Big Brother 11 Pandora’s Box Mystery Continues

The mystery surrounding Big Brother 11 and Pandora’s Box continues. On Friday the HGs were treated to a totally new event when Kevin discovered the secret room in his HoH room and found himself locked inside.

Meanwhile the other HGs had cash rain down on them in the backyard in a situation of complete confusion. Eventually Jeff found a key and rescued Kevin from his confinement which seemed to bring the events to a close. Or did it?

Since Friday’s excitement we’ve had little more than speculation on behalf of the houseguests as they try and determine just what happened. Perhaps more importantly they are trying to guess what is still yet to happen as they await the flipside to their surprising downfall of cash.

Last night at the close of Big Brother we were again teased about what’s yet to come with Pandora’s Box, but so far all we know is one tidbit Allison Grodner, executive producer of Big Brother, gave to RealityBBQ:

“I’m gonna tease. There is a secret door that will weigh into the HOH. It’s something we’ve had planned for a while. I wouldn’t call it a power. It’s just something that’s been added to the HOH’s (responsibility).”

Despite many on Team Jeff hoping this will be some sort of magical rescue power it sounds more like just a little twist that might not even impact the game at all. Could Jeff be rewarded for rescuing Kevin while the other Big Brother 11 HGs chose to line their pockets with cash? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Be sure to have your live feeds up and running to be ready to catch the first news of what’s happening and why. If Pandora’s Box is going to impact the Veto process we’ll have to hear about it before the Ceremony happens around 12:00pm BBT.

Keep checking back and we’ll let you know as soon as something happens and we know more. Until then speculate on what you think it will mean for the game!


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  1. Hey Matt! I think AG and BB are no dummies and they know they got a gold-min in the whole Jeff/Jordan saga. and also the poor little alone Michelle story line. You notice that they never revealed what the whole thing was about. I believe this was because they wanted to wait and see who found the key before deciding exactly what that meant. I personally only would want Jeff to stay if A)Jordan was gone. B) It would be detrimental to Nat.
    I am for Mich 100% and I believe that until Jordan is evicted JEff coming back in will do nothing but hurt Michelle’s game.. On the other hand, without Jeff, Mich has FOR SURE three people coming after her and she HAS to win at least the next two POV’s. She is awesome, and might do it, but it is an awful lot of pressure…
    So… To summarize.. I have no freakin’ idea what that darn box is, but I hope it helps, and doesn’t hurt MICHELLE’s game..

  2. OK- had to say one more thing… Right before going to sleep last night, Nat and KEv spent the evening making up ANOTHER lie about Michelle to drive a wedge between J/J/M.. I THINK they are going to tell J/J that Mich told N/K that J/J wanted Nat up as replacement, not Mich. Which is such total bunk I cannot believe that they would buy it.. However, those two are such dunderheads, it is likely they will..As long as Jordan is still there, sucking up what Nat is spooning out, and then regurgitating it to JEff, I really don’t care if Jeff goes out the door. If he will never really trust Mich and will put her out at first opportunity, if he is THAT stupid, then, no matter if I like that he was acting better for a bit.. I am done. We’ll just have to see….

  3. If CBS/BB saves Jeff after his bonehead decision to believe Kevin/Nat over Russell and disolve their F4 alliance, I will NEVER watch BB again.

  4. Taking into consideration the meaning to “Pandora’s Box”, the events described above don’t exactly correlate or make much sense. If Jeff “saved” Kevin from the room, speculated by Jeff’s unlocking the door with the key he found, it seems like Jeff may have opened the Pandora’s Box of “hope”–in that he may have saved himself. But hope isn’t a guarantee.

    Hopefully (speculating), maybe this twist gives the rained upon keyholder some type of power to elect a new housemember to the eviction selection–hopefully that someone being Natalie. I’m eager to hear what happens next.

  5. Tazmyne, I have to agree with you. Jeff made a BAD move! When people begin to gain power, their overconfidence gets the best of them as they begin losing focus. If Jeff goes home, it’s because he made a bad strategic decision. Nonetheless, I hope and pray that Natalie goes home–the sooner the better.

  6. @Janet: I completely agree that Pandora’s Box was left vague enough that it could be reverse engineered to fit the power they wanted to give.

    Should be interesting!

  7. Where is the pride in not wining fairly. If BB throw Jeff another free bone the other HGs should walk out the door and hand the money to Jeff.
    Kevin said that production is trying to convince him to save jeff so BB will do something to save him because Kev will not do it.

  8. yes1, I totally agree about the idea that CBS want Jeff to win. because they gave him the cout cup. how they give it to him? here, cbs knows who is more popular because they do survey, and they are projecting Jeff as a charming, handsome, and the good guy of the story. so it a matter of adding 1+1. we are not idiots cbs. so, I do think that cbs is going to give Jeff the HoH power for next week, besides saving him this week watch. the reason is because Jeff has the key. now if instead of Jeff, it was Kevin into his situation, cbs would said that the key is only to the cold shower room or something like that.

  9. Everyone seems to think the key is a diamond veto and we will know during the veto ceremony. Knowing BB, they might want to keep us holding on longer. I think the key is the door to the BB house front door and when Jeff is evicted, the door going out to Julie will be locked and he can unlock the door to the BB house and come back in. I wish that would happen, because then Jeff will know that Michelle did vote to keep him.

  10. BB is being really unfair. Its so ridiculous trying to keep Jeff the idiot in the house. This is the second time BB had to help him because he is unable to help himself. J/J aren’t even that cute of a couple. They’re more annoying than anything. This is such a bad idea and BB are jumping the shark for what feels like the umptenth time.

  11. Michele is trying hard to save Jeff, yet he and Jordan keep bashing her. Michele told J/J that Kevin told her that Natalie in her farewell speech to Russell that Jeff would be joining him which is the truth. Jeff really doesn’t believe Michele and wants to ask Natalie. Of course Natalie will lie and say Michele is a liar.

    Natalie also told Jordan she wants Jeff to stay yet neither Jordan or Jeff will confront Natalie on her vote. I can’t believe that J/J are so blinded that they can’t see the lies. The way Natalie has manipulated the game since Jessie and Chima left is truly genius on her part. I totally dislike her but have to give her credit. If she makes it to the final 2 with either Kevin or Jordan, she deserves to win. Hopefully, Michele will end up the winner.

  12. I too am rooting for Michelle. As long as PP doesn’t win I’ll be happy. BB didn’t give Jeff the CDT the people did as far as the key if he found it he found it.

  13. well everyone says bb is helping Jeff to win this game. America gave him the CDT. Also I watch the live feeds and bbad and Natalie just was stuffing money not caring that Kevin needed a key to get out of the box or else he may still be in that box. But JEFF did stuff money, but only while looking for the key. So the key will have some sort of power to help the key holder. Dont blame bb for Jeff just happening to be the compassionate one and to look for the key. GO JEFF

  14. Hey Matt! I just really think the show this season is geared for Jeff which is so unfair to the rest of the hgs. I totally think the comment you made about the power being reverse engineered is going to come true. I think it probably meant one thing if anyone besides Jeff or Jordan found the key but now that Jeff has found it, they will spin it in a new direction so they can save Jeff. I’m beginning to wonder if Chima knew all this was going on and that is why she was being so disrespectful to the producers and don’t get me wrong, I strongly disliked Chima and her attitude. I hope we find out today what the box is all about because the suspence is killing me!

  15. There is very little “reality” in reality tv these days. Everything from casting to editing is controlled and manufactured to produce the highest ratings. If the BB producers are smart enough to rig the game so that Jeff stays around, I say more power to them! Jeff is the only interesting part of BB this season.

  16. If Natalie tells J/J another lie that Michele said something, Michele really needs to get in Natalie’s face like Russell did with people. And keep yelling and shouting right in Natalie’s face. Maybe Natalie will shove her away and then there will be no need for Jeff to leave since Natalie will be thrown out.

  17. So– If there is hope (not a guarantee) the twist could be that when Michelle uses the Veto to remove herself from the block, Jeff gets to name the replacement nominee (Nat); Jeff still remains on the block but it would leave Michelle and the remaining HG(persumably Jordan) to cast their votes.

  18. I feel since i read what Allison said that it is going to save Jeff. She said it is added to HOH responsibilites so i think Kevin will not be able to evict the one who rescued him… What ya think????

  19. @ #20: let’s hope. natalie has some nerve to sit around and try to sabotage her alliance member with the whole nomination scenario saying that she heard kevin saying her wanst the two other girls nomibnated and he did the opposite. she is such a bitch…

  20. @Audsky…that would be awesome. I know there was a “diamond veto” on a previous season, but i don’t remember which or even what it does.

  21. whatever happens i hope nat goes out before anybody else.
    another thing, bb didn’t gave jeff the cdt america did! and i agree with everyone who said that jeff should be rewarded for choosing to take kevin out. and last, this is not our game, if bb wants to give millions of power to whoever thats their prerogative.
    i hope jeff stays.

  22. @ Audsky
    That would be so good if Jeff would be able to announce the replacment on the block. I know it is too good to be true for that to happen, but it would be good. I know a lot does not like Jeff, but that is part of the game there are always ones that we don’t like and I really don’t like Nat, she has not done anything.

  23. Something just occurred to me and I am gonna kind of contradict my earlier post..
    We are all talking about what JEFF will get for finding the key, but we haven’t talked much about what KEVIN gets. Kevin (who, I am NOT liking now AT ALL because of his going along with all Nat’s lies) Kevin will have to get something too, since he chose to go along and stuck his hand in. IDK.. the more I think about it now, the more I doubt it is gonna save JEff. Because THAT screw Kevin who ALSO didn’t choose greed… Right??

  24. I hope the key saves jeff and him and michelle go to final two.I cant stand nasty nat and lying kevin….please have key save jeff.

  25. Everyone in the house had the same chance to find the key as Jeff. Am I right or am I right? So as far as I’m concerned Jeff is no dummy after all. TEAM JEFF!

  26. @ Matt, I read something about a “Diamond” POV. Some speculate that Jeff’s finding the key may have earned him a DPOV, which overrides both the HOH and POV.

  27. Wait a minute…i heard it was a gift to the evictee….either a free from eviction pass or they get 2 extra votes in the jury house (3 total)

  28. I am crossing my fingers that there is a twist & somehow some way Jeff can save himself & Natalie is backdoored! SWEET She is sooooo annoying. She has been a liar for no reason through this game. She is setting up Kevin to take the fall, and he is acting dumb around her. Only when he is in the HOH room alone (or the DR) does he make sense. A final 4 with kev, michelle J & J would be better

  29. Well I am sure they will have to give something to Kevin. I just hope that is it something to save Jeff and send NAT to the jury house.

  30. why are there some posts that say that it is not going to change the game? julie said at the end of sundays episode that the pandoras box is going to change the game. so it is definatley going to make an impact on the game. what it will be? who knows, but one thing i cant seem to understand is that if it were the diamond veto which i hope it is why are they saying its got nothing to do with power and it has to do with adding to the hoh’s responsibility. what kind of extra responsibility would the hoh have? does anyone have any ideas what kind of extra responsibility they could be talking about? what else can the hoh have responsibility for that we dont see already? any ideas?

  31. thats one thing im worried about is that they said it was going to be a responsibility added to the hoh’s so jeff might be going after all…

  32. Hey Sabrina! Lets hope that it happens that way! LOL It would be much more interesting without Natalie. She is just a schemer for no reason.

  33. bbfan11 Just my guess. What if Kevin had to give an envelope to the HG that found the key to unlock him. Of course Kevin would have no idea whats in the envelope. He would present it to the HG, and it could say either: diamond veto, eviction pass, ovverride HOH nominees, etc. Wouldnt that be funny?

  34. ooh i just read on another post this is a good thought and might be true, kevins responsibility might have been deciding to open the box or not and cause he chose to do so he unleashed evil, putting him on the block and giving jeff his hoh. it is possible i guess.

  35. @ Sabrina I agree with you. Natalie has won NOTHING. Everyone keeps saying that Jordan didnt, but she did win POV on her own, yes, the HOH was given to her, but it was also given to Jessie as well. Natalie was not even trying to win HOH the other day. What she is doing is making everyone else get their hands dirty while she sits back! She needs to go!

  36. Maybe the key will open the box, then Natalie has to get in and the box is locked again. When this is done, the box will be delivered to Jessie at the jury house.

  37. for everyone that was mad jeff voted out russell he wanted jessie in house , He had the brawn, but Russell couldn’t power through to win “Big Brother.” Now the evicted housemate is telling ET about the blowups that got him booted.

    ET: Do you really harbor bad feelings toward Jeff, who you called “an idiot,” or do you feel he was just playing the game?
    RUSSELL: He played a great game and I have no hard feelings.

    ET: Why did you give Jessie your vote — especially after Jeff saved you and Jessie had no intention of keeping you that very same night?
    RUSSELL: I told Jessie that I would never vote to evict him. I was unsure if Michele would vote to keep him in the house and that would have been 3-2 vote in Jessie’s favor to stay.

    ET: Were you just playing the game, like “Ronnie the rat” — who told us that he’s only a bad guy on TV?
    RUSSELL: It’s a character I chose to play in the game. I decided to be the villain. It was all just an act.

    ET: Any regrets? Would you do anything differently?
    RUSSELL: I would have found the Laura Banana. I never want a banana again.

    ET: You said you hoped Michele wins. Were you trying to comfort her or is she your pick to take it all?
    RUSSELL: I was just trying to comfort her and get her vote.

    “Big Brother” airs on CBS Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT, Thursdays & Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

  38. bb11fan! LMAO Oh my! THAT would be soooo funny! I would pay money to be in House if that happened. Lets cross our fingers.

  39. I think Jeff deserves another chance. He is the only person in the house who deserves to win other than Michele. He has worked hard to get to this point. WE LOVE JEFF! Keep him around, PLEASE!,

  40. If the key holder has the power of the diamond veto. THIS IS HOW THE DIAMOND VETO WAS USED IN SEASON 3
    Week 9 BB season 3 Robert nominated Alison and Jun for eviction. He felt Alison was sneaky and underhanded and that Jun was two-faced and didn’t trust her.
    Alison won the POV and used it on herself again. The POV was actually the Diamond POV which meant whoever won it was safe from eviction and got the sole vote to decide on who should be evicted. Robert then had to put Erika in Alison’s place for eviction by default.
    Erika was evicted from the House as Alison had the sole vote on which Houseguest should be evicted.
    So lets hope maybe possibly Nat goes home. GO JEFF

  41. the only one who “deserves to win is the one who makes it to the end! Stop saving people bb and let the game play out. this is getting more like the old 50’s game show tewnty-one every week.

  42. why wasnt jordan put out of the game for the boob push or shove? since you cant touch other player

  43. America voted Jeff as the Coup de Tauh Not the BB pro’s!!! Jeff found the Key and Let Kevin out!!!! Come on Tazmyne #3 I think You GOT GOT!!!!!……… More, and More BB PLEASE!!!!!

  44. let’s hope this thursday no matter what event9s) goes on in the house, that natalie is sitting next to julie and heading her way into the jury house.

  45. @ Spencer # 53. If you believe that, then do you agree that Jessie already had his chance, and should not have been a cast member? The game could be totally different now.

  46. It BETTER NOT be used to save Jeff. Thats all i care about.

    If u do production, ur ratings will severly drop.

  47. I don’t know if Julie wants to sit next to Natalie since she doesn’t shower that often. It might be the first sit at the other side of the room interview. Then Ross Matthews would have a field day trying to interview her on his show.

  48. Tazmyne seriously if you would quit watching the show cause of that then you are not a fan at all. i am a jeff, jordan and michelle fan and if all 3 left in a row i will still be watching. im not a crybaby like the jessie gang, and it seems like all the jessie crew lovers are crybabies just like they were.

    lazy larry come on it was a boob shove and was not harmful at all and i dont think russ was threatened or scared by it one bit.

  49. Oh Jeff is so great! NOT!!! He’s no more special than anyone else in the house. Notice he only started winning after Jessie and Chima were gone, cause he couldn’t win anything b4 that! He even fell first of the athletes on the first episode! Most of the ppl on ‘Team Jeff’ don’t even know y they’re on his side in the first place lol. I hope Kevin wins it! Ppl call him a liar yet all he did was the same thing Jeff did 2 Russell, he let him think he was safe then took the opportunity 2 get him out! Now its time 4 Jeff 2 get out! And that’s real shady that DR stuff, its really rigged.

