Big Brother 11: Week 9 Saturday Live Feed Highlights

Saturday was packing more punches in Big Brother 11 for Jordan and Michele as the Power of Veto competition was held and things didn’t work out so great for those two. Read on to see who won and the eviction plans.

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – September 5, 2009:

10:45 AM BBT – Kevin tries to talk to Michele about which way she’s leaning this week, but she says she can’t decide before the Veto plays out.

11:00 AM BBT – Kevin and Natalie going over their calendar of events for studying. Yes, the calendar they’re not really supposed to have…

12:00 PM BBT – Jordan and Michele whispering about what will happen depending on who wins the Veto. Jordan relays what Natalie told her about if Kevin wins then Michele is going home.

2:25 PM BBTLive Feeds are back from the PoV competition. Michele is crying because she lost. Kevin has won the Veto. Michele says she won’t campaign against Jordan. She says she had multiple chances to save herself this week and didn’t, so it’s her fault.

2:45 PM BBT – Kevin and Natalie discuss their plans to evict Michele this week and how they can’t let Jordan get to Round 3 of the final HoH competition.

3:30 PM BBT – Natalie warning Jordan that Michele will be mean to her in the next few days to try and campaign against her. Jordan doesn’t believe Michele would do that.

10:00 PM BBT – Kevin and Natalie decide to try and play mindgames with Jordan to disrupt her focus on the remaining competition. Kevin gets up to go prepare the red carpet for their fashion show.

11:00 PM BBT – The HGs decide to have a fashion eviction show and everyone picks an outfit belonging to someone else. Reminds me of when they got to burn someone else’s clothes several seasons back (S5?).

Some controversy continues regarding the PoV competition as Kevin has admitted he could see all the questions early on while Jordan and Michele had technical difficulties with their set up. It wouldn’t be the first time Big Brother has repeated a competition due to issues like that, but I wouldn’t hold my breath since this time it wasn’t live and BB can edit it to pieces.

Get ready for Tuesday night’s PoV ceremony, live eviction, and part 1 in the 3-part final HoH competition which should be an endurance battle. The close of the BB11 season is almost here!

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  1. yea that should have been done over again and how does nasty nat always knows what they will do in competition? Do they tell her? Something is fishy

  2. If Kevin had an advantage in the POV because of technical difficulties, then something should be done by BB and no amount of editing will correct this. It just means that BB decides who they want to win. Very bad for the show.

  3. Matt –

    What does BB Production have to say about allowing
    Natalie and Kevin use their calendar?

  4. It just keeps getting worse with CBS/BB pandering to K/N. Honestly, first they allow her this huge swath of road to terrorize Michelle and now Kevin gets to win POV because of malfunction? I am through!

  5. One word to describe this season Aggrivating!!!! Watching last night it doesn’t seem like Jordan really wants to be there.

  6. hey BB new that Jeff was super popular and they gave him the coup of cout. is that fair? hey Shima won HOH and her power was overthrow is this fair? hey Jeff had the opportunity to send Kevin home and he decided to keep him because he thought it will be easer to beat Kevin over Russell and he back stub Rusell and everybody was O.K with that, but when Kevin got the chance to vote Jeff out because he would increases his possibilities of winning, America got mad. is this fair? humm sorry but this just a game and Jeff play his cards and the result send him out. Kevin plays his and he still in the game.

  7. @Linda #2

    If the show is rigged, then perhaps the twist will change it all around again on Tuesday.

    I just think that it is a shame that CBS BB has stooped to this level, condoning any sort of abuse from any HG to another.

    No abuse, physical or verbal is OK – NONE, absolutely NONE! and CBS BB should be ashamed of themselves for allowing it to go on.

    I understand that ratings are important to them, but at what cost??

    I recall years ago on the Jenny Jones show when they had 2 guests on the show and one was a gay guy who professed his love for a straight guy and if I recall correctly it resulted in a murder, so for me this type of sensationalism is unwarranted and uncalled for and quite frankly just pathetic.

  8. IF Kevin had an advantage then it’s not fair. However, if production were helping out who they wanted to win then I’m sure they wouldn’t have picked Kevin or Natalie, but had helped Jeff out a little bit more. So let’s keep it real for production.

    About the calander, if they’re not allowed to have it then they shouldn’t have it. But, it’s not like they can undo what has been done except take it away now. But all the studying they’ve done can’t be undone. Unless! They make a competition on something completely other then what they were studying.

  9. get over this is just a show and if technical difficulties happens, you notified the people right away instead of saying that at the end. Hello!

  10. @1is1me #6

    Sorry but CBS did NOT give Jeff the CDT, America did and you as an American had the right to vote for whomever you saw fit.

    In this case the majority of Americans chose Jeff!

    In relation to Chima’s reign as HOH being overthrown being fair – that is what CDT means usurping someone’s power and they are the rules of the game – expect the unexpected.

    As far as Jeff having the chance to evict K/N, you are correct, he made a mistake that he will reflect on for years, but we ALL make mistakes through life that we regret, it is a part of us growing and learning as human beings!

  11. I’m so confused. Julie definitely said that Tuesday would be LIVE POV and eviction. How in the heck did it happen yesterday?

  12. Unfortunately Diana, that’s the way this game goes starting from season one. While insulting and verbally attacking people isn’t honorable, it’s definitly not illegal either. Fighting is NORMAL. You’re going to have that when greed takes a hold of you. I’m sure you’ve said some racy things before and so has even the most respectable players in BB history, including the lovable Jeff, Jordan and Michelle.

  13. Jeff didn’t really have any choice. Russel would have most likely won HOH in Kevin’s place, and done exactly what kevin did you dumb dumb. He had his shot to win the POV he was always going to “must” win and he lost, simple as that. This situation however is different. If Kevin won because of an unfair rules violation by using the calendar + a malfunction then the competition should absolutely be run again. Kevin and Natalie by the way are the two people who LEAST deserve to win the game. They have floated the entire time. Nat won HOH in a competition that was pure guessing – the only thing shes ever won! If the POV was flawed because of technical difficulties for Jordan and Michelle it should be done over!

  14. @ Diana, yes they did. if you do a survey and now that Jeff has 80 percent of votes for what ever reason and you throw a coup like this you are just given Jeff the coup. they could have done another type of twist, but the only way Jeff can win this was by American given it to him because when he plays the BB game, he gets kick out

  15. @Linda Wilmer

    I know that Julie said there would be a Live show Tuesday with an eviction, so yesterday played out as normal.

    The thing is and I kept saying this yesterday, why have a live show (because there will be a twist) earlier than the normal Thursday.

    Normally after POV the eviction takes place 5 days later (Thursday) and Kevin kept saying that he has 5 days to torture M/J when in fact there will be an eviction Tuesday (3 days), so something is going to happen which is keeping CBS BB ratings alive. Let’s just hope that it is yet not another disappointment!

  16. Get over it, people. Jeff is gone, and I don’t think he is coming back. He is just a person. I really liked Jesse, but I am not going “on and on” about it. I want to make a comment about the late night show of Big Brother. Last night was absolutely DISGUSTING with Jordan telling about her body entrances and exits. What is wrong with her? Is she mentally unbalanced? The fashion show was cute, but when this disgusting conversation started, I turned the channel. It is getting really hard to continue to be a BB supporter.

  17. But its ok when Jeff gets a special power handed to him without even trying in order to advance in the game….

    Americans are crazy when it comes to things like that, they think with their hearts and not their heads.

  18. Natalie and Kevin created their own calendar as did Michelle so I don’t know if that is against the rules or not. As far as the show being rigged, I seriously doubt it. The producers would have rigged it to keep Jeff because he was so well liked. They most definately wouldn’t have rigged it for K/N. It is funny that when things were going the way of Jeff and everyone else was saying the show was rigged, it was appalling to even think about and everyone on these boards had a fit defending the producers. Now that things aren’t going your way, you say the show is rigged. Come on now people!

  19. @ Linda ….I agree that BB needs to do something if K had
    an unfair advantage due to tech problems. That’s BS. After jeff left
    I wanted M to win.. Looks like that’s not happening either. I am hangin
    on to hope that PB still brings something that will benefit Michelle, or
    better yet… Jeff!!!! If not I will definitely vote for Jeff for the 25 k! Here’s to
    hoping N gets ousted Tuesday!!!

  20. @1is1me #15

    No one is disputing that Jeff messed up. In fact, I wish I could grab a hold of him and shake him and tell him he messed up.

    The point I was trying to make is about your comment “hey BB new that Jeff was super popular and they gave him the coup of cout. is that fair?”, meaning they (CBS), when it was America.

    Could they have done another twist – sure (PB- LOL), but they didn’t so we have to be accepting of any outcome of this game, because we do not have any power, just and opinion!

  21. well when you are doing an important thing you and something goes wrong you stopthe game and ask the production hey somenthing is wrong can we start all over again, and don’t wait until the game is over and say oh by the way i did not win because of this.

  22. yes Diana I agree this is just a game and they said expect the unexpected, so yes lets get over and move on with the game.

  23. kevin just won big brother!!!

    sucks cuz i was pulling for Michele and of course he is going to evict her on thursday. jordan cant physically make it to the final 2. and the jury house is all turned against nataLIE right now so of course they are going to vote for Kevin. sucks cuz he didn’t do sh*t in the game until last week. i hate it when these undeserving sneeks make it all the way and win, it makes it for a Sucky season!

    the last winner i remember actually winning the game is Evel Dick. he did everything in that house and came out on top. Adam didn’t do anything and either did Dan last season. Prepare yourself for another let down!!!! UGH.

  24. @Hollaye #13

    I respect your opinion and if abuse is Ok with you, then that is your choice, but I don’t condone it.

    Lying, cheating and being argumentative is all fair gameplay, but the things that Nat. has said and done to Michele are crossing the line.

    And please, you do not know me so don’t assume that I would say ‘racy’ things to others. I have always tried to be objective and I normally wait until I am rational before I make any disparging remarks about someone!

  25. Ugh!! To all those that cry “Was it fair Jeff had the CDT?” I say YES, it was! We the people voted that way. Next time I recommend you recruit Sanjaya’s fans so your favorite can win. The do miracles with votes. Secondly, if it is on tape that Kevin clearly admitted he had an unfair advantage in the POV comp than it is Big Brother’s duty to replay that veto. A few extra seconds to think about an answer really does make a difference. As for the calendar, if Big Brother sees fit not to take it away from Nat and Kevin, then they have no choice but to alter the game so that it renders the playing field fair to all and makes the calendar useless. Are there not laws that require game shows (and face it people, Big Brother is a game show) be fair and just for all contestants?

  26. How do you know that Jeff would of gotten any farther with Russ, he may of said he would honor the final 4 but he backed on his word before and flipped flopped several times. Whose to say how the game would of went nobody can predict that

  27. @sparkle #29

    True, however taking Russell into the F4, would have meant that Kevin and possibly Nat. would be out of that house now and the competition would have been far more exciting for us viewers.

