Big Brother 11: Final Endurance Comp Tonight – Get Your Live Feeds Now

Tonight on Big Brother 11 we’ll have our final HoH Endurance Competition of the season. These competitions are always a staple of the Big Brother Live Feeds experience that you won’t want to miss. In past seasons we’ve had all-nighters from this big event that have been awesome to watch and the only way to see it all live & uncut will be on the uncensored feeds. You won’t want to miss it!

If you’ve already registered for the feeds then you’re set and ready to watch it live with the rest of us. If not, then it’s still not too late to join us for the fun. Sign-up here for the live feeds to be ready when the action hits tonight.

We’ll be here all through the event so be sure to join us for the latest updates!


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  1. I thought last year the F3 had 2 endurance comps and one about what do you think hg’s said. That was why they picked Jerry for F3, because he had a bad leg or something. Am I wrong? I can’t remember.

  2. All I know is I do not want Natalie to make it to the F2. She is got to be the one houseguest I cannot stand the most and yes her lies are keeping her in the game, but she did nothing the entire season of BB until the last HOH comp, which was not too difficult with barely any players. If BB producers do not do something or penalize both Nat and Kevin for keeping the secret calendar then this show is rigged. They should penalize the two of them by either keeping them from the first part of the HOH comp and just let it be Michelle and Jordan, that would make them shake in their boots for a day or so, but it would be well worth watching. Its one thing to lie to get ahead in the game but when your doing things in the house that are against BB rules thats not fair. And how can BB allow it to be okay for Kevin when he won POV because he saw the questions before they did. BB you may be the ones cheating.

  3. Michelle also had a calendar, because she got mad that Natalie and Kevin found it and switched all the dates around on her. I don’t have live feeds, I’m just repeating what people on this site has been saying. Jordan didn’t have a calendar. When Jeff was HOH he drilled Jordan on the dates so she would have them in her head and she did very good.

  4. Nat is a terrible person and I am sure ALL the other houseguest know this and her rein of terror is almost over….just a few more hours.

    Kevin has definately been taking notes, watching the other Good players and is a great understudy and its his time to either chit or get off the pot and be defeated by his unjust loyalty to nat. No way is he a strong player….just maybe one of the strongest players left in the game.

    Jordan sweet sweet Jordan…get a clue girl!! I am seriously hoping that her game play has been to play the “dumb blonde” Emmy time for sure! Hope she is smart enough to take the guy (Jeff) as a parting gift.

    Last but definately not least there is..
    Michelle..this has been a living nightmare for her I have been calling her MO HELL because she sure is geting it MORE HELL everyday form the evil twins and past houseguest she is a true survivor and that may be her saving can only hope…expect the unexpected…you go girl.

    If Michelle is evicted tonight my vote for America’s Fav is going to be her..she deserves the battle pay!

    I’m in it to see who wins it!!!!

  5. @Mary: For the Final 3 HoH competition the first round is an endurance competition. The second round is a quicker, physical/mental comp that will likely not be shown on the live feeds. They don’t usually waste an endurance comp that people aren’t able to be readied for through a broadcast episode.

    I wouldn’t say the 2nd comp can not be endurance, but I’d be very, very surprised.

  6. @Mary: Regarding the calendar issue I think you might have that reversed. Kevin and Natalie had an earlier calendar which was messed up and they suspected it was sabotaged by Michele.

  7. I could care less about the calendar thing, if they can have one so be it. But the POV Comp was not fair. The girls had tech difficulties while Kevin rode high and dry. BB you purposely made that happen, at least thats what loyal fans are thinking. This season has ruined my love of BB, and I will no longer watch it.

  8. I just hope that Kevin doesn’t throw the comp to Nat. Maybe he is just going along with her because he doesnt want to start a fight or something.

    Personally, I think this years BB has been great! It has been full of drama which is what makes me want to watch the live feeds. It has not been near as much fun since russ left and I wish we could have feeds on the jh.

    I wish we would have had a better PB twist but oh well, they will do it better next season. I
    hope everyone keeps watching because I for one want there to be a BB12!

  9. Everyone keeps talking about the technical difficulties Michelle and Jordan had – can someone who knows please be specific as to what issues they had? Thanks.

  10. Hope the PB can some how come into play again tonight…but doubt it. Great season..full of drama…just disappointed they would give the cheaters ANY money at all!

  11. the game should be to out last the weaker players… and the strongest will play at the end.. thats the rock n roll way to find out the best players in the game …. i just hope who ever wins thanks god cuz they surly didnt deserve it… but, maybe natalie can buy a bathtub, and michele can buy some curage, and jordan only if she wins that vacation that jeff win but he would her money any way… poor kevin will be out played by 2 woman… good luck to everyone and finish hard

  12. @Matt With season of BB coming to an end I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for a great job. I don’t have live feeds and it is great to talk with people. And, as always, that you for keeping us all up-to-date.

  13. *** NBK Fans Everywhere – This is for you ***

    NBK is in the mother f***in house…… Michelle Fans bow down and shut your mother f***in mouths…..

    Michelle is out the door – Jordan will soon follow after….. All your wining / threats to BB – CBS….. will not be answered so go ahead and stop watching trailed by my laughter

    @ Chill-Town……






    Have you heard?

    Michelle is getting evicted tonight bro!!!

    Hell to the yeah!!!

  14. i know alot of you are mad at the 2 cheaters that are still in the game. i am mad too. i am a fan of jeff but i have to say it is jeffs fault they are here. jeff wanted russell out so bad becuz he was the toughest competitor. well really he wasnt. most of the comps were questions and memory. jeff kept saying russell wouldnt drop. well what jeff didnt rea5ize is BB doesnt do the same comp twice in one season. if jeff would have got rid of kevin then natalie then russell it would be jeff jordan mich and lydiat in final 4. well lydaia couldnt win anything so she would be gone and we would have had jeff jordan and michele in final 3 but jeff had no idea what this game was about and now becuz of him we cant watch BBAD becuz it is so boring.

  15. @Matt….I too would like to thank you for all you have done to keep us updated to all the goings on concerning BB. I so appreciate all the help you have been to me this year. I am a Lily-come-lately fan to the BB game. I only started watching last year and this year I needed your blogs to really keep me involved. I loved it even more because of you and all the other great bloggers on this site. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!! Love you guys! And just for the road…”PLEASE GOD, DON’T LET NATALIE WIN.!” Now that I got that off my chest I sincerely hope that CBS, AG and the DR production people realize that the POV comp cheater Kevin admitted that he saw the questions and because of the pause in the game he had time to think of the answers. The POV should be done over and I am hoping it happens. If not..then what can we do?! Take care all and I hope Kevin picks Michele to stay.

  16. @Leo: What a nasty human being you are: No wonder you love the rat and the jerk, you are probably related to the rat.

    She is a horrible human being, and how you can find any good in her makes me know you must be just like her.

  17. OMG!!! That chilltown phone call was hilarious!!! I 100% agree that there are some jealous peps out there. Nat and Kev has PLAYED THE GAME!! Lies, manipulation, etc… it’s the name of the game people!! I have been searching for a place that acknowledges this. Thank you!!! LEO – you are too funny!!

  18. Leo is probably Natalie’s boyfriend coming at us with a fake name. Tell your girlfriend Nastalie to take a shower more often. I bet she doesn’t even shower the day she gets married…the skankyho!!

  19. LIANA, Kevin and Natalie played the game? For real? They only just started “playing the game” if that is what you’d call it. There were several other people who played a much stronger game, and were taken out for fear of their strong game play: Jesse, Russell, etc. I agree LAMA, I’d rooted for Jeff, and I think his biggest mistake that cost him the game was backdooring Russell. Natalie has been a gnat in the game, and should’ve left a long time ago. If she wins, the only reason I would agree with her winning is because she should’ve left, and instead better BB players who deserved the $ were taken out first. LEO- Get some Ritalin and calm down!!!

