Big Brother 11: Week 7 Eviction Poll

Update: Turn on your Big Brother Live Feeds right now! Russell is losing it and going nuts in the house. I guess he’s realized he has no chance to stay and wants to go out with his guns blazing. If you missed the fight, Flashback to 4pm today. Don’t have the live feeds yet? You can sign-up here with the free trial right now.

The final nominees are set for Week 7 in Big Brother 11. Now all that’s left is for the remaining House Guests to cast their votes on Thursday night and send home either Russell or Natalie. Will the HGs take this chance to backdoor Russell?

You won’t have to wait that long though. Vote now in the poll below to cast your vote for who you want to be evicted from Big Brother on Thursday night and then tell us why in the comments below.

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  1. If Natalie stays, she’ll win because all of her friends will be in the jury house. Russell needs to stay, he’s the one you want to be in the final 2 with. They won’t vote for him.

  2. i agree. best move is to evict Natalie, and let Russell to stay in the f4. and what eva happins after that let it happin. may the best HG win

  3. I want Natalie out because she has done nothing but ride on everyone’s coat tails, then tried to make herself look good when she speaks up to people….I can’t stand her !

  4. I’d love to see Nat go but Jeff needs to get rid of Riussell this week, either way I think Jeff could be screwed next week…

  5. Natalie is one of those people who lies all the time and begins to believe her lies as the truth.I hope her lies come back to bite her in the a$$.

  6. Now that Chima is out and they are one Jury member short I think America should get to vote on who they want to win and take the winner from that vote and get to be one vote in the Jury house

  7. I can’t wait for Nat’s whole side to watch themselves on TV. I hope they are ashamed of themselves after they view it.

  8. I think you’re all delusional, Nat and Kev is playing the game, and both deserve to stay long enough to put Jeff and Jordan on the block, and back door Michelle as long as she doesnt win POV. Kev would be stupid to take Russ off the blk since Russ wants him out.

  9. i doubt they be ashamed..they somewhat believe they are playing the game right! oh well their stardome will be short lived soon and soon we be like GNAT WHO?!

  10. Natalie needs to leave, hello Jeff, if you make it to the bottom 2 or 3 take a look at the jury, there all Natalie/Kevin’s alliances, you have just blown 1/2 a million dollars if you keep those 2 to the bitter end, your better off with Russell and I think Russell is pretty cool, please keep him around.

  11. Jessie and Lydia are on the Jury. Jeff can’t win against Kevin or Natalie if he’s one of the last two with either one of them. Only Jordan would vote for Jeff. If it’s Jordan and Jeff last two…Jordan would win because Jeff has done all her dirty work for her and everyone dislikes him. If Russell gets kicked out now, he’ll be ticked at Jeff. Jeff’s only chance of winning is apologizing to Russell and asking Michele and Jordan not to vote Russell out…that his paranoia got the better of him and he’s sorry for putting Russell up. If it’s not russell and jeff at the end then I honestly don’t think Jeff has a chance of winning. He played stupid with his POV.

  12. i’m hoping against hope,that something drastic happens with natalie and she goes tomorrow, and whomever wins HOH puts michele and kevin up with kevin gone next week

  13. and Jess who?
    Ronnie who?
    Shima who? oh wait u mean that tobacco smoke?
    J and J who?
    Kevin who?

    u get the pic lol

  14. Russell is well passed time to go out. Russell needs to go. Then Gnat and Jordan next 2 weeks. Then Jeff then threal Players of the game Kevin and Michelle can duke it out in the end.

  15. @pip: It would be insane Big Brother drama if that happened (Natalie’s eviction on Thurs). It’d be awesome!

  16. 90% of the time the Jury house ends up voting for the one who actually played the game the best ….. irrelevant of in-house alliances.

  17. Dave I agree but I don’t this group thinks with a level head! They are a bunch of the worst players I’ve seen in a long time….

  18. I think Jeff made the biggest mistake of the game putting Russell on the block! Natalie & Kevin will put him up next week no matter what they say. He can’t win against either one of them. He is better off keeping Russell!

  19. JoAnn I totally agree and the worst of it K&N will be so evil about there stabbing him in the back….Laughing and rubbing it in….

    If Nat & Kev are in the final 2 I am not watching…

  20. Nat needs to go she is nothing but a liar from day 1 that is all she has for game play She has never won anything. Russ deserves to stay as he is a man of his word.

  21. I want the Nat gone cuase she is a Nat bugging every one not only in the BIG BROTHER HOUSE but out here in TV land! LOL!!!

  22. I want Nat to go as well. However, I don’t believe Russ is a man of his word as so many say he is.

  23. I completely agree with Mary and pip. Jeff needed Russell to stick around for the next HOH – Jordan and Natalie are long shots for winning anything, but with Michelle and Kevin around and now both with a REASON to get rid of Jeff – he’ll be going home next week unless something drastic happens. Even if Russell won HOH this week and put Jeff and Jordan up, he had a great chance of winning the POV with Kevin out this week and if Michelle or Natalie won it instead he coudl have easily goteen them to take him off the block in order to get rid of the other one – he and Jordan would have been safe because they could manipulate the situation to convince either Michelle or Natalie that he was their only hope of beating Russell in a physical challenge!

  24. Russell WAS getting some sympathy but he’s going crazy right now and making me think he’s a dumb A$$. wow, watch the live feeds..sheesh

  25. What is wrong with some of you? Russell said Jeff’s best move was to put him up on the block. Russell’s just mad because Jeff beat him to it. Natalie hasn’t won anything & I mean anything that counts in this game. You have forgotten about Michelle she will fight to stay in the game & don’t sell Jordan short either she could pull this off. That’s what makes BB so great to watch. Also remember they vote for who plays the game. You’re not in there to win a popularity contest.

  26. Cheri i left you a great messege on the topic
    NO ENDURANCE THIS WEEK?????? Its good sweetie so read it ok girl and go Michelle!!!!

  27. the worst part is if Russell had gone to Jeff and been honest about how his feelings are SUPER hurt because he truly hadn’t done anything Jeff may have changed his vote..maybe. But Russ is making it so NOONE wants to save him. WOW, he is truly blowing it.

  28. I wish Russ would tell Jeff about Natalie bashing Jeff last night playing pool. Maybe that would save Russ. I wonder why is doesn’t say something and try to save himself. Nat and Kevin should not win because they lie. They need to win something. I hope she’s gone tomorrow. Sounds like Russ has a big speech that he wants to say before the eviction. He said he’s been working on his speech. I feel bad. So what if Russ has F2 with Michelle. Jeff has F2 with Jordan. I would love the 4 to battle it out.

  29. Yes, Mary. Russ attacked Jeff verbally. Jeff was pretty calm and then Jordan came in and screamed at Russ back.

  30. I would like to see Natalie gone because she and Kevin plant too many lies in my opinion. I’d rather see Michelle, Jeff or Jordan win when all is said and done.

  31. OMG Is Russ going to get kicked out? There hasn’t been 2 people kicked out in one show has there?

  32. Its really quite comical with Russ calling Jordan fat a bunch of times and Jeff asking Russ if he wants to have sex with him ….

  33. Voting out Natalie makes more sense. Regardless of who is left in the house, Jeff is doomed. He cannot win HOH again and Jordan is too blond to win and protect him. Everyone will be gunning for him. Russell deserves to stay, he would be a better win than Michelle or Kevin.

  34. I’m missing everything. Darn it. Russ is calling Jordan fat? She has gained some weight. I’d love to see that. They probably won’t let us see it on the show.

  35. Russell is SO mad that he’s not making any points to use this undevided attention to do anything to help himself. If Jeff wasn’t such a dope he would have a final 2 with Russ to guarantee himself the money. They are both strong and would dominate the HOH and POV competitions. Oh well Russ blew it.

  36. That’s what I don’t understand. Why doesn’t Russ tell him. Russ should call out Nat and Kevin and also tell Jeff that Nat was bashing him last night playing pool.

  37. Oh Russell. His temper is and was his downfall. I never liked that. (I’d still love to see Natalie goes instead of him:) Thanks for the updates!

  38. in reveiwing past bb seasons, this without a doubt is the tamest of them all other than jordan and michelle who keep showing off their ” talents “. the rest are a bunch of duds who have big mouths and big egos. Here is how it stacks up……if they vote russell out, kevin wins this years bb, if they vote out natalie tonight and break up that k & n alliance, then michelle stands the best chance……either way…i will be rooting for the smartest player

  39. Go Russell!!!make them think. Jeff is so screwed right now. Jordan is probably mad at Jeff right now for telling her to shut up. Jordan opened up her potty mouth and told him that they had planned all week to backdoor him, what a dummy.