    I personally, would have like to see 2 power players go head to head for the big prize!

  28. Ooops

    Spilled some coffee and goofed.


    Regarding the Coup d’etat – it was America’s vote and if
    I recall correctly, Ronnie almost won it.
    Didn’t he come in 2nd place for votes?


  29. You are right i would of liked to see Russ stay as well, but at the time Nat and Kevin did not really pose being strong players as their group was rapidly declining.

  30. @Fred – all the contestants have a brain. If Nat and Kev as well as Mich choose to make a calendar to help them remember dates and events, good for them. BB can’t help it if the hgs didn’t think about doing the same.

  31. @Ashley #19

    I think creating the calander was a very smart move. Both N/K have done their homework and they have studied dates, counting objects etc. So in my mind, that gives them a fair advantage in the game, because I don’t believe that the other HG (excepting Michele), had the foresight or the drive to take this part of the game to that level.

    Everyone knows that there are mental challenges and they decided to document it all so they didn’t just rely on the memories, for that I give them credit!

  32. Michelle needs to go and than Jordan. It should have been Jessie,Ronnie,Kevin and Natalie in the final four.

  33. I knew from the moment that Michele will not win more than two times POV. Now its technology problem? Well…..I don’t know what is going to happen, but I am sure Michele is going home of 80% possibility if nothing is happening although i do like her. Let’s say, I hope next BB episode, it’s not always the bad ones win and the good lost, because we all going to know who will win anyway since it is always like this.

  34. @Diana #36 – I dislike Nat as much as anyone but I can be objective like you and give credit when credit is due. I can’t stand people saying the show is rigged and blah blah blah.

    @1is1me – I agree with you that if there was a problem on the set up with technical difficulties then why wouldn’t you say something right then and start over and maybe they did but they are trying to justify their loss.

  35. @sparkle #39

    Never say never, however I think it is unlikely. There will be a twist of some type with the PB. I am guessing that there will be a key which all HG (except for Nat.) can search for. I think that this key will be the Diamond Veto and that Veto will usurp Kevin’ POV and hopefully Michele finds it and sends Kevin home with Nat. following on Thursday!

  36. @Ashley #40

    You know that we have been rooting for Michele for a while now, and although I didn’t like yesterday’s outcome and I went off line for a while to ‘lick my wounds’ and eat ‘humble pie’, I am objective and I don’t want to become a person with biased views or opinions.

    Do I abhor some of the abuse that Michele has had to endure – YOU BET!

    Am I upset that CBS BB hasn’t stepped in and told the HG to stop with the mental abuse – YOU BET!

    However, I am also very aware that Michele has a very strong character and she will survive this nonsense. I think that she has a loving and strong support system outside of this house and she has proven time and time again that she is a winner regardless of the outcome of this show!

  37. They said the veto comp was going to live of Tuesday along with veto ceremony and eviction, so maybe they will have to do the veto comp again live because of technical difficulties. Who knows. I don’t think Kevin will vote out Michelle. I think he could win with her. Any of the others, I’m not sure. This is the time for Kevin to play for himself and not listen to Natalie, because she will not take him to F2. Hope Michelle or Jordan wins. Michelle especially. I think she has worked hard at it.

  38. @mary #44

    Or perhaps if it is a live VETO comp. the Diamond Veto will come into play and providing Michele wins that DV, then Kevin may just get evicted.

    Who knows, Kevin thinks he has 5 days to torture M/J (his words not mine) and it just maybe him that is going in 3 days!!!

  39. I should have said that I am ASSUMING (with great anticipation) that Michele wins something to turn this game around again!

  40. @Diana – I agree with post 43. I hate the abuse Michelle has had to endure from everyone, not just N/K. I wanted her to win so bad so I hope there is a diamond veto in play with Pandora’s Box. I really don’t want to see Nat win this thing so if Michelle goes then I guess I will pull for Kevin because like someone else said , it is the lessor of two evils. I really don’t think Jordan has a shot but you never know.

  41. @Ashley #47

    I agree that Kevin is the least of 2 evils, but if there is a DV and Michele wins it, she will have no choice but to get rid of Kevin, still leaving Nat. in the house.

    I can just see Nat. scrambling trying to make a F2 alliance with both M/J if that were the case and I would hope that both of them will show their strength and alienate her and booting her out of that house once and for all!

  42. @Ashley #48

    I’m with you. I will vote for her to get the $25k and hopefully all the BB fans who believe that Michele has played an excellent game (all on her own) and having to endure the b.s. that ALL the HG’s have put on her, then let’s band together to ensure that she does get some sort of a prize for being the WINNER that she is!

  43. @Diana – post 49 – I sure hope the DV happens! I know Kevin will be going but I wish it could be Nat!! I’m worried that Jordan would totally turn against Michelle and join Nat because you know how convincing Nat can be and how gullible Jordan is. Anyway, do you think we will know something tonight or have to wait until Tuesday?

  44. “#37 Debbie
    Michelle needs to go and than Jordan. It should have been Jessie,Ronnie,Kevin and Natalie in the final four”

    HAHAHAHAHA are you kidding me

  45. @Ashley #51

    I think that Jordan will stick with Michele because Jeff told her to.

    As far as finding out tonight, I don’t think so. I think there will be another teaser (to ensure they keep their audience on the hook) and I think that the Live show on Tuesday is all about the twist (PB – DV) with the live eviction!

  46. This is to pretty much everyone who says the CDT was unfair.

    The CDT was a part of the game. Just like Jesse coming back to the house as HOH for doing nothing. Just like the athletes being up one more person in their clique than all the others. Thst was a HUGE advantage.However,it was all part of the game. There are twists every season. There is nothing unfair, it’s all just part of the game.

  47. For a while now, I’ve wanted BBUS to come up with a good twist- for instance, “Big Brother gone evil” (a la BBUK season 5).

    Well, Big Brother US has PLENTY of evil right now, but it’s not Big Brother behind the pain. Natalie’s pulled out her whip and is driving Kevin with it as far as we can tell.

    I’d LOVE to see Jordan go home (I’d say Kevin go home but we know there’s no way in Hades that’ll happen) instead of Michelle. That could honestly create the best comeback for Michelle EVER.

    F3: Michelle/Kevin/Natalie
    Were Michelle to win the final HOH, she should obviously send Natalie home empty handed at the last possible moment- what a sweet dose of revenge that would be, to send the greediest contestant I’ve seen in a while home at the last possible second with no consolation prize of any kind (because we know she wouldn’t win America’s Favorite Juror, o hai Jeff.)
    It’s like the infamous voting off of Johnny Fairplay in Survivor, except it’s actually a great idea!

    And there’s my two bronze-colored Lincoln-emblazoned coins.

  48. @Ashley #51

    I do think that tonight we will see the PB with Nat. and why it is that she wasn’t allowed to play in yesterday’s POV. We will get to see who was in the PB with her and the boards will light up again with all the lies that she has told.

    CBS have been quoted in saying that the past 2 days their ratings have sky rocketed, but what they fail to realize is that America is p*ssed off with Nat. and these ratings are not good! CBS doesn’t really care, as long as we are all watching and they are bringing in the $$$$.

  49. @ Diane #36

    Creating the calander is smart… but it’s also against the rules. Nat and Kev have already had one taken away after Michelle found it. What they are doing is cheating, but I guess BB will only do something if another hg points it out.

  50. Will and Boogies, the two greatest players in BB history were the biggest liars and cheaters. Just youtube chilltown to see how much these 2 were liars. Natalie and Kevin have done the same. They UNDERSTAND WHAT BB IS. That is why in the end, just like every year, the jury house is going to vote for them because they will understand that Kevin and Natalie have played the best game period.

  51. @Matt #56

    I’m not too sure whether it is too late to play a DV at this stage of the game.

    Does anyone know what stage of the game the last DV was played with Mike Boogie (who chose not to use it)??

  52. Diana, I hope we get to see the “bad” Nat talked about and why she said she just lost $500,000. It is going to suck to watch Nat parade around like a queen and I am not looking forward to hearing what she said to Michelle during nominations. I have pretty much stopped watching my live feeds because I just don’t want to see Nat in all her supposed glory right now. I didn’t cancel them because I keep thinking about the DV.

  53. @Diana – the diamond veto was in season 4 when it was down to the final 4 just like it is now and yes, they did use it.

  54. @Brittney #58

    I really don’t know what BB rules are other than what Russell said in his exit interview that basically everything was fair game unless you were breaking the BB rules, so if creating a calendar was against the rules, then like you said it is up to the other HG to point that out, but like most people in general, no one wants to tell tales, so they just have to suffer the consequences.

    Again, I think it was smart that they documented the events, because I couldn’t rely on my memory and didn’t Michele also create her own calendar?

    Don’t get me wrong, because I would love for BB to tell both N/K they cheated and Kevin have to forfeit his POV, but then they couldn’t give it to Michele either for the same reason, so Jordan would have to be awarded the POV for relying on her memory only!

  55. What is this? A charity case? My goodness, what has america become? We are becoming a woose nation. Kevin, Natalie and yes Michelle, have played the best game period. If Michelle leaves well then she will have been beaten by better than her. If Kevin or Natalie wins well then they deserve to win. This is a game and the object is to be the last one standing….

  56. @Ashley #64

    Thanks for that, I couldn’t remember whether it was used or not. So there you go Matt #56, it isn’t too late to use it and I hope it comes into play Tueday on the Live show!!

  57. @ Diana #65

    I wouldn’t be able to rely on my memory either. I don’t know if Michelle has made one, but I wouldn’t doubt that she has one after finding Nat and Kev’s. I read somewhere that Jordan was using her birth control pill container as her “calander”.

  58. “Alison won the Diamond veto and the power to remove herself from the nomination block and casting the sole eviction vote.”

    From the Season 4 Wikipedia page, where the “Diamond Veto” was introduced. So it sounds to me like the Diamond Veto is automatically the LAST veto (seeing as the last Veto holder eventually decides who goes up and who gets evicted, besides the HOH of course.)

  59. anyone: is there an eviction on Tuesday for sure? what is the diamond veto…its been mentioned so much since the PB and probably explained, but with so much speculation, its hard to tell fact from fiction.
    ALL: If michele is not save, then she gets my vote for the 25k & all stars. jeff lost my respect when he listened to jordan about k/n then he said he would have been easier if j won some comps.

  60. @Ashley #62

    Like every wicked witch (queen) Nats. power will come to an end. Even if by some fluke she does win this competition, at what expense.

    She has embarrassed her family and friends. Her prize money will not compensate her for the onslaught of negative feedback that she is going to endure once BB is over and she is back in the real world.

    Like I said before, I actually feel pity for her, because I really feel for people who do not have a grasp on reality and have this vision of granduer about themselves.

