Big Brother 11: Week 9 Nomination Episode Tonight

Big Brother 11 returns tonight for its nomination episode in Week 9. Get ready because this is going to be a crazy week for Big Brother as the schedule is rushed to get ready for the September 15th, 2-hour finale show.

Tonight we’ll get the noms, followed by Tuesday’s special live show with the PoV and the first leg to the 3-part HoH competition. You won’t want to miss anything on the live feeds or on the broadcasts this week.

If you can’t wait for Julie to deliver the HoH results and noms news then you can go ahead and take a peek at the HoH comp results and HoH nomination spoilers. There are even more spoilers if you really want to know it all because the Power of Veto competition has already taken place leaving even more HGs in danger.

If you missed yesterday’s twists and turns then you can always use the live feeds new “Flashback” feature which works like Tivo for your feeds. Pick a day and time, then the feeds will automagically time warp you back so you can watch the hottest events of the season all season long. This is definitely one feature I’m getting a lot of use out of already. Sign-up now and watch for just 50 cents a day!

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  1. I am still pulling for Michelle to somehow pull this one out – but Kevin winning would be cool, too. Last night when he was truly showing his personality (dude is funny and interesting), I got to thinking that he may have been one of the most popular houseguests in BB history had he not been polluted by Natalie. Of course, if he hadn’t sided with her her he would possibly be gone. I can’t blame him for anything – but I wish he had not sunk to her level so often.

    Maybe I’m way off, but I do believe that he’s a good guy who got sucked into the negative cesspool that is Natalie.

  2. at first i didnt want michele to win just because she was really weird in my opinion and she really was a big question mark but out of all the people that are left i want her to win just because of the fact that i dislike natalie, kevin and jordan. go michele!!!!!

  3. The only positive of Natalie making it to the final two would be to see her lose to whoever is next to her. She is so arrogant now (thinking that she played an amazing game) that she will gin thinking that she is guaranteed to win the $500K. It would be worth all the nonsense this season to see her lose either by the straight jury vote or because of the America’s vote tie-breaker.

  4. …but I really hope that Kevin sees what Natalie is doing (getting ready to throw him under the bus) and makes a smart move with his eviction vote. I would think that Natalie will take Jordan and Jordan will take Natalie- so Kevin is making a serious misjudgment getting rid of Michelle IMO.

  5. Natalie will win this game.

    Either her, or Kevin, but more so Natalie because Jordan is so, SO easy to convert to do anything.

    And since Michelle is gone, I would say Natalie, and Kevin deserve to win as Jordan doesnt deserve, nor has she earned anything. The money she got when it was rainning was more than what she deserved.

    Natalie has as of now, played this game perfectly. She aligned herself with the best player in the house, and then did it again with Kevin.

    HAS SHE LIED? duh, its part of the game, and is encouraged. But when does it, its bad right?

    Kevin has layed low, even throwing challenges to keep the target off his back (more on this later) And showed when he had to. Just like his partner.

    Making it to the end is the key, And u cant do this if u have a tagret on ur back because u have 5 vetos, 2 HOH’s, mean to ppl in the house, and dont vote with house.

    Natalie and Kevin or should i say “K-Town” both know this, and thats why they have outlasted all the other players.

    Natalie has played were she literally has no blood on her hands. She didnt go back on Jeff’s promise, Kevin did. BAM thats one vote.

    It would be nice once u guys gave these 2 players some darn credit. Instead of making them out to be the worst two ppl that walk the earth.

    -Do they have calendars? yea so does Michelle

    -Does Nat not wash everyday? yea, so does Michelle, and Jordan

    -Does N/K lie more often now? yea, u got too. keep ppl going in different directions

    -Does N/K play pranks on houseguests? Yes, and it is a little immature, but it defently lightens up the mood.

    -Has N/K been the best player every week? NO, but they have either physicall or mentall when it counts

    There just playing the game. And if u wanna call Jeff the best player because he got out to stron players, then Kevin, and Natalie have to be strong players too right? in fact THE strongest players right?

    Because They won to keep themsevles out of the picture for eviction

    Because they sent Jeff home

    Becuase they sent Michelle home

    Michelle was THE strongest player in the house. After her HOH. Not Jeff.

    Michelle won 5 vetos?! is that a record? thats amazing.

    Jeff fans, just because u have salt n peppa hair dont make u the strongest in the house.

    Just because ur HOH, doesnt make us trongest in the house, especially if u dont use the power wisely.


  6. Dont like what Kevin and Natalie stand for, dont want my children to think what they do are right. I want them both to go.

  7. unfortunately gnat cannot take jordan to the finals because now she needs her vote in the jury! jeff got rid of kev so if they have to choose (jeff&jordo) have to pick, they’ll give it to gnat. if gnat takes jord she might get three votes and then will need americas. she already knows we hate her because she knows we know what she’s done. sorry jordan, wanted you to get second but now because she talked to jesse during pandoras box, she can’t afford to keep you.

  8. I think Kevin is screwed and here is why.

    1. Jordan – if she makes it to f3 and gets HOH she will take Natalie or Michelle – depending on her mood that day.

    2. Michelle – if she makes it to f3 (I am thinking this is not happening) she would take Jordan.

    3. Natalie – if she makes f3 (and she will since she is safe this week) she will take Jordan.

    Now to me if Kevin is smart he will make a f2 with Michelle and stick to it. Because with these 2 they might can take HOH next week and vote out Natalie. But as for Kevin winning the 500k on a JH vote – I don’t think that is going to happen. Michelle played both sides and may have the votes to take it all the way. This is how I see the f2 votes for the JH if it is M/K:

    Jeff – Michelle
    Jordan – Michelle
    Lydia – Kevin
    Jessie – Kevin
    Natalie – Michelle (because she will be bitter about Kevin turning his back on her)
    Russell – Michelle
    No need for America’s vote but I think Michelle would get that one too because of the way she has been treated in the house all season.

    But with that said I am still pulling for Jordan. I think she has played a smart game by laying low and letting Jeff get all the blood on his hands and with this next HOH (the one that really counts) we will see her come out like a tiger. Well, I can hope anyway. Surely no one can be that big of a blonde in life.

  9. @ Blackgirl….. Wuz up? Are you going to post your comments about Survivor Samoa on my Blog Site?

    @ Amanda / Blackgirl….. I like the way you think * Kevin all the way *

    @ Marcus…… Wuz up fam?

    *** NBK All Day – Kevin / Natalie Final 2 – Jeff / Michelle / Jordan can keep Jesse / Lydia / Russell company in the JH ***

  10. Natalie is annoying and I can’t stand to watch her another minute!! Please Kevin vote Jordan out so there is a chance next week that Natalie will go to the jury house where she should have been weeks ago and would have been if Jeff had played her instead of her playing him. I hope Russell gets American vote at the end.

  11. @Leo, of course I am, I’m just wondering what we are all going to do without you between Survivor an the next season of BB, I’m having withdrawls just thinking about it !


  13. I hope PB is something exciting IE Natalie has the Diamond Veto which won’t matter now because Michelle didn’t win the POV / or someone coming back (Jesse since Natalie picked to see him over playing in the POV) or (Russell because he deserves another chance) with Jordan going to the JH in Jesse / Russell’s place after Michelle is evicted…….

  14. If Natalie the liar stinky skank wins You can bet there are alot of people that will turn the chanel to anything else but BBH next time IF there is a next time who wants to see someone win that is such a skank Jeff was the best player except when he let the two lieing coniving worms convince him that Russell was gonna kick him to the curb. I believe in GOOD over EVIL


  16. I am can’t wait…. Hurry up BB….. Come on now…. come on now… come on now…. *** L-O-L ***

  17. I don’t see where everyone thinks jordan is cute, dumb is not cute. I wish she would stop wearing the short shorts they make her butt and leggs look terrible, and when she put that gray dress over those black pants she looked like she weihed 300 lbs. bb should let them look at themselves and maybe they would dress a little better . I don’t know about the rest of you but by looking at their fashion show did jordan even get any nice clothes? maybe she was’nt even good at that. I just don’t know, even nat picked some nice clothes.

  18. @ Ke….. You are wild….

    @ KE & everyone else….

    Do you watch Survivor?

    Do you think either Russell / Jesse / Lydia will be brought back in the house?

    Do you think the Diamond Veto will come into play?

    Do you think Jordan will be able to beat Kevin / Natalie in 2 out of the 3 comps for the final HOH?

  19. #32 Leo…not convinced of anyone returning to the house (although I’d like to see that)

    I do think the DV will come into play (for a couple of reasons)

    With may be a mistake to write her off…you just never know.

  20. @ susie cue…. that is a rumor by lame Jeff & Michelle Fans that are mad she lasted longer than J/M

  21. pandora box ajoke,show sucks now ,no real twists,no reward for the key finder,the show is like watching paint dry .very bored with the show.make something happen to spice this ending up,please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. @ Sservie… we can discuss Jordan not haning it in her to win 2 out of 3 comps over Natalie / Kevin while you are making me dinner ok? *** S-M-I-L-E *** ;) :) :D :P ***

  23. @Leo

    Maybe this was Jordan’s strategy from the get go (I seriously doubt it, but hey, anything is possible on BB) and she comes out like a viper the last week. If that is the case (again I highly doubt it) That would make her the strongest player if she were able to pull it off. “Expect the Unexpected”

  24. Hey Leo!!!

    1. No one is coming back in the house.

    2. The DV will come into play…It will save Michele and send Kev (I’d prefer Nasty) to the JH.

    3. If there is cookie dough and chocolat bars involved, she’ll win hands down…LOL!


  26. BB says expect the unexpected, lots of twists and turns…so far in the past two weeks I have been totally let down. My interest is slipping down into a dark pit…BB is boring and becoming oh so predictable. I really great twist would perk everyone up and have them watching for the final few days.

  27. Kevin will compete just like the remaining members. Its interesting that k is having to let go emotionally that it is an indiviual game and he is making the transition. K tried to make a deal with before the comp and she didnt want to until after the comp. Not so smart, he didnt need her loyalty after the win. The game was terminology, m game I supposed becaused, of the education factor. M became confused on a couple of the term and K won on his his first attempt at the buzzer. Well done. I still believe that k suspects that their is more too this pb case and so do i. N is hiding something and I would not be surprised if n doesnt make to the f2. N overplayed and didnt give what she wanted from k and m became confident that she would smoke k in the comp and blew him off and jor, oh well, I suspect she will b posing for a nudy in less than a year.

  28. I had made a small 5 dollar bet with my friend a few weeks ago saying that if Kev and Gnat don’t make it to the final 2, I’d pay her 5 bucks. Looks like I’m the one who’s gonna get the money :p

  29. @ anyone and everyone…What’s up with the rumor re Kev admitting to cheating in the POV comp? Something about seeing the questions while J/M were competing?

  30. @ Susie cue…… No problem….. I am always here to give the BB Dish….

    @ Sservie… Nie try…. where is my steak & potatoes? I am ready for dinner….

    @ FedUp…… Natalie (HOH) is the only person the Diamond Veto can’t affect IE BB4…. If it comes into play, Natalie wouls be the one who has it ssince she went in PB and decided to not play in the POV…. Michelle Fans thought I was nuts when I predicted this… Kevin won the POV (hooraaayyyyy) and I am still saying it…. Bye Bye Michelle aka she-rat…. P.S. FedUp…… You owe me a tasty meal too little lady….

  31. Natalie is a disgrace to my state AZ .In one way i hope she wins.So she can take her ass somewhere else. where’s Jessie from?

  32. I heard that one part of the final HOH competition will involve who can eat the most cookie dough! lol

  33. who did he admit it to? others, just nat or dr? if so, will they do another one? that would make an awesome show on tuesday

  34. nat would not get rewarded for opening pandoras box – it lets out evil. so she won’t get diamond veto. but i don’t believe the only bad thing from her opening box was she couldn’t play for veto – i think it is something else.

  35. @ FedUp…. That is lame Michelle Fans wanting and hoping BB will get scared of their threats to boycott the finale which won’t work IE Jeff Fans did it too…

    Bye Bye Bye – She-rat is out the door…… Bye Bye Bye – watch Michelle Fans jaws hit the floor…

    Bye Bye Bye – NBK has got control – Bye Bye Bye – Nat /Kev are on roll!!!. (Chorus)

    She-rat is leaving – Jordumb is next – Nat / Kev will outlast the rest…. M/J are looking stuck – while Team Jeff fans are asking WTF…..

    sing the chorus again everyone

    Bye Bye Bye – She-rat is out the door….. Bye Bye Bye – watch Michelle fans jaws hit the floor

    Bye Bye Bye – NBK has got control…. Bye Bye Bye – Nat / Kev are on a roll!!! (repeat the chorus)

  36. @sservie #50- Thank you! BTW, Garlic bread, alfredo pasta and italian salad sounds great…add my lasagna and we’re at Olive Garden ;)

  37. @ Sservie & FedUp…..

    Me likey likey….. oooooohhhhhhh yyyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh

    Me so hungry – me me so hungry – me so hungry – me hungry long time….

    me so hungry – me me so hungry – me so hungry – me hungry long time…..

    @ Sservie & FedUp…… Who is inviting me over first? Hmmmm? Hmmmm? Hmmmmmm?

    *** I am waiting ***

  38. @ Michelle fans…. You are right about one thing…. Natalie has the Diamond Veto which would have been great to use and screw She-rat with if she-rat won the Veto……

    Oh she-rat…. you came and you left and you hurt me – now I am feeling so good – oh she-rat you had me thinking you could beat NBK – but now I know that you can’t…… oh she-rat….. you had your fans feelong so hopeful… but you let them down – oh she-rat… you had them fooled by you luck – now they want pout & rant!!!

  39. @ Gooz… NBK means Natural Born Killer featuring Jesse / Natalie / Ronnie / Chima / Kevin / Lydia / Russell…

    @ FedUp….. I am going to come over and put you on punishment (after you feed me of course)

  40. leo, nat does not have the diamond veto. she would not be rewarded with diamond veto if she opened pandoras box to let evil out

  41. @ Joy….. Kevin never said he cheated…. He said the calender helped him… By the way Michelle told Russell the caleneder she made helped her beat Kevin for HOH after Jesse was evicted…

    @ Joy….. This is a desperate attempt for Michelle fans to have hope for she-rat to stay the same way Jeff Fans kept pulling for hope at Jeff staying…

    @ everyone… sing the song with me

    oh she-rat…………..

  42. #65 Joy

    If it is true and BB knows and didn’t do anything it’s bc they knew it wouldn’t make a difference in the game meaning the diamond veto must be coming into play to negate the POV Kevin won.

  43. @ Joy…. why do I say that…. Jordan heard Natalie screaming… Natalie lied and said my boyfriend asked me to marry him (yeah that happened)

    If you noticed she kept saying jesse…. I mean my boyfriend said America hates me and the JH are mad that I lied about my age…

    I would love to see Michelle evicted and Jesse return and evict Jordumb on the spot….


  44. @ FedUp…. remember when I said “I think Michelle will win the Veto, but the Dimaond Veto will come into play and nullify her Veto”….. All the Jeff & Michelle Fans said I was nuts….. I still say it will come into play, but the Diamond Veto holder (Natalie) won’t use it since Kevin won….. Call me crazy folks, but I was right all along!!!

    @ FedUp….. Where is my dinner?

