Big Brother 11: Week 8 Saturday Live Feed Highlights

The Houseguests of Big Brother 11 didn’t calm down from the midnight Power of Veto action until late in the morning. Once Michele was done doing her happy dances she moved on to trying to save Jeff.

Michele wasn’t the only one with a plan as Kevin and Natalie tried working some odd plots themselves. Read on to find out what’s working and what’s not as Jeff sulks his way toward Thursday’s eviction night.

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 29, 2009:

4:00 AM BBT – Post-PoV Natalie, Kevin, and Michele celebrate in the HoH room while Jeff and Jordan hang their hands in the pool room. Natalie expects Jordan to try and get them to vote her out over Jeff. Meanwhile, Jordan is telling Jeff that she’s going to ask them to vote her out over him…

8:00 AM BBT – Jeff has completely given up and is complaining to Jordan that he didn’t win any prizes. He doesn’t want to go to the Jury house because he hates those people. It’s a real pity party in Jeffville.

1:15 PM BBT – Jeff and Jordan are up and out at the pool. Jeff is still whining about his pending eviction.

2:45 PM BBT – Natalie and Kevin agree that in the Final 4 Jordan still wouldn’t betray Michele. They discuss what the competition might be next week and compare notes on past seasons’ F4 HoH. Natalie thinks she can beat Michele in the next comp. It’d be about time she won anything…

3:15 PM BBT – Jordan and Natalie discuss the importance of the PoV next week. The Veto will decide who is evicted, but the HoH will be safe.

4:00 PM BBT – Kevin asks Natalie about the potential of keeping Jeff and evicting Jordan so he could go after Michele for them. Natalie says that’s a terrible idea and they need to focus on next week.

4:30 PM BBT – Natalie and Kevin begin plotting on how to evict Michele. They’ll both have to win the competitions next week. Yeah right.

9:00 PM BBT – The HGs are back in the house after lockdown and Kevin goes to check if Pandora’s Box has been opened. It hasn’t and he’s disappointed.

9:30 PM BBT – Jeff and Michele discuss their options. Michele says she wants to keep Jeff in the house and get Natalie evicted. Jeff doesn’t think this is possible, but Michele seems inclined to at least try and persuade him. THis conversation goes on for a long time as they discuss the advantages to present Kevin on keeping Jeff this week.

10:45 PM BBT – Kevin and Michele start talking game. Michele is being subtle and trying to test the waters with Kevin for keeping Jeff and getting Natalie out of the game. Kevin admits he thinks Natalie will betray him but seems more concerned about Jeff this week.

12:00 AM BBT – Kevin, Natalie, and Michele are hanging around playing pool (Michele is watching). Natalie says they should make a F3 pact. Michele says ‘no’ and leaves. Natalie and Kevin talk about how she’s angling to keep Jeff over Natalie, but Natalie says Jeff is 100% gone this week.

1:00 AM BBT – Plans are being hatched on both sides of the game. Jeff, Michele, and Jordan are coming up with ideas on keeping Jeff and sending home Jordan. Kevin and Natalie are working on getting Michele to use the Veto on Jeff. All the plans sound crazy to me, but who knows. There’s just no way Michele will leave herself on the block.

1:30 AM BBT – Jeff is fighting with Natalie because he doesn’t like their plan to get Michele to use the Veto to save him. He says it’s stupid and he won’t even bother trying. Natalie tells Jordan to enjoy her time with Jeff then because he’s going home.

Will Michele use the Veto on anyone other than herself? Not a chance. Will Kevin break a tie and send Jordan home over Jeff? Unlikely. Will more Big Brother drama ensue? Definitely. What do you think are Jeff’s chances of survival?

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  2. michele has to talk to kevin to keep jeff. jordan needs to get in kevins ear about the rat plotting to get him out next week. put the pig up as jeff replacement send her packin with meathead.

  3. the rat stays i will not watch bb again after thursday.the is a underage drinker she be evicted for lieing about her age. cbs should get her out now.she wears her dirty arizona tee shirt everyday she 18 yrs old liar, sneak , drunk she talks sh@@ all the time. teenage drinking way to go cbs.