  61. why does everyone hate Nat.she is not doing anything that no one else has done. how would you guys like to see all this nasty stuff written about any of you,she is playing the game. ok.

  62. Diana – If Michelle does leave Tuesday then I am hoping Nat does not win the next HOH. If Kevin wins I don’t know who he will take to final 2 but there is a chance he will take Jordan. If Jordan wins then I think she will take Nat and if that happens then I think Nat will win the 500k only because i believe the jh members will see her as the better player of the 2.

  63. @stlrgal #71

    If my memory serves me correct, yes there will be a live eviction on Tuesday, leaving 3 playing out for the F2 comps. on Thursday.

    Can someone help me out with how the F3 comps. go and at what stage or day of the game is the last HG evicted?

  64. @ Diana #73

    I agree with you 100%. At least when Jeff became ugly, he recognized it. He said that he hated the way the game has made him act many times. Nat has been pretty much horrible the entire game and she just sits there with that smug look on her face. I don’t like the way she “plays” the game. The same way I didn’t like Chilltown or Evel’s game play. I just don’t think it’s right. But alas, I will still watch… just like I always do.

  65. Everyone – I am going to have lunch and have many things to do today so I wont be back until this evening. Hope yall have a great afternoon.

    Diana – it has been fun chatting with you!

  66. @Ashley #75

    Totally agree with you, but let’s hope that if out of the 3 remaining (providing Michele goes home this week) it is K/J!

  67. I agree that verbally and mentally abusing someone is out of line, but BB/CBS did not do anything to Evel Dick last season and he was the worst out of all of the houseguest/seasons.

    @Jeff Fans, please get over it!! Jeff does not deserve to be back in the game. He listened to N/K lies and backdoored Russell. Jeff DID NOT stay true to his alliance. After Jeff used the CDT and the house voted out Jessie, the next person that should have left was Kevin and then Natalie, BUT b/c Jeff used the POV to save Kevin and put up Russell, we are forced watching Nat/Kevin thanks to Jeff.

    So why do ppl think Jeff belongs back in the game/house? Jeff said that Nat/Jessie would have walked to the final 2, that’s why he put them up for eviction. Now,it looks like Natalie WILL be in the F2 — once again THANKS JEFF!

  68. @May #74

    The negative feedback about Nat. has been brought upon by her actions.

    Granted this is a game about lying and cheating and she has been a master at that, but for most of the people who have blogged on these sites (and I am referring to many sites across the internet and even an Editor on EW), their opinions of Nat. have been based upon her attitude more than her gameplay.

    She has been aggressive, confrontational (as was Russ, but him not being really mean spirited as Nat. has) and having a superior attitude thinking that she is more deserving than the rest of the HG’s, not to mention the cruel and abusive behavior that she has shown toward Michele. Her behavior has upset the majority of people on these forums and all we are doing is expressing our opinions and venting our frustrations about her.

    Like I said, I feel pity for her and I think she needs some anger management counselling and that may put her back on the right track, although good luck in trying to convince her of that. I think that she is in for some hard knocks throughout her life because of her attitude!

  69. I think little nattlie is soo fine. I’d like to spend one night with her in the HOH. I’d bet she would drop her attitude by morning. HeHe.

  70. As I recall, Julie did not say live POV and eviction. She said Live POV competition and live POV ceremony. But, yes it still does go against what she told us.

  71. nat reminds me of a lil kid when someone says something then she jumps in their some shes some street tough…they really are all a joke…to be honest with you …looking back on this season the only ones that were real were laura, casey, jeff & michele & russ. the rest suck as far as people..even mz jordan who was fake from jump street. just a brat like chima. nat thinks she is sooooo tough, I wish michele would have put some bugs in her bed with the way nat treated her.

  72. Hmmm.. you would think if they were going to have the diamond veto, it would have been in the competition yesterday. It seems strange to have a veto and a diamond veto the same week.

  73. @ Midwest….. Where is my breakfast you very bad girl?

    @ Ashley…. I knew you would come around…. Kevin to win BB11….. You will get a extra treat for being good….

    @ Diana……. Jeff doesnlt deserve to win because he keeps making dumb move….

    1) Refuse to give input on who to put up even though Jesse asks

    2) Allign with Braden / Casey / Jordan / Michelle wo keep Chima

    3) Backdoor Russell

  74. @Gracie #81

    Correct ED did verbally abuse people to further his game and that is when BB should have reviewed and changed their rules!

    However, I still say that ED was not as cruel or as vindictive as Nat. has been to Michele, he did have SOME endearing qualities and he most certainly went out of his way to mend his relationship with his daughter. I think that is what America saw and that is why he ultimately won the big prize and Danielle only came in the the 2nd prize.

    He showed that he wanted to mend their relationship and Danielle was shown to be very bitter towards her father.

    So there is a difference between ED and Nats. type of abuse!

    Some of the things that have been done to Michele are absolutely disgusting and BB should have never tolerated that type of behavior and the rules do need to be changed as to where you cross those boundaries!

  75. @Leo #90

    I have never said that Jeff deserves to win. I have been rooting for Michele for a long time now ever since J/J had their 2 weeks of power which was off putting to me.

    I still want Michele to win and if she is booted this week, then I hope that Kevin takes it over Nat.

    IF Michele goes then this would be my preference:

    K – $500k
    J – $50k
    M – $25k – America’s choice
    N – $000000000000000000000000000000000k

  76. @ George & other Jeff Fans…. Shut up…. If Jeff is evicted… I am done watching BB…. If Michelle is evicted….. I am done watching BB….. Now if Kevin & Natalie make the Final 2….. I am done watching BB…. If a wish was a fish, we would all catch a few…. Either stop watching or shut up and watch!!!

  77. thanks ss95: correction well taken. yesterday someone said the michele was smiling after the comp & talking to herself (who else ) even tho k won & she knows she is out…any ideas…c/s have ratted n/k out in the dr regarding cheating in the pov comp

  78. @Leo #98

    My, my such anger this morning, perhaps you haven’t had enough sleep. Go back to bed and get some much needed zzzzzzzzz and then come back with a fresh positive attitude!

  79. Diana, your wisdom and hopes are inspiring in this discussion! That said, can I throw in my own itty bitty thoughts on the latest POV contorversy?
    Could it be that the reason CBS is not worried about the tech problems is because they know that ultimatly, it doesn’t matter? This would make sense if the DV is being introduced again.

    My guess is that Jeff does walk in the room during this next eviction and we finally see what finding the key to PB was really all about.

  80. #98 Leo…Go Leo, I couldn’t agree more (and you know the one’s saying they’ll quit watching are still watching anyway!)

  81. @x-rev #102

    I think you have a point about the technical difficulties not being an issue with CBS BB because there will be a game change on Tuesday, however I don’t think that Jeff will be back, I think it will be more that whoever has the power can usurp Kevin’s POV and I am hoping that Michele gets that power, whether through a DV or something other obscure twist!

  82. @ Diana #91

    I agree ED tried to work on their relationship during the show and after, but his daughter was very bitter and angry towards him.

  83. Is it possible, since Sunday’s show isn’t live, that’s why Jeff wasn’t going to the JH for 2 days giving him time to tape tonight’s episode??? Just thinking out loud.

  84. I guess they could have another veto competition (diamond) where Michelle wins and Jordan would be evicted instead since Kevin already won POV.

    I’d rather another houseguest entered.

  85. @ Diana & others

    Look at the facts

    * Natalie – won an HOH – won the 1st comp to get Jesse back in BB – alligned with the better alliance – created LML which took all targets off her and got her this far in the game

    *Jordan – Was given her HOH – listened to Michelle’s footsteps to win POV (Michelle believes this) – alligned with a losing click – has done nothing to be here besides ride Jeff’s coat tails

    * Kevin has won HOH – 2 POV’s – influenced Jeff with the LML – Got Jeff evicted – voted to evict Jesse & Russell as the majority vote

    * Michelle – doesn’t matter because she is going to the JH

    *** You may not like Kevin / Natalie, but they deserve to win more than Jordan based on a summary of their games ***

  86. Yeah, the Jeff thing is just a wild thought, but dang… it really seems that the whole PB thing ended up being a really big flop. He finally won/found something without anyone else help… ie.. viewers vote and nothing came of it. Unless when they came up with the idea they thought whoever used it would not unlock the HH until a special deal was made. If thats the case, then Jeff blew it one last time.

  87. Well there should be a twist I hope something good would happen with all the thing I have read about the POV it sound be done over but I guess what happens they leave it after they said who is the winner. All I can hope for a “BIG TWISTER” turn the house upside down insidout all around.

  88. @ x-rev & Diana….. Wow you don’t think my Diamond Veto theory is crazy anymore? I believe it will come into play… I said that when I predicted Michelle to win the POV and Jeff Fans / Michelle Fans alike said I was nuts….. Kevin won the POV (hooray) and I still say his Veto means squat because the Diamond Veto will override it…. I like Kevin and want him to win, but I stand by my claims that the original Veto means nothing…. I say Russell or Jesse come back and will replace either Jordan / Natalie after Michelle is evicted…..

  89. @ Sservie…. Where is my breakfast young lady? I want Strawbeery & whip creme covered pancakes!!! ;) :) :D :P

  90. I just read that Kevin could see everything in the POV competition and Jordan / Michelle could not. I feel that if the competition is not done over so that all players have the same opportunity to win; then instead of Kevin deciding who goes home, Jordan and Michelle should have a run off to decide which one stays and which one goes. This would allow both Jordan and Michelle an opportunity to stay to the final three. The same opportunity they would have had if the POV competition would have been fair.

  91. @Leo #109

    You and I have agreed and disagreed about various issues on this blog however when you categorically state that Nat. is deserving of a F2 winning one of the prizes, just makes me lose respect for you, considering you only said yesterday, anyone but Nat. should win, preferrably Kevin.

    You can’t have it both ways, you either want in this competition or not?

    If you do, then you condone her behavior and then all my respect for you goes out the window. I thought you were insightful and you saw the good and evil in people, perhaps I was wrong!

  92. *** Song – Time ***

    *** Join in everyone ***

    doodoodoo – doo – doo – doo – doo – doo – doo (aight)

    woowoowoo – woo – woo – woo – woo – woo – woo (aight)

    Michelle is going home – Jordan is next, so get down tonight…. get down tonight……

    Kevin will win BB 11 – Nat will get second….. get down tonight… get down tonight

    Jeff fans are crying…… living in denial…. get down tonight…. get down tonight…….

    sing the chorus again (all together now)

    doododoo – doo – doo – doo – doo
    woowoowoo – woo – woo – woo – woo (aight)

  93. @Diana #96….I so agree with you! I hope Natalie wins nothing!! She deserves nothing. I doubt she is getting married either….the lying snake!!

