doing all that mazing stuff…. Can you see me? *** L-O-L ***

  112. agree Diana
    We all tend to get a little crazy when our fav is being evicted but we get over it. Now we’ve moved on to more important matters…like the meaning of cockroaches (lol).

  113. @ Ashley- ROLL TIDE!!! It has been a long nine months waiting.
    @ Leo- I’ll E-mail my info to you tomorrow for the Survivor Blog. I am really looking forward to it. I am glad Survivor doesn’t have live feeds because I don’t have time.
    I don’t know or even want to speculate what the PB deal is this week, but I know that it is exactly opposite whatever Natalie says. I wouldn’t expect her to suddenly tell the truth and break her perfect record for most consecutive lies. I hope CBS overthrows the Queen somehow or the other. Go Michelle and Jordan!

  114. @Leo #140

    So tell me what Michele is doing? Spare me on what Nat. is doing, but I want you to give Michele some fairy dust to make her win POV today!

  115. Jeff has done way too many interviews to return:(
    Julie Chen
    Ross Matthews
    Entertainment Weekly
    and I’m sure there are others.

  116. @ everone sing with me….

    Leo – boombaya
    Leo – Boombaya
    Leo – boombaya

    This will help Natalie’s biggest supporter (me :( ) make her disappear so I (the invisible man) can replace her ok? ;) :) :D :P

    Leo – boombayah
    Leo – boombayah
    Leo – boombayah

    Yes you too Ashley / Cat / Diana

  117. The Pandoras Box Natlie lies all the time so according to the myth of the box someting bad should happen for the person who evil that Natalie. Some else needs to look at the bottom of the box something good will happen to them that would be diamond veto so who ever wins veto gets to pick aperson to be put on the block that can be Natalie she did not play veto so she can be put on the block. Wishfull thinking. Twist of this has to work LOL CBS can think of something

  118. @Leo

    You know I always liked Kevin and I hoped that he would get some prize money (not the $500k), but perhaps the $50k, but he has shown a side of him that is almost on a par with Nat.

    He has instigated and encouraged Nat. to expand and exaggerate her lies (which has affected her psyche making her go crazy with venom), so if Kevin goes, I think that he brought it upon himself and he needs to take responsibility for his actions, as will Nat. when she is evicted!

  119. well if lying is the key to this game, Nat-a-lie has got this one in the bag. or should i say box?

  120. @ Budman ok….

    @ Diana….. I am doing the look-at-me-go-crazy invisible dance so Kevin wins the POV….. Michelle is scheming and laughing “I am the smartest, I am the strongest, I wonder how I am going to spend the $500,000? whoohahahahahaha”

    Jordan is thinking this is a pretty outfit…. Let me massage my boobs to fit in it so I can be pretty

    Kevin is thinking – daaaaammmmmmiiiitttttttttttt Natalie…. You suck

    Natalie – I am smart.
    … these people believed my lie about getting engaged…. Too bad Jesse told the JH members my real age…. Why did I talk so much crap about him to Lydia…

  121. @Leo #145

    OK Leo anything to make Nat. disapper!

    Leo – boombaya
    Leo – Boombaya
    Leo – boombaya

  122. @Leo #149

    Nooooooooooooooo Kevin can’t win because he will evict Michele, that simply CANNOT happen. Jordan I can accept, but not Michele!

  123. Come on everybody join in Leo’s song to make Nat. disappear!

    Leo – boombaya
    Leo – Boombaya
    Leo – boombaya

  124. @ Everyone….. I know something you don’t know…….

    I am going crazy with anticpation to know what happens next!!! *** L-O-L *** whoohahahahahahaha

  125. In a perfect world, Jordan would win POV, wouldn’t use it and she would evict Kevin (Seeing as Jordan is the only one with any power or say in the game now) Then next week, Michelle will win HOH and Jordan will beat out Gnatalie for the remaining final two spot. Then, Jessie, Lydia, Russle, and Kevin will vote for Michelle while America, Jeff and Gnatalie vote for Jordan so that Michelle wins the half million.

  126. #2 you people are conspiracy nuts, I swear I bet people like you think Kennedy got shot in the BB house!

  127. Update from Jokers:

    Nat/Kev bashing Michele in HOH. Nat says she better not come up here and try to sleep. Kev replies “she’s you best friend”. Nat “I called – satx1
    her the devil yesterday and she’s mentioned it twice”.

    Kev: So you and Lydia are tied for the most nominations? Technically you have 3.

    Nat: Yeah, hold on…(she’s brushing her teeth). I’ve been on block 4 times, technically only been nominated 3. Who’s been through the most live evictions in that green chair? It would be Jordan, Lydia and me all tied. No, I’ve been through 3 live evictions and Lydia 3. Who’s key came out of the box the most times? Lydia, and you would be the least times.

    Kev: What are some BB words: Veto

    Nat: HOH, Mystery power, CDT, PB, Nominations, Evictions, Block, Chopping Block. It could be replacement, back door, alliance, allegiance, betray, loyal

    Kev: Swear, luxury.

    Nat: It can be something simple to put together a puzzle, or a maze, also Have, Have not.

    Kev: Torture.

    Nat: Key for PB,

    Kev: competition, JH. I’m thinking it is such a quick set up. I don’t think it’s a puzzle..

    Nat: It could still be that, it’s a quick setup. I’ll be back, gonna have Jordan do my hair. Keep studying, like what happened day 37?

    NOTE: Nat tells Kevin it could be a KEY for the PB! – How interesting!!

  128. @ Diana…. If Kevin loses I will need a hug ok?

    I want Kevin to win….. whaa whaa whaa – No, Kevin has to win…. whaa whaa whaa – I am not going to be good if Kevin doesn’t win…. whaa whaa whaa……

    Kevin – Kevin – Kevin

  129. @Leo #158

    I can manage that, (a hug). Kevin needs to go I’m afraid!! Like I said, it won’t upset me if Jordan goes, but M/J have a F2 alliance thanks to Jeff!

  130. @Leo @sservie

    Why would Nat. mention a PB key to Kevin? Is she trying to send him a message?

    The suspense is really starting to get to me and we still have to wait until after the POV to find out anything!

  131. @ everyone….. see I even make fun of myself….. I think laughter makes everyone’s day brighter…. Just don’t laugh at me cry if Kevin leaves ok? L-O-L!!! *** I’ll need a hug – whaa whaa whaa ***

  132. Diana #99

    I agree with you about Michele’s game playing and
    her behavior.
    She is not taking Natalie’s bait or at least showing her
    that she has. ( Deep down you know she has to be hurt.)

    However, she doesn’t want open confrontation which I
    think bothers Natalie and Kevin.
    Michele is keeping her cool and being polite to them.
    Michele’s aim is winning and revenge.

    Hoping Michele wins POV.
    Hoping Michele wins BB11 and the $500k.
    Hoping Jordan takes second place.
    Previously I had wanted Kevin to take second place but
    no longer. He may be loyal to Natalie which in my opinion
    means he is now riding her coattails. Dumb move on his part.

  133. @sservie #164

    No, Nat went to the DR and M/J were stealth whispering, but nothing happening in relation to POV.

  134. I get the feeling from reading the updates that Matt is suprised still, this late in the season how the HG’s go over-the-top with there lies, and alomst as if its a bad thing.

  135. @Midwest Fan #165

    Great minds think alike. Let’s hope that Michele takes it to the finish line and like you I was for Kevin getting the 2nd prize, but I have also changed my mind basically because I think that he has instigated a lot of Nat. crazy behavior, so he now deserves to go, so he can reflect and one day he realizes that his actions cost him the game!

  136. @ Diana….

    Nononono I want Kevin – nononono
    Sservie give me Kevin (to win that is) – nonononono – Cat don’t let them take Kevin – nonononono – Ashley / Blackgirl you have to help me keep Kevin – nonononono – Budman I thought you were my friend – nononono – Marcus / Jacob don’t bail on me now – nonononono – Diana make Kevin win POV –

    whaa whaa whaa whaa – I want Kevin to stay – whaa whaa whaa – I am going to be a baby until you all make Kevin stay – whaa whaa whaa

    *** J/K ***

  137. I would also say It would be very smart for Natalie to not win the POV, then the blood os off her hands.

    Im very curious why she told the lie of getting proposed, but the lies she has told have been executed properly, and she has along with Kevin been able to advance in the game.

    We need to have Natalie and i would think Michelle in FINAL 2, because it would force Jesse, Lydia, Kevin, atleast to give them her vote.



  138. @Leo #174

    Keep begging because I’m getting a huge laugh right now!

    You bring happiness and light hearted humor to this forum, which takes away a lot of the negativity – AWESOME!

  139. @ Diana / Sservie/ Cat / Ashley / Blackgirl / Marcus / Budman / Midwest Fan….. If Kevin loses the POV, you are all going to bed without dessert!!! whoohahahahahahahaha

  140. I wanna see Kevin go home.

    If Kevin can go home, and Natalie can win another HOH or POV or w/e they will have she is FINAL 2.

    Plus Jordan is SO easy to manipulate, she wouldnt belive Michelle for a seconds, which in turn helps Natalie. I can only see Jordan getting pity votes, from Jeff, and America

    She is the one person who hasnt even begun to play the game yet

  141. @Pam #172

    It depends on the competition they are playing, so I cannot give you any specific time, does someone else know??

  142. @Marcus #178

    I think that you will find Jordan agreeing with both sides right now, but she will stick with Michele because Jeff told her to.

    Jeff told Jordan not to trust K/N and that she will go further in the game with Michele and I think that Jordan will listen to what Jeff told her!

  143. @Diana C #185

    Count me in too!

    I should have also mentioned in my last post that Michele said that POV would start around 12:00pm!

  144. Depending on the comp…it usually takes about an hour. Question and answer comp…1 hr.
    Anything else..maybe 1 1/2 to 2.

  145. @Leo

    The consensus appears to be in favor of Michele, so you can get off the Kevin train and join the Michele train whilst we still have a seat left!

    Do you want me to ask the train to stop, to pick you up?

  146. Leo

    I just finished baking a delicious homemade Cheery Pie along
    with baking bread, making pasta and potato salads and more.
    My hubby takes care of the Labor Day Weekend Grilling.

    Anyway, we will have dessert in our house.
    : )

    Cherry Pie and when Michele wins POV, I’ll add a nice scoop
    of vanilla ice cream on top of the pie slice. CELEBRATE!!

