Big Brother 11: Week 7 Nomination Episode Tonight

Big Brother 11 returns tonight for its nomination episode in Week 7 where we’ll also see the rest of the mini-endurance HoH competition play out. From what we heard afterward it sounds like an incredibly close competition with the slimmest of margins between the winner and runner-up.

If you can’t wait for Julie to deliver the HoH results and noms news then you can go ahead and take a peek at the HoH comp results and HoH nomination spoilers. There are even more spoilers if you really want to know it all because the Power of Veto competition has already taken place leaving even more HGs in danger.

If you missed yesterday’s twists and turns then you can always use the live feeds new “Flashback” feature which works like Tivo for your feeds. Pick a day and time, then the feeds will automagically time warp you back so you can watch the hottest events of the season all season long. This is definitely one feature I’m getting a lot of use out of already. Sign-up now and watch for just 50 cents a day!

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  1. WELL WE KNOW WHO IS UP ITS NAT AND KEVIN AND Jeff won the power of veto so i hope he leves Nat and Kevin on the block and doesnt use it on Russ cause Kevin will put his butt on the block so Jeff leve Russ alone.

  2. Jeff says he’s still on the fence with this. I hope he sticks with Russ and Michelle. He said he doesn’t trust Nat and Kevin. I really do think it is in Russ’s best interest to go to Jeff and talk to him. Tell him that he voted to keep Jesse because he didn’t think the votes were going to be that close and he only did it to try to get Jesse’s vote in the jury house. I think Jeff would understand that he wasn’t trying to screw Jeff, that it was a strategic move for the jury house vote. Kevin and Nat have to go.

  3. i hope jeff will stay with the origional 4 too. i can’t believe he is going to trust nat or kev.

  4. Jeff has to know that he’s screwed if he backdoors Russell. He doesn’t trust Nat or Kevin so why is he even considering this? He is trying to protect Jordan and he thinks backdooring Russell will protect her. He needs to think for himself. He needs to play his own game. I think they are a cute couple, but Jordan says she won’t date him after this is over so why hang on to her?

  5. Mary i think Jeff is hanging on to her so he has some one to be by his side to back him up to have his back you know what i mean?

  6. I think Jeff is playing Nat and Kevin and he truly is with Russ so if so he is playing the game smart.

  7. I think Russ is using Michelle to back him up so if Jeff does put him up then michell wont vote him out.

  8. I can’t stand watching JJ anymore. I didn’t have anything for them since the beginning but I wasn’t pulling against them. Now I hope more than ever that they don’t get to final 2.

  9. Jeff and Russ i belive are smart and playing the game very well because they are using all of them to be on there side but at the end BAM Russ and Jeff are going to be the last two and laugh all the way to the bank!!GO RUSS AND JEFF! lol!!

  10. Nat needs to go home. Jeff needs to stick to his final 4 deal. Nat and kev have the jury votes. If they don’t see that then they are stupid.

  11. June, you’re right. He knows no matter what that Jordan will not vote him out. I hope Jeff surprises Nat and Kevin and leaves to noms as they are. Then you will see them acting up. That would be good to get one of them out.

  12. I’m a j/j/m/r fan also. just disappointed after watching the live feeds last night and j/j deciding to back door russell. if they do that, I’m with you on believing jeff has lost.

  13. I think Russ is purposely losing so when him and Jeff gets to the final 2, the jury will vote for Russ. Jeff is doing all the dirty work. Jeff will not get the votes, because he kicked all Jesse’s gang out.

  14. or maybe kevin fessing up to j/j about the nat lies. I truly believe russell & michelle would be true to their word to j/j until they get down to just them.

  15. I want you to know, I have only had maybe 2 hours sleep from staying up watching them last night. whew :)

  16. @mary.. didn’t russell & michelle go try and talk to j/j yesterday before the veto competition and they basically gave them the cold shoulder? :(

  17. ***** News Flash ***** Natalie won’t be going hom this week or next week…. Why? She is protected by Kevin (Final 2 deal) and Jeff / Jordan (they want to bring her to the Final 3 because she is a weak player according to them)….. Michelle wants Kevin gone because he is a bigger threat and could win HOH / POV next week and would mess up Michelle’s final 3 plans even though Jeff / Jordan don’t plan on taking her to the final 3 anymore because the want to take Natalie now…. *** L~O~L ***

    It will either be Russell going home this week (backdoored) or Kevin going home (nominations stay the same)

    Next week will either be Kevin going home (Jordan / Michelle win HOH and send him home because Keving is a threat) or Jeff going home (if natalie / Kevin win HOH) or Michelle (back up with jordan as the replacement for Jeff / a pawn again) going home, is Jeff saves himself with the POV with him / Michelle nominated to keep them from saving each other and evicted Natalie/ Kevin!!!

