Big Brother 11: Week 7 Wednesday Live Feed Highlights

The house was on fire yesterday in Big Brother 11 as Russell took to the stage. Fights broke out between the nominee and his evictors with Russell going after both Jeff and Jordan. Despite working hard to make enemies Russell continued his campaign to stay by imploring Michele and Kevin to consider their options.

Crank up your live feeds and watch Russell battle it out on his way to tonight’s eviction. I’m anxious to see just how far he’ll go in his pursuit to entrap Jeff or Jordan in a physical fight. Today is going to be good!

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 26, 2009:

3:00 AM BBT – Russell asks Michele if she’ll go talk to Kevin and try to convince him to vote to keep Russell. Michele says she’s nervous because Kevin tattles on them. She implies she’ll think about it.

6:30 AM BBT – Natalie and Kevin are sneaking around the house removing decorations and hiding objects. Big Brother yells at them to stop and they’re threatened with expulsion if they continue. Kevin is pretty upset as he was the one pulled into the Diary Room rather than Natalie.

12:15 PM BBT – Michele goes to Jeff and confesses to him that Russell is pushing her to keep him and vote out Natalie. She says Russell believes he has Kevin’s vote. Jeff says this is the same trick he pulled with him last time. Michele says she has no intention of voting to keep Russell. She wants him out now.

12:45 PM BBTHere comes the big fight… Jeff goes outside and Russell calls him a “p@#$y”. Kaboom! Jeff and Russell are going at it with lots of anger and yelling at one another.

1:00 PM BBT – The fight continues and now Russell is mocking Jordan as well as Jeff. Now Jordan is screaming at Russell. She gets up in his face, chest bumps him, and continues to yell. Jeff tries to get her to go inside. The fight lasted for about 20 – 30 minutes and well worth rewatching on the Live Feeds Flashback.

1:45 PM BBT – Russell comes near Jordan and she starts yelling at him and bumps him again. Hilarious.

2:30 PM BBT – Jeff, Kevin, Natalie, and Jordan have a Russell-hate fest. They’re anxious to be rid of him and his heckling tomorrow.

3:00 PM BBT – Jordan, Kevin, and Natalie say they need to gang up against Michele for HoH. Kevin and Natalie can’t be serious about including Jordan because who do they think she’ll put up?

6:00 PM BBT – Jordan and Michele discuss Russell’s behavior. Michele says he keeps pushing her to talk to Kevin about keeping him but she has no intention of doing that.

6:30 PM BBT – Michele tells Jordan how Natalie informed her she’ll nominate Michele, but there’ll be a bigger target next to her on the block if she wins HoH. Jordan seems to understand what this means (Jeff).

7:45 PM BBT – The HGs can hear banging and building. Natalie hopes its an endurance competition but without any water. This girl seriously hates water.

9:00 PM BBT – Jeff, Jordan, Natalie, and Kevin talking about who they’d nominate if they won HoH this week (well, not Jeff). Natalie still pretends that she wouldn’t nominate Jeff. Jeff is getting upset by the stories he’s hearing on Michele.

9:45 PM BBT – J/J/N/K discussing how Michele talks in her sleep. More like moans things in her sleep. Apparently Michele has night terrors due to something bad that happened to her awhile back. So the talking she does is funny, but the reason it happens, not so much.

10:00 PM BBT – Michele talks with Jeff about Russell and how he’s still campaigning. He’s being super nice to her and saying he’s got Kevin’s vote to stay and she has to talk with him. Michele reiterates that she has no plans to keep Russell. Both Jeff and Michele are counting the hours until he’s evicted.

11:30 PM BBT – Russell talking with Kevin and Natalie. He warns them they need to eliminate Jeff as it’ll be easier to beat Michele and Jordan in an endurance competition.

Russell’s antics did nothing but help accelerate his exit from Big Brother 11. His eviction looks like a lock for tonight with the votes likely to be a sweep against him, 3 – 0. I’m still undecided but tend to think this would have been a good chance for Kevin to keep a bigger target in the house, but without Michele’s support it’d be pointless to vote this way.

Stay close to your live feeds today as Russell is sure to keep his anger fueled knowing he has only hours left in the game. Should be plenty of Big Brother drama to watch and you won’t want to miss it.

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  1. Wow. Wouldn’t it be something if they decided to keep Russell. And I wonder what happend to Michelle that traumatized her into having night tremors. Tonight is going to be another interesting eviction!

