Big Brother 11: Week 8 Nomination Episode Tonight

Big Brother 11 returns tonight for its nomination episode in Week 8 where we’ll also see the rest of last week’s endurance HoH competition play out.

I’m hoping we’ll see more on what happened with the Pandora’s Box event, but that could likely wait until Tuesday’s episodes since it was post-nominations.

If you can’t wait for Julie to deliver the HoH results and noms news then you can go ahead and take a peek at the HoH comp results and HoH nomination spoilers. There are even more spoilers if you really want to know it all because the Power of Veto competition has already taken place leaving even more HGs in danger.

If you missed yesterday’s twists and turns then you can always use the live feeds new “Flashback” feature which works like Tivo for your feeds. Pick a day and time, then the feeds will automagically time warp you back so you can watch the hottest events of the season all season long. This is definitely one feature I’m getting a lot of use out of already. Sign-up now and watch for just 50 cents a day!

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  1. I stayed up last night to watch BBAD and it was great. I felt like I watched a movie to it’s completion. From Jeff’s pity party then Michelle’s very coherent game talk with him. Jordan is the sacrificial “Virgin” on the volcano. BB production allowing Jordan to talk openly with Jeff for a long time about her DR session! Kevin and Michelle talking saving Jeff and it appearing like Kevin is intently considering it! Michele strongly tells Kevin and Natalie that she will NOT consider a f3 with them (How cool Michelle is when she isn’t acting nuts!). Then finally we get to see that Natalie and Kevin won’t consider any options on saving Jeff. Very good BBAD! Got the complete look at what everyone is truly thinking. WOW, it was worth the lack of sleep.

    I really think Michelle might be able to pull off saving Jeff. She has stepped up her game and it not at all afraid to show how smart she is playing the game. She is a Lion and who knew!

  2. During BBAD, when Kevin was talking to Michelle by the spa, I thought he would really think thru her suggestion to keep Jeff. But now that Natalie has his ear…all his ‘thinking’ is being done by her. Too bad Michelle didn’t think to point out Kevin’s OWN statement that he is in the house to make money, not to make friends. He seriously needs to unhook from Natalie. A F3 with K, M and Jeff would be good TV.

  3. Good Morning BBFANS, does anyone know if the Veto ceremony has taken place yet? If so, who did Kevin put up to replace Michelle? Please say it was Natalie.

  4. These guys are lame. Would big brother allow an 18 year old to drink? Don’t you have to be 21 to even be on the show? Wake up people!!!

  5. Who is 18?? Natalie is 24 she lied to everyone when they first came into the house. Her BD is 3/3/1985…

  6. I know she lied, my comment was don’t the houseguest get it? she drinks,and someone said that you couldn’t be on BB unless you were 21. You can gamble in any casino unless you are 21. How come the HG’s don’t pick up on it? Are they that stupid? I’d be the first one asking how’d you get in BB house only being 18? and so on

  7. It is funny how ‘humble pie’ brings you back in touch with reality, which has been the case for Jeff right now. I was always a Jeff fan, but was so turned off by him when the ‘power’ went to his head and he listened to Jordan, knowing that she is not the brightest kid in the house!

    Having said all of that, I can now appreciate the ‘old’ Jeff (being the one I admired when I voted for him to have the CDT), because when N/K and even Jordan tried to convince him to get Michele to use the Veto on him, he refused to go along with the game plan and said no amount of money was worth him shoving it up Michele’s ass!

    Now that is class in my opinion! I hope that he stands by his morals and he gets to stay on his merits rather than being a ruthless manipulator like some of the other HG’s this year.

    I know that you are all saying that it is part of the game, but it does show that basically Jeff’s character is something to be admired!!!!

  8. I was under the impression he had key, because earlier on the flashback I heard him say there must be something else, what good is my having the key. but I’ve asked this same question 3 or 4 times now. Is there anything that can save Jeff either secret or by the other HG’s

  9. @tj

    I think that if the Pandora’s box plays to its true statement being that with all the evil that is displayed comes HOPE, then Jeff has a chance of staying.

    Also, another person on yesterday’s forum stated that the key could be a ‘diamond’ veto which will usurp everyone’s power, but when she refreshed the screen, it was gone, so she thinks that it was a slip up by production. Whether that is true on not is still to be determined, but it does give you that feeling of ‘HOPE’.

  10. @cyndigwc …… Nothing going on on feeds, they are sleeping, or at least they are in California. LoL

  11. Let’s face it! Natalie is a ‘poker’ player and she is playing everyone like a poker hand.

    She has debts that she needs to pay back because of her losing hands at poker, so all you can hope for is for Natalie to be caught out with her lying and bluffing and someone calls her bluff out and she will be gone.

  12. @tj

    Julie said it was a twist, but a ‘twist’ can change the whole dynamics of the game.

  13. @Diana ….. When they were playing poker at the table for candy, Nat said that just before she came into the house she had won $70,000 in a poker game. Another lie, i’m sure

  14. tj some one said they think that the Key he has that it might give him an option to take money or stay in the house but i realy dont know for sure but some one on her was saying that it might be just that so i hope he stays in.

  15. @ cindi, Michelle went to Jeff during BBAD last night and said she would like to take him to F3 with Kevin, and will try to talk to K into getting rid of Jordan or Natalie this week.
    She wants to point out to K that if he takes N to F2, N will win with the votes in the house, AND that she wasn’t even on his ‘team’ until recently. Jeff doesn’t think she can get K to get rid of N just yet… But when M was talking to K by the spa, he seemed to consider it –for next week.

    Then later, K told N about the suggestion of keeping Jeff, and N told him that if he tries to get rid of her, that she will turn everybody in the Jury house against him. Thing is, she was also trying to make a deal with J to keep him and get rid of K next week. What a sleaze, a good game player, but a sleaze.

  16. The one interesting thing to note is:

    If Nat can lie as easily as she does on National TV, then her boyfriend and her family should question everything she tells them in the future, including her so called alliance with Jessie, when we all know that she had the ‘hots’ for him and was trying to compete with Lydia for his affections!

    I think that long term her display of lies will come back and haunt her in the future!

  17. @Diana …. I hope so. I would love to see Jeff stay. It would just make the game more exiting. If he goes what do we have? Kev and Mich, which is somewhat interesting. At least they can win POV comps. but Jord and Nat? Boring. I really hope Nat goes, someone needs to find out how she lies. I wish someone would call her out in front of everyone and see how it flies. Wo0uld be great tv. Anyone got a plane with a banner that says “Natalie is a liar” We need a banner flying over the BB House

  18. @tj

    I don’t think that they have done a Pandora’s box before, however they have had the ‘diamond’ veto before but everyone had to play for it.

    So who knows!

  19. i hope kevin goes with michele. jesse and rat didn’t have the time for kevin before, jesse and rat would be the only two vote against kevin. lydia,russell,jeff,michele would vote for kevin.jordan?

  20. @harmony

    I am sure that she has won $70k in the past, but she has also said that she needs to win this game, so she can pay off her gambling debts (which of course could be a lie as well)!

    All I know is that I wouldn’t associate with a person like Natalie in real life. I usually can smell a ‘rat’ or a ‘stirrer’ or ‘manipulator’ or whatever other name you like to give her a mile away and I would just steer clear of people like her.

  21. jesse and rat have no class at lease when jesse left shake kevin hand. no he turned and said thats ok.

  22. What exactly is a diamond veto? And how come Kev would not take Lydia off the block but he’ll stay loyal to Nat. Had kevin used the veto to take Lydia off we might have a whole different game.

  23. I was impressed last night when jeff said he wouldnt get michelle to give him the veto and stab her in the back.Nat and kev tried to get him to try to get her to give him the veto. They are horrible people i wouldnt want to even be friends with them outside the game.Jeff said money not every thing, he has to live with himself outside the game. I hope Jeff gets off and the evil go== nat and kevin…

  24. To “open a Pandora’s box” is to create an uncontrollable situation that will cause great grief.

  25. Has anyone ever noticed that all Natalie does is brag about how good she is:

    Whether it is comps, poker or anything she does in life.

    That tells me that she has a ‘low’ self esteem and needs to give herself accolades to reinforce her dillusional ego!

  26. @harmony #33

    I believe that the ‘diamond’ veto gives you the power to usurp the normal veto and the HOH, so therefore if there was a diamond veto which Jeff would get when he unlocks the door, he has the chance of staying in the game.

    I don’t know who then has to put up the next nominees, because I have never seen the ‘diamond’ veto but read about it through this forum yesterday!

    Maybe someone who saw the diamond veto being used can enlighten us!

  27. just hit me…. i think he knows something. hes playing along.production told him he has a pass with this key he found.

  28. “When Pandora’s box was opened again, Hope managed to fly away and to go around the world and heal the wounds produced by the plagues”…
    can Jeff try to open the box again? I wonder if he did, if something new would be there???

  29. Also, Jeff has been quoted as saying:

    That the key means something, he just doesn’t get it, it must mean something.

    So in the back of his mind, he hasn’t given up hope. I think that he believes that the key could be the one thing that can save him in the game.

    Also, it was stated by (I think N/K) that production wanted them to keep Jeff, so what influence that has on this week, only time will tell!

  30. Response to #9Post

    Last night while Michelle was talking with Jeff, she said she didn’t give a #%&k what Kevin thinks, she is staying and if he doesn’t vote to keep Jeff in, she will come after him big time. She really came out like a lion. She knows she IS going to win HOH next week (again, this is her being really confident) and she could either protect Kevin or send him packing. She said she will do it if Jeff stops pouting and starts to rally for votes. I actually think she can intimidate Kevin into this scenario. Afterall, she has won a lot and is really stronger physically than he and Natalie are and has already proven it. If I were Kevin, I’d off Natalie and take the deal with Michelle. Afterall, Michelle has the power this week. She has already gotten the nod from Jeff to send Jordan when she uses the Veto this week and Jordan will go up. Jordan is begging to be sent out to save Jeff. It really could work.

  31. “Since hope escaped much later, it’s always the last one to arrive. That’s why, when people are harassed by problems, the only thing that helps them go ahead is hope”
    Maybe production explained all this to Jeff and that is why he is holding out hope

  32. @Teri

    I think that is what could happen. Jeff ‘has seen the light’ (so to speak), and basically he could be given another chance.

    And before you all start saying that Jeff has been handed another gift, you should try to be objective and realize that every other HG had the same opportunity as Jeff did when he found that key. I think by reading what I have here, that the other HG’s were too busy just trying to get as much money as they could!

  33. The diamond veto was used in season 4 toward the end of the show and all the hgs got to play for it. The veto holder got to take someone off the block and was the sole vote to evict.

  34. @tj and Harmony

    I think production told K/N and I don’t know what was said to them, because it went to Fish!

  35. diana, I think you have a point. The other house guests were overcome by evil (ie getting as much money as they could) this totally goes along with the idea of what pandoras box represents. I like jeff but honestly I believe them when they say they planned this a while ago, if it is something special they had no idea who would win it. it would make sense though, reality shows always try to show character flaws and greed can certainly be seen as one

  36. @Ashley #49

    Thanks for that! I wasn’t sure how it was used, but if Jeff does get the diamond veto, let’s hope that he puts it to good use and doesn’t fall into Nat’s web of lies again.

    She is like a funnel web spider ready to kill her prey!

  37. @diana, I hope ur right about the key. i’m a j/j/m fan but as of this moment, i want to see jordan out of there! watching the live feeds last night/ this morning, jordan is scheming with nat & kev on trying to get michele to use the veto on jeff and they will tell her that they’re gonna put nat up and then back door michelle. i was soo upset, especially when jeff told them to do what they could do, that i shut it down. greed has really been a big part. i know this is only a game, but i feel like i’m watching a soap opera where the villains are scheming and getting by with it and the good guys get caught. lol. and haters, don’t start bashing me as i am entitled to my own opinions

  38. @Ashley….. Oh, that would be so cool. So, Mich takes her self down, put up Nat. Jeff comes in, saves Jordan, sends Nat home?

  39. I don’t think Jeff will do the right thing if it is a diamond veto. He will vote out Michelle because he sees her as the biggest threat. If Michelle isn’t safe with her own pov that is.

  40. @ riley you could be right she could hold that against kevin to force him to put up ratalie and evict her.michele could win hoh next week and send him home next week if he doesn’t.

  41. @Teri

    Yes, you are right, they did plan the Padora’s box months ago before the show started I think.

    The one thing that has made me happy this season is to see the true character of Jeff and even if he goes to the JH, he has shown that he is honest, caring and generally a ‘good guy’!

  42. Since it hasn’t been actually revealed yet, what’s in the box could change depending on who won it, I would not trust BB to manipulate the game.

  43. @harmony – I could see that happening because the producers want Jeff to stay. Don’t bash me for saying that because it is just my opinion. I don’t think anyone will be able to beat Michelle out of final 2 unless they get very lucky. As long as she makes it to the end, I am fine.

  44. I don’t think this key is gonna save Jeff because I caught a conversation between kevin and nat where he told her DR was trying to sway him to keep Jeff. That was after the key thing. If the key was gonna save him, why would the DR bother?

  45. you remember kevin didn’t save lydia when he had the chance because of chima.i think he can be talked into doing that.

  46. @connie B….. maybe they tried to sway them to keep jeff to try to make they believe they had the power. They can’t tell them the truth

  47. @Ashley

    I agree that Jeff understands that Michele is a huge threat to him, but like you said, if the Veto still stands good for her, then it will have to be Nat and Jordan on the block and I know that J/M will vote to get Nat out. That is the best case scenario, but will it happen!!

    The suspense is all too much!!

  48. If Jeff does have some special veto power, he needs to either get rid of Nat or Kev but Kev is probably safe so it has to be nat

  49. ratalia has no chance hg have to know by now that she is a liar.michele see that i hope jordan wakes up.

  50. @connie B

    I agree with Harmony #65. Production cannot let Jeff know that he has any power and they have to put their spin on pretending they don’t know what is going on. They want to throw a spanner in the works, letting K/N think they have the power.

  51. jeff saved twice that would be nice.come on michele get in kevins ear.shake him up a little tell him he is going next. michele has him she is strong always liked her.

  52. i think jeff knows.override kevin the rat and jordan go up.michele safe pov.the rat shown the hole out the house

  53. Just so you all know, there may NOT be a diamond veto. It is like I said earlier, someone on this forum quoted it yesterday and said it was on Jokers and when she refreshed her screen it was gone!

    So is it true, only time will tell, but I sure hope so!!

  54. @tj, i don’t think its gonna happen. kev was acting like he was gonna jump on board with michele but then he told nat everything michelle said to him and they thought up another scheming lie. they threw michelle under the bus..again.. and they’re in jordans ear telling her more lie’s saying michelle called her this and that and again jordan with the tough person she thinks she is says she would punch michelle. and then she’s laughing with n/k about back dooring michelle by sucking up to her and getting her to use her veto to take jeff off and then they plan on back dooring her. just when you think jeff has caught on to nat lie-ing, he goes back to believing her. or so it made me believe thats what he did

  55. @diana, i seen where someone on jokers put that and when i refreshed it was gone. i reversed to see if i could see anything about a diamond veto and never did. just the ball floating around in the hot tub

  56. As long as Michelle is safe, and scumbag Nat gets booted, I will watch again. I will be so disappointed in BB production if they reward someone like her to win. Yes, its a game, but hopefully BB producers still want people w/basic morals to be rewarded. Go Michelle, don’t be taken in w/lies. God bless/guide u to the finish, and win the big $$$$.

  57. @jackie m… i’m with you on that. i don’t plan on watching tonight. i can’t believe BB and cbs is letting this LML go as far as it is and still letting all the HG make a mockery of michelle. it’s getting so bad, i’m dreaming about it lol

  58. kevins like a little kid. jordan i can’t believe she is listening to this sh@@.kevin and rat are just alike.

  59. P.S. Pls get rid of scumbag Nat,dumboJordo, they hv proven that they hv no basic moral, but DumboJordo has NO BRAINS. I did watch BBAD last nite, 1st time in a long time, and had to turn it off, cud not stand to watch Scumbag Nat pick her nose, flick it off, and DumboHipo prove to all of America how stupid she really is. I agree, I wud not want to assoc with people like Scumbag Nat, and Dumbo.