  50. @ Marcus….If the Key is desgined to “save” anyone. Then so be it. The key was there for all to find. Jeff just happened to find it. Natalie could have, or anyone else for that matter. You know that you will keep on watching BB you cant resist! Ive been watching since the beginning, and things have pissed me off, but I still watch LOL

  51. @bbluv
    Thnx. I think they announced to them they were going to compete for the “Diamond POV” right before the comp started, right? I don’t think they told them after they won it, did they?

  52. It would be completly B.S. if Natalie, Kevin, or even Michelle are out or on the block.

    Natalie keeps making lies about Michelle because Michelle is known for lying uncontroablly. wow that is not how u spell that word.

    And she lies so much as we have seen, u can make up something, and she will actually be doing it the next day.

    Plus she needs to go, Michelle is a strong competitor. She needs to go becaz she will save her save for veto, and she is winning them like 50k comes with them

    We will see Natalie in the final 2. And if u dont knoe, u better ask somebody

  53. Not knowing how much cash was collected, I hope it’s something like the HOH gets to keep the cash if he saves Jeff since Jeff found the key, I really want Jeff to win, he deserves it and I feel he’ll also help Jordan out since she needs the money as well. If Jordan doesn’t win 1st or 2nd, I would definately vote for her to win the $25,000. Good season this year.

  54. @ Marcus….If Michelle is lying uncontrollably, then what is Natalie doing? WOW! Since day one! Im 18…blah blah blah her lying continues. I know that lying is a part of this but, come on! She is out of control with it! LOL

  55. @ Jill, yes everybody has the chance to find the key, but the BB production never said what the key was for because they will manipulated in order to keep Jeff. It is quite clear. if some one else had founded the reward would not be coming back in the house it would be like a cold shower room where now everybody had to take a shower or something like that, but because it is Jeff the one that has the key, guess what it is the key that opens the door to the bb house and he can comeback. LOL this is ridiculous. BB please give the money to Jeff and air survivor please!!!

  56. I can honestly say I’m done with watching big brother.
    I really don’t like watching Kevin b/c he literally
    Coasted through this whole game. Comparatuvely jeff….
    Actually got blood on his hands by making some hard
    ……. Natalie has always hid behind someone else
    And can’t even be honest about her age ket alone anything
    ….michelle…well that says it all!
    I think J/J were the best and fun to
    ….I doubt that ratings would fall off
    If Jeff leaves….but I have already
    deleted. Big Boo from my Tivo & Big Bro
    After dark.
    …..its a pity too it seemed like this was
    Going to their best season yet!

  57. at marcus..
    ratings will drop MORE if jeff goes, i guarantee it. just because you and a FEW more people will stop watching if jeff stays does not mean it’ll drop dramatically. do a poll or something so you can learn something about it.

  58. I am redundant at times…but Natalie doesn’t deserve the f2 because she can’t freakin win anything. Kevin…yes, Jordan… yes, Michelle… yes, and Jeff….yes!!! But Natalie hell 2 da NAW!!

  59. The more ive read actaully, it does seem its just a an additon to HOH. plus it would be like a second CDT if Jeff got to come off.

    If u think about with an un-bias mind.

    Jeff should go this week, but i want Michelle to start stuff with the hg, mor elike she has been doing, so IF she does go to final 2 (she wont) she doesnt have any votes

  60. I think the HOH reversal is a good idea but then again I don’t think that’s possible. The HGs would be very upset.
    I hope the key is the diamond veto. I think the HOHs responsability is when Kevin open the pandora box. Since Jeff closed it, its only fair to grant him a veto pass of some sort.
    I like the way Jeff thinks and I like the fact that he doens’t want to backdoor or hurt anyone else even if he doesn’t like Michelle.
    I hope Kevin gets kicked out and sent with Natalie.
    They could always bring back Jeff and have the double evicton they never had because of Chima.
    Hopefully Jeff stays and I can still watch J and J. I love them! They are so funny!

  61. If Mr. Coup de Tat wins this game, where is the PRIDE in him winning if all HGs didnt get the same playing field.

    I guess it doesn’t matter is the game is fair as long as Jeff wins.

  62. @donna: Jordan does not “need” the money. anyone who can buy themselves a boob job does not need the money. think that 5-10k could have saved her family’s house on foreclosure? of course it could have. It’s rediculous to suggest she deserves it. she did NOTHING in this game but attach herself to Jeff and play nice.

    @wolverine: people all the time “coast” or “hide behind someone” it’s strategy. I would have totally agreed with that, until the last few weeks where they have totally turned up their game. just shows you don’t have to win anything to get to the end in this game. it’s not just all about competitions.

    has anyone won BB who has won either of the first two HOH competitions? Im not sure. just shows it’s best not to peak early in this game

  63. Why should Jeff get “special” treatment and get to stay in the house? Everyone else on the block who got voted out had to leave. And why would all you JJ fans quit watching the show if Jeff leaves because Jordan will still be on the show and I thought you all loved her too. Every year it is the same thing with people saying they are never watching BB again and every year you still watch the show. So what if your fav leaves.

  64. after i mentioned to my husband that if jeff gets something like he can overide whoever powers or something like that it would be like the cdt but then he suggest it that it would be awesome if when mich takes herself off the block the instead of kevin choosing who goes up jeff does so bam he puts nat there with him and the nat goes to the jury house. that would be awesome…i could only dream.

  65. actually ratings for big brother have been talked about in the last 2 days and it is said that it is extremely rare for a reality shows ratings to keep going up like bb has. like i have said over and over if you will quit watching the show cause of someone you like leaving you are not a fan. period. if all my favs were out i will still watch and i will be back for every season after that. bb is expect the unexpected so that means anything is to be expected to happen, anything. if you dont like that watch something else. for every 1 bb fan to drop 2 will become fans. wow all the jessie crew lovers are crybabies just like them no wonder they like them.

  66. I believe you should have to win SOMEHTING!!!! A POV or even a freakin HAVE HAVE NOT … but to sail through without anything at all is just lame… if anything is a conspiracy its that natalie is still there.

    I am sure that if Michelle had just a little mor ”eople person” qualities, she would win hands down!
    Unfortunately, she is a little geeky and therefore doesn’t know who to respond to a lot of the comments. She looks like she still need friends and that’s sad …

  68. @memy

    That was a lie that was for strategy. dont u get it? It got her farther in the game, and is it her fault if the other HG are dumb? and not knoe u cant be on the show unless ur 21.

    Rele its an innocent lie.

    But a lie.

    Natalies lies to save her self, since she is being with Kevin who is coming into a shine in the game.

    She thought of the lie that Jeff bought. Kevin told it. She told a lie to Jeff, but never go to see it was a lie.

    Michelle lies to he rown alliances, and usually never tells the turth. She will lie when its in her best intrest to tell the truth.

    She was SOOOO with Russell but check this transcript.

    Russ-“Michelle, did i ever say anything about putting Jeff up, or back dorring Jeff???”

    Michelle-“Well a . . . . I dont knoe, i mean . . . we talked about a bunch thing and like u knoe . . . ”

    When she knew he didnt.

    So the ONLY person she had on her side, she threw under bus so quickly.

    Strategy for what?

    I dont mind alot of lying, but she has lied too much for BB.

    She is the one who starts stuff not Natalie.

    Check this out;

    When she lied to Russ, and then Chima, and then kept trying to get Chima to yell at Russ.


    When she swore on her husband and did the exact opposite.

    I can go on, and on.

    If u watch her, she cries for not having anyone, and then will tell lies in the morning that make no snese to tell, and in th enight it has come out, and she is upset no-one cant trust her.

    Who in the house is know for lying? Not Natalie, Michelle.

    YA DIG?

  69. @blackgirl: exactly! If BB hands Jeff a 2nd unfair advantage (although I guess america “voted” for him to have it) in this game, it’s rediculous. Jessie was also given about the same advantage, it was just much earlier in the game, and was worth less, but was still powerful (first HOH and ended up breaking tie vote)

    so it’s hard to say that Jeff has been given everything unfairly

  70. to bbfan11..
    its funny you would say that we’re not true bb fans if we leave when our fav leaves..umm i have not read on anyones comments saying they are bb fans but i have read a LOT of comments they are j/j fans or k/n fans and of course michelles.
    like i said before if jeff leaves so will i so don’t recommend us to watch another show cuz thats exactly what we said in the first place.

  71. brian g how do you know jordans whole life story maybe she had got implants 3 years ago and money troubles durring these though times maybe happened last year. who are you to say who needs money? 90% of america needs money.

  72. I really don’t care who wins as long as Natalie does NOT make F2. If that means BB producers are supposedly rigging it to keep Jeff in thats fine. I’m sure they’ve done it in past seasons. I don’t think they are rigging it but if they were it wouldn’t surprise me.

  73. AAt the end of Sunday’s show Julie said…and WILL it change the game.” She didn’t say it was going to. I highly doubt it changes who goes home, just how much money they get.

  74. Thank u Ashley.

    These ppl arent real fans.

    “If Jeff goes, i will never watch again”

    “If Natalie/Kevin wins, i will never watch again”

    How pathetic??!!


    I have watched each competiton closey, and Natalie has thrown more than 1.

    She does try in most, but ive seen her throw some.

    And thats smart. U lay back, let Jessie get ALLLL the blood on his hands, and then bam he is the target, not u.

    Then u say ur gonna win alot, and u dont. U say u rele wanna win, but u dont. That makes it more of an impact when thinking of her as a weak competitor.

    If u dont win anything, and u make it to final 4, final 3, final 2. u have put in alot of hours scheming.

    Winning, ESPECIALLY this late in the game, only put a target on ur backs, and messes up ur votes for Jury

  75. anderea c nothing you even said makes any sense at all obviously people who are fans of kev/nat ect. are fans of the show. most people on here have been watching since bb1 and i said most. i dont thing nat and kev were in bb1-bb11 so that makes the bb fans. i would never be that stupid to quit watching a show cause someone i liked left that is dumb. and that is my opinion not yours.

  76. So its Jeff’s fault America voted for him to win Coup deta? In past seasons people have won in different ways “special treatment” that only they got. hell Jessie got ( or the other 3 guests would have gotten) in on special treatment.

  77. stop being jealous of jeff marcus…
    you all know that the people who done the least amount of lying/backstabbing is kevin/jordan/jeff
    so everybody whos hating on j/j is because you’re jealous they super hot! hotter than you! so stop hating!

  78. I hope if the key means something that Jeff knows enough to get rid of Natalie. He has to start trusting Michelle. I honestly believe she wants F2 with him.

  79. @bbfan11: Jordan stated on live feeds that her incisions were not fully healed. that tends me to believe it was a rather recent surgery. just saying. Can’t remember if she also said she just had surgery before entering big brother.

    and we all need money. that’s why they’re on the show. if not to win the 500k, to try to advance their own selves in some other career

  80. So BB Fan 9, if they were rigging it to keep anyone other than Jeff and Jordan u would think its fine right?

    Based on ur logic, u dont care because u think they have done it passed seasons.

    I dont knoe were the J/J ppl get off thinking everything is fine when Jeff is scheming, lying, but when someone else does it, they have to leave.

    And Jeff should never be put on the block, and everytime he is, production should save him.

    Jeff got on the block exactly how he put Russell up, and he is going home.

    This is how the game works, he should get anything. He played the game, and he lost.

    Jessie got eff’ed by production, and guess what, he still says he got got, it was a good move. he doesnt deny the facts, but he knows, u play BB, and u can go home.

  81. how is it unfair if jeff does get another advantage? everyone was complaining before when jeff got americas vote with the cdt and that he didnt get to play for it instead, ok well he found the key and decided to use it. that is considered playing for it not anything being handed. everyone in the house had the chance to find the key and use it, if nat would have used it would any of her fans be mad if she got an advantage? no. people are only mad cause it is jeff.

  82. Wolverine, you say you’re done with BB yet you’ve posted two times already. If you’re done, leave. Is this what you do when your partner or kids or job disappoints you? Exit stage left?

  83. yea its your opinion..but so is my right to not watch it if i don’t enjoy the show anymore..

  84. That isn’t playing the game… the person who plays the best game should win. If you “throw” all your comps, you’re setting yourself up for at best 2nd place and really you shouldn’t even get that. Not winning to get yourself further is just as bad lying over and over. Hell, it’s worse than this “comspiracy in production” talk


    What a silly comment. hahahaha. Yes i mad at Jeff because he is “hotter, hotter than me” HAHAHAHA.

    Again these are Jeff’s fans. His female fans, u for the mos tpart know nothing about the game, and LOVE Jeff because he is hot, and think he should win the game because of such.

    And bb fan 9

    Were not sayign its Jeff’s fault he wont the CDT.

    Were saying he was given it without earning it. And production saw how many ppl liked who, and they knew that it would be a LANDSLIDE if they voted for anything.

    So thats not fair, and thats creating specifi varibales. Thats knowing darn-well ur gonna give it to one person.

  86. gee everyone i guess should be glad america dosnt get to vote for the nominations and evictions anymore. america has always voted.

    just cause jordan got implants and you do not know the whole story behind it and how she was able to afford it. maybe a tip you do not know the whole story.

  87. I hope Jeff holds the key to the house and can re-enter, but only if that means that by him re-entering the house that Jordo (the other one on the block) has to go. She has been completely worthless except for confusing issues by believing Nat. I can only pray that Natalie is not in the Final 2. That will be disappointing. In all the years of watching Big Brother, I have never disliked anyone so much. She is awful. Rather smarmy!

  88. at marcus…
    it made you laugh because its true…
    im not jeffs fan because he hot im his fan because hes done the least amount of backstabbing/lying, and since im assuming everybody is watching the same show the only conclusion i came up with why some people hate jeff is because you know the ladies love him! so ha!

  89. It is playing the game. Look at ppl from past seasons.

    It is playing the game.

    She is keeping the target off her back, so if she does make final2 her votes wont be compromised because she sent ppl home, and stuff.

    Thats pretty smart to me.

    Dont mess with the ppl who will vote for u to win or not.

    Thats pretty smart to me.

    But its not playing the game because Natalie is doing it right?

    But Jeff who tried to comitt to this startegy after he took himself off the block is playing it. but anyone other than him, its not right?

    I get cha

  90. Jeff was pushing Natalie very hard for her to vote of keep him. She kept giving him some BS about her word to Kevin. Michele said to Natalie that if she votes to keep Jeff, Michele will not put her up. Natalie said she couldn’t trust Michele, so Michele says what if I use the veto on Jeff. That will show you and then you and Jeff can vote to keep me. Does this sound like Marcellus all over again. Please Michele don’t pull a bone head move like that.

  91. Great question BB fan.

    Let me answer that.

    Everyone is mad because the key was to unlock kevin.

    Annnnd first off the Pandora Box is said just to add something to HOH.

    So if Jeff is saved, and someone is gone, isnt that not what it was intended.

    Plus everyone was mad when Jeff got to CDT, after seeing the amount of votes he got, and knowing how everyone feels about him.

    But ppl are mad because Kevin is the one who took the risk, nto Jeff, so he shouldnt get anything, especially saftey.

  92. @ BBFan9 – I don’t give a crap about the cdt power. The producers knew when it was offered who would win because they do search the message boards. I was happy about it because Jeff did take Russ off and at that time I had nothing against JJ; I only liked Russ better. I wanted the final four with JJMR to be a go. However, when Jeff let the power go to his head and became arrogant and started acting like a jerk to everyone, talking sh** about Michelle and telling people they can’t talk to R etc., I really started to dislike him as did a lot of people. The “special” treatment I am referring to is if the producers change what the key means to allow Jeff to stay just because it was Jeff that found the key. I would not put that past the producers/cbs. Now that Russ is off the show, I am still watching because I love BB. Now I hope Kev or Mich win it all.

  93. The BB producers should not risk the credibility of their show by saving Jeff again. Handing Jeff any saving grace will be an insult to the intelligence of their viewers.

  94. Michelle says, and threatens Kevin that if he does this, she wont put him up, when she will put him up regardless next week if she is HOH.

    I say go ahead, because She will mess up her votes for Jury, and Natalie wont go home sooo.

