INSIDE DISH Interviews Evicted BB11 HG: Jeff

Ross Mathews and “Inside Dish” are back! This week Ross has newly evicted Big Brother 11 HG Jeff in the hot seat. Check out Ross’ interview with Jeff.

Be sure to look out for our very own Diary Room writer, ChiBrad, when he gets to pose a question to Jeff around the 9:15 mark in the interview. How cool!

Don’t miss Andrea’s interview with Jeff at Small Screen Scoop for more Jeff talk!

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  1. @ Jeff Fans…. get over it…. Jeff is out because he made dumb decisions the whole game… He allligned with the losing side…. He back doored Russell…. Both Jessie / Russell would deserve to come back more than jeff… Especially Russell…. I hope there is a twist that will bring Russell back and screw Michelle…

    @Jeff now flip flop Michelle fans…. For all you with short term memory like Michelle…. Lets not forget that Michelle played a huge role in Jeff believing the LML created by Kevin / Natalie which led to Russell being bac stabbed and back doored by Jeff… She was lying about Russell and throwing him under the bus to ensure J/J would take her to the final 3 while smiling in his face and making final 2 deals with Russell…. She only solidified the LML unknowingly by filling J/J’s head with a bunch of BS… Too bad Russell / Jeff / Jordan weren’t smart enough to catch Michelle in her blatant lie when she refused to answer Russell”s “did I ever tell you I was coming after Jeff” question when she replied “we talked about alot of stuff” answer!!!

    @ Diana…. Yes but she was Russell’s friend in his face and his enemy behind his back…

    Even Jeff said he was tired of it for the one night he threw her under the bus until she won the POV….

    I think Russell deserves to win more than she-rat and would love to see Russell come back in the game and send she-rat packing… Ronnie was right about she-rat…

    @ Jeff fans you are nuts if you think jeff deserves a 3rd chance more than Russell deserves a 2nd chance…

  2. Not sure why you think still knocking Jeff fans is the route you should take, but we all don’t agree with you, so move on to rooting for whichever liar is the one you want to win (Nat or Kevin). We can all hope for Jeff to come back – he deserves it, he didn’t align with any losing side. He aligned with the side who was bullied in the beginning, the ones who were playing the game being good honest people, and he knocked off over HALF the other side. I think that was the losing side. And then he had to flip flop and start playing the way the other side played – lying or back dooring. He got played. We’re all over that – if Jeff doesn’t come back, then he doesn’t. I wouldn’t mind seeing Russell come back either. I think either one of them deserve to be there more than Natalie anyway. But I wouldn’t call them winners just yet. There’s still Michele and Jordan. And when Nat puts them up this week, and if one of them wins POV, say bye-bye to Kevin!!

  3. @ Diana…. I think everybody will beat Natalie in the JH…

    jessie is pissed that she was talking crap about him, so he is telling everyone her real age.

    Lydia said her whole friendship with nat was a lie, so she probably won’t vote for Nat.

    Russell said nat will lose JH votes because of her lie (his too)

    Jeff will not because nat could have saved him (Yes jeff would choose Kevin over Nat too)

    This could be like BB3 when nat would be lucky to get one vote even though I think she would not get one single vote especially since she lied about her age….

    In a perfect world it would have been BB11’s most favorite player jeff against the most hated villian Natalie with jeff winning

    Why? Because that would have been the best of bost (good vs bad) pitted against each other in the final 2 with the good defeating the villian…

    kevin is my only hope because I don’t want Michelle to win and I don’t think Jordan deserves it, but i am biased and would rather see Jordan than she-rat aka Michelle!!!

  4. Well in a perfect world, Jeff would have been F2. If he was with the most deserving right now, it would have been Jeff/Kevin. Kevin is playing a good game at the moment. But I don’t want him to win. And I will scream if Natalie gets final 2. She’s annoying, stupid, a big liar and a floater. She won HOH by luck. She’s the weakest competitor. I would rather Michele or Jordan win, just because they don’t annoy me. But right now, I don’t feel like any of the final 4 should win, so I really don’t care. Bring back Jeff – if not, bring back Russell!!

  5. After watching this interview with Ross, I seriously doubt Jeff is coming back. He is done and on his way to the JH. I wish it wasn’t so but I think Michele is on her own now for a win. She has to win this next POV or she is the next one out. Go Michele go!!

  6. @Leo
    I agree that Jeff made dumb moves in the game and coasted early on and was handed a gift with a giant red bow call the coup d’etat.He shouldn’t be let back into the house.I don’t think anymore should at this point of the game.

  7. @ Lisa… Is natalie any luckier than Michelle who won a q/a HOH by pressing the button faster than Kevin? Don’t be a hypocrite!!!

  8. I was sad to see jeff go I think he should have won. Now I think Jordan should get it. She was led along by Jeff but now is her time to shine. I do not want Nat/Kev to win.

  9. Well im glad he got evicted. he made stupid moves, and he forgot to kiss his girl.



  10. Leo ima going to this season for the first time.

    Ive heard about it, but i will lose my virginty to Survivoy this sept. lol

  11. Wow, Jeff said he would take Jordan to Hawaii if she wins 500K. What an All American. He said he did not love Jordan. He said he’s only known her for 60 something days. Just a showmance to take him through the days. What about that?

  12. @ Marcus…. Send me a email, so I can have you be apart of my Survivor Blog Site… Your first…. L~O~L ~ Survivor Blog site that is…. Also what did you whink about my last Jeff song from yesterday?

  13. Michele to win. Yes, she has lied but she’s been smart and knows who to go after. Jeff and Jordan were dumb to believe a bully like Gnat and Kevin (the nasty little side kick who has no back bone).I told everyone Jeff wouldn’t win when Russell was going.

  14. @Leo

    Like I said earlier, I feel flighty today, I just updated this site to see that we have moved to another blog and I see the comments made by ‘disappointed’.

    I need some R&R time to get away from this computer for a while, so I will be back later and we can continue our friendly debates.

    In the meantime, have fun playing with people’s heads, but just remember to be nice to them!!

  15. Hey Yall’, whats up. Just saw a commercial on CBS with Julie Chen, It states the pandoras box is not over. It will be something to do with a competition at the Jury House. Has anyone else seen this promo?

  16. @ Leo—
    I love Survivor and am looking for a site to follow, did you say you are hosting a blog site for Survivor Samoa?

  17. After 11 years,Im now done.To watch a game that the only way to advance is to lie,no thank you.Kevin should be ashamed of him self,as well as his partner.Why would anyone give kudos to chima!!Natilieis a sick girl,and you cant tell me that shes no in love with Jessie,her pore boyfriend.Shes a champion in what??/Just lieing!!!Kevin and her dont deserve to win.Michelle and Jordon are the only 2 who should.

  18. @ brian I said the same thing last nite, how come we didnt see any goodbye messages to jeff? There was plenty of time for them to air them?

  19. nat’s not a champ she won bronze doesn’t sound like gold to me kev sucks (probably no defitnitly literally and figurativly) don’t care if i mis-spelled anything don’t care who wins now wasn’t a jeff lover but he’s the reason all of them even had a chance except michele so maybe go michele

  20. I liked Jeff and I was sad to see him go, but that’s the way the game is played. Big brother is all about lieing and cheating, it has been for 11 seasons. Most of the good players (really liked by America) have not pulled through. Take Janelle for example with Kaysar. Sometimes the good just doesn’t win.

    That’s life. Get over it.


  21. matt. youre really blushing on your interview with jeff.

    somebody should have mentioned that it was natalie and kevin’s plan to lie and encouraged jeff to kick russell out. jeff is blaming kevin so much he didnt know that natalie was a big part of that plan.

    now im hoping for michelle and jordan to be the final 2. though i want michelle to win, coz she deserves it more.

  22. i watched jeffs interview with julie. well he really seems a good guy. he said he wouldnt want to win the money using lies. he should be thankful he didnt fell into a slutty girl in the house. i have respect for jordan for keeping her legs close through out the game.

  23. @LEO, I love how you keep it real and tell it like it is! I usually don’t comment on here but I love the debates !

    As for my opinion? This BB year as been boring. Even the endurance comps seem mild compared to previous years ~
    I’m just waiting for the season to end so I can watch Survior :)

  24. @ Amanda… email me if you want to be apart of my Survivor Samoa Blog Site which will be the best Survivor Blog Site with the help of Matt (This Sites Creator) ok?

    @ Everyone…. Here is my predictions….

    Michelle wins POV

    natalie opens Pandora’s Box…

    Either natalie / Kevion find the Diamond Veto…

    They screw Michelle…

    Michelle fans threaten to stop watching BB even though they said the same thing about Jeff leaving as well

    natalie / Kevin will beat Jordan in the final HOH comp and will advance to the Final 2, where Kevin will win with America’s vote 5-2!!!

  25. @ Diana….

    The things i say about Michelle is mild compared to what people say about natalie and Kevin…..

    I know you support Michelle and you make some good points, but i blame Michelle for Russell being evicted and I hope like hell she gets screwed over to make up for her screwing Russell / Chima over…..

    Diana… Do me a favor ok? let me see your pearly whites with a BEAUTIFUL smile like this >>>>>>> ;) :D :) :)

    @ Diana… I grew up in real life in Michelle’s shoes living on the streets, so I can see where she is coming from… She is doing it in a game… i did it in life as a kid / teen…. I have not pity for her…. She put herself in that situation by going back and forth siding with wherever the power was even when Chima / Russell had it even though she said she liked neither behind there backs ok?