  45. @ Sservie…. Bad little girl….. very bad little girl…..

    @ FedUp…. I am FedUp waiting for dinner you naughty little girl……

    *** L-O-L ***

  46. @ FedUp……. Because Natalie picked him and therefor I think it would be awesome to see Michelle evicted and then either Jordumb or Natalie get replaced by Jesse… (preferably Jordumb)

  47. @ Leo #72 – Yes, I remember, but even when you’re right, you’re wrong and when Michele fans are wrong, you’re wrong ;)

    I hope this is settled 2nite!

    I’ll let you know when dinner is ready!

  48. ***** Sing-a-long-time *****

    It’s party time – its party time – everybody…..its partu time – its party time – everybody so shake your booty yeah shake your booty yeah everybody…. everybody…..(Chorus)

    NBK is in the house – N/K are in control – and I am feeling good… I am feeling good…..

    She-rat is head out the door – Jordumb’s jaw hust hit the floor – and I am feeling good…. I am feeling good….

    she-rat fans are spazzing out – flipping to Jordumbs fan mat – and I am feeling good…. I am feeling good….

    Nat / Kevin are on a roll – they are going to dominate the final HOH for control – and I am feeling good….. feeling good……

    its party time – its party time – everybody – its party time – its party time – every body – so shake your booty yeah shake your booty yeah everybody everybody…. (Chorus)

  49. @ FedUp…… I am ready for my meal you naughty little girl….

    @ FedUp sing the new song with me ok?

  50. @ FedUp / Sservie…. keep it real…. You are shaking your booty to that hip booty swinging jaaaayyyyaaammm arenlt you? Let he get a “haaaaaaaaay” from you 2!!!

  51. @ FedUp…….. How dare you – hooowwwwww daaaarrrreeee you!!! I am on my way….. You better have my delicious dinner and dessert ready or else….

    I am going to- ummmmmm – ummmmmmm – let me get back to you on that you bad little girl!!!

  52. Leo,

    I’ll take you up on your challenge a little later…wash your hands…it’s time to dine!!

  53. @ FedUp….. I thinkk I may need to have you climb in that box I gave you, so I can have you shipped to me ok?

  54. Hey Leo I just tuned in after not watching a few days. Nat is sleeping and Michelle and Jordan are trying on clothes – must have had a luxury competition..cant wait for tonight!

  55. leo i did some looking around and i guess kevin admitted to natalie he knew the questions and saw michele’s answers and had time to think about answers because of a technical difficulty. the others had to start immediately without that advantage and they say that kevin BARELY beat michele. they also quickly went to trivia screen to hear the rest of what he was telling nat so we couldn’t hear???? sure would change things wouldn’t it?

  56. @ Lori / Joy…… You are both good girls…… Sing me a song and I will over look the fact that you are not NBK Fans…… *** S-M-I-L-E ***

  57. @ Leo – Am I sending myself to you so that I can cook for you?

    #96 – What are you talking about…What did I do?

  58. @Leo

    With all these dinners you are wishing to get, you just may plump out, so be careful what you wish for.

    Now for all the Michele fans out there, Leo is constantly singing his song, we have one just for Michele that trumps Leo’s whinning!!

    I am the CHAMPION my friend
    And I’ll go on FIGHTING to the end
    I am the CHAMPION
    I am the CHAMPION
    No time for LOSERS (Nat.)
    Cause I am are the CHAMPION – of BB!!!!

  59. @ Lori….. My Birthday is May 16th… I am a Taurus…. You know what that means right Lori?

    You should email me and join my Survivor Blog site!!!!


  60. @ Diana….

    No it is like this

    *** Did you ever know that Leo’s my hero? He is everythin Michelle Fans could want to beeeeee

    He is on Team NBK forever – he even shares his knowledge with meeeeeeeeee

    @ FedUp…. That is exactly what I want you to do…. Get in that box little lady…

    @ Everyone else…

    Sing with me now

    NBK is in the house – so wave your hands in the air…. NBK is in the house – so shake you booties like you just don’t care (Repeat until you are converted into NBK Fans) whoohahahahahahahaha

  61. @Ashley #102

    Hey there girl! Miss you this morning when I was having a hissy fit with Leo. I needed some of your support, but you were too busy having some fun!

    Happy you are back and less than 2 hours before BB starts!

  62. @ Ashley I have a cousin and a homeboy that have birthday’s on May 13th….. Ashley… where is my belated birthday gift?

  63. @Diana – I was driving back from my parent’s house and I read what was going on from my blackberry. I wanted to jump in but my teenage daughter was freaking out saying I couldn’t drive and read at the same time. I can’t wait to see what happened with pb. I think the hgs may get to play for the dv on the live show Tuesday. What do you think?

  64. Leo – the same place my belated gift is from you…

    Leo – Nat does not have the diamond veto. She said pb opened something bad. Kev told her to keep it quiet.

  65. @ Diana…. I am going to pull a Jeff…. Ashley (Michelle) is on my side…… Not yours (Russell’s)…. What’s up bro? that is my ally….. whaa whaa whaa whaa

    *** L-O-L ***

    Am I right Ashley aka mini-me?

  66. @Leo #104

    I have just turned up the volume and here’s what I hear:

    Buddy youre a boy make a big noise
    Playin in the street gonna be a big man some day
    You got mud on yo face
    You big disgrace
    Kickin your can all over the place

    We will we will rock you
    We will we will rock you

  67. Leo – I can’t stand Nat! She is an awful person but she has done more than Jordan who is gets on my last nerve. If Michelle goes then I hope Kevin wins it all.

    Bring Russ back! He was the best and would make the house much more interesting.

  68. @ Ashley….. I have your gift rght here ok? Come and get it…. come on now…. there you go….. a little to the right… not that far…. wwait – wait – getting closer…. Now just got a couple hundred more miles that way…….

    @ Lori….. where did you disappear too?

    @ Ashley… your daughter wasn’t worried about you reading while you drove…. She was worried you wouldn’t side with me!!!

  69. @Ashley #107

    You’re my girl! I love the way that you think!

    I’m hoping that the HG (except for Nat.) gets to play for the DV, Michele wins and bye bye Kevin (although in all fairness to Leo, I would prefer NAT.)

  70. @Leo #109

    No, Ashley could never be a mini you, she has too much sense because she sees Michele as a worthy contestant and you don’t, so NOOOOOO Ashely could never be a minnie you!!! LOL

  71. @ Ashley…. You agree with meeeeee

    @ Diana…

    I may be a boy – who stands 6’3″ & weigh 228 – but all these cougars want me to be there toy / manly date – I kick my can until you pick me up – so come on cougars and show this boy some love – I will leave you asking yourself wtf – and wearing me around like the perfect set of gloves!!!

    That is the jaaaaaaayyyyyyaaaaammmmm!!!

    @ Ashley / FedUp / Cat / Diana… can I get a haaaaayyyyy

  72. Someone on another BB blog put it perfectly when they said You Can’t Spell Natalie Without LIE!!

  73. Leo, we agree about Jordan because she is worthless as a competitor and her voice gets on my nerves but we do NOT agree on Nat.

  74. I think that the BB production team has lost all control of the “show”, what will happen will happen; no matter what we pray for. Unfortunatly this season will come to a close with much debate, what if’s, etc. Really doesn’t matter. Just hope that if there is another season of BB, it will be refreshing. Just as an aside….NataLie is so much like Dr. Will (who we all probably secretly loved, at least I did) but she just hasn’t admitted she does, where he did and that was cool. Really hope the PB is worth the watch and something good happens, so far it is a boring addition.

  75. @Leo #118

    OK, you trump me with your songs, but I love Queen, so I couldn’t resist throwing a couple of their songs at you!

  76. I will say this about the final 4 and that is that they all deserve to be there. I do give credit to N/K for the LML. I give credit to Jordan for being Jeff’s lapdog and I give much credit to Michelle for playing the game alone and doing well except she did have a hand in Russ getting evicted. I didn’t like her for about a week and then that changed. We may not like Nat but her strategy worked well for her.

  77. @vindicat #120

    Yep, it was me because that is what Kevin said to Julie when he was HOH and she was talking to him before Jeff got booted.

    That was Kevin’s saying not mine, so he is well aware of the lies Nat. says!

  78. @ Ashley…. Michelle is going home…. That leaves Natalie / Kevin / Jordan…. I said Kevin should win BB 11 and Natalie deserves to be in the Final 2 more than Jordan…. so you agree you bad little girl…. Now sing my Cougar song in celebration ok Ashley aka mini me!!!

  79. Leo – I am only 6 years older than you so I don’t know if I’m considered a couger yet. And I am holding out hope that Michelle will win the diamond veto…

  80. @ Diana…. Taurus are Bulls because we are strong / dependable and we blog all the cows minds!!!! *** L-O-L ***

  81. @Ashley #128

    Way to go girl! I am a cougar, but not interested in little boys, I am happily married (I guess I have to be if I moved countries to be with my man).

    Sorry Leo, you lose again!

  82. @ Ashley…. You can be my mini cougar ok? hear my roar Ashley….. roof….. wait let me ty again….. rrrrroooooooooaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr baaaabbbbyyyy rrrrrooooooaaaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!

    *** L-O-L ***

    @ Diana…. You like Queen…. here you go then….

    Leo rocks you in the morning – rock you in the evening – rock you when your sleeping because you can never get enough

    he rocks you when you’re happy – rocks you when your sad – he rocks you until you admit he has good stuff (wtf I couldn’t think of anything else L-O-L)

    Leo wil – Leo will rock us….rock us…. Leo will – Leo will… rock us….rock us…..

  83. @ Diana….. grrrrrrrrrrrrr – You are good…. Nice comebacks….

    @ Ashley….. You are on my side right?

    If not…… I am going to……….. ummmmmm…… ummmmmm
    ….. wait – wait – let me think
    ……. I will get back to you…..

  84. @Leo #133

    You don’t fool me – those pretty eyes
    That sexy smile – you don’t fool me, uh
    You don’t rule me – you’re no surprise
    You’re telling lies – hey, you don’t fool me
    Mmm, mama said be careful of that girl
    Mama said you know that she’s no good
    Mama said be cool, don’t you be no fool
    Yup bup ba ba ba ba da da da dah
    You don’t fool me
    You don’t fool me
    You don’t fool me, she’ll take you
    You don’t fool me, and break you
    You don’t fool me, and break you
    Sooner or later you’ll be playing by her rules

    Leo, remember that NAT. has dedicated this song to you!

  85. CALL ALLISON 1-818-325-6900 EX 6903 DIRECT LINE

    9-5 2:35:42 pm….

    Nat says: you studied dude
    and it paid off.That calendar, it paid off..
    Kevin says:I was like a crazy mofo.
    Nat said:that is what you need to do like studying
    for an exam
    Kevin :and it helped that they had technical errors cause I was like ….oh these are the type of questions i need to think about.

    Nat said what do you mean about technical errors

    Kevin : Like we had to stand next to the door and face the wall

    Conversation Gets Cut.. trivia

    After All of that: remember to be respectful to AG not to trash the HG’s but demand a fair PoV be played!!

    If you Call please post your thoughts in a reply!!!

  86. @ Diana….. I am like the BB game….. I have people do & say things tey would never do……

    I have bo idea what that is they do, but I think that sounds awesome…

    @ Ashley…. do something for me you wouldnlt nomally do to prove me right!!! *** L-O-L ***

  87. ok Leo. We are just grilling burgers tonight. Nothing special. You need to come over tomorrow when we will really do some good eating for labor day! We will be at the pool grilling ribs, someone is doing wings, potato salad, corn, fried okra, baked beans, drinking beer. Should be fun!

  88. @Leo #140

    Yes you do! You made me cross this morning and I allowed it, so shame on me!

    What do you thing about post #138 KK, this could be huge if there were enough complaints. Oh my, your boy Kevin could be in some doo doo!!

  89. Question:

    If Natalie is so “ascared” of bugs, why don’t the ants,
    found everywhere in the BBH, bother her?

  90. @ Diana…. heree is my rebuttle to the last song of yours ok?

    ***My eyes see into you soul – my lips creep into your spirit – my mind has stole your heart – my name is engraved all over you so don’t fear it – my presense that is – it is what is is – a powerful attraction that you can’t resist – stop trying to fight it and act like you don’t like it cause at the end of the day you will be right beside it…..

  91. why is the “schedule rushed” for 9/15. we have tonite and tuesday & thurs and then 2 hours on 9/15. There are only 4 hgs with 2 of them nominated. if they have the f3 on 9/15 for the first hour to get to the f2 that still leaves 1 hr for the jh to decide who wins. So we have to go thru 3 hours of shows to eliminate 1 hg!! does this make sense to any of you long time BB watchers & fans.

  92. since we got to see kevins pb, think we will see nastys tonite?? and see the ‘real deal’ she made. $$$ to not play in pov or jessie to come back but she cant tell anyone???

  93. @ Diana… No because AG wouldn’t be able to do anything about Michelle telling Russell that her calender heloed her during the HOH she won after Jesse was evicted….. nothing will become of it….. I just laught!!!

  94. I hope so mama d b/c I dont know whats true anymore. Some say she talked to Jesse and she says her bf??? WTF is going on? I wanna see it. I cant wait.

    @kk did you call? Do you just leave a msg?

  95. @Leo #144

    You got me, but here is another for you!

    It’s not easy love, but you’ve got friends you can trust
    Friends will be friends
    When you’re in need of love they give you care and attention
    Friends will be friends
    When you’re through with life and all hope is lost
    Hold out your hand ‘cos friends will be friends – right till the end

  96. Leo has a point. Didnt they say in the last HOH comp. that they couldnt hear the questions b/c of the plane and some other stuff hindered the game & nothing was done so…its probably nothing.

  97. @ Midwest Fan…. Hello…. Do you like my newest songs?

    @ Ashley… No no no…. You have to come to Minnesota and make me some food…….. oooooooohhhhhh yyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh

  98. @ Jennifer…. I think Jesse was able to talk to Natalie because she keot slipping up by saying “when I talked to jess…. my boyfriend, he said……”

  99. LEO – here you go. found this on website. if any of you want a new pov comp because kevin might have cheated read the following:
    CALL ALLISON 1-818-325-6900 EX 6903 DIRECT LINE

    9-5 2:35:42 pm….

    Nat says: you studied dude
    and it paid off.That calendar, it paid off..
    Kevin says:I was like a crazy mofo.
    Nat said:that is what you need to do like studying
    for an exam
    Kevin :and it helped that they had technical errors cause I was like ….oh these are the type of questions i need to think about.

    Nat said what do you mean about technical errors

    Kevin : Like we had to stand next to the door and face the wall

    Conversation Gets Cut.. trivia

    After All of that: remember to be respectful to AG not to trash the HG’s but demand a fair PoV be played!!

  100. @ stirgal. I think the schedule is the same as it has been. I think. Don they have to do the 3 part HOH competition in there some where?

  101. @Diana-I read your poem from earlier today. You nailed it!
    @Ashley- How about the CRIMSON TIDE! You can use the “We Are The Champions” song and just
    insert Alabama in there.
    @Leo-Tried to E-mail you earlier but my site is down or something. I’ll try again later.
    To all- you crack me up! Somebody please feed the cat! Got nothing to say about BB. I GOT-GOT when Jeff left but I am still praying for a miracle. I am pulling for Jordo but seriously… It’s like betting on a three legged horse in the Kentucky Derby w/ 100 to 1 odds. Hey, but like they say “expect the unexpected”

  102. @ Diana….