  95. bbfan11
    Oh, you’re right, we don’t know how Jordan was able to afford the approx $9,000 implants after losing her home to foreclosure. We know insurance doesn’t cover it, so maybe there is a fund for boob-impaired women. Or all the Hooters customers chipped in because she was going to lose her job for not being upfront. Or maybe she has a rich uncle who felt bad for her 34A niece. Oh, there are so many ways to get $9,000 for boobs when you’re a waitress.

  96. this game is kind of like poker (just using texas hold em as the game) and people have different theories on how to win. some people only play good cards, and think they have to have the best hand to win, they don’t bluff (I would equate this to having to win the competitions to move through the game). Then there are ultra/uber competitive players, who are in a lot of the hands, bluff a lot, seize and recognize weakness and pounce on it. These players rarely have the best hand, but they win a lot. They can change up their game and they still have the best hand at times (I would say these are the players who lay in the weeds, waiting for the perfect time to try to iwn competitions, but are also doing a lot of talking behind the scenes.

    Both strategies can get you where you need to go. They are just different. I have noticed on these boards the last couple weeks, is a lot of bashing of the players who don’t win competitions. It’s like, Nat shouldn’t win because she hasn’t won anything, but she’s still there (now don’t get me wrong I don’t like her either, but her gameplay has worked). But some of these same people are like I love JJ (jordan Im getting at here) she’s done the same thing. How did she win HOH? The POV she won, I still say she was listening to Michelle and following her.

    You may disagree with a player’s style, but at least recognize maybe they are doing it for a reason. I honestly can not say what Jordan is doing other than her normal self. I do not see any game in her. I have seen game in just about everyone else in the bb house (other than first couple of weeks) But Kev and Nat have played brilliantly the last few weeks to stay in game. It was easy F4 for JJRM if they stuck together

  97. Andrea. ur a joke.

    U dont even know what i look like.

    Because Jeff hasnt done the least backstabbing and lying. Jordan has.

    But u dont care, because Jeff is to u, hott.

    And Jeff backstabbed Russell last week.

  98. man russell is gone, so let it go…and about that…russell wanted to take jeff off as much as kev/nat so i think he did a smart move taking him off

  99. No, it’s not in my opinion and never has been. As much as I don’t like jessie, I’d rather see him in there. At least he played the game.

    Kevin has won a POV and HOH
    Jordan has won a POV on her own
    Michelle has won 2 POV’s and an HOH
    Jeff has won 2 POV’s and an HOH

    AS far a voting in the jury house, if they vote the proper way, it should be who played the best game. Natalie just hasn’t.

    Natalie hasn’t done anything.

  100. Jordan ha sprolly lied 3 times at the most. hasnt been in any position to backstabb anyone.

    Shows how much u knoe ful.

  101. actually i also like jordan because of the same reason i like jeff so ha! stop being jealous!

  102. you know i dont understand why some of you keep saying that BB is giving jeff all this stuff they arent! that key was hiden where ANYONE could of found it if they wanted to look for it. its not like they went over the intercom and said hey jeff look under the pillow on the couch. dont you people think before you start saying all this stuff he has played a good game but his big mistake was back dooring russelle. GO JEFF!!!!

  103. Ashley,
    don’t you wish someone would put together a montage of clips of J&J acting like 9 yr old nasty brats in the HoH room, and put it all together, so all the Jeff lovers (who don’t have live feeds) can understand why we turned on him?
    Come on, one of you must be video savyy and could do this for Utube? Wish I could.

  104. Natalie has played the game, one of the best.

    She has made it to final 4, and doesnt have a target on her back.

    Sounds pretty good to me.

    She heavily influenced Jessie decisons, and rele played him if u think about it.

    If u make it to final 4, ur pretty good. u have the played the game

    U guys wont give Natalie an ounce of credit because u guys HATE her SO much.

    she could win HOH, and u would down that were it wouldnt mean anything.

    America shouldnt get any vote.

    If this is how the majority of yall think.

  105. Al,
    The point is BB can CHANGE what the key means depending on who found it, since they never announced what it was.

  106. to rene..
    yea we all know jeff said some pretty bad stuff but u can never that to how many times everybody else did behind peoples back, and whats worse is when they straight out lied to your face like nats been doing

  107. If Michell offered Jeff the veto, then she will go, so i dont care.

    However, it will be hard to have Jeff up again.

  108. its not like they are planning on who wins this game or not. they cant make people vote for other people so no matter what they do the game is still up to only the ones that have been in the house not BB. but if you remember that during thursdays show julie said it would be a big twist that will turn the game which means they really already knew what they were doing!

  109. If Michelle gives Jeff the veto, then she is an idiot and doesn’t deserve to win. Just like Jordan trying to get evicted so Jeff can win. Do these girls think Jeff is actually going to share money with them?

  110. And rele i found Nat to be pretty honest when in front of the house.

    When she told Michelle exactly what she thinks of her in fron of everyone.

    She does lie no doubt, but like 2 other ppl have done that, were they say exactl what they are thinking to their enemy.

    Like Jessie, Chima, and Lydia.

    okay 3.

  111. The key more than likely has some kind of power to it. I can’t be mad at Jeff for the CDT, America did give it to him (and he used it in his favor). I also can’t be mad if he uses the key (if it has a power to benifit him) because he did find it. I have my favorite to win, but the game it about playing the game where you end in the F2 adn hopefully some big money. You just have to play it right. I know I couldn’t do it. So of hg’s fall for lies and they fall for coattail riders then they deserve to lose.

  112. If she could win, she would’ve won already. Making excuses for natalie is just as bad as j/j fans making excuses for them.

  113. at marcus..
    yea nat told michelle some “honest” things but she said it herself that it was to fool jeff and jordan


  115. Let me throw this out.

    Jeff is such a goody guy right?

    Wat about the time he made a homophobic comment?


    ORRR what about the time Jeff said, u should cry or whine when the power is flipped not on ur side.

    And then he did the same thing this week for 3 days straight after veto.


    Anddddddd my waffles are done lol!


  117. Why would anyone throw a POV comp when they’re on the blcok? Even if safety was promised?

  118. @marcus: you said nat made it to the F4. have they already done veto ceremony and evictions or did I miss something? Who knows what will go on this week, and weird things could happen. Has Michelle just gone completely mad? That house would do it to me. that’s one reason I could never go on that show

  119. im not saying hes the good guy, no one in that house is since their playing the game(im not sure how they are int heir real lives) but what im saying is that they everyone in the house right now with the exception of natalie lied the least

  120. @ Marcus
    I don’t care if J/J wins or not. If they were rigging it for anyone thats fine with me, its thier show and they need ratings. Every season to date there has been twists that benefited ONE player. The only thing I would LIKE to see is Natalie to go home, shes been so hypocritical the whole show. But if she found that key and won a “special treatment” that’d be fine by me as its a twist in the game.

  121. NOt rele.

    Nat rele doesnt like Michelle and vise versa.

    But she can say she hates Michelle knowing that she is only camofaluging her plans for Jeff

  122. Why would J/J know who is lying nat is real good at it and michelle doesn’t help herself because she can’t keep straight what she lies about. I like michelle,J/J. How do you figure JJ didn’t do anything? They did more than Kev/Nat. Talk about floaters! Nat struts around the house like she does anything! Nat is the least deserving-she’s only irritating! BB please pull feed from nat when she’s chomping food! Kev you are no Dr Will! I hope jeff stays-nat goes home. Now that would be funny!!! Eveyone else in the house at least tries. She is just plain lazy. Please I didn’t like jeff because he is good looking-he’s a nice guy like Jordon is nice. Michelle too. Kevin is ok.

  123. Who has been more hyocritical, i think its been Jeff.

    There is diffrence betwwen a lie and and a hypcorite.

    Jeff has defined for us a hypcoritical person this week.

    i said it in my last post.

  124. Jeff has done more the N/K not Jordan.

    And guess who is going home becuase of it?


    So it all works out perfectly.

    Im so dumbfounded on were this hatred came from. Like u guys hate her, and when asked why u have no answer or nothing but dumb petty things. And u lie, and twist things.

    Stop ur hatin, respect ehr game play.

    Winning is the not only thing in BB and it only puts a target on ur back.

    Natalie has managed to roll with Jessie, the best player of the game, and Kevin who is also strong.

    C’om ppl. Open ur eyes

  125. Tell me how.

    and i will knoe if ur lying. or twisting anything.

    If u can tell me with out doing thhose things, i will agree.

    Im not biased, present the facts.

    How is she hypocritcal adrea c?

  126. Each time I watch the show, i am not tuning in to watch JEFF or Jordan, I am simply tuning in to watch the game. There are multitudes who watch the show with similar intentions like mines, so I guess if CBS want to relegate BB11 to jeff fans show, they can go a head and save the greatest moron on earth “jeff”. They will lose the multitudes who simply tune in to watch an intriguing game. Ratings will definitely not sour, coz only idiots who can see how stupid and week of a player jeff is would still watch

  127. If Michele uses the veto on him, he is planning to vote her out and keep Jordan. He and Jordan are laughing about it and says Michele is crazy. He sent Natalie back out to convince Michele to do it. Natalie would tell Michele she would vote to get rid of Jordan.

  128. ok if your just watching the show on CBS your seeing a different show than the live feeds and BBAD

  129. I can’t watch the live feeds now and see Michele self destruct. Can you image the hell she will go through in the jury house as soon as Jessie, Lydia and Russell find out what she did. They would never let her live it down.

  130. Andrea c, thats not a hypocrite u dummy, thats a lie.

    But if u want to go by that logic, then Jeff is a hypcorite too, because he lied to Russell right?

  131. i have to admit that was a lie ok..i just cannot think of anything specific that she said that was hypocritical

  132. Here’s what I want to know… Mich is out in the BY trying to convince Nat to vote to keep Jeff. She goes into DR. Then she comes back out and says “I will use VETO on Jeff”..
    WTF>??? There has GOT to be more to that.. She said last night that there was no WAY she would ever get “Marcellused” and of all people. she doesn’t trust NAT and she KNOWS that Jeff is not going to vote out Jordan…. LORD LOVE A DUCK!!!
    There HAS to be a plan in this.. My stomach is SICK!!!

  133. @ marcus ” jesse, the best player of the game” , that explains everything.

    I recall Natalie saying many times during the season ” xyz hasn’t done anything, they have no blood on thier hands” something to that effect when her name has been attached to ANYTHING that has gone on when in fact she has done stuff. Which I agree with you, is absolutly one stategy to take.

    If I was in the JH though, my vote would go with the person that publicly did things and had the blood on thier hands. But I’m not in the JH and I’m just a BB fan and even if Natalie won you can bet I’d still watch BB12.

  134. I have watched BB every season and Other than Dr. Will, I LOVE Jeff. BB did not GIVE Jeff the coup’d etat…..America gave it to him. CBS should TOTALLY keep Jeff! He and Jordan are total ‘Reality TV’ gold mines! How anyone doesn’t see that is beyond me. Natalie has won NOTHING. She jumps on people’s backs like she is doing to Kevin and did to Jesse. She is pathetic and I can’t wait until she goes home. She is a rat and a sneaky, sneaky girl! Kevin at least has some strength in winning crap. Natalie is pathetic. The only thing Jeff did that was wrong is believe that little pig! I HOPE CBS rewards Jeff in finding that key (as he did and was not greedy) and sends Natalie’s ass HOME! I have no interest in watching this show with Kevin and Natalie in the house by themselves or even with Michelle. How boring. The only entertainment is with Jeff and Jordan……HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO?????? BB fans, do you not see that?

  135. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MICHELLE??? She is giving away $500,000!!! I bet her husband is pissed!!!

  136. Yea i knoe u cant.

    This is my point.

    Can i get a transcript of andrea and i’s conversation? lol

    This is what iam talking about.

    Ya ppl come on here, making up things, twisting things, bashing hatred, and most of u dont knoe what ur talking about.

    Wether its bout Natale, Kevin, Michelle, Jessie, whoever.

    I have actually seen yall doing it to Jeff.

    And its like, do u guys not watch the show?

    But andrea c, its not ur fault, Jeff’s looks have jut burned off some of ur brain cells.

    But rele. All i say i just back up ur agruement with facts, and most of u cant.

  137. Jcat

    Michele is on her own and she knows it. She will keep the
    Veto for herself.

    I think she is “playing with the other HGs” as if
    they are her lab rats, which they are. Offer them hope.
    A payback experiment!

  138. Yea i made a mistake. I meant to say up until his eviction, Jessie was the best.

    ANd andrea, how cant i compare it? Jeff was in power in some form either through Michelle or Jordan for about 3 weeks.

    So she lied to keep herself in the game.

    Jeff lied to keep himself in the game

    Theire is nothing wrong with it

    So im saying why bash Natalie for doing the same things Jeff did?

  139. @midwest fan – I hope you are right. I hate to think Mich is just handing over her veto and trusting nat and jeff to save her. Surely she has a little common sense about her.

  140. Ye Amanda, this sint “I love Jeff”

    Or “Rock of Love with Jordan” This is BB.

    And just because their are an item doesnt mean they should be given the game.

    dumb azz.

  141. OMG..BB did NOT GIVING ANY “FEWW BONE” TO JEFF! This guy is the ONLY one in the house at this time that has worked his a__ off compaired to Nat/Kevin whom (tes they both are) floaters! BB knows Jeff is a strong player and Micahelle is second. Why continue to keep the others whom have won nothing and done nothing in this house. I thought the reason behind BB was to work hard and win, not float by and win! Get it straight, for those who write Jeff “received a free bone from BB,” then rememeber who else did for a 2nd time….JESSIE!! OMG, some of you are so immature by writing if Jeff wins I will not watch BB ever again…when in fact you know you will. Please do not act immature like Chima, Kevin, Nat (who by the way is a liar stating she is only 18). May Jeff hurt himself by ‘breaking up” per say the “final four,” yet remember fans not in BB is final so give Jeff a break! Have any of you ever been in the BB house?? Just curious because some of you act like you have been by the manner in which you write your comments. Freedom of Speech..yes..but do not be so hard on Jeff who is not only is not only a OUTSTANDING PLAYER, but a WONDERFUL PERSON//I do not know him personally but if I were in the Jury House you bet he would get my vote..He has been nothing but decent in this BB game and has not been immature, or nasty, or a name caller to anyone in the household. I pray that BB ‘saved’ him with the key…that key should be used to help Jeff in this ‘game” so some floater doies not win 500,000!!! Just think about what you write before you write it… and for some of you…you sound so so so immature!!

  142. If Michelle is really doing this, then good for her hahaha. Let her be stupid.

    She will go home. She cant be saved.

    HAHAHA. she is a joke.

  143. exuse my typos please…I am in my dark photo lab abd hard to see the keys on laptop. Just had to respond to some of you.. “Free Bone” Jeff did not receive..and any other typos please disregard. PEACE TO ALL

  144. Just seeing the look on Michele’s face, I think she is giving up because she is tired of being alone. It will be worse for her in the jury house. She should just quit and go home to her husband. The sad thing is she is capable of winning it all.

  145. ok first of all, i do know nat has been a hypocrite theres no doubt just because i cannot recall a time right doesn’t mean there wasnt any.
    nat sucks and she should go home.
    and yea i know im biased cuz i totally love jeff but i said it before as long as natalie goes before anybody else i’ll be ok with whoever wins as long as its not natalie

  146. Question

    Do u guys think it would be a good idea to win HOH next week?

    Im thinking it would better not too, because ur screwed the following week, and whoever u put up, and send home wont give u there vote for Jury.

    What do u guys tink?

    Oh ann i think Veto is way better, because u dont put a target on ur back, and ur still safe. plus u rele decide who goes home.

  147. more typos..forget it..i think most of you know what i am trying to say…typing on laptop and trying to develop photos does not mix….PEACE Jeff is already a winner in my mind….he has worked the hardest without losing any respect for himself!!

  148. Ashley –

    Fingers are crossed here too.

    I will be stunned and repelled if Michele isn’t just giving
    this lousy group FAlSE HOPE.

    The whole setting of BB is so much like a lab experiment;
    she has to be using it to her advantage. After all, there is
    a Dr. in the BB House and her name is Michele.

