Big Brother 11: Final HoH Competition Part 1 – Endurance Results

Update: The first HG has fallen after nearly 4 hours. Scroll down to see what happened at just before 10:30 PM BBT…

Update 2: That’s game, folks. Round 1 has a winner, read on to find out who. Round 2 should be Wednesday, so stick to your live feeds to see the results.

Tonight’s Big Brother 11 Head of Household competition is the first part of a 3-round battle where the remaining 3 HGs, Kevin, Natalie, and Jordan, must see who can hang on the longest to move on to the 3rd Round in this last HoH comp.

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Big Brother 11 Final HoH Endurance Competition updates:

7:25 BBT Live Feeds just came on. All 3 HGs remain…

7:30 BBT – Sounds like Big Brother just turned up the fans for high-speed wind!

7:35 BBT – Fans are still blowing. Mostly quiet as the HGs continue to hang on.

7:40 BBT – The rain stops, but this looks miserable. I want to know how long they end up walking because they’re going to get tired fast!

7:42 BBT – Natalie tries to make up a lame lie about Michele wanting to be alone with Jeff in the Jury House. Jordan laughs at her and tells her she’s an instigator. Jordan tells Kevin his clothes and the way he walks makes him look like an old man!

7:45 BBT – Big Brother throws the brakes on the log and Kevin shouts out in surprise. This little move almost dumps Kevin and Natalie. The rain starts up again.

7:47 BBT – Kevin thinks the logroll is broke because it feels like it keeps trying to move but doesn’t. Natalie says it isn’t broken. Sure enough the log starts rolling, but now the HGs must walk backward.

7:50 BBT – The rain is back, but then stops again. All are quiet as they keep walking.

7:55 BBT – The log is still as the HGs wait for what’s next. All 3 remain.

8:00 BBT – Kevin asks when do they get the summer season weather in the competition.

8:05 BBT – The rain returns and the log is rolling in reverse so the HGs, all 3, are walking backward slowly. Come on Big Brother! Make that thing run!

8:10 BBT – “What the hell is that?!” yells Kevin as BB starts throwing ice at them! Kevin only has one hand on his key so he can block the chips from his face.

8:15 BBT – All 3 remain. Log is rolling, but no ice/rain now.

8:20 BBT – The rains starts up again and the log is rolling fast! Really fast. Looks like Jordan is walking way too close to the front of the log. Natalie has a better position.

8:23 BBT – This is intense! BB keeps switching directions quickly. Kevin nearly fell!

8:25 BBT – Natalie nearly tumbled as the log slowed to a stop. Rolling again, but all hang on.

8:30 BBT – Kevin, Natalie, and Jordan still hanging on. Rain has stopped, but log is still rolling. And here comes the rain again…

8:35 BBT – All 3 remain, but BB is almost catching Natalie as she is stumbling between the direction changes.

8:40 BBT – The log continues to quickly switch directions. Rain is pouring down hard now. Kevin nearly falls as BB suddenly stops and restarts the log.

8:45 BBT – Big Brother is really messing with them using constant start/stops and reverses. This looks miserable and brutal.

8:50 BBT – Everyone still hanging on somehow. Impressive bunch!

8:55 BBT – The rain is coming down really heavy as the log continues to roll. All 3 remain.

9:00 BBT – Live Feeds return and Big Brother gives us a very cinematic entrance from the HoH logo around to all 3 HGs still running along on the log. They’ve got to be getting tired after several nearly non-stop hours of speed-walking.

9:05 BBT – The log stops, but the wind and ‘ice’ (whatever the matter is) starts up again. They try to cover their face while still holding on.

9:10 BBT – The log is still not moving and now the wind/ice has stopped as well. Natalie chatting about almost falling. No one seems to be going anywhere anytime soon. Heh, Natalie is passing out Mentos.

9:15 BBT – Kevin breaks out a PowerBar. Natalie wants some and he passes it over. They’re scared that BB will start again it as soon as they go to take a bite.

9:20 BBT – Kevin complaining about the temperature of the rain (very cold). Natalie chimes in that she had ice thrown at her. Natalie says that this could be over quickly if people would stop to fall, but not her, of course.

9:25 BBT – Lots of wind and leaves now, but still no one trying to make a deal.

9:30 BBT – All is quiet. Has the log stopped working? Things tend to break after a few hours of these competitions so maybe… The rain starts again but still no rolling log. Now there it goes. The log is rolling again. Phew!

9:35 BBT – After a few rounds of back and forth the log has stopped again. All 3 HGs remain and await the next surprise on the log.

9:43 BBT – The rain is really pouring as BB is laying on the tricks. The log is switching back and forth quickly as the HGs try to retain their footing. All 3 remain. Kevin has his eyes closed, perhaps to help focus.

9:50 BBT – Very rapid direction changing going on. I’m really impressed that they’re keeping up and not falling. This looks really difficult.

9:55 BBT – The log continues to clank and roll (sounds like the smoke monster from ‘LOST’!), but everyone still hangs on. The rain starts up again and the HGs shudder.

10:00 BBT – Natalie tries to talk Jordan and Kevin into dropping, but Kevin says he’s going until the sun rises. Natalie says she’ll go longer than that. Jordan stays quiet.

10:05 BBT – Big shivers can be heard as the rain stops. Big Brother cranks up the high-speed fans now. They must be freezing!

10:10 BBT – The fans slow to a stop, but then the log starts rolling again as the rain trickles back in. All 3 HGs remain.

10:15 BBT – Everything is quiet again. The rain and log rolling have both stopped.

10:20 BBT – Jordan asks who wants to play Paper, Rock, Scissors to see who will drop first.

10:25 BBT – Natalie is really shivering. Camera keeps zooming in on her shaking hands. I imagine they’re all very, very cold and tired right now. The rain is coming down very heavy now.

10:28 BBT JORDAN FELL!! Kevin and Natalie remain. Kevin still telling Natalie he’ll go all night. She responds that she can go all day. Maybe Kevin isn’t trusting Natalie too much. Natalie tells Kevin she’s not cold.

10:32 BBT – As soon as Jordan goes inside Natalie and Kevin start making deals. Natalie is preparing to drop. She keeps making him swear that he’ll take her to the F2. Now Natalie wants 15 minutes. Kevin says 10 mins because his testicles have pulled up into his body. Natalie says hers haven’t (!).

10:40 BBT – Kevin and Natalie chatting about how their plans have all worked. Natalie still getting ready to drop so Kevin can win Round 1 and she’ll take on Jordan in Round 2.

10:48 BBT – Live Feeds are back and both Natalie and Kevin are still running on the log. Did BB talk her out of quitting the comp?

10:50 BBT – Jordan has returned to the backyard. Hmm, I thought Natalie’s plan was to drop before Jordan returned so it wasn’t obvious.

10:53 BBT Natalie drops! Kevin waits a few and then falls with a “oh s@$%!”. Hah! Kevin wins Round 1!

So there we go. Round 1 is over after 4 hours on the rolling log and Kevin has emerged as the default winner after Natalie throws it to him following Jordan’s exit a few minutes earlier.

Round 2 will take place on Wednesday. It won’t be shown live, but keep by your live feeds to see the results as soon as the feeds return. From there the winner of Round 2 (either Natalie or Jordan) will face off against Jordan in Round 3 on Thursday’s live show.

Watch it all play out uncensored right now on the Big Brother Live Feeds!

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  1. “Natalie looks tired & is complaining abt being tired & wet & hates doing this NT”

    What a surprise.

  2. I would love to see Jordan,go to the final two,
    Hang on Jordan. I voted for her to get the 25,000. weather she when first place or not.

  3. I really hope Jordan wins or Kevin and I pray that he will team up with Jordan! Natalie sucks and is very annoying I hope she doesnt win and goes home!

  4. GO JORDO! GO JORDO! 40 mins in and they seem to be doing fine on the log, they want to sing to pass the doesn look particularly difficult to stay on that log – the weather keeps changing but the log is padded and not moving any faster..we’ll have to keep watching the live feeds. this could take some time!

  5. Natalie shouldnt win even if she does go to the final two because the jury house is mad at her for LYING this whole game!

  6. please natalie, slip and brake your face ….forcing kevin to jump off and comfort her and making jordk with :)

    But let’s face it, if Jordan looses this competition, she has no chance in the other parts of the hoh competition.

  7. Let the angles protect and help Jordan win. She such a good honest person. Natalie is a sick, ugly, liar, and calls everybody else a liar. She needs help. Go Jordan? Jeff waiting for you. He has faith in you along with America.