  2. There is a reason why Nat was on the athlete team. She hasn’t won anything. Did she win the first endurance comp that gave Jesse the HOH or was that Russ? I hope she doesn’t win this. The endurance comp where they were on ropes being hit with the diploma I believe it was Jordan dropped, then Kevin, then Michelle and then Jeff and Russ. Maybe Michelle will win this if it’s endurance tonight. She’s been working out alot. I’m holding my breath. I hope J/J don’t go. I want Nat and Kevin out. Doesn’t Jordan know not to get too aggresive with Russ, because if Russ did anything Jeff will punch him and she will have screwed Jeff out of the money. She needs to be quiet.

  3. It was wild yesterday to say the least. Alot of good film for todays show. Love this show! Wish it was on year round…
    thanks Matt

  4. I will be done with BB tomorrow if Russell goes home. Sitting in front of the TV with “The Jordan and Jeff Love Show” won’t be very interesting. What makes BB think that we want a love show, there are plenty of them to watch. We wanted a game.

  5. I don’t have live feeds but if Russell is acting out he is only pushing himnself out the door. Instead of acting out in anger he should be fighting to keep himself in the game. Have he ever heard you catch more bees with honey than vingear. What is Russell thinking. I don’t think many of the houseguest have been playing the game. They get to emotional and stop playing the game. Who knows how this group will vote. Will they vote by game play or who they like the most. A very usual group of houseguest this year. But they make for good tv.

  6. @ Toni… you are right, none of them are playing the game. this is the most emotional cast they have ever had.

  7. Jordan and Jeff didnt catch what Nat said about putting up the “bigger” target if she wins HOH and yet they want to get rid of Russell. What a bunch of idiots, Kevin or Michelle are gonna win.

  8. Its VERY disturbing how last night Michelle was acting, and even more disturbing how Jordan was coming to Michlle’s side when 5 minutes before she came in the room was sick of her.

    Michelle says “im not good remebering dates and stuff” and she always says, she forgets when ever she caught in controversy.

    But she does good in ALL the competitons were u have to remeber things. She lies too much for BB. She will lie when its in her best intrest to tell the truth.

    If i were Jeff I would trust Natalie and Kevin rather than Michelle because she has no back bone, no stance, and she will lie when telling the truth would better he in the game.

    She cant go 5 words with out abruptly ending her sentece with that chuckle/laugh. She cant look u in the eye (her eyes veer CONSTANTLY) And i wouldnt be suprised if she did have an in-balance.

    Natalie and Kevin have to really tip toe getting Jeff out. If Jeff wins veto, he will do the obvious.

    I think the best thing to do is to put Jordan up with Jeff. Michelle wont use the power because she goes with the house, unless Natalie is HOH, then she will. but what are the odds of that?

    So anyway, put up Jeff next to Jordan then its for sure he will go home.

    Plus if Jordan wins POV, who will she take off? herself or Jeff? hehehe

    If u are up next to Jordan . . . u will go home.

    It would be a mistake to put up Michelle and Jeff because either way u make a arch rival, and its not worth it to a point.

    Kevin and Natalie need to continue their great work, and they could go ALL the way.

    Jeff and Jordan are a bomb waiting to explode. Jeff is paranoid, and thinking he is the best thing since sliced bread. and Jordan doesnt know how to read somebody.

    Lastly, Jeff said the funniest thign last night;

    (talking about Russell)

    “No man just like get the f— away from me, get away from with ur steaks, and ur . . . ”

    hhaha. How many times does Russ talk about, ask about, or make steaks in the house? lol

  9. Jeff & Jordan sure get called in the D,R, a lot. Seem,s to me,,,more then the others, & they are in there longer then the others to. Something is not right with Nat. She snicks around & her eye,s are always watching people & she never specks up on anything, she sends poor Kevin to do her dirty work & sit,s back & watches it all. BOO-OOOOOO-OOO

  10. Just wondering where some of the fans here get the idea that Kev and Nat even have a glimmer of hope left? Nat has been the first to drop on anything “physical”! Kevin won an egg comp ONLY, and wouldn’t even save his BEST friend in the game! As “crazy” as Michele appears, and as “dumb” as Jordan appears, they have both proven to be incredible in mental competitions, and better the N/K on Physical! Jeff can still win this hands down; and he DESERVES TO Win!!

  11. So I guess it is inevitable that Russ will be leaving tonight. The show is going to be a lot less interesting now. How boring it will be to watch the JJ show. I am hoping for a Kev/Mich final 2.

