INSIDE DISH Interviews Evicted BB11 HG: Russell

Update: The mysterious Pandora’s Box was opened today in the house as cash was scattered through the house and Kevin was locked in a secret room! You aren’t missing all this action on the live feeds are you?? Try it now with the free trial and see what the rest of the Big Brother fans are watching!

Ross Mathews and “Inside Dish” are back! This week Ross has newly evicted Big Brother 11 HG Russell in the hot seat. Check out Ross’ interview with Russell:

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  1. So they door has been unlocked? Is kevin sitting in there not knowing there is money everywhere or is the money actually in the room he is in? Do the other houseguests know?

  2. Not having live feeds sux. What’s the story w/the $money$ and Kevin? I have ths same questions as @alease and I really want details!!

  3. They all got some cash with the Pandora Box Event but
    Jeff, also, found a key.

    I haven’t heard or read what the key means for him.

    Michele has pleaded her case to Kevin but not very well
    though he really seemed to be sounding her out ……………… ????
    I’m sure the LIVE Feeds show more and give a better reading of
    them and their discussion.
    Hopefully Kevin will take a shot at keeping Michele and ditching
    the Gnat.

    J/J and the Gnat are all still ready to ditch Michele.
    Poor Michele………. I do like her.
    She and Kevin would make an interesting F2.

  4. BTW – some of the other BB sites have the written discussions
    between the HGs during the Pandora Event.

    Also, the conversation between Kevin and Michele.
    I don’t have the Live Feed and have to move around on
    the web to read as much as possible.

    I love to read all of the comments here but w/o the
    Live Feed also check out other sites.

  5. Watch The Dish today with Russell boy he really came off as a jerk, I’m sorry but that how I felt after I watched it, he’s really could have done better…

  6. I think when Russell see him on Big Brother he will see how much of a jerk he was. But like he said it is part of the game.He could last longer if he learned to talk to people . Take the easy way out sending Michele to talk to Jeff. It is time for Michele or Jordan win POV

  7. what in the heck is happening. I don’t have live feed. watching BBAD and im lost. what money did they find? what key? somebody help me….

  8. Russ your far from Evil Dick and Boogie because they are Punks and jerks and your a BAD A$$ and Hot yaaahh!

  9. Russ looks like Vin Diesol and i hope the supprese guest will not be Evil Dick but maybe Kesha or Rene.

  10. What key? Was it just the one? Was the $$$ only in the backyard? So many questions! Can someone fill me in on EVERYTHING that I missed by NOT having the live feeds. My hubsband an a$$ for not getting me th live feeds. He wouldn’t have me walking around the house yelling b/c I don’t know what’s happening in the BB house.

  11. @ Marcus… WUZ UP Fam?

    @ Team Jeff fans…. the announcement said behind the HOH door lies something that can effect the HOH and the houseguests…. Duh… It did…. Kevin chose to go in it and was locked in there while the other houseguest were able to collect money… Jeff found the key and will probably get #10,000…. this has nothing to do with bringing someone back into the house or savibg Jeff…. There is just over 2 weeks left in the game and wwill only be a week and a half left after Jeff is eveicted with 4 houseguests (Jeff in the JH)…. If you don’t want to watch anymore Jeff fans, I don’t care because BB was successful before Jeff and will continue to be successful after him… Your favorite Jeff is gone…. Deal with it…. P.S. This proves that BB will never be as good as Survivor because the players decide the outcome and Survivors worst season did just as gfood as BB’s best season…. Survivor has had people like Ozze, Etha, James, Rupert and other popular people who people liked / loved more than BB’s best players!!!

    Go Team NBK…

    P.S. Michelle said she will not take Jordan to the final 2 because Jordan would get America’s vote and have more votes from the Jury…. Too bad Team JJ fans!!! *** L~O~L ***

  12. Yea its official this dude is a complete

    he WILL NEVER be like Evil Dick, and comparing himself to him is ridicolous.

    If ur gonna be the villina, u cant flipp a switch dummy.

    And highly doubt it was all a “character” this isnt WWE dude.

  13. This may sound pretty far fetched but maybe the key allows Jeff to re-enter the house. From the way the dates are laid out on Morty’s it looks like there will be another fast forward or something of that nature.

    At the bottom of Pandora’s Box lies hope and he did a selfless act by looking for the key to release Kevin so he could also get money. I am hoping it is for Jeff to come back now that he has been humbled a bit and is back to the way he was before he and Jordan won HOH.

    Thoughts anyone? Am I crazy for thinking this?

  14. Russell is cute, kind and you ppl would be lousy players becuz most ppl play kind and aren’t you aren’t in there and have no idea what you would act like. Evil Dick was pretty evil if you would go back and remember. So Russell did what he thought he should do. Don’t see any of you in there even trying just critizing. Yeah Russell act or no act he left with class and that is what counts.

  15. Who cares if u leave with class. thats not how he will be remebered. which does that even count?

    Yes ur crazy to think they would bring ANYONE back.

    the show last 10 weeks.

    Were half way done with Week 8.

    U do the math

  16. You never know… they could let jeff back and then have another double eviction to make up for it… it could happen…

  17. Thanks catamnm! I was thinking this could happen because Julie said they would air the Pandora’s Box thing on Sunday. So maybe there would be an eviction on Sunday, then let Jeff (because he has the key)back in and have another eviction on Thursday as scheduled.

    Like I said, it is far fetched but anythings possible in the big brother house.

  18. JJ was nothing without the coup de tat. Now the americans wants us to see how unbias they are racially(pigmentation). But, you have given jj the coup de tat, now the magical key. The gameshow is fixxeddddddd! CBS is a facade &BB is most disgusting, buying Jord those false tits to bump into Russ, another loser and then he dis’s Chima with Matt. Russ did you have to go so low. Chima has friends and family. From this point on, should I hear your name. You are BlackBalled. This game is just trying to say america, we are giving you what you want at any cost. It’s okay that jj didn’t earn the coup de tat. LOSERS

  19. Ruusell you have disgrace your family and other american for your 15 minutes of non fame. You couldn’t sell water during a fire.

  20. Good Grief, get off the Chima train, watch the feeds or read about some of the mean things she did, stealing a rosary, calling Russ a Muslim terrorist, and 911, and herself the twin towers. Cbs was very kind not to air that, but she threw a glass of water and the glass on Russ and wanted to spit on him to try to get him to het her, so he would have been thrown out. Both are bad but she is the worst.m
    It is racism when it is directed at Muslims as well.

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