  149. i do agree it does not matter who wins the veto as long as you win the veto because it is more important to not put targets on you but u should try 100% to win hoh because if you don’t win either you go to the jh

  150. Kevin just told Michele not to use the veto on Jeff because she will be the one going home. I don’t know if Kevin wants Jeff out to protect himself or if he feels sorry for Michele.

  151. Andrea u should stop while ur behind sweety.

    HAHA. i had to pull out the oh so condisending “sweety”


    U love Jeff, and u cant see the game for what it is, and based on ur comments u dont knoe the purpose, or how BB is played.

    If ur gonna chant from the roof tops Natalie is a hyopcrite, but cant recall and time she was one, then ur dumb, and just yelling things u hear, or read without andy knowledge of anything.

    And if Natalie sucks so much, wat does that make Jeff? Cause he is going home, and SHE is staying! HAHAHAHA

  152. One more thing ..can not help myself….those of you against Jeff are more than likely ‘guys’ who are just so jealous that you do no thave the looks, much less the respect this man shows towards everyone.. think about it..hard to find a guy whether boyfriend or just friend like Jeff…PEACE Susie

  153. Marcus…you sound so so immature…omg it’s ppl like you who have no lue of what life and hard work is about…..go find a job… PEACE…I hope Jeff stays for my reasons but also to shoot your immature self down….get a life PEACE

  154. Marcus – I’m with you. I don’t think I’d want the next HOH, MUCH rather have the next POV.

  155. uh oh we got another andrea. Hey look its susie.

    As i guy, i dont care if Jeff looks the best. If he is pulling girls like Jordan, then rele i dont care.

    Why should i?

    Im jealous, i have no reason to be.

    See women watch shows and compare to how they look versus who is on the show, NOT MEN.

    Men dont care, as dont i.

  156. if i was just relying on looks then i would had been on jesses/russells team but i was never!

  157. Thanks Andrea…gotta get back to work hun but you a Awesome Day! Do not allow Marcus’ comments to get to you or anyone else….I can tell he is a poor sport and other terms I would rather not use because I have more respect for myself…PEACE TO ALL

  158. If Jeff lets Michelle use the POV on him he is really a scumbag. He knows that they will vote Michelle out. Michelle must be giving up.

  159. All I have to say is that this game is about targets, lies, being hypocritical, siding, and winning competitions. If you can’t win at least one, you shouldn’t win the game.

  160. Yea, andrea, u and and susie should sit in a coffee shop, and talk about how ur so deprived of male stimulation and how Jeff just complets u.

    U talk about how u want him so bad, and ANYONE who doesnt like him is just loser, and jealous of his “oh so irrestiable” looks right?

    Because every man wants to be Jeff, and every man should strive to be Jeff right?


  161. i want michelle to use the power on jeff but i would rather see jordan go than michelle but i know michelle will go..

  162. @Midwest Fan much appreciated. Natalie and Kevin in backyard and Natalie said she doesn’t want Michele to use the veto on Jeff because she
    Jeff out.

  163. Susie, “PEACE” mean ur gonna leave.

    u have said it 3 or 4 times.

    so can u finally leave?

  164. Prior to loffing off just saw your d__ba__ comment. I am not Andrea I am myself thank you very much. It’s “those” like you i would love to go up against in the BB house!! You would be OUT the door before you knew what hit you. I have to much respect and pride within to answer any more of your immature comment Marcus…get a life…this is my final and last response to a ‘person’ such as you…PEACE

  165. The ONLY reason I want Natalie off is the same reason she wanted others out of the house, she has no blood on her hands so to speak. And yes, I’d say the same about Jordon but atleast she has a HOH and Lydia’s eviction on her hands.

  166. at marcus…exactly haha you all want to be jeff and deep down inside you freaking know it!
    as for the other part of your comment…yea do u really think a 20 year old is deprived of male stimulation? haha make me laugh and also by the way im married.

  167. Susie, ahahaha. if me and u wer ein the BB House, omg. it would be Evil Dick and Amber all over again.

    U would always be drinking, because u would awlays be catchin hell from me haha.

    Andrea c, if u are married i feel so bad for ur husband. How does a woman who is married say things about another man like that?

    How does someone with ur lack of common sense fine a guy were he puts up with it?

    U must rele be attractive, thats the only excuse i can come up with

  168. at marcus..
    well even though i do have to admit that im not easy to put up with, i actually have had quite a few propositions for marriage…and im only 20…i never called myself attractive but other people seem to say so, whatever i don’t care about it

  169. and i know i have more common sense than most people.. so just because you don’t see it like i do does not make me dumb

  170. Whoever wins the next HOH will get to play in the following one as well. This is the time when you can play two HOH back to back

  171. @Marcus: even though we don’t agree on much it appears, you NAILED it on the difference between liar and hypocrit. Nat and Jeff couldn’t be on more opposite ends of that spectrum in their game play.

    and I hate to say it, but each week and competition that goes by, Nat’s play has been getting better and better. yet she still annoys me more than any other houseguest this year!

  172. Im out.

    Will Michelle use the veto to save herself? or will she give it away?

    Will Jeff be able to obtain the votes to stay in the ouse?

    Plus the battle for HOH heats up

    And, what was in the secret room, and how does it effect the game?

    Find out this and more Tuesday at 9/8 central on . . .


  173. It’s funny that everyone was BOO JESSE when he was on top. And YAY JEFF when he was on bottom. But CBS gave you what you wanted!

    YAY JESSE is gone! Power has changed hands to the underdog. lol


    You go CRAZY HATE on Jesse. And CRAZY LOVE on Jeff.

    Then the second Jeff is in the lead…you all change your mind and hate him.

    And switch to the new underdog. LOL. I’m loyal to Jeff and Jordan. I would LOVE for them to be saved and win. At any costs.

    It is after all a game. Controlled by BIG BROTHER.

    Do we know what that actually means. Have any of you ever read the book?

    BIG BROTHER is always watching. They can do WHATEVER THEY WANT. They destroy people who do not fall in line with what they want. They set the standards and it’s all about PROPAGANDA!

    You SEE what THEY WANT you to see. You do what they want or else.


    Wow. Big Brother couldn’t do anything to discredit themselves because they HAVE ALL THE POWER.

    The players are puppets in their games.

    So stop crying like little girls and enjoy the show.

    If Jesse was still here you would be against him and for Jeff.

    Your minds are as fluid as a river. Flakey as a muffin. lol

  174. Hey Janet! Do you think Mich is going to use pov on Jeff or do you think what Midwest Fan is true and she is just using the hgs as her own lab experiment? Hope she is NOT that stupid!!!

  175. Hello all,
    Happy Monday. How are we all getting along today? I am hoping better than yesterday but just in case, maybe I should report what I posted on the Nominations and the way we are acting.

  176. THANK U Brian G.!

    Thats a comment ppl can actually respect.

    We have our differences, but thank u for knowing wat going on.

    thats all ive been getting at.

  177. sabrina: if you don’t win anything you shouldn’t win BB. I agree with you, HOWEVER, the only thing that matters winning is the Jury House votes. You win that, you DO win BB, and you won the most important thing of all. I would say JH votes are a competition as well

  178. @Jcat…thank you for the play by plays on the live feeds. I’m at work, so I can’t see what’s going on, but still dying to know. Keep them coming!! :o)

  179. Okay, I haven’t really posted in a very long time because of family issues right now, but after reading everything that people are writing I feel the need to.

    Are we all forgetting that this is just a game? None of us know any of these HG’s personally and with most of them I am thankful I don’t. We are sitting here attacking one another as they were in the house when Chima, Russell, etc were in the house. We are condoning the behavior that we all said was so wrong.

    Voicing opinions is one thing but when you just keep attacking others for their opinions that isn’t any more right.

    Thank you Leo and I am trying but I have never had so much bad luck and can only hope that it is over. Kaelyn- I know you reading honey, things will get better, be optimistic, you can beat this.
    I have missed chatting with everyone here and want to give my input. What I want to happen and what I foresee happening are two different things.

    I do believe that, and I am sorry to say that Jeff will be leaving this week. Next week, I think Michelle will win HOH putting, Kev and Natalie up, with Kevin leaving. I would like to see Michelle and Kevin in the F2 and I was a J/J fan. I don’t want Nat in the F2 because she would clearly win this.

    This Pandora’s Box thing…anything could @Leo=I learned something about you tonight. Thanx. I think what you are doing is great with the at risk teens. Kudos to you. I am sure you are a good person, I am sure a lot of us here are. We just get so wrapped up in this GAME.
    @Marcus-I voted for Jeff and No he doesn’t make me wet. Yes he is cute but it takes a little more than a cute face to do that for me. I wanted someone else to have a chance at the power.happen; but I still think Jeff will go.

  180. Could this pandora’s box be Jeff’s lifeline? I’ve been joking saying that CBS is trying to hand the game to Jeff since the coup d’ worst jeff will get one big cash prize before leaving.

  181. lol…I LIKE MUFFINS TOO :) IF they are tastey of course.



  182. I don’t like the way that during last Thursday’s eviction of Russell how Natalies speech was thanking everyone for their vote. How cocky. I dislike her so much. Last year Dan won all votes, because he played a better game and Memphis didn’t win anything. If she thinks she can make it to F2 she won’t win. I don’t think people are going to vote for someone who hasn’t won anything. I think that there’s more to her than meets the eye and I hope Kevin is smart enough to get rid of her now.

  183. GO MICHELE!

    Keep “playing with your Lab Rats.”
    Give them False Hope and then use the Veto on yourself.

    Stay focused and keep on winning.
    Word to the Wise: Natalie has promised to play the upcoming
    comps 110%.

    : )

  184. how can you say that this is just another way to “save Jeff”? Jeff was not “saved” with the coup d’tat, Jeff “saved” Lydia and Russell if you remember.

  185. I work with “Michelle Type” scientists everyday. Many of them are socially awkward. They don’t have the same thought process as street smart people. They actually have a process that they go through before they can respond. You can see it in Michelle even when the response appears to be easy, she hesitates to process the meaning of what she just heard, then prepares a response. This is not how most of us works. We response in rapid fire, mostly because we are required to (at least hear on the East Coast). By hesitating we would appear to not understand the question or situation. That is what makes Michelle look a little “off” at times. Her response takes too long to process and those around her are moving quickly to spew out what they are thinking instantly. Do you notice how clearly she speaks after spending time by herself and even talking to herself. She is actually processing the conversation to prepare to speak with others and to be able to handle the rapid fire. Really that’s how it works with methodology thinkers. She’s not nuts, she just takes longer to get to where the others are due to training as a scientist. In the words of Jessie, “Does that make sense?”

  186. @Riley
    VERY well said. You explained it in a crystal clear way. I am a methological thinker. And you described me perfectly. It does make me stand out living here on the east coast. Was born and raised in the south. Lived on east coast for about 5 years now.

  187. I don’t know what you all think but bb will not be the same not for the player’s but for the show you will loss a lot of vower’s by sending jeff out of the game I just hope the serit is that thay can keep jeff or bring some one pack that will come after them like russ casey or the rat ronny to make there life’s there a liven he** and that thay have no chanse!! I do not think it is far for feff to leave he is the only one that keeped them there as lang as he did .I think there maken a rong move by sending him home because machell and jorden will send them home one by one And i beleave jordrn will come back like a vengens to mack them pay!! Please bb give jeff a chance.

  188. @ Peggy it was clear that the next one to be evicted was going to be Jeff because he was not save by his team any more. and yes CBS make surveys, and they know that all america loves Jeff, so they want to keep him. therefore, they gave him this power. and this week, they are going to give him the key to be in the final two because that’s how things work for CBS. they want Jeff to win. I honestly think, that CBS should just give the money to Jeff and end the game today.

  189. Brian Brian oh Brian… JH votes aren’t necessairy a comp. They are dangerous… they can either give the rightful player the prize or it can be a popularity contest.

  190. @ pat. CBS is giving Jeff the money not only the chance so please do not worry, Jeff won this because CBS gave it to him, not because he could have earned like Natalie or mitchell

  191. I REALLY dont think that CBS wants Jeff to win…or whatever, People keep saying that they will reverse engineer this and that in order to get whoever it is that AG/CBS wants to win.
    Well I do know that they can NOT just “throw stuff in” just to make someone win.
    All comps, prizes and twists are PLANNED from the get go.
    There is no way in hell that AG/CBS would risk a lawsuit and posssible JAIL TIME for rigging this or any other show.
    NBC learned this lesson back in the 50’s with the $64,000 question.

  192. I have invested alot of time following this season of bb….and I will just say that if natalie (who did absolutely NOTHING except lie and run her big stupid mouth) all summer….or michele who is really hard to watch…..or scheming kevin win…after jeff made ALL the BIG moves and played harder and more fair than any of them….I am DONE watching bb forever. What a waste that would be. I hope pandoras box means something that puts jeff back into thegame!!!! or I’m OUT for good!!

  193. @1is1me, you are right. I do like Jeff though and do think that CBS has a HUGE HAND in what happens and what people think. I have never watched the live feeds but as I have read, CBS even ‘censors’ the live feeds don’t they?

  194. @ Sara, BB is a game that CBS control and wants to make sure that alot people watches it. so they know that all America is in love with him, so do not worry CBS will save Jeff. they will think about something and jell will stay and probably they will send Kevin or natalie home to please all america. but like I said CBS please give Jeff the money and move to surviver

  195. @ Brian G & Marcus. Your both doing a great job in getting your points across. When watching only TV you see only l side. When you read the blogs you see and hear the rest. When watching TV I have a couple of favorites, however, when reading the blogs, this changes things. While I don’t care for the Nat, overall, I do say she has the best game up to now. If I had to vote at this point, she would get my vote. I do like Michelle for lots of reasons (I always like the underdogs – maybe I lived in Las Vegas at one point for too long). I somehow hope she can overcome and make at least the final two. I try not to base my game on personal reasons but the way it was played. For Sabrina: Nat has none everything. For: Andrea C. Since you asked with a question it might very well mean you are still deparived? My point is doing answer with a question just a statement so you are not leaving yourself wide open.

  196. jordan needs to go. this girl makes me sick the keeps bringing up how hard her family was having it. i don’t think america is that stupid. if your family was having such a hard time and losing their home why would you go have a boob job. i think she’s just trying to make people feel sorry for her. i love the way she kept saying last night she was’nt going to eat anything and was steady packing her face. she may look ok from the head to the neck. but this girl has no right talking bad about micheleor russell,s ears. i did like her and jeff at first but not since i seen their true colors. both of them are for self. she’s trying to get jeff to buy her $5000 earrings and take her on trip. if she goes in his place this week,lease bb don’t let jeff be that stupid he’s already made one stupid move because of her. jeff can find someone a lot prettier and smarter than jordan. this girl is the dumbest i ever seen on this show. if this girls family was having it so hard and she really cared she would’nt be asking jeff to buy her earrings and drinks or take her on a trip,she would ask him for cash to help her family. sorry no pity here, not buying it . no vote for americas favorite from me.

  197. After hearing the statement from AG, it sounds as though the decision and control will still be in Kevin’s hands. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to have anything to do with saving Jeff or not, but maybe how the money is distributed among the houseguests.

  198. @sarah kaplan

    So, let’s get this straight. You are going to stop watching the show because of a decision Jeff made (Keeping Kevin) which allowed him to end up being nominated. Jeff was in control of his fate and he made choices that placed him there. But, you aren’t going to stop watching the show cause of the Coup de’tat which was responsible for evicting Jessie in which he had NO control over?

    Like people say time and time again, it’s a game, much like life, it isn’t fair all the time. But to act like a baby and say you will stop watching cause things aren’t going your way is just childish. The person I wanted to win is out of the house, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world and I’ll never watch it again.

    But please, don’t act so childish, cause it is a game, and it’s been going this way for the past 11 seasons, there are always twists, and eventually someone you like gets evicted. It’s by no means the end of the World.

  199. Riley
    The “process” you mentioned is called thinking.
    Mothers advise their kiddies, “To Think Before They Speak.”
    Michele is an intelligent person locked up in a BB House
    with rapid fire loonies. The house is filled with hateful non-stop
    “word salad.”
    I disagree with you about people with doctorates not
    being able to relate well to others since I find them to be just
    the opposite. They are usually well traveled, familiar
    with different cultures, easy going & humorous unless the
    discussion is about their specialty.

    I find Michele to be the one person in BB house with common
    sense vs the hateful pettiness of the others.
    She is “out of her element” only because of the non-stop
    loonies she is with. it is like she is the only sober one at a party.

