Big Brother 11: Week 8 Friday Live Feed Highlights

Friday was jam-packed in the Big Brother 11 game. We saw a mysterious, secret room with Pandora’s Box and cash littering the house, nominations were made, and even a Power of Veto midnight-competition. You can read about it all below to see what happened, but if you’re not watching the live feeds then you’re missing the most important part of the game right now!

Try the live feeds for free and use the Flashback feature to see what you missed!

Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 28, 2009:

11:30 AM BBT – Kevin and Michele comparing notes on the random things Russell said and did before he was evicted. Russell tried to convince Kevin he was a lawyer, that his uncle ran for President, and his name meant ‘butcher.’ Neither HG seems to be sorry Russell is gone in the least. Kevin tells Michele he doesn’t know what to do today (regarding his nominations). She tells him to do what’s best for him.

1:15 PM BBT – Michele tells Jordan she doesn’t know how to even campaign for votes when there are only 2 votes to get this week. Very subtle, Michele.

2:45 PM BBTLive Feeds are back and we’re hearing about the big Pandora’s Box event. Everyone is talking about how much money they got. Jeff thinks he has $2,500 in quarters. He says he was being greedy and stuffing cash into his pockets. Kevin explains he was told once he went in to the secret room he couldn’t come back out. The other HGs were left to collect cash. Lots of details here so Flashback on your Live Feeds to hear it all.

3:45 PM BBT – Kevin quizzing Michele on what she’d do next week if she got HoH. She tells him she’d have to nominate someone but would want to keep him here another week.

4:00 PM BBT – Jordan goes to Kevin to try and work something out. She says she expects to be nominated. Kevin says she is not his target this week.

4:30 PM BBT – Kevin tells Jeff he’s going to be nominated, but that Michele is his true target. Jeff questions the deal he made last week with Kevin, but Kevin swears Jeff is safe. He isn’t…

5:00 PM BBT – Natalie tells Jeff she wants to vote out Michele. When it comes to the PoV it’ll be the house against Michele. Jeff says she’ll have his loyalty next week if she keeps him here this week.

6:00 PM BBT – Live Feeds are back and Kevin has nominated Jeff and Michele.

7:00 PM BBT – Natalie admits to Kevin that her Michele-bashing is just a strategy move to make everyone think she’s targeting Michele.

9:00 PM BBT – The HGs are starting to see aliens in the mirrors. That can mean only one thing… Midnight PoV!

10:00 PM BBT – Kevin and Natalie are studying the Memory Wall in case tonight’s competition is about knowing the facial combinations. Kevin is using playing cards to see just part of their faces at a time. Very smart.

12:00 AM BBT – Kevin shouts to everyone they have a minute to get dressed and outside for the competition!

3:00 AM BBT – Live Feeds are back and Michele is the PoV winner.

3:30 AM BBT – Michele, Kevin, and Natalie talking lots of smack about Jeff and Jordan. They’re excited to get to evict Jeff this week now that Michele has locked it down.

3:35 AM BBT – Jeff and Jordan together feeling sorry for themselves. Jeff is chugging wine and has his head down. He knows his game is over.

Wow, what a day in the Big Brother house! Jeff went from the top of the game in the last few weeks to just days away from eviction after being nominated and losing the Veto all in one short span of time.

Can Jeff save himself with the mysterious result of Pandora’s Box? Keep your eyes on the live feeds to see what happens!

You can catch all of these events using the Tivo-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now and watch it all live and uncensored!



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  1. @ Matt – can you explain the Pandora’s box? Are there hints that there might be able something more to it? I hate not having the feeds on my BlackBerry!!

  2. Details on the event are murky since the blocked the feeds for that short time. We’ll know for certain on Sunday’s or Tuesday’s episode, but…

    What we know so far is that Kevin found a secret room and was told once he went in that was final (I would have thought that meant I was out of the game!). He went in and was told if he opened the box there would be cash. Hard to know if he was told the cash would be for him or the other HGs. He accepted and was handcuffed to the box while the other HGs ran around grabbing cash. Eventually Jeff found a key and unlocked Kevin.

    All of that is pieced together from hearsay. Might be right/wrong but we won’t know for sure until we see it broadcast.

    Also unknown is the “other shoe” which the HGs are waiting on to drop as they suspect there must be a downside to free cash everywhere.

  3. @Matt-I have been watching the live feeds and almost everytime something interesting is going on, whether conversations or actions, the live feeds are stopped.

