Big Brother 11: Week 8 Nominations Revealed – Spoilers

The live feeds are back on Big Brother 11 and Kevin’s nominations are in. Find out if Kevin went back on his deal with Jeff to keep him safe this week.

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Big Brother 11 Week 8 nominations:

  • Jeff
  • Michele

Bad move, Kevin. His target is Jeff and no matter what he’s made his goal more difficult. This week whoever won the PoV would use it. No exceptions.

If Kevin/Natalie/Michele/Jordan won it they’d use it and Jeff would be nominated as a replacement. If Kevin was forced to renom Natalie (if Jeff won it and saved Jordan) then Natalie would be evicted and Kevin could pretend he always wanted Natalie out. Instead he’s alerted Jeff too early to his plans and if Jeff wins the PoV and stays then it’s on.

Sigh. Kevin, you were doing so well there for a few days…

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What do you think of Kevin’s nominations? Would you have rather seen someone else get nominated? Voice your opinion below and get into the Big Brother discussion here.

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  1. I think Kevin is a liar…..he skated by this whole time, looked Jeff is eyes and lied…I hope Jeff or Jordan wins the pov.

  2. All I can say is Kevin better pray Jeff does not win POV. Or Jordon, there will be little Kevin bits everywhere. Or is it a ruse to get Michele out hmmmm? Either way I hope Kevin gets his and I don’t mean Jeff as his gardener.

  3. lets go Jordan or Jeff! win that POV! no one else deserves to win! especially not Kevin or Natalie!!!

  4. Big mistake Kev. You should have nominated Jeff & Jordan. IF one of them won POV, you would be able to at least break up their alliance. No if Jordan wins POV, her & Jeff are safe. Way to go ummy.

  5. i think he shouldve put up jordon and natalie.. it going to bite him in the future.. watch you’ll see

  6. I think jeff is getting what he deserves, he backdoor russel and now he is being backdoor, good work kevin. Jeff just got over confindent

  7. That is why I was wandering if it was a ruse to put Jeff up. I don’t care for Kevin but he is bright. He must knew that with not putting Jordon up also there was a chance to get Jeff off with the POV. He can not be that confident can he?

  8. This is just great! Hopefully J or J wins POV. Kevin is an idiot. Everyone on here is talking about how Jeff lied to Russell, but Kevin just did the same thing, so how is that different? I do think that Jeff should have got N or K out before R!

  9. Jeff and Jordan still don’t realize that Natalie is still lying to them and protecting herself. Natalie doesn’t care about Kevin because she is not the one who put up J/M. Natalie told both of them that are not her target thereby covering herself no matter who goes home. Jordan needs to win POV, pull Jeff off and them vote out Natalie.

  10. Russell flat out said he would go after Jeff. Russell said if Jeff was smart he would put him on the block. Jeff did what Russell would have done and now Jeff is the bad guy? Puleeze…J or J needs to win that POV.

  11. Oh. I HATE Jeff!!! He’s an idiot. He can’t win anything unless America hands it to him. Jordan’s the same way. I hope he leaves this week. Cause without Jeff, there is practilally no Jordan. I hope Kevin and Natalie are the two at the end. Then either way, I’ll be happy.

    GO KEVIN!!

  12. you know whats gonna happen. Jeff’s gonna win POV and then Kevins plans are to place nat in his place, and out goes Nat!!! YA YA YA!!!

  13. I can’t not stand Natalie and Kevin. She needs to be quite and I think BB should tell her to stop talking so much she should of went home I hate what has happen this year it wasn’t a good year…. BB tell her to stop talking game and bb you need to change some things around she she thinks she not smart.

  14. I’d love to see Jordan win the POV and take Jeff off the block. The only person left to put next to Michelle would be Natalie. How crappy would he feel when Jeff & Jordan, BOTH, vote Natalie out. He really has put himself in an akward position this week.

    P.S. And you know that Lydia is for sure “bumping uglies” with Jessie while she can before Natalie shows up! It was so obvious in the video from the jury house!

  15. Jeff is on the block!! Come on Mich and win the pov so Jordo can sit there with him. I hope Jeff is thinking, What did i do? I am so stupid!!!

  16. Ms Jessie
    You are very ignorant in this years game. Jeff can’t win anything? Then why would he be a threat? Come on now, you can do better than that. He’s won so much more than Nataliw or Kevin. Natalie hasn’t even come close to winning. Even Jessie and Russell said they think they would vote for him at the end.

  17. I don’t know what Kev is thinking, but he’s in the house, not us. Hopefully, he has a better grip on strategy then we do! We shall see.

  18. Well I hope it comes down to Michelle and she beats the whole dang lot of them… Because they have bad mouthed her so bad… Remember the ole says what goes around comes around…

  19. Jeff will not win th game unless he’s against Jordan then maybe
    Jessie will never vote for Jeff
    Lydia will never vote for Jeff

  20. “Russell flat out said he would go after Jeff. Russell said if Jeff was smart he would put him on the block. Jeff did what Russell would have done and now Jeff is the bad guy? Puleeze…J or J needs to win that POV.”

    You can “interpret” the “possibility” that he might go after Jeff, or you could interpret Russell seeing Jeff’s backstabbing as a logical move. But he never directly says he’s going after Jeff. Not in his DR sessions. Not on the live feeds. Not to Julie.

  21. can some tell me if kevin pov and leave the mons.. the same…. would jordon and michelle vote for natalie to go out of the house so jeff would still win that round…

  22. What the hell matt? Lol N/K had a final 2 deal, and i would say the strongest in the house. They werent gonna stabb each other in the back because they have no other firends rele in the house.

    But i agree. Kevin should have put up Michlle and Jordan, let Michelle/Kevin/Natalie win then put Jeff up.

    Well this takes MOST of the blood off of Natalie’s hands.

    The fact that she doesnt win anything take the blood off her hands all the time practically, because her freinds are weeling and deeling not her.

    So Camp Natalie is still sitting good.

    I swear these producers better not give Jeff this comp.

    But also to go back, i think its dumb u would put up 2 ppl u want out, because if u were to put Michelle or Jeff up asingst Jordan, Michelle and Jeff would Gurantee a convo with Julie Thursday.

    I cant wait for BBAD.

    Did anything happen after noms?

  23. Once Natalie goes, if she does, I really don’t mind who wins.They all rock and they all deserve it. Most of me wants Jeff or Jordan to win, but Kevin needs the money the most it sounds like.

  24. I think Kevin has made a smart choice and in the end, Jeff will probably respect his gameplay,Jeff has a chance at the Veto, Jordan would most likely save him,I think Kevin wants Gnat out,I always said “watch out for Kevin” he’s been flying under the radar…love this show!

  25. Russell sat in the the pool room with Michelle and said he would go after Jeff next if he gould. Russell said in the DR that if Jeff was smart he would put him on the block. Maybe you need to Tivo it and watch it again. That was said then Kewvin and Natalie came up with their scheme. Thing is, their scheme wa exactly what was going on.

  26. I really hope Jordan wins POV because then she can take Jeff off the block and Kevin will have to nominate Natalie…Natalie will be going home if that happens :)

    Go Team Jeff & Jordan

  27. Not only are these bias, which i mean ppl like who they like, but most of these post are ppl that think looks should win u the game.

    Im looking at some of these. #16,#21,#4,#6 jsut to anme a few are completely lacking any sense that a game is being played.

    Its no biased, its another B word. Blind.

    Thinking there favorite player rules the world and the strongest player ALWAYS. and if anyone tries to take them down, they dont deserve to win and are “scum”

    Its amazing to see the ppl who knoe what going on, and then the ppl that are just lost.

  28. I am not fond of natalie but maybe skating on everyone’s coat tail is her way of trying to win the game. sometimes acting like the weakest player, people tend to leave you along & they don’t think of you as a threat.. I am for jeff & michelle for final 2.

  29. And if Kevin did have to nomiate somebody else, he wouldnt nominate Nat u artards. he would put up Jordan.

    And! If he did have to put up Natalie she wouldnt be leaving.

    Jeff and Jordan would both vote her to stay. or one of them will.

    Because they know Michelle is much stronger, and will lie and do all the stuff there sick of her doing alrede.

    Plus Natalie would distance herself from Kevin.

    Since SHE didnt put up Jeff, SHE didnt break her word.


  30. Jeff was getting so arrogant in the house, that he totally got what he deserved. I was a huge j/j fan but im starting to like the idea of k/m. anyone with live feeds know how jess and jordan are taking it?

  31. I hope J or J wins pov and Natalie goes home….she thinks she is so smart and has done nothing

  32. Are any of you watching the same show! Seriously, Russel was an a**hole! He should have been out weeks ago. Jeff saved him and 30 seconds later he votes for Jeff! Kevin should have been gone along time ago, just stayed under the radar and NATALIE, OMG! Cannot stand that know it all! Why is she lying about her age, give me a break. She doesn’t deserve to be there either…..Jeff and Jordan are the only ones who have played it straight and smart.

  33. Russell was talking about taking Jeff out “soon” almost immediately after the power was used. I think it just so happened that they kept hoh and he couldn’t get to Jeff first. If you had to choose between taking a chance that Russ would win HOH, and put you up and then have to compete against him for veto or kevin and natalie, who would you choose. I say its a no brainer. He had to take a Russ last week, this week he has to win veto, or Jordan if not he’ll leave, but I don’t think it was a bad moove at all. I guarantee that no matter what Russ said, if he would have stayed, he would have won and Jeff would be in the same position he is in now.

  34. Kevin made a HUGE mistake. The power still likes in the hands of Jeff and Jordan. Jeff is going to win POV and then, takes himself off and puts up Natalie. Natalie gets evicted, since Jeff and Jordan will vote to keep Michele. HUGE MISTAKE, cause next week they are after KEViN, and Kevin is leaving next week.

  35. Jordo and Jeff have not played it straight. They have broken their word and cannot be trusted. The way they act behind Mich back is awful. Go Kev and Mich for final 2.

  36. @J – if Jeff wins pov then kev will put up jordo then either her or mich will go home, not natalie this week.

  37. M arcus, Marcus, Marcus
    Or should I say “41”
    Kevin = Player
    Michelle = Player
    Jeff = Player
    Jordan and Natalie – not so much.
    I don’t care about looks or whatever junk you spewed. J K or M are at this point most deserving. People like you don’t get it. Yes it’s a game. But also someone has to leave. You get to a point wher F4 don’t matter holmes.
    Get real bro. There can only be 1 in the end and as usual, those that are on a jury will ultimately forget what they were angry about and vote for the person that deserves it.

  38. Lets face it, anyone watching the show wanted either Jeff or Jordan to win, Jeff blew it big time by doing the dumbest thing in big brother history by backdooring Rus, now we have to make ourselves feel better by knocking Jeff, what we really want is for Jeff or Jordan to win POV and get back in control,Kevin and Natalie are little snakes who floated their way through this game, cross your fingers everybody and hope for the best

  39. I am so glad Jeff and Jordan are seeing they screwed there self. BUT I WILL STOP WATCHING IT IF THAT NO TAKING A SHOWER FOR A WEEK WHEN I AM ON MY PERIOD. NAT. IS THERE ONE MORE WEEK

  40. I want Michele to win. She’s come so close to winning every competition but it seems she always overshadowed by the men. She is definately the strongest female. I’d like to see her and Kevin go final 2. Kevin I have yo admit is a PLAYER. His lie was a good mood no matter if ppl think it was horrible. For half a mil it’s all worth the dirty looks and comments in the end. Michele has been staying in the middle the whole game. Go michele !!!!!

  41. I hope Jeff or Jordan win POV and take Jeff off. Put up Gnat. She’s the mastermind behind all this. Get rid of her. I hope Kevin pays for this!

  42. @jacob…on your #31 post, did you hear Jessie say from the Jury House that, at this point, he would have to vote for Jeff? Because, he did say it…

  43. i miss russel:( he was both entertainment to watch as a person and a player! as assholish as he came across he definitely brought life to the show!

  44. I want Michele to win. She’s come so close to winning every competition but it seems she always overshadowed by the men. She is definately the strongest female. I’d like to see her and Kevin go final 2. Kevin I have yo admit is a PLAYER. His lie was a good move no matter if ppl think it was horrible. For half a mil it’s all worth the dirty looks and comments in the end. Michele has been staying in the middle the whole game. Go michele !!!!! If Jeff does go it’s good for her because her only competition is Jeff and Kevin. And (if) with Jeff gone and Kevin not allowed to compete because of “outgoing HOH” it should be cake for Michelle to beat the weakest 2 (Natalie and Jordan)!!!