  26. I’m pulling for Kevin or Michelle with the hope that Kevin wins, I feel bad for him being Natalies tool ~

  27. Let’s say Jordan wins the POV…If she listens to Jeff, She will use it on Michele…What then?

  28. @ Fedup

    Here is my predictions….

    Michelle wins POV

    natalie opens Pandora’s Box…

    Either natalie / Kevion find the Diamond Veto…

    They screw Michelle…

    Michelle fans threaten to stop watching BB even though they said the same thing about Jeff leaving as well

    natalie / Kevin will beat Jordan in the final HOH comp and will advance to the Final 2, where Kevin will win with America’s vote 5-2!!!

  29. @ Fedup / Diana / Ashley and everyone else… I have to go workout for the next couple hours, but i will be back on tonight…. Please smile for me like so >>>>>>> ;) :D :) :P Have a good day!!!

  30. @ Fedup… Michelle will be on the block with kevin, so she can’t use it on jordan because Jordan won’t be nominated ok?

  31. @Leo #43…if you’re still there

    I got tha, but if JORDO wins, she can take Michelle off…what then?

  32. @ Fed up…..

    I hope Kevin wins the Diamond Veto… Also Jordan would screw herself with Natalie and therefor natalie would probably choose Michelle over Jordan out of spite… I think Jordan would leave the noms the same for self preservation

    Have a good day all!!!

  33. Someone pls briefly enlighten/remind me…When was the last DV used. I’m having hard time buying it…I’m looking forward to a twist that weakens Nat. Before anyone else says it, I know I sound like those who were in denial about Jeff…LOL!

  34. oh HELP. i have 4 girls..36..33…30.and 19. id be happy if one won BUT n o t at the price of our family looking like ‘jerks’.i know the game but trying to put stuff in their food, contact lense solution and doing harm ..NO WAY!!id like a rule book cause bb aint doing their job.someone gets hurt, i hope the family takes it to a higher and justified level. see ya AG.

  35. @ FedUp…. The Diamond Veto was used during BB 4 ok? I basically voided the original Veto Holders powers

  36. @Leo #38

    I’m sorry to hear that you had to go through this sort of trauma in real life, that is why I cannot understand how you can’t relate to her and show some compassion!

    Not liking someone’s personality and saying that about them behind their back is no big deal. How many times do we meet people that we don’t like and when we walk away say that ‘we can’t stand them’. Alot has to do with instinct when we first meet someone and the rest has to do with the way people treat you and let’s face it, none of these HG’s really treated Michele well.

    And please, don’t come back and say Chima did, because she was talking smack about Michele with the other HG’s taking on her holier than thou attitude in the HOH room with all her little puppets!

    Oh, I did forget to mention that even if Michele didn’t play both sides, her quirkiness is what the rest of the HG’s couldn’t cope with, so she would have been gone a long time ago without playing the way that she did.

    Let’s face it, she is different, but for me her qualities are endearing, just like her husband said last night!

    You know Leo, that we are buddies and although we may not see eye to eye on some of these blogs, we do respect each other’s opinion and I don’t believe for one second that you are a vindictive or mean person.

    So smiles back to you, enjoy your workout and we’ll blog later!

  37. @ Diana…. Thanks… Have a good day ok?

    @ Fedup…. No problem….

    @ Diana & FedUp…. here is a cyber hug until the next time we blog again…. ;) :D :) :P

  38. Jeff is such a natural to watch. His being in the house really helped to boost the ratings. I enjoyed his interview. Definitely one of Ross’s finer ones. I loved the end of the interview when Ross presented Jeff with crackers and cheese spread, particularly since I always keep that brand of crackers and cheese spread in my home.

    On another note, it’s time now for Big Brother to give America the right to evict a houseguest. Gee, I wonder who that would be.

  39. I hope Michelle gets her game on and gets the Power of Veto and then sends home kevin or Nat I hate them so much they are so DISCUSTING !!! I HOPE MICHELLE WINS =)

  40. @leo 1 everything u said about michele is correct but where are u gettng that jeff would be getting a 3rd chance? if ur talking about the CDT if anything it hurt him or got him the same distance. the cdt gave russell a 2nd chance cuz he was being voted out. jeff wasnt on the block. remember jeff and jordan were laying low and not a threat to anyone. ijesse wanted jesse wanted kevin out. nat wanted lydia out. they both wanted mich out. if he didnt use it they wouldnt have went after jeff or jordan until it was final 5 any way. and any way if jeff didnt use it then russ would have left and mich won hoh so she would have put jesse and nat up. then that mini golf comp would have been the pov insted of the hoh so jeff would have won that cuz he had a hole in 1 every time. he would not have used it and jesse would have went home any way and all the anger would have been on mich and jordo and jeff could have slid in there quietly while every one was fighting each other.

  41. can’t someone find out if BB brought Jeff to the jury house? I am surprised someone out there in CA wouldn’t know if a car took him there.

  42. Eww…Jeff just seemed to down play his feelings for Jordan. They aren’t friends…that was def. more then friends. and she called him her friend too. what’s up with them? I was really convinced there was soemthing there. and
    And why would he take her to hawaii if she won but maybe not if she didnt?

  43. Michelle, up until the last few days Jordan didn’t ever fully open up to Jeff, she would pull away if he tried to kiss her in public..etc I think he had a major crush on her but she said a bunch of times she was too young to settle down. I think he downplayed it because he doesnt want to get hurt.

  44. @Leo – Michele has won more than just one HOH. But I’m not even worried about that cause I don’t really care for Michele either. I don’t think Natalie deserves to be there, she has coasted through the whole game on either Jesse or Kevin’s coattails, and she needs to go. Jeff wasn’t handed anything with a big red bow, he was voted a power that everyone had the same chance of getting. No more than Jesse being handed the gift of the first HOH. I love how people keep going back to that. Jeff more than proved himself time and time again throughout the game after that power, he was the strongest player and played the best game. He would have won with his own playing and his own competing, but he made the mistake of believing a big fat liar in Nat and Kevin. He’s gone, but I still don’t think Nat has the intelligence to win. And I think some people are mad at her for lying about her age. I dont’ think anyone will vote that she played the best game. Right now, I think the 2 that may get votes are Michele and Kevin. I like Jordan the best out of the final 4, but she hasn’t done enough on her own to win right now.

  45. @ MIchelle
    @ Teri

    I think Jeff was telling “the way it is” re his relationship w/ Jordan. It was a showmance, not a romance…That is what those who liked them wanted to believe. He basically said that he was closest to her because she was always there for him and he’s the “type” of guy that needs that. Not sayin’ he doesn’t care for her, but let’s face it, he was totally being the “real” Jeff when he kept getting frustrated w/ her. There is no way he’d to choose to deal w/ her shortcomings in the real world…He has too many options that are more on his level.

  46. Teri…I didn’t know she said that to him about being too young.
    She might regret that some day…who the hell wouldn’t want to settle down with Jeff?

  47. @ Michelle

    I prefer to keep my blinders on and refuse to believe the possibility that I’ve invested time in a show that’s fixed…If Jeff happens to be evicted right at the time they’ve planned such a twist…It will be like learning there is no Santa all over again…LOL!

  48. They didn’t show Jeff goodbyes because he will have a chance to come back and one of the four will leave…hopefully gnat the rat….she is one evil person and if she starts on Michelle I hope she get up and leaves the room….Wait till we hear Kevin crying when Jordon or michelle wins the pov…and then Nat is left with jordon and Michelle and they give her the same treatment….

  49. why don’t people like Michelle she hasn’t done anything evil…just a lonely person how would you like it being treated like an outcast…She is being bully just like she was in school…wait until you have kids treated like her…That is why we have the trouble we have in schools now…to many Nats…..


  51. so they don’t do interviews with the ones who go back into the house?
    wouldn’t that tip everyone off he didn’t get interveiwed?
    if he came back in would it be Sun. or Tues?

  52. I have yet to see her brush her teeth or wash her hands after picking her nose and roll it…Nat that is… she is a pig…or even after going to bathroom…

  53. I’d LOVE to see Jeff back in the house but I had my hopes up so high last night that he would get to stay that I’m afraid to hope this time and be let down again.

  54. @Pam #73 – At this point, I think Mich should win…She has been a loner the entire game, and no matter how the HGs try to throw her off her game, she manages to get it together enough to focus and win comps at crunch time. No matter what her personal issues are, she’s proven to be, not only a strong competitor, but a strong person.

  55. I’ve always liked michele, but on after dark she was talking so negatively about jeff after she’s been up his ass everyday. that seemed so rotten to me. was she trying to impress Nat?

  56. Casey is already doing his thing…selling stuff with Banana’s on it google him and you will see….

  57. sservie…I was hoping when he tried to leave that door would be locked!!!!
    So dispappointed when he walked out

  58. #63 Michelle, I know when I saw how handsome he looked in that interview…or anytime he was shirtless on the show I said the same thing!

  59. michelle….and he opened both of them so fast there was no time for suspense :( i was so hoping for a pandora’s box twist last night.

  60. fed up…I agree totally…she probably has played the best game….And i agree with her about Russell…He would have stayed with the final four deal except Jeff believe L/N/K lie.Wonder if Lydia has told them about that lie…Julie sure wants to….

  61. sservie…me too. i’ve been so addicted to this season watching after dark every night. so hooked on the showmance. i’m embarrassed to say but I was really sad today lol

  62. I (joking) told my husband i was leaving him for jeff. He’s not perfect (who is?) but what a catch!

  63. she flat out told him she is too young to settle down? how’d i miss that! what did he say?