  94. leo,
    yeah, its possible, but I think its more likely to be something involving the PB and choices made by the HH in the final days. Nat made it sound like she made a poor decision and it cost her. I agree that someone is coming back, but mich is toast at this point and no hope for her. Kev is much smarter then many ppl give him credit for.. I think he knows he is dealing with the devil (nat) and has used her evil ways to better his position. Lets think about this… If you were going to the f2, who would u want beside you. Jordan will get votes for being sweet and honest, and mich will get votes for getting where she is all by herself.. and nat gets no votes at all. Kevin would be wise to take the nat with him.

  95. …heard through the grapevine that Gnat was offered a lead role in the remake of the movie “LIAR LIAR”, but when they held auditons for cast members the only person to show up was Chima.

  96. @ Diana… Natalie has done more than Jordan to win….. Like her or not – Natalie deserves to win more than Jordan….. Not my opinion… Look at the facts I laid out and tell me I am wrong….

    @ Sservie…. You need to get here and make me a tasty lunch then ok?

  97. @ Everyone…. Michelle is gone…. yeah bbbbaaaabbbbbbyyyy

    Jeff is gone…… yeeeeyyyaaaahhhhh bbbbaaaabbbbyyyyyy

    I hope Russell or Jesse wll come back even Lydia would be cool so they can send Jordan to the JH too…… Yeah Baby

    Go Team NBK!!!

  98. #115
    Caroline – Where did you read Kevin could see what was going
    on during the POV while Jordan and Michele couldn’t?

    It doesn’t seem likely.

  99. This is sorta like NFL, we go through all the playoffs, and half the country says they will not watch the superbowl, then it comes to final 2 and 3/4 of country says they won’t watch. But at the last minute, ppl buy beer and chips and hotdogs, and root against their least fav team. If Kev and Nat are final 2 we will all want to watch one of them lose in a big way.

  100. During the comp isn’t it normally fish

    if it is then you didnt know if they made it up as an excuse

    Russell should get the jury prize and Kevin should win and nat should get second

  101. @Leo #122

    Then I guess that you condone cruelty as doing more to further your game and sell your soul to the devil because that is what Nat. has done and then she has the nerve to state that she is a Christian.

    Like I said in an earlier post and I will copy it again for you here so you can re-read it:

    I actually feel pity for her, because I really feel for people who do not have a grasp on reality and have this vision of granduer about themselves and she is in for some hard knocks in life whether she wins any money or not!

    So keep cheerig her on so you can have the final say becaus quite frankly I don’t care for Nat. and no amount of justification of her behavior will ever change my mind.

    Like I have always maintained, you are entitled to your opinion as I am of mine, so let’s just drop the bantering to and fro about Nat. between us!

  102. btw, leo i think i heard diana opening her window as you made ur last remarks. Just like the BB house, some alliances have been breached and it seems you two are on opposing teams now.

  103. @ Diana…. Jordan doesn’t deserve to win more than Natalie /Kevin….. Why because she is likeable? This is a game and not a popularity contest… The same way I would never support Michelle winning (even though she played a great game) I will never suppot Jordan because she hasn’t earned $25,000 or the 1st or 2nd place pay off……

  104. The ONLY thing Natalie deserves is the Wrath of God! And I have a feeling she’s gonna get it in good time.

  105. #125 Stated at the top of this blog posted by Matt. Kevin admitted to seeing seeing all the questions early on while Jordan and Michele had technical difficulties with their set up.

  106. @x-rev #128

    Correct. If Leo continues to try to taunt me about Nat. when he is always flip flopping about who he likes and doesn’t like, then I don’t care to interact with him any further.

    I value people’s opinions, but I cannot take their opinions seriously or value them if the keep flipping the coin.

    I’m done with this whole conversation about Nat. deserving to win any prize, she deserves a bit fat ZERO!!

  107. @ x-rev….. Diana is her own person and I value her opinion…. We are still good…

    @ Diana….. I have said I would love to see either Jesse (since she chose to see him instead of playing in the POV) or Russell (who deserves another chance) replace Natalie for being greedy and picking PB…..

    That said, I would then like either Kevin & Russell / Jesse in the final 2 and not Jordan……

  108. Caroline –

    Thanks, I missed it.
    So if Jordan and Michele had technical difficulties, they
    may not have known Kevin could see all of the questions
    when they couldn’t.

    Some are saying the players needed to speak up before
    the POV was finished.

    Possibly the only who needed to speak up was Kevin saying
    he could see the questions before the others.

    Am I missing more here?

  109. I need to get it right, I guess.. I just re-watched the episode, and she did indeed say eviction too! *eats crow*

  110. @Leo #134

    Do you want me to go back to the blogs, where you have clearly stated that you are done with Nat. and you want her out of the house, or are you going to twist that statement also!

    We were both hoping that Russell or even Jeff could come back as a DV player to get Nat. out so that is a moot point.

    I am referring to the numerous blogs where you stated you didn’t want Nat. in the house and that you were over her, but I guess you have selective memory.

    Now, I am done, please don’t keep bantering me about this issue because I don’t care to indulge you with any civil or intelligent debates about this.

    If you care to discuss or debate other topics other than Nat. I am open to that!

  111. @ Diana…. Don’t get my words miexed up…

    1) I have never said either Michelle / Jordan should in

    2) I have said that Jordan / Michelle should not win

    3) I said Natalie should go and be replaced with either Jesse / Russell right?

    4) If you want to be sour about me saying Natalie deserves to win more than JordanM you can be my quest….

    5) If you don’t want to so called associate with me because you don’t like the fact that Jordan has done the least to win, I am done after this post

    *** Peace ***

  112. @ Diana…. Have I ever said I wanted Michelle or Jordan to win?

    I don’t want Natalie to win because I am a Kevin fans….

    I would rather have Russell / Jesse in the game than Natalie, but Jeff would be better in the final 2 than Jordan…….. No I don’t want Jeff to win

    Final 2…. Kevin & Natalie because Jordan doesn’t deserve $50,000

  113. I don’t like Kevin or Natalie, but I think their lie was brilliant and that’s why they’re still in the game.

    For those of you who say, “Oh I’m not watching again, ever.” That’s so stupid to say because THIS IS A REALITY SHOW. We can’t really control what is going on and those of you who say that shit is just because you’re not incontrol. That’s what makes for interesting TV.

    Unless something crazy happens on Tuesday I see Kevin and Natalie final 2. It sucks, but hey, that’s the game.

  114. @ Everyone….. Does anyone believe Jordan will be able to win 2 of the 3 final HOH comps based on her performances this far in the game…. I think Kevin will the favorite…. Hell even Natalie has done better in every challange than Jordan in the last 4-5 comps….

  115. @Leo #140

    Jordan has not ever been discussed between you and I, it was always Russell, Jeff, Michele and Kevin and I am not sour, I just don’t like you flip flopping.

    We all have to move to our next fav. when the one we were rooting for gets booted out, but if we are true to ourselves, we don’t jump ship when our favs. get booted off and start rooting for the opposing team.

    You know that I always liked Kevin and I told you that if Michele was booted off then I would want to see him take the prize, BUT not once have I ever stated that I want to see Nat. win not once have I ever said that she is deserving of a F2. I have felt and still feel pity for her, but she has single-handly made America (in general) despise her and her actions (I won’t use the word hate, because it is too strong a word).

    So now we are both done and at a stalemate!

    Peace with you too!

  116. It is not a purchased calendar it is just part of the creativeness of n/k. It was an term comp and m was supposed to win, however she made a couple of mistakes that cost her time and she was moving quickly, and it cost her. K got it right on the first attempt, he is not a dummy. J didn’t one right and wants to go and be with jeff, who doesn’t want her. She isn’t his type and I don’t think she would like his family or vversa, different upbringings. Jeff prefers brunettes and more city and different social values, then what jor brings to the table. Within a year jor will pose for nuty mag. I’m not putting it down, I’m just saying that she is into things like that and I don’t think jef cares for it. He says that when you are alone from the outside, it appears that something is going on, but not with him. It was a showmance that he new that he was going to take part in, at the beginning of the show. However, k did say that jor could get luck and win the hoh, so he isn’t close minded. K did go to michelle, before comp and ask her if she wanted to make a deal and she snubbed him. I didn’t think that was a good move and she has made other bad choices, as well. She was sure that jef, would be the victor and she turned from rus the same way, putting all her eggs in jj’s basket, not smart when u r playing for yourself and not a group. I vote to evict michelle. Go Kevin…..production has got to explain to nat to stay out of k’s sex life!

  117. Leo, i have read many of your comment over the past couple weeks, and you do tend to mix things up… maybe your head is telling you one thing, but your fingers are typing something diff. You always come off as having super inside info and a master of the game. You remind me of that BB player… umm, what was his name… you know, the one who was smarter then Mich and was a student of the game? Yeah, that dude!!! Can’t remember his name because he is GONE!!!! Please que up “Another on bites the Dust.”

  118. @ Jeff Fans / Michelle Fans….. Neither Jeff / Michelle will win BB 11…. Will you choose Kevin / Jordan to win? It is obvious Natalie won’t win because Jesse / Lydia / Russell won’t give her their JH votes…

    *** I say Kevin all the way ***

  119. Leo, Part of the game is who you team up with. Jordan made a wise choice in picking Jeff, who admittedly helped her along. She has played the game every bit as good as nat or kev. Maybe ur not use to someone being honest, and sweet and still having a chance to win. Maybe its a new trend and strategy others will take to the house in the future.

  120. Hey Matt, Michelle has a calendar too.

    Hey everyone, Michelle has a calendat too.

    Since two ppl have it from oppoistes sides, i guess they just decided it was cool.

    Now everyone is saying the game is rigged just caz Natalie win HOH, and Kevn wins Veto to save himself.


    Oh, and Michelle somehow has made her calendar out of her birth control.

    She used it against Russell, and Chima.

    If u can have an accurate calendar, then that should be kudos to u, I havent seen Michelle go over hers with anyone, but N/K are so legit, they have every date in perfect order.

    But dont hide the facts, Michelle also has won. And guess what, she lost.

    Natalie and Kevin had won, when they both failed to win Veto.

  121. @x-rev #148

    You are correct, however for the most part Leo just wanted to get people debating or get a rise out of them, which I am guessing he chose to do that with me succesfully today, however sometimes when I get mad, I am just not that rational, so I tend to wait until I am calm enough to debate without emotion, but today for some reason Leo just pushed the wrong button and I just didn’t want to deal with having to justify why Nat. is not deserving to be in the F2.

    For me, it was always M/K, but is not the case now, so I would rather see K/J rather than K/N, because it grates me to think that some as cruel and vindictive as Nat. is rewarded with cash for being the person she truly is UGLY and that is not external ugliness because she isn’t, it is her INTERNAL ugliness that has been portrayed time and time again throughout this comp.

  122. @ x-rev…… I have been an NBK fans since day one….