    Money can’t buy you love but it can bring you friends – and when your as cool as me – love will just give in – because when your as hot as fire and as cold as ice you leave love asking itself – why can’t I be as nice……

    love – love – love – love ……… keeps running away – running away

    love – love – love – love ………. keeps running away – running away

    *** I am the BB songs champion of the world people ***

  103. Diana, we have 1 hour to go before the show! I bet they don’t show pb tonight because they will show the luxury comp and the nominations and then tease us with what is coming up Tuesday. I have no patience and hate waiting!! Are you going to call that number? I’m not because if we know about the technical problems then they know.

  104. @Leo, @Ashley

    Catch you after BB, I’m going to make dinner early,so I don’t miss one minute!!

    Be back later to discuss PB!!

  105. Hey budman! We really looked good the 4th quarter. I am worried at McElroy. I hope he gets better!! Did you see our line? Those guys are huge!

    Sorry BB fans! Had to talk football for a moment.

  106. @Ashley #162

    They have to show us Nat. and the PB, because she wasn’t allowed to play POV, so that part they have to show us. I think the big twist will be Tuesday. Wait and see Julie will drop it on us at the end of the show, like she always does.

    CBS has to milk it for all its worth, so I am expecting it!

  107. @Jennifer #167

    OK, since you like that song, join me so we can show Leo, united we stand for Michele!!!

    I am the CHAMPION my friend
    And I’ll go on FIGHTING to the end
    I am the CHAMPION
    I am the CHAMPION
    No time for LOSERS (Nat.)
    Cause I am are the CHAMPION – of BB!!!!

  108. @ Budman…..

    @ Jennifer… Yes they will and will you be aort of my Survivor Blog too?

    @ Joy…. No need because I didn’t cry about Michelle winning after she studied or when Chima was screwed, so I won’t complai now…

    @ Ashley… You think I am joking… I always keep a light on for you…

    @ Diana…. I forgot what I was going to say…. *** L-O-L ***

  109. @ Diana I’ll sing along…

    I am the CHAMPION my friend
    And I’ll go on FIGHTING to the end
    I am the CHAMPION
    I am the CHAMPION
    No time for LOSERS (Nat.)
    Cause I am are the CHAMPION – of BB!!!!

  110. @Ashley #170

    I’m sure we will see something and I think they will show us the coachroach, baby and cat running around the house also, which will be funny to watch! I think that was the lead up to PB by what I could gather from this site!

    Anyway, really have to go, because I have to cook dinner!

  111. @Leo 172 Yes, I will. You crack me up and I cant wait to read your blogs about Survivor!

    @ Diana Go Michelle!

  112. @Leo #172

    I am gather momentum here, I have Jennifer singing Michele’s song, now I need Ashley and I am sure a few more will join in, so you now have some competition buddy!!

  113. w/kev cheating, if michele knew and reported it maybe thats why she was smiling in the mirror the night of veto. remember we couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t so upset – and she just kept smiling and we thought something was up?

  114. Time to prepare dinner.


    – Cheaters are Losers, Liars are too.
    Time for a NEW POV to Begin Anew.
    Natalie will cry as her crown crumbles.
    Kevin will shake as he is sure he will stumble.
    Jordan will leap for joy, Michele too.
    So hang onto your Favorites left in the Game
    As Evictions Aren’t Final, As Integrity Reigns!

  115. joy178: I asked that earlier. i read that she was upset that she lost but then I read that she was smiling in the KT..maybe they will redo the pov.
    Ashley166: What team pls

  116. @ Jennifer & Ashley…. You need to sing my songs…. Hey…… I seen that look Jennifer…. I am serious… Sing it ladies

    *** a 1 a 2 a 123 ***

    NBK is in the house – NBK is on your mind – NBK rocks the game like Leo rocks my mind

    Leo is the man – N/K have the master plan – don’t hate on them – because they are the champs…

  117. I hope they redo the comp. Only if there was an unfair advantage, which idk if there was…but I sure hope so!

  118. Everyone, I have to go eat dinner! So happy my husband did the cooking tonight!! See yall in a bit.

  119. BB issued a gag order on EvelDick until 9/10, so hopefully we’ll have a twist we can live with. He does not like Nasty or Kevin’s antics and lies and doesn’t want them to win. We can only hope!

  120. @ Sservie…. you were suppoesed to come over to my place…. wat haopened? :( I am telling on you :(

  121. Hey…I’ve been away for a couple of days. has anything happened w/ pandora’s box?
    Anyone still thinking Jeff could get back in the house?

  122. I don’t like seeing people get joy out of another’s bad luck and watching Kevin and Natalie gloat does not a good winner make. I don’t like seeing people rewarded who cheat. I understand BB is all about not telling the truth and getting people to trust you, but Natalie is someone who believes she has been upstanding the entire game and is a strong player. She has not been strong, just lucky and latched onto the right people. I do not like reading about the enjoyment they get out of making someone squirm or enjoying make them feel bad. I would much rather see someone else win.

  123. @ Sservie…. that is why I have to coordinate it all……. Sservie… it is your turn…

    @ everyone…. enjoy the show….. I will say I told you so when the Diamond Veto voids out the Veto Kevin has…. I will also say I told you so when Nat ends up having it and they show her talking to Jesse ok? Chat with you all later!!!

  124. Really REALLY hope that Michelle stays
    somehow… Don’t want Nat F2.
    As for Jordan… No, she has not been good
    in comps but everyone that comes into the
    BB house has to capatilize on their individual
    strengths…. Whether their strength is physical(jeff/Russ),
    mental (Michelle) or personality(Jordan). Using
    her personality to draw jeff close enough to her
    that she could rely on him to get her this far in
    the game. I feel that was her intention coming
    into this game so that was HER gameplay. So
    she was smart enough to align herself with jeff
    but that plan was derailed last week obviously
    and I think it remains to be seen if she has a back-up
    plan. So the jury is still out with me on her but I do
    think she deserves to be F4.

    @ Diana
    enjoy reading ur thoughts and opinions!! :-)

  125. @ACB
    Have you noticed that Jordan seems a little more open now that Jeff i gone. She seems different to me, have you noticed?

  126. They said pandora’s box would be a life changing moment for 1 hg. Surely Nat’s bf didn’t really propose.

  127. @ Jennifer

    I actuall have been out of town since last Thur and haven’t been able to watch anything!!! I have been relying on this blog and others to keep me up to speed with everything that’s been going on in the house so I haven’t gotten to see how Jordan has been acting…. What has she been doing to make u think that?

    I will be home and back in BB full swing before the show tonight !! Thank goodness!! I can’t wait!!

  128. Her conversations on BBAD last night were kinda X rated…IMO. I dont know maybe Im reading to much into it.

  129. @ Tammy #210 -I totally agree with you. Natalie is so ANNOYING!

    Ok, after seeing a picture of Natalie’s BF…no one thought…hmmm maybe she isn’t 18!!! Afterall, her BF? was as old as her dad.

  130. @Tammy
    Kevin is so funny. I really like him, he just made me mad last week w/ the Jeff eviction thing!

  131. In all fairness to Jordan, even though Jeff handed her the HOH comp, she did beat out everyone else to be in the last two to win. And she won the POV that week, too. So she’s won more than Natalie and, I think, almost as much as Kevin.

    Natalie is seriously the most annoying person ever on this game. Except maybe Chima. But at least she self-destructed.

  132. i was thinking the same thing, funny michelle is a scientist and is doing a better job of posing then jordan! lol
    kevin just man handled that maniquine! spelling??

  133. Oh, and surely the others have figured out her age now, since she got alcohol from BB in her HOH room?

  134. Michelle should have made a deal with Kevin instead of telling him she was going to wait until after pov.

  135. @ Jennifer

    didn’t realize it was so late guess I won’t make it home before BB comes on… Got it on TiVo ( of course!!) so I will be about 40 min behind everyone!! :-( keep me updated PLZ :-)

    I have 12 hrs of BBAD to catch up on but will FF thru most of that … But will check out J from last night

  136. I am in shock right now! I don’t even know what to think about Natalie right now. I think I am actually happy for her.

  137. Kevin you better wake up dude Nats got you by your BALLS BOY AND she will win if you dont take Michelle with you cuz Jeff hates ya and if michelle gets in to the Jery she might kick you too so wake boy take the NAT out of the Ball park and off your BALLS BOY!!!

  138. Kevin you better wake up boy cuz Nat has you by your Balls and she will gut them off so you need to stick with Michelle to the Finale two. Kevin needs to Kick that Nat out of the ball park before she truly does make him a girl.

  139. That had to be a fake boyfriend!! There was no chemistry, no emotion (except for on his part, he’s a good actor!), and for a couple that hasn’t seen each other in however long and is getting engaged, hardly any touching! If he’s her real boyfriend… well, poor him.

  140. did u see the look on her face when he told her to wear the ring & she said it would ruin her chances in the game and he said so what.

  141. poor michele had 1 day in the hoh room & they give nat access to someone from the outside…..this is not right….there better be more to this.

  142. @ LEO..Hi I am a HUGE Survivor geek and am trying to get on your ;blog’ there. Can you help me?? Thanks..Guess i was wrong about nasty seeing her bf. Sorry to all out there. I admit I WAS WRONG!!!

  143. thats what i meant, no real touching, kissing etc. and she walked away from him so easily and didn’t look back, maybe thats just me, but i’d have a hard time leaving a loved one instead of oh hey, hows it going? gotta run.. :S

  144. @Jen #248 and Blackgirl#249

    I totally agree there was no chemistry with her now fiance. I believe he was an actor.

  145. @ Everyone….. *** W-O-W *** Natalie did see her boyfriend Jason and he really did ask her to marry him…. He gave her the bread bag wrapper as a ring because that is how his dad asked his mom to marry him…..

    @ Michelle Fans…. No DV or anything else will save Michelle…..

    Hoooooraaaaaay to NBK – Kevin & Natalie beating Jordan in the Final 3 HOH comps….

    Talk to you after BB goes off ok? *** Later ***

  146. He was not an actor! That was real and I don’t even like Natalie. Come on people, stop nit picking everything. She didn’t lie, she got engaged. Maybe she is NOT like this on the outside and this is her game play. I know it is not the most popular strategy but she did it and she is going to final 2.

  147. Blackgirl – I want to vote for Russ but I also want to vote for Mich. I just don’t want the wonder boy to get it because he really doesn’t deserve it.

  148. @ Mama D…. email me at ok?

    @ Ashley / Blackgirl / Jennifer….. Say bye bye to She-Rat and hello to Kevin / Natalie in the Final 2

    @ Everyone….. Who thinks Jordan will win 2 out of 3 comps to get to the Final 2? Not me!!!!

    ***** NBK 4-Ever / Natalie & Kevin for Final 2 with K-Town qinning BB11 – Ashley / Blackgirl / Jennifer can I get a woot woo and a hoot hoot or just an old fashioned “haaaaaaayyyyyy”? *****

  149. blackgirl – you know what, i pulled for Russ the whole game so I will be voting for him multiple times!!!!

  150. NO ONE is coming back, we are down to the final three after Tuesday. My bold perdiction is that Jordan will win it all. I know Leo thinks Jordan will not win any competitions but I dare to disagree. When she does win HOH she will send Kev home and make the jury choose between her and Nat.

  151. @ Michelle Fans…. She-Rat has no chance of winning America’s Choice because Russell & Jeff Fans will make sure one of them win……

    *** whoohahahahahahaha ***

  152. hey Kevin approached Mitchel last Friday for a deal, and she turned the deal out, so Mitchell miss it.

  153. how lame was pandoras box!! i was staying around hoping beyond hope it was something better than that. nope. i might tune into the finale to see who wins americas favorite cause thats all i care about now. have fun everyone.

  154. @ X-Rev…. Jordan will be lucky to win one…. Kevin will beat her in mental…. Natalie will beat her in endurance (1st challenge type) – Kevin will beat Natalie in part 3…. Jordan will be out after part 2 like Jerry was last year against Dan / Memphis…… Whoohahahahahaha

    ***** Go Team NBK – Natalie / Kevin Final 2 *****

  155. Michelle should have taken that deal with Kevin so it is her fault she didn’t win the pov or take the deal and now she will get voted out Tuesday. Also, Nat was nasty in the nominations ceremony but I have to give her kudos because she may just win this thing.

  156. i see nat was so thrilled to be engaged that she nvr mentioned it in the dr after the noms. this season sucked big time…

  157. wow this is by far the worst big brother ever.

    how can that dude purpose to that ugly ass girl. didnt he smell her and think hey u smell like crap that comes from my bum?? and her coming out like that, man i hope michele knocks her out on tuesday after he leaves. he works at blockbuster like really.. your 24 and have a job that a 16 year old has…. i hope she breaks her arm before this season is done

  158. @Leo @Ashley

    Well when Nat. tries to tell the truth, no one believes her, what a joke!

    Leo, Kevin had me in stitches tonight and I have to agree that he is a lot smarter than I gave him credit for.

    I am now conceding that Michele will be evicted on Tuesday, however my hope lies on Nat. going the following week.

    I’m happy that Nat. got engaged, but I do really feel for her fiance, but something inside is nagging at me as to why he would propose now. Could it be that he hears cha ching, cha ching $$$$$.

  159. I thought it was awesome that we were all wrong about the proposal. I’m still picking my jaw up off the floor. I thought it was a good episode.

  160. 1is 1me…. She-rat is going home….. hoooooraaaaay!!! Will you answer the question I posed to everyone please? Thanks 1is 1me!!!

  161. Well, just as I expected. Natalie actually finally told the truth and the Pandora’s Box was completely useless…however, it did seem like Kevin is wising up. But, seeing as the game does seem to be favoring Natalie at this point by the fact that they did not show when her boyfriend told her that America hates her that may be just to throw us off.

    P.S. I don’t think the engagement will last.

  162. @ Everyone… Kevin is hilarious…… He said the biznatch got something good…. *** L-O-L ***

    @ Everyone…. how the f*** did Natalie get engaged before me…. I am deppressed now!!!

  163. Leo, I know you go to the gym alot, but are you also taking steriods? I mean really… your brain seems to be shrinking. I am offically taking the DV away because you are not worthy of dangling it in front of ppls faces here. But I promise that after JORDAN wins I will give it back to you and you can play with it next year. lol

    Just having a little fun, don’t take me serious while my straight jacket is still on.

  164. Diana, the only way Michelle is going to stay is if she can go back to Kevin and convince him to take her to final 3 and together they get out Natalie. He is obviously considering it.

  165. @Ashley #274

    You know I posted a poem about Matilda who told such dreadful lies earlier, or you can related to Peter crying wolf, one too many times.

    Well Nat. has lied so much throughout this game (Kevin has got her game), that when she does tell the truth, no one believes her.

    Her fiance is in for one rocky road because he will never really know when she is telling the truth or not and I don’t know whether you picked up how bossy and domineering she was toward him even though we only saw snippets of their time together.

    For me a marriage/relationship is about giving and taking and being considerate toward each other, I didn’t pick that up with her when she was talking to Jason!

  166. Its kind of funny that kev has fallen for every other lie nat has given, but just like the rest of us, he thinks the engagement story is a flat out lie. I guess she cried wolf too many times and when it came to the truth, no one listened.