  40. Jordan should have stayed out of it!!! She is so stupid. Kevin just told Jor that america is so mad at Russ right now because we all love her. WRONG!!! I can’t stand her. I don’t know many people who do like her. She should get kicked out for chest bumping him because Russ would get kicked out if he did it.

  41. Natalie needs to be sent home for MANY reasons but one
    they could throw back at her on her way out of the door is:
    “We’re sending you to the Jury House with your best interest in mind.
    An 18 year old wouldn’t know how to manage – $500K.”


  42. I’m confused on why Jordan is crying? Jeff has been mean to her the past few days but that is because he’s calling her out on teh fact that she sits on her lazy bum all day and lets him dish out the dirty deeds. I wish I had the live feeds, can anyone update us on what is going on!! PLEASE!!!!!!

  43. Your right ashely jordan should have stay out of it.And I agree that you don,t ever make threats about anyone family.So I understand why russ is mad about that.I like jeff and jordan and I won,t be diapponit when they get voted off for doiong a stupid move.I beleave nat and kev started this whole thing.And jeff was stupid anough to beleave 2 people thats never been on his team.

  44. Re the comment about 90% of the time they forget alliances when they vote for the winner:
    The mostly infantile people who are in this year’s house lack any kind of perspective where others are concerned. Jessie, Lydia, Natalie, need I name more? They have no self-awareness as to how they themselves are perceived and seem incapable of empathy. (I’m certain Jessie wouldn’t even know the definition of that word.) So since the jury house will have a majority of the Jessie alliance in it to vote, it was always a foregone conclusion that unless Jeff and Jordan were the final two that neither of them would ever win. People have to be capable of recognizing that someone they despised has played well, and most of them don’t have the skills to manage that.

  45. Who wants to bet CBS will edit this fight to put it all on Russ?? I bet this is exactly what CBS was waiting for, so they can prop up J&J even more. I bet they’ll show Russ calling her fat and then switch to Jordan crying.

  46. What is it that Nat wants to tell Michelle. She says she wants to tell her something later after the fight.

  47. I agree with #62. They probably won’t even show the fight from the other day when Jeff was egging everything on and being a total jerk. They just want to make the golden boy look good. What a joke!!! Wake up everyone, the show is rigged toward Jeff and Jordan. Don’t be surprised to see them sitting in final 2.

  48. Jokers Update just said that Michelle and Nat are bonding on the backyard couch? Nat’s up to something and it’s never good.

  49. I must admit, when I first saw Russell, I thought ‘ew, muscle head’. But, upon seeing what he’s like, I love the guy. He’s true to his word, and has made it this far basically on his own. I used to adore Jeff because he was so damn good looking, but now I realize Jeff has the IQ of lint. Jeff doesn’t realize his alliance with Russ was the best thing that ever could have happened. Jeff thinks he’s putting himself in a good spot by getting all buddy buddy with Kev and Natalie, but really, he’s fucking up. He could have kept Russell for the sole purpose of the “other side” of the house having a target. With Russ’s eviction, the target of “strongest player” (which is what people want to evict at this point) goes squarely on Jeff’s back. And has anyone noticed how Jeff is letting the power get to his head? Jordon doesn’t even want to be around him now. Hmm… wouldn’t it be great if Jordon voted to keep Russ, just to get back at moody Jeff? I can only hope. Really, I just hope Russ stays. He’s been the best thing to watch since Evil D.

  50. I agree with all of you that say Jeff made a huge mistake. Bye bye Jeff and Jordan. They’d each have to win everyother week to stay. And the other thing that they don’t get, is if either Jordan or Jeff are the block against Kevin or Nat, they will never win the game. So even if they are correct in getting Russ out, which they aren’t, don’t they see that if they are up against kevin or nat they will lose also?

    dummies, dummies, dummies

  51. hmm maybe that was what shima was referring to: when she kept on saying she needs 2 speak to the producers! if the producers are rigging the game just so that golden boy can look golden for them to cash on. then whats the point about the game then?

  52. @Mary: Nat would be smart to bond with Michelle. she knows that Michelle can win competitions, and if Michelle wins HOH, nat and kev want to already be ready to say hey, let’s team up against JJ cuz they will win it all if we don’t get them out now. With Michelle trying to play buddy buddy nice girl all game, she just might buy it. Just cuz you’re a genius, doesn’t mean you have common sense or street smarts

  53. ummm there is 500k at stake. They are all playing the game in their own way. Nat is being so smart right now. She is talking to Russ and being his friend, talking crap about Michelle, all to get his jury vote. Smart girl. Jeff and Jordan will have no ones vote except each others against Nat or Kev. Sorry you are leaving Russ. I think you played a good game.

  54. 57 Natlie is not 18 she is 24 everybody knows you have to be 21 to be on the show.But I guess Jeff,and the others cant remember that she lies from the start

  55. The speech that Russel should give at the end is, Jeff you made a huge mistake. You might not believe me now, but you are going to kick yourself when you find out the truth. I can’t believe how stupid jeff is. Jordan too

  56. I’ watching the flashback from noon today. Wow, wait until Jordan finds out that she and Jeff are wrong about Kevin. LOL Fools

  57. ya know yesterday I might have said Nat but after Russ’s behavior today…no way he is way over the line and he needs to go. Im so SO sick of him picking on people’s insecurities to boost himself. I HATE people like that…and the thought of him continuing to have a chance at a half million…no way

  58. Russell does not deserve to leave, Nat and Kevin do, they both lied about Russell to get Jordan and Jeff to do their dirty work, cause they could not get Russell out themselves. Michelle is not much better she has lied to them as well, she could have made this right, by owning up the truth. Russell I did not like from the begining but I get him now and see what has been done to him, but those he trusted and got blindsided each time. I just cant believe that Jordan and Jeff did not come up with another possible idea that they were being lied to by both Nat and Kevin ( who both had nothing to do with either one of them till now)for him to get Russell out by making up a story. makes it worse Michelle knows the truth. I really wanted to see Jeff and Russell be the final 2. If Russell does go tomorrow night, watch out Jeff you probably be joining him soon, then you will realize to late,that you made the wrong move of course by trusting the wrong people Nat and Kevin if either one of them go to the final 2 I will be sick, do not think either deserves it, I hope what comes around goes around

  59. I’m not a big fan of Russell but over these last few weeks, I would much rather see him in the top 4-2, by far, than Nat or Kevin. Now, if the show really IS scripted, just imagine the ratings BOOST sky high if Nat is the one that goes home and NOT Russell. People would be on pins and needles watching every episode that’s left until Sept 15 and signing up for the live-feeds left and right. I hope BB has ultimate control over this whole thing and shakes up the house, again, by keeping Russell IN THE HOUSE and removing Nat the pit bull. Lastly, Jeff is a complete dumb ass for his moves these last two weeks. He’s going to be up on the block for sure next week. Wouldn’t that be a kicker if they kept Russell AND Russell won HOH….lol, I would be laughing so damn hard. If there is another HOH that is but that would be priceless. Keep Russell, he’s good for ratings!

  60. Russ is just a sore loser like alot of his fans out there. You can’t win by getting in everybodys face and yelling at them. The only reason he is still there is because he was saved by the very people he is yelling at now. What a loser!

  61. I would like to see Nat gone but HG needs to vote Russ out. Nat hasn’t done anything except have someone else do her dirty work. Russ is a very STRONG player…him out of the way opens the door for k,m,and Jeff (sorry Jordan but nice people come in last when playing BB)Nat needs to go next week for sure.

  62. if they keep Natalie, jeff deserves to be put on the block next week. How can he trust her she hasn’t been on his side at all. There is no contest here – Natalie needs to go – if natalie or kevin is left in the final two one of them is winning.

  63. I’m not a big fan of Russell but over these last few weeks, I would much rather see him in the top 4-2, by far, than Nat or Kevin. Now, if the show really IS scripted, just imagine the ratings BOOST sky high if Nat is the one that goes home and NOT Russell. People would be on pins and needles watching every episode that’s left until Sept 15 and signing up for the live-feeds left and right. I hope BB has ultimate control over this whole thing and shakes up the house, again, by keeping Russell IN THE HOUSE and removing Nat the pit bull. Lastly, Jeff is a completely dumb for his moves these last two weeks. He’s going to be up on the block for sure next week. Wouldn’t that be a kicker if they kept Russell AND Russell won HOH….lol, I would be laughing so damn hard. If there is another HOH that is but that would be priceless. Keep Russell, he’s good for ratings!

