Big Brother 11: Week 9 Sunday Live Feed Highlights

Big Brother 11 is drawing closer to the finish line as the Final 4 HGs scramble to secure safety and votes. With the PoV competition over and the ceremony not until Tuesday night’s live episode there isn’t much left to do but bargain for survival. Read on to see what happened yesterday in the Big Brother house.

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – September 6, 2009:

1:00 PM BBT – Michel and Jordan are outside and discussing the Power of Veto competition. Michele wishes they could have competed separately as having everyone around was distracting. Natalie and Kevin are upstairs practicing their next round of speeches. They gloat in how well they are playing the remaining HGs and how they don’t stand a chance against them.

5:00 PM BBT – Kevin and Michele going over past evictions. Kevin explains why he had to evict Jeff, because of his “triple threat”. They compare notes on who had what for F4 alliances. Michele tells Kevin that if he keeps her this week he’ll have her vote in the Jury House. But if he votes to evict her this week she’ll give her vote in the other direction.

6:45 PM BBT – Kevin is telling Natalie how he needs Michele’s vote for a chance in the F2. She encourages him to be more sympathetic to her. I can’t believe they’re having this conversation together on how to beat one another!

8:00 PM BBT – Natalie and Kevin rehash the Graduation Day endurance competition and how important it is for them to eliminate Michele before the F3 so they don’t have to face off against her in another endurance race.

9:15 PM BBT – Kevin, Jordan, and Natalie discuss Final 2 scenarios. Kevin feels everyone there would be him in the F2. Natalie asks Kevin if he plans to keep Michele and evict Jordan, but Kevin says that isn’t his plan. Kevin tells Jordan how Michele told him Jordan wanted to go home, but Jordan says that’s not really what she meant. Kevin tries to play up Jordan by telling her she could beat him in the F3 comps.

10:00 PM BBT – Natalie tells Jordan she’ll throw the endurance comp to her if it comes down to just the two of them left in the race.

10:45 PM BBT – Kevin tells Natalie that he is considering keeping Michele over Jordan…

Kevin and Natalie are so wrapped up in lies that it’s near impossible to tell what they truly feel. Will Kevin vote to keep Michele over Jordan? All the power to decide Big Brother 11’s Final 3 is in his hands!

Get ready for Tuesday night’s PoV ceremony, live eviction, and part 1 in the 3-part final HoH competition which should be an endurance battle. The close of the BB11 season is almost here!

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  1. I hope Kevin keeps Michele. But I seriously doubt he is going to do that. He has that nasty Gnat buzzing around his ear telling him over and over to keep Jordan. Kevin has done everything Gnatalie has told him to do since they joined up together as teammates. I think Jordan believes Natalie wants to take her to F2. Let’s just hope for the best. Kevin PLEASE pick Michele!!

  2. jordan to win big brother!!!1 there should be a twist that evicts natalie somehow while being the hoh and then that would be a great final 3!!!

  3. I agree grammalilx, He should quit listening to the gnasty and keep michelle. Even if she doesn’t end up getting in the final 2, she deserves to place above jordan. Jordan has done nothing to deserve anything! Here’s hoping that Kevin can pull the votes in the jury house cause I sure don’t want to see gnasty strut if she’d win the half mil!!

  4. Michelle has to go home this week. No way the best players this season are going to keep her. Kevin and Natalie deserve to be in the final 2. Jordan’s only hope is to some how win the HOH to get in finals otherwise it is done with Kevin and Natalie getting all the money that they deserve.

  5. This is the first time I have ever posted on this site or any big brother site for that matter, but i feel the need to vent. Why would BB let Natalie be rewarded for opening PB. The other houseguests were annoyed with pests while she sipped champagne with her so-called fiance and she lost nothing for opening the box. Something is not right here. It didn’t even matter if she could participate in the POV competition because she was already guanranteed safety. Jeff still has the key… what could that mean? I’m thinking that one of the Jury members may be coming back with a chance to play in a DV competition. That is the only thing that makes any sense. If what they showed on tv last night is real, then I will never watch BB again. That is the most biased move I have ever seen on BB in all the years of watching. Thanks for letting me vent!