  45. @ #51, No one has kept their word, & it will get worse as there are less ppl left in the house. Last nite on BBAD, J/J, Kev, & Gnataliar were up in the hoh room making fun of Michelle’s nite time frights. That is just plain wrong. The Gnat needs to go next. If, Gnat goes, Kev could win BB11. With Gnat gone, Team Jessie are all in the jury house. Team Jessie doesn’t like J/J, so w/ Gnat gone, Kev would win w/ either J/J or Michelle with him in the final 2. The gnat needs to go next!

  46. @lala you mean Jeff has to win this. Jordan can’t win anything, unless it’s one of those 2 people go up, 1 is eliminated, and she happens to skate to the end of the competition.

    I was thinking that Kevin putting up both JJ would have been the smartest move, however, he still gets to play his charade until the end this way. Claiming that Michelle is his target all along. If Nat or Kev win noms, they stay the same. If Michelle wins, he puts up Jordan instead of Nat saying sorry, nat is my final 2, JJ have to know this. If Jeff wins, Kev can decide what is in his best interest, although I have to say it would be to break up JJ even though Jordan is a weak player. If Jordan wins, Jeff comes off Nat goes up, and get rid of Michelle. His hands stay clean under all scenarios if he keeps his mouth shut.

    I have to say this is probably a smarter play for Kevin than putting up both Jeff and Jordan


  48. @Brian G…great post! You are right…that seems to be what Kevin is thinking. His only mistake is sharing stuff with Natalie…although Jeff and Jordan believe anything either of them say, at this point…

  49. I think it is crapo he made Jeff a deal to take him off last week and he lied, I guess I know who I want to go home next week!

  50. @jacob…most people on this site have a favorite, or two…they are rooting for their “team”…relax a bit and enjoy the commentary…this is much more fun than working…

  51. The only way Nat would get nominated this week is if Jordan won POV and pulled Jeff off. Then Kevin would have no other option. If Jeff or Michelle wins POV and pulls themselves off, Jordan would get nominated in their place. I seriously doubt that Kevin will realize that Nat should go.

  52. If Jeff wins POV, Michele is gone.
    If Jordan wins it, Michele is gone.

    Basically, if Jeff comes off the block, Michele is in the Jury House. J/J will not vote Nat out. They trust her “truthfulness”, “loyalty”, and “honesty” far too much.

    And if M goes, J/J then will have good odds of one of the two of them winning. Lady Luck rewards stupidity, and the producers reward the player that America loves the most. It’s all about market share and the “it” factor. J/J are hot with the public right now, that means ratings. I work in the biz, folks, that’s how the entertainment industry is geared. America has already helped the producers pick the winner. Now we just sit and let the popularity contest play out.

    Funny. They win, but we all lose.

  53. i think that its a great move of kev and gnat to put up jess promise or not! its agame. Jeff screwed russel, they screwed jeff!..:'( awh my team of j/j is floundering a bit…

  54. @ #72, I realize no one has kept their word because you can’t when you are in the house and it is getting worse with the fewer players left in the game. I was biased toward Russ but I did respect the LML because it was a good move. I did not respect Jeff’s decision because it ultimately was a bad move as he is now on the block. I want Kev to win it all so I’m all for Nat leaving. I just want Jeff to go first. I want the best game player to win. I don’t care about looks and all that bs like some and for the majority of the game I thought russ was the best player but K/N did get the best of him so he is out. Go Kev!

    @blackgirl – You sound like you know Russ. Is this true?

  55. Kevin made a great move there is a 3/5 chance of getting Jeff out 1/5 hance of getting Jordan or Michelle out there is less then 1/5 chance of Jordan winning an nat going home
    go Kevin
    Jeff swore on his family and he broke his deal
    “if I leave this game with one thing it will be my dignity” -Jeff
    yeah right

  56. @Denice you mean people lie in this game and don’t keep their work on who they will or will not nominate?!?!?!? Hmmmmm :) ok some sarcasm there, but Kevin and Nat have played it perfectly. I really disliked them most of this game, and right now, I like them almost as much as Michelle right now. I was on the JJRM bandwagon and wow did those wheels fall off quick.

    Who has played the best “Game” so far? Can someone who has won nothing be considered the best player?

  57. I was just wondering blackgirl. I was going to say we could all get together for some drinks in Las Vegas!! lol

  58. Kevin is not doing what’s smart he is only doing what Natalie tells him, there is no game play in this big brother, it is all based on one side against the other, Nat and Kevin hate the other side period, come on folks we know Jeff and Jordan and not the sharptest pencils but we like them, there has been no strategy in this game it is truly based on one side not liking the other side

  59. I want jordan to win pov and save Jeff. Then in your face Kevin when nat walks out the door. If they don’t win pov I’m done watching bb I’ve watched every episode since season one and if they don’t win I will never watch again… Promise

  60. @gilda..dont make promises u cant keep:P..weve all been there and promised that! yet we all come back!!

  61. I don’t think that Jeff and Jordan have figured out that Kevin and Natalie are not on their side. I think they believe that Michele is the target this week. They don’t see what we do, and apparently haven’t watched past Big Brother seasons, as they haven’t a clue that HG’s will actually lie to each other. Jeff got pissed at Russ for telling him the truth about the Jessie vote, and the F2 with Michele…he could have lied, but didn’t. Now he believes all that Kevin and Natalie tell him…as they blow smoke at him, his chances are going up in smoke…

  62. #84 @ Ashley, I thought Russ was a good player too. I would have to Jeff keep his word w/ Russ, he did not, so it will be his downfall. So I was hoping that would be smart enough to get rid of Gnat. W/ Gnat in the jury house, team Jessie has no one left on their team. I agree Kev deserves it, he played the game. Gnat & Jordan, they did not. Hope Kev is smart. Gnat needs to go next!

  63. @ Jacob Thank you Jeff thinks he is God or something. I sure hope he goes this week. I was on his side unti the Russ deal. Then I find out he has no loyalty or honor. Hope he goes

  64. @disappointed – I don’t even want to think that way but I’ll bet the producers gear it somehow that Jeff will get to stay. They want him to win or at least be in the final 2.

  65. I hope I am not repeating what someone else has stated but I pray Jordan wins POV and uses it on Jeff, then Kevin will have to put up Natalie. How sweet if he were the one to put her out.

  66. I hope more than anything that Jordan wins POV so that she can save Jeff and so they can save Natalie home (AT LAST). She does not deserve to be in the final 4, she hasn’t won one thing the whole time and if it werent for Jessie she would have been one of the first people to leave. Laura played a better game than her and she left the second week! I really want Jeff or Jordan to wim because you cant deny that they have played the best game out of everyone left. On a side note I am so happy that Russell is gone because no matter if it is a game or a strategy or anything you should never be so disrespectful to women. He came on every week and complimented Julie trying to make himself look so classy, but when it came down to it we saw his true colors in the way he treated women.

  67. Your right Dani, but it sounds like Gilda is frustrated like most of us this season, we simply dont want Kevin or Nat to be there or worse to win, it bugs us that Jeff didnt stick to the final four deal, if he had, it wouldn’t have mattered who won then just as long as both Kevin and Nat were gone and the evil side eliminated

  68. @ Ashley not watching anymore. Reading Jokers update and here. I will still be around. Cbs doesnt deserve my watching. Jordan should not have been allow to chest bump Russ that hard. That was a hit. To bad she didnt pop LOL. Instead of $5000.00 boobs she could be helping her mom

  69. i guess more and more people are gunna be jumping on the michelle bandwagon pretty soon here! with jeff probablt gone, …shes the next best!

  70. I hope this backfires on sneaky lying kevin and nasty nat…I want them gone!go jeff jordan and michelle final three!!!!!!!!

  71. Cheri, Well at least you are still going to be on the site. I read jokers also when I am at work so I can keep up with what is going on. I agree about the chest bump and the boob money. If it had been Russ to chest bump Jeff all he11 would have broken loose.

  72. @ Dan
    I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure the previous HOH only gets to compete in the FOLLOWING HOH if the win in the final 4. Not in the final 5 which Kevin has done. Anybody else know for sure????

  73. @Robert…next HOH comp will be final 4…I’m pretty sure they all get to compete once it gets down to four…

  74. Jeff and Jordan SAID they wouldn’t take Kevin to the Final Four. They say it every friggin’ day. In fact, if Kevin sent anyone home this week other than Jeff, then Jeff would put him up on the block the very next week. This is the best possible move.
    1) If Jeff wins POV, Michelle or Jordan go home.
    2) If Michelle wins POV, Jeff STILL goes home.
    3) If Jordan wins POV, Natalie goes home. But Jordan has only won one competition the entire game.
    Kevin really did make the best move. By the way, Jeff promised Kevin and Natalie he wouldn’t put either of them up LAST week and he broke his promise. Kevin knows Jeff is untrustworthy and he has already broken his vow.

  75. The fact that Jeff backdoored Russ is not wrong move, but the silent treatment, and somehow treat to other HG not to dare to talk to Russ was awful.
    Also, he is there to find gf not to win.

  76. @coachbuzzkiller

    “Russell sat in the the pool room with Michelle and said he would go after Jeff next if he gould. Russell said in the DR that if Jeff was smart he would put him on the block. Maybe you need to Tivo it and watch it again. That was said then Kewvin and Natalie came up with their scheme. Thing is, their scheme wa exactly what was going on.”

    Russell did not say that. Russell said that when it came to the Final Four Jeff would stick with Jordan so he and Michelle should have each other’s back in the Final Four. He also said that Jeff won the HoH that he wanted to win because if he won this week he couldn’t compete when they finally reached the Final Four. He also said they need to win the POVs so Jeff doesn’t try to backdoor him because he believes that Jeff is coming after them. What else did he say? Oh, right, that he said he gave his word and he would NEVER go after Jeff until Jeff came after him. He never said he was going after Jeff. He clearly, repeatedly, and forcefully said the opposite.

  77. I hope Jordan wins the POV. Kevin will be forced to put up Natalie (can’t stand that girl) and she’ll go home.

    I was hoping to see Jeff, Jordan and Kevin as the last three – but I’d much rather see Jeff, Jordan and Michelle now.

    As for Russell – the guy was a flake. Nasty, rude, obnoxious and a total liar. He lied from day one. The reason he and that geeky Star Wars freak hated each other so much was because they were so much alike!

  78. Yehhhhhhhhhhh! Let Jeff(and Jordan) squirm a while in the hot seat! If Jeff wins POV and then gnat goes up I wouldn’t care if gnat went home! what comes around goes around.

  79. @ Dan
    I’m thinking of last year final 4 hoh I only remember Dan, Memphis and Jerry and not keesha competing.

  80. If Jeff wins POV and takes himself off the block.. then Kevin will more than likely put up Jordan… therefore breaking the alliance. Their only hope is Jordan winning POV.. taking Jeff off the block. I hate Kevin and Nat..they constantly say how they are loyal and the only good people in the house… yet have done nothing but lied.

  81. @Robert…you could be right…for some reason I thought that once it’s only 4, all play. Jerry won that HOH, if I’m not mistaken…maybe someone else knows for sure. Didn’t mean to mislead you!

  82. I think Kevin should have put up Jeff/Jordan. That way if Kevin/Michelle/Natalie win POV, Jeff goes home. If Jeff/Jordan wins POV, Michelle is the pawn and the other one goes home. Win/Win all around. Kevin/Michelle should have kept Russel last week and tried to back door Jeff this week. That would have been awesome. One more week of Jeff/Russel arguing and Jeff telling Russ “you got got got.”

    @ Dan/Robert O: All players including current HOH only compete when it’s Final 3 because it’s the last HOH before the final 2 and the jury votes the winner.

  83. Kevin made his first mistake at the same time he made his first MOVE.Jeff learned of his first mistake after many good moves.They are even in mistakes.Now we’ll see who prevails.Strength and intelligence vs just inteligence with little strength.Power to the best PLAYER. JEFF ????

  84. Jordan needs to win this POV … take Jeff off and the only replacement would be Nat … only votes are jeff and jordan and they send home Nat .. that would be sooo great !!!

