Big Brother 11: Week 9 PoV Competition Results – Spoilers

The final Power of Veto Competition is over in the Big Brother 11 house. To find out who won click “continue reading” for the spoilers

Power of Veto

Kevin is the winner in this week’s Big Brother 11 Veto competition!

Kevin will definitely use the Veto to take himself off the block. This also puts him in the position to be the sole vote in this week’s eviction. The current plan between Kevin and Natalie is to evict Michele and take Jordan to the Final 3.

What do you think? Are you glad that Kevin won the Veto? Sad that Michele’s eviction is all but official? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Wow….that wasn’t expected. Hmmm, I’m beginning to think something is “rigged” here. Lol. I’m still very curious as to what the Pandora’s Box is up too!?

  2. No I am not happy I am even sorry I read this. I hope Julie still has something up her sleeve. Michele has played the best game. Jordan or Natalie deserve to win! hmmmmmmm I question this years broadcast. NOT GOOD!

  3. Every hg that I wanted to win has been voted out and now Michelle is on her. Maybe I bringing bad luck. I am so sick about Kevin winning the pov! I really wanted Michelle to make it to the final 2.



  6. This year was so crazy and fun but now I am really not happy with the results.If Natalie or Jordan wins I am not gonna believe for the first time both played a floaters game and I feel neither one deserves it..If I had to chose I would want Jordan to win only because I feel sorry that her family lost their house.I wanted Michelle to win she played so HARD..I am really saddened…………

  7. So apparently the game is “rigged” now that Kevin is winning, but when some random ass mystery power appears out of nowhere to be bestowed upon the biggest creep in all the lands (yep, I’m talking about Jeff) everything is peachy keen. I hope that Kevin wins this.

  8. I thought Michele would have won. She’s done a lot in the game. Natalie and Jordan haven’t done as much and don’t deserve to go as far as the final 2. If it were up to me Michele and Kevin would be the last two

  9. Mushroom, you need a reality check just as badly as they need random objects shoved up their arses.

  10. I’m just sick to my stomach. Can someone tell my why at this point in the game when it’s down to F4 that Natalie and Kevin still feel it necessary to be mean to Michelle? I don’t have the live feeds but from what I’ve seen on BBAD and read on jokers updates Natalie’s nomination speech for Michelle was nasty and now I’ve read that Kevin’s got some master nasty speech for her eviction. Don’t they realize that she’s going to the jury house?

  11. Kevin should keep Michel because both M/N would take Kevin to final 2 before each other. If he won he could chose who to take. My hope either way is Michel ends up in final 2.

  12. well im done with big brother this year,i wanted michele to win the pov really bad!!!! the other three do not deserve to win!!!!

  13. Yes Kevin wins, he should evict Jordan and put a thorn in Nat side. She is a wicked little girl and it should be Kevin and Michelle in the final 2.

  14. Kevin winning is bad news to me. I’m guessing Nat gave up playing POV when opening PB for an outside adventure with a HG of her choice in the house or in the JH to use to persuade votes her way….this happened last year as you remember.

  15. I will not watch bb since they got rid of Jeff I hope Natalie does’nt win she is such a liar she can never look anyone in the eye’s when she talks to anyone

  16. I guess I’m one of the few happy about Kevin. I don’t think he needs to be so mean, though. I don’t like Nat, and think she’s only loyal to Kevin when she wants to be. Hope it’s a Kevin/Jordan F2, as evicting Michele is the logical move.

  17. I can not belive this. if Jeff had kept Russell and voted out Kevin or nat this whole game would of been better. Kevin will kick out Michelle and the last of the good people who should win will be gone. How can one mistake ruin a whole game.

  18. Water under the bridge,
    What is PB this time, Any facts or Ideas?
    Kevin has the power what should he do with IT?
    Jordan would go for Nat for final 2.
    Michel would pick Kevin.
    Nat would pick Kevin.
    Kevin could chose either.

    Kevin’s best bet – get rid of Jordan.

  19. this sux..i wont continue to watch, now the only player worthy of winning is going to be gone…michele…ya this show is definetly rigged. ugh! i am so disappointed :(

  20. Wish there was someway Michele could stay but ive resigned myself to a Nat/Kevin F2. Im not happy about this at all but will hold out some small hope that Jordan will get the final HOH….(small hope :) )

  21. #12 MALIA… thank you for staing everything i feel. Why is bb letting these to detroy others things, almost putting red mms in one’s food, and almost bleach in contact lense???Isnt there a rule against physical harm..or ANY sort not just hitting. as some of these could be very harmful. why always Michele??? now the nasty twins are gonna torment her for the next few days. if anyone did this to chiapet and her lapdog,, bb would be all over them.. COME ON ,jordo WAKE up and see what is really going on and who is the liars.we saw kevins p b, WHY NOT nastys. cause it didnt happen that way..she sold her greedy little soul and kevin needs to wake up too.he says nasty his bff,goodbye lydia,guess you dont count[yet u will vote for him in the jury house]..I will vote for Michele for the 25,000, if America gets to do that. Thanks for any help, cause i think HOPE got out of box.

  22. Linda – bb has only been bad for the middle of the season the beggining was great and now it’s getting better


  24. Natalie is lying about seeing her boyfriend. I know her boyfriend and he is still pissed about her and Jessie. She’s lucky if her boyfriend even talks to her after she’s out.

  25. Thomas, do you really know her boyfriend? I thought he was watching all the episodes with her dad and wasn’t he an exboyfriend?

  26. I am so glad that the public doesn’t get to vote for the winner. Like her or not, Natalie has played a great game. So, she is a liar. They all are. She was just a better liar. Nat and Kevin have played brilliantly. They had a game plan all the way down to studying what could be asked. Give credit where credit is due.

  27. Why is it that so many people want Jordan to win and think she is so good at this game? She didn’t even win HOH, Jeff gave it to her! Can anyone please tell me exactly what Jordan has done that is so good that she deserves to win? This is the worst BB in history and I think no one really deserves to win the thing. But if I had to choose out of all the losers, it would be Michelle.

  28. Look, I’m not happy either. I was rooting for Michele since I think of the remaining players she deserves to win most. But she screwed up… she could have one HoH and now she lost the PoV, so I’m afraid she deserves what happens next. The only bright spot is that Jordan may win the whole thing now. If Kev or Nat win it will be a sad day in BB history.

  29. Maybe if you all stop watching. CBS will get your message loud and clear. No one is watching anymore, Now is the time to cancel all future BB’s.

  30. @justme, I am with you. I have no idea why Jordan would deserve to win. I am even more lost as to why Michelle should win.

  31. @justme – I don’t want Jordan to win either! I was for Jessie and Russ, mostly Russ, and now Michelle. I don’t like Nat but I have given her credit for lying her way through the game which is a strategy that worked for her. I really didnt want her to make it to final 2. Oh well.

  32. YES!!

    can NOT be stopped.

    woot woot!

    u better reconize.

    Michelle, U ARE OUT OF HERE!!!!


    Natalie or Kevin will win BB 11. Jordan or “Jordo” has no chance of winning.

    Dont u just love it?

    Thats BB gameplay at its best.

    Michelle, if she gets picked on as usual, she deserves it. unless its something out of line.

    If u wanna call Nat/Kev evil well then . . .


  33. Kevin and Nat are losers. hate them both….this game is rigged and cbs can stick the pb up their ass.

  34. Michelle is the only one that deserves to win and now her only chance at any money is America’s vote for favorite player. There is no way that anyone should say that Jordan deserves to win. Everyone feels sorry for Jordan because her family lost their house, etc. but where did she get the money to get her boob job?

  35. I also have no idea why people are refusing to watch the game anymore because poor Jeff got booted out! He did it himself by believing kevin and natalie when they lied about russel, even though he knew that they could not be trusted when chima and jessie were in the house. How soon they forget how those people acted when they had the power! And if anyone watches any of the live feeds, Jordan talked trash and had such a filthy mouth just like the rest of them! America’s sweetheart, my behind! She is nothing but a tag a long.

  36. Michelle really deserved to win, AND for all of u who say Natalie hasnt played, this is the perfect example of how she has, and how her way is better.

    Michelle was dominate in this game, and guess what??

    Winning alot makes u a big threat, and target.

    Now she is gone.

    Winning ONLY when u absoulutley have to is the key.

    AKA Natalie and Kevin.

    Natalie and Kevin besides Michelle are the ONLY 2 ppl who have played the game seemingly perfectly.

    Jordan hasnt even started playing the game.

    However after thursday, it hink she will beat Sharon’s season 9 record of being on the block and surviving.

  37. most of the people complaining have the brains of jordough the style of kevin the body odor of nasty nat and the memory of michele it’s a game none of us are getting any money your favorite lost get over it

  38. U cant say the game is rigged for the ppl nobody likes.

    Plus u cant say the game is rigged when u havent even seen the tape of how Kevin won.

    I love how the Jeff ppl are saying its rigged when Natalie had luck on her side, and Kevin who has been going over dates with Natalie win.

    But while it was obvious Jeff was being edited, and the game was slanted towards him “there not throing it”


    Everyone BUT N/K cant lose all the time.

    Get real Holyfield!

  39. unfortunately someone has to win, and I agree, Nat isn’t the nices person there, but she wasn’t the worst either! Her strategy was to lie her way through and she did a great job of it. Why blame her because of the idiots that actually believed every word she said? Didn’t the learn anything by watching how she acted at the beginning? I was really hoping Russ would win, but not going to whine because he got booted out and threaten not to watch anymore! Its just a game and Jeff had many chances to win this game, and was not smart enough to realize it.

  40. Has anyone ever seen the bumper sticker that says ‘MEAN PEOPLE SUCK’? That’s why everyone hates Kevin and Bratalie – they are mean. Although Jordan has not been the greatest or strongest player, she’s not mean sprited like the evil 2 and that’s why we want her to win. Jeff was not mean either. People like to see kindness in others and only really mean people like that trait in others. So there Marcus – guess we know your true colors – evil previals??? Pull-ease… who are you, the Devil incarno?

  41. Every time I don’t think it can get any worse. When Kevin’s back is up against a wall, he acts almost human, and I start liking him again. Then, he wins HOH or POV and starts acting like the (supposed) 18-year-old little be-ahtch he has chosen to align himself with.

    If he were smart, he would have made a F2 deal with Jeff.

    If he were smart, he would make a F2 deal with Michele.

    If not, I hope he loses $500 K to the 24-year-old be-atch he has chosen to align himself with and cries himself to sleep every night counting the $450 K he threw away by being soooooo short-sighted.

    Ugh! (sigh)

  42. I agree that Jordan does not need to win…but I do have to say that out of the other 3 Michele should be the winner…Nastilie and Kevin do not deserve anything. I was soooo hoping that Jeff, Russ and Michele would be F3 that would have been an interesting comp.

  43. whatever marcus I have live feeds they are the most twp disgusting perple i have ever seen. edit my ass

  44. thank you marcus, i really do believe they only showed the best sides of jeff and jordan because thats who they wanted to win this whole thing.. but someone just a little smarter out witted them lol!! I think Nat knew exactly what she was doing from day one. But you have to admit, whoever screened these people and put them on the show, should have been fired. This is the most boring BB so far! I just could not believe on the live feeds how bad J&J were making fun of michelle and now Jordan wants to be her best friend? Give me a break! Jordan and Jeff are no better than the rest of them.

  45. Every time I don’t think it can get any worse. When Kevin’s back is up against a wall, he acts almost human, and I start liking him again. Then, he wins HOH or POV and starts acting like the (supposed) 18-year-old little be-ahtch he has chosen to align himself with.

    If he were smart, he would have made a F2 deal with Jeff.

    If he were smart, he would make a F2 deal with Michele.

    If not, I hope he loses $500 K to the 24-year-old be-atch he has chosen to align himself with and cries himself to sleep every night counting the $450 K he threw away by being soooooo short-sighted.

    Ugh! (sigh)

  46. I have live feeds too teresa and did you fail to see just how disgusting J&J were? Trash came out of there mouths constantly and were making fun of so many people. I still can’t understand why some think Jeff is so wonderful and still have not heard any valid reasons why JORDAN should win!!

  47. I do not think BB was boring.
    Don’t know if BB reads these comments, but……PLEASE BB bring Jeff back!

  48. @justme: I’m sure if cameras were on anyone 24/7 with all of the lying/scheming/trash-talking that goes on, they would turn around and do some talking, too.

    Did you see the part where Jeff said he was disgusted with himself for acting like a 12-year-old girl for talking about other people in the house?

  49. And there are folks saying Russ should have won. Why? He was a lot more nasty than Natalie. I can’t even understand how Kevin got the nasty label. Michelle started a big fight between Chima and Russell and then lied saying that she didn’t remember the conversation. How is Natalie worse? Jordan attacked Russell because he was arguing with Jeff. Natalie played the game the way it was meant to be played. Of course Kevin did also. They are the deserving F2.

  50. TO EVERYONE….ok to 1st start off i am a fan of jeff but this is all his fault. ok when he got the cdt he made a great play by getting jesse out. jesse got a free ride in the begging that first comp was made for the athletes to win then he got a first hoh which he didnt earn and then he and the athletes had an extra player so the way i see it the cdt evend the odds a little. and if jesse wasnt such an arrogant, narcisistic, self obsorbed, jerk who was in love with himself with his peanut sized head then maybe he would have won it. any way that was a great move but after that he made some of the dumbest moves of the game. after shima left and jordan won hoh he took out lydia which was a horrible move. they should have taken kevin out. kevin is way tougher then lydia. lydia was probably one of the worst big brother players in history. she wouldnt have won any thing. then when jeff won hoh he took out russel another horrible move. jeff forgot how bad natalie wanted jeff out and how mad she was at jeff for using the cdt. that would have left lydia left with russ jordo and mich able to play for hoh. even if russel won the next hoh and put jeff and lidia up michele and jordan would have voted lidia out and that would have left jeff mich jordan to play for hoh while russ watched so most likely russ would be gone. that would have left us with jeff jordon and mich in the final 3. so to get to my point we all have jeff to thank for having natalie and keving in the final 3 of big brother.

  51. bowlie, have you watched ANY of the live feeds? If you did, how can you say the J&J were NOT mean spirited? I could not believe the stuff coming out of there mouths. What about when Jordan pushed herself up against Russ, hoping he would push back? Or Jeff screaming, you got got! Guess what Jeff, you GOT GOT also! I am beginning to think some of these people are having an obsession with Jeff. He is just a person people, not God!!

  52. UGH! When will people stop bringing up the evicting Russell topic?!?!?!? Jeff had to. Do you REALLY believe Russell wouldn’t have done the EXACT same thing to Jeff that Kevin did, and then you would all be saying what an idiot Jeff was for not getting Russell out when he had the chance.

  53. Hate the game not the player…

    Nat & Kevin are in the f3 because they did what was necessary to win the game. All the players lied and said bad things about the other players. They flew under the radar as necessary to not be a threat until it was necessary to win. They won one when it counted.

    If it were Jordan now winning POV/HOH/POV like N/K just did yall would be ecstatic. Give N/K their props. They did what it takes to get to the final 3.

  54. Russell would have done the same thing to Jeff that Kevin did… Everyone would have then said they should’ve gotten rid of Russell when they had the chance.

  55. The game has to be rigged to favor particular players. I knew before turning on the feeds that Kevin had won POV. I don’t find Kevin or Natalie funny or cute (just incredible liars). Unfortunately, I have to accept that fact that no worthy opponents will win the final prize. Riding others coat tails to the to get to the last few competitions is not a victory I can celebrate. This is really depressing–isn’t it just like real life????? So many freeloaders and bottom feeders.

  56. I think Natalie is a piece of trash and should not win Kevin looks like the talibans version of vanilla ice,,, sadly the only person left who deserves to win is michelle and she’s probably gone ,, I could stomach Jordan winning after all her family lost thier house ,,, Man I hope they pull a twist and bring jeff back and really spice the game up that would deflate everyone’s bubble

  57. there is something about having the power that brings the worst out in people. J/J did it, I guess N/K feel they’re due

  58. im just sick. knowing that kevin won, jsut ruined my day. i cant believee it. go jordannnnn or michelllle

  59. I agree with you cyndigwc… if the golden couple did what nat and kevin did they would be heroes!They would be bragging what a wonderful game plan they had! Just don’t know why so many were so fixed on the J&J thing from the beginning? I can’t believe people are actually writing to BB and threatening never to watch again unless they bring Jeff back!! Jeff even admitted in his interviews that he screwed up big time! Why can’t they admit, the “golden couple” got beat out of there own game and move on?

  60. @jeff bad a BB

    Well said and so true. Jeff will go down as one of the worst players (if not the worst) in the history of BB.

  61. @Martie
    I too think that Kevin is probably a nice person outside the house…its the bad influence inside the house (Nat) that gets to me! Hes like Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde…nice one minute..mean the next. Guess thats part of his gameplay.

  62. Because its a “game” Martie for a lot of money!! Isn’t that what it is all about? Jeff did tell Russ he was not going to put him up at the beginning and then turned around and did it! After he had a stupid attack and played in nat and kevins hands! Are you saying you would not have done that for that much money? Can’t win the game by being nice, unless you are Jordan and hide behind Jeff. She couldn’t even win a HOH, Jeff gave it to her! Have you noticed since Jeff is gone, Jordan hasn’t said anything, and just mopes around? She lost her meal ticket.

  63. WOW! I have miss alot. I stopped my BB when Ronnie got hosed by Mindless Michelle and Jessie got hosed by Jerko Jeff. Glad to see Sugar Bear Kevin is still in the house with Awesome Natalie. This is great to see the Jelly J/J team got juiced. This is great to log on and spend some time reading here. Go Team Kevin!

  64. Why ask why people were fixated on J&J when you know damn well it’s because they appear to be the perfect girl and boy next door. Guess what! Natalie and Kevin are the girl and boy next door also. No one knows what they are like on the outside of the house. A couple of seasons ago a guy, I think his name was Dan, who was a Catholic school teacher or something like that, lied and betrayed everyone. America loved him and gave him a special power the same way they did Jeff. He won. Jeff had his extra chance and blew it. Go Natalie!

  65. yes martie, jeff did admit it AFTER THE FACT when he knew he was a goner. Maybe he should have thought about that when he was doing it. I know all the house guests did it, so why keep putting Jeff on a pedistal? Is it ok for Jeff and not the others just because he said it was wrong? Yes it was wrong and he admitted it but he still did it. Its ok when Michelle hear J&J making fun of her and she went to the bedroom and cried because they hurt her feelings? I guess if you say I am sorry its ok, so if nat and kevin say I am sorry, its ok too, right?

  66. kevin seemed to be a better person until he aligned himself with the 3 evil bea-atches, Chima (#1 b of all times), Natalie #2 and Lydia #3. Then he just became one himself. How anyone can think that tampering with someones health (red dye in Michelles food), stealing Michelles gloves because ‘She lost hers’ etc is just game play, is not a fair player. Fair is fair, cheaters and liars will get their due – it’s call Karma and Nat will pay on some level for being such a horrible person.

  67. I was also a big fan of Jeff and Jordan and LOVED it when he took out Jessie which made Chima loose it and then get fired from BB. BUT, it is Jeff and Jordan’s fault that we are now having to watch Nat and Kevin in the final 3, for that I am now hoping that Michelle wins and russell gets america’s vote!!!! Jeff and Jordan were so outplayed by Natalie that it was sickening to watch. Because of that I was glad Jeff left, and I can’t stand Natalie!!!! Thanks Jeff that BB now is torture to watch!

  68. I am not happy at all!!! I think something is rigged! I have not watched after dark in 3 days now and have stop recording it too bb started out good and ended up bad do not like it I really think it is rigged Nat has not won anything and then all of a sudden she wins hoh hmmmmm not sure how she did it cuz she is dumb.. Thats all I have to say about this

  69. I agree Mark, and it can’t be easy being cooped up in a house with so many personalities.. It can bring out the worst in people. But like I said, if I was playing for 50,000 I think I would need to be a little coniving (sp) also. But I just wonder how the Jeff and Jordan fans would act if they acted like the others?? Nothing but praise I am sure!!

  70. @ martie #82 – I agree, a game is a game but at some point your true colors and real deep down personality traits come out. i beleive J/J are kind people in real life and K/N probably are not – at least not Nasty. And Chima – don’t even get me started on her personality… a woman who’s mad at the world with a major chip on her shoulder. Better screening should be done before they subject the viewers to these kinds of people.