    By the way, I was a huge J/J fan, but I would have liked to seed Michele win. Kevin is a riot, but is so stupid to listen to everything that little lying rat brat tells him to do. I lost respect for him. I hope there is some kind of twist coming or we will all see a very non deserving person win $500,000.


  6. Kevin cheated in POV and shouldn’t even have the F3 sealed! Gnat is a Biznitch and the most horrible HG ever! Michele has played a good game and Jordan,Oh Jordan,my heart goes out to her!

  7. At this point in the game, Kevin will keep Jordo because he thinks that him and Gnat can beat her in the three part final competition. If he kept Michelle she would win 2 out of 3 and decide who to take with her to final 2.Kevin will take Jordan and I hope and pray that Jordan steps up and wins. Don’t laugh it could happen. Expect the unexpected.

  8. How exactly do you think Kevin and Nat are the best players this season LOL? You been wearing blinders the whole time? Kevin and Natalie are basically shit lucky. They got a competition they could win at the right time. Otherwise Kevin woulda been out last week and Natalie this week lol. Other than that they have floated through the entire game. Jeffs major mistake was not having a strong twosome with someone like Russel aka Ryan + Dan last time. Jordan didn’t do enough and he got a POV competition that clearly suited Michelle. End of story. Jeff was easily the best player in the house by far. Kevin and Natalie would have been gone weeks ago if not for him taking out the big targets while they did nothing.

  9. @LisaLane- I did my comment before I read yours. Great minds think the same. You were on late last night too. We have got to start getting some sleep.

  10. Watching last night i have concluded the following.

    Natalie is on her A-game.

    Im not just saying that either.

    She has alrede a final 2 deal with that pathetic excuse for a BB houseguests Jordan.

    If she is in Final 2 with Jordan, she will win.

    Basically since Michelle is gone, It would rele be Jordan, Natalie vs Kevin.

    If they win, Kevin is gone.

    As much as i want them to, NOBODY is gonna call out Michelle because of the whole jury thing, and votes. Although last night, that went through Michelle’s plathera of lies.

    I didnt like at all how Natalie was edited last night as the biggest liar, and SO untrustworthy in the house.

    Like, she always does the opposite, when thats been Michelle tagline from day 1, and Natalie has stuck to her word and voted how Kevin wanted the last 2 times. So for him to say obviously shows that BB makes u say certain things to make a HG look a certain way.

    However, Kevin was clowning on her, and everyone last night, rele funny.

    Jordan is such a lowlife. THIS IS WHY SHE NEEDS TO GO JUST ON PRINCIPLE. She has given up, and doesnt even wanna try. Not hard to belive after Jeff left.

    How did Jordan get on the show? For the last 9 weeks, she has sat and hung with Jeff and thats it. She isnt even THAT attractive with that fake chest.

    Natalie has played a almost perfect game. She has come to shine, in the right time. So has Kevin. Only thing is, STILL, Natalie is not looked at, as the strongest player, Kevin is. And Natalie has an alliance with Jordan.

    Although its really, really crazy Nat is putting Most of it Jordan’s hands to win the endurance. Jordan doesnt have the will.

    But the fact she got to Jordan before Kevin did, and Kevin thinks Jordan is mad at him over Jeff, AND Kevin still has an alliance with Natalie means he wont see it coming.

  11. Kevin needs to get rid of Michelle NOW. Don’t even think of keeping her and giving her a chance in the final 3 because she doesn’t deserve it. But—, come to think of it —, neither does Jordan. So– let’s just go the final two of Natalie and Kevin and skip all of the rest. I don’t have a favorite. Don’t like Kevin’s lifestyle, but he is really funny, and Natalie is one smart cookie, no matter what you think of her, cause she has really played the game.