  12. I can’t believe how this show has become disgusting. I don’t recall see a show becoming more and more full of hatred. I think it is time for all of them to be evictedd. I think the show needs to stop and tell them it has decided to pull the plug on all of them. I never thought I would see Jeff go beserk I thought he and Russell would become a good pair, but Jeff has let the game go to his head.
    I feel sorry for Russell.That Natalie is big mouth and Kevin is another zero.

  13. What is sad about Jeff is he still thinks he is all that. He told J/M it is time for them to protect him. He never protected Michele. She is still there becuz he wanted the others out more

  14. I am personally tired of J/J’s love show myself. I really wish Jeff would just play the game! That’s the main reason I am not on his team anymore. He’s showmancing Jordan. Russell has been more trustworthy to J/J than any of the other houseguests. Why isn’t Jeff thinking! I really hope N/K get HOH and put J/J on the block against the other AND Jeff doesn’t win POV. I would like to see Jeff in the jury house next week for being an idiot. I was so glad to see him use his power to overthrow Chima’s HOH but since then, he’s made stupid decisions. How could you be so gullible and believe the other alliance (Kevin) with his story against Russell. And to add to the insult, Kevin brags about getting over on Jeff. Since the villians – N/K keep getting chances (compliments of J/J), I hope they remain. It will be game play that wins.

  15. Thanks to all of u for the updates since I no longer watch BB/BBAD. Sad since I was totally obessed. Unless something good happens and Russel is saved, I think this season is doomed cuz loyal fans like me will be disgusted with the choices the producers make to keep this show interesting. On top of that I will defintely stop watching if Nat stays.

  16. I love the J/J love story. Watching two people try to balance their friendship around wanting to win the big prize. I find that far more interesting, than watching someone screaming all the time. Russ is like a ten year old, that only wants to play if he can win, we already Chima, enough of that crap.

  17. I really think russ looked up to jeff like an older brother and when jeff betrayed him, I think it really hurt russ’s feelings and that is why he is acting out. I honestly think russ would have stuck to final 4 deal.

  18. Comments like “im nto gonna watch if Russ leaves and if Nat stays” and “well nat is first to drop in anything physical, and jordan deserves to win this game” are absolutely ridcolous.

    Were do these ppl come from? lol

    I think u guys are forgetting the facts. Jordan’s like only win was given to her.

    So she deserves to win? She is prolly an ounce smarter than she lets on, she isnt that smart. She belives Michelle.

    Michelle i splaying a good game but she is just so annoying to watch. But i want her gone because she has played a good game, and is a strong competitor if u look at her track record. shooot she almost was HOH this week.

    Why are Kevin and Natalie looked at as villians? I mean it rele seems there getting ripped a new one for not only surviving in teh game, but planning to take out the “strongest” player.

    Isnt that what Jeff did? yea it is. He backed out of the game, saved himself, WAS HANDED A VICTORY and took out the strongest player in the game.

    Natalie and Kevin have done the same. And now their targetting Jeff. Thats great game play.

    Will it ever hit any of u that just because Natalie, or Kevin may lie that doesnt mean they should kicked out cause they cause trouble, and should be looked at as villians.

    Agian its called playing the game.

    A wise man wants said;


    The real sad thing about this is, all of u guys are going to be aloud to vote to help decide a winner.

    U guys dont deserve it. Not because i disagree with u, but because ur voting when u dont undertand the concept of the game, and u would vote for someone because there able to pull off the salt n’ pepper look at the age of 31.

  19. Jeff is gonna end up saying once he goes home;

    Natalie and Kevin are who we thought they were!!! And we let em’ off the hook!



  20. I’m with you Jackie M. I’ve stopped watching BBAD also because they were either sleeping or Gnat the rat and Kevin were getting away with lies. I have also said I WILL NOT watch the show any longer if Gnat continues to stay! I hope by some chance Russel does stay and J/J open their eyes to K/N lies.That would be great! It is turning into the K/N show!

  21. This week Jeff has from real good guy to disgusting. His dissing and mocking Michelle for the benefit of N/K was idiotic. His trust in N/K and carrying on like he’s Jessie is just plain stupid. The J/J cutesy-pie love affair has become obnoxious. Jordan is forever brainless trusting Natalie and influencing Jeff. His handling the Russell situation was not in his own best interest. He can’t get the final house vote anyway. Jeff deserves to go next week.