  60. Kevin doesn’t have the umph to take on Natalie.
    He is just as afraid of her as he was of Jessie. So sad, really.
    He knows she is a liar, a zero player but he fears her.
    Why didn’t he wait to think about Michele’s offer for even a
    few hours before blabbing it to Natalie?

    He “thinks” Natalie might throw him under the bus. MIGHT?

    Come on, Kevin. Deep down, you KNOW she will.
    No ifs ands or buts ……………………
    I always hope Common Sense will appear but then it never does.

    Not one of these players had openly said to Natalie, she
    couldn’t be on the show if she was 18 years old. CBS
    would not allow her to drink alcohol. She wouldn’t have
    been able to play poker in Las Vegas. She doesn’t even look 18!

    And I will “scream” if I read one more time how Jordan keeps
    telling Michele, she has always been kind and nice to her.
    Come on, Girl, and get real. We can see you and hear you!
    Duh! Huh? Poor Michele can’t but all of America can and does.
    Jordan is sooooo stupid, she thinks Natalie is a friend, like
    a little sister. More like a pet snake.
    Good grief!

    While hoping, against all odds, for an AIRING OUT
    CONFRONTATION, I will, also, keep my fingers crossed
    for a little reality check by the HGs.

    Please get rid of NATALIE!

  61. if this key saves Jeff, I know it’s a game and everyone had the chance. BUT the b++ch in me wants to see Russell dose out a big dish of I TOLD U SO.

  62. Well you can’t stop watching the show because someone lies. That’s part of the game. At some point they all lie. They have to. But what I think most of the dislike for Nat is, is not only does she lie to play the game but she lies in General. But that could be her strategy, I have no idea. What makes me sick about her is she does’nt shower or change clothes regularly. Now California is having very hot weather. It’s like being the desert, not cool breeze, nothing. I hate it. So how can you live in the same clothes for days, play the games they play and be in this heat and not shower. its totally disgusting.

  63. i hope the rat gets what she has coming to her nothing!!!!i hope someone in real life takes her for all she has.

  64. @Diana C #75

    I did see it on Jokers also, but what I saw was someone saying:

    Did I see that there will be a ‘diamond’ veto and no one responded to that question. When I refreshed it had gone also!

    So is it a teaser for all of us to see what the general public want, or is it really true that there will be a diamond veto.

    Can’t wait to find out!

  65. jordan is the one that got jeff and keeps getting deeper and deeper. she still thinks she is high all mighty. and remember i’m a j/j/m fan lol

  66. Pulling 100% for a Michele Victory.

    Oh, how sweet it would be to see Natalie’s and Jordan’s faces…….

  67. @midwest fan. ….. I know about the age thing. I’ve been saying it for weeks. How come those on the show don’t get it. Dumb as doorknobs. Been saying the same thing about vegas, about drinking and about the game.

  68. @harmoney, true nat hasn’t showered and is still weraing the same clothes but she and all the other HG’s are making fun of michelle calling her stinky saying she’s not showering. why don’t they do the same to nat. they’re all under nat’s spell

  69. @Daina c and Midwest fan, let’s keep hoping that BB producers/CBS take our comments to heart (hope they will if they want us to watch). It will be great TV if the LML comes out WHILE the show is on, and not after. For me this wud be the “frosting on the cake”, and I can once again watch this season. Won’t lie and say I will never watch again, Don’t want to insult the intellengence of BB producers, but I am not addicted as I was b4. No longer exciting/fun, and thank God there is other good TV shows to watch and ENJOY.

  70. @Midwest Fan #81

    I agree with you in relation to Kevin. He is so afraid of Nat. but if he had an ounce of intelligence he wouldn’t let Nat. bully him into her way of thinking.

    He has to know if it came down to F2 with K/N, the jury will vote for Nat, being J/J/H/R leaving L/M for K with America probably voting for K, either way it will be a 4-3 vote, because Natalie has been so convincing with her lies, she has roped them all in. Like I said she is a funnel webbed spider waiting to kill her prey, and you aptly put it as her being a ‘pet snake’ but I think more like a poisonous viper!

  71. WHO EVER SAW SOMETHING ABOUT DIAMOND VETO and after refreshing and its gone. Try googling (or whatever search engine you use) the joker page and then instead of hitting the link, hit the cached files. those are filed that stay on your computer.

  72. if michele wins hoh next week she has a tough decision to make kevin or rat? if the rat here.

  73. Look guys, every season we have our favorites. More likely than not, they don’t win but we all keep watching the show. I didn’t quit watching the show when Russ left and I wanted him to win as much as everyone wants JJ to win. I just picked someone else to cheer on. If we want to see BB12 you have to keep watching the show. EVERYONE LIES, CHEATS, BACKSTABS, ETC. I was pissed when Jeff back stabbed Russ and I wanted vindication which I may or may not get Thursday. If Jeff gets evicted Thursday, you keep watching the show because you will want revenge for Kevin for doing the same thing to Jeff that Jeff did to Russ. This is how BB works and why we all love it.

  74. WHEW, as i was typing the overhead came on said said good morning HG, it’s time to get up for the day. lol, my volume was turned up cause they’re all sleeping and scared me. LOL

  75. Was just thinking, if Kevin was in pandoras box and jeff let him out, is kevin the evil that is released?? Pandora broke the rules by opening the box…so if nobody opened it, what would have happened to kevin?

  76. @ashley…LOL, i’m too old for all the stress lol. so if i stop watching it i might live longer haha

  77. the rat telling them all she 18 so they can feel sorry for her like jordan and i am surprise at jeff fell for it. michele smart she knows what the rats up too,

  78. @joanna
    The HOH Kevin got locked into a huge Pandora Box yesterday and the other house guests have the options of letting him out or picking a large sum of money.All the remaining contestants in the Big Brother house picked the cash except Jeff who went for the key to free Kevin.

  79. i was laughing so hard at jeff the night before last right before the veto comp, he was stressing about the key, the money, nat not leaving his side and the veto comp.

  80. i honestly hope & wish that jeff would tell jordan to SHUT UP and stop beleiving nat and kev and to wake up!

  81. thanks teri
    but what will happen if jeff lets kevin out of the box
    i been busy lately so srry for all the questions

  82. Re: Pandora’s box. Someone said yesterday that HOH was given another duty or job as hoh. Maybe since Jeff took Kev out of the box, Kev has to make a decision of switching who released him with someone else to put on the block. Did they all have the option of taking a key?

  83. If anyone has any sense, Nat will be knocked out this week. Halleluljah!!! If not he’ll just continue picking his nose, taking no showers and babbling about winning the next HOH. He’s a bad joke. Yes, Natalie is a “he”, and an obnoxious he

  84. @harmony #93

    I went to Google and type in diamond veto, but they what came up was the ’04 diamond veto.

    But I did find this and it is quoted:….

    “Jeff’s Key he found fits a box with Diamond Veto … to over-ride…
    08/29/09 07:10 PM Edit Reply Quote

    Michele’s veto…. reading and hearing this on other boards.. supposedly leaked by one of the production folks !!!

    Edited by TwinCity (08/29/09 07:10 PM)

  85. Pandora’s Box is from Greek Mythology. A story about when the box was open it unleashed terrible things on mankind.

  86. if thats true? does jeff put up the smelly rat or does he backdoor michele? i would hope they backdoor the rat.

  87. @tj #114

    I looked it up on Wikipedia and this is what it says:

    …Pandora had been given a large jar and instruction by Zeus to keep it closed, but she had also been given the gift of curiosity, and ultimately opened it. When she opened it, all of the evils, ills, diseases, and burdensome labor that mankind had not known previously, escaped from the jar, but it is said, that at the very bottom of her box, there lay hope….

    HOPE being the last word and that Pandora’s Box was opened out of curiosity!

  88. So if it overrides Mich’s veto, and he takes himself off, Jord or Nat will go up, who is left to vote?

  89. it allready sounds like we have the evil in the rat in the theirs hope we can see her walk.i hope

  90. I think if it overrides Mich, he takes himself off, Kev would have to put someone else up, probably Jord. I’m not really sure what will happen, only that jeff will stay on. Jeff will have a vote and Nat will vote. who does nat really want gone?

  91. no matter what events happen over this week, make sure, houseguests, you get ntalie out of there!

  92. I have just read that the Diamond veto over rides the veto, which will leave Michele vulnerable and Kevin can nominate her to be on the block. Which will leave J/N to vote, so if this is true and there is a 1-1 vote, then Kevin will have the final say, so it does leave Michele open for eviction!

  93. michele saved her self and jeff save by the box.rat and jordan go up. michele votes the rat out and jeff want jordan stay.2-0 the rat is outta here.

  94. Kevin and Natalie’s plan of getting Jeff gone has worked out perfectly. they were on the block, lied, and the cards fell perfect for the best players in the house right now.

    So they would tarnish it all in 3 days? HA! dont make me laugh.

    Jeff this week, Michelle next week. Kevinsome time after that.

    Jordan or EVEN Michelle and Natalie FINAL 2.

    Natalie get the votes, and ur winner of season 11 is Natalie.

  95. @tj #127

    I am not sure how it will work. Perhaps Kevin can nominate her again, but if not, then there is only Nat and Jordan left, but I am assuming that Jordan will be put on the block in Michele’s place sometime today, when Michele takes herself off, leaving both J/J on the block!

  96. @Marcus #130

    Like all good poker players, they all get caught out bluffing and Nats. day is coming. Yes, 3 days is a very long time in the BB house and who knows what will transpire.

    If the key that Jeff holds gives him a reprieve in this competition, then the sh@t will start to fly and don’t be surprised if Nat. comes falling down from her little podium, just like all the others when they got too cocky!

    The game is going to be played out and may the best player win!!

  97. @haromny #132

    I agree, that is bad, however Jeff will have to make that call when and if it is presented to him.

  98. @tj #134

    I don’t think that Nat. will be going this week. I think that if it is a tied vote, Jordan will go, however if Michele’s veto does not give her immunity, then I think Michele will go if Kevin has the deciding vote!

  99. @diana opinion, that’s not fair for michele, they screwed her on the HOH and then this? whew, all the stress LOL

  100. @harmony

    Even though I found the site that says production slipped up and there is a diamond veto, I don’t necessarily believe that to be the case.

    I am sure that they (production) let things like this deliberately slip out to see what the public reaction will be. I am sure they have people surfing these forums to see what the general consesus is about these HG’s.

  101. OMG, there goes michelle to HOH not knowing he goes back and blabs everything she says to him to everyone else!!! come on michele.

  102. Veto ceremony should take place tomorrow, so Michelle and Jeff need to keep at Kevin to save Jeff or backdoor Natalie

  103. @Diana C

    I agree with you, but I am still not convinced about the diamond veto and if there is, I am not sure how it will be played out.

    I just read on another forum that the winner of the veto would lose their ammunity.

    The rules of this game are always changing, that is what makes it exciting to follow, we the public are always trying to second guess the outcome and in the end, we will have people who are happy with the winner and those who will be disappointed.

    For me personally, I don’t care who wins now, although I always wanted Jeff to win. What I was really happy about was the fact that Jeff has morals that would not allow him to stab Michelle in the back for any amount of money and that says a great deal about his character!

  104. But i will say this. I saw some post of ppl trying to guess Pandora’s Box.

    Very interesting.

    I can feel it deep, DEEP in my bowles that production will screw up something and hand it to Jeff.

    Which they have to knoe there ratings will drop.

    But hey, to be honest i would much rather have Michelle go home, rather than Jeff.

    For some reason she is more verbally threatning, because she gets in ppl’s head even though they knoe she has lied.

    And i mean lied were ur out the next week.

    Will Michelle use the veto to save Jeff, or herself?
    What will Kevin and Natalie do?
    And what will be the scert of Pandora’s Box?

    Tune in to find out this week, with all new epsiodes of BBIIIIG BROTHER!

  105. @diana.. i agree with you. it just seems like the LML story won’t be squashed, they keep dragging it on and on. i wished they would be caught and back door nat or kev

  106. Michelle is the most intelligent player in this game. She is seeing the finish line. She doesn’t really want to save Jeff, she knows that he has America’s vote. Jeff is as good as gone this week but she also knows that America has to choose a new person to route for. Who else other than the protagonist’s friend; Michelle? Michelle is gonna win BB.

  107. @marcus, why would the ratings drop? other HG have been “handed” things also not just jeff. jesse was “handed” coming in and becoming HOH. your right on the guessing on pandora’s box. no one knows ooooh

  108. If the key has something to do with Jeff staying, he chose the key instread of the Money. How is that unfair. he made his choice.

  109. @Diana C #147

    I think that for the ratings to be high on this show, they need villians, that is why I think that Nat. will stay until the end and then she will be booted.

    I think that after Jordan or Jeff goes, then Kevin will be next, leaving either J/N/M and then the dynamics will start to really change. I think that is when Jeff will turn to Michele for the F2, knowin that he has a better chance of getting the jury votes than Michele.

    Strangely enough, I think Michele is thinking along the same lines, although she would prefer J/M/K in the F3, because she thinks if J/M are the F2, then she can get the jury votes because of the other HG’s in the jury, disliking Jeff for his play of the CDT.

    Little does Michele know that the jury members discuss good and bad game play and to date, they think that Jeff’s move in the CDT was the right move!

    It is interesting to see the way these people’s minds work though!

  110. I think the best person to go to the jury with would be Jordan. I don’t think anyone in there would vote for her at all over michelle, Jeff or Kevin. I’m not sure who would vote for Natalie, I don’t think Russ would LOL. There are only 3 people in the jury house, right? I ithink Jess and Lyd. would vote for Nat

  111. CBS – Nightmare:
    Natalie Wins Big Brother 11.

    Why is it a nightmare for them?

    It will not be her hateful lies with one exception, her age lie.

    By allowing her to continue the lie about her age, it is as
    if CBS has condoned underage drinking and gambling.
    Perhaps not true or fair but ……………………………

    Tabloids cover BB. These papers always go for Shocking

    ‘”Underage’ Drinker and Gambler Wins Big Brother 11″

    “CBS Awards $500k Prize to ‘Underage’ Drinker & Gambler”

    “CBS Bet On ‘Underage’ Gambler & Drinker for Winner & Ratings

    “CBS ‘Underage” Big Brother 11 Winner Heading to Vegas


  112. This is so interesting and would really turn the game around if it was true. Here it goes…

    From Jokers Updates- Thank-you

    7:10 PM BBT Jeff’s Key he found fits a box with Diamond Veto … to over-ride…Michele’s veto…. reading and hearing this on other boards.. supposedly leaked by one of the production folks !!!

    As soon as I posted it to Diva’s from Jokers, they removed it from their site, so I don’t know if it’s legit or not -HOPESO!!!

  113. What is the past history in BB of them bringing back an evicted house guest?

    Ever happen?

  114. I hope Jeff’s key opens a box with a diamond veto in it.

    Jeff stays in the house :)

  115. RacerX
    one season right after James was evicted, the HGs were given a choice to bring back a houseguest who was in the ? box or bring back James. each had to go to the diary room to vote and were not to talk to each other. the box with the ? on it appear in the living room and it was James.

    I am thinking that if Jeff does get evicted the ? on the door could be the same scenario.

  116. the more i hear ratalie lie the more i get mad at that little lieing b@@@@.i can’t stand her.i can’t stand to look at her.she must go. i hope michele can talk to kevin, it would not help him to keep her after this week. she thinks everyone is stupid as jordan.i like jordan but come on can she that the rat is playing them.i hope jeff starts to wake up.michele is smart i hope michele doesn’t get backedoored by cbs with this diamond veto.

  117. after bb 11 we will find out how bad ratalie is in real life the piece of sh@@ smelly brat.sorry ladies

  118. the rat got jordan to hate michele why because of all the lies. michele made a deal with jeff i hope jeff don’t tell jordan she’ll go back and tell the rat and kevin everything.

  119. Pandora’s box offers HOPE (versus salvation)
    so it doesn’t seem likely that Jeff would automatically be saved.

    Also it doesn’t seem like the key that Jeff holds would offer another veto-related twist (similar to CDT), so what tj suggested as a playoff between the noms would be cool and different.

    But what if the twist is that the person who holds the key also gets to vote? It would offer ‘hope’ and may or may not save him.

