Big Brother 11: Week 7 Live Eviction Episode Tonight

Tonight on Big Brother 11 we’ll have our seventh eviction in the BB11 season where either Natalie or Russell will be sent to the Jury House.

From what Russell showed us yesterday in the house I think it’s clear that he expects to be evicted and he doesn’t want to go quietly. Keep your live feeds handy as I imagine he’ll make his last few hours memorable for all.

There are rumblings in the BB11 house that tonight could be another endurance competition so be ready to watch it play out on the live feeds right after the live broadcast ends (9PM EST). I’ll be here updating if an endurance HoH happens.

Update: Chelsia Hart (on behalf of SuperPass) just tweeted, “Get ready for a looong night peeps!! :) Have your live feeds up and ready before the CBS show ends so you don’t miss a beat!” Sounds like it’s an endurance comp coming our way! Do as Chelsia says and get your Live Feeds ready! Sign-up here with the free trial.

Vote in the poll below on who you’d want to be evicted and then share your thoughts and tell us why in the comments section.

Don’t forget to join us tonight in the Big Brother Chat Room during the eviction show at 8PM EST! We’ll all be in the chat room again having a great time discussing it as it happens!

Meanwhile, get your Big Brother 11 live feeds ready so you can watch the house react uncensored to who is evicted and who becomes the new Head of Household. If you don’t have the live feeds yet you can still get the Free Trial discount. That along with your monthly $10 in free mp3s with your subscription and you’re getting a really good deal. Try it for free. Keep it for fun!

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  1. Worst case scenario:
    Russ gets evicted.
    Jordo becomes HOH puts up Mich and Nat
    Jeff wins pov and leaves noms the same
    Mich gets evicted.
    JJ final 2

    Best case scenario:
    Nat gets evicted.
    Russ becomes HOH puts up Jeff and Jordo
    Russ wins pov
    Jeff gets evicted.
    Russ/Mich final 2
    Russ wins BB

    Funny scenario:
    Russ gets evicted
    Jordo becomes HOH and noms Nat and Mich
    Kev wins pov takes Nat off
    Jordo has to put up Jeff
    Jeff gets evicted

  2. I think Russ going will leave Natalie and the rest at a good advantage. Any strong male that leaves the house will make it easier for the weaker players to win. Obviously Natalie knows when to bluff and fold…she is a great poker player…hint* hint*

    Jeff obviously will win BB if he doesn’t get evicted soon. The guy is showing how smart and strong he really is. Either Natalie or Kevin have to win HOH in order to survive or else they are going home.

  3. I love th funny senario noted above!!!! wouldnt that be karma if jordan had to nominate jeff and that sent him packin LOL we can only hope!!!


  5. Jeff has proven he wins comps, they would have to put michell and jeff up together to be sure to get rid of one of them. if jeff wins pov gam over. hell take revenge out on both kevin and nat for having to evict jordan.

  6. I hope Russell calms down and come to senses and go talk to Jeff and Jordan so he can stay. At least Jeff.I would love to see Natalie face when she is evicted instead of Russell. It would make my day to see her leave tonight. I don’t care who wins but I just don’t want Natalie to win. I don’t like her game play or the fact that she hates water.

  7. Sabrina…yeah!!! I would love to see cocky little Nat go, and see how Russ’s staying would stir up the house!

  8. As long as the HOH and POV competition involves any commitment and sweat, you can guarantee Natalie will lose. I have never seen anyone so lazy in my life. Yesterday, Russell looked like such a boob. It was painfully embarrasing watching him try to get Natalie and Kevin on his side. Laughing that creepy laugh. He is so creepy and pathetic.

  9. Worst and funny scenario implies Jordan winning HOH …. ain’t happeneing !!

    I want Russel to stay. I simply hate Nathalie and Kevin is a good player but he has to seperate himself from Nath … he won’t get the votes against her in f2

  10. The bottom line is J/J trust each other and that is it!! They are the only 2 that have a “true alliance” up to this point….nobody else really knows who they can trust….

  11. Jeff wants no one else to have a final 2 alliance and he does. I hope BB can find a way to keep Russell in the game. Since they are coaching Jeff on his temper, maybe they can do the same for Russell. But they want Jeff to win so that won’t happen.

  12. Im putting my monay down.

    Natale or Kevin will win HOH. its a long shot.

    And then the plan to evict Jeff can comense, and they will be on there way to final 2.

    Oh yea, u better be able to dig that.

  13. Coaching is done in the DR. BB give sthem leading questions on game play or for Jeff, how to act when Russell taunts him

  14. @Marcus come on Natalie win anything. She looks like she is giving it her all. But Natalie always come short. She doesn’t even come in second. You are going to lose the bet. You will do better betting on Kevin to win.