    Meanwhile ………….. the waiting is a royal bummer.

  147. @Midwest Fan #193

    I’m coming over. Have you got room for one more? Love homemade bread and pasta one of my favs.

  148. @ The invisble hg says Kevin must win or else…….

    I am going to tell on you…. :(

    whaa whaa whaa whaa whaa :(

  149. @Midwest Fan

    Oops forgot to say that we will be travelling on the Michele train, so meet us at the station!

  150. i thought i heard someone say they google nat and it stated on her interview she did not have a boyfriend, that right before she came on the show, they started back talking. whew, she’s making me dizzy with all her lies

  151. Diana – I have been on the Michele train from the
    start and glad to have such great company.
    I think Michele is going to enjoy reading the blogs when
    BB11 is over. I don’t think she has any idea of how much she
    is respected by viewers.


  152. i did have head trauma and do have short term memory loss because of it, but i do remember leo saying that or i must’ve dreamnt it. i’ve been dreaming big brother for a while now..and living it, calling my son in law jeff and looking all around me for liears

  153. @Midwest Fan #210

    I agree. I think Michele is so concerned about Nats. speech and all of America thinkin that she is a liar and a devil, so it will be an overwhelming surprise to see that America has been cheering her on and admiring her courage throughout this game.

    I wish only the best for her and her husband, because quite frankly she seems to be the only one with enough common sense to spend the money wisely and not squander it away on trivia!

  154. @Diana C
    I know what you mean! My hubby thinks im psyco because i talk to myself(about BB) and he wakes up in the middle of the night to find me gone(im on the computer chatting or posting)!
    its an addiction going on 11 yrs!

  155. @ Diana / Diana C / Cat / Sservie / Midwest Fan…. How dare you….. How dare youuuuuuu….. I made bluebery muffins filled with love :( and you don’t want any? :( I am telling on yoooouuuuu!!! whaa whaa whaa…. P.S. I made dinner, but I am giving it to K-dog so he wins!!!

    @ Marcus…… why? I can’t have you agaisnt me too…. Nooooooooooooo

    @ everyone…. Kevin better win or else…….

    I am going to….. ummmmm….. ummmmm…. Let me get bacl to you on that ok? *** L-O-L!!! ***

  156. i don’t know bout ya’ll but i have my fingers, arms and legs crossed. would cross my eyes but i wouldn’t be able to see to type

  157. had to step out for a bit and when i got back it is on trivia…. is the veto happenning now????? please let me know what led up to the trivia thanks

  158. @leo, do like i said on thursday night, not watch it on tv anymore. and i meant it. i’ll be just as happy to come in here and get my info from ya’ll. well, i might peak thru my fingers lol

  159. @Leo #214

    You have to note that I told Midwest Fan that I love homemade bread and pasta is one of my favs. I didn’t mention the cherry pie, because I normally don’t east dessert, only on rare occasions!

    I’m sure your blueberry muffins are delicious, but I need to pass on dessert!

  160. I have to say I hate gnatlie!!!!!!!!! I can’t help it, who knew that there was such nasty, gross, woman on the planet!!!!!!!! I can’t beleive how dumb some of the players have been to fall for her lies too! Way stupid!!!!!!!!!! My vote to win is Michelle, if not her then Kevin. Poor Kevin, if anyone should have known though it should have been him. She has thrown him beneath the bus harder than anyone else!! I do not feel sorry for him, he knew she was a major liar and nasty beyond belief.
    I love that she knows that American hates her, it almost makes up for her winning HoH.

  161. my dogs are looking me with their eyes crossed, they must have to go outside but NOPE, not going anywherem they can pee in the house….just joking, they wouldn’t do it in the first place and i just took them out. just wanted to see people smile ;)

  162. @ Diana C…. I wish I said go Michelle, so I could be right about this…. Unfortunately I have been a she-rat I mean Michelle basher…. Ask Diana ok?

  163. @DanH #218

    Yes POV is on right now. Nothing exciting happened. I think Kevin is running scared, but both J/M have kept tight with their commitment for a F2! Nat. has tried to rope Jordan in, but I think she is finally listening to Jeff’s word to stick with Michele!

  164. @karla, i like kevin too, but he also started the lie with natalie so now i’m upset with him :(

  165. We are having home made peach pie, and some speg. with itl. sauage, garlic bread. My sister is flying in from San Diego. I am so excited and can’t wait for her to get here!!

  166. @leo, ur right u have, but if my memory serves me correctly, you jumped on the michele wagon last night :) did he guys??

  167. @ diana ty…. awesome i hope Jordan and Michelle take it…. that would make us all smile for another week :) cannot wait to see Kevin then NataLIE leave

  168. @karla…..i’m excited with ou, nothing like having spending quality time with family. i love family get togethers

  169. @Diana C

    Leo’s comments #223. Leo has been a Michele basher throughout this game and in fact, I got upset with him yesterday and told him to stop with all the Michele bashing, so Leo is telling the truth, however I am still trying to get him to board the Michele train, because Michele is a very forgiving person and she will forgive Leo for his comments, I just know it!

    How about it Leo?

  170. @ Diana C, I hear you, but you almost can’t help but like him, Kevin. He made his bed though, can you imagine even sitting next to gnatlie? gross!!! Did he ever lie in the bed with her, OMG, it is to sickening to think about.

  171. ok, please accept my apology leo as i’m sticking my tongue out at you. i thought you ended up rooting for michele last night.

  172. Leo –

    There is a BIG slice of homemade Michele Cherry Pie for you too.
    Butter crust made from scratch.
    Cherries from Northern Michigan……..mix of sweet and tart.


  173. @Karla #231

    I posted this earlier. I loved Kevin also, but have changed my mind.

    Kevin has instigated and encouraged Nat. to expand and exaggerate her lies (which has affected her psyche making her go crazy with venom), so if Kevin goes, I think that he brought it upon himself and he needs to take responsibility for his actions, as will Nat. when she is evicted!

  174. Leo –
    Come on!
    Jump on the Michele Train ……………. you can do it!
    “I think I can. I think I can ……………”
    I’m a Blue Ribbon Winner for my pies.
    Chili too.
    My mother taught me how to bake when I was only 7 years old.
    We always make all of our own breads, rolls, cakes, etc..

    Come on, Leo.

  175. @Karla #237

    No one knows what the POV comp. is however the HG were guessing that it would be a question answer comp. because it was a quick setup with no lock down!

  176. The suspense is definitely over-the-top.
    I cant’ leave my computer to do anything else until we
    hear the news.

    Come on………………


  177. lol, i think leo is still running trying to catch up with our train, does anyone see him yet, is he in sight?

  178. @Diana C #245

    No, I got off early last night, because I was burnt out on the whole Nat. b.s. especially when she wore her crown and robe and attacked Michele with her vile speech!

    That was enough negativity for me for one day!

  179. @midwest

    LOL, i feel the same way. i’m hungey with all this food talk but i’m not going anywhere. this sight will be blowing up if kevin gets the POV though. i’ll be closing my ears to leo lol

  180. I’m so nervous right now I can’t even think straight!! LOL!! I can’t believe I am so stressed out over a TV Game!! Come on Michele! Don’t let us down! Come on Jordan! You can do this! Booooooooo Kevin! Yuck and yikes to Natalie!!

  181. @Diana C #249

    If Leo does change his mind and wants to board the Michele train, he will man up and admit that he was wrong because I have seen him do that on this blog before.

    Leo will come around in time (when Kevin gets booted)!

  182. Im trying to get some housework done…its not going well. You people are too interesting along with the wait for the POV to be over!
    Cant be a “Nasty Nat”! Must remember, “cleanliness is next to godliness” :)

  183. @Cat #256…Can’t be a Nasty Nat! That’s the new saying now for not being a dirty person…I love it!! LOL!!

  184. @Diana C

    Yes, it was way too much for me, her royal highness will get her uprising soon and she will be dethrowned and like many queens in history be tossed to the curb, imprisoned (with her lies), or beheaded (hypothetically)!

  185. @ cat lol, loved it!!!!
    Jordan does not have a chance, it is all up to Michele, but she can do it!!

  186. well one things for sure, if i was to get on BB and they were to have a comp. about the trivia that’s up now, i think i would win hands down. would know all the answers

  187. @Diana C….I know! I am so nervous I keep jumping back and forth from here to jokersupdates every 30 seconds. LOL!!

  188. @Diana C #259

    Leo is the invisible HG and he is in BB spying and cheering on Kevin to win, so we have to zap him now, back into the real world!

  189. @ Diana / Diana C / Cat / Midwest Fans….

    You have me sounding like Babyface (singer)

    Nononononononononono……….nooo…I never want to let go….no……no…noo..Kevin don’t go.go.go

    The invisible man has spoken…. hear my roar…


    wait… let me do it again…


    There we go…. Whoohahahahahaha

    P.S. I am climbing thru all of your screen to put you all on timeout… No dinner or dessert and you have to do my Constitutional Law homework and get an A…..

  190. Hi Y’all.

    I was wandering thro YouTube and found a preshow interview with Gnatalie.

    She clearly stated taht she Did NOT have a boyfriend.
    That her ‘EX’ and her were dating for about 2 years and broke up about 8 months ago. But in the past 3 weeks they were thinking about getting back together again but no commitment.. etc.

    And I also heard that the ‘Exes’ Mother and sister(s) did not like her at all.

    So NO WAY did he come on the show and propose!

  191. I read on another site that the live feeds should be back up between 1:00-2:00pm on the west coast, so they should be up soon!

  192. Leo probably got hungry with all of the food talk and is
    now grocery shopping with his lap top open and running
    while perched in the baby/purse seat of the grocery cart.

    : )

  193. @ Diana C… Jokers has me because they like me… Unlike you meanie bears… whaa whaa whaa whaa whaa!!! :( :( You will miss m,e when i am gone… wait until tonight girls… whaa whaa whaa whaa :(

  194. we all will be your back up singers singing the michele song, like gladys night and her pips, only it’s babyface and his peeps

  195. @ Cat… shhhhh that Glow in the dark K shirt was our secret ok?

    @ Midwest Fan… I told you about me being in the baby seat in confidence ok? shhhhhhh

  196. @Hell-Yeah #270

    What’s the bet that Nats. ex’s Mother and Sisters are blogging on this site – hee hee!!!