  8. so does anyone know if Natalie is wearing the gloves she stole from Michelle? If so,would that disqualify her—I can only hope

  9. Natalie is trying to throw Jordan off her game.

    Natalie said, “Michelle is so happy to be going into the Jury House to see Jeff. There won’t be any Jordan around, so she’ll have Jeff all to herself.”

  10. Oh they are wearing gloves? Then it must be the kind that have their fingers out because I am looking at fingers. I thought the black was the key! LOL

    Guess I need glasses.

    Thanks Jay.

  11. Who said you can steal glove in Big Brother, I think she should be kick out, like Chima.
    She breaks the rules. Get rid of her.

  12. Big Brother is BASED upon lies. Natalie hasn’t lied anymore than anyone else. If they don’t lie, they go home, and sometimes they go home anyway. Look at poor Braydon!!

  13. go kevin, jordan doesnt deserve to win this, kevin has really stepped up his game and proven himself.

  14. – Its raining hard but they stuck it through.

    – Rain stopped.

    – BB is psyching out the HGs but starting and stopping the motor to the log. Log is still not rolling! LOL

  15. Kevin and Biz Natch are like school yard bullies. I can’t stand either one of them. Please let them fall. Hopefully Jordan can wipe that smirk off Biz natch’s face!!

  16. I’m fine with the lying as part of the game but if you’re going to lie don’t go around preaching that you have been honest the whole game and have never ben deceitful! Own up to what you are Natalie….

  17. What happened to all that crap Artic said was going to take place tonight? What an imagination! I’m rooting for team Jordan!

  18. Natalie and Kevin look like their feet reach the ground with no problem. Jordan looks like she is standing on her toes. Its weird.

  19. um, for those of you who say wearing someone elses gloves is cheating, you’re wrong. the key would hurt their hands and probably cut them up if they didn’t wear gloves morons. Now that would be illegal.. saying you can’t wear gloves. Grow a brain idiots.

  20. GO JORDAN!! AND KEVIN!!! BOO NATALIE.. I really hope Natalie wins to final two. If she does Kevin wins BB11

  21. honestly people, dont hate on natalie because she lied about being 18, that one lie doesnt turn her into this villain you try to make her out to be. and secondly… the smartest thing for a liar in the BB house to do is point out when other people lie, it throws the scent off the trail, so don’t ask for her to ‘own up’… go keven, earn that 500k!

  22. Natalie is still bashing Michele ……………..
    during the comp.

    This woman is beyond repulsive.

  23. At this point I think that Jordan is the only one that really deserves to win. I hope she does so she can get her family a house. :)

  24. YESSS jordan fell offf!! WOOHOO! regaurdless of who deserves the money the most outside BB, the person who wins earned it. this game isnt about welfare people! GO KEViN !

  25. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Natalie will fall and bump her head (don’t want her to get hurt, but let’s at least knock her out of this competition).

  26. Kevin is an idiot and will always be an idiot. Natalie is evil and Jordan is an angel. Jordan deserves to win. Love you Jordo! You can do it!

  27. All three are still on. Don’t pay attention to that crap.

    Right now its raining hard, the wind is blowing, leaves are falling and fog is all around them.

  28. @ Jordoshouldwin… The name of the Game isn’t ANGELS AND DEMONS. Who gives a shi* who should win.. its all about who gave the most effort. PS… JORDON DIDN’T.


  30. @Jay – right on, whoever played the hardest proves they earned it. if you need it bad enough, you’ll do whatever to win it!

    “jordan needs the money” — we dont really know that, it could be a clever lie to get votes in the jury house… they’ve never shown us jordans family… she may be smarter than we all think?

    P.S. if you get lazy and wanna eat cookie dough all day whilst riding the coattails of other players… good luck winning BB. your either one of the smartest or dumbest BB players ever!!

  31. Jay…what part of Michigan? Indiana gets some pretty good (read bad) winters also. I’m from MI though. Yeah, they should get some snow though, I agree!

  32. I lvoe Jordan and even though she hasn’t really won anything I hate Natalie and I hate Kevin for getting rid of Jeff. SO gooooooooo Jordan!!! This is the time to do it!

  33. re: IdislikeJordan. YOu are right. It is not about welfare people. It’s about how well you fare in the house. Hee, hee!!

  34. @ Ashley…. My cell phone is acting up…. What is happening in the omp? Everyone who I have discussed being a moderator on Survivor Blo Site please email me tonight!!!

  35. wouldn’t it be cool if in spring bugs were let out and they’re flying everywhere! we all know what would happen, nat would drop.

  36. @ carol — GREAT POINT!! :D. if she needs the money so bad how did she get them lovely implants that she loves to flash for us! Like i said before, i bet she created this poor southern persona to get votes from the jury house… genius

  37. Leo – It is raining and they are having to walk backwards. The rain just stopped. They are all sneezing and sniffling.

  38. All three are still hanging on.

    and for you new comers… Jay is creating trouble by using my name. So just ignore the asshole.

  39. re: Jay and Michelle. What part of Michigan are you guys from? I am from a little town called Owosso, Michigan, which is half way between Flint and Lansing.

  40. Ashley, someone is using Jay’s and Uzza’s Name.. encouraging drama BS. Ill prolly be next to be used. Just wait.

  41. I created a new name.. I was Jay, But someone keeps using my name. Its really pathetic. Probably some fat pathetic miserable drunk of an old woman.

  42. GO JORDAN GO!!! Who cares and what does it matter if she has had a boob job??? She is sweet and honest and played the game without having to be an ass or a liar. She’s in the final 3 so she’s done something right!!! GO JORDAN!!!

  43. @ Redhead – I was born in Grand Haven. 45 minutes from Grand Rapids and in between Muskegon and Holland. I live on the Indiana/Michigan border now though.

  44. @ Comment # 72 Gnataliar didn’t earn it either. She climbed up Jessie’s a$$, so fast & far. Kev didn’t earn it either! They were all a bunch of floater’s. I hope Gnataliar falls off! Any updates?

  45. Yeah Ashely.. So any report that says my name & a pro jordan rant is a lie.. I can’t stand jordan. And I’m not drunk.

  46. Whoever used the name “uzza” for comments # 121 and 122, just stop it.

    Its childs play. Just stop.

  47. Justin – I dont like Jordan either although I would like her and Kev to be final 2 just to see the look on Nats face.

  48. Can’t stand Kevin..couldn’t make up his mind until “30min” before (who to vote out)..and Nat..she is annoying, chews like a monkey, and who the heck believes she is 18! Give me a break! I so want Jordo to win!

  49. Jay you obviously wrote comment #138.

    and what if I was gay? what’s wrong with that?

    you need to grow up!

  50. it’s obviously three or four different people using my name at this point… please stop it! i said stop it!

    P.S. I reaaaalllyy want natalie to win this because she has had the most honorable and truthful game since day one… not like that big liar, she doesnt even really have a southern accent, its just part of her character!! GRR!

  51. Michelle and Justin. I am familiar with Grand Haven, but not with White Lake. Got sick of all of the snow, and moved to Virginia a few years ago, but still love the state.

  52. Yall are getting on my nerves! Take the childish bs somewhere else. We want to talk BB not read yalls stupidity.

  53. @debbie – i dont care if shes had a boob job it just may make you wonder if she’s playing the house to get sympathy and may not be so “sweet and honest” as you claim. It is a game after all.

  54. @ # 142… I’m actually gay. So I know that BS Is just Trashy.. So I’m not talking any sort of crap. Its just some lowlife running their trap. Just ignore it.

  55. im sorry, please ignore my last comment about natalie chewing like a monkey… that was a bit racist and i take it back… in fact… i piss like an elephant… take that society!!

    p.s. kevin should win because he says the darn’dest things!

  56. I’m very supprised that she is still on also. It won’t be much longer for Jordan. Gosh I can’t stand Natalie… ugh.

  57. please kevin, you have to win this for everyone. if jordan wins, she will be the first houseguest to ever win the first of the last 3 HOH comp’s of this season! and she rode Jeff’s coattails every step of the way… she’s gotten this far because of how BAD of a player she really is >.<! Go kevin, and natalie too i guess!

  58. @ #152 If that’s the case, then you go girl(Jordan)!!! It’s worked for her and she had to hurt no ones feelings or once again be an ass or liar to get this far. And then again it could all be for real. Either way beats the hell out of what’s left!!!