    Even when Ronnie / Jesse / Chima were ousted back to back to back and Team Jeff looked like they would sail to the final 4 I was always Team NBK

    Look at the posts yesterday when I thought Michelle would win, I still couldn’t bring myself to say I want her to win

    I will never and have never said I think Jordan deserves to win against anyone because she doesn’t even deserve 2nd place money over anyone…. Not even Natalie…

    *** Natalie should go, so Jesse / Russell can come back *** Not Natalie should go so Jordan can get to the Final 2 *** See the difference people? ***

  123. Jordan didnt make make a wise move.

    Like it turned out to be one I GUESSS, but she just went with him because she thought he was all that and a bag of chips.

    Which is why most of the females went with him, and hich is why he got the standing ovation.

    Turns out, he wasnt a strong player. OOPS

  124. @Marcus #151

    I agree, check my post #36. I give credit where it is due and that was smart of K/N/M to have calendars because I couldn’t rely on my memory either!

  125. @ Marcus…. Wuz up bro? I am glad to see you…. What do you think about my last 3 entries / questions about the game?

  126. #146

    Good point.

    Then is falls to BB Production to find out if Kevin
    could see the questions when they knew Michele
    and Jordan couldn’t.

  127. @ X-rev / Marcus / everyone else

    1) Do you think Jordan will be able to win 2 out of the 3 Final HOH comps?

    * I say no based on the past *

    2) Do you believe either Kevin or Natalie will take Jordan to the Final 2?

    * I say no based on the votes that would favor Jordan *

    3) Who do you think is the favorite to win the last HOH?

    * I say Kevin based on his perfomances in the comps *

  128. I was a jeff and jordan fan in the beginning. but after getting to see the real jordan I am so sick of this girl. I can’t stand to even hear her talk. Jordan should have been the first evicted and maybe Jeff would have still been there. I’m sure he would like to kick hisself in the butt for hooking up with this dumb girl. Jeff was the one america loved I think they just accepting Jordan because they were supose to be the showmance of the season, I don’t know about the rest of you but I would’nt call that a showmance. I hope Jeff is smarter than that. I just don’t see a relationship with these two after the game. Do you really think this is the type of girl Jeff would chose as a girlfriend ?

  129. Natalie, Kevin and Michelle deserve to win BB. I am not a fan of Michelle but I admit she played a good game. She won comps, she did what she had to do to further herself in the game, just like Nat and Kevin. Thats what BB is all about. Its not a popularity contest Jeff fans. Its about who played the best game. When people play poker, is the winner the person that played the honest game? Lol of course not. If you guys cant take the lying and cheating in the context of the game, then BB is not for you.

  130. ***** New Debate Question For Everyone to be apart of regardless of who you like *****

    @ X-rev / Marcus / everyone else

    1) Do you think Jordan will be able to win 2 out of the 3 Final HOH comps?

    * I say no based on the past *

    2) Do you believe either Kevin or Natalie will take Jordan to the Final 2?

    * I say no based on the votes that would favor Jordan *

    3) Who do you think is the favorite to win the last HOH?

    * I say Kevin based on his perfomances in the comps *

  131. @m #159

    Not a a girlfriend but certainly as a long term friend.

    I think that Jeff will have all sorts of doors opened for him as will Jordan.

    I read somewhere that Jordan will be approached as a spokesperson for cookie-dough and if that is true, she stands to earn a pretty penny for that.

    As for Jeff, he will have so many opportunities presented to him, he will need someone help him work out what offer would be in his best interest.

    In fact, there are a few HG’s that I believe opportunities will coming knocking and deservedly so.

    They have all had to endure living in a fish bowl with America looking on as voyeurs getting to comment on their rights and wrongs, so for me, if they can capitalize on their stay in BB (as Casey has with his t-shirts), then more power to them!

  132. #162, leo,

    Yes I do believe she can win competitions. Remember how most everyone was ranting because nat couldn’t win a competition? Any thing is possible, and if it involves endurance versus events on a calander, i think she will do much better then kev. Did that answer your question?
    Now my question. Do you think if it came down to the jury and ppl had to pick between nat or jordan… they would honestly pick nat???

    I think kev is going to fold under any endurance challanges.

  133. Leo,

    1) No I do not Jordan will be able to win 2 out of the 3 Final HOH comps!

    2) I don’t believe either Kevin or Natalie will take Jordan to the Final 2 unless Natalie does because she thinks Kevin is too strong.

    3) I do think Kevin is the favorite to win the last HOH unless Natalie has been sandbagging big time.

    Go K/N – Kevin $500K – Nat $50K

    I just hope the PB doesn’t twist it up so Michelle can stay. She is pretty upbeat in spite of her POV loss.

  134. @Leo #158

    I hope that you have to eat humble pie and crow and Jordan proves you wrong!

    And just to p*ss you off, I hope that Jeff comes back and not Russell or Jessie!

  135. Leo,

    It doesn’t matter who Natalie takes to the F2, she loses.
    She will get Jessie’s vote. That’s it.

    She will not get votes from
    Jeff, once he learns about her lying about her age and begins
    questioning her other statements.
    Russell for lying about her age and like Jeff, learns more about her.
    Lydia is jealous of Natalie and dislikes her.
    Michele hates Natalie
    Jordan’s vote will be influenced by Jeff.
    America will NEVER vote for Natalie.

    Kevin – depends

  136. @Leo #158

    And furthermore, I hope that Michele gets redemption and she is saved and ultimately takes the $500k prize!

    You now see that you have successfully ticked me off this morning and I ask you WHY? when we were supposed to be buddies!

  137. do you really think jordan deserves to even be there in the f4 ? I think if you people would tell the truth ,you would admit this girl should have been gone. I do not like this girl anymore. If you’ve been watching the show you would know she is not the sweet,innocent girl she trys to play. She is no better than the rest of them in the game. THE reason bb ratings are good, or so they say is because they keep tricking us to make us think they’re going to bring back russell or jeff. I think if they brought Russell back would really have the hgs upset. I would love to jordan,natatlie and kelvins’ face,I’m sure they would have to pick their jaws up off the floor. Don’t think that will happen.

  138. wow o wow o wow… if diana suddenly starts hoping for ronnie to return and win the whole thing, i will have to loan her my straight jacket. Leo, make amends and save us all ! lol

  139. When BB allowed Evil Dick’s behavior that opened the door for future contestants appalling behavior. I don’t think N/K have done anything worse than ED. If they have please do tell. I don’t have live feeds.

    The object of the game is to be the last two standing not to win all the competitions or be the most moral, the best looking, showmance etc. This is a GAME .

    PS If the makeshift calendars (N/K & M) were considered cheating production would have taken them long ago. Michelle even found N/K calendar and moved stuff on it to mess them up but Kevin noticed it.

  140. @ke #170

    Yes, you are right she hasn’t been all that sweet and the power did go to her head when J/J reigned surpreme, however, she does have an innocense about her and basically I think she is a good person.

    I think that when you are in a house full of people with so much back stabbing and negativity surrounding you, it is easily to fall into that scenario.

    I know that Jeff mentioned that a few times stating that he has to get away from the madness and all the negativity.

    Unfortunately we tend to follow our peers and it is only the leaders in our peer groups that have the wisdom to not become involved in all the mind games that these people play!

    It is really difficult to stay focussed and true to yourself, because you actually do change as a person when you are surrounded by so much negativity.

    Heard of the old saying ‘stick with a dog with fleas and you will catch them’!

  141. @x-rev #172

    Not a hope in hell – Ronnie was my least fav. (yes I disliked him more than Nat. until I saw her true colors), so you need not fear – no straight jacket for me.

    Ronnie can stay where he is!!

  142. @ Everyone / Diana…. Did I not say yesterday that whoever goes to the Final 2 with Natalie will win?

    * Jesse is pissed at Nat for talking crap about him afte he left (that is why he is telling JH members her real age)

    * Lydia said our entire friendship is based on a lie

    * Russel said this will cost her JH votes (her lie about her age)

    * Michelle will never vote for Nat

    * Jeff might to spite Kevin who is the reason Jeff left

    * Jordan because she blames Kevin for Jeff being evicted

    * Kevin will not because that means Nat backstabbed him

    * America will never vote for Nat

    * Nat must have talked to Jesse because she said I have lost $500,000

  143. @176 diana,
    Good to hear, so i guess i can put it back on and the voices will go away. I feel much better now.

  144. @Leo #176

    Yes, you said that and I hope that she gets NADA because she doesn’t deserve it.

    I am happy to concede if Michele goes home, then I want Kevin to win, but Nat. NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH, ZERO!!!

  145. @ Diana….. You know you still want to be my friend….

    Say it with me Diana

    Leo – boom-bay-yah
    Leo – boom-bay-yah
    Leo – boom-bay-yah

    Unless you hate me more than Natalie now?

  146. Leo,

    I agree with your assessment but I’m hoping she has a great final2 speech and comes clean with her strategy and all the hg in the JH will be impressed by her playing the naive & weak 18 year old. Not only did Nat say she lost $500k but later she was saying she just won $50k, $20k to pay back debts and $30k for her wedding.

  147. @Leo #181

    No, I will never dislike you more than Nat. and yes you are still my friend, you just made me cross this morning, but I have vented now and I am OK!

    Leo – goom-bay-yah
    Leo – goom-bay-yah
    Leo – goom-bay-yah

    Oh I have a song dedicated to Michele by Queen (excuse the pun)

    We are the CHAMPIONS my friend
    And we’ll go on FIGHTING to the end
    We are the CHAMPIONS
    We are the CHAMPIONS
    We are the CHAMPIONS of BB!!!

  148. @ Ke / Cindigwc / Jacob…. Thanks…. You are right

    @ Jacob…. Wuz up bro? Are you going to post your opinions on my Survivor Samoa site?

    @ Diana….. You don’t like me anymore :( not even a little :(

  149. @179 Jacob,

    Good try, now go pick up your crayons and take ur nap. Mommy will be in to tuck you in later.

  150. Leo, if you have watched BB in the past, you will realise that in the begining, jurry house members still have bitter feelings towards the lies and the backstabbing that occured in the house, but once they start to think about the whole situation, they end up voting for the player that played the best game. That is why Boogie won BB All stars. He lied and cheated everyone in the house and yet they still voted for him. In the begining, the jurry house members had no intentions to vote for him, but in the end, they voted with their head. Everyone thought she was a stupid little kid, so props to her for making people believe that. That is what will happen with Natalie. Because in the end, she has stayed loyal to her original alliances. She could have kept Jeff in the game and backstab Kevin, she didnt.

  151. @chilltown #186

    You are right and I did mention that the other day on this forum, however these are a different breed of HG this year and I think that because of the Chima fiasco, they have all made their moves and gameplay based on emotion.

    I think that there will be some that come around and will vote with their logic, but something tells me that the rest will be bitter and vote on emotions!

  152. @Leo #188

    I will only vote for you if your predictions come true and Michele wins DV and I won’t be sad if Jordan gets booted, as long as Nat. goes next and we can get back to what we originally agreed upon K/M F2.