  4. if anyone should stay it should be jeff. its alongshot but who knows. michele and jordan need to talk to kevin backdoor the rat. tell him the rat goin after him next week.i know if jeff stays hes goin after kevin next week. kevin can save himself if he backdoors the rat

  5. mich and jeff 2 biggest players.jordan a little play.kevin made his big play. to win the people vote he needs to backdoor the rat.michele very smart.kevin doesn’t need the rat. jordan is really ok in my book. but befriending the rat, she lose me.

  6. Jeff is save for this weeK!!!!! cbs is going to save him.I can not believe it. they are going to give hm an special power in the pandora box. watch.
    cbs is going to make something up to save Jeff because CBS want jeff as the winner.

  7. @nancym she lies about everything she ever did in and outside the house.i know a liar when i see one and you’ll see

  8. #10 i hope your right.i am tellin you i will not watch bb 11 at the end.they will lose rating big time

  9. If cbs saves Jeff that will be total BS! It is not a game if the producers pick who they want to win and then change all the rules to make that person win.

  10. @1is1me, I sure hope you’re right. What was up with the key? Has it been played?

  11. @tj, Gnat is really 24……from the very beginning she said she was going to tell everyone she was 18.

  12. After watching the flashback from last night I must admit that Jeff came up a few points in my book after not agreeing to try and get Michelle to use the veto on him. He said he would not do that to anyone. He said the rest of them can try but he is not going to. I have to say that was an honorable thing to do. I still want K/M in final 2 and I can’t stand Nat and Jordan but Jeff is not a complete a$$. I just wish he would have been smarter about the final four deal with Russ. Too bad pandora’s box probably won’t bring Russ back.

  13. nat the rat is 24 she graduated from a.s.u. she’s been lying bout her age she only told chia pet the truth

  14. i,m really hoping for michele to win this,how did jeff get this key did he fine it or did they give it to him

  15. they need to get Natalie out of there she should have been gone along time ago she has done nothing but hang on Jesse and she can’t win nothing she is all mouth get her out now make a move Kevin do something

  16. Don’t anyone in the house wonder why Nat always has on a A.S.U shirt on?.they think she is just out of high school so why do they think she has on a A.S.U shirt??they need to put two and two together.hate nat she thinks she knows it all ,she needs to go.

  17. Get rid of kevin and nat I cant stand them!!!! Michelle and Jeff final two…They are trash talking, lying, I hope key is to get rid of hoh!!!!Bye Kevin you got got!!!!

  18. PLEASE let Jeff stay with the key…I will not watch bb withour Jeff…Kev Nat and Michelle are sos o boring…Jeff has played the best gm..

  19. i do not get the live feed and i am greatful to br able to read yours. i myself think jordon is playing with jeff to get further in the game maybe she should go this week and let the games begin. but i agree the rat should go too hard choices…..

  20. not sure i did this right, just learning would like to stay in conversation nat got to go.

  21. i hope jeff has a secret power again he is the winner in my book. maybe remembers jesse from last season…………..

  22. Grow up TJ.. Nat is 24, LYING AND SAYING SHE IS 18 SO THEY WILL UNDERESTIMATE HER. Did you just start watching or something??? LOL God..

    And 90% of people who stop watching, don’t stop watching. It’s a silly thing to threaten. Yeah, you not watching is just going to break CBS’s heart, TJ.

    Grow up. It’s a game. It can’t possibly go the way every single person wants it to. If it is so upsetting to you, don’t watch at all, ever.

  23. blackgirl – Natalie is hated not just because
    of her trying to split up Jeff and Jordan. She is an obnoxious, mouthy, egomaniac who thinks she is in charge of the game (without ever winning anything). She’s got to get kicked out and fast!!!

  24. I hope that Jeff finds his way off the block. I really want him to win. I think he’s played the game well (except for taking Kenvin off the block). I like Jordon, but I agree that she’s riding Jeff’s coat tails. If things could magically change, I would like to see Kevin and Natalie on the block.

  25. Wait just a minute, Jeff to Russell: Take it like a man, you got bet, quit crying about it. So to Jeff QUIT Crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Karmas a B******* isnt it!!!!

