INSIDE DISH Interviews BB10 Runner-Up: Memphis

Ross Mathews and “Inside Dish” are back! Today Ross has Big Brother 10’s runner-up, Memphis, in the interview chair. Best of all you can keep an eye out for our very own Big Brother Diary Room writer, Janet, as she had the chance to talk with Memphis as part of the show!

Check out Ross’ interview with Memphis:

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  1. So sad – Memphis’s favorite, Jeff, will likely be gone on Thursday.

    The most interesting comment was Memphis saying he doesn’t
    watch the regular television shows but does watch the late night
    Showtime broadcasts where he can see and hear what
    is truly going on inside of the BB house.

    CBS should listen to his comment – over and over and over again.
    So many BB fans with Live Feeds and Showtime have said the
    same thing; CBS is NOT showing the truth about the

  2. Thanks MATT!! Man, I had such a good time talking to them. I think Ross was really surprised to hear that Jeff and Jordan were no angels, and that Michelle had a lot of support. Obviously, Memphis was not. (BTW..Isn’t Memphis looking H..O..T???) Memphis, in his statement about only watching the feeds and BBAD, def hit the nail on the head, and let the other viewers of Ross’s show see that there is a whole other BB world other than what they see on CBS only.
    Just a side note.. Did anyone else see Nat cheating at pool AND chess while playing with Kevin??? Lord love a duck!! This girl is one sick puppy!

  3. @MidwestFan I get the live feeds and I can tell you that when the producers edit for TV you see a different picture of certain people. Jordan who is such a “sweet” person has been a real b***h to Michele. Jeff’s favorite word is f**k. He was another one that went off on Russell and threatened to “slit Russell’s throat”. There are other incidents also but it’s there program.
    I was a big fan of J/J at the beginning but when they had the power they thought they were better then everyone else. They backdoored an ally in Russell, made fun of Michele and were gullible enough to believe Natalie and Kevin’s lies. It is amazing that they STILL believe Natatlie’s BS. May the “force” be with Michele and she has the strength to win.

  4. @ Janet, man I cannot stand Natalie! She has breezed her way through this entire game! Lying, deceiving, cheating, crying, throwing fits–is this how you win in today’s society!?!?! I cannot stand that c-u-next-tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. @Janet-I wrote the same thing in another blog about her cheating. Lying to try an advance on the show is one thing. Cheating at games tells the truth about a person. One other thing about Natalie is I wonder how often she showers and changes her clothes at home. She thinks she is so great and just relishes bashing people. If I was her boyfriend, I sure wouldn’t want to be see if public with her.

  6. Man Memphis is and was an Idiot and still is and Jessie is Memphis letting Dan tell him what moves to make thats why he lost and Nat is Dan telling Jessie how to play the game and thats why he lost. But Jeff and Michelle is lying to Nat and Telling her she will be at the final three and they will let her win HOH… NOT!!! Jeff and Michelle will win and tell Nat you got got by by Nat.

  7. Jcat – A funny note: Yesterday, Natalie was trying to decide if
    she should shower before the BB POV Taping. She told Kevin, If she wasn’t going up on the Block, why bother?


    Natalie’s “game plan” or real life personality of lying and
    cheating is truly disgusting. She is a Poster Girl for
    Big Brother’s Wall Street Crooks and Liars.

  8. I wonder if there are any ASU people out there. I would love to hear your opinion of Natalie especially since she walks around in ASU clothing.

  9. I’ve heard that a sign of mental illness is poor hygeine. Maybe thats her problem. She never had a mother figure in her life. Although, that could also be a lie. I’m not condoning her actions. I hate it and I wish she were gone tomorrow. Isn’t her boyfriend afraid of getting some kind of disease from her for not washing herself? Maybe he’s just as bad as she is.

  10. @Mary: not having a mother figure has not bearing on hygiene. Men take showers, too, so her father should have / would have taught her that, as well.

    Last night I saw where she told Michelle she wanted HOH so bad that basically all Michelle had to do was just stand there and not even try. At least she knows she hasn’t got a chance of getting there on her own.

  11. You guys are going to be singing a really sad song if he ends up staying lol then you’ll really feel dumb

  12. Personally, I loved Jeff prior to last week’s dumb move. He made a huge mistake taking out Russel out the game.. especially knowing that he would piss michelle off, then having his fate left in Jordan’s hands. Ever since he made that moved I started rooting for Michelle… and the way i see it..she got this. She should win the next HOH comp. because im pretty sure its that competition that asks..”On what day did_____ happen.

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