  85. @eamon

    Russell said two week s ago if he won he needed to get Jeff out that week. Get over it. He can’t take that back. It’s a game. They need to take everyone out. Jeff is screwed and will be in the jury house.

  86. I don’t understand how come everyone thinks Kevin would put Nat up over Jordan.. Did I miss something in the live feeds??

  87. Even Russell said it was a good move to get him out. You don’t know that if Russell had won this week hemight have tried to get rid of Jeff. Russell left with class. Even jesse said he might vote for jeff.

  88. @Robert…I just read on the live feed transcipt that Kevin said “Jeff knows I can’t play for HOH next week”…so, my bad!

  89. @ #115 There are six (6) ppl left o.k. J/J are not going up, which leaves four (4). Jeff put Gnat & Kev up, leaving two (2) ppl left. Kev was saved by Jeff. Bad thing, Russ left. What do you think is going to happen this week w/ five (5) ppl left? Kev broke his promise too, saying I won’t put J/J up, yet he put Jeff up. So how can you say I won’t put you up? (5) ppl left. Gnat needs to go next!

  90. I like to Natlie go this week so I hope Jeff wins the POV send her home she did not even try to win HOH and POV she gives up. The lies are with everyone that is part of the game. I just think a person who wants to win should try even if you loose you tried.Kevin tried in all the games. Jordan or Michelle are close in metal games so one of them can win. I hope they are smart enough to get Natlie out.

  91. I thought i liked jeff and jordan,not after this week. they should have stuck with russell f4. i can’t beleive jeff let bubble butt and thunder theighs talk him into it. I really thought jeff was smarter than that. he and russell could have went to f2. we could have had something to watch on big brother if russell had stayed. IT does’nt really matter to me now who wins as long as it’s not bubble butt (jordan) or nasty nat. i’m hoping they still have something behind the mystery door, since they chose the money i wish russel would be in there., so we would have something to watch the remaining of the show.They need to bounce bubble butt jordan right out the door and take nasty nat with her and let the show begin. you know if russel come back in there all hell would break lose. he would probably come in and take jeff off the block and send jordan packing. do you think jeff would fight to keep jordan then or tell her she’s on her on now and start playing for himself to survive . bb you got to do something people are losing interest in the show. this has been the worst show ever. too bad russell, jeff and machelle was’nt in another season . this seaon sucks.

  92. I have read all the comments and of course agree/disagree with some but everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. I voted for Jeff to receive the CDT and wanted him to be the winner. Forget about the lies and backstabbing that has gone on in the house; it seem to be the standard for this game.

    It will be interesting to see who is evicted this week and who ends up with the power. I know that it will be comical if Jeff is the next jury member, someone will have to pick up Russell’s jaw from off the floor if he walks into the jury house next Thursday/Friday…. :)


  94. kevin did the smartest thing he could do. he put up mich and jeff bcuz he doesnt really know if j/j/m are still a 3 some so he knows jordan cant win anything without jeff giving it to her and jeff and mich have won so now if jeff or mich win they can only take themselves off and then jordan will go up. the only way jordan will win is by luck. jeff screwed himself. if he would have made a final 3 deal with kevin and then voted out natalie at this past eviction then if kevin won jeff would promise him safety and kev would have put up russ and mich. jeff 4got that russ couldnt back door him cuz if russ won hoh and put up kev and jeff then jordan and mich would have voted out kevin. then jeff would have most likely won the next hoh cuz russ wouldnt have been able to play. for some reason jeff thinks the hoh decides who goes home. thats only in a tie and final 3. how could jeff think that kev and nat would put themselves up instead of him? is he that dumb? and russell is an idiot too. instead of having a roid rage attack on jeff and jordan he should have talked to them and told them that nat and kev were lying and he would be the target. instead he blew up and that sealed his fait. i hate to say it but nat is the only one playing this game right. shes throwing compititions pretending shes weak. she knew that if she won this week she couldnt play in the next one. and if u notice she being nice to people and leaving nice messeges and making kevin the scape goat for everything.

  95. To all you Nat and Kevin fans- Have a peaceful night! It will be your last because Jeff or Jordan will win POV tomorrow and then it is back to the nightmares.

  96. @lama…I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, but I find it hard to believe that Natalie is throwing competitions. She is an amazingly awkward, uncoordinated person. I guess she could be an amazing actress, maybe a Best Supporting Nose Picker is in her future…

  97. judy
    Jeff will win…or they will loose viewers…’s just the way it is. I want Jeff or Jordan anyway…they seem normal.

  98. something is going on right now.. they are seeing “aliens” in the mirrors… probably has something to do with what went on today with pandora’s box..

  99. This what would be interesting this week. Whoever wins pov, (i.e. Jeff), takes himself off. Gnat goes up & gets the boot. Team J/J are nervous b/c they don’t have Gnat lying to them. Michelle wins hoh, & puts up J/J. It doesn’t matter which goes home. It will be Kev & Michelle in the final (2). Gnat needs to go next!

  100. @dan #151 Natalie was given a place on the athletes team because she is very good at “running her mouth”. her so-called champion status in tae kwon do is nothing more than a bronze medal. Albeit a medal, it certainly does not a champion make because she ‘placed’ in a competition and it was in 2002 before she entered high school. Given her lack of coordination in everything we’ve seen thus far, I’m betting running her mouth, chomping her food and picking her nose are her best of the bests. She’s a NOTHING! Worst houseguest ever

  101. WTF is wrong with you Kevvo!

    You’ve opened the door again for the Jeff/Jordan F2!

    *sigh* kevvo kevvo kevvo…

  102. I wish Jeff and Jordan were the ones up there… but it’s ok as long as one of them are there I’m happy! GO KEVIN! BOO JORDAN AND JEFF!

  103. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. What are you thinking? YOu should have put up Jordan and Michelle and backdooreed Jeff. not a good move, man.

  104. “Big Brother 11 Week 8 nominations:

    they’d use it and Jeff would be nominated as a replacement.”

    Someone please explain to me if Jeff is already on the block, how can Jeff be nomiated as a replacement as well? It makes no sense to me.

  105. lol if nat gets best supporting nose picker then jeff should get bet leading nose picker. is it me or does everyone else notice jeff pick his nose all the time? i was a big j/j fan but i was very disapointed to see jeff let the power get to his head and to be dumb enough to believe the nat and kev. and who is jeff to get mad at russ for having a final 2? like jeff and jordan didnt have a final 2 and nat and kev didnt have a final 2. if mich wins the pov we will see if jeff throws jordan under the buss and we will see if mich gets mad a jordan for crying like mich did for russell. oh and im sorry i didnt mean she threw all the competitions i think she threw this last one so she could play in the next one. and by the way michele didnt help j/j keep russell. she threw russell under the buss every time. if her and russ wouldnt have stayed away and looked suspicious all the time then j/j could have felt more trusting. i hope jeffs friends tell him that his biggest mistake was breaking the final 4 and believing those 2 and they tell him how bad he looked once he got hoh.

  106. jeff stupid,i seen this coming a mile away when he decided to put up russell.a matter a fact i was 2 steps ahead of jeff.

    jeff was my boy but for him not noticeing that kevin was tricking him

  107. Do any of you look at the pictures of the people in there and if you dont see a key in there picture than thats the ones that are on the block and the ones that won POV has the necles on there picture so check it out next time will you. :)

  108. i hope jordan wins pov, saves jeff, and therefore kevin will be forced to put up natalie, and natalie would leave, leaving kevin alone and the j’s and michelle top 3!!!!!! :))))!!

  109. I want NAT OUT NOW… and KEvin a loser, I want Michelle and jordon and jeff to go to the end..

  110. I really don’t understand the hate towards Michele, what has she done?? She hasn’t turned her back on anyone besides Chima, which we all understand why. I find it funny how Jeff yelled at Russell for POSSIBLY having a final 2 deal with Michele when its evident that Jeff has a final 2 deal with Jordan, he’s a HUGE hypocrite. At this point, I want Kevin or Michele to win, they have played the game very well.Jordan and Jeff lost me after evicting Russell and falling for the easiest trick in the book, Natalie lost me because she hasn’t put herself out there like the others, Michele or Kevin for the win, preferably Michele…haha.

  111. aaron in #163,

    Hey, good guess, Nostradamus. Might your prescience have had something to do with the fact that you, unlike J/J, could see the DR sessions where K/N made it perfectly clear what their plan was?

  112. BBAD, Jeff is funny. Wish I could have seen the Pandora event. Natalie tried to be sneaky or something and Jeff is allowing no excuses.

  113. Those idiots sure are worried about Michelle I hope she kick all their tails. I would love it if she gets some of the money Michele for f2

  114. did they say that the veto competition is being played tonite at midnite? do u guys with the live fee get to watch the veto competition being played live?

  115. Dont feel sorry for Michelle. This is was she gets. If woudlnt have lied to everyone constantyl, and never, and i mean NEVER kept to ur word, then ppl would want to talk to u, and they dont because ur just gonna flupp them, and lie, and never relax.

    She shouldnt even be mad now, caz Jeff was making a joke. She was pity, but she shouldnt get none because she is the one excluding her self from the house.

    BB keeps messing up and showing quick clips of either outside or production.

    Outside is defently a space setup.

    i sees it with my own eyes

    darn man! This is a time were i really wish i could have the live feeds on, their gonna do the comp prolly at like 2. or defently when BBAD goes off :(

  116. Michele doesnt deserve the way she is being treated. And she just lost her brother 5 months ago. Someone give her a friggin break

  117. Those of you Jeff haters, I wouldn’t get too excited. If either Jeff or Jordan win POV, Natalie is going home. And it’s VERY likely he will win it. Then Kevin will wish he never back stabbed him. And those who kept saying Jeff lied or went back on his Final 4 deal, yes he did, but Kevin did the exact same thing. Even though we see the behind the scenes where he and Natalie talk about what loser liars they are and had no intension of honoring it, they still lied to J & J’s face about doing the final 4 and J & J being safe. SAME THING! I really hope I don’t hear any more Jeff bashing about that. I think it’s very likely that Kevin sealed Natalie’s fate, and maybe his own next week. We’ll just have to see what happens….

  118. @Raymond- I noticed that too. I think it was just bad wording. Matt was trying to say that Kevin messed up by putting Jeff directly on the block. Where if any of those won he could have backdoored Jeff. Natalie talked Kevin into doing that so that the only way she could be on the block was if Jordan won the POV. Natalie will be Kevins downfall.

  119. I have never been a Michele fan. But I do feel a little sorry for her. She has never had anyone to partner with and depend on. She has had to scramble and tell half-truths to survive. I don’t think she has the social skills to be slick like Natalie, or cute like Jordan. They way they are treating her tonite, is kind of cruel. I just feel for her having to scrap by on her own.

  120. @cheri, i am right there beside you with michelle. i was for j/j until they fell for the lie. marcus, michelle has fibbed but so has everyone else. no one should be making fun of anyone especially with some type of disability. i heard michelle has night tremors due to being abused when she was a child and she forgets things due to having a head injury. i know that can happen cause it’s happened to me.

  121. Hey guys, i was just wondering how you know michele was abused as a child. and i’m personally rooting for her, jeff then kevin. jordan has to really step it up to get my respect and natalie hasn’t done crap all season except run around and talk talk talk.

  122. @catherine..michelle had told someone in the house, i forget who, it’s been a couple weeks. she jumps and jerks in her sleep. all the HG were in the HOH the other day and michelle was called to the DR, jeff was in the bed and was telling all of them and then he pulled the covers over his whole body and started thrashing around like a fish. brought tears to my eyes. again, i’m a j/j fan but michelle doesn’t deserve all this

  123. I’m glad Jeff’s up. I know it makes him hungrier for POV but atleast now he knows what an idiot he was last week. Hopefully Kevin/Natalie/Michelle wins it so Jeff can walk out that door.

  124. it’s 2:30 here. i say let’s all make some coffee, stay up and see who gets the veto. i wanna know as soon as their done

  125. i wasn’t for kevin either, but then he has begun to play the game finally! and he has been awfully close a few times to winning competitions, even if he didn’t win at all. whereas natalie hasn’t been close to winning anything at all. ever

  126. Jeff totally cracks me up! Anyone who can’t appreciate his “jock” sense of humor, probably needs that stick removed from their a**.

    It also amazes my how everyone forgets WHY America voted to give power to Jeff. Don’t you remember, Jessie and his possie were eliminating everyone around Jeff, and he was square in their sights?