  15. to ashley comment 1 that would be too funny jordan nom jeff that would be the best show yet

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  17. The other day they talked Nasty into running one lap just to say she had worked out. She jogged a lap around the backyard, curled the empty barbell 5 times, curled the dumbbell 5 times and was huffing and puffing so bad you would think she was the smoker in the house. I hope the comp. is an endurance comp. She has to win to stay this week which isn’t going to happen.

  18. I mentioned it on the end of the previous post but it is worth mentioning again. J&J now know that Natalie is coming after Jeff. If Russ hadn’t been typical Russ he would be staying this week. Maybe Jeff and Russ can man up and work something out today but I think Russ has burned his bridges with his big mouth.

  19. @Budman…well, it’s about friggin’ time! I was hoping these people would realize that everyone who is left wants the money…and is not working for anybody else…

  20. has russ blown up on bbad at all this week? Or have the arguments happened before bbad?

  21. I am still holding out hope for Russ but I believe it’s a lost cause. Alot of jeff fans think this was a wise move, I don’t think so. His life in the house depends on Jord and mich- is he crazy? jord was given the HOH by Jeff and the POV, jord even said she could feel which way mich was going on the stairs. Mich I am not sure about but Russ was wanting to keep their team safe till the final 4. Nat already said she’s gunning for Jeff, I think Jeff has sealed his fate with this move.

  22. from Natalies bio before she entered the house:


    Natalie wants people to know that nobody can intimidate her! This feisty Latina has no problem lying, cheating and stealing to win the game. She’ll do whatever it takes to keep the heat off her and turn it onto others, and believes her petite frame will throw off her opponents.

  23. @connie b…Jeff with Michele and Jordan does give him a better chance against Kevin and Natalie, who have won exactly one individual comp between them. Michele is a tenacious competitor, although she is really out there sometimes. Jordan is on a par with Natalie physically, and better at memory than Nat. Nat wins hands down on how many times she said she would win something and didn’t (every time…).

  24. Russell and Natlie it would be good for Natlie getting out this week with all she has done then Russell depending on who win HOH

  25. Snakebit- She sure has lived up to her BIO. That is propably the only thing she hasn’t lied about. Last night Nat and Kev (with Russ as lookout) were going through Michelle’s stuff to steal her gloves but they couldn’t find them.

  26. I’m still dreaming here hopeing for a last minute sneak talk between Russ and Jeff to open Jeff’s eyes but at this point I think Russ burned his last bridge yesterday, bummer!

    Here’s hoping Mich wins HOH because lord knows Jordo won’t, especially it being an endurance comp.

  27. Wow so its an endurance comp?? Too bad Kev wont do a bold move and keep Russ – Russ could outlast every one of them, esp since Jeff can’t compete.

  28. Last night on BBAD, nat and kev were talking about the pics on the wall and how they were memorizing the eyes, noses, mouths, etc…

    Since the HG were just drawing numbers, I wonder if they will be doing the mix-up faces comp for HOH…? (Isn’t that one usually a POV?)

  29. Mel- I agree! If Jeff went to Russ today and offered him an olive branch, Russ would grab it with both hands. Jeff could get a promise of safety for the week and Russ would be playing for HOH! That would be trusting Russ alot but I think Russ is a man of his word and has proved it.(which in this game may not mean Jack). I like his (Jeff’s) odds better than counting on Mich and Jordan to win HOH.Michelle and Jordan will do whatever he tells them to do.

  30. Its a shame we don’t have a say on who goes home because I am with everyone in america I think its time for nat to go home on thursday. let america vote on who goes bb so that russel can stay. I feel so bad for him since nat and kevin lied to jeff about him.

  31. Last night Natalie was with Kevin and Russell going over things in the house and how many and where. She’s just with Russell because he’s going to the jury house and she wants his vote. I think it best Russ goes. He would get him next week. Maybe someone else will, but I think Jeff did what had to be done. It’s too bad Jeff has to depend on Jordan for safety. I hope she’ll surprise us and that would be a surprise. I think if Michelle wins HOH she would put up Natalie and Kevin. She hates Natalie. And she feels Kevin is a threat because he has come so close to winning HOH a few times. It’s funny how people don’t think and react out of revenge. Kevin would have won HOH last week had he blocked out Jeff and Russ. He blocked Russ for revenge. I bet he’s was kicking himself for that. Maybe he didn’t even realize it.