  200. I will be sad to see jeff go him and jorden make’s the show do yo no how borring it will be when he goes My self I don’t think I will watch the show becase there is nothen to keep the show going and BB will loss a lot of vewer’s. I have talk to lot off fan’s and thay say thay would boy cot the show if thay did not give some way to save he , Jorden has done the write thing by saying she wonts them to keep jeff after all he saved them all by getting this far and if he leaves none ofthem deseve the money but Jorden. with that big bb you can save the show after every thing that went down with shedog you can give the pepele something back to be proud off .I have been a fan ever sence seasen one but after this one I don’t think it will ever be the same!!! chow in it and do the write thing!!

  201. #43. Sabrina I mean to say nat has done everything and Andrea I mean don’t answer with a question. So much for spell chseck. Smile.

  202. it is a Jeff transpiration, but how can you prove it when the excuse is that, it is a game. CBS is a huge network, this people in the house can barely make money to live. I do like everybody in the game, I think they are cool people that want to make some money in a game that you are allow to lie or to scream.however, if you follow the things that happened in the game it is clear that CBS is giving the money to Jeff.

  203. #246 – m – Totally agree! Jordan is stupid – and has no room to insult anybody. Jeff is acting stupid because of her & I can’t believe how easy it was for Jeff to turn on Russell. They almost deserve each other, and I don’t want to see either of them win BB now, especially after last week. I just pray that Jeff will get the same treatment he dished out last week and see how it feels.

  204. Natlie does not need to win it is funny how she says she is a stronge player but does not win. How she won 70,000 playing poker but has ceap clothes that she cannot change. How she lyies from the start of the game. CBS always had twist in the game but depends on the player how they play for example, America voted Jeff for power COUP they had all of the choice,Jeff found the key while others went for more money. Natlie does not try for HOH she gives up so why would a person want her win money.

  205. @Marcus “HAHA. i had to pull out the oh so condisending “sweety””

    Learn to spell. When being “condescending” it is also poor form to point it out. Dummy.

    Thank you, I slept well, am here at work now, sipping another cup of coffee, and am gonna keep posting, all day if I feel like it, cause I own my business. :)

    Although I enjoy your posts about women who think only with their crotches…it is getting tiresome.

    So, when I pointed out [last night] that the dudes that HATE Jeff, are absolutely, without a doubt in a “jock strap” measuring mindset, confirmed said theory by the myriad of dudes that posted how bitchin their bodies were, and almost also sounding homophobic, how “manly” they were. All to convince me that they were not against Jeff because they clearly are better [than Jeff] in all departments.

    So, what does that prove? Nothing.

    Marcus, son, please drop the wet panties strategy… if there are not strong women in your life that think with their brains, then you have my compassion.

    If your game is to be condescending to any woman who posts, to prove your point about Jeff…then I am going to have to come here all day, and get you back on point.

    This is a game. The HGs don’t see who is really lying and who isn’t. We can say that we would be better if we were in that house, but I doubt it. If someone wants to come here and support any HG, then all the best to them.

    Using that age-old, sexist strategy to diminish women and their choices, veiled in some gobble-d-goop about that you know us better than we know ourselves is the same strategy that red-necks used to keep another group in our country under wraps. Shame on you.

    And your attacks on women posters, pointing out that they must have a fine guy that will put up with a lack on common sense, is also poor form.

    Come on now. Either use solid debating tactics, stay on topic, and man up with supporting your beliefs with actual facts, and not attacks on someone’s gender, and/or gender stereotypes in order to “prove” that you are right.

  206. Just because CBS/AG are big corps and the “little people” in the house have no money DOES NOT mean that they wouldnt face a big lawsuit. I’m not sure weather it is the FCC or gov. agency….but it would be taken care of by someone….even if not a government agency, some big time lawyer that wants to make a name for him/herself would jump all over this if there was any cheating going on.
    getr real folks.

  207. POV ceremony is taking place now. I can’t believe Michelle said that she would use the veto on Jeff. I think it was a big lie to see what rise she could cause. The house has been dull this week and I think she wanted the attention. Maybe I’m wrong, and if I am, she deserves to go!

  208. does anyone know if the hg’s will find out what is the deal with pandoras box today during pov ceremony or do they have to wait till tuesday too? if they find out during the ceremony we might find out today! anyone know?

  209. In my perfect scenario, since they’re saying pandora’s box is an added responsability for the HOH, Kevin will have the choice, after votes, to keep the evictee or open the door. He chooses the door, jeff walkes out and russell walks in, that would be sooo cool! Hey I can hope can’t I. Can u imagine Jordan’s reaction? It would be priceless.

  210. @ Midwest Fan

    ….and what Pharmaceutical Company do you work at? Methodologies and Process thinking is what is taught at Universities. I said scientists, not necessarily doctorates. The environment in which these scientist study is one of competitive thinking as well. They are taught to show their work when coming to a conclusion. They are taught to think of an answer to a situation from multiple angles. It may not be the way they were born to think but it is much in the way they are trained to think and come to conclusions. I work with 4,700 scientist, think I have a point of view that I can state with confidence.

  211. please keep us posted on live feed updates this afternoon! so hooked on the spoilers this year! Driving my husband crazy with the “I know what’s happening and you don’t” teasing!

  212. I’ll agree, CBS doesn’t cheat but the network
    certainly shows a lack of ethics when the good vs evil
    shown on the air is no where near accurate with what is
    seen on the Live Feeds.

    America, who is your Favorite Player?
    The one CBS has given the most favorable showing and air time to.

  213. michelle is probably trying to be nice just incase she needs his jury vote, i dont think she will be that stupid. if she is she deserves to go home

  214. @bbfan11 – I think if the key is going to affect the veto, the hgs will know today. Like if the key overrides Michelle’s veto or something. If it affects the eviction, we probably won’t know until Thursday.

  215. bbfan11 — I disagree with Michelle’s thinking if you are correct. If I were Jeff, I wouldn’t expect for Michelle to use the veto on myself when she is on the block as well. However, if she told me she would, then didn’t, I’d be pissed in the JH.

  216. Kevin said that Production wants Jeff to stay. BUT also Jeff said the prior 2 weeks that he was getting it from the DR sessions that Kev and Nat could be trusted and that Russ muight really be after him. Ne said all late last Wednesday night.

    This key that Jeff found. He found it litterally. Nat knew there was a key but was NOT going to tell anybody. Jeff found it and unlocked Kev.

    Jeff and Jordo have made the show this year. I like Michelle despite her stalker like ways.

  217. michele would be crazy if she gave up her veto of course she going so i think jeff wll be going home i bet he wishes he would have kept russ then maybe things would have work diffent

  218. live feeds go down during the veto meeting but will come up after then we have to figure out what happened

  219. Peaple how good will it be to watch net ,keviv jorden and mashell? IM SORRY it will be a bomb on sho time after dark. Sorry!! For me I just no mashell and jorden got the show won!! But if jeff stay’s that will we the sho I would have to keep on and keep my internet going but if he leave’s It will not be worth it ; But if Jeff stay’s shi* will get sooooo good to see him taken down kev and Nat. So what do you have to say for that? For all those how don’t get the after hour’s on shotim he does not have a chance if Jev and his lape dog has any thing to do with it Yea Kev should know he will not when if he take’s Nat to the end.

  220. @Jenny, @Peggy…Why thank you. We don’t all have to agree, that is what “opinions” are for.

    That the same posters keep whining on about what Jeff got, and that he got, got, and that he’s gonna get “got” more [head spinning] all the while they are exercising that same fervent support for a different player [as to likes/dislikes], and attempting to “prove” that they are right [in that belief], and everyone else has it wrong. Did I get it all?

    Wow. I gotta get some work done. I’ll be keeping an eye on Marcus. I have a room reserved for him at the local hospital in case he pulls something defending his favorites…he just has to let me know when to come an get him. :) hahahahahaha

  221. i hope by jeff not being selfish and unlocking kevin.. the box has also hope on it that that jeff he will be safed that would be the right think to do from bb production

  222. Do any of you remember Kaysar? Big Brother knew he was the favorite and when he got evicted they found a way to bring him back. That’s what they will probably do with Jeff. Although the other Houseguests will probably revolt if Jeff gets one more pass at the game.

  223. I think all the J/J fans are just bitter. If it were reversed where the other side of the house had some secret power you wouldn’t be complaining then! America voted for Jeff to get the CDT, nothing to do with production. And what about Jordan and this boob job? I don’t know if she did or didn’t, but is it possible she had surgery to have a reduction? I couldn’t see someone being that broke going and spending money on boobs, even with her smarts. I’m a J/J fan but if they go they go, that’s the game. It’s not the end of the world!

  224. go jeff!!!!!!im sorry poeople think u cheated when we voted for u too bad i didnt like anyone else haha and i think he should be rewarded for finding the key everyone else could but they were greedy….key means hope get that nasty nat and kevin out!!!!

  225. heck if i would have been in there i would have hid the key and made that idiot stay there till the end of the game handcuffed!!!!

  226. Yes peaple Mashell won the voto friday night don’t you all go to Lve feed, But what’s going on with the money thing? Dont anyone no I hope it will be thay can keep someone or have some one come pack and I hope if thay boot ot Jeff that thay get the banana back or ronny and that will make the life hell, Or maybe thay can bring evil dick back to torcher thim Ha Ha HA!!!!!!

  227. Riley,

    I accept your conclusion however my experience is different from yours as I’m speaking as a friend.
    My husband and I are best friends with several research scientists
    from one of the world’s largest Pharmaceutical Companies
    with headquarters in Illinois.
    They are “regular” folks when they are not working on their
    projects or discussing their findings. We raised our children
    together. We party together. We have been friends and
    neighbors for many years. We don’t discuss their work except
    in general terms. Three got their doctorates from universities
    which created doctorate programs just for their specific projects.
    All very impressive but on a day to day basis, they are quite
    simply our friends; normal everyday people worried about
    the same issues as our family.
    Perhaps you know some scientists in their work environment whereas
    I know them as personal friends.

  228. I hope that this key is to take himslef off the block leaving natilie and jordan to be leaving.then we know nat will go home

  229. maybe its a power to evict someone else like machelle or nat.we know he wont send home jordan.

  230. jeff deserve to stay he has been a good player from day 1 yes he avicted russel but if he would have let him stay no matter jeff would have been on the block this week regardless

  231. man the ceremony does not take this freaking long! they just want us to be anxiously waiting for it…dang it!

  232. I was a Jeff/Jordan fan all season; but to threaten to boycott the show because Jeff gets evicted is very childish. Come on, people have been saying all season they are going to quit watching..what I find amusing is that it’s the same people still watching and threatening to boycott the show, lol. Those of you that want to boycott the show if Jeff gets evicted take up a collection and send him the money

  233. Maybe the feed is taking so long because they’ve revealed the answer to the “key”. That would be awesome!

  234. Can’t wait to hear the results.

    Michele removes herself and Kevin puts up Jordan.

    Will Jordan convince others to evict her and keep Jeff?

  235. Midwest fan, that is my prediction as well, however, I don’t think anyone will listen to Jordan, Jeff will be gone.

  236. Okay, recap: Michelle used the veto on herself and Kevin put Jordan up. That figures. I didn’t think Michelle would stick with her word.

  237. Ken,
    I try not to bash people for their spelling skills, but you are not even speaking proper english. I find it hard to understand what you are saying because it makes no sense

  238. I have a feeling that Michele did use the veto to remove herself from the chopping block this afternoon, forcing Kevin Campbell to put Jeff Schroder on the chopping block in Michele’s place during today’s veto meeting.
    According to my predictions, Jeff Schroder will very well be exiting the house this coming Thursday night.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  239. Personally, Kevin is very stupid. He is not realizing that if it comes down to him and Nat in the f2 that the Jurors will more than likely vote for Nat to win because they all think she’s a sweet little thing that doesn’t lie etc. She been behind 90 percent of the lies but won’t own up to it.

  240. I’ve been waiting for Nat to show her true colors, finally Jeff gets to see the true Nat — the one he hated from day one!

  241. Bridget Martinez-New Orleans

    August 31st, 2009 at 3:54 pm
    I try not to bash people for their spelling skills, but you are not even speaking proper english. I find it hard to understand what you are saying because it makes no sense

    Yes, I agree. I have to skip over your posts Ken because I can’t follow anything you say…maybe you are just typing too fast???

  242. good then i can quit watching and cancel all live feeds……. the rest is not worth watching….. might not ever watch bb again…….bye all

  243. not sure if you guys actually realize this or not, but the diamond veto is just a regular veto. just look at it when it was use in bb3 or bb4 whatever it was, it came into play with just 4 people left in the house. so basically, whoever won it can name the replacement since there really is no one else to name, and has the sole power to evict since there is no one else that can actually vote. so i don’t think jeff will get it and the diamond veto won’t override michelle veto, and i do think jeff should be the one to leave

  244. I agree with you Jackie. Nat has absolutely no cooth nor sportsmanship. It’s a nasty person that kicks someone when they are down. She could’ve just went along her merry way and kept her nasty comment to herself!

  245. There was no upside for Michelle to use the veto on anyone other than herself.

    At least, that should calm down all the intrigue and lying, to a degree.

    Michelle will just have to keep winning…HOH, VETO, BB Game! This is a good thing.

    She is more than capable and has clearly demonstrated both ability and a willingness to think outside the box, and the poster that pointed out that she was throwing out ideas to see how the HGs would react, was dead on, IMHO.

    Given that Michelle came to play, all the way, with a clinical certainty that should be marvelled at, my money is on her.

    Go Michelle! I would love to see Michelle write a white paper on her observations of the social “workings” in the Big Brother house.

    Would be a great read!

  246. Nat didn’t make that comment to Jeff’s face. Sorry if I mislead you. She whispered it to Kevin.

  247. Great point Jane. I was just hoping that they could really get an alliance with Kevin so she could use it on Jeff to get Nat kicked out. I really believe at this point, Nat is the biggest threat because of the Jury House.

  248. Oh, okay Ashley. Still a nasty comment but atleast she didn’t rub it in to him. Thank you for clarifying.

  249. I just have to state that I am just as addicted to this board and all of the great comments as I am to the show. This is AWESOME! Thanks for the entertainment!

  250. Jeff is po’d at Kevin and tells Jordan that there is no sense talking to Natalie because Kevin has her. He says Kevin will go after Natalie also. In the other room, Natalie is laughing how they got Jeff. Jeff still doesn’t believe Natalie was responsible for all of this.

  251. SO next week Michelle or Jordon gets HOH and gnat will convince them to Kevin out. I hope whoever is HOH next week FINALLY gets rid of gnat.

    I just don’t think gnat should win, who knows how the JH arrives at thier decisions but she would NOT have my vote with her gameplay this season.

  252. I agree BBfan BUT who knows if they people of the JH have actually compared notes? Jessie never was one to talk outside of school except to Nat. We all know that Lydia hates Nat BUT with Jessie getting into Lydias head like he does, Lydia just might choose Nat. Russell at this point is the wild card. And sadly, Jeff doesn’t think Nat has anything to do with it.

  253. @Jennie Shook I know what you are saying, agreed.

    Natalie is a huge threat, and Kevin is just a stupid as Jeff was…

    I am hoping that Michelle got enough information out of the talking over the last few days to have formulated some scenarios, all of which remove Natalie from the game, prior to F2, preferably by F4 round. Fingers crossed.

    Eventually when Natalie signs on to the CBS site, and sees that she is one of the least favored players [probably of all time], and didn’t win squat [maybe making it to F4 and only that far], I will get a warm feeling that will carry me to next summer, and BB12. :)

    It’s all good!

  254. Jane,

    Great idea.

    Michele will win Big Brother 11 and then go on to write a
    book describing her experience living inside the “Lab”
    known as the Big Brother House.


  255. I doubt that Jeff will be able to use the key to walk back in the house. I mean if anyone else would have won it…say gnat for example, what good would it be? She’s not on the block. It’s gotta be geared more towards some sort of power in the house before the eviction if all these players were included this week.

  256. @ Jeff fans….