    Why isn’t anyone giving Jeff props for fighting back? He wasn’t on the block when he used the coup d tat! He could have easily passed on that power, and no one would have known. It was a bigger risk to have played the coup d tat. Come on, do some real thinking…

    Jeff WAS NOT popular with anyone. The jocks blew him off. His own team! He was the underdog, remember? He was in their sights when they were still broken down into cliques. Once that part of the game ended, he was fair game, and Jessie, Russell and Ronnie all had Jeff leaving the house on “speed dial”. It just hadn’t been the right time.

    When ya’ll are complaining about Jeff, look at the whole game, not that small part where your silly “favorites” didn’t have things go their way and threw their mic’s into the spa, screamed obscenities at Michelle (Russell), was too busy getting “worked” by Lydia. Come on, now…

    If that coup d tat had not been a part of the game, and given to Jeff, we’d just be watching the self-absorbed Jessie, “utilizing” his ladies…Kevin, holding their hands afterwards, and Gnatalie, walking around convincing herself that she has been running the game all along. Blah. Boring. And seriously hard to watch.

    There is nothing I HATE more than those that gripe, when the power flips, especially against the side that has been abusing it (poor babies), and that is what happened at the beginning of this game. America got damn tired of seeing a bunch of whiny, self-indulgent, tatoo’d, sticky mouthed people running the game into the ground. How quickly everyone forgets.

    I am hoping that the BEST player actually wins…not those that just slid through, hanging on to stronger players who took risks that they were afraid to take.

  127. @jane…tell us how you really feel lol. jeff did take the abuse at first and I was just laughing my butt off at him a little bit ago. he can be amusing. i am disappointed at the way he’s treating michelle. i would so like to see k/n out

  128. jeff can be funny, i like his sense of humor. i’ve just recently started liking kevin too.

  129. @Jane

    Jeff earned a lot of fans when he fought back and when he had a clear, specific goal. He lost them all when he backstabbed Russell and Michelle and threw all of his trust at THE OTHER TEAM, thus removing the reason why we liked him. The same people gunning for him all game are suddenly his best friends. He’s an idiot. Now, you may think he’s still cute and likeable and charming in a douchebag jock kind of way, but the fact is he’s bloodthirsty, paranoid, dimwitted, and has developed an incredible sense of entitlement.

  130. right now its kinda of a bad situation with jeff. it looks like he has a fairly decent chance of being safe this week unless kevin or michelle wins the pov or if gnat changes her mind about getting michelle out. but if michelle goes this week then jeff chances in the jury wiyh the remaining hg dont look to good however he may have a chance if he takes gnat but i really dont even want to see her even in the final 3

  131. they might not show veto, just when they’re thru and come back in the house and they start talking about it. although, they showed the HOH competition last night from about half way thru

  132. Hey all you Jeff fans, how does it feel now?? I love it. Jeff is going home and there is nothing you can do about it. He shouldn’t have made it this fara anyways. He was handed a power by the stupid American public that is ignorant and somewhat racist in all honesty. Let’s be honest here, Jessie should have won this year, he was far and away the best player and was robbed by the stupid power Jeff was given. I say good riddance Jeff and to all his fans who wouldn’t know good game if it hit them in the face. Here’s hoping Jordan is gone next! See you America’s sweethearts! lol

  133. Natalie sint going up. neither is she going home.

    So just get “juiced tude” (“used to it” with a heavy mexican accent)

    Michelle- the reason why she hasnt had someone to depend on because first off she isnt that social to begin with. I DONT KNOE HOW SHE EVEN GO ON THE SHOW. she is very timid. SECOND she will lie the moement somebody brings he rinto a alliance. She is always lying, WAY TO MUCH FOR BB. lol And now ppl are seeing it, and dont wanna associate with her because they know if u say anything to her it will be twisted, and then she will “forget” what she said.

    She cant hide anymore. If she says something, it better not be a lie because with 4 othe rppl in the house it will get spread around to everyone faster than the swine flu.

    I hope Natalie can win, only because then the noms are the same. Well he ror Kevin. But mainly Nat. She hasnt won anything, and winning this i still feel isnt ALL THAT neccesary because she wont be targeted.

    Kevin will. However, if she can win wippy, if not hopefully Kevin does. I think she is a lock for final 3. She will only be put up as a pawn.

    However, if she wins HOH she will be looked at as a target. Not winning jack in the house has defently paid off for her.

    If she would have been winning stuff, she would have been gone.

    But i have a good feeling Jeff will be going home. Because 2 ppl are gonna vote for Jeff to go, and 2 ppl arent gonna vote for Michelle, so it will go up to Kevin, who will vote Jeff.

    Then the show will really be good, and then the follwoing week, we can see the fight betwwen Russ and Jeff.


  134. And for all you Natalie haters, at least she is playing the game. In case your forgot Dr. Will never won comps. Funny how everyone has a problem with her not winning and competitions but when Dr. Will did it you people bowed down and worshipped him. I am a Dr. Will fan too but I respect what Natalie is doing as well. Just seems to me like some more racial biases going on here but I doubt anyone will agree with me. Sometimes the truth is blind.

  135. Once again i agree.

    I dont think its racial biases however.

    They set it up where BB has characters this year.

    the surfer, the bookworm, the geek, buff dude.

    And who does America always flocked to? the popular couple. Just liked they flocked to Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson. The blond ditz country folk, and then American bread “tough” accenty football player.

    With those 2 i feel like im watching Friday Night Lights.

    They got tricked by Natalie and Kevin who would of said anything to save themsevles. They (J/J) hadnt played the game, and now that they are, there horrid at it.

  136. Wuz up Blackgirl / Ashley / F Team JJ / Jacob / Marcus / everyone else….

    @ J/J Fans….. Get over it….. Natalie as played a better game than Jeff / Jordan….. SHE HASN’T WON, BUT HER & Kevin’s LML did more tohelp them than the CDT did for Jeff….

    2) Natalie has played a way superior game than Jordan who is only safe because os JEFF AND ONLY WON THE HOH because o Jeff….

    3) You all thought she ould fall apart when Jessie left, but she stayyed composed and will be in the final 4 because the LML by N/K and Michelle’s lis made Jeff back door Russell…

    That will cost Jeff his game….

    Bye Bye Jeff!!!

  137. Mike,
    Jeff is playing the game by far better then anyone else. Natalie and Kevin are just a pair of liars and back staber and I hope they get what they deserve…..a trip to the jury house….Jeff deserves to be the winner. Jessie sucked last time and he sucked this time even more. Jessie has no idea how to play this game and he got what he had comming to him….a trip to the jury house and better yet he has to spend it there a whole week with lydia. HAHAHAHA. American’s did right giving Jeff this power and he made the right choise. Good for Jeff. Just wait and see he won’t be leaving this week. I am going to laugh if Jordan will win the POV, and Natalie will go up and go home….

  138. @ Everyone…. The POV looks like I started 40 minutes ago….. Hopeully we will know who won in the next hour….. Go Natalie / Kevin / MICHELLE….. Anyyone but Jordan / Jeff…. Especially not Jordan!!!

  139. Sylvia, open your eyes. What gaem are you watching? Jessie was mowing down the house before the coup. Jeff was handed a power he truly did not earn. You can’t be serious. If it wasn’t for the coup de tat Jeff would have been out long ago. How can you say Kevin and Natalie are liars. Everyone in the house is lying. This is big brother for goodness sakes. Lying is a big part of the game. Just be honest, you think Jeff is hot and that is why you want him to win because if you go off game play Jessie was playing the best. You are part of the problem I was talking about earlier. Ignorance is bliss Sylvia.

  140. This is coming from someone who hated Jessie last year. But this season he actually played the game the best. I am not being biased on who I pull for I am being honest. I want to see the best player win and I am sorry but Jeff is not it. He believed Nat and Kevin and turned his back on Russell and now you want me to believe he is a good player? Please, he will be out this week unless big brother has another ridiculous stipulation in his favor. I wouldn’t be surprised though if that happen.

  141. @ Sylvia…. Get a clue ok? Jessie chose the right players to llign with nd woul have won if Americ didn’t hate him….. Jeff would have been gone because he chose a horrible alliance and was saved with the CDT, but he wasn’t smart enough or a good enough player to make it past the finaal 5 because Natalie / Kevin’s LML lie was able to get him to back door Russell….. Jeff has made the dumbest moves this season while having the most blood on his hands…. Natalie / Kevin should keep Jef because so many people dislike him especially compared to Jordan even thouh Jessie said he would I’ve the new Sherrif in town aka Jeff his vote to win the $500,000!!

  142. One more quick point about Big Brother, why aren’t there more African American straight men on this show? I really do enjoy watching this program but you have to admit they don’t really want brothers on here. Any thoughts about this point?

  143. Wuz up Marcus / Mike / Jacob / Blackgirl / Ashley / Eamon / F Team JJ & everyone else……

    @ Sylvia…. Get a clue ok? Jessie chose the right players to llign with nd woul have won if Americ didn’t hate him….. Jeff would have been gone because he chose a horrible alliance and was saved with the CDT, but he wasn’t smart enough or a good enough player to make it past the finaal 5 because Natalie / Kevin’s LML lie was able to get him to back door Russell….. Jeff has made the dumbest moves this season while having the most blood on his hands…. Natalie / Kevin should keep Jef because so many people dislike him especially compared to Jordan even thouh Jessie said he would I’ve the new Sherrif in town aka Jeff his vote to win the $500,000!!

  144. Wuz up Team NBK members / Marcus / Mike / Jacob / Blackgirl / Ashley / Eamon / F Team JJ & everyone else…… I haven’t forgot the Team Jeff people who are cool like Cheri / Melanie / Bluezey60 / Matt & others!!!

    @ Sylvia & all Natalie / Kevin haters…. Get a clue ok? Jessie chose the right players to allign with nd woul have won if Americ didn’t hate him….. Jeff would have been gone because he chose a horrible alliance and was saved with the CDT, but he wasn’t smart enough or a good enough player to make it past the finaal 5 because Natalie / Kevin’s LML lie was able to get him to back door Russell….. Jeff has made the dumbest moves this season while having the most blood on his hands…. Natalie / Kevin should keep Jef because so many people dislike him especially compared to Jordan even thouh Jessie said he would I’ve the new Sherrif in town aka Jeff his vote to win the $500,000!!

    Does anyone want to indulge me with intellegent & honest feedback and opinions?

  145. jeff was doing great there for a while but this week he’s slippin. I think kevin is a competitor and has just started launching his stealth attack on the other house guests. jordan is a lame too. she’s truly floating,she was only HOH cuz it was handed to her. michele is the other one to watch. she’s got a good game.

  146. It looks like a photo Morph comp simular to the one they had during season #9…… I think that may benefit Kevin / Michelle / Natalie…… Especially Michelle…… We will see though…. P.S. On the feeds you can see a producer looking at photos as in makin sure they are right / wong to either hit the buzzer for the player to proceed or get the right answer…. Whoever figures it out the fasted will win the POV….. FYI the HG’s are dressed up like aliens fo the POV comp!!! L-O-L!!!

  147. U DARN RIGHT!!

    We gotta stays trong against these sorry haters who OBVIOUSLY dont watch the show each week.

    They are blinded, and could decifer good game from not game at all again OBVIOUSLY.

    Who is playing the best game? Kevin and Natalie

    Who is going home? Jeff

    Who is final 2? Kevin and Natalie

    If u look at it, Natalie should have been gone because she was queen. Her and Jessie were king and queeen AND RAN THAT HOUSE PERIOD.

    So you would think she be evicted with him, but noe she kept playing.

    Same thing with Kevin, his best bud got eliminated, and he kept fighting, and shined.

    Natalie shined on brains with the scheming.

    Kevin shined in comps.

    And i kinda of agree again Mike.

    I think they only have blacks on who are sterotype. However every once in awhile they will have just a normal black guy/girl.

    I defently think more whites sign up for the show but yea.

  148. I can’t believe how Kevin and Natalie walk exactly the same now! It’s almost like twins separated a birth!

  149. @ Catherine I agree with you…… The only difference is Natalie is using her lack ok winning to keep the target off her….. Dan used people emotions last year to win….. Natalie is using her lackk of winning and her strategy will help her get to the final 3 if not the final 2….. She at least is still here do to her game play, LML strategy and the people she alligned with (Kevin)….

    Jordan was given a HOH and is letting Jef carry her..