    I bet they just love the fact that America is onto her and maybe her ex. will finally realize who she really is and he keeps running – run baby run!!!!

  197. Hi HellYeah and welcome, maybe you were here last night, didn’t leo jump on the michele wagon?

  198. @Leo

    You should have known better than to tease a bunch of women they are always going to stick together, so you have to be on your own until you come to your senses and get on the Michele train!!

  199. @ Midwest… I will be climbing thru your computer first to get some pasta and make sure you are being good….

    Diana… I will coming thru yours next so I can make sure you are in the corner doing my homework….

    @ Diana C…. I will then come see you and make sure you make me a delicious strawberry shortcake dessert… My favorite

    @ Cat… I will then see you to make sure you are studying for my Constitutional Law exam.. Remember I have a 4.0 GPA, so you need to get an A ok?

    @ Ashley…. I am coming thru yours to make sure you take your afternoon nap…

    @ Diana I had to come back thru yours because I forgot my GYM membership card (on purposemlike Michelle leaves thing in the HOH room) so I could do some Survivor scheming with you…. ***** L~O~L ***** :) :D :P :P

  200. Leo im not against u, But ive been on the Natalie/Jessie train since Julie introduced us to the houseguests

    I cant stand Michelle. I wanna just yell at her “WHAT THE FUGG IS SO FUNNY?! WHY DO U LAUGH EVERY SENTENCE?!”

    Natalie is my true fav for numerous reasons. Jessie is very funny, and played the best game.

    Ur not gonna see me jumping shipp cough cough LEO! lol

    Im sticking with my team, well its 1 person, but thats who im rolling with. There will be NO hopign on Michelle, Jordan

    And i only like Kevin because he is funny and from Chula Vista which is like 10 minutes down the 805 Southbound ya dig? haha

    And i guess im the only Natalie fan on here.

    Doesnt matter.

  201. I imagine that her ‘Ex’ Boyfriend is going to be appalled at Gnatalie telling everyone that he proposed to her.
    I bet that any reconciliation they were doing is OVER NOW!

    The Boyfriend she said Proposed to her in the HoH Pandora’s Box. That ‘Ex’ Boyfriend now has to live with what she stated on National Internet and TV.
    She gave no thought to what her lie would do to people outside of the BB house.

    Her father stated in the note to her not to give up integrity and be honest etc… all that crap and now she goes public with a HUGE lie that will effect the Ex, his family, her father, and friends and everyone.

    Telling a lie in BB to advance is one thing, but hurting people on the outside of BB – especially an Ex with a proposal offer is NOT RIGHT AT ALL!

    No pride or dignity or care for others.

  202. @ Hey…. I am telling on you big bad meanie bears….


    I will figure out how to get vengeance… L~O~L

  203. @ Marcus… I have been a team NBK Fans which includes Kevin bro…. I want Kevin / natalie in the final 2 aka 2 NBK members…

    @ Cat…… I said get over there and study that homework…. L~O~L

  204. @ Midwest… I will be climbing thru your computer first to get some pasta and make sure you are being good….

    Diana… I will coming thru yours next so I can make sure you are in the corner doing my homework….

    @ Diana C…. I will then come see you and make sure you make me a delicious strawberry shortcake dessert… My favorite

    @ Cat… I will then see you to make sure you are studying for my Constitutional Law exam.. Remember I have a 4.0 GPA, so you need to get an A ok?

    @ Ashley…. I am coming thru yours to make sure you take your afternoon nap…

    @ Diana I had to come back thru yours because I forgot my GYM membership card (on purposemlike Michelle leaves thing in the HOH room) so I could do some Survivor scheming with you…. ***** L~O~L ***** :P

  205. @ hell yeah, she’s a hipocrite. the speech that she gave to michelle when she put her up from what i heard stated that michelle was going against her christian ways and that tried to get nat on her side and nat advised her if she did that she would be aligned with the devil hmmmm

  206. @Marcus #291

    Well the door will always be opened to you, should you change your mind!

    Solitary confinement is a lonely place, so I will keep a seat for you on the Michele train, OK??

  207. @ Diana / Diana C / Cat / Midwest fan…. Just because I am wrong and you are right doesn’t mean I am wrong…. I am hoping you won’t realize my lie the same way Kevin / Michelle / Jordan don’t recognize natalie’s lies about Pandora’s Box!!! Whoohahahahahahaha

  208. @Hell-Yeah #292

    Couldn’t agree more, what an embarrassment to her family and her ex’s family!

  209. Why in the name of all thats holy does Natalie think she is a queen? QUEEN LIAR!
    UGH! She makes me queasy just thinking about her superiority complex…cant stand that kind of person!

  210. sorry i keep typing little things but i think of extra things to say and can’t catch it to come back…also leo, from what you said of how big you are, i have a laptop you’ll need everyone behind you pushing you thru LOL

  211. @ Diana / Diana C. Cat / Midwest…. You can all keep me company… Come on over to Leo’s Mystical / Wonderful Box of Adventure….. whoohahahahahahahaha

  212. @Leo #295

    Now you told me yesterday that you were tired of Natalie and you were ready to send her home, so don’t go flip flopping again just to get a rise out of your buddies!!

  213. @ Diana C…. I keep getting a unable to support so much hardware sign when i try to come thru… *** Wink ~ Wink *** :) :D :P :)

  214. Diana… I said I want Natalie to be sent home so Russell / Jessie could be brought back (Team NBK Members)

    Remember I was saying nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo about jeff coming back instead of Russell

    ***** I am on my way to see you Diana…. You are a bad girl who needs to take your nap!!! The invisible Hg has spoken…. Whoohahahahahahaha…. ***** :P :D :) ;)

  215. @ Diana C….

    Just because I am wrong and you are right…… Doesn’t mean i am wrong…. L~O~L!!! ;) :D :P :)

  216. thank you, thank you…i am bowing…still love ya though leo. takes a man to admit it. :) *muah*

    You did say you wanted Nat sent home but you did not add “so Jesse and Russ could come back”!
    I have a good memory…well i did before BB…and you did not add the last part….admit love Michele :)

  218. @Leo #309

    Yes, you did and we both wanted someone to come back. But you did say that you have had enough of Nat. and I recall some not so nice comments that you made about her also.

    So come on over and I think you will be the one that gets the spanking and put in the corner for time out!!

  219. @ Everyone….

    I need a hug…..whaa whaa whaa… give me a hug…. whaa whaa whaa…. Give me a hug…. Whaa whaa whaa

    For your sake if Kevin wins, i will release the Kevin was victorious song which is my best to date….. ;) :D :P :)

  220. @ Marcus… The ladies are right… I am sick of Natalie…. I hope Russell / Jessie get brought back…. Hooooraaaaaaaa

  221. @leo, i’m sorry if i called you a liar. i meant being wrong. sorry. i usually don’t talk/type like that. i need to go back and see why i did that. again i’m sorry. i was joking
    :( sorry diana i was joking with leo

  222. hello Everyone!!!!
    looks like I have some catching up to do…I thought the POV was on Tuesday, that Julie is playing tricks on us!

  223. @ Diana C / Diana / Cat / Midwest fan…. I keep getting a unable to support so much hardware sign when i try to come thru… *** Wink ~ Wink ***

  224. @Leo #320

    Are you sure that you are reading your computer correctly and it is not saying “not enough hardware to support” going through to another computer???

  225. @ Everyone….

    If Kevin loses….. Sing for me :( :(

    I need a hug…..whaa whaa whaa… give me a hug…. whaa whaa whaa…. Give me a hug…. Whaa whaa whaa

  226. Did anyone notice that during Thursday’s episode, before Jeff got evicted, that the camera showed an aquarium (fish tank) two times real quick, almost like a subliminal message? I noticed it and thought it was a clue about something!

  227. @Leo,

    Ok looking forward to hearing it, so we can do the name change easily enough. We will just remove Kevin’s name and put in Michele’s instead. Better get a copyright on that song before the name is changed!

  228. @ Diana… I am an anti-virus who will bring joy to any mother board…. I have no idea what that means but it sounds awesome like me….

  229. whew, wiping the persperation off my forehead, i looked back cause i thought i did call leo a liar but i didn’t. skeered me. :) sorry again

  230. @ Diana….. I am bringing my hardware to unleash joy from Kevin winning on all of you doubters…. whoohahahahaha

  231. @Kevin Rogers #326

    No, I didn’t see that, but you could be right. So what theory do you have about the subliminal message?

  232. I want to be the first student in “Diana’s school of zingers”! (some good ones girl!)
    Leo can be our test subject :)

  233. @ Diana C…. Why won’t your computer let me thru?

    Why haven;t you said you will join my Survivor Blog Site… Why haven’t I converted you to a Kevin fan yet? why why why why?

  234. @ Midwest fan… I expect to see you on my Survivor Blog site…

    @ Cat…. You are a bad girl who will be in my detention after school….. whoohahahahaha

  235. @Dillusioned #332

    The POV is still going on, that is why there is so much nonsense chit chat going on here right now! We are trying to amuse ourselves and passing the time away, just waiting for the outcome!

  236. @ Diana / Cat / Midwest Fan / Diana C….

    Do a little dance…. do it like you mean it… and get down tonight… get down tonight….

    Do a little dance…. do it like you mean it… and get down tonight… get down tonight….

    Kevin won the POV…. next he will BB and get down like me…. get down like me….

    kevin is the man…. he is making me look good as his fan… so get down with me…get down with me….

    every body

    Do a little dance…. do it like you mean it… and get down tonight… get down tonight….

    Do a little dance…. do it like you mean it… and get down tonight… get down tonight….

  237. @Teri MA #341

    I think they put it onto FISH so we are kept in suspense until it is over.

    They know that everything that is happening in that house is broadcast over the internet, so they keep everyone waiting until it is over!

    If anyone has any other reason why they do that, can you please enlighten us!

  238. @ Cat…. I am on my way……. whooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    @ CHeri…… You are a bad girl….. Go meet Cat at detention now….

  239. Did Natalie play in the POV?
    If she did and lost, did she do a “Chima” dance and verbally abusive
    song? Are delays occurring to clean up the set………… and prepare a statement?

    What is taking so long?


  240. OK another update from Jokers:

    80 mind of Trivia NT >> Most likely it didn’t start until 12:30 as they were still prepping.

  241. @Kevin Rogers #353

    No, that is just wishful thinking on Leo’s behalf.

