Big Brother 11: Week 8 PoV Ceremony Results – Spoilers

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in the Big Brother 11 house and fights are exploding right now on the live feeds! To find out if the PoV was used click “continue reading” for the spoilers

Power of Veto

Michele, the winner of this week’s PoV, has used the Veto power to save herself from eviction. Forced to then name a replacement nominee Kevin put Jordan on the chopping block.

Leading up to the ceremony there was a lot of frantic discussions over whether Michele should save Jeff with the PoV instead of herself and then vote out Jordan. It looks like she wisely decided against leaving herself on the block.

Come Thursday night either Jeff or Jordan will be heading to the Jury house or will they? We still don’t know what’s going on with the Big Brother 11 Pandora’s Box twist, but keep your live feeds running because we’ll know soon!

What do you think? Which of these two should be sent packing on Thursday’s live eviction night: Jeff or Jordan? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. im not surprised michelle used it on herself, it would had been stupid for her not to do that…

  2. Thank goodness that Michele used the veto on herself. Now she has to go after Natalie and then Kevin.

  3. can you see jeff walking out the door thursday night?…Its going to be a wonderful long Jeff see you on the final night

  4. I hope that this mystery room will somhow free Jordan and Jeff. Maybe turm it around to put Nataie and Kevin on the block?

  5. henry everyone had the chance to find the key quit complaining about it being rigged. If i would have found the key the idiot would still been handcuffed i would have hid it I cant stand nat or kevin

  6. Now that Michele has saved herself, Pandora’s box can save Jeff…bring on the HOPE!! Then HOPEfully, Nat goes on the block and we have a Natalie eviction!!!

  7. i’m so glad michele was not dumb…it would be best for michele if jordan went home and jeff stayed because i think if jordan is left without jeff, she will not play hard at all. jeff and michele should team up to get natali (the biggest whiner i’ve ever seen and the dumbest game talker ever) out.

  8. either of them is ok with me – I’m glad Michele used the POV on herself! again I say those two were too cocky and believed Kevin & Natalie – oh well!

  9. i dont wanna break them but wish jordan will go first coz jeff could still win something next time. but i think jeff will be goin home this thursday unless he’s goin to convince kevin to take him to the final 2. that would be a good step for kevin since his alli natalie cant win anything. plus michelle is a good player, she could be winning it all.

  10. If Pandora’s box doesn’t save Jeff or Jordan, Thursday will be a very hard one to watch. I want them both to stay.
    But if I had to choose, I’d rather see Jordan leave, because Jeff has been playing a lot more than she has and deserves to stay in the house.

  11. It’s Jeff and Jordon’s fault for falling for Kevin and Natalie’s web of lies.They shouldn’t of trusted these dirty dogs..

  12. @WendySue-The sad thing is that Jeff and Jordan think it is just Kevin’s lies. Jeff is still saying it is only Kevin going after him and Natalie is being duped by Kevin.

  13. i think that neither should go.hopefuly that they both get to stay and natalie or kevin gets to go to the jury house.i just can’t wait to see what the pandora box holds!!!

  14. ah yea, i got one thing left to say to Jeff…na na na, na na na, hey hey hey, good bye……

  15. I hope it is Jordan. She isn’t that sweet wholesome person anymore. She is mean and a liar. Michelle deserves to stay way more than she does. As does Jeff.

  16. @ Jeff fans….

    ******* I think it would be awesome for Jeff to get the Diamond Veto *******

    Why? So i can see the look on she-rats face aka Michelle when they tell her that her Veto is nullified and Jeff can use the Diamond Veto to save himself…. Kevin would have to replace Jeff… he would put up Jordan…. Michelle would be evicted 2-0…. I would love to see hr go home….

    ******* What else would be entertaining? *******

    Jeff goig to the final 2 with Natalie and winning 5-2 over Natalie

    Jeff would be America’s Favorite HG

    Natalie would beAmerica’s least favorite HG

    That would be an amazing Finale

    ******* It won’t happen, but I sill like to have hope as well *******

    ******* Either Jeff / Michelle are going home this week *******

    I hope Jeff gets the Diamond Veto, so I can see Michelle’s face when she is evicted!!!

    If Jeff doesn’t get the Diamond Veto (which I doub he will) Jeff will be going home!!!

    ******* Kevin / Natalie in the final 4 *******

    ******* Sing a long everybody!!! *******

    ******* Realistically speaking ~ Jeff is going home, Jeff is going home, yay yay yay, Jeff is going home!!!! that is my new favorite song… Sing with me Ashley / Blackgirl / jacob / Marcus and anyone ele who wants to join in ok?

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going Home,,, yay yay yay, Jeff is going Home!!!!

    ***** HOOOOOORAAAYYYYY Jeff is going Home *****

    @ Jeff Fans…. You are all wonderfull… I am just taking out my furstration because you all have to admit that Jeff fans tore into us NBK fans for a while…. I have not had anything to smile aout for a while… Not all Jeff fans (You three an a few others,but I am just finally happy that Team NBK is doing good again due to the LML!!!

    ******* Sing-a-long everybody!!! *******

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going home, yay yay yay, Jeff is going home!!!! that is my new favorite song… Sing with me Ashley / Blackgirl / jacob / Marcus and anyone ele who wants to join in ok?

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going Home,,, yay yay yay, Jeff is going Home!!!!

    ***** HOOOOOORAAAYYYYY Jeff is going Home *****

    @ Marcus / Jacob & everyone else…..

    *** Remix ***

    I don’t know what you’ve been tol, but Jeff is going home……. I said I don’t know what you’ve been told, but Jeff is going home….. so can I get woop woop and hoot hoot because Jeff is going home…..

    Sing the chorus everyone….

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going home….. yay yay yay….. Jeff is going home!!!

    *** Yeah baby – That is the jam!!! ***

    Here is a country version for you country lovers…. *** L~O~L ***

    Let’s sing the Jeff Fans a songs ok?

    Cry me a river – cause Jeff is going home

    Cry me a river – cause you won’t watch BB no more

    Cry me a river – cause Jeff is going home

    Just cry me a river because you feel so sad

    *** Cry ***

    *** Cry ***

    *** Cry me a river ***

    *** Cry ***

    *** Cry ***

    *** Cry me river ***

  17. Go, Michelle! Send Jeff to the jury house so he can see that what goes around comes around (he went back on his word to Russell, now turnabout is fair play, no?). It galls me to see Jordan whining about needing the money so badly, yet she was able to afford implants – go figure! – on a waitress’s salary, no less! I don’t care for her, Kevin or Natalie and can’t wait to see the look on Jeff’s face on Thursday when he’s evicted.

  18. My heart wants Jordan to win the money, but game-wise I think Jeff deserves it. Either way I definitely don’t want Natalie or Kevin to win as neither of them deserve it.

  19. Jeff has made the smartest move (coup d’etat) and dumbest move (siding with Kevin and the pig) in the game. Jordan is so dumb and useless she needs to go. then Jeff or Michelle could win HOH and send the pig home setting up a final 3 of Jeff, Michelle and Kevin with Jeff and Michelle the F2 and Michelle the winner I hope. Jeff was my fave until he decided the Kevin and the Pig were his allies. Now he deserves to lose.

  20. Hip hip hooray for Michelle. Will continue to root for her to win. Agree w/#8, it wud be sooo sweet now that Michelle is safe, that AG and producers turn this house upside down, and this magically key will put Kevin/Gnat on the block, the LML comes to lite, and Gnat goes packing. God bless and guide you Michelle. You deserve to win with all the PERSONAL attacks u hv to suffer. May there by BB justice for you.

  21. I would love to see Jeff get the boot out the door and then watch Jordan go off which most likely result (if she doesn’t get HOH) get the boot next week. I want Michelle to win it all

  22. Here is a thought..
    The Pandora box = No Eviction (Hope played Jeff an extra week)
    To be fair to both on the block
    Double EVICTION next week. :)

  23. I think that Jeff has been by far the most courageous player, by using the coup d’etat etc. and the moves he has made. He just has not had any fear and really has been a very honest player.

  24. @Leo you are so funny.
    Go Kevin you dragon slayer you. who said you didnt have balls.

  25. Kevin and Natalie got where they are not only by lying to Jeff and Jordan, but by blaming Russell for something he never said. I still hold out hope that Jeff will win, but I’m afraid it just ain’t gonna happen.

  26. I truly believe Jordon needs to go. Jeff more than deserves to be in the big brother house. I cetainly do not believe the other HG will vote that way.

  27. #25 – Mark – Totally agree! I was a solid J&J fan until they both proved they were too stupid to win by aligning themselves with K&N and believing their lies. Jordan (the pig, LOL) looks like she’s gained about 20 lbs.

  28. Looking forward to seeing Jeff walk out the door Thursday night and giving Russ a great birthday present!!!

    Also, for all of you who want Nat to leave, and believe me I am one of them, don’t you realize that it is Jeff’s fault that she is still there??? She was on the block 4 or 5 times and Jeff saved her. Even dumber than sending Russ home last week was Jeff sending Lydia home before Nat. It is his own stupidity that is sending him out the door for believing someone who had been against him the whole game.

  29. So, Jeff still says that he does not believe one word out of Michele’s mouth–but he believes everything Nat says. He should leave just for that and find out that he really is Russell’s birthday present. Soooooo stupid

  30. huge michelle fan here–hope jeff stays –just to take down natalie and kevin–michelle-jeff final 2–if jeff goes–michelle and jordan final 2.

  31. @ Jeff fans….

    here is a new song for you ok?

    ******* whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home…. whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home….

    Dang that makes me feel so good, i said dang that makes me feel so good!!! *******

    Sing with me now….

    ******* whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home…. whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home….

    Dang that makes me feel so good, i said dang that makes me feel so good!!! *******

    sing with me now…..

  32. @blackgirl: this couldn’t be a sweeter week for Russ could it? I want to see Russ rolling on the ground laughing when he sees Jeff walk through the door or come out of the limo. No one in the Jury House will have info about the LML yet. Lydia wasn’t in on it, if I remember.

    I wonder if Jess has been getting jacked and tanned with Russ in the house. Do I even bother to think of that? ha ha

  33. I think that Michele deserves to win even more than Jeff; she wins competitions, she hangs in there with all the abuse and she did not get any gift from America. Go Michele–take out Natalie next and win it all!

  34. All Jordan has to do now to save Jeff is to get herself evicted by breaking alot of rules! A “Jordan” penalty eviction would really freak out the K/N duo and make me laugh for days!! LOL!!


  36. @teresa: oh really? jealousy, is that it? so when you bashed chima i guess that was all because you were jealous? OKAY. :)

  37. I was a big J/J fan, but they are getting what they deserve. They made a dumb move by evicting a very weak player (Lydia) instead of a stronger one (Kevin). Then Jeff sacrificed his integrity by breaking his deal with R/M and backstabbing R. Then they sank to new depths by turning on M and trashing her in the most despicable and personal way. Good riddance. Hope Jordumb goes soon.

    Somebody please, for God’s sake, annihilate the most disgusting person on the show, Gnataliar!!!!!

    Go Michele! You deserve it, after the way these jerks (J/J/R/K/N) have treated you!!!!!

  38. @Brian G, you got that rignt I would love to see Russell’s reaction when Jeff walks thru that door. Priceless.

    @Teri, Amen

  39. Jordan keeps telling Jeff that she is going next week. If she didn’t keep bashing Michele and sees what is really going on she would stay because Michele will go after Kevin or Natalie. However, watch Jordan hang around Natalie and believe all her lies. I still think Natalie is more dangerous then Kevin because she has both Kevin and Jordan trusting her. The only one that sees Natalie for what she really is is Michele. Please Michele may you have the strength of 10 and kick butt.

  40. Kevins best move would of been get Nat out. He can’t beat her in the finals. I can’t stand her. 18 my A**. Whatever I am loosing interest in the game. BBAD is so boring. Just watch Nat pick her nose and drag her feet. I think I am done.

  41. I started watching BB After Dark and was very surprised at the way Jeff acted. Before that I was a big Jeff fan, but no more. I hope that Michelle is able to win this thing. I dislike Ratilie and Kevin. Have to say that I was appalled when Jordan did a chest but on Russell, but then again on BB nothing should be a surprise.

  42. I have to admit that I don’t go on blogs very much because it seems some people get real personal and it becomes a name calling contest. Can’t we just communicate and state our opinions without attacking one another.

  43. he’s not re-re he’s just on knit knat patty wack kev doesn’t have back-bone team jeff will be here for the weekend people

  44. I’m happy she used it on herself!! Who in their right mind would expect her to use it on someone else??!? That’s stupid and rediculous!

    I hope the Pandora’s box/room thing doesn’t save Jeff or it offers him the ability to somehow send Natalie home!!!

    Natalie is the only person I hate more than Jeff right now!!

  45. Watching Michelle on BBAD Saturday night, I truly was concerned. She is a very sick mental person. A friend of mine who is a BB addict called and she was so worried because of the way Michelle was acting, she was wondering if BB does a thorough background check. She said, what if everyone is sleeping and Michelle loses it and attacks someone.

    Last night, she was in the green room trying so hard to cry, only one tear came out. The whole thing is for sympathy, but girl, if you want sympathy, try producing some real tears.

    After all that, if Jeff leaves, I would rather see Michelle win than that snake in the grass, that lying, rotten, snake Nat the rat. Kevin isn’t much better.

    Since Kevin is such a big liar, if I were Jeff, I would tell Kevin that since he stabbed him in the back, when Jeff goes to the Jury House, he is going to tell Jessie and Russ about all the horrible things Kevin said about him. Jeff will have maybe two weeks to work on them, if Kevin says he didn’t say anything, Jeff should call him a liar. If the two snakes can lie each and every day, then Jeff can help Michelle win. Nat the rat is so stupid, she will not win HOH, POV and if she is part of the last 3 she will lose that too. I can’t stand to even look at her, she is so disgusting, with all her lies.

  46. Leo has been bashing Jeff since day one. He hates Jeff because Jeff is so gorgeous and honorable. Probably Ronnie’s brother or wife.

  47. I really hope that this box twist will be used to save Jeff from the block and Kevin finally gets a brain and nominates Natalie as a replacement so she can go crying out of the BB house. She really needs to go and then Kevin goes next week. Natalie is the biggest whiner in BB history (with the exception of Amber, who cried like 24/7 in BB8) and does not deserve to be there. She has coasted along this entire game and only recently she had to fight to stay there. But anyways, if Jeff or Jordan leave BB on Thursday (God Forbid) Natalie and Kevin are up on the block for sure and one of them will be going home because Natalie can not win ANYTHING and I am pretty sure that Kevin can not play (unless they pull a Chima HOH and let him play if the box twist is used)!

    Pull a Chima Natalie and Kevin, so that you can be evicted and we will not have to put up with you anymore (although Kevin is like 1,000 x’s better than Natalie)!

  48. michelle is socially awkward.
    i don’t think she’s nuts, she just displays her emotions differently than most people.
    but it does come off as a little cuh-razy.

  49. Jeff did this to himself. What happened that all of a sudden he/jordan started distrusting Russell and Michelle and started believing Nat & Kevin? I hope Michelle can get Nat out. I guess Nat knows liers because she is such a lier.

  50. Assuming Pandora’s box doesn’t alter the eviction process I think Jeff is gone. It doesn’t really make any difference whom Michele votes for. Natalie will vote Jeff out as payback for Jessie being sent home. If Michele doesn’t vote Jeff then it will be a tie and Kevin will decide who gets evicted. So long Jeff.

    Kevin would be smart to take Michele to the final. I don’t think she has the votes to win.

  51. I really think it is time for Jeff to go home. I thought i wanted him to win until he began to be show such a shovanistic and mean attitude to Jordon.

    He has become less likeable then Jess or Russell. They were sneaky but that is how the game works. If you need to change you alience for the game, you have to do things that apear like your backstabbing.

    I give Russell credit for voting for those who he promised he would, even if it meant his own wishes weren’t the same.

    Jeff has become so dumb when it comes to the game.

    I give Kevin and Nat kudos for how they played the game so far. Now it’s going to be touchy and all those who are there diserve to be the winners. Luck and destiny will prevail.

    I think Kevin and Nat should make it to the end, i just hope they don’t make the mistake of the rest and feel too comfident in their power.

  52. Awesome. the plan is still on.

    I will be sipping on some tea come Thursday and Julie Chen says the most famous words on CBS.

    “Well its offical, Jeff has been evcited from the Big Brother House, lets give the Houseguests the news
    Jeff. With a vote of 2 to 0. u are evicted from the Big Brother House.”

    Im smiling just thinking about it.


    So i heard there were fights going on.

    between who and who?

  53. chima, ronnie, & laura are on twitter.
    ronnie had the balls (jk!) to follow laura.

    also, chima managed to find at least one network she isn’t banned from.
    her show hollyscoop just landed a segment on the CW. (:

  54. @Marcus-why do you think the vote will be 2-0. I think Michele will vote for Jeff and Kevin will have to decide the tie breaker.

  55. @Marcus:

    If Jeff goes home, I think that BB ratings will drop because Jeff/Jordon are the only thing good to watch right now. Nat is a whiner, Kevin is stuck up, and Michelle might self destruct soon (which will be worth watching). Nothing but Jeff/Jordon is worth watching right now

  56. WTF, Jeff obviously disserves to stay. He’s the only person in the house who actually disserves to win. I mean maybe Michele disserves to win a little as well for actually earning a couple victories. But mostly Jeff.

  57. just wanted to add. Coasting is a game strategy as long as those coasting recognize when it’s time to get active.

    Michelle is a typical nerd, and i stay that with pride. To be smart, careing and emotionally involved dosen’t make her stupid or crazy, just a person who follows her own beliefs and not those of “the crowd”.

    Go Michelle, however, i hope kev and nat get it.

  58. So Miclle has a good chance of HOH.

    Howevr, if she doesnt, shebteer when veto because she will be gone.

    If Natalie wins, she is gone. If Kevin wins, she is gone. If Jordan wins, she is gone.

    If Michelle wins, Kevin is gone.

    Final 3 – Michelle Natalie and Jordan.

    Jordan loses whatever . . . . then its Natalie and Michelle, final 2.

    Lets see what the votes would come out to be shall we.

    Jeff(or Jordan. one of them would vote for her)

    Jordan(or Jeff. one of them would vote for her)

  59. I have read post after post from many of you regarding how unfair it was that Jeff got the CDT and how now if he somehow gets saved by Pandora’s box this must have been rigged by CBS or AG, or some other mysterious force.
    Are you not watching the same program I am?
    If more than 32 million people voted Jeff the Power of CDT, how is that corrupt?
    Now everyone had the chance to find the key and Jeff got it and not only that, he decided to forego cash to use the key. If that act of morality somehow saves him in a game where the motto is “Expect the Unexpected”, please tell me how it is fixed.
    All you conspiracy theorists need a check-up from the neck-up.
    CBS, BB, etc. could never fix a program watched by so many (big brother is watching), it is way too random and far too risky.
    Remember the movie Quiz Show? That was real.
    S??? happens, deal with it!