  4. Thanks for letting me know. I would have thought the same thing about being out of the game for good!!

  5. @jcat: They (CBS) might be trying to hide something for surprise value. It does get annoying when they do it too much.

  6. It’s Jeff’s own fault.. he got Russell out of the house after all and they should’ve just stuck with the final four deal.. Jeff, Jordan, Michele and Russell. Idiots in this house, I AM ROOTING FOR KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. @ Marcus… WUZ UP Fam?

    @ Team Jeff fans…. the announcement said behind the HOH door lies something that can effect the HOH and the houseguests…. Duh… It did…. Kevin chose to go in it and was locked in there while the other houseguest were able to collect money… Jeff found the key and will probably get #10,000…. this has nothing to do with bringing someone back into the house or savibg Jeff…. There is just over 2 weeks left in the game and wwill only be a week and a half left after Jeff is eveicted with 4 houseguests (Jeff in the JH)…. If you don’t want to watch anymore Jeff fans, I don’t care because BB was successful before Jeff and will continue to be successful after him… Your favorite Jeff is gone…. Deal with it…. P.S. This proves that BB will never be as good as Survivor because the players decide the outcome and Survivors worst season did just as gfood as BB’s best season…. Survivor has had people like Ozze, Etha, James, Rupert and other popular people who people liked / loved more than BB’s best players!!!

    Go Team NBK…

    P.S. Michelle said she will not take Jordan to the final 2 because Jordan would get America’s vote and have more votes from the Jury…. Too bad Team JJ fans!!! *** L~O~L ***

  8. @ Mary…. I don’t think whoever wins the most money will be evicted…. it won’t matter though because eff collected the most money….

    @ Midwest Fan…. You are right…. I believe Kevin / Jeff will get money because they thought of others first unlike Natlie / Michelle / Jordan

  9. LEO !! you did it again, my friend. The only thing survivor and BB have in common is that they are categorized as reality shows. However, the premise of each show is totally different. One is on an island in different parts of the world each year while the other is in a house on a studiolot just outside LA! don`t compare them. If you like survivor so much, then go o their chatlines.

  10. @ Randy P…. get a life….. Survivor and BB and simular because they have people competeing for money…. You are sore because your boy Jeff is going home even though he had America save his but… he said this himself to Jordan after the POV!!!

    BB is a good show, but as long as it tries to help people win, it will never be as good as Survivor…. The DR and producers should do interviews and let the players make dicisions for themselves and win for themselves….

  11. Good afternoon BB Fans!!!

    @ Michael…..

    Thanks for making my point….. America does decide the best player which is a concept Survivor started…

    Remember james (the grave diggers) won America’s vote during both seasons he was on because he was loved by Survivor fans….

    IE Survivor respects the game enough to let the players decide the winner and also allows America to reward the most deserving player….

    It is also a fact that Survivor has way more viewers than BB does…. Evidence you ask… During the Writes strike CBS ran the Fall Survivor during the summer to fill in time slots and bumped BB to Wednesday”s becayse Survivor has consistantly had more viewers…

    As far a Jeff…. he is a good as gone… I would love to bet the farm and end up owning it and anyone els’es who bet against me…

    Last but not least, jeff will not win because Russell fans think Russell was hosed, so they will vote for him… Other HG’sfans will vote for Michelle because she has won the most… Even some of Jeff’s fans who voted for him to win the CDT may not vote for him because even Jeff said he was getting arrogant and will decide to either vote for Russell / Michelle…

    Don’t bet your farm on Jeff winning America’s choice for the #25,000 because Russell / Michelle fans will have a say as well as some Jeff supporters who are disappointed Jeff was so easily tricked by the LML which destroyed Team Jeff!!!

  12. @ Kevin…. You aren’t the only Jeff fan that will blame him and Jordan for Russell not getting to the final 4 instead of Natalie / Kevin…. There will be plenty of other people who voted for Jeff to win the CDT that support Russell / Michclle instead to win the $25,000… I don’t want Michelle to win, but she is playing a great game….

    @ Sheila…. There will be just over a week and a half left after next thursday’s show… There won’t be any double evictions or any players brought back… Please refer to my last couple posts for why ok?

  13. @ stlrgal & everyone….

    BB will have a 2 hour finale on Tuesday, September 15, 2009 which is two days before Survivor Samoa begins…. It will not have time to have a double eviction or bring someone back… After next Thursday, there will only be 12 days until BB 11 is over!!!