  120. that’s just it TJ. she’s playing the game right now. and “her game” she has played great. I don’t like her either in the game, but let’s see how she acts once she gets out of the house. If she acts the same, she’s not worth a minute of time. If she really is a decent person, she deserves extra credit for how she played in the house. BUT, I think it’s tough to keep up that type of charade for 60+ days.


  121. jeff and micelle at the end. he said to jordan to use kevin and nat and go to yhe end with michelle.

  122. do you think when jordan , the rat, lydia and meathead are in the jury house that the rat will have time for her? noway.the rat and others will be having a good laugh at her.

  123. i been reading comments and blogs all over the internet but i cannot find out if jeff has some kind of hope on staying on the game. i was not going to watch it today but i wanna know for sure jeff is gone before i stop watching bb so i’ll see on thursday, if jeff leaves so will i. i want nat to leave before anyone else.

  124. maybe if jeff opens up the door, laura comes back into the competition and he gets to choose who to evict (natalie) and a new hoh held and the nominations are changed! lol you never know!

  125. @Brian B #164

    I agree with you that it is a game and lying is part of the game. But you nailed it when you said it would be hard to keep up the charade for 60+, making me believe that is her true character in real life.

    Even if it isn’t her game play has been such and her lying came so easily, it will haunt her for years to come, because there are so many people out there that have seen her display of lies and if she crosses paths with any of them, they will immediately put their guard up, knowing that she is a compulsive liar and not a person that can be trusted, albeit whether it is true or not, just remember in life ‘perception is reality’!!

  126. @ brian she is very good being who she is the house and think she like that outside the house before and after bb 11.

  127. if they would have gotin kevin out instead of lydia.michele would have been hoh the rat would be going not jeff.

  128. for the hoh this week would have been lydia,michele, jordan and the rat but no jeff was thinking of changing everything. i trust michele . now hes goin. maybe till hope.

  129. Mybe natalie’s goal is to “make history” on big brother by taking the $500,000 without ever winning a competition. She keeps talking about wanting to make Big Brother history and that would do it

  130. I had a weird dream about going in blockbuster, and Gnat was at the counter. She told me a terrible movie was her favorite. I paid her with a twenty and got five back. When I went back to get the rest of my change she showed me the cash drawer with no twenties in it. As I left she put the twenty in the drawer and pocketed ten.

  131. @joanna #183

    I believe there is! So could the twist be that Jeff has to choose between opening the door (diamond veto), or keeping all the cash!!

    The choice between greed or hope!

  132. I also believe that Jeff said something like the key means something and if he had a choice between the money or a chance to stay, he would opt to stay in the comp. so let’s see if there is that choice, whether he will take the money or try to stay in the comp.

  133. I wonder if jeff will have a choice of doors to open and depending on which one he chooses something will happen, for example:

    1. He gets to keep $10,000
    2. He gets diamond power of veto
    3. Straight eviction to jury house

    Just a thought. Who knows what this twist is suppose to be.

  134. @Ashley

    I agree that he will most likely have to make some sort of choice, and if that is the case, let’s hope that he makes the right choice.

  135. I think if any choice is given it would be a choice to get the cash or have a chance to compete and possibly stay in the game

  136. I hope cbs gives us some sort of hint tonight in the previews for Tuesday or something. I hate being in suspence and then having to wait a week before we find out what is going on.

  137. @Teri in MA #189

    That is a possibility, however there is so much buzz on the internet about the diamond veto, unless of course BB Production are trying to tease us and steer us in the wrong direction and have a completely different twist on the Pandora’s Box that no one has even thought of yet!

  138. I wonder if Jordan’s family is really as poor as she makes them out to be. Does anyone know if this is true or not?

  139. I agree with you Ashley, however I think tonight will be another teaser and we won’t know any more until Tuesday night, with the details being shown on Thursday night.

    I think CBS is trying to keep the ratings and suspense high, to lure us all in and haven’t we all fallen into their little trap – I know that I have!

  140. well i was pretty upset w/ jeff on kicking out russ but i still want him to stay. i hope there is still a chance for him w/ the box and now possible a mystery door. i just thought of this remeber last season how dan got the chance to take some1 on a lil vaca outside the BB. well maybe if there is a door that maybe it could be used to leave the house?
    idk im just guessing but it could be used to either bring back some1 or to get some money

  141. We already know that Jeff was predetermined to win BB. I don’t know why they just don’t call it a day and give him the money. I’m sure they told him where the key was.

  142. I always wrote there is a twist if most of you watch the past games so we will see tonight. Jeff might be final 2

  143. For Ashley: I live in same town as J & Family and know a little about them. Yes they are really “poor”, however, they are also very very rich in family values. Being without is not a sin. Thank you.

  144. Wasn’t jordan and jeff really talking nasty about michelle? She sure is making a fool of her self, she needs to put that PHd brain to use.

  145. I was a Jeff and Jordan fan but the power of HOH and the trash talking they did about Michelle showed me they are just like the rest. I bet Casey was home screaming at Jeff when he started talking to scrappydo. Give me a break!!! Jeff is like Forest Gump. Peas and carrots Jordan…lmao. I say you can Michelle and Kevin. Michelle has saved her butt over and over when she has had too. They all trash talk about her since day one. She is the only one with focus about who is dangerous. She is a true BB player. And Kevin makes me laugh in his DR. Jeff I still like but I don’t want him to get the money. He was only safe cause his click kept winning. When he finally could play he gets all paranoid and went back on final 4 with Michelle and Russell. He was played so easy. Thats why him and Jordan get along so well, they share a brain. Small brains.

  146. Thats what my hubby said Jacob! When your poor you don’t buy boobs. Thats like 5,000 bucks.

  147. How do you all know she has a boob job. Did she say she did? They look real to me. There are women out there that have real one’s you know. Unless she said they were fake, I’d say they are real.

  148. #199. I believe you meant full of it. I didn’t know like everybody else that she had a boob job till the show started. I have no way of knowing how or if she payed for it. Might be making monthly payments. Since none of us knows the answer, how do we just judge? Sad.

  149. I believe Russ’s heritage was middle eastern That’s why the terrorist comment was talked about so much.

  150. This diamond veto is a pipedream!
    Anyone who was watching the deeds and not just listening to j&j talk about their farts would have figured out the key was used to free Kevin. It was a test, if the key holder hadn’t freed Kevin nobody would get to keep the money they collected. It was a test of greed vs. Helping Kevin.
    Jeff is going home, deal with it.
    And who cares is ten people theaten to quit watching? Numbers are up this year, you won’t be missed.

  151. Just because Jordan has a big breast does not mean she had boob job. For husbands making commets just like looking down her chest maybe wishing their wifes look like Jordan LOL Jeff shoild win because he made the right choice during the game. Sometimes you have to take a chance to win the game.

  152. @carleton
    you are so right. we dont know her situation for all we know what if some1 else paid for her boobs or maybe she has been saving for them. who knows and who cares

  153. I think Russ is middle eastern or lebanease thats why people took offence to the terrorist comments from chima. I think he might b cathlic because he had a rosary.

  154. Not sure if anyone has answered this yet ~

    BUT ~ YES ~ Pandora’s BOX has been used before.

    And it was a choice between a sum of money or trying to go on to win. I think the sum of money was enuff to make a person think twice about refusing it and then only having a 1 in 3 chance of winning the entire tamale.

  155. Oh and on a further note ~

    Wouldn’t it be best if Jeff did just take the large sum of money since a win would rely on the Jury House?

  156. #213 #214 Who cares? Well she did say she was poor, so don’t you think she could have used the money for something else. If I remember correct jeff said something to Jordan one time when she fell about them popping, can’t remember if she said they weren’t cheap so they won’t pop.If i’m wrong my bad.

  157. @connie B #215

    Yes, you are right! Russell is of Lebanese descent and he is Catholic and was very upset when they took his rosary beads away (I think Chima had them) and they returned them to him when she left!

  158. @Oserver #217

    I believe that Jeff has stated that the key means something and if he had a choice between the money or another opportunity to stay in the game, he would choose the game, however put him in the position of offering a substantial amount he may take the money, since he has also stated that he won’t have the jury votes, but $50k (if he is runner up) is better than nothing!

  159. Didn’t Jordan show everyone her scars just the other day? But who cares, real or fake! Her boobs won’t make her win this comp.

  160. @ Everyone… I have upadtes from Jokers Updates and various oher BB sites and not only have I not seen this mysterious mention of a Diamaond Veto, But I haven’t had anyone else say they seen it…. Don’t get me wrong, I would be overjoyed to see Michelle get screwed with Jeff over riding her Veto and saving himself… I would rather have Jeff win the $500,000 than she-rat aka Michelle….

    ******* AG Interview: *******

    Also, Reality BBQ did an interview with Allison Grodner about the ‘Mystery Door’, and here was her response:

    “I’m gonna tease. There is a secret door that will weigh into the HOH. It’s something we’ve had planned for a while. I wouldn’t call it a power. It’s just something that’s been added to the HOH’s (responsibility).”

    So it’s not a “power”, it’s not a “comp”, and it’s not “game changing”, and it’s a “twist”. The good news is that, according to Julie Chen, we’ll find out the details of the Mystery Door on tomorrow night’s episode of BB! :)

    I suppor my claims with evidence… Not just hear say or rumors… I want t see evidence hat there is a dimaond veto… This AG interview is mine… Where is yours Joanne aka Queen? ;) :D :) :P

  161. @ 219
    youre about how she could have spend her money on something else. but if she wants to make a $5,000 decision knowing that shes going thru tough times thats on her

  162. ***** Good Afternoon Joanne & everyone else….Joanne aka Queen, can I say I told you so? ;) :D :P ;) *******

    @ Everyone… I have upadtes from Jokers Updates and various oher BB sites and not only have I not seen this mysterious mention of a Diamaond Veto, But I haven’t had anyone else say they seen it…. Don’t get me wrong, I would be overjoyed to see Michelle get screwed with Jeff over riding her Veto and saving himself… I would rather have Jeff win the $500,000 than she-rat aka Michelle….

    ******* Summary of AG’s Interview: *******

    It’s not a “power”, it’s not a “comp”, and it’s not “game changing”, and it’s a “twist”. The good news is that, according to Julie Chen, we’ll find out the details of the Mystery Door on tomorrow night’s episode of BB! :)

    I support my claims with evidence… Not just hear say or rumors… I want to see evidence hat there is a dimaond veto… This AG interview is mine… Where is yours Joanne aka Queen? ;) :D :) :P

  163. @joanna #224

    You are right Joanna. IMO it is not up to Jordan to support her family and the choices she now makes in life she has to live with. Technically she is an adult, so it really isn’t up to her to support her family. Besides no one really knows whether her family encouraged her to look after herself and do what is right for her and not for them.

    Families do have a very strong affect on the decisions we make in life and no one knows how that family interacts with each other and what decisions they have all made as a unit.

  164. The first or second night in the house Jordan and Laura were talking about their boob jobs. Jordan had hers done right before she came into the house and the incisions were not completely healed. During the HOH showing tonight she fell on them and said they were OK because they were the “gummy bear” type.

  165. Jordan’s boobs are fake. She has talked about the surgery and stuff over and over on the feeds. She also said they cost $5000 which is why I asked if she was really poor. I never said being without was a sin and I certainly never looked down on anyone for being poor. I just thought it was weird that she spent 5 grand on boobs when she talked about how poor her family is.

  166. @#225
    like i said b4 we dont know her situation. she probable had money b4 she had them done and then something big happen were she lost money or some1 else is helping her pay for them

  167. @Leo #227

    You are correct in going by your evidence. However my evidence was in #113, which was quoted on Jokers.

    Yes, there will be a twist, but you cannot categorically state what that twist will be because you have no evidence.

    The twist will be what BB wants, not what you want, or I want, or anyone else wants. Let me iterate it back to you – it is what BB wants!!!!

  168. @ Everyone

    AG Discussing the CDT use & Chima….

    August 14, 2009, 12:49AM CDT
    Whoa, ‘Brother’: Coup d’Awesome!
    By Josef Adalian


    votesBuzz up!
    The sounds of the “Hallelujah” chorus were ringing in the ears of “Big Brother” fans everywhere tonight.

    No, it wasn’t because the Chenbot unveiled a bouncy new summer ‘do tonight.

    The yelps of delight were because good guy Jeff finally got his game on and summoned the courage to move against Jessie (“I’m shredded!”) and Natalie (Scrappy Doo), bravely using the power of coup d’etat awarded to him by America.

    The result: Jessie, the season ten contestant who should have never been let inside the house, was evicted from the “Big Brother” house. Again.

    Finally, the balance of power shifted, just a bit, from this season’s Axis of Sycophants (Jessie, Natalie and, sadly, Chima). Fans who’ve watched in horror as the trio terrorized the innocents in the house saw their fondest dreams fulfilled as Jessie strutted his way out of the house, self-absorbed and clueless to the end.

    Executive producer Allison Grodner was still catching her breath when we talked to her by phone earlier this evening.

    “It was an emotionally charged episode,” Grodner said. “It was hugely dramatic, just electric. It was amazing.”

    The show had a super-high energy level even though, in a rarity for Thursday editions, it was pre-taped. (Grodner says the show was shot live to tape, with no significant edits).

    Jessie’s exit has already lead to some major tantrum-throwing by Chima (and, to a lesser extent, Natalie).

    “They’re upset because for the first time, they’re not in power,” Grodner said. “They’re being whiny, which is too bad because they’re both strong players.”

    Grodner hinted that Chima and Natalie’s level of ire may have risen to the point where they threatened to quit the game immediately after the eviction. In the case of Chima, Grodner said that would be a shame.

    “Chima could take this game if she doesn’t decide to quit,” she said. “But sometimes she lets her pride get in the way. She may not be well-liked but she’s played a great game.”

    While Jeff’s coup dominated the night, one of the highlights was the smackdown between Russell and Jessie. The battle unfolded last night on “Big Brother After Dark,” but unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to show how the fight ended: With Jessie and Russell laughing and playfully grabbing each other like schoolboys. In a Catholic boarding school.

    “It was a bromance,” Grodner admitted. (Actually, we think it might have been more, but we’ll let “Big Brother” historians make the call).

    Meanwhile, in what may have been one of the best outcomes for fans of mystery, Michelle won HOH. The ultimate floater may finally have to choose sides.

    “Michelle is emerging as an amazingly strong player,” Grodner said, adding that this season has boasted the strongest collection of female players in some time. (We assume she isn’t including Jordan. We love Jordan. But has she done anything but look pretty all summer?)

    Finally, we promised to ask Grodner a few of your questions …

    So here goes.

    Jaymi asked why the live feeds fade to black when houseguests are acting up or producers don’t want viewers to see something. “Why can’t production simply change cameras, as they do for Showtime?” Jaymi asks.

    “Because we don’t have anything to switch to,” Grodner said.

    On “BBAD,” producers can always choose between two feeds. There’s always an option because there’s only one main feed being shown at any time.

    But with the live Internet feeds, viewers are watching what producers are watching– and taping. Cutting away from a feed would mean producers would have to stop recording that feed.

    “What you’re seeing on the quad is what we’re choosing to focus on,” she says. “We can’t switch from one of those feeds.”

    Several fans also expressed concern that producer favor the so-called “bad guys” in a season.

    “I love how passionate our fans are,” Grodner said. “But I’m not rooting for one side or another. Ultimately the best story comes from power shifts, and heroes and villains– and people who could be both.”

    In other words, Grodner loves when power shifts from week to week; it wouldn’t make sense for her to tilt the show toward one side since… well, since that would boring.

    Feel free to discuss tonight’s show below. And leave your questions for Grodner– I’ll try to ask a few more next week.

    Finally, for a super snarky comic take on “Big Bro,” be sure to check out B-Side Blog’s photo caps, available here.

  169. @Jeannette….. I agree with you 100 % there are a lot of women today that have real boobs. When Jordan had her bathing suit on they looked real to me. No phoney boobs. They are hers.

  170. @ everyone one…

    AG Discussing the Pandiora’s Box Interview…

    If you want to know where you can see these interviews just ask ok?

    Allison Grodner (Executive Producer) was interviewed this morning on the John Jay & Rich Show and spilled a few interesting tidbits. You can listen to the full interview here.

    Here’s a rundown of the more interesting stuff from the interview.

    – Allison Grodner says that there were alot of interesting people in the house for media day who work in television, print, internet media, etc. “Some fun people, really interesting.” She says that the footage will be released shortly. This means we should be seeing the new house soon.