    Leo is our blogging entertainment and he tries to get a rise out of us, but we all have his game now, so he just entertains us!

    No, the POV is still going!

  242. @ Diana C…. Bite my tongue for what?

    @ Cat….

    I will say Diana / Diana C / Midest Fan / Cat are right and I owe them all cyber dinners with whatever they want!!! and then bow to the BB Queens!!!

  243. @Leo #373

    Make sure that it is a 5 star meal – OK!

    I will not settle for anything less than an a la carte menu!!

  244. Say it Leo…i just want to hear you say it…I love Michele…i was wrong…you guys were right…(just want to torture you a little) :)

  245. @1is1me #380

    No, however HG were talking earlier and thought it would be a question/answer comp. because there was no lock down last night and the prep. was quick!

  246. Hello Everyone, does anyone know what kind of competition is going on right now? Is Gnat playing?

  247. OMG!! Im dying from suspense!
    Please let Michele win!!!
    If Kevin wins i may have to cook dinner for Leo and no body wants that!(esp me)

  248. @stults #388

    I think you are playing a joke on us because jokers hasn’t update their site and they do it as soon as the comp. is over, nice try though!

  249. if they come back and tell us they were having a special dinner for them all this time and that the POV is on tuesday…i’m gonna….scream

  250. Diane C #398

    I agree.

    We are all waiting here while delaying other things we should
    be doing ………………..

    Come on BB and tell us what happened.

  251. @402

    just of the phone with julie.. she said that they are still playing but they needed a break cuz russel broke downt the BB door down and he purposed to natlie.. so now she has a chioce btw her bf and russ

  252. and to think the other day we had people telling us to just leave huh (folding my arms refusing to go anywhere)

  253. I am on pins and needles right now. I need to know who won…the two ladies or the other tramp Kevin!

  254. Boy, if I was paying for live feeds, I wouldn’t be too happy lining their pockets just to get TRIVIA and FISH!!

    What is wrong with CBS??

  255. @ BBDR…. I am on my way to do that…

    @ Diana…… I will make you a 7 star meal ala Leo style…..

    @ Diana C….. Bite my tongue for what?

    @ Cat / Midwest Fan / Diana / Dana C….. What will you say when kevin wins POV and evicts Michelle?

  256. @Diana C #421

    Deep breaths dear!

    Try to relax and focus on positive images, that will help.

    Think of the sun shinning on your face with a cool gentle breeze brushing through your hair, as you watch the gentle waves washing a shore.

    Now you should feel relaxed and you can laugh at all this nonsense without the nerves!!

  257. Leo :)
    What kind of meal we talking about?
    Poison pies and cockroach gravy?
    Im not sure i could trust your culinary skills! :)

  258. #422


    If the unthinkable happens, I’ll feel awful for Michele and begin
    cheering for Jordan.

    But stop saying such “nasty” things………………..

  259. Maybe something else is going on……….. Maybe Jeff has “come back”, if he did I would LMAO!!!!

  260. @Fl fan #432

    You can catch some of in on jokersupdates, but you will have to go through it before you find it.

    I am not sure whether anyone has printed a transcript of it, I only know that is was plain nasty, but you have to expect that from Nat.

  261. Cat you might want to add several more portions, I think Diana and several others are on their way too.

  262. I do not Natilie either.I would like nothing more than to see her lose.But ,as fans we must all remember that Big Brother is all about who can lie the best.And as much as all of us don’t like her.{Natilie}She has turned out to be the best liar.If her boyfriend is watching the show at home.He better think twice about marrying somebody who can lie so well.

  263. @ Cat / Diana / Midwest Fan / Diana C……. I have been told I can cook…. I will suprise you all….. I have skills in the kitchen!!!

  264. Sounds like Kevin won Veto, congrats. Leo, my girl Michele will be going home, unless there is a Diamond Veto!

  265. Well we know the POV comp. was not a “Who can go the longest w/o telling a lie” contest because gnat wouldn’t have lasted this long.

  266. Jokers update:

    Sounds like Kevin won veto, he and Nat talking in HoH, all smiles, Kevin counts days, says he has 5 days to make them suffer…

    Huh! 5 days, there is an eviction on Tuesday right? 5 days doesn’t add up to me, can someone explain!

  267. i am done with bb this year….. this is the worst case senerio and i will not watch anymore!!!! see ya all

  268. @ BB Gods….. I love you all…..

    @ Cat / Diana / Midwest Fan / Diana C…. What are you bad girls cooking me for dinner? *** Muuuaaahhh ***

  269. @#$##%..Kevin won!
    Ok Leo, im woman enough to admit when im wrong!
    Kevin still is not my fav!
    Im havin dinner catered…too many people!

  270. Too much power for Natalie and Kevin two weeks in a row…there needs to be a twist to make things more interesting…yuck!

  271. Don’t for get there is still the Pandora’s Box in which the Jury House has something to do with it.
    The commercial stated that the PB twist = Jury house is packing a punch….

    So Just cuz Kevin won this PoV … may not mean anything at all!

  272. I’m done too guys sorry. i’m not a poor sport, just don’t approve of liars. i know i know, it’s just a game but it was at the expense of hurting people mentally and i’m not down with that. i’m so disappointed. i am literally upset

  273. I thought Julie said it would be a live POV comp on Tuesday night? Isn’t it funny that Kevin told Gnat yesterday that he hoped the POV comp would be physical because that was the only way he felt he could beat Michelle. It sounds by the length of it that it was. So is BB Production now swaying the game towards Gnat and Kevin. I sincerely hope not. If one of them wins I would not be a BB viewer much longer.

  274. @Leo

    Loved blogging with you on this site, but I’m done!

    Can’t stand to see Nat. gloating. I would be OK if Kevin was on the other side, but sadly his not, so I am finished.

    Will catch up with you later about Survivor and we can keep in touch, so until we talk again – BYE, enjoy yourself now, whilst I go and eat some humble pie for not being objective today and for cheering on my favs.

  275. I would like to see Mich win, Jordan win, or even Kev.. as long as that stinky, lying, piece of trash Gnat gets evicted and don’t win shit!

  276. I know Michele is going to be evicted next! I for one am going to vote for her to get the $25K. I hope others will do the same. Of all the HG she is the one who truly deserved to win this game and if she doesn’t win it. Then I am going to hope she walks away with at least the $25K prize. Who else is with me on this one?

  277. Gotta go…too disappointed!
    Now F2 will suck! The three weakest players (physically) will be in F3!
    Not worth watching…

  278. Of course Nat is crawling back to Kevin now. Based on Nat’s behavior, I hope he dumps her and chooses to bring Jordan.

  279. Tried to tell you. My high tech equiq lets me sort of go behind the screen a little for a peak so to speak. Can not say how or might get into trouble. My bug (so to speak) says K will def send home M. He is saying N next if he can. Got to go back to work.

  280. They must not have told the HG that eviction is Tuesday this week and not Thursday..only reason I can think of for Kevin to think he has 5 days

  281. i think nat will wait til after hoh & then tell kevin she got to talk with jesse and she doesn’t have the votes and he can win if he takes her.

  282. @Leo

    If by some chance there is a Diamond Veto and Kevin loses his power, email me and I will get interested again, otherwise roll on 17th September, when Survivor Samoa starts!!!

  283. @ Diana / Cat / Midwest Fan / Diana C….. Leo is hungry….. What is for dinner ladies…

    @ Diana / Cat / Midwest Fan / Diana C……. aka Leo’s Angels….

    Say my name say my name…

    *** Leo – #oom-bay-ya
    Leo – Boom-bay-ya
    Leo – Boom-bay-ya
    Leo-Boom-bay-ya ***

    Kevin / Natalie Final 2…… Anyone still doubt the Invisible HG?

    *** Hugs for everyone – Muah for Diana / Cat / Midwest Fan / Diana C…… I still think you are BB Queens ok? ***

  284. well, it was great everyone, but i’m done with BB. as diana guys rocked….enjoy the rest of BB :)

  285. Kevin winning the veto is NOT a good thing at all. I guess we have Jeff to thank for this! If Jeff would have stayed true to his game and took Russell, Michelle and Jordon to the final four, instead of listening to Gnat and Kevin, then this would have never happened.

  286. Good for you, Leo. Congrats to a Kevin Fan.

    But …………………… what a bummer for Michele Fans.
    Too bad, so sad ……………….
    Very unhappy.
    If Michele leaves, even with Jordan staying, all CLASS

    Wishing you, all, a great weekend.
    Happy Labor Day!

  287. Diana, im not in solitary confinement. cute joke

    As a matter of fact, u should come over to the Natalie side. because anyone elses side will lose soonn enough haha.

    From most of the comments ive seen, the ppl who are against her, Kevin, Jessie, Russell pretty much have no sense of the game nor how its its played, so it does my mind some good knowing that, and that im not that. did u get that?

  288. Agree with Gracie,

    Jeff should have kept Russel!

    This won’t not be the way it is now with K/N gunning for final 2.

    Gnat is talking about her boyfriend again…. which she DOES NOT have!

  289. the game is completely over. Nat and kev after dumping michele will make a complete fool of jordan. They will tell her everything she wants to hear,jordan will believe everything they say, and at the 11th hour 59 minute,59th sec, they will certainly dump her and laugh while doing it. this will be very hard for big brother fans to watch and swallow

  290. thanks matt. this is a great site. i am feeling so bad that i wasted so much time watching BB to end like this. anyways all the folks here i really enjoyed your comments and i am really sorry for Michelle.

  291. #473

    Grandma, I agree with you and plan on voting for
    Michele to become Fan Favorite.

    Our biggest obstacle is the way CBS has portrayed Jeff, never
    really showing any of his bad side. Too many viewers only see
    the show and don’t get the Live Feeds or read the blogs.

    Let’s hope for the best and have Michele win.

  292. Just a theory:
    The costumes that the strangers wore last night were about the HG’s fears. Natalie scared of bugs(cockroach); Jordan afraid of having sex and getting pregnant(the baby) and Kevin afraid of.. Can’t say it but it is a slang term for cat.

  293. Leo :)
    One last thing before i go..
    Thanks for the fun…will be here later tonight..gotta go cook (for real :) )
    Spagetti and meatballs with garlic bread and salad…will be thinking of you Leo :)
    Its not over till its over!!