  14. Don’t say there won’t be this or that. BB could do anything. This is the worst season ever.

  15. i really wanted jeff to win, but he kinda got ahead of himself with he got rid of ever annoying russell. now i kinda want kevin to win. not natalie! shes so annoying, and i dont really like michele either, i wouldnt mind jordan winning, but i dont really see it.

  16. @ Jenny…. Is it the worst season ever because jeff is going home? I never seen you saying that before…. What has changed? Oh yeah…. Jeff is going home… L~O~L!!!

  17. on several different sites, I’mreading that people r all mad at kevin for putting jeff up. Well you know at least he had the chance to save himself, which is more than he gave Russell. I have no sympathy for Jeff.

  18. Leo

    Make no mistake about it. I want Jeff to go home, however, if he stayed I would really have to believe the game was fixed. It just seems he has been to lucky for it to be real. I could be wrong and that’s ok. I really don’t have a favorite, I would have liked to have seen Jessie win this time, at least until I saw him showing off in the jury room. What an ego.

  19. @ Jenny….. Jeff was given the CDT and would have won if he would have kept Russelll

    His actions from the beginning proved he is not that bright or a good BB players… He sided with Casey, Braden, Laura, Michelle and that almost cost him the game… The CDT saves him, and he has a solid final 4 with jordan, Russell, Michelle, but he allows Michelle’s lies, Jordan’s personal feelings and Kevin / Natalie’s LML to screw him… he back doored Russell, so he is now going to the Jury House!!! Karma is a b****

  20. @Connie B…your wrong about Russell not having the opportunity to save himself. He knew that it was a possibility to be back doored and had the opportunity to try and win POV he did not so he was able to go up. I thought it was a dumb move on Jeffs part but however thought JEFF was in a lose, lose situation because no matter who he chose to save he was going up this week unless he won the veto.

    I like that America is interactive in the BB game. I felt like the game was very lopsided this season. This was the first year the house divided so quickly and one side dominated. I liked that as a viewer I was able to change how things were going. It is for my entertainment. So who wants to see a bunch of nasty people take total dominace all weeks in the house. The cdt was a way to change the game a little. I am ok with Jeff going to JH and am sure Jordon will be next and am ok with that too. I am fans of both Jeff and Jordon. The only difference cdt made was that Russell stayed longer and Jessie went home sooner. Chima was all ready on her way out when she took herself out of the game.

  21. I am so surprised and amused by those of you that are so upset with this seasons Coup d’etat you can’t be for real. this is not the first time the show has had a twist hmmm America’s player ring a bell just one example. dare I also say …… “Expect the unexpected.” something that has gone along with BB for 11 seasons.

  22. @ Everyone

    ******* Spolier ~ Alert *****

    While we wait for the HG’s come alive…
    Let’s talk about the ‘Mystery Door’. From the info I have…

    *The Pandora’s Box was a “twist”, not a luxury comp.
    *Kevin asked production (before he made his choice) if it was “game changing” and they said no.

  23. @ CHris… AG (BB Executive producer) comfirmed that Pandora’s box was just a gimmick for the house and has no power….

    WUZ UP BB Fans / Bloggers?
    @ Dana…. If natalie / Kevin are smart, they will get rid of Michelle next week because Jordan will be easier to beat in the final 3… Hell even Natalie has done more in this game than Jordumb aka Jordan… She just destroyed Jordan in the POV even tough everyone claims Natalie is the biggest fkloater and is weaker at comps… That point was blastedout te water… Everyone knows Jordan will get America’s vote and will be favored to win, so they will not brng Jordan to the final 3…

    @ Pam…. Wake up… Jeff is going home…. it clearly said behind the door is something that can effect the HOH and everyone else…..

    It did…. Kevin chose to go in and was locked in while other HG’s were able to get money…. The rules stated unless someone finds the key and releases Kevin, the HG’s will not be able to keep the money…. Jeff unknowingly found the key that released kevin and now he thinks it will save him…. That is why natalie was trying to get Jeff to split his money with her, so she could find the key and released kevin because if no one released kevin, no one would have been able to keep their money…

    Get over it… Life goes on…. Jeff is going to the Jury house…. I guess you need to pick a new favorite Jeff fans!!!

    @ Kevin…. You aren’t the only Jeff fan that will blame him and Jordan for Russell not getting to the final 4 instead of Natalie / Kevin…. There will be plenty of other people who voted for Jeff to win the CDT that support Russell / Michclle instead to win the $25,000… I don’t want Michelle to win, but she is playing a great game….