  167. @Ashley #283

    Yes, that is the only hope, but I think Kevin is scared of her. Even though he knows her game, I actually think that when it comes to crunch time he will let Nat. lead him by the nose!!

  168. If i was production i would have made it that Nat had to take back a houseguest to the show in order to see her boyfriend. Then did a surprise elimination! They need to spice this up.Its just boring now….

  169. Natalie sure didn’t seem very excited or happy about her engagement….didn’t even really kiss him properly…what’s up with that??????

  170. @ everyone….. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    WTF – that little biznatch is getting married before me? What is wrong with the world….. ddddddddaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiitttttttt!!!!

    I am going to cry myself to sleep!!! :( WTF :(

  171. Diana #286 – IMO, 24 is too young to get married anyway. I was married at 20 and divorced by 23 and then didn’t get married again until I was 31. Nat seems immature but we dont know what their relationship is or how Nat is in the real world so I am not going to judge the couple minutes I saw them together. I wish anyone luck who begins a life together because going through divorce is awful and these days it’s like only 50% make it.

  172. @Leo

    Don’t despair, I have 2 very beautiful single daughters that I can introduce you to. I mean knock outs!!!

  173. @Ashley #294

    Been there, done that, I guess that is why I made that judgement call. I suffered a great deal after firstly losing my first husband (death) and my second husband after a 20 year marriage. Third time has been a charm! So I understand believe me what heartache is all about!

  174. if kevin takes himself off & then jordo goes up & he votes off jordan lvg the final 3 to k/m/n. k/m in the f2 cuz they have a better chance at winning anything than nat.

  175. @ Ashley…. You are right I was a good show because Kevin was on it…

    @ Ashley / Diana / Blackgirl / Jebbifer…. I am done for a couple hours…. How the f*** did Natalie get engaged…. I feel like a mutant afte seeing stink aka scrappy get engaged…. ewwwww

    @ x-rev…. you are funny bro!!!

    I will get at everyone later after I get done puking – praying and asking wtf went wrong with my life!!! *** L-O-L ***

  176. @Ashley

    If my girl Michele goes home Tuesday, then I will vote for Kevin.

    I am going to vote for Michele to get the $25k because she deserves it!

  177. @ Gracie I am single and I feel like a loser / nerd because like Jordan I have only been with 1 person sexually but I am 29…. now Nat gets engaged…. WTF…… I am mind blown!!! the little biznatch told the truth and a human man wants to marry her even after watching her on tv? Talk you you all later…. I am about to take my anger out at the gym & workout a couple hours!!! shyyyyyyiiiiiiitttttt

  178. So what does the commercial mean about packing a punch???? If this is the end of pandoras box, what a let down….

  179. Diana, I just can’t believe Michelle is going home. She was my last hope for this season. I guess I will pull for Kevin after Tuesday but still holding out hope they can get together and form a secret alliance. Anyway, I am off for a while and may not be back until tomorrow. I didn’t mean my comment #294 to sound rude and I didn’t think you were being judgmental. I’m over the shock of her actually being engaged now and I still don’t want her to go to final 2.

  180. @Ashley

    I have already started to vote for Michele – #9 on CBS – Big Brother America’s Vote!

  181. what they should of had behind the door is a bathtub with a years supply of perosnal care…CBS I am dissapointed that I had to witness a young man’s life being thrown into the troth of that pig pen. I hope he takes you to court for for making him kiss the ass of a pig… But I do have to say Kevin was a bit FUNNNY tonight…

  182. @Ashley #303

    I never took your comment as being rude, never, not for one second. I just wanted to share with you that I do understand heartache, but with that heartache, we grow as human beings and we never give up hope. That is why I am so amazed by Michele’s strength of character for someone so young!

  183. I just had to post this because I recently was checking this out. It’s not true that 50% of marriages end in divorce.

  184. To everyone that wants to vote for America’s choice, they are only allowing one vote (I’m guessing ISP). I tried to vote a second time and this is the message I got:

    Sorry, you have already submitted your vote!

  185. @ Leo #301 – You are too funny! Cheer up – there is somone for everyone.:D

    @Everyone – According to the livefeeds, I think Kevin may be making a deal with Michelle. He really dislikes Natalie right now.

  186. #309 – the divorce rate is very close to 50% as people say between 40 and 50 percent. You can look it up online.

    Diana – I will talk with you later and have a great evening.

  187. Nat says: you studied dude
    and it paid off.That calendar, it paid off..
    Kevin says:I was like a crazy mofo.
    Nat said:that is what you need to do like studying
    for an exam
    Kevin :and it helped that they had technical errors cause I was like ….oh these are the type of questions i need to think about.

    Nat said what do you mean about technical errors

    Kevin : Like we had to stand next to the door and face the wall

    Conversation Gets Cut.. trivia

    After All of that: remember to be respectful to AG not to trash the HG’s but demand a fair PoV be played!!

    Any Thoughts this was on jokersupdates,com nat and kevin admitting to cheating

  188. What?? Who is packing, and what are they packing? Maybe they all get to come back to the house and base their final vote on how the final three play the last week.

  189. BBAD last night was like watching paint dry until Jordo’s X-rated conversation. It was hilarious with her explaining in detail about female sexual organs to Kevin. (I learned a few things myself and I am straight)! Whoever came up with the lame PD concept should lose their job at CBS. Kevin opened the box and was punished by not getting much money. Natalie opens it and gets rewarded for her greed. They even told her what she would get if she opened it. And at the cost of not playing for POV she had nothing at all to lose, as the HOH. Us die hard fans will keep watching but the regulars that only see the prime time broadcast will be on another channel Tuesday.

  190. Pandora’s Box has been a let down both times…. What a load of Bull S*** BB / CBS…. Have better twists for BB 12!!!

  191. @Budman #321

    PB myth is that when Pandora opened the box it unleashed all its evil (Kevin) and she closed it quickly. When she reopened the box at the bottom lay ‘hope’ (Nat. with her finance). Sickening I know but I think that CBS fulfilled their commitment to the whole PB theory.

    It was just another let down and disappointment for me!

    But susie maddox #314 made a statement that she hasn’t verified yet, which can give us a glimmer of hope! If she doesn’t respond, then we can assume that it is another hoax!!

  192. @WTF #322

    It was like watching a horror movie with your worst nightmares coming true – sad but true!!

    The only saving grace in tonight’s episode was Kevin, he was a crack up and if Michele gets booted on Tuesday, then I am rooting for Kevin.

    I have already voted for Michele for America’s Choice $25k!!

    written by Susan, September 07, 2009
    This is the shadiest stuff on TV yet. Kevin & Natalie made a calendar first of all to note days of events. This is clearly against the rules. Some have stated Michelle did the same with birth control and even if this is so and she also broke the rules, Jordan did not.
    Kevin stated on the feeds that a technical error enabled his win.
    Natalie stated she discussed dates, fans and game moves with her boyfriend on his visit.
    These are blatent game changing violations. Call CBS now!

  194. @x-rev #325

    Actually, I think that Nats. bf appears to be a nice person for the little we saw of him. He was very nervous and that showed through and he seemed to be way more excited about the engagement than Nat.

    Can you imagine who will wear the pants in that family IF she wins any prizes. Boy, my heart goes out to him already!!

  195. @327 Susan,
    Gee, Is too bad that BB doesn’t have camera’s or microphones so they could see and hear everything we do. I mean if they would only do that, they would surely change their minds!!! Oh, wait… my bad n/m.

  196. @Susan #327

    Also, I noted that we didn’t see Nat. saying that there are a lot of haters out there. Nat. has been given a ‘golden goose’ by getting this info. so she is already covering her tracks in the event that she comes in 2nd place or loses altogether and she is going to blame it on America!

  197. @328 Diana
    Call me a romantic, but if i was her bf, and saw that she was close to winning the $500k, i would plug my nose and pop the question. Beats working at a video store.

  198. WTF…I know right. You’re name says it all!

    Everyone hear that? I am ssssssssssssssssssssssscccccccccccccccccccccrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kevin was the bright spot of the night. He was hilarious in his DR sessions…If I didn’t know better, I’d say he feels the same way I do about Nasty Nat.

    Don’t get me started on the PB…The luxury comp was more interesting. How can I be happy for Nasty when she seems so unfazed by her special moment.

    For those who threaten to stop watching due to the loss of a fav Hg, how about letting BB/CBS know that we are tirred of being let down by BS hypes that have no effect on the game. The CDT was exciting, but as a BB fan, I’d love a twist right at the time a HG thinks they have the game locked…Make them play harder for the 500K.

    What about the live feeds…why pay to watch them sleep, eat (esp Nasty), and lay around in the pool. Aaaarrggghh!

  199. OK guys did a little snooping on Google about the Jury House packing theory posted by susie maddox and this is what I found:

    September 4, 2009 at 8:29 am
    Just seen commercial saying Jury house packing surprises and it won’t be pretty, showing Lydia sittting at Jury house, Russell hitting punching bag and Michelle crying something more is going to happen or they arejust hypeing people up to watch…

    Note: This was posted 2 days ago, so I don’t think that it is anything to get excited about or to raise our hopes for something exciting to happen!

  200. @fedyo #337

    Calm down, I can hear you, but it Nat. is not worth your blood pressure rising.

    Try to flick her off like a little gnat!!!

  201. I voted for my fav HG…and IF Michele is evicted Tues., Kevin is my pick to win. Why? Because he is actually worth watching…hbis facial expressions and mannerisms…hilarious!!

  202. @Leo #339

    Yes, Kevin was the highlight and saving grace of tonight’s show! I’ll give him props. for keeping me entertained!

  203. @Diana – You’re right…I’ll just focus on Kevin. I hope he listens to his instincts and partners with Michele. He should forget about wanting her to come to him…Yes, its her but on the line, but at this point it’s his $$$ to lose.

  204. We just saw a commercial that said that the POV and eviction were LIVE on tuesday? Could they be re-doing the POV based on Kevin possibly cheating? And not telling the houseguests until then?

  205. What was up with Natalie and her reaction to her boyfriend?
    She accepted the Pandora Box deal but why was she so
    low keyed?

    When Jessie was in the BBH, Natalie showed more
    emotional bonding with him.

    My opinion is CBS is aware of how many BB Fans truly
    dislike Natalie and they were trying to give her a
    “softer side.”

    Sorry CBS/BB, it didn’t work Still can’t stand her and
    everything she has represented while on BB.

    I voted for MICHELE to win the $25,000.
    Did I vote too soon?
    I wish.

  206. @ FedUp….. I am glad to see you jumping on K-Towns Bandwagon…… He won’t bring Michelle to the Final 3 because she is a bigger threat!!!

    @ Midwest Fan…. Wuz up? How did you like the show?

    @ Diana & X-Rev….. Wuz up? How is you evening going?

  207. michele got 3 votes from me tonite..still hoping that kevin realizes that he should keep michele for the f2

  208. @fedup #346

    You know I just went to Jokers to see how things are going and it looked as though Kevin is being sincere with Michele and he looked as though he was considering keeping her to oust Nat. next eviction, but low and behold, 20 minutes later, he goes directly to Nat. and tells her everything – WTF is with that!!!

    Just when I was starting to like him, he disappoints me yet again!

  209. @Midwest – Agreed…Nasty doesn’t have a soft side…Wish I could be there when her fiance finds out she’s really a man.

  210. @Midwest Fan #348

    You go girl! No you didn’t vote too early and even if Michele stays, she can still win the $25k for being America’s choice!

  211. @ FedUp….. I was just joking….. Did you read all my posts sinc the show went off about an hour and a half ago?

    @ FedUp…… I am still in shock that Natalie actually got engaged…. She told the truth!!! *** L-O-L ***

  212. #354 fedup

    Too funny ………………. lost my Diet Coke reading your lines.

    What until CBS finds out too! LOL

  213. @Chris #347

    If there is another POV, it won’t be because of the cheating. Michele will probably go home on Tuesday, leaving N/J/K, unless they plan on bringing someone back or there is another twist, although I am done speculating on these so called twists because everytime we have had some hope for something exciting to happen, we have been let down by some LAME so called event which has been nothing but boring!

  214. There are still a lot of Jeff fans out there (myself being one). They will vote him as the fan favorite by a landslide just like the wat they voted him the Coup-de-tat. He will get those same votes plus a lot of sympathy votes to boot. (unless of course he makes it back into the house and wins it all)

  215. @ Diana / Ashley / Midwest Fan / FedUp….. Kevin will take Jordan to the Final 3 becuase she will be easier for him to beat and then he can have the power of choosing who to take compared to Michelle could win and he could be screwed…. Kevin knows he has his best chance against Natalie compared t against Jordan / Michelle in the Final 2…. Do you agree or disagree?

  216. @Leo #351

    Well can’t wait for Survivor now, especially since Nat. will probably make it to the F2! After Tuesday, I’m done because I don’t want to keep watching her gloat, too much negativity and obnoxiousness for me!

    I need to be in a positive environment, thinking about the good in people, not the evil conquering the good!

  217. Diana #353 – Telling Nat everything is his downfall…Maybe he tells her to get a reaction in an effort to help him make a decision, and as I typed that, I’m realize how stupid is sounds. Hey, he’s funny, he just may be stupid, too. Michele is his best bet.

    @ Leo – Michele is only a threat to Kevin if he really plans to take Nasty to F3…It would be smart to keep Michele over Jordan if he wants a chance @ the 500K…Taking Nat almost guarantees him the 50K. No Biznatch is worth 450K!

  218. @ Budman…. What do you think about my last statement & scenario bro? Also don’t forget to email me ok?

  219. @Leo #361

    I would rather see Kevin take Jordan to the F2 than Nat.

    Read my last post. I need some positive energy back in my life. This whole BB experience this year has clouded my judgement with negativity and that is not cool!

  220. Leo,

    If it comes down to F2 – Natalie and Kevin,
    then Kevin will get my vote.
    I’ve never voted before while holding my nose. Hmmm

    The ONLY saving grace for the finale, with those two being
    up, will be for Kevin to win all of the votes and for
    Michele to win the $25,000.

    I don’t want to see Natalie get any support from others.
    She can win the $50,000 to pay off her gambling debts
    before she racks up more.
    Her fiance is foolish if he thinks she is going to put her $50K
    to good use. Natalie is on a roll and it is downhill.

  221. @ Susan 327; I also read somewhere that Kevin did cheat on the POV–that he was able to either hear or see the questions asked of the other HGs before his turn. CBS need to fix that and do another POV

  222. @fedup #363

    You are my positive energy right now so I thank you for that!

    I have always tried to stay neutral and tried to be fair with my comments, however I have been dragged down to the depths of negative thoughts because of Nat. so that is why I don’t want to see it through the end. I need my sanity and peace of mind back!

    BB11 sucks this year!

    Roll on Survivor Samoa!

  223. @ Diana – U R Very Welcome…If we try really hard, we can transfer positive energy to Kevin so that he will come to his sense and vote to keep Michele , and we’ll send them to Michele so that she will remain strong.

  224. @ FedUp…. Natalie will lose against anyone except Jordan which would be close…. Kevin will win due to an unexpexted vote….