  12. @ Bill- Last night on BBAD. Jordan told Michelle “I thought you had to be 21 to be on this show”! Michelle said “I guess not”. I thought they were about to figure it out. Maybe it will sink in; not that it matters any more.

    written by Susan, September 07, 2009
    This is the shadiest stuff on TV yet. Kevin & Natalie made a calendar first of all to note days of events. This is clearly against the rules. Some have stated Michelle did the same with birth control and even if this is so and she also broke the rules, Jordan did not.
    Kevin stated on the feeds that a technical error enabled his win.
    Natalie stated she discussed dates, fans and game moves with her boyfriend on his visit.
    These are blatent game changing violations. Call CBS now!

  14. Kevin, if u keep Michelle, u will be in the Jury house so fast.

    Her and Natalie will team up, and comitt Michelle’s plan for the last 2 weeks. TO GET U OUT.

    I think he is just screwing with Nat, caz he has to know Michelle was coming after him, and now she isnt all of a sudden when he just beat her out for Veto?

    And Michelle wont leave if u keep her, u will, then she wont have to live up to her end of the deal and give u her vote.

    And U ALL thought that Natalie was lying when she said she got proposed to, EVEN U MATT lol, and look at that.

    IN YA FACE haha.

    I actually didnt belive it either.

    Doesnt her bf resemble Clint Bowyer? Nascar driver?

  15. Natalie is the least liked of all the houseguest behind Rat-Ronnie and even her BFF Chima who joked about 911 in the fan poles. to root for her is like “selling your soul to the devil”. Jordan on the other hand is honest and trustworthy, even though she had a few bad moments in the house. Who wouldn’t in that crazy place. I think she is pretty damn hot also.

    Who among the houseguests would have the best chance of succeeding in Survivor Samoa?

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Kevin and Natalie’s punishment for opening the Pandora’s Box was to be whisked away to Samoa to participate. Kevin doesn’t do water and Gnat doesn’t do bugs. Gnatalie would be like “I’m A Celebrity. Get Me Out of Here”!

  17. No Budman, Jordan hasnt played the game, so she seems trustworthy,. She wont lie? WAT DID U COMEON THE SHOW FOR?! thats why she has no chance of winning. thankfully america only gets 1 vote.

    She has only started to play the game as of yesterday aligned herself with Natalie.

    Jordan doesnt deserve 100 dollars for all she has done in the house.

    Amazing how Nat is the most hated, even after someone disrespected the game, broke property, was racist, called out america etc . . .

    It rele shows where the mind is with ppl this season.

  18. Natalie has to go. She is digusting and what she said to Michelle last nite about being the devil is so mean. She is a SKANK big time. She never played the game just hung all over Jesse who is another ahole….

  19. Roxanne, hold up and put on the red light.


    Michelle isnt really like dealing with the devil, but Nat was in position, she could have said w/e she wanted Michelle, with out backlash, and she did. Plus in a way it is like making a deal with the devil, because she will swear on her family, and screw u after she pleaded, swore on her husband she wouldnt. And she swore on her faith.

    And didnt Jordan do the same with Jeff.

    I think she did.


  20. OH!!
    I just thought of something!!
    What if the Jeff’s key does a second job??
    What if Jeff gets TWO votes in the Jury House??

  21. One lingering (desperate?) thought: Why wasn’t there any HGs messages for Jeff after he was evicted? I can’t remember this happening in any BB season. It was an obvious omission because everyone wanted to hear teary Jordan’s good-bye & N/K’s ‘you got got’ gloating. Also, with Tuesday’s show being live anything is possible, even a twist – punishment for N/K for the calendar? PB still in play? CBS’s teasers actually coming true? If they want to salvage future BB’s this is the time to make something happen and they could do it. The ratings for Thur & Sun would go into orbit. Agree?

  22. Natalie has NOT played a perfect nor near perfect game. She is exactly what she accuses Michele of and that is a liar and a backstabber. She has no self respect and no integrity. The jurors already know she lied about her age and when they see her other lies they may not like that. I know I wouldn’t especially after she treated Michele so badly. She is a piss poor excuse for a human being.