  64. it would be a watse of tome to bring him back. bb only has like 10 das left and julie even said this week will wrap up most thwe show and the half of next week. it almost time for bb11 to end and they need to stop pleasing the audience. it is a GAME and what happend happens. (i would like jordan or kevin to win though) at this point anyone coming back in the house would weirden the game up.

  65. Julie wants to tell them about the lie? I must have missed that…
    I hope that they do the pandoras box think on Sunday (or sooner)
    I also hope that Nat doesn’t listen to kev, someone told me that he told her to take the deal..I assume that means to take whatever they are offering her and not to share it but not 100% sure

  66. @ Michele
    @ Teri

    You two are really broken up over Jeff…It’s cute, but Teri leave your husband ;)

  67. it was in the back yard a while back, it was a joking light conversation I don’t remember exactly what she said but it was along the lines of her being too young to commit yet. I will have to find it, cause now I am curious

  68. I said I was joking, I tell him I am leaving him for Tom Brady too…ya know when he leaves Gisele for me

  69. @fedup…I got so sucked into the whole Jeff/jordan showmance! I’ve never watched so much tv in my life! hhahaha

  70. lmao i love the other night (i think it was the nominations episode or veto if i am wrong) when right before the flashback was ove rand the opening song/credits were shown, how they showed natalie freaking out over the bug. that was the highlight of the whole episode!!!

  71. @ Pamm #99 – When (if for those of you who LOVE Jeff) gets to the JH, he’ll realize alot of those Douche Bags would have given him their vote, Jesse and Russel in particular, but I believe Lydia is a follower. He’ll learn about the LML and Nasty Nats real age…It will be interesting. BB should switch the live feeds to the JH ;)

  72. lol. do you think natalie will make it past the final 3? i hope not. i want jordan to win. if not then kevin but i love jordan!

  73. The cynic in me says that this whole pandora’s box will end up getting Jeff back in the game.CBS must know how much the viewers “love” Jeff and they’ll change the game to get him back in.It’s almost become like the WWE were the show is scripted and predetermined.

  74. @ Teri – I know you were joking…I put the smiley face b/c it’s cute…I won’t bother listing who I would “jokingly” leave my spouse for ;)

  75. Why do you think that the HGs believe Natalie is 18? Just because they don’t question it (or care) what does it matter if they think she’s 18 or 24? She’s a bully at either age.

  76. IDEA – All of the Jeff supporters could petition CBS for a Bachelor type show for Jeff…It’s a win win for the network and his many fans!

  77. I think they believe nat is 18 cause she acts so immature. Remember how she was when Jesse was in the house? PPL excused her behavior because they thought she was just young and dumb…lol

  78. @ Mary Beth – I don’t know why NataLIE thought it was to her advantage to lie about her age, especially since she told at least two HGs the truth. The real question is why haven’t the HGs BB/CBS would jeopardize liability. I don’t think they care. However, Jeff did complain about being out before an 18 yr old, and didn’t Russel say somethin’ about being in the JH before an 18 yr old before Jesse and Lydia shared that she was only 18?

  79. @#116 Teri, watch Ross Matthews interview with Jeff, there will be no wedding. It almost sounds like there will be no date after the show.

  80. Mary Beth – re Liability…I’m speaking of Nat drinking alcohol…There is no way BB/CBS would allow it…BTW, Nat rec’d alcohol (MIke’s Lemonade coolers)in her HOH room and Jordan actually commented on it. BB has given the HGs a hint, and as of yet no one has figured it out or they don’t care.

    Sidenote: From the date of move in, Kev always said she wasn’t 18, and he’s told her so.

  81. @sservie. I agree with you about that. I always thought that. I know she is sweet, but OMG that can get annoying

  82. I watched Natalie rehearse her nomination speech in which she will absolutely try and destroy Michele. This repulsive individual has ZERO redeeming qualities and I hope once she is on the outside that people treat her like she is treating Michele. What she thinks is a joke is nothing less then viciousness on the part of someone who has no sense of decency.

  83. Can anyone tell me why Natalie says she “hates” Michelle? What did Michelle do to Chima?

    Since POV selects who leaves this week to determine f3, how are the final2 determined?

  84. I think that none of the other HG care enough about Natalie to care that she is not 18. BB/CBS don’t care about her lie because she is legally old enough to drink. If the other Hg are dumb enough to believe her lie, let them because it doesnt hurt CBS

  85. @ Jcat – How dare you say those things about Nat…She is playing the game and has gotten this far by keeping her integrity in tact and abiding by her Christian values and morals…NOT! I think NataLIE actually believes her own lies. She tripped all over herself to tell Jeff, “I kept my word…I kept my word.” Arrrgghh!!! She’s a piece of work…thrwoing Kevin under the bus right in his face.

  86. All I heard was tuesday was going to be a special live episode but nothing about an eviction. Can anyone confirm this?

  87. Does anyone think Jordan will wise up to Natalie’s
    plan to not take her to the F2 after she hears her
    hateful nomination to Michele?

    I sure hope so.

  88. The Tues. live eviction was announced by Julie at the end of Thurs. show and it’s scheduled on

  89. I heard Kevin and Natalie talking about stealing all of Michele’s blankets and clothes. I hope Michele wins POV and evicts Kevin. Then she wins the HOH for the final 2 and evicts Natalie. Since there is no POV for the final 2 she can say to Natalie” Don’t let the door hit you in the A** on the way out”

  90. 140-Jordan, to me, doesn’t seem like the type of person that would tolerate that kind of behavior, esp when it’s unecessary.

  91. *Sunday Nominations @ 8pm EST
    *Tuesday Live Episode @ 9pm EST:
    POV Comp/Veto Meeting/Eviction/HOH: Part 1 Endurance Comp

    *Thursday @ 8pm EST: Final HOH Comp
    *Sunday (Sept 13th): Highlights Episode
    *Tuesday (Sept. 15th): BB11 Finale

  92. Jcat

    Last I read Natalie still has Michele’s gloves.
    Will BB Production make sure she gives them back to
    Michele before competitions?

    I really, really dislike Natalie.
    There is BB Game Play and downright hatefulness.
    Natalie is all about hatefulness towards others.

  93. @ Midwest Fan – When did Nat take Michele”s`gloves? She, Kev, and Rus couldn’t find them. You’ll be happy to learn that BB told Kev and Nat to stop all the BS with Michele.

  94. @MidwestFan, I also heard that earlier today Natalie put Michelle’s ring in the garbage can. It has not been taken out yet.

  95. I love how the Final 4 represents all the cliques: Athletes Natalie, Brains Michelle, Offbeats Kevin, and Popular Jordo.

  96. @Indigo – Nat didn’t throw her wed ring away…She threw away Jeff’s beer tabs he kept by Budha for good luck.

  97. Chelsie

    If Natalie (HOH) wins pov & doesn’t change the noms, doesn’t Jordan make the vote?

  98. this is what nat says she will say:
    Natalie: “Michele, I feel that you’re a backstabbing liar and that the way you played this game is unethical, and I don’t feel like you deserve to be here. Michele, what you did to Chima was the ultimate betrayal, and it’s despicable what you’ve done to her. Michele, 4 weeks ago, I almost wanted to go home & it was because of you. You betrayed Chima . Michele you say you dedicated your life to Christian values, well…due to your actions, you threw those Christian values away. I’m also a Christian, Michele. And if there’s one thing I learned as a Christian, is to not make a deal with the devil. And Michele, you offered me a deal a couple days ago (to save Jeff and go to Final 3). Well Michele, obviously I declined your deal, because if I would have made a deal with you, it would have been me making a deal with Satan herself. And yes this is a game, and yes you have to lie, but you don’t need to sell your soul to the devil in order to win this game. And if the only way to win this game is by selling my soul my devil, well then I guess I’m not gonna win Michele.”

    Kevin said he’s gonna do the whole “hey I understand you nominating me, it’s okay” speech that everybody does after nominations. Then he’ll go to Michele and trash talk Natalie but won’t go overboard on it.

    Natalie: “I’m doing this to avenge Chima!”

    1:11pm BBT:
    Natalie still going on & on.

  99. @ FedUp…. Can you feel the burn? JK….. I just got done working out…

    @ Jeff Fans….. If you watch Survivor, I am sure you remember Boston Rob & Amber from Survivor All Stars…. They went on to get married with a 2 hour special on CBS and the Amazing Race two times (One was an amazing Race All Stars Edition)…. I think it is possible for Jeff to be on the Bachelor or J/J to be paired up oon a future Amazing Race……

  100. ugh, i posted the text of what nat says she is going to say in her nom speech but it went into moderation. Basically it is mean and a long rant about michelle being satan and that Nat is a christian too and she will not make a deal with the devil

  101. 155teri- are you serious???? what a childish thing to do. nat has NO reason to hate michele so much. nat is a poor excuse for a human being!!!

  102. @cindigwc, if Natalie wins POV, then she would WANT to use it. Kevin is just a pawn, even though she is pretending to be mad at him. If Nat wins POV, she will use it on Kev. The Kevin will be able to decide between Michelle and Jordan. Which I’m sure Kev will get rid of Michelle.

  103. there are rounds in the finals comp. winner of round 1 automatically gets final 2, then the other 2 battle it out for the last spot

  104. I bet her boyfriend is really proud of her and her dad…remember not to sell yourself for anything….been there and done that dad

  105. 156-in the F3, the person not on the block votes to send someone home…leaving the F2…then JH decides.

  106. note to anyone that might ever try out for BB…you are in a house 24/7, you can’t leave, don’t have to work…take a shower every day!!!! Do you really want to get home and have your new nickname be stinky cause all of america knows you smell!!!