  64. Just like some episodes of Survivor, sometimes it gets down to two people noone really wants to win. Then, you don’t even remember who the winner was for that season.

  65. Nat the rat needs to go, she is going to stab Jeff in the back, He is so atupid to believe her. Kevin is a snake, he hasn’t done anything but be the dumb ass to start the Nat lies. what a whimp

  66. I think CBS did a good job of showing what an a$$ Jeff is becoming on Tues’ show. They didn’t get to the point of the first blowout but he sure looked like a jerk whenever they showed him. I’m more convinced than ever that BB isn’t pushing for his win. Can anyone give me a reason they would?????

  67. Jeff didnt look like an azz or anything of that nature…he kicked it in gear and is actually playin the game hard now!…he was tryin to tell Jordan to start doin somethin for once but she is just a plain simpleton moron!…Jeff is takin control of this game big time and if u cant see it then dont even bother watchin cause u have no brain either…for Nastalie or Kevin to even have a chance at the final 2, then they would have to win SOMETHING to get there…that AINT happenin!…PERIOD!…Jeff will win when he has too win POV…matter of fact, whoever wins the next HOH is screwed cause its the worst 1 to win…the 1 after the next is a very important 1 to win cause then they can still compete in the HOH after that!…so Jeff winnin last week was perfect!…sorry but Kevin and Nastalie have no chance in HELL!!!

  68. As an objective observer, here is my take on each candidate:
    Russel – very short tempered and does not know how to communicate when there is a conflict. Would honor his promises (to the final 4 agreement; Jessie; Michelle) He definitely, would have gone after Jeff after the final 4 was reached.
    Jeff – Not very smart or analytical, thus tends to be easily swayed by information he receives (fr. Kevin – due to the demeanor he displays in the house; Jordan – because he likes her; etc.) He is however loyal to his base (Casey, Jordan, etc.)
    Michelle – Very analytical but not honest when confronted. She may make it to the final 2, if she continues on the path she is on.
    Kevin – Very smart but does not know when to say ‘NO’ to Natalie or to take charge of the decision making process. That will be his downfall if he does not start using his intelligence. He also need to come clean to Michelle and Russell regarding his role prior to evicting Natalie, especially after the converstion he had with Russell last night prior to the card game and then create a final 3 pact with them. I would take that risk if I was in his position.
    Natalie – Is very strategic with her lies/game but is only using Kevin to future her game.
    Jordan – Very immature and has no game…..

    Just my opinion…..

  69. I just read a spoiler that said, Kevin was brought into the diary room. Nat and Kevin were hiding items from the house so others couldn’t count them for a possible up coming HOH challange. If they didn’t return the item they would be expelled from the house. Wow!! Sounds like dirty game playing.

  70. @007Doll: That’s accurate. Natalie and Kevin were doing that before the other HGs woke up and BB slapped them on the wrist for it. Production also threatened them with expulsion the other day if they continued to speak in Spanish to hide their discussions. Bad HGs!

  71. Ian- I totally agree! That’s what I’ve been preaching for the last few weeks. He only has to survive this next week and he is practically home free.They have to win comps to get to the end and Michelle is the only other person I see possibly winning anything.

  72. Matt!
    I also just read that Jeff and Russ were just fighting that it may have become physical. Did it? Are they both being expelled or what’s happening now.. What is happening to this group they are all falling apart?

  73. Matt!

    If it did become physical, its also good game play on Russell’s part. He’s going home so why not get Jeff sent home too. LOL

  74. Jeff said the Kevin is on his side now. OMG, how surprised will he be when he gets sent home. LOL

  75. I would like to see Russell go but I think he is a good one to keep around to go up as the final 2 I mean lets face it nobody in that Jury house is going to vote for him to win the big bucks!!!! So why not keep him around…..

  76. I always felt that Michelle and Russell were the paranoid players. It turns out to be Jeff & Jordan. Jordan for putting up Lydia instead of Kevin and Jeff for believing Nat and Kevin to the point where he honestly thought being aligned with Nat & Kevin would ultimately get him jury votes at the F2 (incidently what happens at F2 should not have ultered his decision at F4). I thought at least Jeff would have played the finals a little smarter. He just turned over the .5 mil and probably won’t get near F2. He should suck up to Russell but the damage is done. See you Jeff.

  77. now that is 3 things Nat and Kevin have done in the last week, 1- set up Russell on lies on things he never said about Jeff, 2 speaking in spanish and now hiding things so the rest of the house do not what the true count is. How much more is BB going to let them get away with. This is the worst I have seen in all of BB. That just shows what kind of people they are outside, would not trust either in or out of the house. I cant wait till they all see who the real Liers are and its not Russell as he been made out to be, the only one everyone has turned against. I really think he was going to keep his word to Jeff and Jordan, they are the ones who did not keep their word and believe the others. Jeff is going to feel like a real “A” when he finds out he was played and back doored the wrong person who was loyal. I do not think I am interested in watching if Rus goes tomorrow, had it, can’t stand the site of the rest of them. I hope the Jeff and jordan come to their senses soon. I am hearing Rus is not helping his cause, but he has every right to be upset, once again he trusted somneone and was betrayed, that is why he is responding the way he is. The truth will come out after this is all over,

  78. I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Jeff was screwed from the get go. The “lie” had NOTHING to do with K&N, but that MICHELLE totally threw Russ under the bus prior to the “lie”.

    Russ was going to get Jeff out first chance he got. HE SAID IT HIMSELF. Jeff got to him first and beat him at his own game.

  79. @ Ian and Budman. You are probably right about Jeff being able to win POV…but…to actually win the game he has to have the votes of the jury.

  80. When Russ was given the chance to speak with Jeff and Jeff came out and said “I heard you were thinking of backdooring me first chance you got”, Russ did NOTHING to make Jeff feel that it was untrue. That is Russ’s fault!

  81. I don’t think its against the rules to lie or set someone up like they did. The other stuff is wrong, but lying, the all do it

  82. Ian: The only chance for Jeff this upcoming week is to have Jordan win HOH (like that will happen, she was handed the last one), or to win the POV, take himself of the block and not worry about Jordan. Otherwise, he is gone next week.

  83. What has seemed to bother Jeff the most was, after saving Russell, and putting up Jessie and Natalie, and knowing that Jeff wanted to get rid of Jessie, Russell voted to keep Jessie. He admitted this and Jeff couldn’t forget it. Russell should have been more cognizant of the effect this had on Jeff…and, Jeff should have talked to Russell about it. For a couple macho guys, they sure didn’t take the bull by the horns, and it will probably cost them both the game…

  84. @Dan. That’s true, but Russ was keeping his word to Jessie. Russ should hve just come out and said I gave my word to jessie and I was just trying to be honest and that he knew the votes were against Jessie.

  85. I thought it was hilarious that Kevin and Gnat’s famous LML was their big game play and it wasn’t even a lie;so they have done absolutely nothing. At least Kevin got 5 grand to be proud of.

  86. Alot of Natalie hators.

    Russell has no chance in anything of staying. I mean there is absoloutely nothing he can do.

    And i love it. U better get comfortable on the hammock, because you will be out so soon.

  87. Gnatalie had a prize, one of Jessie’s shirts but they made her give it back. (He kind-of left in a hurry w/o packing!)

  88. The producer of BB this year either dont want anything negative to happen after the Chima thing, or love picking on Natalie and anyone else who is aligned with her because she is strongly coming for Jeff.

    Isnt removing and hiding certain items very good strategy?

    The talking in spanish and pig latin i understand why, and agrree why u cant do that, but i swear Someone did that like last season. or a season ago and they sure as heck didnt get threaten with a suspension.

    If Jeff and Russ got in a fight, we all know Russ won. IF that happened.

    we need to get that 64% down to a 30% or something. I dont knoe how its a 64% anyway, that really gets me, but someone in the house needs to make America mad! lol.

  89. Wow Kev…he said he never gets asked anything negative about Jeff…that he is sure production portrays J&J as a sweet couple…weird!

  90. I meant hiding things so other houseguests couldnt count them, i meant to say that happened last season. or 2 seasons ago

  91. Jeff admitted and said “it doesn’t really matter because I am f****d when it comes to the F2 because I have put them in the jury. I did like Jeff at one point and I have to admit, that is the most intellegent thought he has had all week.

  92. I want Natilie to go! All she does is cause trouble with her lies then sits back. She doesn’t deserve to be in final 3 or 4. Russell or Jordon should win. I was wanting Jeff or Jordon to win but the last few weeks he has been putting Jordon down too much. He becoming an A$$!

  93. Joyce, isnt lying playing the game?

    isnt causing other houseguests too be in trouble with HOH, because ur on the block playing game?