  32. Jordan is so stupid she has been carried along by jeff throughout the game. she needs to go. I can’t believe jeff doesn’t see this. I rather have russel any day over Jordan the dummy or is she?

  33. Getting Russ out is the best move for Jeff since he makes him the strongest player. I would prefer to see Natalie go and would love to see the shock on her face if that happened. If Kevin or Natalie win HOH then I think Jeff will be evicted next unless he wins POV. Jeff’s worse move was trusting Natalie and Kevin. If Michele wins HOH, I agree with another poster to said anything can happen then, because no one can really read her. If Russell goes home, I would like to see Natalie go next. Jeff should win, he has done all the gutsy moves throught the game. Everyone else just is along for the ride.

  34. Maybe just is letting Jordon ride along with him since he knows if that got to be the final 2 he would win, since she has made no moves. Anyone who goes to the final two with Jeff gives him the edge, since he has done for shaking up of the game than anyone else.

  35. The numbers might mean the order they go in. I’ll go out on a limb and predict it is some kind of obstacle course where they have to do different things to get puzzle pieces and put the puzzle together with the quickest time winning. So there it is I’ll either look like a psychic or a goat! (they will do it one at a time with out the others seeing or knowing how fast they did it until the end)

  36. Lydia said she was great at puzzles. Maybe you are right. I think the gear every HOH comp to peoples resumes and what they are good at so everyone has a chance of winning HOH. I wonder what Natalie’s is? Is there a comp for being the biggest liar?

  37. Yesterday people were commenting about how Jordan made the south look bad (stereotypes). Jordan is from North Carolina which is not in the South! At any rate, I like Jordan. I wish more girls were like her!

  38. Jokers Update just said that they all had to pick numbers, so they are figuring that it’s not an endurance comp. They were told to wear regular clothes. Maybe it is a puzzle. They probably pick numbers and go out one at a time and take the comp alone and the one with the fastest time when everyone is done wins it. So that must mean we should know before show ends who won. I hope so.

  39. I think they tidy up the house and put everything back that Natalie has stole throughout the week for the live show.

  40. Russ, if only you hadn’t voted to keep Jessie.
    That was your undoing, pal. Oh well, he’s a douche anyway, with Jeff catching up to him, in that regard.

    I’m kind of pulling for Michele/Kev final 2.

  41. @Budman ….. trust me dude NC is in the south. .did you ever hear of the Mason – Dixon line??

  42. The Mason-Dixon line is what split the colony of Carolina into North and South. Besides that football is the king in the South and basketball is king in the North.

  43. Russell needs to make Kevin understand that he has a better chance with him in the house than he does with Natalie. It would be a terrible move on Kevin’s part to vote Russell out. She doesn’t have a chance at any of the comps. They along with Michelle will have the numbers to get out whoever they want and should be able to walk into the final 3 possibly 2.

  44. If only the HG knew what we know …. I am certain that when they watch all the tapes , every one of them is surprised by what has been said behind their backs. Even the winner – he just doesn’t care ♥

  45. I think I want to see Michelle and Kevin in the final two with Michele winning… however that’s tough as Kevin will get more jury votes as they can’t stand Michele…

  46. The Mason Dixon line was surveyed to settle a land dispute between the colonies and England. It divides North and South. A large portion of it defines the border of Pennsylvania and Maryland. Carolina is not even close.

  47. @Budman …. sorry dude, it’s formed by the southern border of Pennsyvania and the western border of Deleware ….. everything below that is deemed the “South”.

  48. see y’all in a little bit, gotta go home, done working for today ….. live feeds here I come, crank it up HG’s

  49. Oh well! I’m from the South and we don’t claim them.I got my atlas out and stand corrected.

  50. I apologize. I didn’t mean to dis N.C. I have football fever and was thinking SEC football. Only eight more days!!!

  51. I remeber my days in tae kwon doe. i was really good.

    u wouldnt have wanted to spar with me.

    then i got lazy, didnt want to go, and stop going.

    got to red first.

    true story

  52. @ Marcus

    I find you quite entertaining. Although we differ in who we want to win, I must say I really enjoy reading your posts. lol.

  53. As much as I despise Russell I wish that Jeff would make a late deal with him to keep him if he promised not to put up J/J next week. That way it would be J/J/R/M and K. I would be obviously pulling for Jordan to win HOH this week. Wishful thinking but do not see a last minute deal happening.

    Best case scenario………Russell goes home and Michelle wins HOH and nominates Kevin and Natalie and then next week Jeff, Jordan and either Nat or Kevin would play for HOH.

    Worst case for me……..Natalie(who I picked on night one to win and who I hate)goes home and Russell wins HOH and nominates Jeff and Jordan and Jeff goes home.