  107. I see. Thanks everyone.

    Does anyone think Jordan would have the guts to either save Michelle or vote Kevin out if she did happen to win the POV?

  108. fedup

    I read the late night/early AM talk between Kevin and Natalie
    and she said, she still has Michele’s gloves.

    The way I read Michele’s play is that she was always alone.
    Chima and Ronnie tolerated/hated her. Same for Jessie & Natalie.
    Michele knew it too. She may have been “on” their team but
    was never a “true” partner and never a friend.

    I, also, believe that when Michele approached Russsell, when he
    was HOH, she was serious about having an alliance and
    she would have honored it and not “thrown Russell under the
    bus” to Chima except Russell immediately bailed on Michele.

    Russ barely took a breathe before he was betraying Michele.
    I thought her quick response denying him was pure genius.
    It got him in trouble but he did it to himself.

  109. This nomination ceremony can’t be an hour long! The HGs must be doing something else. I think last week the Pandora’s Box was done right after the noms. I think Natalie will be opening the door!

    For those still asking about the key that Jeff found: The key was only to unlock the HOH Kevin so he could get money also. If no one wanted to unlock him, then the trick was that Kevin would have received no money and saw his HGs get all the money with greed. But the key was used, and Kevin raked in $626.

  110. The final HoH competition occurs when only three HouseGuests remain. The competition is held in three parts. For the first stage, the HouseGuests compete in an endurance contest requiring the HouseGuests to hang on to their keys in the face of some unusual circumstance. The second stage is commonly a game of skill between the losers of the previous stage. The winners of first and second stage face off in a quiz where the participants must guess what departed HouseGuests thought. The winner of the third stage becomes the last HoH while the two other HouseGuests are automatically nominated. As none of the trio are eligible to vote, the last HoH breaks the 0-0 tie and chooses who to evict.

  111. Lessa – Big Brother Craze


    Natalie to Kevin:

    “I’ll go down with you – I want to grab my bag, that’s
    where I have her gloves.”

  112. @Pam yes I think so too. They stopped live feeds at 4:17pm BBT. Still not back up. I think its Pandora’s Box game time.

  113. “She may have been “on” their team but
    was never a “true” partner and never a friend.”

    Same thing with J/J. Funny how Jordan is NOW cozying up to Michelle, when she & Jeff talked sooooooo bad about her.

  114. #181: No I don’t think there is a scenario at Final 4 where Jeff can come back. Even though BB’s motto is “expect the unexpected”, Natalie and Kevin will have a hissy fit and Allison G knows it. Our beloved Jeffrey is gone.

    He gone.

  115. @cyndigwc
    J/J already spoke about sticking with Michelle after Jeff got evicted. So yes, now Jordan is cozying up to Michelle. Who would she cozy up to instead? Gnat? Kev? Please. She’s playing a game.

  116. Uzza…You’re right…Mmm. Nat warned BB that her speech was gonna be long, but Damn…LOL! Nat was saying how the ceremony was gonna be a doozy before feeds went to trivia. Who knows…like they say “expect the unexpected”

  117. Well Nat was supposed to be her new bff.

    Jeff said stick to both Nat & Michelle, but Michelle will take her to the final2. Jordan is doing it just because Jeff told her to. She’s a a Jeff puppet. Why not trust her own instincts. After all “Jeff” campaigned for himself (against Jordan) in the final 4. And he’ll only LET her go to Hawaii with him IF she wins the $500k.

    Jordan may not be that bright but I think she can do better. Jeff is only interested in his Macting career.

    I understand Jordan is playing a game just as all of them are. So they all lie and are deceptive…to play the game.

  118. Oh @sservie I totally agree with you. So far this season Lydia, Natalie and Chima were spoiled little divas. If anyone has been watching the live feeds all season, you’d agree. This is the first season that I can remember where they had three divas and they controlled BB big time.

    Well actually if you include Kevin (in the last three weeks), then this season has 4 divas. LOL

  119. During an interview, Jeff said if Jordan doesn’t win the $500k,
    he hopes Michele does because she has played a good game.
    When asked why he said such nasty things about Michele, he
    said she got on his nerves but so did all the HGs.

    I think he’ll be surprised at how nasty he looked on the show.
    He shouldn’t be surprised but I think he will be ……………….

    He also said he and Jordan are not boyfriend/girlfriend but
    “good friends – good, good friends.”
    And he doesn’t know who he will take to Hawaii.

  120. lying is one thing but to be out right evil is another thing….and come on Kevin you have fell right in to nats plans …you have all the blood on yours not her..

  121. Maybe there is something else going on besides just Nominations…Maybe just MAYBE….

    Jeff will be in the Pandora Box and Gnat will choose to open the box for my goodies and it will be GUESS WHO?????????


    We can only hope and dream..

  122. @sservie

    I agree BB should control the HG not the other way around but I’d be P.O’d if I signed up for “game show” where my game play determined if I won or not but it turned out I was only a underpaid actor in CBS’s latest drama. They’d have to pay minimum wage and overtime for all the other hg.

  123. fedup, Natalie was planning on saying that Michelle was Satan. I wonder if BB will allow that? Michelle has lied from one team to another, but that’s gameplay, nothing to do with being evil.

    The time is coming up on 1 1/2 hours. WHOA. I can’t wait to hear some DRAMA. :-)

  124. @final4-i think BB has made a mistake by giving in to HG hissy fits and it could affect future seasons.

  125. Natalie is in the DR. Something is going on. Kev, Jord and Mich are talking about something going on and Nat was mad as hell.

  126. Looking forward to hearing about the Live Feeds.

    To all posting the info –
    Thanks in advance.

  127. Catfight…

    Michelle couldn’t take Natalie anymore after that nomination speech and unleashes all her pent up anger on Natalie and they throw down! LOL

    just kidding

  128. Uzza…there is no telling what is going on. We know who is going on the block, but it’s still suspenseful, huh.

  129. Natalie just got out of DR.

    They haven’t even had nomination ceremony yet. Natalie said that the HGs can not ask her about Pandora’s Box. So they must have had PB mystery door that whole time.

    Natalie does NOT look happy!

  130. Does Mike’s Hard Lemonade come in plastic bottles?

    Hopefully Nat got bad news & will need the Hard Lemonade and the plastic.

  131. fedup, they didn’t have nominations yet. DRAMA.

    Natalie just said that she is not allowed to play in tomorrow’s Veto Comp. And she is not happy about it.

  132. Natalie said that this was a BAAAAD Pandora’s Box. And that she doesn’t want to talk about it. hahahahah. I can’t wait to know!

  133. These are updates from Jokers:

    It was not a comp; it was the result of Nat opening Pandora’s box. She said it was a BAD pandora’s box this time. No money.

    Fri 5:56 PM BBT Natalie does NOT get to play in veto comp

  134. fedup, I am wondering since Natalie was rehearsing her nominations speech all day today, if BB just wanted to give her a slap of reality and do Pandora’s Box to chill her out a bit. She looks so anger.

    Oh wait, she just asked Kevin to go to HOH room and do “one more rehearsal” for nominations speech.

    HOH Room is locked. Natalie is locked out. HAHHAHAA


  135. I think I have figured it out guys!

    From Jokers again:

    Natalie’s attitude is that she seems to be hiding something and happy about it.

    They say there were two boys and a girl.


    Someone commented earlier that when they did a promo. for Pandora’s Box on CBS, they showed the JH with Russell, Jessie and Lydia.

    I am betting that this new comp. will be bringing one of these 3 back into the comp. and Jeff sadly will not be coming back!

  136. nat locked out of HOH room, what poetic justice…FINALLY! now if she can just get booted out of the house!!!

  137. Uzza – She may want to hold off with that speech until after the POV…She just may fuel Michele’s desire to win…She is too stupid to realize that!

  138. Midwest, LOL i think they should hold off on all the glass bottles too! Remove the knives as well!! LOL

  139. does anyone remember the season of big brother where someone kept flying messegege over the house with a plane? i wanted to send one over the house that said “jeff dont trust kevin and nat they are lying” but the only problem was i live in new york and have no clue where the house is in cali. i would have payed for it though if i knew someone who was from around there.

  140. Diana, Kevin mentioned that he saw one of the guys and he was ugly. So I dont’ think it was the former HGs.

  141. If Nat shows the least bit of happiness, maybe the twist in the JH re Pandora’s Box may give Natalie an opportunity to go and talk to a member(s)of the JH to get an idea of where everyone’s head is at…Maybe she would be willing to give the chance to play in the comp to get insight on who is actually her biggest competitor for votes.

  142. Kevin is in the HOH room with Natalie and guiding her to say that Pandora’s Box was good not bad, just to fool Jordan and Michelle.

    Kevin at least has a brain.

  143. From Leesa – Big Brother Craze

    Something about a cat/kitten, a boy, a girl and someone
    dressed as roach ???????????????

  144. @Uzza #224

    I hope that is the case, however Kevin thought that Russell was ugly because Rus. had it in for him, but I am hoping that I am wrong, because I really want to see Nats. face when Jeff walks in and says ‘let me help you with your bags so you can go to the JH’ and by the way, I have packed some nice juicy bugs in there for you as well!!!

  145. Kevin may be one VETO away from exiting the house…he needs to focus on what advances his game not Nats. What is his problem and need to baby Nasty Nat?

  146. Natalie is coming up with yet another LIE. She is rehearsing the lie with Kevin.

    She is going to tell Michelle and Jordan that since she opened PB, she can’t play POV comp tomorrow BUT she got to have her boyfriend in the house with her. That’s her lie. UGH!

    Well, we’ll see if that LIE works on them.