    Imean if ur on the block and u wanna stay, dont u lie, or throw someone under the bus?

    Just asking. by ur comment i guess u would just sit on the floor and pack ur bags 4 days early, and not do anythign to save ureself.

  94. @harmony…yes…that’s all Russell had to do, and I think Jeff would have been fine…for a little while, anyway…

  95. Hey Matt!!
    Can you confirm if Jeff and Russell got in a physical fight with BB production getting involved? Does anyone know?

  96. To date Natalie has done nothing but drag around on first Jessie & then Chima’s coattails. Hasn’t won or done one thing except cause trouble. I thought what she said about not winning anything because she didn’t have to was telling. You can’t tell me she didn’t try winning anything she just can’t cut it. The way she carried on when Chima was getting expelled from this daycare should have told Jeff she’d never be on his team. I think Russell has a lot more faithfulness than any of the others. He gave Jessie his word & didn’t break it. He gave Jeff his word, ditto. Jeff needs to get Jordan out of his ear she is using him to advance as far as she can & won’t be there for him afterwards. She wants to go to Hawaii but not as anything close as a girlfriend. He is after all at least 9 years older & God only knows how many light years away in thoughts. Jordan & Natalie are both immature for their ages.

  97. gNat has to go as she’s the same ingrate she was when “2 finger” Jessie was ruling the house… If Jeff’s hair-brain plan of removing Russel goes through it’ll be hilarious when Kevin or gNat puts him up….

  98. Jeff should stop messing with Jordan anyway. Its not gonna get u anywhere, and she is like 7 years younger. Its not like u guys are gonna go out after the show.

    She is gonna go her state, and ur gonna go root for the bears.

  99. @Dan I don’t get why Jeff believed Kevin. Fool. And if I am correct, Russ has kept his word to everyone, hasn’t he? Jeff really messed his game up. The only thing that might happen is if Kevin turns on Nat and goes with Jeff to the final 2. but who knows.

  100. @Marcus I was wondering if Jordan even like Jeff, in the romantic sense? She doesn’t seem as if she does, cause most women with a crush would be hanging on him more than she does.

  101. I’ve been watching the flashbacks of livefeed and after the big yelling match they put the we’ll be back up and since then I haven’t seen Jeff. He might be in time out. LOL

  102. Another thought:nearly everyone in JH HATED Dick & everyone thought he’d never get the votes to win. Luckily (for Dick) the JH had time to evaluate & realize that he in fact had played the best game. So don’t count out Russell if he were to go the final 2. Right now this doesn’t look likely but expect the unexpected as BB always says.

  103. @JJ2 I think that if Dick had been up there with someone other than his daughter, he would not have won firwt place. No one like his daugther in the JH.

  104. I love how ppl go;

    “I can stand Nat, all she does is lie, and lie, and stuff, she hasnt done anything in the house. . . . . Go Kevin!”

    Like double-u tee-eff?! Kevin told the lie and was in on it with her!

    Ive been mad when i go to Blockbuster and they dont have my movie too, but jeez u guys are relentless.

  105. @ marcus, no fights! producer calmed them down. but am sure 2morow u see a one sided show.

  106. @blackgirl, yeah, I didn’t really think of that. Its true,. Although I was cheering for Jef, Jordan or Russ to win, I can’t wait for Nat or Kev to win HOH or POV and show Jeff what a darn fool he is. LOL So I guess now I’ve switch sides to win.

  107. Should have let them fight. It would have been a whole new reality show. LOL

    Just kidding guys.


    what started the fighting, they both have tempers I know. Was it really over anything or just the stress of the show?

  109. Russell voteted Jessie out then told Jeff so Jeff does not trust him. Jeff is doing what he thinks is right for him. Jordan wanted Russell out.I do not think Jeff did not lisen to Jordan. Jeff made his own choice. Jordan has won POV so she can win again I hope she wins HOH then Jeff will not have to worry. Then I hope she needs to get rid of natlie. Votes will change so Jeff does not have to worry about votes

  110. @harmony…one thing can be said for the quality of the HG’s intellect, is that it is really low. Jeff trusting two people who couldn’t stand him was silly…wait until he finds out. As for Russell, he may have kept his word, somewhat, but his behind-the-back stuff with Michele was stupid. She has not been loyal to anybody…and she continuously sells people out. So, Russ was stupid to trust her…and she didn’t have his back when he needed it. Making comments about getting rid of Jeff didn’t help. It would be interesting if Kevin turns on Nat, but he is loyal to a fault…so, I’d be surprised…

  111. Every single person in this house lies. seriously the excuse of someone lying is just pathetic. It is also pathetic that people say “so and so didn’t play the game”. Uh they are STILL in it for a reason. If they haven’t won anything (POV or HOH) who cares? That just proves even more that they are playing the game for what it is!

    Seriously people look at their favorites with such rose colored glasses, it cracks me up! Russ has lied to people. He was going to put Jeff up, but Jeff got to him first!

  112. Russ was very mad that Jeff put hin on the block and he was calling Jordan a fat blank and all kinds of other stuff. Jeff was really quiet for a long time ane then he flared up.

  113. After reading the “live feed” reports, it is obvious that Russell is nuts! He has gone off on Jeff, Ronnie, Chima, Lydia, Jessie, Michele, and Jordan…did I miss anybody? His physical threatening is getting tiresome…and I thought he was a good player. I just don’t think this game should allow physical intimidation, and in-your-face tactics. It’s pretty disgusting…

  114. @Dan … I know what you mean. And how I have changed in my thoughts is that I can’t wait for Kevin or Nat to get HOH or POV and put Jeff up. I’m going to laugh MAO. You know what I notice about Michelle? She says she forgets stuff easily. If that’s true and her memory is screwed up, how did she remember all the answers on the before or after game or who did what to win POV. this is the stuff that Jeff and Jordan should be noticing, and the thing with Nat’s age. they should have caught onto all this but as you say,low intellect. Or like the saying from Forrest Gump, Stupid is as Stupid does

  115. Russ did not call Jordan anything until she got in the middle of something that wasn’t her business and chest bumped Russ and cussing him out. That is why he called her a fat a$$.

  116. They are all nuts basically…Russ going off – Jeff saying Russ wants him, etc – Jordan chest bumping Russ like she is Chima, when Chima threw water at Russ and told him to hit her, Lydia going psycho before she got evicted, etc…crazy crew!

  117. @Jackie….. I think what people mean is some of the HG have flown under the radar until recently, Jordan being one I think. Everyone has their favorites. But then again Kevin and a few others never really had to really get into it because everyone else was fighing so much. LOL I just wonder if Kevin will be able to cut Jeff’s throat now that Jeff has told Russ Kevin is on my side, blah, blah. Russ said “oh, yeah, Kevin’s on your side.” LOL

  118. @Ashley…I think the chest bump came on the second go round, and the “fat” comment was when she butted in. Russell is an equal opportunity hater…

  119. @ 007doll, the fight was just stress. and jordan came out to join him and russ told her she was fat and jeff told her to shut it, but the fight is done jordan is crying and ranting i will beat russ to Kev…lol

  120. @harmony…I think Michele’s act will catch up with her…although, like others have said, all these people are still in the house, whether they’ve won anything, or not. Staying under the radar is a tactic…

  121. @ashley….. I just laughed while reading your post because I heard him say Go get some more cookie dough Fat A$$ LOL.

    there was also some comments from Russ and Jeff (not sure who started it) about Russ or Jeff being hot for the other and they both continued to make nasty comments about each other wanting the other one LOL

  122. TIme for BB fair play and eject both Russell and Jeff out of the House now and bring back Ronnie and Jessie.

  123. And Lydia should go back in the house too after Russell and Jeff ejection from the BBH.

  124. Well I still like Russ even though he is a hothead, but I’m italian and hearing people yell is not that big a deal to me. it’s what is said that cuts or hurts that I don’t like. I also like him because he makes sense most of the time when he’s mad. Jeff can’t argue very well.

  125. @ harmony and ashley.

    the rant btwn russ and jeff was funny. jeff started saying do u have the hots for me? do u wanna have sex with me? do u have a hardon for me blah blah. russ just laughed and told jeff thats not what u say when ur argueing with someone lol then russ started taking the mic out of jeff sex comments.

  126. @ Harmony

    Jeff said Russ wanted him, had a crush on him, and wanted to have sex with him. Russ started mocking him basically and saying yea that’s what you say back to someone while in an argument.

  127. Wow, what an interesting day!!!

    So does anyone want to admit they’re all crazy? I knew Chima wasn’t the only one with problems…Russ has got some issues, too! Like I’ve said before; why they could never get along…they’re too much alike!!!