    Then (I know we differ about the prize money)

    M – $500k
    K – $50k
    R – $25k

  153. @ Chill-Town…. I still want Kevin to win and K/N in the Final 2….. Who do you want to win?

    Do you think Jordan will be able to beat K/N and win 2 of the 3 Final HOH comps? I say no!!!

  154. @Leo

    Time to go for a while and watch some tennis and perhaps get a little motivated to work out!

    Catch you later after BB!

  155. @ Diana…. Great minds think alike

    Kevin – $500,000
    Natalie will be brought to the final 2 by Kevin……
    Russell – $25,000
    but I believe America will give it to Jeff over Michelle…

  156. @ Diana… Enjoy Tennes and I will workout a little harder for you when I am at the gym ok?

    Have a good day…..

  157. Kevin and Natalie are the most deserving of winning this game. They have played when they needed to and slid under the radar when it benefitted them. These two truely are this seasons best players and deserve to win.

  158. @ Lisa Lane…. I like your way of thinking…. What do you think about my last 3 posts / questions?

  159. Unless Jordan does a 180 from the way she’s been playing it would be pure luck if she even won 1 of the last 3 HOH comps ~ just my opinion

  160. @Leo-4 will vote game. N wins if in final 2. @Me Who Me-Special Alert – Don’t read on. You have been warned. @Diana. Spent most of my time in and around Sydney. Canada is awsome to. BC, Yukon & Newfoundland my favorites. was good. Everyone should take a quick look. Enjoy

  161. I’m really hoping Michele can pull another win out for herself. That girl’s got game AND smarts! She really deserves the money. She is my first choice to win.

    Michele is awesome – Team Michele all the way!

  162. This is a poem dedicated to NATALIE!!!

    Matilda told such dreadful lies,
    It made one gasp and stretch one’s eyes;
    Her aunt, who, from her earliest youth,
    Had kept a strict regard for truth,
    Attempted to believe Matilda:
    The effort very nearly killed her,
    And would have done so, had not she
    Discovered this infirmity.
    For once, towards the close of day,
    Matilda, growing tired of play
    And finding she was left alone,
    Went tiptoe to the telephone
    And summoned the immediate aid
    Of London’s nobel Fire-Brigade.
    Within an hour the gallant band
    Were pouring in on every hand,
    From Putney, Hackney Downs and Bow,
    With courage high and hearts a-glow
    They galloped, roaring though the town,
    “Matilda’s house is burning down”
    Inspired by British cheers and loud
    Proceeding from the frenzied crowd,
    They ran their ladders through a score
    Of windows on the ball-room floor;
    And took peculiar pains to souse
    The pictures up and down the house,
    Until Matilda’s aunt succeeded
    In showing them they were not needed
    And even then she had to pay
    To get the men to go away!
    . . . . .
    It happened that a few weeks later
    Here aunt was off to the Theatre
    To see that interesting play
    The Second Mrs Tanqueray.
    She had refused to take her niece
    To hear this entertaining piece:
    A deprivation just and wise
    To punish her for telling lies.
    That night a fire did break out-
    You should have heard Matilda shout!
    You should have heard her scream and bawl,
    And throw the window up and call
    To people passing in the street-
    (The rapidly increasing heat
    Encouraging her to obtain
    Their confidence)-but all in vain!
    For every time she shouted “Fire!”
    They only answered “Little Liar!”
    And therefore when her aunt returned,
    Matilda, and the house, were burned.

  163. Can anyone say for sure that America vote for Jeff for the CDT? Did you see the votes? How’s to say that didn’t just say Jeff won? There are so many theories about the others how about that?

  164. @rogers #198

    Good to see you back here. I started to watch the tennis but it is boring right now, so back here with a poem dedicated to Natalie!

    Casey’s was hilarious and I hope he makes a bundle!

    Love Sydney, but like all countries there is so much more that the most popular tourist city.

    Queensland is tropical paradise with the Great Barrier Reef and perhaps one day after Jeff goes to Hawaii, it will give him the travel bug to veture out and see the rest of the world. It has so much to offer in the way of culture. I have loved every minute of my travel experiences and I hope every HG gets the same opportunity as well as everyone else on this board!

  165. I once saw the BB application you had to fill out to be considered for this game. After which, I always thought there is much more psycholigical testing one must endure to ensure you won’t freak out (Chima the Diva) and become psychotic (Gnatalie) to weed out the cast and make it a fair game. I was first proved wrong 2 years ago, and it’s been finalized this year.

  166. @Leo #205

    Me too! At least we will see what the temptation was that made Nat. take the PB so she had to give up playing POV!

    No doubt the boards will light up again making further disparaging remarks about her greed and her lies!




  168. MsM
    Thanks for the translation! I had a feeling that’s what it was, but you know what they say about people that assume . . . ;)

  169. No no no! Michele must stay! She’s the only person in that house with an IQ that has three digits.

    That woman is fearless – how can you NOT be on her side?

  170. She is amazing. And when I saw the interview with her husband, I couldn’t help root for her even more. Can you imagine how lonely that house would be by yourself – no newspaper, TV, book, phone – all alone, and still pull off those competitions?

    Girl’s got game & deserves to win!

  171. No Michelle makes me sick. She was a liar from the beginning, also. She claims to have memory loss when she lied about telling Russell about Chima. Where’s the memory loss when playing for the competitions?

  172. I was really on the Jeff & Jordan team. But when they turned on their alliance, I turned on them.

    You don’t turn on your friends.

  173. It better be something good with PB with either the Diamond Veto being in Nat’s hands or Someone coming back (hopefully Jesse / Russell) ;) :) :D :P

  174. @Jeanette #218

    That is what I have been saying all along. I would love to see all the Michele haters be in the same position as her, having everyone against you and having to do it all alone without any support mechanism it place.

    I think that she has show a strength of character way above any of the other HG’s and although she has lied and cheated (like ALL the rest), she has never been cruel or attacked anyone personally. She has taken everything that has been thrown at her and she has displayed her grief in silence away from the rest.

    I think that she has come back with strength and vengenance everytime she has fallen and for that I award her my vote if she doesn’t win a prize on BB, then she has my vote for America’s choice of $25k

  175. Hey what is up with the calendar that Kevin and Natalie kept. I thought this was against BB rules????

  176. @ MsM….. You are right…. I like you song too….

    @ Jeanette…. Michelle went to werever the power was at the beginning of the game and then flipped on the HOH when they no longer had power… Say bye bye michelle!!!

  177. BB does this every year. They have one housegues that creates a lot of drama that realistically should have been out of the house early on (i.e., Gnat – can’t win competitions). But for some reason, they are there till quite late. Same thing with Janelle.
    Or you can tell producers have convinced HG to vote certain people out for the drama.

    This week will be interesting.

    If Michele doesn’t win, it would be nice if Jordan did so she could get her mom out of foreclosure.

  178. @Leo #222

    Did you read the poem I dedicated to Nat. #204. I know that is long, but worth the time reading it because it describes Nat. to a tee!

  179. No Michelle claims she had no alliance at that time. She was trying to get with Russell (or whoever was head of household at the time) but then she lied to Russells face after Chima confronted her. Then she befriended Chima when she became head of household(I mean was all up in her but 24/7) and then backstabbed her.


  180. @Caroline #224

    So I have been told on this blog, that it is against the rules, but technically Michele also had a calendar, so they probably didn’t persue it on that basis, or they didn’t know!!!

  181. In the real world there are many people who are just straight up BSers and they seem too come out on top everytime. So why is it a shock that it happens in the BBH? I am not a Natalie fan by no means but she to me is typical of the real world.. People like her always come out on top while the rest of us hard workers get the short end of the stick.

  182. Leo;
    Michele, like the other HGs, was trying to find her footing. She was the only one in the house that did not have a “partner”. She did not know who to trust. She had to feel out who was most trustworthy.

    Several seasons have had people on dual alliances. It’s called game play. ;) But, seriously, I think that was only a week or two. Nobody gave her a chance as a team member. She is a quiet person. I can kind of relate to that. As a quiet person myself, people think I am often stuck up, or too good for others, when it’s simply the opposite. I’m simply quiet and observant. And I’m honest.

    Go Michele!

  183. @MsM #228

    They all lied and backstabbed, but Michele has not been as cruel and vindictive as the rest!

    Lying, cheating and backstabbing is part of the game and we have all accepted that, however some of the comments and antics displayed by some of these HG’s are appalling and if you don’t see that, then you haven’t been watching the game with an open mind.

    I have formed or based my opinions on what I have seen in this game and I never favored one over the other until I saw how internally ugly they were playing and again I reiterate not the lying, cheating and backstabbing, but more the comments and antics played on Michele in particular!

  184. @MsM #230

    Amen to that! However, in order to restore human faith CBS BB rules and guidelines should be reviewed to stop verbal abuse.

    Their rules are clear that there cannot be physical abuse, but verbal abuse can be just as damaging if not more so in the long term.

    I still say review the rules and stop with the personal attacks on these people!

  185. Michele is also in a similar line of work as myself, so I guess I just feel a stronger bond to her.

    I know, I know . . . it’s all a game!

  186. Question: What would the jury house find better game play – Gnat & Kevin’s lying or Michele’s singular and competitive survival?

    Who would garner more votes?

  187. Diana,

    I have been watching with an open mind and I am aware that lying is a part of the game. I am entitled to like or dislike who I want and I dislike Michelle. I happen to dislike people who are ass kissers and go whichever way the wind blows. It was more than just one time that Michelle just wanted to b around whoever had the power, and that makes me sick. The others basically knew their enemies and acted accorrdingly. Michelle however was a snake slithering about wanting to bite.

  188. @Jeanette #236

    That is a difficult question to answer, well not for me, because my vote would be clearly for Michele.

    However, I think that this year the JH are a different breed of animal and I think that a few of them will vote with emotion rather than logic, so it is hard for me to ascertain which way the vote will go, of course assuming that Michele makes it to the F2, which doesn’t appear to be the case right now, unless the PB is the twist that will save her!

  189. @MsM #238

    You are absolutely right, you are entitled to your opinion and my comment wasn’t meant as a put down to you, it was rather my observation of what I saw and although you see Michele as a slithering snake, she has never personally attacked anyone the way the rest have attacked her.

    I know that she is quirky and she has found it difficult to make alliances, but I personally find her endearing and I admire her strength of character, because I have watched her time and time again look defeated only to come back and save herself. That says alot about her strength of character to me!

  190. @Diana #239

    I’ve been thinking about that for a few weeks. In the past years, enemies that have gone to the JH have voted in favor of their enemy, citing good game play. They’ve often calmed down. So, I’m wondering exactly how much of the house do they get to see on DVD (as far as real life)?

    That would make the decision for me. No matter what.

  191. #Jeanette #241

    I used to think that once the HG went to the JH they had someone go through the gameplays with them and help them sort out their emotions vs. logic, but I am not sure that actually happens, it was just a thought of mine.