  147. @Uzza.

    Damn! I wanted to post that Natalie couldn’t compete in the Veto. But I have mixed feelings about this.

  148. @Uzza #231

    This maybe the lie that will finally bring her down! I don’t think that Michele will fall for it although Jordan is questionable, because she is very gullible!

  149. Jordan and Michelle are buying the hell out of this LIE.

    And for good measure, Natalie also says that her boyfriend was there in the room for 20 mins with her and he proposed.

    Jordan says “is this really true” and Natalie says (more than once), “I swear on my life”.

    Jordan is questioning it now saying “why aren’t you crying” and Michelle says, “yeah it doesn’t look like you’ve been crying”.

  150. My thoughts are that if Russell comes back into the house, how sweet would that be!

    He endured so much abuse from Chima with the whole terrorist b.s. and Nat. claiming that her HOH win was for Chima, so in my mind that is sweet, sweet KARMA!!

    This one’s for you Nat!!!

  151. I just read where both Jordan and Michele don’t believe
    Natalie’s first story and believe she is telling Kevin the
    truth up in HOH.

    If Kevin and Nat didn’t want to look like a “team” they should
    have never gone upstairs together at this critical time.

    This could be the catalysis for Michele and Jordan to form
    a SOLID/UNBREAKABLE Final 2 Alliance …………….. Forward! March!

  152. Either Michelle or Jordan just asked “where’s the ring?” HAHAHHA These two are funny!

    Natalie lies and says that she told her boyfriend to hold the key so she could prank the HGs about what really happened upstairs.

    Michelle and Jordan are either playing great actresses OR they really believe Nat!



  153. If I were a HGs, I wouldn’t care why she couldn’t play in the VETO comp…I’d just focus on winning the Veto…Then, I’d concern myself with what’s next. That’s one less person to compete…Nat can’t think there all broken up by this news.

  154. Ah ………………. fast moving evening.

    Thanks for the info that Natalie has already told Michele
    and Jordan her second lie.


  155. Wow, Natalie’s lie is soooo expanded. I don’t know if she can remember everything she just said!

    sservie, AGREED! Never say “I swear on my life”.

    I think I hear lightning! LOL

  156. She’s lying. What man in their right mind would propose to Gnat the she-ape-dog? What drew him in? The not showing? The nose picking? The lying and vindictiveness?

  157. whenever Nat thinks there is something in it for her, she lies. BB prob gave her a choice of something for her or for everyone and she chose for herself..then got screwed

  158. Jordan and Michelle have to think that something it up. Natalie first said that her boyfriend was there for 20 mins. Yet Nat is going off about what they did and said to each other. Its like an hour conversation.

    They have to smell a rat. 1st Natalie is pissed off when she comes out of the HOH room, yet she supposedly had a 20 min engagement romp with her boyfriend?


  159. Oh my!

    Natalie just said to Michelle, “this is the honest to God’s truth” (referring to the proposal).



  160. If I was Nats. boyfriend and I was watching this or reading these blogs. I would run a mile and get out of the same State she is living in.

    He has to be awfully embarrassed by her antics and it shows a very negative light on him, when he could be one of the nicest guys who just got caught up in all her lies. She has probably continually lied to him throughtout their relationship and perhaps now he can see her true colors and not buy her b.s. about it all being strategy.

  161. fedup! LOL I thought the same thing once I typed it. :-) Too funny!

    Poor Jordan is just eating everything up.

  162. They are locking her out of the HOH room now. i think she gave up her HOH for something selfish and that’s why the noms have been postponed. She can’t play this next one (only K, M and J) and she’s going to end up screwed in the game.

  163. Diana, I agree with #254. Natalie also said that she was nervous about the engagement because his mother and sister don’t like her.

    She is airing out a lot of personal boyfriend shiitt. I would be so embarrassed by her lies and her actions.

  164. Uzza…Nat’s really stickin’ to her Christian values…That Nom speech gets weaker by the minute…I starting to feel bad for Nasty Nat…NOT! HAHAHAHA

  165. Reality Check:

    Would Natalie give up playing for the IMPORTANT POV to see her
    boyfriend for 20 minutes?

    NO WAY!
    It is too close to the end of the game. She is HOH and
    has had her letter and treats from home so she hasn’t been
    deprived for weeks and weeks of family/boyfriend contact.


  166. Whats the point of the lie? How is this going to benefit K/N? I dont get it. Natalie is a liar, this goes beyond the game. No one lies this damn much.

  167. Wow you got a proposal from your bf and your not crying for happiness? Umm girls, its time you woke up and smelled the nat. If it smells like a skunk, it is a skunk.

  168. Kevin realizes that Natalie just threw him under the bus since she can’t play in the POV. So it is Kevin against M/J and if he one wins, he is gone. Just watching Kevin’s face as Natalie was going on looks like he doesn’t believe her. Just a side note, Jordan looks great in her dress.

  169. Terri, when natalie first said it, she just came out of the DR. BB called her into the DR after she was so upset with Pandora’s Box (per Kevin). So I do believe that she can’t play in POV tomorrow. But you’re right, maybe she be lying!

    fedup, if Natalie still goes off on Michelle during nominations, then she is not playing a good game. Natalie needs to chill with her speech because now that she can’t play POV (per her), she SHOULD be smart enough to not piss off Michelle and Jordan for Final 2.

  170. Did you notice how she stressed her age AGAIN to
    Kevin, Michele and Jordan? 18 years old yet looking like 30 years old.


  171. Midwest fan #264: I KNOW I KNOW! I don’t understand why Michelle and Jordan believe it all.

    But again, maybe they are just going along with her.

    BTW, Michelle just said that she saw the lady that was there was doing something, so since Michelle saw the lady, it is definitely not LYDIA! (per the guesses above).

  172. @ Diana….. Hello little lady… How is your evening going?

    @ FedUp & Teri…. Wuz up?

    @ Everyone….. I have a source that told me if Natalie sayswhat DR told her, she will be evicted and replaced with a JH member…. She is not allowed to say why she can’t play in the POV because she had a choice to either receive the Dimaond Veto and not play for the Veto or play for the Veto and win… I guess she isn’t too confident in herself or Kevin….. I hope she slips up and I’d evicted so Russell can come back….

    P.S. She said her boyfriend proposed…. She had to say something because she opened the box and didn’t want to be expelled for telling the truth…

  173. Wait, what lie did they catch her in. Im so lost with all these damn lies! So, SHE CAN play in POV or not….

  174. I guess when Natalie first got out of the HOH room after Pandora’s Box, she yelled out “I just lost $500,000!” And then she got called into the DR.

    Then she got locked out of her HOH room. Kevin told her to go to DR and ask what’s up. Natalie goes to DR and comes out saying “they said its unlocked now, but let’s go outside and see what they (Jordan and Michelle) are up to”.

    So we really don’t know if she is still locked out or not! She might be lying about that too.

  175. @Uzza,

    yeah, I agree she shouldn’t p.o. Michelle. That girl turns all that anger into winning.

    Although I want Natalie & Kevin in the final2 & still want Russell back.

    I have to chuckle though, if my son was Natalie’s bf, I’d have him kidnapped & held in seclusion before I let him marry her. She just lies too well. Run son, run very very fast & very very far…LOL

    what does that judge on tv say? “I wouldn’t believe her if her tongue came notorized”.

  176. Please Leo, take ur meds again, ur hearing more voices, and so far none of them have told you anything remotely true. lol

  177. @Leo #272

    You almost had me with the Diamond Veto again, but that didn’t happen and you are good, but I am better at working you out!

    Don’t start getting Nats. reputation now. OK, you couldn’t be that bad, only little white lies from you Leo, not BIG BLACK ones like Nat.

    I’m doing well, will write to you later via email, OK??

  178. Leo the Diamond Veto theory was pushed around last week for saving Jeff and getting rid of Kevin as HOH.

    So whoever is guessing at that (and I do LOVE that scenario), just is using last week’s theories.

  179. @Uzza #282

    I have a theory about Kevin. He told Nat. to tell the lie, so he could throw her under the bus and save himself. He is playing both sides in the middle and he is hoping that he will fall on the right side of not getting evicted this week.

    Kevin knows what a sly fox Nat. is and I think that he is trying to play her so she is exposed finally!

  180. Maybe leo is nats bf, and he really did propose to her. Thats where he got his “inside” information. Is leo hiding the Diamond veto where the sun don’t shine?

  181. Nobody questions what kind of guy who is 26 is going out with an 18 year old and wants to marry her. He supposedly was 24 and she was 16 when she went to Boston with him.(I’m not criticizing him because she is 24, it’s just that he wants to marry her). She also drinks in front of them and BB does nothing to prevent it. How DENSE are these people.

  182. Do you guys hear how she is REALLY spinning this lie, she’s a pro at this. She is truly a sick individual. I think she believes this….dont you? Kevin has to be thinking, damn this girl is good at lying.

  183. I really don’t understand the point of this lie. What is the benefit to Natalie if they do believe that her boyfriend was in the house and that he proposed to her?

    Someone help me with this one.

  184. Jordan and Michelle have to be playing dumb.

    Natalie is STILL coming up with new things that her and her boyfriend talked about. Its like about a two hour conversation now. All in 20 mins? UGH

    I wish one of them would say “let’s just talk about something else”.


    I guess the nominations ceremony is still suppose to be tonight. So maybe we’ll know soon what’s really going on!

    I hope Natalie’s GREED got her off of HOH! YAY!

  185. @Chelsie #285

    No, Leo doesn’t LIE, this is a game (an inside joke) that we have been playing on each other for the past few days about the Diamond Veto.

