Big Brother 11: Week 9 Live POV, Eviction, and HoH Results

Tonight on Big Brother 11 the results of this week’s PoV competition and ceremony will be revealed along with the live eviction and start of the first round in the 3-part HoH competition with an endurance kick-start!

It’s going to be a wild show that will leave non-live-feeders hanging as the rest of the HoH comp will be shown only on the live feeds in full. Don’t have the feeds? No worries, you can still sign-up now with the Free Trial! Hurry up and be ready.

I’ll be updating this post here with the PoV, eviction, and HoH comp results. Meanwhile, join us in the chat room as we tear apart tonight’s live episode!

Power of Veto competition:

  • Kevin wins the Veto

Power of Veto ceremony:

  • Kevin uses the Veto to save himself
  • Jordan becomes the replacement nominee

Live Eviction voting:

  • Kevin: Votes to evict Michele

Michele has been evicted from Big Brother 11!

Our preview glimpse of the HoH competition has the HGs on a giant log that looks ready to roll as they try to hang on to the keys above them.

HoH Competition – ‘Log Jam’ Endurance:

  • The last person holding on to their key will win this round and move on to the 3rd round of the competition…
  • Live Feeds are back! Follow along here for the comp results…

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Once the live show is over the live feeds turn back on and we’ll see get to see what’s going with the endurance comp. You can get the 24/7 uncensored feeds with the Free Trial so why are you waiting?!.

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  1. Hi Im Marcus. I dont have the live feeds.

    If u give a a dollar an hour, i would have the same priveldge to be able to watch the live feeds as u do.


    Man i wish i could watch.

    All i can hope is that Natalie wins, and everything goes to plan, and Kevin evcits Michelle.

  2. I just read Natalie’s HOH blog. Amazing that she blogs about being so smart, a college graduate, yet she can’t spell worth a lick… just amazing.

  3. i didnt think they would. he didnt really say he cheated, he just said he got help but of an error. i guess everyone else had the same chance

  4. I wish Kevin would evict Jordan. At least the final 3 would be interesting and the comps would be fun to watch.

  5. I don’t think Kevin can see the other’s blocks and there were no questions so he did not have an unfair advantage.

  6. i hope kevin evicts mitchell, so that way the chances of him getting to the final two will increase for him

  7. They aren’t going to show how he got an advantage or cheated!

    Natalie and Kevin have cheated the entire way through the game and none of it has been shown. Remember when they were hiding stuff to try and keep other houseguests from being able to count them? And the live feeds have shown a lot of very mean and cruel things that these two have done. I keep hoping BB is going to pull out a surprise vindication and punish them, but clearly they don’t care about making sure the game is truly fair.

  8. Jen – there was no way Kevin could have cheated at that game. He couldn’t see over the wall.

  9. And if he could see over it, Jordan didn’t even get close to having any correct and the first time Michelle rang the buzzer she had almost all of hers wrong.

  10. Michelle was only one off when Kevin won. As I recall, the advantage that Kevin ADMITTED to in the live feeds had something to do with seeing answers on a board due to a technical problem. Not anything about he could see the other players’ boards.

  11. Folks who are debating over the “Kevin cheated” subject. Please remember this all started because KEVIN told America on the live feeds that HE saw the questions and was able to think about them before they were allowed to continue.

    Kevin said: the other two had technical difficulties so they made us all stand in one corner facing the wall, but I had already seen all the questions.

    Do you honestly think that CBS/BB will AIR that?


  12. Kevin didn’t cheat. I know people want to think he did because no one wants Michelle and Jordan evicted. I love Michelle and want her and Kev in final 2 also but Kevin won that comp fairly.

  13. @Ashley, people think he cheated because Kevin is the one who stated the facts. It has nothing to do with any other HG.

  14. It doesn’t really matter because BB obviously isn’t going to address the situation – even to say there was no advantage. But he did admit to it on camera.

    What is going to stick in the minds of fans about this season is the cheating and viciousness of Kevin and Natalie. Sure, they were playing the game. Everyone is/did. But no one else did it nearly as mean and dirty. Natalie is a terrible person, and I liked Kevin for a long time but once he started going along with Natalie’s mean tricks and cheats, he lost me.

  15. Kevin DID NOT cheat
    production made a mistake and decided not to deal with it
    he just got an accidental advantage
    sux cuz my fav is Michele

    all well
    spoiled season
    can’t wait for BB 12

  16. @Jen #33, you are 100% correct. Great post.

    It kills me that Natalie wrote in her HOH blog that Michelle is a dirty player and Michelle played dirty the entire game. When I read that, I thought, “what planet are you on?”

  17. Sorry, he didn’t see the answers. He saw the questions and got to stand there and think about the answers while the others didn’t. I had the exact method of advantage/cheat wrong, but the outcome is the same.

  18. @Kevin – an accidental advantage is still an advantage. They should have re-done the comp to be fair.

  19. I don’t like Natalie and I don’t want her in the final 2 but she and Kevin played the game to their advantage. We may not like how they did it and the things they said or the lies they told but they are in the final 3 because of them. No one knows what they will do to win half a million dollars. It is easy to judge when you are not in that situation.

    AG had many calls for a redo of the veto and I’m sure they went back and looked at everything to see for themselves. Kevin said when he went to the DR, they were trying to get him to keep Michelle so if there was any way to have a redo, I believe they would have done it.

  20. I hope something happens in the game to upset Kev and Nat. They both aren’t worth the money!

  21. Wow, Natalie actually said in her blog that Michelle had played dirty and that you had to draw the line somewhere! Who does she think she’s kidding?!?!?!?