  23. @ Michelle Fans….. Get over it…. she-rat is going home……. Call that # and you will get the same results Jeff Fans did….. nothing

    ***** Go Team NBK – Natalie / Kevin in the Final 2 and K-Town winning this Biznatch 4-3 *****

  24. I know I am not crazy, I saw a commercial for BB regarding Pandora’s Box, this was about 4 days ago, it said…

    Pandora’s Box is back and the jury house is packing the surprise. It won’t be pretty.

    Anyone else happen to see this, there still has to be some other twist out there. I want to see Nat gone so bad, go Michelle

  25. If kevin cheated he should be called out on it and should not get to participate in f3. I just love Jordan but I think Michelle would have a better chance of winning. I would love to see her win it. I don’t want Kevin and Natalie to win but if Natalie make f2 I am sure she will win.

  26. Is anyone else ready to vomit watching Nat or what? I’m so tired of looking at her stupid lying face. She thinks she’s such the great player, and she did nothing to get where she is. I don’t even like watching the show, I just read the updates. I would be happy with ANYONE winning except her – she deserves it the least, and I’m counting the people in the jury house! But I’m sure they will see it too, they know she doesn’t deserve a penny. I never liked Kevin either, but he’s playing the best game now, and if it isn’t Michele who wins, then it should be Kevin. Of course I would way rather it be 1/2 the people in the jury house than any of the ones in the F/4, but it is what it is. I would LOVE to see Kevin betray Nat like she’s done so many times, and watch her sorry loser butt walk out the door. Now that would be fun entertainment!

  27. @ kelly #6. give it up,jeff is not comin back. the key means nothing and no one else is comin back! im sick of hearin people say they wont watch anymore cause things arent goin there way

  28. nataLIE boyfriend is really insecure,i think he is affraid jessie is going to take nataLIE away from him thats why he couldnot wait to propose, nataLIE deserves to go packing anyway she should just leave with him. Why did they allow her to have contact with the outside world, HE PROBABLY TELLS HER EVERY THING THATS GOING ON.

  29. marcus #22, the b/f lookd like clint boyer, the nascar racer? omg, dont insult clint like that, doesnt look anything like him.

  30. The only reason nat is saying she will throw the competition is an excuse for when she loses it to Jordan. Even she knows she can’t win these competitions. She is no evil dick, he had a game she is all over the place and is so freakin annoying. Everything about her disgusts me.

  31. Leo, couldn’t agree with you more about Michelle. As far as complaining to BB producers, that isn’t going to change anything. Of the four remaining – I think that Kevin and Natalie have played the best, no matter what you think of them.

  32. Since I hv erased my tapes of BB/BBAD, w/o watching I will continue to ck the websites. I am so frustrated that Michelle may go to JH, that I can spit. I am still hopeful that something happens to save her. Go Michel, God bless and guide you. How can we vote for America’s fav player..pls tell me. Thanks

  33. CBS wedding gift to Natalie so guy they think she needs a wedding gift the first marriage on Big Brother LOL

  34. People are we still stupid to believe kevin cheated and given the answers to win. Big brother has put a ton of lies out there for us to believe, and hook line and sinker we are made to believe evry lie they put out there. Has it occured to anyone big brother production crew are blogging with us and releasing these lies? jesse was supposed to be the one in the house with nat right? wrong!! it was the boyfriend. Russ was coming back after his name appeared on the opening credits right? Wrong. When will we learn the lies here are posted by bb, they are laughing at us talking about their lies. Another thing, has anyone who has the live feeds seen these calendars these folks suppose to have. I do not believe this, another lie by the production crew. No one here has seen any of this. We are all had by big brother, Allison Grodner and bb are laughing their rear ends off looking at these post. Tomorrow you will see kevin won the comp fair and square, this is a ratings ploy to get us worked up over nothing