    Don’t discount the fact that Natalie is the reason the Athletes had an extra player (Jessie) because Nat / Russell outlasted everyone in the 1st HOH Endurance comp which Nat would have won because even Jeff / Jordan concedes she is the only person who wasn’t sore after that comp!!!

  150. @Riley That’s so funny..I was telling my roomy that tonight on BBAD…

    Maybe Kevin is trying to MAN up, and learn from the Nat..LOOL

    As for Jeff..(I was never a Jordo fan) he is now showing that he is no more of a liar and fake than ANYONE ELSE. And that’s not what people liked about him in the first few weeks…hell, I voted for him 20 times for the CDT…and he totally f&cked that up….

    Time for Jeff to go home, and I hope Russ does mop the floor with his face..Jeff turned out to really be a fraud….

    Good day!

  151. tv is racist period. there are never a proportional amount of black/white/ other minority groups represented on shows. im a 26 yr old white girl and i even know that. they should have a white/black/asian/hispanic BB like they Survivor a few yrs back. make racial clicks, with only non violent, non hate group type people of course.

  152. yeah, the atheletes had that extra player and really started as the head of the game.

    does anyone know whats happening on the live feeds?

  153. Mike- That’s pretty funny that you are calling people ignorant and that’s the very word I was thinking about you. Are you one of her pimps! Dude shes lieng to you. She is the most worthless pieces of s**t on earth! She lies, she steals, she sells her friends out. That’s about all I can say good about her. Do you and Marcus and Leo imagine in your mind that she will actually do anything in this game! Stop smoking that crack.

  154. I wouldnt expect anything less from a person calling themselves Budman.

    With ur logic its amazing how u can make decison at all, let alone analyze a game.

    Obviously u have failed at that.

    Thats a fan of the other side everyone. TAKE A NOTE.

    Cant back up or defend, or even argue a point because their side has none. Lowlife.

    pov should be over by now, its been like over an hour

  155. The fact that Natalie was labeled an ATHLETE was the first and biggest lie of the game. BB may have done that on purpose so she would be saved by the click scenario.

  156. Jordan must win POV to save Jeff and the only one left to replace him is Natalie…and then Natalie would be out.

  157. Oh my goodness. I’ve read so many posts where people are complaining of people being biased. Is this not a TV show where we can form our own opinions and voice them? So what if a person seems biased toward or agansit a particular person. Wrong or right, do we not conduct ourselves the same way in real life? What makes you think a game show would be any different?

  158. There is a major difference betwwen bias and plain stupidity. the second one seems to take over alot, prime example, check out our main man “Budman”

    I dont care if u like Jeff., everyone likes who they like.

    I just have a MAJOR problem with the jeff fans saying he is the best, and he should win, and all this and that.

    and then hate on Natalie for no reason.

  159. @Marcus
    You may feel like Jeff’s game play is stupid, I tend to agree at this point. On the other hand people may feel like Natalie’s is/was too. That is the beauty of this website, everyone can have an opinion and it’s just that an OPINION.

  160. Marcus- I have been reading your posts for weeks and I really respect you. I propably went overboard on some of my previous posts. That being said I don’t like Natalie because she has not told the truth at any time during this whole game.She rarely bathes, eats candy all day every day, is completely the opposite of an athlete and annoys the hell out of me. It’s not just me. Check out the poll numbers on some of the other sites and you will see that she is down there with Chima and Ronnie and if you can’t except that then maybe it is you that has the problem. PS: Buy some vowels!

  161. You having a problem w/ Jeff supporters is the same thing as people having a problem with supporting Natalie. In her ore interview she was arrogant and that attitude has don’t thru out the game. You don’t have to be a sociologist to know society does not appreciate people like Natalie.

    Nessie didn’t align himself with anyone, his aliance was chosen for him. Natalie, Lydia and Ronnie were star strict idiots ( not sure why, Jessie was only a loser contestant on a game show).

    Summary: J/J made a mistake last wk.
    Michelle is awkward and she lied but so has everyone else, she has still outperformed a lot of them
    Not a fan of Natalie, never was and the Jessie funeral liked to have put me over the edge.
    Kevin is funny and I like his style. He lied, so what, part of the game, get over it.

    But seriously, you people take this way to seriously. Get a life!

    I look forward to your feedback.

  162. @ Budman…. Get a life…… P.S. At least Natalie is still in the game because of her actions (LML) and not handout like Jeff (CDT) and riding others coat tails (Jordan)…… She is still in the game because she was able to put doubt in Team Jeff which saved her in the game……

  163. @Ezra

    We take this to seriously but you’re the one with the long post. Let’s be honest the fact that any of us come on this site to read spoilers and write about them means we all on some level take this seriously. Which in my eyes there is nothing wrong with that, but admit it you’re one of us, who are taking it “too serious”. LOL.

  164. @ Marcus…. Buddman is probably some over weight redneck who lives in the south who couldn’t get laid to save his life that was bullied by athletes when he was in school…… Natalie is an athlete who was interviewed by BB at her Do Jo….. All you J/J Ans need to get over your bitterness that Natalie will last long than J/J….. She is playing so well thateven J/J want to bring her to the final 3!!! L-O-L at all the bitter Team Jeff Fans!!! Catherine you are right…. Jeff screwed himself when he back doored Russell…..

  165. Marcus-Sorry about the buy a vowel comment. I had you mistaken for someone else. My bad!

  166. @ Budman….. You insult me, Marcus and Mike by telling us to go smoke crack? You are D*** right you were out of line….. Grow a pair and ue your real name…… Also bring facts and not bitter statements to dispute our point of view…. If you can do that, we will be civil with you in return!!! Get it? Good!!!

  167. I “SERIOUSLY” want to know POV results!!!!!!!

    At least then the speculation can lessen and the post and speculations can return back to the game “as it is” or “as it stands”.

  168. @Natalie: you’re right I do enjoy the game but I’m not going to get mad because you disagree with me. It’s a game to watch and enjoy. The drama should be left in the house. I have an opinion, i’m just not going to freak out when you disagree.
    So again, it’s a game, don’t take it seriously, enjoy the strategy.
    Sorry for all the Mistypes, stupid fat fingers on small touch screen.

  169. @ Budman…. You don’t like bein catorgorized do you? I don’t like being told to do something like go smoke crack because you are a little bitter the all american Jeff (who is just as big an a** hole as Russell) is on the verge of going home…. My bad fo calling you a redneck ok?

  170. No Erza or w/e ur name happens to be there is a difference.

    The ppl who hate on Natalie hate her becaz she plays the game, and pick on dumb stuff that has nothing to do with the game.

    PPl who hate on Jeff, usually present an actual logic and reasoning behind it.

    Major difference.

    Like for example, i dont hear anyone clowning Michelle on not bathing, when she woudlnt bath after bulding up a major sweat!

    U telle me which worse.

    someoen who doesnt, but lays in basketball shorts and a sweater OR someone who builds up a sweat, and doesnt shower.


    I think Budman said she doesnt tell the truth. excuse me mr. Bud if i may, but thats Michelle.

    Thats why she was alone and crying for like 2 hours atleast tnoight.

    Natalie lied to save her azz. Michelle lies uncontrollaby, and most of it doesnt even better herself in the game.

    Check ur facts.




  171. Im not getting mad, im just saying whats real.

    Is it annoying how some of u think? yea but i respect ur opinion. that doesnt mean ur opinion aint stupid. bottomline genuine lol

  172. @Leo: you may want to speak to someone about your anger issues. You are totally freaking out at a screen man. You have no idea who you’re typing to and never will over a tv show involving people you will never meet. I’m cracking up!
    Before you freak out on me, have someone check your blood pressure.

  173. To Leo.
    Natalie s still in the game because she can’t win a thing on her own. That is why she gave up on the H.O.H COMP. She has hide behind Jessie now Kevin, which i think kevin has played a good game.

  174. @Marcus: my name is Ezra and you crack me up. Who cares why they are lying? It’s tv, it doesn’t directly affect you. For example, not a fan of Jessie. If you go on about how wonderful he is, why should I let that bother or annoy me and why should these typers who you will never meet bother you. This is real question not a smart a@@ comment.

  175. Leo, Marcus to some extent Mike. I truly apologize for my earlier comments and hope to debate with you in the future. I was out of line and respect your right to differ with me.(I’m just glad we are not locked in a house together)

  176. I knoe what ur name is, its 4 random azz letters. u can forget that name?

    Isnt that why we come on here? to debate, and conversate? i think so.

    ur right, that wasnt a smart comment.

    Dude, POV has to be over by now. i mean rele haha. wat POV has gone 3 hours lol

  177. To Marcus.
    it doesn’t matter if you sweat or not. if you don’t shower you are foul. nat went a whole week without showering. that show you how she really lives.

  178. Budman, Ezra, Marcus, Leo…you all seem very passionate about your opinions and/or the game…so dare I ask you if you have any info on the POV results?

  179. Okay, I’m not on the Live Feeds and know much less than
    most of you so, I would love to read your opinions on what
    Michele will do.

    Personally, I think she will take Jeff out especially after
    yesterday afternoon’s confrontation.


  180. “it doesnt matter if u sweat”

    hella bias, u cant answer the question.


    YEA!!! Michelle!

    only cause now, we can put up Jordan.

    And Jordan, ya man is going home. YIP YISH

    What am i more excited for?

    Russell whopping Jeff’s azz?


    Jeff geting evcited?

    That should be the real poll.

  181. @ Budman…… It is all good bro!!! That comment about smoking crack threw me or a loop…. It is all good now…. My bad about the redneck comment ok Budman?

    *** Spoiler Alert ***

    Michelle won the POV

    She told Kevin / Natalie she was always gunning for J/J….. What a lying clown….. Michelle aka She-Rat did what I said she would…. She threw J/J under the bus because N/K have power this week!!!

  182. @marcus: I would love to debate but you are so sensative so what’s the point. Your method of debating is name calling when your toes get stepped on. It’s all good man, just….a…….tv…….show.
    Thanks for the crack ups though!!

  183. Around 3:10 AM, Michele, Kevin and Natalie were together.
    Congrats to Michele.

    What’s with Natalie still not winning?
    Can’t wait to see how she did and if she came in last.
    NOW will Kevin make a SOLID DEAL WITH MICHELE and

    I would love to read how J/J are taking Michele’s Win…………
    sad, so sad …………..

    Imagine if they had only been nice to her ………….

    I’m all for KARMA.


  184. why dont u go crack urself up off this comment page.

    u bring nothing to the table.

    if out of everything i typed, u took 1 name call which, and ur feelings got hurt, then dont. wont bother me.

    Its okay Leo, Kevin and Natalie dont by a single word she is saying.


    What is that 3 vetos now?

  185. @ Fedup…… Michelle won the POV….. Jeff knows he is going to the JH, so he is finishing his bottle of wine…. M/K/N are together in the HOH while Jordan is by herself…. Michelle is telling N/K she was always gunning to break up J/J even though she made a final 3 with them, final 2 with Russ, final 4 with J/J/R andd lied to Chima / Natalie / Kevin / Lydia’s face when J/J won the power!!!

  186. Hell no Kevin wouldnt disband Natalie and roll with Michelle.

    She never even talked to him hardly before he was HOH.

    and wanted him out. she told J/J that.

    Kevin will entertain the thought, and next week she will be out.

  187. @Leo…good to hear from you. You know I gave N/K credit for their LML from the beginning, a brillant move especially since it ended up being the truth. LOL I know you can’t stand Michelle but I really think she has been misunderstood. With J/J (which have become total losers with power issues) throwing her under the bus they stupidly motivated her even more to win the POV. I was a huge J/J fan until Jeff’s true colors came out last week. Russell, mark my words would have been loyal to F4. He said all along at F4 they all were on their own. Why he and Michelle couldn’t have an alliance (in J/J’s minds) is beyond me. I realize Jeff is to stupid to argue with. Regardless if you like Michell she has proven over and over she is a good player. I think it will be N/K/M in F3 and then K/M in final 2. I am fine with that. Even though Natalie’s game play is to lie low I just don’t think she has done enough to be in F2. Any opinions? Please be kind as we all have a right to our opinions. Thanks

  188. @ Marcus….. Jeff knows he is going home….. He is drinking his wine by himself…. L-O-L

    @ Matt M…….. Kevin will put Jordan on the block with Jeff…. Jeff will be voted out 2-0…..