  20. The strong players always go first. They win and play the game and carry the floaters through. Get voted off and this is what you get! Kev needs to grow a pair and keep M and dump nat and her threats. Nat could still dump him she lies so much! I like Jordon but think the odds are against her. If she stays I hope she pulls one out and surprises them all. Wish there was more than 1 BB a year. Thanks Matt for everything!!

  21. BTW, You are no Chill-Town player!!! Ring… Ring… Hello… Have you heard?… Someone forgot to take their meds this morning! Whatever!!!

  22. I agree with Wheelsmom, it’s the truly strong players that get taken out earlier. I also wish we’d have two BB shows a year.

  23. @liana…its not that were jealous its that natalie is a disgusting person. i still dont know if shes a girl a boy or a hermaphradite. chiltown was cool. they had personality. kevin is only funny in the DR. outside of dr he is boring. and natalie is disgusting. even when her boyfriend proposed to he she was emotionless. nat and kevin give chiltown a bad name. they would have caught on to nat a long time ago and voted both of those losers out a long time ago. i would like to see BB do a season where everyone knows what this game is about. jeff and jordan had no idea what this game is about. how jordan got on BB i have no idea. and jeff was just as bad. and this coming from someone who was rooting for them. lol

  24. @dave #30

    I think you are really Diana pretending to be me! You are so obsessed with this rules crap!

    GET OVER IT! and stop using my name.

  25. @Matt, thanks so much for all your hard work. You do a great job updating your website and giving us as much detail as possible. I really enjoyed my time on here. Besides the few quirkie personalities, there are mainly a good group of bloggers here.

    Thank you Matt. :-)

    Have a wonderful day.

  26. To me, the only good part about Natalie making final two, would be seeing her get grilled by the jury. When they showed Jesse revealing that she is 24, not 18, seemed like all of them were disgusted. I would just love to see her get pummelled with her lies. It would also be neat to see the houseguests reactions when they watch the entire show, and see how disgusting she was. My guess is the non-jury former houseguests will have alot to say about her at the finale.

  27. @Jeannette, I’m watching the flashbacks right now. Natalie and Kevin are discussing the production people in DR – they said that production is always putting different scenarios in their head and right now they are effing with Kevin’s mind (per Kevin).

    I also heard before that the people in DR were messing with Jeff’s mind before he made the betrayal to Russell.

    So I think you are 100% correct: “Rules change according to the producers it what they want.”

  28. @ liana…. Thanks..

    @ Gramm / laurie…. You weren’t crying foul when team jeff fans were talking crap….

    @ Everyone… Enjoy watching Jordan throw the comp so Kevin can win tonight (Jordan said i will drop for you when you give me the look to kevin0…. Don’t believe me go on the feeds and flashback to about 11:40 PM BBT!!!

  29. @ Dawn…..





    Michelle is going home, so now you ex jeff fans / ex Michelle fans can jump on Jordan’s fan wagon until she is evicted and then jump on kevin’s ok?

    It will only take your 4 times to be right… bravo to you all!!!

  30. Jordan could surprise us..maybe sh has played the dumb blonde Janelle did. Michelle, if she stays, will win the 3 part HOH comp because Ratalie and Kev suck at all 3.Go kev!

  31. WTF…. BB Producers are Michelle fans too?

    At 1:47am BBT, Kevin tells Nat that production tried to get Kevin to keep Michele (instead of Jordan) and that he feels he was “raped” in the D.R.

    Kevin: “I just got raped in the D.R., I need some support! Nothin’ is changing. Stop trippin. Now, are you entertaining thoughts they told you about?”
    Natalie: “No! I shut’em down immediately!”

    Kevin tells Natalie that he’ll tell Michele she’s going home in the morning.

    **The real question: is Kevin just keeping Natalie happy for the night & keep Michele? Or will be stick with the plan to get out Michele & keep Jordan. We shall see!!

    Okie dokie, that’s it for the Overnighter! :D Starting a new post shortly at the top.

  32. I think Jordo could suprise us maybe is playing the dumb blonde game like Janelle did. If michelle stays, she will win the 3 part HOH comp because Nat and Kev are useless at endurance,physical and mental challenges. I still want Kev to win for being so gutsy

  33. @ Leslie R.

    Did you see Jordan choke in the last q/a HOH? She has also came in last by far in the last 2 mental POV comps…. jordan herself says she is horrible at mental comps… Lets not lie to yourself ok?

  34. the DR has always put other ideas in the mind. the reason why natalie wants kevin to take jordan is becuz she knows jordan cant win at any thing. nat knows that if kev takes michele to f 3 then that means nat would have to win in order to make it to the final becuz it means mich and kev have teamed up. natalie keeps saying she left jesse a bad messege saying that hell never be able to have her. well we all know thats a lie. she was crying her eyes out in jesses goodbye messege. if nat goes to final 2 with kev she has jesse, russell, jeff, jordan, and thats all she needs is those 4. so it would be dumb of kevin not to take michele to final 3. natalie is a little brat and i hope kevin takes michele

  35. @ Lama… You are right…. Isn’t that what Jeff / Jordan wanted to do with natalie because she would be easier than Michelle / Kevin to beat in the Final 3 HOH? If it was a good idea for then, i think it makes just as more sense for N/K to bring Jordan over Michelle… Am i wrong?

  36. Kevin has said that he can no longer trust Nat. He even said in the DR that it’s looking like will probably not be able to beat her for the grand prize. He has sought out an alternative F2. He can win against Michelle. I also don’t think he can lose against Jordan. He can lose against PigPen. However, now that i think about it he’s kind screwed either way. Kevins got a hard sell to win. Michelle has basically played the game by herself for the most part. This just might be another Alison and Jun situation. Kevin has a choice. Would you rather get stabbed in the front or in the back? With michelle you know what your gonna get. With PigPen, she will run you through from the back if it means $500k.

  37. I hope BB does a food comp.and nataLIE has to eat bugs or some of the food America picked for them. I think that would really throw nataLIE’s game off!! HA HA HA!!

  38. Unfortunately if kevin gets rid of michelle, which is how it is looking, the final 3 sucks. No excitement. Not worth spending the $$ on the feeds or showtime anymore for that matter.

  39. There will likely be a third installment of Pandora’s Box. I think the first two PB moments are building up to a big twist.

  40. @ leo …yes you are right if nat and kev were smart then who ever wins should turn on the other and take jordan. she will get jeffs vote and maybe americas but thats it. they are guaranteed to win if they take her. i think the reason why kevin wants to take michele is becuz he knows he will lose to natalie and hes thinking he has a better chance vs michele but i think michele may beat kevin also so it could be a mistake on his part.

  41. If BB wants ratings, and Jeff was America’s most choice to win, then why didn’t BB “fix’ it to keep Jeff?
    Can some of the conspiracy theory advocates answer for me?

  42. OK Leo, If Kevin makes it the end against Natalie, I will root for him! Just saying that I hope the winner isn’t her!!! I guess whatever happens will happen. Still a BB fan!

  43. @Leslie 38
    If Jordan were playing the dumb blonde act, sholdn’t she have dropped it long enough to get to POV to save Jeff? Or are you saying the alliance with Jeff was an act all along?

  44. @ Dawn… Who deserves to win more? be honest

    Kevin / Jordan

    Kevin has won comps and is a better player. Am I wrong?

    Natalie / Jordan

    Natalie is still here because she is a better player and her LML kept her in the game. it persuaded J/J to turn on Russell and even had J/J wanting to take her to the Final 3 instead of Michelle

    Kevin / Natalie

    Kevin has won comps and is a better player. Am I wrong?