  35. I don’t really know why, but I think Michele is hot as hell. Maybe it’s the nerdy, PhD thing. Yowsers!

  36. craig where were you looking when gnat and kevin had there calendar with the play douugh going over it in the red room? where were you when kev was hoh and they were up in the room going over the calendar again? were you taking a whiz??? it was there in plain sight. and has far as jesse comung back in to talk to natalie when she opened PB, if you watched sundays show, they showed you who was there, her deaf dumb and blind boyfriend. so either your sleeping or something b/c it has shown all the mentioned above. make sure you watch tuesdays show it will have a recap at the beginning and BTW what did happen to that rose? knowing gnat she probably threw it away. as for me i would have been clutching it to my heart especially after i was proposed to on national TV and then would have kept it as a memory to look back on and what it meant to me. wake up boy!!!!!

  37. Two things:
    Jordan did win a POV and HOH. Granted Jeff threw the POV but only after it had gotten down to the 2 of them. Go Jordan…Get rid of Natalie!

    Second-does anyone think that Natalie was excited with the marriage proposaal!! What a horrible reaction…a little peck! Come on!!

  38. darlene many here had guessed it was jesse coming back in the house and they went as far as to say he told her she was not well liked by america and she was upset. Darlene i saw sunday’s show and yes clearly it was the boyfriend, and not jesse. My take on that was if folks guessed it was jesse, how could they be so wrong as to guess what the conversation was about. If the posters guessing at this would have left it to just make a guess one way or another, then fine. Instead, they went as far as to say what went down in this room, how wrong they were. That leaves me to believe bb is putting out these lies. I do not have the live feeds, that is why i asked the question about the calendars, i should have made myself more clear about not having the live feeds. I also pointed out many other lies that was out there you chose not to talk about, maybe you are taking a whiz. Either way, i suspect tomorrow’s show will not give a clue to kevin cheating, same way Chima’s expulsion wasn’t what cbs had advertised, she did not have a real meltdown as they promised, she was being a bitch about not putting on a mic, she stated she did not want to give the other the satisfaction of voting her out. She opted the so called easier route of walking out the door. Darlene i am just stating many things said here are simply not true, it’s all a ratings ploy to generate conversations like these. Before you can say “well if you don’t like the show….” i simply watch this for entertainment pleasure, and nothing else. When this fiasco ends, life will go on for all of us

  39. yes, i too believe chimas meltdown as everyone puts it was not really a meltdown but she didn’t and wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of voting her out especially when russell was still there and she would be voted out before him. that just really pissed her off, so voila (threw mic in water) there fore goodbye chima. she choose her own fate. as far as kev goes he just doesn’t have any kahooneys, poor specimen of a man or a gay, to ride the coattails of gnasty gnat when he knows how she has lied to him, he will still take her to the end, after all she did threaten him by sayiny if u f me i will make sure noone in the jury house will give you a vote. lol like all the jh still love her so much after they shared all that she has said and done to them, yeah right well at least i am hoping they don’t give her the votes. imd

  40. good points darlene, but speaking game here, i think kevin will blow the game by torturing michele and jordan, first he will back stab michele, torture her as well, and send her packing, she will not be a happy camper in jury. Jordan will suffer the same fate, natalie is smart by playing up to jordan, having her believe her lies, and let kevin do her in the same nasty manner as michele. Natalie is right by saying the blood is on kevin’s hand, she is right because the last few folks at jury were put there by kevin, and kevin has been nasty about how he does business. Kevin will not win this game

  41. Lisa Lane has not been watching the same Big Brother the rest of us have been watching. Natalie and Kevin have ridden to their positions on the coattails on other people to get where they are and they have lied the rest of the way. The real people who should win are either That’s one bright spot in all of this.

  42. i dont think any of these final four should win at all.they dont deserve it.i liked kevin at first until he lined up with sucked these past few weeks after russel left.

  43. jeff found the key. jeff recieved nothing for founding the key. ratalie got rewarded for doing nothing. i think ratalie set this up because she wants america to vote for her. she looked so happy about enagement? yea right. it was all a setup by her.the loser.she wins nothing during the game and gets this.i don’t believe she is get enaged.