  59. hey… i’m a natalie fan, who is converting to kevin + natalie super team fan… who wants to join me? just mention my name in your next post so i know your a fan too! GO NATALIN! GO KEVALIE!! <3 Jordan has no chance <3

  60. now the wheel is stopping, moving backwards and forwards and winter is hitting hard! 90 mins in and all three are hanging in..go Jordo!

  61. @IdislikeJordan

    Besides the implants she brought 12 pair of new Ambercrombie with her to the house. Giving some to Michelle cause she bought alot more at home!

    How can some one afford expensive clothes & implants but have to share a bed & room with your mom. For get not having to support her family what about herself?

  62. Come on Gnataliar & do what you do best! That would be FAIL! Just like every other comp. she’s been in! Any updates?

  63. Why can’t you people just leave Natalie alone. Just because she doesn’t have blonde hair or blue eyes everyone says she is ugly. She is actually a very pretty girl and one that has played everyone in the house. Give the girl credit, she has played the game and deserves to win the game. You people just want to hate on her because she doesn’t have the all american look. What a joke.

  64. Nats little stupid ignorant jab about Michelle wanting Jeff all to herself made me want Kev or Jordan to win F2 that much more! I’m really pulling for Jordan though.

    I guess that my natural huge breasts make me a “whore” too. Oh well, my husband likes them that’s all that matters.

    I can’t stand Nat and I hope all this water, frozen or not is her down fall!

  65. I think Natalie has played the game like everyone else. Everyone in the house has lied so stop dogging Natalie. Go Natalie…take it home!

  66. #187 read earlier reports that this one or that one fell, this one or that one won. I just had to keep sifting till I got to the end and seen yours where you stated all 3 still on and what is happening.
    Thanks for the updates

  67. Why does natalie think she’s so fabulous. Does she know that she’s a man? Oh…and was that proposal ackward or what?! I bet they don’t get married.

  68. cyndigwc

    You must really have some time on ur hands to not only analyze her boobs but her jeans. Give me a break.

  69. nat is just a scumbag liar and needs to fall off!!!! she doesnt deserve the money what so ever! she played the dirtiest game then anyone and needs to go!!!!

  70. UPDATE: Everyone is still on, the log is going back and forth very fast.. I think its summer now, I can’t really tell.


  72. lets hope jordans implants dont weigh her down, hehe, mabey they will slip out even!! woohoo! id like that to happen and then i want her to fall off so kevin and nat can win it :) i like them the most <3 Jerabiano <3

  73. SSF
    I have to agree, one of the most awkward proposals ever, she looked like she wished she hadn’t given up POV for it

  74. @Mike. I am also a Natalie supporter. She has played a really good game, and deserves it. I also love the banter that goes on between her and Kevin, but she is really one smart cookie. Never understood why so many people dislike her.

  75. Natalie and Kevin in the final two for sure.. I just don;t see Jordan winning any other comps in this HOH.

  76. @ Mike…that has nothing to do with it (her nationality and looks). She is Hispanic and normally I’m all for that. My children are all half Mexican and I teach ESL so believe me when that has nothing to do with it. I just CANNOT STAND HER and she annoys the crap out of me!

  77. @cyndigwc, and mike — HEck yes, we can both agree that all three players deserve to win it at this point, and people need to quit hating on natalie and kevin just because they arent blonde hair and blue eyes! go kevin and natalie super team <3 Jerabiano! Nat+Kev fanclub <3

  78. i can’t believe jordan, nat and kevin are still in it. didn’t this start around 9:50pm EST? over an hour and a half.

    proud of jordo.

  79. natalie will not get americas vote, but she is a very shrewd player. I cant believe that nobody ever caught on to the 18 lie

  80. @ Spencer-I KNOW! I mean, come on! She doesn’t even look 18! And remember when she was playing poker with Russell a few weeks ago saying how she plays all the time and blah blah blah…didn’t anyone catch that? I mean you have to be at least 21 to gamble! Duh!

  81. u cant say natalie is mjust playing the game.. she is a horrible person with the things she says about michele and others.. michele is gone and she still talks crap… gnat is selfish and greedy jordon derserves to win more than gnat,… atleast kevin won comps.. he was a good guy til gnat got ahold of him and talk him into being a dirty player…

  82. Thinking about the past weeks
    as much as I hate to say this

    Natalie deserves to win
    EVERYONE has fallen for her lies
    evil scheming
    and manipulation
    although it was only for about four weeks
    she’s the one that has done the most of the three
    Jordan hasn’t played as hard
    and Kevin is just simply a bimbo potato-head idiot
    because he was played like a fiddle by Natalie
    Natalie for the win
    Michele will be missed

  83. @muchelle… i know i cant believe no one has caught on to her lying about her age… yea u cant win a poker tourney with a fake id i dont think so… and when gnat won hoh and jordan was talking about that pic of her friends wedding and gnat said she grduated with her.. then jordo’s like she looks alot older like my age and she just graduate!!!! i was so hoping jordan would figure it out…

  84. C’mon Jordan! Rooting for her cuz everyone has counted her out. Hang in there girl! Make this F3 interesting!

  85. Why does Natalie dislike Michelle so much? If anyone deserves to be called a devil or a dirty player its Natalie…pot calling the kettle black….
    I just hope Natalie doesnt win this…

  86. This is too good. I guess it will be on Showtime if they can hold on until midnight EST. PLEASE HOLD ON!!!

  87. the look on ratlie’s face is scary! i’m expecting her head to start spinning and green slime to start coming out! she underestimated jordan. then again, she told jordan she’d throw the hoh to her. ah yes, ratlie, a woman of her word! let us not forget honesty and integrity! *puke*

  88. They all release one hand in order to shake out their arms. It’s difficult to keep your arms over your head for any length of time.

  89. Just because you don’t like Natalie doesn’t make her a horrible person. Quit judging the girl, this is a game and lying is part of it. Everyone in this game has lied and backstabbed someone at some point so people get off your high horse. You act like they are in church. This is big brother, right? You people are just mad because Natalie has played all your favorite players. Jeff backstabbed Russell and I didn’t hear half of you call him a bad person. That is just game play. Deal with it.

  90. @ Mike & Redhead, Gnataliar has played the dirtiest game! She deserves to GO HOME! Gnataliar is a thief & she tampered w/ other ppl’s food1 Yet you say deservesit? Gnataliar deserves to GO HOME!

  91. go kevin and natalie!!
    <3 Jerebiano, mike, dan <3
    p.s. for ever vote for braden to win the 25,000 dollar prize… an organization has pledged to donate 20 dollars towards orphanages!! so do your part, vote for braden, he isnt going to win, and the orphans need your vote more than jeff and jordan do!

  92. BB is working that log overtime. Its going backwards, forwards, stopping, all very quickly.

    These HGs are coming up on two hours. They are ALL doing great. ☺

  93. @Mike there is a huge diff. Jeff just so much more personable. I know it shouldn’t be an excuse. He will win Americas fave for sure!!

  94. Yes she is pretty however I do not like her as a human being. Pretty pathetic.
    @ Mike-I don’t agree with Jeff doing that to Russell either, however, Russell had his moments too!

  95. nat appears to be struggling more than the others now
    log is reversing directions every ten seconds or so


  97. Kevin seems to always find an advantage in all the comps on this log comp he is watching to the side of the log and watching the mechanics instead of the log itself. The girls are looking at their feet and kevin is looking at the arm of the log an watching where it is moving… this guy makes me sick.

  98. Russell was very untrustworthy and unpredictable and you guys gotta keep in mind, we see all sides they don’t. Jeff played the game and was a great guy as well. Nat is just plain mean and enjoys it… There is playing a good game and then there is playing a mean, nasty game. I like good people that can play a good game!!! Maybe that’s boring to some of you but that’s who truly deserves to get the $$$…

  99. @ Tracy why does he make you sick.. He is just the smartest player, Id be up there looking at the mechanics too.. Jesus don’t get so angry.

  100. @ tracy, kevin makes you “sick” because he is playing smart by finding ‘advantages’? thats a great strategy… your logic is flawed.. kevo deserves the 500k

  101. tracy,
    kevin makes you sick?
    because he is zoning out so he can hang in there? That has to be the strangest criticism I’ve read on any of these boards. I don’t think he’s looking t the mechanics, you don’t need a gear to see and feel which way the log is moving. And if he is, the other end has the same view.