  128. @Lisa L….. I don’t want Ronnie back in. The guy bugged me just to hear him talk. I can’t even hear the word Scenario anymore without thinking of him. Did anyone see his audition tape when he had blonde hair? Best case scenrreo, that’s all ronnie said. And Jessie Kept saying Point being…. point being ….

  129. @Lilly…you are so right about Russell and Chima…they fight the same way…they love intimidation…

  130. I think CBS and BB was a bit to eager for fireworks during the selection process for this season. I’m sure they’ve had to deal with more than they anticipated this time.

  131. @delirious85 LOL see what I mean, Russ is a good fighter with his words.
    (and saying yea that’s what you say back to someone while in an argument.) That’s a great comeback to Jeff.

  132. Jeff has not thought this through at all. If they vote Russell out the house, then Kevin is going to win the next HOH competition and put up Jeff and Jordon. Jeff made one of the best moves this season and one of the worst. If Russell is voted out on Thursday, my vote is for Kevin…he has proven himself in competitions and his playing a smart game.

  133. Natalie deserves to go. She has contributed literally nothing in the game, except a few tears for a self conceited, egotistical Jessie, who will undoubtedly be laughing his ass off when he views the footage, and well as probably be ridiculed when they return to their real lives. Natalie is a sidler, is unconvincing in her play and that voice in the diary room…please, someone pass me earplugs! She doesnt stand a chance to win, anything and should go this week, even though Russel may be his own worst enemy in the live feeds. I hope when she reviews the shows she realizes how dumb she was and how dumb she was preceived by the millions of viewers who are adicted to this crap, myself included! Jeff turned out to to be one of the smartest. I wonder though, is he playing a came with Jordan? This showmance may fool everyone!

  134. lol @ dan and lilly,

    ur right, come to think of it Russel is a fighter and chima is Woman Diva group trooper.

  135. Congrats Jeff you have finally fell into the ranks of Jessie. Thought you really had it together, but, I appreciace…how you have shown America what you really are. If I could take my vote back I would. Too bad, too sad.

  136. I think the ladies of the house are all working together. Does anyone else pick up on that? Last night I believe it was Jordan and Michele walking in the backyard when one of them said to the other that Natalie agrees Kevin needs to be the next target. So Im thinking that their thoughts are…if Kevin wins hoh his target is Jeff. Bye, bye Jeff! And if Michele or Jordan win hoh it’s bye bye Kevin. I suppose Natalie would have enough guts to go after Jeff but I can imagine her throwing the competition before she would get her hands dirty. I think Jordan is playing Jeff like a violin. She’s such a tease with him.

  137. so i think Jeff screwed up this week – If anyone but Jordan wins HOH…..he’s screwed! obviously Kevin and Nat are going after him…i’m still rooting for J&J final two!!

  138. well come to think of it. i read some where the BB Uk version was canceled at some point. and producer dont want to cancel this one just yet. lots of shows on tv will soon kick the bucket. but if this is the last bbUSA then the producer will rig it someway some how.

  139. I agree with 124 JJ2, that sums it up. We will have to wait to see what happens. There are surprises and BB always does something to put a twist. Jeff and Jordan you both need to open your eyes, you blinded the wrong person and its going to bit you back later.

  140. @Kelli…Jeff can only hope to win POV…he had a pretty bad week…probably cost him a chance to win…

  141. @ Lilly

    LOL yea…but then again the rational people are probably the ones who get voted out early in the game…

  142. @dan – that’s what i think too….bad week! he’s putting way too much pressure on Jordan to win HOH – it may happen – we will have to wait and see!

  143. am watching part 2 of star wars. and anikin reminds me of jeff, dark lord reminds me of kevin and obiwankonobi as Russ.

  144. @ Harmony

    LOL yea I was like what the heck is Jeff talking about? That wasn’t even the point of the fight and that’s all Jeff could say??

  145. Jeff got to cocky (pun intended) that’s why he’s in this mess. Same rings true for Russ. They deserve what comes to them…Karma’s a B*TCH!

    And Jordan’s NOT FAT!!!!!!!!!!! Not every woman starves herself to continue to look of a pre-pubescent girl. Real women have curves!!!!!


  146. @ Lilly – AMEN!!!
    @Dan – cracking up!! clock reading would send Jeff to the jury house for sure if he didnt win VETO!!!!!!!

  147. @Dan

    I saw the whole clock reading thing too…she is such a poor representative of the south.

  148. well i guess russ may have blown his chance unless kev and mich come to the rescue he has a chance (prayer) nat just irritates me now she wants to make nice with mich!!!! what does she want to talk about later

  149. @Lilly…I would never perceive any player in this game as representative of the place they come from…although Braden was close…

  150. does anyone think of kellie pickler from american idol when they watch and listen to jordan? i sure do – but i love her b/c she seems sweet and down to earth….and she’s not some hootchie making an ass out of herself with some shomance that her family can watch play out….she may be slow but she has morals!

  151. that would be great if Kev & Mich would cut a deal with Russ but you can’t trust saying anything to Mich. She’s two faced and then after she tells other what you said she can’t remember anything. LOL

  152. @Dan and Liiy, do you guys think that Jordon is playing dumb OR is she not a bright light? LOL!

  153. @harmony…Michele remembers…she just won’t allow herself to suffer the consequences…but, she gets away with it…a lot!

  154. @Dan @Lily: The funny thing is that Jeff couldn’t teach her correctly either. All he needed to say is its not like the quarter, money, its like the quarter .15 on the clock. He should have told her that each 15 minutes is a quarter of one hour. not 25, but 15. The dumb leading the dumb. LOL

  155. @Gracie…Jordan was pretty amazing in the “Before and After” game to win POV…I think she plays up the blond thing a bit, but she is not a brainiac, by any stretch…

  156. @Dan

    Wasn’t accusing you just making the point. I’ve noticed a pattern. BB tends to selects people form areas whose personalities match the typical stereotypes…not just from the south (i.e. Braden) NOT COOL BB!

  157. @ everyone! Jeff is mad at jordan. tells her next 3 weeks she should think! wow. must be cuse of his confrontation with russ and how she end up speaking too much

  158. @Lilly…just playing…hard to take any of this too seriously…your point is well-taken. Also, the louder, and more obnoxious, the better the HG…

  159. I don’t understand why people in this house don’t just call each other out when they know that something is a lie…especially all of Natalie’s lies. Everybody should know that she is a liar but it is like everyone is afraid to say anything or to confront her with it. I definitely want her gone because her and Kevin’s lies have done nothing but make it hard for others to just “play the game” the way it should be played. When Jeff sees the footage later, he is going to realize what a fool he has been and he will also realize that he never have listened to anything that Jordan said to him because she has been wrong about everyone…..

  160. @Lilly…I was agreeing with you that there are better representatives of an area’s culture than these people…not at all offended…

  161. @Bev…… Jordan and Jeff haven’t seen any of the lies yet I guess or can’t figure them out. They really haven’t talked to them a lot until recently. Jordan says she trust Nat and Kev much more than Russ. I hope jeff didn’t list to Jordan. And he better hope its not kev or Nat in the final two with him if he does make it.

  162. for those of you with the live feeds……
    are russ and jeff being civil at all…..or are they just at each other constantly…..

  163. U knoe . . . . its not to late to come to the evil side guys. and by evil i mean the best tag team in the house at the moment.

    U kneo who it is. C’mon over, while u still can. the door for u guys wil be closed once we get to week 8.

    Join us. it will better ur sex life, and lower ur cholestrol by 15%. lol

  164. They are in two different places. Jeff is in HOH room with Mich and jordan Not sure where russ is

  165. @ Dan

    Better representatives have enough forethought to never get involved with this drama…no matter how much was offered!

  166. @Marcus….. I was a Russ and J & J fan. Now I can’t wait for Kevin or Nat to win so I can see Jeff’s face when he goes on the block. He will then realize that Russ was not lying to him and I want him and Jordan to know so bad. LOL So I guess I’ve switched sides. But out of the two, I’d rather Kevin win.

  167. ive jeff and jordon. i hpoe jeff does get put on the block and then takes himself off. he will find who he really can trust and find out who really is the liar or the ral snake is before its to late, hoping he has a chance if you khow what i mean.

  168. GO KEVIN!!! I so hope he wins. He’s playing this game better that anyone else at the current time. He’s not afraid to make strategic moves to help himself, he befriends other HGs to ensure votes from the JH if he ends up in the F2, and he’s as honest as he can be while keeping himself in the best position. Smart player!!!