  45. @ Kevin Rodgers…I was thinking the same thing. Otherwise the whole Pandoras Box scenario was lame. In Pandoras box, she opened up the box & all of this bad stuff came out, and at the bottom of the box was hope. I hope so (no pun…LOL) otherwise, what was the point? The HG gets money & Natalie spends time with her “supposed” boyfriend? Lame Lame Lame Big Brother. None of those things were game changing! I hope that someone (anyone at this point) is allowed to come back, or the veto that was held is void!

  46. @ Leo….between Kevin & Jordan Kevin is the better player. Between Kevin & Natalie, Kevin is the better player. Between Kevin & Michelle….that could be a tie. I think that is one of the reasons why Natalie doesnt like Michelle

  47. @ Memy…. Do you honestly believe Jordan deserves to win more than natalie/

    Won an HOH
    is part of the reason jesse was brought back
    here LML changed the game for her
    She alligned with the right people (jesse / Kevin) to get this far

    She alligned with jeff
    jeff gave her the HOH
    She won POV (Even Michelle thinks she copied her)
    She has finished in last place in the last 3 comps (Yes she was last with the tie braker as well

    *** People weren’t outreaged when J/J were going to take natalie to the Final 3 instead of Michelle… Now they are mad because K/n are doing it? What hypocrites!!! ***

  48. With the weak final 3 we’ll have this season and everybody agreeing to throw it to the other this may be the first endurance comp that you don’t even need the live feeds for. It could be over during the 10-15 min they air it on CBS.

  49. Can Leo, be like banned from here? He fills up these comments with useless dreck and you can’t even follow other people’s conversations because of him/her/it. Also, there is no need to reply to EVERY SINGLE COMMENT ever made here.

  50. Hoping, hoping, hoping that Jordan will pull herself together and think! Jeff told her to not listen to the lies in the house. Hopefully, she’ll surprise us all and quit being so gullible. I’ve also Fed-Ex’d a pair of cojones that my ex didn’t ever use to Kevin. Hope he gets them in time!

  51. let’s get serious here. kev told michelle if he takes gnat out she will go to the jh and tell them not to vote for him to get tha half a million, at best he will only win 50,000 b/c after all her friends are in the jh. as opposed to what??? take her to the final 2 and since all her friends are in the jh, they will vote her to get the half a million and he still will only win 50,000. duhhhhh!!! has he not thought about that. so his odds are either way he would settle for 50,000. duhhhh!!!! i would take michelle with me to f2. this way he may have a chance at the half a million instead of just settling for 50,000. boy this guy put his thinking cap on.

  52. Jeff’s REVENGE . From Jokers…. According to the Overnight TV Ratings, the Sunday broadcast of Big Brother lost half its audience from the previous two Sundays, or approximately Six Million viewers.

    The last two Sundays in August, the show recorded a 2.5 rating, more than 12 million viewers. This past Sunday, the first show without Jeff Schroeder and after Thursday’s win by Natalie Martinez, drew an anemic 1.8 rating, or approximately 6 million viewers.
    GREAT job Jeff fans , we said we weren’t going to watch when Jeff left and we showed Big Brother and people on this board we weren’t playing . Allision let them cheat and did nothing, we get last laugh.

  53. @ Leo….No, I dont believe that Jordan deserves to win, but sorry not Natalie either. At this point Kevin or Michelle.

  54. @ Jack Sprat…. grow a brain… Obviously matt doesn’t feel I am a problem…. Furthermore, i bring more to the table than most….. M aybe you can answer the many game related questions….

    1) Who deserves to win more? be honest

    Kevin / Jordan

    Kevin has won comps and is a better player. Am I wrong?

    Natalie / Jordan

    Natalie is still here because she is a better player and her LML kept her in the game. it persuaded J/J to turn on Russell and even had J/J wanting to take her to the Final 3 instead of Michelle

    Kevin / Natalie

    Kevin has won comps and is a better player. Am I wrong?

    2) Do you honestly believe Jordan deserves to win more than natalie/

    Won an HOH
    is part of the reason jesse was brought back
    here LML changed the game for her
    She alligned with the right people (jesse / Kevin) to get this far

    She alligned with jeff
    jeff gave her the HOH
    She won POV (Even Michelle thinks she copied her)
    She has finished in last place in the last 3 comps (Yes she was last with the tie braker as well

    3) Jeff . Jordan were going to take natalie to the Final 3 instead of Michelle because they wanted to bring the weaker player. the Michelle fans weren’t screaming foul then. That is exaclty what Kevin and natalie are doing right?

    4) *** People weren’t outreaged when J/J were going to take natalie to the Final 3 instead of Michelle… Now they are mad because K/n are doing it? What hypocrites!!! ***

    5) Are you capable of answering questions/

    ***** if anyone else wants to answer these game related questions, please do so ok?

  55. @ Leo….for the record…I didnt say that Jordan deserves to win in my comment. I said that Kevin is a better player than Natalie & Jordan. I also said that between Kevin & Michelle its a tie. (see # 57)

  56. @ Memy…. Michelle is gone… listed 1-3, who do you think should win BB11

    My opinion

    1) Kevin

    2) Natalie

    3) Jordan

    @ meme… Will you answer the questions in post #69? Thanks!!!

  57. Don’t be so sure that the jury would vote for Gnat. They might not like what she’s been doing since, either. You know they don’t like that she BS’d about being 18. Jeff now has a chnace to tell them what she’s been up to and push for Jordan or even Michele. I think Jeff’s BIT ashamed of himself for the way he treated her, as evidenced by his post interview.

  58. @ Leo….correct me if Im wrong, but didnt Kevin & Natalie come up with the LML? I liked Kevin & Jeff from the beginning. Kevin doesnt miss a thing. On the first day he didnt believe that Natalie was 18, and Michelle isnt too shabby either. I wish that they would use their evil for good! LOL

  59. @ Rene F… Youa re right, and i said anyone against natalie (Michelle / Kevin0 will win and it would be close with Jordan because Russell wouldn’t vote for her and lydia would have a tough choice while Kevin would vote for natalie if Jordan screwed him or vice versa and we would have to see what Jesse does.

    I do however think natalie deserves to win more than Jordan for the reasons stated in that post ok?

  60. Ooh thank u soo much go jordan!! I really hope natalie doesnt make f2 oh and also what does wc stand for

  61. #67 Mike
    If that IS true, how do you get the last laugh? Has it helped Jeff? Is Nat still lying and cheating? Do you think BB is going to curl up and die now? Is Alison out of a job? What is it you’re laughing about?

  62. @ Ian… WC on Jokers… initials for a blogger… WC in BB terms – workout – center i think? It is where the bikes are

  63. @ Rene F…. You are absolutely right… Further more… CBS says it has had higher rating since Natalie has won HOH

  64. @ Leo……lets hope that Michelle doesnt go, just to make things interesting. LOL
    1. Kevin
    2. Michelle
    3. Jordan (or Natalie)
    I totally agree with you that Jordan didnt do much in the game, other than win POV. She is nice, but she isnt really playing the game. I thought that J/J were stupid when they messed with their plans for a final four. That was a dumb move on their part…and Russel didnt help his cause when he admitted to saying some of those things. LOL

  65. @74 Leo
    ooooh, Leo, giving out false information@!!

    NT isn’t the initials of the poster, it means No Text: see cut and paste from Jokers

    – NT means ‘No Text’ in the post body (one line subject only)

    Iam – Look at the very bottom of the Joker;s page.

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  67. Right…so if Kevin gets rid of Nataliar Nasty, then she will have her friends in the house (who are not really even her friends..she just doesn’t know it yet) not vote for him to get the $500k and he will only get 50k. But if he takes her with him, then her supposed friends (not)will vote for her to get the 500k and he will only get 50k. Is Kevin a complete idiot? What is he afraid of? Does he not see what she is doing? Dazzling him with bs and confusing him so that he doesn’t realize that he is screwed either way, according to her plan. Whereas against either Jordan or Michelle, he actually might win the 500k. What a complete nincompoop he is and after he gets out, hopefully someone will point it out to him and he can then kick himself in the a–.