  54. I would say Goodbye to Russell…he’s opened his mouth a few to many times! Kevin is due to win the HOH…I see him putting up Michele and Jordan to keep his word to Jeff. I also can see Jeff winning the POV and taking Jordan off forcing Natalie top go up and Out!!!

  55. really tired of hearing Jordan do nothing but bash Russell. she’s snowballed this in her own mind, all from basically nothing. instead of running her mouth 24/7 about what an awful person Russell is, she might try oh.. i don’t know.. how about reading a book and actually learning something. and regarding BB being cancelled.. highly doubtful given the ratings that were published.

  56. I know they cancelled BB UK but I doubt they cancel it here. It is winning all its time slots and I think has had the best ratings to date.

  57. Is it true that the house guests were told tonight is NOT going
    to be Endurance competition?

  58. Budman, that’s OK, we all make mistakes. Even those who act so surprised that others could possibly make a mistake.

    I never thought I could loathe anyone as much as Ronnie and Jessie, but, I can’t stand to even look at Nat the Rat. What a horrible human being she is. Kevin isn’t much better though, he thinks he is so brilliant because he pulled a fast one on Jeff. I only hope Jordan or Michelle win and and get rid of the Rat or Kevin, once Russell is gone.

    I liked Russell too, until, he said he was the smartest player in the house and was ALWAYS bad mouthing someone. If he had just voted the way Jeff had asked, after Jeff saved him, and kept his big fat mouth shut, he would probably still be there. He really isn’t too bright.

  59. Why is it that they had the HG’s pick numbers for HoH order and Natalie is 1, Russell is 2, Jordan is 3, Michele is 4, Kevin is 5, Jeff can’t play.

    Jeff said; “It’s weird that they did that, something is up.”

    Why did Russell pick a number? I’m having a Jordo moment here LOL.

    Pfffft, I guess it’s because eviction hasn’t happened yet(hits self upside the head) lmao!


  60. I hope Nat gets evicted. I think Jeff is a dope to believe Nat and Kevin. How dumb can he be to believe the “other side” instead of someone who has shown him his loyalty.

    The fact that Russ voted to keep Jessie in was because he promised him he would. Russ and Jordo are the two most honest players.

    It is mean to do what they are doing to Russ. How stupid are they going to feel when they find out they have been played.

    Even though I don’t like the tactics of Nat and Kevin, their method of playing the game has been the most effective of everyone.

  61. Lazeek, I completely agree with you 100%.

    I’m getting tired of everyone bagging on Jeff & Jordan just because they finally have all the power this late in the game. These same people didn’t bag on Jesse or any of the jerk crew when they picked off people on Jeff’s side one by one for absolutely no reason. Now it’s late in the game, and people have to go, it’s that simple. There’s never been a season where someone was able to get through the whole show 100% clean without making anyone angry. It’s the way it is on a show where you win lots of money and people have to eliminate other people. Everyone has to turn on each other at the very end, how else do they win? It’s unfortunate that Jeff is being stupid believing Nat, I would have loved to see Russ in the final 4 with J/J/M but Russ is showing that he is a poor sport and has a huge anger issue. I don’t blame him for being upset, but it’s not like he’s played this game straight all the way through. Both Russ & Nat would gun for Jeff in the next couple weeks anyway.

  62. Correct! That sounds like it could be a yucky food eating comp or a face morph one that’s timed.

    Hope we get to see who wins before they go off the air. If not, I know I’ll be checking onle every minute LOL.

  63. It would be so great to see the look on Nat Rat’s face when she gets evicted but I don’t think we could be that lucky. Maybe “Big Brother” can come up with some plan that will get her out of there and let the others play the game the way it should be played. Without all the lying and smirking and backstabbing…..

  64. I was a big JJ fan for a long time. No more! Quite simply, there’s nobody left in this house to root for. I wish they all could be evicted. Here’s my assessment of each in decending order of preference.

    Russell: The only one one with integrity. I feel sympathy for him after the way he’s been treated, but his penchant for bullying, intimidating, yelling at, berating, and belittling people shows him to be an immature idiot.

    Michele: Where the hell is her head? It seems to be up her butt most of the time. Wacko! Lacks a core. Constantly changing, floating.

    Kevin: Devious liar. Not much else.

    Jordan: Dumb to a fault. I used to feel sympathy, but her badmouthing R and M lately has been disgusting!

    Jeff: Stupid!!! Backstabbing R showed complete lack of class/honor/integrity, as well as being stupid. Badmouthing everyone has been despicable!