  60. Can anyone tell me why Kevin is saying “Jeff will come after me?” I’ve seen it posted and assume it is something he has said on live feeds and I’m wondering if anyone knows why he would say this since most are convinced Jeff is going home on Thursday….which I hope he doesn’t , as far as game play for me Jeff is the only one who has made decisions that make enemies and basically on big brother you have to do that to push yourself further in the game. Natalie has used her mouth to keep herself in the game and that is her only gameplay , Jordan is riding Jeffs coattails and Kevin finally as HOH put Jeff up after he said he wouldnt but up to that point, he’d done nothing. Michelle is smart and has used her mind to get to where she is, as far as I can see it’s Michelle and Jeff who are the deserving ones.
    Of course thats only my opinion ….have a good one people.

  61. I don’t want Jeff to leave. I hope either Jordan or Natalie go, thanks to the Pandora’s box twist.

  62. @Chris ur wrong and right.

    Ur wrong about Kevin and Natalie as alot of ppl are.

    But ur prolly right, since most of the audience are cry babies, and would stop watching because there favorite left, yes there ratings would go down a notch.

    not a lot.

    I think more of there ratings would go if they twisted some thing around to save Jeff.

  63. Are they not a person short since they kicked out Chima? Maybe they will make this a week of NO eviction!! I want either Jordan or Jeff to win, they are awesome.

  64. Come on CBS… please rig the show to save Jeff. I will be sad if he leaves.. and the show will just be b o r i n g…..

  65. even if michelle doesn’t win HOH, she still has a good chance of staying.
    we all know how good she is at POV competitions.
    if she wins POV next week, her vote decides who goes home.

  66. @rockymtnbrenda: so you would rather the show be rigged for jeff to win instead of letting everyone have a fair shot? as i see it, jeff messed his game up for trusting the wrong people. to ask the show be rigged just because you want your favorite to win, that’s disgusting. cheater.

  67. rickster.

    for the last time.

    It is corrupt because when u ask amaerica to vote, u ask because ur gonna get deffrent opinions. the point is to see u can edge out someone.

    If the audience OVERWHELMINGLY loves Jeff, then by letting the audience vote is basically giving away a prize to someone who didnt earn it.

    Its like if i asked america to vote for michael jackson to have his own day to ppl in his hometown. I knoe everyoe will say yes.

    That may be a bad example but hopefully u get it.

    U dont let america vote when there wont be a fight for the votes.

    CBS checks websites like these, and there own. they check the comments. they darn well ppl hated Jessie and Natalie

    And ppl loved Jeff and Jordan.

    So they screw over Chima’s HOH week, which she earned to throw Jeff a bone, knowing he would put up Jessie and Natalie.

    Jeff also said he was asked leading question during the 2 weeks to go against Jessie and Natalie on BBAD, but the camera quickly turned to a different one.

    Jeff basically got an HOH. he was safe, he put up 2 ppl.

    Another thing that made it offical that BB was trying to give Jeff an advantage and the game is the week he actually earned his HOH.

    Whenever Kevin was in the lead, the Houseguests were notified repeatedly. From the “voice” and Jordan.

    When Jeff, or Russell was in the lead, nothing was said.

    This presents an unfair disadvantage towards Kevin.

  68. wait…even if jeff did get a “diamond veto” that doesn’t mean michelle wouldn’t be safe. The CDT could work on everyone except the HOH and the POV winner remember? So in that case (which i doubt this is a diamond veto situation) kevin would have to put up natalie

  69. I am happy Jeff is (hopefully) getting evicted this week. He will have himself to blame for trusting K/N. Furthermore, Michele is definitely not all there but this game is very stressful. It is much easier to have your wits about you when you have a true ally, partnered with you throughout the game. As for K/N…they will turn against the other very soon here – that will be fun to watch! Jordan is insignificant in the game since she’s not thought or acted on her own the entire game. Can’t wait to see the reaction in the jury house to Jeff’s arrival.

  70. On the day of Jeff’s eviction i will posts a rap. . . . of Jeff’s eviction.

    WHY? because this day should be celbrated in some way shape or form.

    and . . . . . WHY NOT?

  71. comment 83 – I agree with you. why would anyone even jj fans want the show to be rigged?

    @Marcus 84 – well said.

  72. Sabrina its not a conspiracy, its what happened.

    Eeverything i said was facts.

    CBS does look at the websites.

    Jeff did win with like 80 something percent of the votes.

    They did say Kevin was in the lead and no-one else.

    U sit corrected.

  73. The vote will be 1-1 so Kevin will have blood on his hands. It’s actually very good move by Michelle. Jeff and Jordan, in the jury house, will be bitter over him kicking Jeff out that they will vote for michelle. Jeff, Jordan, Russell, and America vote for Michelle. Kevin get Moe, Larry and Curly (AKA Jessie, Lydia, and Pigpen).

  74. chlymidia – In this season, of this GAME, Jeff is the only interesting character and the only reason I am watching. So yes, I would like CBS to do whatever is necessary to keep him around so I can continue to see his gorgeous bod for a few more weeks. Otherwise, I really don’t care this season.

  75. Wow…this is terrible. Does anyone here have proof that this show is rigged? Anyone at all?

  76. @rockymtbrenda – so instead of asking cbs to cheat, which is very unfair to the other hgs who are still in the house, why not ask for some live feeds of the jury house, where Jeff is going to be so you can still sit around and stare at him.

  77. rocky.

    u should be ashemed for that comment.

    i should get that russian dude on u again.


    anyone? anyone?

    you shouldnt be aloud to watch the show.

  78. I don’t sit corrected. Circumstancial evidence gets you nowhere in court and it will get you nowhere with me. SOLID PROOF? Anyone got it?

  79. i for one do not care if the show is rigged or not (because i know the producers have control of EVERY “reality” show)
    im not dumb therefore i don’t start watching a “reality” show thinking its actually true

  80. I hate how people keep saying that if jeff gets saved “again” its set up. When did he get saved before? The coup de ta did not save jeff it just have him some power which he used wisely, if jeff gets saved by some twist thats just how it goes people

  81. Hey I vote to evict marcus, blackgirl and chlymidia, they are too much like kevin and nasty nat!!!!!They have insulted Big Brother way too much!!!!

  82. Sabrina i just gave u proof.

    What more do u want?


    unless the show cxomes out and says its rigged, u wont belive it.

    And if they did, u would be glad it is.

    u aint folling nobody FOO!

  83. I have found the contestants on this season’s show to be contemptible, save Casey, Jordan and Jeff. What a message this show will send if Kevin and Natalie are rewarded for concocting lies in order to get ahead. I have been appalled by Nat and Kev’s behavior as well as that of the alliance counterparts. Can you imagine the lessons that they will teach their children? ( I can hear the conversation now—” Well, lying and making racist slurs are ok in some instances”) Many have said that lying is the nature of Big Brother– that’s a sad commentary on life. No wonder the world is in the state it is in. How refreshing and moralizing it would be to have the game won by the person who did the least harm to others rather than the other way around. For some reason,we(myself included) follow this show as if it were the next coming, when all it is,in reality, is a glimpse into that part of us that we usually try very hard to control. If and when Jeff and Jordan leave the house, I will no longer watch. There is no appeal for me to watch individuals with little or no scruples be named winners. In addition, if this does indeed happen, I will not be lured into another Big Brother season, only to find that my faith in fairness, goodness and compassion serve only to be ridiculed.

  84. LOL…the only way i would be happy with a rigged show is if natalie was evicted this week.

  85. wow people gotta really watch their spelling…
    like aloud? are you kidding me? allowed* or ashemed? ashamed* i could go on forever…

  86. I hope the pandora’s box can somehow save Jeff. Either him or Michelle deserve to win. Noone else in that house has played the game. They have done nothing but ride on everyone elses coat tails. Both Kevin & Nat need to be knocked down a peg or two. Their ego’s are way to big for such whiney people.

  87. andrea isnt dumb. she is very intelligent.

    just ask her.

    she will shine u blind with her smarts.

    she is so smart, she thinks telling a lie makes everyone but Jeff a hypcorite.

  88. Save Jeff please he has played the hardest and deserves it. Nat and Kevin havent done anything. besides you should take someone that the jury house dislikes with you to final 2 so they will pick you….duh!!!!

  89. I guess right now the house are on outside lockdown and Jordan’s not there.

    Kevin is questioning if Jordan has left.

    Jordan I guess has been in the diary room since the POV ceremony.

    Poor Poor Jordan.

  90. U cant vote to evict me.

    Because im rolling with team Kevin and Natalie, and the only person getting evicted is Jeff.


  91. The show is not rigged – let’s stick to the game-play scenarios!!! Been watching for several years and I can attest there were more beneficial outcomes that were not played out. If the show were rigged, it would be evident by now and we would not be watching and still asking that question.


  93. I truly feel horrible. The evil duo is laughing behind everyone’s back! Please don’t let evil prevail…..That smirk/smile of “Little Freak’s” needs to give way to tears as she is evicted (hopefull)…..let’s hope there’s a Pandora’s Box chance for Jeff to get rid of her…..She’s the only nomination option left if Jeff does have a magic reprieve with the key. I am truly disgusted with the way it is turning out and I don’t think I’ll be able to watch them snigger as they again pull the wool over Jeff and Jordan’s eyes…..The “Little Freak” is past disgusting and Kevin is truly ‘silly’ – his little devious facial expressions while flapping his hands only make him look almost as freakish and “Little Freak”…..please hope!

  94. @rockymtnbrenda: someone’s hot and bothered.
    maybe that’s allison grodner’s problem too!
    okay everyone, that’s a wrap. jeff won because he’s oh so steaming hot. see you next year!

  95. andrea plz.

    Kevin doesnt deserve to win? ummm he has won a veto and an HOH.

    he doesnt deserve to win?

    IF u go on wins. ofcourse he does.

    IF u go by logic, everyone else deserves to win except Jordan..

    Is she rele trying get herself evicted?

    She is a sorry piece of sillicone filled airhead.


    Thats so pathetic.

    I mean rele

  96. No they are not a person short since Chima was thrown because it was going to be a double eviction week so it was the same ending

  97. Ey…i always thought Russell was WAY hotter than Jeff. If I were watching for the hotness, I would’ve stopped after Thursday

  98. well you haven’t been reading all my comments apparently by thats ok. i want nat to leave before anybody else does…nat does not deserve to win michelle or jeff does. and kevin…

  99. tersea. w/e how its spelled.


    she is singing the blues. haha.

    its over.

    its as good as over.

    U have a better chance of falling threw the ground then Jeff staying in the house.

    IF Jordan doesnt convince the producers to quit.

    Which im sure they wont put up much of a fight

  100. How long will Kevin stay quiet while Natalie plays the
    “innocent” game to win herself possible Jury Votes?
    She’s been non-stop and will likely continue.
    No blood on her hands only Kevin’s.

    Before the eviction will Kevin spill the beans?
    What does he have to lose? Natalie. Big Deal!

    “Since Russell left, Natalie and I have been lying BIG TIME.
    I’ll take my blame. I was only playing the game to my
    best advantage however, I am NOT going to let Natalie
    paint herself in innocence since SHE CAME UP WITH THE IDEA.”

  101. if jeff goes jordan should stick with michele.go michele to the final 2. air head will have the rat in her ear again and turn things around again.

  102. @ Marcus…. Join in bro….

    ******* whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home…. whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home….

    Dang that makes me feel so good, i said dang that makes me feel so good!!! *******

    Sing with me now….

    ******* whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home…. whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home….

    Dang that makes me feel so good, i said dang that makes me feel so good!!! *******

    sing with me now…..

  103. @teresa: are you that disturbed woman on youtube that bashes chima? you certainly fit the profile! racist, fat, derogative, and, oh yeah! jealous.

  104. go marcus. I hope jordon didn’t leave, if she goes, kevin will have to put up nat against jeff because michelle is saving herself

  105. Marcus…jordan isn’t fat and you know it. LOL, you remind me of my man, he’s always talkin sh*t like you lol

  106. thats rude marcus does it make you feel better to call people names. ITS A GAME Jordan has a mom and family. I could call Kevin alot of names and also nat….

  107. @ Jeff fans… You were being just as obnoxious when Ronnie / jessie / Lydia were evicted, but i didn’t cry about it…. You are just like jeff because you give advice about how you act, but you don’t use your own advice…

    @ Ashley / Blackgirl / jacob / F team JJ / Marcus…. Join in bro….

    ******* whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home…. whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home….

    Dang that makes me feel so good, i said dang that makes me feel so good!!! *******

    Sing with me now….

    ******* whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home…. whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home….

    Dang that makes me feel so good, i said dang that makes me feel so good!!! *******

    sing with me now…..

  108. Natalie deserves to win, but barely.

    Has she won alot? no. She comes close however.

    Although close doesnt cut it.

    But if she won without winning anything then that shows she played a great mental game.

    What did u think that forehead was for?

    If u dont win anything, but u get to final 3. then i would say u have played and outstanding mental game.

    Because that takes alot.

    Has she floated?

    At times. So has EVERYONE. Jordan, Jeff, Kevin, Michelle.

    They all have.

    Does it make ir wrong? HECKS NO!

    floating is also part of the game.

    Winning only puts tagets on ur back, and its not like she has been on the block. She was on the block 4 times.

    So its not like she has floated, floated. She has felt the pinch.

    Is it her fault she is used asa pawn?


    thats great gameplay.

    If i ever got a chance to go on the show, thats what i would do.

  109. Chylmidia I never ever said anything about Chima believe me every one else did. I felt sorry for her…so dont accuse me of something I never did….oh my you must be chima

  110. Sabrina, sound slike someone is a man hater.

    Jordan is a lil chunky. Its a joke.

    Is she fat? no.

    Michelle if anyone is a lil gutty.

    Its called a joke.

  111. @ Andrea C…. read my last post… if jeff fans can dishh it out when Ronnie / jessie are evicted, you better be able to take it ok/

    @ Marcus…. You are cool bro, but jordan is not fat my dude!!! keep it real fam

    @ jeff fans… Jordan will say I am not hungry, then tell Jeff to make a pizze… (Marcus, even natalie eats alot)

    Jordan makes even more noise than natalie and is always eating, so i want to see you criticize her to hypocrites i mean jeff fans!!!

    @ Marcus…. Join in bro….

    ******* whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home…. whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home….

    Dang that makes me feel so good, i said dang that makes me feel so good!!! *******

    Sing with me now….

    ******* whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home…. whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home….

    Dang that makes me feel so good, i said dang that makes me feel so good!!! *******

    sing with me now…..

  112. thats funny i do not remember nat coming close to winning…and the only reason why she went up 4 times was because she wasn’t hiding behinds jesse’s back, now she found kevins back so shes not up on the block

  113. It was Natalie, Lydia and Kevin with the lml, however, Natalie is the one that came up with it and both Lydia and Natalie put Kevin up to going to Jeff to tell him because Kevin had never lied to anyone and Jeff would believe Kevin. So yes, Lydia is in the jury house and Lydia knows about the lml. Let’s see if that ever comes out when Jeff shows up in the jury house.

  114. So…..
    If Jeff gets to stay because of the key the show is fixed, however
    If Natalie stays although she’s won nothing and she wins the whole thing it’s not fixed?
    Things that make you go HUH? LOL

  115. WEW! well Jordan and Jeff will probably load up on the booz tonight.

    Get as Jessie would say “BLITZED” lol

  116. KEEP Jeffie… Let Jordie go!

    Jordie is an absolute doll and will prolly get Americas Vote.

    But the ONLY 2 players that deserve Final 2 are Jeff & Michelle.

  117. I recall reading somewhere that Michelle had some traumatic things happen in her life, does anyone know what that is about?

  118. @ Marcus… Call the jeff fans a whaambulance bro… they are having break downs because jeff is leaving…

    @ Andrea… if i keep jeff will you sleep with me?

    That is disrespectful of me to ask, but you don’t have a problem with jeff asking Jordan to have sex with him ifd he goes to hawaii? Jeff is not the gentlemen you all make him to be!!!

  119. Let’s hope Marcus never goes on BB. I;m annoyed just reading what he writes, I couldn’t imagine having to watch him.

  120. Marcus-Are you and Leo brothers? No offense Leo. I just don’t understand why keep posting a song about who is going home. Why wasn’t anyone singing when Chima was evicted? Yep. I just brought her back up. Just curious.

  121. Jordan has the whole package. there is nothing fat about her. This is a game people. those are real people in there playing it. what if one of them were your sister or brother or wife or husband. It could be. under the microscope or the lens of the camera WE ALL WOULD SHOW OUR WARTS.

  122. andrea c. u dont remeber alot of things.

    we found that out in the matt’s last post. so dont even start with that.

    Natalie came close in 3/4 competions.

    i doubt 5, but she has defently come close.

    But andrea go ahead and belive she has finished next to last in every comp.

    BEING ON THE BLOCK is being on the blok period.

    pawn or not.

    U have a chance of going home. PERIOD.

    I love how u try to say like

    oh well she wasnt rele on the block, she wasnt rele going home.

    thats not exactly wat u said, but ur hinting at it

  123. @teresa: i asked, i didn’t say you were.
    do you think chima would seriously waste her time like this?
    she’s back on tv, you know.

  124. to Midwest Fan:

    If Kevin was to make that type of statement to the remaining houseguests, or to the jury members, they wouldn’t believe him. It would be a case of “too little, too late”. If Natalie was as diabolical as Kevin would be attempting to portray her, they’d wonder why, when he had the opportunity of putting her up and getting her evicted, he chose not to do so. It would come across as an act of desperation and/or sour grapes for Kevin to try to put some or all of the blame on Natalie at that time.

    I’ve lost complete respect for Kevin’s gameplaying. He has been a very willing and complicite partner in all of Natalie’s schemes. Neither two for final two!

  125. @ronniron: natalie has just foated threw this game. so if you know something i don’t, you just contradicted yourself.


    Dude i dont care haha.

    If u wouldnt watch a show just cause someone u dont like is on it, especially BB, then u shouldnt watch BB.

    And if u play the game like Jeff, and i play the game like Natalie, i would last longer hahaha!


  127. Marcus…so she came close to winning comps and then purposely decided to throw them to play a mental game? LOL yea okay….that makes sense

  128. Michelle needs jeff to stay! If you don’t like Jordan lying what’s. Nats excuse? Nat does nothing but lie so why so mad at jordan – she at least won 2 things. Besides people make deals all of the time to let someone else win. Would have been interesting to see how game would have gone if Jesse hadn’t been briought back

  129. peggy ive seen u say some pretty harsh things, so dont even pull that card.