  22. I hope Kevin doesn’t throw the comp to Natalie. He better play to win and take Jordan to final 2.

  23. The HGs are on a log (which will most likely start rolling). Looks like there is a vine to hold onto, but not sure because it went to commercial too quickly.

    Live comp next!

  24. YES!!!

    Kevin u are the man!!!

    If u dont like K/N then u might as well hide under ur bed fool!



  25. Natalie thinks no one in America likes her because of Jesse. Wait until she gets out and has a rude awakening of herself!! KARMA

  26. @Jen #42, Natalie thinks she’s kidding America! Natalie said on her gooodbye message to Michelle that she was a dirty player. So not cool. I felt bad for a minute because Michelle then said to Julie Chen that she was bullied growing up and she doesn’t know why people think that way about her.

  27. how can natalie say michele was a dirty player.. she may been ,, but noone dirtier than natalie,,, lie cheat… i would not be to happy how my daughter acted… it tells alot about her character out of the house… it wasnt just her game… it came to easy for her to lie and cheat…

  28. Michelle HAS played the dirties game period.

    She lied on her husband, screwed 6 evicted houseguests

    Lied about her husband, Cried for attention, used unneccsary varibles, cheated, lied way more than Kevin, and Natalie combined.

    But u knoe what? until tonight, it was great gameplay so my hat is off to her.

  29. Ok, here’s the live comp setup:

    The HGs are holding onto their key which is on a vine/rope. They are standing on a rolling log. They must have at least one hand on their key at all times…

    Let the games begin!

  30. Marcus are you suggesting that Natalie herself is not the dirtiest player this season? Stealing personal items, hiding things, lying and cheating? Regardless of Michelle or anyone else, Natalie was/is the dirtiest player by far.

  31. Leo:

    I’ve been gone a few days and look forward to your posts tonight.

    Others- is it just me or will this part of HOV be over in about twenty minutes? Once they speed up that all three go flying.

  32. good question mrnuts – they also didn’t show Jeff the HGs farewell messages the other night when he was evicted. hmmm……

  33. So what happen to all the “twists that will be game changing” comments from CBS/BB for the last 2 1/2 weeks. There have been no twists and nothing for game changing.

    CBS/BB just needed to make it up for more viewership.

  34. I dont remeber Natalie lying on her family, lying on her fiance’, cryinf for attention, literally telling someone one thing, and then telling all there secrets, ORRR, Natalie twisting EVERYONE in the houses words and then “forgetting” wat she had said

    Natalie didnt do that. Michelle did.

    Chima is a horrid person, but lets not forget what Michelle did.

    She swore on her family and on her husband she wouldnt put her up if she won HOH, and the next week, she put her up and couldnt remeber anything she said.

    How low is that?

    It doesnt matter, because she is going home. Personally she is a joke, and never should have been on BB in the first place.

    She wasnt soical, she was borderline mentally incapable, and she was bi-polar.

    Are u really going to tell me someone who lied on there family, and backstabbed 6 ppl, and did nothing but lie for a 4 weeks period (yes i knoe it game) IS WORSE than someone who lied about their age, and told a lie to a dumbazz (Jeff) who belived it?

    Hasnt she been loyal this whole game? Jesse, Chima, and Kevin?

    Yes she has. Kevin asked her to vote a way, she did.

    Jessie/Chima asked to vote a certain way, she did.

    She wanted to keep Russell, was gonna keep him because it was Chima’s week.

    Michelle has only stuck with a plan the last time she got to make any decisons and thats it.

    (i knoe its playing the game)

    But how can someone who lied on there family, have a better character than someone who has lied when her azz was on the line?

  35. The game changing twist was Nat’s boyfriend and her not getting to play in the pov. There are no more twists.

  36. Sorry, I should have typed once they speed that log. Now that the log is slippery, this will be over by the time I finish my shower.

  37. Michelle would not even be gone if it wasn’t for Jeff, but that’s old news…

    I’m rooting for Kevin because he really stepped up his game, BIG TIME! Convincing Jeff to backdoor Russell and then putting him on the block the next week. Winning the veto for himself and hopefully winning HOH! Natalie thinks she’s been playing the game, but she hasn’t done anything, but be stupid. And as much as we all love Jordan, I don’t think she should just win b/c she’s cute.

    In a perfect world, I think the F2 should be Kevin and Jordan with Kevin winning because really I think he would have more votes to win than Jordan. Also, Jordan still wins money and might even get an extra 25,000 because we all love her.

  38. Marcus:

    I have to correct you on something, Michele swore to Chima’s face that she was safe then put her up the next day.

  39. Goodbye messages dont even matter. Jeff is not coming back. No one is coming back. You have the final 3 and it is up to them to win.

  40. Donald, I hope its an early night. I think Natalie will talk down both Kevin and Jordan in about a half an hour! LOL

  41. Not to be rude but are people going for Kevin because he’s gay and your also gay.I dont think Kevin deserves it at all. I can’t see what people like about him.I personaly think he’s a di**,but thats just my opinion

  42. #47 Jacob

    Jen has the right, as we all do, to speak her mind and say anything she is thinking.

    I, for one, enjoy reading all the different comments and opinions posted on this and other blogs.

    So let’s just be nice…

  43. I think Jeff should still be in the game rather than Jordan. But Jordan better step her game up and win hoh!

  44. I’m definately not gay. I think people are looking at it like Jordan doesn’t really have a chance and Kevin is the lessor of two evils.