    ******* I think it would be awesome for Jeff to get the Diamond Veto *******

    Why? So i can see the look on she-rats face aka Michelle when they tell her that her Veto is nullified and Jeff can use the Diamond Veto to save himself…. Kevin would have to replace Jeff… he would put up Jordan…. Michelle would be evicted 2-0…. I would love to see hr go home….

    ******* What else would be entertaining? *******

    Jeff goig to the final 2 with Natalie and winning 5-2 over Natalie

    Jeff would be America’s Favorite HG

    Natalie would beAmerica’s least favorite HG

    That would be an amazing Finale

    ******* It won’t happen, but I sill like to have hope as well *******

    ******* Either Jeff / Michelle are going home this week *******

    I hope Jeff gets the Diamond Veto, so I can see Michelle’s face when she is evicted!!!

    If Jeff doesn’t get the Diamond Veto (which I doub he will) Jeff will be going home!!!

    ******* Kevin / Natalie in the final 4 *******

    ******* Sing a long everybody!!! *******

    ******* Realistically speaking ~ Jeff is going home, Jeff is going home, yay yay yay, Jeff is going home!!!! that is my new favorite song… Sing with me Ashley / Blackgirl / jacob / Marcus and anyone ele who wants to join in ok?

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going Home,,, yay yay yay, Jeff is going Home!!!!

    ***** HOOOOOORAAAYYYYY Jeff is going Home *****

    @ Jeff Fans…. You are all wonderfull… I am just taking out my furstration because you all have to admit that Jeff fans tore into us NBK fans for a while…. I have not had anything to smile aout for a while… Not all Jeff fans (You three an a few others,but I am just finally happy that Team NBK is doing good again due to the LML!!!

    ******* Sing-a-long everybody!!! *******

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going home, yay yay yay, Jeff is going home!!!! that is my new favorite song… Sing with me Ashley / Blackgirl / jacob / Marcus and anyone ele who wants to join in ok?

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going Home,,, yay yay yay, Jeff is going Home!!!!

    ***** HOOOOOORAAAYYYYY Jeff is going Home *****

    @ Marcus / Jacob & everyone else…..

    *** Remix ***

    I don’t know what you’ve been tol, but Jeff is going home……. I said I don’t know what you’ve been told, but Jeff is going home….. so can I get woop woop and hoot hoot because Jeff is going home…..

    Sing the chorus everyone….

    Jeff is going home, Jeff is going home….. yay yay yay….. Jeff is going home!!!

    *** Yeah baby – That is the jam!!! ***

    Here is a country version for you country lovers…. *** L~O~L ***

    Let’s sing the Jeff Fans a songs ok?

    Cry me a river – cause Jeff is going home

    Cry me a river – cause you won’t watch BB no more

    Cry me a river – cause Jeff is going home

    Just cry me a river because you feel so sad

    *** Cry ***

    *** Cry ***

    *** Cry me a river ***

    *** Cry ***

    *** Cry ***

    *** Cry me river ***

  257. hey Leo, you shouldn’t take this so personally,, its only a game man. wow. and do you dream about these songs?

  258. In my opinion, after reading what Allison said and remembering what Kevin said when he came out of the diary room the other day something along the lines that production really wants Jeff to stay. Maybe the one that unlocked the door (Jeff) is the one that Kevin has to save. It would kind of make sense.

  259. Wow leo what happy pill are you on.I love to see what you would do if jeff got to stay.which i don,t think he is but remeber exspect the unexspected

  260. @Leo: Definitely TOO much time on your hands. As usual, seems the biggest whiners about fairness, back the weakest players: K/N, and make this as personal as it gets.

    Now, here’s my “song”…
    blah, blah, blah,
    ha ha ha…
    just another day,
    big brother, big brother,
    Michelle ALL THE WAY!

  261. @ Jeff fans….

    here is a new song for you ok?

    ******* whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home…. whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home….

    Dang that makes me feel so good, i said dang that makes me feel so good!!! *******

    Sing with me now….

    ******* whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home…. whaa, whaa whaa whaa whaa….. jeff is going home….

    Dang that makes me feel so good, i said dang that makes me feel so good!!! *******

    sing with me now…..

  262. Per a comment on Jokers, it was suggested that maybe the ‘key’ offers Jeff the opportunity to ‘buy’ a vote.
    What if he gives the money to Nat? I still don’t think she would vote for him to stay, what if he offered the $$ to Kevin?
    This might be fun to see play out….

  263. @ jane… You are lame… You wanted J/j to win… Now you are flip flopping to Michelle… You are like the football fan that wants to cheer for the winer…. Who will you vote for when Michelle is gone? L~O~L!!!


  265. @ Leo
    Leo, I have always enjoyed debating with you this season and I try to respect everyone’s opinion even if I don’t like it. But the songs are getting a little old now. I was a major Jeff/Jordan supporter in the beginning, if you remember. I am still a Jeff fan, but am cool with him going home. I would like to see Kevin/Michelle in the F2 with Michelle winning it. Enough with the songs, lol.

  266. @Leo: Dude, calm the hell down. You are scaring us now.

    Clinically, I would say you have some sick fixation on Jeff. Seriously.

    I’ll call the hospital and have them open up another bed, so you and Marcus can get the care you so desperately need.

    Sing it with me:
    Leo and Marcus,
    Chained to pysche beds,
    Couldn’t just enjoy
    Big Brother, instead
    It went to their heads,
    They bitched and whined,
    a million threads combined,
    about Cup d tat,
    and little miss Gnat…
    When she didn’t show
    with her Tae Kwon Dope,
    they each fell apart,
    Gnatalie gave them the rope,
    Now it’s all done,
    Natalie’s gonna get gone…
    and Michelle, sweet Michelle
    gone and done it all, and won!


  267. @Leo: Jeff was a tool (mine). He accomplished exactly what I needed done with that CDT. But you were too busy thinking up stupid Jeff songs to pay attention.

    Calm the hell down. If you knew me, you’d also know that I wore a Lakers’ shirt, in the down seasons. It is too easy to back someone when they are on the top. You think your favs are gonna win, good for you…you are such a big strong man, ooooooh.

  268. Kevin missed huge opportunity to get Natalie out…

    Given that Natalie is sooooo good at lying (and he knows that), why would Kevin feel that she will take him to the end? Seriously.

    This wasn’t about keeping Jeff, it was making another HUGE move in the game and blind siding Natalie. That would have been HUGE.

  269. 100 percent true Jane! I like Jeff and wanted him to win, but it’s just a GAME, but Kevin was stupid in NOT putting up Nat. It’s going to be the death of him.

  270. not a fan of kevin, nat, but don’t you think its too early for him to put natalie up and get rid of her. if he does that, bascially every one left will put him up. the best time for him to get rid of nat is at f3 in my opinion

  271. @Jennie Shook: Can you imagine how that would have gone down? OMG!

    Jeff just got done telling Jordan that she should believe the opposite of what K/N are telling her. At least we have one small victory.

    Once Jeff is gone, he has also told Jordan to go with Michelle, despite her “perceived” character faults, and lying. We can only hope that Jordan really hears what Jeff is saying.

    He ain’t that stupid. He’d have been on the block even if he had kept his agreement with Russell (right out Russell’s mouth). So, this is the end of this part of the game…and on to the next. :)

  272. Point taken hightower. Now, if that stupid key holds any power for Jeff, then HE could put Nat up and then he’ll be the bad guy and Kevin will feel better. lol

  273. Why are people blaming Jeff for the power? America voted for him to have it. Anyone of those people would have used it to their advantage. If the key saves him that would be freat. It’s part of the game. He found the key while everyone else just cared about the money. Yes he should be rewarded for that. I don’t understand how anyone can be a Michelle fan but that’s me. I am hoping for some kind of twist to happen Thursday and see Nat walk out the door. Once Jeff is gone I won’t watch. He was the only one that has the nerve to step up and get Jessie and Russ out!!

  274. I won’t quit watching if Jeff leaves. I did say that I wanted him to win. I think anyone who understands popular vote would agree that America chose Jeff and he used the power. He didn’t do ANYTHING to get that power other than be himself. As for the key, I think it would be GREAT for a twist and Nat to walk out the door. But, in the event that Jeff does get evicted, my next choice for winner would be Michelle. I do believe she has worked hard and been very cunning in the game. That’s a true “game player” to me.

  275. And micehele was the only one kicking chima out the door she done her part in this game at lease shes trying

  276. lol, don’t get me started on Chima!!! As much as I didn’t like Russell, Chima was worse! Michelle WAS telling the truth when she said they were going to get Russell out and Chima DID say that. She lied to Russells face and he was too stupid to figure it out. Chima was an unstable diva.

  277. donna……i agree with you! america voted to give jeff the cdt power, i can’t tell you how many times i voted for him, but it was alot! as far as the key is concerned, nat told jeff that she saw the key and ran past it b/c she wanted to money!!!!! if i could go back and find where she said it, i would gladly put it on here! i just wish everyone would get the live feed and see what all happens! if i didn’t have to sleep i would watch 24/7! keep up the good work jeff!!!!!

  278. Oh my! I can’t believe I’ve spent my whole day on here and watching last nights BBAD. Too addicting! Thank God the kids have practice after school….lol

  279. Jenny, wish I COULD get the live feed. A little too expensive for my blood right now. I’m just happy that I can live through my BBAD and from the boards…lol but if I did have the feed, I too, would watch 24/7 which would become a problem in itself!!!

  280. Leo, you should be banned from this site… what a jerk.

    Pandora’s box had only one thing left in it… HOPE.

    Somehow Jeff now holds “hope”…

    Maybe it re=opens the door Thurs;
    Maybe he can use his cash to buy a vote;

  281. maybe he,ll open the door in russ will be there or maybe he can pick from three doors one will be money the other a dimond veto and the thrid door a recent hg

  282. @ jane / Lanelou… You both lame…. You all were just as obnoxiuous when people were supporting Ronnie during the CDT voting and even more so when Ronnie / Jessie / Chima were evicted from the show… if you can dish it, you better be ready to take it….

    jeff is a moron…

    If i asked any woman to have sex with me if they want to go on a trip, I would be seen as a jerk… jeff is basically trying to do that with taking jordan to hawaii… Don’t make an excuse and say he is joking….

    I hope you are just as happy when jeff leaves as you were when you talked crap about Ronnie / Jessie / Chima leaving…

    To quote your boy…. “It is a game and he was got, so you need to get over it”…. that is great advice!!! use it jeff and jeff fans alike!!!

  283. Leo, why do you have to be such a hater. We all have our own opinions and not one is right or wrong, they are just that, opinions. No one is lame, they are just stating how they feel.

  284. @LEO Do you have nothing better to do then to make yourslef look stupid.We all know that jeff is going home who cares.IT A GAME DID YOU FORGET THAT,where not poor sport so all your doing is wasting your time trying to piss the jeff fans off,I,m sure there sorry to see him go but then again its a game.SO GET OVER YOURSLEF.

  285. Leo
    I am not rooting for Jeff because he is a good looking guy. I am not shallow. He is a good guy who played a good game up until he listened to Kevin. Russ was going to do the same thing to him so he was really in a no win situation. If you know the story of Pandors’s box and if the show sticks to it, Jeff has “hope.” Again, I would love to see Nat walk out that door!!

  286. @ Donna / Mae / other jeff fans….

    This is mild compared to the language being used to describe Ronnie / his wife, jessie and Chima when they were evicted…. None of you were being good sports when they were evicted… Don’t let the biiterness consume you when jeff leaves… if you can dish it, you better be able to take it!!!

  287. I would have liked to see Jeff and Michelle at the end.

    I don’t think, and cannot prove it, that CBS will do anything more that would look like they are handing over 500k to Jeff, since sooooo many babies have complained about that CDT power.

    I am also not without HOPE that this does twist the game, and am able to watch K/N do some twisting of their own. ;)

    It never fails to amaze me how quickly those in the HOH become what they have criticized. Ain’t so easy, no is it? Natalie admittedly, is letting Kevin get all the blood on his hands. He’s an idiot, and needs Natalie surgically removed from his you know what.

    I guess I can see why this week wouldn’t have been a good time to nail Natalie (to be fair)… but I am like Jeff, I’ll pull the trigger and ask questions later. hahahahaha

    At least Jeff had the nards to use the CDT. Imagine if he hadn’t. Wouldn’t the K/N fans been harping on what a wuss non-move it wasn’t, and bashing Jeff? Seriously.

    Anyways, the anti-Jeff (Schroeder) sentiments posting late into the morning on another thread, smacked of something more “anti-s”, and were utterly distasteful.

    As always, it is easy to pick on someone by their race, ethnicity, gender, etc. For those of us with a brain, at least we didn’t allow the Leo’s or Marcus’ to continue without a fight.

  288. Chima was a spoiled brat who acted like a two year old having a temper tantrum. She could not take defeat and acted out. I was so embarrassed for her. Her own grandmother was embarrassed. You think that behavior was normal? You must have the same traits. Do you look like Ronnie?? If Jeff goes so be it but you don’t see him throwing things and stamping his feet like a little kid!!

  289. OMG, I’m watching BBAF from last night. Does Natalie EVER chew with her mouth shut?

  290. @Leo: You are stupid. I haven’t posted anything this season on these forums until yesterday, when I got completely fed up with the likes of you and Marcus.

    And, BTW, it doesn’t hurt to develop a rhythm and a beat when attempting to write something witty or evocative. Seriously.

    Just saying the same thing over and over, like beating a dead horse, accomplishes little…

    The one thing that I am sure of, is that I understand that BB is a game, and supposed to be entertaining. You, single handedly have made it personal. I have never written a thing about earlier house guests on these threads…good job, thug.

  291. @Donna: Agreed about Chima. As an ex-athlete (due to spinal injury) it was beyond embarrassing to see that when she no longer had any power (real or perceived) she threw it all in…took her ball and went home.

    Her actions were utterly distasteful. If you are gonna be there, put up a fight to the end. I am sorry what happened to her personally, but the past should make you stronger, not used as an excuse for bad behavior…and she did, by her outbursts and actions, hurt her allies.

  292. Why does the house have frequent lockdowns? Since the POV, they have had 2-3 more 15 minute lockdowns. What’s the point? Is production taking stuff for the next HOH comp?

  293. Could it be Evil Dick is brought back? He was on that talk show that they go to when they leave the house the other day. That is across the street from the House. Maybe they will let him loose with the key,and the hope is they can take him or Jeff.

  294. I think jeff will be able to use the key to get off the block.After Michelle is off due to her POV.Then Kev will have to pick Nat,since Jordan was replacing M.Michelle will vote for Nat, because of her mouth telling M that she didnt trust her and so will Jeff.Lay off of BB and their helping Jeff.America voted for Jeff and He happened to find the key. They said there would be a twist.

  295. @Leo, @Marcus: I am sorry. I’ll call the hospital and change the psyche unit admit orders to (1) bed, as you are clearly the same poster.

    Let me know when you would like your “intervention”…


  296. @Steve: That would be, without a doubt, seriously entertaining!

    Michelle would be safe, even though her veto gets overturned, and the only option IS to put Waaaaatolie on the block, taking either Jeff or Jordan off, and now, two voters, hopefully on the same side, voting N out.

    Okay, now that I have a hopeful scenario, with some possible merit, I gotta get back to work.

    @Leo@Marcus…I am still gonna check up on you, so behave. Nobody likes a thug.

  297. I have to disagree that all this was “engineered” nat..and the same opportunity to find that key, yet chose to be the snake that she is…if she hadn’t told Jeff “don’t go up there it’s locked” he would never have went..then she followed him around saying “don’t look there I already did” Natalie threw him the bone…and he sniffed it out and found the key fair and square..

  298. Not that I want this to be the case but I have to throw it out there. I think that the key will be for a car and that the responsibility for the HOH was to decide to let the HG play for something. AS much as all of the fun posts about a “game changing” twist are great to hope for, I’m not sure its gonna happen. If it is a car, my only hope is that they let Jeff run over Natalie on the way out!

  299. oh and then…she told him not to use it!!!…I for one will be done watching it if Jeff is evicted this week..cause the only one half way deserving of the money is Michelle…the rest are liars, cheats and bores!…especially natalie…I hope it is a secret power and he sends her arse packing out the door…Happy Birthday to you Russel!

  300. chima is a loser, the only tv she’s on is some bush league mid-west town public access channel announcing the local winning lottery numbers off the balls.

  301. @Sheila: Russell’s bday is officially tomorrow, but, gosh that was nice.