  169. is it true that Russ has 20k cash prize money? cus i heard reason for them voting him out is cus he already won 20k

  170. @ Dan

    thanks! what of kevin his cash prize was twice so far i remember him winning 5 gs at the golf game but what about the swing game how much did he win their?

  171. live feed is soo funny right now, jeff saying he wants to put russ on youtube and bash his name on their lol!

  172.…weren’t there two empty “gifts” in the swing comp? I kind of think Kevin got nothing…

  173. Has anyone considered that when CBS gave Jeff this wonderful coup d’tet, they’ve also planned on giving him a Part II, in other words, something bad? Too much to hope for?

  174. i hope jordan or michele wins hoh. that little 2 face trouble maker ratalie is really a rat snake little pcs of sh**.sorry ladies but she is.

  175. I for one would like to see Russell win everything after all this crap but only an act of God can save him now. I really wanted Jeff to win but Jeff seams to think only with the wrong part of his body lately what an idiot and all Jordan does is eat and be a dumb Southern bitch
    After seeing how Jeff is playing the game i don’t want to tell people i’m from Chicago. LMAO

  176. Kelli,
    You must NOT have live feeds if you think Jordan is sweet and moral. She has become a horrid little witch. She makes fun of everyone else all the time behind their backs, seriously nasty remarks, especially Michele, and then she acts like her friend to her face.

    She also acts like a queen, she expects everyone to bow down to her and if anyone else plays the game, she says (repeatedly) that they are terrible people.

    It amazes me how several of these palyers have commented that they wouldn’t do things on Thursday, the live show, that they’d do the rest of the week. It seems to be their consensus that people don’t watch them, or at least anyone they’d know. Russell just said today that his family has better things to do and would only watch the tv show.

    If you don’t have the live feeds you really don’t have the true picture. Not even close.

  177. 201 – never mind th nose picking, if Jordan pulls on that one inch lock of bangs one more time I’ll reach into the screen and yank it out. She does it every 45 seconds. Look, there she goes again.

  178. ratalie talks to russell. jeff doesn’t see she is talkin sh@@.russell is right about one thing the rat and kevin are playin him and jordan.

  179. @ TJ

    They act like they are in high school – freaking out bc they are talking to Russ…they want everyone to go on and ignore Russ – that’s stupid. He is still in the house, whether they like it or not. This if you talk to him you must be on their side is ridiculous. Even Michele said in one of her DR’s that she couldn’t talk to Russ so that J&J wouldn’t get any ideas to come after her!

  180. @ Rene F

    This is exactly the reason why I believe fans should NOT have a vote for the winner of BB11! It’s all about wooing the other HGs, not the audience!!!!!!! BB LISTEN TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. I think I’m losing hope for Kevin. On this afternoon’s feeds he was giving Jordan some damn GOOD advice. Why would he do that, she’s the competition?

  182. @ Rene F

    I was paying attention to live the feeds but I don’t know what exactly you are referring to. What did Kev say?

  183. michele should go to jeff…. ratalie told me you said this or that.or even russ ratalie told me this. all the sh@@ is coming from the rat.jeff is so stupid to believe someone like her.the queen rat.

  184. meh, just russell beefing.
    not that interesting.

    jordan getting into it was kinda ok, but whatever.

  185. I think Jeff made a really bad move with the POV. Did he forget about the first 6 weeks of the game and how Nat and Kevin treated him? I wanted him to win, now I really don’t care. How dumb can you be????????

  186. @ delierius85

    After the fights calmed down and she was whining in the kitchen, saying she just wanted to hit him, he kept telling her to not do anything to get thrown out of the game.

    Earlier he told her the viewers would all be against Russell because she was “nothing but nice” in the house and American would be loving her.


  187. I keep reading posts that say Kevin is loyal to a fault. Why is everyone saying that? He hasn’t done anything, hasn’t had to do anything, so where have you seen loyalty? No one until Russell has even approached him about coming to the other side. What are you basing this on?

  188. @ dan 143
    If you think physical intimidation shouldn’t be allowed, then the only one who needs to go is Jordan. She physically went after Russell with a chest bump and when telling Kevin why she stopped short of assualting him further said, “I’d lose my money.”. Excuse me, Jordan, WHAT money? An example of how J&J assume they have already won the game.

  189. @Rene: He stood by Lydia as her ship sunk and nearly pulled him down with her. He begged Chima to get out of bed to practice PoV that night knowing full well if she won it and came down he’d go up. Now he’s going to stick to keeping Natalie when keeping Russell would be much better for his game.

    That is why I believe Kevin is loyal to a fault.

  190. @Rene F…Kevin stuck with Chima, Lydia, and Nat, no matter what stuff they pulled on the others…throwing things out, throwing tantrums, threatening everybody…and, although Kevin didn’t really do that stuff, he refused to turn on any of these people…it would have been easy to jump ship and take care of himself…but, he didn’t. Pretty loyal, I think…

  191. @ Rene F

    Oh yea…I don’t think Kev has any loyalties. The only person he was loyal to was Lydia – now I assume he’ll float where ever the power is. He would be smart to align himself with Russ cuz he knows now that Russ would be after J&J but he’s too scared to make a move that big.

  192. I’m surprised the Big Brother Network hasn’t turned this comment page into a live chat room for us all.

    Oh and I fully agree, I think Jeff has a big time crush on Russell and is secretly gay, or at least bi curious. He’s always talking about how Russell wants him and earlier today teased to Russell if he, being Jeff, could have sex with him. Not many straight men tease about gay talk.

  193. Jeff is doing a good job I think getting Russell out is a good move as long Jordan wins HOH maybe Michelle without Russell she will go on a side that is winning she plays both sides. Kevin will change if he has to when it comes to the end it does not matter alliance you have because you think about youself and the big Money $$$$

  194. @Matt
    Kevin FIRST voted against Lydia, how loyal is that?
    Re: Chima, maybe he just knew how irritable she was and wanted her out of bed where she could get into trouble (which she did). He’s not as dumb as he pretends to be, he said today he purposely plays down his personality.
    I have to agree that he’ll probably stand by Nat, but I’m holding onto hope for him to play smart and keep Russell.

  195. @rene jordan will vote russ out. michele will vote russ out. but if kevin votes russ to stay jeff will get kevin out next if jordan wins hoh if michele wins hoh nats out i hope

  196. Russell is going nuts, so he has to go.
    To bad, the other houseguests cannot stuff Ratalie in one of his pockets as he goes out the door.

  197. @tj – I’m based that on the idea that Michele votes for Russell, too. She’d be insane not to if she knew Kevin was. She has to know she’s next. You aren’t beleiving her sucking up to J&J tonight, are you?

    GIve Russell a break. Can you put yourself in that situation for a moment? How frustrating to keep to the F4 plan and have Jeff scre you over, and to be ostracized from the house? I don’t like his temper, but I’d want to rant and rave, too.

    Funny, the earlier comments about Jordan’s inability to tell time and Jeff’s inability to tach her…it’s the same idea of Jeff not understanding that a F2 deal does not break a F4 deal. He can’t get that through his head no matter how many times Russell explain it.

  198. why stay with a loser like ratalie. he knows he out numbered. 500k on the line or stay with a loser.

  199. btw america can vote for ANY of the BB players this season for the 25k america’s favorite player prize! some people earlier shot someone down when they were rooting for casey and said it can only be a jurt member when thats not the case.
    VOTE CASEY!!!!

  200. Everybody who defends Kevin and Natalie are always saying their just playing the game. The game is about lying, and cheating. The problem is it comes so naturally to them and the fact that they just don’t lie while playing the game, but they constantly get excited, and brag about how devious they are in their diary room sessions. That is what makes them such scumbags.

  201. @ jessica I agree with you I am thinking Jeff is gay to. All he can talk about is getting sex from Russ. He should go to Kev, as Kev is the one with the crush on Jeff. Then they both can get some satisfaction LOL

  202. @ Rene F

    Jeff just made himself look like a bigger a$$ when Russ kept asking why he couldn’t talk about a F2 deal and Jeff kept saying F2 breaks the F4 – duh idiot and plus isn’t that was J&J have! Russ was right – talk about the F2 and J&J will put you up!