  22. Russ is the most interesting person in the house. The show will be hurt when he leaves. Michelle, like her or hate her is also unusual.
    J/J have become boring. He’s shown his trus colors unfortunately and she is a brainless and boring flirt. Natalie is a mean little egomaniac.Three-faced. If Kevin has any seense, he will chuck her before she chucks him.

  23. I hope calms down and go talk to Jeff. They need to confront Natalie and Kevin about the lie. Then Natalie would defintely be going home. I don’t know why neither one of them are calling Natalie and Kevin out. That is the only I see Russell staying. I hope somethings happen and Natalie walks out tonight. I don’t want her to win. Anybody can win except her. She is a floater that can win anything and don’t do her own dirty work. Besides she is just nasty not showering for a week. I hope is a game where water is involved because she hates water.

  24. I agree with that Jeff has made some very stupid moves since he used the power against Chima. I definitely think Jeff deserves to be evicted next week. I would love to see him, Jessie, and Russel in the Jury House. I want Natilie to go home tonight and Russell to stay!!!

  25. I want Russ out this week, then Gnat, then Kevin, then Jeff. I don’t like the new Jeff to be honest, but if Jordan and Jeff both make it to the final three, then they’ll plow through whoever is left to the final two, just like Evil Dick and his daughter did. Scratch that, switch around Kevin and Jeff and I’ll be pleased haha.

  26. Thre are only 2 people that Russell could have took to the F2 and expect a shot at winning! That’s Michelle and Jeff. THAT is the only reason Russell would have honored the F4 deal that was made. However, Jeff could go with any of them to the F2 and still have a chance to win bcuz he would have the respect from most of those that would be in the jury house. He was smart to put up Russell and he needs to go after Nat next. She is a SNAKE. Go team Jeff!!!

  27. My youngest daughter got me hooked on Big Brother last year towards the end of season 10. I have become addicted to it like a damn soap opera. I was a huge J/J fan and I really wanted R/M to get to Final 4 with them. Now I can’t stomache watching the J/J stupidity any longer. They should have kept Russ for the final 4 and they let power go to their head. I am now pulling for Michele to win! If not Michele then maybe Kevin. If Natalie wins I will be totally disgusted!

  28. @Marcus FINALLY! I found someone I agree with completely! I am so sick of hearing about how horrible a player is, Yes I realize these people put themsevles in the public eye, but seriously?!?! what is up with all the name calling, and really..Gnat? Come on, aren’t we all older than name calling ourselves? I WILL keep watching no matter who is evicted this week, because I love BB not becuase I love the players…Come on..we don’t even KNOW these people yet you make some sort of “determination” on their character and morals?!?!?! WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE IS RIGHT! I’m so sick of it, I think its hilarious that people say, oh she lies and he lies and he’s mean blah blah blah…Get a grip, its a game BASED on deception, to see who can get the furthest…its not like its called the “Most Truthful Wins” get over it, and get over the whole, I’m not watching it because my “fave” was voted out…ugh. I’m going to watch and give BB ratings because season after season they portray all of us exactly how we are at our most basic level. Devious! LOL ITs ajust HUMAN NATURE! Relax people its a game, G.A.M.E.

  29. Shymama-


    that really sums it all up.

    Dont think i could have said it anybetter.

  30. Who knows if getting rid of russell is a bad move? Maybe not? You know russell would have gotten rid of Jeff the first chance he got. Nat and Kev were after him too. Jordon or michelle could still win HOh. So what if they make it through? Then what’s there to pick on? I like the house now as opposed to fighting ALL the time. I also think this has been an interesting BB. A true fan won’t bolt just because things don’t go the way you want them to!

  31. @Marcus and Wheelsmom — Finally two sane people in a bowl of fruity puffs. I mean really..Its a game, people need to relax, its amazing that NONE of us know any of these people yet in a matter of a month or so we’ve all become the “authority” of morality and who should win..btw..its not 500k to those who keep thinking that, remember good Ol’ Uncle Sam takes his cut, and at 30% lol thats more like 350k…still quite a chunk but not nearly the half million they “keep claiming”. Btw, I think they should bring Ronnie back into the Jury House! That would be HILLLLLLLLLARIOUS!

  32. It would be great if Nat would go,sure would put an interesting twist on the game.For sure Kevin would be shaking in his shoes.Can’t wait for tonights results.