    Like you, I have seen JH members state that so and so will never get their vote only to see the flip at the Finale and give up their vote to them, so only time will tell this season, if they change their minds.

    To date, I have seen far more decisions made in this game on an emotional level rather than a strategic or logical level and that is will all the HG’s.

    This is an interesting dynamic for me to watch as it unfolds!

    At least it will be all over in 9 days and we can all look forward to Survivor Samoa!

  192. @Jeanette #242

    No the live show is Tuesday! I think we will see Nat. open PB and what it is that she had to give up (POV) to receive the surprise waiting in the box!

  193. @Jeanette #245

    The promos. are claiming that it is the biggest best yet this year, so I am keen for it to start!

  194. You know, I was really rooting fr Kevin just a couple of weeks ago. I get that lying is part of the game, but cheating isn’t, and between him and Natalie having study guides they aren’t supposed to have, to them knowing letting this veto competition count eventhough Kevin had the upper hand, I am just about sick of it. It’s complete B.S. Obviously BB wants Natalie or Kevin to win this season, Which is stupid because they don’t deserve it. They rode on everyone elses coattails up until a couple weeks ago, just skirted by until all the dirty work was done for them. Do I think Jordan deserves it? Probably now. The only person in that house who might is Michelle, and I say she does because she has busted her ass to stay, not by being an evil hateful—– (a.k.a- NATALIE) but by playing her hardest and not compromising who she is. If not Michelle then Jordan, because at least when Jordan leaves the house and is back in the real world, she won’t have anything to feel ashamed about. Can Kevin and Natalie say that?

    B.T.W., I also hope that Natalies Boyfriend drops her ass like a bad habit and that someone catches that sh– on video. I would pay money to see that!

  195. @Megan #247

    I think that once Michele gets out of the BB house, regardless of whether she wins or not, she will be overwhelmed with the amount of support and love she has.

    I know that in one of her conversations she commented how all America thinks she is a crazy backstabbing liar and the speech Nat. made about her when she put her on the block is just downright uncalled for!

    I think Michele is going to be pleasantly surprise at how people really perceive her and I hope that all sorts of doors and opportunites open for her to succeed in life because anyone who has had to endure the wrath of the BB HG with all the emotional trauma of her brother passing away only 5 months ago, deserves a whole lot of good coming their way!

  196. @Jacob #248

    Which Matt?

    The one who blogs on this site or the one who posted on this site and moderates?

    Either way, it makes no difference, I think we all have a biased opinion for the HG we believe should win this game!

  197. You know, I don’t hate anybody, but this show makes me want to shake certain people by the shoulders and say, “Act like an adult! Are you forgetting you’re on TV? Your family, friends and co-workers are watching. Even if you win the 500K, you’re losing your dignity if you don’t change!”

  198. Wouldn’t it be great if the jury house were given criteria to judge on? They couldn’t vote on you because you were their favorite, there would have to be an established reason, with examples provided.

  199. @ 252. Jeanette: I agree, they should have to have actual factual reasons for voting for people in the end, because they are voting for the top prize. I also wish that the JH could watch the full on live feeds and everything, because then maybe people like jesse would be able to see what kind of things people really say about him (like natalie telling everyone jessie was her ‘puppet’) I just really don’t want Natalie to win. I am not going to say I hate her, but if in reality she is anything like she is in the house, then i would suspect that not alot of people like her very myuch at all.

  200. LEO..i tries to get ur Survivor but was unable. can you help?? Diana, i agree with you on some of the things going on in the house. BUT why hasnt anything been done to some hgs if their cause was to physical do harm to hgs. red mms if food and bleach in lens are way over serious harm and i dont know why bb hasnt put a penalty or some thing on nasty and kevin?? ithink we will see nasty PB 2nite and it was either she saw Jesse or bb gave her alot of $$ to not play pov or to tell anyone. in pb there is suppose to be HOPE, that is holding me on;;PLEASE BIG BROTHER GIVE US THE BOXES ”HOPE” TONITE!!!!cause we realy,realy need it…..

  201. Megan!
    That’s exactly my point. They go to the jury house after all this backstabbing and pretend nothing happened, then hatch a master plan of how they all will vote while they’re drinking. If they had some reality amid the mix, Joe Public would be a lot happier with the results. There have not been many deserving winners in the history of BB.

    Think about it.

  202. I’m just disappointed again in the BB structure. Every year at this point . . . something happens. Watch Tuesday – something very UNFAIR will happen that shouldn’t. It will flip the game. Mark my words. The producers are writing it now.

  203. I think that if Chima got kicked off for throwing her mic in the hot tub, then Kevin and nastalie should get kicked off for putting bleach in ANYONES contacts, or for screwing up ANYONES food in ANY way. They really did that with the bleach? When? and to Who?

  204. Its bull, those two sit there, speaking in spanish, when thats against the rules, making study guides, when thats against the rules, potentially causing other hg’s bodily harm, but thats okay because they havent broken any production equipment? stupid.

  205. For the jeff fans, please answer this. When jeff sat on the patio with nat and kev, he asked them “let’s talk jeff now.” Having made a deal for the two rats to never put him up, at no time did jeff mentin anything about jordan being saved with him. Also, jeff seemed to have spoken with michele about voting to keep him, and playing with her. My question is this, if jeff, jordan, and michele had made it to the final 3, and assuming jeff won the 3 part comp, would he have choosen jordan as the final 2 contestant. I think not, jeff was only trying to use jordan for making out, and nothing else, just like jordan was using him to get further in the game. Jeff at some point dumped jordan as an alliance, and was trying to play with michele

  206. That’s what I mean when I say the producers steer the drama in the direction they want. They’ll let certain things pass for ratings. I would be more leary if I were the network.

  207. Craig;
    I think it was understood at that point that at the end everyone was going to have to make an ugly choice. But your right, it seemed to be a topic everyone avoided addressing. One time when Jeff asked Russell, Russell would not lie (which I admired). Russell got put up for being honest.

  208. As much as I loved Jeff, I was disappointed that he was letting Jordan play for him when they were both put up, especially when she was in the house for such noble purposes.

    It’s interesting how these real human emotions surface when so much money is at stake. We get to see the real side of people.

  209. I use to enjoy BB but it seems they get wacko people who think they are still in 1st grade. Why watch CBS, they axed GL which has me pissed and these reality shows are guided so they can control who should win to provide so called good tv. No such thing any more, especially on CBS!

  210. I thought it was stupid of jeff to put up russel for voting for jesse, whether he saved russel or not. I also think that russel kinda dug his own grave by not telling jeff that he had never actually said that behind his back, which i think will be cleared up by those two. Everyone was stupid for believeing kevin, and that was ultimately jeffs downfall. Did jeff play a good game? you bet he did, but he made a couple critical mistakes and ts nobodies fault but jeffs.stop blaming other people, i hate nastalie and kevin as much as the rest of you, but jeff and russel both got themselves kcked out.

  211. I wouldn’t say that – I like CBS as a whole. It just seems that BB’s outcome always gets messed with by the Powers That Be. We (the viewers) keep getting pimped out & fall for it every year.

    I love watching the HGs & the competitions, but when they start telling the HG how to vote & contgrolling the game, that’s when I get frustrated.

  212. #263. Jeanette. Your right about the human emotions and seeing the real side of people and its all here right on the blogs, not in the house. What goes on in the house is still game even if we don’t like it at times. Do the HG go overboard sometimes, sure. But I see more of that here in the blogs. If all bb were the same we wouldn’t watch them would we. Each one is different and we keep right on watching. And the more you all bitch the higher the ratings for CBS. Smile.

  213. I think This funny. Natalie is soooo immature and annoying, but knowing at that time she wa 18. I was oh ok, she’s young. But now knowing she LIED about her age, is awful. No 24 year old acts the way she does. GROW UP NATALIE! Act your age, your not really 18 you know. Or is she, how are we suspose to know what is the truth coming out of her mouth???

  214. I am just shocked at what has gone on in the BB house this season. Never has their been such hatred and evil in the house. It has gotten so out of control that it is not funny at all. Anything goes with K and N, whatever mean and spiteful thing they can think up to hurt another player they will do it. Why are they allowed to ruin players property, play mean tricks on them, steal their stuff, it goes on and on. I don’t get it, why have they been allowed to do this??? I truly believe that Nat has a psychological problem and needs help. As far as Kevin goes he got himself caught up with Natalie and its almost like he is a bit brainwashed by her. I do not think this is the real Kevin but i do think this is the real Nat!! I believe when Kevin sees this once he gets out he will be very ashamed and embarrassed. It sucks when two people like that get to the end and win. It sends out a message that you can do whatever you want to in life, no matter how vile and get rewarded for it. I guess that is life though, it happens all the time in every walk of life. It should not however be allowed in a controlled reality show. I have thought that Nat is like a cancer that has metastasized and spread And has affected everyone in that house!! I have stopped watching the live feeds quite awhile ago, i just could not stand to even look at her or hear her spread her venom. If they are the final two i hope that Kevin wins for i think he for some reason was very susceptible to her and got caught up in something that he would not normally be involved in. I hope that is the case that’s for sure.
    I will be surprised if BB is picked up again next year for most people really are good and would never condone this type of behavior at least I hope not!!

    Take Care

  215. I don’t see why everyone is rooting for Michele. She is a rat and a liar. Everytime some get HOH she go and kiss their ass. It gets me when she says that she can’t remember things. But the HOH she won was question about comps that they had. I can’t stand her and she should have went home weeks ago.

  216. People is getting on my nervous saying that Kevin cheated, because he won the veto. Most people are mad because he got rid of their beloved Jeff. I loved what he said to him to when he evicted him. Jeff thought he ran the house and was sitting pretty to the final two. Jeff was a liar and he talking about people not keeping their word. He didn’t keep his word to Russell. What goes around comes around.

  217. lmfao, nat really did get to see her bf. Had us all fooled. Guess we were way off on that “lie” lol

  218. This whole season was rigged. If CBS doesn’t care enough about the fans for the whole thing to be fair, then I’m out.

  219. I cannot believe CBS and there pandora’s box that must of been the worst episode I have watched. what the should of done is had a bathtub behind the door with a years supply of soap and personal care.

  220. Big Brother has gone the way of the dinosaur. They can’t control the house guests, CBS clearly controls most of the game and watching this show has become a waste of time. I am out, there is better entertainment available where you don’t have to watch scum behaving like scum.

  221. Megan,
    I agree that both Russell and Jeff had a hand in their own demise. I liked both of them but they moved bad moves, that ultimately got them evicted. I don’t care for Natalie at all. I can put up with some of the lies, but to be outright mean, vindictive, and cruel to other people is just wrong. Stealing, and messing with peoples stuff is just wrong no matter how you swing it. I wanted Michelle to win, but if she goes I hope she proves us all wrong and wins the whole thing.