    @ Sheila…. There will be just over a week and a half left after next thursday’s show… There won’t be any double evictions or any players brought back… Please refer to my last couple posts for why ok?

    hey Jeff fans… Are you watching the idiot Jeff right now?

    This is what he is saying… Do you still think Jeff is a class act?

    1:17pm BBT:

    Jeff: “If I could play this game all over again, I’d come in acting like my legs & arms were broken, and drooling. That way I could skate by.”

    Jeff complaining? Never…. Jeff knows it is just a game… He has said that plenty of times to Chima, Lydia, Natalie, Jessie and most recently Russell…

    Jeff… Get over it… Kevin got you before you could get him….

    After Jeff complaining about having to go to the Jury House, Jordan tells Jeff to ‘enjoy it while you’re here.’ Jeff is going throug emotions of pissed off and sad, but more so pissed.

    @ Jenny….. Jeff was given the CDT and would have won if he would have kept Russelll

    His actions from the beginning proved he is not that bright or a good BB players… He sided with Casey, Braden, Laura, Michelle and that almost cost him the game… The CDT saves him, and he has a solid final 4 with jordan, Russell, Michelle, but he allows Michelle’s lies, Jordan’s personal feelings and Kevin / Natalie’s LML to screw him… he back doored Russell, so he is now going to the Jury House!!! Karma is a b****

  24. ******* Jeff is going home next Thursday *******

    Save him now America!!! L~O~L !!!

    @ Midwest Fan….

    Kevin knows his best shot to win is against Natalie…

    Jordan will have Jeff / America’s vote / Russell out of spite and Michelle

    Michelle will have Jeff out of spite / Russell / American and Jordan

    Against Natalie he would have a better chance and more likely America’s vote!!!

    This is why he will stick with Natalie and Natalie knows she will have a better chance of getting to the Final 2 with Kevin and actually winning than against Jordan / Michelle for the same reasons stated above…

  25. ******* Live Feeds *******

    Michelle will be going home if she doesn’t win the HOH or POV next week!!!

    Natalie: “Jordan is trying get us to vote her out. She’s willing to give up the money to a guy she doesn’t even know.”

    Kevin has no interest in saving Jeff to get rid of Jordan this week.

    Kevin: “If she wins HOH next week, we’re gone.”
    Natalie says she’s trying to be nice to Jordan just in case Jordan does win HOH next week.
    Kevin: “We need to send Michele home next week.”
    Natalie agrees.


  27. Jeff can still stay…………..
    Michele plays some head games.
    Michele says to Natalie that she is voting for Jeff.
    Nat thinks “NO WAY” but than second guess and becomes complex… what do I do????????? :(
    So Nat votes for Jeff to stay because she thinks that Michele was playing her!!!!
    Thinks that Michele is really voting for Jordan so she votes for Jeff and let Kevin break the “Tie”.
    But alas….. Michele was telling the true.
    WOW…. the truth can be a for the K/N team!!!! :)

  28. Bye Jeff. America screwed themselves and Jeff. If Jeff would have never gotten the Coup D’ Etat then he wouldn’t have this huge target on his back. If Michelle had gotten it Jeff and Jordan would be in the F4 and Jeff would have a shot at winning HOH and securing his and Jordans spot in the F3/F2.

  29. Lets not forget Michele now knows how Jeff talks and feels about her so why would she vote to keep him. Hope Jeff gets evicted

  30. i wish natalie will go soon, it sucks if she gets in the final 2 and she never even won anything even pov.

  31. i wish natalie will leave soon, it sucks if she gets in the final 2 and she never even won anything even pov.

  32. i like jeff but its a game kevin is just taking out a strong player out. i really think it was a wrong move for jeff taking russel out, he should have let them kevin or natalie kick him out, there is a few of them left so they should have stick to the plan. yeah, natalie is really not winning anything at all, shes not worth winning the 500k.