  26. There is something in that pandoras box that will change the game and Jeff has the key to open it.

  27. “”POV is over and michelle did take jeff off and Kevin put Nat up. Hope your all happly.””


  28. Jeff should go. He made a decision and said that he was in charged. The coup de tat power went to his head, what was he thinking? Michelle is a joke, why would she want to save jeff. It just shows the irrationale thinking and she has a ph.d what a disgrace.

  29. Come on people it is a game. Nat has done nothing anyone else in previous years had not done. Yes she has won nothing, yes she has lied but yet she is in the final four…. isn’t that the point of the game. Past players have lied all the way to the finals and won but yet they are good players. Who you like is who you want to win. If you tell yourself that you would not lie or attach yourself to someone who can get you to the finals for half a million you are crazy. Don’t hate the player hate the game.

  30. ASHLEY….Hello….CBS did NOT hand Jeff the key….he found it fair and square….everyone had a chance to find the key…

  31. Nat has dodged the eviction, so doesn’t that make her the best player. Oh, that’s right jeff is the best player, since he didn’t earn anything. Jesse would have sent him packing long ago, but the best player needed the handout to get to where he is. I vote to evict jeff! Go Kev and Nat…Yeaaa

  32. Jan – the producers knew america would vote to give the cdt power to Jeff which is why they gave it to him. Even AG said that Jeff was the most popular player they ever had. Now that he has the key they will probably throw him another bone because they want him to stay. Yes, everyone could have found the key but Jeff found it so it could totally mean something else now. Even the hgs know the producers want Jeff to win. Kevin said so last night. It is not a true game if the show is rigged toward one person.

  33. I agree with WizKid. Who I like is who I want to win. I want Jeff to win because he’s been my fave since the beginning. It is a game and it’s expected of players to lie.

  34. I think it’s smart of Michelle to want to keep Jeff, it keeps the target off her back for another week and if Jeff wins HOH next week he would probably not nominate her.

  35. If any of u think that Kevin will turn on Natalie or vise-versa ur not on ur A- game and u prolly have been a few back.

    Michelle has this certainc onfidence, and like she is top dog in the house, when as of now she doesnt run jack.

    POV contorls who goes home, and she will be competing agianst 3 other ppl.

    She is going to be targted, and it would be in he rbest intrest to tell the truth to Jordan, and yet she is still trying to play the ringmaster of a sheet circus, lying and spinning webs.

    There is only 3 other ppl in the house basically, so does she think its not gonna get back to her, when ppl compare notes.

    I personally cant stand her, but she has played a fairly good game. She however is dumb if she thinks she can convince Jeff he wills tay, she is trying to get his Jury vote now that i think about it. She wont get anyones vote.

    If Natalie can win either HOH, or POV she has basically got it locked unless she is in the final 2 with Jordan.

    In some of the comps she is like so close or cant put 1 piece together. When yall see the POV u will see what i mean.

    Kevin is gonna be targeted next week, UNLESS he can expose Michelle as a liar.

    Jordan was “blitzed” last night, and was delusional. She is pathetic. She has a struggling family, and she would give up her chances to win, just for a guy she has only known for 9 weeks? Its not cute, Its not nothing but pathetic.

    Jeff is as good as gone, as the day is long, and right is the opposite of wrong. haha ya dig?

    Jordan i think would try to get Michelle out, because EVERYONE in the house knows she will screw u faster than u can blink. then hide in a corner.

  36. If Jeff stays then Big Brother is out-right admitting that the game is fixed (which we all know it is). He’s the biggest threat and for the past two weeks all Pig Pen and Kevin have been talking about is getting out Jeff, but now they decide Jordan’s a bigger threat??? Give me a break.

    All of the other contestants should just quit the show since BB has made it perfectly clear who they want to win, and if Jeff can’t earn it himself, thry’ll hand it to him. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next HOH is a Jeff-only contest.

  37. @HAHA, that wasn’t nice to say to tj, he is only voicing his opinions. Hate to say it, but you sound like Gnat. We’re all enjoying this website Trashing the HG’s. No need to “trash” the viewers. I also don’t like some of the comments, as I know they may not like mine, but let’s enjoy “talking” w/each other, and don’t be like GNAT. Sorry don’t mean to hurt ur feelings, BUT BE NICE.