  222. MEGAN,, if you look at JOEY LEE at bb diary rm…we got got, you will get better answers and examples. as for the person that they targeted it was stopped them but no punishment..

  223. Sorry I forgot to say if she goes I hope that Jordon proves us all wrong and wins the whole thing.

  224. mama d,
    Why haven’t Natalie and Kevin been punished for anything. Jeff got punished for drinking something when he was on Have nots. What they have been doing is worse.

  225. I just started watching tonights episode but had to turn it off. Can’t stand the sight of ugly Natalie and that’s all the episode has been so far tonight. Guess I’ll just have to read the spoilers tomorrow.
    Man, I hope things change or some strange twist comes into play and we watch Natalie crash and burn.

  226. I’m done with this, first Nat and her bs about pandora’s box and now this technical problem about the veto. Natalie and her b/f was the most painful thing to watch boring boring boring….i’m pretty much done!

  227. Kevin and Natalie needs to go!!!! I want Jordan to win. She is the only one on bb that does not try to stab people in the back. This is the way that I hope it goes.
    Jordan $500,000
    Michelle $50,000
    Kevin $0000000
    Natalie $000000
    Jeff $25,000

  228. Hahahah Jordan? She doesnt deserve shit. Shes a quitter, she wanted to let Jeff win over her. I mean, why are you on BB? And whoever thinks Michelle did not lie, cheat and backstab is an idot. She is the biggest liar of the bunch. Do i dislike her for that? No…she is a playing the game the way its meant to be played, I however hate her arogance and I really don’t think shes a good person. Natalie up to now has played the best game, people still believe she is 18, even after seeing her drink alcohol….

  229. OK I confess, most of the time when BB is on, I am on the computer. Somehow, I missed the thing about the “CALENDER”. Would someone please explain it to me and why are they not suppose to have it?

  230. #254 mama d
    Where did you see that they placed bleach in Michelle’s contact lens container? If it is documented that one of the house guests purposely attempted to do physical harm to another house guest. That person should be removed from the game. The lying and cheating is one thing but physical harm to someone is another. I believe that placing bleach in her contact lens container could be constituted as an assault if it would have resulted in a physical injury to Michelle. Where is the BB monitors??

  231. @Angela Yes Jordan deserves to win but so does Michele and Kevin does a little. Michele did play an agressive game but kept it in the dark. Kevin got out Jeff but nothing else. Jordan did everything with a smile on her face. The only one who doesn’t deserve to win is Natalie. And has anyone else noticed Big Brother being lenient. First Michele can’t hear and Natalie can, and then Natalie and Kevin got to study with an “illegal” calendar? And no one finds this suspicious? I have quit watching the show and I am praying for a good season next year and a good season of Survivor to get my mind off of the crapfest that is this season. Lydia said it best, “Evil always prevails.” Hope you can live with yourself Natalie.

  232. “Natalie and her b/f was the most painful thing to watch boring boring boring….” I so agree it felt as if they had never met and for him to propose I’m sorry but it was stooopid. They were both phony as hell – no way was that proposal sincere or serious. Natalie just doesn’t know when to stop lying.

    Kevin is the only one who knows what is going on – he should win based on knowing how to play the game – too bad he hooked up with NataLIE but I think he can beat her in the end.

  233. Hi all! This season has been so dissapointing! But as someone who works in TV production I have a couple comments. 1. If kevin did admit he was able to see or hear what michelle was doing in the POV, by contract it has to be redone.anyone who has the showtime ep on DVR should watch it and if that’s the case and post it ASAP.
    2. I also believe that when nat, chima, lydia and kev started stealing Jeff’s clothes, food, michelle’s contact stuff etc.. Something should have been done to everyone. The only time production stepped in was when something belonging to the STUDIO was mistreated. But how about others belongings??
    3. Or kev and nat started hiding things in the house to throw off people from the game..
    4. How come kevin always has a comment about “well in the DR production told me this and that” especially when kev was HOH and he wanted to make sure jeff wasn’t going to be saved by a freak twist.
    5) How does natalie know exacly what comps are playing and when? I think she is very buddy buddy with the PA’s.

    And even though it is just a game.. What a horrible message this is sending! As long as you cheat, steal,lie and bully people you’ll be rewarded in life! If you’re half way decent you’ll just get backstabbed and kicked to the curb.. Lol hear that kids!

  234. Why is there only 1 vote per person for America’s Choice? I don’t remember it being like that last year……????

  235. Marcela you are my hero.
    I for one look forward to this show every sommer,
    I like the game and seeing what BB will come up with each year.
    and I want it to come back next year.
    I want it played like BB has always played it (Fair) and thear has been some really strange and off color characters.
    Thear has been some unforgettable characters.
    Yes houseguess broke a rule and was charged a pentelty for it and was warned with expellshion.if it happen again or any other behaveror.
    and it seem that the houseguess respcted other houesguessest personal property.

  236. @ Stacey #290 – close your Internet browser and then relaunch and go back to You can then vote more than once.

    CBS 323-575-2200

  238. Anne BB Fan I went to the cbs site and it wouldn’t let me vote again? Last time I voted off this site??? What the heck???

  239. There has to be some policy regarding these technical difficulty issues…I understand stuff happens but with the “calander” issue in regards to the HOH comp and now the obvious advantage Kevin was given in this veto comp I can no longer trust the outcome of this show. My regret now is that I wasted so many hours watching it to this point.

  240. FYI: I got it to take another vote, but had to sign all the way off…..what a load of crap! BB is really gettin’ on my last nerve!

  241. I’m glad to see that others feel same way about Natalie then I do. I hope she does not win. She’s deceptive, sneaky, and a liar. Things that others in the past and future have done as well. But, I get the feeling, we are looking at the “real” Nat, not just a “game” playing stradegy Natalie. As viewers, I think we can tell the differance. Go Michelle!

  242. I am very upset about something that I heard between Nat and Kev. They admitted , i heard them, that they cheated in the POV. Now the producers had to have heard them to right??
    If they don’t redo it then they are purposefully trying to let Nat or Kev win which does not make any sense. Everything that is happening is just horrible and I for one can’t watch when Nat or Kev are on the feeds. I agree that was no boyfriend proposing, they were like two strangers, i don’t get what that was all about. Were the producers in on that as well, how would Nat know that it would happen, she has had no contact from her boyfriend at all, or has she!!
    They have done things that could hurt people, like putting something so that Michelle would trip and fall, which she did, there are to many things to even put down here,
    By the way, can Canadians vote for America’s choice?

  243. Well well, all the Nat and Kevin haters can’t take it that those 2 are the BEST players of the season lol. Get over it…your players lost! They got got! As a previous poster stated,


  244. If kevin could see the questions this should all be done over. If Big Brother doesn’t fix this or have another veto competition then I am done with watching it all period.. Once fans decide this is outragious and it will hurt ratings maybe BB should reconsider..It’s a game but was this a fair game..or does BB want to hold the key to actually wins this seasn..I am done…no longer a fan…sorry BB ..just not fair….the games have to be fair..

  245. Hi, im new here,
    I also dont understand the “boyfriend” episode, if I was her boyfriend, i surely wouldn’t of proposed to her. I would of gone there and questioned her with Jessie, what the hell??? Nat often layed in bed with him, and crying for him, cause he got knocked off, It appeared she fell for him. then, all of a sudden , her “boyfriend” proposed??? hmmm, sounds strange to me, and if anyone havent seen their boyfriend that long, i expected tears and all, but she seemed so cold, just my opinion, something is up.

  246. Big Brother this season has been refreshing for me. Real folks with real conversation, and lots less under the sheets and more game play. This season most of our eyes have been on Julie. We are all waiting to see if she will have her baby on a live episode of big brother. I for one hope we have a re-do of the POV, and lets finish this game out in CBS fashion. Last question what is the drinking age in LA or CBS studios, and why have no one asked to see nats I.D.

  247. Well the drinking age must be 21. I dont think they carry ID on them in the BB house, but if she was 18 why hasn’t any houseguest question her drinking. Its their fault if they haven’t realised that.

  248. lot a lie ie. nataLIE boyfriend is stupid to come on the show to propose to her after all that flurting with jessie, she lives in jessie bed. I think he felt so insecure and think by the end of the show she would say bye to him and go to jessie.

  249. This is the shadiest stuff on TV yet. Kevin & Natalie made a calendar first of all to note days of events. This is clearly against the rules. Some have stated Michelle did the same with birth control and even if this is so and she also broke the rules, Jordan did not.
    Kevin stated on the feeds that a technical error enabled his win.
    Natalie stated she discussed dates, fans and game moves with her boyfriend on his visit.
    These are blatent game changing violations. Call CBS now!

  250. Oh my god oh my god….lets all call CBS and complain like little winners and losers.
    My goodness, what has america become

    I believe too many people on this board are not made for shows like big brother or survivor. They are made for shows like the Bachelorette, or More to Love hahahhaha

  251. Folks that is why we have instant replay in sports. That allows all of us to compete in a fair manner got it.

  252. Bill, instant replays is a new addition to sports. 10 years ago, they weren’t really used. In a baseball game, the umpire will not go to video replay in order to know if a pitcher threw a strike or not. He relies on his eyes and makes mistakes sometimes. Do they have replay the game if that happens? In hockey, the ref might call a penalty for tripping when in reality the player fell on his own, do they replay the game if that happens? Errors from the ”refs” are part of the game.

  253. @Debbie #37. Boy I am sure glad you didn’t get to pick who would be in the final 4. Are you locked up in a mental ward? Then I would understand your picking them. If not, maybe you should be? LOL

  254. Stop with all the b**ching people. Jeff made a mistake, boohoo. Russell was backdoored, boohoo. Jessie was coup de tat, boo hoo. Kevin and Natalie are liars and cheaters, boohoo. Jordan can’t think for herself, boohoo. Michelle changes her mind about who she will align with, boohoo. Its just a freaking game. My favorite is Jeff, he did play as clean a game as he could. The main person I find fault with is Natalie. She lies for no reason, that smirk of hers gets on my last nerve, she just needs to shup up, put up, and disappear, beyond that BB is a cool show. LOL

  255. Hello, this one is for you LEO, (cheatering-rat)! If you, LEO, think that it is o.k. to cheat with the women who have husbands, & boyfriends in IRAQ? YOU ARE WRONG DUMB ASS, LEO!

  256. Are you ALL serious?? Have you nothing better to do with your time then to complain about a game? WHO CARES who wins. Everyone did what they thought was right and most got screwed. I think K will win because thats how survivor/amazing race went with the whole non-sexual bias thing. When has a gay guy won BB? EVER. Its his time so they will help him. N, shes just stupid and stoops way too low. I hope she ends up alone, which she will. Numbers and ratings are based on people getting screwed over, so anyone you may have liked is going to lose, just to boost numbers. Dont like it? Stop watching.

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