    Kevin vs Natalie Final 2

    America – Kevin
    Michelle – Kevin
    Lydia – Kevin
    Jesse – Kevin (Natalie pissed him off)
    Jeff – Natalie (Kevin screwed him)
    Jordan – Natalie (Kevin screwed Jeff)
    Russell – Natalie (Kevin could’ve saved him)

    *** CBS Just said live Veto Comp / Veto Ceremony / Live Eviction again….. WTF? ***

  225. Sorry about the fat finger-(way instead of wat)It figures that somebody named Leo would be chasing cougers!LOL Leo you need to come to Alabama and I’ll hook you up with a little Jordan type Southern Bell. They call them GRITS (girls raised in the south). Most of them are smarter than Jordan but they have really good values like she does. You would never want to go back!

  226. @ Pam #367 and Diana #359 – close your Internet brower and go back in the That way you can vote more than once.

  227. Ok, now that I have shaken off some cobwebs, I went to the Big Brother 11 Blog because you’re addicted and this is what was posted:


    Before I start the Evening Post, I wanted to go over a couple of things from tonight’s episode.

    1) Was it just me, or did Natalie look like she didn’t even care that she got engaged?
    2) The commercials for Pandora’s Box this week said “The Jury House is packing the surprise and it won’t be pretty!” I saw *nothing* Jury House related in tonight’s episode, leaving me even MORE confused!!
    3) Julie said last Thursday that Pandora’s Box would be “game changing”. Tonight, the BB announcer said it was “life changing” (for Natalie).

    Unless there’s more to come with this Pandora’s Box thing (which has been a total bust so far), then this is the most useless “twist” BB has ever done. lol But who knows, maybe there’s more to it…I can’t see BB advertising that the Jury House would be “packing the surprise” and then not following through with that. I guess we’ll just have to wait until Tuesday to see if there’s anything more or not.


    Any thoughts from anyone?

  228. Leo,

    I think all of them have a better chance at the $500k
    over Natalie.
    The ONLY thing she can win is the $50K.

    If Kevin takes Michele or Jordan, he loses.

    The BIG QUESTION IS will Natalie take him?
    With the others, he at least goes home with $50K.

    Kevin isn’t doing enough soul searching.
    He needs to think about getting some cash vs none at all.

  229. Seriously, if Kevin keeps Michelle he is guaranteed to go to F2. If he keeps Jordan, who knows? I think Natalie takes Jordan and I know that Jordan takes Natalie. Kevin – be smart! No way does Natalie take Michelle and no way does Michelle take Natalie.

  230. Hey Leo, wb to the blog. While u were working out I went and microwaved a couple of burrito’s and got some nacho chips and beer and pretty much pigged out. Thats the great thing about being single… i can fart all night and no one complains. Sometimes I prank myself and pull the covers over my head, but probably not tonight.

    As for your predictions? Dude, I am telling you… steroids b bad.

  231. This Pandora’s Box thing was LAME! Why even bother? There better be better twists in BB12! I also wish for better comps on BB12 and in the future! The comps have been a little boring and lame. Spice things up a bit, mix it up! C’mon BB/CBS, use some imagination!

  232. Diana,

    You are spot on, correct.
    There had better be more to come.
    Who gives a …… about Natalie getting engaged?

    Unless CBS is setting Natalie up for a return to BB12, when
    she will get her Divorce on the show.

  233. And one last thing that was also posted:

    Heads up!! Tuesday is the *Live* Endurance Comp!!! It’s Part 1 (of 3) in the Final HOH Comp! CBS will show only about 10 minutes of it on the air, and then you need the Live Feeds in order to view the rest!

    Okay, I’m gonna go see what we missed this afternoon & early evening (I’ve been informed there was some game talk as tonight’s show aired on the East Coast). I’ll be back in a few to start tonight’s Evening Post! ;-)

    This post was copied from Big Brother 11 Blog…because you’re addicted!
    Also, if you haven’t yet done so, go vote for your FAVORITE PLAYER!! :D

  234. @Midwest Fan
    I believe Natalie beats any of them when it comes down to gameplay. The only ones who won’t vote for her will be Michelle (if she’s not in F2) and Lydia. As much as a lot of the audience watching hate Natalie I really think the jury will say she played them and that deserves their vote.

  235. @ Budman…. You are right….. Jeff will win in a landslide over Michelle / Russell (I will be voting for Russell)

    *** Michelle Fans will battle it out with Russell Fans for second place……

    *** This is going to be exciting watching the

    * Jeff Fans
    * Russell Fans
    * Michelle Fans

    *****While NBK – Kevin / Natalie are the Final 2 battle for the title of winner of BB11 *****

    ** Let the debating begin between the following Fans:

    * Jeff Fans

    * Russell Fans

    * Michelle Fans

    *** Who will win America’s Vote and the $25,000 – I am excited to find out!!! ***

  236. @Midwest Fan #377

    You’re fired up this evening which is great. I love your comments because they are so funny but true!

  237. “Hellz yes” talk about looking not excited at all about getting engaged. She comes off as such a cocky douchebag too. It’s going to be funny when Kevin does the smart thing and betrays her as Michelle and him coast to the final 2. Jokes on you biatch!

  238. I hope that Kevin gets to feel what it’s like to get screwed over. all though he would probably love nothing more than to get done up the ass!

  239. lionel

    What can I say? i hope you are wrong.

    If the members of the Jury House are upset about Natalie
    lying about her age, then who knows what else they
    will discuss and discover about her.
    Russell said he will not vote for her.

  240. @ Midwest Fan…….. You are right about Kevin taking Natalie over Jordan to the Final 2…

    * Natalie will not take Jordan to the Final 3 because Jordan would get the following votes:

    Lydia (esp if Nat screws Kevin)
    it wouldn’t even matter if Jesse / Russell voted for Natalie over Jordan

  241. @Leo

    Kev vs Nasty

    Jesse – Nasty (Jesse will be over it)
    Russell – Nasty
    Jeff – Nasty
    Jordo – Nasty

    Lydia – Kevin
    Michele – Kevin

    **America doesn’t need to break the tie**

  242. @ Diana…. I am glad you are still using BB Because you are addicted…. Have a good night & sweet dreams….

    @ Budman…. I am going to have to have you show me around Alabama one day…. Make sure you email me, so I can have you on my list for people who can get the word out about my Survivor Samoa Blog Site ok?

    @ Diana / Ashley / FedUp / Budman….. I watched There Goes The Neigborhood which came on after BB while I worked out on the treadmill….. It is a good show… Check it out next Sunday….

  243. #360 Budman

    I agree with you about Jeff and it does tick me off.
    CBS has given him an unfair advantage in getting America’s
    Favorite Player Vote over Michele and the others.

    They NEVER showed him being being downright
    nasty and cruel and he was.
    The only place to see him from all angles was on the
    Live Feeds, BBAD and the blogs.

  244. @ X-Rev….. Not all people who workout use steroids bro…. That was ok the first time you said it but offensive the second….. Chill with the steroids talk ok bro?

    @ FedUp…. Hey as long as a member of NBK wins and not Jordan, I am cool….. I still would rather see Kevin win though…..

    @ Midwest…. You are so fiesty tonight… I likey likey a-lot-!!!

  245. Cat – True except he probably can only see $500k.

    Poor Guy, since he will end up with Nat, possibly $50K
    and, again, NAT.

  246. GROSS

    Gnat is rubbing the dead skin off her heals into the hot tub!

    What a disgusting skank!

    I hope the other HG’s don’t get in there. EEwwwww

  247. hi to all my friends!!! question, i just read on jokers that kev admitted that he cheated on the POV comp. is this true? if so, what do BB and CBS plan on doing? it’s not fair to the girls. if he did, i think we should all ban together and bombard BB & CBS, call the press, call ABC network… :)

  248. @Diana C
    Hey how ya doin?
    Nothing will be done about Kevins cheating…we might as well accept it.
    We the fans are the losers this year as far as BB is concerned!

  249. YUCK

    Kevin is scrapping his dead skin aff too

    awwww.. now Skanakalie is doing Kevins feet !!!!!

    They are nasty.

  250. @ Everyone…..

    Kevin is the man…. Durong the luxury comp he was like “Get out my way because I will close line a biznatch for some clothes” and then he took the clothes of the mannequin and was like “give me that scarf biznatch” with 3 seconds to spare…. I am glad he won the POV

    *** Go Kevin aka K-Town for the $500,000 and winner of BB11 ***

    written by Susan, September 07, 2009
    This is the shadiest stuff on TV yet. Kevin & Natalie made a calendar first of all to note days of events. This is clearly against the rules. Some have stated Michelle did the same with birth control and even if this is so and she also broke the rules, Jordan did not.
    Kevin stated on the feeds that a technical error enabled his win.
    Natalie stated she discussed dates, fans and game moves with her boyfriend on his visit.
    These are blatent game changing violations. Call CBS now

  252. @leo, now why do you wanna go off and start rooting for NBK when you know we want michele and you need to be with us

  253. Hell-Yeah

    Let’s hope a swarm of dragonflies arrive and
    dive bomb Natalie.

    I have to admit, her personal habits are GROSS.
    BB Production needs to post a BIG SIGN on
    the bathroom mirror – WASH YOUR HANDS

  254. LOL @Midwest Fan
    I dont think Nat would care…shes gonna do what she wants…and CBS is gonna let her!

  255. Leo,

    If Kevin wants America’s votes, he needs to ditch Natalie.
    He owes us that much.

    Seriously, he should be thinking about taking home

  256. Thanks Leo ,cant wait for ur new survivor to start. People,, PLEASE read bb11 Diary Room”WE GOT GOT””by Joey Lee.It is a interesting concept. I feel the pb disappointed ALOT of bb fans. This was my 1st yr. and I was SOO glued to the bbad and Blogs my kids were calling all the local shrinks. Now I just want it over and to move on with Survivor where cbs dont mess with the hgs and US too.

  257. Nats like the boy that cried wolf…after so many lies no one believes her when shes telling the truth…im surprised her head didnt explode!

  258. @cat…fine thank you for asking and you? yea, i know and i can’t stop grasping for straws either. i don’t have the live feeds on neither. still disgusted. i did watch the show though (like i said i wasn’t) just to see what was behind PB and she was telling the truth. she acted real happy too.

  259. Hey Leo I am a huge LOST fan and dancing with the stars, never got into survivor. does anyone think BB needed ratings and therefore had Gnat’s boyfriend propose in the pandora’s box room? she shows little emotion, but maybe thats her…her lie tonight about what went on in that room hopefully makes the light over kevin’s head go off! I hope Jordan focuses more and pulls out a win in the endurance competition…she has won a HOH and POV so she’s not dumb I think she is overwhelmed and maybe relied on Jeff more than she should have. nite all.

  260. Leo,

    Kevin also needs to understand and employ
    basic hygiene, like washing his hands after using
    the toilet and NOT scrapping his dead skin cells
    into the hot tub.

    Pretty soon, he will sound just like Natalie.


  261. For the first time on Big Brother, a houseguest can have an outside visitor. Like, huh? Special rules especially for Natalie. Ladies and gentlemen, the fix is in and has been for quite some time. Her “fiance” had a look of desperation in his face when he proposed. He knows she’s coming into big money soon and he wants to make sure he’s a part of it.

  262. @ Midwest…. I love the Amazing Race…. It premieres on Sunday – 09/27…….. I think Jeff / Jordan should go on that show….. Remember Biston Rob (Survivor Marquesas and Survivor All Stars) amd Amber (Survivor Thailand & Survivor All Stars) went on to due the Amazing Race twice and then had a R hour special for their wedding?

    @ Cat…… Wuz up girl? What did you think about the BB show tonight and all my new songs I have posted today?

    @ Amanda….. Keeping sending Kevin aka K-Town your love….

    @ Ashley…… Say my name say my name…… I was wrong about Natalie being engaged, but I would like to think of it as being misinformed with a hint of being right…. *** L-O-L ***

  263. Cant wait for Survivor….i could care less who wins BB now.
    Too much hinky stuff going on with production…

  264. O.K. did anybody think that Natalie was not that excited about getting engaged. I’m sorry I think that guy is just another lie, that they concocked. If he is for real she’s a real B@#$% for treating him that way being all over Jessie, I think she fell for jessie. The B@#$% needs to go.

  265. survivor is the bomb! i did love BB and couldn’t wait for it to come on but i’m done with BB. i used to get excited for the bachelor and bachelorette until i seen where that’s rigged as well, didn’t watch one episode this last time. i don’t like to watch lieing reality shows

  266. #411 cyndigwc

    So true …………. cracked me up.
    Her one attempt at being truthful and no one believed her.
    *Though she did lie at the beginning of her adventure into

    Too funny!

  267. @cat, i’m with you. i don’t plan on watching BB anymore. they’re stringing everyone along with the PB “surprise” nothing is going to come out of that, they know if they keep advertising it, people will watch hoping n/k will get got and then the ratings will soar.

  268. @ Lori…. Check out my Survivor Blog Site…. I will make you a fan

    @ Diana C…. Hey there little lady….. I know you want to join me in the VIP of Airline NBK / Kevin / Natalie…. I have a seat for you…. Don’t fight what is sooooooo right ok?

  269. The PB was anti-climatic because it potentially threw her partner Kevin under the bus by not being able to participate in the most important POV on his behalf. Fortunately he won it. It would have been game changing if Michelle then won the POV. Imagine the fallout between Kevin & Natale if he had lost. That would have been good TV.

  270. Barb and Cat

    I think the entire episode was set up by CBS to try
    and soften fans opinions about Natalie.
    The network knows she is really, really disliked to the point
    of hatred.
    What better than an engagement?
    Little did the network know that Natalie couldn’t react
    the way women do when they are asked to be married.

    I’m only surprised Natalie didn’t give a “Shout Out”
    to Chima to become her Maid of Honor. LOL

  271. oh yea, yesterday before the POV, nat said when she went into the DR she asked them if they would have a segment or show of her wedding..sorry guys if i’m slow, i have a headache and ended up taking an imitrex.

  272. @ Everyone….. I have seen the light

    @ have been saying Survivor is the best show ever for a while and BB fans say “if you don’t like BB go to a Survivor site”……. You are all seing the light

    Come to the light people…m Come to the light

    @ Cat / Diana C…. you better run to it *** L-O-L ***

  273. Produciton knows before we do who wins the POV and what they plan to do with PB…so to keep up the charade of something game changing in nx episode is false advertising.
    Nats engagement doesnt change anything!

  274. Kevin had a good point :) he said if she would lie about good news who knows what else she’s lied about. Ha hahahahaha soo true!
    She shouldn’t have lied about PB, it did not help her lying “game”. I’m kinda glad Kevin won PoV and he’s fighting back.
    We shall see.

  275. @Midwest Fan

    I dont think Natalie reacts to ANYTHING like a normal woman would. I personally cannot relate to someone whose every breath expels a lie! Lack of emotion denotes some sort of psychosis…

  276. @ Cat q Midwest Fan / Diana C….. I will give you a climax with entertainmnt, so don’t stop coming to this site….. I got you ladies…….. ooooooohhhhhhhh yyyyeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh

    *** Grrrrrrrrr ***

  277. #427 Diane C, Cat and Barb

    This is the ONLY show I spend so much time on and
    right now, I think my time has been wasted.
    (Except for this fun-filled blog. Kudos to all here.)

    If BB Productions doesn’t make changes in this game
    before Thursday, such as having another POV, I think
    I’m done with BB too.

    I knew I was going to become a fan of a liar since all HGs lie
    but Natalie has gone too far and BB has allowed her to do so.