  33. I for one do not like nat or kevin they have just been floating . But they hve by far in my opinion played the best game yet.

  34. Jeff putting up Russell was what had to be done if he wants to win. He will more than likely be put up for eviction next week, and will have to beat the other four in the POV to guarantee his safety. Eliminating Russell makes that much more likely an occurrance…his competition is pretty weak, and not very smart (not saying Jeff is a “genius”, but…).

  35. Jeff put up russ and know he going home.It,ll eigther be jeff or jordan going home i hope they have fun in that jury house what jordan going to do without jeff by her side.

  36. I don’t get live feeds. Will someone fill me in on what the hell Jeff said to Russell that is making everyone freak out!!

  37. @ Shymama & Marcus…..totally agree. I’m a fan of BB since forever and it’s a game, and the people talking about Kev & Nat(not my fave’s) shouldnt get away with lying clearly do not understand the concept of this game. But for those that do understand thats what we call a good move in this game-if they get away with it. I think Jeff’s move with Russell was a good one, but that’s just my opinion. Now the reality of if it was a good one or not remains to be seen. But people if your gonna stop watching a show because it’s not going your way, then I say your acting much like the much of the cast this year-when things didnt go their way they stopped playing the GAME!!!!! And yes RELAX, do a 10 count or something it’s a game that is in FACT about lying and deception.

  38. Tonight is going to be good. Can’t wait. I will rest easier once HOH is over and find out who won. Russ is upset because Jeff got him before he had a chance to get him. I feel Russ has been throwing comps so Michelle, Jordan and Jeff will do all the dirty work and get rid of Jesses’ gang. He was thinking too much about jury votes. He was nervous all week I think because he knew backdooring him would be a good move and he would have done the same thing. I’m hoping Natalie and Kevin are gone soon, because they aren’t winning anything. At least Jordan won the POV. Oh yeah, so did Kevin. He is a threat because he has gotten so close to winning HOH the last 2 or 3 times that I’m worried he might win. If so, it’s goodbye to Jeff. I thought they get in trouble if they start messing around with other peoples things? If BB told them to put back the things that they were hiding then there must be a comp that is going to ask them about the things in the house. I wonder why Russ didn’t try to buy votes. He won 10,000 dollars. I know last year April tried that. It didn’t work, but maybe it would have for Russ.


  40. I love the show. Jeff needs to be up against Russell in the end if he really wants to win. No one in the Jury house likes Russell. J needs to figure out a way to bring him to the f2. Russell needs to stay. He is the whole show, always has been. I want to be on BB. It must be the experience of a lifetime.

  41. SO many people on here and then the people in the house guests are playing a personal game. Look at the seasons before…… Jeff using the coup detat was the best move for him, not only did it get Jessie out but it also got Chima out in the end. Come on people, even Jessie said it was a good move. Were any of you actually watching the show on sunday when Russel said it would bea good move for Jeff to put him and Mich up? Jeff is going by what other peopel are telling him, if there is a threat of somone coming after him obvisouly he is going to act upon it! it would not be very smart if he decided not to. People this is a game and not a popularity contest, Jeff was quite for the whole game up until now, If i was in a house with the same people for 24/7 I too would start getting to the point where I needed to snap. Its a given. Jeff deserves to win, he saved lydias behind and he saved Russ’s behind. ALSO when you thinka bout it, when it comes down to final 4, there is always an endurance comp. Jeff needed to get out his biggest threat in that part, and HELLLO who would that be? Kevin? Mich? Nat? Jordan? no Russ. Its a game and all of you who seem to think that you would go into a game for 500k and play with nothing but honesty and integreity, then all the power to you, I would love to see that happen but for now it has never been done adn face it people it probably never will.

  42. Jeff should have just stuck with his plan for the final four. By putting up Russell, he all but guaranteed himself from winning the top prize. He was playing the game the best up to that point. For him to say that he does not like the fact that Michele and Russell look like they are forming an alliance….Is he kidding???? What does he think him and Jordan are???? How bout Kevin and Natalie??? There are only 6 people left, of course there are going to be three teams of two… If Russell goes home tonight, the only way Jeff does not go up up week is if Jordan wins HOH. I cannot believe he does not see that. Over the years, the winner is never the one that most of the house dislikes. Jeff would have been a unanimous winner if he was pitted with Russell in the finals. Now I have to think that Kevin wins.

  43. Honestly I have my doubts if this comment will get
    approved and that is all good. I simply was assesing,
    analyzing from observations the 6 houseguests that remain.