  45. kevin should just play his game now! forget making deal and forget throwing the hoh comp..just play the game till the end! will be sad if he listen to gnats strategy…

  46. It will be K/N final two. I think that although Kevin does not have the endurance advantage (time), he has the short run advantage tonight because he takes those short, sure footed steps. We will know shortly.

    What happens if all or last two fall at the same time?

  47. Julie said the second part would be live Thursday. So the third part would not be live on Sunday because that is the flashbacks with next Tuesday the finale. Does that sound right?

  48. I’m glad I read this before watching things tonight. I hate Natalie’s lies and what gets me more is her self righteousness about her lies. I don’t agree with Kevins’s decisions, but I wouldn’t want this delusional crazy person after me either in the house for the next few days. Sleeping w/one eye open souldn’t be enough for crazy girl. If he could have manned up and if he took on the Jeffs of the house for God sakes stand up to the Lydias and Gnats. That makes no sense to be so strong against Jeff and to some degree Russell, but cower done to these crazy girls. This was so sad and is what gives all us good gays a bad name. Miss you Michele and voted for you for the 25K.

  49. Has there been a winner in BB history that hasn’t lied????? Hello people! It’s part of the game!!!!!!!!

  50. I do not have live feeds so plz anyone who does… Keep me updated!!!

    Was VERY disappointed with tonights show!!! But still can’t wait for the finale!
    I am still holding on to hope that Jordan can make it to F2

  51. I know there isn’t much chance but I would roll on the ground and die laughing if jordan took hoh….

  52. Ashley I am still waiting for the feed to come up.
    borded right now.
    so have time to cry for Michelle.

  53. Class and Intelligence have left BB House. Bye to Michele.

    So sad and too bad ……………………….

    Now the only thing left to hope for is Natalie winning
    tonight and then taking Jordan to the F2, just to
    see Kevin’s face hit the floor.

    Stupid, gutless fool!

  54. We still have trivia on the live feeds. Hope they come back soon but sometimes they don’t show the hoh comp.

  55. Hey Randie! That episode sucked! I felt bad for Michelle. I’ve voted several times for her to win the $25,000.

  56. @JC :
    Has there been a winner on BB who hasn’t lied?

    If I’m recalling correctly (and don’t just down my throat about it because I could be wrong) I don’t think last seasons winner Dan ever lied. I’m pretty sure he kept his word.

  57. I know there is a favourite house America’s prize, I really think there should be a vote for the dumbest house guest. No, not Jordon, rather I think Jeff deserves it. Hopefully he would have to do community service should he be awarded that prize. Jeff is an utter idiot and as Julie asked Michelle whether Jeff’s stupidity cost her the game, that should put him in the lead for the prize of “utter stupidity”.

  58. JC – I agree, it is part of the game. I have given Nat credit for her lies, especially the LML because that was a huge game changing moment.

  59. Who else found it funny when Natalie said that she didn’t respect Michelle’s game, calling it dirty (or shady or something like that)? I have said it before and I will say it again – she is delusional.
    The things that keeps me hanging on for the rest of the season:
    1) Seeing Natalie’s face when Kevin doesn’t take her to F2…or seeing Natalie’s face when she loses in F2 to Kevin/Jordan.
    2) Michelle winning the $25k.
    3) Jeff walking into the Jury House to a chorus of laughter.


  61. Im totally for Jordan!!!!!She played a good honest game. Natalie is a dirtbag and so is her sidekick. If jordan does not win, I can bet it won’t be the end of her…..AMERICA LOVES HER!!!!!!

  62. when will live feeds come back up???? this is lame i pay for them so i can watch these comps…. come on BB this is crazy!!!

  63. If you rub your victories in other peoples faces, you get what you deserve. Nat may win the money but will be hated everywhere she goes!

  64. @Rita: Please don’t speak for America. Hers is an act that I believe would get really old really quickly.

  65. the entire season is for natalie..she has BB and alison by the balls, for whatever reason. It couldn’t have been any clearer while she was allowed to get away with rule break after rule break. The icing on that cake came when the second PB arrived and it had absolutely nothing to do with anyone BUT natalie. What a disappointing season BigSistah has been, ooops, BigBrother has been. Hopefully soon forgotten when 12 arrives or sooner! Just an idea for allison, cast people who really care about the integrity of a great show and who have some integrity of their own..this season was pathetic.

  66. I asked this question before and no one gave me an answer. Has Chima been seen in public since expulsion?

    I’ll know if my theory is correct next Sunday, but I think BB may throw one last stone by allowing Chima to vote for the winner. If they ask for America’s vote starting Sunday I’ll know there is no basis for the theory.

  67. Maaaaaan. Kevin’s spine hasn’t shown up yet, and there’s really only one more chance for him to prove he’s got one.

    If he wins HOH and boots Natalie, he will officially gain my respect and vote to win BB11.

    No matter the outcome, this season was a season for the floaters.

  68. Rita – a lot of people have turned against Jordan because of her lack of intelligence and not having any game. I know there are some who still like her but I wouldn’t say AMERICA loves her.

  69. @90 Midwest Fan
    I agree with that. He has been bullied by the nat, and is scared to take her on. He keeps saying that he doesn’t want nat to be F2 but the idiot does it anyway. I think his roots are blonder then jordans :P

  70. to trina – you’re right; I forgot about Dan Gheesling – loved him!!! (although he must have told some little white lie at some point….)

    to fishman – stop! you’re killin’ me!! :)

  71. I personally hated to see Michelle go, I think she played with class and left with class. I don’t see Jordan having a chance, so if it comes down to the other two, it will break my heart if Natalie wins it all. Haven’t liked her since night one.