    U guys are basically saying that ppl should be politcally, morally right in ALL the decisons in the game.

    Kevin is bad for rolling with Natalie?

    What is she the devil’s child?

    All because she lied to save herself?

    and she saved Kevin.

    And she has been loyal to Kevin. AND vise versa.

  130. @Midwest Fan – It’s usually the one with the most blood on there hands that win the game. Boogie, Dr. Will, ED, Dan, Maggie. Those HG’s were getting folks evicted left and right. Tons of blood on there hands and they were rewarded for it. It’s a dirty game unfortunately. I’m a huge Jeff fan because he played an honest game in a dirty house. But unless that key from pandora’s box gives him a free pass in the house, he got…well…got.

  131. @chlymidia….I was simply pointing out that we could say the show is fixed with all of the HG’s but it’s funny how people only point this out with the HG’s they don’t like. How is that a contradiction?
    Why is it some of you are so quick to be rude about another persons opinion…I don’t know anything more than anyone on this board it was just a thought.

  132. chima is a loser, the only tv she’s on is some bush league mid-west town public access channel announcing the local winning lottery numbers off the balls.

  133. whatever marcus…keep being jealous because you’re not as hot as jeff thats cool we need people like you to laugh at…

  134. It’s not that I won’t watch a show where I don’t like someone – obviously because I’m watching bb11 and I can’t stand Nat. But I don’t think I could TAKE watching you.

  135. No the fat lady hasn’t sang yet just Marcus, Ace and Leo maybe the three an start a trio and call themselves the Jeffhaters

  136. Neither! I love jeff and jordan, i am still so mad at jeff for falling for the bs keven and nat told him about russel, and then backdooring him but that will have proved to be his downfall if he does get evicted so i guess that would serve him right. In my perfect world, the final four would be jeff,jordan, michelle, and russell. I think that jeff should win it all, he has done it all and carried the weight of two people on his shoulders this whole game an it has worked, so go jeff!!!!

  137. EVERYONE!!! LETS PLAY THE BB GAME! who do u vote to evict?
    i’ll start….marcus…or maybe leo?

  138. @ Jeff fans… Jordan said Jeff has carried her and that she is a floater.. jeff said he is only still in the game because of America’s gift… Are you saying Jeff / Jordan are lying about there statements?

    @ jeff fans, are acting like bitter / hypocrites…. you are both lame…. You all were just as obnoxiuous when people were supporting Ronnie during the CDT voting and even more so when Ronnie / Jessie / Chima were evicted from the show… if you can dish it, you better be ready to take it….

    jeff is a moron…

    If i asked any woman to have sex with me if they want to go on a trip, I would be seen as a jerk… jeff is basically trying to do that with taking jordan to hawaii… Don’t make an excuse and say he is joking….

    I hope you are just as happy when jeff leaves as you were when you talked crap about Ronnie / Jessie / Chima leaving…

    To quote your boy…. “It is a game and he was got, so you need to get over it”…. that is great advice!!! use it jeff and jeff fans alike!!!

  139. @ Andrea C…

    Do you know how to read or are you so far up jeff’s but that you won’t admit he is a jerk for trying to blackmail jordan to have sex with him if she wants to go to hawaii?

  140. Sabrina. ur right.

    However i didnt say she threw anything

    I said she has come close, but hasnt been able to pull out a victory.

    Watch, when u see this POV, she missed ONE face.

    oh but she never comes close right?

    And if u sit back and let the crash happen in front of, u can go around it to the finish line.

    Im not saying she tries, and then gives up. Im saying she has been good and bad. when she is bad, she is bad. look at last week, she was sorry.

    When she is good aka the last POV, she is good.

    But im saying NOT winning anything has prven to be good for her.

  141. Natalie, Michelle and Kevin all need to Go. I think Jeff should win he has played the best and kept his cool.

  142. america’s going to hate someone.
    chimas gone, so let’s pick on natalie.
    what has natalie done that is so unbelievably bad?

    lie? so has everyone else. despite other comments, it IS the nature of the game. deal with it.

    win? no. she’s floated the entire time. jordan has too! with the expeption of one HOH jeff threw for her.

    tomboy/stink/whatever? she’s not a girlie girl! did you seriously think we would get all jordans and lauras?

    can anyone give a legitimate reason to hate natalie?

  143. its not blackmailing.. you should use a better word for it..its up to her if she goes or not…and we all know they want each other so eh

  144. @ Marcus….

    If jeff leaves i am not watching the show anymore. :(

    I am angry. :(

    Don’t let Jeff leave :(

    I am not watching BB anymore :(

    Whaa, whaa, whaa :(

  145. @ Andrea C… If a guy is told that she is not going to sleep with just anyone and you keep trying to make out and even say if i take you on a trip, I am having sex with you, they would look like jerks!!! Jeff is doing exactly that!!!

  146. @ jeff fans…. Natalie was the genius that came up with LML which left Russell / jeff being evicted before the final 4…. That would have never happened without the LML!!!

  147. It is time to get rid of Natalie!!!!! keving has played a good game. If Jeff goes to the Jury, then Michele must win and get rid of Nat, who has done nothing in this game. Pathetic indidvidual. Jeff was just plain stupid. Kevin did really good on his “believable” story. Pandora’s box to save Jeff and get rid of the Gnat!

  148. hes playing…even if he wasnt playing so what? he might like her, besides thats another story

  149. @ jeff fans…. Natalie was the genius that came up with LML which left Russell / jeff being evicted before the final 4…. That would have never happened without the LML!!!

    @ jeff fans, are acting like bitter / hypocrites…. you are both lame…. You all were just as obnoxiuous when people were supporting Ronnie during the CDT voting and even more so when Ronnie / Jessie / Chima were evicted from the show… if you can dish it, you better be ready to take it….

    jeff is a moron…

    If i asked any woman to have sex with me if they want to go on a trip, I would be seen as a jerk… jeff is basically trying to do that with taking jordan to hawaii… Don’t make an excuse and say he is joking….

    I hope you are just as happy when jeff leaves as you were when you talked crap about Ronnie / Jessie / Chima leaving…

    To quote your boy…. “It is a game and he was got, so you need to get over it”…. that is great advice!!! use it jeff and jeff fans alike!!!

  150. OK….did anyone expect Michelle NOT to use the Veto on herself? DUH the girl is smart. But I stil think that there is something to the key/pandora’s box. Pandoras box was literally filled with evil (etc.) that was unleashed when opened (ie Kevin choosing to open the box & unleashing money) However, at the bottom of the box was hope (the key may represent the hope-and it may be a key factor in the outcome of this weeks recent activities) Remember Julie said that this will effect the HOH duties, and be game changing. Like I thought earlier….Kevin may be responsible for unleashing gifts upon the holder of the key (Jeff—Natalie didnt find it) so Kevin in a sense may be handing Jeff his safety! LOL we shall see

  151. @ronniron: theres a big difference. allison grodner herself stated that this season held one of big brother’s most-liked houseguests.
    she’s not a moron.
    and neither are we.
    as soon as that poll went up on CBS we all knew who would win.
    and he did.

  152. I’m not picking on Natalie… if I had it my way, she would’ve went home the week casey did. I want her gone because she can’t, oh i mean “chooses” not to win anything. She’s just lame and needs to bounce.

  153. Nasty Nat, yuk who dosent shower being on her period, the houseguests said she stunk in the diary THATS GROSS

  154. @ Leo I am a Jeff fan, but for the record I have never been a Ronnie or CHima fan.
    I wasnt a Jessie fan on BB10, and I am NOT now. Methinks that you have swallowed a bitter pill or two!

  155. Peggy,

    Great idea! Do you think we can do a double eviction and get rid of both Marcus and Leo!!!!

  156. @ Sabrina & Teresa….we all know that Natalie is a Nasty cow chewing whiny little nose picker! She will get hers really soon! LOL

  157. @teresa: if you checked the CW on sunday nights you can catch her on HollyScoop interviewing a-list celebrities on the red carpet. not that you would know anything about the CW, it’s way out of your age range.

  158. Teresa lol…wow. Really she didnt? I knew she didnt do it much but damn that is nasty!

  159. chlymidia IF YOUR so down on Big Brother why the h-ll do you waste your time watching it?

  160. @ ememy… If you could read and spell you would realize that i hated Jessie last year… i said BB should have either brought back Nick (BB8) / james (BB9) or matt BB9) for the athletes!!

  161. @ Theresa… You and Jeff fans are being down on BB and are even threatening not to watch anymore when jeff leaves…. We all know you will, so get over it… Jeff is going bye bye!!!

  162. @chlymidia…what has he won ? He’s on the block for trusting the wrong people and I for one don’t let others (producers or not) decide who my “favorite” person is. As far as I know noone knows what this Key is going to do for anyone…so he hasnt won anything at this point.

  163. @Leo. You have way too much time on your hands. Are you related to Natalie? It’s a mystery to me why anyone would support her in this game. She’s a disgrace to the BB game. A complete disgrace! An annoying gnat! If Natalie and Kevin make it to the end this is the second worse season of BB. I think season 9 was quite bad as well! Apparently, BB can’t turn out good seasons back to back. They have to take a year off in between.

  164. chima is a loser, the only tv she’s on is some bush league mid-west town public access channel announcing the local winning lottery numbers off the balls.

  165. I would think even her relatives would be disgusted with her. I know if I was I would be ashamed at the way she acts, doesn’t shower, picks her nose and hung all over Jessie when she has a boyfriend.

  166. @ chlymidia you want legitimate reasons to dislike natalie? LOL my own reasons:
    1. liar (all the time, sometimes for no reason…im 18, shes a champion tae kwon do artist…she just lies for sport) Maybe she is like that on the outside
    2. I dont drink, (no wait I drink Mikes hard, she has had wine)
    3. she doesnt Bathe EVER (yuck nasty)
    4. she picks her nose so much, that im afraid she will hit gold one day
    5. she was all up Jessies but, and all into him when she claims that she has a boyfriend
    6. she is willing to throw a supposed friend under the bus to save her sorry butt (I remember a time when she wanted Kevin on the block)
    7. she has won NOTHING (Yes, Jordan was given the HOH but SHE DID WIN POV ON HER OWN)
    8. she is annoying
    9. she acts like a 14 year old boy, everything is a competition with her
    10. she drags her feet when she walks
    11. she doesnt do anything (has she ever cooked, except to make Jessie a sandwich)
    12. she never even tries to win anything (Case in point the latest HOH competition)
    Need I go on? LOL

  167. @andrea: i don’t hate jeff. i think his time has ran out. he trusted the wrong people and it bit him in his a–. if the key saves him, then good for him. he’s one lucky man. though i don’t believe it’s luck in this case.

    @ronniron: i was refering to the CDT. if he wins safety with this key, then good for him.

  168. As far as im consirned, Natalie has not won ANYTHING! And therefor does not deserve to WIN BB!! GO JEFF!!!!!

  169. @ Leo dude, please dont question my ability to read or spell. I am well educated, I have forgotten more than you know! When you type fast errors are made…I didnt talk about YOU or your character, so lets not take it there


  171. @ andrea c

    just out of curiosity, why does Marcus’ spelling bother you this much?

    I am a Jeff fan, but guys, Michelle is winning me over. She’s just a die-hard in this game, and that’s something I am beginning to admire. Seeing that Jeff is most probably going home this week, no matter how much I hope the contrary happens, I am now rooting for Michelle.

    I hope she makes it to the final 2 with Kevin, and that by that time, she’ll have won Jeff’s and Jordan’s respect enough so they could vote for her (and that by then they would have found about the LML and would therefore not want to vote for Kevin). Add to that America’s vote and Russell’s, she might have a chance to take it home. Go Jeff or Michelle!!!

  172. Hey Leo and Marcus have been quiet for over 10 minutes. Whoo hoo.

    Memy –

    You nailed it! I can’t stand her for all those reasons. When you look at her she just always looks dirty and gross!

  173. @memy: lol. that.. made me laugh. i should’ve stated that i’m not a natalie fan. at all. but i was just confused as to why people dislike her soo much.
    her dragonflyphobia segment is probably the funniest thing since jerry fell in the pool. lol i rewound that clip over and over last night.

  174. alright jeff should stay, because of many reasons. I love jeff and jordan,but all in all jeff is favourite. he worked hard to be where get where hes at! he will have a much better chance at winning hoh or pov next week, then jorden would. He is much stronger competor!!! plus he gave hoh to jordan..what kind of man is that??? A GOOD ONE!!! one that would give up power to someone he really likes? jeff deserves to win big brother. and i dont care what anyone else thinks.

  175. at lerato..
    i guess misspelling bothers me some, but i don’t hold it against people, marcus should learn how to spell before making fun of somebody else…
    and i just chose his misspellings randomly…kinda

  176. @ ohsoannoyed LOL Im glad they left…didnt add anything to the blog anyway! LOL

    @ chylimidia LOL glad you cleared that up! I was like what? does she like Natalie? tee hee!

  177. @ chylimidia…p.s yes, the dragonfly thing was hilarious! LOL do you think that she is really scared, or just trying to fake B out? Maybe she wants something with bugs

  178. whatever happens hopefully nat won’t win, she deserves it the least out of everybody left.

  179. I thought they were supposed to find out about the ten G’s today? What happened?

  180. @ Leo – Don’t act like you wouldn’t want a woman to have sex with you if you took her to Hawaii, or maybe even a guy for that matter. At least Jeff was being honest.

  181. @memy: i’m all for kevin and michelle, but definitely not nat! lol i’m sure she’s great and all; but she’s not for me.

  182. @ Jeff Fans….. You are so entertaining…. I can’t wait to see what you say when K/N are final 2….. L-O-L!!!

  183. @memy: good point.
    idk, i’ve never seen someone so terrified by an insect in my life! lol. if she was acting, then she’s definitely got a job when she gets out of there.

  184. neither one should go
    i hope the pandora’s box will get them both off
    the block, then the other 2 shulbs can to up
    natalie and kevin the liars

  185. @ Sabrina. I agree with you. Natalie hasnt been “playing” the game. She has been watching others play. She claims that shes going to win each week, but she doesnt. Has she even come close? Maybe she lives in her own little Camelot where she wins all the time and its ok to not bathe, comb your hair, belch, & pick your nose. She is good at one thing, lying…now that she has mastered! LMAO

  186. Amen #77 cant figure out how some idiots think the CDT was handed to Jeff by BB when america voted! and they all had a fair share in finding that key. If Jeff leaves I HOPE HE GETS TO TAKE ALL THEIR MONEY TOO!!!

  187. @chlymidia…lol I was trying to figure that out. She did look really scared when she jumped out of the chair! tee hee I hope another one comes around her on BBAD so that I can look again.

  188. at lynne..
    that would be awesome if jeff leaves and takes the 10k and michelle wins…

  189. Does anyone with Live Feeds know the answers to:

    Why Kevin said Jeff will come after me if he’s going home Thur

    Why Jordan was in the DR for a while today?

    Any hints about the Key Jeff found…?

    Anything else interesting you want to throw out there for the impatient self I’ve turned out to be ? LOL

  190. Jeff and Jordan are going to feel so stupid when they look back on the tapes and realize how many times Michelle gave them warnings about Nat and Kev that they ignored and just called her crazy. Mind you, I am not a big fan of Michele’s, but she has told a hell of a lot more truth than Nat who has the nerve to call Michele the biggest lia in the game. J/J will be kicking themselves!

  191. @ Leo I thought you and Marcus were trying to be the entertainers..with all your songs and mimicking of us.

    And to your post 193 where you called us hypocrites – here’s the definition:


    –noun 1. a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs

    I think most of have stated that we don’t like Nat because she doesn’t shower..picks her nose..etc. I can promise you that I am not a hypocrite because I do not pick My nose and I shower DAILY…unlike Nat.

  192. I will be happy when Jeff leaves because that way all of you can stop your bitching and stop acting like he was the second coming of Dr Will. You’re not a true BB fan if you want Jeff to stay by a stupid twist. That is almost as bad as cheating.

  193. awesome reply ohsoannoyed…
    nat is def. a hypocrite because she says shes been truthful…umm no she has not been..

  194. i hope that mich wins it all. i feel bad for her b/c no one believes that she is loyal and she is. hopefully this box or door will make a major game twist were gnat mysteriously gets evicted this week but also helps mich’s game.

  195. Jeff wanted to play the game until he met Jordan.
    I have no problem with their showmance except it totally took
    Jeff out of his game.
    He listened to every word of gossip Jordan fed him and never
    checked up on any of it himself. If she didn’t like someone, he
    didn’t too.

    I have wondered WHY they chose to team up with Natalie and Kevin,
    and in my opinion, it was nothing more than their egos.

    They became the Most Popular in the House and believed
    the least popular ones WANTED SO MUCH to bask in their
    glory, and came to them first, how in the kindness of their hearts could they say, “No, we have our Final Four.”

    Showmance and egos can often ruin gamesmanship.

    Bye to one of the J/J Team.

  196. @ Andrew….I am a Jeff Fan, I also like Kevin and Michelle. I have never acted like Jeff is the second coming of Dr. Will. There is only one WIll, one Evil Dick , one Kaysar, one Janelle (etc.) I am a true BB fan since the very beginning. When hasnt there been a twist on any season of BB except for maybe season one? If we are going to talk about cheating, then Jessie should not have been allowed to reenter the BB1 house and take HOH.

  197. Too bad Jeff believed the Liar Team (Natalie & Kevin). Natalie is such an idiot and does not deserve to be in that house. You can play and win that game without constant lying and backstabbing and going back on your word. And for Jeff to fall for it . . . he’s just naive.

    This show will not end well at all.