    Leo is a good guy, so please don’t think otherwise!

  186. @Leo

    Re: “she had a choice to either receive the Diamond Veto and not play for the Veto or play for the Veto and win.”

    Wouldn’t that be a no brainer, if DV overrides the veto? Got to be more too it, where’s the risk?

  187. @Lionel I was wondering the same thing. Please fill me in..I have no idea the point of this lie.

  188. @Lionel #291

    The lie was created to try to throw J/M off as to why Nat. cannot play for the POV.

    Nat. wants them to think that she still has the power and she is trying to scare them into thinking that she has a special power!

  189. Diana, I think Leo is hilarious. I just didnt get it at first. NAT AND THESE LIES ARE CONFUSING ME! No, you and Leo are great!

  190. Michele knows what it is like to have someone you love
    propose marriage. It is exciting, joyful, etc..

    She doesn’t believe Natalie.

    “So your boyfriend proposed to you and you play a prank?”


  191. Lionel, Kevin said to Natalie up in the HOH room earlier that Natalie looks like something bad happened. So Kevin then suggests to Natalie to go back downstairs and tell the girls this HUGE lie so they don’t figure out what’s really going on (that the Pandora’s Box was really bad).

    Kevin told Natalie that it would be in HER best interest to fool Jordan and Michelle so they don’t start talking F2 together.

  192. @ Diana…. Did you get my email? Also what do you and the rest of the bloggers think about my info? Please indulge me with your feedback everyone!!!

  193. I don’t know what jokers is/are, but both Kevin and Michelle say the people. So they are either really stupid for not noticing them OR they are both playing dumb with Jordan and Natalie.

  194. Also, Natalie and her boyfriend thought he might be able
    to come into the main part of the BBH and meet Michele, Kevin
    and Jordan.

    Two full GOLD plates of sushi ……….. never ate a bite.

    Duh! Huh?

  195. Michele told everyone that she is going to ask BB if they can have an engagement party for Natalie. This is the same Michele that Natalie wants to DIS at the nomination ceremony. Maybe Michele doesn’t believe Natalie and wants to see what BB has to say.

  196. I understand the idea of a lie, but this lie in particular just doesn’t make sense at all. She’s saying that she gave up competing in POV for the time with her boyfriend, so she’s not acting like she has a hidden power. I think she’s just a pathological liar who needs to lie – even about stupid crap.

  197. Give Natalie some Mike’s Hard Lemonade and she will be
    telling the others, she picked out her wedding dress tonight too.

  198. @Leo #302

    I haven’t been off Jokers or this site to check email.

    It looks as though Nat. says something about choosing a jury member or a housemate.

    I think that this means she will get to choose who comes back and we all know who that will be!

    I hope that I am wrong and your boy Russell comes back and gets rid of her quickly and R/M go to the F2.

    Michele $500k, Russell $50k – that would be sweet, but I know you would like to have Russell win $500k!

  199. Thats what Ive been saying Lionel. I think she is a liar (thats who she is) Its getting ridiculous now!

  200. Jcat, there are live feeds to the BB house. It costs $14.99 month. Its at the end of the last posted comment. I’m watching it as I type here tonight.

    I have a “we’ll be right back” screen right now. Maybe noms!!!!

  201. @Jcat #308

    I personally think Michele is calling for the party, because she doesn’t believe Nats. b.s. and wants to call her out.

    Michele is smart, she is not making any waves right now, she wants Nat. to be her own undoing!

  202. @ Diana & other people…. When I have said something I have heard… How often am I correct or telling the truth? I am not lying nor am I playing a joke…

    @ exrev…. If you read jokers updates you have other people saying she looks happy… I am just speculating, but I think if she has a power BB told her to keep it secret or else..

    Is that unreasonable? hmmmmm… That is what they did with the CDT…… Does anyone doubt there is a reason Nat can’t play tommorow?

    Does anyone belive they flew Nat’s BF to the house just so they could talk for 20 minutes? They would have known she would open PB to see her boyfriend…

    @ Everyone…. Can anyone tell me one time I Leo Anderson spread a lie or false rumor? One time please?

    I haven’t because I always get mad at others for doing it!!!

  203. And, really, in twenty minutes, this dude surprises her, I’m assuming that they would hug and kiss for a minute or two, they catch up on life at home, he tells her that their friends and her co-workers are all watching, he teases her about what went on with Jesse, she scolds him for not getting her the coup d’état, they talk game and he assures her that she did the right thing in evicting Jeff, blah, blah, blah, and, oh yeah, he throws in a proposal.

    Come on. Not only is it a pointless lie, it’s a really stupid lie. It’s like when a little kid tells a story and gets more and more convoluted as it goes on.

  204. Leo, I don’t think you are a liar. I was just saying that the Diamond Veto was discussed last week. (this is in reference to your “@everyone comment).

    :-) Not everyone thinks you are a liar dear.

  205. I have the live feeds and didn’t hear anything that Natalie said she lost HOH. I also checked Joker and there wasn’t anything on that either.

  206. @Diana, That would be sweet, to see Russ come back and go to Final 2 with Michele. i prefer Michele winning but I would take anyone over Nat the Batty Rat.

  207. @Leo #319

    You mad at me??

    I did tell Chelsea that you are not a liar and the bantering between us was a private joke about the Diamond Veto.

    I don’t want you being upset with me, because we are buddies remember!!!

  208. natalie has gone off of the deep end…

    that girl.. claims to have gotten engaged to.. pulled a prank and then talked about her bf/ now fiance saw he, noting the jesse jason incident after he proposed, and then talking about bugs … all in 20 minutes.. either she is lying.. or she had one of the most pathetice propsals i have EVER heard of…with no one seeing you except the producers who have bossed you around for months.. oh joy.. i hope i am that lucky

    she is stupid and anyone who believes her is stupid too. and she is purposely hateful stupid..

    i just done like her.. and i will be sick if she wins… like, dont waste another second of my life big brother..

    thats all.. havnt posted in awhile.. felt like ranting.. happy labor day weekend everyone

  209. @ Diana and everyone….. It would have to be something like money or a guarentee that Natalie would be safe…. It may not be a Diamond Veto, but there is something……. I think if Russell or another houseguests comes back Nat will be leaing…. She may have took money and then realized after she picked a HG to come back “oh sh** this was too good to be true”…..

  210. Something is going on now. Feeds are on fishies right now. Maybe they’re being told about what really happened…

  211. Jcat, people are just speculating that Natalie lost HOH, because she is locked out of it right now. And she was steaming mad about Pandora’s Box.

    So there really isn’t anything to search for. Just people guessing. :-)

    I still have the BRB screen too! I think there is more DRAMA to come!!!

    If it was nominations, the screen would say “the HG are recording nomination ceremony at this time”.

  212. @Leo #330

    I think that I mentioned something about money earlier on today and that she would probably grab it through her greed.

    Out of the 3 R/L/J, you know that I would prefer your boy to come back, so if Jeff doesn’t have that option (and it doesn’t look like he does), then Russell is my preference to go to the F2 with Michele.

    So, now I think that we are back on the same page!!

    @xxx #329

    Leo and I do not take things too personally, we both respect each other’s opinions and we both have acknowledged when we have overstepped our boundaries and show each other the courtesy of an apology.

    Leo has shown that he is a man that can admit wrong, and I have demonstrated time and time again that I am willing to accept when I am wrong also.

    I have always tried to be objective and Leo throws another spin on my theories, that my friend is good debating!

  213. oh sorry sservie! I’ll get you info as soon as the live feeds come back on. We have the BRB screen right now.

  214. @ Diana….. I am not mad ok? I will email you the link because I am not having it get posted on here……

    Three questions for everyone?

    Am I the only person besides Michelle BB11 who sees the lie Natalie is saying about her BF?

    Does anyone think it is far fetched that BB Producers would tell Nat if she discusses her power she will not only use it but be replaced by another HG in the game? The CDT had string attatched…

    Does anyone believe Nat is so sure of herself in the game &JH members that she wouldn’t accept $25,000 – $100,000 to let a JH member replace her in the game or give up her 5 day HOH?.

    Please indulge me!!!

  215. @Chelsie #331

    Apologies for the spelling mistake in your name, and I know you didn’t understand our joke and that is fine. I think Leo understands that there was no malice in my comments, at least I hope he does.

  216. diane why would you say jeff is out of the running to come back…he is the only one who haas not gotten to talk to evicted HG

    i’m a Sox fan and here in MA we always believe!!!

  217. @Diana #338 if you see someone’s comments you don’t like, just ignore. You are feeding into people’s needs to irk others. Let it go. You don’t need to defend yourself. Just friendly advice.

  218. @Uzza #337 I agree with you that there is probably more drama coming. I hope that Natalie lost her HOH and they either hold another HOH competition or Jeff is returning as the HOH and he is the one who makes the nominations. Wouldn’t that be a twist if he nominates Natalie and Kevin and Natalie can’t play in the POV.

  219. maybe the choice was open the box or not play in veto; and knowing the past situation with James, she may have figured that it would be Jeff so she chose not to open the box and therefore, she cannot play in veto and maybe not she can be eliminated or at least cannot be next HOH. If there is a big negative to her, can BB keep it a secret from the other HGs?

  220. I second that!! diane and everyone no need to apologize or go on with such banter…and no plugging any other blogs…and you know who you are!!!

  221. @Leo #340

    1. – No
    2. – No
    3. – I think she would accept any amount of money that was a sure thing, rather than a hypothetical!

    There I have answered all 3 for you and I will check my email and go to your source!