    – The entire cast has been chosen. “Everyone is in. We’ve got a cast, we’ve got the twist, the new house. It’s exciting.”

    – More on the twist: “I can tell you that this season is different. The twist this season is unique, as always. It is incredibly relatable. I think everyone will be able to identify with this twist. That is all I can tell you. There’s also something else happening on premiere night that’s unprecedented that will be alot of fun. You’re going to hear more and more about this as we approach the premiere date.” Allison says that she can’t release any information about the twist until the cast is in sequester, but as soon as they’re under lock and key, all the information will be revealed.

    – More on the house: “The house is gorgeous. It’s a modern house this season, and we’re going green. Eco-friendly.” (Eh… I’m not so sure about this, LoL)

    – Julie Chen will be hosting all season, despite her pregnancy. Allison jokes that Chenbot’s baby will be the surprise 14th houseguest. (Interesting that she mentions 14 houseguests since we’ve been told there will only be 12…)

  171. Jordan and Natalie are bashing Michele again. Natalie told Jordan that Michele went to Kevin to see if he would keep Jeff. This should of told Jordan right away that Michele was on their side. Natalie said she wants Jeff to stay, so Jordan should of said for hurt to vote for Jeff. Jordan continually tell Natalie that she is the only one in the house that she trusts, not counting Jeff.
    Michele found Kevin’s and Natalie’s calendar in the HOH room and is studying it.

  172. @ Diana… You had a rumor… There was no evidence in #113….. Show me the posting… Show me someone else who is credible who says that…. You have your word which doesn’t prove anything ok? I have coccrete evidence… You have empty rumors… See the difference Diana & others?

  173. Diana, really…. Give it a break, no one is on this site to see you spar with each other. Just some friendly scenarios being thrown out there for consideration. Jordan’s boobs were communal property when she came into the house. She had let anyone who wanted to to feel them. I think she is an idiot who let a guy buy them for her then he offed her. How’s that for an opinion. Mine is based on evidence that Braden actually took her up on feeling her up on the live feeds!
    So typical, the girl can’t tell time on a watch but has blonde hair and fake boobs…..oops, now I’m talking stereotypes!

  174. ***** Happening now on the live feeds *****

    3:18 PM Jor/Nat talking at pool, Jor pressing Nat to get rid of Kev and them go to F2, Nat agrees with this, that Kev would win.She then goes back to Mich and says how she doesn’t believe that Mich deserves to win this game.
    3:17 PM Mich leaves HOH, heads glances at the BY, heads to the RR, grabs change of clothes, heads to the WC NT
    3:10 PM N/J at the pool talking about MTalking about possible HOH questions for next week. Nat thinks the HOH will be quick.
    3:05 PM Nat/Jordan at pool. Nat says that if Michele wins then she is leaving. Jordan says if it was between you and Kev I would pick Less…

    you over Kevin. Nat says same here. Jordan says if Mich doesn’t get HOH she prays to God she doesn’t get Veto. Jordan says Mich would take Kev.
    Nat says it’s us two against her. Jordan says she really thinks those two (Kev & Mich) have a deal.

    Jordan says she thinks me and you haven’t done anything this game. Nat says if she was smart she would send Kev home because he would beat her in F3, that he’s smart.

    Jordan says she doesn’t really talk to Mich because she’s weird, but I’ll tell her that Kevin would beat her. Jordan says if it comes down to it and Kev got POV he would pick you for F2.

    Jordan says she’s gotten cocky about it, a big head.

    Nat says “pretty much WE need each other”.

    Jordan thinks Mich has made a deal with Kev. She thinks Mich was up there saying all this stuff. Jordan says I really like Kev but she would be dumb he she kept him. Jordan says she just wishes Jeff wasn’t leaving this week. Nat says “Yes, I wish it was her”. Jordan says he would for sure get her out and Kevin. (No response from Nat). Jordan says she keeps asking her “why all of a sudden do you want to keep Nat?” Says Michele asks her why she wouldn’t want to keep Jeff, Jor and Mich? Jordan says she has made comments about why everyone wants to keep Nat around.

    Jordan says she told her I won an HOH and a Veto and Nat hasn’t won anything. She said you were dead weight or something. Nat says she won the first competition actually.

    Jor says she told her that Kev was lying, but she didn’t believe her. What’s the point of lying, it’s not going to get you any further. (ed. LOL).

    3:04 PM Mich keeps glancing up at the spy screen as she sits on the HOH bed, alone, looking through either the rule book or K/N’s secret counts NT

  175. Oh, I forgot one more comment, how the hell could she support her family if she didn’t get the boob job?

  176. @ jcat
    were did you about mich finding the calender? anyways nat needs to go and jordan is stupid to trust some1 who has never spoken to her until recently.the only reason why nat wants her is so that jordan can vote out mich.

  177. @ JCat…. You are right, but Michelle doesn’t know which color represents what… L~O~L

    3:02 PM Mich apparently just discovered K/N’s calendar and counts … she looked at them for a bit, not sure if she understood it all. NT

  178. @Riley

    You don’t get it do you? It is not up to Jordan to support her family and like I said, you have no idea what that family unit has had to deal with. You don’t know whether Jordan’s mother even wanted Jordan to try and support them.

    I really don’t care about her fake boobs, because the bottom line is she isn’t going to win, so who cares!

    The point is people are judging her without knowing the facts!

    I don’t know Jordan or her family, so I don’t care to make a judgement on a person I don’t know or to judge a person on somone else’s opinion or ideology!

  179. Oh and Riley, I wasn’t sparring with anyone, I was offering an opinion, which I believe is my right on this forum, as is yours with your opinions, so please you give it a break!

  180. well i hope that mich sometime soon figures it out. i think she will for pete’s sake she has a phd

  181. Jordan asked Natalie if she always wanted to be on BB and Natalie said yes. She even tried out last year. WAKE UP JORDAN YOU HAVE TO BE AT LEAST 18 TO BE ON THE SHOW AND NATALIE JUST TOLD YOU SHE WAS AT LEAST 18 LAST YEAR.

  182. @joanna

    Hopefully there is something in that diary that will divulge the LML and Michele can take it to J/J, now that would be sweet karma!!

  183. @ Diana…. It is one thing to give feedback about who should be nominated and a completely different thing to interfere and tell HG’s about toher pleyrs schemes and strategies… get a clue… That will not happen ok?

  184. ******* What do you all think about AG’s most recent interviewdiscussing BB11? *******

    Whoa, ‘Brother’: America’s Vote Could Be Key
    An Interview with Allison Grodner
    Another key player left the “Big Brother” house Thursday night, as big bad Russell got the boot by a unanimous 3-0 vote (the first unanimous vote of the season).
    As always, TV MoJoe talked to “Brother” exec producer Allison Grodner right after tonight’s episode to get her thoughts on this week’s goings-on.

    So why do you think Jeff went back on his final four deal with Russ?
    He firmly believes that, in order to win this game, he needed to strike now. He felt Russ was the biggest threat physically. That’s why he struck at Jessie.

    But there’s a big risk….
    He chose to trust two people who’ve never had his interests at heart, over Russell. I think he thought (Kevin and Natalie) weren’t strong competitors.

    Let’s talk about the harsh words between Jeff and Russ. Did you have to warn them their talk was getting too tough?
    They know the rules and they both know the line. They were both told that they needed to watch out for the line. They obeyed the rules.

    Are you worried what might happen if Jeff ends up in the jury house?
    There could be conflict if Jeff arrived. But I don’t think it would get violent.

    Let’s say Kevin or Natalie win HOH. Do you think they’ll go after Jeff?
    Probably. The only doubt would be how (they) decide to do it. There’s a possibility they do the old backdoor and put up Jordan and Michelle.

    Do you think Kevin should have considered aligning with Russ and Michelle to vote out Natalie?
    I think that would have been amazing for him to do that.. It would have been an awesome move.

    Can you confirm what will happen if there’s a tie at the end of the game? How will you break it?
    If you go back to “Big Brother” history, all the way to season two, it’s always been the same.

    Viewers get to break the tie?
    Yup. We’re going to announce it soon.

    CBS confirmed last week that this year’s finale will be two hours. Are you happy about that?
    Sure. We’ve usually had to squeeze a lot of material in at the end. Now we’ll be able to have more time for the first four houseguests (who didn’t go to jury) to reveal secrets. And we’ll be able to ask some really good questions. We’re excited to give this season its due.

    Source: The Wrap

  185. I enjoy this forum but people really get over the boob job. I am a married mother of two and not loaded by any means. I got a boob job last year, call me selfish or whatever you want but it was something I did for me and I am not a horrible person for it.

  186. @Jcat – Jordan is so ditzy that I’m sure the comment went straight over her head. I’m like you – I don’t know why anyone hasn’t figured out that she is actually older than 18 unless they just don’t care.

  187. ***** More info about Pandora’s Box *****

    When the Big Brother live episode ended last night, we were waiting to find out who won the HOH Competition. Here’s the spoiler on that. Kevin is this week’s Head of Household.

    Last night on Big Brother After Dark, we saw him and the rest of the remaining houseguests investigate his HOH room. He read the letter from his partner and got very choked up about it. It was a completely romantic and wonderful letter. I got teary-eyed right along with him.

    Julie Chen also gave us a hint that there would be a secret to come into play with the mystery door in the house too. On the feeds, we now have word that it’s called Pandora’s Box. Kevin was told that he could either get a prize for himself alone, or get something that would be for the entire house. He chose to share it with them all by turning down the individual prize. Very cool!

    At this point, Kevin seems to still be leaning toward nominating Jeff & Michelle for eviction this week. It looks like it will all come down to the Power of Veto competition…stay tuned.

  188. @Leo again!

    I just got it. You are talking about the diary!

    Yes, I agree that Michele probably won’t do that, it was just a nice thought that the LML could come out, but in reality we know that it probably won’t happen. I was just thinking out loud!

  189. Jordan has been working two jobs for quite a while and I’m sure she saved her money to have her boobs done or is still paying for them (they do let you finance those procedures). It sounds like she and her brother are all about trying to help their Mom and the other sister is living with their Dad who created the financial mess their family is in. Jordan may not be the most educated but at least she is real and not an all out liar like Michelle. Lies about her age and all, he dad seems to be doing okay for himself and she just seems to want to find another way to make money the easy way with as little effort on her part as possible. Like Jeff says, she always looking for an edge to get something easy – without putting any real effort into competitions and riding on other people’s coattails. If you want to fault Jorday – she’s guily of being gullible. She believed Nasty’s lies about her upbringing and felt sorry for her (still believing that Nasty is only 18). She’s wanted to believe that Kevin has been honest with them – but they are lying just as much as Russell did.
    Jeff should be rewarded for finding the key to Pandora’s box and using it to unlock Kevin instead of staying outside and gathering money without Kevin. I hope it is a Diamond Veto and he gets to use to evict someone immediately and he evicts Kevin.

  190. @Leo #253

    Can you please tell me why does Jeff have a key if it means nothing??

    Also where do you get this information from?

  191. @Kasey – I would much rather see Nat evicted then Kev. At least Kev is funny in the DR and is enjoyable to watch (from an entertainment view). I can’t stand Nat.

  192. @ Daina…. Jeff has a key because it was requried that the HG’s release Kevin if they want to keep the money they collect…. Jeff unknowingly found the key and released Kevin… I am trying to post the interview with AG discussing it is just a twist and not a game changer fr whoever found the key, but this site won’t let it post… It keeps saying waiting for moderation!!!

  193. @Leo

    Yes, I have read the interviews, but you have posted so many and some of them don’t apply anymore to the current game, so I am wondering why you are so sure that your opinion is gospel.

    I am always willing to admit that you could be correct in your assumptions, but I like to leave a window of opportunity open until it is slammed shut. I like to think that one should never give up ‘hope’, as I have continually tried to do throughout my life, not always sucessfully, but at least I try.

  194. Another clue that Natalie gave about her age is when she told the group in the backyard the other day that she went to Boston with her boyfriend 2 years ago. No one questioned that a parent of a 16 year would let their daughter travel across country with her 24 year old boyfriend. I think Natalie stated that he is 26 now.

  195. Thanks Leo!

    You should know that the moderation happens when the software used, is scanning for certain words, so there could be some word in your posting that has held it up for moderation.

    I still would like to think that the key is an opportunity to twist this game around again!

    Not that I care who wins, because personally, I would like to see Michele or Kevin win, because quite frankly the others just don’t deserve it. I just want an entertaining show and not a predictable boring one!

  196. Does anyone recall the season where the girl Jun and another blonde headed girl were the finalist. At that time, the Jury members were able to watch the diary room interviews and comments. That year no one on the jury wanted either of those girls to win and really spoke out about it. I believe that is when they stopped allowing the jury to see diary room stuff. That was an amazing year on BB. I think that was even better than the Evel Dick year! We have never seen vicious players like that since that year. These girls were acting so sweet in the house and then when they got in the DR they would just cremate the others in the house. So very mean and ugly.

  197. @Leo

    I responded to you, but my comments are now waiting moderation, so obviously the software used doesn’t like a word that I tried to post!

    Just wait until moderation clears our comments, they are not derrogatory at all, so they should be posted in time!

  198. Jordan keeps telling Natalie that Michele is stupid if she thinks she is going to win over Kevin. Jordan has been using the word stupid allot when she talks about Michele, yet she believes everything that Natalie tells her. I wonder who the “stupid” one is.

  199. @ Diana….

    Having hope and being realistic is two different things… You may hope Jeff will stay due to the key, but in reality… AG’s said that Pandora was a twist to give the HOH a new responsibility…. Just get over it… BB can only do s much without being blatantly biased for one houseguest ie Jeff… It is not going to change the game again to help Jeff…

  200. @ Diana… Just to clarify… I love having these insightful debates with you ok/ You have wonderful insight and opinions…. ;) :D :) :p

  201. @Leo

    I take you point, but you also need to learn how to respond to people rather than trying to be so aggressive. Please don’t be rude by telling me ‘to get over it’. Like I said, I have a right to my opinions, as you do yours and I am happy to try and debate with you in a civil manner, but not if you are going to continue to be rude!

  202. @Leo #269

    OK, I take it back, you are just trying to get a rise out of me and I took the bait!


  203. @ Diana…. I was not being rude or aggresive… I was telling you that you need to get over he fact that you and+

    other Jeff fans won’t get your way…. I didn’t like seeing Ronnie / Jessie leave, but I didn’t say I am done watching BB…. I also said it is one thing to have hope, but I do believe that ignoring the truth or being in denial because the person you like isn’t going to change the facts…. Jeff fans need to move on gracefully and hope either Jordan / Michelle win and stop bad motuhing Kevin / Natalie for taking Jeff out the same way took out Jessie / Russell ok?

  204. JCat- Gnat is hard to figure out. I don’t believe anything she says. She told 20 or 30 lies on BBAD last night, too numerous to count. I saw on Joker’s earlier that she had a tatoo on her butt that says “ANGEL” and we all know that is another lie. She reminds me of the guy on SNL “yeah that’s the ticket”. She even lies to Kevin regularly. They will all hate her when they watch the show afterwards. She propably doesn’t even have a boy friend.

  205. @Leo
    How is production being blatently biased toward one house guest, do you seriously believe they make this up as they go along?? If they planned this “twost” before the show even started how could they know who would find the key? I am not saying you are wrong but if you do not work for the show don’t assume that you are correct. Everyone is free to speculate but remember that speculating is all you are doing.

  206. @ Jeff Fans… Jeff has been an a**-hole the entire game… BB / CBS have gaiven him favorable edits…. He even told Jordan himself after the Veto that the CDT aka America uis the only reason he made it this far and that he let the last couple of weeks in power get to his head… He ten made a comment about doing the game again and acting handicapped and not winning so he can get to the final 2… What an idiot who deserves to go because even when given a golden chance to get to the final 4 with Michelle / Russell / Jordan, he decides to screw Russell before Russell could get him out and guess what? Kevin gets him (Jeff) for that same reason….

  207. @Leo

    Like I said, I don’t care who wins and NO, I am not in denial, I just want the game to be more interesting!

    Jeff staying does that – plain and simple. It will be interesting to see both N/K squirm to try and get him out again!

    I also said on a couple of occasions now that my preference for the winner of this comp. would be Michele or Kevin, so please if you are going to go on the attack, get your facts right first!