  44. how come all good things happen to rotten people like ratalie and kevin.kevin said all jeff had to do was ask for his vote.he made a promise to jeff he would not put him.kevins a liar and cheat for bb to let ratalie and kevin make this so call calendar is not fair.

  45. Has anyone given an thought that Jordon “could” win? That she could really pull it together and surprise all of us. Stranger things have happened.
    I would like to see her win and tell Jeff she will “meet” him in Hawaii after jetting first class with her family. Aloha

  46. In the end, theonly deserving one is Michele, and it looks pretty bad for her. If Natalie wins, this was a put-up job, if Kevin wins, well…, if Jordan wins, this is the triumph of dumbness over thought and game.

  47. Hey Marcus. Couldn’t agree with you more, nor could I have said it better Hope that it is Kevin and Natalie in the final two simply because they deserve the win. Good players, both of them.

  48. kevin would be better ta take mich, if mich won no way would she take natiLIE to finals,and noway natLIE would take he would garnintee his self of 50k.
    cant believe natiLIE is stealing mich’s personal belongings, well not to surprizied knowing the kind of person she is.i hope she dont make finals because she is a lies steals and cheats. im sure her family is goin ta be proud of her, lmao

    natLIE is threatening kevin, its his choice. and if he listens to her, he is stupid. he knows he cant win with her. i think he will keep mich. then i hope michelle wins 500k.

    they should redo pov comp,just because kevin said hisself without the technical difficultys he wouldnt have won. but i doubt they will.

  49. this will be last year i watch bb. i dont know why they make rules. they do whatever they want for ratings. just like the big twist, you can spend time with boyfriend but cant play pov. why would she want to she cant win and she is already safe for the week.if they wanted a twist it should have been jeff in box, he comes out of box and she is locked in box and shipped to jury house.that would be a twist.

  50. @Marcus — you are such a hater. What’s your problem with Jordan. Your comments seem to reveal more about issues in your own experience.

  51. WOW! Never in all 11 seasons have I read so much BS on one reality show!
    IF you watch the Live Feeds, IF you watch Sho2 After Dark; You WOULD have seen the “play-dough” calendar! Someone, I only HOPE it WAS BB destroyed it once, but alas, the Gnat/Kev remade it! And, to kick us again, shortly after getting all their dates “straight”; feeds go and the VETO Comp, a competition requiring the dates is exactly what was played!
    – This has been the strangest BB season of all!!
    -Jordan is by NO means stupid! Dense? Yeah, but not stupid. She out-played Michele in a Q and A, with a Run Off question requiring a number. And that was not her only win.

    We do not all come from “The City”, we are from all over, with very different upbringings. One does not make another “stupid”, just as a PHD does not make one “smarter”. (Howard Hughes?)

    -Joey Lee

  52. Why when Jeff found the key he didn’t get a thing? Natalie got 2 choices one to open the door so we can all witness how much she loves her fiance what a joke that was…then she was give another 15 minutes if she annoyed the house guests? And from the sounds of these posts Kevin cheated and Natalie helped or something i’m so confused what a stupid show!!!

  53. My biggest problem with Nat and Kev is that number one I can even look at Nat and stopped watching the show but she comppletly bald face lies throughout the game and someohow thinks she is being honest. It can’t be that hard to win BB when you make huge promises, yes your safe theres now way your going home…then evict that person. Its like a liars game with her I can’t stand it. She thinks she is some poker player? OMG I really hate her im over the show.

  54. Leslie

    You are okay with me.

    Michelle needs to POOF be gone!
    She is an ass kissing, backstabbing, clumsy liar. They all lie as part of the game and she is no exception. She gets no pity vote from me!