  294. @ Mindy C…. Thanks…

    @ Diana / Cat / Midwest Fan / Diana C…. Please don’t stop watching…. I wouldn’t be happy if Kevin lost, but I still would have been hereto havedebates with you…. Are you all going to be apart of my Survivor Samoa Blog Site? I hope so!!! Email be for details at ok?

    @ Diana / Cat / Midwest Fan /Diana C…. It won’t be the same without you……

  295. I can’t stand looking at that stinky Gnat with the grin on her face.

    My gosh KEVIN can’t you see she is lying to you and using you to get to the final!!?!?!?!

    Where the hell is your head! up her @ss… oh yah I forgot!

    I hope the Pandora’s Box has a twist that kicks the Gnat in the @ss.
    She is reveling in KEVINS Win.. saying that it is her victory too.
    For crap sakes KEVIN she put you on the Block!!!

    Sorry I am so pissed.

  296. Don’t watch the live feeds much now that iit looks like the F3 will be K/N/J.
    Kevin won POV. Michele is sad and I an just not that interested in BB11 anymore. :(

  297. yes jeff is to blame for this misery. He should have booted kevin when lydia left. Jordan told jeff kevin was too dangerous. in a small way, this was good to happen because jeff will now have to eat crow, seeing jordan as the last to come to jury house, and voting on which person who screwed him to get the money

  298. Yeah! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

    Team N/K had to win HOH & POV and they did!

    Bye Michelle, just don’t cry the next five days. Maybe your memory loss will help you through this.

    Marcus, I’m also a Natalie fan.

    Go Natalie & Kevin to the final 2.

  299. Even though Kevin won POV, I’ll still watch through til the finale. If its Kevin and Natalie, I won’t be happy but I’ll still watch.

  300. Here in MA (go sox!), I can’t be a fair weather fan…so I must continue to watch and hold on to every last hope that things will turn around in this house!

  301. @ Midwest Fan / Diana / Cat / Diana C…… I will be voting for Jeff to win the $25,000 over Michelle….. Jeff fans we can do this

    It is Jeff Fans vs Michelle Fanss for America’s choice….. This is exciting

    @ Diana / Cat / Midwest Fan / Diana C…… I hope you will keep me company on here…. Remember you still have Jordan ok?

    @ Marcus…. I told you…. NBK 4-Life…. Go Kevin / Natalie Final 2 with Kevin winning BB11!!!

    I would like to see Jesse / Russell come back with the HOH sending Jordan to the JH….. That would be awesome!!!

  302. I will be voting for Jeff as America’s favorite as well Leo, unless of course he’s BACK, then Michelle will 100% get my vote

  303. best case scenario to save this season (not much but better than nat getting it) is for kev to win hoh, take jordan. jeff, michele & nat would vote for jor (nat because kev sent her out) then if jordan doesn’t get any more votes it will be up to america!!!

  304. Will they still have the America’s Juror prize?

    I mean they’ll probably be busy voting for a winner instead.

  305. Jury house votes
    Jesse: will vote for anyone but nat
    Lydia: Anyone but Gnat (Kevin)
    Russell: Anyone but Gnat
    Jeff: Anyone but Gnat or Kevin

  306. @ Diana
    @ Diana C

    You’re just gonna give up? Michele needs you and you leave her hangin’? Shake it off and let the game playin’ begin…I think Kev may be comin’ around. He has exposed Nasty to both M & J…Remember that he talked to Michele last wk about a F2…He doesn’t seem completely oblivious to the fact that Nasty has thrown him under the bus. If there is ever to a time to start playin’ a game for yourself, it’s NOW. I think Kev thinks that Jordan has skated by on Jeff’s coattails, will definitely have his vote, and she’s likeable and never seemed to be a threat to any HGs (except Russell…LOL!). On the other hand, Michele was such an outcast, he may be willing to roll with her and take his chances. I believe he really believes that Nat will have the votes to win…If that’s fact, why would he willingly take 2nd place?

    HANG IN THERE LADIES!! It ain’t ova yet!! ;)

  307. @ Leo What’s Up? Everyone luvs to give you a hard time, huh! I had a song all ready for you when Michele won the POV, but damn…. :(
    Congratulations on your fav winning!!

  308. I refuse to watch the coronation of the king and queen of nastiness. I’m done with BB this year.

  309. @fedup #511
    @Leo #505

    I won’t give up completely. I just need a break so I can enjoy my humble pie!

    Give me a couple of days, I’ll see how the Pandora’s Box goes down tomorrow and then I will probably be back!

    As I said I didn’t get the 5 days comment that Kevin made, when an evicition is supposed to be Tuesday which is only 3 days, so I know something else is going to happen, but right now I am spent and need to get away from this madness.

    I will be back, because you guys rock!!

  310. Manuel….I agree with you …I quit watching….Just shows you that liers and sneaks to win…good bye big brother….

  311. Gnat saying how getting 2nd would be good cuz she has no debts.
    Well before at the beginning of BB she said she was in debt from gambling and had no money and couldn’t pay her bills.

    And she said she can be proud of making it the the final 2 being honest and not selling her soul to the devil.. etc…

    What a lying piece of Crap!

  312. @ Diana…I know the suspense of the game can be draining, especially when the outcome is disappointing…See ya back here soon!

    @ Leo – You were right the Diamond Veto. It is being played this week…TO SAVE MICHELLE!!! You no what that means don’t you…Bye Bye Kevin!!!

  313. Honestly, isn’t it better for Kevin to keep Michelle? He has to know that Jordan will take Natalie to F2 over him. He can’t be 100% sure that he can trust Natalie. No way would Michelle take Natalie to F2. I hope Kevin opens his eyes.

  314. I agree with lionel

    Kevin should take Mich to finals instead of Skankalie.
    Skank will turn on him and I believe Mich would keep her word just to even get to the final 2… and get some money.
    Also she is a good competitor and she can help kevin get to the Finals.
    Skankalie wins nothing (except the last ‘easy’ HoH) so would not be an asset to help him to the finals.
    Also he should remember she already threw him under the bus and put him on the block!

    Is Kevin stupid or just playing with her… I dunno?

  315. @ FedUp & Diana….. I have said many times I would rather Jeff win than she-rat aka Michelle…. My bad….. But now Michelle is gone, so I hope either Jesse / Russell will come back and sending Jordan to the JH in their place…. If you watched BBAD last night it said only the HOH & POV holders are guaranteed to get in the Final 3…. Does this mean even the person not voted out (Jordan) is at risk? For Russel / Jesse to come back…. That would be awesome…. I wonder what Jordan fans would say if Jordan was sent to the JH to let Jeff back in the BB House?

    I am about to workout…. I will catch up with you 2 (FedUp & Diana) later as well as Diana C / Cat & Midwest Fan and everyone else…. Have a good day!!!

  316. @ lionel #525 – that’s what I’m sayin’…I think Michele has a shot. The only thing about Kev is that he keeps sayin’, “That Bitch needs to come to me.” That’s the same thing he kept saying about Jeff, not that he had a chance in hell. If Kev is not careful, he lose out on the F2 by trippin’ over his “power” to decide who goes home.

  317. @Leo
    Maybe I’m wrong, but I think they only meant that the HOH and POV are the only two guaranteed to go to the F3 because now out of Jordan or Michelle either one could go. I think that you’re looking too much into it.

  318. Skankalie is telling Kevin he should honor Her (Queen) wishes and kick out Mich.
    She is HoH and she done him a favor before ans so He should do as she says.

    Gawd Kevin you can’t believe this stupid Skank can you?
    Keep Mich and find a way to get rid of the Skank!

    Kevin will be sickingly appalled when he watches Skankalie on the BB shows after this is all over!

  319. Damn it! I cannot believe Kevin won the veto!Poor Michelle! She played a good game all by herself.

  320. The ones you dont want to win usally wins that sucks if Natalie wins. The only think good can happen is a BIG twist.

  321. If Skankalie wins the first thing she should do is Hire security guards cuz evicted HG and her ‘boyfriend’ and his family, and alot of People who watch BB are going be gunning for her.


  322. I think Skankalie hates Mich so much is because she envies her.

    She always going on about how Mich is a freak, a devil and a Lier. Well Skankalie is the Lier.

    Skankalie is just 3 years younger then Mich and Mich is WAY more successful.
    I think she is just jealous!

    Mich has a great husband who treats her well – Skankalies Boyfriend is not real. They broke up a long time ago.

    Mich is educated and respected in her field – Skankalie works at a video store.

  323. @ Lionel….. I think Kevin / Natalie have a way easier path to the Final 2 through Jordan than against Jeff / Jesse / Russell, so I an not complaining….

    @ Michelle fans… Now you think my Diamond Veto theory isn’t crazy? How convenient…. I still think Natalie has something to do with the Diamond Veto even though Kevin won the POV…. Who knows maybe Jesse / Russell will be able to come back and send Natalie to the JH for opening Pandora’s Box? That would be cool too!!!

  324. michele gave it all to win but now shes gone.jordan is useless. why did jeff try to change the final 4? why? NOW THE MOST HATED F2 PEOPLE the rat and kevin.way to go kevin you beat the girls you loser.did ratalie teach you how to use a tampon?

  325. The reason we are all sitting here pissed off (with the exception of Leo) is because of Jeff.

    1) He believed the LML
    2) He did not evict Nat and had her on the block 4 times
    3) He should have kept his final 4 deal

    I never liked Jeff the wonder boy but now I like him even less. Thanks Jeff. Now Nat and Kev are going to final 2 unless Jordan pulls a miracle and wins hoh.

  326. i hope ratalies so called bf takes her for ride, takes all she has which is nothing. trailor trash bit$$.

  327. The only thing that bothers me about a Kevin / Natalie F2 is the fact that these two are honestly just bad, bad people. No problem with anyone playing the game (which, let’s be honest, makes it interesting to watch), but the things they said and did were were just really immature and kind of awful.

    At the end of the day, I don’t get a penny no matter who wins, so I’m not going to cry over anyone winning or losing (though I am really rooting for Michelle to somehow pull it out), but I really hated the way these two behaved – and on national television. I only take solace in the hope that both will have a little regret when they go back and see the footage and see how many people hated them.

    And to all the Jeff fans who are saying that they won’t watch anymore and how ridiculous it is that things have shaken down the way they have – well, open your eyes and realize that all of this was only made possible as a result of Jeff’s unbelievably bad gameplay (which, in my opinion, has earned a place as one of the worst players in BB history).