  102. YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY SAYING GO NAT. I hope she falls on her face and her ugly backwards hat and stupid pig tails get wrapped around the log

  103. almost two hours in and all three are still on the log, enduring bad weather and the log stopping then going backwards and forwards, whoever wins this at least everyone is really hanging in there…go Jordo!

  104. lets face it we all had or maybe still have our favorites in the game .. but my goodness people this is a TV SHOW for ENTERTAINMENT .. don”t get your panties all in a wad

  105. I do have to say when i saw a live feed I was disappointed to see that Jeff curses like a ignoring that aspect i still really really like him as a person was well as Jordo..

  106. A handicap? OMG, that’s too funny. Kevin is leaning on his arm for rest, his eyes aren’t even open most of the time, and it’s a handicap. Some people will beleive anything that’s said here.

  107. @ JordoShouldWin…. Sorry I feel that Jordan has had the Biggest game changer in the game.. JEFF. Sorry I don’t agree with someone taking a joyride to the end.. Kevin And Natalie played the BEST game. PERIOD. The LML Changed the game ever since it happened. Period…

  108. @Rene F: He can see the mechanics of the machine..he can tell when its going to stop and start.

  109. Kevin has an edge over the others AGAIN! He is looking at the arm of the log instead of his feet like the other girls … please that is not right with him cheating on the POV and now this … he makes me ill, that is not being smart or cleaver that is someone trying to always have and edge I dont want to say CHEATING but he has an advantage I hope it backfires on him and he falls first!

  110. Gnat makes me want to make for the first time put on sanitary gloves (because she is so dirty) and reach through the TV & just throttle some sense in her

  111. does anyone know nataLIE bf and sisters, do they know how much she is hated. Just wondering if theyread the feeds.

  112. This is insane, what tv does to us!!! It’s midnight and I really need to get to bed. We will all know who the big brother fans are tomorrow!!! The ones yawing with circles under their eyes!!! Goooooo Jordooooooooo!!!

  113. @christi150 I know…… i was up too late last night doing work…only had 5 hours of sleep. Looks like tonight will be the same. Can’t sleep until i find out. I don’t want Nat to win. Afraid kev will take her to the end if he wins,

  114. Hahahahah Natalie got Jeff, Russell and Michelle out..
    TOO FUNNY. They all got got by the smartest and best player of BB 11.

  115. How can you tell when the log will stop by looking at “the mechnics”? Does a red light come on before it changes speed or direction? Tell me EXACTLY wht you think Kevin sees that the girls don’t, then I will consider your wild theory.

  116. How did Kevin cheat on the pov? Read a few posts that he won from technical difficulties or w/e….I dont have live feeds and of course they arent gonna show this on TV

  117. Just curious but why the heck did Gnat-alie’s boyfriend not care that she was hanging all over Jesse and flirting or whatever with him and why the heck did he STILL propose? Did anyone else catch that?

  118. Does anybody else find it funny that natalie who is a martial arts tae kwon do champion is having trouble with and doing so much complaining about a balancing challenge?

  119. Why are people hating on Kevin and Natalie. They beat the strongest, outlasted the meanest and mentally whipped them all. Natalie has a good shot at winning because of that ” I’m 18 ” thing that seemed to work. When she tell people why she lied they would give her a couple of votes because I would. Hell, if anybody with as little PHYSICAL game as Natalie beat me why shouldn’t you vote for her. IT’S A GAME OF MENTAL, PHYSICAL AND OUT RIGHT LIES AND NASTALIE HAS DONE 2 YES 2 OUT OF 3. Whether you hate her or not. Very good game for Kevin too. Jordon?????????????????

  120. All of my favorites are gone! I have the feeds and the Showtime and I have barely watch any of them now that Russell has left. I have favorite people in the game and favorite players and Russell was my fav playa Laura was in the begining but I lost interest and I am a superfan and this last few weeks I have lost interest … now I hope for next year!

    I dont like floating as a strategy for me that is a cop out and Kevin out of everyone this year was the biggest floater and with that said I do NOT want him to take a half mill home.

  121. nar us a big fat liar! i hate that michelle got booted but i really want Jordan to win. i can’t wait for the reunion and they can tell nat off!!


  123. Kevin is a good 6 or more feet from the end of the log, I’m sure his visual through the rain and sleet and slow and wind is excellent, too. ANd he can see around the log to the mechanics. Give me a break.

  124. Tracy JORDAN HAS FLOATED… I cannot believe you keep saying that. Jordan latched onto Jeff. Kevin stayed low, and Pulled out a massive win in the last three-four weeks, with Natalie.

  125. Hey Chilltown , Being a floater is not playing the game, She’s just a freakin liar, but what do you expect from a greaser.

  126. Natalie is half black/half hispanic..I think she’s a pretty girl…not to fond of her game play but no one can deny she has played the game hard and has done what she had to do to stay in the bb house.

  127. don’t mean to argue with anyone here – truly – just curious why anyone would feel natalie doesn’t have as much physical game. she not only has a background in martial arts, she is a tae kwon do champion. that’s being more than a little physical.

  128. Good point Michelle. I wondered that myself. That whole “proposal” was staged.
    I feel that the best players are in the jury house. The only person I can root for is Jordan.

  129. Sorry guys, Just reading back into all of your comments & realized that you are all VERY picky about your names being used… lol I just used my first name & realized there is another Ashley here, I appologize, so I added my last initial to keep the peace!

  130. @ Michelle, I don’t know anyone who would propose to that greaser natalie, he probably thinks that she is going to win, thats the only reason.

  131. Justin

    I agree Jordon has floated as well. Really all 3 of these guys have floated some way or another. Kev has done nothing as far as game play until the final 4 .. all those weeks going by and didnt even scheme he threw comps one after another, he was aligned with Lydia who was doing the same thing. I just dont like the play that Kev and Nat are doing I dont like Jordon either, so I have to root for someone like Jordon just by default of the company she is in (Kev and Nat)

  132. Ok I am not usually up this late so sorry if this is a dumb question but is BBAD shown on Showtime channel, is that a different channel, or on the internet???

  133. They are all still on. The log has stopped. There is no precipitation. Natalie is talking a lot and Kevin is talking a little. Kevin and Natalie are eating.

  134. Natalie and Kevin are totalling messing with Jordan. Jordan is in the middle and Natalie are Kevin passing mentos and powerbars to each other. Jordan needs to say NO!

  135. N/P Tracy I agree with you.. But I personally think that (AT LEAST) Natalie and Kevin pulled something out at the final six, people. More then i can say for my Fake-breasted Sister from another Mister.

  136. How are they eating? Does anyone remember that one time on big brother from when will and boogie were on and they had to stay on a trampoline or something and they couldn’t even get off to go to the bathroom?

  137. natalie’s key is now in front of her face…when it strated she could barely reach it…the other two keys are just above their heads…unf*inbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. jokersupdates noticed it as well… much for us calling AG and asking that they play fair!!! Tue 9:04 PM BBT BB lowered Nats key! NT –

  139. Natalie told Jordan and Kevin to give up and compete tomorrow because she isn’t going anywhere. Kevin told her that this competition is his b****. I really would love to see Kevin and Jordan in the F2. Natalie is suck a complainer.

  140. go go Nat and Kevo!! <3 you two so much, i hope so badly that you guys win!!!!! not that theres anything wrong with… you know… that other one… teehee, teehee! Go Kevalin!

  141. I thought Russell was the most attractive guy this season.. He is bomb ass good looking. Jeffs not bad either.

  142. Why is Kevin even allowed to eat at a comp … OMG he is a cheater! There I said it. I dont understand why the BB rules do not apply for the cast this year I dont get it. Has anyother HG during any another year got food at an endurance comp??? Maybe the power bar will act as a laxative and he will be in trouble LOL

  143. it would be very easy for them to pee in this comp, no would would ever know

    they ripped open power bars with their teeth and ate it one handedly

  144. Jordan should stick up for herself and try to psych them out too! Here batter batter! Saaa wiiing batter! (sorry, that’s the only thing that came to my mind-ha ha ha)

  145. Well before he brought out the powerbar, Natalie was sharing her Mentos. They should be careful they don’t get sick.

  146. why would Kevin share his power bar with natalie? that’s her problem if she didn’t show up prepared!

  147. I like Jeff as a person but not as a player I didnt think he did anything until America gave him the CDT. Jeff was another one that laid low and didnt do anything in the begining weeks. I can understand that to a degree but Kevin did NOTHING! Jeff laid low in the begining but atleast he played knowing that his click was winning and he really didnt have to.