  72. I think America likes Jordan for reasons other than her skills in the game. Jordan is a good person with a good heart, and holds many good qualities.

  73. #103 DanH

    You and so many others who have paid for the Live Feeds
    have convinced me, it isn’t worth the price.

    IF I watch BB again, I may pay for Showtime and use my

    I love reading the Blogs for information.

  74. I also like Jordan, and respect her game play. She won one POV. She won one HOH, yes with the help of Jeff, but she was standing in 2nd place during that golf HOH without any help, so really Jeff might not have needed to throw it… but now we’ll never know.

    I think she has tried to maintain her honesty and integrity this entire game, and in my book, that is commendable. Kudos for her for making to the Final 3 competitions.

  75. @JC :
    I loved Dan too. He was just a decent guy who figured out how to win BB in an honest way. (Which is a complete shocker to me because I found it near impossible for a person to always keep their word in this game.)

    I don’t like Natalie at all. She talks too much about how wonderful she is.

    Kevin is okay. Not my favorite, but he’s definitely no where near the worst on this season.

    I love Jordan, but I don’t think she deserves first place. Second, sure, but not first. So, Kevin + Jordan for the F2 is what I’m hoping for.

  76. @108 Donald
    Lets face it, BB/CBS don’t have the balls to add another twist. The only twist we have seen since the dismissal of Chima, is the one on Nats finger. (believe me, if ppl try telling them there was NO twist, they will point to her finger.)
    My new theory is Chima and some legal team have scared the backbone outta BB/CBS and they are scared to add any twist. Face it, we r stuck with either nat or kev as the winner

  77. @#95 Trina

    Seems like I remember Dan went back on his word once or twice last year but I may be wrong…Cant even remember what it was but it seems like I remember being shocked..

    If anyone remembers plz let me know…

    He did play the most honest BB game in BB history that I can remember.

  78. I haven’t turned against Jordan I’m just dissappointed in BB for using her weakness in the comps.I would like to have seen michelle win and now thats over so, really I still think there might be hope for Jordan F2

  79. All three are still hanging on…

    Natalie is holding on with 2 hands.
    Kevin and Jordan with only 1 hand.

  80. OK, thank goodness I taped the show which enabled me to skip all the b.s. and watch what was important to me.

    I knew that Michele would go, but to see that mean spirit evil Nat. say the things she said to Michele in her goodbye speech was it for me. No more BB for this year, it is disgusting that the BB prod. crew couldn’t edit everything each HG said so at least something positive was shown.

    Michele went with class and dignity and I have said it for weeks now, she has had to endure some pretty nasty and many personal attacks and when she told Julie that since she was a child, she was always bullied etc. it broke my heart. I loathe bullies and Nat. has shown she is the nastiest and meanest bullies that I have ever had to experience, because in real life I steer clear of people like her!

    Kevin is a BABY, an absolute WUSS, fancy allowing that pint-sized moron to bully him into what SHE wanted, another disgrace.

    Finally, WHY oh WHY wasn’t Jeff shown going to the Jury House. Does anyone know or have any ideas??

    I will keep voting for Michele for the $25k, because after tonight’s episode, it confirms to me how much courage and how much b.s. she has had to put up with in that house!

  81. jordan should not be talkin to natalie or kevin they are trying to distract her.2 on 1 . i bet the house kevin wins this

  82. @tj yeah i agree with you that they are just trying to distract her. But then again, if they’re talking then they are distracting themselves too.

  83. Diana #131. I am with you, the comments Michelle made to Julie touched my heart and made me remember so many childhood memories of being picked last for dodgeball and so many other stupid things we hold on to, but they make us who we are for the rest of our lives.

  84. I don’t have BBAD but I do have live feeds so next season, I am going to do the opposite and get my info from here because I’ve this is the first time I have watched the live feeds in a couple of weeks.

  85. horrible move by kevin. he can not win in the final vs natali. he should have taken michele. nat will have jesse russell jeff and jordans vote. jesse loves nat russell hates kevin jeff hates kevin and jordan believes everything natali says. kevin has to win and take jordan to win $500,000.

  86. All I hope is that everyone in the JH can piece the truths and lies together. that would be the greatest(and funniest)smackdown of Gnat who thinks she is invincible and has every HG vote. From what they showed last week, she doesn’t have the fan club she thinks and hopefully they will put things together… it may throw votes the other way in the final 2.

  87. @ACB

    If you want updates and don’t have live feeds, go to and keep refreshing your screen and they are pretty good in keeping us up to date of what is happening.

    I will keep coming back to this blog, because I enjoy the people here and if by some strange FLUKE, Nat. goes home, then I will switch BB back on to see the remainder of the season, otherwise, couldn’t care a less, unless Jordan wins, which I seriously doubt – not with Nat. bullying them!

  88. @UZZA – #116

    diddo :)

    UNLIKE the others, Jordan can go home with her head held high. Congrats to her for not losing her true self for the sake of winning this game. Regardless of what, SHE IS THE BIG WINNER in my book.

    One more thing… if Natalie were MY daughter, I would beat the hell out of her when she gets home…

  89. jordan hang on girl you can do it. do it for your family.come on hang on do something do not the 2 nasty people play you this week.

  90. #77 Jacob No I can careless what other people are into thats there business.I just dislike him.I also can’t stand Natilie and she’s from my city. She’s a disgrace to AZ

  91. Marcus you sound just like Nat,LOL. Hardly anyone sees it like you do. When Nat tells Michelle that if she made a deal with her, it would be like making a deal with the devil, well she was like describing herself. Nat is the one who has been like the devil. She pats herself on the back and tells herself how great she has done . she went into the HOh room and said oh good job Natalie. She really believes all the crap she has put out there. Hope she doesn’t get in the final two. YUKKKK.