    Clever girl. But not so clever in lying.
    (Altho lying is indeed a part of this game/reality tv
    it is not the only tool in the box. ) Nat uses some tools
    better than others ~ manipulation her number one tool
    thus far. In the end ~ she has and is playing the game.
    Oh and throw in how her game play makes for good
    reality tv. Her down fall could well be that she falters
    at the challenges.

    He aint so stoopid nor lacking in conniving. He may well
    understand more than any other left in the show/game. He
    recognizes that the game is not onl played inside the House
    but also off i the Jury House. Then detracting factor for him is
    audience. Then again that factor may well negate ALL game play.
    Kevin is far more capable in the challenges regardless of mental
    or physical. He HAS played a complex fascinating game.
    Like him or not he knows how to stay inside the House.

    Not too shabby at playing this game and full of surprises, or
    is he? Enuff of the house guests discounted him in the beginning
    stages to keep him around to the point of the power bestowed upon
    him by the viewers. Now using that power was game play no doubt.
    But had he depended upon only the houseguests or his abilities
    to win challenges or both would he really have gotten this far?
    He does not do well among people who do not get along as he has stated
    clearly. That was a clue to any of the other houseguests as to his best
    weak spot to use to then ‘sneek up on him’. Ahhhh but the ‘dumb blonde
    persona that Jordan is using’ ~ perhaps she does recognize that weak
    spot and is USING it to her advantage.

    Good job Sweetie at even fooling the majority of viewers into
    believing you are not at all the brightest light bulb in the pak.
    You have thrown all houseguests off and that includes JeffyPoo.
    This gal knows more how to play the game than any might think.
    Show me the money Honey.

    Gotta Love a PhD and neuro scientist even. Whooooaaaa ~
    what games has she played at home. Wacky works sometimes
    in this overstated Reality TV show. BUT her shiftiness in changing
    game strategy several times might also be her biggest down fall
    in the end. Pass that football sSweetie before you are piled upon
    by the Jury Defense or might there be an Offense called viewer voting.


    Dear Russ ~ phone home and then git that mother ship fixed stat.
    You will not like it any better in the Jury House. You have been great
    for Reality TV ratings. The Show got their money’s worth outta you
    and even more.

    Not so sadly each of the 6 remaining right now HAVE played the Game.
    Oh and made for great ratings among viewers who in turn have now drawn
    even more viewers in.

    So the craftiest game player or the lyingest game player or the most
    endearing game player ~ which shall win the money Honey??

  44. Tonight is not going to be an endurance comp. They were all told to pick a number and wear their regular clothes. Must be a one at a time comp and when everyone is done they will tell who had the quickest time and wins HOH.

  45. Does anyone know if they’ve shown footage of the jury house? You know how the evicted houseguests sit down to watch a little footage of what has happened in the house.

  46. Marcus,
    I have to disagree on my part at least, I don’t just vote for the person I like in the house. I consider all options, if it comes down to Natalie and Jordon left, Jordon hasn’t won any competitions except the one she was handed. Natalie hasn’t ether. Jordon is riding Jeff’s coatails, and Natalie rode Jesse’s. Natalie again is riding on Kevins coatails, making him get all the blood on his hands. Jeff’s power has gone to his head just like Jessie, Chima, Ronnie. Russell I believe had a feeling about Jeff before the nominations, but I don’t think he would have went against Jeff. Who would you choose to believe two people that you knew were going for you, or won that might.

  47. Jenn,
    I haven’t seen it on any of the episodes, or on BBAD. But they do it every year, usually after two people are evicted I believe. I haven’t watched every year, but I have watched it for about 4 seasons. I don’t know about the live feed though I don’t get it.

  48. Thanks so much for keeping us all informed as to what is going on in the house. I do have a question, when you refer to BBT I’m sure you mean Big Brother Time but is that Pacific time? I’m in the Central timezone and I’m just trying to figure out when all of this is going on. Thanks!

  49. I think people take this game too seriously…its a game. I read a comment by someone that totally dissed Jordan’s body…I won’t name names but seriously??? Who cares, Jordan actually has the AVERAGE AMERICAN body style, and she is a beautiful girl…she does dumb things on the show, but that might just be her lil spin on how to win. I don’t think that personal attacks on the “characters” of BB are fair…as I have said before, we don’t know these people personally, and its absolutely pathetic and appaulling that you would degrade someone like that. Moreover, it shows that persons own insecurities of having to point out anothers. Come on guys, can’t we all just say whoever wins OBVIOUSLY played the game..Ahem the GAME the best…I think so.