  148. Michelle,
    Jordan should scream then say there are wasps or something behind Nat. Nat would start swatting and lose her balance for sure.

  149. @ Michelle, I am pretty sure that I read that on a message board… I don’t get the live feeds or anything but I am 99.9% positive that I am not dreaming about that one!

  150. honestly…. do you guys really expect Jordan to win in the 2nd or 3rd comp… she is truly horrible at these comps… its just not her thing… closest thing she came to winning on her own she got beat by natalie :P im not saying jordan is the devil, but come on, be realistic here!

  151. @Brandy 411, no one won yet, but since they lowered Nat’s key it’ll make it easier for her to hang on *sigh*

  152. why don’t we just hand gnat the half-million right now. she has made such a case why she deserves it.. over and over again.

  153. I am routing for Jordon she is about the only one that has not spred lies about people or stabbed people in the back

  154. @419 they were either being nice OR getting Jordan to let go. Jordan is in the middle and she had to pass it from one to the other.

  155. OMG I am not homophobic LOL my sister is gay and has been for years. I dont like him as a person… he is mean and so was Nat and here was need for it. That kind of game play was uncalled for and personal attacked to Michele was not even needed they N/K have the power and didnt need to play like they are. Please think of another card to throw other than homophobic! I dont like Nat or Kev as people!


  157. They are trying to figure out how long they have been up there. Nat says 1 1/2 hours (I think it has almost been 2 1/2). She then tells Jordan that past seasons stayed on for 9 hours. I think she is lying to Jordan (either way she is trying to get Jordan to want to quit).

  158. Mike-how has she made her case? By whining and lying and being manipulative? Maybe the money could buy her a new personality…I doubt it though!

  159. lol! I love the wasp idea. Watch out Natalie there’s a wasp! LOL she’d be done. But Jordan isn’t the type of liar. She has her honesty that kept her in this game.

  160. I wish Kevin was in the middle of the log so he could watch his feet instead of the mechanics of the log .. maybe he would have been out by now … specially when the log was jerking back and forth.

  161. Tracy, if your ridiculous theory is correct, which it isn’t, than Nat has the exact same advantage.

  162. What ever happened to Nat taking the “blood” for sending Michelle home? She didn’t say anything at Vito, kevin looks like the bad guy right now big time.

  163. @Tracy, don’t let other people on here get you into a tizzy… if they misunderstood your comment then too bad for them. I like your opinions.

  164. @ Natalie haters…. Remember she was as good as gone in the Final 6 but fooled everyone and ot Russell / Jeff / Michelle evicted in 3 straight weeks!!!

  165. I would start singing some annoying song while I was up there…you know? Like a kid’s song or that old Pete and Repeat on a boat joke…

  166. @ Tracy, I have nothing else to think when you clearly bash Kevin above anyone else. Oh he was mean etc etc… What about when Jordan CLEARLY Violated the rules for assaulting Russel (AKA CHEST BUMP) Before calling foul play, use your brain to remember how the game was played. As for natalie I have no excuses for her. she is a horrible player. But to drag along this PRO-Jordan critique is insulting, knowing that for the only time this season, JEFF Gave her a HOH comp… Thats really pathetic playing, even worse then lying. SORRY. I might have a phobia of trailer park skanks using their bodies to excel their gameplan.. was that too much.

  167. Geez I can’t take this any longer, gotta get some sleep. SCOTTM I am counting on you to leave an honest update for when I get up in the am.
    Good night!!!

  168. Sing “This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend. Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was, and they’ll continue singing it forever just because…This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend. Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was, and they’ll continue singing it forever just because…This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend. Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was, and they’ll continue singing it forever just because…This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend. Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was, and they’ll continue singing it forever just because…”

  169. Tracey I understood your comment. Meaning she’s been out for years or she’s known for years.

    Most people don’t get it.

  170. Ok, conspiracy believers – Nat’s side of the log has a lot more ice on it than the middle and left. BB must be gunning to get rid of Nat, right?

  171. P.S BTW… I’m gay And I have been since I was born.. NOT FOR YEARS.. That’s bigotry right there.

  172. I wish Jordan would step further back on the log! She is gonna give me a heart attack cuz she looks too far up

    Hang in there Jordo!!!!

  173. @ Justin
    give it a break…just cause she doesn’t like Kevin doesn’t mean she is homophobic. I didn’t like Lydia maybe I have a phobia of tattoos…..Oh too bad I have 4 of them!

  174. @Rene

    Nat is not a great person either and She is looking at her feet she isnt cheating THIS time! Why is Kevin lookin off to the side… why is he doing that???? What is your answer? You dont think seeing something happen before the other see it .. is fair put yourself in Jordon and Nats shoes they both are looking at their feet! He will not stop looking in that direction even during the breaks .. he is glued and when the log stops he can see it when it starts he is prepared and sees it.

  175. @ Tracy, if it seems like we are bullying you, me and rene are very sorry. But pretending the game is in the Tank for kevin because “THEY” want him to win is as crazy as the people who thought that the game was in the tank for Jeff Because “They” gave him the Coupe de ta

  176. LOL love that song Danielle, my nephews used to watch “Lambchops” and they always sand that song!

  177. Justin you need to relax. You are being petty and non-understanding. Get a grip. My sister is gay… she has known for only 10 years now. She’s 39. So get off her back already.

  178. I can’t stand nat. her voice irks me. she talks with her tongue or something. im a jordan fan. but to be honest, as much as I can’t stand nat. she played the game folks! and it is a game! kevin doesn’t deserve because he’s a sucker. he got played by the player. and u also have to give props to jordan, she made final three without lifting a finger. torn between the two women. so go gurls. jordan and natalie that is

  179. Why is it that when somebody bashes on a man that happens to be gay it has to be only because they’re gay. What if I were to start bashing on Jordan…does that mean I hate all blondes? Kevin is a smart player and has continue to do well in this game by really not doing ANYTHING up until the last couple of weeks. Same with Nat. She’s just skated by until she has no choice. I think Jordan has a played a fair game but is strategically not a good player. However between all thats left I still cheer for the underdog. Go Jordan!

  180. Who cares who’s gay and who’s straight? It doesn’t matter! Gender, race, nationality, sexuality…none of that matter! Come on people, really! Just because someone’s born gay or straight or hispanic or white or black doesn’t mean that things couldn’t have been different and changed and that you might have been the one born that way!!!Equality people!

  181. Carol,
    In my entire life I’ve never been called a bully. Thanks for that, made me laugh. I just get irritated when people claim the game is fixed. You can’t possibly believe Kevin was given an advantage by putting him 6 feet from the end of the log (same as Nat) so he could watch through lightening, snow, ice, hail, rain, and wind the MECHANICS that show him what the log will do before he does it.
    How can you NOT respond to posts like that?

  182. Natalie sharing her Mentos? She probably poisoned the ones she offered. Seriously, I’m amazed she hasn’t been able to talk Jordon into jumping off the log yet. Wonder when the promises of taking the one who jumps off to “final 2” will start taking place.

  183. @ EVERYONE.. Kevin has his eyes Closed, FACING Away from the rain and the snow and the wind.. he in FACT is NOT looking at the Mechanics..

  184. Tracy,
    Kevin is so obviously resting his head on his arm because it’s more comfortable. It’s what I would do, it’s what anyone would do to keep themselves in “the Zone” to get through this. He’s probably visualizing something else, maybe his man, to pass the time. It’s the smart way to play.


  186. didn’t natalie PROMISE to throw the HOH comp to Jordon? She is afterall, a girl of her word, honesty, integrity and all…so why is it , Jordon hasn’t won yet? Could it be, natalie’s a LIAR??? say it isn’t so!!

  187. Watching BBAD on Showtime right now. The log moves a little & stops. All 3 are still on but all 3 are shivering. Weather has been calm, so they are probably going to get hit with some bad weather.

  188. 476, Justin, exactly, that’s what I meant. Even if you aren’t out you still were from birth, right? You don’t become gay the day you come out of the closet.

  189. Why is everyone becoming so mean on this site. I don’t think Justin meant it seriously. We all know that Jordan has faked her way to the top, lets stop arguing about this fact, PLEASE??

  190. I think rene and Justin should get booted if they continue on with this harassment….I do appreciate the apology tho Justin. Can we get back tothe game?

  191. @ Rene, I was pretty mean with that comment. I apologize. I just don’t like very biased people… I think they have a site for (Just Pro Jordan) Somewhere..