  71. Do you remember when it was 4 (J/J/R/M) against 2 (k/n) and the 4 had HOH and VETO and the 2 were on the block? (K/N) are awesome player because you would of expected 4 against 1 then 4 against zero but that didn’t happen. It is now going to be 1 (j) against 2 (K/N). Yes these 2 are awesome players and deserve to be in the final 2. Yes Jeff blew it when he used the CDT and had Jessie removed. He should of layed low and had Russell evicted that week. Jeff is the worst BB player in history.

  72. Can we please stop all the “something’s rigged” talk. The majority of the people watching the show and the live feeds hate Natalie and really don’t like Kevin. Why in the world would CBS rig the game to keep them around. If it were rigged, it would have been rigged for J/J. Can you imagine the promos for those two leading up to the final episode?
    As it is now, Kevin and Natalie will most likely cause a little bit of a ratings drop.

  73. justme, you are spot on. I would have a lot easier time lying and being conniving to my friends than I would total strangers for $500,000. You have to play that game with the attitude that you are never going to see anyone in that house again after it is over. Kevin and Natalie did.

  74. didn’t Julie say tuesday was going to be a live show also ? There must be a reason . Game not over yet expect the unexpected. She said pandoras box will have an impact on this week. Good luck all contestants except you Jessie.

  75. #89 Lionel – I think it will cause a huge ratings drop. Remember that America has a vote in the jury house since Chima is gone. I know i wont vote at all for either n or K. That will tell how America feels, and the ratings follow.

  76. LOL Jaycee, it is true that they were outplayed by nat and kevin. I was very upset when Russ got booted out, but didn’t blame anyone for it, its called a game. Right now I would love to see Michelle win it all, but just wonder if Kevin is going to send her packing. With them, you never know anymore! And I would love to see Russ get America’s vote also! And Martie, I do agree with you that it was unnecessary for Natalie to dress up and act like an idiot. I never said I liked her, just that she played J&J and they fell for it!! Which should have alerted J&J because of the way she acted when Jessie was in the house fighting his battles for him. Why they ever believed her is beyond me.

  77. This is true Karma at it’s greatest. Michelle screwed Ronnie and Jessie and out she goes. Jeff screwed Jessie and Natalie and out he went. Next week Karma is going to take out Gordo.

  78. Thank you lionel! I am sick of hearing the show is rigged also! And would everyone quit saying they are not going to watch the show. If you were true BB fans, you would watch til the end. Just because your fav left doesn’t mean you just quit watching. If you hate Nat, watch the finale when all her lies are exposed. That will be great! If you love Jeff, then I’m sure he’ll get on some kind of show after BB. Someone should petition for him to be on the bachelor or something. He is just a guy for crying out loud and not a very nice one. I couldn’t watch the live feeds when my kids were around because of all his f bombs. I mean, come on! This is BB. Your fav NEVER wins or at least mine doesn’t except last year. I loved Dan!

  79. I think J/J actions hurt Michelle much more than N/K antics. Michelle thought J/J were friends but they mocked her & talked VERY bad about her. They betrayed her. N/K antics are stupid pranks designed to annoy her & get her off her game. They haven’t once made her cry like J/J did. N/K check with the producers about what they can & cannot do. What is harmful or not. I think J/J were the mean spirited ones.

  80. Oh please, some of you people crack me up. Jeff was a great player – better than Nat, better than Kevin, better than Jesse, better than Russell…it goes on and on. The fact is, those strong guys in the jury house would have voted for him too as the strongest player, and if they can admit it, why can’t you airheads? Jeff made one mistake and it cost him. He should have kept Russell, but he had no way of knowing that Russ really did plan to honor the final 4 deal. He had lied and switched sides, you have no idea what you would do if you were in that house. It’s hard to know who to believe when you don’t see all the feeds and secret talk like we do!!! But he believed big liar floater Nat & Kevin, and that did him in. I think the worst player in BB history is Nat, riding on everyone’s coattails the whole game, then winning an HOH by luck. Kevin, although I don’t like him, is playing a good game now, and I would say deserves it if he goes all the way. Jordan is doing nothing to win and neither is loser Nat. Michele is the only other one that deserves it, but looks like she got played by loser Nat too. Oh well, this will probably be that one year a floater wins it all – and we’ll have to look forward to a better season next year!

  81. THIS IS BULL! i think this will be the most disappointing season in Big Brother history. This has just been horrible. If Kevin evicts Michele, he is done. NATALIE DOES NOT DESERVE TO WIN!!! She just won and only because Michele couldn’t hear one of the questions. I will be pissed to see Michele evicted. Kevin should look for himself and not the worst player in the game. Kevin can only win over Michele and I hope he knows that. However he will be led along like a sheep and Gnatalie will cut him at the end. If he does evict Michele he deserves everything he gets. I try not to get personal but I can’t stand the way Natalie has been “playing” (if you can even call it that). Natalie doesn’t even deserve 3rd. She should’ve been gone instead of Lydia. If Michele and Jordan go home, this game has to be rigged. Two strong competitors are beat by a smartish guy and an idiot? I will have lost all respect for the game and probably stop watching until finale night. I actually can’t wait ’til this horrible season of losers in control to be over. Every smart person as HOH has done a stupid move (Ronnie,Jeff) or has been cut short of the whole week (Michele) or has had their week overthrown (Chima). These were smart players. They were the ones who deserved to win. Also, Jordan, Kevin, Russell deserved it too.

  82. Honestly, if Jordan makes it pass this week, she will make it to the final 2. The reason? Natalie and Kevin will never take each other to the final 2. It is too risky. The only other person that can win the 2 out of 3 hoh comps in Jordan.

    My argument that Jordan is a good player:
    She chose to be allies with Jeff, which was a risk at the time. Every other player thought to alline themselves with Jessie or Russell because they were the obvious strong players. She may have rode on Jeff’s coattails but she chose him over Jessie or Russ so she was smart.

    Go ahead and tell me why I’m wrong. (I know you will.)

  83. I know now that Michele will be the next one leaving and all I wish now is for those two idiots (Kevin and Natalie) to stop being so cruel to her. It’s wrong on so many levels and I think the BB production people need to tell them to lay off all the garbage they are dishing out now. It is not making for good TV. It is making people not want to watch this show. Watching a game is one thing, but watching people be so disrespectful, down right out mean and hurtful to others is not fun to watch. It makes one sick to their stomach and it really needs to stop now. I wish the best for Michele and since she lives in Los Angeles like I do, I hope I run in to her one day so I can tell her what a strong woman I think she is and that I was proud of the way she played. She did a great job! She is not the devil…she is a good person with a good heart. She will not be forgotten! Good luck Michele in all you do and be the best scientist you can be in life! Natalie and Kevin will never amount to much in life that’s for sure. Natalie and Kevin are going to spend that money with a quickness and be back to being broke in no time. They think they will be famous stars after this but I have a very strong feeling that they will soon come to know that they are the most hated and despised people we all ever had the displeasure to come to know on a TV show. They made a name for themselves alright but it’s not a name of great fame. They have become people that most of us will shun and hope to never have to see again in life. Their fame now is of great shame! Shame that has been well earned and they deserve to feel that shame when this whole game is over. Karma is a b*tch and those two b*tches will get slapped with it in the face oneday. Hopefully sooner than later!

  84. @Lisa #100 – You are so wrong. Jeff is no way better than Kevin or Natalie. Because if he was he would still be in the BBH. Jessie was a better player Jeff but he was given the CDT by CBS. Most people I know liked Jessie and crew way better than J/J. Alot of them tried to vote for Jessie and Ronnie for the CDT but the website didn’t work right. If you check other sites (because this one is PRO j/j) you would have seen Jessie got more votes from America. Jeff stinks at this game and to put him up above those still in the house is ridiculous.

  85. @Martie, Thanks for correcting me. I meant easier to lie and be conniving to total strangers than friends.

  86. All these conspiracy theories are coming out of left field. you (#107)think the web site that was letting people vote for the coup d’tat was rigged? Are you crazy? there would be so many law suits. Don’t you really think CBS is smarter than that? C’on now. Most people like a nice guy and Jeff was a nice guy – face it – America liked him best. Suck it up and admit it. No one liked Jessie from last season or this season – maybe a few pea- brained – but not the majority of the viewers.

  87. I can’t believe this year, the only person who I could stomach winning is Jordon, Can’t stand Kevin hate Natalie even more, Michelle is just plain CRAZY!!!!

  88. @grammalilx11, You are joking right? Kevin and Natalie make for great tv. Viewers love characters that they can hate. If everyone in the house were sweet as honey it would be boring as hell. Natalie and Kevin have given you something to be mad at. That’s great tv. And the folks who swear they won’t watch will watch just in the hopes that Kevin or Natalie will somehow be backdoored in the end. And also, don’t you all know that on some level all of the reality tv shows are scripted or at least manipulated for a desired result?

  89. Sorry Lisa, but I think YOU are so wrong. First off, if Jesse was better than Jeff, than HE would still be in the BB house, right? Just as you guys keep saying over and over Jeff was handed a power, when he wasn’t. He was voted the power, and everyone had the same chance to earn it. But more people in America like Jeff, sorry to say, but it’s true. And in that same count, Jesse was handed the gift of the first HOH that he didn’t earn, and that was the beginning of all the power shift in the house. The fact remains that Jeff won more competitions than any of those people you seem to think are such great players. Both Jesse & Russell admitted that they would most likely vote for him in the F/2 because they think he was the best player. ‘Nuff said. And for the record, ALL of the people I know liked J/J WAY better than any of Jesse’s crew. Actually, 100% of the people I know hated Chima, Lydia, Nat & Kevin. So if you want to know who stinks at this game, it’s weak loser liar Natalie. And I can’t wait for Kevin to turn on her.

  90. This is great for Kevin to show all the nay sayers how strong of a person he really is. He has great Karma going for him since he is from Chula Vista the World Winner of Little League. Karma and Champions stick together. I hope he get a T.V. show of his own. He is the nicest person not like them other mean J/J who should be ashamed of themselves for backstabbing Russell and Michelle. Kevin deserves to win the whole thing.

  91. Kevin is actually my favorite player after Jeff’s eviction. Even if he’s mean, if I were in a position of high power and knew I was just a couple of steps and a jury’s vote away from winning Big Brother, I’d be an ass for a while, as well.

    The smartest move Kevin could have made was picking off the best players who were otherwise guaranteed a place in the Final 2, much in the same way Jeff did to Jessie and Russell, but at a much more crucial point in the game, when he could disprove his position as a weak floater.

    It’s generally more of a trend that the best player in the Final 2 is voted for by the jury rather than personal bias.

  92. What, are you seroius? Nice person? Kevin lied, back stabbed, and did way more conniving than J/J!! The only reason Jeff is gone because Kevin is a liar and a mean person. J/J did not backstab Michele, and Jeff got rid of Russell because of Nat & Kevin lying! Because he believed them that Russell was going to back stab him. Unfortunately he doesn’t see the feeds and talk we do. I wish he hadn’t gotten rid of Russell, but Jeff is still a WAY nicer, cleaner player than Kevin!

  93. @Martie: The way I see it, the only way Michele will stay is if Kevin comes to his senses and defies NatiLIE. He won’t do this because that is not only one less vote in the Jury house, as in his head she will be, but she is a very vengeful person. He probably knows that she will convince others not to vote for him. He would rather keep her happy until final three and evict her then.

  94. Jordan was never in the game from day one!! Even Jeff was getting upset with her at the end for not winning anything. He kept telling her she needed to step up and carry her weight and win something!! He even told her she needed to concentrate that he could not do it all. So how can anyone say she played a good game?? She never had a clue on how the game was to be played. She was even afraid to walk out of the house by herself without Jeff if she got evicted!! Look at her now, quiet as a mouse. She can’t even think for herself.

  95. Here’s another one “Birds of a feather, flock together’. Is the reason for those of you who LOVE k/n/chima and Lydia because that’s the way you would play the game – no honor, no integrity – just cheating? you all know Nat cheats at chess, pool and everything else, right? I hope her BF drops her sorry ass when she gets out of here. Of course, what kind of guy can he be to have her as his GF? Also a loser???

  96. I had a feeling Kevin would win POV. I really want either Jordan or Michelle to win. Definately not Natalie.

  97. @ Lexxx / Lee MN….. Wuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzz uuuuuuup?

    @ Marcus / Jacob / Cindigwc…… NBK is in the house baaaaaaaaabbbbbbbyyyyyy!!!

    @ Cat / Ashley….. Were is my victory dinner ladies? I want dessert too please!!! ;) :D :P :)

    @ Ashley did you get my email & last post #697 in the other post area?

  98. Back at LISA your buddie JEFF is still gone. And how soon you forgot that it was Jessie keeping Jeff safe in the game because Jeff was just a slacker on the Athletes. Yes Jessie protected Jeff and that backstabber had Karma come back around and got booted out as he deserved being a weak player. Again most people I know couldn’t stand the J/J peewee show. Now it is worth watch with the great playing of Natalie and Kevin showing true talent in this game.

  99. @Mark…they may make great TV for you and for a few others but from all the comments I have read (and I have read a great many in these past few weeks) 95% of the viewers have been disgusted with these two scumbags and rightly so. There is one thing to be playing the game but there is another to being unnecessarily cruel. I seriously doubt Natalie or Kevin will be asked to be on any other TV shows after this fiasco.

  100. I’m not saying she deserves it. I’m saying she, unlike everyone else, latched onto the right person.

  101. @126 Lisa – what talent are you talking about? Cheating? that’s not talent but i guess it proves that some people will do ANYTHING for money. I suspect you would play the same type of game for the $$. Remember, you have to look at yourself in the mirror when it’s all over – even $500K will be gone and all you’ll have is yourself and your integrity (or lack of).

  102. I can’t read anymore know-it all comments from small minded people here ,like they say birds of a feather, flock together but as being deserving to win and how to play this BB game by lying and joing forces to get out the people who the majority would agree need to go next is part of the game but playing mind games and rubbing it in there face is unreasonable and wrong esp.nastly, kevin on the other hand is not much better, made some funny faces and remarks but does not erase my opinion of him, Michelle has played the game and has won different comps more than jordan and could have been F2 However the Comps are the difference of winning or losing to further their game position.Too bad you can’t be the winner of all of them BB knows their weakness so they can manipulate the results ,And then comes the real surprise ,Jury votes !So it doesn’t matter anymore who I or anybody else wants to win, the fact remains Nastly is the biggest smart ass in the house, What a poor excuse of the female sex. And Kevin What is he or heshe.Puke face..

  103. @Lisa – HUH????? I’m not sure what game you are watching, but I didn’t get most of what you said. Jesse didn’t protect Jeff, he ignored him and pretty much talked behind his back. Jeff never aligned himself with the other Athletes cause he knew they were all jerks. And all but Natalie are gone now. So Jesse has been gone a long time, he got played. But he got played for being stupid and aligning himself with jerks – Jeff got played because he believed those same lying jerks. If he had stayed with the good people on the right side the whole time, he would have had this game won. That’s what happens when you shift over to the dark side…. And uh, great playing from Natalie??? First she rode on Jesse’s coattails, now Kevin. She sucks. She can’t win anything except by luck. And she’s dumb as a rock. If she wins, it will be because Kevin was stupid and kept leaving her tag along!

  104. I remember Michelle saying that Jordan was listening for the footsteps to see where she was going in the competition, so she took her shoes off the last time so she couldn’t do it again. But i suppose that wasn’t cheating to some people either!! LOL You could tell that Jordan didn’t understand half the questions. I really don’t see Jeff having much to do with her when this is over with. I think he is looking for someone with a few more brains than her, which shouldn’t be too hard to do!!

  105. Natalie and Kevin are smug little brats and I can’t stand either one. How stupid are the hg, BB would not be giving Natalie alcohol if she wasn’t over 21 and she keeps on talking about her trips to casinos. It is time to catch on HG.

  106. @ Lee MN / Lexxx…. Wuz up?

    @ Marcus / Jacob / Cindigec….. NBK is in the house baby!!!

    @ Lisa….. Jeff himself said he only got this fa because o the CDT in every interview he did….. He was got by K/N the same way Russ was got by hims!!!

    @ Cat / Ashley….. Where is my victory dinner and dessert ladies? Me sooo hungry…. me hungry long time *** L-O-L ***

    @ Ashley / Cat meet each other…. You are both moderators for the best Survivor Blog…..

    @ Ashley…. Did you get my last email and read my last post in the other posting area?

  107. @136 – I agree – they should have figured out Nastily was over 21. Now the jury house knows that she walked in the door lying and that might sway their votes. When she ‘grows up’ i hope she’ll learn that the way to get thru life is not by lying to everyone about everything. Until then, i hope this games costs her more than just $500k. It’ll serve her right. I hope all the young, hispanic girls are embarassed by her.

  108. @ Marcus / Jacob / Cindigwc….. NB I in the hiuse baby!!!

    @ Lisa…. Get a clue… Jeff said himself that he only made it this far because of the CDT…… He is gone for dumb decisions like teaming with losers like Braden, Lauren, Casey (he was cool though) Jordan and she-rat aka Michelle

    @ Lee MN / Lexxxx…… Wuz Up?

  109. Seriously this cast has to be the biggest bunch of sore losers EVER! They bitch, moan and CRY bout everything, its a game, get over it, its what they signed up for, maybe next cast should get a better explanation of a “GAME”! Oh did I mention, Natalie Sux and I haven’t watched an actual show since Jeff was evicted, I check the website. I’m over this season and the horrible cast!!

  110. Hey Marcus, You must be either a gay person or a gangsta to want Kevin or Natalie to win. Evil does not prevail. Natalie chews like a cow, she walks like she put the tampon in the wrong hole. She is such a liar and a evil person to say those things to Michelljust shows she has no class,where is her mother she just talks about her Dad maybe if she had a mother figure in her life she might not have been such a guy. I can’t stand her. BB this is the last year I watch. I hope your ratings go down and you get canceled.

  111. The Last of the Athletes is still in the game and in control. Natalie and Kevin in the final 2. And yes 95% of this site is pro J/J but so is the site manager. After so many remarks against J/J you get censored off this site. So yah! no duh! I wonder if the will make it? or get censored? And BTW Jeff also backstabbed Russell as you are so aware even after he swore he would bring him the the final 4. But I guess that doesn’t count because your BFF Jeff can’t lie or ever say the F word. Oh wait what I really meant is he lies and backstabbs all the time and can’t complete a sentence unless it has the F-word in it. You got your blinders on. enough said.

  112. On the very first show, Kevin was the only one that didn’t believe that nat was 18.. why didn’t anyone else? And where were there heads when she had the college sweathirt on, talked about casinos, and drank? How did they not put 2+2 together? So why blame nat for getting away with that? It was there stupidity not hers! You would think with all the people in the house, someone else would have realized nat was lying besides Kevin!!

  113. I read somewhere up above that “Natalie has played a great game.” Are we watching the same show!!! What a floater! They are all liars…part of the game, but Natalie is been riding coat-tails the WHOLE season. Now that Jeff is gone, it should be Kevin and Michelle in the F2. They are the only HG left that have actually played the game, won competitions, and made moves to win.

  114. the power in the house would’ve been so much different if Ronnie the Rat wouldn’t have switched sides and that one vote. He would probably still be around if he hadn’t aligned himself with Nerd Herd 2. Worst player ever.

  115. everyone talks about how bad N/K reign is, compare how ALL the hg are interacting in spite of who holds the power. They are a lot more civil to Jordan & Michelle than J/J were to Russell & Michelle in their reign and they were supposed to be in a final4. They wouldn’t ALLOW the other hg to speak to them. Yes Natalie’s nom speech was probably over the top, but Michelle wasn’t overly affected by it(no tears). She even wore the devil horns. They are all interacting, dining together, etc. like I’d expect normal people to behave. Nothing like the J/J reign of terror.

  116. @Leo
    Spagetti and meatballs with garlic bread and salad…hope your hungry :)
    Leo what do you think about all the talk going on tonight about Kevin and Nat cheating?
    Have you looked at any other sites?

  117. I agree Misty, hopefully Michelle will win it, but have a feeling she will be the next to go! Hope I am wrong and Kevin comes to his senses, but don’t think nat is gonna let him out of her sight!! Jordan should have never made it this far, let alone be final 2! But thats what happens when you have a man in the house protecting you every step of the way.

  118. AGH! I can’t stand Natalie. And who cares how old she is??? She acts 18…so maybe it’s not too much of a far stretch for her to lie. What does it matter anyway?