  208. @Leo #276

    For the record, Jeff has only been an a**hole for 2 weeks of this game, prior to that he alienated himself from all the b.s. and hostility that was going on in that house, remember it was Chima and Russell that were creating all the havoc, not Jeff!!

  209. I read somewhere that Allison said the box held some new responsibility for the head of house, an extra thing that (s)he has to do. I love Jeff, but I am not sure how, if that is the case, it will benefit him since he isn’t the Head of House. Unless, he gets the responsibility that would have gone to the HOH since he has the key and not Kevin. Wouldn’t that be interesting? I would love to see Jeff stay. He messed up when he went on the power trip, but, he’s humble enough to recognize it before all of us. He deserves a second chance.

  210. @ Teri…. You are right… Pandora’s Box was planned months ago… AG verifeid that in her interview… She clearly stated it was a twist to give that weeks HOH a new repsonsibility… AG said it wasn’t a move to give anyone power, a luxury comp…. Therefore going off what AG has said, Jeff will not be saved with the key that was used to free Kevin from the handcuffs because the rules clearly said that for the HG’s to keep the money, someone must free Jeff… Jeff just had blind luck that he happened to find the key that freed Kevin…. Now you Jeff fans are hoping it is used to save him… I wish it was for the Diamond Veto, so I could see she-rat aka Michelle get screwed out the Veto nd sent home… Kevin would then have to replace Jeff with Jordan… Michele would go home…

    **** The Diamond Veto would save Jeff…. Michelle’s Veto would be mute if there was a Daimond Veto… Michelle would be gone… would rather see Jeff win BB11 than Michelle…

  211. @Leo
    I do not claim to be a Jeff fan either, so I am with Diane. I enjoy entertainment. Anyone that I have ever heard give an interview that has been on reality tv has said that the editors can turn you into whatever character they wish. They turned jeff into a character that america would like, a character that they thought would bring in the ratings. You are a man so of course you don’t find Jeff as charming as the millions of ladies out there watching…lol I personally don’t care what he looks like or who is the final 4, I just want the show to be entertaining.

  212. @ Diana… Jeff has dropped more f bombs than anyone in BB History…. He was made to look better than he actually is from the first fight with Russell… He is made to look like the good old all american clean cut white boy who stands uop for the ladies even though he said he would cut Russell’s throat and had to walk away before he punched Russell in the face… He hs had the benefit of the doubt…

  213. @Teri #281

    Thank you – at least someone agrees about the entertainment value of this show and the audience that watches it!

  214. @ Teri…. If you had been following my posts from the begining you would know that I have always wanted an Athlete to win… Jeff included…. I would rather have Jeff win than Michelle / Jordan…. I would rather have Natalie / Jeff in the final 2 because that would put the most loved BB HG against the seasons most hated HG…that would be awesome… I want Michelle gone….

  215. @Leo #282

    So was Chima. CBS didn’t show a lot of her bad behavior either, so please don’t try to justify the ‘f’ bombs as Jeff being an a**hole. Everyone uses that word under pressure.

    If you were in that house in that pressure cooker, you probably would use that word also on numerous occasions no doubt!

  216. @leo
    comment #270 was a good one, you weren’t calling out any of the other posters just saying how you feel! I think all the jeff fans just want to have some hope, which is good for cbs because it is keeping fans interested and watching the show.

  217. @ Everyone… Lets not forget that Michelle lied to Russell and J/J’s faces but no one caught on when Michelle was asked by Russell if he ever said he was targeting Jeff and she replied oh well we talked about a lot of things… Michelle back stabbed Russell and lied on him because she wanted to make sure J/J would choose her over Russ… OOOOOps… She went to far which led to Russ getting back doored… Her lies only solidified K/N’s LML and now since Russ is gone, K/N are targeting Jeff…. this is a domino affect from she-rat’s aka Michelle Russell baching….

  218. @Leo

    Diamond Veto would be awesome!!! I like your thinking! Lol, okay, so I’m just hoping for Jeff to stay, but that’s an interesting scenario. Would make things interesting, and I agree, Michelle isn’t squeaky clean. She’s lied and manipulated and cost Russell his place in the BB house, and I liked Russell. Would be good to see her go rather than Jeff.

  219. @ Diana…. Chima was evicted for throwing her mic in the pool right? Kevin bumped into Ronnie…. Jordan physically bumped into Russell…. Hmmmm…. These aren’t rule violations? Sounds like double standards BB / CBS!!!

  220. leo, i have been following your posts from the begining I just have not posted much…i wasn’t trying to say you are a jeff hater.
    As far as making jeff look like the all american sweet guy, of course they are the fbomb throwing, throat slashing threatening jeff that has come out wouldnt attracted a strong female fan base and get people to watch! I do think jeff is prob a nice guy in real life, i think that a situation like this could bring out the worst in anyone! I would have gone nutso by now

  221. @Leo

    Yes, you are correct Michele did lie, but so has everyone else. How many times do we have to debate that this game is about lying, and how many times do we have to try to justify that lying is OK if you like a particular person.

    For me, I hope Michele wins, all the HG’s have been mean to her and she has had to do this alone all by herself and I, like many people in this world, would like to see the under dog win.

    It is very difficult to live in a house or be in an environment where people ignore you and pretend you don’t exist, or are just plain mean to you, just like everyone was with Russell last week.

    I was hoping that Russell would survive that onslaught because I don’t like to see people mentally abused, as Russell was last week and as Michele has been throughout this game!

  222. I believe allison has said before that there is a fine line as far as the rules go and what chima was constantly doing was different imho than what jordan did…plus what kind of show would it be if ppl were getting kicked out every other week…it wouldnt make a good show or make cbs any money because it wouldnt be able to continue

  223. @ Jeff fans….

    ******* I think it would be awesome for Jeff to get the Diamond Veto *******

    Why? So i can see the look on she-rats face aka Michelle when they tell her that her Veto is nullified and Jeff can use the Diamond Veto to save himself…. Kevin would have to replace Jeff… he would put up Jordan…. Michelle would be evicted 2-0…. I would love to see hr go home….

    ******* What else would be entertaining? *******

    Jeff goig to the final 2 with Natalie and winning 5-2 over Natalie

    Jeff would be America’s Favorite HG

    Natalie would beAmerica’s least favorite HG

    That would be an amazing Finale

    ******* It won’t happen, but I sill like to have hope as well *******

  224. @Leo #289

    I was referring to CBS portraying Chima in a different light to the one that was shown on BBAD!

    You made your reference to CBS painting Jeff to be a better person than he is and my reference to you about Chima was the same.

    I believe that CBS are very careful not to paint anyone in a negative light!

  225. @Leo – I was probably the biggest Russ fan on the site other than Blackgirl and I would MUCH rather see Michelle win then Jeff. Ultimately it was Jeff’s final decision that sent Russ out the door and his decision to trust N/K over R. I think payback is going to bite Jeff in the a$$ Thursday night.

    Michelle may have her faults but she has done nothing that Nat hasn’t done. They have both lied and schemed and back stabbed but at least Michelle is playing the game by winning comps, esp when she really needs to like this last pov. Michelle was also the hoh that sent Chima out the door so she has done her big game play also. Nat is annoying and doesn’t do anything except jump on the band wagon with whomever has the power at the time.

  226. What if this key was to take himslef offthe block.Leaving kevin no chocie but to put natilie up

  227. ******* Either Jeff / Michelle are going home this week *******

    I hope Jeff gets the Diamond Veto, so I can see Michelle’s face when she is evicted!!!

    If Jeff doesn’t get the Diamond Veto (which I doub he will) Jeff will be going home!!!

    ******* Kevin / Natalie in the final 4 *******

  228. @Diana 291

    The mental abuse that Russell suffered was horrible to watch. He was basically cast out and everyone who talked to him was threatened. It doesn’t help Jeff’s case much that he was the main instigator of the abuse and that even with Russell out, he still insists on bashing him.

    But, I agree with some of what others were saying. That house brings out the worst of everyone, it seems situations/feelings become amplified there, especially since everyone knows that lying is part of the game.

  229. @Leo

    I think that you enjoy trying to irk people, so now I think it is time that I stop responding to your nonsense!

    May the best HG in BB win, may they be deserving of that win and I hope that everyone enjoys what is left of this BB season!

  230. I hoping michele wins this one,I like her from the start,and IF natile or jordan wins then i,ll be upset all natile nows how to do is lie.she can,t win anything,so thats what she stick with and hopefully that don,t last long.

  231. @ Mae… Kevin will have a choice… Why? BB would void out Michelle’s Veto because the Diamond Veto would nuliffy the Veto’s holders power…. Therefor, Michelle would no longer be safe… Jordan / Michelle go on the block…

    Michelle, you don’t have to go home but you need to get the f*** out of the BB house!!!

    ******* L~O~L *******

    I dropped an F bomb too…. Also to clarify…. Jeff reminds me of James from BB 8…. I love the underdgs whio win and defy the house….

    ******* Go Kevin / Natalie or Jeff / Natalie or Go Jeff / Kevin in the final 2 *******

    Anyone but she-rat!!! I would even rather see ordan win than Michelle!!!

  232. @Lerato

    Thank you, it was awful the way Russell was treated and I thought when he left, he left with class and dignity.

    Yes, Jeff was the main instigator because he was blinded by J/N/K by listening to their b.s. constantly.

    The thing about Jeff is that after eating his humble pie, he has become the old Jeff that everyone liked. He has stated that he will not go along with K/N/J wanting him to approach Michele for her veto, so that in my mind does show that he is a decent man. He said that no amount of money is worth back stabbing her and that if they want Michele to give up her veto for him, then they should approach her because he wasn’t going to!

  233. *********** Either Jeff / Michelle will be going home ************

    Michelle if Jeff has the Diamond Veto…..

    If not…. Say bye bye Jeff!!!!!!!

    ******* Natalie / Kevin in the final 4….. That was unimaginable befoe the LML…… Am I lying folks? Thank you Michelle for screwing Russell and indrectly Team Jeff!!! *******

    *****Have a good day BB Fans / Bloggers *****

  234. @Leo you think that either jeff or Michelle will leave? You don’t think that Jordan has a chance to go or natalie? Bummer I do not have the live feeds but i was hoping that some of what I read online might happen like Michelle convincing Kevin to send home someone other than Jeff.

  235. @leo how will michele go this week i don,t see her gone.I hope jeff does get saved just for you can see the look on your face, i hope the one kevin can put up is natile then good bye natile go be with your lover jessie

  236. I don’t know what exactly it is about jessie but I dislike him or the character I see anyway.

  237. ******* Jeff was just clowning Michelle before the Veto…. Now he is kissing her but to stay…. ******

    ******* Realistically speaking ~ Jeff is going home, Jeff is going home, yay yay yay, Jeff is going home!!!! that is my new favorite song… Sing with me Ashley / Blackgirl / jacob / Marcus and anyone ele who wants to join in ok?

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going Home,,, yay yay yay, Jeff is going Home!!!!

    ***** HOOOOOORAAAYYYYY Jeff is going Home *****

    @ Jeff fans….

    ******* I think it would be awesome for Jeff to get the Diamond Veto *******

    Why? So i can see the look on she-rats face aka Michelle when they tell her that her Veto is nullified and Jeff can use the Diamond Veto to save himself…. Kevin would have to replace Jeff… he would put up Jordan…. Michelle would be evicted 2-0…. I would love to see hr go home….

    ******* What else would be entertaining? *******

    Jeff goig to the final 2 with Natalie and winning 5-2 over Natalie

    Jeff would be America’s Favorite HG

    Natalie would beAmerica’s least favorite HG

    That would be an amazing Finale

    ******* It won’t happen, but I sill like to have hope as well *******

    ******* Either Jeff / Michelle are going home this week *******

    I hope Jeff gets the Diamond Veto, so I can see Michelle’s face when she is evicted!!!

    If Jeff doesn’t get the Diamond Veto (which I doub he will) Jeff will be going home!!!

    ******* Kevin / Natalie in the final 4 *******

    *********** Either Jeff / Michelle will be going home ************

    Michelle if Jeff has the Diamond Veto…..

    If not…. Say bye bye Jeff!!!!!!!

    ******* Natalie / Kevin in the final 4….. That was unimaginable befoe the LML…… Am I lying folks? Thank you Michelle for screwing Russell and indirectly Team Jeff!!! *******

    *****Have a good day BB Fans / Bloggers *****

  238. I hope if jeff goes that bb finds something to spice up the show and make it exciting…the last ones here scare me…like they might just sleep!

  239. @Teri

    Leo just likes to be antagonistic. I think he enjoys trying to get a rise out of everyone. I think perhaps he really is a good guy under that false bravado but he wants to entertain himself out of sheer boredom!

    Good one Leo – you got us all, but at least we now have your game!

  240. omg i think that the word sp*ce makes your comment go to moderation that is the only word in one of my posts that i can assume might be flagged

  241. @ Mae….

    If jeff gets the Diamond Veto, then Michelle’s Veto would be void… That is what happened when the Diamond Veto came into play during season 4 ok? That is why I say I would love Jeff to get the Diamond Veto… That means Michelle cant taKE HERSELF OFF THE BLOCK… jORDAN REPLACES jEFF.. mICHELLE IS EVICTED…

    @ Mae… Will you do me a favor please? Sing my new song ok?

    ******* Realistically speaking ~ Jeff is going home, Jeff is going home, yay yay yay, Jeff is going home!!!! that is my new favorite song…

    ******* Realistically speaking ~ Jeff is going home, Jeff is going home, yay yay yay, Jeff is going home!!!! that is my new favorite song… Sing with me Ashley / Blackgirl / jacob / Marcus and anyone ele who wants to join in ok?

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going Home,,, yay yay yay, Jeff is going Home!!!!

    ***** HOOOOOORAAAYYYYY Jeff is going Home *****

    @ Jeff fans….

    ******* I think it would be awesome for Jeff to get the Diamond Veto *******

    Why? So i can see the look on she-rats face aka Michelle when they tell her that her Veto is nullified and Jeff can use the Diamond Veto to save himself…. Kevin would have to replace Jeff… he would put up Jordan…. Michelle would be evicted 2-0…. I would love to see hr go home….

    ******* What else would be entertaining? *******

    Jeff goig to the final 2 with Natalie and winning 5-2 over Natalie

    Jeff would be America’s Favorite HG

    Natalie would beAmerica’s least favorite HG

    That would be an amazing Finale

    ******* It won’t happen, but I sill like to have hope as well *******

    ******* Either Jeff / Michelle are going home this week *******

    I hope Jeff gets the Diamond Veto, so I can see Michelle’s face when she is evicted!!!

    If Jeff doesn’t get the Diamond Veto (which I doub he will) Jeff will be going home!!!

    ******* Kevin / Natalie in the final 4 *******

    *********** Either Jeff / Michelle will be going home ************

    Michelle if Jeff has the Diamond Veto…..

    If not…. Say bye bye Jeff!!!!!!!

    ******* Natalie / Kevin in the final 4….. That was unimaginable befoe the LML…… Am I lying folks? Thank you Michelle for screwing Russell and indirectly Team Jeff!!! *******

    *****Have a good day BB Fans / Bloggers *****

  242. I didnt know the diamond veto trumped the regualr one…makes sense otherwise they would run out of hg to vote.

  243. Just speculation, but you know how the keys of those who are safe are taken out of the box? Maybe if Jeff keeps the key, he is safe. And Kevin’s extra responsibility will be nominating someone else.

  244. @ Teri, Diane, Lorreto…

    You are all wonderfull… I am just taking out my furstration because you all have to admit that Jeff fans tore into us NBK fans for a while…. I have not had anything to smile aout for a while… Not all Jeff fans (You three an a few others,but I am just finally happy that Team NBK is doing good again due to the LML!!!

    Enjoy the show Diane, Loretto, Terri and Mae!!!

  245. if i was planning this, I would have made this key grant the finder a choice at a cash prize or safety for a week but they would have had to say that the finder would get this choice ahead of time to make it fair though

  246. it is fun when you see the power switch that is for sure…it really sucks (for the losing team) if they never get their turn on top!

  247. hey you have to admit…. This is a cathcy song… Hell yes… I am going to admit it….. I am bord… ******* L~O~L *******

    ******* Realistically speaking ~ Jeff is going home, Jeff is going home, yay yay yay, Jeff is going home!!!! that is my new favorite song… Sing with me Ashley / Blackgirl / jacob / Marcus and anyone ele who wants to join in ok?