  192. Kevin has made the best moves out of everyone. That is why he is at the end and not some of the other players. He out-smarted Jeff and got him to take Russell out. He should have been gone that week but nope…he got out of that situation. Then he got rid of Jeff the next week. Then he won the veto when he knew he needed to at the end. He was loyal to Lydia for as long as she was there so who cares if he “floated”. Who was Dan really loyal to when he won his season? He picked up his game just like Kevin has…at the end!!! Natalie has done what she must, lies and all and look at her she is in the final three. She won when she needed too. Jordan is the worst player ever. Although I think that she is funny she doesn’t deserve anything. She has done nothing the entire game. She is only there because she is weak.

    My predictions are Kevin and Natalie in the finals and Kevin as the overall winnner.I think that even Jessie may vote for Kevin to win because him and Russell and probably Jeff as well, will see that he had the best play and not take it personally that he in a way…got rid of all 3. Voted out Jessie and Russell. And he nominated Jeff.

    GO KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  193. Why don’t we just stop talking about who did what and who should win and who cheated see who actually wins this 1st round! there is no way they can cheat at this one!

  194. Bedtime, going to Mohegan early. I’m sure one of the ladies will give up soon. WIll tune in to see which one. Goodnight all.

  195. It is 9:45 California time. All three still on. Log is going and stopping. They all look miserable. Will keep posting.

  196. Neal –

    Like Natalie hasn’t faked it? What has she done, other than lie (while complaining about all the other liars in the house) and ride on Jesse’s and Kevin’s tailcoats?

  197. @ Neal, they have all faked it. Its all about who faked it the best.. Kevin & Jordan have.. I just can’t stand natalie, but I know Kevin cannot win against Jordan, thats why she must go…

  198. TY all and Michele #496 That is what Im talking about. It so doesnt matter who you are Kev and Nat are just not nice people. I think when someone gets an HOH and they get a note from home you can tell what kind of people they are or atleast get a glimps of who they really are out of the house … and out of these 3 left I would like to see Jordon get the money .. again only be default of the company she is in Nat and Kev dont deserve 2 dimes IMO! And not because I dont like gays or girls with long hair who pick their nose and never shower!

  199. I think even if they get tripped up the key hanging from the rope is going to save them! They need to put some slack into the rope!


  201. @ NICOLE, BB is cheating for Natalie. They lowered her key and now she’s holding the rope instead of the key. This is clearly AG allowing Natalie to win..wonder what chima threatened her with ?? whatever is going on, it’s all favorable for natalie and production is cheating along with her! How pathetic

  202. @ Lucky Lady, your starting to sound Like CHIMA. Go terrorize another post with your ALL CAPS LOCKED TYPE.

  203. I did apologize, I shouldn’t have said that. It was very foul of me. But I will not answer this direct assault on my character again with you Lucky Lady. So knock it off.

  204. I agree Kelly! I think if Jeff or Michelle had made it to the end, then one of them would have won it, but I think Kevin is the strongest at this point.Natalie thinks that she has this thing in the bag, but she’s an idiot! And she acts like an 18 year old (no offense to any 18yo out there)

  205. I’m very shocked to say the least.. I’m proud of Jordan for doing so well, I must admit she has pulled through…

  206. At this point, I am proud of Kevin and Jordan. Natalie is the only athlete here, and yet Kevin and Jordan are standing strong. All the Jordan bashers should at least give her credit for lasting three hours tonight.

  207. Justin at 652… i am shocked to see you comment something positive about Jordan. I’m glad you can see her fight tonight.

  208. I think Kevin looking to the side and seeing the log move is an advantage, I dont know if it is cheating but I think it is a clear advantage. Kev’s neck is going to be sore LOL!

  209. I can not believe you are all getting so emotional…you do all realize that BB has nothing to do with you personally…get real, the players that are actually in the game aren’t even half as worked up as you…

  210. 4 hours in and they are all still on the log i’m surprised, now I think they all deserve to win for not giving up.

  211. I’m really impressed with Jordan! Even if some feel she floated through the game, she’s holding her own out there tonight! I wish nastalie and kevin would just fall off already! Jordan all the way!!

  212. I hope it’s Kevin and Jordan in the finals. I think it would be cool for Jordan to get 2nd and Natalie to be sooooo close but get nothing.:) I think she would be happy with 50,000. I don’t think she was expecting to win anything. And I think it’s time for the gay contestant to finally win and not be a floater for the entire game. Kevin has been the best gay contestant hands down!

  213. Natalie is telling Kevin and Jordan that they shouldn’t be ashamed if they fall. They gave it a good run. They can fall anytime. She is a punk. Kevin told her he was going until the sun came up and called her a wench. ;)

  214. Kevin and Nat have faltered. Jordan gets surprised at the start of each log roll, but looks the steadiest while it’s rolling.

  215. Jordon doesnt have brains but in the last endurance she outlast Nat and Kev on graduation day. Oh yeah that is right Kev’s game play was to be the house to drop 1st or second. He didnt work hard at any comp… this is the hardest Kev has done in any challenge same with Nat. Nat admits she doesnt like water and she is hanging in, this time because last endurance she was getting sick.

    Jordon hanging in there to me I think is expected. She rocked the last endurance, better than N/K!

  216. Gah how much longer do you think they will last?? Im getting very tired. So nat is looking weak? Hope so! I dont care if Jordan or Kevin wins mostly Jordan but I DO NOT want Natalie to win! she is annoying..

  217. Rain has stopped, Gnataliar is trying to tell Jordan & Kev to drop b?c she will hang all nite. All 3 still on the log, shivering. Kev tells Gnat, “I’m not going to give up wench!”

  218. i know lying is a part of the game but earlier on gnat kept insisting that she never lied and everyone else was so evil cause they lied when she started the game off lying about her age. yeah you have to lie and manipulate, of course, but it bugs me that she acted like she was better than everyone cause she didn’t lie in the game. please. plus she walks like she has a stick up her butt.
    i can’t believe no one questioned why BB would let her drink if she was only 18, cause if you remember jessica from the evil dick season, she couldn’t drink when they played beer pong.

    anywho go jordan!

  219. I give up! Going to bed! I’m sure somebody will fall as soon as I log off. Guess I’ll just find out in the morning!

  220. Jordan is the most deserving. I love Kevins expressions. I would like to see those two in the final two. Go Jordan!

  221. I must admit…even though I want Jordan to win out of the 3 remaining players, they are all doing great for holding on this long!

  222. I think either Kevin or Jordan should win Gnat has been nothing but a lying kling-on most of the game, I know it is a game, and part of the game involves lying, I have never seen someone do it as easily as she…and with absoulutly no remorse. People don’t normally lie and backstab without some feeling of guilt. She started this game in a lie and I have to wonder about the twi kon do championship she claims to have. And – really – the marriage thing? She didn’t show that much emotion for the boyfriend. I’m waiting for karma to arrive special delivery for that Gnat.. GO KEV!! GO JORDAN!! Anybody but her!

  223. All 3 still standing on the log, wind & leaves kicked up. Log not moving, all 3 trying to cover their faces.

  224. i really thought i would check this site and a winner would be posted, they really are all doing great.

  225. Go Jordo! U can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  226. Natatoille i mean nat a lie ,i mean nastalie oh you know the one that lies all the time .yeah that one.fall fall slip slip. Has BB noticed she is not holding the key ,but the rope above the key like someone said? Is this really true?

  227. All 3 still standing, the rain & blowing leaves stopped, & so has log. Still thunder in backround.

  228. I REALLY DIDN’T THINK IT WOULD LAST THIS LONG EITHER. I’M GOING TO BED….. HOPING FOR JORDAN TO WIN THIS WHOLE THING!!!!! (^o^)***********(^o^)$$$$$$$$$(^o^)$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$(^o^)

  229. It sucks that Michele is gone…I really wanted her in the final two. Watching her interview with Julie made me like her even more. She was obviously not very popular growing up and had to relive the experience in the house. It’s safe to say she handled all of the hatred towards her with so much courage and dignity. PLEASE VOTE FOR MICHELE TO WIN THE $25,000…OUT OF EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE THIS SEASON SHE HAS EARNED AT LEAST THAT…AWESOME GAME MICHELE!!!!

  230. @ Sservie…. Ow is your evening going? Email me your full name / username / password /q preffered email, so I can forward it to Matt so he can set you up as a Moderator ok?