  119. Oh here we go. Jeff did NOT say he wouldn’t have gotten to where he was because of the power, he won WAY more competitions than any of the others, are you kidding? He may have said that he wouldn’t have gotten the original push he got by getting VOTED the power, not given (and if any of the others were liked even a little, they may have gotten the votes). Jesse got the very first original push when he was handed the HOH, and he wouldn’t have gotten as far as he did without it. He wouldn’t have even been in the game! But wait…Jesse didn’t go very far, now did he? Oh, and at least 1/2 brain Jesse even admitted Jeff was the best player a couple weeks ago, and would have voted for him. Which is more than I can say for some others on here. And the only reason anyone on here is pro-Jeff is cause he’s a good player and a nice person. Who wants to be rooting for liars and backstabbers and idiots who can’t win like Natalie, Lydia, Chima, etc.??? Oh, I guess there are some people who root for people like that. My bad. Hopefully being weak, stupid and a liar can get you to the final 2 for Natalie’s sake!

  120. @ Ashley / Cat…. It won’t let me put in my victory dinner without going to moderation…. Wierd huh?

  121. This Pro J/gone site can’t tell Kevin and Natalie what to do now. Good bye Michelle then good bye Jordan. The only way Jordan makes it to the final 2 is to win HOH. Kevin and Natalie will stick together no matter what now. All your wishful thinking Kevin will save Michelle is hog wash. And why would they keep Jordan? Get rid of her and the good guys get all the money.

  122. #53- Lisa – Yes, sadly some people like to root for liars and cheaters, which just shows their true colors. Be grateful you’re not like that – I know i am. Unfortunately we have to put up with that in society – that’s why there are prisons :)

  123. I hope somehow Michelle makes it through this week and makes it to the end. She has made it this far on her own and has been everyone’s stepping stool.

  124. @ Lisa…. Get a hearing aid….. Jeff told Julie Chen / Ross Matthews he only lasted this long because of America and the CDT…. He said thanks again America for the votes…..

    @ Cat….. I am on my way for some food ok?

  125. Good guys?? Who? Are you serious? Kevin & Natalie are good guys now? Wow, even people who are rooting for them just do it cause they like the nasty way they are playing. You’re the first who think they are good guys. But I hate to tell you this – there’s no done deals yet. Kevin would be smart to get rid of Natalie soon, and I will laugh so hard when he does!!

  126. Oh, and a little comment to cyndigwc…the reason people weren’t dining together when Jeff (not Jordan) was HOH was because the other hg (you know who I’m ,about) were punks and didn’t want to. Jeff may have done some sneaky things, made some power plays; but he has always been somewhat civil to everyone! The same CANNOT be said of Natalie or Chima. BTW, what Jeff did was part of the game. If Natalie was actually playing a game, perhaps she was have done the same (instead of riding coat-tails and blaiming everything on Jeff and Jordan) Which brings me to another point…let’s not forget that Jeff AND Jordan were both the under-dog in the beginning of the game. Natalie has been coasting through this game being friends with those who had power in the beginning. They never liked Jeff in the beginning.

  127. @155- Lisa Lane: how on earth can you call N/k the ‘good guys’. Is that the way you roll in life? By hurting, lying and cheating? Feel sorry for you.

  128. Thanks Bowlie, I totally agree! @Leo, uh, no. That’s not what he meant, you are deciding to speculate how you want to read into it. The tables turned when he got VOTED the power, and thank goodness, cause that’s when Jesse got off his bullying. Jeff made the 2 biggest plays in the game. And facts don’t lie. He won more competitions than anyone. No matter what anyone says or you think, that’s a fact you can’t twist the way you want to!

  129. @ Jeff Fans…. Did you watch the interview Jeff did? Did he or did he not say “thank you America for the votes and the cdt because I would have been gone along time ago without it…. It was a game changer for me and Jordan and saved us big time”!!! He said this in his interview on Good Morning America with Julie Chen and Inside Dish with Ross Matthews…. Get over it and accept the fact that N/K will be in the game longer than Jeff / Michelle and if Jordan can’t get a question right like in the most recent POV she will be out before part 3 of the final HOH!!! whoohahahahahaha

  130. The best part of the show was when Jeff told Russel he was going to bust him in the mouth, money or no money.

  131. i am so sad that michelle is going. i hope & pray that kevin wins hoh and doesn’t take natalie to the jury. it makes me sick that natalie didn’t win a damn think all season and now she has a chance to win it all. she is a hateful, ugly person. it’s funny how the “christians” in the house turned out to be the most mean spirited, hateful ones in the group. Jeff, Jordan, & Michelle rock!the rest of you can go to hell!

  132. Omg , I agree Natalie does walk like she has a tampon in the wrong hole, thanks for making me laugh before bed!! I honestly hope Michelle wins only cause she has been kinda alone this whole game and has won POV for herself evertyime she was gonna be evicted. But I would be happy if Jordan won too, cause I kno it would really help bring her family back together, I know she is a floater but I can’t help but like her. Sorry

  133. Jeff said those things because he is being polite to the country, don’t forget he went on to win multiple compititions that would have saved him if he had gotten into trouble sooner.

  134. Lisa you can keep going back to when Natalie was CO-WINNER of the first HOH for the Athletes and Jessie made the HOH. But Jessie was never given power to kick out anyone he wanted like Jeff was. CDT had to be won in the past but CBS figure it would make better ratings to come up with a way to make sure Jeff wins. It was this pro site that advocted for the J/J team. And you can keep believing how good Jeff WAS by all those comps you think he won while Jessie was in the house. Oh yah I mean won after he was handed the power to remove Jessie. Head to Head Comps Jessie wins over Jeff. And Jessie does have an ego, so you can expect him to say a couple of week ago Jeff played a good game because that way he can go back and say a strong player took him out. But when you see he in recent JH he has been expecting Jeff to show up ASAP, because in his heart and mind the reality is he know Jeff is a weak player. Can’t blame the guy for having an ego.

  135. @164 leo – Jeff saying that in his interview was him being grateful to America for liking him. He was brought up right and has some humility. I’d love to see who N thanks – probably no one- she was NOT brought up correctly – with no moral compass or sense of right or wrong. She doesn’t even know when she does something wrong. Jeff does and apologizes for it.

  136. OK HERES A QUESTION FOR EVERYONE. your playing big brother and you have made the final 4 your playing for HOH and you need 1 more question right to guarantee your self final 3 and a shot a $500,000. on the last question a plane goes over head and you cant hear the question. do u A) tell julie that a plane flew over and you couldnt hear and ask her to repeat it. or B) do u try and guess the answer and then when u get it wrong say that you didnt want to look stupid telling julie you couldnt hear the answer? michele and jordan are as dumb as jeff is at this game. i would rather look stupid saying i couldnt hear the question then looking even worse getting the question wrong. there have been some really dumb players this year. and yes i was hoping j/j would make final 2 so im not being biased im just telling what i saw as i watched this season of BB

  137. YES LEO, for the 10th time that you keep repeating, he did get the CDT power voted and it was a game changer, and because of Jesse being handed his power and bullying all of Jeff’s side, it wasn’t looking good for them cause they were being picked off. CDT started things rolling, but then Jeff won competition after competition and played all those other HGs. He had the game in the bag on his own playing, but he believed liar Nat, and he was sunk. Accept the fact that Jesse was handed a gift too, and all that happened before is done and gone, so get past it. Nat won’t win another thing in this house, and if Kevin is smart, he will oust her sorry lying butt right away!

  138. @ Lisa…. You are either in denial or just plain ignirant… He said that in multiple interviews and even before he left the BB house to Jordan multiple times…. You need to get a man so you can stop being obsessed with a ma you don’t know…. Lamo!!!

    @ Cindigwc…. I am on my cell phone blogging….. If you want, go to the other post and copy & paste it or just read it ok?

  139. Thomas

    Yes, it is true that her boyfriend would be pissed. However, I think that everyone hates Natalie. Natalie and Kevin screwed up Big Brother Season 11. I wanted Jeff or Jordan or Michelle to win, but with Jeff gone, and Jordan and Michelle on the block, I have lost the interest of watching Big Brother. Honestly, I do not believe that Jeff deserved to leave man. It is KEVIN AND NATALIE THAT SCREWED UP THIS SEASON.

  140. What matters is whats goin on inside the house right now! Nat and Kevin are being a**holes! Has anyone else heard about all the tweets and emails sent to AG because of the cheating going on from Kev and Nat?
    Check out and Big Brother Updates!
    Lots of people are MAD!

  141. Sorry Lisa L, you still don’t make any sense, so you should quit trying. Nat AND Jeff won that first HOH, but Jesse did nothing for it. I was handed to him as a gift, just as coming in the house was handed to him, and that wasn’t any more fair or right than a CDT vote. At least we as America gave it to Jeff, and thank goodness, cause it got rid of the garbage in the house. There’s no pro-Jeff site. If you think that, why don’t you go somewhere else? You just don’t like to admit that most of America likes nice guys, and that’s Jeff. You are the minority here in liking the jerky side of the house. And no, head to head, Jeff wins, not Jesse.

  142. This year is the worst ever and if Natalie does win than I am done with BB. In this game people do lie to win, but there are lots of other ways to lie and not be so arrogant and mean spirited about it. Natalie is such a scag. Kevin and Natalie are definitely not good people. It is ashamed that this year sucked so bad because of the bad screening of people the show let play in the show this year. There should be some better screening and rules to the game. People watching love drama, but this year was definitely not what people like to watch. I am hoping that Tuesday there will be a really big twist and then would be so much better to watch especially if they can get rid of Natalie. I still think the show has something more for us in store and we won’t know until Sunday to see if it will be shown.

  143. @ Lisa / Bowlie….. Jeff told Jordan in the BB House that he would have never lasted this long with out “America’s Gift”……

    @ Lisa…. What the hell does Jesse have to do with me discussing what Jesse said?

  144. @178 Martie- Of course she does (have conspiracy theories). That’s what those kind of people do when they don’t like what happens – try to find blame somewhere else.

  145. Excuse me Leo, resorting to name-calling now? Got that cut and pasted this time. Nice person. And I’m married. Which I KNOW you couldn’t be. And once again, going back to repeating your same ignorant stupid rantings. I said I KNOW he was given the CDT and it changed the game, without it, Jesse probably would have continued his rampage of his first HOH gift and picked off Jeff, but luckily he was voted the power and changed the game. But AFTER that, get it, after that. Are you hearing now? Yes, I said AFTER that – Jeff won competitions and got rid of the rest of the rubbish on his own. Get that through your head, ok?

  146. @ Lisa…. Are you blind? I know you are deaf….. Jeff & Natalie won the 1st HOH… Does Jeff REALLY look like Russell Lisa? If not, you should know it was Natalie / Russell who hung and won the 1st HOH…. I guess you are dumb / blind & deaf!!!

  147. This really does suck. Michele was my favorite player from the start. Sure she is awkward, and lied a bit in the game, but who doesn’t in this game? She is the only on left in the house who actually deserves to win. Nat is a liar (I think she needs help), Kevin is a puppet (Nat controls every move he makes) and Jordan…well, let’s face it, she is cute and has a great heart, but she really hasn’t done anything in this game. She is only around because she can’t win shit. Hopefully Michele can convince Kevin to keep her…if not I really don’t give a shit who wins…as long as it’s not that greasy Wet Rat Nat.

  148. wow all these people crying…..about nat lying have yall even watched the show every one has lied their way through the game….YES EVEN THE BELOVED JEFF AND JORDAN WOULD YOU ALL STOP CRYING…. If you were playing for a half million you would lie to people to. NAT HAS PLAYED THE BEST GAME BY FLYING UNDER THE RADAR BY NO WINNING MANY COMPS….. AND NOW THE WORLD WANTS TO BASH HER BECAUSE SHE HAS WON THE ONE THAT IS PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT….

  149. @Leo – Uh, either way JESSE DIDN’T WIN IT! Duh? A little trouble comprehending? Yea, gift. Just as I said. Look who’s the dumb-a.

  150. #182 Leo – Jeff has never been arrogant so he admitted that the coup d’tat helped him. So what? It would have helped anyone and they (the evil doers) certainly wouldn’t have been so humble if they won – they wouldn’t have even thanked the viewers – again – not the correct upbringing.

  151. I am so sick of Jesse. He is such a loser. If I see one more shot of him posing or riping off his shirt to show his muscles. I think I am going to throw up. He thinks he is all that and guess what he isn’t.I was sick when they let him back in the show. They should never let past players back in to play. I hate that and think it isn’t fair for someone else that wanted to be on the show and may have been a really good person. Sometimes I wonder why BB does some of the things they do. This was the worst choice of game play. Most people hated him the last time and they still do. He just wants to show off his muscles and hopefully be noticed for body building career to really take off.

  152. @ Bowlie….. Who were the 2 people who won the first HOH?

    @ Cat…. Wuz up? Did you see this Jeff won the first HOH crap?

  153. BB picked some very unlikeable people for this years competition. I cannot stand to listen to Nasty Nat and her constant lying It looks as if her and Kevin will be the final 2. I just hope that Pandora Box has some good twist to it

  154. Exactly Martie!! And Bowlie, you’re right too. It’s frustrating when people don’t get it, huh? A gift for both sides – and it really doesn’t matter, cause it’s after that where the game-playing really happened. Unfortunately, Nat got the best of Jeff with that lie. He was just gullible. He should have been smart and kept Russell, but he didn’t know what we know watching from the other side. Oh well, we know he still played a great game up till then.

  155. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, All of you people are never gonna watch Big Brother again. Not until….next season. Oh yeah, not until the next episode to see if Michelle or Jordan go to the F2 and then not until the last show to see who wins.

  156. @196 leo – there are not 2 people for HOH. Jessie was given it as the surprise returnee on the Athletes (who won it for him). They didn’t even know who it was or that they wouldnt be the HOH.


  158. @ Bowlie…. Jeff is a man…. He admitted he received help…. He had the balls to use the CDT…. But even Jeff told lies…. He screwed himself by backdooring Russell…. Now neither him / Michelle / Russell are in the final 3 when Team Jeff was a lock for the Final 4…..

  159. Leo, who said Jeff won the first HOH? What the heck are you even reading??? If you are talking about me, I said JESSE didn’t win it. Doesn’t matter who did, cause it was handed to him with a pretty red bow. Why whine about a power or a gift when your precious Jesse got one too. You’d think you were in love with him!

  160. All I have to say is, who doesn’t bring Jordo to F2 to guarantee themselves $500k. Honestly, if K/N/M were to go against Jordo in F2 they would win the show. K/N or K/M or N/M doesn’t guarantee votes. Seriously, I will throw this out there that if no one takes Jordo to F2 they are morons. Who doesn’t want an automatic half mill.

  161. I don’t think any of the Jeff fans on here are whining about Jeff winning cause he’s gone. It’s the Gnat/Kevin fans that keep bringing it up, just because we say Gnat does not deserve to win. She sucks. I am the first to admit that Kevin is now playing a good game. And even though I liked Jordan, I don’t think she’s doing well enough to win. But I can look at things and see it for what it is, not be blinded by whose side I’m on. Michele & Kevin are playing the best game right now. And I want to see even turn on Gnat, even if Michele has to go first.

  162. @cyndigwc
    Hard to explain…read it on another site..has to do with the POV comp today…Kevin got to view the questions longer than Jordan or Michele AND apparently some people are having a cow over the calendar that Kev and Nat made to help them remember dates and comps.
    You are not supposed to have any aids (pens, pencils, paper etc..)
    Big uproar…people emailing AG

  163. I am so mad that Kevin won POV. I really wanted either Michele or Jordan to win to get rid of Kevin and then Natalie. I really wanted Michele to win as she deserves it the most. She is a really nice person and anyone who was watching Thursday could see that from her family especially her husband. She looks like she comes from a good family. Michele doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Natalie and Kevin are so mean especially Natalie and that is why they don’t deserve to win. Michele has played a great game with no help from no-one. She got this far all by herself and that is good game play. I sure hope this twist keeps Michele in the game and goes to the final 2.

  164. When it’s over, we’ll see who goes further with ads, endorsments, etc. My monies on team Jeff and team nasty will end up with nothing. We’ve all seen the good ones prosper and the bad ones have their star burn out right before their eyes. Again – karma.

  165. @ Lisa / Bowlie….. Casey could have one for the off beats…. Braden a pro surfer could have won for the populars…. They would have had a 4th member if they won…. Two people (Russell & Batalie) both dropped because neither would have one HOH anyways…

    @ Cat….. you are right… Focus on the HG’s still in the house……. Jeff is gone people…. Get over it…. Michelle is going next….. Either Natalie / Kevin will be in the final 2 and both will if Jordan doesn’t win 2 of the final 3 HOH comps!!!

  166. both Jesse & Jeff had something “given”to them that no one else in the game did. Kevin & Nat had to do it the old fashion way “they earned it” by playing the game. In real life, I hate lying, manipulation, & all that. I’m not good at it so, I’d never apply to go on one of these shows. but I can respect the game and give kudos to good game play. Evidently it is not about winning competitions all the time or else there would be no need to vote. The game would be just comps and the last place player go home.

    It is a game people, not the j/J show. Both of their strategies was a “showmance”. It was in their bio’s.

  167. #207 Cat-what do you mean about this POV competition and calendar stuff? Who is AG? If this the case than shame on the show. I wouldn’t believe that the show would do that, but you never know. CBS only shows what they want you to see and sometimes its crappy.

  168. Anyway, none of those things matter – the point is both Jesse & Jeff were given something they really didn’t earn, and both were game changers. I’m sick of hearing how one is different than the other, blah, blah, whah, whah. End of story, now get over yourself.

  169. @Mikey, The only chance that either Natalie or Kevin would have to win is against each other. They would be stupid to take Jordon or Michelle. I don’t even trust Jessie to vote for Natalie. Remember he said that he would vote for Jeff because Jeff played a good game by taking him out. The only one who might vote for Nat or Kev is Lydia. The rest would vote against either one of them for anybody else.

  170. Remember – America has a vote in the final because Chima is gone and they cant have even numbers. NOT VOTING FOR NATALIE will send a message – KEEP THE FAITH AMERICA.

  171. @ Lisa… You did in post #183…

    @ Bowlie…. Who cares who gets more endorcements after BB… I don’t know these people…. Do you? I only care now because they are on BB which I watch…

    @ Cat….. Did you save me some food?

  172. @ LISA You say kev is playing a good game rigth now, then why isnt nat they are together and planning all these fake fights to get the other two to believe they hate each other….

  173. Doesn’t change the fact that Jeff was strong and was a great competitor, and Gnat is weak, a liar and just floats along on other people’s dirty work.

  174. @Teddybear911
    AG is Alison Grodner..exec producer of BB
    I read about all the POV stuff and the “calendar” which Kev and Nat made out of playdough and used a stick pin(for hair) to write on it.
    Go to or Big Brother updates and click on their Live Feed Discussion and go to about page 40(cant remember what page exactly) and you can read all about it!

  175. Leo – no I didn’t. Dan, because Natalie can’t win anything and Kevin can. I don’t even count Natalie’s last win cause it was a lucky guess. It was a 3 way tie with the other girls. She sucks in competitions. I think Michele is actually playing the best game right now, but unfortunately she will be gone. I just can’t stand Gnat, and I don’t think she’s done enough to win anything. Just as I like Jordan, but don’t think she’s done enough to win either!


  177. I guess I don’t understand some of the comments , I would want my best possible chance to win of the Jury Votes against the person who most of the jury didn’t think played the best game,that is how in the past BB’s always decided who should win ,not about revenge even though some voted that way ,Even Evil Dick was not liked by most and he was only evil to the ones who crossed his path the wrong way,but still Won, The HG this season are different in their own way and whoever wins will be just another season gone by Some people here act like they control the networks but this is just a game and HG chosen will never be able to meet everybodys criteria of a perfect cast, and people on this show are viewed by thousands and will be judged by them about their character as being a good person or a jerk, Too bad Nastly’s true colors have been revealed and even Ray Charles can see that!

  178. @Leo
    That simply isnt true…have you ever seen BC pills?
    No one EVER saw Michele studying for comps using birth control pills!
    But if you go to Big Brother Updates and use the flashback feature on the live feeds u can plainly see Nat and Kevin using the playdough as a calendar….Kevin even admitted that it helped him in todays comp.

  179. Yea but the difference Dan, is that I am not saying Jordan deserves to win either. I know she is floating along, and I admit that even though I am a Jeff fan and really like Jordan. So why can’t Nat fans realize she is just a floater too? Lying takes no skill. She lied from day one about stupid things, like her age. Who the heck cares about her age? She’s such a loser, and I hope she gets played.

  180. @leo, i just lost reception but yea, he is so cute AHEM wait a minute naw, i aint looking at him! i’m more concerned with michele. u got me on that one didn’t ya leo

  181. Model names from Kevin

    Michelle : Dr. Hottness
    Jordan : Gucci Girl
    Natalie: Scrappy!!!