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going Home,,, yay yay yay, Jeff is going Home!!!!

    ***** HOOOOOORAAAYYYYY Jeff is going Home *****

  248. @Leo

    Thanks, you see I was right about you. You really are a good guy, just one who wants to stir the pot for his enjoyment – more power to you bro!!!

    Time for me to sign out now, Matt has a point which shows an interesting light on the key, but for me now, I need to get dinner and then watch BB!

    Later to you all and thanks for the enlighting entertainment – it was great!

  249. c@ Teri, Diane, Lorreto…
    You will remember me as they guy who came uop with that obnoxious Jef is going home song (S~M~I~L~E)

    Sing along every body!!!

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going home, yay yay yay, Jeff is going home!!!! that is my new favorite song… Sing with me Ashley / Blackgirl / jacob / Marcus and anyone ele who wants to join in ok?

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going Home,,, yay yay yay, Jeff is going Home!!!!

    ***** HOOOOOORAAAYYYYY Jeff is going Home *****

    You are all wonderfull… I am just taking out my furstration because you all have to admit that Jeff fans tore into us NBK fans for a while…. I have not had anything to smile aout for a while… Not all Jeff fans (You three an a few others,but I am just finally happy that Team NBK is doing good again due to the LML!!!

    Enjoy the show Diane, Loretto, Terri and Mae!!!

  250. Michelle is the class of the remaining field.

    I used to be a fan of Jeff and Jordan but their insults and stupid game play have soured on me.

    Kevin and Natalie only look good because they are manipulating the silly putty twins Jeff and Jordan. Not a tough task.

    Michelle started the rift between Russell and Chima and then planted the seed of division between Jeff and Russell. She has done this alone and has played a thinking wiman’s game. I would be happy if she wins…. I think her best should would be against Jordan assuming that the jury has a shred of intelligence and rewards the better player. Even Jeff has to realize that he and Jordan made the biggest mistake of the season should Kevin win.

  251. I hope the key does offer Jeff some hope otherwise he should have just left Kevin in the closet! No pun intended. If he had known Kevin was putting him on the block he would propably still be in there hollering and screaming.

  252. @ Matt

    Hello, Matt. I hear you, I hear you. I HEAR YOU. That scenario is sitting well with me. That would be great for the Jeff fans, and would make the game interesting and even again – K&N vs J&J, since in this scenario Michelle would be out.

  253. jeff is going home…. jeff is going home….Hooray..jeff is going home… I like that beat Leo. Throw us another new beat!

  254. I think its rather stupid that Jordan would care about giving Jeff a little winner’s kiss because of her parents but working at Hooters is ok and is completely ok. I would much rather see my daughter give a guy a congrats kiss then ever have her work at anyplace like Hooters.

  255. i really think air head jordan is in this game make friends.with the rat of all people the rat! do you really think if i say if the rat won hoh she would keep jordan safe?noooo! where does the rat get off talkin sh@@ with michele.i would love to see kevin backdoor the rat.

  256. I hope Jeff uses his key to open the door and Russ walks back in the house. That would be just so awesome!!!!

  257. Jeff holds the key, he’s going to decide to use the key and when he unlocks the door russell will come out of pandoras box. then there will be a double evictions with russell deciding who the second person will be to leave. and i wish he would look at jordan and say you’re leaving.

  258. Jeff is the smartest player of the game. he had made one bad move with the russ thing but he just put jordan back in her place.

  259. Like everyone else, I really do not like Natalie!!! I do, however, like Jordo. Still, they should be the next two to go. Neither deserve to be there. I hope something happens and Jeff stays!!!

  260. I hope Kevin is smart enough to replace Natalie with Michele at the veto meeting instead of Jeff, she has done nothing but use people to get where she is and that is not worth $100 in my mind.

  261. to ash. nat and kev was feeding jor. a line of crap about mich. say that if jeff went home that she (mich) was going to take out jordan because she hasn’t won nothing in the game and dummy jordan believed them. so she told jeff what they had said to her. jeff told her that they are trying to turn her against mich and not to believe a word they say.

  262. Heres my prediction….Michelle uses POV to take Jeff off the block….Kevin has to then put Nat in Jeff’s place for eviction….now Jeff & Jordan are the only two voting….they both vote to evict Natalie…she goes home…. Kevin is all alone now!!!

  263. I really think kev wants jeff to stay but he is afraid that if he keep jeff, that jeff will come after him. nat has said thing today that i would question. kev is smart and i think he has a big ? mark over nat head.

  264. I think that Kevin should replace Michelle with Natalie… If Kevin and Natalie end up the final two he has no chance of winning the money against Natalie. The houseguest in the BB are not playing with a smart mind.. They have all made it personal. I would send Natalie home because she has the votes to walk away with 500k… just a thought

  265. #354-Lisa

    Michele is not going to trust J/J and use the Veto on
    someone other than herself.

    She is playing alone and needs to protect herself.

  266. Natalie stole Michele’s gloves.
    Will BB make her return the gloves to Michele or
    do they let this kind of behavior sort itself out without
    their interference?

    Michele may need her gloves for an upcoming competition.

  267. Mstelw

    Love your idea but Kevin will never do it.
    He is as afraid of Natalie as he was of Jessie.

  268. Hey all you Jeff fans. How does it feel now seeing the golden boy head to the jury house? lol..I am loving this, I will only be happier when I see Jordan walking out the door next week. Go Natalie!

  269. I like Jeff.. I admit it. But, I would take anyone but NATALIE winning. She is such a user and liar. I would LOVE for someone to call her out, and then vote her out. A girl can dream can’t she?

  270. Michele told J/J that she is going to use the veto on herself because she knows if she doesn’t, she will be going home.

  271. natalie brings new levels to define ‘disgusting’! Tonight she’s calling michelle a skank for looking at HER calendar yet we found out earlier that she was actually successful in STEALING michelle’s gloves. (we know she tried a few days ago) And who’s the skank???? I have only called cbs a few times this weekend regarding the scumbag duo of kevin and natalie…I thought kevin’s letter might bring him some sense of self since his ‘baby’ reminded him to play fair and of his sweet essence. Guess I was wrong! Let there be HOPE with the finding of that key and the power that Jeff gets to either evict hg of choice or replace the nominee. No secret I am a fan of Jeff’s but even if he wasn’t there, there’s no way I could cheer for someone as pathetic as natalie. To call cbs – 13235752200..tell them how YOU feel!

  272. Watching BBAD.. OMG .. Natalie.. what a pig! Chew like a cow why don’t you? Frickin fingernail chewings all over the place.. I cannot STAND her.. blech.. she nauseates me.

  273. @Midwest fan, I was wondering the same thing about the gloves. Stealing another HG’s property should definitely be against the rules…maybe they should toss Nat out for stealing!

    As far as the key, maybe the holder of the key doesn’t get saved or anything to save themselves, maybe they get the responsibility of picking the replacement nominee which would give them ‘hope’ for staying. (Michele comes off from her own POV, Jeff still on the block but gets to pick Natalie as the replacement nominee. Then Michele and Jordo vote to evict Natalie!)

  274. OMG! Has BB sunk to this level? Two people who have floated thru the entire game in the finals??????? I’d rather give Evil Dick another half million! Kevin and Natalies idea of game play is making final deals with everybody and then going into the pantry to jump up and down and giggle like 10 year old little girls….no intelligence is necessary in this game anymore. I dont even care who wins because I dont think ANY of them deserve to win ANYTHING ! If this is what BB is gonna be like you can count me out on subscribing one more year to this nonsense and Im sure there are alot more people out there who agree with me…

  275. Not the same Laura

    You idea is one I could live with ………………………
    as long as Natalie goes home.

    : )

  276. @ Not the same Laura: Didn’t I read somewhere that BB said the key wouldn’t affect the outcome of the game at all?

  277. Comment #358, I agree w/ you, if Kev takes Gnat to the final two, he will lose. The jury house is full of team Jessie & Gnat will get all the votes. Gnataliar needs to go next!

  278. wow. i’m watching BBAD for the first time. and it is a complete waste of time..
    all they are are doing is eating and sitting there not talking.

    there goes an hour i’ll never get back.

  279. BBAD, like the live feeds is selectively interesting. There have been nights when it has been full of action, some really boring. But, people who only watch the CBS version, really don’t know the true game situation going on.

  280. @Leo
    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going Home,,, yay yay yay, Jeff is going Home!!!!

    ***** HOOOOOORAAAYYYYY Jeff is going Home *****

    Go Natalie & Kevin

    Don’t know why everyone hates Natalie, because she lies better than everyone else (poker), hasn’t been busted and thus kept her in the game. It is her strategy to APPEAR weak, young & Naive. If her alliance is winning she backs down,so she doesn’t win and goes under the radar. I don’t know why Kevin will believe she will ever win anything like most of the people on this post but I think next week she may change up.But so far what she’s doing is working. Her only loyalty is to the Money.

  281. Comment #373, The inetrview w/ AG said it was twist, something that they had been thinking about for a while. AG went on to say that she was going to tease the viewer’s. It’s a twist that added responsibilty to the hoh duties. I have not found anything new, on whether it is game changing or not. Gnat needs to go next.

  282. Wow…what happened?

    Everyone was sooooo happy that Kev and Gnat are running the show? Now, Kev with his big dick comment, and Gnat, well, being gnat…

    They are doing the same thing that they were complaining about with Jeff…and with a lot of LESS class. Gnat thinks that she can play everyone.

    Kevin is the stupidist player on earth as Gnatalie WOULD sell him out in the blink of an eye.

    I am seriously proud that Jeff is telling michelle and Jordan NOT to believe a word coming out of either of K/N’s mouthes. What a sticky mouthed game the two of them are playing, and when everyone is ignoring them…they invent reasons behind it. Too needy. Hopefully someone will find a way to turn their attention seeking against them. Kevin is sooooo stupid, if he thinks M/J/or J believe any of the mind games that he and Gnat are playing. F’ing idiots.

  283. i am wondering if the secret door and pandoras box thing will be something like season 4 they had a diamond veto and the diamond veto winner was automatically not allowed to be evicted and gets to be the only sole vote to evict someone other then the origional pov winner and hoh. that happened week 9, so its possible it could be similar(julie did say it could change the game) that would be crazy and bye bye nat if thats the case

  284. It’s so funny the big deal everyone is making about Jeff’s mistake that caused him to be on the block. That mistake was trusting a big liar like Gnat. When Jeff went back on his word though, he was a jerk and a back stabber and not such a nice guy, but when Gnat or Kevin go back on their words completely, they are brilliant or good game players. Give me a break!!! Jeff has been the best player, and even if he goes home, he’s still the best player, the best competitor, the most straight player of them all. He was STUPID to trust the others. Doesn’t change the fact that he got out player after player, and the fact that both Michele & Jordan will be gunning for Gnat next week. Kevin can’t play for HOH, so that leaves weak loser Gnat, and she can’t win anything!! So you may want to sing the Good-bye Jeff song this week, but sing plenty of chorus’ of the Bye-Bye Nat song next week! HAAAAA


  286. Yall should stop hating on Nat and Kevin for lying. They had to saved themselves. Plus its BB.

    Anyway its pathetic how Jordan is acting. She either dumb, or rele in love with Jeff.

    –She would give up everything for him?
    –She think he ha splayed the best game?
    –She thinks he is the only person deserving of winning?
    –She thinks he has played the game throughout?
    –She thinks Jeff will win, and take ppl to the finals?

    Were does she get off?

    That kind of dumb shouldnt even be tolerable wether u like her or not.

    She says she doesnt want ppl to think she quit, which is exactly wat she is doing.

    The facts are

    –Jeff hasnt played the game throughout, he was being a low life after HE disbanded from the athletes.
    –He isnt the only person who deserves it. EVERYOINE BUT Jordan deserves it.
    –He wont take Kevin and Michelle to the finals.
    –He sure as heck hasnt played the best game.

    She is sorry. And i bet America is falling in love with her because she said those things. She is a joke. She is the weakest player, the most naive person.

    To give away ur chance of winning to a guy u have only known for 9 weeks is car-azy.

    And when he gets out then what?.

    She also said he didnt lie, he lied to Russell. Do her color haired ppl foprget easily?

    Michelle is almost as good as gone next week, she is lying to the ppl who will keep he rpotentially next week. She is setting herself up that she has to win HOH or POV or she is gone. She talking a load of garbage, like she is queen of the house.

    Someone better call her out.

  287. So, Jeff made one mistake and that could cost him the game…he is still the best player overall this season, and did more dirty work than everyone else. He isn’t walking around being mentally ill like the others, and he isn’t being “all about me” wallowing in self pity. What makes him different?

    He knew he was taking a risk with Kevin’s “word”, and he isn’t tearing Kevin apart the way a Russell would have.

    Now, when Jeff, Jordan or Michelle are not talking, Kevin and Gnatalie get all freaked out, as if they J/J/M are being purposely mean to K/N, and try to make something out of nothing. Kevin should watch out for Gnatalie. She is totally freaking out Kevin.


    If she wins, I guarantee I won’t ever watch this show, and it isn’t because Jeff is going out. It is an utter turn off to watch hypocrites enabling each other. It isn’t entertaining any more.

  288. all we can do is hope that kevin wakes up which i dont see happening and because nat is really good at what she does and thats lying but Jeff is to blame for where he is now and nobody else

  289. In the post tomaro of the sunday live feed highlights, im going to ask;

    why do u guys hate Nat?

    and watch all ur gonna get is like character and personal attacks. like NOTHING that has to do with game, just “oh she pickes he rnose”(so does jeff. and “she is a liar” (this is Big Borther)

    plz come join me. haha

  290. @Jane sounds like ur firing up some mary jane.

    there is so much with ur logic.

    Jeff hasnt played the best game PERIOD.

    Yes he did save himself from eviction, but thats bascially it.

    He was unrightfully given basically HOH without earning it. And he took out someone who wasnt coming after him. Possibly someoen he could have aligned with because at that point Jeff was a weak competitor.

    All he did was sit in the hammock with Jordan. They didnt even talk to anyone.

    Kevin, Natalie, and Michelle were playing the game.

    I would say Kevin or Natalie have played the best game.

    All u guys think the only way u deserve to win BB is if u win everything.


    Staying low, and establishing ur self as a weak competiro has proven to be the better strategy.

    Kevin and Natalie have just that.

    And Natalie is in no danger of going home anytime soon.

    Pity the ful! dial down center, and wake up. Jeff is nothing but the average BB comeptior. and rele just below average because he didnt earn that HOH he got.

  291. Comment # 384 @ Marcus, How do you figure that Gnat is playing such a great game? Gnat sucks, she has won nothing & never will win anything. Tae Kwon Do champion, another of Gnataliar’s lies. Are you watching the same game? The real low life is Gnat, & she is the one who has not played the game. Get the low life Gnat out next!

  292. I love doing this.

    Who will the Power of Veto, and will they use it to save Jeff or Michelle?

    And the race for the final 2 heats up.

    Plus, will Kevin and Natalie continue to dominate the house?

    Find out this and more Tuesday night at 9/8 central on the next epsiode of


    na na na na nanananana na na ne na-na

  293. ok so what is pandora’s box? i was reading another site that said it was revealed but didnt say what it was. another said that i was money and a few said that it was the diamond veto to over throw the regular veto when do we find out what it really is?

  294. i would say ur name comment number 389 but i cant remeber it.

    U dont know how BB is played if u truly stand behind ur comment.

    Winning, especially late in the game only puts targets on ur back, and winning HOH this week, and next or messes up ur votes for final 2.

    Bet u didnt knoe that.

    How do i figure? Because she is still here, and in no danger of going home, and she doesnt have a target on her back.

    And ur dumb if u think she lied about the Tae Kwon Doe thing. Like if u think that, u cant even be reasoned with.

    thats like saying

    “Oh Michelle is lying, she doesnt rele have a husband, and she isnt even a scientist”

    Like wat????



    and who do i ALWAYS refrence?

    i will say it again


  295. @ Marcus, Are you watching the same show, BB11? Jessie was the one who did not earn his hoh! That was a gift from CBS! Jessie was also given the gift of being able to come back for a second chance at the game of BB. Jeff earned everything, plus he saved Lydia’s sore loser a$$. Jeff saved Russell too, what did low life Gnataliar do?