  38. And one other thing. U guys keep saying Natalie hasnt one anything.

    I think u guys forget, u dont have to win something to be a good player. Especially when u have gone up 4 times.

    If u win alot, that puts u in danger of being a target. Look at Jessie, Lokk at Jeff.

    She has rolled with Jessie, seperated herself from him after he left, told a lie to sae her self, and now she is looked at as the weakest player in the house.

    Is she? No. I dont think u can go by wins. Jordan is by far the weakest. She wouldnt last a day without Jeff.

    Jeff cant carry her no more, she would be all by herself, for 2 weeks. OH THE HORROR, THE HORROR!!!

    Next season i think ur gonna see ppl, do what i call the Natalie strategy.

    Now not sayign Natalie doesnt try, but ppl will say how bad there gonna try to win, throw it, and stay under the radar.

    That will be hard to do though because u have to guess who will be the strongest in the house.

    Stop hatin’ step ur game up, and see her for a player. Its about time.

  39. Jeff deserves what he got when he threw out Russ and chose to believe those two liars. It is a game and anyone will lie and cheat their way to money. If the Final 2 were Jeff and Russ than Jeff would have won it. He made a huge mistake in believing those two knowing that all the votes in the jury house would be used on Kevin or Natalie to win whoever made it to the end. Natalie needs to go as well as she is too arrogant. I hope Michele wins now. She has endured a lot and I sure hope she uses the veto on herself. I also don’t think they can rig a TV game like this because the producer’s want Jeff to win. If they did it would come out at some point and then people wouldn’t watch the show and there will be he.. to pay. I guess we will see what this key means soon. I sure hope that Kevin or Natalie win this game. I would hate that.

  40. Mistake on my last two sentences. I sure hope that Kevin or Natalie DON’T WIN this game. I would really hate that. I don’t even want either one to come in second place either. They deserve nothing.

  41. I don’t know what the key Jeff has looks like, but maybe when his stupid ass gets set to the jury house(hopefully) and it’s time to vote for the winner, it may allow him to vote twice. They put those keys in that box to determine the winner so … I don’t know I’m just guessing.

  42. Because there are only six jury members this season, BB producers obvioulsy don’t want a tie so that’s what I think. Regarding my comment above.

  43. I agree with Teddybear!!! They already have Jesse and that other lunatic (Lydia) lol..If Kevin or Dirty Nat are in the F2 they will win…Maybe the F2 should be Michelle and Jeff…even though he’s a dirtbag…lol…totaly kidding…I just wish Russell won!!!

  44. @marcus yeah i would say natalie is not a good player for not winning anything. the only challenge that requires physical endurance, cant believe natalie fell first before michelle and jordan when she was more fit to play that than those 2 girls.

    i would like to see michelle and jeff on the final 2 coz so far they are worth winning the money since they played the game well.

  45. The key can’t be for votes because no-one knows who will get evicted this week and no-one knows who will be the final 2. It also can’t be for eviction votes because no-one knows who will be sitting in the two chairs on eviction night. The key must serve another purpose. I do wish Russ would come walking through the door than it would be very interesting, but that won’t happen. I just think it would be very funny.I sure hope that all this talk of Michele not using the POV on herself is untrue. She better use it on herself.

  46. Ashley…what does everyone have against Jeff…too good looking…to nice…to decent…too funny…too NORNAL…too sweet to Jordan…too good at playing the game….come on…no matter who America favors, it’s a game…and CBS cannot keep someone in the game if the house guests want them out…would your tune be different if CBS was favoring someone ELSE like Kevin or Natalie….???? And if Jeff is sulking, he has a RIGHT…he thinks he’s going home….at least he’s not calling people names and yelling and screaming and causing havoc like the rest of the evicted!!!

