Big Brother 11: Week 3 Live Eviction and HoH Results

Tonight on Big Brother 11 the results of the season’s third live eviction will be revealed along with the results of the fourth HoH competition. Join us right now in the chat room for discussion of everything going on through the live show.

I’ll be updating this post here with the eviction and HoH competition results. Meanwhile, join us in the chat room as we tear apart tonight’s live episode!

Julie Chen has revealed that the Big Brother 11 Cliques are disbanded tonight. That means there is no more protection from others within your own group. Will the Cliques start to turn on themselves this fast?

Looks like we’ll have an endurance HoH competition tonight so get ready and signed up for the live feeds free trial so you can watch it all live tonight.

Live Eviction voting:

  • Jeff: Votes to evict Casey
  • Ronnie: Votes to evict Casey
  • Natalie: Votes to evict Casey
  • Chima: Votes to evict Casey
  • Russell: Votes to evict Jordan
  • Kevin: Votes to evict Casey
  • Lydia: Votes to evict Casey
  • Michele: Votes to evict Casey

By a vote of 7 to 1, Casey has been evicted from Big Brother 11!

Julie has revealed there will be a “mystery power” secretly given to one HG as America decides. They won’t know about it until it is used. Very interesting! It’s a “coup d’etat” where the winner can replace one or both of the noms on the spot.

HoH Competition – Endurance:
Yep, it’s an endurance competition where they’ll have to sit on a swing for as long as possible. The first 5 who drop will get a mystery prize. 1 is worth $5000!

Oh my goodness! Big Brother just revealed this giant diploma that they HGs are thrown into as they spin around on the swings. They are really hitting it hard! It’s hilarious! Join us and check it out with the feeds’ free trial!

HoH Competition – Endurance Results:

6:30PM BBT – The live feeds came back for just a moment and we see that there are only 8 still spinning. Then the feeds jump back to trivia…

6:35PM BBT – Only 6 left. Someone is actively throwing up! I can’t tell if they’re on the sidelines or still in the game, but they are yakking! Okay, that might be Michele puking.

6:45PM BBT – Live Feeds have dropped out temporarily. Will update as soon as they return!

6:50PM BBT – Feeds are back. Swings have stopped. Kevin, Ronnie, Natalie, and Lydia are out.

6:55PM BBT – Swings are going again and the rain water was turned back on.

7:00PM BBT – The rain has stopped, but the swings are still going and they’re still getting hit by the giant diploma.

7:05PM BBT – Still Jeff, Michele, Chima, Russell, and Jordan up there.

7:10PM BBT – The swing has stopped again. No change in players.

7:15PM BBT – Slow swinging with a bunch of wet HGs. Does not look like fun!

7:20PM BBT – Fast spinning and the water is back on. Same 5 still in the game. Michele is puking a little bit again.

7:20PM BBT – Same 5: Chima, Russell, Jeff, Jordan, and Michele. Still swinging fast.

7:25PM BBT – Russell is hurting.

7:28PM BBT – Jordan dropped. 4 remain: Chima, Russell, Michele and Jeff. (Go Jeff!)

7:35PM BBT – Same 4 remain. Chima says her bum hurts a lot. (Drop off, Chima. Drop off!)

7:40PM BBT – Swing is going again, but not too fast. No player changes.

7:42PM BBT – Diploma came back out and Chima hit it hard. Really, really hard and flipped over the diploma and was swinging around upside down but still managed to hold on. Now I’m impressed. That was crazy!

7:50PM BBT – Slow swinging and heavy rains, but same 4 still remain.

7:55PM BBT – No change. Just lots of shivering going on up there.

8:00PM BBT – All 4 still in. The big diploma is starting to fall apart up there. Everyone looks a little rough, as expected.

8:08PM BBT – Chima may fall soon. She’s whimpering.

8:10PM BBT – Chima is out!! Jeff, Russell, and Michele remain. Go Jeff, Go!

8:20PM BBT – Feeds are back and 3 are still up: Michele, Jeff, and Russell. The other HGs were let back in. Ronnie is blaming someone else for why he fell. Of course.

8:25PM BBT – Rain and full speed swinging is back. Michele is being very vocal as she hits the diploma. Still the 3 of them remain.

8:32PM BBT – Michele is down! Only Russell and Jeff remain. Come on Jeff!!

8:35PM BBT – Jeff is kidding that he’ll play Rock, Paper, Scissors with Russell to decide who wins so they can’t get down. I don’t think they’ll do that, but both should promise safety to the other.

8:40PM BBT – Jeff and Russell are still up. Natalie says she won’t shower for a week if she becomes a Have-Not. Eww.

8:50PM BBT – Jeff and Russell both hanging in there.

9:00PM BBT – Most of the activity is inside. The downed HGs just got some pizza and are really happy. Russ and Jeff look miserable up there, but they’re hanging on. This could go a lot longer!

9:01PM BBT – The deal making has begun. Russ says, “we both want the same person.” Jeff says that he won’t put up Russ but can’t trust that Russ won’t do the same because of his connection to Jessie and them.

9:02PM BBT – Jeff and Russ kick Michele out of the backyard so they could discuss deals. Jeff is very nervous. Don’t give in Jeff!! I trust Russ at this point, but I really want Jeff to have it. Jeff is offering Rock/Paper/Scissors.

9:05PM BBT – Neither is willing to give in to the other. The rain starts again and the swing is in motion.

9:10PM BBT – Jeff and Russ are still going. The rain has stopped by the swing is going really fast.

9:15PM BBT – Jordan is out back yelling at Jeff, “play it out.” She doesn’t want him to make a deal with Russell.

9:20PM BBT – The rain and swinging has stopped. All the HGs are out back watching the final two players hanging on.

9:25PM BBT – Jeff really wants to make a deal and asks everyone to leave the backyard again. Russ refuses to play Rock/Paper for it. Jeff is about to drop!!

9:26PM BBT – Jeff concedes to Russell after he promises that Ronnie will be up. Jeff drops down and Russ stays up until he gets confirmation from Big Brother that he’s the winner. Ronnie says he’s going to put up Ronnie and even let him play for the PoV. Hmm…

So that’s it for the night. After nearly four hours Jeff gave in and Russell has emerged as the new HoH. Wow, that means the ol’ Athletes Clique has been in charge 3 or the first 4 weeks. Of course the cliques no longer provide protection and so anyone is game for Russell’s nominations. Russell has promised Jeff that Ronnie will be nominated, but who else will be on the chopping block?

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Once the live show is over the live feeds turn back on. You can get the 24/7 uncensored feeds at a limited time $13/month discount rate. So far I’ve definitely not been disappointed with the show these HGs have been putting on!

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