  33. america did the right thing when they voted for jeff to get the cdt. at that time jeff was the nicest person on the show and the under dog and america loves nice people who are the under dog. no one thought that jeff would become a d*ck. i admit i was a huge fan of j/j and i hated russell but i knew it was too soon to get him out. i am guilty of saying jeff is a moron and now that i think of it, it wasnt so much as jeff being stupid but it was more of natalie knowing how to play this game. we can all say that jeff was dumb but we arent in that house. we dont know what we would do. look at the scenario. mich and russ for some reason would hang out with each other alone and every time jeff saw them they were together talking. they should have hung out with jef and jordo 24/7. then kevin who hasnt really lied all game comes and tell jeff the lie that russ wants jeff out the next week. so u cant say that u would have known they were lying. i hate nat but she has played this game the best. she aligned herself with strong players in the beggining. then when her teamates were getting picked off she kept complaining that she was weak and put thoughts in everyones head that she was weak, so they kept her around longer. then she starts a lie that completely saved her and kevin and now shes trying to be nice to everyone so she can get there votes. and shes making kevin look like the bad guy. like i said i hate nat and im a j/j fan but even i will admit that nat is playing this game the best and jeff has played this game the worst. jeff kept saying that he had control of who went out when he was hoh which wasnt the fact. the voters decide. then he thought he had to get russell out becuz if russell won then he would vote jeff out. again not the case. if russell won and put jeff and kevin up then jordan and mich would have voted kevin out. then he thought every week was going to be a competition where they had to hold on to the rope. he kept telling jordan he wasnt going to drop and she better not drop. everyone knows that they would not do the same type of competition twice in 1 year. a matter of factt there are more competitions for having to answer questions then there are endurance comps. and his worst mistake was trusting natalie. all season long they say they didnt trust her and then all of a sudden they trust her when u shouldnt trust anyone . they forgot about every thing they went through with her this season . jeff had final 4 garaunteed but that wasnt good enough for that moment. even mich was in the final 3. when they told her they were thinking of getting rid of russel the week b4 she never told russ. all jeff had to do last week was get rid of natalie and then make a final 3 deal with kevin and tell him if jeff saved him kevin would put up russ and michele and then they would vote russ out. and if russ won pov then mich is gone. and in return jeff wouldnt vote kevin out the next week. now jeff and jordan would have the advantage with a final 3 with both sides to protect themselves and like i said even if russ won hoh and put kevin and jeff up russ doesnt say whos going home unless its a tie. mich and jordan decide and they would have got rid of kevin and then russell wouldnt have been able to play at the next hoh so his only hope would have been the pov. jeff would have been smarter keeping russell cuz he was horrible at the question comps. and what was up with russell? he didnt know how to play either. when jeff put him up instead of russel having one of his roid rages he should have talked to jeff and jordan and persuaded then to see that kevin and nat were going after him and he should have showed them that kevin or nat had to put mich and jeff up cuz they were the 2 strongest left and they werent puting jordan up cuz if jeff won pov and took jordan off then nat would go home. he should have talked nicely and went over all the scenarios of what could happen. if russell would have went to them that way then they prob would have got nat out and jeff wouldnt be going home. i cant wait until j/j get home and watch the show and see what they turned into when they won hoh and they see how mich and russ were staying true to there word and nat and kev were lying sc*mb*gs and they feel stupid and i hope they apologize to russ and mich and national tv

  34. Hey doug and also Cheri — All I can say is, Amen & Touché!! The J&J team are doomed as ‘King Jeff’ goes home next week Thursday, and the sassy little southern blonde with the fake breasts, bad attitude and obnoxious mouth should follow soon thereafter … she could never win a HOH on her own, unless, BB designed a competition just for her. Jeff has neither loyalty nor honor. Russell should soon enjoy sweet revenge, if Natalie and Michelle do the right thing! NUFF SAID! I am BBBarry

  35. Lama — I agree with about 75% of what you wrote, BUT, Jeff was outsmarted by Kevin more than Natalie … Kevin invented the big lie and presented it to Jeff. Also, Jeff was blinded by his arrogance, stupidity and the hatred towards Russ & Michelle, which the not so sweet sassy little southern blonde with the fake breasts kept planting in his mind … he should have realized that Kevin and Natalie were desperate and would try any thing, including a “big lie” to shake up and destroy the J&J plus Russ & Michelle final 4 alliance. How arrogant of J&J to believe that they could have a close knit relationship and commitment, but no one else in the BB House was allowed to … Russ & Michelle promised final 4 loyalty and they were committed! BUT not J&J. Russ proved his loyalty over and over again to people. You must not be watching the BB After Dark on Showtime, because both Russ & Michelle (especially Russ) tried to talk sense into Jeff and Jordan, BUT they would not listen and basically Jordan insisted that Russ be essentially banned from the HOH room … Jordan acted outraged and was furious every time Russ tried to talk to Jeff or her about the issue. Now the J&J team are reaping what they sowed … “king jeff” is gone next Thursday and his little obnoxious ignoramus will follow shortly there after, if Michelle and Natalie vote the right way. — I am BBBarry

  36. I am still hoping that Natalie gets booted out, but it is starting to look like she might be in at the finish.

  37. BBBarry,
    I agree with you, I also watch BBAD and what I didn’t understand was this.

    1. Why did they believe the lie in the first place when they were mad because Jesse was out, Natalie even said your out next.

