Big Brother 11: Final HoH Competition Part 1 – Endurance Results

Update: The first HG has fallen after nearly 4 hours. Scroll down to see what happened at just before 10:30 PM BBT…

Update 2: That’s game, folks. Round 1 has a winner, read on to find out who. Round 2 should be Wednesday, so stick to your live feeds to see the results.

Tonight’s Big Brother 11 Head of Household competition is the first part of a 3-round battle where the remaining 3 HGs, Kevin, Natalie, and Jordan, must see who can hang on the longest to move on to the 3rd Round in this last HoH comp.

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Big Brother 11 Final HoH Endurance Competition updates:

7:25 BBT – Live Feeds just came on. All 3 HGs remain…

7:30 BBT – Sounds like Big Brother just turned up the fans for high-speed wind!

7:35 BBT – Fans are still blowing. Mostly quiet as the HGs continue to hang on.

7:40 BBT – The rain stops, but this looks miserable. I want to know how long they end up walking because they’re going to get tired fast!

7:42 BBT – Natalie tries to make up a lame lie about Michele wanting to be alone with Jeff in the Jury House. Jordan laughs at her and tells her she’s an instigator. Jordan tells Kevin his clothes and the way he walks makes him look like an old man!

7:45 BBT – Big Brother throws the brakes on the log and Kevin shouts out in surprise. This little move almost dumps Kevin and Natalie. The rain starts up again.

7:47 BBT – Kevin thinks the logroll is broke because it feels like it keeps trying to move but doesn’t. Natalie says it isn’t broken. Sure enough the log starts rolling, but now the HGs must walk backward.

7:50 BBT – The rain is back, but then stops again. All are quiet as they keep walking.

7:55 BBT – The log is still as the HGs wait for what’s next. All 3 remain.

8:00 BBT – Kevin asks when do they get the summer season weather in the competition.

8:05 BBT – The rain returns and the log is rolling in reverse so the HGs, all 3, are walking backward slowly. Come on Big Brother! Make that thing run!

8:10 BBT – “What the hell is that?!” yells Kevin as BB starts throwing ice at them! Kevin only has one hand on his key so he can block the chips from his face.

8:15 BBT – All 3 remain. Log is rolling, but no ice/rain now.

8:20 BBT – The rains starts up again and the log is rolling fast! Really fast. Looks like Jordan is walking way too close to the front of the log. Natalie has a better position.

8:23 BBT – This is intense! BB keeps switching directions quickly. Kevin nearly fell!

8:25 BBT – Natalie nearly tumbled as the log slowed to a stop. Rolling again, but all hang on.

8:30 BBT – Kevin, Natalie, and Jordan still hanging on. Rain has stopped, but log is still rolling. And here comes the rain again…

8:35 BBT – All 3 remain, but BB is almost catching Natalie as she is stumbling between the direction changes.

8:40 BBT – The log continues to quickly switch directions. Rain is pouring down hard now. Kevin nearly falls as BB suddenly stops and restarts the log.

8:45 BBT – Big Brother is really messing with them using constant start/stops and reverses. This looks miserable and brutal.

8:50 BBT – Everyone still hanging on somehow. Impressive bunch!

8:55 BBT – The rain is coming down really heavy as the log continues to roll. All 3 remain.

9:00 BBT – Live Feeds return and Big Brother gives us a very cinematic entrance from the HoH logo around to all 3 HGs still running along on the log. They’ve got to be getting tired after several nearly non-stop hours of speed-walking.

9:05 BBT – The log stops, but the wind and ‘ice’ (whatever the matter is) starts up again. They try to cover their face while still holding on.

9:10 BBT – The log is still not moving and now the wind/ice has stopped as well. Natalie chatting about almost falling. No one seems to be going anywhere anytime soon. Heh, Natalie is passing out Mentos.

9:15 BBT – Kevin breaks out a PowerBar. Natalie wants some and he passes it over. They’re scared that BB will start again it as soon as they go to take a bite.

9:20 BBT – Kevin complaining about the temperature of the rain (very cold). Natalie chimes in that she had ice thrown at her. Natalie says that this could be over quickly if people would stop to fall, but not her, of course.

9:25 BBT – Lots of wind and leaves now, but still no one trying to make a deal.

9:30 BBT – All is quiet. Has the log stopped working? Things tend to break after a few hours of these competitions so maybe… The rain starts again but still no rolling log. Now there it goes. The log is rolling again. Phew!

9:35 BBT – After a few rounds of back and forth the log has stopped again. All 3 HGs remain and await the next surprise on the log.

9:43 BBT – The rain is really pouring as BB is laying on the tricks. The log is switching back and forth quickly as the HGs try to retain their footing. All 3 remain. Kevin has his eyes closed, perhaps to help focus.

9:50 BBT – Very rapid direction changing going on. I’m really impressed that they’re keeping up and not falling. This looks really difficult.

9:55 BBT – The log continues to clank and roll (sounds like the smoke monster from ‘LOST’!), but everyone still hangs on. The rain starts up again and the HGs shudder.

10:00 BBT – Natalie tries to talk Jordan and Kevin into dropping, but Kevin says he’s going until the sun rises. Natalie says she’ll go longer than that. Jordan stays quiet.

10:05 BBT – Big shivers can be heard as the rain stops. Big Brother cranks up the high-speed fans now. They must be freezing!

10:10 BBT – The fans slow to a stop, but then the log starts rolling again as the rain trickles back in. All 3 HGs remain.

10:15 BBT – Everything is quiet again. The rain and log rolling have both stopped.

10:20 BBT – Jordan asks who wants to play Paper, Rock, Scissors to see who will drop first.

10:25 BBT – Natalie is really shivering. Camera keeps zooming in on her shaking hands. I imagine they’re all very, very cold and tired right now. The rain is coming down very heavy now.

10:28 BBT JORDAN FELL!! Kevin and Natalie remain. Kevin still telling Natalie he’ll go all night. She responds that she can go all day. Maybe Kevin isn’t trusting Natalie too much. Natalie tells Kevin she’s not cold.

10:32 BBT – As soon as Jordan goes inside Natalie and Kevin start making deals. Natalie is preparing to drop. She keeps making him swear that he’ll take her to the F2. Now Natalie wants 15 minutes. Kevin says 10 mins because his testicles have pulled up into his body. Natalie says hers haven’t (!).

10:40 BBT – Kevin and Natalie chatting about how their plans have all worked. Natalie still getting ready to drop so Kevin can win Round 1 and she’ll take on Jordan in Round 2.

10:48 BBT – Live Feeds are back and both Natalie and Kevin are still running on the log. Did BB talk her out of quitting the comp?

10:50 BBT – Jordan has returned to the backyard. Hmm, I thought Natalie’s plan was to drop before Jordan returned so it wasn’t obvious.

10:53 BBT Natalie drops! Kevin waits a few and then falls with a “oh s@$%!”. Hah! Kevin wins Round 1!

So there we go. Round 1 is over after 4 hours on the rolling log and Kevin has emerged as the default winner after Natalie throws it to him following Jordan’s exit a few minutes earlier.

Round 2 will take place on Wednesday. It won’t be shown live, but keep by your live feeds to see the results as soon as the feeds return. From there the winner of Round 2 (either Natalie or Jordan) will face off against Jordan in Round 3 on Thursday’s live show.

Watch it all play out uncensored right now on the Big Brother Live Feeds!

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