  328. And Natalie comparing herself to Dan from season 10 just goes to show how delusional she truly is.

  329. INteresting – usually Mich breaks down when she figures she has been beat… but this time.. she looks pretty confident so far?!?

    Something we don’t know and she does?

  330. This is a long post, but I had to put it out there for all you to read:

    By the way, I am in total agreement with this monologue of Natalie!!

    Well, to start, for someone who’s lasted this long in the game, she’s got no — zero — sense of humor (a specialty in seasons past of, say, Dr. Will or Evel Dick). And in a game where back-stabbing and -dooring is part of strategy, she’s taken a ridiculous, even absurdist moral high ground, justifying her survival and (few) victories as salutes to fallen allies such as the ego-addled Jessie and the grumpy martyr Chima. To run around last night, as Natalie did after winning a foolish HOH competition that was just a lousy guessing-game and crowing triumphantly, “I did it by sticking to my word!” was kinda infuriating. Her “word” (a) had nothing to do with her win and (b) meant nothing anyway, since she’d broken her word to Jeff and others repeatedly.

    Natalie does nothing that’s entertainingly bad/malicious/diabolical. Her vaunted taekwondo skills haven’t helped her stage any exciting competition victories. She can’t even come up with a mean trick like Season Two’s Shannon, who scrubbed a toilet with another player’s toothbrush. Natalie’s version of that would be to scrub a toilet with her own toothbrush and then run around the house yelling, “Yes! This is for you, Jessie!”

    In the final weeks of any Big Brother, you need house guests who’ll question their own motives, strategy, and articulate in the diary room the disparity between the image they’re putting out to fool their housemates and the reality of their wicked schemes. Natalie has shown us none of this. Jordan has taken on the mantle of Dumb Contestant this season, but actually, Natalie is a lot more unintelligent in the way she has no self-awareness, no strategy. She just piggybacks onto any player who’s doing well. When Jessie was on a hot streak? She’d go with him. Now Kevin is HOH and articulate about his plans with her? She’ll claim her fealty to Kevin.

    It’s this lack of conviction even in her alliances — combined with, as my colleague Dalton Ross has pointed out, her endlessly irritating voice, a kind of monotone-whine of self-righteousness — that doesn’t put Natalie in a Hall of Fame or Shame, but which just renders her an annoyance without any sting.

    Kinda like the dragonfly she was terrified of recently.

  331. Yep Jeff messed up and believe Skankalie and Kevin regarding Russel.

    He was told by other HG that Russ might be bad but watch out for Kevin…. he didn’t listen and now we have this mess.

    Thanks Jeff… you might be cute but I always thought you were obnoxious and a Mr. Know it all.

    Oh yah everyone talks about Skankalie picking her nose all the time.. Well I watch the live feeds and he Always had his fingers at his nose!!!

  332. I tried to post this article but it is waiting moderation, so I have copied the link (removing www so I don’t go back into moderation) for you all to read.

    By the way I agree with this monologue of Nat. and it is worthwhile reading! Describes why we all dislike her so much!

  333. Plus I think he would be all over Jor’dough’ if she won the money.

    I think he is greedy!

    He always bitched at everyone else for lying and conniving, but he was bad too.
    He would take someone off the block and say “I saved you – you owe me”.
    But he took them off the block for a plan he had of his own benefit, not to save them necessarily.

    I am glad he is gone and now I hope the Skank goes soon.

    Please Russel come back to the BB House.
    You got cut off too short in the game!

    yah Russ, Yah Russ :) :) :)

  334. tj, just in the past Mich usually is so down and cries in the GR when she loses. Until she gets herself together and comes back out strong.

    This time she lost the PoV and is not ‘upset’ looking or anything.. she looks confident.

    maybe she just feels like it is over no point in being pissed, or maybe.. just maybe something else is up and she knows it?

    Just a theory.. but we all have them.

    With BB anything goes.

  335. mich does not look upset anymore? do you think when the baby, cockroach and the cat came in the house that they were giving her clues to something??(because they were trying to figure out riddles?) and together with either veto comp or finding something in house she has figured out a puzzle and knows she’s safe now?

  336. It just kills me bb sat right there listening to n/k go over all those questions….and then they have that pov with questions… time to change it up bb….get some different contest then the same ones year after year….

  337. i still think it has something to do with the “hope” in the bottom of the box that cbs in now advertising!!!

  338. I think she Michele is just tried of the abuse…same on bb…family show my a$$ as Julie says….If my kids ever treated anyone like they treat michele….This is not a show for kids….because it ends up showing them it is okay to berate people…

  339. pandora box is over with. bb gave them money as part of the final 5 that all. no hope nothings going to happen good now.forget pandora box ratalie made it all up. the hope was they find the key they did its over johnny.

  340. tj sorry but your wrong regarding the Pandora’s Box being over.

    The YouTube Commercials for BB and the TV commercial says the Jury house is packing a bunch for the HG, and there is still something to do with Pandora’s Box still to come yet.

  341. @tj #554

    I can’t because I originally copied and pasted it and my blog went into moderation. So I thought it is important enough to let you know what the general consensus is about Nat. from an Editor’s point of view, so I copied and pasted the link and I removed the www, so I wouldn’t go back into moderation.

    Here is the link again.

  342. Last night late, while Mich was in the bathroom area. The big garbage can was upside down with a piece of paper laying with it on the floor.
    The BB cameras kept zooming in on it as Mich was in the bathroom area… but she never noticed it (that I saw).

    Thought that was weird?

  343. @sservie #560

    Did you put the www in front of the link?

    It describes her to a tee and this is coming from an Editor, not just a frustrated blogger.

    I found it extremely interesting and spot on!

  344. @Joy #558

    You maybe onto something because just before the POV, Nat. and Kevin were talking about the upcoming POV competition and I copied this from Jokers:

    Nat: It can be something simple to put together a puzzle, or a maze, also Have, Have not.

    Kev: Torture.

    Nat: Key for PB,

    Kev: competition, JH. I’m thinking it is such a quick set up. I don’t think it’s a puzzle..

    Nat: It could still be that, it’s a quick setup. I’ll be back, gonna have Jordan do my hair. Keep studying, like what happened day 37?

    NOTE: Nat tells Kevin it could be a KEY for the PB!

  345. they never showed a good bye speech from hg to jeff when he you think jeff has something to do with the pandora box?


  347. @Hell-Yeah #570

    Tried to give you the site 3 times now and each time I have gone into moderation.

    Type in http instead of www and see if that works for you!

  348. @tj #575

    Check out my blog on #572, there could be a possibility, because I don’t understand why Nat. would say to Kevin ‘key for PB’, what key?? what does that mean??

  349. @tj #581

    I don’t know if there is more! I have no idea why Nat. would mention a key to PB to Kevin. I think she was trying to give him some sort of hint and for him to be prepared.

    The other thing I am just not getting is that I thought there was an eviction Tuesday with is 3 days away and Kevin keeps saying that he is going to torture J/M for 5 days, what’s with that? It isn’t making any sense to me!

  350. ratalie and kevin are playing games again. that why the trash can was upside down. to get in michele head.

  351. ratalie talking about the key jeff found.thats all.nothing to it.she doesn’t make any sense anyway. lies all lies in her mind.

  352. Kevin and Natalie will face the same problem Jeff did last week. You can’t win’em all. I want Kevin gone this week just for acting so cocky when Jeff would have easily won that HOH if he was allowed to compete. Natalie will follow behind next week because she thinks shes smart but shes a complete fail at everything. In future BB’s I think that once it gets down to the final 6 everyone should be allowed to compete for HOH even if they won it the previous week. Good players should have two chances to save themselves each week when it gets down to it. Seeing Kevin win HOH in a game where Jeff easily would have psyched him out and destroyed him was just annoying.

  353. i hope they speak latin again. bb throws them both out the door.thats hope for michele now i feel sorry for her i really do.jordo eat your dough fatty

  354. yah Jor’dough’ wants cookie ‘dough’ for her supper

    Well maybe she can get a Pillsbury Cookie Dough Commercial after this.

    watch out Pillsbury Dough Bot, Jor’dough’ might want your job!

  355. jordo yes jordo she’ll turn on michele the 2 face fatty can’t win nothing it was all on michele to win. kevin WOW he beat 2 females wow the loser. i hope the rat and kevin get theres one day.

  356. you all are real sick people and losers….. no reason to talk about jordan like you are… she has done nothing to you all and she is the most real person in this stupid house this year…. GROW UP YOU LOSERS

  357. tj you are such a joke…. you need to get a life… you probably weigh 300 lbs and can’t see your toes……. shut up we are sick of hearing your thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  358. @ Hell-Yeah & Sservie…. Wuuuuuuuuzzzzzzz uuuuuuup?

    @ Ashley & Diana….. Correct me if I am wrong, but I predictedd the following:

    1) Jeff Fans jumped on Michelle’s band wagon after he was evicted…. Now she is done, so they will jump on Jordan’s after they threaten not to watch BB again like they did when Jeff left right?

    2) It will be entertaining to watch Jeff Fans vs Michelle Fans when discussing wo should get America’ss $25,000 for the Jury Member….

    3) I said it before and stand by my statement about Natalie having a power that BB Producers said she would lose is she told the other HG’s and possibly be evicted…. Even though my boy Kevin won POV I think it will be voided out….

    Did I say all of this before Diana & Ashley?

  359. @ dan…. ok dan anything you say you all.she lost this game for jeff do you know that? frigin ratalie still makes her look studip.i done know what your lookin at.

  360. @ tj i do not like nat or kevin, however i am not bashing and those of you that bash people on a gameshow you really need to get a life…. much more to life the Big Brother…. grow up!!!! hope you all never go on the show if you are already talking trash in blogs about people you do not even know!!!!!!!!!!

  361. OMG Leo Diane…I just popped over since nothing is on TV but i dunno if I can stay here cause right now this bored eminds me of a highschool level chat room…you guys are doing well ignoring much of the noise but I dont think I will be able to!!! See you(well chat with u anyway) guys on Sunday!

  362. dan… its the truth man. are you watching this its a shame how ratalie and kevin are playing her. she can’t see that? come on. its to late anyway she next to go next week.

  363. tj she might lose but no reason to bad mouth her. what has she done to you???? just talk game and quit bashing people!!!!!!!!!