  278. @tina, i don’t know, jokers said he was talking with michele and then went back and told nat everything

  279. whats up with this amercia’s vote? Your favorite houseguest gets 25,000 dollars. Whats with CBS kissing Jeff’s butt for. He lost, he played dumb get over it.

  280. @Midwest Fan
    Ive been a BB fan for 11 years…no more.
    This is my last yr..its gotten out of hand.
    Im no mary poppins and realize what goes on within the show but they crossed the line this time allowing one hg to run the show and break the rules. Enough is enough and too much is nasty!

  281. Leo,

    I really enjoy Survivor and have never missed an episode.
    I, also, LOVE, the Amazing Race.

    You may see me at your Survivor site.
    Wishing you well. I know you will be successful.

  282. @midwest, that’s what BB wants us to do is watch all the way to the end so they can laugh knowing they strung us along with making up the PB extras. if we stayed true to what we say and don’t watch maybe they’ll get the message but i doubt it. also, u ought to watch survivor. when i first watched survivor i was upset cause the people lose so much weight but then i kept watching it and ended up picking my favorites and so far i find the show to be honest BUT it’s on CBS also so who knows.


  284. Natalie just said on live feed if she thinks she’ll remember how to drive when she gets out of the BB house! Hello? She calls Jordo stupid?? OMG!!

  285. I know when my husband proposed to me I jumped up and down screaming and crying. We had been dating for a few years, and I didn’t think it was ever going to happen. I was so surprised and it was so unexpected when he got down on 1 knee and asked me to be his wife.

    Nat has no TRUE emotions. Sure she cried and thanked Russell for that call home, that’s the only emotions I’ve ever seen from her. I love how she lied about PB and then when she said she got engaged they still didn’t believe her. Her lying about getting engaged was stupid and made no sense. Like Kevin said if she can lie about a good thing who know what else she’s been lying about. She hurt her game, and I hope she doesn’t make it to F2.

  286. They know Jeff is the most popular so why even have a vote contest asking fans to pick the favorite guest to win money? Everybody in the world know whos gonna win that. Just seems dumb.

  287. I have a feeling that Kevin might keep Michelle, then it’s 2 strong players V Nat, AND if he wins HOH and takes Michelle to the finals,he might win.
    Jeff – M
    Jessie – K
    Jordan – M
    Lydia – K
    Russell – K
    Nat – M
    America – KEVIN for getting rid of Nat!

    or im dreaming :)

  288. Well I hate Michelle but she is the only one actually playing the game so she should win it. shes good.

  289. Will Natalie stop saying America doesn’t like her bcuz of Jessie?? Jordan is saying America probably likes Natalie now bcuz Jessie is gone!! What freaking planet are these people living on??

  290. @ Diana C…. Join me as we go to exstacy…..

    @ Everyone…… Join me as we experience the joy of Kevin winning BB11…..

    @ Diana C…. I was going to say something sle, but you made me forget….. *** L-O-L ***

  291. I just finished watching the BB11 show in California and I voted for Michele to win the $25,000 for the whole hour the show was on. I know I did it at least 50 times and I am going to continue doing it as often as I can online. I also made 4 calls to AG’s phone number complaining about the way they allowed Natalie to have contact with the outside world and allowing her to get away with all the horrible things she has done on this show. By the way, her BF is one Fug Mug Ugly mofo if you ask me! I have relatives in Gilbert Arizona and I’m going to call them to ask them do they know her or him. Gilbert is not a very big town. I did like all Kevins comments on tonights show tho and I’m hoping that somehow he manages to make the smart move and evict Jordan. I am still hoping that somehow Michele makes it to the final 2. I hope Natalie loses and goes home to Gilbert broke!!

  292. @Liz
    They live in their own little worlds where nothing is their fault and they can lie as much as they like with no consequences…wished i lived there but not next door to them!

  293. Natalie looks good in the robe and crown. I hope she and Kevin can beat out Jordan in the final HOH and go to the Final 2. They are the best players.

  294. Joey

    I agree.

    CBS/BBProductions LOVES Jeff which is why he has
    only been shown in a good way to the viewers.

    Jeff is fine but in my opinion, Michele deserves the
    Award but probably doesn’t have a chance of winning it.

    All Thanks to CBS/BB.

    It should be called the CBS’s Favorite Player Award.

  295. @ Dana…. You are dreaming…. America would vote for Michelle over Kevin (even though I personally like Kevin more)

    @ Cat……….. I want you to join me now……

  296. This show was a joke not doing Veto she HOH she already was the three why would CBS give this choice wow big deal. It did seem that she even care when he proposed to Natalie so was the BIG TWIST if it was it was it was the worst I have seen on BIG Brother.Small Brother
    Smell Brother so sad

  297. @gramma…i also read on jokers that kev admitted to cheating on the POV. if that be true, theat’s not fair and needs to either re-do the POV or penalize him. not let him or nat play in the POV. also, i agree with an above blog that they aren’t allowed to have things like calendars, play doh, cards, etc.

  298. and for michelle’s BC’s, how far sould she have gotten by following the dates on them. n/k were able to write down things they’ve done, who did it and etc with play doh

  299. @Leo
    My arse is firmly planted on the Michele train until further notice. In the unlikely event that Michele is evicted, i will then throw my support to Kevin….not happily, or even willingly but with teeth grinding and finger pointing squarely at CBS!
    Hows that for a good rant Leo! :)

  300. @ Diana C…. Join me so I can take you to Leoville….. Not NBK Town!!! Deal?

    @ Everyone… Kevin just told Natalie / Jordan he might keep Michelle over Jordan…. WTF K-Town?

  301. @midwest, i agree with you and again i was for j/j BUT me having the live feeds, i was able to see how they treated michele also. they made fun of her, backstabbed and ignored her at times also.

  302. @Leo….I didn’t see that right now on the jokersupdates….did he say that on the live feeds?

  303. @leo, that’s a joke…nat and kev schemed that up to scare jordan and mess with her head for a few dayz. nat is in on it too

  304. Not a J/J fan…their ok just not my fav.
    Will vote for Michele to win $25,000.
    She has played the most decent game of anyone.

  305. @Cat #478…If Michele gets evicted then I’m with you on this one. I will be jumping on the Kevin band wagon to win. I just do not want it to be Jordan or Natalie…especially not Natalie.

  306. oh and they also said they were going to tell jordan that michelle keeps talking bad about her and throwing her under the bus. and no i’m not watching the live feeds but when i was that was their plan

  307. I think (?) its safe to say that most people would rather ANYONE win besides Natalie!
    That would be like getting underwear for Christmas…not a fun time!

  308. @ Diana C…. Oh ok…. I got scared….

    @ Michelle Fans…. Jordan just thru Michelle under the bus and busted her out in her lies to Kevin!!!

  309. welcome joey, i dislike nat due to all the mean & hateful things she’s doing to everyone and for all nasty lies she’s going around starting. she doesn’t know when to stop with the lies

  310. @lulu
    You make some good points. As far as im concerned, Nats behavior is just as bad as Chimas…different but just as bad. Why does she get special consideration?

  311. @leo, jordan threw michele under the bus about some lies???? nat & kev are scheming again, they agreed to tell jordan that michele was talking about her and throwing her under the bus so i guess they did. that’s why i can’t stand to watch BB anymore because nat/kev doesn’t know when to stop with the lies and just play the game fairly and let the best person win

  312. their scheming lie is to turn jordan against michele. and why are they being down right malicious to michele?? i don’t understand why BB is letting continue to do this? here I go again, getting all upset, my blood pressure is gonna rise…breathe diana, breathe

  313. @joey
    Evil Dicks game cannot be compared to Natalies…yes he did some awful things but with good intentions. He played his game to help his daughter…love inspired you might say. Nat plays with mean spiritedness and unnecessary lies…ED did not lie to further himself. Nat lies because she breathes….totally unlikable person. I dont have to like her because shes winning (i dont)…i dislike her because she has a loser personality!

  314. i would get thrown off BB cause i’m a fighter when it comes to my children, grandchildren, family and people disrespecting them and me. but i now that i have disabilities now i don’t know how that would work

  315. @ midwest fan #430…”I’m only surprised Natalie didn’t give a “Shout Out”
    to Chima to become her Maid of Honor. LOL”
    That’s hilarious!!

    So, NastyLIE lies some more, inventing the most ridiculuous lie that even she couldn’t believe it. Then, tells the “truth”, swearing on her life and her game?

    WTF was that whole PB thing anyway? How surreal. It all seemed so contrived and rehearsed. If it’s for real, her “fiancee” is a lost puppy. How sad. Homeboy left the real ring at home, and gave her the best gift, so she can now be twisty-tie-liar. He tells this heartwrenching story about how his Dad gave his Mom a twisty-tie ring because they were so poor. Aw, gee, he’s so sweeeet! (puke)

    Then NastyLIE gets 15 more minutes with him ,unleashing three bad actors in costumes into the house.

    This show has really about jumped the shark with this episode. Kevin’s DR sessions were about the only thing worth watching.

    Also, it has taken him until now to realize what a liar Nasty is? Jordan is so clueless about so much, I’m not surprised she’s buying whatver Nasty feeds her. Michele is just trying to survive. Looks like her days are numbered with Kevin having POV.

    Michele gets my vote for the $25K.

  316. @joey, I liked evel dick, i found him to be funny. he didn’t lie like n/k are doing, he played the game and called people out for doing bad things.

  317. OMG it’s gonna snow everywhere tonight. Nasty was actually telling the truth about being engaged and her bf is kinda cute. What the hell is he doing with her?

  318. jordan needs to go she is up natalies and kevins ass and is so stuoid she believes everything they say, Its because of her jeff is gone….i hope michelle stays

  319. Good night to all.

    Enjoy tomorrow’s holiday ………………
    Remember No Mail Delivery!
    Seriously have fun, relax a bit, vote for Michele
    as America’s Favorite Player and call CBS to complain
    about the POV game’s “technical difficulties” which benefitted
    only one player, Kevin.

  320. Hey my computer is malfuntioning or I need to go get my glasses. I ment to type in #475 for Midwest Fan…LOL!!

  321. I like Kevin because he is given all the comments, the rest of the house guest are boring :{. so Kevin you are my man

  322. @ Sservie…. Bring me dessert and tuck me in….. *** L-O-L ***

    @ Cat…… I wanted you to wait to eat until I got there

    @ Diana C….. Yes that is true…. Why haven’t you emailed me back yet? Send me an email ok?

    @ Everyone….. Jordan / Natalie are saying Michelle would be up everyone’s but who has power… Michelle told Kevin if she won the POV she would have taken Kevin to the Final 2 instead of Jordan / Natalie….. L-O-L!!!

  323. I find it hard to believe that Nat’s engagement was real. She showed more emotion when Jesse was evicted – and that kiss had all the passion of a hand shake!
    I’ve never been a big fan of Kevin, but I do have to say that I love his sense of humor.
    Michelle screwed up by not making a deal with Kevin. I hate to see her go.
    I enjoyed the J/J romance, but damn, is that girl really that daft???
    Loved the fashion show on BBADn but did Jordan & Michelle REALLY teach Natalie how to use tampons?!? Yuck!!! Totally gross!
    This has been a disappointing BB, but I,m hoping next year will be better.

  324. hey that was not Kevin’s fall over the difficulties
    so fair is fair. that was BB production fall and Kevin POV should not be taken away because he did not destroy or made the technical problems

  325. @ Joey…. wuz up Fam? I got your back…..

    @ Cat / Diana C / Midwest Fan & everyone else…. You be good little girls and treat my NBK guest good….. Good little girls I said……

    I seen that young lady…. Go to bed now!!! *** L-O-L ***

  326. Hey guys!

    Back again for a little while because I just figured out why Nat. wasn’t excited about her engagement – DUH!

    SHE’s still in LOVE with Jessie!!!

  327. @Diana
    The only person Natalie loves is Natalie.
    Those were crocadile tears she was crying over Jesse..not real!
    The only reason she can relate to Jesse is that they were made from the same mode….the only person Jesse loves is Jesse!

  328. @Diana C

    Good to see that you have come back to this forum.

    I have voted Michele, I can’t tell you how many times and will continue to do so, until the voting closes.

    What a big fat disappointment PB was tonight hey!

  329. @ Diana, no the reason she was not excited over the engagement is because natalie does not like boys. (there is nothing wrong with been lesbian i’m just going to used it to make my point) Natalie is a closet lesbian

  330. Follow up:

    Thanks to Theresa and Susan.

    Call Allison Gardner at 1-818-325-6900, Extension 6903

    Originally I wasn’t going to call but I’ve have changed my mind.

    I know CBS’s ratings will continue to be high and I’ll be
    watching the final BB episodes, so really the only way to complain,
    other than by sending an email, is by calling.

    It is on my Memo for Tuesday AM.

    I really want proof that Kevin won the POV properly and
    CBS can’t give it since Kevin admits to having seen
    the questions before Michele and Jordan.

  331. @ Sservie…. I am in Minnesota waiting for dinner

    @ everyone guess what? K/N/J are talking about going on the Amazing Race and both Jeff / Jesse said they would do it, then BB switched the feeds to show Michelle sleeping in th SS room!!!

  332. @ everyone… Michelle does moan in her sleep… Jeff was right

    @ Joey… Holey water and Jesus himself…. Do you watch Survivor? if so email me, I would like you to post your comments on my Survivor Samoa Blog Site ok?

  333. Has anyone noticed that Michelle as well as Natalie can’t chew with her mouth closed. My three-year-old nephew has better manners than these houseguests. I like Michelle but can’t stand Natalie. Geeze I can’t watch BBAD anymore because all the houseguests are rather annoying. Thank goodness for this blog!!

  334. @ Leo & the rest-sorry I have been away! My computer was going places w/o me. I was in the middle of a response back around #364. Basically I was saying what others have said. Jordan is the best for Kevin to take to the final 3 (sorry Diana) because she would be easier to beat in the head to head comps. I think she might beet the, in F2 if they vote on personality. She has been nice to everyone except Clamydia and Russ. If the jury votes based on game play I think Kevin prevails over Gnat or Michelle.
    Leo-I’ve been trying to E-mail you but I keep getting the “can’t display web page” on my site. Maybe I’ll have better luck tomorrow.

  335. @ Bridget…. Wuz up? Do you think Jordan will be able to win 2 out of the Final 3 comps to get to the Final 2? I don’t….

    @Diana…. Wuuuuuuuzzzzzzzz Uuuuuuup?

    @ Diana C…. I will protect you from them jerks on BB!!!! ;) :) :D :P

  336. @leo 521, i welcomed joey…:P i try to welcome everyone until they get nasty and start calling names. well everyone, i need to go to bed, i’m getting up early and driving to fla. i’ll take my laptop so i can visit with ya’ll. @midwest…i’ll definatly call. i thought it might ‘ve been a joke goddnite all!!

  337. I do not get why anybody is still a fan of Jeff or Jordan. They are the reason Nat and Kevin are still in the game. I just don’t get it???? I hope Russell or Michelle wins America’s vote!!

  338. @budman…just go to your compose a letter and type in leo’s yahoo address and it’ll go through that’s how i did it

  339. @Midwest Fan, Kevin won the POV and like it or not. you can call and they can remove the POV, but if you think about it, Kevin did not set up the competition and it will be super unfair for KEVIN if they removed the POV from him. on the other hand if Mitchell and Jorda had problem reading how come they did not speak out right away and they have to wait until the game was over? hey this is the BB game not the church game

  340. @Diana C

    Goodnight and have a safe trip!