  68. @ memy… Michelle unknowingly help K/N by lying on Russell to make sure J/J brought her to the Final 3 over Russell…. oops!!!

  69. @ Rene F….. That is what I was told when i asked those questions… Not false info…. I thought that is what is was ok?

  70. 79 Rene

    Laughing that DR kept telling Jeff to trust skanlalie , he did and got voted off .Now they lose half their audience , if they kept their mouth shut Jeff would still be here and ratings would still be up .Alison might be out of job for ratings decline.

  71. Thank you!
    I think jordan deserves to win. But i think Kevin played a better game. If Kevin makes it to the final two he wins. This years votes are probably going to be personal if j/n in f2 but if k/j or k/n in f2 kev wins btw jordan will probably win f2 against Natalie

  72. I dont understand the deal with people stop watching because Jesus uh um I mean jeff is gone. should the other HGs not have played the game and just let Jeff win.

    Russell was my fav from the start but i knew that there was a change he would be voted out and not make F2. True BB fans will continue to watch regardless.

    I just dont get it. Maybe i am just dense.

  73. Kevin just told Jordan that he is keeping her and evicting Michele. I am so sad for Michele. I’m going to spend the whole day voting for her to get the $25,000. I hope others will too! Michele deserves to win at least the $25K….for all the abuse she had to put up with on this show.

  74. @ Mike (#67)…..Although I liked Jeff, (and Kevin) since the beginning Im not going to stop watching BB because Jeff is gone. I have watched BB since season 1, and I have been upset at some of the actions, but I will still watch.Although this was not one of the best seasons, I think that we all will keep watching!
    @ Rene F & Leo agree with (# 79 & 81…except for the Natalie high ratings thing Leo…just….cant…stomach….it! tee hee!)

  75. @ Leo # 87….yes…ooops! I bet Michelle will be angry with herself after all of her slip-ups. She couldnt keep it all straight poor thing! LOL

  76. @ Everyone

    Natalie vs Jordan Final2

    * Natalie

    – Jesse (he is mad at nat, but he will give Natalie credit for LML and that is more than Jordan has done)
    – Kevin (if Natalie doesn’t screw him meaning Jordan won the final HOH
    – Lydia (she is mad at natalie, but I don’t think she likes Jordan)
    – Russell (he is mad at natalie about her age, but he will remember jordan’s chest bump and fare well message)

    * Jordan

    – America’s Vote
    – Jeff (need I say more)
    – Michelle (she hates Natalie)

    ******* What do you all think? *******

  77. @Leo
    I think what most of us are arguing here is the definition of “deserve”. DOes the best game player deserve to win or can it include other things? Yes, I believe Natalie is probably the best game player – anyone who can get this far being unliked and winning little is doing something “right.” However, many of us think of “deserving” as synonymous with “good person” which makes us rule her completely out, and piss us off (me included). Personally, I always want the “not nice” person to go unrewarded. But if the point of BB is to play dirty, she’s definitely played the game. I just have to hope she gets her Karma at another point. Like Maybe her boyfriend will run off with all her winnings!

  78. @ Blackgirl…. Wuz up? What do you think of my new song on post #15? Also will you answer questions in #69 &96? Thanks… how is your day going? Don’t forget to email me about Survivor ok?

  79. @ Rene F…. This isn’t who has the best morals game… Hmm hmm… Dan from last year or Evil Dick – Dr Will / Mike Boogie…. to name a few

  80. #90
    Is that a fact, BB actually told him to trust N&K? I never saw those feeds. If that’s true, and not more bull, it just proves my point that BB wasn’t helping Jeff as so many thought. If they do tell them things in DR I bet they’re just mesing with their heads, trying to drum up some drama. I’ve had friends that did that for the same reason.

  81. @ Leo…I agree with you on the whole morals thing….Dr. Will, Evil Dick, Dan? (remember Alison & Jun in their final two…the HG had to pick the lesser of 2 evils) However, this jury is feuled with personal vendettas! LOL Who knows how they will vote? Russel says that he would have given Jeff his vote (so did Jessie) Lydia wont, Jeff will vote personally, and I think that the next 2 HG in the jury will do the same. If America gets a vote, you know how that will go! (lol)

  82. @ memy… Dan from BB10 (Catholic School teacher0 that strung Keisha along and back stabbed her… back stabbed Ollie… back stabbed Jerry… back stabbed countless others last year!!!

  83. Blackgirl,
    You are not dense, you are mature. When I read the “I won’t watch anymore” I always get a vision of my 7 yr old cousin when she’d lose at Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders, “I quit! It’s not fair! I don’t wanna play any more!”

  84. Kevin told Michele he has chosen her for eviction. Michele said she has a great speech for him tonight that might just make him change his mind. Ya just gotta love that girl for fighting til the bitter end. I love her spunk!!

  85. @ Rene F… So true….

    If Jeff is evicted… i am not watching anymore… whaa whaa whaa

    If Michelle is evicted… i am not watching anymore…. whaa whaa whaa

    Next… if Jordan is evicted… i am not watching any more… whaa whaa whaa

  86. @ Leo….yeah….Dan I used to SCREAM at the tv! LOL I also wanted to pull my hair out with Allison & Jun. I actually Liked Evil Dick & Dr. Will. At least they would tell you to your face Im going to lie to you (Will) and Im going to be mean (Evil) LOL Natalie & Dan are alot alike! LOL

  87. Leo

    You have been on here since 12:56 pm. It is now 5:15. Let’s see….that’s how many hours………

  88. @ memy… Thank you… the best players in BB Histiry aren’t the so called good guys…

    Mike Boogie (BB 7 winner)
    Dr. Will (BB2 winner)
    Evil Dick (BB8 winner)
    Dan (BB10 winner)
    Memphis (BB 10 runner up)
    Adam (BB9 winner)
    Ryan (BB9 runner up)

  89. just wondering how do you get to read the what is said in the drs…and were do you fine their blogs…

  90. @Leo 103,
    Oh, but I thought you were. Now I’m crushed.

    RE99, I do realize this isn’t a morals game. But you can’t keep people from judging on morals if they’re so inclined. So even though I know Gnat should win BB, I can and will refuse to root for her. WIll I be surprised if she wins? No. But I can still think it sucks.

  91. @ Puckie… I love the way you keep track of my time… I am at work… i am posting from my cell phone which takes a whopping 30 seconds… can you help me remember to study for my test? Thanks lamo!!!

  92. I guess that there were people complaining & moaning on all sides this year! You cant please everyone!

  93. @ memy… this guy Puckie is a joke… I think he wants to be my personal assistant… Interview him for me ok? thanks!!!

  94. Matt:

    Thought this was a place to talk about Big Brother…not to be used as a personal soapbox by whomever for whatever…..

  95. #113 Pam
    That’s what I’d like to know. The DR is one place that we are rarely privy to except for the televised clips. If the HGs start to talk about it on live feeds they are quickly told to shut up. SO I don’t know how Mike (90) can say that.

  96. @ Rene F… this guy Puckie is a joke… I think he wants to be my personal assistant… Interview him for me ok? thanks!!!

  97. @ Puckie…..
    Obviously matt doesn’t feel I am a problem…. Furthermore, i bring more to the table than most….. M aybe you can answer the many game related questions….

    1) Who deserves to win more? be honest

    Kevin / Jordan

    Kevin has won comps and is a better player. Am I wrong?