  198. Okay, I am just gonna give my opinion on the remaining HG’s.
    Kevin-I had always liked Kevin, but with the way NBK ran the house I honestly didn’t think he had a chance in hell of winning. I am glad to see that he has come so far. He really needs to get away from Nat-a-LIE. In my opinion Kevin seems to be a really good person and granite he may not have won every comp, he has won a few.
    Nat-a-LIE-This girl I have disliked from the very beginning. The way she was always with Jesse and getting mad because Lydia was messing with him, hello, don’t you have a bf? She never showers and as a woman and human, hygiene is important. Ewww.
    Michelle-I didn’t know what to think of her at first. She was very quiet and kept to herself. As the game went on, she showed to be a great competitor and has endured a lot from the other HG. I have always thought she should go to the F3.
    Jordan-lol. yes, She is very dumb. Yes, she has implants. No, she can’t tell time. I did like her in the beginning, mainly because of Jeff. I don’t want her to win and think she needs to leave. She has used Jeff enough. As she said, Jeff isn’t really her type and outside the house she wouldn’t be interested in him.
    Jeff-I liked Jeff from the beginning also, and he was always my number 1 choice to win. He was an underdog at the time and I always root for the underdog. I still believe that Jeff should win and looks have nothing to do with it. Although, I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed, lol. Just I like that he tried to be as honest in this game as he could. If he leaves, sorry. I won’t kill myself, nor will I stop watching I will just root for Michelle.
    Since it does look like Jeff is going home, (my original pick for F3 was Russ/Jeff/Jordan, but I thought it would be Russ/Jeff/Michelle. I never figured Jordan would make it this far, let alone the F3. Gnat needs to leave asap. If Jeff goes this week, then Jordan next. I would like to have Michelle/Kevin in the F2 with Michelle winning it

  199. @ Jacob
    Natalie: (to J/JJ) I have been nothing but loyal and truthful to you guys in this game.”
    ha ha ha

  200. What are the odds that this magical key just allows Jeff to bring back any HG who is/was evicted, including himself it they vote him off this week? Could be interesting, because if no one leaves the house this week, then everyone knows who their real allies are. Then next week would be a double evicition week.. since there hasn’t been one yet. Just something to dream about! LOL

  201. The show got boring when Russell left. I’m so glad to see Jeff go home and Happy Birthday Russell is appropriate. The ratings were the highest for BB when it was about Russell. JJ are ridiculous to watch. Some of you posters must not have life!

  202. FRED: You are on here reading and writing posts, so you must not have that exciting of a life either.

  203. Best Line of the Day except for Natalie telling Michele that
    she doesn’t have a deal with Kevin.

    Natalie to Jeff:

    “I wanna win or lose with loyalty, integrity and honesty.”


  204. @ FRED I have a life. We are all watching J/J & BB (you too) so does that mean that you need a life as well? LOL

  205. @ midwestfan LOL yes, that was a good one…Again, natalie is living in her own Camelot where everything is good. tee hee

  206. FRED….I’m really impressed with your great life…telling J/J fans we don’t have a life.

    HELLO – your on here just like the rest of us, doesn’t matter who you like. Your spending your time the same as the rest of us!

  207. I don’t like the person that Kevin has become. I really hope that Nat or Kev do not make it to the final two. I don’t want either of them to get a cent. They are saying such cruel things about Jeff, Jordan, and Michelle. They didn’t do anything to them but save them. They are brutal.

  208. i have to admit it is pretty messed up to be saved from eviction then stab the person who saved you…

  209. If Jeff leaves then the show will be nothing. Jeff has played the game the way anyone of would. He was making smart moves that even Jesse and Russell agreed were smart moves. If Kevin thinks for a second that they will vote for him over Natalie then he is kidding himself. Jeff I hope you are saved some how. You and Jordan have made the show. Anyone who doesn’t think so is probile jealous. GO JORDAN AND JEFF. No matter what you are the winners of the show.

  210. I think Leo is like Russel he’s secretly in love w/ Jeff and wants to have s3x w/ him so he’s singing dumb-a songs

  211. @llovebb
    Yes the live feeds are worth a few bucks a week. Otherise you have to believe what you are shown on TV which is so far from the truth you won’t beleive it. Most of the J&J lovers don’t have the live feeds and never saw how cruel and childish they were the entire two weeks they had power.

  212. How about we all just chill out and wait to find out what the key does before we all freak out about what could happen?

    I’m a Jeff fan who would absolutely LOVE for him to stay and Nat to leave, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

    We’ll just have to be patient and we’ll know what will happen soon enough.

  213. We will all know if the game is rigged ……. should BB reveal what’s in the box and it save Jeff. BB should just let the game be.

    Kevin wins ……

  214. Natalie is about to eat a sandwich.. There goes my appetite for the night. Someone needs to tell her to close her friggen mouth. YUCK!!

  215. I wish that Jeff and Jordan had not been so trusting. And sorry about my statements earlier. I noticed some misspelled words. I agree that both Kevin and Natalie have played the game but making remarks about Jeff and Jordan have only made them look cruel. I really hope there is a big twist. MANY PEOPLE WILL STAY TO WATCH. To boring without Jeff and Jordan. Keep Jeff.

  216. Jeff deserves to go becaused he believed the big lie and got rid of Russel instead of Kevin.


  218. @ Lynne 250
    Okay, if you can’t figure it out, then we’ll say it again. 1) BB gave America the vote to give to their favorite. They already knew Jeff was the favorite. 2) BB could NOT tell who would find the key. However, they did not announce what the key meant, so they could change it to whatever power they want Jeff to have.
    Lastly, I don’t necessary beleive the show is fixed, in fact, I would bet against that. BUT, this is what the posters are saying that you can’t understand.

  219. I’m sorry but if you want to make your screen name an S T D then spell it correctly!!!!

  220. People talk about the power getting to J/J’s heads. Gosh, has anyone been listening to K/N the last coupld of days. They are way worse! They think that they have this in the bag. I can’t wait for Michelle to take one of them out next week. Kevin can’t play for HOH right?? No way Natalie will win. She sucks at everything!!


  222. live feed update
    Kevin and natalie are talking about whether one would screw the other. Nat is lecturing him on how wonderful she has been to him. Kevin said if she screwed him he’s collect bugs and unleash them on her. I want to see that!!!!!

  223. GET_NAT_OUT!
    That’s true, but K&N have always been this way, it’s no surprise. J&J pretended to be nice people.

  224. I hope that tonight when Natalie drinks BB calls her into the DR and tells her she has to come clean with her age because they don’t think it is right.

  225. at rene…
    i dont think j/j pretended to be nice, i think they were nice because they had no reason to not be…unlike nat..she was a liar and a lot of times she didn’t need to lie…

  226. and i don’t think kevin was that way…he needed to lie to save himself so he was needed..

  227. I love Jordan 2. Want Jeff 2 win. Best show was when RONNIE got the boot. Anyone i dont like i adress them as “RONNIE”

  228. andre c
    did you watch the feeds? did you see them making fun of M’s body parts? did you see Jeff say “she’s disgusting, I f’n hate her” at least 30 times? I’m not against lying in this game, or even back stabbing. But personal attacks (just like on this board) are not cool.

  229. I don’t think any of them care what age Nat is. We know K doesn’t believe her. J&J are too into themselves to pay her much attention.

  230. i know he said some hurtful things but im sure he does not feel that way about her, its just part of the game to make a point that hes not really on her team


  232. if you want to call people out on name doesn’t russell and chima take the trophy on that, they did it the most

  233. I really hope Jeff gets saved this week and natarat goes home. She is a gross and disgusting excuse for a girl. NASTY NATTY

  234. andre c
    sorry, I don’t agree. You say those things in front of others to mislead – that is playing the game. Saying them to your partner hidden away in your HoH room, and seriously ranting and raving about it for hours is not making a point – his actions were embarrassing. I feel bad for his family. And, honestly, Jordan was worse, he started it but she ran with it, and even when Jeff got a grip, Jordan kept it up forever.

  235. I don’t really blame anybody for saying hurtful things about anybody else in that house. There’s a reason why I would never go on the show – because I would literally go insane.
    They get so caught up in emotions. I think most people, after getting out of the house will regret certain things that they said.

    BB picked contestants specifically for the Cliques twist, and even though the cliques are over, it’s still High School all over again in that house.

  236. RENE:

    Not that they would care about her, but it would open everyone’s eyes, including Kevin’s on how big of a LIAR she is.

  237. im not defending j/j for calling names because theres never a excuse, but maybe they felt that she had betrayed them somehow with the russell thing

  238. Rene F, I agree. Jeff has a lot to be sorry for. He really does.

    Right now, Natalie has both Kevin and Jordan wrapped around her lies.
    The only one standing in Natalie’s way is Michele.

    I so want someone to bring up a group ( All HGs) discussion, before
    the eviction, about the lies and myths told so far.
    If it happened, Natalie would get caught in something.
    Kevin might wake up to the fact she is selling him out right now.
    He is getting the full blame for Jeff leaving. Nat’s “hands” are clean.
    The only time Kevin has left to clear the air is now.
    Come on, Kevin and Wake UP!
    Admit to your lies and give Natalie the blame too.
    Do it before J/J leave the BB House.

  239. I think Kevin knows that already.

    @llysa You’re right it would make most people crazy, which is why I hate to hear people calling Michele names. The girl lost her young brother to alcohol poisoning in April; you’re not quite all there when something like that happens. Put all this stress on top of that, and having everyone in the house against you, can you blame her for acting weird?

    It must be hard for all of them to be away from their loved ones, but to be away and have no one to hang with and talk to unless you know they’re using you, that must be horribly hard.

  240. @blackgirl – lol i was wondering when you were going to see that post. Good comeback.

    @Rene F – I agree with all you are saying!!

  241. #318 I LOVE JORDAN

    Did you see Jordan pre-show interview? SHe stated she would latch onto a guy and flirt with him and use him. I would bet they won’t be a couple after this.

  242. I wanted 2 jump through the tv and kiss Jeff when he took Jessies ass out. Frickin awesome. I do feel really bad for Michelle tho. I really beleive she was loyal to jj. This show makes me scream at the tv.

  243. OK, here is something new: Kevin and Natalie make the best couple in the house. Natalie is a tomboy, very butch, can actually physically kick anyone’s ass in the house. She dresses like a tough guy and her walk, OMG.

    Kevin is gentle, avoids confrontation, clean, uses great lotions, dresses in pastel bright pretty colors, wouldn’t hurt a fly (and has proven that). And the way he walks is so prancy. Actually, Kevin and Natalie now have the same walk. I think it’s a match, what do you think?

  244. Good point #256

    Hopefully when Jeff gets the boot and you crybabies quit watching(like you stated)you’ll quit posting on here to. +1

  245. Riley….you are tooooo funny!!! i was just watching the flashback and thought the same thing!!!!! and for all of you that did see the “fly” incident with kevin and nat….omg, you really missed the best laugh of your life! it was sooooo funny!!!! i’m that way about worms!!!!

  246. I don’t know blackgirl. you would think they were all jeff’s girlfriends or something. i guess they are when they dream at night. Anyway, i for one am VERY happy jeff is going to the jh. He made his bed now he has to feel the pain. And for all you Nat haters, IT IS JEFF’S FAULT SHE IS STILL IN THE HOUSE!

  247. I loved the praying manthis clip with Jordan. I don’t know about the rest of the country but in NJ you can get a fine for killing one. With all the ants they have at the BB house they should coral the Manthis’ and put them in the house!

  248. @blackgirl – like you said, you can’t say anything to Jeff’s fans without getting slammed. Where did that comment come from Riley? Maybe you need to go read the post she was commenting on.

  249. Marcus #181

    I thought you said part of Nat’s strategy was to lose so that way she has no blood on her hands?

    blackgirl #320 (sweetheart)

    There you go once again with his smile. LOL is that the only thing you can talk about besides the CDT?

  250. what! kevin needs to go jeff needs to stay i love him, they can even let jordan go eventually someone going to stab her in the back

  251. Blackgirl,
    Did you ever hear the term used “Irish Diplomacy?”

    Here is the definition:

    Irish Diplomacy: The ability to tell a man to go to hell so they enjoy the trip.

    It does take some practice but it is effective. Maybe by ignoring your opponent you can make them feel like they don’t count.

    Again, sorry to misjudge the situation, let’s just talk game.

  252. #341 Is that all you can do is talk crap to everyone. If she always says that so what. When aren’t you saying the same crap about nat and kev??????

  253. I vote to evict jeff! Bye clown and will not buying anything you try an pitch, for commercialism. Bye the bye, I think jeff prefers nat to jor, because he normally date brunetees. Go Kev!

  254. This is what Kevin should have done:

    Nominate Jordan + Michelle

    Play veto

    Michelle wins, let her take herself off the block, Kevin makes a F2 deal with Michelle and puts Natalie on the block. Michelle will vote to get Natalie out, so she can have Kevin to herself.

    Natalie is worthless and Kevin needs a partner that is most likely to win the HOH, which IS Michelle.

    Why keep Natalie when you could replace her with Michelle?

  255. I was a big fan of Jeff and Jordan’s through most of the show. I get the live feeds and watched J/J fall for the lies of Kevin and Natalie and it made me sick. Here were 2 people that believed everything from 2 other people who were against them from the beginning. These were the people who were Jessie Groupies. J/J got so caught up in their own power mode that they lost all common sense. Whatever happens to J/J is there own fault. And what Jordan says about Michele is disgusting. Well as Forrest Gump says “stupid is as stupid does.”

  256. Sabrina #125

    August 31st, 2009 at 5:30 pm
    Ey…i always thought Russell was WAY hotter than Jeff. If I were watching for the hotness, I would’ve stopped after Thursday

  257. It seems to me the one who keeps mentioning his smile is the one stuck to it like white on rice.

  258. look at this bimbo sabrina trying to pull the jealously crap again. Get over yourself.

  259. jeffsadouche you should get over yourself and don’t be calling people bimbos you don’t know her

  260. Well when someone wants someone to when a reality show based on looks well I can em how I hear em. Go get your cape out the closet and quit trying to save a well you know.LOL

  261. LOL… she must be. Hell at least this “bimbo” has different stuff to talk about. She just is redundant in what she says everytime. And if you don’t agree look at her other posts in every freakin comment section of every update and you will see what i mean.

  262. By the way…you should look at comment 125… like i said If i were watching it for a smile, it would be Russell’s.

  263. This is my favorite season of BB because of Jeff and Jordan. when i watch after dark I can’t even watch when nat kevin or michele are on…I fast forward thru them. I hope Jeff gets saved…and it wouldn’t be rigged like some people are saying…he found that key, no one else did.
    I wonder if Jeff and Jordan will be a couple after the show

  264. Whenever I have watched past BB and hear how good a player feels than you know they are toast.
    Kevin/Nat just are saying that…………..
    SO here is how it is going to roll up the the two how finale on 9/15.
    The Pandora box = No Eviction (Hope played Jeff an extra week)
    To be fair to both on the block
    Double EVICTION next week. :)

  265. I’m only here to make this a fair playing field. You guys get but hurt when someone starts attacking you guys,but you don’t think about it when you guys are attacking someone else.

  266. LOL well this “bimbo” ahem ahem is leaving…i’ll be back later douche. DUECES and by the way sweethear, keep dreaming of the smile you can’t stop talking about!

  267. Way to go Michelle!!!! Keep it up!
    In mythology Pandora’s Box released horrible things. Now BB has one…. hmmmm.

  268. Natalie is a vile, wicked young person with very few redeeming qualities. She’s a lying slacker who doesn’t have the dignity to play with any fire but concots ridiculous lies that Kevin, Jordan, and even Jeff fall for

    know why she wants Michelle out so badly….. Michelle is the only one bright enough to call her on it.

    Yeah everyone lies in this games, but this slattern does it without any shame. The lies don’t enhance her game, they are her game. Vile.

    If she wins, though, the others have only themselves to blame.

  269. WOW how old are you sabrina. You sound way to young to be fantasizing about jeff and russ.

  270. not to insult you or anything is just that your comments remind me of my friend terry haha

  271. hmmm…maybe, they never got to do their other double eviction this season cuz of chima leaving

  272. the reign of jeff and jordon is over!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  273. don’t worry jeff’sadouce when all’s said and done jeff will stay and you’ll be upset thursday typing and moaning even faster than ever UGOTGOT

  274. live feeds 3:40
    Jordan tells Nat that Michele told Jeff Nat said she’d send him to Russell as a birthday present. Nat tells Jordan that’s ridiculous, she never said that. Jordan said, yeah, I didn’t think you’d say that. Jordan said Nat is the only one she trusts besides Jeff.

  275. Oh I can’t wait til he gets the boot and i’m handing all you dumba$$es virtual tissues allday..LOL

  276. Oh littlejazz,if you were watching jeff didn’t start playing TIL he git the CDT.

  277. How the eff can the key/box/door/whatever save Jeff if Allison herself said it was NOT a power, but a responsability FOR THE HOH?

  278. fees 3:50
    Kevin and Nat are saying that Michele and her husbands are swingers, that they trade partners with a lot of other couples. They are not saying this with any attitude, it is matter-of-factly. Kevin says if Michele is really a bisexual as she says, she would have had sex with a woman, although she says she hasn’t. They are saying this to explain how M has a crush on J and that’s why she stays on his side.

  279. It’s really nice to know that no one is bashing each other or the hg. Is anyone now doing prison time? How about lockesd up in a juvie center? Do your parents know where your at? I could help. Let me. Get a Life.

  280. Rene F.

    Natalie then tells Kevin what Michele told Jordan about
    the Good-bye message and he is ticked off at Michele.

    Too funny!

    Kevin is a lost soul and he doesn’t know it yet.
    Natalie has already said she will take Kevin down.
    If he was told, he wouldn’t believe it.

  281. Just read this “IDK… has anyone heard this? RT @cunow1 I just read on chat that there is no live show Thursday and no eviction till Sunday is this true??”

    Has anyone else read anything?

  282. jeff and mechele are the only two who diserve to win.i cant beleve how many people hate the best. you all must be loosers like gnat and kevin the liar. when we stop watchen so will you. no peaple no show. you loose.

  283. Can everyone stop saying ‘Get a Life’. It’s so outdated and meaningless. We are ALL on this board, aren’t we?

  284. The 2 players who make it to the final 2 will be the players who played the best game. You can judge the people all you want and call them nasty but EVERY single player left yelled, screamed,LIED and Backstabed. Jeff is just as bad as any of them. I don’t see how any such bad things about some (kevin and Nat) and good things about others (Jordon and Jeff) You make them look like Saints. I really don’t get why. They all lied and Backstabed. JEFF BACKSTABED RUSSEL and now he is going home. Kevin did a good move. Any of you would do whatever you can to win $500,000. Plus if Jeff goes home this week he didn’t play the best game because he got voted out. You don’t have to win any competion or win them all. You just have to last. Thats the name of the game, to win. You win to many your a target. You don’t win enough you are never safe and could get home. It is a game and whoever goes home this week didnt play the best game or else they would go home. For all we know Jordon is the smartest girl in the world playing dumb to make it to the end. Maybe she doesnt really have an accent. It is all about the money. Please don’t be mean and call Nat nasty. What if you were on big brother and people personally attacked you and they never even met you. It is just a game and these are real people.
    @henry please don’t call someone a ret*rd. That is very offensive. You might not like Leo and think he is shophmoric for making that song but you should not use a mental disablity that people are born with as a derogitory term

  285. i agree that its not right to call nat nasty…im sure everybody does weird/nasty things that other people consider nasty… i don’t like her but i wouldn’t call her names either

  286. anyway i been on here for way too long…work has been slow today..but im out.
    im off work now yay!!!!!!