    Kevin is called K-Town!!!

    *** Thiss is hilarious ***

  182. @leo, i would have to disagree with ya on the BC’s. nothing like a real calendar in front of u

  183. @#213 – it’s to my understanding that aids aren’t allowed in the house. This includes pencils, pens, paper, or anything makeshift that would help with remembering things that happened in the house. This has now happened twice. Once when PigPen was tutoring Lydia on dates and events, and now with Kevin and Nat. Nobody from previous seasons have been allowed to such things, why is it different for them. The point is that if you need to practice for mental comps then you talk it out with other houseguests. You are not allowed to use aids, premade or makeshift, PERIOD. It’s seems to me to be a clear rule violation. And not repeating the questions during the last HoH when there was noise interference is also BS. Also it may seem that Kevin had more time to answer questions during Saturdays veto comp, if true, also BS. This has been the most carelessly run season of BB I’ve seen and trust me I’ve seen them all.


  185. @ Diana C…. Wuz up?

    @ Everyone…. Kevin is acting like a straight guy saying “wuz up & can I get you didgits?”

  186. She definitely didn’t lose on purpose. And there’s nothing to support that. She just is weak and can’t win competitions!!


  188. Why are they doing a quick eviction this tuesday? Are they bringing in an evicted houseguest? Save Jeff again… I hope not! Anyway, I think the best move for Kevin is to evict Jordan and keep Michele. If Michele wins the HOH, she is more likely to pick Kevin over Natalie. If Natalie win, she’s more likely to pick Kevin than Michele. It would be a win win situation for Kevin! I hope Kevin realizes this! Go Kevin!

  189. @ Diana C / Cat….. I have no idea what BC’s look like L-O-L!!!

    Kevin is funny as hell…………

  190. Nope, I don’t think she lost on purpose. I think Nat is dumb and I really don’t think she’s a good competitior. Who knows her strategy, it’s all speculation to think she is losing on purpose. I think definitely not.

  191. i have always looked forward to watching BB every season it was on, but this season was aweful. the lie-ing was way over the top. the verbally abusing other HG’s was ridiculous, making fun of someone who has disabilities, taking/stealing others properties have all been aweful this time. i for one do not want my grandchild to fall for any of those tactics and its not worth the money to me. did that make sense?

  192. Nuff said- this quote was in Nastily’s bio:
    “Natalie wants people to know that nobody can intimidate her! This feisty Latina has no problem lying, cheating and stealing to win the game. She’ll do whatever it takes to keep the heat off her and turn it onto others, and believes her petite frame will throw off her opponents.”
    Hope the Latinas are proud of her :)

  193. @Mark – But see if they are voting gameplay, then you definitely take Jordo, who has none. At ALL. They said they would vote logically. At that point you take the weakest player to F2. Drew did it in 5 with Cowboy and won. Maggie in 6 with Ivette. Boogie in 7 with Erika. It DOES work. Anyone in the house could take Jordo and win a half mill. If Jessie and Russ were willing to vote for Jeff(who they hate) for gameplay, then they’ll vote for the person who had the best game. Clearly not Jordan.

  194. Mikey #234
    Have to agree with you…sloppy production
    Hg in the past have been told “no aids”
    Kevin and Nat originally wanted to use the chess board but prod said that was a no no!
    Whats the diff if its real or contrived? Its still an aid. I bet AGs email box is full :)

  195. Not in this game she’s not!!! Where’s the physical dominance? Nah. I think you can pretty much make up whatever you want for your bio info.

  196. @ Cat / Diana C…… You have to like the fashion show right?

    @ Diana C…. You aren’t going to join my Survivor Blog? You never emailed me…. Wuz up?

    @ Cat….. You will be getting info tommorow if Matt has everything set up ok?

  197. Gnat won the fashion show with Rock Paper Scizzors against Michele – Who I thougth should have won as she has made great advancement in her looks and weight and clothes etc since being in BB.

    Just another Ego thing for the Gnat!

  198. @dan
    A champion at martial arts?
    She won a bronze medal in the 8th grade…not quite what i would call a martial arts champ…its cool …but not what i would call a champion!
    google her name and you will see her bio

  199. @Diana C – it is because BB has a rythm to it. A cycle if you will, of which comps are which. Final veto is always a mental comp. So yes they were studying for a specific reason. But it’s one thing to talk out dates and events like you’re supposed to, and making a makeshift aid, which is against the rules.

  200. @ Lisa….. I apoligize for the names ok?

    @ Survivor Fans….. If anyone wants to join the best Survivor Blog Site being created by Matt (this site host) and HOSTED BY ME – LET me know ok?

  201. Can’t believe BB is almost over!! Have fun for those of you who watch Survivor. I haven’t watched in the last few years.

  202. @Cat – Thanks for the support. This season has just been botched production wise. i’m just really disappointed. NO AIDS, MEAN NO FRIGGIN’ AIDS, DAMMIT! That means, no playdough or candy to help you CHEAT! For all our sakes, they better clean up production for BB12.

  203. @ Cat…… Email me tommorow ok? I will hopefully be hearing back from Matt by tommorow….. You are still down to be a moderator on the site right?

  204. sucks. the game went from exciting to nothing. now if they take michelle off the block, theres no more reason to wait for the finals. the players left are boring and not deserving to win that money. the viewers and the fans are much more deserving to win that 500k. wish it will rain some money outside our house. when i found out kevin won pov, im not looking forward to watching it anymore. sad but its not interesting no more.

  205. @Mikey
    Your welcome
    I would like for BB next year to have all their ducks in a row and the rules firmly in place and applied across the board to all hg…think that could ever happen Mikey? :)

  206. I am happy for Kevin, and not sad for Michelle.
    Watching Late Nite, and BB needs to take the liquor away from Jordan. She is sooooo sad when she drinks. On the other hand, Michelle kind of becomes “human” with some wine. The fashion show which just finished was real cute, but Natalie sure bosses Kevin around like she was his wife. Anyway, “Kevin and Natalie to the final two.” And Let’s not bring anybody back.

  207. U guys pick on Natalie on anything and everything, any chance u get. And someof u do it to Kevin to.

    They both cant do anything with out getting a ton of heat. They cant laugh, they cant lie, they cant win HOH without u guys turning it to them being horrid ppl.

    This has been the worst/chessiest hour in a half ever on BB.

    But i love it.

    Jordan looks really good, Sso does Natalie.

    And Michelle kills the whole fashion show everytime she opens her mouth.

  208. Natalie Martinez (Bronze)

    October 1 – 6, 2002
    Heraklion, Greece

    14 to
    17 year old age grouping

    Junior World Championship Teams

  209. @Leo
    He** Yeah im still down to be a moderator!
    Love me some Survivor!!!
    Email me anytime if you have info

  210. Does anyone know what Pandoras Box actually is? Do you believe Natalie actually got engaged? I was disappointed Michelle lost. I thought she played a good game.

  211. @Cat – I sure as hell hope so. IT HAPPENED FOR 10 SEASONS! WTF? Man, this show is causing my IQ to drop rapidly with it’s stupidity of the HG’s at the moment, and their topics of conversations since Jeff left.

  212. I am ESTATIC!!!!
    The most deserving won the POV!! This makes it all worth while. I kow there will be more whinning and threats to switch of…but know this a good number of us are totally estatic. Kevin & Nat 4 the money.

  213. address for the Tae Kwon Do information:

    double backslash then –

    on page 7

  214. Dan that was like 7 years ago.
    She is now working in a video store and living with daddy.
    Nothing wrong with that nope.

    But she is still a lying, disrespectable, manipulative piece of trash.

  215. Chuck Norris wouldn’t have to kick Nat’s ass. He get her to do it for him. BAM! That is what i think of PigPen and her wasting her Tae Kwon Do talents by being a retail manager.

  216. @Mikey
    Sometimes its like watching paint dry in the mental ward!
    Ive watched BB all 11 seasons and it gets more kayotic (sp?) every season. Mikey you should join Leo and me on the Survivor blogs. Im sure you would add a lot to the discussions.


  218. @ everyone….. Keep it real….. This fashion show is hilarious….. I vote to evict your old clothes….

    *** L-O-L ***

  219. @dan
    You are right…I have to take back my disrespect of Nat’s bronze medal…thats pretty good even if it was 8 yrs ago!
    So the girl does have one (1) redeeming quality!

  220. Umm DAN, Ineversaid anythingabout her and her bronze medal in a negative way????

    Good for her when she was a teenager.

    That still don’t take away from the fact she is still a piece of trash.

  221. @Cat – I’m thinking of watching Survivor this season. I have my Mom living with me in my house for the time being, and she’s a huge Survivor fan, so i’ll probably end up watching it any how. Funny, it’s my TV but we watch what she wants for the most part. So i’ll probably end up blogging about the show, and i’ll probably want to do it on Leo’s site. And btw i would rather watch paint dry in a mental ward than watch BBAD or the feeds. I just that when i go to that ward, they give me some strong Meds to make the trip a whole lot better. =)

  222. So bummed that Michele didn’t win the POV. I hope she somehow makes it through. Probably doubtful, but one can hope that Kevin realizes he’s got a better shot at winning with Michele in F3. He should dump Gnat and team up with Michele to get rid of her. We all know he doesn’t trust Gnat anyways. He is so much nicer when he isn’t around her. Gnat brings out nasty behavior in people. Its too bad the strongest players don’t always make it to the finals.

  223. DAN – Skankalie Might be in the F2 – with BB you never know about twists.

    You have your opinion and I have mine – she is still a piece of trash.
    The lies about her marriage propsal and the embarrassment of her “boyfriend” .

    It is one thing to lie to HG and play the ‘game’ inside the BB house – it is another to bring in innocent out siders with saying the things she has said.
    Her family and the ‘boyfriends’ family must be embarrassed over the ‘wedding’ Gnat has planned already.

    She admitted she didn’t have a boyfriend at all when she came intothe BB house.

    Anyways enough of her cuz she is a waste of my typing time.

  224. @Mikey..LOL…Thats the way we have to roll when our parents live with us!…shes your Mom..what are ya gonna do?
    Besides she has good taste in tv shows..Survivor is (almost) as fun as BB.
    No 24/7 feeds…but still good.
    I think i will need therapy before BB is over..regression therapy…take me back to my childhood to find out why i feel the need to watch others 24/7!!!

  225. Hell Yeah & Dan
    You both are right!
    Nat is a champion in martial arts and shes a champion liar! With that kind of resume you can get a job at blockbuster.

  226. Well i’m done for the night. I spent my day doing electrical work on my house, installing an electric water heater, replacing a gas one. I’m exhausted. But i will return. Same Bat time, same Bat Channel! laterz.

  227. @cat,,,LOL, falling asleep with my laptop which is a no no cause i dropped one time and it cost me over $300.00 to repair it. ouch.

  228. I think its afe to say bb has hit rock bottom I had rather see this season end up any other way than what it has. Nat(Skank) does not deserve to be where she is right now she has not won her way she has rode her way here on other people an lies.

  229. I can not stand to keep watching GNAT. She is so disgusting. The only prize she should win is for the house guest that picked her nose most often and rubbed it all over the house. When you watch her it reminds you of PIG PEN on Charlie Brown. Maybe BB can give us some awesome effects showing the same graphics as they do on Charlie Brown following her around.
    I hope BB brings back Jeff to put a little CLASS back on the show.

  230. @Diana C
    I have a medical condition that sometimes keeps me from sleeping at night…see dawn sometimes.
    Sounds like you are out for the nite?
    Look me up tomorrow.

  231. @cat, i also have medical conditions that yes sometimes keeps me up all night. however, i’m leaving for fla on monday and need to catch up some sleep due to losing it from watching BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS LOLOLOL. but yes, i’ll def be back tomorrow to talk to all my buddies!!! I might not watch BB again, but i still want to talk with ya’ll

  232. @ Mikey…. I am in the process of getting everything set up… Email me for info at

    @ Diana C….. I got your email…. I sent a reply with my main email…. Did you get it? I thought yu went to sleep….

  233. LEO?? I can’t keep my eyes open, i’m curious to see if u received my email? or do i need to redo it. i’ll be back tomorrow.g’nite all

  234. @leo, let me look, no, i was waiting for u, yes, lol i did fall asleep but opened my eyes to rewrite u

  235. I’m really happy Kevin won POV. He deserves to win because he beat Jeff, and now Mitchell. yeahh, Go Kevin. he is the best player he was the underdog. and he knew what he wanted. not like Jeff that he was trying to look cute 24 hours in tv. his image was too important to be in this type of game. Jeff should be in Who wants to marry a millionaire women, but not in BB.

  236. @ Diana C….. I got your email…. Did you get mine? I sent you my main email in the mesage ok?

    @ Cat…… How is your evening going?

  237. Wow…people really are obsessed with Jeff … it’s a game … people really need to realize this. Just because Jeff played a “nice” game doesn’t make him god of big brother. He’s a nice guy people but damn … for real he’s just a man.

  238. @leo, guess what i look like b4 i give u my face book …our any of our other buddies on facebook? email leo and he can connect us

  239. I am not a NataLIE fan, however what bugs me is that throughout this game she has never had a plan! In the DR room she has not expressed this. She has always hoped for someone else to take off the block or carry her. She really is an ignorant “carry me to end man walking” person. C’mon…. she got here by sure luck and overlooked by all the strong players trying to get all the others out. Thats not strategy. K/M would make a great ending. BB history shows Nat to win. Nat was not happy when she opened PB. POV win, PB, and a reversal twist has her nervous.
    Kevin needs to make a bold move! This is sad that no one stands up to Nat to push buttons…. this would cause a Shima version II. Everyone in the house is being sooo nice to each other or silent. At least Russ brought out the true person even if it was by instigating:)Anyhoo, I still want to have hope for Michelle.

  240. @leo, i’m driving :) it’ll take me about 8 hrs tops coming from Ga. I’m from Fla. i quit my profession of 15 yrs to move up here to be with my granddaughter and i have a grandson on the way

  241. @Melindann
    Totally true..she never had a plan..go with the flow and hope your arse is not hanging out.
    Im a Michele fan also. Have been from day 1..not surprised she got this far.

  242. Here is some information about Nat for your amusement:

    After they come out of the DR they each tell the others how much they got from the Pandora’s Box money falling from the sky event.

    They start talking about Natalie’s criminal record.
    Seems she got into a pretty bad fight at school with another girl. The police were called in and Natalie assaulted a cop.

    She also spoke at one time about missing a court date while being in the BB house.

    According to the Gilbert, Arizona court records, Natalie had the following warrants:

    June 2006……..Failure to appear in Court

    April 14, 2007……..Warrant for Failure to Comply

    February 29, 2008…….Warrant for contempt

    June 12, 2008……….Warrant for Failure to appear in court again

    Interesting huh?

  243. @ Cat….. Do you know what else would have made your evening better?

    *** Spoiler – Alert ***

    You bringing me a tastey meal to eat!!! :) ;) :D :P

  244. @Leo
    I do owe you a 5 course meal for Kevin winning the POV.
    Guess i will just have to suck it up and hit the kitchen! (i can cook very well by the way)

  245. Ha, u people need to get over this Jeff thing and quit being so stupid.talkin about kevin and nat r being soooo mean.u people have such double standards and need to get a life.I dislike a lot of people who win but I don’t resort to having tantrums and threatening to not watch the show.r u serius..I have nothing against jeff but after hearing everyones comments,I’m glad he is gone…ha ha

  246. @ Diana C….. Be safe and don’t over drive when you are tired…

    You look like a BB Fan that likes Survivor… Am I close? *** L-O-L *** :) ;) :D :P

  247. here is the forums wbsite from CBS about Skantalie
    for your reading pleasure

    3 w’s at the beginning of the link

  248. @Cat
    Do you think Nat screamed when she opened PB it was a confirmation to power against the veto winner to reverse a nominee. I will soo be sad if Kevin plays into this crap of Nat. BB has to come up with a twist!

  249. Leo
    I wrote what I know and posted a link of the CBS forums about Skantalie and the Warrents – So far that is all i know.

    If i find out more i will post :)

  250. @Hell-Yeah
    yeah i know their for arrests…just didnt know Nat had any.
    Thanks for the link..very interesting!

  251. @ Melindann…. I think you are right….. I have been saying Michelle would look like a deer in head lights if she won and Natalie over turned her Veto powers and Kevin evicted her….

  252. Cat yah i thought it was some reading material for us regarding Skankalie, Gnatalie, Nata’lie’, PigPen …..

    any more names I forgot?

  253. @Melindann
    Im hoping PB will turn the game completely around! Whatever it is or does, i hope, will make Nat crazy (crazier!). :)

  254. @ Hell Yeah & Cat…. Tell me…. I am on my cell phone and can’t open links…. :( I don’t own a computer :(

  255. @Leo
    Apparently Nasty Nat assaulted a cop..failed to show up in court..has a court date the day after the show ends (according to one poster on this site).
    dont know if all this is true or if this is the same Natalie Martinez but it is interesting!

  256. Oh I for got to post this earlier. Skankalie was talking about her HoH Pandora Box thing with the other HG and she slipped and said ‘Ex’ boyfriend and caught her self and said I mean ‘Boyfriend’.

  257. Yes! i’m sooooo happy kevin won! i hate michele! as long ass kevin or natalie wins i’m happy! and there’s no way jordan iz gonna win!

  258. Hell-Yeah
    Do you buy that crap about an engagement?
    I’ll eat my shorts (panties) if this is true!
    If, by some strange happening, this were to be true, he has to be the dumbest Pu**y whipped guy in the state!

  259. 329 were did get this information from because accoring to the application Big Brother sound have check her out It ask questions about crimanl acts and she had lie
    Please read the Eligibility Requirements/Application Instructions before completing this application. And remember, above all else, you must BE HONEST! Any answer may be verified for accuracyI hereby acknowledge that: (i) I have read, and I meet and agree to be bound by, the Big Brother
    eligibility requirements; (ii) I have answered the previous questions honestly and accurately and will
    answer any questions put to me by Our House Productions, Inc. (“Producers”) honestly and accurately;
    (iii) If any information that I provide to the producers of Big Brother is found to be false or incomplete
    this will be grounds for dismissal from the Big Brother participant selection process, and/or removal from
    the Big Brother program,

  260. @ Cat…… I want you to make me breakfast in the morning ok? I will make you lunch…. We can both make dinner…. Fare?

  261. Sounds good to me Leo…I can make a mean biscuts and gravy..eggs..sausage (or bacon)..waffles..(im hungry!) :)

  262. The pov comp was defining terms. Since, michelle has the highest iq, she should have won the pov. However, Kevin won on his first try. Nat didn’t play. Something having to do do with pb. Its very easy to get a warrant. I received one and didn’t no that I was suppose to go to the court and never received notice that I was to appear. The clerks make mistakes like anyone else. She didn’t kill anyone and she lives in Arizona, where you can get a ticket for anything.

  263. @ Everyone…. I doubt it is Natalie from BB 11 because that is public record and BB would have caught that….

  264. No, she didnt kill anyone (yet) but it is interesting as to how a person with a record ends up on a reality show; possibly winning $500,000 when they clearly do not have good judgment…wouldnt even give Mother Teresa $500,000 if she had any record at all!

  265. 358 but that means she did not tell the truth on her application and she should have been honest

  266. @Leo
    I would tend to say your right except for the fact that workplace mistakes are made everyday..even in our government…the loss of SS numbers and the like. What makes you think AG and her staff are any diff?

  267. @ Cat…. I am serious and now I am hungry…. I am coming to your coast for food…… Yummy yummy put some good food in my tummy!!! ;) :) :D :P

  268. Cat No I do not beleive that her ‘boyfriend’ was even in the HoH Pandora’s Box thing.
    First of all ther eis information and video from Gnat her self saying she was single.
    Her boyfriend and her dated for about 2 years and broke up about 8 months before entering the BB house. Also SHE stated that her and her exboyfriend were talking about getting back togther maybe but there was no commitment or anything.

    She often slips up and calls her ‘Boyfriend’ ‘Ex’ and then quickly corrects herself.
    She did it a little while ago on the live feeds.

    Also, there does not seem to be enough time for the boyfriend to even get to the BB house and cuz she just won the HoH later the night before he supposedly came to see her.
    She also stated he was up til 3am and couldnt sleep. Where is the time to tell him and then fly him to CA BBhouse nad get him all organized etc for seeing her.
    She said BB probably planned this event for her cuz he was gonna propose. If he was relly there to propose don’t chat think he would have brought a ring?