    Natalie / Jordan

    Natalie is still here because she is a better player and her LML kept her in the game. it persuaded J/J to turn on Russell and even had J/J wanting to take her to the Final 3 instead of Michelle

    Kevin / Natalie

    Kevin has won comps and is a better player. Am I wrong?

    2) Do you honestly believe Jordan deserves to win more than natalie/

    Won an HOH
    is part of the reason jesse was brought back
    here LML changed the game for her
    She alligned with the right people (jesse / Kevin) to get this far

    She alligned with jeff
    jeff gave her the HOH
    She won POV (Even Michelle thinks she copied her)
    She has finished in last place in the last 3 comps (Yes she was last with the tie braker as well

    3) Jeff . Jordan were going to take natalie to the Final 3 instead of Michelle because they wanted to bring the weaker player. the Michelle fans weren’t screaming foul then. That is exaclty what Kevin and natalie are doing right?

    4) *** People weren’t outreaged when J/J were going to take natalie to the Final 3 instead of Michelle… Now they are mad because K/n are doing it? What hypocrites!!! ***

    5) Are you capable of answering questions?

    ***** if anyone else wants to answer these game related questions, please do so ok?

  98. @Leo
    I think Puckie is more into you than BB. Should I complain to Matt that Puckie is posting more about you than the show?

  99. @ Leo…I agree with you, all “so called” good guys havent won BB! Dr. Will & Evil Dick were sometimes fun to watch I actually rooted for Evil D. Natalie has a few qualities that are a bit annoying to alot of people. (similar to Dan, and Jun) Maybe thats what the issue is with her?

  100. live feeds update
    Michelle sounded like she was crying her eyes out, but when I looked closely, I think she’s just terribly stuffed up. That’s all we need in the house is H1N1.

  101. I am not great on the computer but I have heard them talk about Alison and I have tried every tab on this website and can’t find it and they the HGs say that they blog everyday….didn’t know if Mike was feeding us bull or if there was a sight

  102. Leo – I don’t remember Jordan winning the POV. I knew she won the luxury competition and that’s about it. I know Michelle won the POVs.

  103. Oh, crap, now I’m sick. CHekced live feeds and it seems that Gnat is shaving you know where. Seems like the thing to do before live tv, right?

  104. @ Arizona2…. I like you too… Are you going to join my Survivor Samoa Blog/

    @ Memy…. that is my point…. People who try to be good guys never win because you have to step on toes and back stab to win… Even mr. & Mrs. Good guys Jeff / Jordan backstabbed Russell and then were going to throw Michelle under the bus until she won the POV!!! ooooops!!!

  105. @Leo – We’ll see about the Survivor Samoa…I am usually on other channels watching other programs when that comes on. Maybe I will have to give it a try this year.

  106. @ Arizona2 # 127 Jordan won the POV it was answering questions true or false. Jordan & Michelle were the last 2 standing

  107. @133 – Like I said I don’t remember that one. Do you know who was on the block at that time?

  108. @ meme….. Guess what?

    You should be on my Survivor Samoa blog too…. I don’t need a bunch of people agree with me!!!

  109. #127 Pam, is there a way to blog without a computer or other wifi method? No way BB is going to let them have contact with the outside world.

  110. @Leo
    You know i agree with you on most things :)
    But BB is indeed a game about morals. That is the whole premise of the show!
    Would you give up your morals to win the money.
    Original BB was a socialogical experiment to see how far people would go (backstab friends, lie) to win. Yes, it was turned into a game but a game that still involves right and wrong. Just so happens that in the case of BB11…wrong won!

  111. @ Rene F… You can do it from your cell phone ok?

    @ cat… name one BB winner that hasn;t compromised their morals by lying, backstabbing to win… name 1 BB players who has one with being a good guy 100% of the time please? Thanks!!!

  112. @ Everyone…. name one BB winner that hasn;t compromised their morals by lying, backstabbing to win… name 1 BB players who has one with being a good guy 100% of the time please? Thanks!!!

  113. @140 Cat

    That doesn’t sound logical. These people aren’t really friends, are they? And given that they come into it knowing it eventually comes down to “look out for #1”, it gives them that license to play dirty. Not much of a psychological experiment.

  114. @ Rene F… Who? I was talking about you… Not the HG’s ok? I must have misread your post… My bad!!!

  115. @ Leo…I think that I will watch Survivor this year! (Its been awhile,) LOL I would be on your blog! We can agree to disagree, or disagree without any issues!

  116. You scared me, Leo. I thought you’d either completely lost it, or I missed the whole point of being locked up in a house. I was responding to #113 who said the HGs blog every day.

  117. @ Arizona2…..LOL I think that she finally managed to remember something, and Michelle may have been stressed out!

  118. @Leo
    You are right :) There are no BB players that have kept their morals and won! What does that say about society in general…that they would do ANYTHING for money.
    Im not saying that there has been any moral winners; i just wanted to point out to you that originally BB was a morals test.
    I guess we all failed :)

  119. @ Leo & Renee F. I think that the HOH blogs during their time, right? I am on fb, and BB has a page, and all HOH blogged there

  120. @ Gooz… let me count the ways…

    * She backstabbed Chima eevn though Chima protected her

    * She back stabbed Russell to J/J and that helped N/K with their LML

    * She back stabbed Jesse when he was no longer HOH

    * She backstabbed J/J when kevin won the HOH

    * She backstabbed Jiordan when Kevin won the POV

    *need i say more?

  121. @ Arizona2 # 154….yes, sadly you are right. LOL I want to think that she is hiding her “smarts” but hell, she couldnt tell time! LOL She still seems like a nice person though!

  122. @ Leo – I see you have attracted a stalker…Puckie. He’s been following you since 12:56pm…LOL

    @everyone – Yeah!!! It’s Tuesday…The HGs don’t get to sleep all day today. Looks like Michele is headed to the JH :(

    I don’t get why Kev allows Nasty to manipulate him to better “her” game…In my opinion, this is the time to play for yourself, and he is just not steppin’ up to the plate…IT PAINS me to say it, but at this point, Nasty is the only one who gets that. It makes me sick to think about it, but if she successfully gets both Kev and Jordo to throw comps at this stage of the game…That biznatch just may win the game, but ONLY if the JH votes on game play.

    I was a Jeff fan, not a Jordo fan, but since Kev seems afraid to play the game for himself and Nasty thinks she’s got in the bag, and they both think that Jordo is dumb enough to fall for anything they throw at her (ok, they have a point there), It would serve them right if Jordo doesn’t throw the comp and luck into a win. BB really needs to come up with new and different comps, especially at this stage.

  123. @Rene F. Im not sure….I know that I am a fan of BB on fb, and Kevins blog was on there….(reeeeeally long…LOL) Jessie’s was also on there. I think that Russel talked about it before. They cant get incoming comments, can just blog

  124. @ FedUp…. Did you get my email?

    @ Sservie… Did you get my email?

    @ Everyone… I have to get ready for class and take a test for my “Drugs in the Community” Class… Wish me luck…. I will be back later….

  125. I checked out Facebook, no sign of any HGs blogging on a BB page. Still can’t beleive BB would allow them access to something like that. If someone knows different, I’d appreciate directions on finding it, as would Pam.

  126. ******* NBK ~ N/K Final 2 *******

    ;) :) :D :P Sing~a~long everyone :P :D :) ;)

    NBK is in the house ~ NBK is in the house

    so get down tonight ~ get down tonight!!!

    NBK is in the house ~ NBK is in the house

    so get down tonight ~ get down tonight!!!

    kevin is going to win BB11 – nat will finish 2nd – so get down tonight – get down tonight

    michelle is going bye bye – Jordan is believing Kevins last lie – get down tonight – get down tonight

    NBK is in the house ~ NBK is in the house

    so get down tonight ~ get down tonight!!!

    NBK is in the house ~ NBK is in the house

    so get down tonight ~ get down tonight!!!