  203. @caseyfan: i will also be voting for casey! he is the only person who entertained me and i never disliked! he is also really smart/funny and a good guy.
    do you guys think that production will show us all of the negative jeff clips tmrw?
    i think we should demand that the producers show us the truth. they are manipulating us and then playing us by asking us to vote for things when we are voting blind to who the players truly are. i really doubt that thurs will show ALL of it:
    -jeff and jordan playing michelle
    -jeff and jordan questioning when to take out russ even before the final 4 deal
    -jeff making everyone swear on their families
    -jeff also promising on his family
    -jeff threatening their fam if they flop
    -jeff threatening to stab russ
    -jeff making jordan cry today- just shut the fuck up
    ALL of this will air on thurs night? with a live eviction and new hoh comp, plus maybe a peak at the jury house? yeah! sure

  204. @258 + 264: totally agree! lets vote for casey for americas choice at the end of the season! he would do some good with that money! plus he was soooo funny!

  205. @delirious85
    I know, I kept silently urging Russell to say exactly that..”you and Jordan don’t have an F2 deal?” Jeff is so stupid he can’t comprehend that. What he really expected was for Russell & Michele to go F4, then turn it over to them. I think he honestly expected that.

  206. plus ratso and kevin happen to make up that lml.michele kept saYing i don’t remember… if you don’t remember say he never said it.jeff said he was told by michele not by ratso and kevin.why? russ and michele should have made a big thing about it. instaed they look guilty

  207. I’m watching feeds now where Nat is “holding” up the weights for a photo but Jeff and Kevin are actually holding the ends out of camera range. She even lies in photos!

  208. @tj…not sure about the money, but I think the longer they last in the house, the more they make…

  209. How can you say jeff and Jordon aren’t playing the game? Is it just because you don’t like their decisions? Have they been winning challenges? Where has Russel been? What has he won? Everyone can lie but JJ? Now you turn on them? I hope kev and nat follow russel out next!

  210. I hate the way all the hgs except R are kissing up to JJ. That drives me crazy. Jordan’s voice is so irritating, I keep the feeds on mute unless it looks interesting or she is not around.

  211. @ ashley

    your right jordan’s vioce is irritating she sounds like a crossover of an old skool texan lady and a new school country lady!

  212. sex position:

    chima: missionarry ( because i represent all strong women out their )

    Jordan: Doggy ( am blond, am not suppose to remember you after )

    Michelle: Tea bag ( I am married )

    Nat: Reverse Cowgirl ( i am 18 )

    Lydia : Spoon ( i want to fly away )

    Laura: frogy ( so i can hop away faster )

  213. @Matt This site is such a wonderful and exciting find. Wish I had discovered you sooner in the season. I read earlier this evening that Nat. has not revealed her true age. Did I not hear her reveal her age as one of the earlier house guests was evicted?

  214. Once your in F4 the HOH goes to final 3. Whoever goes up can win POV to go F3. The person not on the block plays POV also. When it is F3 time you have to beat the other two in a comp to move on. F2 pays at least 25K. Therefore if you make final four you basically have to win competitions. Jeff if he survives next weeks mayhem will easily win the last HOH.

  215. @Denise: you did! but that was in her DR comments to Casey! Casey-who should be the winner of america’s choice 25k prize! depends on just how much rigging BB producers will do to edit jeff into america’s bs hero!

  216. One more thing. The other night Natalie in the hot tub said that Ronnie claimed he controlled all these message boards, and could sway the fans to vote for HGs to win America’s Favorite. I was wondering if he is among us or if he is even allowed to because of confidentiality agreements. If he is among us who could it be? I have my suspicions.

  217. @discuss game: Thank You, I had thought I heard her say it as one of the house guests was exiting the house. It appears I was wrong.

  218. F3 HOH is a 3 part competition.
    All 3 play in first part.
    2 losers play in 2nd part.
    Winner of 1st and 2nd comps play in the 3rd for final HOH

  219. How soon everyone seems to forget week 1-3 when Jessie’s team was running the entire house. Now that J/J is in somewhat control for the past 3 weeks everyone seems to make them out to be the bad guys……Go J/J……The other side has been more ruthless than you two could ever be. They are both alot better people than J/L/N….I kind like Kevin still…..but he did make up that lie last week (but got lucky that it was actually true between R/M and F2)

  220. Like the other Mary ” Jeff’s only chance of winning is apologizing to Russell and asking Michele and Jordan not to vote Russell out…that his paranoia got the better of him and he’s sorry for putting Russell up. If it’s not russell and jeff at the end then I honestly don’t think Jeff has a chance of winning. He played stupid with his POV.” This is how I see it too but you know what? Russell would screw him over the first chance he gets even if Jeff keeps him

  221. ITSA SO FUNNY was there saying bout Michelle.

    I have ALWAYS wondered if there was something wrong with her.

    Everything they said was true, but i dont think they know that its her game.

    But Michlle, man there is something wrong with her.

  222. This sucks. Why is Russ giving up and throwing around idle threats. I wish he wouldn’t give-up so easily and let his emotions get the best of him.

    What I would do if I were Russ:

    1. BE QUIET.
    2. Tell Kevin, “I have a vandetta against Jeff and I only want to get revenge. Therefore, keep me for one week so I can take-out Jeff and kick me out right after. My only concern is to get Jeff/out.” Make Kev vote for Nat and get Michelle to do the same
    3. Throw HoH
    4. Let someone else put-up Jeff and evict him

    Problem solved! Silly Russ!

  223. And based off what Jeff is saying, he is GOING TO GET RIPPED. thursday.

    He has horrible comebacks, and horrible points. And he is intimidated by Russell.

    Its gonna be bad Thursday.

    One person who i hope Russ tries to target, is Natalie. Actually her or Jordan.

    Natalie rips anyone and everyone, and Jordan has some fire in her too. But i doubt he will have time. But yea ITS gonna be very exciting thursday night.


    jordan-“do u think im dumb!?”

    kevin-“i think ur smarter then u put on”

    jordan-“thank guys!!!!”

    kevin and jeff-“thats not a compliment”


  225. kinda sick of all of them. despite his temper I think Russell was screwed. will be more interesting if he stays. haven’t cared for Natalie from the beginning. i hope they boot her out.

  226. I like this Nat better than the one I saw the first 3 weeks, hiding behind Jessie and running the house as if she was the mistress….maybe it’s just because she has to play the game solo now. I still don’t think she can be trusted…I just want Russ out this week because his bully idle threats are very tiresome and boring. He’s been being a bully since week one and I’m just tired of his vulgarity. Nat can go next week.

  227. Russell has always honoured his ‘deal’ with Jeff.
    The DB move that Jeff has made could just win Natalie the game. He and Jordan are next to exit for sure.
    Gawd I’m embarrassed that I voted for him. Donkey.

  228. There is something I’ve been wondering about Michelle & her so called bad memory. She is a Scientist with a phd. How can she be so smart, 3 seconds after she talks to someone, she can not remember what was said? Gnataliar needs to go this week! Hey BB, Can you bring Gnataliar some Kleenax?

  229. just went to 8 tonight and see nat the rat with j/j dishng on russ and mich PLEASE PLEASE MAKE MY DAY KEEP RUSS IN BB SO HE CAN GET J/J OUT AND NAT THE RAT IF HE GOES OUT LET MICH OR KEV WIN

  230. lol! did any of u catch what jeff just said at 10:34pm

    jeff: These guys (N and K), I haven’t talked to the whole game. I don’t trust them

  231. I’m frustrated watching the latter seasons of BB continuously deteriorate in quality. From which bottom of the barrel are these contestants found? I drop IQ points with each episode watched. Bona fide entertainment comes from brilliance, not the Jerry Springer School of Vulgarity. Wake-up, CBS. VH1 is not your audience.

  232. Ok I must vent this out.

    is anyone other than me so COMPLETELY annoyed by michelles cow like chomping when she eats? I mean anytime im watching feeds or episodes and shes in them she CHOMPS on her food. its like c’mon michelle your friggin mic is right there we can hear you. shut your mouth.

  233. Jeff and Jordan are finally believing Michelle and realize that Natalie and Kevin are out to backdoor him. Thamk goodness! I was afraid Jeff wouldn’t see the bus coming till it was to late. Gnat and Kevin (and Russ) are going through Michelles stuff to steal her gloves. I’ll be glad to see those pieces of S**T go.

  234. natalie is trying to save her own a** and how far does she really think her lie will go. i feel russell deserves to be in the BB house to win. get rid of the rats.

  235. Russell has got to go!…R has been unreliable and deceiving… Voting for Jessie was Russell’s bad move….He could have had Jeff all the way to final 2 if he stayed sincere… Jeff’s strategy is really ruined now… I believe Jeff is out now and its a real shame because he has the most integrity…Jeff knows he is not going to win anything.. so why let the twisted tool Russell win..let jordon michele or kevin win please

  236. Jeff isn’t out yet. I feel that Michelle, hopefully, will win HOH next week and put up Nat and Kevin. I really do believe that she had no choice but to stick with Russ. She was all alone, but I think that she was afraid of him. I think she’s glad he’s going.She has a PHD. She knows she won’t win 500 g if she goes with Nat or Kevin. She is forced to stay with J/J. Does anyone know if it was Nat or Russ that won the first endurance comp that made Jesse HOH? Why isn’t anyone questioning why Nat was on the athletic side? Her comment about being terrible in gym class was so lame, why didn’t anyone see that? She hasn’t won anything, makes me wonder if it’s on purpose so people don’t think she’s a threat and maybe now she’ll make her move. Hope not.