  92. I don’t think america loves Jordan. This girl is still there because she is the weakest player, I should’nt even call her a player. I would hope america would do the right thing and give the 25,000 to someone that played the game. kelvin & natatlie knew that there only chance of making it to f2 was with the weakest player. I really don’t think Jordan deserves the money but I would totally like to see her win it more than natatlie. I just want to see natatlie walk in that jury house.

  93. @Uzza #134

    Thank you for letting me know about Jeff’s JH. Like I said, I taped the show and skipped all the b.s. especially when Nat. was on and the POV comp. because I knew the outcome and it was making me feel ill. I must have skipped Julie’s comments about Jeff as well, so thanks again for letting me know!

  94. Hey, they are on a log in a forest, so where are the

    Come on ……………….. bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Let’s get a swarm over to the smelly one, Natalie!

  95. Susan, that’s how I feel too. At least Jordan can hold her head up high. Her family must be very proud of her for not getting low and dirty. Jordan stuck it out.

    Poor dear she’s holding on for dear life now with the thunder in the background. Its raining really hard.

  96. Hey, Marcus @63. Couldn’t have said it better.
    I want to say that I think MIchelle said it perfectly to Julie when she said “I have never
    fit in with people.” Right on!!! She sure didn’t. Go NATALIE. She really needs to watch her back because I don’t think that she can trust Kevin, and as far as trusting Jordan – well Jordan is not from this planet – she is from the planet “Idiotitis.”

  97. Just to give you guys a visual:

    Natalie has on a hoodie, which is unzipped, hood is on.
    Kevin has on a hoodie/zipped, hood is off, and wearing a bandana.
    Jordan has on a hoodie/zipped, hood is on, tied tight.

    No one is wearing gloves. ;-)

  98. With gutless Kevin, despicable Natalie and the sweet but lame-brained Jordan I don’t care anymore. Bye, Bye BB. See you next year assuming you can pull your act together. BB11 was a bummer.

  99. Wouldn’t it be justice if Jordan won HOH and sent Nat. home. Although something tells me that the nasty bully will do her head in and somehow convince Jordan to take her to the F2 and I hate to say this, but I think Jordan will, because she still holds Kevin accountable for sending Jeff home.

  100. doesn’t it look like Jordans feet are sinking into the mat and kevin and nats aren’t ..and no wise quackes about Jordans weight….

  101. #160 Steve

    A proverbial Liar always believes in their lies since
    no one else does. It is their own survival cushion.
    When faced with the truth, they are “shocked.”

  102. I wonder how they pick people for the show? ….If you lie..line up here………..if your a sidekick line up here……… heads here etc

  103. @ Ashley / Donald / FedUp / Cat / other Survivor Fans….. I just looked at the Survivor Samoa Blog site…. Matt did an amazing job….. I will be getting the info to the Moerators by Thursday after Matt and I do some last minute touch ups and then to the Survivor Fans by this weekend…. The site has info on all the castaways and huge spoilers that are going to blow your mind with new twists in Survivor

    @ Matt (BB Network Host) Thanks for your help…. I look orward to having the best Survivor Blog working wit the Best Big Brother Blog in the future

    @ Everyone…. Please give Matt a round of applause…

    @ Michelle Fans…. I apoligize or being such an a**…. I feel bad because Michelle was bullied when she was younger and felt like an outcast rowing up…. I wish I could have seen her more like in her interview wit Julie Chen… I liked her very much during it….

    @ NBK Fans…… I am worried that Natalie may let us down…. I am hoping Kevin can win this because I eel Jordan may suprise us…. Go Kevin!!!

    @ Everyone… Please keep us updated with real / honest feedback? Thanks!!! I can’t wait for BBAD to come on…..

  104. ok we all know how to win big brother now or at least make it to f3, just be stupid, don’t win anything unless someone gives it to you or cheats. Now next big brother season we know what to expect out of the hg. They might as well not have any comps. all they need to do is make up lies on each other and then vote out the one they dislike the most.

  105. #160 Steve

    I forgot to add ……………. in the real world, no one believes
    the Liar or at least not for long.

    In the BB House, it does work. Natalie will be faced with
    the real world soon.

  106. Im gonna fly over the Big Brother house and drop glue over Natalie’s hands so she can keep her hand on that key.

  107. Please help me understand why the people who root for Natalie do so? Would you be proud if she were your sister/daughter or would you even want her as your friend? Her personality is disgusting, her lack of hygiene turns my stomach and her false bravado and illusions of grandeur constantly amaze me! Please make your case, or are you doing this just to rile up the people on the board who find her disgusting?

  108. @Midwest Fan #178

    The only problem with Nat. is that even when faced with the truth, she is in total denial.

    Look how she twisted why America hates her, because of her alliance with Jessie (because America hates Jessie) – give me a break!!!

    Throughout this whole season, I have tried to remain objective and see the good in every HG, but this girl has chipped away at my faith in the goodness of people and show what an utter miserable human being she is!

    I still believe that she has a chip on her shoulder and needs to address her anger issues with counselling, why else would she feel the need to bully others.

    She has never taken responsibility for her actions and has continually blamed others when she doesn’t get her own way. She believes that she has played an honest game with INTEGRITY (her words, not mine) and believes that she should win.

    Even if she does win, she will blow it and won’t invest her money wisely and boy do I feel sorry for Jason her finance, he is in for a term in hell, until he has enough sense to remove her from his life!