  127. @ Rene F Its a fan page on fb Big Brother Network. Natalies Blog is on there. Seriously, not making it up

  128. @anyone on this site: is tonights special epsiode still at 9 pm eastern time? or did they push it up to 8 pm. please answer lol :) thanx!

  129. @ KK… I know now….

    ***** Spoiler ~ Alert *****

    I, Leo have been wrong before, i was wrong about Jokers, i will be wrong again… Don’t be sad FedUp / cat / Sservie… it is true… I am not perfect!!!

    @ FedUp….. Will you post your answers to all my questions (#96 & #690 and what you think about my song #15 on here> Thanks!!!

  130. @memy #176…Thank you

    @Rene F – Nasty’s blog is also on Jokers

    @Leo – Just because you have to go to class doesn’t mean you can hand out assignments…Shouldn’t you be in class?

  131. @ Analaigh….. How about a friendly wager….. If Jordan wins, i will call you the BB Expert… if not, you call me it… Deal?

    ***** Spolier ~ Alert *****

    last night 2 11:46 PM BBT – Jordan told Kevin she would throw today’s comp to him when he gives her the look… oooops!!!

    @ Naomi… Can you read? If you can, you can see that I don’t copy and paste because the lyrics are not the same!!!!!

  132. @ FedUp… No email yet…

    @ Memy… I replied to you email….

    @ everyone… i will be back later to gloat NBK’s victory ok? Enjoy the show tonight!!!

  133. ***** Leo is leaving the blog site *****

    @ FedUp… No email yet…

    @ Memy… I replied to you email….

    @ everyone… i will be back later to celebrate NBK’s victory ok? Enjoy the show tonight!!!

  134. Hate that Michele is going and is crying right now, but love that she is waring her devil horns to the eviction…

  135. wow i dunno if you covered this already but i did not know that the DR tells people to change their mind on who to get out. i dont think thats fair at all

    At 1:47am BBT, Kevin tells Nat that production tried to get Kevin to keep Michele (instead of Jordan) and that he feels he was “raped” in the D.R.

    Kevin: “I just got raped in the D.R., I need some support! Nothin’ is changing. Stop trippin. Now, are you entertaining thoughts they told you about?”
    Natalie: “No! I shut’em down immediately!”

  136. found the blogs….thanks memy….your great…do they keep all of the blogs like Jeffs and Russells…

  137. #207 Pam

    They’re all there starting with the most recent, Nat, and continue on down from there.

  138. Kevin didn’t find any inner strength to oppose the
    Evil Natalie.

    So sad …………………… Dr. Michele to the Jury House.

    I hope Jordan wins and takes Natalie to the F2.


  139. @Leo #122- My answers to your questions:

    1) If Michele stays (I know it’s highly unlikely), she is my pick to win. Of the three left, Nasty Nat (I just gagged….YUCK!!)

    2) I don’t think Jordo will win the 500K against anyone…that’s why she’s still in the house.

    Nasty will get more votes than Kev…Since he’s obviously not taking Michele, the smart move would be to take Jordo to F2.

    3) and 4) J/J taking Nasty to F3 over Michelle would be the same if it was a strategic decision, but not only was it a personal decision, it was a seed of deception planted by K/N. Jeff was paranoid and Jordo was looking at Nasty as a girlfriend vs a competitor.

    5) AS you can see, I haven’t an answer or an opinion ;)

  140. #211 – When I picked Nasty to win, it is purely based on who made the best strategic decisions and moves. My personal pick between J/K/N is Kevin because I like him best out of the three, and he is a better player than Jordo.

  141. alright everyone time to get a bucket and a towel one to catch tears the other to wipe them away cause chele is gone jordough next then kev nasty nat wins and offically got bb canceled because it sucked after having all-time high in ratings they couldn’t figure out how to jeff he should have been the twist but the best they could come up with is a bread tie engagment and nats fiance must have rode the short bus cause who would want to marry that

  142. I’m not sure about outright rigging, but I do think Big Brother heavily tries to influence in the DR. Hope Kevin makes up his own mind.

  143. @leo: you’re on lol. michele will be elaving tonight and followed by natalie after that. aha hope the door hits natalie on the way out!

  144. #170 arizona2

    Calling Michele a “CRYBABY.”
    There is sensible crying such as Michele’s, stupid crying and wacko crying.

    Put Natalie at the Top of the
    List, for now.

    Natalie the WHINER and CRYBABY crying over Jessie and Chima.
    Crying over Lydia getting close to Jessie. LOL! WACKO!

    Jordan crying when Jeff left. Sensible.

    And last and coming soon:

  145. @Midwest Fan #216 – Makes you wonder, “What is it about Nasty that has Kevin stuck on stupid?” doesn’t it. I don’t get it…He seems so in tuned to what she is really about when he’s alone and even when he is “fake” game talking with J/M. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I need something to turn this game to a new direction…THINK KEV…THINK!!!

  146. LEO you are truly as disgusting and vile as Nasty Gnat…get a life dude you’re probably unemployed and on welfare and hatin on good people who actually work hard and honest to EARN their place or status in life!!!!

  147. Joker’s Updates:

    “Natalie called to the DR – and clacks by Michele.”


    La, la, la …
    Her comes the Bride ……… clack, clack, clack ……..
    All Dressed ……………….. clack, clack, clack …………

  148. Kevin is smart I’m thinking he’s afraid of Nasty Gnat’s wrath if he sends her to the jury…a little wimpy don’t u think??!! He surely sees her true colors, so one can only speculate on his loyalty to her.

  149. fedup

    Is there any hope?
    Could Kevin be playing Natalie and attempting to prevent a
    scene BEFORE he selects Michele to stay?

    Nice thought but so unlikely from BB11.
    It would provide a TWIST but …………… I’m no longer hopeful.

    Hope Michele wins the $25K …….. again most probably not
    going to happen. Sigh.

  150. Why do you all like Jeff ??/ his looks ??.. He messed up and backdoored Russ. He then started acting like Chima and Jessie bulling people and using the F bomb in every sentence… ah but they edited that Sh#$%%^T out ..uhm … no Jeff was the fan favorite until we saw his true colors. No we don’t want Jeff back .. he was cute until he opened his mouth LOL … Kevin is funny … Biz natch .. to funny.
    And all this talk about Kevin cheating – has anybody actually seen this? or did someone just start the rumor … Don’t you think BB knows everyhing that is going on? lol
    I can only hope Kevin takes Michele with him but I doubt he will do that cause he doesn’t trust Michle {sigh}
    BTY my friend finally convinced me to watch BB – This is my first year and I love It!!! will be watching next year!

  151. #220 Sharon

    Kevin needs TO THINK because he wouldn’t be sending
    Natalie to the jury House where she could do any verbal damage.

    She will be sent to a hotel and be kept apart from the others.

  152. How many total lies has nasty told that we know of??. Has big brother producers and team have any Idea??

  153. 45 more minutes (east coast)’till michele’s eviction (should be natalie getting the boot). jordan and kevin for final 2!!!

  154. Omg tonight is the NIGHT lol it istrue but so cheesy to say but I hope Michelle stays and won’t get evicted Im sorry but although Jordan is sweet she needs to go Home.In addition I read that Kevin might have cheated or seen the questions on the VETO comp. is this true ? And if so they should do somethimg about it that is not fair I am crosing my fingers so that Michelle is saved =).

  155. It just came to me…Forget Pandora’s Box…America’s Player would have made this game much more interesting during Nasty’s HOH reign.

    Another thought, I know that getting the biggest threats out in order to make it to the end is the game, but just once, wouldn’t it be awesome to have the actual “top dogs” in the F4, especially the F3, and a “real” fight til the end? I mean, really…In the endurance comps, J/K/N are on an even playing field, yet there is this ridiculous talk of throwing the comp….How disappointing. What do we have to look forward to?