    @ Fedup…… Michelle won the POV….. Jeff knows he is going to the JH, so he is finishing his bottle of wine…. M/K/N are together in the HOH while Jordan is by herself…. Michelle is telling N/K she was always gunning to break up J/J even though she made a final 3 with them, final 2 with Russ, final 4 with J/J/R andd lied to Chima / Natalie / Kevin / Lydia’s face when J/J won the power!!!

  189. Michelle is “finally” aware that J/J are NOT her allies…she will honor Kev’s wishes. She may lie, hell who doesn’t in the house, but when she has been in a “sure” position to further her own game, she has. Right or wrong move…remember when she was HOH, she didn’t waiver when she decided to put Chima up. She has no reason to fear J/J this week, she can cross the bridge w/ Nat next week.

  190. Natalie beat Jeff’s score by 6 seconds.

    She must be feeling vindicated………….at least a little.
    She is, also, telling Michele, her newest BFF…………..
    well, you can imagine.

  191. @ Melanie….. Here is why Michelle won’t get to the final 3 ok? The same reason J/J would never bring K/M and wanted to bing Natalie…. Kevin will be able to beat Jordan / Natalie easier than Michelle in the final 3…. Kevin knows he will have an easier time getting 4 votes over Natalie than Jordan (especially with America voting and Jeff /Michelle being mad Kevin chose Natalie over them and Russell out os spite!!!

  192. haha. he will drink himself to sleep.


    i would love to see how Jordan faired, caz he stress her to step up her game.

    This plan is going perfect.

    GREAT POINT on the whole Michelle thing.

    She was always gunnign after J/J but she says repeatedly she hates Natalie and wanted her out, but just sided with getting Kevin out.

    She was always gunning after J/J but she aligned witht hem right after Jeff won HOH.

    She had finals 2’s and 3′ and 4’s.

    I dont even think the producers can coach Kevin in the diary room of aligning with her.

    And Jordan will vote Michelle out next week because Jeff went. And Natalie and Kevin will CLOWN michelle about saying she was always gunning for J/J and what will Michelle do then?

    U cant say “i dont remeber”. but she will sure say “Hi Julie” come next thrusday

  193. If Michelle wins HOH next week it would be smart of her to take N/J to F3 just because she can beat both of them. If she doesn’t then she should put up N/K in hopes of breaking their alliance. Who votes in F4, I can’t remember? Is it just the HG who isn’t nominated and the HOH?

  194. @Leo If N/K/J win HOH next week then I agree with you that Michelle will be gone. I also agree K should take N to final 2 over J.

  195. @Leo I didn’t mean for you to be nice! Even tho we have diagreed you have respected the fact I have a right to my opinion!

  196. Karma Is A Biotch Jeff. I loved Jeff & Jordan, Especially because im a country gal also, until they lied and put Russ up. Hope Jeff gets sent to the Jury house && Russell gives him what he deserves

  197. People are saying that Michelle will go home next week…LMMFAO

    Michelle was never a LIAR…when Ronnie flipped the vote week 1, she sat outside with Casey, Laruah, Jeff, Jordo, ans told them…”I am with you guys, you might hear different, but I am with you”….

    She is the ONLY ONE that stayed true……..

    Jeff thought he was KING after the CDT…if he would have used it right, he might have been….now he is a smug, wisher of not doing…

    See ya Jeff……it was nice knowing you for the first few weeks, as a human..then you might as well been Jess, or Chima, or Ronnie, or ????

    You got got!!!! LOOL

  198. Kevin may take Michele over Natalie.
    Kevin believes he has a lock on Jessie’s, Lydia’s, Jeff’s, Natalie’s and
    Jordan’s votes and probably America’s vote.

    Michele may have Russell’s vote but …………………..
    that is it.

    Natalie could screw up some of Kevin’s solid votes.
    Plus, Kevin needs STRENGTH with him for the rest of BB
    and Natalie hasn’t shown much.

    Am I way off base here?

  199. *** POV Results ***

    1st – Michelle by a lot of time

    2nd – Natalie by 4 seconds

    3rd – Jeff

    4th – Kevin

    5th – Jordan

    Wow Natalie did better than Mr All American Hero in a memory comp? L-O-L!!! Jordan finished last? Not suprise…… So much for Natalie being the weakest player… Jordn is nd clearly will be worse w/o Jeff….. Jordan asked Natalie is Michelle would put Jordan up next week….. L-O-L!!!

  200. @ Melanie…. No problem… I love hving these debates with you…

    @ Midwest Fan…. Natalie will not vote for Kevin if he chooses Michelle over her…. Kevin has his best chance against Natalie becuse if he oes gainst Jordan / Michelle he will not get Jeff’s vote, Natalie’s vote, America’s vote or J/M’s vote dependin on who is evicted in the F3

  201. @LEO…J/J brought this on themselves…had they focused less on isolating Michele from other HGs and more on talking to and therefore distracting her, she wouldn’t have had the time to stare at the memory wall, etc. Karma is a b@#*@…Bye Bye Jeff!!

  202. Leo,
    I’m thinking about the “He played a good game and is
    a nice person.” deal which usually comes into play for the
    Final Voting. Michele doesn’t bode well here.
    Natalie, even if evicted, may still feel much stronger ties
    with Kevin than with Michele and give Kevin her vote too.

    I think jeff respects Kevin more than Michele, even if
    Jordan is sent to the JH. And Jeff can influence Jordan’s final
    vote, plus she truly hates Michele.

  203. Seriously, I must say my attempt of a little humor earlier looks like the scenario may be right on track… lol Go Michelle!!!!


    August 28th, 2009 at 11:57 pm
    I have read all the comments and of course agree/disagree with some but everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. I voted for Jeff to receive the CDT and wanted him to be the winner. Forget about the lies and backstabbing that has gone on in the house; it seem to be the standard for this game.

    It will be interesting to see who is evicted this week and who ends up with the power. I know that it will be comical if Jeff is the next jury member, someone will have to pick up Russell’s jaw from off the floor if he walks into the jury house next Thursday/Friday….

  204. @ Melanie and everyone……

    Here is why I dislike Michelle so much…..

    At least Ronnie was loyal to Jessie / Natalie / Chima…

    Michelle is the real rat…. She back stabbed Chima…. She is the reason Jeff / Russell won’t make it to the final 4 because she lied to Jeff about Russell and backstabbed Russell to ensure J/J would rather bring her to the final 3 over Russ even though she had a final 2 deal with Russ…. I want anyone to win even Jordan Team NBK member over Michelle…. Please let she-rat aka Michelle leave next… I hope Jordan / Natalie win the HOH, so they can have Michelle evicted…

    @ Marcus….. Want to hear something wierd? I wish it could have been Russ / Jeff in the final 4 with Nat / Kevin!!! Wierd huh bro?

  205. are u people insane? your saying jeff doesnt deserve to be here bcuz he got the cdt and that he he didnt play the game. well i have news for you this is big brother they can do what ever they want and the reason jeff got it was bcuz he was a nice guy and people liked the way he was playing the game. jesse is a cocky arragont loser who thinks hes gods gift with his ugly peanut sized head. if u want to talk about people who didnt deserve to be here and who are lucky lets look at jesse. this was his 2nd chance on the show which wasnt fair. the game they played for him to get back on was rigged for the athletes to win so that wasnt fair. he became the 1st hoh for doing nothing that wasnt fair and he and the athletes had a man advantage on the other team so that wasnt fair. if he wast just allowed in and wasnt handed the 1st hoh to him and there were no cliques then he would have been the 1st one out this year. so stop saying it wasnt fair jeff got the cdt. bb likes to involve the fans. if jesse wasnt a loser then america would have voted for him to get the cdt. now as for j/j i was a fan until they back doored russel and im a fan of people who keep there word and i also knew they were screwed once russ was gone. but michele and russ didnt help there cause at all. while nat and kev were up j/j buts russ and mich were always alone and it made them look like they were planning something. and when russ got nominated he should have stayed calm and talked to j/j instead of acting like a moron. and michele threw russ under the buss everytime she talked to j/j instead of assuring them that russ was cool. we hear everything and they dont so we dont know how we would react in there. as for nat shse playing this game the best becuz this game is about lying deceit caniving back stabbing and manipulating. so what does that say about her character. nat is throwing kevin under the buss as we speak. shes making him look like the bad guy and shes just laying low. watch all her good bye speeches. she says all good things about everyone. shes setting her self up for a final 2 and trying to get votes. and kevin didnt float by. he came in 2nd in a few comps its not like he was lidia or jordan who just are horrible. jeff let the power get to his head and really doesnt know how to play this game. jeff was worried abou russell winning hoh. well so what if he did. if russ put up jeff and kev then michel and jordan would have voted kevin out. and then russ wouldnt be able to play in the next hoh. and if jeff was really smart he would have made a final 3 deal with kevin and then kevin put mich and russ up and jeff and jordan could have got russ out that way.

  206. @Midwest Fan That’s exactly what I was thinking. Nobody has yet been told how much money they got. A twist doesn’t mean a luxury comp. A twist is something that turns the house around. I think that key means something. I’m guessing that key means they can evict whoever they want even HOH and Veto holder. I’m still with Jeff. I’m not a spoil sport, but I can’t see wasting my time watching a show where the only ones left are people I dislike. I think the key means something. Maybe the key means, since the theme was greed, you can have everyones money or you can use it get someone out.

  207. Leo –

    Michele has pretty much been on her own the entire game.
    Ronnie and Chima didn’t like her. They only kept her early on
    because they had to do so.

    I thought the one time she was going to make a strong alliance was
    when she talked to Russell when he was HOH but then
    he ratted her out by telling what she had said.

    I gave her “Kudos” for denying everything.
    He could have had a solid partner but he threw her
    under the bus.

    Granted I may have missed quite a bit by not having the
    Live Feeds but I think Michele has done remarkable well –
    on her own.

    Lies ……………… all are guilty but at least the others had
    “partners in their crimes” while Michele stood alone.

    And I still think Kevin needs Michele’s strength and may turn on

  208. Julie didn’t say the twist could benefit all players, she said the twist could affect all players.

  209. @Midwest Fan…I don’t think the key has anything to do with the POV or eviction. According to one of the producers, the mystery was an addiitonal responsibility of the HOH.

    I agree with you re Jeff’s influence on Jordan, but I think that some are underestimating the game play of the jurors…Jessie (who’s not that bright)LOL!!!…said before and week after his eviction that Jeff made a smart move and he even reiterated that when he learned that Chima followed by Lydia were no longer in the house. Russell also stated that his eviction was a smart move, etc. So I believe that once out of the house, evicted HGs recognize who has played, who has floated, and who has ridden others’ coat tails. Having said that, I believe that Kevin can potentially win F2 against Jordan and Nat…Michelle can win F2 against Jordan and Nat…and since Kevin sending Jeff packing (w/ the help of Michele) will undoubtedly win over all HGs, except Jordan. Therefore, Kev vs Michele may be an interesting matchup for the F2.

    As far as America’s vote…I don’t think that J/J are held in as high regard. that is evident by the posts on the various sites.

  210. @ Any Jeff fan thinking BB / CBS will give the impression that Jeff will have another CDT poer and save himself because Jeff fans threaten not to wtch the show…. Don’t hold your breath….. He might get to keep all the money ($10,000 since he found the key), but he won’t be able to save himself or have Natalie / Kevin / Michelle evicted to save Jordan either…. Face it…. Jeff will be joining Jessie / Lydia / Russell in the Jury House next week….. Deal with it and enjoy the last 3 weeks ok? P.S. It is ironic that Chima’s all girl finale ended up coming to fruition after all….. (yes Kevin is included)

  211. I would have liked to have seen him put up Natalie but am not surprised at all by his nominations. At least we had a few weeks there with some entertainment on the show. Heaven help us if Jeff goes otu this week. The rest of the players are so boring!!!

  212. Jeff’s “PEP” Talk to Jordan on the best way for her
    to Move Forward In the Game after Michele’s win.

    “It’s not hard, Jordan. You just have to use your brains for
    2 seconds.”


  213. Midwest Fan,

    Really…Jordan use her brain!! She did that and look at where it’s gotten her and Jeff for that matter…LOL!! She will be a basket case once he walks out that door…dumb just got dumber. I’m still laughing Jeff GOT GOT!!!