    Happy Birthday, Russell too.

    And I am hoping, beyond hope that this key thing, IS a gaming changing twist. Now that would be even more amazing than the CDT, and Jeff DID do it all by himself, even with Witchtalie attempting to talk him out of looking for it, and using it.


  302. The key could be the key for Jeff to get back into the game only if Jordan wins HOH. Would that not be a surprise for the house and Kevin.

  303. All I know is that I hope it has nothing to do with saving Jeff this week. I will be so disappointed if something happens and he gets to stay. After all, what goes around, comes around.

  304. @Mark: Make sure you don’t click the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” in future replies.

    For now, this thread will have to die down if you had that puppy clicked when replying initially. Sorry.

  305. I hope that pandora’s box saves Jeff and he can stay in the House, and then Nat will be the next to go. I also haft to say that bb did not rig this season for jeff yall are just mad cause he is actually playing a way better game then anyone in the house and I for one think he is playing a good game. I would love for that key to open the big brother house and Jeff can go back in. so Im all for the box to help jeff out… GO JEFF win BB11!!!

  306. I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I love these twists, and I hope the Diamond Veto twist (including it overriding Michelle’s veto) is true and Jeff is safe and Michelle is not (and goes home). However, this whole event seems like a task that would easily be found on BB UK.

  307. also, @Sheila, I don’t think Michelle deserves the money at ALL. She’s bland, boring, and no one can trust her. I think if anyone deserves the money it’s either Jeff or Jordan (maybe Kevin a little bit, if he had won a couple more competitions). But DEFINITELY not Bitchelle.

  308. Kevin fell to temptation by opening Pandora’s Box and that’s why he got locked in. It was up the other house guests to let him out. Jeff found the key and let him out, Jeff now has a Veto power. Michele took herself off, so it’s Jordan and Jeff on the block. If Jeff takes himself off, Kevin HAS to put up Natalie in his place

  309. AMERICA voted for Jeff to get the Coup d tat…the producers didn’t give it to him. And Julie announced before Kevin even won HOH that there would be a twist involving the mystery door… so if it turns out that Jeff finding the key gets him something, how is that not fair? From what I understand all houseguests had an equal oppurtunity to look for the key. If that’s the case he won fair and square. I don’t understand why people are freaking out about production being unfair… I think it would be awesome if Jeff and Jordan both got to stay in the house… at least there would be something interesting to watch.

  310. I bet the producers are reading all of these comments and laughing… first off, Jeff is the only one that is actually playing the game. The ratings are the way they are beause Jeff and Jordan make this show interesting. How much would we really watch with only Kevin, Natalie and Michelle left in this game??? Trust me, the producers know what they’re doing…and Jeff knows how to play this game very well!
    PS Good job editors too!!!!

  311. leave jeff alone he the one that found the key.they didnt give it to him.and far as nat goes she han’t done anything but be along for the ride this whole show she need to go

  312. I hope Kevin Or Natalie Wins this whole thing, I ahte jeff and joran and Michelle, GO NATALIE OR KEVIN!!!!! No Offenece to anyone

  313. I like to say what ever Jeff received was fair America voted the Coup d tat and he found the key all houseguest has a chance but they choice to keep on looking for money. Twist in the house is always done it not like it has not happen before I remember when James pop from the box. The unexpected will happen that is what makes the show. I am for Jeff to win so I hope there will be a good twist. If they did not have twist the show would be boring.

  314. I am BORED TO PIECES when Natalie and Kevin are on the tv, but Jordan and Jeff keep the show interesting and fun to watch. Jeff has made some moves in this game which put a HUGE target on his back, but it shows that he’s willing to stick his neck out there and take that risk. Jeff took out all the “big dawgs” and made it easy on Kevin and Nat. I am SO hoping that the key he found will have some special power to save himself and send Natalie out that BB door! Lying is part of the game, but Natalie has taken the lies to extreme and has just become annoying with it. She turns EVERYTHING into a lie…it’s pathetic. She claims to overhear EVERYTHING…no one can know EVERYTHING that goes on in that house. She turns an innocent comment that someone says into them trying to stab her and her teammates in the back. Natalie may not be 18, but she sure doesn’t act like her real age. She is VERY immature. I hope THAT is part of her game caues she truly looks like a moron. She is an idiot…plain and simple. She needs to go. Oh, and I love how people say this game is being rigged for Jeff when AMERICA voted for him to receive the power in the first place. As for the key, HE FOUND IT. The producers didn’t just walk out there and place it in his hand. I’m all for Team J&J!! I even like Michele! Natalie and Kevin need to go. BB can do whatever they choose to because it’s their show…get over it.

  315. I think the ideal final 2 would have been Jeff and Russell. Too bad that won’t happen. I don’t think either Natalie or Kevin deserve to be in the final 2 because of all the lying and scheming they’ve been doing. Karma just tells me what goes around, comes around, and they shouldn’t be rewarded for their unsportsmanlike behavior.

    As others have said, America gave Jeff the coup d’etat, not TPTB at BB. BB also did not give him the key. I’m not sure what everybody has against Jeff winning fair and square. He’s played an intelligent, honest and decent game. He deserves to win.

  316. One more thing…Team Jessie was all for knocking everyone else out of the game until they started getting knocked out themselves. That side of the house came off as a bunch of sore losers. That is the main reason I can’t stand to watch them. They cry when they don’t get their way…exactly why “THE PRINCESS” was kicked off the show. Win or lose…everyone that was on Team Jessie is a loser in my opinion.

  317. If Jeff has the power to take himself off by unloking the Pandora’s box, then Kevin can put up Natlie who want a player who cannot win nothing she quit all the games. It does not matter if she lyies because that part of the game. What comes around goes around so give a little twist and send her home.

  318. Maybe the HOH will be given the “responsibility” of saving the one who found the key and got him out of the pandora’s box? How freaking cool would that be?!?

  319. Yes Courtney that’s right and I wonder why none of those TEAM JESSIE weirdos didn’t win America’s vote? Ya think America knows who is right and who is isn’t. Kinda hard for anyone not to see what was going on.GOOOOOO Jeff and Jordan.

  320. Nat is the worst player ever, I hope her employer is watching & fires her she is a liar and proably stealing from him. Her & Kevin need to go. CBS get real Nat & Kevin have not played the game. they are losers and if you let them win then cancel Big Brother because it is for dogs

  321. Jeff has played a wonderful and respectable game and I feel he should win. Natalie is riding on Kevin’s coat tail. I feel sorry for Michele who is too smart for a couple of these HOH’s, Jordan is a down to earth young lady. But, if I had to chose who shoud win the game it should be Jeff. As far as Pandora’s box I hope it is a option of a past guest to come back and the current houseguests given a chose between who is in the box and the current two choices of players to be evicted. I hope they choose the Pandora box you put Ronnie in there then they deserve that xxxx for evicting either Jeff or Jordan. These two keep the game interesting. P.S. Glad that you got rid of Chima.

  322. The key means Jeff can get off the block for not being selfish. Kevin then has to put Natlie on the block.

  323. Does anyone remember “The Lesser of Two Evils” from the Season 4 finale? It came down to Jun and Ali — who NO ONE wanted to win. It was hard for the jury to decide — because both were undeserving winners.

    That’s what it’ll be like if Natalie and Kevin are in the final two. Or even Jordan. (They really need to get Jordan out. Nice girl, but really! Not a winner!)

    So I hope Jeff gets a special reward for saving Kevin from Pandora’s Box. A return to the his place in the house. Or maybe an express pass to the final two!

  324. 418 I agree with you Jeff did play fair so if teh key gives a chance well then he should go for it. I wondering why some of my post have been changed? Someone changed my words on my post does this happen to other people?

  325. Maybe Evil Dick will come back in the middle of the night again, banging his pot and pan waking and scaring everyone and Nat goes beserk and takes the pan away from ED and bangs him over the head and they boot her out lmao naaaaaaaaaaa maybe not.

  326. Hey Nat finally wins at something. The Best pot banger. Jeff gets to use the key to get off the block and Nat has to go up and she gets voted off.Hope that really works out.

  327. I totally don’t understand what everyone has against Jeff.. out of all the people he is the one that deserves to win!!

    What’s your guyses` thought about J+J???

  328. I love Nat alot!And I think its messed up how bb and cbs is scripting this season… they set Chyma up for Jeff to win. because thats when Jeff finally got out of la la land and Tried to start playing the game. When Nat has been strategizing from from the beginning. Machelle is a frickin wannabe and I cant stand Jordon she is clueless.

  329. Ok I have watched all the after darks and all the shows, I guess what is been the most annoying is the girls going off so the men can sit and watch, seems the girls fight the battle of there men. Nat can not win anything and I do not think she can tell the truth. Kevin should watch out as she is not a friend she is a user. She can not win anything and does not even try to. Nat must go and live in the jury house with Jessy

  330. I feel Jeff made a bad move but i can’t blame him for making it i guess. We are viewers watching the house at every angle and we know who is betraying who, they in the house can only depend on word of mouth.Someone should of removed natalie the pitbull ever since they find out she manipulate jesse for his heart.she manipulates everyone in the house from the time she stepped in worse than michelle. Sad that Kevin dnt see it. He’s too nice

  331. Jeff is going out. . . Finally. Serves him right for using the coup to put up Nat and Jessie so now it is time for Jeff and Jordan to feel the pain of being on the block together. Just hopeless for Jeff now. Nat will vote you out and Kevin will break the tie if needed.

    My final 2 is Nat and Kevin. They deserve all the money since they last out last week when it was 4 against them 2. And those other 4 were in control of HOH and VETO yet Nat and Kevin both survived eviction. The are the greatest manipulators in the house and deserve to win with their great game playing.

  332. I really hope Jeff is saved from eviction this week!! I dont think its fair for anyone else to win but him because he has been the strongest player. And if sadly he’s evicted then michelle should be the the other player worthy of winning the game!! PLEAAAASE keep JEFF!!!

  333. this was a big build up for nothing. this show is getting to be so predictable with the games getting to be the just about the same each year. they need to change the compititions up, get some new ideas. thanks for nothing new!!

  334. Michele deserves to win it all which the Dheads
    in the jury house might stop her from doing in
    which case she deserves at least runner up and Americas favorite

  335. I want the key that jeff found to be the diamond veto. He has to give up his cash to receive its power. Its power will allow him to take himself off the block and bam!!!!!!!!!!! UP nat the brat lieing walks like a duck….lmao…goes up!!! and hay take off Kevins hoodie u scank! Michelle and Jeff vote and Bam!!!!! Nat the brat lieing 24 year old is gone….Come on BB give America what we craveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  336. If the PB has power for Jeff, maybe it is to help him save himself and Kevin will have to put someone else up. Since Michelle was up and got Veto and saved herself Kevin can not put her up again so that would mean that Nat would have to be put up and Jeff and Michelle could veto off Nat. I hope that is how it will play. That would be great. Kevin would flip out, and Nat would get what she has dished out.

  337. Nat must go! She is a liar, she is a deceiver, she is a cheater, and most of all–she displays the poorest sportsmanship I have ever seen in any game! A Karate “Champion”, she should be ashamed of her game! Why she is still here is BEYOND me! Please, let the key be the diamond power of Veto! Kick that c-u-next-tuesday out!!!!!!!!!!

  338. This is response to Lisa Lane, I don’t understand how anyone can consider Nat as someone who should win BB. She has hid behind everyone: Jesse, Chima and now Kevin. She herself said that she doesn’t want blood on her hands. She hasn’t taken any risks nor has she won any competitions. You need a strong player and she’s not… Jeff has class, he is loyal and he has taken great risks. It doesn’t matter to me if he wins or not, but Nat is the last person who deserves to win this season!

  339. PLEASE let this key save Jeff from eviction!!! He and Michele need to go to the finals! Help us out BB.

  340. I can only hope that Big Brother will somehow keep Jeff and Jordan in the house with this Pandora’s Box being put into play. Jeff and Jordan are the only reason I have continued to watch the show this season. Due to all the fighting, I found myself bored with the stupidity of some of the houseguests. Jeff and Jordan truly seem like the only “real” people in this competition this season. They are good people that truly deserve winning the money. However, if Jeff or Jordan is evicted this week, I will not continue to watch the show anymore this season.

  341. From what I’ve read, looks like the key didn’t do much. Although I am still holding out hope…lol

  342. I must admit, I don’t have the Live feed so what I see from Jeff and Jordan is what’s on TV. My question is: what’s the big deal? They don’t even look like a couple. She is lying next to a friend in bed with a little goodnight kiss ….
    Unless you have more info on Live feed … I don’t see it !!!!
    PLease explain why they are THE couple?
    Lydia and muscle man did more and they are not even a couple !!!

  343. on Montys websit it states:
    September 6 2009, Sunday 8:00PM CBS (With a live eviction & HoH contest)
    If Sunday we have the live eviction and maybe another hoh contest. Just maybe no one goes home Thursday:
    I think Thursday Sept. 3 we have the live eviction of Jeff.
    And when he leaves Julie gives Jeff the key and goes back in just in time for the new hoh contest.
    then the hoh has nominations amd live evictions on Sunday and they hold new hoh contest for the Sept 10 live eviction

  344. J and J – Jeff only misstake is sticking with Jordan – who can not win when it counts and has no ability to read people. If he had worked with Machele then he would have won

  345. Why are ppl saying that its unfair if Jeff’s gets another power, or that the game is fixed?

    America voted to give the power of coup de’tat to Jeff. How is that BB giving Jeff the power?

    Jeff searched for the key, found it, and unlocked Kevin. How is that BB fixing the game?

    Ppl should stop and think about this before bashing BB11.

  346. At one point I think Kevin said something about seeing a picture of a car in DR before FOTH and maybe Kevin will have the opportunity to take the car and someones cash to relinquish HOH power….

  347. I think that the money will be used to buy power. Kevin could have left it alone but he opened it! Now he may have to pay!!!!

  348. I submitted a comment with a link to the Pandora’s Box spoilers (what the box has in store is huge). But the comment didn’t post because of the link to another website. Sorry folks, it was a great (and lengthy) read.

  349. @BB11fan is this what you heard to
    There is a rumor flying around that the person who found the key to Pandora’s Box won and activated the DIAMOND VETO! As we all know, Jeff found the key! Is it the legendary DIAMOND VETO?

  350. @KK – the rumor is that all the HG’s are getting something (whether is it good or bad) on Thursday’s live show. Kevin actually gets the diamond veto, but it is not for veto’ing the nominations but one of the other HG’s reward.

    Jeff gets something wonderful for his act of kindness to the HOH (using the key on him).

    Natalie gets something nasty for not looking for the key at all.

  351. OK..I am SOOO sick of people saying that CBS/BB is giving Jeff so many chances and they’re practically handing it to him. Jeff won the power of Coup de Tat because America voted for him. He didn’t get that handed to him. Jeff found the key fair and square. Anyone else could have found it, but he was not greedy. He has made more game-changing moves than anyone in the house and has played a better game. Yes, he and Jordan are stupid for believing Nasty and Kevin, but it turned out not to be a lie at all. Gnat thinks she is so intelligent. Jeff deserves to win, because he has fought for everything he has received. He is a good player. GET OVER IT!

  352. One of the comments said, I believe you should have to win something not have it handed to you…first then, what has Natalie won?

    Second, if you’re a big brother fan don’t you remember Evil Dick got to stay because of how America told the guy to vote?

    That’s what I’ve always loved about Big Brother, “expect the unexpected!” I think it would be a HOOT to see the look on Kevin & Natalie’s smug faces to see Jeff came out on top!

    Jeff really hasn’t been overly working deals to try to stay. Keeps giving Jordan tips on what to do after he leaves. Natalie and Kevin need to remember…”Oh what tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive!”

    I think Michelle has played one helluva game considering she has pretty much been on her own. Natalie, however, deserves nothing.

    The best players this season have been Michelle, Jeff and Kevin…although my opinion of Kevin has dropped tremendously these last few days.

  353. Spencer, Is Natalie your sister/girlfriend…what? The girl is nasty, tells how “honest” she has played in the game. whatever, she is a slug.