  287. #397 How is Kevin the lair and Jeff is not a lair? Jeff back stabbed Russel. The game will naturally deside who deserves to win and makes not you. They are all people trying to win lots of money. You are not God and have the right to say who deservse to win. The 2 people you truley played the game the best will be the final 2. Whoever goes home this week didnt play the game the best.

  288. He got the cdt because america loves him and you haters can’t stand it. Jeff played very smart. Nat n Kev suck why do you like them so much?

  289. remember cbs still need ratings so they will do whatever it takes to keep jeff now thats REALITY

  290. Hey ur a douche, actually everyone is here every night. Are you really so wrapped up into this “game” that you have to attack other people for their opinions. I have said many times b4 I was a Jeff/Russ fan and wanted them to go to the finals, since Russ is gone and Jeff may soon be gone I am rooting for Michelle. It seems you are the one that is the douche and very immature at that. Grow up

  291. I only called you a douche because of your sn. But I truely don’t know where all the Jeff hate is coming from. I don’t get it.

  292. @Joseph if you get live feed go to HG and yes that is what I read and Cut/paste. so I am going with my thoughts under 367!!!! :)

  293. #412 don’t think that was at me because the name is Jeff’sAdouche, but if so like I said i came on here after I send the constant attacks on people that weren’t rooting for jeff.I guess to you like others it’s ok to bash on people but when someone else that’s not going for jeff does …OH NOO. Thanks for your douchebaggery comment though.

  294. @ littlejazz

    It’s soo easy to see where the Jeff hate is coming from… backdooring Russ and thinking that Kev\Nat are clean?? He took out the toughest competitor (Russ), which in turn makes him the toughest one left… Dumb move, because he will be enemy #1! And in all honesty, his Coup D’etat move isn’t that godlike either… it was given to him! Anybody that wasn’t in Jesse’s click would have used it to end the hegemony that ruled in the house!

  295. Lets look at the difference between Jessie entering and Jeff’s Coup d’Etat. Jessie entering was unfair yes, but the HOH’s afterwards had the option to take him out and they didn’t. He only got out because of America. So when you think about it, he didn’t screw up his game after being handed HOH. Jeff on the other hand was practically handed the finals by we the viewers and he f’ed up his game because he listened to Jordan. See the difference? Jeff is not smart to the game.

  296. I disagree, Russ was coming after Jeff no matter what. I do hate that Jeff is with nat n kev but imagine bein in that house how do you know who to trust. Jeff may have been swayed but they where all gunin for him. Stiil a Jeff fan.

  297. since natalie calls michelle a b!tch and a sk@nk, then it is all right to call her a sk@nky b!tchy pathetic excuse for a human, i am tired of her mouth.. you know, when evil dick russell were being mean sons of b!tches, they were doing it to peoples faces. that sk@nk is a cowardice b!tch who can only trash talk behind peoples backs… what a stupid loser.. and if she wins.. i just wont care about big brother anymore..

    thats my word and i am sticking to it..

    (can u tell, i dont like natalie and think she should have been kicked to the curb weeks ago, hell, i liked rat ronnie better than her, lol)

  298. All I know is that if somebody doesn’t backdoor Natalie soon I am done watching this program.

  299. You can stay a Jeff fan… I can also add that the best player of this game is the one that ends up with the 500,000 at the end… All of the Big Brother participants left are good players and even though Russell was my favorite, he couldn’t manage to stay under the radar…
    What goes around, must come around!


  301. Marcus,

    while it is impossible to have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent, I will none-the-less make one point. The ruination of Chima’s HOH was completely random. It was decided long before she won the HOH or America voted for Jeff. Even you cannot truly believe that every controlable part of this show is pre-planned and timed. They knbow what activities are being held each week way in advance with the one exception comeing when Chima decided she was bigger than Big Brother and expedited the double eviction that had been planned.

    Is it me, are we watching the same thing?

  302. I liked Russ 2 until he said he was coming after Jeff. Jeff did what he had 2 do. I would have liked 2 see j j r m at the end. Jeff or Michelle deserve 2 win.

  303. i was a jeff fan…until the CDT. He made some less than smart decisions after that, and its gonna cost him now. I would have much rather seen a both the “lap-dogs” (nat and jordan) put up. Both disgustingly annoying when their showamnce partners had HoH.

  304. Natalie has a definite chance of getting into the top 2… Ridiculous, but true. She keeps on finding a way of influencing the nominations or getting under some nominees’ skin… Whether during Jesse’s reign in the house or after, she kept on finding ways to stay safe and kick out her personal threats! I hate her, but she does play the game well in all honesty!

    @ Shep –> I have respect for Russell, because he said it to people’s faces! And to be honest, I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean it… he said it himself that every action he took and word he said in that house were part of his game plan! Natalie on the other hand is an a$$hat!

  305. Jeff probably won’t be going home. Kevin has to keep Jeff around and hope to make a deal with him (not that jeff would actually uphold it) but Kevin is on the outs next week because Natalie can’t win shit, and Michele and Jordan would both be after him…his best bet would be to keep Jeff in hopes of Him getting hoh or winning the veto and keeping him safe. he knows Natalie won’t win it for him.


  307. Natalie should’ve gone out of the house during the Coup D’etat instead of Jesse… I was angry to see Nat still in the house and still am!

  308. @littlejazz. How was Russell coming after Jeff? He only said that it would have been good to get rid of him now because he was good in competitions. So what was more stupid? Trusting your ally who may or may not come after you or trust the people who have been gunning for you throughout the game? Use your head.

  309. OK, here is something new: Kevin and Natalie make the best couple in the house. Natalie is a tomboy, very butch, can actually physically kick anyone’s ass in the house. She dresses like a tough guy and her walk, OMG.

    Kevin is gentle, avoids confrontation, clean, uses great lotions, dresses in pastel bright pretty colors, wouldn’t hurt a fly (and has proven that). And the way he walks is so prancy. Actually, Kevin and Natalie now have the same walk. I think it’s a match, what do you think?

  310. okay time to send Jordan home she has rode Jeff’s shirt tail long enough let him show Kevin and Nasty how to play the game…

  311. @ReneF

    Aren’t goodbye messages done in the DR. I’m wonder how Michelle knows Nat did in fact say this. Does Production feed info to certain participants….

    Since Goldenboy got got, are they now backing Michelle?

  312. I am very impatient to know what is going to happen this show should reward the good actions of people (Jeff) seems to be a good person,and i hope he wins

  313. getting russell out too early is whats gonna cost jeff. he had a better chance with russ as final 2, because russ bumped heads with just about everyone in the house (real or staged). plus russ’s moves were predictable, which is better to have around than a wildcard

  314. @Andrew

    When Kevin and Natalie started the lie about Russell talking in the green room about getting Jeff out, the DR production team apparently asked him about it and his response was that he had been planning that but he hadn’t told anyone. Kevin and Natalie were concopting this story but it was actually what Russell was going to do if he had the chance. He did admit it! So, Kevin and Natalie are getting the credit for this lie that was actually true. They just didn’t hear Russell tell it to Michelle.

  315. seriously i can’t listen to any more of you bashing jordan. yes, most of the game she has been relying on jeff but jeff, (except for the last HOH) has had eveything handed to him by america or by chance. he is the stronger competitior and a double threat so he needs to be sent home over jordan. i hope jordan wins the whole game and jeff and natalie are evicted a.s.a.p. that’s how i feel personally!

  316. neither of them i think kevin and nattilie should be heading out that door more like nattilie for me i dont like her

  317. I hope Kevin’s nominations come back to haunt him seeing he is so stupid. I hope Jordan gets evicted. She is driving me mad with her voice and her whining all the time. She is stuck on Jeff and brings him down. I don’t think they are such a couple. She belongs to Russell. JEff should be with Kevin, they both belong to each other.

  318. Glad michele won- nate is walking in she really is playing the game using everyone
    she really should not win
    she rode from the beginning
    now kevin is helping her
    watching her play all of the games you can tell she doesnt care about anyone
    jeff is a fool and should not keep listening to jordan-why is it men fall for dumb-I mean- DUMB women? jeff come on man how long can stupid last?
    michele girl lets put the pieces together win

  319. @441 parasite method isnt a bad strategy…its been shown to work well. i just couldnt stand the way both nat and jordan acted when their showmance buddies were in power. Russ did have it right when he referred to jordan as “lapdog”

  320. i hope the twist is that jeff gets to be saved form the block and nominate a new replacement nominee, forcing natalie to be nominated. this will mean jeff will vote to keep jordan and if michele wants to amke it to the final 3 somehow, she should listen to jeff and jordan and vote to keep jordan, as well. i hope this happens, but it might not. i just desperately want kevin and jordan to make it past this week and next week.

  321. I think its comical all the Jeff lovers want him to win even by BB cheating. They have done enough for him:
    1) CDT (via favorable edits)
    2) Favorable edits no (“I’ll cut ur Fn throat, I’ll kill your family, & Michelle bashing.
    3) stalling Kevin HOH with “gold can” by announcing his lead not Jeff’s
    4) Favorable edit = America’s vote in Finale

    and now you want him to get a Diamond veto in Pandora’s Box so he won’t get evicted too…

    If CBS picks the winner, why would ANYONE want to be a contestant in their “production” unless they were the goldenboy or girl? They’d have to pay actor wages for all the other house guest which would be a heck of a lot more than the 10K they get for expenses for months out of their lives. That’s why Chima left, why play a game you can’t win? If it’s a game then I think they owe every participant a fair chance.

  322. guys you no what i think it is .. ?

    well if you wanna no read this .

    i think its a duplicate KEY for the HOH room ,
    and since Kevin went into the Pandora’s box thing ,
    bad things happen right so since Kevin was stupid enough to open it and go in it he lost HOH and now since JEFF was nice enough to give up all the money he could of made and let him out after like what KEVIN did to him i think that’s nice and there’s also another possibility i think anyways well

    maybe the key is to another room which holds something even stronger then the HOH power ? and he can replace the nominees .
    and Natalie and Kevin go home .
    and Michelle , Jordan , & himself go for final three and then play for HOH and they pick who they wanna be in the final 2 with & if its Jeff he’ll obviously pick Jordan . and Michelle will prob take Jordan too because she might think the people in the jury house like her better then Jordan but i don’t think that’s true i think Jordan or Jeff can still win this thing . and NAT AND KEVIN will have KARMA !! .. i think jeff will end up getting some kind of gift or power or whatever because he decided to unlock Kevin ,
    and greed is a bad sin right ? and he didn’t have greed right ? so usually when something like that happends they choose good over evil so id give Jeff something not the other ppls & i also think that maybe there’s something in it for kevin . because he wasn’t able to get any money but then again he made a stupid mistake on his part by walking into that room so JEFF ALL THE WAY !! <3

  323. natalie has nerve tio try to sabotage kevin last night on the episode. she is saying crap to protect her lying ass but its like she doesnt realize everyone but ekvin in the house would nominate her anyway if they got hoh. natalie, it’s time for you to pack tyour bags and get cozy on julie’s couch this thursday. hopefully this twist will make her do just that!

  324. Goodness gracious. some of u pplhave no effin clue of this game.

    ANYWAY, i heard there were fights today?

    can someone shed some light on that?

  325. If you ever watch this show you know when someones HOH they always change to some level. Even though I don’t believe J&J are the sharpest tools in the shed I still think they have a certain quality that has shown though and that’s why people like them. The person that has been treated horribly by everyone is certainly Michelle. She’s been through alot and still keeps on trying her best. Kevin seems like if you met him outside of the game he’d be a pretty true friend. As for all the weight bashing on Jordan, I think you’re all crazy. She’s a very pretty girl who doesn’t deserve to be called fat. I bet most of the people talking crap on her looks wish they were half as attractive as her. It always seems in life when one person says something hateful about someone else the rest of the insecure multitudes must join in to make themselves feel superior.

  326. Woah! Is all of the name-calling neccesary? Those of you doing the bashing, aren’t you just as guilty as those you are trashing? Let’s be REAL!
    If Jeff leaves, BB will have complete boredom for the next 15 days! (Yawn!)
    Back to Pandora’s Box; Nat could have saved Kev but chose the money. Jeff heard Kevin’s call for help, found the key, unlocked him; what’s left now?

  327. I think it should be Jeff, because he needs to realize even more so that it was too early to backdoor Russell and know he should pay for it. He made that ultimate decision. Jordan shouldn’t have to pay for it. Plus he is more of competition for the rest of the house. Kevin has got to make it to the final 2!

  328. #437 cyndigwc
    I think Nat actually told Mich what she did, and Mich told Jordan. Then, of course, Nat totally denied it and said she’d never do that and Jordan agree.

  329. I’m thinking vetoed eviction this week, double eviction next week, Michelle on a justified war path, and Natalie finally changes clothes twice in a week.

  330. I think the hatorade is being given out in more doses.

    U guys have gotten very carried away at ur disgust of her. Like i think everyone doesnt care if u dont like her.

    caz everyone is gonna like who they like. If u think its annoying, cool. If u love her cool.

    But u guys taken it to another dimension.

    lying, twisting, and did i mention lying.

    She is my favorite, but i still am realistic about her.

    If someone who has NEVER seen the show, and looked at these comments

    they would think that she is the worst person on the earth, is a racist, has never taken a shower in her life, and called america horrible things lol.

    Jeez guys.

    Kevin has some work to do.

    As far as Jeff goes.


    he is going home.

    I mean. I can rele say that. FINALLY.

    Jeff is going home


    it feels so good. . . . ima say it again.

    Jeff . . . . . is going home.

    oh yea baby thats the spot. hahaha

  331. @ veronica robles
    The show is called Big Brother, not Big Brother/Big Sister. It’s voyerism of good and bad, not a scholarship for kind-hearted souls.
    Although, I would have loved to see a really nice person win, it’s not possible, there aren’t any.

  332. JoeyLee ur dumb hahahaha

    thats not how it happened. ahahahaha

    “he heard his call for help” haha.

    funny, but c’mon man!

    Natalie told Jeff about the key.

  333. Re: Pandora’s Box twist

    Everyone says that hope was the last thing in the box that may equal some salvation for Jeff. BTW Jeff also collected cash he estimated about $1,000

    Kevin chose a gift for everyone instead of self. (very selfless. What is his reward? He didn’t collect ANY cash.

    But where is the “evil” that was unleashed? That’s what I’m waiting for.

    I’m hoping it’s “evil” Russ comes back. Oh well a girl can hope.

  334. @ JoeyLee… No one really cares that you will find Big Brother boring if Jeff leaves! Keep those useless comments to yourself spastic technotronic biased chick

  335. haha go mattoncrack! very well done.

    Ive heard more and more of ppl asking BB rigg the game so Jeff can win.

    I mean rele? Have we gotten to that point?

    Were someone’s looks should just be enough to win the game?

    Has it rele come to ppl ask Jeff just be given the game because

    “nobody deserves it BUT him”


    “he has played the best game” HA! dont even get me started on those two quotes.


  336. I truly don’t get it. Why are so many saying BB will be boring without Jeff? What makes Jeff exciting to watch? He sits around and eats and naps just like everyone else. Ehsat does he do that’s interesting? I just don’t see it.

    I really, REALLY liked J&J as a couple before I got live feeds and they showed their true colors, then I was ashamed of myself for believing the BB televised slanted version.

    To all of you without live feeds. Take a moment from defending your hero and heroine, sit back, and ask yourself WHY we turned. Most of us really liked J&J in the beginning. What do you think happened to change that? We saw them for what they are.

  337. I have some breaking news about Chima. The reason we have not heard from her is, someone has wet her lips and stuck her on a undisclosed wall

  338. I hope the Pandora’s box thing leads to Ratalie Natalie leaving. I can’t stand the sight of her the only time she speaks is to lie about something, or stab somebody in the back, and let’s not forget all her nose picking and flicking she’s disgusting!

  339. live feed update
    Jordan says Jeff is taking her to Hawaii and he says “We’ll talk about that” in other words, don’t buy a hula skirt.

  340. i hope and pray that this key will somehow save jeff…he definately deserves to win…natalie has done nothing and gets on my everlasting nerve….if jeff gets out i don’t think i’ll finish the season…i can’t watch natalie or kevin win!

  341. Jordan is saying if one leaves and the other doesn’t win the money, she’ll be PISSED. Jeff says “You know you’re not going anywhere.”. Jeff says when he just walked in the house for his socks, Kevin ran and hid under the covers.

  342. i need to try these live feeds, like a free trial.

    I can tell im missing out on alot.

    John R. grow up. and turn the tv off mute when watching.

  343. All Natalie Haters

    Give the girl a break. As your Hero Jeff says… It’s a game. Hate the game not the player. Strong players get targeted & voted out. She started out with Lying & flaoting as a strategy.

    In term of “Nasty” the Houseguest have commented more on Michelle’s smelling throughout the game other than the 1 week Nat didn’t want to take a cold shower. But I don’t hear you all calling her nasty.

    I think Natalie was raised by her father. Perhaps without a Mother in her life, and around her dad’s gym, she’s a tomboy and wasn’t exposed to the more feminine side of life.

    Give her a little of the compassion you’re giving, Jeff, Jordan & Michelle.

  344. Live feed update
    Jeff just told Jordan, “We’re both f’d, no matter who stays and who goes.”

    Jeff is on the elliptical. Jordan says she doesn’t like it. Jeff tells her “It’s better than siting on your f’n ass all day.” She says, “Thanks.” Real classy guy, no wonder she’s attached to his hip.

  345. @marcus,
    you miss sooo much. It’s an entirely different world than what’s portrayed on tv.

  346. @ Rene F. Well Said! I totally agree with your point and to be honest, many girls especially like him for his looks… Anyways I’m out! Peace to all!

    And before I leave, Tammi… I hope Jeff leaves and you stop watching Big Brother… Cry more please and stay dumb for the rest of your life…

  347. cyndigwc

    again VERY well said.

    these ppl are nuts for Jeff, they dont think so good luck with them getting compassionate.

    Itsa a real shame isnt it?

  348. I bet. i watch BBAD and i always feel like i want seconds lol.

    Ive seen some clips of it on youtube.

  349. Jordan should go home, she has been riding on Jeff’s coat-tails the entire time. Jeff really only made one bad choice and that was believing Nat, she is a liar. She is still telling everyone she is 18!! Get her out!

  350. YEA SANDIE!

    she should get out the house because she told everyone 18!!!

    dumb azz.

    U can make the arguement, the Houseguests who bought she was rele 18 should be kicked out.

    Dont they know the rules? lol

  351. update
    they are being told how much they got, jordan got 1726, they called jeff in to tell him now

  352. Why does everybody say”it’ll be boring if jeff leaves” So to you people it doesn’t matter if you have a good game are can talk people into what you want,all that matters is keeping it interesting. Sounds like you people want to watch a TV SHOW not a reality show!