    Also, they only had about 20 mins together andall the things they spoke about, the wedding and proposal, Jessie, her playing tactics, talked about her dad, about her honesty in playing, that there was sushi and a table for 2 Dinner in the room, they supposedly made out a little, talked about him watching the live feeds constantly, oh and ther ewas more but you all get the point there?

    So No I do not believe there was a ‘boyfriend’ that proposed to the lying stinky girl.

  269. well friends… do not forget about the model that was just recently murdered by a man who was on a reality show.
    Cant recall their names…. but it was all over the TV. Them producers didn’t catch his record??

  270. I saying that should be grounds taking her off the show she lied to CBS is it mistakes I do not think so because she lies all the time I cannot understand some lies but it all the time.Her age her boyfriend the POV may I contiue no the list will be to long.

  271. WoW!!, that must have been some 20 minuites she spent with her bf…what a croc!
    Only Natalie could elaborate on a lie so much that even a priest would have to quesion it.
    Cant wait until shes outed!!
    What lie will she concoct then to cover herself?

  272. @ Cat…. I am from Aiea, Hawaii, but I currently live in Minneaolis, Minnesota….. I am finishing my Criminal Justice Degree… Where are you from Cat?

  273. @Leo & @ Cat
    Good point! I still think that w/ N/K thinking they are in the final two….. something is not right. It can’t be that easy.
    Nat is in the final 3… so what is going to change that – the PB box! What will determine
    Michelle or Jordon going home?
    If Michelle is given the opportunity, she needs
    to pull something out of the box!

  274. @Hell-Yeah
    Good point!! The woman he murdered was his ex wife. Chit happens all the time. Not that i think Nat would kill anyone but she is president of the Lyers Club and she does have to be the center of attention (all the time).
    Just sayin…chit happens!

  275. @Leo
    You must miss the warm weather? Im from Ky..own my own beef cattle farm..about 500 acres…love country life! I lived in D.C. for many years but city life gets old…like taking it easy (even though farm life can be hard work)

  276. Cat, whenever she talkes about the events in the HoH PBox she adds more crap that she and her boyfriend sid, shared, did.

    Something did happen – but not her “boyfriend”!

  277. When Kevin finds out she has been messing so bad with him he is gonna be one angry gay guy!!

    He has put a lot of trust in her and he aint gonna like her much after this all comes out.

  278. I think Nat will eventually get caught up in her own lies; just hope its soon enough to save Michele. But i guess if no one calls her on them, then she gets a free pass.
    Mannnn, her bf should be embarrassed to even say he knows her.

  279. If any information that I provide to the producers of Big Brother is found to be false or incomplete
    this will be grounds for dismissal from the Big Brother participant selection process, and/or removal from
    the Big Brother program,
    This on the application so I am sure that she did not give the write answers to CBS So I guess singing this agreement does not mean nothing

  280. This girl is so egotistical that she thinks she cant be touched. Who, if not the BB fans, is going to cry foul over her false application? AG obviously doesnt care…she just wants good ratings..and apparently shes getting them!
    Its not right but how do you fight the system?
    Im just a little peon with no power and an angry attitude! This really ticks me off!

  281. Don’t you people understand that this is a game? Natalie and Kevin deserve to be where they are. Its all about winning compeitions in crucial moments and they have done that, Michelle, Jeff and Jordan HAVE NOT. Natalie played the exact kind of game as Boogey.. Not winning alot of comps, but winning when it matters and being strategic. Go Natalie!

  282. and Skankalie said her ‘Fiance’ won’t be at the finale show cuz he has a wedding to attend.

    If my finance was on BB and the final 2 I sure as heck would be at the finale show !!!

    Another lie about her ‘boyriend’.
    And he was not mentioned at all in her HoH letter.

    SHe has NO boyfriend.

  283. nat and kev’s strategy of laying low until late in the game beat the hell out of chimas (flipping out), jesse’s (tearing shirt), russell (strutting angrily), ronnie (scheming both sides) and jeff’s lovey dovey nice guy.

  284. @ Cat…. I sent you an email…..

    @ everyone… have a good night & sweet dreams (about Nat / Kev in the final 2)

    *** Hugs & Kisses for all ***

  285. Cat, I telling people how thing are if you don’t like the truth well apparently you only care about people who lie. Yes I am confident what I write and like you said you a little peon with no power. We all have a right for our opinions This is a game and we will see next week what happens.

  286. @tia
    thats just the point. Nat did NOT have a strategy to lay low. Kevin put the stick in her butt to come up with something to save her butt after winning HOH. Even he questions the extent of her lie. Will he go for it when it really counts?

  287. Winners find ways to win, losers find excuses…

    If Natalie or Kevin win, think about that one. Winners find ways to win….
    Jeff is not a loser because he has not looked for excuses avec being evicted. He blamed himself.

    If Natalie ends up winning the 500 000$, whether you like it or not, she dupped everyone on the show. Did she lie alot? Yes…did Dr Will lie alot? Of course he did!!

  288. Oh my god, post number 391 is sooooo right.
    Whats up with this loser mentality? You people that are obsesed with Jeff need to understand one thing. He called Kevin a backstabber, wasn’t he the same when he backdoored Russel?
    What has America become if you can’t understand a freakin game.

  289. The people in the jury house, like always will end up voting with their heads and not their hearts. They will never vote for Jordan to win, so the battle is now between Natalie and Kevin. What will help Natalie is the fact that she didn’t take the HOH bribe that was offered by Jeff and Michelle and ended up winning it on her own.

  290. @ Cat…… You would let me visit for 20 minutes and be happy right? Natalie’s boyfriend might ok…… I know he didn’t!!! I think that was a lie……

  291. @Jeannette
    Im not sure what your meaning by the way you wrote it. Are you saying im just a little piss ant with no power and should just accept the truth…that Nat will win?
    Or are you saying something im missing?
    I dont mind other people giving their opinions but i should be allowed to vent a little too.
    No, i hold no power except over my own self and i choose to be amazed at the utter selfishness of Natalie. Not only selfish but the ugly way in which she chooses to play the game…a game that is never fair but does have rules. Ones which she has failed to follow from the start. In my book she is no better than Chima…maybe worse. At least Chima was forthright and spoke what she believed to be the truth. Nat believes her own lies and expects us to do so. I will not ever say she has good gameplay because its not gameplay…its bs.

  292. Natalie played a dirty game. So did Will, so did Boogey, so did Evil Dick.
    This isn’t the Bachelorette, this is Big Brother. You are not on BB to be honest, you are there for 500 000$. Dont you guys get that Jeff would FOR SURE have put Jordan under the bus if he had to in order to win the money?

  293. @ its just a game….. you are right….. I like your style….

    @ Jeff Fans…. Let me dedicate a song to you to help you get to sleep….


    clearing throat


    I need a hug – whaa whaa whaa….. give me a hug – whaa whaa whaa
    I want a hug – whaa whaa whaa
    please give me a hug – whaa whaa whaa (Chorus)

    Jeff is gone to the jury house – his sad fans are here and can’t help but pout – this silly obsession makes me want to shout – I am glad he is gone and N/K aren’t out….

    give me a hug – whaa whaa whaa
    I need a hug – whaa whaa whaa
    I want a hug -s whaa whaa whaa
    please give me a hug – whaa whaa whaa (Chorus)

    Jeff fans flipped to she-rat and Jordumb – but now that Nat got HOH & the POV Kevin won – they want to bicker and cry for fun – they won’t admit that NBK is #1

    I need a hug – whaa whaa whaa
    give me a hug – whaa whaa whaa
    I want a hug – whaa whaa whaa
    please give me a hug – whaa whaa whaa

    *** I hope this makes all you Jeff Fans / Michelle Fans feel better – I know it put a smile on my face like so – ;) :) :D :P Go Team NBK / Nat & Kev in the Final 2 ***

  294. I am NOT a Jeff fan, have never been a Jeff fan and do believe he would have eventually thrown JOrdan under the bus. But..he did make some good moves, moves that he felt were necessary at the time. At points he was backed into a corner and could only make certain moves. JMHO He did lie during the game..but unlike Natalie that lies about the sun shining everyday…his were necessary to further himself in the game. Not all of Nats lies are necessary..or good ones.

  295. @ Everyone…. one last thing….whoohahahahahahaha

    :) ;) :P :D *** Have a good night & sweet dreams about NBK & Nat / Kev in the final 2 *** :D :P ;) :)

  296. Well cat, is it just me or is she in the final 4?

    I am from Quebec, Canada and here we have a french version of big brother. The guy who won last year, his name was Sebastien and he was the biggest liar ever, he invented horrible things. At night, he would go talk to the cameras and have his daily ”seb show” and tell the public how stupid all the other HGs were and how much he would keep lying to them. Point is, that is the big brother game. Michelle has lied countless times also. I have no problem with Natalie and if she wins, it will only be because she was better than the others.

  297. @ Cat….. Good night!!! Don’t let these clowns get you upset ok? That is my job…… ;) :) :D :P

    I don’t want you going to bed mad Cat – so smile for me ok?

  298. Another thing: In the Jury house, Jessie, Lydia, Russell, Michelle and Kevin would all vote for Natalie if she ended up in the final two with Jordan. Even possibly Jeff, because these people seem to be able to admit it when they were beaten by better than them.

  299. @ Leming….. I agree with that, but you forgot the bitternesss of her lying about her age…

    *** Go Team NBK / Nat & Kev in the Final 2 ***

  300. @leming
    I respect your opinion but i have to disagree on one point. Lying is not necessary…its optional. You can choose to lie (and yes they all one point or another) but why lie about things like my bf came to see me? Thats not even a good lie. No one bought it but she thinks they did. It did not further her game at all! I dont have a problem with Nats lying…just some of the lies shes told for no reason. Maybe you could explain why unnecessary lies seem soooo necessary to Nat.

  301. Leo, they will be bitter but will end up voting with their heads. They will understand that her strategy was a good one and ultimately will have gotten her to the final 2. Dont forget, Boogey won BB after playing one of the dirtiest games ever, and this guy already had money and people still voted for him. At this point, Jury house members are competitors and understand the ”its just a game” concept.

  302. Cat, I dont care…I am watching BB to seem good GAME. I dont really care for these people on a personal level. We dont know how they are in real life. Jeff seems to be a good guy, but maybe in reality he’s a sleeze…So why doesnt Natalie lie about things that dont further her game? I dont know. Maybe SHE thinks it furthers her game, or maybe thats her way of coping with being locked in a house for several weeks without any outside contact. But in the end, I care about who played the best game…Not who is the best person.

  303. Thats whats wrong with our society…willing to throw away their morals for $500,000. Its not “game” , its called greed. Happy watching :)

  304. michelle should not go home. It would be nice if the Pandora’s box kicked out Natalie instead. Now that would be justice. And I wouldn’t have to listen to her snarly voice. (i mute her all the time now, and Kevin)

  305. In life, you got the rich and then you got the poor. The poor use as an excuse for their poverty their morals, and call the rich immorals.
    Its a choice you make. If you chose to be on BB, then you better go all out and play the game the way its suposed to be played. If you chose to watch BB, then you have to accept that it does include lying and cheating. And when you talk about morals, everyone has a different definition of the word. For some, kissing and sleeping in the same bed as a stranger on national tv ( jordan and Jeff) is imoral…. I personaly dont think that, but some do. Where do we draw the line?

  306. hahahahahhaha @ ambug, you just cant admit that your people got beaten by better than them at this game so you need some special power to help them out just like jeff. i would want to win big brother without any free passes.

  307. This game is RIGGED with a capital RIGGED! I said if Natalie won the HOH on Thursday, I had my proof. I’m no longer a fan.

  308. Yea and it wasnt rigged when Jeff got the free power….

    Winners find ways to win, losers find excuses.
    Keep finding excuses….losers!

  309. A conservative…
    Dont watch the show if its too tuff for you. You are ok with war but not ok with a bunch of kids lying in the context of a game…

  310. Wow, I can’t believe Kevin won… I am shocked and very disappointed, Now all that’ll be left is the 3 people that don’t deserve the money. Hopefully something big will happen!

  311. @CAT u r so right about having the right to vent. If NOT here then where? I also feel u r so right on point w/Natalie and Chima. Chima said what she said b/c it was “her truth” where as Natalie seems to be able to lie on the drop of a dime. It really does come too easy to her. I never liked Nat from day one and then when she didn’t shower (cold water or not) when she was on her period was just too much.

    When Russell got to the JH and Lydia asked who the guys would vote for they both said Jeff b/c it was a great move he made to get rid of them. So if Nat does get to F2 they just might choose her b/c she fooled them all. Now that Michele is out the door I don’t care who wins. Everybody needs the $ so they won’t take that into consideration just how they played. If Jordan came in 2nd I’d be happy. And if they do have America’s choice this season I will vote for Jeff. As mad as I got I liked how he laid low until he needed to make a strong move.
    Well there’s my morning rant. I think I’m done for now. Here’s hoping everyone of yo has a safe and happy holiday weekend. ♥Kare♥

  312. I wanted Michelle to win POV. Lame, looks like she’s going home.
    I don’t think it matters if Nat goes to the F2 I don’t believe anyone in the JH would vote for her. She’s got some votes against her when the other JH members found out she’d been lying as soon as she walked through that door. There is game play lying and then there is straight up stupid lying that makes absolutely no sense.
    The other HG’s and former HG’s should have figured out she was lying about her age as soon as she drank alcohol and was never reprimanded for it. That’s their fault for never putting 2 and 2 together.

    This season has been disappointing for me, not enough good drama or twists, sure Chima and her fit was a bit over the top, she just gave up playing and didn’t want another player to evict her so she evicted herself before someone else had the chance, LAME!

    And all that Russell crap was the same over and over no matter who he had drama with.

    Nat’s lies make no sense half the time the only person she’s ever been “loyal” to was and still is Jessie, gay!

    I like Kevin, I just wish he wasn’t such a push over. He knows Nat was trying to screw him over and now he doesn’t care, he should vote out Jordan and keep Michelle just to stick it to her lying ass. That scenario is highly doubtful.

    The only HG’s I’ve never liked from the start were Ronnie, Nat, and Chima. Well Jessie too but I didn’t like him the last time he “played” the game and he didn’t change my opinion of him this time either. Still the same old Jessie.

    I wanted more twists and different “powers” and opportunities for the HG’s. Bringing Jessie back this year was stupid, in fact bringing back any previous HG from another season sucks, they had their chance give the chance to someone NEW! If they want to extend the cast then do it a different way!
    The CDT was awesome, I liked that the winner couldn’t breath a word of it. I also liked that the HoH didn’t really have the power that week. It was a good twist no matter who ended up winning it.
    PB just sucks! Its completely anti-climatic for me and its boring. I wanted more this season, and I just didn’t get it.

  313. I don’t like Natalie and I don’t like the direction the show is going in, but that’s the way it goes! And I’m tired of people screaming “The show is rigged” everytime someone they don’t like gets ahead. I absolutely despise RataLIE but I have to say that she is winning with those lies. ANd if the other HGs are still believing her time and again, then it’s their own fault and their own choice. We can’t always love who’s going to win so if you are a true BB fan, you have to love the show for what it is, no matter what the ou tcome is.

  314. On the subject of Nasty Nat and Kevin being mean and other HG being mean there is no contest. J/J were blowing off steam whereas N/K plotted to do harmful things and more than likely would have followed through but BB probably intervened.
    As far ax Nat winning HOH that is because Jordan and Michele couldn’t hear the question and for some stupid reason didn’t ask Julie to read the question again.

    Kevin’s POV win is fishy too. Something happened to the two girls that made it more difficult. Kevin even said something to Nat about technical difficulties then it went to fish. Besides they broke the rules when they made the makeshift cheat sheet.
    K/N talked about Jeff and his power, well they both got extra powers given by BB shouldn’t J/M be upset and demonstrate against that now?

    Me I love BB. I love the twist. I’m not always happy with the outcome but whoever wins, wins. But I have to say that Nat does not deserve to win. She nay leave the house with $500,000 or $50,000 but she will also be leaving without her self respect, the respect of others and no integrity. She should be ashamed of herself. I know if I wad her parent I would be ashamed of her.

    With any luck Michele will go to final 2 and win. If Jordan is in final 2 I want her to win. Whether they played a good game or not they were subjected to hell at the hands of N/K and some of the Jurors. If Jordan goes to JH I hope she wins America’s Choice. Sadly I don’t think BB can redeem themselves this year where Jeff is concerned. Maybe J/J can come back for All stars.

  315. Kevin and Natalie deserve top two if those other girls are just gonna lie down and give up. It’s a game, you can hate Natalie and Kevin till your blue in the face, but one of those two very well might win this season. GET OVER IT! Calling Natalie and Kevin out on there insults is ridiculous because everyone from Braden to Mr. America(Jeff) insulted someone at some point in the game.

  316. Cat, I was just saying Natatlie must have lied on the application and CBS did not catch the lies. The application asked if you ever had records. Sorry Cat I notice it was 329 your name was at the top of that that is why you did notunderstand read 329. I wasy coping my application and what it said “I have answered the previous questions honestly and accurately and will
    answer any questions put to me by Our House Productions, Inc. (“Producers”) honestly and accurately;
    (iii) If any information that I provide to the producers of Big Brother is found to be false or incomplete
    this will be grounds for dismissal from the Big Brother participant selection process, and/or removal from
    the Big Brother program,
    If this was the rules then CBS could remove her from Big Brother . I agree with you what she is doing is wrong and I know its a game

  317. What has happened to humanity. Iknow it is just a game but what type of person would cheer on pp and kev. They both have shown they do not have any true values. They have not played a good game. Shame on all of u that believe evil should prevail in the bb house. Pp and kev do not deserve the money they both r sh**ty people. Who cares that jordo is not the brightest crayon in the box, at least u can tell she is a good human being.

  318. Nasty Nat talk to someone in the big brother jury house,and i think it was Jessie.Kevin needs to kick her to the curb.

  319. I think Kevin is a good player and person and deserves to win.Most of the people on BB are there for the money not there to make friends with us.Some of the people others call good human beings perhaps have not exposed themselves as much for criticism. Good luck Kevin.

  320. I can only hope that the producer of BB 11 has one more twist up her sleeve. My favorite player is Jeff. I pray for a return by way of Pandora’s Box. Michelle or Jordan has to go but with America’s favorite player back Kevin & Natalie will be furious and scrambling. I would like Jeff to appear after eviction this Thursday night. I have a feeling though that BB 11 is winding down and has no great surpirises in store. Why not have a twist at the end to shake things up for the viewers.

  321. @Leming. You are 100% right. I see your not into soaps. You couldn’t have hit the nails on the head any better. @Cat. It is a game. @Everyone. No one has brought this up yet. Michelle could still stay in the game IF she goated N into hitting her. Why not? @Leo. Why are you still up? Thinging about Cat? Could it be a BB Blogers Romance? WoooHaHaHaHa

  322. Kevin played to both sides for the first half of the season and then has won the HOH and POV when he’s needed to.Jeff is gone because he made bad moves in the game (no matter how much BB tried to help him along).Kevin,Jordan and Natalie all deserve to be where they are in the game(like them or not)and I don’t like Natalie.

  323. Capman…give up on helping Jeff along! EVERY season has had popular players, Jeff just happens to be a fan favorite this year.

    Again I say, Evil Dick would not have won the final week had America’s player not voted in one of the earlier rounds to keep him in. The player would have voted him out if America hadn’t liked him and wanted him to stay.

    We’ve had past players come back in boxes, Kaysar back in…Jessie this year for God’s sake got a second chance to win the money. It’s a Game and a show…it’s about ratings.

    I love watching BB and I HATE the fact that Natalie or Kevin stand a chance to win. I wouldn’t have minded if they back doored Jeff, but when Kevin put him up I lost all respect.

    Last but not least, Chima disrespected the show and the other players and for Nat to keep carrying on like Chima was “mother teresa” makes me sick.


  324. I do have something else…I thought Kevin was hysterical from the beginning. When I lost respect is when he aligned so tightly with Natalie and got so pompous when putting Jeff up.

  325. Kevin would be a total idiot to not evict Michele. He could never win the votes against her from the jury. She would win hands down. I am sorry to see her go. Unless Jordan picks up some speed…Kevin will win the whole thing.

  326. illico#428

    “Michele like Ronnie said is a bad bad bad person.”


    Time for a Reality Checkup, asap.
    You appear to be on the verge of not knowing if
    you are “getting into or out of the tub.”