  109. Did you see Nat’s smug face,smiling when she came into the main room and gave Kevin a drink and looked over at M and J smirking. Rubbed it in their faces. Sorry no good for nothing.


  111. Joey 191 When you drop that glue,be sure and drop enough to hit her mouth so we will not have to listen to it anymore.LMAO

  112. @ Marcus / Jacob…. Is it me or are thee a lot of new Natalie fans?

    @ Midwest Fan / Cat / Ashley / Diana…. I got a perfect on my test….. Also I see that there is no way Kevin cheated…. Michelle just had the wrong answer with Laura!!!

  113. @#95 – Dan never fully agreed to any deals or anything, so technically he never truly lied about anything. He never fully pledged anything to anyone. So yes you can say he never really lied.

  114. LOL ^5 JC. Great minds think alike. Yes Joey I think anything Jordan does or says is 100 times better than Nat.

  115. @Leo #182

    Thank you Leo for manning up and finally accepting what I have been saying for the past few weeks.

    Poor Michele went out with grace and dignity and it broke my heart when she was talking to Julie about her childhood.

    Don’t forget to give me the Survivor Samoa blog site either, because you know that I am a big survivor fan and all I want now is for 17th Sept. to be here, so we can start all over again on a new site with new people to select as our favs.

    Thanks Matt for creating the new site, looking forward to it!

  116. @ Survivor Moderators…… Please email me tonight, so I can touch base with you (you know who you are) Thanks!!!

  117. @Leo #207

    You are right, but I think the bloggers said that the cheating was caused due to technical difficulties and Kevin could see the questions and had time to think about them and the others didn’t see those questions!

    Nevertheless since I knew the outcome of the POV, I just fast forwarded the POV and anything to do with Nat. and was mainly interested in the eviction.

    Of course, you know that I like Kevin, but he is such a BABY and a little WUSS not having enough courage to stand up to Nat. and allowing her to bully him – what a JOKE!!

  118. I’ll ask this a different way.

    BB promised that America will be the seventh vote but made that promise before Chima apparently apologized.

    If Chima has not been seen in public or heard from, and BB knows that you guys who vote do not like Natalie, wouldn’t letting Chima be the seventh jury vote be the perfect way to pay you guys back for calling the producers office.

  119. @Leo again

    If Kevin comes in 2nd and Nat. wins the big prize, Kevin will kick himself forever for allowing that LIAR steamroll him the way she has and for me, I think that will be his karma!

  120. @joey

    some of the things i liked about jeff:

    1. he wasn’t a selfish player – threw HOH comp with both russell & jordan so they could get a letter from home.

    2. wasn’t a trouble maker – didn’t get involved in confrontations unless someone (i.e. russell) got in his face.

    3. GREAT sense of humor – BBAD hasn’t been the same without him and jordan together. i miss them… :(

    4. mostly, i think he is genuinely a good guy….

  121. I just dont think Jeff was this angel they everbody said he is so that made me not like him and Natalie is just fun.

  122. Well JOey I sure feel sorry for Nat’s BF. He does not know what he is getting in marriage. Which Nat will show up during their Marriage. OOps I’m sorry I lied HOney . I was like I had your back,but i had to lie to be able to save money for something i wanted later in the year.Or OH honey, here is the money ,oh wait! This is gonna be a reversal. I get what is in your pockets and you get my money. HEEE HEEE. I got him I dont have anythin in my pockets .

  123. Having a hard time getting into the site ……….. overloading.

    Joker’s wrote that Kevin’s and Jordan’s pants are down to their

    How bad does it look?
    Tripping them up any??????

    Bring on the insects ………………..

  124. #208 Why people like Jeff or better why I liked Jeff was he was someone I could relate to sit down and drink a beer with or shoot the sh*t.Just one of the guys.

  125. @leo @Diana
    Nat is so full of herself, I can’t imagine how she will act if she won the $500K. My guess is we will see her on CNN as the next “reality star” going to jail. Probably involving her stalking Chima.

  126. and it didn’t hurt that Jeff was HOT!!!!!!!!!! which is exactly what annoys all of you men out there!!!!

  127. @Steve #228

    Right on!

    You know that she will be QUEEN and he will be her slave!

    She will NOT share her prize money with him, because she is just plain GREEDY! She will expect him to bend over backwards and jump when she snaps her fingers.

    In fact, she is the DEVIL and he is going to go to hell when he marries her!!!

  128. Natalie acts like all of us would to get 500,000 dollars. Coming up with stories that make no sense. Its funny I wouldnt know what to say on the fly either

  129. After OVER 60 days, I would like to know what Michelle did to Ronnie, Gnat, and others to be called the dirtiest player, the devil, and that Michelle “crossed the line”. What is CBS and BBAD not showing us? Have I missed something? Please, anybody, please tell my wife and I…

  130. @JC: No, what annoys me about Jeff is the fact that he was voted into power and it went right to his head, he started behaving like an idiot, and then, to top it all off, he made one the biggest mistakes in BB history. He was a horrible player in this game. Nothing to do with his looks – couldn’t care less about that.

  131. @x-rev #233

    Thanks for bringing some of your humor onto this site and making me laugh!

    I was so hurt for Michele when she was talking with Julie and everything that I had been saying for weeks now was confirmed tonight.

    I hope all the mean and spiteful people who made fun of her have the ability to say that (although they may not have like the way she played the game), she was indeed a great fighter and admit that she showed a great deal of courage by never retaliating or personally attacking the other HG’s.

    Anyway, I will keep voting for her to get AC and hopefully she will win the $25k, because she really is deserving of it!