  353. 466. Rene F — You are right, I do not have the live feed but I watch BBAD (Big Brother After Dark on Showtime). Jeff showed arrogance, disloyalty, stupidity and over confidence … he though he was the Tudor King of England, King Jeff! The J&J team were rude, unfair and obnoxious to their final 4 alliance Russell and Michelle. Then J&J plotted against the two in their alliance. That blonde southern ignoramus with the unreal & uneven breasts implants, bad attitude and “trashy” conduct totally poisoned Jeff’s mind, when ever he tried to think about including Russell. As for ‘boring without Jeff’ … ha ha ha … I am tired of watching him chain smoke, pick his nose incessantly and fart aloud with no care or concern for polite manners. Right now … I want Michelle in the final two and the only person left worthy to be beside her is Kevin. — I am BBBarry

  354. I hope Jorden leves and then Jeff gets the HOH and put up Kevin and Nat and Michelle gets the POV and Nat goes home and Michelle wins every thing.

  355. I knoe right?

    BB voice;”Natalie . . . get ur things a come to the diary room. Ur are being evicted because u lied”

  356. #109. No one is getting graded on the post. Who cares if they spelled a word wrong, as we all know what they are saying. Go Kevin and Natlie. I hope I spelled everything right….

  357. Oh my.

    Michlle is ballin’ wit that cash though haha.


    She needs to go.

    She is getting to the point were she will win everything left.

    As for a fan of the show who isnt on her side, that dangerous for my favs, Natalie and Kevin.

    But if she wins, She deserves it too.

    But dang, all she does is win.

    And still, after literally backstabbing he rown allicane 2, she hasnt been severly calle dout for lying. and completly going against word everythime she promises something.


    she is doing something right?

  358. I don’t like Natalie one little bit, BUT you have to give props. to this girl because she is sly like a fox and slithers like a snake.

    She has managed to get all the other HG’s turn on each other, which makes her one of the smartest manipulators of BB 11.

    Just to reiterate though, I can’t stand her and wish that someone had the smarts to get rid of her. Unfortunately, the only one with the smarts (Michele), has been out foxed by the snake because she is a very convincing liar.

    Like I said yesterday, those lies may come back to haunt her in real life and she may have some regrets in the future, but somehow I think that she will be able to justify her lies because she believes her own b.s.

  359. odd, everyone went in and out of the DR in two minutes, Kevin has been in there for awhile
    what are they telling him as HOH?

  360. @Marcus,

    It really is a shame. Just like watching BB reveals the ugliness & worst in humans, so do the boards. I’m amazed at how many haters there are out there.

    Initially I didn’t like the Jesse click & liked when J/J took over the house. But then I didn’t like how they behaved during their two weeks of power nor how Michelle needlessly threw Russell under the bus to ensure she was in the f3 vs. Russ. If it wasn’t for Michelle I don’t think J/J would have fallen for the LML. But then she cries & moans about being alone and having no one. Duh…Wasn’t this what she wanted? Don’t understand her. That and the havoc she caused between Chima & Russ with the lie that was the spark of that wildfire.

    I just don’t get all these people. Personally I’d rather lose a fair fight than win by cheating. I’m not into lying either but realize that is part of the game.

  361. Where are all the people with the careful explanations of why Jeff’s move to backdoor Russell was “smart”?

    What is happening this week has been likely ever since Jeff’s bonehead decision to believe the lies of Kev and Gnat.

    As Kev and Gnat said, he should have voted them out when he had a chance.

    Stupid is as stupid does (to quote Forrest Gump.)

    If Jeff didn’t turn his back on his own standards and principles then he would be fine.

  362. K&N trying to figure out how much they’ll go home with with this money and the $750 per week. It’s taking them forever. Nat says $5000
    is not going to cut it for me”. She says it’s been 10 weeks of work so she’ll lose about $1000 missing her regular job. She makes $600 a week net.

  363. @cyndigwc #501

    Don’t take these ‘haters’ (as you call them), seriously. Most of them just try to get a rise out of the people who support their opposition.

    I learnt that very quickly when I first came on board!

  364. Jeff getting out Russ was smart. bottomline.

    I hate u Jeff fans, well most of u. but u cant hold that against Jeff.

    Russell was a big threat to Jeff.

    Jeff backdoored someone.

    So what?


  365. @Marcus

    Come on ‘hate’ is such a strong word and not really necessary. It shows that you have a great deal of anger and something you should work on.

    You are correct that Russell was a huge threat to Jeff and Jeff did make a ‘bone head’ decision, but that is histroy now and Jeff will just have to eat it up whatever the outcome!

  366. I should have also said, it was great entertainment when Russell and Jeff went head to head and I was sorry to see Russell go!

  367. @ Marcus…. Wuz Up Bro….. It is official…. Jeff said the key doesn’t mean crap…. He said he would’ve left Kevin locked up if he knew he was going to screw him….. Need proof? Check it out on Jokers Updates ok?

  368. @Leo #511

    Hey there bro! Yep, just saw it on Jokers and he said…..

    What’s up? No key bonus. If I knew that f-er was gonna send me home I wouldn’t have unlocked him. (Heard off camera)……

  369. Yes, please, shed some light if you can…

    Hey Marcus…I’m baaaaack! How was your day? I am still at work, um, because I own it, and I didn’t get everything done I should have, um, because I was reading here (oh, and doing some posting), when I should have been working. hahahhahaha

    It just hit me…and I KNOW you are NOT going to like this…

    Jeff thought he was actually helping K/N (more like Kevin because he respected how Kevin had been honest with him up to then) when he backdoored Russell. Michelle did verify that Russell, although he intended to keep to F4, Jeff would be his first target afterwards.

    Jeff back-doored Russell, just like what Kevin is doing/did to Jeff, because of having that power to do so, at that moment. Timing. Nothing else. While it would have been nice for anyone to keep their word…it shouldn’t be such an upset if someone doesn’t…and that applies to all of the HGs.

    If you look at it without passion…and, please, I am not defending Jeff, some of Jeff’s intentions, at least to Kevin, were “honorable” using that term looosely.

    I realize that timing is everything, and you do want Natalie to win. I just can’t get mad at either Jeff, or Kevin, since they took advantage of that “opportunity” when they had that power. They will both see better when they are sitting in the jury house. :0

    Okay, back to work. Please be nice. A lot of people posting here are actually trying to have an “exchange” without name calling.

  370. @Leo again!

    BUT, you know and I know that the KEY does mean something, but Jeff is not focussed that he has given up on this game – shame really!

  371. @Cherie #515

    You are right, she hid the ball in her pocket and when Kevin called her out on it, she tried to deny it and then changed the subject and when she thought Kevin wasn’t watching she put the ball back on the table.

    Typical of her actions!

  372. 444. Riley @Andrew — I think you misunderstood what Russell said and meant; Russ even admitted this to Jeff. Both Russell and Michelle were firmly committed to the final four, but, after that, Russ acknowledged that he would have to take Jeff out the first chance possible because Jeff was a strong competitive player with a guaranteed vote in the BB House (Jordan). However, Russell has proven time and again that if he promises not to nominate you or not to vote to evict you, he keeps his word. J&J broke their commitment to the Final 4 alliance with Russ & Michelle … they are reaping the sour bitter fruit that they sowed. How arrogant is it of Jeff & Jordan to resent and be angry with Russ & Michelle for communicating and building a friendship and wanting to fight to be in the final 2 together; after all J&J always lay around together, sleep together and are totally committed to each other (including an unspoken Final 2 understanding). —- I am BBBarry

  373. I finally had to skip through reading every posting cause it makes me sick ,esp.all the negitive comments about jeff, He is the only one in the house that is proven by Americas choice the most liked !and now all the unliked people jump on here and sing bye bye jeff,Some of dumbest people never fail to express too all how they take this BB game serious ,and want to act like chiapet,jess,russ,ronnie,now there favorites are nasty and kevin, what a bunch of losers,just be for anybody that makes people mad and smart off to anybody who doesn’t agree with them. the same kind of people are always out there in chat rooms and forums just to always dissagree with anyone who has anything creative or inteligent to comment about, I say down with the wanna be critics,Media,sh-tstirs and deal with it ! Be happy for the winner whoever it is !Thank CBS for creating the BB show and remember theres always next year maybe some of you will be on it,and how would you play the game.

  374. I wouldn’t be surprised if the box was used to save Jeff. UGGGGHHH he’s such an asshole, so are Kevin and Natalie, but the people in charge of BB apparently LOVE Jeff. WTF?! Michele/Jordan for final 2!

  375. jeff made such a dumb choice of keeping kevin he deserves to lose,even jordan who is supposed to be the the dumb naive girl tried to warn him about them going after him.

  376. I have really liked Michelle from the beginning and I hope she wins the whole thing. I am with Nick if Jeff goes which it looks like he prolly will it will be Michelle and Jordan Final 2 if Jeff stays it will be Jeff and Michelle:)

  377. @Nick #519

    If the key is some sort of ‘diamond veto’ that is buzzing around, then every single HG had the same opportunity as Jeff to get the key and they would have the so called ‘power’. It looks as though that isn’t the case, BUT if it were, then people cannot keep saying that this comp. was rigged for Jeff.

    CBS – AG decided on the Pandora’s Box months ago and what the power that it holds, whether it be money or a second chance of not getting evicted was also decided months ago.

    We will all know soon, but not soon enough!

  378. People! Get over your Pandora’s Box theory! He is not going to win! NATALIE GOT FURTHER THAN HIM! How sad is that? It’s his fault. He screwed up.

  379. Heyyy!
    Jordan needs to go!Jeff has carried her threw the game I believe.
    Awesome showmance but Jeff needs to stay.
    Natalie should go too!

  380. America’s favorite may be gone but hope he wins Jordan,they seem like love got the best of them and jeff fell for the LML but it was true,and then trust kevin/nat, big big mistake oh well later dude, Go Jordan !you can do it..

  381. @Diana,

    Thanks for the warning, I am new to the post.

    I’m still waiting for the evil to be unleashed from Pandora’s box. And when will Kevin get his reward for his selflessness? Jeff wasn’t selfless he won the most money! I think Kevin should get to a no eviction pass next week!!!!

    Jeff: $3,181
    Michele: $2,563
    Jordan: $1,726
    Natalie: $1,900
    Kevin: ???

    I’d buy that it was not rigged if CBS had Announced what the reward was. Unlike the CDT, as it is they can make it anything they want, depending who won the key. I

  382. @ Diana….. Hey there lil lady…… How is your day going?

    @ Jeff Fans….. I apoligize for being such aan a** aand being such an idiot by rubbing in Jeff going home….. I am happy, but do realize there is a better way to show my happiness ok? Have a good night all BB Fans!!!

  383. I don’t believe it!!! The Nat is still around? She should have been evicted long ago. She can’t even play the game the right way. I can’t stand her…She’ll probably end up winning it…

  384. @ Jeff Fans & NBK aka N/K Supporters….

    I am blogging from my cell phone….. The “a” button sticks every now and then!!! L-O-L!!! I am serious when I say I aapoligize for being sch an a**-hole andbeing such a bad sport about Jeff going home….. I was mad about the way Jeff Fans (juust a few of them) treated me and NBK Fans when Jeff won the CDT & when Ronnie / Jessie / Chima were evicted…. I still shouldn’t drop to the level…..

  385. How can anyone disagree with Scorpioleidy.

    He is absolutely right about Jeff…who was once my favorite.

    Why did he fall for Kevins and Nats lies?

    Now I’m athinkin I like Michelle

  386. I was a jeff/jordan fan also but after they won the hoh they both got a little to cocky. if jeff would have been smart and not lesson to big donkey butt not backdoor russell ,jeff and russell could have went to the end at least we would’nt have been so bored. Jordan should have been kicked out when she chest bumped russell. this was physical contact. she did’nt just bump him easy she was almost in a run good thing she’d been eating all that cookie dough because all she did was bounce her big donkey butt right back off him. But rules are rules and they should have inforced them male or female. they still need to throw her ( cookie dough brain) and nasty nat out.

  387. Leo…it’s easy to get so caught up in it. Today was my first day reading everyone’s post and I couldn’t believe how serious everyone (even me) is taking this.

    I wasn’t on here at all when Ronnie/Jessie and Chima were evicted so I don’t know how they acted but I can imagine.

  388. @cyndigwc #526

    You are welcome! You are right that CBS could change the rules, but I would like to think that if they did it would leak out somehow. People have a way of letting the cat out of the bag so to speak, for whatever reason, so I doubt whether they will change the rules, but I could be wrong.

  389. who will probably go up next week; Nat and Kevin, with Michelle, Jordan, and Nat competing for HOH next.

  390. @Leo #529

    Hey there Leo.

    You know that most of the people that you have offended on this forum, don’t really know you.

    I worked you out pretty quickly and you are a good guy, who just likes to entertain himself by stirring the pot, but that is cool, because for the most part you are funny!

    Good to see that you are still stirring!!

  391. I so hope that key jeff has sends that big butt thunder theigh jordan and nasty nat out the door and brings russell back in so we can have something to watch on bb. There is just no comp. left with the ones left in the house. Jordan and nat don’t deserve a dime for their time in the house . I think bb should charge them for letting them stay this long. i will have to say at least i heard jordan say that she did’nt deserve to win the money because she can’t win any comps. That’s the only thing smart I’ve heard come out this girls mouth >

  392. If the secret saves Jeff I too feel it is Rigged. It’s his time to go. I really don’t have a favorite but I REALLY dislike Michelle (fake ass). I hope Kevin wins.

  393. KE

    Wow..I can’t believe how immature you are! Big butt thunder theigh jordan.

    What does her gaining a little weight have to do with Big Brother?

  394. Hey Leo,

    I like your post. They’re always entertaining & insightful. Of course you weren’t singing about my boy Russell…lol.


  395. it’ll be amazing to see the looks on everyone’s faces that hate jeff IF he somehow stays(:

    expect the unexpected!!

  396. @ Diana……

    In case Jeff stays!!!

    I thought I told you it won’t stop, I thought I told you it won’t stop……. Bad bad bad bad boy….. You made me look so dumb…. (Chorus).


    Jeff did it again and shook the game had him in the JH until he maade me remember his name……

    repeat the chorus twice….

    America’s boy made me eat my words….. now I am looking shook thinking about how N/K got served…..

    repeat the chorus…….

  397. call me immature if you want. However you’re right gaining a little weight has nothing to do with bb. but she does need to stop eating all the cookie dough and win something. stop waiting for Jeff to save her or give her hoh.She needs to earn something.she did’nt mind calling russell names and saying he had califlower ears. she hated russ because he said she was fat, well if you can’t take it, don’t dish it. and sometimes the truth helps. maybe she needs some clothes to cover her big butt and thunder theighs and she would’nt look like the side of a barn.

  398. Assuming that this key/Pandora’s Box thing doesn’t save Jeff, Michele has the best chance of winning the next HOH. With Kevin not being able to play, that leaves the three women to play. Jordan has an outside chance depending on the game – but Nat? I don’t believe her when she says she hasn’t been trying her hardest in past comps. Who bluffs this long? I can’t believe an “athlete” is this lazy and uncompetitive! She’s been riding on the coat tails of others this entire game. She’s got to go! I hope Michele wins the next HOH and gets her out! At least Kevin has been playing this game!

  399. Honestly, the ONLY person who made a bold AND logical move was Michelle. Jeff’s coup d’etat was handed to him, and, he then proceeded to evict himself with his arrogance and his stupidity. Who honestly would discuss the game with Jordan? What an absolute idiot! Both of them! I can’t stand Natalie, but I dislike Jordan more. Natalie is playing a game…Jordan is someone who I would absolutely abhor if I met. Fake, phony, stupid, trashy, mean, whiney, lazy…If anyone thinks that my comments are uncalled for, so was Jordan’s treatment of Russell and Michelle, esp Michelle, who never did a thing to her. Jordan is a waste of space if someone can see past her “sweet, stupid hick with a heart of gold, and breasts of plastic” charade. Everything she does is for a show, because she’s completely vapid. I also gave up on the thought that Kevin will ever make any kind of move…is he breathing? Natalie throws him under the bus constantly, and he’s standing right there, but doesn’t get it. Michelle is clearly the only one who deserves to win, but with this cast of morons…who knows? If Kevin’s in the F2, I hope that Lydia says, “I hope that this doesn’t screw up our friendship, but I went with the other person.” That’s only secondary to Russell seeing Jeff…I think that R will handle it with class, but we all love those moments, because Jeff will have to be extremely humble for once, and admit to all how stupid he was! And as far as a showmance continuing between J/J, I think that even Jeff knows that he’d be getting a show pony who would pretty much weigh 300 pounds in 2 years. That’s a LOT of oats to buy!

  400. kim i agree with some of your thinking jeff did himself in and nat the rat will turn on kev soon go mich

  401. This game is all about who can dupe each other,they lie and then they justify it.Its just a game.Kevin should think for him self,and turn on Nat.His boyfriend should be very disappointed in him.I would be if he were my friend.Nat is in love with Jessie,thats why she wants revenge on Jeff.At least Jeff has been honest.And Jordon can be proud,shes a nice girl and Jeff should just marry her.There cute together.Michelle whell no opion here!!! Good luck but I think after 11 seasons Ill find another show to watch,Im done with watching people lie and think its OK.Not in my world!!! Good luck all.

  402. j/j are the best but unless the new twist saves them one is going and if it is jeff i realy want mich to win it a1l………..

  403. I think Natalie is the most arrogant BEAST of BB history. I cant stand the way she speaks, she makes me want to bash her face in Ms. Tae Kwan Do who cant win anything. For her to win the whole thing would be a mockery of the game BB. The biggest move Kevin should make is to put Nat on the block this week and align himself with jeff for the final 2. Michelle can cry all she wants but for her to move forward she needs to get her head in the game and she may have a chance. I dont think Jordan has any chance of winning this game she is STUPID and relies on jeff all the time which makes Jeff an idiot for taking her along. After awhile he needs to cut the cord and now is the time.
    I have to say one thing regarding Jeffs move…He did a great move with the coup de etat but failed miserably of letting his biggest ali go Russell. That was the move that will send him packing pandora or not, he is finished and he has his own self to blame.