  231. Thanks Paul! Really Go Jordon is true! We need to root for her now because of the 2 she is up against. She was for sure not my choice to see on the log tonight but oh well.

    Kevin is looking sideways to see the log axle move .. he is watching the axle instead of the log, notice he is not alarmed when the log is sudden in movement! Clear advantage IMO!

  232. This looks like a very dangerous comp. They are high above (per both Nat and Jord), and they have no protective wear. I wrong bounce onto the log and they could break a rib or something. Then on the fall.. it just doesn’t look safe. I hope these three don’t get hurt.

    Natalie is trying so hard to talk Jordan into dropping.

  233. Go JORDAN! I know I won’t be able to go to sleep til I find out who wins. Hope she can pull it out

  234. I agree with you Tracy, Kevin is staring at the end of the log. And he’s standing sideways, which is a no-no.

  235. did anyone see they clip where gnat talks crap about jordan being upset when jeff left, she said jordan acted like it was his funeral…uh did she forget when jessie left how she acted? what a great fiance

  236. @ Sservie…. Did are you going to email me that info?

    @ Everyone…. Jordan wants to play rock / paper / sciccors….. Sounds like Jeff…

  237. to all the people saying jordo needs the money. I guess sheila from season 9 shoulda won. she was the only one who NEEDED it

  238. @Scott, its just our opinion. He really is staring at the end of the log and he really is standing sideways. But is he cheating? Who knows. Only BB knows that answer.

  239. I hate Natalie and Kevin as they both don’t deserve anything. I wanted Michele to stay and win, but that didn’t happen, so I want Jordan to win. Kevin had his chance to keep Michele and guantee himself to the final 2 and have a big shot of winning, but he blew it for sure. Stupid fruit sticking with Natalie is a big mistake. It will wind up Natalie and Kevin in the final 2 and if so, Kevin deserves to win as Natalie doesn’t deserve it. She is too mean spirited. Her speaches are very arrogant and she is always arrogant. The thing she said to Michele on her way out. In my opinion is the pot calling the kettle black as she is way worse than Michele. TSD should be embarrassed by her display and actions of this show. TSD doesn’t teach you any of her actions, words or anything she has displayed. My son took it for years and that is not what they teach you. She only won a bronze medal in 8th grade for crying out loud. She didn’t play the game at all. She rode the coat tails of Jessie and Kevin and had them do her dirty work for her. HOH went to her head and thought she was the QUEEN. She is so ugly that she is the WICKED WITCH OF THE WIZZARD OF OZ. In this game people will lie, but the way she did it was uncalled for. I also don’t understand how she got away with so much and she wasn’t kicked out like Chima. I guess rules can be broken and the show will show you what they want you to see, so that goes out the door. If I hear Nat the ARROGANT RAT say another word I will go bizzare. I just hate that girl with a passion. THIS SHOW REALLY WAS TERRIBLE. These people on it were total idiots and stupid. The most of them were so nieve too! I just hope that if it is Nat vs. Kevin in the final 2 the jury house will vote for Kevin because he played the game and won things even though he did all of Natalie’s dirty work. He had way more guts too! He is such a whimp though. Natalie is no way a woman as Kevin is a man. It is reversed. She is trailer trash and Kevin is a gay old lady. I can’t wait to see who wins part one. I can’t believe it is still going on. Anyone know yet????

  240. Does anyone know if after a certain time length Production will stop this endurance comp if no one has fallen? Or do they just keep going?

  241. Make that stupid log go really fast BB this is boring! Just hanging there not moving, now the rain is back on, but the log is still. Boooorrriiinnng!

  242. Also…Natalie deserves to win now. Even though she is greasy, fake and annoying, she still somehow made it so most things this season have gone her way…and she didn’t even have to win any competions to do it. She let Kevin do all of her dirty work, and like a dummy he did it. She could use the money on her awkward wedding to her awkward boyfriend…GOD THEY WERE BOTH SO AWKWARD TOGETHER..I CAN’T GET OVER IT…AWKWARD!!!

  243. I agree I think it is going to be a sore landing if they fall when the log is moving and some protective gear would have been good.

    I dont like when people look for the advantage in the challenge and Kevin has done that twice now once with the POV and now in this. The POV was a huge advantage and this is just minor but he isnt staring at the axle for no reason he barley looks away from it. The POV should have been replayed! I have to give Kev kodus he did admit he has an advantage in the POV at LEAST!

  244. well people saying that jordan needs the money more than aney one elses is just BS because if you can aford implantes and stuff hey family have more money than we people relize. If my mom got some fack boob job done to her right now she would be out this house in the next mounth and we be have to move to some type of little apparment so if jordan can afford some fake boobs she not all that poor after all and it dont mean that she is all that poor because some people live in apartments like that and sometime they live below their means but actually have a lot of money to movie into a nice home instead of apartment so bs she got good money and chunks of it because boob job cost alot of $$$$$$$

  245. I don’t think he’s cheating, but I also don’t think it matters, cause Jordo is going to take this thing. C’mon Jordo!

  246. I thought GNAT and lydia were pissed becuz they both wanted JESSIE.?? And now I see GNAT has a BF??? Why doesnt that surprise me. lol whata TRIP that PITBULL is! She SO doesnt derserve to win! She should’ve been gone WAAAAAAAAAAAY before Kasey! jeeeeeze

  247. Well, I’m out of here. My Jordan fell. Boy did she last about 3 hours more than I hoped for. Very nice time. Just over 3 1/2 hours.



  248. LoL Kev almost fell. Damn thing, it was still for so long then all of a sudden it started and it was going fast. Kevin and Nat are making a deal he’s going 2 take her to F2 but that is stupid, because Jordan could win the next heat.

  249. It’s one thing to lie in the game…its a given.. everyone does. Those that get mad at some one who has lied and then turn around and lie. What do you call that..? Oh yes Natalie is a Hypocrite. That would really be sad to see her win. Only a hypocrite would vote for a hypocrite. he he

  250. there should be alot of endurance competition when there was still many of them there.

    im hoping for jordan to win hoh but i think kevin will win it coz even if he’s girly, he still has the strenght of a man. but now michelle is gone hope natalie is next. cant believe natalie, she’s making stories about michelle excited to see jeff, she’s not just a liar but a fake story teller.

  251. ooooo I can’t stand Natalie she is so annoying and she really has rode her way through this and hasn’t won but what One thing the whole season….Can’t stand her at all

  252. I am hoping that they both fall at the same time hit each other and they both get knocked the heck out, get amnesia (spelling)and have to quit then Production has to bring back the last 2 who were evicted for the new final 3 Jordo Jeffro and Michelle Gosh would that not be great! LOL

  253. well Jordan did much better than we all expected. Doesn’t matter to me who wins between these 2 goober heads. Just have to hope for Jordo in round 2. Then take em out in the end! Night y’all

  254. OMG Nasty has been complaining since it began. Jordan falls and now she is making a deal with Kevin. She is going to fall and trust that Kevin will take her to the end.

  255. Why is it that no matter who I want to win .. they never do LOL. And it isnt just this show either… its all of them. Idol, Survivor, Apprentice etc. all my favorites (and they change as the show goes) never win. I think Survivor I am going to try reverse psychology and see how that works for me! LOL

  256. @ Beth I actually liked this season, but it sure has not gone the way I would have liked. I never really got into Big Brother until this season. I sure wish I would have watched the other seasons. I keep hearing that they were so much better. So what was the best season? Anyone know if that has ever been talked about like for ratings and such?

  257. godidea tracey..was hoping Jordo would pullout a win,now we have to wait thisout, sure hope Kevin wind!

  258. @Tracy me either My favorites rarely win I watch alot of the reality shows even ones on MTV and VH1 and usually my people never win.

  259. Hopefully Kevin sticks to his plan and takes Jordo to the final 2. At least he got some blood on his hands and won key competitions. Natalie by far deserves nothing. So much ego and so selfish and so undeserving. She’s such a stupid loser. Wow you won the competition that was a pure guessing game good for you retard! I hate how she always talks about poker too. She sounds like one of those live clowns who doesn’t have a clue how to actually play.

  260. So ridiculous. I’m tired of the way things are going. I only find out through these posts now, I can’t stand to watch the show and see Natalie’s scrunchy blank face on the screen anymore. Jordan is proving to be the same competitor she’s been all along unfortunately. She needs Jeff. All I can do now is root for Kevin. Please Kevin, turn on Nat and take Jordan to F/2!!!