  156. she still at some point gets to mull over the game with the
    Anyhow she is poison any time with the others however minimal she WILL try to sabotage him because knowing her she will hold a huge vendetta against Kev should he keep Michelle. I am rooting for her ultimate eviction hope it happens!!!

  157. Im so tired of Gnatalie. Anyone can win but her and I’ll be happy. Everytime she speaks its like an annoying bug in my ear. The game has gotten so boring anyway ever since Russell and Jeff left. I didnt like either of them but at least they made it interesting.

  158. Hey guys! Did anything interesting happen today on the feeds? I am hoping Kevin evicts Jordan and teams up with Michelle.

    Leo – What’s up?? Have you missed me?

  159. Nasty and who took turns sleeping with jessie. Has anyone checked on nastys police record. Any outstanding warrants on her.

  160. @ Bill: LOL! I thought she had a boyfriend. I’ve gotta see this guy. And know what he thought about Jessie and his woman.

  161. i will be sad if michelle leaves to nite. i think she played the game harder than anyone else in the house. i believe that gnat will try to backdoor kevin if she get the chance to. she really doesnt have the votes to win.

  162. Kev is overestimating Nasty’s influence over the JH. Her biggest ally has been expelled, and well, Jesse is so loyal to her that he’s told everyone who will listen her secrets. On the outside, she is just like everyone else. They all arrived before her and have had an opportunity to bond…I doubt if Jesse cares that Kev evicted her, he’s all about who played the game better, not who hurt her feelings…Jordo’s not yappin’ in his ear and his head is clear, so Jeff will not be swayed by her, besides he’ll vote for Jordo in the F2…Lydia can’t stand Nat and will do her own thing (or Jesse’s thing) LOL!…Russell votes for the best game player…Michele can’t stand Nat. Jordo has been told by Jeff not to trust Nasty, and if anyone can change her vote in the JH it’s Jeff. That only leaves Kev.

    Hey Kevin…Forget about Nasty’s threats…She doesn’t have any clout! Take whoever you want to F3 and F2!!

  163. I think we all need to face the facts that Michelle is probably leaving in about an hour and a half.

  164. I love how Natalie comments on her blog that Jordan’s not that smart (but still likes her), yet Natalie misspells words left and right. LOL

    nieve (naive) and weather (whether)

    those who live in glasses houses…

  165. @leo
    can you sing a song with me?

    Neoooo he’s a neo phite
    Neoooo he really likes to fight
    Neoooo is very seldom right but
    Neoooo your still my shining light!!!

    Neo oh Neo oh Neo oh Neo
    you need a wife, who treats you right
    and will looooovvvvveeee the Diamond
    Veto all night!!!!

  166. I’m hoping that if enough people called and asked for a redo that they will do it. They have to at least check it out and make sure there was no cheating or technical difficulties. I am going to be more bummed about Michelle going to jh then I was about Russ!

  167. It would sure be nice not to have such a predictable outcome. At this point, Kevin knows he can beat both Natalie and Jordan and Michelle is the stronger candidate to beat him. He holds all the power. I wish it wasn’t so, so predictable.
    I loved all the drama and suprises but, not sure there is anymore to come. Loved the Pandora’s box…..that was fun. Hope they come up with more before the last two shows. Otherwise, boring, boring and boring.
    Please……….do something. Even a suprise visit from Evil Dick would make it worth watching.

  168. @scot # 235 – wishful thinking. Things like this (technical problems) have happened in the past and nothing has been redone.

    Sunday’s broadcast was suppose to be something else, but BB changed it at the last minute to get in Natalie’s beautiful proposal… or should I say beautifully scripted proposal. I think BB is trying to make Natalie look very good to BB fans who are tv-viewers only.

    I think Natalie will get a LOT of votes for the $25K (which voting ends tomorrow) because of that proposal stunt.

  169. @Ashley…I was curious and couldn’t resist…I called and respectfully gave my opinion.

    @Scot…a new POV would be nice. They certainly have valid reasons. Unfortunately for him, Kevin stated his advantage so that viewers could hear a little, and although the feeds cut to fish, BB most certainly heard all of the details. If there is not a new POV, Kev’s game (and win if he makes it that far) will always be tarnished by the integrity of his POV win.

  170. i am just sad
    even though it was easy to figer out Kevin would not choose Michelle because he know she can beat him.

  171. @Randie – I know it sucks!!! I wish america had a hand in who gets to final 2 because i think it would overwhelmingly go to Michelle. I still have a slight glimmer of hope that Kev will do the right thing and evict jordan.

  172. Ashley,
    I called yesterday and left a message.

    #254 Go Jordan
    Why do you think Natalie will get Fan Favorite Votes
    for the Engagement?
    She didn’t set it up and then she acted like an
    emotionless robot.

  173. I am a BB fan its time now to look at it this way if Michelle is voted out I will cheer for Jordon then if she is voted out I will cheer for Kevin and then I will pull the plug.

  174. @Leo – Pay attention…Then, you might not be bored :)

    @ Go Jordan – Technical difficulties and actually seeing the questions before the comp are two very different things.

  175. @Midwest Fan, I agree. I don’t think Nat will have many votes at all for the $25,000. I don’t know anyone who likes her.

  176. Goto Blog
    Let’s Try America’s VOICE!

    Everything I wrote along with Lisa and Jason
    and some other peeps wrote on the positive of
    the BB show has been deleted. Start reading @22
    and you will see only the negative remarks about
    Natalie and Kevin remained. So this is proof that the reason this sight is so PRO J/J
    and against Natalie and Kevin is because anything nice
    written about them gets deleted.

    Go and read the BB Blog on Let’s Try America’s VOICE!
    Starting at comment #22 which was supposed to be
    Mike Moore and beyond.

  177. @ Sharon….. you are pobably an unemploye edneck living trough Jordan / Michelle and are mad they are gone…… I have bought up many valid points and If airheads like you don’t like the validity of them get over it ok?

  178. @ Go Jordan – I’m pretty sure Nasty’s engagement isn’t going to effect America’s vote…She is not likeable period.

  179. Randie, I hope CBS dont pull the plug! BB has the best ratings ever this season. I don’t think Nat will win in final 2 against Jordo or Kevin. People in the jh, even Jessie, has turned against her.

  180. @Bill…Hilarious, I LOVE Gordon Ramsey!!!!

    @All for Michele or against Nasty

    Got to go…See ya after BB!

  181. Leo – good luck on your test and we will keep you informed when something happens!! LOL for your comeback remark.

  182. @ x-rev….. Nice song

    @ Midwest / Ashley / FedUp / Everyone…. I am starting my text… cross yor fingers… I am not coming on again until after I et home to watch the show again… Enjoy the show ok? Go NBK – N/K Final 2!!!

  183. I just read Natlalie’s blog–she is really delusional–does she really think that she has all these fans and supporters—she has no idea how much she is hated–so much more than Jessie. She is the evil one who goes far beyond the game to deeply hurt people. She must be the same outside the game–just terrible; she sure did not make her Dad proud.
    And if she is so smart, she should learn how to spell surely

  184. NT-no text (see bottom of Jokers Updates site)
    WC-water closet (old english term for bathroom)
    @ Arizona 2- You must have watched a different POV comp when Jordan won. She got every question right (w/o a calendar like several of the others)and out-mentaled Dr. Michelle on the tie breaker. She had a solid 2nd on the HOH win and could have got the HOH from Lydia as second place and Jeff wouldn,t have taken it from her.

  185. “BB has the best ratings ever this season.”
    IIRC, BIg Brother 4 had viewers closer to 11,000,000 at its peak. Considering launch night had about 6.5 mil, I highly, HIGHLY doubt BB11 has the best ratings ever. But I will admit the ratings have been good.