  364. @ danh i wanted her and jeff to win go to the final 2,but some reason they changed.what ratalie is saying about her is far worst what i please watch because i am not .

  365. @ NBK Fans……. We can actually watch BBAD tonight and have something to look forward too….. Hoooooorrrrrrraaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!

  366. tj i am watching and like yourself i was a huge jeff/jordan fan… but unlike you i am still pulling for jordan, not blaming her for everything. Jordan will win final hoh and take nat with her and jordan will win it!!!!!!

  367. Here’s my new theory!

    Since there is a LIVE show Tuesday and a live eviction only being 3 days away and with Kevin telling Nat. that he has 5 days of torture to give M/J, I think that the Pandora’s Box twist is going to rear it’s head Tuesday night, evicting an unexpected HG (possibly the Diamond Veto).

    Now, I am not quite sure if they will bring someone back (Jeff, although I doubt it), or whether there is another key with J/M will find and that will usurp Kevin’s Veto and the HOH and maybe just one of them will go home!

    This is the only sense that I can make of everything that I have read on line!

    So there is HOPE yet to come!

  368. @Leo #599

    I think you could be onto something, however I think that the power will be up for grabs by all HG, creating a surprise eviction on Tuesday.

    I keep saying I don’t understand the LIVE show Tuesday because there is an eviction and Kevin thinks he has 5 days of freedom.

    Otherwise I agree with you!

  369. @Leo

    Have to go now, because I am cooking dinner, but I just had to stop to post my latest theory!

    This game has done my head in!!!

  370. danh i hope she does.but she did save ratalie from eviction and you know it!!!that was a wrong move thats why i am on we have the pain of watching a no good rotten person like ratalie maybe win this bb 11.

  371. if natalie or kevin wins this season
    they will be the worst winner since Adam of BB9

    Michele is the only true player left
    Natalie and Kevin waited till the end
    and Jordan didn’t really play at all
    this sux

  372. @ Teri in MA & Dan H…. Do you 2 watch Suvivor?

    @ TJ….. Well I say I am alittle more credible than you are being that most of what I say actually happens chief…..

    @ Dan H…. TJ is probably being hard on Jordan because he could never get with a female like her in real life….

    @ Teri in MA & Dan H If you guys like Survivor, I would love to have you post your opinions on my Survivor Samoa Blg Site…

    @ NBK / Kevin & Natalie Fans…. I can’t wait to see Jordan & Michelle start throwing each other under the bus!!!

  373. tj if you recall it was not all jordan that was jeff also… so no need to hate… let’s support Jordan and hope she takes it all the way for her and jeff :)

  374. Kevin has told m he is sorry but he is going to vote her off and m believes him. She isn’t going to fight it. She told J. Both are sad again. Maybe not j.

  375. @ Cindigwc…. NBK means Natural Born Killers (Jesse / Natalie / Ronnie / Chima / Lydia / Kevin / Russell)

    @ Diana…. Have a good night & enjoy dinner…

    @ FedUp…. Wuz Up?

  376. @ Dan H…….. Do you want to post your opinions on my Survivor Samoa Blog site? You have respectful, honest, thoughtful opinions….

  377. CBS is bragging that the ratings have skyrocketed on the last 2 nights. I think that all of the viewers who are against the gnat and kevo should just not watch the show on Sunday and let CBS know how we all feel about this farce. The gnat has said she wants to pay off some gambling debts if she wins. Listen, is she is such a great Poker player, what’s with the gambling debts? All of the other players had legit things that they needed the money for. And this snake wants the money to pay off gambling debts. What a worthless use of oxygen.

  378. @ Dan H…. Email me and I will get you all the info ok Bro?

    @ Kevin….. That is an opinion and I respect it…. I am glad Adam won BB9 and will be glad when Kevin wins BB11… Do you believe Jordan deserves to win more than Kevin or Natalie… Let’s compare shall we?

    Kevin won an HOH & 2 POV’s…..

    Natalie won an HOH and was the reason Jesse was brought back and her LML got her & Kevin this far in the game…

    Jordan admits having Jeff give her the HOH and she got lucky with the POV but she won so I give her props…

    Jordan has done the least..

    Yes Natalie rides Jesse / Kevin’s coat tails

    Jordan road Jeff’s coat tails and according to Jeff during his interview with Ross Matthews, Jordan’s lack of winning hurt him…

  379. @leo what people win does not always traslate to who deserves it more… i always look at character and heart…. so i know it was directed to someone else but my answer would be yes Jordan deserves it more the Kevin and Natalie because she is the type of person i would be glad to give 500 g’s to… would not enjoy giving to the others ;) there ya have it!

  380. @ leo waiting on info but getting off now for a bit.. will check mail tomorrow or later tonight. have a good one and talk to you soon tc :)

  381. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
    I am disappointed Kevin won the Veto. Ok, it is official no one in that house is worthy of winning the 500K. I say donate the money to a good cause, like helping the homeless. I am disappointed and the last hope is Jordan, which I don’t think will happen, but hoping. Now I guess I will just watch to see which undeserving player does win it. UGHHHH!!

  382. I am resting wiating for BBAD and I had to comment on J/J former fans saying that Jeff made his first bad move when he believed N/K.
    Jeff blew this game long before that.

    First, you do not make a power play the first week when you do not really know the other houseguests and who you can trust. Especially when he was safe during the first eviction.

    Second, he should not have used the “wizard” power because he needed Russell and Jessie out of the game in order to win. Had he not used tge power, Russell would have left, Michele, Kevin and Lydia were next three targets according to Jessie, Natalie and Chima. Plus, Natalie, Jessie and Chima would have to turn on each other eventually and, in fact, Chima was already taking about getting rid of Jessie.

    By using the power Jeff exposed himself as America’s favorite moving him to the top of the list of targets.

    Jeff had it right after the Braden eviction when he told Casey and Jordon that he (Jeff) was not good a playing BB. He said he was too stupid to play the game but I am being kind.

  383. Donald,

    He absolutely should have used the CDT…Twists and the unexpected is what this game is about.

  384. Thing is, Nat is so very certain that she will indeed have Lydia’s and Jesse’s vote for sure. Well with the lie about her age, we’ll see. Maybe, maybe not. I cannot believe all this time she has had other HG eating out of her hands. Believeing every lie she tells. Surely she must have thought about the consequences of the lie about her age. Maybe the other HG really knew but didn’t give a care. I hope Michele and Jordan go to final 2. There is a chance that Michele could win. If Kevin and Nat go theres a possibility Kevin will win. Nat COULD but only IF the jury forgives her lie. I never liked Nat ever since she opened her big mouth. Even now, somehow she needs go go home. I hope there is a person from the jury house in Pandora’s Box. Time will tell. This BB has been so full of excitement,rage and anger, I could’nt hardly wait for the next showing so I started visiting this website and I say ” Thank You” for that.

  385. @ Donald…. How is your weekend going? Don’t forget to email me, so I can get your info set up to make you a moderator on our Survivor Samoa Blog Site ok?

    @ Donald…. I agree with your statement about Jeff’s game play and am glad someone else sees I wasn’t crazy by thinking the same thing!!!

    @ Donald… I still think Natalie might have to either choose Jordan to leave or exit herself for either Jesse / Russell / Lydia to return because of Pandora’s Box…. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jesse / Russell come back…. What do you think about this last statement? P.S. Michelle Fans called me crazy when I mentioned this theory and the Diamond Veto and not my theories sounds a little better with Kevin winning the POV!!! *** L-O-L ***

  386. Has anyone else noticed that Kevin doesn’t wash his hands after emerging from the toilet room… how nasty is that? How would you like to have Kevin fix you something to eat with his p*ss-drip, fecal residue stained hands all over the the “meal du jour”? When he stuck his pissed-on finger right into the guacamole (the other night) it made me want to hurl!

  387. @ Donald….. Noooooooooooooo……. #20 BYU Beat #3 Oklahoma……

    @ Pua….. Michelle is going home…. Kevin won the POV….. Bye Bye SheRat aka Michelle…..

    @ FedUp…. Enjoy BBAD and be good…. Have a great night!!!

  388. @ Ashley meet Donald a moderator on the Survivor site with us….

    @ Donald meet Ashley a wonderful moderator on our Survivor site…..

    @ Ashley…. What are you making me for dinner? I would like something delcious……

    @ Donald Alabama is my favorite team (after Nebrask of course) and I am in a friendly bet with my Sister who lives in Virginia

    @ Ashley…. Go Bama…….

  389. @ Donald

    Everyone kept saying that whoever had the power wouldn’t dare use it bc it would put a target on their back…In a sense they, esp Nasty Nat was threatening and trying to intimidate the person. The CDT gave Jeff the opportunity to get a strong player (in the HGs’ eyes,not mine) out of the house, and he proved himself to be both a risk taker and a game player…He was ousted by the athletes wk 1, and by him rattling the cage, he shook the opposing HGs right into game play and at least Chima right out the house.

    Jeff makes better decisions on his own…He didn’t strategize w/ anyone when he made his decision to use the CDT. Jeff’s mistake was allowin’ others to get in his head, especially Jordan who tends to misinterpret how and what she is told.

    He let the subsequent power got to his head…I personally think he should not have BD Rus bc it strengthened N/K’s game. He allowed them to break his alliance, whereas N/K stick seem to stick together no matter what…They stick to the lies no matter what.

    I said all that to say…the CDT didn’t get Jeff evicted…Bad decisions and not winning the POV was his downfall.

  390. Bama is not playing well. They just fumbled the football! We are missing John Parker Wilson!

    Leo – I did not cook tonight. We had wings take out. However, I cook most every night and since everyone around here has large gardens, we usually eat fresh vegetables like okra, green beans, squash, fried green tomatos, etc. I guess I do the country cooking as we have corn bread with almost every meal and some kind of meat with gravy or homemade BBQ sauce.

  391. @ FedUp….. Meet Donald & Ashley who will be moderators on the Survivor Blog Site…

    @ Donald & Ashley meet FedUp who is a moderator to….. There are 6 of us….. Us 4 and two more who haven’t committed 100 percent yet….. I have people with varying opinions to make it a balanced Blog Site…. CAT & Diana are going to give opinions but I hope they will moderate too….

    @ Ashley / Donald / FedUp I hope you see why I chose people with different opinions like yourselves…. You all have strong, honest, insightful, respectful opinions that will make our Survivor Samoa Blog Site the best ever!!!