  214. I knew it was a long shot but I was really hoping that Jordan would win PoV so Kevin would be forced to put up Natalie. Then the true alliances would have been forced to come out of hiding. Now, Michelle will remove herself and Kevin will put up Jordan. Que Sa Ra Sa Ra Jeff. Give Russ a big kiss for us when you see him on Thursday!

  215. I hope Michelle wins and she puts up Jordan, prefer Nat (stinky)either way I hope MICHELLE takes it all!
    Boy I haved changed my mind three times already haaa.

  216. fedup

    Well, now Jordan has Natalie’s brain to help her and Natalie
    is good at scheming and lying.
    She and Jordan are talking about teaming up and
    getting rid of Kevin. Can they fool Kevin?

    I don’t think so.
    Kevin will want Michele on his side.

    F2 = Kevin and Michele.

    Works for Me!

  217. I bet the adrenaline rush that Jeff felt when he successfully evicted Russell is nothing compared to what Russel will feel when Jeff walks in the JH. Remember Jeff…”its just a game”, “it’s time you felt the pain” DUDE…LOL!

  218. Midwest Fan

    I don’t think Kevin will be easily fooled…He doesn’t just react to what he is told. I think he is smart enough to know that Jordan will be after him, and I’m willing ti bet he is aware of Natalie’s MO.He isn’t too shy about calling her out either…he is the only one who says she is not 18 and h

  219. fedup

    I agree with you.
    Russell will be smiling and laughing for at least 48 hrs.
    straight after Jeff walks into the JH.

    “It’s just a game.”

  220. Jeff needed to keep his word to Russell??? Did you SEEEE how Russell acted the last days in the house? DID YOU SEE IT?!?!? Come on – he “lost his mind” and lost control. If he stayed calm and cool he could have figured out a way out of the mess, but no. HE evicted himself, no one else did that. Kevin – bad move. Is this the first time you have seen the show?? Stop kissing your ring and pay attention!!!

  221. Midwest Fan,

    oops didn’t finish…Kev also got Nat to admit that she threw the HOH comp. It will be interesting to see what happens, but both Nat and Jor will have to win HOH and POV next week in order to boot Kev. I doubt they can pull off both.

  222. fedup

    If/when Kevin approaches Michele about teaming up
    with him, will she believe he is being honest and sincere?


    She has to trust someone at this point and he is the
    most “believable” one still there.

    It is going to be an interesting week.

  223. First let me say that I personally cannot stand Natalie. With that being said, she became the one I was rooting for to win when she came up with the lie about Russell and was smart enough to know that Kevin had to be the one that “sold it” to Jeff & Jordan.

    I wont be upset if Michelle wins the whole thing but she’s been going back and forth with her alliances so much that she has to be giving herself a headache!

    Jeff sealed his own fate when he bought the lie hook line and sinker and went after Russell. I had voted for him to win the coup detat; however, if i had another option to doa nother favor for him – I’d pass. If I was to quit watching BB (which will never happen because I need my BB fix on a daily basis), it would have nothing to do with Jeff’s being in jury house – it would simply be because the show is so boring. (can we all say Producers, puhlease give them alcohol on a daily basis from now on!)

  224. Why do you people keep defending Russel.
    He was talking smack and plotting behind Jeff’s back for weeks even though he gave his word. So when he finally gets busted and gets evicted and now you feel bad for him. he is a big loser and all he does is talk smack. I dont think he can back up a thing he says, hes just a load mouth.
    Jeff has been a stand up guy through the game, and sadly i think he may be leaving, just because he didnt get POV, he should have won and deserves to win. Jordan is a bimbo, kevin is a sneak, Michelle is a snake, and Natalie is just useless. Go Jeff Go…….you deserve it more than any other house guest, you have integrity. Apparently the fans only care if you have big muscles or a six pack. Thats why all the tears for Russell. He was just a bad person and doesnt even deserve to be in the jury house. Go off with Chima, you two belong together.

  225. @Aurelia…Do you have the LIVE feeds? AS I understand it, Russell was not the only one out of control, they just didn’t show it all on TV. Rus was just trying to get a rise out of J/J and he succeeded to his own demise. However, he was evicted bc Kev and Mich didn’t have the nerve to go against Jeff and/or bc they just wanted him gone anyway. Just my opinion, but Jeff’s expectations of the other HGs didn’t make sense. He can boldly have a F2 w/ Jordan, but you betray him if you have a F2 within his F4, even after all 4 said that at the F4 point every man for himself. He can have conversations and throw everyone under the bus including Jordan(he was upset bc he was on the block and not her and actually made that deal w/ Kev and Nat), but he better not see you talking to anyone…and feels free to scream “Oh by the way Russel, I’ve got Kev on my side now…LOL!!!…and Jordan jumps in a conversation that had nothin’ to do w/ her and expects Rus to just take it without a word. If the tables were turned, and Rus ran up to Jordan and bumped her (which is actually a physical assault), he would have joined Chima as a proud member of the “expelled”!! Last I checked, sticks and stones…I could go on and on, but I’d rather not…I’m sure you get the point.

  226. Alexandria,

    Jeff believed he had ensured his safety by making a deal for Kev and Nat to put Jordan (along w/ Michele) up on the block. He then got pissed when he learned that he, not Jordan, was going up. Later, Jordan said that she would give up all her money to save Jeff and at an earlier time, stated that if she was on the block and won the VETO, that she would not use it in order to save him. OK, she is loyal AND stupid, bc she is basically saying “My poverty stricken, dumb a@@ will give up 500K for you.

    Anyway back on point…A stand up guy would not have thrown their one and only true and honest partner under the bus, and he certainly would not allow her to give up her chance at a half million. However, a HG who is “playing” the game to WIN the $$$$ would do all of those things…So Jeff is no better than the rest of the HGs and his halo has definitely tarnished… The Golden boy is so golden. Don’t get me wrong I loved Jeff until he lost his mind due to a “Power” outage…LOL!!

    By the way, Russell has muscles but he doesn’t have a six pack ;)

  227. True, his six pack is more of a keg……. lol
    I think that when Jeff told kevin and Natalie not to put him up , he was still plotting to save Jordan. In honesty he dominates the physical game and probably thought hed get veto and save her. I believe that Jordan’s bimbo has rubbed off on jeff, lol.
    Such a shame, he deserves to win.

  228. @fedup Very funny and true about the power outage!

    @steelyross #331 you forgot the F word “Ah…DUDE…no effin way!!”

  229. I’m glad Jeff was nominated. Even if it alerts him too soon, it wipes that arrogant smug look from his face. He has been going around far too cocky. Maybe now he realizes he might not have been so smart to have believed Kev and Nat! I never thought I’d say it because I was definitely not a Kevin fan, but go Kevin!!! I still do not want Nat/Jor/Jeff to win!

  230. I dont think any of us are “pro Russell” or crying that he’s in the jury house. We just think Jeff made a bone headed decision when he believed the LML and sent Russell to the Jury House. (two totally different things). Jeff was pretty much guaranteed final four with the J/J/M/R alliance. Then he let the power go to his head and he got greedy and believed the LML w/o even talking to Russell about it. (how on earth he could have believed anything that came out of Kevin or Natalie’s mouth is beyond me – they were virtually strangers up until the LML – had they even eaten a meal together?)

  231. laurie, I agree with you.

    Jeff never sat down and thought things through and did
    his own investigations. Why?

    Jordan polluted his thinking all along.
    She immediately grabbed onto to Kevin’s and Natalie’s lies &
    spoon fed them to Jeff as FACTS.

    Jordan was his downfall in his game. Anytime he said
    he might consider staying with Russell or Michele, Jordan was there
    to put down his ideas. He trusted her which was fine but he should
    have questioned her judgement and he didn’t.

    He NEVER thought for himself.

  232. its not likely but jeff has 1 chance and 1 chance only to stay in this game. and that is throw jordan under the buss and make a final 2 pact with kevin. instead of drinking away his sorrows he has to get kevin to realize michele is coming after him next week and he cannot rely on natalie to win hoh. jeff needs to tell keving that if he goes to the final 2 with nat that natalie will destroy him. as of now natalie would have russ and jess vote and kevin would have lidias. so if i were jeff i would tell kevin if he gets rid of me this week that him and jordan will vote for natalie and there u have it natalie has 4 out of 7 votes and the win. maybe if he tells kevin this kevin will put nat up. jeff also has to tell kevin that jessie russel and lydia all hate him so they will vote for kevin and if natalie goes home thats 4 votes for kevin and he will win. and then jeff promises to get michele next week. its a stretch but it is his only chance. but after seeing jeff fall for nat and kevs lies and belive they would put each other up b4 they put him up and not sticking to the plan i have come to realize jeff may be a bit slow in the head. lol jeff will probably just sit there and be misserable for a week and not say a word. anyone else like that plan?

  233. Just glanced at Joker’s website. Jeff actually realizes that he may have made a mistake (duh). Unfortunately, he’s still delusional because he thinks that America’s Choice will vote for Jordan. (Do these people get a labotomy when they go into the house? If they would learn to keep their feelings out of the game and play strategically, they’d have a much better shot of winning.).

    I wish the producers would explain to us how they picked these houseguests out of the 35,000 (or whatever it was) applications they got this season.

  234. i bet that key comes in to place at some time…so then everyone will say it is rigged for jeff..but he found the key and the others where to greedy to go and look for it…lets not count jeff out yet…

  235. I just hope BB keeps there hands out of things. I really belive this BB has been fixed. Worst I have ever seen. I wouldn’t mind seeing Kevin or Michelle wind, they are a hoot.

  236. Jeff did call him and Michelle out on it. They also had Kevin and Nat in the backyard the first time he called him out on it. Michelle did not convince Jeff. Russ did not even try. Russ was planning on getting rid of him, and Jeff did make a good move. He had to do it. I’d rather Kevin get him out than Russ. I just can’t stomach any of the other players. Jeff was who I wanted to win. It’s not even worth watching anymore, because I don’t feel any of the others played a very good game, just dumb luck. I think Jordan loves Jeff and I don’t think she’s a dumb ass for saying she’d sacrifice 500K for him. I would do the same for someone I love. Michelle looks like she’s ready to be committed, Natalie is just plain obnoxious, and Kevin is a sneaky liar who doesn’t keep his word. Just my opinion. Thanks for letting me vent.

  237. lama, I agree 100%. I think Jeff tried that hand with kevin before the nominations. Since kevin didnt fall for it then, i doubt Jeff will be smart enough to play that angle again. every single person left in the house were floaters this season. none of them made a move until the CDT was offered and played. Jordan and Jeff just layed out in the sun all day; kevin was lydia’s puppy dog and natalie was jessie’s pit bull. Michelle just went back and forth between alliances based on who was in HoH (which all of them were too stupid to see).

    What I dont understand though is why Michele was so upset when Russell got voted out. She was instrumental in throwing him under the bus to J/J. It’s like none of them could see the forest for the trees and that’s how N/K came swoopoing in with the LML and J/J were so cocky that they were only thinking of themselves and how to get the two of them to F2.

    I will say that I’m thoroughly enjoying this chatroom though. Just wish i’d have found it sooner!! You guys are better than the show!!

  238. @Pam Is that what happened? Jeff decided to look for the key while everyone else was grabbing the money? If that’s true, the key does mean something. Yippie. The theme of this comp I believe was “greed” so maybe there is still hope for Jeff.

  239. We realized that the show was fixed on the season with Janelle. (not that we didnt like her). I think that they tell the HGs way more than they should in the DR sessions and determine the challenge based on who they want to give the upper hand (of course the HG still has to win on their own).


  241. The immortals know no care, yet the lot they spin for man is full of sorrow; on the floor of Zeus’ palace there stand two urns, the one filled with evil gifts, and the other with good ones. He for whom Zeus the lord of thunder mixes the gifts he sends, will meet now with good and now with evil fortune; but he to whom Zeus sends none but evil gifts will be pointed at by the finger of scorn, the hand of famine will pursue him to the ends of the world, and he will go up and down the face of the earth, respected neither by gods nor men.[


  242. I think Jeff has some kind of power and maybe won’t be revealed until Thursday when it’s time for the voting. Maybe the power will be that if Jeff is evicted the door alarm will sound in the middle of the 2 doors and they will tell Jeff that the key either opens the door to where Julie is or the key will open the door back into the house.

  243. Lama. You are smart. I think you have it mostly right. Nat is still playing the best game and we know it. The key may be the key to it all. Go get im.