  47. I hate to tell all of you JEFF Haters! but JEFF is going to go to the final 2 because the key he has is intended to give him a shot to win it all and replace himself with one other houseguest who he has to put in his place leaving the HOH nominations void. Nat will be out this week and then it will be between Jeff Jordin and Michele and Kevin to hash it out which lets face it Jeff will win it or Michele will and then Kevins a## will be gone then it will be Jeff Jordin and Michele Final 3 now what is going to make it intresting is the Final 2 and I do beleive it will be Jeff and Michele and then if everyone votes right Jeff would win the game just because he played the Game fair and danm good

  48. I went back on the CBS website and watched the end of the show to see what Julie said. There was a door with and question mark on it and Julie said “plus we will reveal a new twist to the HOH that could effect everyone.”

    I take that as a good sign, if Jeff has the key!

    Jeff stays in the house :)

  49. Oh for goodness sake!!! They need to rid themselves of Nat the rat….she’s worhtless. She has NO GAME what so ever!!!She’s like a little whinny child pleeasse! At least Jeff has game….what would be the sense of watching if he goes????

  50. If jeff stays it just shows how cbs pulls strings to get there whinner..excuse me winner, if this happens I believe that they will surely lose a lot of next seasons ratings. Then next season they couldn’t call it a reality show because then everyone would know CBS chooses the winner,takes the whole point of realty show out of BB

  51. hey jason can you tell me how jeff played fair if CBS saves him TWICE. I didn’t see any of the other house guest get any special treatment like that,then you could say it was fair.I kinda hope cbs does save jeff cause then it would prove how fake it really is, and how the whole beginning of the season don’t mean squat. Jeff made really stipid moves and now he has to deal with it. His big downfall was attaching to worthless jordan,him throwing a HoH for her was the most stupidest moves in BB history.

  52. @ comment 70 & 71 – I totally agree with you however most people on this site do not feel this way and will bash you for having a different opinion.

  53. They can bash me all they want…lol.. there the one’s looking like fools. Let this game be a true reality show that’s why I started watching. So what if someone nobody really like wins the game,that’s part of reality shows. All you people should have just wrote a letter to CBS crying for the Jeff show and then us true BB reality fans can enjoy the show the way it SHOULD BE PLAYED!

  54. I sure would like to see Nat. the rat leave. I can’t hardly watch BBAD because she is always right next to Kevin, never lets him out of her sight. Talks, Yak, Yak all the time. Thinks she is in control of Kevin and the game. Drives me nuts. I would like to see Jeff and Michele as final 2. Good luck Jeff.

  55. @73. If you don’t like the show why do you watch it and what makes you such a an expert on reality shows. I do not think it is rigged.

  56. OMG: Don’t you Jeff bashers ever get tired of being so hateful. You are so jealous of Jeff because he is so good looking and a really nice guy.

    As for Nat the Rat, a person cannot be as evil as she is just in the house, no one’s personality can change that drastic and for as long as she has been playing, believe me, she is just as nasty in the real world and Jeff is just as nice in the real world.

    Those trying to use the “CBS is giving the game to Jeff” strategy, you may as well stop it because the people on this site are not that stupid. You know that is not the truth, but you want to try and hurt Jeff, not working. I have seen that junk try and be used on other shows, such as American Idol. Blaming the judges and accusing them of playing unfair.

    If you don’t like the show, then stop watching, but please stop with the nonsense, only paranoids come up with carp like that.

  57. to #75 I don’t think you read my full comment,no where did I say I was an expert?Where does it say I don’t like the show? If CBS saves jeff again then yes it’s RIGGED, I love reality shows just not fake ones,please CBS lets not make this look like a fake one.

    you love a reality show but not a fake one???
    haha you have made me laugh. every “reality” show is rigged some way or another don’t be so naive.
    also don’t be jealous of jeff just because hes so freaking hot. im not saying hes a saint but out of all the hg jeff, michelle and jordan have been the least trash in the show and maybe kevin too he lied a few times but not as much as all the others.

  59. lynnlyjean right on!
    sorry i posted soemthign that looked like your post i swear i read yours after i posted mine…

  60. #78 LOL you know you sound like a bimbo. So being hot on a realty show gives you special privileges. Maybe I shouldn’t be watching this cause clearly there are some real ignorant people watching this show. Like I said go to CBS and ask for the Jeff show. This game is about lies ,strategy, and winning comps, not how big ur tits are or how hard ur body is.