  392. @ Ashley…… I want some……. Were is my treat? I will put you on timeout young lady…. *** L-O-L ***

  393. @ Donald / Ashley – Nice to meet you…Looking forward to Survivor.

    @Leo – Thank you…BTW, I always believed in your Diamond Veto Theory, Kev winning the POV has nothing to do with it. ;)

  394. hey fedup! nice to meet you too! Do yall think the pb is over and there was nothing to it except Nat not getting to play in the pov?

  395. Ashley,

    I think that there is more to the PB. I don’t think that anyone is coming back…I do think that Michele will be saved.

  396. I’m still puttin’ it together, but I believe Nat gave up her chance to play the Veto comp in order to get some info from a JH member of her choice…It’s the consequences of this choice that led her to believe that she has lost 500K. Unbeknownst to the other HGs, they will be given a chance to comp for an additional advantage in the game.

    Ergo, Leo’s Diamond Veto Theory…LOL! Do I sound like I’m in denial?

  397. @ Ashley / FedUp…. PB is still in play, but she-rat aka Michelle is going to the JH……… I am hoping Jesse will be back since Natalie picked to talk to him instead of the POV comp and someone gets evicted on the spot…… Bye bye Jordan….

  398. @Leo #667

    I think that the is a key to the PB and the remaining HG will have to search for it and Michele will find it and it will be the Diamond Veto and she can oust Kevin – YEAH!!!

  399. Leo,
    OK, I’ll consider that theory, but by Nasty Nat opening the PB, ans additional consequence is that Jesse returns to replace her in the game…booyah!!

  400. The PB must still be in play, why else have a LIVE show Tuesday, with everything predetermined from today’s events, it just doesn’t make any sense!

    CBS are leaving us hanging in suspense and I think I read somewhere that CBS have claimed that the last 2 nights ratings have sky rocketed, what a load of crock!!

  401. @ FedUp / Ashley…. Don’t worry…. I will teach you so you are able to see what donald and I see….. *** Muah ***

    @ Ashley….. I am going to put you in a fed ex box and mail you here to make me some snacks ok?

  402. I am holding out hope for Michelle. I really hope something happens and she doesnt leave unless of course they bring back Russ or Jessie. Now that would be fun!

  403. @fedup #671

    Sorry buddy, it’s just that it ws staring right at me, so I had to bring it to your attention!

  404. @ Leo, Ashley, Donald, Diana and everyone else

    It has been fun, but I’m gonna sign off for a bit.

    Get off the phone Bama, it ain’t ova yet!!!!

  405. @Ashley #675

    How did that happen! I’m guessing one of my moderations was removed, so now I’m have the bloody devil’s number!

  406. Leo – I will say that Nat’s strategy has worked for her in this season but she has been in the house with some very gullible people. I would like to see her in an all stars episode with Dick, Dan, Adam etc. That would be interesting…

    I like Kevin. I just wanted him to take Michelle to final 2.

  407. OK to everyone who wanted to read the article written by an Editor at EW, my moderation has been removed so go to #552, it wraps up Nats. personality to a tee!

  408. @Ashley #678

    I would love to see her with ED, he would chew her up and spit her out the first week she was in the house! – Yeah bring back ED and put Nat. in there with him!

  409. @ Diana….. Meet Ashley / FedUp and you know Donald who will be moderators on the Survivor Blog site… Hopefully you & Cat will be moderators too…. I like the vaious personalities…

    @ The Survivor ladies…. Michelle is gone and Kevin is safe… Kevin will hopefully be in the final 3 with Natalie & Jesse is Nat can bring Jesse back and send Jordan to the JH…. Hoooooorrrrrrrraaaaaayyyyyy….

    I feel a song coming on…

    *** Song – alert ***

    NBK is in the house…..NBK is in the house….. Get down tonight – get down tonight…. NBK is in the house……NBK is in the house….get down tonight – get down tonight!!! (chorus)

    Kevin won the POV – Now he is going to the final 3 – so do a dance with me….. do a dance with me!!!

    I joined NBK – now things are looking good my way – because Kevin won today….. Kevin won today!!!

    NBK is in the house…..NBK is in the house…. get down tonight – get down tonight

    NBK is in the house…..NBK is in the house….. so get down tonight – get down tonight!!!! (chorus)


    get down tonight -get down tonight….



    repeat the chorus everyone!!!

  410. OK all,

    Just had to have a quick fix before I go and have some fun, so good night and I will be back tomorrow to cheer Michele on with the Diamond Veto!!!

    Now that I have the devil’s number assigned to me, I have the magic power to change this game around and that’s what I plan on doing!

  411. @ Diana / FedUp / Ashley…. Dan would not come close to winning with his Lame style agaain…. ED would eat Dan BB10 for lunch…..

    Did you 3 like my new song?

    Sing it for me ladies!!!

    @ FedUp have a good night….

    @ Donald – I hope you like the song…..

    @ Ashley – Go Bama!!!

    @ Diana -BBAD is on in 15 minutes…. Did you get my last email?

  412. I hope since kelvin won the pov he will do the right thing and chose michele to go to the f2 with him. jordan has done nothing she needs to be evicted now. and natatlie has made it on lies. THE f3 should be russell, machele and jeff. well nothing can be done about it now. I think jeff would have still been there and made it to f2 if he would have played the game for himself instead of carrying jordan thru this game this girl has not help him at all. If anything she has hurt him this girl has got to be one of the biggest floaters ever. she is not good at nothing. well i change that except eating does this girl eat all the time or is it just me. it’s like every time i turn to watch bb she’s eating and then talking about getting fat then if she’s got a problem looking fat and being fat stop all that eating or at least eat the fruit thats in the house. I’m sorry but this girl said she weighed 138 lbs. she better add about 20lbs. to that or there’s something wrong with my tv. I don’t have nothing against fat people because i know alot can’t help it but I can’t stand to hear someone keep complaining about getting fat when they’re steady packing their face with cookie dough. Jordan needs to lay off the cookie dough or I don’t think jeffs’ gonna thinks she so cute in a couple of weeks. you may think I’m being rude but that’s just my opinion. If you’re happy with being fat that’s all that matters, eat all the cookie dough you want but don’t get mad when someone calls you fat when steady calling yourself fat.

  413. @Leo #684

    Haven’t checked email but I will now and I will give you my song for Michele tomorrow OK!!

  414. Good night BB fans! And Roll Tide! Bama won! I know yall don’t care about bama football but I can’t help myself.

    Leo – love the song but hate it for Michelle.
    Diana – hoping Michelle wins diamond veto so please keep sending those vibes!

    Leo I sent you an email. Let me know what I can do to help set up the website for survivor. Let’s get this thing going!!

  415. @ Ashley…….. Don’t worry…… I will get at you tommorow ok? Also I want me food ok Ashley?

    @ Ashley / Diana / FedUp…… Have a good night & sweet dreams!!!

    Go Kevin / Natalie aka NBK…… Bring back Russell / Jesse!!!

  416. It makes me sick that every HG when they exit keep saying poor Gnat she’s only 18..she doesn’t know any better. How pissed were Lydia & Jesse who aren’t the smartest folk in the JH when they found that out. Pretty funny wait tell Jeff hears this. I hope this proves that lying doesn’t pay. Michele deserves to win. She played very well & she never lied. Gnat needs to be smashed like the bug she is. Maybe that is why she hate bugs so much. Because she is one of them that can be squashed!

  417. @ Ashley…… I sent you a FedEx box for you to climb in, so you can ship yourself to me and make me some healthy / tasy snacks ok? Get in and ship yourself….. I am waiting!!! Don’t make me come down to Bama young lady!!! ;) :D :P :)

  418. @ Vindikat…. Jesse & Chima both knew Nat was 18….. Michelle will find out on Tuesday because she is going to be evicted…. Even if Nat doesn’t win Kevin will….. Go Team NBK!!!

  419. Skankalie – talks about being a good Christian and her dad being proud of her because she sticks to morals etc….
    Yet she Lies, calls people names, is manipulative, back stabs people, is disrespectful to people and their personal things, connives and tricks people, swears… and on and on.

    I don’t know about what God she worships but if that girl thinks she is moral and a good Christian she needs psychological help!

    I very much dislike her.

    People who are typically like that do not like themselves.

    She is 24 years old, lives with daddy and works at a video store. She tells BB HG’s she is only 18 – and acts like she is 6.

    I only hope that she dosn’t win 1st palce. I can only imagine what that will do to her egotistical head!
    And what a waste the money will be.

    At least Mich and Jordan can use it to better their lives and families.

  420. @ Leo, Diana, HellYeah, Gramma, Cat, midwest fan, sservi, danh, ashley and all my other buddies (sorry if I forgot u) i popped in another blog site by accident just a little bit ago and someone said they read BB did a check on chima avout her rape and decided to look up all the other HG’s and seen where there’s a warrant that was taken out for natalie after she entered the house. the person that wrote it said she is from a police family and said it was true. hmmm.

  421. @Diana C
    This is such a rumor! I read the same blogger that this person did(from the cop family) and the blogger was just imagining what would happen if Nat had a record…ya see, this is how rumors get started! Although i would love it…its NOT true!

  422. Diana C
    Go to comments button at top of page and click on Week 9 POV….Leo and friends are on that page right now!
    :) Leo is into an argument with someone about Jeff…ha ha (it is rather funny)
    Hey ive had to hang my head a few times this season…
    Have got more to tell you but change pages first ok?

  423. Jeff was by far my favorite followed by MIchelle then Jordan…even though Jordan is a floater. Natalie is a floater. I hate how she always says she is this great competitor and talking about karma. She SUCKS! She not only sucks, she is a mean person. At least Jordan is a nice person. I am upset about this years BB.

  424. We are so disappointed in the outcome so far.
    Gnat needs to be swatted out. Come on
    BB where’s the unexpected twist. Bring Jeff back.
    I swore I wouldn’t watch BB anymore…boring.

  425. I am just going to say what others have said before. It’s a game!!!! It’s a game that relies on lying and tricking the other houseguests. I am amazed that people are actually taking it so personal. Say what you want but if I was related to or a friend of Natalie I would want her to do what’s necessary to win the “Game”. Chima was a different story. I would’ve been embarrassed by her. But, Natalie is playing the game. With that being said, I think Kevin is going to save Michelle simply because he doesn’t trust Natalie. That will be unfortunate if he does because Michelle will have the numbers to win.

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