    Just chillin’, but think it is time to go to bed, just had to have a quick BB fix before I went to bed and it is good to see that there are a lot of fans voting for Michele to get the $25k and not only on this site.

    I have resigned myself to Michele going home, and after checking with Jokers, Jordan is so gullible that it is pathetic!

    That doesn’t mean that I want K/N in the F2, I would still rather have J/K over Nat.

  341. @1is1… sorry to jump in, if you go to jokers it states that kevin admitted to cheating on the POV and that’s is very unfair to the others.

  342. @1is1me #545

    What game and who are you talking about? I have been off line for a while, so I need to catch up before I go to bed!

  343. @ 1is 1me…. It will be a three way race between Jeff / Russell / Michelle…. I like Casey too though bro……

  344. @1is1me #545

    OK, your question was directed to Diana C, not me, just got it!

    So goodnight to all!

  345. did he set up the set for the POV competition? does he work for the BB production? is he paying somebody to get the answers? I do not get it

  346. @1is1 i never said anything about kevin working for BB, i only stated that i read on jokersupdate that kevin admitted to cheating, i never said i heard him say it again, i read it on jokersupdate, go there and read it. i have the live feeds but am not watching it tonight because i’m busy

  347. @ Diana / Cat / Diana C….. This is another reason I don’t go for the Good Girl Jordan act….. She is treating Michelle the same way she did with Jeff right after Kevin won his HOH…. She is now ignoring Michelle again since she knows it is her or Michelle is beeing evicted.. she would never treat Jeff like that… Michelle deserves better treatment from Jordan since Jordan claims to be her friend… Am I wrong?

  348. @1is1me #552

    Post @Joy #156 has been copied directly from Jokers, so there you go, Kevin admitted to cheating!

  349. @1is1… sounds like your wanting to argue and I am not going to argue with you. plz don’t put words in my mouth, and i was not being mean. i was just telling you what i read. you were speaking to midwest. GOOD NIGHT ALL

  350. @midwest….1is1 was talking to you and i was trying to be nice and tell him what jokers had wrote about kevin, sounds like 1is1 wants to argue and i don’t have time. i am going to bed, getting up very early.

  351. @Leo #557

    Yes, Michele does deserve better treatment from Jordan and I will remind you of that when you start calling Michele names again!

    Sweet dreams because I’m over and out!

  352. “Kevin knew the questions” how? “and saw michele’s answers” I thought Mitchel could not see the question. “and had time to think about answers because of a technical difficulty” did kevin set up the set for the competition. the others had to start immediately without that advantage. Kevin did mot cheat he maybe took advantage of the situation which is different than cheating and that was BB production fault, and not Kevins fault

  353. @1is1me
    So its productions fault…i would agree with you. But there should still be a do over.
    No one person should have an advantage because of productions screw ups. The whole comp should be thrown out and a diff comp played.

  354. Yea Cat it was production’s mess up and they should have a do over so it will be fair for everone even Kevin.


  356. @ Everyone…. Jordan just said she prefers light skinned men like Steve Smith (WR of the Carolina Panthers NFL Team) *** L-O-L *** Not good news for Jeff!!! Did you guys hear that? That is wild!!!

  357. there should definitely be a re-do
    production messed up
    just like in BB 7
    when Erica won her first HoH
    and Howie’s, and Boogie’s lights didn’t work
    they re-did the competition
    and Janelle won

  358. I’m getting a little hopeful for the next eviction
    Kevin wants to take Michele to the final two
    and now that Kevin caught Natalie in a lie
    he’ll have no problem taking her out next week

    so I think Jordan is gone this week
    Natalie will get third place
    and we’ll have a Kevin/Michele final two…YAY

  359. @ Jermaine….. Was your question for me? FYI BBAD is on and is free for Fans who don’t want tp pay for live feeds… Check it out on Showtime 2 folks

  360. @Kevin
    I would love that scenario! But prob wont happen. Nat and Kevin planned to mess with Jordans head by telling her lies about keeping Michele….so most likely we will say good by to Michele.

  361. 570 it looked faked when he said I asked your father hand in marriage she said yea or was that guilt because she was with Jessie. What up with not playing veto she HOH she already decides who are on the block and even if she won it would stay the same the only one who can get off the block was Michelle so not playing the Veto was joke if this was the twist it did not mean nothing and did not change the game.

  362. Slim @570….I totally agree…she looked like she wanted to say what are you doing here? I’m gonna win 500K and I will dump you then for Jessie.

    seriously, cant Jordan shut her mouth…ever??!! I mean I love the girl but she doesnt know how to zip it!!

  363. @ Cat…. only if you bring m breakfast in the morning ok? Strawberry covered french toast with whip cream….. What time you coming over Cat? I will have my appetite ready for you!!!

    ***** ;) :) :D :P *****

  364. @ Cat….. Ok you bad little girl….

    @ Everyone….. I can breathe…. Kevin / Natalie are talking saying they are evicting Michelle this week…… K/N are good actors…. Yes!!! Way to toy with Jordan / Michelle!!!

  365. @ Michelle Fans…..

    It would not be fair to make Kevin play again because he won the POV and it isn’t his fault Michelle had trchnical difficulties… Michelle is going home…. Case closed!!! Kevin & Natalie will beat Jordan and go to the Final 2 Representing NBK!!!

  366. Hey all this is my first season watching BB and I am completely addicted watching BBAD every night and listening to you all on the blogs all day when ever possible. since I am a newbie I need to ask if someone can answer a question for me??? Can the house guests vote Nat (UGH UGH UGH) out this week or no because she is the HOH, therefore leaving only Jordan and Michelle up for eviction…. I really, really cant stand Natalie, she is like a slug! (sorry Natalie fans) Thanks for the help!

  367. ***** Spoiler Alert *****

    11:45 PM BBT

    Michelle / Jorda BY Couches talking about Natalie’s age / engagement

    Jordan – “I thought you had to be 21 to be on here”
    Michelle – “not from the state (AZ) she is from apparently not”
    Michelle – “Big Brother makes exceptions to the rules” Reffering to Natalie being 18
    Michelle – “I am sure BB wants her to win so they can say she won straight out of high school”
    Jordan – “yeah”

    I am sure Michelle / Jordan Fans get the point!!!

    *** How in the world could these two still think she is 18 when they have seen her drink alcohol and even get Mike’s Hard Lemonade in her HOH Refridgerator? ***

  368. @ Mary Ann……

    No the HG’s can’t vote Natalie out because she is the HOH…. Also Kevin will be the only person voting because neither Michelle / Jordan can vote because they will be on the block and the HOH only votes when there is a tie…. Since there is only one vote, there won’t be a tie

    Do you watch Survivo Mary Ann? If so, I would like you to join my Survivor Samoa blog site and post your opinions about the new season of Survivor on there… You can email me at ok? If you have any other questions, you can feel free to ask ok?

  369. @ Maryann….. You may not like Natalie / Kevin, but they played Jeff / Jordan / Michelle / Russell for fools with the LML and made it to the end!!!

    *** Go Team NBK (Natural Born Killers) – Natalie / Kevin ***

    ***** NBK was the alliance of Jessie / Natalie / Ronnie / Chima / Kevin / Lydia / Russell *****

  370. Thanks Leo, No, No, No Dont get me started now on Survivor!! I will never sleep…lol. I am more of a chick type reality show lover like Project Runway blah, blah, blah…and of course I love my drama’s Nurse Jackie (best new show) True Blood, all the Law & Orders etc etc and the dearly departed West Wing…Man I miss that show!

    Thanks again for the info…I will check out your Survivor Blog though!

  371. Well no twist or turns in the big brother house
    that just a big Joke telling an person who has HOH cant do POV WOW come on now Big Brother you could do better than that. One if she won she takes off Kevin but Kevin took himself off the block. Another thing the other housequest did not know nothing about it. Talk about sit up. and its not like she can be put on the block and she is going to be the last three player. I was a set up to see her boyfriend.A choice to make see my boyfriend and be three in the final she already had that.

  372. Wow! We done got, got. haha
    haha by Allison Grodner. She fooled all of America. Good job Allison.

    None are so blind as those who Will NOT See. Nat took a PB deal but gave up HoH and goes to the jury house. She got advice from Jessie who told her, she will not get the jury votes for 500k. So Nat took the cash deal and is going to JH. Nat slipped up a few times and did mention “Jessie said”.

    No HG has ever met alone with an outsider while the game is on. No One! Ever! (think)

    BB Commercial says “the jury will be packing the box”. Yep with a juror to take Nats spot. Jeff or ???.

    Fake BF, fake engagement, fake ring, made from a TWISTie (small twist for a whopper lie). Clues? No tears of joy, no excitement, no good kiss, no real ring. Nat just met that stagehand. And Nat did say she broke up with her BF 8 months before she entered BB house. Letter from home written by dad not BF? That got America sucked in. (you hear Allison laughing yet?)

    What about that Kev’s POV win? haha.. He could see the answers or questions before the girls? That will be a redo veto on tuesday live. (did Allison plan that? Oh she is laughing)

    America got got. Luv it.

  373. I would think that since this POV is sooo important they should do it over to make it fair to Jordan, Michelle and Kevin. At least give the girls a chance

  374. chima doesn’t get a chance to recieve america’s choice.
    that’s mean don’t you think?
    there was no chance she was winning so why rub it in her face?

    and natalies engagement?
    she was either so taken by surprise that she was lost for words or that was fake.
    i’m thinking it was a staged “first big brother engagement”.
    i don’t buy it.
    but if it was real, congratulations natalie!

    natalie is going to win.
    it’s inevitable.

  375. arctic

    Thanks for the AM Cheer!

    The twisty ring being a TWIST.
    I never thought of it and you may have found an
    obvious clue missed by many, if not most.

    Nat’s boyfriend’s cheap ring seemed to fit her personality (Snap!)
    however when he mentioned his father giving his mother
    a twisty ring 30 some years ago, at first I bought it.
    However I don’t think trash bags
    with twists were used much back then.
    When my husband proposed to me, he couldn’t afford
    a diamond ring so he bought me a beautiful birthstone ring
    as my Engagement Ring. WORKED!
    This fall, we will be celebrating our 38th Anniversary.
    Extra sugar …………… we met in Europe while we were students.

    Back to the point – He didn’t give me a twisty from a trash bag.

    You could be onto a BB America FANS GOT/GOT by BB PRODUCTION.
    It is there only saving grace.
    There are too many questions about the past few days
    and so far no answers to them.

    Many BB Fans are too busy playing this weekend to keep
    up with the show so BB gave fans, with computers glued to their
    bodies, something to mull, ponder and get ticked off about.

    It worked!

  376. “There – Their”
    A symptom of too little caffeine on this fine morning.


    Correction – and there may be more. HA!
    “It is their only saving grace.”

  377. From Jokers……….

    1:33 AM

    “Mich to WC, and yes …….Trash can still upside down with
    paper under sticking out.”

    Come on Michele, you’re the primary Cleaner inside BBH – check
    out the trash. Is there a clue?

  378. Kevin won the POV, Natalie the last HOH, they won went it counted. That is what winners do. Like a previous poster said,

    Winners find ways to win, losers find excuses

    Anyone in here that made it big in life will never ever go against Natalie and Kevin based on that principal alone. Michelle could have fit in that category to, I just personaly think she’s a horrible person.

  379. Don’t the other houseguests realise that Natalie has been drinking in the house without BB telling her anything? If she was 18…she could not drink. She outsmarted everyone, and the jury house will acknowledge that and vote for her.

  380. 1is1me

    You and Leo may get your wish though I disagree with it. 100%

    I’m not blaming Kevin but BB Production for manipulating
    the POV by not stopping and redoing it a second time.
    Was BB left with a bunch of part-time newbies to watch the BBH
    over this holiday weekend? If so, they failed to do their jobs.
    Fire them.

    Why should Michele and Jordan suffer for their incompetence?
    Kevin, too. I know he would be heartbroken if a second POV
    took place but he, also, would have been steamed if Michele
    and Jordan had an advantage that he didn’t.

    It wasn’t fair. BB Production was aware of the technical
    difficulties. So far, this season has been “handled” by
    CBS more than usual. Disgusting.
    They should tell fans at the beginning of BB to just sit back
    and watch for the Network’s Favorites to win everything.

    CBS/BBProudctions must be hoping Madoff will be
    available to become a HG for BB13 or BB14.

  381. The coup d’état power was given to Jeff by the public. Dont you think before introducting this power, BB did their homework and knew Jeff would win it? That is also manipulating. In this game, just like in life, you create your luck. Michelle aligned with the wrong people, and Jordan never really played the game. You create your luck….

  382. Chilltown

    “Winners find ways to win; losers find excuses.”


    Was this the only way Kevin could win?

  383. Chilltown
    BB doing homework …………..
    I believe Ronnie came in second and almost won
    the Coup d’eta.

  384. Jordo remains me of a Grifter ( gypsy con people) … They never have money but they always get what they want (case in point boobies yet says they don’t have money… ok sugar daddy buy those lol). Remember the show “The Riches” a family of Gypsy travelers in rural Louisiana . the con – sticking to the script to make America fall in love with her. I don’t care how cute and nice she seems she has done nothing to deserve any sort of vote! What about Michelle just because she is nerdy and not as cute as wanna be Barbie…she doesn’t deserve the money? I am confused didn’t know you had to be cute to win????

  385. @ midwest: Whats your point? Im saying that BB knew very well that Jeff was a fan favorite before they unleached the Coup d’etat. Was it planned since the begining or did they try and help Jeff ( a fan favorite) in order to keep the ratings high?

    And tell me, why didnt Jordan and Michelle complain DURING the compeition? Why wait after?

  386. @Midwest Fan

    If I am not mistaken> I don’t think they actally said Ronnie came in second ..they ask who got more votes Ronnie or ..?

  387. and midwest….if they were to redo the compeition, it would be unfair to Kevin, because who is to say that Michelle or Jordan would have won the comp even if there were technical dificulties? In a game, there are mistakes, errors, omissions etc. Just like in a football game, or hockey game, the refs are part of the game and they make mistakes. Its part of the game. If Michelle had done better alliances, she would not be in this position. If Michelle had won the HOH, she would not be in that position. You create your luck…

  388. @Midwest Fan #602

    Good morning and I’m happy to see that you are in fine form this morning.

    I support all your theories and although yesterday I felt defeated with all the negativity, today is a new day and like Michele have come back fighting.

    It’s never over until it’s over – right!

    I am accepting that my personal favs. will probably not win the big prize, however I am hopeful that Michele will win America’s choice of $25k and the love and support she has received from these forums is worth far more than $500k.

    If Nat. wins, then that is all she will have, and that will be squandered away quickly. Her obnoxious demeanor will be hell for her fiance and whether the engagement was staged or not, he is in for one hell of a time. She will wear her crown in her domain and he will be her slave trying to satisfy every one of her demands. She will constantly berate him and remind him that she has the power and the gold, so good luck to them both!

    Wealth does not come in the form of $$$, it comes from love, family and friendships and more importantly from learning and growth, something that Nat. cannot relate to.