  186. @ Leo, Totally agree with you!!

    I’ve been reading all the comments that people have been writing on here and you’re the only one who actually gets this game! It’s just a game and lying, cheating, and backstabbing are part of it.

    I don’t remember anyone ever wining BB purely on honesty.

    Even though Michelle played a good game, she will probably be evicted tonight. Jordan hasn’t done anything in this game.

  187. nataliie you suck.i hope kevin sticks it to her tonight.i wish kevin would stand up for what he feels is right for him to win instead of for a person who will stick it him next week.kevin is for all the bad people in the home.kevin could turn this house upside down tonight.but its all for ratalie a loser.

  188. Jordan has done more than 10 other people in the game. She made it to the final 3 if everything goes as predicted tonight. Later! After the show! GO JORDO!!!!!

  189. go jordan. good luck michele you need it tonight.come on kevin turn the house upside down.natalie calls michele evil natalie should look in mirror instead of picking her nose and eating it.

  190. I am so frustrated that Kevin and Nasty are probably going to be in the final two, yuck! But when people say BB screwed up with casting I have to disagree. They found one of the most compelling HGs in Jeff. All the HGs made for some excellent drama. I for one will watch to the end (but not BBAD-its too boring now), because I love this game!

  191. TJ there is actually 3 people watching BB. that is us. and yes I think Jeff took the other 12 million viewers with him to the house with him because i do not if you have notice but the world revolves around Jeff

  192. I’m going to miss Michele. I hate those two and I hate that being that nasty and cruel is what wins over being a smart player.

  193. @289 – ED won on pure unbridaled honesty. He was a douche about it, but it got him $500k. He told people what he thought and called people out to their faces. When he figured something out, he let the whole house know. He was aligned with his daughter, but everyone knew that and it wasn’t a secret. Honesty can win in the BB house, it just takes being fearless about it. Daring people to try to get you out.

  194. I have to admit that these last few weeks, BB/cbs seem to have misled or overstated what was to come. Could it be that Chima threats have scared them into playing a more straight forward game and any “twist” that they had planned got canned. But at least they can say that there was one big twist… but its on nats finger. hehe

  195. Pandora’s Box They really thought that one out for along time. I will not be watching #12>. Floaters win Boring. Name should be Changed to “Big Backstabber” . It Really shows how low people will go for money. The house is following a pre determine script lol

  196. I don’t have the live feed so, as soon as someone wins please post it. I really hope Kevin and Jordon go to the final 2. I can’t stand Natalie and I DEFINITELY don’t want her to win. I know a lot of people don’t like Kevin but, to me, he’s a likable guy. Out of the 3 left he deserves to win. Jordon is nice but, has floated her way through the game doing really nothing. She doesn’t deserve to win. Unfortunately, I can’t see Jordon winning the endurance competitions.

  197. jeff and russell made this game.jeff had to change biggest mistake he could have made. keep kevin before lydia and keeping natalie instead of russell he screwed this game up.

  198. Go Jordan!!… i dont want the no shower takin tomboy looking ugly butt smart wanna be of RATALY! to win…oh godddd the girl discusme..
    even if Kevin wins im cool w it but pleaseeee dont take the trash looking girl to f2.

  199. Jordan is in better shape than the slugs. They haven’t worked out at all. Jordan has been walking every day. I just hope she doesn’t let go of her key to fix her hair or something. Gnat was already struggling before the show went off prime time. Her nasty way of walking and her height will doom her in the part 1 comp.(she has to take more steps because she’s short) She will fall off and act like she did it on purpose to help whoever eventually wins it. She will say she could have won it if she wanted too. GO JORDAN!!!!

  200. @wow – you can’t imply that this is the only season with backstabbing. Whatever! Every season has a lot of backstabbing. The greatest player ever in Dr. Will was the master of puppetry and BACKSTABBING. Jason in 3 BSed Marcellas. All the houseguests in 5 backstabbed Jace. Jennifer in 6 backstabbed Kaysar. Don’t get me started on the amount of backstabbing in 4. It’s a part of the game. Shifty things will happen. And floaters make the game interesting. We don’t like them but not knowing what someone will do makes for exciting gameplay. So saying you’ll not watch 12 is far fetched.

    And they did cast this house really well. They had all the twists planned out. It wasn’t staged. Jeff won CDT because America wanted him to. CDT was planned beforehand as a twist. BOO FRIGGIN’ HOO to all you NBK fans. Chima’s HoH was taken from her because America couldn’t stand her, and they couldn’t sit by and watch Nerd Herd 2 bully people in the house. Casting was fine. It made for drama and interesting interactions. It’s sucked how things have gone down, but it’s the game. Our favorites have just GOT…GOT. Nothing to be done about it. It doesn’t mean we will stop watching. People who say they won’t watch BB are lying to themselves.

  201. Natalie is sooo disgusting. Kevin needs to stop worring about jury house votes. After the rest of them see the tapes of her dirty ways no one will vote for her. Not to mention that the HG’s don’t know that America gets Chima’s vote. So vote Natalie out!! Fry the Bitch!!

  202. I am glad to see Natalie getting a little shower in the comp.! Maybe for snow they’ll use a little ground up soap!

  203. Has anyone found out why Jeff did’nt get any parting words from the other HG’s when he was evicted? I noticed Michell did.

  204. While I’m on a Gnatalie bashing spree,did you notice the two plates of Sushi in PB. With only 5 min (+ an added 15 min) that was not enough time to dine on Sushi. I think the Sushi was to cover up Gnats smell so the “BF” wouldn’t know she smelled like TOONA.

  205. I think Natalie is so disgusting she plays the game like a kid cheating on an exam in school she is like a person lost at sea with a group of people on a life boat with a cell phone that has one bar of energy that is about to die and one call left she would call her boy friend instead of the coast guard

  206. @ Matt..THANKS FOR THE GREAT POSTS !!!!It has been a pleaser writing my blogs. I really hope that you will do the same for the next season. You know how to handle all the rude people. It’s too bad they don’t know how to post a decent blog, isn’t it ??? Anyway MANY THANKS FOR A JOB WELL DONE…

  207. Joker’s Update

    Natalie has both hands at the top of the key which Joker
    states is not allowed.


  208. Joker is now stating that Natalie’s hands were not
    in the correct place on her key but the moderators have
    removed Joker’s comment. As usual.


  209. Where is Natalie’s ATHLETIC STAMINA?
    She never worked out in the BB House.
    Her bronze medal was something like 7 or 8 years ago,
    so she must have packed it all in after winning her
    Bronze in the Junior Olympics.

    Didn’t have it in her to continue and go on into the
    Adult Class.

  210. The site is crashing from overload.

    While I’m here, thanks to all for a great time and
    the interesting comments.
    It has been fun. Summer fun.

    Leo, best wishes on your Survivor Site.
    I may take a peak.
    Survivor is a nice escape during a busy time for me
    and I enjoy watching it but
    I will probably not have much time for blogging.

    Needed elsewhere…. BIG TIME!

    Again, sending Good Wishes to all.
    Thanks for the pleasure of your company.

  211. I am really disappointed with this year’s BB seems like they had it all planned and knew who the winner was going to be!! I think it has been rigged….it is NOT possible for Nat. to go this far without help????????? Don’t think I will watch next year when they take out all the “good players”.

  212. Midwest fan- I have enjoyed it hope to chat on the survivor site.
    Matt- I too have really enjoyed the site. This is my first time ever doing this. It’s been a blast! (Even when things haven’t gone good for my guys and when my comments had to await moderation at times.

  213. I hate natalie!!! I know she won’t win the game since the players in the jury house know shes a liar. I ultimately want Jordan to win because she is a sweet girl. I mean how can’t you want a cute and innocent girl to win.

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