    2. Why were they getting mad at Russell and Michelle for talking to each other, who else were they going to talk to when they (Jeff/Jordon) wouldn’t talk to them, or listen to what they had to say. What were they supposed to do sit by themeselves in seperate parts of the house.

  38. 32 I argee that Michell can change a vote by telling Natlie she voting to get Jeff out.Like a saying says”What goes around comes around.”
    Then the Pandora’s box something will happen they are not giving all the information. I hope Kevin get the vote and keeps Jeff. Jeff needs to think about himself. Michelle knows that Natlie is a lier so why would stay with her when she would be on the block. I guess playing in the house you do not notice the peolpe faces her big smile and her speech she said that everybody will vote Russell out.

  39. Anything is possible, remember the game is expect the unexpected. We don’t know what Pandora’s box is, or the key that Jeff found. The article the was from AG, stated “it is just a tease….” Was posted early friday morning. @Leo, once again check with Matt, on this! B/C why would AG state that: according to Leo; article from AG states it’s just a tease, & Jeff is going home.”

  40. It is all about competitions folks. If you don’t win at the end, you are doomed. Game play really is secondary.

  41. kevin&nat the fly are nasty people and do not deserve to win!!!!!!!!!!! ANYBODY BUT THEM!!!!

  42. Jody — You are so right on, the J&J team were so arrogant, unreasonable and paranoid and stupid (as Kevin called Jeff for believing him) that they abused and misused the two competitive house guests (Russ & Michelle) who were truly on their side! Although, I do not know why Michelle is trying to woo Jeff and promise to save him now. If Jeff goes, and Kevin cannot compete for HOH, then Michelle plays agsainst two losers, Nat and the obnoxious little ignorant southern girl who loves cookie dough. Michelle could waltz right into the final three with a guarantee final 2 spot against that poor group. — I am BBBarry

  43. I don’t know why some people are saying America saved Jeff by giving him the CDT! He wasnt on the block and if he didnt use it then what makes you think he would have been evicted the next week? Yeah they could have went after him but what makes you think he wouldnt have won pov? Get real there is no way to know the outcome of this game until it happens! Some are now saying this key better not save Jeff, would they be saying that if it where Natalie or Michelle that found it? If this key does save Jeff then so be it, it would be the first time anything actually saved Jeff, because once again the CDT did not “save” Jeff it saved Russel and Lydia!

  44. Comment #51 @Lynne, you are exactly right, no one remembers that Jeff using the Coup de’tat saved both Russell & Lydia. That very nite, Chima, Lydia, & Gnat had their crying party for Jessie. Lydia was mad @ Jeff, even though he saved her sore loser a$&&. Gnat needs to go next.

  45. I am a Jeff fan. I can understand how he started questioning Russel’s loyalty. Russell did say he was going after Jeff a few times. But stupid Jordo is the one that kept on and on in his ear about not trusting them, blah blah blah. But she is so stupid she teams up with the worst person in the house – Nat!! That is the stupidest BB move I have ever seen. As much as I like Jeff his biggest downfall was listening to that dumb blonde of his! I still hope for a slim chance for Jeff to stay but it is very very doubtful. Jeff is too trustworthy to play this game.

  46. Jeff downfall is Jordan. He should have team up with a better player. Jordan isn’t helpful to Jeff at all. She is the reason Jeff is in this position. He should never listen to her about Natalie and Kevin. Jordan needs to get over the whole fat comment from Russell. You don’t hate someone for calling you a name. Russell was called alot worse in the house. Russell was doing all for the purpose of the game. When Russell was insulted it wasn’t game play. Jordan is beginning not look so bright. Jeff please if you stay this week dump Jordan and play for Jeff. Jeff needs team up with Michelle. He should apologize and team up against Natalie and Kevin. They can be the final two. No what Natalie say she can’t win anything. You never give up on a competetion because you feel that you will be safe. Things change everyday. Natalie is to confindent in ability to lie.

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