  222. i hope michelle gets natalie drunk.. and when she does, i hope michelle start going off on cbs for letting an 18 year old drink on tv.. in front of millions of people.. but then of course.. natalie would lie and say that only satan would say such lies. and since you said them michelle, you must be satan.. i can see it now.. and then cut to jordans jaw on the and kevin puckering his lips, pinkie (i am gay so i wills say it) up the air, agreeing “mmmmm mm , sure right.. you sure right miss natalie”

    i can see it now

  223. From what I read on jokersupdates…Natalie came out of the HOH room all mad saying I lost a half a million dollars. (Pandora’s Box probably offered something for just her or something for the entire house and she being the greedy a$$ she is, chose something just for her.) That something was she cannot play in the POV comp. She told Kevin this Pandora’s Box was bad and he is the one who told her to go out there with a good story so Michele and Jordan won’t suspect that the PB was bad. She doesn’t want to tell Kevin what happened because she doesn’t want him to know that her greedy a$$ chose something for herself and not for the rest of the HG. Kevin chose something for all the HG and Natalie didn’t! I just keep wondering why M/J being women would be so gullible to believe her. She was angry when she came out of that HOH room and got called to the DR. No one who just got proposed to and who accepted that proposal would be angry! The DR calmed her down is what happened!!

  224. leo,
    Here is what we all DO know. Nat will not “sell her soul.” And in this case her soul is the $500k. The only way she sells her position on BB is if she has been told flat out, that she cannot win… and do you think the producers would tell any HG that? She proved when she left her only friend in the house locked in a room while she went and picked up more cash.

  225. @Teri in MA #351 No, and I didn’t see the house guests called inside. Nat was saying something and then the feeds disappeared.

  226. I don’t like Natalie, especially when she talks to the camera directly on BBAD. Did she learn that from Jessie? I hated it when he did it! She is a witch.

  227. 356..hmm so maybe nat was saying something that ticked them off…have they done that before and was that the reason?

  228. Wouldn’t it be great that when she chose the PB she was told that she was to replace Jeff in the Jury House and he would be the new HOH. That would cause her to lose $500K.

  229. Hey Diana and Leo and Everyone else: I have been gone all day and night and was very surprised to to see that nominations have not happened yet. I understand that Nat lied about the proposal but did she lie about the veto too? There are so many lies now I can’t keep track. Also, I thought I read that she told them she was really 24. And are Michelle and Jordan that gullible to believe her bs?

  230. Jcat, I just scrolled up and saw # 345. I would so love it if Natalie was no longer HOH, and either a) the runner up of HOH comp would become HOH (Jordon), or b) Jeff would be back!

    I’m loving on Jeff something wicked. Hubba Hubba.

  231. Teri in MA I can’t believe that bbfan brought up the fact to you that the Red Sox were losing to the White Sox. I think the better thing to say is my Yankees swept 3 games from the White Sox and have the best won lost record in the majors.

  232. Teri in MA, raised in MA and i’m still a fan. It was bred into me too.

    Sservie!! I’m totally an addict of BB11. Never any of the other BB’s though. I watched here and there. This season I was so hooked on pretty boy Jeff.

    :-D Sooooo drooling right now!

  233. @Ashley #364

    Well it has been really fired up here over the past couple of hours. People are becoming emotional (me included, and I pride myself not to be emotional as a rule, but Nat. does get to me), and it looks as though the nom. ceremony could be going on right now!

    I am so excited about the possibility of either Jeff or Russell coming back.

    Although Jeff is my fav. I think I would like Russell to come back, since Nat. dedicated to HOH to Chima, I would love to see the PB dedicated to Russell, so we can say ‘justice has been served’.

  234. @Chelsie – this was obviously not the evening to be away from the computer because I have no idea what is going on but if it involves Nat leaving or losing power or not playing for pov then I am happy.

  235. @Teri in MA just teasing you about the Red Soxs. I moved to AZ 25 years ago but grew up on Long Island and spent many days at Yankee stadium. OMG I am admitting that I live in in the same State that Natalie does.

  236. Hello CBS, it’s me bigsister. Can you please send Jeff back to the BB house right away. He is the only one that can keep my eyes glued to the TV. Thank you very much.

  237. I have fam that lives on I am so used to it….gives us something to banter about…sox vs yanks!
    All in good fun

  238. Teri in MA #370, oh yeah Jordan wrote 24. I don’t think she understood the question, becuase 24 was the total number of cans each person had to get in. The question was what was the total cans by everyone combined (or something to that affect).

    Yeah, Michelle was second.


  239. Ashley

    Natalie told Jordan, Michele and
    Kevin tonight, “They got got by an 18 year old.”

    She is still hanging onto that lie and all of the others too.

    Time to pass around the Mike’s Hard Lemonade.
    : )

  240. 35 minutes of fish…seriously I think BB should raise the price of the feeds a little and never go to fish!!!

  241. @Diana – Is someone REALLY coming back this time or is it just hype? I don’t care who they bring back but would love to see Russ walk in the door.

    I think I have commented before that lying and manipulation are part of the game but Nat is way over the top. Although I can’t stand her, it is not her fault that EVERYONE believes what she says. They should have called her out a LONG time ago!

  242. I know I think Julie’s wording on a few of those questions was poor…so many of the comps a houseguest or two is like I didnt hear the question and julie just says answers please

  243. Midwest Fan – thanks for clarifying that for me. I should have known she wouldn’t come clean. (literally and with her mouth.)

  244. Ashley, no one knows if JH member is coming back or not. Everyone is speculating tonight because of the drama that unfolded after Pandora’s Box happened, and the fact that Natalie got locked out of the HOH room.

    But everyone is speculating….

  245. @Ashley #385

    I can’t tell you if anyone is coming back for sure.

    I do know that Nat. wasn’t happy about the PB and that she cannot play for the POV.

    Apparently J/L/R were dressed up in costumes and moving around the house, so what that means, I’m still not sure, but something tells me that one of those 3 will be back and I am hoping that it is Russell, couldn’t stand Jessie or Lydia coming back.

    Just got this from Jokers:

    ….Every time there is a competition or a ceremony, we get Trivia, NEVER FISH. The last time we had Fish this long, When the Feeds came back Chima was gone! Even for the half way Dinner BB gave them in wk 5, It was Trivia not fish….

    So this could be big!

  246. @ Pam…I dont either. I think that they are just going along b/c the lie is far fetched and really what sense does it make. She would be way more emotional if she just got engaged. Where is the ring?

  247. word on the internets is that something is going down in the BB house…might be trouble!!!dun dun dun

  248. I wonder if Kevin is going to be mad at Natalie for not sharing her true age with him. Or if he’ll just laugh it off. You never know with Kevin.

    Still no live feeds. This is ridic!! Let’s go Big Brother!

    (bigsister, that was funny!) LOL ☺

  249. Thanks for filling me in everyone! I hope they bring someone back and send nat to jh for being greedy!! That would be the best twist to date!!

  250. If nat got “screwed” with PB you know she would pitch a chima and end up thrown out…she strikes me as a poor sport

  251. @teri in MA #398

    You know I was thinking the same. If she does go, then we will not have America’s vote for the F2, because the numbers would be odd again!

  252. @Diana – that is very interesting about the trivia/fish thing. It could be VERY big. I wish the feeds would come back.

  253. I agree that there is some big drama unfolding right now.

    Again there have been too many clues that the three people in the house were not the JH members. Kevin and Michelle saw their faces. One of the men was a small person (midget), and he scared the heck out of Jordan and Kevin.

  254. wonder if when the feed comes back, they will show nat taking a shower? That would be a real sign of trouble for her. :P

  255. Uzza, Kevin never believed Nat…the day they moved in he said, “Yea, right. More like 24.” He doesn’t know how right he is. He confronted her as recently as last wk. He still doesn’t believe her.


  257. @Diana #391 I totally agree with you that FISH is not competition. They might be replacing Natalie, but I wonder if it would be J/L/R because they were able to discuss everything at the Jury House. The only one who hasn’t been contaminated by the JH is Russell. I thought I read somewhere that no gave any goodbye messages to Jeff last night. Since I didn’t see the show last night, I was wondering if that is true?

  258. x-rev, I can’t believe you actually typed that!

    But I cracked up big time after reading it, so shame on me! LOL

  259. @x-rev #409

    Too funny!

    @Ashley – #402

    Yes, I went back to Jokers, refreshed and that comment has disappeared, so something exciting is going on!

  260. Pam #414…diane’s post #391 was on jokers then disappeared…I saw it there myself then refreshed and it was gone.

  261. @ Ashley….. It is true…. Someone is coming back…… Guess who?

    I am…. Did you miss me Ashley? Yes you did…. Grrrrrr….. :) :D :P

  262. @Jcat #412

    I think Jeff is the only one that hasn’t been contaminated providing that he wasn’t shipped to the JH last night.

    If they had him held up in a hotel room, then he could be the one coming back, but I am not holding my breath!

  263. Jessie got his messages later remember b/c he said he wanted to hear one from Chima. He didnt know she was gone.

  264. 417…jesse didnt get them because he was a last minute evicteee.lydia’s ran over the time…so we can hold out hope for jeff cause there was time left….we JL(jeff lovers) need something to hold on to

  265. Ashley, Jessie definitely got his goodbye messages. He said “yeah whatever” to one of them. I thought I remembered Lydia getting hers, but maybe not (sooo long ago LOL).

    I think Jeff was the only one not to get his goodbye messages.

  266. sservie #413, I should have typed “lol” at the end of my post to you. sorry kiddo.

    I wish the live feeds would come back on and we see Jeff in the kitchen!