  132. Yeah Diana I think she is the Devil.Like i said earlier,when she told Michelle about the devil. It was like calling the kettle black. geez.

  133. @244 Jason
    Simple, she used her brain power, which none of the others have. The only thing nat has on her side is the devil, apparently :P

  134. Jeff ruled the house right up until his eviction. His only mistake was making himself too big of a target b/c he was such a strong, smart player. No one wanted to take him to the F2 b/c he would have beaten anyone!

  135. @Jason Portney #243

    To my knowledge Michele didn’t do anything the others didn’t do. The think about Michele is that she had to play this game solo because she really didn’t fit in with the ‘IN CROWD’ (which was confirmed tonight) and when she showed she had BACKBONE and would go against their demands (not wishes because they were demands), they all turned on her and they were the most disgusting, most despicable HG’s on BB history IMO!

  136. Michelle is GONE!!!!! I’m sooooooo glad, she made me want to hurl. I think putting on the devil horns were right up her alley. She thought she was joking and mocking Nat but I was wondering when they were gonna be revealed(the horns that is)

  137. I would. Natalie lies better than the others. So do I. And I would be 500,000 dollars richer. You can not lie but you will be at home.

  138. #250 x-rew

    You are absolutely right.
    Natalie is afraid of intelligence and class because she
    doesn’t have either. Freaks her out.

    Natalie, “Hell-Yeah!”

  139. yeah, but Russell would’ve evicted Jeff as soon as he had the chance – Jeff just beat him to it (probably was too early, though)

  140. @262 susan in ct
    Last time I made a deal with the devil, it ended in divorce. Wouldn’t make that mistake again :D

  141. @Leo #261

    No problem will email you soon!

    Went to Jokers and this is what they just reported:

    When it ‘rains’ …. Jordan gets the Deluge! … The others – not so much! One time it showed Natalie NOT getting any rain!

    So poor Jordan is really getting a beating here!

  142. @ Diana
    You know i trust your judgement, but there is just something that doesn’t set well with me when you go to a site named “jokers” lol.. ya think they might be throwing in a few wild cards?

    just a thought! ;)


    kevin can SEE the mechanics of the log next to him – knows what’s coming BEFORE it starts… (WTF??)

    jordan is getting pounded by rain, snow, ice – the others, NOT SO MUCH…

    cams are favoring kevin & jordan – not showing natalie

  144. Ok Im a die hard BB fan but I really havent seen Survivor. Actually havent seen 1 episode. Should I really start watching it?

  145. @Ashley #275

    I don’t have live feeds, so I just went to Jokersupdate and I have to rely on their updates, so I stand corrected, thanks!

  146. @x-rev #283

    I thought that was Nat. with Kev. because Jeff wouldn’t be watching Jordan!

    Are you pulling my leg again??

  147. The log has stopped rolling for a moment and they are all hanging in there. Now they are walking backward again. Nat slipped and then recovered.

  148. joey – #264

    guess you don’t believe in KARMA? lol

    xrev – #268

    i’m with you!! i wouldn’t do it either.

  149. @x-rev @Leo

    I keep trying to blog and keep getting Internal Error 500 probably because this site is being slammed.

    I think that I will come back tomorrow after this 1st HOH competition is over.

    Leo, I’ll add you to my facebook and hopefully x-rev, cat and sservie as well if they are on facebook.

    You guys are all awesome and I have so much fun with you on these sites!

    Catch you all tomorrow!

  150. 296 Steve

    Michele probably will not win the $25K simply
    because BB has played up Jeff & Jordan so much in the game.

    I will hate it if Julie says to Michele on Finale Night that
    she came in second for Fan Favorite ………… Zero Bucks!

  151. Yeah, but Jeff will prolly win it. I fig jeff,Jordan,and Michelle will be the top 3 to win the 25k. Only good guys in the house the last few weeks.


    all still on!

    apparently bb adjusted natalie’s key so she can hold on better… ?

    still saying kevin can see the mechanics of the log next to him – he doesn’t seem to be caught off guard when the log changes motion like natalie & jordan are… ??

  153. Hahahaha, Jeff, Russell, Michelle…all gone and they were all after Kevin and especialy Natalie. She got them all, why? because she is a better player than them. She has not made 1 wrong move since the begining of the game and that is why she deserves to and will win BB.

  154. HAHAHA yeah she stuck to jessie’s hip for the whole first half and that set up her floating escapades. real good moves.Just do nothing and give Jessie sandwiches when he wants them.

  155. gNat is a douche bag….. a little weasel who would stab you in the back and say “you’re welcome.” Someone who would kick you in the nuts when you were down….. Is she a better than the rest, hell yes…. but still a douche bag !

  156. Watching BBAD on Showtime, All 3 still on the log. Kev complaining the rain is too cold. Gnat claims there is ice being thrown @ her. Rain stopped, now blowing leaves. All three still standing on log.

  157. Aim it is regards to a bet we made early this morning. If Michele stayed Leo would call me BBQueen. As written I lost the bet! :(

  158. only fitting tonight’s HOH would have ‘fair play the natalie way” in it. At 9:04 BBT it appears that natalie’s key had been lowered…that’ll make it so much easier for her to hang on! I thought that our calls to AG MIGHT HAVE ENCOURAGED HER TO END THE SEASON WITH SOME INTEGRITY….sometimes I’m wrong. ;( *sigh*

  159. Apparently a spaceship just appeared and beamed Jordan up to take her back to BizarroWorld, the planet from whence she came. Great, I can now retire for the night !

  160. Log still moving, switching forward & backward, aGnat breathing very hard. Rain has stopped, it does look like Gnat’s key has been lowered.