  296. @Marcus: Everyone has a player type, and Gnatalie is NOT mine. I don’t care if she picks her nose.

    I don’t like hypocrites, and she is. To bitch and whine about what others did, when it is the same thing you are doing, even if it is all game, isn’t appealing to me.

    Just do it, and don’t bitch and whine. Gnatalie has a napolean complex, and her game style is also NOT appealing to me.

    And, come on…that “big dick” comment that Kevin made is just a sticky mouthed as the stuff that came out of Lydia’s. You can play the game without being low class, and both K/N have been low class, as well as others no longer in the game.

    I love watching Jordan trying to coax Jeff into keep going, ready to walk away for feeling guilty about not doing more. Jeff is reassuring her that she also deserves to win, that she has a good heart…Jeff understands that this is STILL a game, but won’t hand over his dignity for the money.

    K/N are trying to toy with him, dangling hope, and Jeff does know better than to beg anyone for anything at this point.

    Kevin should be thinking about next week…he is betting everything on Gnatalie getting the veto power. What if, she just ain’t waiting to “turn on” what she says she has been “hiding” (her athletic ability). What if, like everything else she says, it is all BS…

    It is more fun to see normal people trying to cheer each other up, than watching Kevin and Gnatalie braggin about how they are “toying” with Jeff, and will take great joy in seeing him squirm. Now, Marcus, that is different than just being satisfied about taking out a strong player. Jeff took Kevin off the block!

    I just can’t get past all the creepy stuff, even if it is just game play. J/J haven’t lowered themselves to this level, anytime in the game. They didn’t ever make it personal.

    I hope Michelle takes it to both K/N, and when K/N see how little the world likes how they played BB, I hope that their little, uber sensitive personalities fall into deep pits of depression, requiring gobs of anti-depressant meds, and perhaps hospitalizations.


  297. First i will talk to Jane.

    First off she isnt a hypocrit. ITS CALLED A LIE. In BB u lie.

    And thanks for proving my point. U basically said nothing but a charater attack.


  298. Comment #392, There has not been to much revealed about this Pandora’s box. I read pretty much the same thing as you, w/ the Golden diamond veto. The only I don’t understand is how it can override the regular veto? B/C, from the begining, Julie & CBS, have said with every twist the only ppl safe are the hoh & the pov winner.

  299. Now to OHOZAUALESHA watever it is.

    Jessie wasnt given anythin! Natalie and Russell won for him to come in the house. Just like Jessica from season 8 could have come in, and just like the other 2 ppl.

    Jessie didnt earn to come in, but he wasnt just given in. His clique earned it for him.

    Jessie earned ALL of his HOH’s. As a matter fact. Entertain me. How did Jessie get handed a HOH by CBS?

    Jeff saving Lydia? He sent her home u dummy.

    Jeff didnt earn his HOH. Thats a fact. America gave it to him because they find him attractive, and because everyone fell in love with his relationship with Jordan.

    And how old are u 5? “Gnatalira” Like rele. haha.

    This is a Jeff fan. Are we surpised at his lacking of logic?

  300. Marcus. I don’t mind lying.

    Bitchin about others doing it, or having done it, while you are also doing it…and acting as if you have never, is being hypocritical.

    That is a state of mind. So, technically, me pointing that out, is not an attack someone’s character.

    But, you just go on and believe whatever you want. I am enjoying Jeff and Jordan, reassuring each other in the hammock, boosting each other up, talking about the moon, and the texture of their sweatpants, and chatting about having fun after the game, while Gnatalie and Kevin spiral in their own paranoid thoughts, about how J/J are scheming against them, at that very moment. Too funny.

    Again, that paranoia can swing back against them.

    Again, am talking game. K/GN may find that it actually splits them apart. Calm down.

  301. @ Marcus / Jacob & everyone else…..

    *** Remix ***

    I don’t know what you’ve been tol, but Jeff is going home……. I said I don’t know what you’ve been told, but Jeff is going home….. so can I get woop woop and hoot hoot because Jeff is going home…..

    Sing the chorus everyone….

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going home….. yay yay yay….. Jeff is going home!!!

    *** Yeah baby – That is the jam!!! ***

  302. First off if u wanna get “technotronicks” on me haha, then i will play this game.

    Techincally every has done that in the house.

    Lydia, Michelle, Jordan, Jeff, Russell, Ronnie

    And techncally, she did it in front of the house, which was strategy.

    And she lied to save herself.

    So if ur only picking on one person fro doing that, then TECHINCALLY u dont know whats going on.

  303. And J/J are talking about everything but game at the moment.

    I guess u choose when to listen. They were talking about game eailer. both being pathetic.

    And what else would they talk about, Jeff is gone. haha.

    They should talk about packing his bags.

    They should talk about what he is gonna do in the jury house.

  304. @ Marcus, Jeff saved Lydia & Russell, when he put Gnataliar & Jessie up for eviction. When Jeff won the Coup de’ tat. Jessie was given a second chance to play BB again, & his first hoh was a gift also. Jeff earned his hoh, the only one he gave away was to Jordan. Now do you remember? Dummy

  305. Dude, lying is part of the game.

    But don’t whine to me about one person having done it, when as you said, they all did, and as you said, they all did, so your little girly needs to get off her high horse, about the others, including, those you can’t stand.

    Remember, as to game play, lying works, but it can come back and bite Gnartalie in her scheming butt.

    I am hoping that best player wins, and at this point, my bet is on Michelle.

    Or lemme see, you don’t like how Michelle has played the game? A lot of lying, a lot of winning, and a lot of denying. Good game. Or, is it only good if Gnartalie wins? Whatever. Swing at those windmills, brother. Just stretch well beforehand as I don’t wanna have to take you to the ER with a pulled muscle. :)

  306. Hey stup listen. haha.


    Jeff didnt rele save Lydia. okayyy he saved Ruseell for 2 weeks. EXCUSE ME! im so sorry.

    What did Jeff do to win the CDT?

    And Jessie wasnt given it, there was possibilty of 4 ppl winning the chance to stay in the house.

    WEre the crown proud dummy.

  307. @Ohosazuzlas

    Thank you! It may be over for Jeff, but I am lighting candles to see if Michelle can ruin K/N hopes for a F2 together. At least is gives me something to live for…oh, that is in addition to picking up Marcus and taking him to the ER when he pulls something sticking up for K/N. :)

  308. @Jane.

    Thanks for proving my point. AGAIN.

    U obviously must watch the show on mute. because u still . . . dont know whats going on.

    I have said time and time again Michelle is playing a good game.

    NOT GREAT or the best because she has a MAJOR target on her back heading into next week.

    and all her lies are coming out.

    U must not get lying, and bouncing things off ur enemies is part of the game. ur chastizing Nat for doing it.

    And i knoe ur 5, and just starting to learn about grown up logic, and how to spell.

    Its Natalie. Not Gnat. Not Gnatlair. Its Natalie.

    And it shows ur biased for her lying, because u right “liar” in her name. if u didnt have a problem with he rlying, u wouldnt put that.

  309. Ohosazuzlas – you are 100% right in your comments. I’m tired of those Jesse/Gnat/Lydia fans whining over and over and over about Jeff’s Coup d’Tat power, but won’t admit that Jesse was given HOH free and clear which is what got him to where he was! The difference is, we (America) had no choice but to groan when we saw Jesse re-enter the house and steal HOH, it wasn’t anything we did, but the BB staff, yet when WE voted Jeff the power, we hear sour grapes. He was given it fair and square, and any other person in the house could have been given it, but they all sucked and were jerks. Jeff has done much much more since then. He wins more than ANYONE – haven’t you listened to Jesse, Russell & Kevin? They all very much respect Jeff’s game play, so why can’t any of you who aren’t even in this game?? Get over yourselves.

  310. Jessie wasnt given HOH.

    Did he earn it? no. His housemates one it for him.

    America didnt decide for him to come in the house.

    The hg themselves did.

  311. hey tj. ur not funny. ur not cute. ur not clever.

    ur not even entertaiining.

    ronnie isnt a rat.

    Michelle is the rat.

    she told more lies in a week then ronnie did his entire gameplay

  312. @ Marcus, @ Least Jeff did something to save her sore loser butt. Jeff also said that low life Gnataliar, by back dooring Russell. And we crown the real proud dummy. Gnataliar needs to go next!

  313. Marcus – why is this all over your head? Jesse didn’t do anything HIMSELF to earn the HOH. Someone else gave it to him. Doesn’t matter if they won it, voted it, earned it or stole it, Jesse didn’t earn it! So when you complain that Jeff was “given” the power, he was voted it. Because America liked him best. So quit whining about it, it’s getting old. Jeff’s obviously 10x the player Jesse is, cause he got him evicted weeks ago!! And as far as Gnat, she doesn’t win anything. No one wants to vote her anything either cause we all hate her. And that’s why she stays, cause she’s weak. But she will go next week, just watch and see.

  314. No, anyother person could have been given it.

    See, BB wanted Jessie out, because none of u get what he was doing with his character, and none of u like someone u isnt afriad to say “hey i am ridicolously jacked n tanned” hahaha.

    So Since most the audience doesnt like him, they said hmmmm “everyone loves Jeff,a dn if we had a vote, he would win it” so thats what they did.

    U said he was GIVEN it fairly. hahaha u FAIL

  315. @ Marcus / Jacob / F Team JJ / Ashley / Blackgirl….. Let’s sing the Jeff Fans a songs ok?

    Cry me a river – cause Jeff is going home

    Cry me a river – cause you won’t watch BB no more

    Cry me a river – cause Jeff is going home

    Just cry me a river because you feel so sad

    *** Cry ***

    *** Cry ***

    *** Cry me a river ***

    *** Cry ***

    *** Cry ***

    *** Cry me river ***

  316. Seriously Marcus? Are you really not getting it? Wow. Yes, anyone of the 4 could have been GIVEN HOH that week. And any of the HG in the house could have been voted the power too. It’s the same. If one’s fair, so’s the other. Are you understanding this yet?

  317. het marcus america wanted ronnie, jessie and ratalie out remember that.jeffs the man and kevin is sending ratalie home on her rat a$$

  318. Again, what did Jeff do to earn his power?

    At that point the only reason why u guys voted for him because u think he is attractive.

    Jessie’s clique earned for him to come in the house.

    It was comp, they won it, he came in as a result.

    He didnt earn it, he won it. but it was the ebgingin of the season.

    Would u be screaming that at me if Jessica won it? NO.

  319. And Luara, it wasnt hoh.

    The first comp wasnt HOH

    NOBODY was HOH the first week.

    Are u the Laura from the show and lacking basic logic?

    can i hear a ding?

  320. AGAIN, what did Jesse do to earn his HOH??? HE didn’t earn it. His clique (which by the way, included JEFF dummy!) earned it. He didn’t. They did. But he didn’t. Did not earn it. He had nothing to do with it. Thus, he was given it. Wow, some things just don’t get into anyone’s skull do they??

  321. tj, Kevin wouldnt get Natalie out because he is too busy kicking Jeff to the curb. And he will play Jordan, and get her out, then can make out while in Jury.

    They dont belong in the game soo thats were they should be.

  322. Hey Laura, u cant answeer my question.


    And i keep saying Jessie didnt earn it.

    And Natalie and Russell earned for Jessie to come in, not Jeff. Jeff had alrede fallen.

    Use ur chest, it my help u to rmeber. hahaha

  323. Who’s Laura? Anyway, it was HOH. Jesse was the first HOH. Are you sure you are watching the show? Are you all there? And we can cry about Jeff going home, like you cried when Lydia went home and Chima went home and Ronnie went home and Jesse went home…. and you will do when Nat goes home next week!

  324. @Marcus…now, be nice. It IS only a game.

    And, there WAS a reason America voted to give jeff that power. Remember, there was a reason, and Jeff just happened to be the one that America thought would do something with it.

    Try to see it in that framework. Jeff was a tool. That isn’t really Jeff’s fault. He didn’t have to use it. Knowing America gave it to him, he made an assumption based on how things had been trending in the house. It wasn’t about protecting Jeff, it was about chaning up the game. :)

    If America wanted to go the other direction, they’d have given it to Jessie. This wasn’t about giving it to someone “deserving”…it was about changing the GAME. I am amazed when people insist on pointing out that this IS a game, and then are pissed off that Jeff got some “undeserved” power.

    So people who are turned off by Jeff because of something they see as personal and/or a popularity thing, was really game play by America wanting to see change. Come on now.

    Russell and Garnish also benefited indirectly from America’s move. Just how you see it. I apologize for picking on Garnatelli, really I do. I just don’t like women who paint themselves as helpless when they are not. I appreciate the fact that Jordan will come out and admit she knows nothing. But, I understand WHY snatalie would do what she did. It is working, for now. :) Am also a Socrates fan. Too bad he ain’t on the show.

  325. Jessie was given it. but its not the same thing as Jeff’s gift.

    Its a different scenario, with different varibales.

    When Jessie came in, someone who was dominating the house didnt leave with no time for them to save them selves.

    Jessie coming in, didnt send someone home immediantly

  326. Jeff did about the same amount of stuff to get his CDT power as Jesse did to get his HOH. Pretty much nothing. But that’s the name of the game. Twists and turns, expect the unexpected. Your side was given a freebee, then our side was given one. So stop complaining and get over it already!

  327. @ Marcus, Jessie was given the hoh by CBS. Ronnie is a rat, & so is Gnataliar. As far as telling the most lies, it would have to be Gnataliar! W/ you as a close second. Gnataliar needs to go next!

  328. Dont get it twisted “Jane”

    America didnt give it to him because they think he would use the best.

    America gave it too him because the ladies get wet when he is on tv, and the guys like his all american football, chicago attitude.

    Dont twist it.

    Thats why the first week, he had the most fans, without even doing anything.

  329. Wow, I give up. Not enough brain cells. Jesse was a big bully who picked off the house, Braden did NOT deserve to go, but that was Jesse as he picked them off one by one, starting with his freely given HOH. I’m so glad Jeff was able to change the game and pick them off, it was so classic. Even if he goes this week, he made the best plays of the game and really shook things up. He played the best, and will always be the deserved winner of this season.

  330. Hey Jeff fans…… Jeff will lie to Natalie to get her vote and take Michelle to thhe final 2….. Jeff is a hypocrite….. He told Russell it is a game and to get over being got, but he won’t taake his own advice when dealing with Kevin…. Ladies get a man / a life…. This is Big Brother not the Bachelor… Jeff fans this is BB not give the money to who deserves it… If so then Danielle (BB3) / Cowboy (BB5) / James (BB8) would have all won just to name a few right?

  331. HAHAHAHA.

    OHOAHAOZALEA and tj.

    Ur comments are sooo . . . . lacking. were do is start?

    Like how do i even argue that? their is no logic in those comments.

    I mean rele?

    Like im honestly laughing because ur comments hold to water, u dont prove ur point, and ur just shouting nonsense.

    U both, along with Laura must sit and watch the show on mute, and close ur eyes when Jeff isnt on screen.

    ahahahaha. u cant rele beilve what ur writing.

    U cant.

  332. No, not right in my eyes. I didn’t like the way James played. And Danielle certainly didn’t deserve it over her dad – Evel Dick played the best game even though he was a jerk, that’s why they gave it to him. It would be more like comparing it to Nat, not Jeff. She’s the jerky one who doesn’t deserve to win. Jeff is playing this game straighter than Nat or Kevin. All have to lie at some point, they just do it better and more often.

  333. Thank u Leo.

    These comments are so pathetic.

    I mean for example, Lise decides to pick on Jessie

    calling him a bully, for pickign off houeguests

    like hahaha, wat is he supposed to do, not put up anyone after he wins HOH??


  334. Okay tj.

    i will watch Natalie go home this week.


    If by Natalie u mean Jeff. then yes, I will watch Natalie go home.

  335. jeff fans watch him and take all the money. ratalie can take her lying home with her this week.

  336. @Lisa, I understand. Marcus has had his feelings hurt, thinking that America made a gameplay choice because they think Jeff is cute.

    He was the only one I thought could change the direction of the game, and that is why I voted for him, over and over. I have a mortgage on my home now…maybe I was bored, but it wasn’t personal against Jessie or anyone. I just want to see change.