  244. kevin or nat dosent deserve to win, I wonder how chima feels about kevin wanting michelle to stay. thats funny i hope michelle gets rid of kevin….hes a joke in the house with nasty nat right by his side….if kevin or nat win i will be pi–ed.

  245. I wish Jeff had tried to convince Kevin that as final two, Kevin might have had a chance to win since those in the jury house hate Jeff. That might have kept him off the nom block. But you can bet that Michelle, Jordan and Jeff will definitely fight for POV, so Kevin and Natalie shouldn’t celebrate too early….


  247. Just Get Natalie off, SHUT HER UP, she talks continually. Always YAK YAK’s drives a person nuts.

  248. I am so over it! I don’t like Michelle,she is a liar, can’t stand Natalie, another liar/user…The only person who actually really played the game well was Jeff, sure Jordan, was on his “coat tails”, can’t blame her for that…But she was probably a distraction…He should be in the finals…but now we know that won’t happen….Bye Bye BB…

  249. Jeff broke his word to Russel has bashed Michele to death get mad at anyone that talked about a final two.(but him) called karma bye bye Jeff.

  250. So what, Jeff broke his word, he also took that maniac Russel off the block and he turns around and votes for Jessie..WHATEVER! I guess everyone is getting what they deserve..I just don’t want Kevin or Natalie in the finals…THEY do not dereve anything…..LIARS

  251. This is to: Mrs. Jessie Godderz,

    Ok so 1st of all America only gave Jeff 1 thing. He has almost 3 HOH’s but he gave 2 away and kept 1. So how are you goin to say he is an idiot if he is playing the game correctly. Kevin & Natalie cant win for crap so they dont deserve to be in the final 2 or win the game.

  252. BB/CBS are controlling the final results. Sure looks that way with Jeff and the key. We’ll see. Under more normal circumstances Michelle and Kevin are the F2. “Expect the unexpected” is the key to BB/CBS control.

  253. HAHA…once Jeff leaves
    there will be one person left from each clique
    Natalie from the athlete’s clique
    Kevin from the off-beat’s clique
    Jordan from the popular clique
    and Michele from the brain’s clique

  254. KK

    Thanks for the info.

    Well Michele now knows the truth.
    She has to side with Kevin and he needs her.
    I’m hoping for a Kevin/Michele F2.

  255. gnat makes me SICK!!!!!!!!kevin is wimpy. Michelle-Cant Understand Normal Thinking. Jordan is so dumb its cute. Jeff is the only one left deserving of 500 grand

  256. @ Kevin your are right… When Jeff leaves every click will have a player still in the game… *** L~O~L ***

    Natalie – Athletes
    Jordan – Popular
    Kevin – Off Beats
    Michelle – Brains

    @ Mary…. I don’t think whoever wins the most money will be evicted…. it won’t matter though because eff collected the most money….

    @ Midwest Fan…. You are right…. I believe Kevin / Jeff will get money because they thought of others first unlike Natalie / Michelle / Jordan


  258. @ Pam…. Wkae up… Jeff is going home…. it clearly said behind the door is something that can effect the HOH and everyone else…..

    It did…. Kevin chose to go in and was locked in while other HG’s were able to get money…. The rules stated unless someone finds the key and releases Kevin, the HG’s will not be able to keep the money…. Jeff unknowingly found the key that released kevin and now he thinks it will save him…. That is why natalie was trying to get Jeff to split his money with her, so she could find the key and released kevin because if no one released kevin, no one would have been able to keep their money…

    Get over it… Life goes on…. Jeff is going to the Jury house…. I guess you need to pick a new favorite Jeff fans!!!

  259. @ Everyone

    @ Michael…..

    Thanks for making my point….. America does decide the best player which is a concept Survivor started…

    Remember james (the grave diggers) won America’s vote during both seasons he was on because he was loved by Survivor fans….

    IE Survivor respects the game enough to let the players decide the winner and also allows America to reward the most deserving player….

    It is also a fact that Survivor has way more viewers than BB does…. Evidence you ask… During the Writes strike CBS ran the Fall Survivor during the summer to fill in time slots and bumped BB to Wednesday”s becayse Survivor has consistantly had more viewers…

    As far a Jeff…. he is a good as gone… I would love to bet the farm and end up owning it and anyone els’es who bet against me…

    Last but not least, jeff will not win because Russell fans think Russell was hosed, so they will vote for him… Other HG’sfans will vote for Michelle because she has won the most… Even some of Jeff’s fans who voted for him to win the CDT may not vote for him because even Jeff said he was getting arrogant and will decide to either vote for Russell / Michelle…

    Don’t bet your farm on Jeff winning America’s choice for the #25,000 because Russell / Michelle fans will have a say as well as some Jeff supporters who are disappointed Jeff was so easily tricked by the LML which destroyed Team Jeff!!!

  260. @ Kevin…. You aren’t the only Jeff fan that will blame him and Jordan for Russell not getting to the final 4 instead of Natalie / Kevin…. There will be plenty of other people who voted for Jeff to win the CDT that support Russell / Michclle instead to win the $25,000… I don’t want Michelle to win, but she is playing a great game….

    @ Sheila…. There will be just over a week and a half left after next thursday’s show… There won’t be any double evictions or any players brought back… Please refer to my last couple posts for why ok?

  261. @ stlrgal & everyone….

    BB will have a 2 hour finale on Tuesday, September 15, 2009 which is two days before Survivor Samoa begins…. It will not have time to have a double eviction or bring someone back… After next Thursday, there will only be 12 days until BB 11 is over!!!

  262. Kevin basically set his own fate! With the deal he made with Jeff and than backdooring him! Jeff will now be going to the jury house and there is no way that he will be voting for Kevin! I say the final 2 will be Jordan and Michelle because next week Kevin will be voted off! Leaving the girls to run the house!!!!

  263. no one deserves to win more than jeff. he has won everything and is a very loyal player. i did think it was stupid to send russell home becasue he was going to keep the final 4 deal but with russell u never know. kevin and natalie dnt need to win they are lairs and nat.suck

  264. I like Kevin okay but Jeff is great.

    I don’t know if I will watch without Jeff.

    I hope he has something that will save him.

  265. people remember this is a game and if kevin didnt put jeff up ,he woud be gone next week.its the best move,he wont win against jeff and remember these people have time to think of who actually played the game the way its suppose to and jeff would win,russel and jeff would be a nice f2,what do u think they will do about the chance of a tie,will they bring someone back,

  266. @judy – I’m with you.. I will see no reason to continue watching this season if Jeff is evicted. At that point, I would hope Michelle would win – but wouldn’t care enough to watch.


  268. YES!!! The Gods have spoken on high and they do not like the J&J team … Michelle won the POV on Sat. August 29 and she will take herself off, Jordan should be nominated and the “King Jeff” should be evicted come Thursday … he has no chance, unless of course both Natalee and Michelle are complete morons and damn fools too. NUFF SAID! I predict Kevin & Michelle in final two. >>> I am BBBarry

  269. Hey doug and also Cheri — All I can say is, Amen & Touché!! The J&J team are doomed as ‘King Jeff’ goes home next week Thursday, and the sassy little southern blonde with the fake breasts, bad attitude and obnoxious mouth should follow soon thereafter … she could never win a HOH on her own, unless, BB designed a competition just for her. Jeff has neither loyalty nor honor. Russell should soon enjoy sweet revenge, if Natalie and Michelle do the right thing! NUFF SAID! I am BBBarry

  270. Jordan is hopeless. Jeff is all mixed up, Kevin and Michelle are fairly sensible, but the obnoxious Natalie needs to admit that she’s really a 30 year old man, shut her x*#^@^ mouth and get kicked out of the house. I mean kicked! She is one detestable dude.

  271. I was a Jeff fan until Kevin and Natalie were able to pull one over on him so easily with their LML. (wasnt a big Russell lover but do think he was going to stay true to his word and go with the original F4 plan) I’ve never been a big supporter of Jordan either but thought her relationship with Jeff was adorable. (Other than her fake boobs, I’m not sure what she brought to the game though – she definitely isnt a BB fan or she’d have a better idea of what the challenges are; its not like they change them up that much from season to season). Had high hopes for Kevin from day one but he let me down until the LML (seemed like he was nothing but wallpaper before the LML deal). Michelle may have potential to make some big moves – time will tell (unfortunately time is running out). Natalie – well I cant stand her personally; however, she has at least been playing the game (as far as her loyalty to her original alliance of Jessie/Chima/Ronnie). Still cant figure out what Nat or Lydia saw in Jessie but to each their own.

    Comment to the producers – it seems like you’re more interested in getting houseguests that are in their 30’s and somewhat attractive as opposed to getting people in there that have spunk and would make the show interesting for us to watch. Why are we paying for the 24/7 live feed when we continually get to watch the fish? Give the HGs a break and get them the authorization to listen to a few songs so we aren’t getting the fish everytime someone sings. Set up the lights on a switch so you can control them going off so we aren’t hearing you yell at the HGs to turn on the lights. Basic 101 Game Play ideas.

    Just a few of my cents worth

  272. i think kevin should have put up nat and michelle.not jeff hes the only one really playing the game.


  274. I think that Natialle and Jordan deserve to be nominated since Kevin has hoh if he didn’t would like to see him and natialle up, they have not played the game just cruised on others shirt tails the only ones left in the house that has played the game is Jeff and Michelle, they deserve to win the game

  275. How do you keep from getting a million emails from this posting board. I must have clicked the little notify me of f/up comments and I get like 400 emails. this is a joke!

  276. to “I LOVE JORDAN”
    YES YOU WILL !!! and BB13 and 14 and 15….
    You probably said you wouldn’t watch and more BB’s if Evil Dick or his phoney daughter won and look at you now!

  277. Michele has won the the veto. Jeff will go home. Jordan won’t win because she did nothing the whole season. That’s it Jeff is a loser and the moron who threatened not to watch Big Brother 12, I love Jordan, is the reason why BB is threatening to cancel. Fans cry because they’re favorites are evicted! Boohoo! I got over Janelle’s eviction, so get over Jeff’s.

  278. Of Course Jordon needs Jeff there, the dumb ass can’t win a thing . She makes me ill, she and Natalie have just rode on other people’s coat tails since this game began Michell deserves to win this. I can not believe Natalie is a World Champion bronze medalist in Tae Kwon. She can’t win anything.

  279. I want Jeff & Jordan to win! Natalie hasnt won anything so she’s worthless & jus tryin to use ppl to save her so she can make it to the end by makin fake deals with ppl.

  280. Gnat needs to go next! Gnat’s day is coming to an end. Say it w/ me, Hooray, hooray, hooray, that nasty Gnat has gone away! @ Leo, say it with me! Join the real team! By the way, who is team “NBK”?

  281. Call me crazy but I’m still hoping that Jordan gets her way and Michelle votes to keep Jeff. Of course, Natalie will vote to save Jordan so that will force Kevin to break the tie (and show the entire house where his alliance really lies). Of course, I’m hoping that he gets rid of Jordan (but I doubt that’ll happen). I figure if he got rid of Jordan then he could let Jeff do the dirty work and go after Natalie and get her out. then he can align with Michele (for real this time) and they can go after Kevin. With that being said, I dont really care at this point who wins, i’d just like to see some upsets in the game!! (plus I’m still curious to see what the “key” will do for Jeff that he got in the last PoV. SURELY it has some type of mystical power!! lol )

  282. kevin did make a good choice, however, Jeff should not have been the one nominated. I know this is a game and you have to do what you can do when you can do it, but this season was looking like someone who actually played the game, was smart about it and made good choice will be gone. I do hope that this Pandoras Box thing is actually bigger than what the show has posted so far. It would be nice if this was a non-elimination week and at the end of the Thursday episode they were advised of this and then everyone would be so confused and chaotic, hence Pandora’s Box!

  283. I’m not surprised that Kevin took Jeff out – that was the smartest move he could have made (for himself) in the game. Of course I’m ticked that Natalie was the one that won HoH but it’ll be interesting to see what she does with it. Since she’s wanting to take Jordo to the final two, will she play her cards and put up Kevin or will she backdoor him? I’m sure her target will still be Michelle but with Nat, who knows! She has such loyalty to Chima still (who knows why) and remember, Chima wanted it to be an “all girls” in the end.

    I’m sure you’ve heard of the speculation that Pandora’s Box next week will bring back Russell. If that happens, what are your thoughts?

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