  267. everyone who paid for live feeds should write to BB and ask for a refund for putting fish on so much…if enough ppl complain maybe they will stop for BB12

  268. @Uzza – I thought Jessie couldn’t get his because no one knew he was going to get evicted from the cdt.

  269. @ ashley / diana / fedup q everyone else…. Let me hear you chant



    Yeah baby

    I am back…. Did you miss me

    *** L-O-L ***

  270. FISH have been up for almost an hour. I wonder if Natalie Pi***d BB off when she said she won the HOH for Chima. She also stated a couple of weeks ago when asked who would she bring to the cast party-she said Chima.

  271. I wonder if anyone will even speak to Nat when they go to the cast party because all of her many lies will be exposed.

  272. Ashley, BB knew Jessie was getting evicted because Jeff said on the live feeds right after the eviction, (looking into the camera) “see I came through with my promise” and Chima heard him. Chima was steaming mad.

    Sometimes BB asks the HGs to say goodbyes to all the other HG, just in case. Since there was a mystery power (coup de’ tat not known at the time), the HGs were probably told to record a message for everyone.

  273. @ Ashley…….


    Natalie is gone………………


    I would be pissed if Jeff came back instead of Russell….

    I am hoping I am wrong….

    Daaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt BB!!!

  274. Yeah, something is really fishy about all this! Oh wait… is this a subliminal message? Could BB be telling us something without actually saying it? My mind is spinning… or is it the lemondade I am drinking?

  275. The FISH could be that Natalie tried to take a shower and the water refused to come out because it didn’t want to get contaminated. Or BB had to call in a HAZMAT team to remove Natalie.

  276. 430 Uzza..i saw the invisible lol…YES pls let Jeff be in the kitchen when they come back on!!!

    @ teri, yes Jeff hasn’t been to JH yet so….maybe???? Hopefully!!!!!!!

  277. Jcat, you’re right. Natalie has been talking a lot about how great Chima was and that it was Michelle’s fault. BB is trying to squash all the “prejudice” calls, emails and letters they received after Chima’s firing. BB must be so pissed off with Nat for making Chima out to be the victim.

    (UGH there is still the BRB screen.)

  278. Leo – you really think Nat is gone…
    She was your favorite so now you will have to go for Kevin unless Russ comes back which would be the bomb!

  279. @Uzza #438 – you think so? I don’t think they had the HGs do good bye messages for Jesse or any of the HGs that weren’t nom, because no one really knew the extent of the power.

  280. @teri in M #443

    They had trivia earlier tonight for 90 mins. but I am not sure about fish!

    Does anyone else know whether fish has been for more than an hour?

  281. uzza Big brother knew…but none of the HG knew jeff had the CDT…they record the goodbyes the day before eviction…since the show is live and jeff nominated jessie and they immediately voted…nobody pretaped goodbyes

  282. All goodbyes are pre-recorded. The only thing that is live is the voting and the eviction. Goodbye are recorded that same day but much earlier.

  283. While waiting …………. another guess about
    Pandora’s Box and Natalie’s Dilemma:

    Tonight, Natalie chose wrong for herself and is left with the
    She can play in the POV but if she doesn’t win,
    she and the other losing HG for eviction will go to the Jury House.
    A former HG will return to BBH and take Natalie’s Place.

    She’s not happy with the extra pressure and she believes
    Jeff will be the one to return.

  284. Guess that means Natalie is still in the house…damn I was so hoping she had gone bonkers and gotten herself evicted!

  285. Kevin and Natalie are playing out their earlier lie about pretending to be not together anymore.

    Nominations are Kevin and Michelle.

  286. Ok guys, I’m done for tonight, both K/M have been put up for nomination and Queen Nat. stood in front of her audience giving her royal speech to her servants.

    Enough drama for me tonight. Have fun blogging and I will catch you all tomorrow.

    @Leo – sweet dreams and we will continue our banter tomorrow!

  287. Mich is nominated. Nat told kev she wanted him gone but they are just playing Mich probably so she won’t try as hard in the veto.

  288. Kevin and Natalie pretending that Natalie and he do not have a deal. She is telling Michele that she wants Kevin gone. Trying to set Michele up like Kevin set up Jeff. I hope Michele and Jordan are not buying this. I am a little PO that there was FISH instead of TRIVIA.

  289. If Natalie said what she had planned on, no wonder
    Michele looks ticked off.

    How does Jordan look?

  290. With all 4 HGs sitting next to each other, Natalie says to Michelle, “you are not my target, Kevin is.”

    Again, this is all prehearsed by Natalie and Kevin earlier today in the HOH room. So this is NO surprise to Kevin at all. This was actually Kevin’s idea to pretend that they do not have a F2 deal.

  291. Jordan looks fine. Kevin looks fine but is playing along with Nat. Michelle doesn’t look upset just tired. Michelle even said to Nat just now, “I didn’t take anything you said personally.”

    Michelle just asked if they still wanted to have a fashion show.

    They are going inside to change to have a little fun.

  292. Jcat, that is so funny that you think they looked pissed and I think they look fine. LOL

    I guess its all in how people read body language.


  293. Don’t stop believing……. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah bla….. I like the Phil Collins song… *** -O-L ***

    I am going to break down and cyber cry if I find out Jeff is back over Russell……


    Don’t do it BB……..


  294. Natalie and Kevin are in the storage room talking about the speech. Natalie just said that Kevin and her are going to Final 2.

  295. Uzza #470 – Wow…Michele is so “rattled” by Nat’s speech that she wants to have a fashion show, NOT go to the green room or the DR and cry her eyes, have a fashion show…Nat is too stupid. Michele will be trying more than ever to win the POV.

  296. Kevin and Natalie just discussing how they just fooled M/J again with her lie about Kevin being the target. If either J/M win POV Kevin is gone.

  297. 477Leo…Don’t Stop Beleiving is a Journey song…not being nit-picky just a HUGE Journey fan…:)

  298. fedup, totally agree! Natalie did the stupid thing and rattled on and on about her personal feelings about Michelle. Natalie is NOT thinking of the big picture.

    Natalie thinks that she and Kevin are going to Final 2 in the bag.


    Had to share this one:

    Natalie just said the proposal was real and “I mean how desperate would I look”.

    :-D Pretty desperate, Natalie.

  300. @ Diana…. Have a good night & sweet dreams!!! Don’t forget to read that email ok?

    @ Ashley….. I have a feeling Natalie will be going home….. I am sooooooo mad if it turns out that Jeff comes back instead on Russell


    I need a hug…..whaa whaa whaa….. Ashley give me a hug…..whaa whaa whaa…… I need a hug….. whaa whaa whaa….. someone please give me a hug….. whaa whaa whaa!!!


  301. Jcat #438, exactly, Kevin would be gone! So Natalie just shot herself in the foot with her personal attack speech to Michelle.

    She is not thinking at all.

  302. Leo – I don’t think Nat is going home this week. Her lies are driving me crazy! I dont know how she keeps track of everything.

  303. Natalie just said, “saying your engaged when your not is like saying your pregnant and your not.”


  304. Ashley I have no idea how Natalie is keeping track of everything. But then again, she is really making new things up as she goes along so she’s not really remembering much. Its very annoying to listen to it.

  305. I can’t listen to anymore of her bs. Michelle and Jordan are talking about reading their comments when they get home and how they don’t want to read the bad stuff about them. I’m off to bed. Everyone have a good night!

  306. Natalie must of talked to BF because she just told M/J he said that she had allot of haters. Jordan asked why and Natalie said that America did not like Jessie and she was associated with Jessie. She said he could not tell her why because it was considered game talk. Talk about denial.

  307. Jcat #506 personally i don’t think she really did talk to him (well maybe on the phone). Maybe she was so upset about Pandora’s Box that BB had to calm her down with a phone call priviledge.

  308. @Jcat
    I think she made this up so that they will want to take her to Final 2 because she is hated.

  309. I can’t take Nat much more 2night…The engagement story again?

    Goodnight everyone ;)

    @Leo and Uzza…Have a good one!

  310. Pam, I wait until the last three weeks of BB. I don’t waste it on all three months. I can see wasting $14.99… once! LOL

    I usually see the first month and see if its worth it. Its usually not. This year it had been up until Jeff was evicted. My eye candy is gone.

  311. 508Pam..thats why I didn’t subscribe after the free trial (which I had during the Chima Fiasco) I watched more fish than HG!

  312. Has anyone thought of CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT because the advertisement “24/7 live and uncensored”. It sure isn’t 24/7 live unless they count fish and trivia and that is not in the advertisement.

  313. Natalie said that at first she thought she would have to give up playing in the POV next week, but was then told it was this week. Can’t figure why Nat thought next week when there is NO POV just HOH comp for final 2.

  314. @ Sservie & uzza….. Jiin the best Survivor Samoa Blog site ever…. Mine ok? Are you game? if so, you can email me at TheRealLeo29@ – I would love to have your wonderful opinions and input about Survivor Samoa on my Blog Spot ok?

    @ Everyone…. This goes to everyone who loves to watch Survivor and want to have more debates with other fans like with BB!!!

  315. Jcat #519

    I agree with your comment about the LIVE FEEDS.
    Fishes and Trivia ………… ugh!

    I think for the next BB, I will sign up for Showtime’s BBAD,
    use my DVR for daytime catch -up viewing and fast-forwarding,
    and catch information online from sites like this one.

    I was considering the LIVE FEEDS but with so many comments
    about Fishes and Trivia – not likely to sign up.

  316. Midwest Fan

    That is what I do and like it much better than the live feeds. Then you can watch whenever you have time.

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