  61. i dont think that cbs rigged BB. just b/c jeff won CDT doesn’t mean that cbs wants only jeff to win. you should know that when BB does the america’s choice that most likely majority of america will pick someone who playing the “good” side of the fence.

  62. #76 Hmm nat the rat looks like your doing some bashing yourself,why do you watch if you can’t stand someone that uses lies to get them further it’s part of the show. Another ignorant comment. I think as fans we can bash anyone we want,especially a player that is getting everything handed to him.

  63. Has everyone forgotten that they sent 2 people home in one week? Because Chima got canned, there is one less hg in the house right now. I don’t know what the key is for, but it only makes sense that they either give everyone a free ride this week, or they bring someone back.

  64. @ alishajen
    there is a rumor that america might be the 7th jury vote and also supposely jeff used the key already to get kevin out of the box

  65. Jeff’s a Douche, it’s not that people cannot say what they want, it’s just that when someone like you, who is so overwhelmingly jealous of Jeff, and it is so obvious, you should not try and pretend you are just being truthful.

    You have always hated Jeff, no question about it. I hate Nat the Rat, but I and others who can’t stand the little lying rat have a reason. You have no reason to hate Jeff. He is the only one who have truly played the game, he is sweet, nice, gorgeous, honorable, oh, and how many other guys who have been on bb has thrown the HH game to let someone else win. He is very honorable and that means a lot in the real world. Nat the Rat in not an honorable person, not on BB and not in the real world.

  66. andrea c. Love your comment too. When someone who is as nice as Jeff is attacked it makes me wonder, especially someone who would attack Jeff and think Nat the Rat and Kevin are honorable people. Go figure.

  67. He’s a game player!!!! Jeff has game and they’ll all jealous…bottom line! If he goes what would be the sense in watching…oh wait for Nat the rat to try and WIN SOMETHING!!!!!!Get rid of Jordon and keep Jeff and Michelle that would be something to watch….Kevin didn’t do sh*% all season he just laid there(probably wishing he could get Jeff or Jessie LOL!!!

  68. I like Kevin, Michelle and Jeff for the final three. The other two ladies aren’t in the same league. Personally, I hope to see Natalie go this week. I would say Jordon, but she does keep the place lively. Without her all yo would see is a bunch of people sitting around a table staring into space…

    P.S. – The appearance of under-age drinking is disconcerting. Like it or not, new viewers will get the wrong idea and could cost the show sponsorship… It is in the 8:00 slot. Producers need to tell her to stop if she wants to continue the “I’m 18” charade…

  69. to all you folks that said you’d stop watching this show if Jeff goes to jury, you’re lying to yourselves. These are the same people that swore up and down that they’d never watch BB after the whole Danielle and Dick fiasco. In America there will always be a need for reality TV. BB will not get canceled for the same reasons they don’t cancel Survivor, Idol, etc. The public feels this strong urge to watch real people in crazy situations. And besides, it’s the networks that cut and paste to portray certain individuals in a way on their shows. Every year someone is portrayed to be evil or good. Whether it’s on BB or Survivor, editing makes all the difference.

  70. I think the pandora key will give Jeff an extra “jury vote” — similar to what Janet said in #60. However, if Jeff is in the final 2,he already gets 1 jury vote — his pandora prize. If he is in the jury house ( and I hope he goes on Thursday), he would have 2 votes.

    CBS has to make the jury votes an odd number.

  71. LOL at #85 wow get over yourself. You are into this show why to much. I think you need to get out side and find a real man and quit fantasizing about jeff.

  72. #87 Jeff didn’t do jack til the week he got jesse out with out that power Jeff wouldn’t haven’t gotten nowhere that’s why he got america’s vote. what we need to do is help lynnlyjean find a real man,sounds like she could use the help,taking this show so personal.

  73. Jeff’sAdouche I LOL whenever i read your comments suggesting that other chatters need to get a life, since it seems that you are making comments about every 10 minutes. Lets be honest, you have a man crush on Jeff and just want him to be seperated from Jordan, she is a threat to you.

  74. #94 where did I say that someone needed to get a life. Don’t get mad cause jeff made some pathetic moves and now he has to pay for it, good to know I get under your skin though…+1

  75. no wonder big brother is being cancelled after one more season. cbs always finds a way to make sure the person they want to win wins!