  161. i’m watching bbad.

    all 3 are hanging tough. they use their keys for support when they get unbalanced…

    looks like it’s gonna be a very looooonnnnnngggg nite!!

  162. i wish jordan would tell natalie that there’s a preying mantis on the back of her sweatshirt!! nat would DROP FOR SURE!! :)

  163. It sucks that Michele is gone…I really wanted her in the final two. Watching her interview with Julie made me like her even more. She was obviously not very popular growing up and had to relive the experience in the house. It’s safe to say she handled all of the hatred towards her with so much courage and dignity. PLEASE VOTE FOR MICHELE TO WIN THE $25,000…OUT OF EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE THIS SEASON SHE HAS EARNED AT LEAST THAT…AWESOME GAME MICHELE!!!!

  164. Comment #329, @ susan in ct, Yes, I would like to see Jordan tell the Gnat about a bug on her. It would not only be cool to see Gnat drop,which would be cool! Drop Gnataliar, you need to go home!

  165. Just checking in on the shivering trio ……………

    Before closing, as I said on the other page, it has been
    a blast being here with all of you. I have enjoyed
    every moment. Thanks for the summer fun.

    Kudos to Matt!

    Leo, best wishes on your Survivor Blog.
    I hope to take a peek whenever I can.
    Survivor is my special tele treat during a
    very busy time for me. I may not be able to blog but
    do hope to check in.

    Again, sending Best Wishes to all.
    Thanks for the pleasure of your company.

  166. Yes, Jordan did fall! Now Gnataliar is trying to force Kev into a deal. Gnat has not dropped yet!

  167. OMG! Nat needs to SHUT UP!

    “I am not shivering”, “I am warm as a bunny”, “you cannot beat me at this”, “This is mine to win”

    Damn I wish I could shove her off that log myself!

  168. Okay, I am sure most of you know from reading my posts I am not a Natalie fan. After watching her again tonight and really watching her, lol. There was nothing else on and I lost all my chips in poker. Anyway, back to what I was saying. She was raised without a mother by just her father and I think brother, so no women in her life. It’s obvious that her father choose not to remarry and raise his children alone. She doesn’t know how to put on make-up, she has no clue how to do her hair. Her mannerism are that of a guy; and Jordan and Michelle had to teach her how to use a tampon, which I am sure was merely them telling her how to do it and not them physically showing her. I have a 15 year old and could only imagine what her life would be like or would have been like if I wasn’t around and her aunts and grandma’s. I hope that if she does win this, which I am kind of doubting, that she uses some of this money to become more of a woman than such a boy. Sure a guy likes a girl that can watch and understand football and other sports but he also wants a girl that can act like a lady. Am I the only one that feels this way about her?

  169. …Jordan… [yes that’s the punch line]…. How she even managed to get picked for BB is a mystery they’ll be talking about well into the next century….

  170. I don’t even feel like watching the rest of BB. I will only watch to see Jeff in the jury house. I can’t stand Jordan anymore, she is utterly useless. Hate GNAT with a passion. I don’t want her to win and I guess at this point, I want Kevin to win. I really hate the Jeff was stupid enough to fall for Kevin and GNAT’s lies, but he was so he didn’t deserve to win.

  171. Well it’s me again LEO, the ring… ring… ring gal, who joked on you for your “Chill-Town” comments. Chances are good that Natalie will win. I admit she’s the last person I wanted to see there in the final 3 (and will probably be in the final 2), but I guess someone needs to win, and a lot of the times it’s not the person you might choose. I will say that I think it’s cool that we all get a chance to voice our oppinions, and discuss it in these chats. This gives us the chance to joke on people we “love to hate”, and to root for those we want to. I will be sure to tune in to Survivor this season, to watch the action unfold. One thing I want to say, is that at least we’re not the bozos’ in that house, because most of us would probably take it over, and it’d be one hell of a show!!!

  172. i am done with bb. this was the meanest group of people(ie: nat, chema, kevin, lydia, & jesse) i don’t remember ever being sooooo turned off by this show!!!!!!!!!! even evil dick maid fun of himself concerning his behavior!!!

  173. I agree Sue, except I know that when another season of BB starts up again, I’ll be around closely watching. Honestly, I rooted for Evil Dick, and was pleased that he won, because even though he was a pain, and caused havic in the house, atleast he did joke about his behavior. Hey, they kept him in, even though he tried his best to get them to “hate him”, when he was concerned that they were targeting his daughter. Yes, I may not like who wins this time, but time goes by, and I’ll be tuning in next time!

  174. I think this is the first time I’ve seen people actually pulling for Natalie. Yes, lying is a big part of the game, but she doesn’t just lie. She is mean for no reason, a bad competitor, sore loser, and has gotten away with having her hands off the key in the first round of the HOH comp. She should’ve been disqualified. Kevin wasn’t facing the correct way for part of the competition either. He should’ve been disqualified. I’m hoping Kevin wins HOH and backstabs Natalie, thinking he has a better shot with Jordan since she didn’t do anything the entire game. He may think noone will vote for her other than Jeff and Michelle. I think with Natalie, he may think that she has Jesse, Jeff, Jordan and maybe Russ. I think he has a better chance of winning against Jordan and should take her to the finals.

  175. k now that kevin is hoh why is he letting natalie to continue to bully him
    she is saying oh you can’t go eat b/c you have to say outside and help me practice for the next competition
    he does whatever she tells him too
    he even waits on her like her own personal butler
    wth is wrong w/him
    seriously he could just be like hey wench i already made my deal w/u so now you are on your own

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