  50. @M #44

    Love your comment and so wish it would happen this way. Unfortunately the producer is smitten with the J/J showmance and apparently it is a bigger BB violation to destroy property than people in the game. K/N even got threatened for hiding stuff. Not even a reprimand for Jordan. J/J will stay, & continue to get all the extra advantages from production to win the game. Wish it really was a reality show that had consistent rules applied to everyone. Wonder what would had happened if Russ chest bumped her?

  51. Yo i don’y understand why all of ou guys that are hating on Jeff and Jordan are hating. Yes the believed Kevin and Natalie, but what Kevin and Natalie don’t know is that Russel and Michele where actually talking about backdooring Jeff the whole time. So technically it is not a lie. You guys seemed to forget that Russel has been trying to figure out how to get Jeff up. I’m mean even on the show it self it showed Russel admiting that he would put Jeff up in the Final 4. So would you give someone the chance to do that and keep them in the game? NO! Jeff has been playing good, i think his blow up is just him not backing down from Russel and showing that he feels like a bigger man, i’m sure some alcohol has been involved in some of this too, which is no excuse, but still. Kevin and Natallie are playing the game within the game. The fact they can’t win anything will start to hurt them. I don’t hate on their game play just them. Natalie acts like a baby and whines about the game and Kevin, well Kevin isn’t all that bad just scared to make a real game move. Skating by is an understatement for both of them, but it has work. So please everyone who reads this and follows BB. STOP BEING EMOTIONAL, just like the HG’s are, IT IS JUST A GAME AND WHAT THESE PEOPLE DO ARE FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT TO WIN 500,000(350,000 actual) AND IF LYING TO PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW WORKS THEN GO FOR IT. I will put the disclosure that some actions are not excusable whether it’s a game or not, ex: Chima’s actions, Russel bullyign everytime his pranoia kicks in, and Jeff and Jordan reactions to Russel. Now i know that being ina house of starngers taken away from what the world is doing can take a toll, but there is no excuse for the violence or potential of violence that has esculated.

    Off subject, did Russel ever find his rosery tha Chia hid a while back? That was shady and hope she realizes that everything you do to others comes back to you ten times full.

  52. youve gorgotten people that kevin and natile was messing with the game its self. hiding things and was told to put it back early this morning or get expelled.he was called in the dr.

  53. Russ this week Jeff next week. No way production can save him now! he dug his own grave. I do like the whoel JJ showmance but it is wrong to make those comments about Jordan’s body. No need to go there. That should be edited off the main show all the time, didn’t Chima call her a fat ass or something? She is not and if some kids hear that they will think wow if that is considered a fat ass what am I? BS!!
    Kevin and Michelle will be final 2 and kevin will win the money!

  54. go jeff go jordon. sorry russell very sad what migt happen tonigt. im hoping for a miracle for you to stay. love you guys and my girl michelle.


  56. does no one remember nat won the first hoh to get jessie in the game she hung on longer than all the rest MAYBE HER PLAN WAS TO ACT WEAK UNTIL THE LAST ALSO SHE IS A TI QUAN DO CHAMP

  57. While I don’t like hearing the hate spew out of Russell’s mouth am I the only one who recognizes the ridiculous double standard in the house. Shima calls Russell a terrorist and not reprimand, you think if he called her the N-word he wouldn’t have been kicked off or severely reprimanded? Then Jordan physically pushes/bumps him and nothing, if Russell had done that to her he would have been kicked off in a second. Come on producers thought we lived in a equal society??

  58. #65, Check on one of the other posts. Matt answered that very question. In case you are wondering, the answer is No. Gnat has won nothing ever.

  59. And also he has link so you can watch on that same post. As for the next endurance challenge, Matt also states that Gnat was first to drop w/ Kevin being second last 45 min. or less. How is that good game play? I kev got $5000.00 out of it.

  60. Everyone needs to get real here, do you raeally care who calls who what?… or who touches who? Give it a rest, the show would be boaring with out all the drama. Everyone could not wait to see what was going to happen next. Chima got what she deserved.

    The jury house meeting with Jessee and Lyd was dissapionting. Maybe Russell will shake things up a bit.

    Everyone need to get a life and quit worring about trivial name calling. Remember sticks and stones ???

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