  327. We all know that Reality TV is not actual reality. Networks want good tv and sometimes reality is not good tv so they feel the need to push things in a certain direction. I am really appalled by how much BB seems to manipulate the show. The truth came out about Big Brother UK and how it is rigged and that has all but killed the chances of the show continuing. Based on the total biases for Big Brother 11, it would appear CBS is trying to accelerate that happening for Big Brother America. Shame on you CBS. Whoever the genius at CBS/BB is that has made the decisions to move the show in the many directions they have this year should be fired!

  328. As I said before after Jeff made the biggest mistake in the game when he backdoored Russ .. I absolutely wanted Jeff out after that ..with that meat head move and his behavior.. I did not like the guy any more … so than my vote has been Michelle and Kevin final two!!! I agree Jordo and Knat do not deserve to win they have done nothing in this game … or .. is that a tactic ..they know they can’t win so they attach themselves to someone who can … nahhh they are not smart enough …LOL. I was glad that Kevin won ..cause he just might keep Michele … (the Knat is untrustworthy! … liar is her middle name) He knows Jordan would get the Jury votes(so after final 3 she’s out!). If it were reversed Michele would not have even attempted to keep Kevin. But on the other hand Michele and Kevin are the only ones that can win completion …. Knats last win was pure guessing ..I guess to put everyone on the same playing field lol. OH well as long as the winner is not KNat or Jordo ..I am OK with the votes…

  329. Well when you think of it Getting rid of Michele is the smartest move because she is a HUGE threat there are alot of ppl in the JH who think she has played a good game and If jordan wins HOH she should evict Kevin cause how many ppl think Natalie played a good game she threw every comp. ppl will reconize that Jordan at least tried…..

  330. If Jordan or Michelle don’t win this game I am gonna be so mad. They are the only two left that are even close to good people! This years show has been so messed up! Kevin and Natalie don’t deserve to even be in the house still. They are both saying that they are playing an honest game. Yeah right! Maybe they don’t know the definition of honest?

  331. We all have different taste in what we like to watch…we have that right – thank God for the remote.

    This is the first time since I have been watching BB that so many of us felt the same about a particular houseguest…..nat really makes for bad TV and brings up major feelings of loathing. I have not read one comment where someone thought Nat should win and for everyone to stop picking on her…….she is just plain evil and not in a good way.

    Her next gig on TV will be WOMEN BEHIND BARS…..she lies and cheats (at pool and chess) – no game benefit there…..her lifestyle???

    I just hope she uses some of her money on Charm School for her sake and ours!!!

  332. I think it is sad that the two people that did the least and lied the most in the house are the ones that will most likely win this game. I guess there will still be a chance for Jordan to get in the F2, but I am not holding my breath for that to happen…..

  333. As long as Nasty Nattie doesn’t win, I don’t really care who does. I’ve never hated a player so much as I do her. I would love to see Jordan win, because I think she needs the money more than anyone else….

  334. lol other thing to you Jeff lovers … He broke the deal with Russ and then was upset that Kevin broke the deal with him. He had a final two with Jordo and was upset that Russ and a final two with Michelle .. LMAO pretty boy is used to having people fall to their knees like sheep and they weren’t having it ..rude awakening..LOL … I am not sure why you think Jordo should win ??? What has she done to win .. Kevin has won competition ..Jordo has only followed Jeff. LOL People it’s a game of wits not a beauty contest …Ha ha

  335. We must all remember that Jeff was told that Russell was gunning for him… It was all a lie concocted by N and K…. I also have watched BB for years and I’m not sure I’ll follow it anymore if N wins….

  336. IF the F2 are Natalie & Kevin –

    Kevin will get votes from:
    Michele (She will NEVER vote for Natalie.)
    Jeff (Michele’s influence)
    Jordan (Influenced by Jeff)
    America’s Vote

    Natalie will get votes from:
    Russell (?)

    I don’t see where Natalie comes out the Winner.
    Kevin wins BB11.
    Jordan in a F2 with Natalie comes out with the same
    number of votes as Kevin. She wins.
    Michele in a F2 with Natalie

    Michele will get votes from:
    Kevin (?)
    Lydia ( Her jealousy of Natalie will prevent her from voting
    for her.)

    Natalie will get votes from:
    Russell (?)

  337. LOL .. Kevin was all but gone and he was smart enough to find a way to stay.(You play to win the game!) It was Jeff’s fault for falling for it … oh well … Then there’s Jordo’s needing the money .. you don’t think the others may need it as well .. they are just not telling America .. you don’t know their finances .. And Jordo had enough money to buy fake boobs … Think about that LOL ..May the best girl win ( that includes Kevin LOL)… I only hope for K/M final 2 but I doubt it ..sigh

  338. @Midwest Fan – I don’t see Russ voting for Nat. He said he wouldn’t when he found out she was really 24. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jordan and maybe Jeff did vote for her to win.

  339. I agree the J/J vote is somewhat questionable however
    when they learn about her age lie, they may join Russell’s
    opinion of Natalie.

    If a Jury House Group Discussion about Natalie and her
    game playing and lies happens she may lose all votes.

  340. What a sad day is coming:
    When Michele leaves all CLASS AND INTELLIGENCE will
    be gone from the BB House.

    Is there a Parental Warning on the tube for
    the regular CBS Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday shows?

    If not, CBS needs to do so.

  341. I hope she does lose all votes. Hoping now for Kevin to win unless something happens and Michelle gets to stay. Is PB over?

  342. Everybody lies to win that is the game – I like the idea of Kevin ousting Jordan and keeping Michele in the game because then he would be in final 2 for sure. He deserves it for winning POV and based on good strategy, Michele deserves it for hanging in, and Natalie deserves her place in final for being the best hanger-on to other players of them all and winning HOH at the right moment. Lying and winning competitions that’s how this game is won.

  343. I just read the blog on CBS that Hell-Yeah #351 posted and the accusations are flying around about Nat. are simply unbelievable.

    I would like to think that these are just rumors and that she hasn’t got a record, but if she has, then I think that she should be disqualified from the game and they should replace her with either Russell or Jeff.

    I honestly believe that people are grasping at straws and rumors start to flow out of desparation. It goes to show how human nature puts us in into denial when we have to deal with disappointment.

    I dislike Nat. immensely because of her brash and arrogant behavior and my fav. Michele appears to be going home on Thursday unless Tuesday’s Live show has a twist to save her. If not, then I my season for BB is over (although I will watch the Finale) and I will wait for 17th Sept. when Survivor will begin.

    At least that show, we don’t get to see the live feeds and we are not tainted or have the slanted views we have on BB.

  344. Ashley, I don’t know if Pandora’s Box is over.
    Some posters claim CBS’s current ad makes them believe there is
    more to come but I haven’t seen the ad.

    When in doubt ……………… keep fingers crossed!

    : )

  345. the game the show is what it is the show is what it is
    rigged ????? they make the show what it is
    jeff i hope the show lets you back in because the writing at the end now is not exciting as it was with you in it as someone mentioned it was going great at the beginning and middle and now with the way Jeff (the show) is out maybe they’ll (the show) will get him back in some how i doubt it but hey THATS THE SHOW FOLKS. Miss you big time Jeff you brought some class to the show on or off the live show. best of luck to you

  346. Diana, I was stunned to read the reports about Natalie and
    her possible legal problems.

    Through my less than thorough internet detecting
    (Definition: I refused to pay $ to see Court Records)
    I found only one, Natalie Martinez from Gilbert, AZ
    with legal problems however her age is shown as 35 years old.
    Plus the names of her parents are given.
    Isn’t Natalie’s mother deceased?

  347. @Midwest Fan #476

    I am not sure about her mother. In fact, I thought that she was still alive and that Nat. had an attitude about her and didn’t have any contact with her (but I’m not really sure).

    There have been many accusations about all the HG, but this is the worst of all. I don’t like to think that we accept these rumors until we have the proof to back it up. I am also sure that CBS BB would have done the necessary background check and if not, then I am sure they will now.

    Although I cannot stand Nat. for who she is, I don’t want to see her persecuted for something that she is innocent of. If I am wrong, then she deserves to be expelled from this show and that will be her karma!

  348. Yea…what has Jeff done to deserve anything? He used a power that was GIVEN to him in order to get Jessie out? He backdored Russell? ( the same thing Kevin did to him). Jeff is just like all of the players. As a matter of fact, Natalie is the only one that hasn’t played both sides of the house. She always stayed loyal to Jessie, Chima, Lydia and now Kevin. Yes she lied about her age…big deal! If Natalie had kept Jeff , taking the HOH bribe Kevin would call her a liar so either way, she would have been a liar. Please tell me that you BB fans remember Will and Boogie? These two were the biggest liars in BB history, and at the same time the two greatest players in BB history. They backdoored countless numbers of houseguests in that BB all star season.
    Double standard…

  349. Jeff? Jeff? This guy isn’t god you know…
    He is the houseguest that left with the LEAST AMOUNT OF CLASS. That speach he made when he was on the chair next to Jordan showed his true colors. Russell, Jessie, Natalie, Lydia all had classy speaches…except for Jeff.

  350. Sorry but nasty nat is a boil on the butt of humanity… she lucks out and guesses and wins a hoh and her true colors come out. then she yells out this is for ole monkey lips what a horrid sub human she is. she chema and rotten ronnie should all life together in hell-lol

  351. Umm all you people stop hating cuz its was a fair game and when it was 4 against 2 (Michelle, russel jeff jordan) and (natalie and kevin) everyone though they lost for sure but they played a smart game and now there in final 2 soo stop hating on natalie and kevin

  352. Personally i can see kevin or michelle winning they actully played well and either won or came in a close second. On a skilled game not just guess a number like nasty nat and jordo really only won when jeff gave it to her.. Right now i’d be thrilled with anyone but nasty nat winning

  353. Been reading your comments for weeks now. What a great debate! Would love to see some changes in the BB house. I HATE the backdooring that goes on in the house. The HG being backdoored just gives up. I would like to see a comp (maybe a trivia question about the house?) played between the HOH and the HG that gets backdoored if the HG wins the noms revert back to what they were and the HG can really go after the HOH. Greater strategy would come into play, fewer pawns being nommed and the HG would get a chance to fight right to the end instead of giving up. Might have helped Casey or Russel.

  354. @jeff bad a BB I loved your analysis and I think it was very accurate. If only jeff had thought of things that way instead of playing an emotional game. There is something to be said for the way Kevin and Natalie grinned and bared it even though they thoroughly hated his and Jordan’a gutts. In this game sometimes you have to work with people that on a personal level you can’t stand, hence the subterfuge. I am or was a Russell supporter and after Jeff made the excellent move of evicting him my loyalties switched to Kevin and Natalie because their play was genius. They sat and thought the game through to the final conclusion somethin I don’t think Jeff did when he evicted Russell at that moment. Now for Lisa and Bowlie who say that J/J and just about every other player in the game were beter competitors than N/K and keep citing the fact that they won so many competitions an N/K only started winning recently, I would like to remind you that through out BB the players who have won the grand prize (Dan the Man) have not been the ones to win everything, they have been the ones to win the smartly; picking and choosing their competitions. N/K have played a methodical game thus far. I didn’t believe for one second that someone who claims to be such an athlete can’t win a single competition even against Jordan. For the other players to underestimate her was their downfall. Just because you choose not to win for your benefit doesn’t mean you couldn’t win or that you are a weak player. I think you are probably stronger than those who win and take control because you are essentially leaving your fate to others and your ability to influence them. Kevin had the fact he’s gay and the stereotype that some how athletics are not his thing working for him at least with the guys. Kevin was very influential in getting the ladies to do his bidding without explicitly expressing himself. I think Michelle while a seemingly nice person deserves to go. She didn’t win when it counted most and that is the way of the game. Had Kevin not won when it counted most he would be the one going home like Jeff did. Russell also should have won when Jeff won and he might be in a different house right now. Instead he chose to let Jeff control his play and relied on his ability to influence him to save him. That was a stupid move on his part. ALl he needed was to survive that week and the following week Michelle would have had his back against N or K which ever had stayed, therefore he should have won the HOH to stay.
    And finally because this has gone on a long time, it is not about the nicest people deserving to win it is about the strategy. You could be mother tereasa herself and you wouldnt’ necessarily win BB even if it wasnt’ rigged as some have alleged here. To bumpersticker, Good Guys finish last.

  355. I DO NOT understand why people wnat to see Michelle win so badly?/ The person i really wanted to se was Jessie, since he was the strongest person in the house and won the most HOH. I could not stand Jordan or Jeff and Russell, please! If they could remove Chima they should have removed Russell. The word Terroist was the perfect word for him. He wnet around harrasing and bulling people in the home. Kevin/ natalie, deserve to win. THEY PLAYED THE GAME THE WAY IT IS SOPOSED TO BE PLAYED!

  356. @473 -Diana wrote “at least the show is not tainted…”
    If you watched the live show wth the editing THEY MADE jeff look like an ANGEL – so with Surviver they can edit the show any way to sway your opion. I took a story board class where they teach you with lighting color and editing how you can protray a mode or a feeling. Trust me you wouldn’t even know ..LOL
    @475 – Donna
    Class??? Every second word out of Jeff’s mouth was F$%^$$ this and F$#$% that ..which you didn’t see in the live show ..and his exit speech ..what a whinner … No I would not say he had class. LOL


    Now Knat … ehh no .. don’t trust her not to throw Kevin under the bus. She was waiting to see who won POV .. so she was playing both sides …telling Kevin that she was only saying that to let them believe ..oh Please ..she needs to go! … and while I’m on the subject what about that cud chewing … who taught her how to eat? LOL I change the channel can’t stand it …

  357. Maenard you must be a fag too since you want Kevin to win , they usually stick together, so heres to hoping he will be booted out the door along with the skanky Lieing Natalie..

  358. I really don’t want Kevin or Nat to win this thing. I want their idiot minds out of the house!
    If Michelle goes this week then I can only hope Jordan wins the last HOH comp so she can be in the final two.

  359. kev need a f***ing brain, and get the C*** out of his A$$, I am so tired of this games.
    I want Jordon to win and get married to Jeff, and Michelle is a sweet heart,
    Nat is a cold heart Bi#$%, and Her Boyfriend needs to Dumb her Sorry A$$,
    SHe is rude and cold hearted, and just plean rude.. and did I say ugly..
    and LIER…….. she is not 19 she is 24 PEOPLE..

  360. Guys get over with the “lying Nat should not win” or ” sneaky Kevin should not win” Gosh they are wining right now. I am disappointing as anybody else about what happen to Russel, Jeff and Michele. But stop being immaturity, lets just face it. That’s unexpected, do your remember the entire time, Nat and Kevin were disadvantage whereas Jeff, Jordan, Russell, and Michele were the advantage. Now Vice Versa. But one thing, although you can guys can be angry at the show, now you guys can think about Chima because she is definitely is pretty happy right now since she is looking forward that Big Brother will return her justice.

  361. I am soo happy that Kevin or Natalie will win the game. They are the only ones that deserve to win because they played the game the way it was designed to be played. Jeff did nothing but get a free pass from cbs, jordan did nothing but be stupid, Michelle, well she is a bad person but i must admit she played a good game. PEOPLE THAT DONT LIKE NATALIE AND KEVIN ARE PEOPLE THAT DONT KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE IT BIG IN LIFE. KEVIN UNDERSTANDS, SO DOES NATALIE AND SO DID JEFF BECAUSE HE ALSO BACKDORED RUSSELL, AND WAS READY TO DO THE SAME WITH JORDAN.

  362. Will and Boogies, the two greatest players in BB history were the biggest liars and cheaters. Just youtube chilltown to see how much these 2 were liars. Natalie and Kevin have done the same. They UNDERSTAND WHAT BB IS. That is why in the end, just like every year, the jury house is going to vote for them because they will understand that Kevin and Natalie have played the best game period.

  363. By the way, Michelle lied and cheated more than any other houseguest, but she was not as smart as Kevin and Natalie in the way she has done it.
    Natalie lied about her age….BIG FREAKING DEAL LOL. GET OVER IT!

  364. this is all too much!!!!

    lets all get a real life

    bye till next season

    ps…..lets just hope nat uses some of her money on charm school

  365. I blame the outcome of all this on Jeff. He chose to believe two people that never even talked to him prior to Russ being evicted. He is the one that had the power to turn the game in his favor, then he screwed it up by trusting Nat and Kevin. I have lost all respect for him. Nothing worse than a stupid good looking guy

  366. Ive never posted a comment on here before but i feel the need to. Im from Phoenix and i can not stand the site of natalie when she’s on tv or bb after dark im forced to change the channel. I will not watch any longer and im ashamed that shes from my city.People from AZ are nothing like her.

  367. @ Ashley…… I knew you would come around…. Come here you…. googoodoowoobooboo – LOL

    *** Let me here you say it again Ashley – Kevin as the winner of BB11!!! Oh yeah ***

  368. I have to admit, I didn’t like Russ or Michele until they were together. Before that Russ was acting like and A$$ and Michele was schizophrenic. After they started working together ..they were both likeable … I started rooting for them… now Jeff got my vote for the CDT but lost my vote after he started behaving like Chima and Jesse (Power made them crazy and Jeff fell right in line with the others we despised). I wasn’t paying much attention to Kevin until Jeff threw Russ under the bus … that turned me against Jeff and I started voting for Kevin … So That’s how I came up with M/K final 2 … but I think it may end up has N/K … so go Kevin!!!!
    And the comment about Jordo and Jeff getting married … LMAO how long do you think that will last? They were stuck in a house … she was the only blonde available lol.. Life is much different when you get out of the house … enough said ..time will tell!

  369. People suggesting Nat should spend $$ on charm school. Waste of money! No amount of schooling would change how ugly she is on the inside, as well as the outside. When she and Kevin have beat up Michelle so viciously, especially Nat’s speech about her being the devil, my stomach turns and blood shoots out my eyes. Karma’s a b***ch. She’ll get hers on the outside in life.

  370. According to the Gilbert, Arizona court records, Natalie had the following warrants:
    June 2006……..Failure to appear in Court
    April 14, 2007……..Warrant for Failure to Comply
    February 29, 2008…….Warrant for contempt
    June 12, 2008……….Warrant for Failure to appear in court again
    Still trying to gather more information as I believe someone with kind of history should not be allowed on a Reality Show. It is obvious her temper is one that should not be challenged and CBS obviously did not do a background check. It is easy to access the information, just have to do a little digging. She did compete in the Junior Olympics when she was 15 years old and won a bronze medal. So, that is true. I would be willing to bet my dogs that she has a juvey record, which is sealed!!! Would love to see that.

  371. @sally….. I’m not saying its a good practice to allow your self to get warrents, but these could all be for unpaid traffic tickets. Do you see any violent offenses? Come on. She’s probably just guilty of not paying her bills. I’m not a Nat fan but give me a break here.

  372. Natalie skated through this whole game. In the beginning she was under Jessie’s protection. Then she had Chima to protect her and now Kevin. She is the worst player ever. She keeps saying she kept her integrity. That is BS. She lied and schemed all through this game. I am starting to think this is rigged. All the best players (Jeff) are gone. Every week, Natalie kept saying she was going to win – and nothing. This whole season is bogus.

  373. All this bickering is annoying, Keep it on the show. Kevin is a nerdy whiner, Nat should have been told to tell her real age and BB lets play fair!!!!! Something this year smells!

  374. After watching bb for as long as it has been on I think that Jeff is behind Pandora’s door. That is why Tuesday is going to be a live show. I think that they will bring him back to boost ratings and boot out the rif raf Kevin and Nat. Just watch and see. It is a ratings thing and once cbs and bb producers see how ratings will tumble then Jeff will be back to push jordan and himself to the final two. Watch and see

  375. Am I the only one who remembers the word reversal being used in this weeks conversations? The POV was a fake.

  376. BB Fans, This season has been a loser of a season. How can we let CBS know that they have lost viewers and maybe we can turn the game around. Just a thought!

  377. So apparently i heard that kevin had an unfair advantage in this pov… i dont care who wins as long as its fair i mean personally i was hoping for michelle but whatever i just hope if it was unfair they totally redo the pov comp

  378. It’s too bad that Natalie is HOH and Kevin won the POV. Hopefully those two sneaky liers will turn on each other and Jordan goes on to win the game. However, Michelle is the only one in the house now that deserves to take it all. She has worked her butt off. If Kevin was able to see the POV questions before Michelle and Jordon, BB should re-do the competition. It isn’ fair to M/J who probably wasn’t aware of the situation because sneaky Kevin probably didn’t let on. Natalie is the biggest skank in BB’s latest history. She wants BB to have her wedding on TV in the house and she said is going to ask BB to buy shoes for her because she didn’t bring any. Where does she get off?