  76. Damn these Jeff fans really get offended when you say something about the douche. LOL makes me feel good.

  77. I think Jeff’s gone this week but that he did a lot of good things because if he hadn’t use the coup d’etat Jessie would have win

  78. @97 – I told you. They can’t stand it when you talk bad about him and they will come at you.

  79. 101 way to spell idiot! you need to go to school more than jeff needs to go home. if jeff actually goes home which is very possible, this whole game will be lame from here on out, who wants to watch natalie and kevin 3 days a week?

  80. #77 first off how could the show be rigged let’s make one thing clear america(WE) voted for who got the power I’m sure if we did a poll on here the same thing would come out of it if everyone voted how they did to begin with. And if jeff does get saved again then it is what it is he found this so called key! I bet if it was the player u wanted u wouldn’t be saying it was rigged

  81. #97 @ Must be a Chima and Natalie fan, He is showing the same childish charachteristics they do.

  82. does nat eating bother any one else oh my jeez she chomps like a pig and right into her mic … then theirs the fact shes a wheezel she gets everybody to do her deeds send her home please

  83. i am sitting here watching showtime 2 and bb after dark… due to the fact that the twist and veto competition will air tuesday night i am pretty sure the key jeff holds is the golden power of veto, in which case Nat GOES HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooohoooo lets go Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. I can’t believe we have such idiots in this country. Anyone still wishing for jeff to stay needs a psych examination. This weak player had to be helped by America to get where he is, and when he get all the power in the house he acts dishonorably? Seriously anyone rooting for jeff is an idiot he dug his own grave let him die and get buried in it. To all jeffs, I advice you to let out your frustrations, by crying on thursday it can surely help. That key better not save that loser CBS if you want to lose your credibility as a network, go a head and manipulate the show for that Moron to win.

  85. Hope Jeff stays and gets rid of Nat and phoney Kev…Or I really will quit watching bb…I was glad win dick and danielle won too..

  86. i am wondering if the secret door and pandoras box thing will be something like season 4 they had a diamond veto and the diamond veto winner was automatically not allowed to be evicted and gets to be the only sole vote to evict someone other then the origional pov winner and hoh. that happened week 9, so its possible it could be similar(julie did say it could change the game) that would be crazy and bye bye nat if thats the case

  87. omg are u kidding me. these shows can do whatever they want and you all will come back and watch year afte year. all these games are rigged to some degree. lets not 4get the biggest hose job ever when rob and amber from survivor went on the amazing race and they had it won by hours but the producers got the airplane to turn around. we all know that in real life if one of our family members had 3 hours to live and we missed the plane like that they would never open the doors for us. and even after that millions still watch that show. and as for people thinking it was unfair and rigged that jeff got the cdt. bb likes to involve us the fans so it wasnt unfair. u want to talk about unfair look at jesse. he was aloud back a 2nd time and that 1st comp was ″rigged″ for the athletes to win. then the athletes had a person advantage so that gave jesse an edge and on top of all that jesse got to be the 1st hoh for doing nothing. if there were no clipues and jesse didnt get the 1st hoh handed to him he would have been the 1st person out of the game. now as for j/j i was a fan at 1st but he got to arogant and cocky. he also really didnt understand the game. he thought if russell won the next hoh he would try and get jeff out. well even if russ did win and put kevin and jeff up jordan and mich would have voted out kevin. and then next week russ would have been screwed cuz he couldnt play for the hoh. jeff should have got nat out and made a final 3 deal with kev and jordo so if kevin won he would put russ and mich up and then they could have gotten russ out. instead he got rid of the biggest target at a time where he couldnt play for the hoh. the only thing left now is for jeff to tell kevin that nat is hanging him out to dry and hes looking like the bad guy. and jeff jordan and mich should go to kevin and tell him that nat already has jess and russ vote and if he doesnt put nat up this week that jeff mich and jordo will also vote for nat and she will win by a vote of 5-2 cuz he will have lidia and maybe america. then they need to tell him that they all hate jeff so kevin will beat him easily in final 2 and then jeff has to get him alone and swear he will go after michele. it wont work but jeff needs to try. we all didnt think nat and kev would get to jeff but they tried and they got to him. and last i hate to say it cuz i cant stand her but nat is playing this game the best. this game is not about winning comps. it helps and keeps you safe. but this game is about manipulating people to do what they shouldnt do, lying, backstabbing people. the only hoh you really need to win is the final one. if u notice natalie has been nice to everyone and leaving nice messeges when they leave. she trying to win votes and make kevin look like the bad guy. she is playing the game.