  354. I hope it involves Jeff getting to stay. If it isn’t something to save Jeff then I hope that Jordan chooses to go home and that allows Jeff to stay. I am still in hopes that Jeff makes it another week. Then if he gets out at least he had control over it. Natalie, Jordan, and Kevin don’t deserve to go any further in the game. I like Jordan, but I would like her to let Jeff go on. He has a chance to win and she doesn’t.

  355. Expect the unexpected, say what you want about Jeff not deserving it, but he had no say in America’s vote. Expect the unexpected.

    Jessie already had his chance to play and got to come back. Kazaar a few years ago was extremely popular and got voted back in.

    If it is a secret power, didn’t everyone have the same chance to find it. Get over it if he gets to stay. I don’t even care if he goes next week…just so Natalie would go first!!!!

  356. I hope the Pandora Box saves Jeff from eviction this week because everytime he has made a deal with someone he has kept his word and it’s ashame that people who have played dirty from the beginning have the chance to play to the end. Jeff, Jordan and Michelle deserve to be the finally three even if Michelle is a little weard but she has proven herself over and over,Jeff has carried Jordan throughout the game but she is so nice that you can’t help but to like her. Jordan and Jeff make a very nice couple.

  357. After the conversation between Kev and Nat today I am left wondering if anything else is going to happen with this Pandora’s Box thing.

    Conversation held today:
    Nat says: So what’s our prank for the week? Pandora’s box is kinda old now.
    Kevin says: That’s true. I want to do something with a purpose, ya know?

    I think these two even got America on this one! Could it be that they are THAT GOOD at lying? They were the only two up there and Nat knew about the key but didn’t do anything about it! There is something very odd going on with this one. Can’t wait to see the show tonight to get more scoop.

  358. WhatEV maybe you are right that N&K are pulling something, however, it seems that when Kevin told Natalie about the key you could hear her say I’m going for the money. It was only after Jeff was heading up with the key was she the least bit interested in going back into the room. If I have to hear her say one more time she has to win HOH next week I’ll flip. Hello, she’s been on all summer and won NOTHING. I think she has too many friends in the jury house that at this point could swing it her way. Kevin is stupid if he puts his trust in her!

  359. I can’t stand Natalie’s game play. But she did win the very first HOH competition (wedgy). The thing was that Jessie got to be HOH instead though.

    I love Jeff/Jordan team, but am very happy that Michele is still in it to win it!

    I’d like Jeff and Michelle to be Final 2. That would be great.

  360. I just want to say that some think it was wise of Natalie to lie and hide through the whole game. If I were in the jury house I would not say Natalie is smart and she gets my vote. I would want to vote for someone who pushed and fought to get to F2 not someone who got a free pass!

  361. I want Jeff, Jordan, & Michelle to make the F3 but I want Jeff to win the whole thing because to me he has played the best game and he deserves to win it all. Natalie is just useless because she hasnt won anything, so she depends on other people to help her out and Kevin is just plain dumb for trusting Natalie.

  362. @Samantha- I am not you honey and with your like of heart and compassion for people am I guessing you don’t have one. So, why not just keep your comments unrelated to BB since they weren’t for you from the beginning

  363. Leo I disagree I was for J/J in the beginning; but with Jeff leaving I am for Michelle all the way and that’s over Jordan also

  364. Natalie is garbage. She has not played a “smart” game by any means. Sure, she is still standing; but that is the result of sheer luck. She has fallen ass backwards into her current spot. The fact that she unintentionally failed at every competition and has been horrid in every respect has resulted in other houseguests dismissing her as a threat. Her pathetic performance in competitions is not by design. The only strategy she demonstrates involves excessive, incessant lying. To that end, she isn’t even a good liar. The only lie of real significance was set in motion by Kevin.

    The girl is repugnant, not very bright, and lacks any self-awareness. Please BB11, save this season and find a way to get this worthless leech off the show. Hell, exchange her for Ronnie.

  365. ******* Spoiler ~ Alert *******

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  366. Dont the producers read theses things???? I cant believe that they would allow the likes of either Kevin OR Natalie to win not even one dollar! They only started conniving at the end of the game and I wouldnt even call it conniving….its more like lie to everyone and promise them the world..and for Natalie and Kevin to sit there and actually make fun of how stupid Jeff and Jordan are makes me sick! Jeff is trying to be as honest as he can. One thing I like about Jeff is for the most part he doesnt lie (except the Russell thing) but somehow avoids a straight answer. I think that is better than outright lying and then going inside to make fun of Jeff and Jordan. They are two of the most infantile moronic individuals on this planet! SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE SOMEBODY WORTH WINNING !!!!!!!!!

  367. If anybody should get their ass kicked, it should be Kevin…that would be worth watching! After Jeff saves him from eviction and then lets him out of the locked room so that he can collect some money, he turns around and backstabs him and doesnt even have the courage to tell him to his face! What a coward! And we can just nickname natalie the “sidekick”…..shes anybodys sidekick and does absolutely nothing but giggle, pick her nose and eat….

  368. I really hope that it is a DPOV i wanna see natalie’s ass outta there!! she hasnt won anything and has gotten so far and just looking at her makes me sick..jeff and michelle should be in the final two..i love jordan but i dont believe she has earned the place of final two in the game

  369. im glad jeff is gone the only thing he did right is get rid of russel(who got rid of ronnie,[who i was rooting for.]) . i dont like michelle either. she seems like a fake i hope kev wins.

  370. anyone watching bbad? i think there might be something to thurs & kev saving jeff. tonite he is sucking up to mich telling her he doesn’t trust nat anymore cause he watched her on tv go get money after he told her to go get key. he is also letting mich know that the deal he made w/jeff was to put up her mich & jor. he’s trying to turn mich against jeff – why is that necessary if jeff is leaving on thurs????

  371. RANI

    ….. if j+j end up going home i’m done watching the show.. they were the only two who kept this show alive.. the others are immature and irresponsible.

  372. What is up with the pandoras box if jeff is not given anything,He should have let Kev stay their and rot, I feel sorry for kevs other half.
    If I were their other half I would be thinking what have they, done to me.
    They have had a lot of practice doing this, what jeff did to rus was done because of an obvious lie.
    If their is not a twist with this box thing then it was a total waste of time. And that does impact on veiwers for next year,Lets face it when people do things for ratings and then let the people down, they wont be loyal veiwers.
    People like to watch the guest, but it is the twist and turns of the show that entices people to watch I am a new veiwer and this is my second year watching and if their is nothing more to this box then. when people talk about the show.first its what type of people will be on it , Then they say I cant wait to see what they do to the guest.
    We all have favorites,but its when the bb shakes it up makes it memorable!

  373. I so agree with Janet.. OMG I am so “ick and ” tired of Kev/Nat lies! They’re both total liars and should truly be ashamed of themelves, yet neither have/hold any morals nor pride, so I ask myself “why would either have 2 “hold/have” any shame in their lies, when this is all that either of them has accomplished?? I knoe lying is truly a part of this game, yet for heavens sakes they take it up and over the top and “round and round” again to where this actually “hurts” others. They make me so ill…I want them so gone!! Jeff should stay. I will write that I feel he has been the stronger player through this game for sure (isn’t this what BB is about??_, and I also give Michelle some credits as well. Nat getting drunk last night had Jeff questioning how an “18 year old,” (whom most all of us know is 24) be drinking and getting away with this on national tv…I mean be real CBS is not getting any “kudos” from me or those I know for allowing Nat to again tell another BIG A++ lie such as this one. In California the drinking age is 21, and just because one is on a reality and is truly 24 years old(yet others believe she is 18) be allowed by the producers to drink and then get totally drink>> Makes Producers of BB look a little bad if you ask me…I realize no one has asked me, yet I needed to let it be known to CBS if someone were have to watched BB for the 1st time last night; then those whould have thought an 18 year was drinking until she was totalled and CBS allowed this. It’s early here in AZ and maybe I did not “write” this the way I wanted it to come out, yet I am sure most of you understanding what I am “saying.” I can only hope that no flater wins this show, and that Jeff somehow (in his kindness of unlocking Kev/when Nat said she was looking for key and ran backout to grab $$ instead) rewards him. Whether there be NO eviction or allowing him to come back in to the game if he is infact evicted. I do not know the guy personally, yet I have watched BB11 and he is the hardest player by far and ertainly I believe JEFF SHOULD STAY! We all shall see though. Hopefully BB producers came up with at least something else regard PB; rather than ppl just winning $$.

    Jordan is so honest in her words when she basically states she has not sone anything in the game to deserve to stay….Jeff gave her HOH because he’s a true nice guy, and Jordan did win a Veto=she is a honest person as well.

    What is upsetting to me is that most ppl think ppl such as myself want Jeff to stay because of his “looks,” etc., which is far from true.

    Jeff deserves to stay because HE IS THE STRONGER PLAYER AND IS NOT A FLOATER/ Also, if by chance him or Jordan goes to Jury house of course I will feel/believe that Jeff was “cheated,” and for this I shall vote for him to win the 25,000 CBS gives out to a person in the JH.
    Come on BB make this more interesting!!! Let Jeff go head to head to the lying Nat/Kev and remain in the house to wipe these 2 floaters out.

    For those of you who feel I am a ‘mean’ person…in no manner am I.. Just a fair one…It’s so unfair for a flaoter to win BB11, which is what I am truly scared of. Howver, as they say “it’s not over til it’s over!!” Kudos for Jeff and Jordan for having class, being the most honest, and for Jeff playing the game tough, yet still maintains to be like a gentleman. (OK i expect some bashing back for this note i wrote because it’s write the least some ppl like to write mean. I was not bashing Nat/Kev…jus being honest!! THEY’RE BOTH FLOATERS and BB will disappoint me if they aloow one of them to win all that money for all those vicious lies they have told and continue to tell……PEACE (ss if any typos in my darkroom)

  374. SAW what Ken or Randi wrote and Hun I TOTALLY agree 100 percent with you. Would it short and sweet…J and J are the show!!! Others are immature, liars, hold NO CLASS, and are loafs..SS but so TRUE Gotta Work PEACE
    (oh plz watch out for a person named Marcue…he/she will truly ne hating on anyone who like J or J)

  375. i think kevin made a big mistake by putting up jordan instead of nathalie.He should know by now that everyone likes nathalie in the jury house.My opinion …(bad move on your part kevin)

  376. I think that Jordan should take herself out of the game and then Jeff would be safe and Kevin would have his HOH blow up in his face.

  377. can someone really tell me why they hate nat and kev so much. dont they play like other bb hg in the past? and what makes jeff and jordan so special? i like michelle she is a liar to. but you must give kev his high five because a floater never made it this far and for nat never winning anything and is still there from her lies now that is a good player. she should have been gone a long time ago. and if nat stays until the end she will win. because she has out slicked everybody and made it to the f2 and did not win one comp until the end now thats a good player

  378. IT IS A KEY!!!!!! So I think that Jeff will be able to choose one person to keep safe next week FOR SURE! Like no matter what that they were safe or maybe he gets to choose the next HOH!!!

  379. And @Seth..that could be true..that makes a lot of sense but i hope jeff is just able to stay

  380. Michelle has done good but jeff had the balls to make some great moves and really got rid of the big dogs. He had the balls to take a chance. And to all you Jeff haters…. you wouldnt be complaining if you fav. player won the cdt. Goooooo Jeff!!!!

  381. @geno75..i also agree..if it was someone else’s favourite player who won the CDT they wouldnt be complaining at all

  382. Has anyone mentioned that the $10,000.00 from Pandora’s box was actually Russell’s money, and that he gave it back in order to return to the house?

  383. Jeff deserves to win..period. He has made BB 11 exciting to watch. Natalie is disgusting, wish someone bashes her up. She claims she is a taekwondo champion, i think she must have fought some school kids. Such a loser she is and kevin is a born liar. BB do something to save Jeff, dont let your viewers down. Plss

  384. All the HGs are dressed up! There is no way there are doing a comp tonight… wonder what’s going to happen. 1/2 hour left of the live show.

  385. i am so mad that the pandora box didnt save jeff. jeff did everything in that house and stupid natalie and kevin get to sit in the comfy seat while the guy that should of won walks out the door. ugh, i hate this jeff should have won this game i am so mad. i dont think they should have gotten everybodys hopes up about this box “saving” jeff. it didnt do ANYTHING! its stupid, oh my gosh. lets hope that when natalie opens it, it has something to do with jeff. that would be awesome, and it would please america, well the smart ones at least. well now that jeffs gone, GO JORDAN AND MICHELLE!

  386. CBS I cannot imagine giving half million dollars to the twit duo (nat. and kevin)….Jeff should have won this and after tonite I will not be watching……it makes me physically ill to think one of them will might win……………. when they haven’t won anything……..Floaters is what that is called…especially Nat. she sways which ever way the wind is blowing… guys picked some winners this season……..

  387. How could you BB let Jeff leave? Where are the great twists? What happen to “expect the unexpected?” Having Jeff leave was a boneheaded move. Now look, Natalie is HOH! I think I am going to be sick! You know she will put Jordan on the block. I would laugh though, if she also backstabbed Kevin and put him up! It would serve him right for the lousy game play. I want Jeff and Jordan! I definitely won’t watch anymore if Jordan is evicted. There would be no one left worth winning! Will someone find some bugs for Natalie? You know she hates them all. I liked last year’s BB better. The show is ruined for me. Yeah, BB way to go, great twists- NOT!!!!!!!!!!

  388. There was something I left out of my other posts and I want to address. Everyone calling Jordan fat. The girl stated she weighed 140 lbs, sorry to disappoint you people that is not fat. When they say the camera adds weight it does. It is very hard when you are stuck in one place with nothing to do, other than sleep and eat. When people get bored they do eat. Those that are calling her fat must be anorexic. She is healthy, she isn’t skin and bones just healthy. At least she doesn’t have cellulite when you see her in a swim suit. Michelle looks great. I didn’t think she was fat when she entered the house, but she does look great now. Does anyone disagree with me? Someone posted earlier that Jordan admitted she weighed 140 lbs and then suggested everyone enter their height and weight that felt she was fat. I noticed no one had the guts to do that.

  389. I just hope that if someone previously evicted gets back in the house, that it’s NOT Jessie or Ronnie! I’m still ok for Michelle to win since Jeff is out. Or is he??????

  390. I am not sure what will happen but I wish they would bring jeff back and or russel for they need someone else in this game or its just dragging out to predictable

  391. to comment 507 i agree with you jordan is not fat she looks great ,I think the people who are calling her fat are probably overweight themselves and feel better thinking she is fat,leave the young girl alone what is she about 23, 24?

  392. I really hope this Pandoras box is Jeffs way back in the game.right now this is the most boring final 4 ever.Big Brothers ratings have been much higher this year and I think they are going to pull out something good. It could just be wishful thinking but how could that key not mean anything at all ???

  393. I was waiting for that “game changing twist” from Pandora’s Box that Julie Chen was yapping about all last week….

    Julie now sounds like a broken record with last night’s speech about Pandora’s Box for the new HOH Natalie, “it will be a game changing twist”.


    My eye candy is gone. Female viewership will likely drop drastically.

  394. @KK #459, I guess we both got got. LOL

    No Diamond Veto as the rumorville stated. I am on another site and someone is guessing that the word HOPE that Kev said was on the bottom of the box means, “Houseguest Of Past Eviction”. Like I’m falling for that one!

    I got got, once.

  395. I love how Final 4 has a member of each clique: Athletes Natalie, Brains Michelle, Offbeats Kevin, and Popular Jordo.

  396. #1 Julie did not tell Jeff that Gnat is 24 not 18 #2 Jeff was NOT given his good-bye messages!
    Could this mean he’s coming back? If so we would have to have a double eviction. Gnat said about pandora’s box that “something”is going to be reversed? Isn’t Pandora’s box about GOOD and BAD? Last week it was good LOTS OF MONEY this week BAD FOR HOH Jeff coming BACK!!!(SMILE!) GOOD FOR US!!!

  397. Did I miss this or did it not happen?
    turning the evicted houseguest’s(Jeff) picture from color to black and white..I don’t remember that being shown…Just hoping so much,that Jeff will return and the lieing duo,will face the music and out the door!!!!

  398. pandora’s box was done she open it and that win she got to see her boyfriend she gave up POV wish does not mean nothing because she is HOH and already pick the people on the block. She did not need POV so it was set up for her to see her boyfriend . I thing this was unfair because they should not see people from the outside other times it was other houseguest.

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