  379. I agree something does smell this year..Please bring back Jeff. Did anyone notice that the end of eviction , no one offered a comment to Jeff upon leaving?? No farewells from anybody???

  380. to me there is something fishes about this whole thing sence jeff left. The word is in her name Nata(lie). she has not played at all .she has just lied. that is not playing. people carried her. she don’t deserve nothing in my opinion.

  381. I hope you are right Kris.

    I didn’t notice then that nobody gave a farewell message for Jeff. I was too %$#@*& to notice. Wouldn’t that be a great twist to bring Jeff back?

  382. Now ..why would that be fair ..bring Jeff back .. that’s some BULLSh#$%^T !!! Jeff had the ratings before … but the way he acted … he lost alot of Americas votes me … If he comes back .. for no apparent reason ..then I would say this game is rigged! Friggen Jeff is not coming back … why ??? omg please

  383. Great job Sugar Bear! One of the greatest players this BB11 season. Funny how when the old J/J team won somethine it was fair, but when Team Kevin wins it was fixed. Get over it Jeff the Jerk is gone. It would be fair if anyone came back to bring back Jessie since he was the one who got screwed by the CDT and had no chance to stay whatsoever once the power was given to Jerk.

  384. I think you are all correct about Nat skating. But, I still feel that Jeff caused all this. He had the power and he was foolish to believe two people he had no relationship with. Fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolish. He had the game in his pocket. Idiot move Jeff

  385. Karbear #512 exactley BB has to do a new pov I can’t believe that something has not been done about that. Unless BB is just letting them play it out until Tuesday and evict keven for cheating.
    Then Nat-lie proposal thats the best for this year. This may be the one lie that could get her out if the lie about her age get amounced also Not playing pov could cost also some how. Rememeber she slipped and said jessie instead of boyfriend. I hope jess gets a chance to announce that in some way to the house guess kev,jor,mic.

    But I tell you this morning when I read that kevin saw the questions before the pov that really pissed me off. That would have made a differnce for jordan & michele one of them may of winned. Well pandora let out some evel but were is the evil on them.
    Oh I tell you it really bugs me that I have to wait until Tuesday to see what happens Feeds so far don’t help in the answer. BB I know you must be reading if POV is not redone or there is no punishment I really hope some of us go picket Big Brother for this.

  386. For all of you saying certain people are liars and are deceiving. Isn’t that what BB is about? Some people do it with little loss of likability and some do it with complete loss.

  387. Why bring back Mr. F-Bomb in every sentence? He does not make for good TV since he constantly need to be blured out. J/J is history and the final 2 is Kevin the Champ and Natalie the last survivor of the Athletes. I say the only way Gordo can stay in the house is to win HOH.

  388. OK EVERYONE, please tell me what kev did that is upsetting everyone? Please don’t keep me wondering. If he did cheat, how did he do it?

  389. Sorry BetseyBO, didn’t mean to upset you. It wouldn’t be fair to bring Jeff back, just as it isn’t fair the Natalie & Kevin are skating to the end with little or no blood on their hands. It is only a game after all.

  390. Cynthia H

    Your quote “kevin saw the questions before the pov”

    Where did you read this?
    If he got to read them before the game that is not fair :(

  391. This is my opinion. I will not watch BB ever again. They keep telling us about a twist, which never happened and if Natalie is in the final, it will ruin BB. Why, like other seasons didnt they bring someone back? This is sooooooooooooo boring and I am discusted at the results, not to mention the veto comp was NOT FAIR. They Totally made for Kevin to win.

  392. First off Nat is not dumb – she is 24 and has a college degree. She has played the game smart because it is not a game – it is a contest to win money. To the people in the contest it is not for our amusement – it is to win as much money as they can. The has stayed in the contest by a Last Minute Lie and it worked. If she gets to the finale two she will win money and that is everyone’s goal and not to entertain our buts off – that is up to the Network. You can turn of the show or what ever but to the sphere and the interest of the people in the house – show them the money!

  393. If Kevin saw the questions before Michele and Jordan in the POV, then something should be done about it. Do another POV as this wouldn’t be fair on ANY game show!! If it’s not done, that’s cheating with a smile on Kevin’s face!

  394. J/J did as much as K .. lying and backstabbing …yeah buddy! .. I wouldn’t saying anything nice about Knat ..cause I can’t stand her LMAO …
    So it’s ok when J/J does it? That’s so funny … Remember people Kevin was in a tight spot he did what he had to do to stay in the game! … jeff had my vote once … uh ..but not after he showed his F bomb (Lol I like that) colors!

  395. Is everyone just assuming something might still happen with Pandora’s box or do you know for sure. Because I’m thinking it was just about the money. And how come no one mentioned on the show that Kevin was lying about getting to keep the money if they found the key? In the spoilers before the show, it sounded as if Jeff was given a choice of the $$ or opening the door and he chose the door. The show didn’t play it that way at all. What is the truth?

  396. Did Kevin cheat in the POV? There has been rumblings on the blogs and Forums about Kevin talking about seeing the questions while the other houseguests were competing. Kevin did mention something about this but its still not clear if he broke any rules or to what extent he say the competition underway

  397. I’m sad to see that Kevan won and I totally dislike Natalie! However,it is just a game! It would have been nice if Jordan or Michele could have pulled it off! Theres still a slight chance for one of them though!

    Whenever things go your way – no matter how the game is played you are happy – but whenever there’s a twist – then all I read is a bunch of whinning………BB always had a few twists and turns – and it’s always been wise to hold back until the end of the game to start winning competitions………I hope Kevin Wins – He deserves it! And as far as Jordan winning – she doesn’t deserve to win just because her family doesn’t have a home……….it’s not a “Queen for the Day Competition” meaning whoever wins should have the best sob story………..Unfortunately for Jordan she couldn’t win when it counted! I feel sorry for Jeff – he made some poor tactical decisions,for instance hooking up with Jordan, who didn’t have what it takes to further his game, nor her game for that matter….and finally – Good Riddance to Michelle, her PHD just couldn’t help her in the end – plus she has a personality of a knat!

  399. Some controversy continues regarding the PoV competition as Kevin has admitted he could see all the questions early on while Jordan and Michele had technical difficulties with their set up. It wouldn’t be the first time Big Brother has repeated a competition due to issues like that, but I wouldn’t hold my breath since this time it wasn’t live and BB can edit it to pieces….CAN WE SAY RIGGED?

  400. People Don’t like Natalie, because she is just down right annoying. She hung off jessie like a creepy perv. And she whines, and whines and whines. Everyone eles in the house had atleast some likeable qualities about them. But Natalie????? I would lose my mind if I had to listen to her all the time in that house. She doesn’t win anything because she sucks. It’s not stratgegy. If you watched all episodes you could see how bad she wanted it in the past. It;s just that’s down to 4, does she have a better chance. Think about it.

  401. i was wondering about this pov cause i had thought julie said live pov and pov ceremony tuesday night also i noticed too there was no goodbye messages with jesse i understood that because it was last minute eviction..but i saw jeff on that show with that ross guy so dont think jeff is coming back..i didnt think there was live eviction on tuesday

  402. What a waste of a season! I’ve thought this show was rigged for a few seasons now. However, I’m not sure why BB would like Natalie and Kevin that much. Maybe they want their first gay winner ever. I doubt they really want Natalie around. Her comments after her HOH win were unforgiveable, imo. Vindication for Chima(an expelled player), what a joke! The only person that has played hard is leaving, very unfortunate situation. Extremely disappointing season!

  403. Just now read about the “technical difficulties” Nevermind I change my previous opinion this game is rigged. It’s not fair. BB wants their first gay winner. Obvious to me now!

  404. i love this show, but i hate that natalie won, and that kevin won pov, but i really want jordan to win this show because she is the one who has lied the least, i cant stand natlie or kevin there pathetic. My hopes are for michelle and jordan.

  405. I think it sucks! I’m disappointed to see Natalie go as far as she did. I do not think Natalie should be allowed to lie about her age. This probably would change the game if the guys knew her true age. I was hoping Jeff would have made it. Boohoo

  406. @jessica Williams….. If the other HG would wise up it wouldn’t matter if Nat lied about her age. I can’t believe they haven’t realized you have to be 21 to be on the show, BB would not give you alcohol if you were 18, I still can’t believe the one with the PhD hasn’t picked up on it.

  407. I think they clearly need to re-play the veto comp since Kevin cheated by having the calander with nat and also since he could see the answers. I feel like BB is not even paying attn to the fans outrage and disgust.

  408. The info came from the horses mouth keven & nat said that the other girls had technical problems with getting the questions so time wise keven had all of the time to get the questions completed the other girls did not get them. Flash back to feeds after the pov keven & nat in hoh

  409. I think Kevin should win the whole thing. I believe of everyone thats left he is doing the best. I still don’t understand why everyone thinks he cheated on the POV. I don’t believe that! I think he won it fair and square.

  410. It is on the live feeds on recorded video that shows Kevin and nat cheated twice. They set-up a clander (which is Illegal per BB rules) and Kevin saw the questions and was given an unfair advantage. 90% of us think Kevin cheated and that we should replay this. BB is goign to loose a lot of creditbility if they do not. People are outraged.

  411. I can’t watch it anymore. I am done with BB this year If Natalie or Kevin win it will be horrible I can’t stand either one of them.

  412. I have seen other Reality shows for ONE MILLION dollars and the people did not act like rude, arrogant brash disguesting people they are. What lies will they tell the TAX MAN when he comes calling? Frist place after taxes will be $345,000.00 and then thers state tax too. Second place gets $35,500,00 less state tax and i am not sure if they deduct what they get each week $750.00 from that money too.
    NAT will tell the tax man ” no i did’n win any money you gonna believe me or your lying eyes…like every one in bb house cause am only 18teen and i wouldn’t lie to you!!!!
    Hope you think of a better one Kevin

  413. I’m trying to play the flashback from 1:00 but it won’t let me. Its suppose to be a 2 hour day, its 3:20 now. I wonder if they are editing the tape so others won’t see cheating?

  414. I agree with you Carol and Sally. Unless BB corrects this clear cheating by Kevin and Gnat – I will cancel my supscription, my Showtime memvership and never watch this show again. There must be a pro-gay person on BB that is helping Kevin win. KEVIN SUCKS.

  415. Does the show even read this site? They probably read the forms on CBS site. I don’t think they care how fans feel at all. The bottom line is who ever wins, should win fair and square. Not all of us are going to like the winner, but if it wasn’t achieved square and fair, then BB is comitting fraud. Anyone remember the movie called Quiz show? I believe it is actually against the law to rigged the game, especially giving out questions or answers in advance.

  416. I think were all at the point that we think (or know) that this year’s BB is different than other years. We can’t wait for the show to air, then when it got here this year it was very unfair. I wonder if they want the first gay to win, I have nothing against gays, but this is so obvious in so many ways, Thought’s anyone??

  417. This is awful,once she leaves poor Jordan doesn’t stand a chance and I’ll be extremely angry. I don’t even want to watch Big Brother anymore. The taste and flare of it all is just gone for me now that the only people left don’t deserve to be there.

  418. this is on the week 9 blog
    CALL ALLISON 1-818-325-6900 EX 6903 DIRECT LINE

    9-5 2:35:42 pm….

    Nat says: you studied dude
    and it paid off.That calendar, it paid off..
    Kevin says:I was like a crazy mofo.
    Nat said:that is what you need to do like studying
    for an exam
    Kevin :and it helped that they had technical errors cause I was like ….oh these are the type of questions i need to think about.

    Nat said what do you mean about technical errors

    Kevin : Like we had to stand next to the door and face the wall

    Conversation Gets Cut.. trivia

    After All of that: remember to be respectful to AG not to trash the HG’s but demand a fair PoV be played!!

    If you Call please post your thoughts in a reply

  419. It should be replayed…I wish we could get the Muckity Mucks at CBS and BB to read all of these messages…

  420. I’m not a big Michelle fan, but she came into this game socially inept. Since then she has come a long way and can communicate without (almost) laughing at the end of each sentence. She started out as a loose cannon, but over the past few weeks she has really turned around. They all deserve a chance and I wish all of the good luck.

  421. YIKES!! Always have felt they rigged this “game” show.Natalie is the most disgusting creature I have ever seen ..seriuosly..if she wins..This will be my last time watching BB and I have not missed a season.

  422. Called and had to leave a message for producers..THANKS for the # Stirgal CBS is message to them was stick with what ou tell audiences about “live” POV and make it fair Thanks!

  423. You are correct, the game was rigged. Jeff had an unfair advantage. I’m happy for Kevin and hope he wins.

  424. This is not a gay issue. It is an issue of unfair advantage. I don’t care if the person who wins is gay, green, black, male, female or both. I just want it to be fair for everyone.

  425. Jeff didn’t have an unfair advantage. America voted for him to win the power. No one would have known who they would vote for

  426. Yes Harold, you are right, the game is rigged, Kevin should be penalized. Kevin and Gnat have to be the worst HG’s ever. EVER.

  427. I am going to cancel my subscription to the live feeds, cancel my Showtime, and never watch this show again unless they fix this. This is not to be threatening, but I have better things to do with my time then watch a show that does not monitor the cheating of Houeguests like Kevin and Natalie and do something about it. We need to replay Veto clearly.

  428. Anyone who can see anything in Natalie to like at all is as sleazy and slimy as she is!!! She is evil and probably one of the most hated players in BB history. Kevin was so sweet until Natalie got into his head I don’t mind Kevin winning however if Natalie wins I will throw up!!! As for the pranks they are playing on poor Michelle, what has she done to deserve to be so bashed?? This is hateful and to think CBS allows this to happen…I hope it puts a big dent in their ratings for the show first it was Chima attacking her now these to brats!!! Shame CBS for allowing that girl to be so beaten down on your show.

  429. I too left a messege for AG, demanding that they clean up what’s left this year(Admonish the Gnat and Kevin)for their ongoing hateful pranks directed more towards Michelle, stop messing with her clothes etc….

    Also if there was any technical problems at all,no matter how minor in this last POV, then it should be played over fair and square.

    And hopefully if there is a NEXT year season to better their pool of contestants, poss have more of older age group this go around.

    This year was truly disgusting and degrading for us (America)to watch..If I was not a fan from the very first season I would not be watching this year. But I kept hoping and praying things would get better..But they have not. So now I tape and fast forward through most of the TV nights and do not watch BBAD anymore..

    Needless to say I am a Jeff,Michelle,Jordan fan and will hope that Gnat does not win……

  430. I have been a loyal BB watcher for 11 years and I feel I deserve honesty from this show.
    Kevin cheated. He needs to be penalized and also they need to re-play the veto. If not, I will not watch this show anymore. Period.

  431. Natalie is such a hypochristian…for the nasty things she says and the way she treats others…she should stop praying before she eats because it must only be for show…who is she trying to impress.

  432. NO!!!!! If Natalie or Kevin wins this game, It will be the worst season of BB ever for me..I havent despised 2 people in this GAME more than them

  433. H_ _ L NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Neither Kevin or Natalie deserve to win. They are both backstabbing losers. If either one of there dirt bags win, I will never watch Big Brother again. I can find something a whole lot better and more entertaining to watch. Of course it would be very entertaining if Kevin would breastfeed the BABY.

  434. Finally! it gets interesting. Natalie & Kevin should vote out Michelle. Jordan should be next. The Jury House need the last two cry babies. The Game has turned. Remember the BB Motto “Expect the Unexpected. If you can’t stand the heat, Get out of the kitchen.

  435. ROTFLMAO! none of you will watch BB again. EVER! Not until the next episide. And then, the finale. And then, next season.

  436. I am pissed that he won!!!! but none of this would have happened if jeff would have kept russle!!!!

  437. For all you Kevin, Natlie haters, get a life and look at something else on TV. Final 2 so get over it. Remember it is a game, as not telling the truth has been a part of this game since bb1. If you can’t take it, don’t look at it anymore and don’t come back to these boards.

  438. not very happy he won, but I hope he keeps michelle in and ask jordon to leave, he should not be sitting next to natilly, he will loose the game.

  439. Ok I just watched BB ..and was it just me or did Knat look uncomfortable with her boyfriend… that was weird … and now we know she doesn’t have Kevin’s back at all opted to throw the veto vote … ahh can you say Be&*^och?

  440. Yep, it’s rigged!!

    Just like all “reality” tv shows, it’s all staged.

    Don’t care about the show anymore and I’m glad I never signed up for the live feeds.

    CBS has screwed up once again!!!

    Peace out………

  441. Wow nataLIE is just stupid, I don’t know how she made it this far, and when her boyfriend proposed she didn’t really seem very excited. Very disappointed… can only hope she wont when this entire game!!

  442. I think Kevin should evict Jordan and make a F2 Deal with Michele and therefore stick it to NataLIE.

  443. bb should repeat the veto com,they had tech problems and it was’nt a fair chance for all in the house.

  444. I agree Betsey! I think she would have been more excited to see Jessie. They were so formal and kind to each other. Feel sorry for him.

  445. What’s Up with the voting for the $25,000 prize for your favorite HG .Does the change in the way you vote have anything to do with Jeff getting so many votes the last time ?

  446. I just watched BB and I agree someone should teach Natalie and Michele how to eat with their mouths closed! That smacking noise is something you would here in a barn beside a trough! If Natalie wins the final I will be so disappointed. She hasn’t won anything until now, Jordon is an airhead and really…I hope Kevin and Michele go to the final 2. Their the only ones left that have put an effort into winning the game. Was it just me or did you notice that when Natalie was in the room with her boyfriend, she seemed like the ice queen. There was no emotion at all. They didn’t even sit beside each other!! Hope theres another surprise with Pandora’s Box so, there is more hope in Natalie getting sent home!

  447. I had read somewhere here, but maybe at jokers, where nat and kev were speaking in spanish, and big brother prod had called them in the dairy room, and threaten them with expulsion if they continue this, nat’s response was “i was making up words.” Since this comp where kev won was taped, i wonder if michele or jordan complained openly to bb, or left things as they were. I can remeber howie complaining and bb reluctantly re-played the comp, but the calendar thing between nat and kev is crazy, yes this game is rigged, these animals are getting away with murder

  448. This board made me sick to my stomach.I bet none of you never lied in your life and would never lie If half a million is at stake.calling people nasty and all those other name makes some of you worse than those contestants.Big deal don’t watch the show, who cares! Geez get a life

  449. We are all just stating our opinions Lisa. YOu are on here too so should I also tell you to get a life?

  450. Get NataLIE out. I can’t stand her, I think she may actually believe her own lies! I think she might actually believe she loves her boyfriend. Can we say That was very awkward the whole proposal thing? OY!

  451. written by Sarah Cox, September 07, 2009

    What’s Up with the voting for the $25,000 prize for your favorite HG .Does the change in the way you vote have anything to do with Jeff getting so many votes the last time ?

  452. I thought Jordan was the dumbest player in the house, but now I am sure its Natalie by a wide margin. That stupid story she told about PB then how she backed tracked on it was completely idiotic. Then, when she put up Kevin and Michele with those nasty things she had to say about Michele, did she forget these people are going to vote for 1 of the final 2?

    At this point, whoever wins the next HOH, should keep Natalie, because she is so unlikeable no one in the jury house will vote for her.

  453. Now that Michele is most likely gone this week :(, I hope Kevin wins BB 11. Both Natalie(stupid/annoying) and Jordan(adorable) have floated through this game winning almost Nil competitions and do not deserve to win. Sorry Girls. Although I wasn’t initially on Kevins side, he does deserve to win, he has actually played the game unlike some others.
    I have disliked Natalie from the very beginning and would cry if she won (basically impossible since i don’t believe she would get any votes if she made it final 2.

  454. I would like to see Jordan, win the half million cash Prize.Or the 25,000. Because I feel that none of the Houseguset desire it. Maybe she’ll use the Money to go back School.

  455. Kevin would be smart to vote Jordan out this week. He would have a much better chance of winning the votes against Michelle in the final 2. I don’t really want Kevin winning, but would prefer anyone over Natalie!!!!!!

  456. ugh this show has gone stupid since Jeff was evicted & Nat winnin Kevin winnin POV, now meanin another good player will leave. I want Nat out of the house already bcuz she is not a strong player even though she thinks she is.

  457. Like I SADID CALL Allison Gorman let the know that they have lost you because is boreing and Nat lieing and all the othe crap that wrong that the producers would not of let housegues get by with befor. and tell her how you fell.
    its just a recording.
    same WAY with CBS

  458. I was excited for the Big Brother twists and turns but so far I haven’t seen them. Everything has happened like it looked like it would but like I was hoping it wouldn’t, or than Jeff’s power that America gave him. This is my first year watching and it seems like a complete mess. Clearly BB has no control over the house. Seems like they are making it up as it goes. Pandora’s box has been completely stupid. It’s sort of a reality circus. The other reality shows I have watched seem much more organized. Yikes BB. Lame, lame, lame.