  55. This is the worst BB in history. Are you watching BB. Do you not want us to like BB. The King and Queen as they seem to think they are will not follow the rules. We are disappointed in the way the show is going. Are you watching BB. You screwed up this time and now you are letting this cheat screw witn our show. We are wissed off BB. Change things. You can do it. You have never had anyone so dihonest, mean, screwed in the head, liar, Card player (HaHa)and in second place you have a follower that does nothing but make off color gay comments. Is this a show. You are forcing us to not watch this show. Are you going to let this go on. Are your hands tied. Are you laughing at us. Hope not. We will win in the end. Just another reality show that will bite the dust. We have survivor and a few others. We will make it.

  56. I cannot believe that Michelle is going to be evicted tonight. I cannot believe that Kevin and Nssty are going to the final 2. Michelle has been by herself all season. She deserves a chance. Nat has broken so many rules. This has been the worse BB season ever. I am hoping somehow there is a twist tonight and Nasty goes.

  57. I think Michelle made a calendar,too. I think Natalie found it and she said she screwed around with the dates to mess her up. I wonder if her so called boyfriend would have proposed to her if she wasn’t so close to winning the money? Everything with her visit with her boyfriend was so matter of fact. It was weird. She hasn’t seen him in weeks and she didn’t even shed a tear. I think production is telling them what to do and how to vote. If so, this is rigged.
    Still wondering why Jeff got no good-bye messages. If he is to vote, I would think he should have received his nasty messages from Natalie and Kevin. Don’t you think that will help him decide on who to vote for? He’s the only one I’ve seen who never received them. And to me that is not fair. That should help him in his vote. They had plenty of time for him to hear it and they purposely didn’t, so I feel that is rigged to help Natalie and Kevin.
    I know some people don’t agree (Natalie and Kevin fans) but it is not honest. Maybe that’s why BB thinks all the lies from Natalie are cute, because they aren’t honest either. Just a thought.
    Jordan did not have a calendar. When Jeff was HOH he was constantly drilling her on the dates. She had it down pat,too. If Kevin admitted, and I don’t know this for sure, that he would not have won POV if it weren’t for the technical difficulties then I feel the POV should be replayed. It’s only fair.

  58. Very bad season with some very bad choices from casting, and manipulation of the game play(i.e. the Pandora fiasco). Who cares how it all ends! I’d rather watch cartoons>

  59. Natalie and Kevin deserves to be in the final 2. I think they played an awesome game. If everone would put their ill feeling aside and let the truth be told them you all would agree the players got played. This has been the best season ever in the history of BB.

  60. I think Natalie’s engagement is one more (nata)LIE. You can see there was absolutely no chemistry or affection between those two. Natalie is such an exceptional lier (& skank)that she/he probably made the whole engagement story up before entering the BB house. The 18 year old lie was probably made up before entering the house, why not this one. As far as who is the best player of the 4 remaining…I am not a huge Michelle fan but come on… she is the best “player” left. she actually is still in the house because she WON competitions. The other 3 just had some luck & were carried to this point.

  61. @ Everyone…. Kevin is going to evict Michelle to make it easier for him / natalie to win the HOH….. Isn’t that what Jeff / Jordan wanted to do with natalie because she would be easier than Michelle / Kevin to beat in the Final 3 HOH? If it was a good idea for then, I think it makes just as more sense for N/K to bring Jordan over Michelle… Am i wrong?

  62. Leo: Hi

    I would love it if Kevin backstabbed Natalie and kept Michelle, but it is not going to happen. The only thing that I can hope for is if Jordon goes to the final two. (As long as she doesn’t listen to Natalie and through the whole thing).

  63. Wouldn”t be funny if pandoras box would show up and americas choice would have Jeff come back into the house! That would be a great twist for BB11, after all it”s great to have the unexpected as they say!!!

  64. I hope pandoras box shows up again and Jeff would be Americas Choice and come out of the box.

  65. I think Michele speech to Natalie should be you kept your hands clean in here,but when I go to the Jury house I’ll make up lies and tell them what ever so they don’t vote for you and I make sure they now I told you I would.. so when you say that that is a lie ….They know that I told you I was going to tell them the truth about you and then say Jessie and the rest will beleive me seeing how you left him a nasty goodby message..congrat on 50G’s

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