    But all in All NATALIE the BEAST has got to go. I can even eat or munch to BB cuz she makes me sick on how she looks and especially the way she talks

  404. Hallooooooooooooooo you people, OMG! I can’t believe all you believe that all you people, allo?! We are talking about Big Brother 11 here, people can get nasty when it comes to win half of million of dollars!!!! We are talking about half of million dollars people!! I am reading some of this comment, and I don’t think that some of you guys are putting yourself into their shoes. If you guys were in Big Brother, I don’t think that all of you guys will play an angel. Yes, I do agree that Kevin is sneaky, and Nat is a liar. Jeff and Jordan are not smart enough to know what Kevin and Nat are up to, only Michele knows. And in the way, i am glad that Michele won the Veto, she deserves it and I like her and I have a lot of respect for this woman. However, I have to say that although I really like Michele, but she is not perfect, and to be fair, she lies also if you had seen the previous episodes ( Michele lies about Chima when Russ was in HOH). People, it is a strategy that people use to get what they want, that does not make them a bad people. I don’t have any hatred toward anyone in the house because that how world is, believe or not. Big Brother is not an easy game, while everyone wants to win, people can be backstabber, liar,and you don’t know who is truly loyal or benefit you which it requires a talent that rarely people have. So, I don’t blame Jordan nor Jeff for making a decision because they don’t have this kind of talent to know who is really on their sides. So far, I see Michele and Kevin are the smartest, but i have to argue that she needs to have an ally, a strong ally, either can be Jeff or Kevin. Jordan and Jeff are fine for me so do Kevin and Nat, i don’t have anything against them,it’s their strategy. I don’t know about finals,I am not God, I do like Michele, Jordan and Jeff, but i can give probability of the finals. The probability of final four are Jeff, Michele, Kevin and Nat. But that just my opinion. All of you Jeff’s fan or JJ’s fan, I don’t want to discourage JJ’s fans, but if you want Jeff to win, then Jeff has to wake up and shake out all the lies that Nat and Kevin are stuffing him, and allies with Michele. Michele is the hope for Jeff because Jeff has athleticism and Michele has an intelligent, if they are combined, they will have a very high potential to outbeat Kevin and Nat since Nat is totally relying Kevin. But don’t be sad for Jordan because if Jeff marries with Jordan, she may still get the money or she may even get America vote. LOL. Well still, that just my opinion, Expect of unexpect, so things can change.


  406. Patsy59…that’s the point! Kevin isn’t thinking at all, because even if he can bring Natalie to F2, he’s going to lose against her. Why is he even in the house? I lost total respect for him when he didn’t save Lydia, because he was afraid of Chima. Now, he’s afraid of Natalie…and she’s the weakest player at this point! He REALLY, REALLY doesn’t deserve to win. What has he done to deserve it? His BIG, HUGE play would’ve been with Russell… putting Natalie up this week would’ve taken one ball…he has NONE, however.

  407. wow has anyone else realized that the tv guide online now shows thurday is now the only one in the lineup for upcomming episodes that does not say new? i just read on the live feeds twitter thing that the rumor is there will not be an eviction on thursday anymore, it will be sunday. i wonder what that will mean or if it has anything to do with the darn box. on the tv guide it still says what the episodes are supposed to be but new is not there like the rest, and i herd it might not be live either, has anyone herd about this?

  408. I fail to see why any of these houseguests (other than Michelle) should be handed a cheque for 500,000 bucks…None of them have an IQ over 10……..Natalie has a face like a torn-sneaker and makes the word ugly a good description of her looks….Go Michelle!!!!!!!

  409. I can’t wait till BB is over so I can get on with my already boring life…’s pretty bad when I need BB to entertain myself……I need a life I guess…….

  410. AND, Jeff has not been honest at all. He screwed Russ, he screwed Michelle, and now he’s throwing Jordan under the bus. Jordan doesn’t matter, she’s become his cross to bear, but Russ and Michelle vs Kevin and Natalie…stupid beyond words, and he deserves to be evicted.

  411. One the very first episode, i chose jeff and couldnt stand kevin/nat/most of all jess(ica).
    as time went on…..i still like jeff…cant stand nat and now starting to like kevin.
    Jeff has played well ( and WE…not cbs) gave him the coup. He has played decently….kevin is doing the right kind of floating; skating by untill its time to act…and that sucker has jumped to the job….Nat….aint done crap…should have bean sent home long ago.
    Michele, has played her azz off. she prolly deserves to win the most.
    Heck…..even Jordan(i HATE dumb people) has won at least SOMETHING.
    I would like final 3 to be jeff, Kevin and Michele….I think it would be a toss up between jeff and michele comeing from the jury house…..and IF kevin makes it to the final 2….he will win.
    we never got to vote for the winner b-4….and i hope that america doesnt just vote for who they like …. but for who they think is the best player.
    IF final 3 are indeed kevin, jeff and michele….i think i would have to vote for her….she has had to and did work for the win…Kevin floated for a bit(not that there is anything wrong with that)….and WE gave jeff the coup(he could have NOT used…would have been dumb…but he did….and put up the other 2 houseguests … his own doing) i say kevin and jeff are about equal on wins…but michele is still ahead (i think)….ill stop rambling now.
    any thoughts about this?

  412. I am so happy to hear that Michele used the POV on herself. Kevin should have put up Natalie instead of Jordan because that would have been bitter sweet to see her leave the house. Jeff was extremely stupid and continues to be stupid believing in Kevin when it is Natalie who is the biggest sceamer. Kevin is too whimpy to put her on the block because Natalie will backstab in a second. Natalie really needs to go as she is the worst arugant person in that whole house and doesn’t deserve to win a thing. She hasn’t done anything to play the game all she knows is to let Kevin do all the work for him and she is going after him asap. Both Jeff and Kevin are so gullable. Jeff especially is really stupid for breaking the alliance with Russ as things would have definitely have gone better. Jeff threw the winnings away by his stupidity and now he can’t take it back. I can’t wait to see when Jeff goes to the jury house and watch the games begin with all the fighting. Russ will find out about Jeff’s real reason by persuation of Kevin and Natalie and Jeff will find out how deceptive Kevin & Natalie really are as they are real good liars. I am afraid that Jeff will be evicted because Kevin and Natalie want him out and Jordan will stay. It will be interesting to see what will happen once Jeff goes. I sure hope Michele wins now. I really want her to win now. This key really holds a twist and we won’t know what is in store, but hopefully it will get rid of Natalie once and for all. I am also confussed about rumors that I heard Jordan got a boob job and if they lost their home and are hurting for money how did she afford to have a boob job done. As I am thinking about all the talks about how much she needs the money she would be the one who would make good use of the money.

  413. I totally agree with #554. Natalie is a BEAST. She is definitely the worst and as I just posted she is the most ARUGANT person I have ever seen. It will be a travasty if she wins BB. It will be the worst in BB history.

  414. I think that since we’ve seen what has transpired, America would’ve given someone else the coup d’etat…Jeff was the underdog, and seemed “nice” and “smart”…we were wrong, America! I wonder what Russell would’ve done with it…I don’t think that I have a clue.

  415. I agree with some of these twitter’s words. The most one I agree with is #555 that Michele deserves to win as she is the only one that had to fight her way to where she is at. All of the others haven’t fought the way she has. I just hope she stops crying now that she saved herself and really concentrate on the game and hopefully she will come out the winner. We all know that Jeff will probably be going and he deserves to go for his stupidity. I like him and was really voting for him, but ever since he backdoored Russ he has changed for the worst. Hopefully when the game is over and he goes home he will go back to be a nice guy.

  416. Jeff and Jordan are probably kicking themselves silly for back-dooring Russel….. Jeff has got to be the stupidest player this year. gNat is a douche bag who probably will win it all….. This has got to be the crapiest BB season of all time…

  417. I really needed to take a few hours off from reading all the BS on here. I just read Carina’s post on her thoughts on the HG’s and I do agree 100%

  418. And, teddybear…Jordan will now get liposuction…without that, she’d have to actually DO things, like get up, go to work, exercise. I’m sure that she’ll buy a CRAPLOAD of groceries for the family after that, and her own personal trailer, with a fully stocked fridge and a stripper pole for practise. LOL! I honestly see right through her…I’ve met too many women like her, and if she’s ever in town…HIDE your boyfriends and husbands! She has an agenda before she gets hugely fat. She’s obviously too lazy to increase her intelligence, hence…the breasts. I can’t believe that she’s fooling people!

  419. Michele deserves to win. She has endured such BS and still keeps on trying and playing her hardest with no help from anyone. The rest don’t deserve to win. No-one should have to go through all the things that were done to her and that is why she should win. She seems like a very nice girl too! All the bad words, threats and the things that I heard about what they said including Jeff say about her brother and especially the things that were said about her being allergic to red dye and Lydia/Kevin/Natalie doing things with M&M’s to hurt her. They all should be ashamed of themselves.

  420. @ Bridget Martinez – New Orleans…… How are you doing? I hope you are doing better….. It is good to see you on here again….. Have a good night & sweet dreams!!! You & your people are in my prayers ok? :) :P :D ;)

  421. Hi again, all.. well, unless that key means something, Jeff is almost sure to be evicted. I don’t care for Michele. Actually hoping Kevin wins. People have bought his lies just as much as people have bought Nat’s, and he won a big HOH and got Jeff out.

  422. they are talking about how much money they got now does anyone know anything else yet about the mystery box?

  423. @Leo- thanks for your concern I wish I could say things are getting better, but a lot happening. My grandmother just passed away. My 13 yr old niece was diagnosed with cancer, is on chemo. Step-father diagnosed with terminal cancer with 6 months to live. So, thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. Also, thanks for letting up on the die-hard Jeff fans, lol

    We are going to have a spelling lesson for today. I hope this helps everyone out. I think it’s just Marcus, but just for everyone’s amusement, lol. I thought it would be fun. Marcus or whoever you are, are you like 13 yrs old. I am going by the things you say and the things you type. Your purposely misspelled words are the same way my 12 yr old spells them:
    rele or rili-really
    Machell or Machelle-Michelle
    If you need help with your spelling just look when you type, do you see the squiggly red line under some words, that means they are spelled wrong. Good luck to you.

    Good night Leo

  424. Bridget…my thoughts are with you! In a one year period, I lost my cat (beloved is beyond the word!), my ex, my Dad, and my grandmother. Life gets REALLY tough sometimes. On a positive note, I was told to put Maxwell (the cat) down 6 years before he died…he had such a will to live, and was happy! My Dad survived 2 DIFFERENT cancers (very rare), but succombed to a heart incident. Just a fluke! I’m just saying to stay positive, and, even if the “inevitable” happens, know that the life was not in vain, and the person (or animal) graced us with their life, and we were lucky. I feel so bad for you.

  425. All those Kevin fans I disagree with all of you as he doesn’t deserve to win at all. All those Michele haters you are all wrong too. She deserves to win much more than Kevin. I can’t stand the way Kevin acts, winds and even speaks as he is just as bad as Natalie. I wish they would cast a gay person that acts like a normal person. Michele deserves it for all the BS she has been put through #577.

  426. Jeff should go home! Would be a total upset. He plays dirty and is extremely arrogant, sending Russell home, backdooring him, I believe was a stupid move, he could have got him out later possibly but truthfully if he had Russell in the final 2 with him, he would surely win, the other household guest would have voted for him. I would love to see Kevin and Michelle be in the final 2

  427. Gee, Teddybear…I was just showing some compassion for someone. I would’ve done the same for you…and, now…I’m gone. Not because of your comment, but because I have things to do. We don’t all have to be as vacant as Jordan.

  428. Jeff is going out. . . Finally. Serves him right for using the coup to put up Nat and Jessie so now it is time for Jeff and Jordan to feel the pain of being on the block together. Just hopeless for Jeff now. Nat will vote you out and Kevin will break the tie if needed.

  429. My final 2 is Nat and Kevin. They deserve all the money since they last out last week when it was 4 against them 2. And those other 4 were in control of HOH and VETO yet Nat and Kevin both survived eviction. The are the greatest manipulators in the house and deserve to win with their great game playing.

  430. please BB do not save Jeff one more time. this is a game not let me give JEFF the 500000. so please let the best player win and not the one that you cbs like the most win ( which is Jeff)

  431. I think Jorden should leave only cause I love Jeff, i would have loved to see Jeff& Jorden the final 2, but if nat wins that would make me sick, if Jeff could some how come out of this ? I would love to see him win. if not i will not be watching big brother again.

  432. the only way Jeff can be safe is if CBS gave him the money. which they may do because Jeff himself could not save himself. if cbs let the game be, Jeff will be going home, but if cbs wants Jeff to win the money, they will gave him as many special powers as needed. LOL Jeff is nothing without the help of the cbs in this game.

  433. CBS wants rating to stay high so they want everybody to wait to know what is going on keep the fans in suspense about the Pander’s Box because during HOH there will be twist.
    Jeff has the key he will not be able to use it on the Pandora’s Box until next HOH it not a power because Julie said HOH will have more reasonability that would mean that Kevin would have a choice. Also Jeff saved Kevin by unlocking the handcuffs. I still reading that Jeff was handed COUP D’ETAT why is so hard that this was not giving to by the producers it was voted by America any body in the house can win by America votes. It is a very simple concept to understand. Jessie Russell, Jeff is good at a competition that is why Jeff put up Jessie, Russell on the block. Jordan did ask but Jeff has his own mind and can think for him self.

  434. what if pandora’s box let jeff bring back a house guest….that would def be interesting…….who would he bring back though is the better question?????

  435. lol no matter what hes screwed if he gets the chance to bring someone back… cuz he got all the people in the jury house evicted :\

    unless they allow someone not in the jury house but w/e :P

  436. $10 says Michelle and Natalie are in the finals.

    Go Michelle! People hate her because she’s articulate. She dresses better than the other girls, and also works harder than them. As for her being “crazy,” just because she doesn’t spill her plan/secerts with the diary room or other players doesn’t make her “insane.” Insanity isn’t even a mental condition; it’s a criminal defense. If I were in the house, I, too, would choose to keep to myself rather than dumb myself down to a bunch of paranoid backstabbers. Michelle cannot relate to others in the house because they are scores below her in terms of worth. Maybe 1/4 sentence spoken by N/K/Je/Jo is grammatically correct. What a sad state of affairs.

  437. This is very exciting. Let’s look at some possibilites, shall we?
    1) Jeff goes home by a 2-0 vote
    I see this most likely happening. Jordan’s only safety if this happens is to win one of the next two competitions. HOH guarantees her a spot in the final HOH comp but not too many options on who goes home. POV, on the other hand, gives her the final say on who she goes to the final 3 with. Oy.

    2) Jordan goes home by 2-0
    If this happens, Kevin’s dead in the water. Jeff will likely win a competition next week and either way he’s guaranteed a spot in the final 3 and there’s a good chance Kevin goes home. Only possibility where Kev stays is if he and Michelle are on the block- Nat will vote for Michelle to go home most likely.

    3) Tiebreaker goes to Kevin
    Kevin probably sends Jeff home. See #1.

    4) Pandora’s Box somehow intervenes, Jeff stays
    See #2. (And were this or the following option to happen, I’d quit watching BBUS for a while. I need to catch up on BBUK anyways.)

    5) Pandora’s Box intervenes and there’s no eviction
    Again, see #2. (I’d probably quit watching BBUS if this happened as well.)

    There you have it, my five opinions on what may happen which really comes down to two options:
    either Jeff leaves and Jordan’s got to win a comp,
    or Jordan leaves/no eviction and Kevin’s completely screwed.

    Place your bets, kiddies.

  438. @bbfan11 – the concept of pandora’s box is that from chaos there is hope. Thus while the greedy folk were out grabbing money, Jeff was looking for the key to let Kevin out of the room. Jeff found the key, which anyone had fair game at, unlocked the door to let kevin out, and the key is also for the box itself. What’s in the box according to Allison Grodners teasing is something will definitely affect the game, not a power persay, but will weigh in on the HOH’s responsibilities. Which I can only guess is nominations. Seeing as the only responsibilities of the HOH is nominating HG’s for eviction and casting the tie-breaking vote. So if Jeff has the key when no one else does, it can only be a good thing for him. Now keep in mind i only hope that if that key saves Jeff’s a**, everyone in the house had equal oppurtunity to win it, but instead went for the money instead. That my friends is not a set-up. They had the shows events and twist planned out before the show began. They just happened to have cast the most popular BB houseguest in history to my knowledge.

  439. @Razer – You can’t honestly say you’ll stop watching BBUS just because a preplanned twist just happened to be won by a popular houseguest, and it might just save his rear end. Everyone had a shot at getting the key to the box, whether goo or bad. that was not a set-up.

  440. @Mikey: It wasn’t a setup, true. But I still think it’d be absolute bullshit. Jeff’s time has come, and if he somehow stays, the side of me that believes conspiracy theories will be waving a bunch of red flags.

    If I do stop watching BBUS, it’s because I’ve become tired of it one way or another.

  441. I have been watching the live feeds and not only is Natalie a great liar, but she cheats at both pool and chess. She is doing this to her partner Kevin. Her cheating shows that she probably does this on the outside which means she can’t be trusted.

  442. Assuming Jeff goes home after Natalie and Kevin vote him
    out, what WORDS OF WISDOM will he leave for Jordan?

    #1. Stick with Michele.

    #2. Natalie is your BFF and your best bet for F2.

    #3. Go it alone like Michele has and use your own “Common Sense.”

    Kevin isn’t an option since Jeff is ticked off at Kevin.
    However, will Jeff be smart enough to tell Jordan to
    boot Natalie before Kevin? Hmmm

    Will Jordan listen to Jeff’s Departing Words of Wisdom
    and play accordingly or will she just “wing it?”

  443. @Bridget Martinez So sorry for all the terrible things going on in your family. My prayers are with you. I would have thought they would have a cure for cancer by now. I hope they find one soon.
    I hope that key means safety for Jeff. I noticed on the BB schedule that Thursday was not listed at all. Was confused by that. Maybe he will be safe and another HOH comp will take place and there will be a double eviction next week. I think the biggest threat is Natalie. I feel she is being underestimated. She won the first HOH with the wedgie-diaper thing. That is why Jesse was HOH. I have a feeling that if she squeaks into the F3 everyone will be sorry, because now she will start to play. I want her out now. I don’t want her to win. She doesn’t deserve it.
    Again Bridget, keep your head up. God will take care of all of you.

  444. Last night, Jordan asked Michele to cook dinner.
    Michele prepared a lovely meal and then was left to
    eat it ALONE. What the heck!

    J/J need to do some “soul searching” soon.
    Time is running out for this team and if they want to
    gain something before the next Eviction, it is time
    to put on the pressure and LEARN THE NAMES OF THE

    If questioned, Natalie will become so defensive that she
    may just lose it.
    Kevin may figure out that Natalie is throwing him “under
    the bus.”

    Matt: Is there going to be a LIVE SHOW on Thursday?

  445. The LocateTV website has a NEW BB11 Show scheduled for
    this Thursday. One guest will be evicted.

    Some here have posted the next new show will be on Sunday
    and Thursday will be a highlight show or something like that.

    Which is it ?