    So like I said, today is a new day and a new fighting spirit!

    written by Susan, September 07, 2009
    This is the shadiest stuff on TV yet. Kevin & Natalie made a calendar first of all to note days of events. This is clearly against the rules. Some have stated Michelle did the same with birth control and even if this is so and she also broke the rules, Jordan did not.
    Kevin stated on the feeds that a technical error enabled his win.
    Natalie stated she discussed dates, fans and game moves with her boyfriend on his visit.
    These are blatent game changing violations. Call CBS now!

  390. I cannot believe what NAT SKANK said to Michelle about being the Devil during the nomination ceremony. How digusting this girl is (Nat) her father and friends should be totally ashamed of her, her looks, her talk,her hygiene she is a total skank is no woman or lady – she is a boy or an animal. Hate her along with soooo many others. And if what I read is true about Kevin cheating then CBS should do something. Totally digusted with this BB show this year.

  391. @Midwest Fan

    I love #599 @Arctic’s spin on the whole PB theory.

    Wouldn’t that be something and if by some strange coincidence it was, what a POWERFUL twist that would be – yep – America GOT GOT!!!

  392. @teresa – I don’t believe Knat for one minute … don’t you think they were monitoring Knat’s so called fake boyfriends visit? (I still think this was a setup from the beginning – don’t believe that that is knat’s boyfriend in real life … the proposal was too fake!)She is saying that she discussed dates, fans and game moves – oh come on – another one of her lies! And didn’t Kevin have the same disadvantage? Did you all actually see what happened doing the veto game or are we all speculating by what someone said? LMAO

  393. #599: hope u r has to do something to win back the fans they may lose after this bb11. we can all see that nat didnot act right…playing up her “poker face” maybe. but if u got engaged certainly u would be happy..wonder how much this was worth to nat 100k maybe…not chump change & better than 2nd place..she should know when to hold & when to fold…right?

  394. @Daniela #623

    Check out Midwest Fan #602 she has a valid point. Garbage bags twisties were not around 30 odd years ago (true)!

    Then check out @Arctid #599, another excellent pick-up.

    Everyone has commented on the lack of happiness and surprise that Nat. showed when she got engaged, so all of this is started to make sense.

    She was supposed to have split up from her BF and if that was the case, you don’t propose without getting back together to see whether you can reconcile and work out your differences before taking that next big step.

    Now, I am thinking there will be another twist on Tuesday, but am preparing myself not to get too excited because twice now we have been let down by BB!

  395. well maybe AG’s voice mail filled with the indignant messages from bb faithfuls could be the confirmation that CBS prod needs that this twist #599 is novel and setting another precedent in a strange BB season…

  396. @stlrgal #626

    Well Tuesday night will be ‘do or die’ for me.

    I would love to think that #599 nailed it. What foresight into this game if it is true, or perhaps and implant from CBS to suck us all back into the show!

    Like I said Tuesday night’s episode will be ‘do or die’

  397. Hello Diana and everyone,

    I hate to tell yall this but the twisty tie was invented in 1942 which is in plenty of time for Nat’s fiance’s dad to give it to his mom. I think everyone is reaching here because no one likes Nat and wants everything she says to be a lie.

  398. Good Morning, Teresa, Diana and all ……………..

    Chilltown –

    Why didn’t Michele and Jordan complain? Well, apparently
    they did or a staffer did, since
    BBProduction realized there was a problem.
    I assume Michele and Jordan had no idea Kevin wasn’t having
    the same problem. If they had, I’m sure they would have spoken up.

    Could Kevin hear the “technical problem” discussions going on
    before the start of the POV?
    He told Natalie, after the PoV, that he had
    an advantage over Michele and Jordan.
    When did he know?

    I don’t have the Live Feeds and my information comes from the blogs.

    Regarding Jeff, I agree with you that BB has shown him favoritism,
    if not by the Coup d’eta, then by only showing the television
    audiences the nice side of Jeff.
    I believe Ronnie was as much of a fan favorite as
    Jeff when the Coup d’eta was held and the vote could have
    gone either way.

  399. WOW.. final 4! Nat… just a be’atch! Not much “Christian” about her… more like a user if you ask me. Kevin… he is cool, Michelle, sweet for a brainack… and Jordan, well she is young. Very young. She needs the money to go to school and learn a bit about real life. BB has been disappointing this year. Moments worth watching, but as a whole…. mostly a C- (keeping things with the “theme of BB11”) Mix it up next year BB! Your audience is not all 20 somethings! A few more gay guys would be nice to watch! A few of the 40 somethings and maybe a theme of BB through the ages…. 50’s 60’s 70’s & 80’s… a little something for ALL of your AUDIENCE!! Go Kevin and Jordan!

  400. @Ashley #629

    Good morning Ashley!

    Oh poo, you just popped my bubble. I can’t remember them when I was a child, but at least I can hold onto hope from #599

  401. well then midwest fan, should BB have redone the show if Jeff would have ended up winning the whole thing? I mean if Kevin had an advantage, so did Jeff, so then?

    In the end, why not analyse gameplay? Who played the best BB game. Not who was the most honest. Who played the best BB game. In the past, it has been Will, Boogey, Evil Dick, Janelle, all BB greats and they all were big big big liars and cheaters. I believe the jury house will see it the same way, as Jeff lied ( he backdoored russell), Russell lied, Jessie lied…so they will not hold that against Natalie or Kevin.

  402. #629 Ashley

    I didn’t say twist ties weren’t around 30+ years ago but
    they weren’t a commonly used household item.

    Cracker Jack Ring Prizes were also plentiful back then.
    I’ve heard of “token” engagement rings but never a
    My birthstone engagement ring, lovely but not
    expensive, was replaced with a simple wedding band.

    Who knows if Labor Day Weekend BB Fans got/got by
    BB Productions or if the entire season was a fan got/got?

  403. I just think Nat really got engaged. I know most people want to think the worst and I can understand that because I dislike her also. I believe Pandora’s Box is over. The only thing I am hoping for is that there was some kind of technical difficulty and they have to redo the pov tuesday and maybe michelle will get another chance or Kevin will evict Jordan instead of her.

  404. @Midwest Fan #635

    I was the one who said they weren’t around 30+ years ago, because I simply do not remember them or my folks using them when I was a child.

    Ashley was reminding me that they were in fact invented in 1942, suffice to say what I have been able to establish searching the web, that they were primarily used for commercial garbage and I have no idea when they were introduced for domestic use.

    So I stand corrected!

  405. Chilltown

    There are Loved BB liars and Loathed BB liars.
    Natalie is loathed, perhaps the Most Loathed Ever!
    The dislike of Natalie has spread world wide.

    Kevin is liked and fun to watch.
    BTW – Jeff’s Advantage came from America’s Vote
    and not like Kevin’s from BB Production and so late in the game.

    America wasn’t asked:
    Should an advantage be given to Kevin, Michele or
    Jordan before the POV?

    We will have to agree to disagree.

  406. @Ashley #636

    Hope is a funny thing isn’t it. We all grasp onto straws to give us hope.

    Like you, I think that #599 is far fetched, but boy if by some slim chance it was true, I think that this would have been the best twist (expect the unexpected) that BB has ever had, and again if true, then someone on the production crew has a WILD and creative imagination!

  407. Hey Diana! I am hoping also. I really don’t want Nat in final 2 but unfortunately unless BB comes up with SOMETHING, ANYTHING, then that is where we are headed. Did you call the number everyone keeps putting on the website to complain?

  408. Go Kevin and Natalie. Win WIn WIN! These 2 had no HOH no VETO and 4 house guest with a final 4 against them, and they were both on the block, YET here they are about to win the whole thing. These players are super smart to pull this off and win the game. They deserve all the cash they get! Hats off to yah in your fine playing!

  409. @ midwest, Diana & Asheley, Good morning ladies! Have I missed anything?

    Really like #599’s “twist” theory!!!!

  410. @Ashley #640

    I have kind of resigned myself to the fact that Michele is going to the JH.

    Although I don’t want Nat. to be in the F2, there is a high probability that she will. Having said that if you read #617, it give me comfort to know that Michele is far wealthier (not in $$ per se, but in love and values) and will be more so for the rest of her life than Nat. will ever be!

    Haven’t called yet, but I am planning on doing so this morning. Have you?

  411. We had an evil dick, and boogie. Now we got the Kevin and Natalie as the tricky players who fooled the fools to pull off this great victory. I am so happy I cant stop watching and reading all BB I can find.

  412. What i am saying is that production knew that Jeff was the most popular character. They saw that Jeff was doing NOTHING in the game and they wanted him to keep going so they introduced the coup d’etat knowing that america would vote for jeff.

  413. dont underestimate them..with the fiasco called Chima..I am still holding out hope that Michele is validated..if u think about her stay in BB house…not only how she was treated & talked about…i can handle that..remember ED with jen..he verbally brutalized her…I am talking about things done to her that were unsafe as well as the fact that her hoh stay was cut short due to chimas antics…bb prod owes us something this season..and its not what we have seen so far.

  414. Natalie’s lies are made to FURTHER HER IN THE GAME. Her lying about her age has FURTHERED HER IN THE GAME. Her lying about pandora’s box COULD HAVE FURTHERED HER IN THE GAME if she would have played her cards better. I would have told everyone that not only i cant compete in the veto, but also, I lose 1 vote if i make it to the final two. Her lie about the reversal or wtv was too drastic.

  415. @sservie #642

    Good morning! Not too sure whether you have missed anything.

    Midwest Fan is in fine form and I applaud her debating skills and Ashley is always logical and keeps me grounded when I start to speculate too much.

    Other than that we are still spinning our wheels!

    I loved the #599 theory, I thought it was funny and somewhat ingenius!!! Something that I would never have thought of. Goes to show how creative minds work!

  416. its not ok for Natalie and Kevin to hold a caledanr..but its ok for Michelle to do it….


  417. Yah I tried to vote CDT for Jesse and Ronnie but the website keeped messing up. When I later tried Jeff it worked great but I couldn’t cancel it out. With power this great it should have been a competition like in previous season to make it fair for all HG to have a chance to win the CDT and not a rigged question that Jeff was automatically going to be the winner. Hope Jesse gets to play on BB12 since he got screwed out of this one again.

  418. #599…Ingenious!!! I would have never made the connection between a twistie ring and aBB “twist”! Although Nat did act like they were strangers and seemed to actually pull away from the kiss…very awkward for me.

  419. @chilltown #649

    I think that you are missing the point here!

    IF the rules (and I don’t have a copy of them, so that is why the big IF), state that you cannot have a calendar and you have to rely on memory only then that is CHEATING!

    That is for all 3, Nat. Kevin and Michele. It appears that Jordan is the only one who didn’t cheat. So BB has to be FAIR for all!

    I am not a Jordan fan, but if BB isn’t rigging this game, then the POV should be replayed, or just give the POV to Jordan and be done with it!

    I haven’t hidden that Michele is my fav. but like I said, she cheated also by using her birth control calendar, that is why I am clearly stating for the record, she cheated also, so to be fair to all HG’s the POV should be replayed!

    So if you are going to continue to debate this issue with blindfolds on or keep having a tunnel view perspective then we have a stalemate and your point of views are no long valid and we are discussing or debating a moot point!

  420. Diana, I have not called yet. I don’t know if I am going to because if we know about the technical difficulties then AG does also. I am off to get started on Labor Day festivities. Hope everyone has a great day and I will chat with you later!

  421. @sservie #651

    For me, Nats. BF looked as though he was in his mid 30’s. He looked a lot older than his reported age late 20’s??? (don’t recall exact age, but in his 20’s)

  422. @Ashley #653

    Have a great day! Catch you back here sometime in the evening!

    I really should try to get off this PC today and do something fun or constructive. This BB blogging is taking over my life and my husband doesn’t even know who I am anymore (lol)!!!

  423. @Diana #654 His reported age is supposedly 29. Did you notice HE was the one who looked emotional all teary eyed. So either he is an actor hired by CBS doing his job well or Nat’s real BF that she clearly just doesn’t give a crap about! She showed NO emotions whatsoever!

  424. @sservie #656

    Thanks for that, either way he looked older than his 29 years.

    Yes, you are right about him being teary eyed and he was also very nervous, so the sign of nerves tells me that he wasn’t an actor (although I would like to think that was part of his acting skills), BUT if he really is her BF, then I really feel for him, because she will be so mean to him with her lack of emotion and like I said earlier, she will be the queen and he will be her slave! He is in for a hell of a rough time!

  425. @sservie #657

    Well you would be a better judge than me, because I’m 58 and once you pass 50, everyone looks younger ~ lol ;)

  426. OK, just went back to CBS to cast another vote and I note that on the polls there are numerous message boards about the so called cheating of the POV.

    I think someone commented on why Michele was smiling after the POV rather than being too upset. Perhaps (again as someone mentioned on this blog), production knew they messed up and they plan to havea replay of the POV on Tuesday.

    Either way, CBS BB are aware that there is a public outcry of the last POV’s outcome!

  427. #661 Diana…yes I have voted…problem is I want to know what is really gonna happen with Michele. If she somehow wins (unlikely) then I would vote for Jeff.

  428. @sservie #663

    I’ve moved across to the updated forum, so I’ll catch you in there!

    I just checked the polls on CBS and Jeff has 75% of the votes to date, but that can change after Tuesday if Michele gets evicted!

  429. @ Diana / Ashley / Midwest Fan / Chilltown / 1is 1me – wuuuuuuuzzzzzz uuuuuuuuup big baaaaaabbbbby? Happy Labor Day all….

    @ everyone….. What is your opinion on my post #595?

    @ everyone….. you wouldn’t be crying do over if she-rat I mean Michelle won the POV

    @ everyone…… You will still watch the finale to see if your favorite won America’s vote


    I am anxious to see the results!!! Aren’t you?

    You will also be voting for Kevin to beat Natalie…… Will the JH member vote on gameplay or emotion when they have to choose between Natalie or Kevin is this biznatch?

    We will see……. NBK – Kevin / Natalie is rrunning this biznatch big baaaaaaby!!!

  430. I too cannot believe that girl is actually engaged. I would be rooting for Kevin, but he made me mad when he evicted Jeff.

    I am also voting for Jeff to win the $$$$

    Hey Leo!

  431. @ Diana / Ashley / Midwest Fan / Sservie / Chilltown…..

    Vote for me to get toe Coup Deville & America’s prize…..


  432. @ Jennifer…. Are you being a good girl and voting for me? hmmmmm – hmmmmm – that’s a good girl ***** ;) :) :D :P *****

    ***** Also come on and join me in First Class on Flight NBK as we watch Kevin / Natalie sail to the Final 2 with K-Town winning this Biznatch *****

  433. Can you vote for anyone in the Final 3 for America’s Favorite Player? Or just the houseguests that are in JH already?

  434. Nat’s BF and engagement didnt pass the smell test.

    Kev’s POV comp didnt pass the smell test.

    Want to know why? see post #599

    and thats alot of bad smell . haha

    Thanks Diana for the positive comments. I read yours all the time.

  435. @arctic #673

    You need to join us on the “what-to-expect-in-the-final-week” at the top of this page.

    Lot’s of interesting speculation happening there and you should start putting out some of your theories, which by the way are brilliant!!

  436. Comment #670, & #671 @ Leo, You are a pervert! If you need a date stay away from married people! Especially if they are in Iraq! Gnataliar needs to go next! aka she-rataliar!

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