  237. I think Nat should go,she’s a smart player,she’s won nothing.She only runs her mouth,and plants the seed,everyone does her dirty work.Hoping Russ gets saved and then watch out jeff,you’re done.

  238. re michelle having a phd


    like that matters ?
    she may be book smarts, but when it comes to this game she is awkward alot and shows little to no skills.

    she has won some events, good for her.

    but the only reason she is still around is because she has been perceived as not too much of a threat and her ability to play the game socially is very poor.

  239. Michelle is awkward around people. If she is a researcher who is trying to find the cure for cancer Heaven help us all. I just have a feeling that she will stick with J/J. She detests Nat. I guess we just have to wait til tonight. Curious as to what Russ’s speech is about. Probably Jeff’s integrity. I can’t believe Jordan chest bumped Russ. Is she crazy? She needs to let Jeff fight his own battles.

  240. @budman …… or anyone else that knows. Did Mich convince Jeff and Jordan about Kevin and Nat wanting to get Jeff out?

  241. So with Russell going tonight Im done with BB11 the bores left in the house arent worth my time if they cancell bb wont miss it if this is the best they can do. Good news Survivor is coming back soon. Thanks for the info from you comments, just that nothing left to discuss except the same ol same ol.Bye

  242. Natalie needs to go, she has been a liar from the beginnig, I hate to see Jeff backstabbed by Natalie and Kevin, but she has been bad from the beginning I thought Kevin was kinda decent, but its a game I know, I just hope Jeff wakes up before it’s too late and it already may be..The show is Julia Chang

  243. If Kevin and Michele use their vote to save Russ,there is going to be fireworks.But on the other hand it may all be a plan,we’ll have to wait until tonight.Nothing will surprise me.

  244. Has Michele really convinced Jeff of the K&N scheme to Jeff out or is it all just talk??

  245. @snakebit Sal….. That’s what I’m trying to find out. I’m watching some of the flashbacks and see a few things but nothing that seems he is convinced. If Russ was smart, he’s go upstairs, say he’s sorry for what he said when he was mad, but he is so upset because he is being used. If he has to pull out the bible and swear on it, it should do it.

  246. TO ANYONE ONLINE — Some of us need to know if Jeff and jordan have been convinced of Kev and Nat’s lies. I won’t be home tonight until after 9 so I won’t see it when it airs. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  247. I think the best move for Kevin is to evict Natalie and hook up with Russell and Michelle. I USED to root for Jeff, but as of late, I think Jeff is loosing it and is acting too cocky. I also think his bimbo girlfriend is the one weighing him down. If this twist of turns works in Russell’s favor, I believe it would make for better TV, since it has become too boring! It would be great to see Russell, Michelle and Kevin fighting for the big prize at the end! Any of the three are could win as THEY are the ONLY ones that have played the game as it should be played! Since Jeff would not be able to play for the HOH, now is their chance to get him out. Next week, get the bimbo out!

  248. @connie….. I agree. But I feel that Russ has given up and Jeff is as stupid as a door knob. And I don’t like the way Jordan treats him. She’s a prude or something. Maybe she just isn’t attracted to him in a romantic way. I hope it turns out as you say, it would be great!

    Kevin needs to dump Nat

  249. NATALIE – NATALIE – NATALIE…..PLEEEEEZ vote out Natalie. The final would be soooooo much better if she were gone. She has NEVER won a competition – free loader.

  250. I would love to see Jeff, Russell and whomever in the final 3. Since it is a 3 part competition, Jeff and Russ should each win one of the 1st 2 parts. Therefore they go head to head in part 3 and can evict the other guy or whoever the 3rd person is. This would make for a great finish. However, I can’t see him making it past tonight unless the unheard of happens.

  251. Russell must go! He is a lying maniac and I am so tired of hearing him whining and carrying on like a lunatic.

  252. I was up late sorry i just got here. On BBAD last night Michelle finally convinced J&J that THE two snakes wewere coming after Jeff. Natalie has told Michelle that she would go up if Nat. won HOH but she wouldn’t be the target. She said she had bigger fish to fry. Anybody in their right mind would know that she wasn’t talking about Kevin. Natalie also told Jordan that she would put her up too but that she would only be a pawn, which upset Jordan. If Natalie had only kept her mouth shut she might have pulled it off. Tonight is a big night!

  253. @budman so do you think that Nat is going out tonight? If that happens, then Jeff is still looking good for a win

  254. @snakebit Sal…… yes I agree. i would love to see the final 2 be Jeff and Russ. The house would have a hard time chosing a winner. It would be great. They would hate jeff for sending Jessie home and hate russ for all the other stuff. LOL I would love it. ARE YOU LISTENING BB11 PRODUCERS. LOL

  255. @Snakebit Sal…good info on Natalie’s Tae Kwon Do medal (a bronze 6 years ago)…also, her lack of current conditioning…

  256. @budman….. did you find this info out on the livefeed? and if yes, what time was it so maybe I can watch on the flashbacks

  257. Absolutely Natalie should go. She and Kevin are snakes. Russell will not win anyway. Why not take him far?

  258. damn, huuried home only to get trivia on the feeds, anyone hear anything about the show being taped again?

  259. Since I won’t be home when the show is on, can someone send me a text message to tell me who got evicted?

  260. Hello BBFANS,

    Does any one for sure know if Jeff wants Russell out the house or will they vote out Natalie?

  261. I’m sorry but even though Russell can be a jerk sometimes, I think he is a better competitor than Natalie.Russell has won a challenge before and she has yet to win any of the challenges.I think he should stay.

  262. No deal was made. Russel left alot truths around for them to think about. Michele is firm with Jeff and Jorden (she thinks).

  263. I agree 100% with KK. I hope Kevin wins. What about that speech that Natalie gave? They should have voted her out.

  264. @KK,I agree although Russell was hard to get along with at times, he was very humble. Who do you think is standing behind the door? Casey, Laura or a houseguest from the past seasons?

  265. @snakebit sal…. Thank you so much for the updates. It was so cool to keep current with the show.

  266. do you think that Kevin will put jeff and jordan up or do you think he will wait a week and put up michell and Jordan? I was a jeff fan but because he’s so stupid, I think he should go up now.

  267. Go Jordan! Okay, so she is not the smartest person left in the game but come on…Kevin has rode the game out (not played the game). Kevin & Natalie are liars….What lie has Jordan told? Jeff made a good move this week reguardless of if it put’s him out or not, if Kevin is smart he will get rid of Michele she is the smartest person in the house…When it comes down to Jury if you as a hous member had to choose between Jeff and Kevin who would you choose? ummm Kevin, other than his lies that he has yet to be caught in he holds up better against the entire house, Natalie will get Jessie and Lydia’s vote for sure….If he wants to win big brother he needs to be smart about who he is up against at the end. Michele will not get Jeff or Russel’s vote, Natalie will have the best vote at the end…Although I am a Carolina girl and would love nothing more than to see it be Jordan in the final two! If Kevin doe not get Michele or Natalie out he will loose this game in the end!
    I’m really glad to see Russ go, his comment about Jordan was rude and makes him less of a man for making a comment like that(blame it on the game if you want but Russ has a lot to learn about women). Jordan is beautiful the way that she is, I am sure outside of the jury house Russ will have a hard time picking up women after the comments he made. Dear Lord please do not let Ronnie reproduce, sorry Roniie you are a little out there!! LOVE YOU JORDAN, EVERYONE IN THE CAROLINA’S IS CHEERING FOR YOU! CHIN UP YOU ARE A AWESOME GIRL INSIDE AND OUT!

  268. If Kevin is smart he will go to the end with Jordan. I’m not sure he will win with Jeff or michelle and he won’t win with Nat. Jordan is his best bet because she really hasn’t done much in the game except ride Jeff’s coat tails. Nat hasn’t won a lot but it was her idea to lie to Jeff about Russ. Kevin can win this, he juyst has to think smart. I think Nat knows that if she goes to the end with Jordan, she will win. I was a J & J fan but since I learned Jeff is so dumb, I’m now a Kevin all the way fan. GO KEVIN

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