  446. Really hoping Jeff ‘Gets Got’! Sing along .. na na na na, na na na na, HEY HEY … GOOD BYE!

  447. On East Coast, NFL Preseason Football (Steelers vs. Carolina Panthers) at 8 PM on Thursday. BB11 is scheduled to air at 1:37 AM to 2:36 AM on CBS

  448. @Mary #607. The sad truth of it, is there will never be cures for cancer as long as the RX firms conrol Washington. There isn’t hardly one politician that doesn’t have money invested one way or another in the RX business. Their votes are pretty well controlled. Otherwise the firms they would lose trillions of dollars. When cures are found these firms buy the patent from whoesver finds the cure and it no longer goes anywheres. Thus they continue to sell thier RXs. Its all about the dollar and power. @teddybear911 and the rest of you that think the same way, you may not ever get it. While I really like Michelle, Nat,who I don’t care for, has up-to-now played the best game. And based on game and nothing else I would vote for her. After-all, that is what the jury is suppose to due – vote best game. And they usually do. @Jeff fans. Would you still feel the same about him if you saw a picture of him in bed with another guy? Just asking? Hops you all have an fun filled day.

  449. well I watch BB after dark and I conclude this BB11 is the most boring group yet.
    Go MIchelle use the brain God gave you and try everything to get Natalie and Kevin out so we can see you and Jeff the F2.

  450. I beleive that the Pandora’s box will play out like this. Since Jeff found the key he will also be able to vote for who is evicted. If he was not nominated he would have power of 2 votes. So Pandora’s box has hope on the bottom not safety. Jeff must hope that he gets at least one vote from either Natalie or Michele and his vote would save him. I think this is fair for his compassion to unlocking Kevin and being a little less greedy then Natalie.

  451. Good, get rid of Jeff (the not so All American Guy,)then get rid of that whiny Michelle and then annoying Jordan, leaving the two best players in the game to fight it out.

  452. Samantha#600, I agree with you Michele is playing a great game. She always stick with the person in power at the moment. She should have not thrown Russell under the bus though, because the both of them would kick a.s.s

    Her lying doesnt bother me because it is part of the game and everyone in that house lied at some point. I hope she and Kevin could team up to get rid of Nat and Jordon.

    Michele is fooling Jeff into thinking she wants to safe him, she doesnt because Jeff is the only one left who can beat her in the comps.

    She is playing Jeff because of his jury vote. Michele is thinking ahead unlike Mr Arrogance who lived in the moment and is now on his way out.

  453. Jordan needs to go home. With Jordan out of the house, Jeff will be able to concentrate better and win the game. Natalie needs to go home. She is a leech, she always plays off of someone else and just glides through the game. She is not deserving of the money. Go home Natalie!!!!

  454. You people are amazing. Jeff and Jordan have been nice and are the only ones that know it is a game. They got cocky with their power and a little over confident when they fell for Kevin and Natalie’s BS. But Natalie is lying just to lie and is a little witch. Jesse is too into himself. CHima was just a sore loser and Lydia is nuts. So to the people that are happy to see Jeff go….wouldn’t you rather someone upstanding like that win that the other jerks that left?

  455. Loved Natalie !!! Looks like someone like Memphis last year. She’ve won nothing but she still remains … Wonderful !!!

    I loved Jeff at the beginning but when he backdoor-ed Russell. I dont feel like him anymore. Let him go to Jury house and face Russell and Jessie. It will be fun

  456. Oh man did you see Jeff and Michelle lying to Nat saying we will be the final three and when she NAT was tellin Michelle that she wants to win the HOH; and michelle with a look to say ya right im going to give you that! And i hope Michelle gets it and Nats A$$ GOES HOME!!! And Jeff says to Nat.. YOU GOT GOT NOW NAT HA HA HA !!!

  457. i hope jeff does get to vote.
    Those who have live feeds, pleeeaase, let us in on what is happening.

  458. I think Jeff is 31. Everyone was told how much money they got and that was that. So I don’t think anything is going to come of this Tuesday, but I can’t help thinking there’s something more. There has to be. There was no twist in the game and it really wasn’t much of a luxury comp either. I don’t think we will know all about it till Thursday. Just hopeful thinking on my part. Doesn’t make since how they would make a big deal out of something like that if there isn’t more to it.

  459. Everyone thinks Jeff is so stupid and deserves to go home for back dooring Russell but he had doubts about Russell for not voting Jessie out which was super shady, and Russell did a horrible job at defending himself, he should’ve called Kevin out on it right in front of Jeff.
    And why didn’t Michele defend him?? when Russell flat out asked Michele in the HOH room in frong of Jeff if he said it Michele said “we talked about a lot of things in there” If i were Jeff I would’ve beleived Kevin too.
    Also I think Jeff thought he was going up this week no matter who was HOH. I think whether it be Kevin, Nat, or Russell he prob thought he’d go up, He prob thought he’d have a better chance of getting veto with Russell out.

  460. @ Mary…I keep thinking there is more to it too, but not sure if it’s just wishful thinking too! But when they got their money last night I thought that could be the end of it. at least Jeff was the one who found the key so if there is something, it may help him.
    Either way there is some sort of Twist going to happen

  461. If jeff would had played his cards right he wouldn’t be on the block, he’s not as smart as I thought he was, if he kept russle he would at lease be safe for another week, Idiot..

  462. UGH! I am seriously hoping that this key saves Jeff in some sort of way! I don’t want to get my hopes up….NAT needs to GO! she’s sooo annoying. I cringe at her smirkiness. and Kevin needs to stop listening to her so much! All of them!! If team J/J doesn’t win I hope it’s Michelle!

  463. @ Matt…. Can you verify this info please?

    ******* Spoiler Alert *******

    It looks & sounds like Jeff might be staying amd Michelle will be going home!!!

    Good morning, guys & gals! :D Today is Tuesday and you know what the means…FINALLY we’ll get to see the whole Mystery Door thing on tonight’s episode! w00t w00t! I’m anxious to see what the key (that Jeff found & has) means. According to (which is a celeb gossip site, kinda like TMZ), the key is *rumored* to give Jeff the Diamond Veto:

    Kevin entered the mystery room and was trapped, handcuffed to the Pandora’s box. It’s unclear if the production ordered him to do it or not but when Jeff found the key to release Kevin he was given the choice to take the money and turn his back or “save” his house mate. Jeff chose to release Kevin opening the Pandora’s box, which is rumored to have a “Diamond Veto“, which will overrule Michelle’s PoV. Jeff is safe again!!

  464. On someone’s earlier post they wrote that Jordan had said that Jeff isn’t her type and that she wouldn’t be interested in him outside of the house…
    Does anyone know if she actually said that, and if she did…When???

  465. @ Michele….

    I do too because I would rather see Jeff stay then she-rat aka Michelle….

    I would love to see the look on her face when she is put back on the block and evicted on Thursday…. Also to see all these people saying they hope Michelle wins flip flop and say they are glad she is leaving….

  466. I hope the twist gets Jeff off the block, so that natalie is on it and goes home. I can’t stand it that she doesn’t win anything and makes her allies do everything, while she just lies and manipulates people… I will be sick if she wins.

  467. OH JEEZE! I hope that BUMPSHACK BS isnt true!! I WANT JEFF the JACKASS to LEAVE! If he wouldnt have been so damn STUPID and VOTED THE PITBULL AKA GNAT OUT, he’d still be good to go…dammit, I hope thats not true! I was for J and J, but, they believed the LIARS, so I am 100% for MICHELLE!!

  468. Michelle has played the best game, and with no help from anyone. They have all mocked her behind her back. J/J were fine until they were corrupted by Jeff’s power trip. Filthy Nat ugh.
    Kevun and Muchelle for the F2

  469. too. it only took all of the people a couple of days to jump on the Michele train let’s see how fast they jump off lol.
    anyway..I just really hope Jeff gets to stay.

  470. Personally, I think Jordan should be heading to the jury house! She did nothing but ride some coat tales to get where she is and doesn’t deserve to be there anymore!….along with Natalie (a.k.a. the man)…. Jordan and Natalie need to go


  472. Lauren,
    I agree with you both Natalie and Jordon need to go. But I have a bad feeling that Jeff is going home. I think he should align himeself with Kevin instead of lining himeself with Natalie. Kevin seems to be thinking of keeping Jeff. But he will just keep talking to Natalie instead.

  473. I hope Jordan is sent packing rather than Jeff. I like them both (sweet couple). I would like to see Natalie go but without something special in the P Box that will not happen.

  474. Why are people dicussing their relatives dying cancer on a BB11 forum? Go displace your emotions elsewhere and draw attention to yourself on Myspace. Wait, you probably already have.

  475. Allison, if your reading this, do something quick, we need another twist to keep jeff and jordon in the house and put up Kevin or Nat. you cant allow these two snakes to win this game, nobody wants this to happen nobody

  476. I am so sick or hearing about Jeff and Jordan, whether they should go or not go. People begging “do something you have to save j/j” This is a game folks and the winner takes all. Everyone has played a pretty good game whether you like it or not. Even Jordan, she was smart enough to stick herself to Jeff, although it didn’t work.

  477. PS

    Jeff was as greedy as everyone else. Remember he hung on to the key until he got some more cash and Natalie was checking him out.

  478. I was a bit disappointed in the way Jeff reacted towards Michelle when she went to give him a hug. I do get that he was angry but he could have handled that a little better. If/when Jeff leaves. I will be rooting for Michelle, because she has been the underdog through this game; and if she leaves, which I doubt, I will not root for anyone but I will continue watching to see who does win.

    @Samantha-I wasn’t trying to gain sympathy period. Leo made a comment that he hoped things were getting better with me and I simply told him that it didn’t look positive any time soon and the reason. I am sorry that you don’t have any compassion and that you are heartless. You would have fit right in at the Big Brother House.

  479. @Sad-mantha- To respond to the other part of that no I haven’t posted anything to MySpace, Facebook, etc as I do not use any of the sites

  480. dooe it don’t make a rats ass they both need to go theirs only one in that house that should stay but she will probably be gone next week

  481. @ June / Ashley / Blackgirl…. Here are a few special songs for a few special ladies!!!

    ******* I don’t care what the haters say about nat because she is staying alive, staying alive…. diss her style or dis or her game she staying alive… staying alive…. dis her Lying, cheating, scheming, playing nat is staying alive… Jeff fans may ask themselves over ad over again why she is staying alive,,,, staying alive…. ask… ask ask saying why why why why, she is staying alive staying alive… why why why why… she is staying a-l-i-v-e *** a-l-i-v-e *** a-l-i-v-e ~ she staying alive…. repeat… oh baby

    @ Marcus…. Join in bro….

    ******* whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home…. whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home….

    Dang that makes me feel so good, i said dang that makes me feel so good!!! *******

    Sing with me now….

    ******* whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home…. whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home….

    Dang that makes me feel so good, i said dang that makes me feel so good!!! *******

    sing with me now…..

    @ June / Ashley /Blackgirl / Diana / Marcus…. Join in everybody….

    ******* whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home…. whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home….

    Dang that makes me feel so good, i said dang that makes me feel so good!!! *******

    Sing with me now….

    ******* whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home…. whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home….

    Dang that makes me feel so good, i said dang that makes me feel so good!!! *******

    sing with me now…..

    ******* Kevin / Natalie in the final 4 *******

    ******* Sing a long everybody!!! *******

    ******* Realistically speaking ~ Jeff is going home, Jeff is going home, yay yay yay, Jeff is going home!!!! that is my new favorite song… Sing with me Ashley / Blackgirl / jacob / Marcus and anyone ele who wants to join in ok?

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going Home,,, yay yay yay, Jeff is going Home!!!!

    ***** HOOOOOORAAAYYYYY Jeff is going Home *****

    @ Jeff Fans…. You are all wonderfull… I am just taking out my furstration because you all have to admit that Jeff fans tore into us NBK fans for a while…. I have not had anything to smile aout for a while… Not all Jeff fans (You three an a few others,but I am just finally happy that Team NBK is doing good again due to the LML!!!

    ******* Sing-a-long everybody!!! *******

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going home, yay yay yay, Jeff is going home!!!! that is my new favorite song… Sing with me Ashley / Blackgirl / jacob / Marcus and anyone ele who wants to join in ok?

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going Home,,, yay yay yay, Jeff is going Home!!!!

    ***** HOOOOOORAAAYYYYY Jeff is going Home *****

    @ Marcus / Jacob & everyone else…..

    *** Remix ***

    I don’t know what you’ve been tol, but Jeff is going home……. I said I don’t know what you’ve been told, but Jeff is going home….. so can I get woop woop and hoot hoot because Jeff is going home…..

    Sing the chorus everyone….

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going home….. yay yay yay….. Jeff is going home!!!

    *** Yeah baby – That is the jam!!! ***

    Here is a country version for you country lovers…. *** L~O~L ***

    Let’s sing the Jeff Fans a songs ok?

    Cry me a river – cause Jeff is going home

    Cry me a river – cause you won’t watch BB no more

    Cry me a river – cause Jeff is going home

    Just cry me a river because you feel so sad

    *** Cry ***

    *** Cry ***

    *** Cry me a river ***

    *** Cry ***

    *** Cry ***

    *** Cry me river ***

    sing-a-long June / Ashley / Blackgirl / Diana!!!

  482. @Jenny (650):

    Bang on, sister. Why the affinity for J&J? Why the pity party? Why the need for intervention? Why do people neglect to remember the ad hominem attacks J&J launched at Michelle? How can they be characterized as sweet and compassionate when they’ve successfully ostracized someone in the house, an “alliance” member, no less. It’s wanton cruelty!

    May the best, or rather, least worst man win. Viva Michelle.

  483. Jeff is gonna win…Jeff is gonna win hes the baddest hottest sexiest Jeff is gonna win and thats that!!!!!!!!

  484. I watch the show for entertainment, that’s why I love Jeff and Jordan. I’m such a sucker for a showmance. I wish they’d have a reality show after this. Everyone else is so damned boring in the house.
    dying to know if anything is going to happen for Jeff with the key

  485. Jeff did not go and unlock Kevin right away when he found the key. He put it in his back pocket and went out into the backyard to collect more cash. Natalie said to Jeff that there was $10,000 dollars to be given if Kevin was unlocked as stated by Kevin to Natalie. Natalie was trying to convince Jeff to give her the key which he did not and went upstairs to unlock Kevin thinking he may win more money. He went back downstairs with Kevin and Natalie to collect more money. As far as I am concerned Jeff was not unlocking Kevin out of the goodness of his heart. It was led by greed for more money.

  486. Jeff gave the key to Kevin and Kevin unlocked himself…I am hoping this key send GNAT HOME! GRRRRRRRRR I cant STAND seeing her and her PUPPYDOG KEVIN anymore! ANYTHING to get her OUTTTTTT, she’ll land up winning the WHOLE thing and she aint done NUTTIN since shes in the house! jeeeeeeze!! send dat B*T@H HOME!!!!!

  487. First off Keven asked Nat to find the key and she didn’t even try but went right out siode for more money. At least Jeff looked before he went back out side. The thing that bothers me themost is what Jeff said to Michele when she tried to hug him after the veto comp. Get the hell out of here. Nice sportsmen and he told Russell that he was a bad sport, well what the hell is Jeff. I did at one time want him to win but not anymore I want Michele to win.imo.

  488. Yea I want Nat out too. She should have been gone a long time ago. I hope Jeff wins this whole game. He has played an awesome game and deserves to win it.

  489. @josi
    I TOTALLY agree! I saw what the SORE LOSER said to Michelle too, that was SO ugly! Jeff deserves to GO HOME! AND Michelle deserves to WIN, shes been a GOOD player and never ugly to ANYone…I was a J/J fan, but they both proved how STUPID they are by keepin the GNAT the whole way and sendin Russ out, wellllllllll KARMA ROCKS JEFFIEPOO! ahahahahhhaaaaaaaaaahaha i love it!

  490. I hope that somehow Jeff is saved. I know that means Jordan is on her own. I am tired of Jordan and her whining. It is time for her to wake up and grow up.

  491. Cheryl
    I agree. Michelle or Nat should get it with Kevin. Jordon also needs to go home. I wonder if she as dumb as she plays. Can anyone be that way and still get on the show?

    Stupid, aragant, shoveanistic, grandious is just the begining of how i feel about Jeff, and by default Jordon.

    The afterdark version of the show is somewhat boring, but it’s nice to get some knowledge ahead of time and see some of the fights before others.

    Card, pool, chess in the house are the most boring games for both those that are playing but those who are forced to watch.

    Big brother, Monoply, trivial persuit, password, are some options. Even picturnary, with out it being a chalange, would break up the menotiny.

    I know i cant spell, for give me.

    Kevin, Nat and Michelle, get to the last three. You deserve it.

  492. I’m sticking to my final two. Jeff and Kevin. Jordan is riding Jeff’s coat tails….Natalie is riding Kevin’s coat tails….Michelle won’t speak up and say what’s on her mind…ever… she kind of mumbles through everything. I don’t want to see two weak players make it to the final two. That’s no fun! Jeff is a strong player and Kevin is a good lier, plus he’s so fun to watch!

  493. Hey Everyone here is a thought. If you notice all the beginning opening of the show and they show all the house guests who have been evicted house guests have no name under their picture in the square cubes. If you watched please take notice to Russell as his name still appears under his picture on Sunday and Tuesday nights shows. Why is that because he was evicted last Thursday? I believe there must be some kind of HOH twist or some other kind of twist to this game. I am wondering if Russell will be coming back or something. Kevin is so stupid not to put up Natalie as he is a whimp. Now she is guaranteed final 4 right now and doesn’t derserve jack squat. She is so many mean things and such as dirt bag. If she gets anymore arugant I think I will go out of my mind. Nat the UGLY RAT!!! I have a feeling that in the final 2 it will be Natalie and Kevin. I sure hope I am wrong. I hate Kevin too! If Kevin acts anymore gayer I think I will go out of my mind as well. Jeff was the best player by far, but made the stupidity of believing in Kevin and Natalie. I am afraid he is definitely walking out the door tomorrow night. Kevin had the perfect chance to put up Natalie as he saw her true colors, but as an idiot put up Jordan instead. I sure hope that Natalie goes next week. I also sure hope that the final 2 are NOT Natalie and Kevin. If so Kevin is the one who deserves it. If Jeff does go than I want Michele to win as she worked her way up with no help but herself, so in my book she deserves the money. I still think there will be yet one more twist in this game.

  494. after Natalie won hoh her saying this for Chima

    this shows THEY ARE TWO BRATS

  495. They are not brats they the MOST UGLIEST ARROGANT DISPICABLE SELF CENTERED RATS THAT WALK THE FACE OF THIS EARTH. I am hating this show more and more. How this WICKED WITCH IS WINNING SO FAR IS A MYSTERY TO ME… I have no idea why the good people in life always finish last and these horrible people like Nat the Rat come out on top…..

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