Update: Pandora’s Box returned tonight and Natalie opened it. She’s since made up an absurd story about her boyfriend coming in as her reward for opening the box. Natalie even claims he proposed. Kevin doesn’t seem to believe this story at all, but Natalie swears it’s true. She also says she can’t play in the PoV this week.

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The live feeds are back on Big Brother 11 and Natalie’s nominations are in. See if Natalie stuck to her plan of attempting to fake out Michele and Jordan with her noms and if she delivered her overly dramatic and mean speech.

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Big Brother 11 Week 9 nominations:

  • Kevin
  • Michele

Natalie and Kevin are putting on a big show about how she was told he was coming after her. They settle it out in front of Jordan and Michele and say they’ll go ahead and still be friends. This way they can get back to being sneaky together without the girls questioning their behavior.

Everything will come down to the PoV as the Veto holder will cast the sole vote this week. Stay tuned for the PoV competition results to be revealed Saturday afternoon on the live feeds.

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