    Natalie: Lowest of the low! Words are inadequate. Evil, lying snake-in-the-grass. Lies like she breathes. Takes obvious pleasure in her lies and the damage they do to others. Also delusional and pathetic. Should be evicted from the planet!

  65. If is an endurance comp get ready for some sweat it’s over 100 degrees at the BBH right now.

  66. I’m not sure that any of them deserve to win..
    Jeff and Jordan are completely stupid…
    Natalie is the most despicable player ever with her lying and smirking and stupid walk like a man…
    Kevin is incapable of making a decision on his own and is under Natalie’s “spell”
    Michelle, for being a Ph.D., is so needy and wanting to be liked that she doesn’t know which way is up and she is incapable of making a complete sentence…tee hee…
    Russell has been used and abused but is still a bully..
    Can’t we let America vote for the winner and give it to Casey! That would be my choice.

  67. You know its funny they are all talking crap about each other. No one has a filter at this point. And it is going to be an endurance comp w the Heat Wave to help out…LOL…Punishment to them all. I hope Michelle gets it to Mix it up. Nat and Kev no….Jordan wont be able to pull it off. Jeff is going to be so Cranky. What if Russ makes it and Nat goes home. He will take the HOH.

  68. idiot the south is anything below mason dixon line which is at maryland and penn. line so carolina is south duke carolina b-ball south tabacco road rivalry yeah that sounds like yankee to me ha ha (go jeff)

  69. Russell needs to just suck it up and stop with all the campaigning. He is not going to change anyone’s mind at this point and so he needs to just relax and, if he is gone tonight, go out like a gentleman. I am not sure he can do that but that is what I will be looking for from him. Show all these other idiots that you have more class than they do and walk out by saying “Thanks….see you in the jury house, Jeff and Jordan”.

  70. Not only is it hot there. I saw on the national news that there are fires near LA and the smoke is just sitting there. Officials are discouraging all outdoor activities. I,m not sure exactly where BB house is. Hell as indicated earlier I’m not completely sure where the South is!LOL

  71. This is slightly off topic, but I found something fishy. I was reading the HOH blogs posted on the CBS website and there is a paragraph at the end of Jeff’s blog that is IDENTICAL to a paragraph on Jordan’s blog from last week. The paragraph is about Russell. Me thinks that something is not kosher here. Does it seem weird to anyone else?

    Here’s the link to the blogs:

  72. Is it true that I read on one of these blogs that the Production team made some comments to Jeff about Natlie and that is what lead Jeff to fall for siding with K/N this late in the game? If this is true then something is up this season because if you listened closely the week Chima was HOH and Jeff used the CDT you can hear Chima saying that she was lied to and she would be speaking with Production. By no means am I calling set-up on BB but it would be kinda wierd.

  73. …….does anyone know if Julie Chen is going to make it to the end of BB this season??? It looks like she is due very soon.

  74. Hey guys its a dry heat here and its not that bad like in louisiana its a wet heat but here its a dry heat and all ya have to do is jump in the pool and your good to go because the air cools you all off ok?

  75. wtf.. big brother has gotten bumped to 10pm because of the jaguars football game.. its not like they are going to win..seriously wtf.. every other game since i have lived here has been blacked out..can u tell i am a lil frustrated, lol

  76. Oh no Shep, I was hoping east coasters would give us west coasters some info….dang! I guess I’ll keep an eye out at Jokers…

  77. @blackgirl – I missed the first ten min. did they show the first fight? And did they make it out like it was all Russ again?

  78. yes Ashley, they did. and they should.
    they also made Jeff look the fool, and they should.

  79. I would like to see nat or kev win HOH, put up Jeff, then Jeff win veto.

    Talk about a squirm festival in that house!! LOL

  80. It’s so sad that Russell left. He was a good player and I would have liked to see him stay. BUT, he was a hothead who dug his own grave–with Nat, Kev and Michelle’s help!

  81. if kevin or natalie wins… michele and jordon will be on the blockk with michelle packing.. my perdiction

  82. Kevin ahead, Michele now second.

    Natalie is complaining a lot and talking about “throwing in the towel”.

  83. i think trying to be weak in comps.. is natalies game.. let others do the dirty work for her.. i think she waiting til final four to break out with comps for her… she has kevin wrapped she will get him target michelle if he wins

  84. Kevin is still in the lead by quite a bit.

    Michele is right behind him.

    Kevin and Michele are jogging back and forth.

  85. Kevin is well past the halfway point where the bowl is thinner again. Michelle is in second.

    Jordan behind and then Nat.

  86. if russ goes have a bring back a hg amercia votes russ comes back double eviction next week back on track russ stays

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