    I also voted for Obama. Maybe that is a “thing” with me. :)

  337. And Marcus, you’ve done nothing but pick on Jeff. What was he supposed to do when HE was HOH, not put anyone up? You’re not really making any sense, so maybe you should rest your head. By the way, my name isn’t Laura or Lise, it’s Lisa. I think your eyes may be getting blurry too. Nite nite!!

  338. Like these are the Jeff fans. These are his ppl, his crew.

    Like wat the fugg are u guys talking about?

    Like were is ur knowledge of the game?


    does Jeff’s looks take that out of u?

    I love how u try, so despritly to paint Natalie as the worst person walking the earth.

    I love how u go so far to challenge her TAE KWON DOE past.

    I love how u bow down, and twist anything Jeff does into the greatest move of BB history.

    And u dont care.

    U will rele come on here, and say wat u say, and be like “yep i stand behind that”

    Like u should ashamed.

    Disagree’ing is one thing, and im cool if u dont like Natalie.

    But twist what she does, and then When Jeff does the same thing, twisting it to fit a profile only a mother could love, u should all rele be ashamed.

  339. jessie the meathead gone .ronnie the rat gone. ratalie the rat #2 gone next rack them up. dude

  340. Jane – I just think it’s silly. People don’t make sense saying it was totally fair for Jesse to be given HOH for nothing, but not fair for Jeff to be given a power by a vote. I voted for Jeff because I think he’s the best player, I also think he was the nicest and most loyal player, so of course I wanted to see him and his side get the power. It has nothing to do with looks, which is ridiculous. I’m sure there are plenty of people smitten by Jesse’s muscles too. But he was just not a nice player, and people were tired of seeing him and his side being bullies. That pretty much explains it.

  341. Comment #411 @ Lisa, thank you for your kind response. I am trying to be nice, but this Marcus has called me a dummy & other choice words. But what do you do w/ someone who does not know what they are talking about? I wonder if maybe Marcus is Gnataliar’s dad? How else could he be so blind? Gnataliar needs to go next!

  342. @Marcus – HUH?????

    I really couldn’t read or understand a word you said. Since you don’t feel you are tired and need to go to sleep, I’m going to. I’m drained from reading some of these posts.

    Good night all!

  343. @marcus. Rele? ladies get wet over Jeff, and that is why he got the CDT.

    So, when we are talkin game play, it is a game. When it comes to Jeff, women are soooo sex deprived, and slushy down there that they couldn’t think with their brains. Come on now, son. Time to go to the ER yet?

    Seriously, can you really speak for everyone that voted for Jeff? I am in a wheelchair, snapped from the waist down. I guarantee that I, as a women, voted for Jeff, NOT because he is cute, or able to bring shakes to me leggies.

    I wanted change. Change is often good. Jeff was a tool, for me. No biggie. Stay focused. You cannot lecture us about the game, and then tell us that Jeff just got it cause he made the ladies wet.

    R u jealous or something? I’ll vote for you, just show me you can take it to those in power. :)

  344. Matt would even tell u. OHAOXALAESE, Lisa, TJ, ur comments are lacking basic facts.

    And Matt himself, even admitted that yea, it was a gift. Not that Matt is the emperor of all thats right but, atleast heis a Jeff fan who is knowledgable about the game.

    So Natalie didnt rele do T.K.D. right>?

    Jeff isnt rele 31, but 46 right?

    Jordan actually lives in a loft in NYC?

    Michelle is actually on death row?

    Kevin is rele a political adviser for Ralph Nadar?

    And Russell was actually a car salesmen ou of British Columbia.

    I mean if say what us aid about Nat’s T.K.D., u might as well say that.

    Because BB just makes up these ppl’s carrers, and thing right?

    Oh and let me not forget, Braden is actually a undercover detective for the Arentina Polica?

  345. U knoe what Jane?


    Yes, when it comes to Jeff, MOST women, especially on here, dont think of Jeff’s gameplay.

    Take OHOZOZAULES, and Lisa.

    Very knowledgeable about Jeff right?

    I would say 64% of Jeff’s female fans only like him because he is “cute”

    If ur not one of them, great. but most are.

  346. @ Leo, ding dong, that’s the door opening for the Gnataliar to go home! Hooray, Hooray, the Gnat has left the building!

  347. It wont matter after this week.

    It wont matter ANYTHING ABOUT JEFF.

    Why are u guys even discussing, or excuse me, trying to discuss it with me.

    Jeff will be GONE this week. So after this week, we dont have talk about him, or hear how he was the best thing since Alison came up with BB in the first place.


  348. @Lisa…go to bed, it ain’t worth bangin your head against Marcus’ world.

    @Marcus. I don’t like women who are not strong. So, she’s a tae kwon dope. I ain’t seen nothing. I could take her and I have a spinal injury!

    I voted for Jeff, because of what I knew he would do based upon his character (which could have been fake) and that he appeared unafraid. That is a trait that is so totally a “turn on”. hahahahhahah

    I will always applaud Jeff. It is a harder game to play it straight, and still advance. Lying all the way, figuratively (laying low) and literally, just ain’t my cup of tea.

    Nighty night. Marcus, give me a call if you need a ride to the ER, swinging at mental windmills. I have called ahead, they are holding a bed for you. I care, ya’ know. :)

  349. It going to be like a play.

    the dagger in the heart, when Jeff’s picture goes to black n white.

    And then the following week, Jeff gets TKO’d but Russell.

    Dont u just love it?

  350. Jane, u could not take Natalie in Tae Kwon Do.

    Because I have also done Tae Kwon Do, and i would mess u up, and i dint even finish.

    She is a Bronze winner, hmmm. that basically means she has a license that ties around her waste saying she can kill u, IF she wanted too.

  351. Comment #461 @ Marcus, are you sure about the facts? I’d be more than happy to show you the real facts.

  352. But hey, if u rele think u can, go into any dojo, and try ur luck on a black belt.

    And when u loose, u will make headlines of the dumbest person of the week.

  353. When is natalie gonna come out of the closet. her so called boyfriend is really a girl. come on people wake up. why do you think she gives up on winning any HOH’s, because the truth would be revealed.

  354. Now all of u can talk freely, without being HEAVILY checked for accuracey, and logic, cause im leavin

    I bet all of u will talk trash to me, and guess what? Ur still wrong.


    I will posts again, on the next post.

    Until then, Im Marcus and IM OUT.



    and i guess go NBK. (whats the B stand for Leo?)

  355. Marus, your post does not make any sense before you make remarks on the post maybe you should read what you write nothing about Big Brother, Can you read Keep the conversation civil. Jeff stills has the key . People do not vote just because of looks. Natlie cannot be commpare to Jeff because he has played the game and Natlie hangs who ever is HOH (coat Tail)

  356. @Marcus. While she was “thinking” about what she could do to me, I’d run her over with my wheelchair. I’d draw her into lies about how much I like tae kwon donk, tell her how much I adored her game play, ask for an autograph, and while she’s bending down (cause I’m in a wheelchair, remember), I’ll kick her in her lady nuts, and then succinctly run her over, and over.

    Now that I know that you are also “one of them” it ALL makes sense.

    I WAS a marine before being snapped. I could kick half of the population of Iraq into the next galaxy before they knew what hit ’em…that is until one of them snuck up on me. hahahhahhahahahaha

    Screw it. You win. You’ll beat me up and Snatchalie will too. THAT PROVES IT. SHE’S GONNA WIN BECAUSE YOU SAID SO, AND BECAUSE SHE KNOWS HOW TO KICK SOMEONE’S ASS. Seriously?

    Wow, I am actually getting all worked up just thinking about it. You are d’finitly a kindred spirit. Go Blathalie, I’ll vote for her now that I know she can break me in half…as if.

    You already lost me when you inferred that 64% of women voted because Jeff made their panties wet. Really? Gross. I am actually being swayed into believing that you ARE Ronnie, who despite having a brain, was one of the absolutely worst BB players ever, mighty in his own mind.

    Come on now, son. If you are gonna use logic to fight your battles, you gotta use it all the way. Proving that Waaaaytolie can win BB because she can kick my ass, is, well illogical. It proves nothing. Until I see her actually DO something, I am not impressed.

    But, it was good talking to ya. At least I understand the “why” behind you standing “behind” her. TKD hahhahahahahahha

    It’s big brother, ain’t no kicking round j’here, son! hahhahahhahahaha

  357. @ Marcus, When did Matt say that the Coup de’ tat was a gift to Jeff? You show me where? I will tell you about what Matt said on one of these post about the Gnat. The first endurance challenge, Gnat lost. The second endurance challenge, (swinging on a rope)Gnat failed yet again miserably. And on to the most recent challenge, (filling up the cocoa) Gnat failed yet again! Where is this so called upper body strength? Where is this so called Tae Kwon Doe champion? Where is this so called Athelete? She is totally useless! Gnat needs to go next! Sayit w/ me Hooray, Hooray the is going soon!

  358. @ Jeff Fans….. To make you sound even worse…. The year Evil Dick & Danielle were in the final 3, everyone in theJury house wanted Zack to take out D&D because they hated them…. Especially ED….. There were people (a majority of them) in blog sites saying they hate D&D….. Now most of those people call him the best BB player ever? Based on the more deserving theory.. Danielle deserved to win more than ED…. Jordan deserves the money the least because at least K/N’s actions with the LML kept them in the game…. Don’t be lame / bitter hipocrites because you like Jordan and not Natalie…. Natalie / Russell are the reason Jessie was brought back…. BB was going to give one of 4 former houseguests the HOH the 1st week is thei click won the challenge….. If Jessica (BB8) who America loves or Brian (BB10) / Cowboy (Runner up BB5)came back they would have been given the HOH!!!

  359. Does anyone have any current feed from the live feed. Your bickering is very entertaining however, I am interested in some real information pertaining to the game.

  360. @Ohosazuzlas
    Remember, gnatalie is gonna “turn it on” at that right momemt. hahahhaha

    Now, here is my analysis of her as a person, for which I hava absolutely no training to be making (unlike Marcus, who is a master of analysis, and unbiased to the end): Gnastalie, is a know it all, who thinks she knows it all, and that can be made a weakness, if the other house guests can figure it out. She is also like Ronnie, who believed he had the game, and ran the game, and it got him in the end.

    If anyone thinks that she has this in the bag, they are idiots. Everyone has a weakness, even those that have stupid medals, and silly colored belts. Whatever floats Marcus’ boat.

    I have a medal and I have a jump rope too. I have a box full of trophies, and that don’t mean shit.

    Show me the beef, Craptalie. I wan’t to see more than lies in BB gameplay…

    Apparently, Marcus ain’t been around real strong women. I am not talking about Napolean complex, short people syndrome, that spent half their lives going to HOHOs, practicing kicking other nobodys also playing pretend fighting for little stupid medals. Strong women who CAN put up a fight, and don’t think with thier “wetties”. Gross.

  361. Why is my post awaiting moderation? Because I don’t agree with Marcus, or that I am a woman with a brain? Come on now. This is game talk.

    Go pay for you own feeds. I am entitled to come here and talk game with others, and stick up for those that also have a brain.

  362. @Leo – the difference between that a**hat Jessie and the other former houseguests, is that we liked the other former houseguests. If they would’ve gotten in to the house, I wouldn’t have to post on these blogs about NBK being a bunch of thugs. Just because Jessie loved himself entirely too much, didn’t give him and his lackys the right to bully people in that house.

  363. @ Lisa…… James from BB8 was the fan favorite because he won challenges, nd Merica loved him…. Hense he won the $25,000….. Danielle from BB8 won more challenges than anyone in BB history….. ED was just as hated if not more due to his actions during BB8 than Natalie is now during that season especially on blog sites…. You Jeff Fans can only hope Jeff stays if he is given an unearned gift because he is such a bad player…. *** L-O-L *** I will tell you I told you so on Thursday after Jeff is evicted…. Good night Marcus / Jacob / Lisa / everyone else!!!

  364. not to mention that RIDICULOUS outfit he wore when he put up Casey on the block. What a friggin’ moron.

  365. @Leo. Get a life. I am NOT a Jeff lover.

    What is it with all the guys and griping about Jeff? Kind of seems like it is the dudes that are thinking with their panties around here. So, you don’t like Jeff because your girlfriend called his name out in her sleep? Seriously.

    Get over it. If you are insecure because of the “Jeff’s” in the world, be a man, and go work out, go do something about it. It is not Jeff’s problem…it is yours.

    Wow, it just hit me! Ding, Ding Ding. The boys don’t like Jeff, because they think the girlies do…

    It isn’t about the game it all…it is about competing jock strap sizes. NOTHING EVER CHANGES.

    We ladies just can’t think about anything other than cute guys, and once we do, boy, we just don’t have a brain in our pretty little heads…

    Where on earth did you all come from, and shame on your mommies!

  366. @ Mikey……. I was an Ollie / April / Libra fan and was glad that thetwo ladies got rid of Jessie last year with America’s vote….. I think James from BB8 should have been brought back to represent the Athletes…. That would have been awesome…. I think he would have won the CDT easily… Does anyone agree or disagree with this last statement?

  367. @Jane – I’m a dude, who happens to like Jeff in the game. Why? He’s a straight shooter, who hasn’t lied to anyone in the house. He’s played the game honestly. In a way he’s played the game like ED, just not as an a**hole. ED was upfront with people, he was just a lot meaner about it. That’s why Jeff is awesome. He’s surviving in game ment to be played with lies, and not lying. Awesome.

  368. @Leo – First off, April/Ollie/Libra sucked. Badly. The most annoying folk from 10 behind Jessie. Wow. And James was on 9 btw. And he would’ve been better then jessie by far. But if they were reaching as far back as Season 5 for former houseguests they damn sure could’ve done better than Jessie or James. Nick from 8 would’ve been better than Jessie, and he’s just as bland. And America would’ve still given it to jeff.

  369. @ Marcus…. NBK means Natural Born Killer ok?

    @ Jane….. A former Marine… Yeah right…. You are probably some over weight lonely red neck who is lonely….

    Me jealous? I guarentee if I was in a lineup with Jeff I would get more ladies…. I want an athlete to win because I am an athlete…. Hense Jeff is an athlete, but I am realistic and know he is going home…. I wanted Jeff / Russell to be the final 2 (both athletes)

    I am currently a trainer and am finishing my Criminal Justice Degree…. I am blessed to have the ability to go to college and also work with at-risk teens as a role model….. I have a 4.0 GPA……

    The fact of the matter is Jeff has played a horrible game… We shouldn’t even be havingg this discussion because J/J/M/R should be taking Natalie out this week…. Jeff chose to not give input on who should be nominated the first week…. He chose to allign with the worse team…. He said himself to Jordan after the POV that he got ahead of himself and was already counting the money…..

  370. Okay, I haven’t really posted in a very long time because of family issues right now, but after reading everything that people are writing I feel the need to.

    Are we all forgetting that this is just a game? None of us know any of these HG’s personally and with most of them I am thankful I don’t. We are sitting here attacking one another as they were in the house when Chima, Russell, etc were in the house. We are condoning the behavior that we all said was so wrong.

    Voicing opinions is one thing but when you just keep attacking others for their opinions that isn’t any more right.

  371. @ Mikey……. BB / CBS brought back Jessie which was a huge mistake…. I think Nick (BB8) / James (BB9) would have been better choices to bring back for the Athletes….. I think James (BB9) would have had more voters than Jeff because he was so popular when he was on the show and he would have won challenges…..

    @ Bridget Martinez – New Orleaans….. I am glad to see you back, and I am sorry to hear you are dealing with personal issues… I hope eveything gets better soon!!! Keep your head up & stay positive ok?

  372. Thank you Leo and I am trying but I have never had so much bad luck and can only hope that it is over. Kaelyn- I know you reading honey, things will get better, be optimistic, you can beat this.
    I have missed chatting with everyone here and want to give my input. What I want to happen and what I foresee happening are two different things.
    I do believe that, and I am sorry to say that Jeff will be leaving this week. Next week, I think Michelle will win HOH putting, Kev and Natalie up, with Kevin leaving. I would like to see Michelle and Kevin in the F2 and I was a J/J fan. I don’t want Nat in the F2 because she would clearly win this.
    This Pandora’s Box thing…anything could happen; but I still think Jeff will go.

  373. @Leo=I learned something about you tonight. Thanx. I think what you are doing is great with the at risk teens. Kudos to you. I am sure