  261. @Beth

    I dont think the whole season was bad, it started with drama in the 1st week. I thought it was actually exciting until Russell left and then I lost interest and I have paid much attention to my feeds or BBAD.

  262. Sorry, but Jordan is IN the F3 exactly because she isn’t very bright. Everyone assumes they can beat her at anything physical or mental.

    However, sometimes they have weird random contests that anyone could win (effectively true/false quizzes.)

  263. Tracy,
    I get so into some of those reality shows that I cry when my person gets elimainated or kicked off. I know that sounds so silly but I am so serious. I also kinda get sad when I know the show is about to wrap up. Silly huh

  264. @ Sservie…. Have a good night & sweet dreams…. Email me that info when you have time ok?

    @ Everyone….. Didn’t Nat say she was going to drop? I hope Kevin doesn’t choose Jordan over Nat…. I hope Nat beats Jordan tommorow!!!

  265. Nat gives it to Kev. Kev and Jordan final 2!!!! My fingers will be crossed until the 2 hour show.

  266. UPDATE:

    Jordon fell, Nat and Kevin made a deal when Jordon went in to take a shower and warm up to fall in 15 minutes to make it look good to Jordon. Nat fell than Kev. Jordon got towel ready for these 2 while they were plotting her demise.

  267. I hope Nat loses the next one now and Kevin backstabs her. I will laugh soooooooooo hard! Please, it’s the last hope for those of us who can’t stand the show anymore since Russell and Jeff left. Please please have Kevin win and take Jordan.

  268. If Kevin is smart he makes a deal with Jordan to throw round 3 if she can beat Natalie, if Jordan is the one to axe Natalie Kevin has the votes to beat Jordan.

  269. Jordan needs to beat the Gnataliar! Come on, Jordan, you proved you can go the distance! Gnataliar, yes, you will lose tomorrow!

  270. I am very pissed, I was very mad at Jordan, but now seeing how kind she was by getting them towells, I hope Kevin takes Jordan, BOOO ON NATALIE.. AMERICA HATES YOU.

  271. I really don’t think it makes a bit of difference who is talking or who is supposedly making deals. Do you honestly thing Kevin would debate on turning on Nat, but then think, oh, I made a deal with her so I need to honor it?? Yea right!!!!! First of all, neither one of them is trustworthy even 1%. Second of all, they are going to do what’s best for themselves and whatever will win them the money. Do you think Kevin would risk $550K because he promised to take Nat?? Anyone who believes that is so gullible. He will take whoever he feels he can win against. It likely could be Jordan, but it will depend on what they think. But don’t be naive – right now it’s every man for his or herself!

  272. @Nicole: Round 2 will likely be a physical/mental competition. Jordan might have a better chance than Natalie thinks…

  273. if they each win one round it will have to go to a tie breaker right?


  274. @Leo, you should be Cougar hunting. At least that was what you were trying to do with married women? Is there a connection with LEO & Gnataliar? Yes there is, it is called, “NO CLASS!”

  275. I think Natalie is banking on jury votes she may not have. She has no idea how Jessie has been telling everyone her real age,and what they have seen on the updates.

    I just want Natalie to get her big fat mouth shut, when she is called on her lies. She is truly one of the most annoying reality TV personalites I have ever seen.

  276. oh, ahhahah
    iguess thats what happends when i fall asleep 10 minutes before the show starts… Crap :(

    oh well

    still… go Jordooooo!

  277. Oh but Justin … why all the debate with me then. Jordon went and got them both towels and Kevin just got down calling her a Biznatch and she isnt winning anything and was even going to run the shower water for them … that is all sickening. All that hospitality for 2 people who are talking about her character behind her back. That is why I dont like N/K they talk about peoples character when at this time of the game it isnt needed, what they did to Michele was the nail in the coffin for me!

  278. Jordan couldn’t win a fake boob competition between the 3, and she HAS IMPLANTS!!!!

    Worse player in BB HISTORY to get this far….

    But a nice kid…

    Walk in peace

  279. Jordan is a sweet girl but a terrible player. She has poor strategy. Kevin has made some power moves in the game at important times. Natalie has used strategy as well (lying about her age to appear less threatening, sticking with Kevin, making smart nominations). If Jordan makes it to final 2 and gets votes, they won’t be because she played a great game. They’ll be because people like her/don’t like her opponent.

    I want Kevin to win.

  280. hey Kevin, jordan and natalie are making the show. have you norice how Kevin speaks most of the time in the dr, while natalie keeps making more lies, and whenever they show jordan they play a dummy music. big brother makes characters out of this people

  281. i want kevin to win too, it will be the first time in 11 seasons that a gay guy wins, that will be cool for our gay community!!

  282. @ oho….. – you are lame bro…. Are you mad no one gave you any attention? ohhhhh….. Gt a life loser!!

  283. Honestly, I want Jordan to win, but she is acting so stupid. She has diarrhea of the mouth and spills everything to Natalie. WTF?!? Keep your mouth shut Jordan!!!! Jeff was right….Jordan should’ve been paying more attention to the game so she could actually win these later competitions. But, did she listen? NO!!! She got too comfortable riding Jeff’s coattail!!! Idiot!!!

  284. I enjoyed the show this season. I am ok with whoever wins. The folks I definitely did not want to win are gone already. Hurray!!!!!

  285. It’s time for Kevin to show some guts and get Natalie out of the final 2. She would do the same to him. She is one disgusting piece of work.

  286. I’ve now come to the conclusion that Natalie is just as bad as Chima. Not only is she annoying, but she bashes people as well. Not to mention the Nepolian complex she has, bullying everyone in the house. She has respect for no one. And no respect for peoples personal belongings. As in what happenend to jeff’s stuff when he won CDT. She is just as ugly a person as Chima or Lydia who called Jordo a “fat whore” when she herself has no room to talk, drinking Jessie’s kool-aid, literally. Nat does not even deserve ANY money from the show. Not even the dough they give you to pay your bills while your gone. For christ’s sakes, she didn’t even seem all that thrilled that her boyfriend proposed. Not only that, but she didn’t even hug or kiss the guy goodbye. BIAAAATCH! Man, if Kevin goes with her to the finals(Which i think he’ll win last HoH) then he deserves to not win $500k. Plain and simple. He’s said it over and over again that he cannot take her to the finals because he would lose. He needs to grow a FRIGGIN’ backbone and kick her nasty smellin’, chess and pool cheatin’, backstabbin’, lyin’ ass to the curb. Her dirty gameplay should not be rewarded. Others have been dirty in the past, but for the most part they did it without the personal attacks and they did it straight to people’s faces. Dr. Will and ED manipulated and backstabbed but they said that was their strategy from the beginning. Respectable. Her, none whats so ever.

  287. Wtf, jordon is worthless, what a disappointment. She got this far and is going home with nothing.

    kevin goes to the third round. the second round is nat and jordon. who ever wins that is up against kevin in the third round. who ever wins the third round is the final HOH

  289. if the jury vote on who played the best game then kev should take jorden 2 make sure he wins but kev should make it nat so they can show the jury that they stuck togeter as a team and let the jury decide who played the better game. i think kev played the better game than nat. if nat or kev take jorden she may win because the jury might feel sorry for her since her fam lost thier house heck that might not be true she could have planned that when she walk in the house

  290. Come on BB this is dragging on and we are getting tired…go Kev, Jordan you don’t deserve to win…

  291. I think that if Kevin takes Natalie, he will win the money, because nobody is going to vote for her, and everyone will vote for Jordo. I don’t think they will vote against her for personal reasons, I think that they all see how she just rode on everyone else to the end, and never really played any kind of game. Any kind of victory she ever had (and she only had the ONE by herself, the group one didnt count) was by pure dumn luck, not because of skill, strength, heart, or strategy, and everyone in that JH knows that. I have faith in the JH ability to make the right decision and vote for the most deserving. (or at least Kevin because Jeff is out.)

  292. Everyone is assuming that the Jury House wont vote for Nat the Rat if she makes final two but I have a bad feeling that they will end up seeing her lies as ‘great’ gameplay and end up voting for her to win it all(especially since most of them have believed her lies all game and most of them are not very smart)…My only hope is that Kevin wins and boots her stank ass out since dim witted Jordan (God bless her) will probably keep the Skank

  293. Didnt watch BB last night, after reading what happend first round.. Go Jordan you gotta win next 2 out of 3!!! Goooo Jordan…. ;/