  88. ok, after reading ALL of these blogs, my fingers just cant stay still!!! I had to jump in and yes, add my 2 cents!! That key to unlock Kevin was left of ANY and i do mean ANY of those HG to find….seems it was Nasty, who chose greed, and when Jeff found the key, she even tried to stop him from going to save Kevin so SHE could collect more money….GREED!!….dont hate on Jeff so much, yes he has made some dumb moves, but, he DID find the key, and whatever that key holds should be a gift! He chose to save someone over the GREED part…and if anyone knows, what lies at the bottom of Panoras Box….Its HOPE….so I for 1, do HOPE, that there is still a chance for him to stay in the game. And I also hope, that he mans up, and starts apologizing to Michelle, who unfairly has been a victim of ,yes, Nasty and Jessies lies!!! I hope to see J/M in the F2!! Smiles to all

  89. What “Key” is everyone talking about? I dont have live feeds or BBAD.. Anyone?? Is Jeff going to be safe this week or is he being evicted? If he is, i’m done watching BB11

  90. its a shame Natalie may stay-she has dicdated this whole game and Kevin still is listening to HER stradegy. Wait up Kevin if you take her to the f2 then you may as settle for coming in second. The only one that really deserves to win is Michelle or Kevin!

  91. jeff did the most dummest thing in the BB11. He should have kept the agreement with Russell, damn AMERICA is so disappointed with stupidity of Jeff. Now, there is no way he would not go to the jury house.

  92. Just a thought. I believe there will be another twist as if you have watched BB shows of the past they always have crypted messages or pictures in the openings and some give clues that you don’t even think or realize. I have noticed on Sunday and Tuesday that Russell’s name still appears under his picture and he was evicted a week ago. I don’t think it is by accident that his name is still there. I think that there is something going to happen. Maybe Russ will come back or something happening with Russ and Jeff or one of them. I sure hope I am right. I was also reading about more arrogance by Nat the Rat. She stole Michelle’s competition gloves because she lost hers. She is cheating on games like pool ect.. that they play to pass the time. She is also hiding things too. There is a deal also that awaits the producer’s ruling. Nat the Rat is being even more arrogant by offering a deal to Jeff in order for her vote for him to stay in the game. She wants Jeff’s Hawaii trip, Michelle’s entertainment package and for them not place her on the block next week. What a witch. She has already made it to the final 4. She is more greedy than the rest and now is even being more greedy. I hope she is not allowed to do this and if she is I hope Jeff doesn’t play into her lies again because if he does he is more stupid than I thought. He already made one huge mistake that is costing him tomorrow night eviction. He played the best until he took her bait played by Kevin doing her dirty work yet again. I hope that once all the jury house see’s what she is and if she does make it to the final 2 they surely won’t vote for her to win. If she wins I don’t know if I will watch the show again. This has been the worst BB. The only two good things were Jeff getting out Jessie and Chima getting thrown out. Kevin is such a whimp too for keeping Natalie especially when he saw that she doesn’t have his back at all and why didn’t he listen to Michelle because he had a better chance of winning running her out of dodge. I can’t wait to see if something happens Thursday night and I hope its something big.

  93. If Michelle is in the final 2 I sure hope she wins as she definitely deserves to win. She has been fighting on her own with no-one helping her or her riding anyone’s tail. She is trying so hard and has won some things and she is trying to be nice about things too. I just don’t want that Rat Nat to win anything.

  94. Why oh Why do the worst people come out on top??? That scag has made it to the final 3. Kevin is scumbag too! I am beginning to hate this year. Can’t believe how gullable and stupid those people still believing the Rat is only 18… Complete Stupidity…

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