  459. Come to think of it BB has let so many hgs misbehave that although I couldn’t stand Chima she kind of got the-shaft! Others are cheating and beating up on hgs for no reason, violence and hazing are fine… and it seems like the hgs are just as sick of this mess as we are since they are drinking away their time in the house; I guess that is the equivilant of us fast forwarding through the show or looking up what happens ahead of time to make sure it is still lame and not worth our time. Why aren’t all the competitions live?

  460. shelby………..I AGREE, if Jeff would have stuck to the f4 of J,J,M & R then they could have gotten rid of N and K………NAT NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  461. I am so not happy about Kevin winning POV. I am even more upset as BB is letting Kevin win with a very unfair advantage, even he admitted to. I guess if it is OK for Kev and Nat to lie and cheat, it is OK for BB! I did not watch the show tonight and will not watch it Tuesday either. I will check the blogs but I am over BB.

  462. KEVIN IS SUCH A SCUM BAG. Gnat and Kevin SUCK – PERIOD. What horrible human beings.
    GO JORDO !!!! :-)

  463. I don’t care what anyone says….this is not the worst BB in the history of the game. It was BB 8 and that EVIL DICK and his daughter. That was the meanest man living and he won…go figure. Let’s me know how people really feel about each other and what they will do for the power of a dollar. I only watch BB so that I can see how people sell out and back-stab each other. It is so horrible. It seems that a lot of people feel that if you lie and are dishonest you can get further in life. What is this world coming to.

  464. One more thing…didn’t Julie tell Jeff that Natalie was 24 years old or did I hear the other guests at the jury house discussing it? I can’t remember.

  465. Please God, let anyone win but Natalie. There has never been anyone in the history of this show that has gotten farther doing less. She’s not as smart as she thinks she is, nor as attractive. I hope her boyfriend is very happy with her and her ego. I wanted Michele to win but Kevin has played the best game. Sorry Jordan has no shot.

  466. Mz S – I agree – Evil Dick was WORSE. He was outright abusive. And his daughter Danielle was an abomination of a person.
    And I DISAGREE with Mark: JORDO HAS A GREAT SHOT !!!! Once Mich is gone you have Kevin and Gnat who are dumb and overconfident and jordo can easily to do f2 and people will vote her to win

  467. Jessie told Russell in jury house that Nat is 24. Lydia flipped and Jeff will too. So will Michele when she gets there.

  468. Seattle guy. You win. Jordan can beat Gnat (I love that) with the jury, but don’t think she can beat Kevin. Again, provided she wins HOH.

  469. I think Kevin should win. He has won most of the competitions. I love you Kevin you can do it. You are the best.You deserve to win. go go go

  470. I got mad a Jeff when he made that deal with Kevin and Gnatalie. Then even worse when they did that evil dance in the pantry..jumping around like two little evil elves. They both deserve to be evicted. But it seems hopeless now. I hope Jordan wins.

  471. I also called Allisons number and left a message. POV should not have tech problems. How many years have they had this show on????
    And what’s up with Gnat calleing Michele a liar and a back stabber and that she can’t stand her. Wonder if Gnat is smart enough to watch her actions after the show is over. I doubt it. She thought Chima was a good person. She sure isn’t a very good jugde of people’s character. GO MICHELE OR JORDON

  472. not thinking BB cares about anything Natalie does. appears she has Big Brother and Allison by the balls. She’s probably the most despicable person I have ever seen or heard about. Obviously has been a BB production favorite since the season 11 started…to the point of compromising the game by allowing a family or loved one INTO the house. I am done with BB, but will continue to enjoy the blogs. You guys are the best! You can call alison direct if you care to tell her how you feel: CALL ALLISON 1-818-325-6900 EX 6903 DIRECT LINE 9-5
    or leave a msg afterhours.

  473. kevin and gnat are both TOTAL scumbags on every level. Jordo is sweet and nice and a good hearted person that is why I am voting for her. I know the scummy weasel types usually win this, but I can still cast my vote for Jordo. BB let Kevin cheat on the veto comp and unless they fix it, this 11 year loyal watcher of the show is not watching anymore.

  474. nat is so obnoxious even more so now that she won hoh. she walks around like she’s going to deck someone at any moment. does anyone else think that when she got to meet her boyfriend she acted strangely. she was very aprehensive with him-kinda like a kid with their parent. i would be suspicious of a proposal when i was so close to winning so much money!

  475. i just read somewhere that jordan was this years keesha or janelle.
    whoa, wow. what a let down!

  476. I think Kevin is getting sick of Nat after she opted out of POV but still put him up and under great risk and he was seen making a deal then with Michelle even before POV. He is the only vote so he may vote out Jordan so he has a good partner to beat Nat in the F3

  477. I am done with Big Brother this season, maybe for good. I don’t think they should be giving away HOH on things that the house guests are just guessing at and could have no real knowledge of what the answer is, I don’t think it should come down to just pure luck. Not only that, there is no one left in the house of any interest this season.


  478. I just read the results of the POV and I’m sad to hear Michelle lost. She’s beeen my favorite since Russell got evicted. Can’t believe Nat and Kev have stayed together longer than I thought!

  479. People what do you think really knat’s boyfriend??? Uh ..what the ??? I don’t think that was Knat’s real boyfriend. She is such a liar…she may have planned him as a boyfriend from the start… because she looked awkward and uncomfortable when he proposed…not like boyfriend and girlfriend. ..too fake! no affection. I am not buying it…lmao
    Her lies are useless… and the conv last night were they think america will like Knat more because she got proposed to … come on America is not stupid!

    Kevin needs to cut ties with her and go with Michele … Knat is bad news! ..but sadly Michele and Kevin don’t trust each other {sigh} … that may be their demise.

  480. Betseybo….I have to say that I do think America is stupid. You have lost the competitivity that you had in you. In the past years, fans liked people like evil Dick, Will, Boogey…characters that are wayyyyyy worst than Natalie and Kevin..characters that lied and cheated wayyyyy more than Nat and Kev. America has softneded up! Disgusting!

  481. The person who came up with pandoras box has to be mentally unstable.The mystery door and all that bull was a waste of time.
    I agree with 644,everything seemed rehearsed with Gnat and the purported beau.
    Maybe Michele and Kevin will make it to the final two.

  482. @ Nancy…if Kevin choses Michelle over Natalie for the final 3 and final 2…than he is stupid. The smart thing to do is to take Jordan to the final 2 because there is no way in hell those
    competitors in the jury house will vote for her.
    Kevin on the other hand can’t trust Michelle, she has not been loyal to anyone up to now. You can say all you want about Natalie, but she does have Kevin’s back. She has said it in the diary room and most of her actions have shown that she is with Kevin.

  483. Jordo remains me of a Grifter ( gypsy con people). They never have money but they always get what they want (case in point her new boobies yet says they don’t have money… ok sugar daddy buy those lol). Remember the show “The Riches” a family of Gypsy travelers in rural Louisiana . the con – sticking to the script to make America fall in love with her. I don’t care how cute and nice she seems she has done nothing to deserve any sort of vote! What about Michelle just because she is nerdy and not as cute as wanna be Barbie…she doesn’t deserve the money? I am confused didn’t know you had to be cute to win????

  484. I am very upset that this whole thing could of been prevented if Jeff would of just kept his word and not back door Russ. If Jordon does not go to the F2 then I hope Kevin takes it. But I will be hoping that Jordon can not be so dumb and win this for her self.

  485. I am not happy Michelle might be gone. She clearly is the best player and has had to go it alone. Just when Natalie finally wins something she uses her position to treat Michelle so terrible. If Natalie wins Big Brother I dont think I will ever watch it again she is the most foul mouth mean spirited contestant. And also actually the biggest liar. what a bummer

  486. No the biggest liars were Will and Boogey….

    The person with the worst mouth this year was Russell.

    And lets not even talk about Evil Dick…

  487. @ Mel , that is why I think Jeff fans are hypocrits just like Jeff. They call Kevin, Natalie liars, but didn’t Jeff lie to Russell? I mean whats the difference? Why is it ok for Jeff to backdoor Russell but not ok for Natalie and Kevin to backdoor Jeff?
    Double standard?
    What about Jeff’s final plea? What a lack of class.

  488. I may be the only one but I think Jeff and Jordon should have been the final two….The police report on Nat. should have prevented her from enen getting into BB…She hit a cop.

  489. I love Jordan and I hope she wins…BUT Natalie and Kevin would be stupid to take Jordan to the final two. Jordan will have Jeff and Michelle’s vote for sure along with America’s vote. Natalie will not get Lydias vote so in a Natalie/jordan match up Jordan will win. In a Kevin Jordan win, I don’t think Russell will not vote for Kevin and Jordan will win. Like I said I hope Jordan wins but Kevin and natalie are stupid to take her to the final two…

  490. So Sally, stop watching BB, because every single contestant that won the show lied and cheated perhaps more than Kevin and Nat. Go watch the Bachelorette…

  491. Jack are you crazy? No way in hell Jordan will win. As a matter of fact im not even sure that Jeff would vote for Jordan. Jeff has said it himself, Jordan hasn’t played the game, has never been focussed, she seemed to be in this game to make friends. No way in hell even Michelle will vote for Jordan ( unless against natalie)

  492. what do you think of this idea, if you win a challenge you getHOH. if you come in tehbottom 2 you get put up .simple and easy . no POV no throwing challenges no plotting no scheming , no lies just good clean challenges for the brain , the body , the outcast. challenges fair to every one. every one would ty harder to win . and you couldn’t win by riding coat tails all the way . just a thought but i sure don’t like where BB is heading .it’s ugly and full of the f word and lots of ighting . we don’t need this to watch . thanks for listenting.

  493. Sally…i didn’t know Natalie was 35 years old…that’s what it says on the record. You people say things out of your ass. What proof do you have that the girl has a record? You really think CBS doesn’t perform background checks? I mean comon. I now understand why America is now trailing the rest of developed countries when it comes to education…

  494. Ooh! I am so upset that Michele may not make it to the F3. I wanted her to win! She deserves it the most!!!

  495. Wouldn’t it be great to have the peoples worst of the worst in the house for a couple of months. How about evil Dick and evil Chima for a start.The characters in this house other than Chima wouldn’t even get honorable mention for that group.

  496. Hey Chilltown, don’t get mad at me it was sent to me (Nats record) and where does it say she is 35 years old??????????????????

  497. @Christy….. Yes, its been played. I think Kevin won, but there is a lot of controversey over his win because he had extra time with the questions because the ladies had technical difficulties


    Please don’t think I am defending Nat, becasue personally I don’t like her. Even though she is 24 or maybe older, she acts very young. So, first off, about her record, it could be another Natalie and unless you can show otherwise, these warrants are probably for traffic tickets, which could even be parking violations that she never took care of. So let’s not put too much into it. I doubt big brother would put someone in there that has violent criminal record. She could have had a DUI. I’d be concerned if it was a violent offense but I’d bet its not. So let’s not jump to conclusions.

  499. @Harold…. That’s a great idea. But even though Evil Dick was trouble in the house, he had many fans. I liked him. I think the reason is because when someone tried to backstab another player, he called them out immediately. I think that Russell should have done that with everyone but one person he trusted. The HG’s would be Dick, Russ, (Chima, if she could handle it) that’s three.

  500. If Kevin ends up winning the show, i will never watch another big brother. He has ridden on coat tails as well as Natalie to get to this point. He has won several things as of late, but has lied and deceived everyone in the house. I was hoping for Michelle or Jordan to win veto so he would have to go up and he would be gone. Natalie is the worst player to ever play the game!

  501. Pretty much everyone lies on BB. That’s part of the whole game. Some can get through without lying but very few do it and to say you won’t watch anymore because kevin lies and Nat lies is silly. I don’t like Nat nor do I want her to win but as long as the game is played fair, I’m not going to be mad if Kevin wins. I don’t always get my way. But if they don’t play the POV over after he had an unfair advantage yesterday, then I think that is wrong and then I would think that Big Brother cheats too

  502. Yeh Kevin, I love Kevin. He is so funny. He really has me cracking up all the time. I am glad he won the veto. I would love it if he wins BB 11!!!! YEH KEVIN

  503. Yeah, well if BB doesn’t do something about the way the last veto was won, and Kevin wins BB11, his win will always be tarnished because of the unfair way he won the Veto comp. That’s all I have to say. HEAR ME BIG BROTHER!

  504. It is not only about Natilie being a Liar and a Cheart she is such a nasty person not taking baths and Kevin is a runner up for that too!

  505. I think the pov should be done over. Since Kevin could see his questions and Jordan and Michele couldn’t see theirs. if the show allows Kevin to hold pov knowing that then I will never watch this show again. I know alot of people that feel the same way.

  506. as much as nat has lied to her partner which is still questionable because who can believe nat at all. kevin should lie to her and keep michelle. keven needs to prove he can win on his own to the jury house. and why would nat lie about her engagement. she is so wierd. and i don’t think she needs to throw stones at michelle she is allready broken. i think bb has to step in and do something to save this show

  507. Ok, so do you really think they will do the POV over? I mean if it wasn’t fair shouldn’t they? Who would you voice your opioion to if you wanted to?

  508. If you can look back over some of the posts from yesterday right before the show started. there is a phone number for a producer or cbs exec.

  509. this game has gone to the dogs. it is not fun as at the middle when you were guessing . now we know who is going to win. not fun any more. going to stop watching.

  510. RE-DO POV COMP – AMERICAN DEMANDS IT !!! (If you want us to keep watching).

    I wonder if Gnats record is assault ? She has the blackbelt in martial arts and had to register with the police to participate. Basically, if she touches anyone, it is a felony. She has such a petulant child way about her, I could see her loosing it if provoked. She probably had to learn to defend herself with that gnatsty mouth.

  511. If BB knows that Kevin had an advantage in the POV by seeing the questions (as he claims) before J/M and do nothing about it will certainly cause a mutany with the fans. They should re-do the POV and if the show is picked up again, they should include America Vote’s on various comp’s,luxuries, eviction’s and possibly the Finale. Voting to give them gross food to eat is stupid. The show has lost a lot since the beginning and it’s becoming as boring as looking into someone’s window and watching them sleep or hangng around not doing a thing. Maybe it’s time for Big Brother to take a hike.

  512. i called allison and left a message. come on and call her let her know how you feel about the pov. maybe tues. morning her voice mail will be stuffed

  513. Does anyone know how the TV ratings are this year ? Are they up or down from last year and how does it compare to the best years ?

  514. I can’t believe her voicemail isn’t full already. Must mean she’s got a huge maibox or not very many callers.

  515. Oh – I just went and looked, It said the ratings for BB were very good and “towered” above all others so I do not think ratings are a question. There would not be a question of CBS picking up a show that had the best ratings. The only question is how many people does CBS want to tick off by not re-doing a corrupt Veto comp with Kevin cheating with the calander and also getting free info by the info he could see durring the comp.

  516. What is the phone number and extention to call Allison ??? We need to keep repeating it so people can see it and call it. This is an outrage

  517. Please everyone be very respectful. Don’t leave any bad messages, just how it is unfair and should be played over. Tell them Kevin was on the live feed saying he saw the answers ahead because of the techinical problems the girls had

  518. Ok this is the best show ever and to all you people complaining that its the worst and they should take it off air then stop watching it and let us watch it and just forget about it. Sure the last people remaining are not the best people there but they’ve made it that far whether it was by floating or by playing a good game they all deserve to be there. I still believe that jeff should still be there because he had made some good moves like come on who doesn’t think that using the coup d’etat against nathalie and jessie wasnt a good move? would you of rather him not use it and just waste it? it was good. He was my favorite but now we are left with Nathalie Kevin Michele and Jordan as the final four and they all deserve to be there now leave it alone and enjoy the rest of the show :) Ps: Go Jordan go!!

  519. face it, the minute big brother 11 ends.

    Chances are there is going to be a leak about kevin seeing the questions or whatever, and if Allison dosent do anything about it, The show is going down the drain completely.

  520. You have got to be kidding me!!! Natalie needs to go home!!! I can’t stand her. I think the final 2 should be Kevin/Michelle. Michelle should have won this. Natalie and Jordan don’t even deserve to be here!

  521. @sophie…. I haven’t seen that many saying the show is bad this year but I think when they picked HG’s they didn’t use their usual criteria. These people except for Jeff, Russell and maybe a few others sat on their buts and didn’t do much. I think what most people mean is the game was either on Jessie’s team or on Jeff’s team and Jeff didn’t have it too long. Too many house guests riding on the tails of others. That is not the usual in this game. So, it makes watching somewhat boring, in my opinion. They need to pick better house guests next time. That’s the biggest problem. Either that or their running out of ideas. I didn’t like the “click” thing. it was stupid

  522. You can call alison direct if you care to tell her how you feel: CALL ALLISON 1-818-325-6900 EX 6903 DIRECT LINE 9-5

  523. Michele should try to team up with Kevin who right now is disillusioned with his previous partner. She could get him to vote out Jordan. Go Michele

  524. I have never been so disappointed in BB until this season. Chima was not the only HG to disobey rules, yes she destroyed property but the rest of her crew namely Natalie has not been punished for any of her wrong doings and there have been more broken by her than any other HG that BB has had. She has stolen other HG property, gone thru others property, played pranks with others property and stated to Kevin who she would nominate even had a 2 hour practice during live feeds along with her acomplice Kevin. Instead of BB intervening they rewarded her and also dismissed technical issues during the veto comp which Kevin stated was a benefit to him. A realize this is a game & have never sent a complaint before but this year was a total disaster beginning with the cast, giving a previous HG a second chance which totally gave one team an upper hand, rigging comps for specific people and utmost not making these HG follow any rules. I truly believe this year was not a fair playing ground. As for Michelle how could BB allow her to be so tortured by so many HG, can’t you interven when it gets so out of control to the point where other HG think it’s funny & join in. I guess this cast sure fit the clicks of school however in school more than Chima would have been expelled.

  525. This season was the worst ever! Starting with clicks and bring back Jesse. Natalie is a horrible person, even staying distant from her fiance because Jesse will be watching. She was far more intimate with Jesse than she was to her betrothed. She said “yes” but her body language was saying “he!! No” what is that about? Kevin is a snake, but you can tell he might have once been a nice shemale. Michelle is just as bad with her selective memory, she didn’t have any issues with it in the veto comp where she matched the faces. She doesn’t deserve to be ganged up on, from the ghetto girl and the beeotch. Jordon, seems to be the nicest, and it is good to see someone like her to finally make it this far, as far as her game, popularity by empathy??? Laura was on to them in the first week, she just revealed it too quickly. Jeff really became power glory arrogant, he was so worthy until after he received Americas vote. He did a real about face! Lydia was a bed hopper, with anyone who became HOH, at least when the guys won, and had the nerve to call Jordan a “ho”. Chima just lost her mind, when she lost power, guess she was given the A-ok to do anything she liked after her rape, or was that a pity story to get the household to see her reasons for being such a spoiled beeotch? I think it was true though, because she couldn’t handle losing her power. I kind of liked Russell he kept things interesting, and he always went to the person when someone told him something about them. I hope Jordan gets the $25,000 because she is a waitress and accepted people by what she felt in her gut.

  526. whats up with the power of veto,are they going to repeat it or is this the way that BB to control the game so that the person they want wins,or are they going to prove that it is a reality game and it is fair.

  527. So what we (the sane BB fans) are doing now is
    calling Allisson to tell her that since Kevin cheated in 2 ways on the
    POV comp, that it needs to be replayed: here is her info CALL
    ALLISON 1-818-325-6900 EX 6903 DIRECT LINE 9-5or leave a msg

  528. i am sooo glad kevin won the pov. way to go kev and nat. u must admit kev and nat played a very good game. they both out slick america fav jeff ha ha his dumb a## belived them and he fell for their lies.and that is what big brother is all about lies and cheating and if you can lie your way to the end you desere to win. nat won when it was nessasary for her to win nat kick some a## sorry america dont get mad because dumb a## jeff your favorite did not win. ha ha and if you want to act like a child and dont watch or vote because your fav did not win then good this is only a reality show and you will not get one penny of their money so chill. and dont hate kev and nat because they are smart. they should have been gone but they trick jeff and broke up his team with jor now that is playing this game a floater at the end gooooooo kev and nat

  529. #675 seatt guy forget it if you remember when evil dick cheated and put that ball in ja hole and you can see it clearly she even told what he did and nothing happen