  18. LOL june, i decided to try the 24/7 live feeds and I enjoy it. I just get so into big brother that last night it made me sick to my stomach when j/j were scheming with n/k.

  19. @ everyone… Like her or not, Natalie is this years hyrbid of Memphis (who floated to the end) and Dan who got by with lies…. Her LML was brillint beause now she may get carried to the fnal 3 by J / J or Kevin…..

  20. @ Daina C….. Thanks for the wonderful smiling face…. i would send one for you, but i don’t know how too… L~O~L!!! ***** S~M~I~L~E *****

  21. you just put in the smiley face symbals (the 2 dots with the curvy line on the zero) and hit enter

  22. @ Daina C…. LML means Las Minute Lie wchich was natalie’s idea last week where her, Kevin and Lydia decided to break up team Jeff….. natalie said even if it didn’t work last week, the seed would be plantedto break up team Jeff his week…. Itis working and now it may be paying off with Russell being backdoored… natalie / Kevin made a refference to making jeff / Jordan a deal too good to be true and screwing them the same way Dan screwed Ollie last year on BB!!!

  23. lol leo & june…nat’s back in bed. june..jordon was sitting in lydia’s bed last ight talking with jeff, kevin & nat and was telling them how she gets drunk and pee’s in the same place like a dog marking their spot. she was giving them all kinds of info on her life. about her sex life with her ex, to how and what to do :(

  24. Leo, with no disrespect intended but I liked Dan last year. sorry. I liked Ollie also, Dan was just the peoples player

  25. Diana C I still dont understand how do do that.. what two dot and curly line oh Just call me Joerden.

  26. LOL June……the 2 dots next to the letter “L” and the curly line either on the numbers “9 or O”

  27. :) <– I got my check~ :( <—-sad

    :S <–confused

    xD <— laughin’ out loud

    ;D <— sarcastic wink

  28. Well Diana C i tryed but i give up so thanks for teaching it to us ok and i will keep trying but not on here ok sweetie?

  29. @ Diana C….. I said natalie will get to the final 2 the same way Da did, but if he was to be on al stars he wouln’t even make it to the jury house with his style from last year…. I think he screwed Ollie and wished the floater Memphis would have won…. that is beside my point… Natalie will float to the final 2 as a hybrid of how both Memphis / Dan made it last year….

  30. @ Randie Loman…. Thanks for verifying what i am saying….. i am about to head to the gym to workout, but I will be back later…. have a good day all my BB fans / bloggers!!!

    Randie Loman

    August 23rd, 2009 at 1:07 pm
    Ok Leo after haveing a nights sleep and able to think about it you are right.
    and it dose make sence and I went back and looked and and looked and looked and looked and after going over as much of the taped feed as possable I see whear you are come from and I missed it.
    Sir my hat’s off to you and I offer yoy my most hummble apologies sir.

    Have a good day everyone!!!! ***** O~N~E *****

  31. P.S. Not all athletes / body builders are self absorbed meatheads…. (ME) *** S~M~I~L~E ***

  32. : – ) Jeff backdoors Russell.

    : – / Jeff’s face after he backdoors Russell and happens to
    see smirks on Kevin’s and Nat’s faces. Duh! Huh?

    : – ( Jeff’s facial expression as he realizes he has just
    screwed himself out of $500 K!

  33. I have dvr and have every episode of bb11 recorded.. and i just keep watching the episodes where ronnie gets evicted, jessie gets evicted and chima gets expelled. these episodes make me the hapiest i have ever been in my life.

    Thank god america put the coup de tat in the right hands, i myslef voted like a billion times for jeff.
    Thank god jeff used the coupdetat power to get rid of jessie… he is so arrogant so ignorant and so full of himself. thank god he is gone!!
    Chima is just beyond ridiculous… jeff and jordan didnt start obstructing bb property when their friends laura braden and casey went home… its just stupid on chima’s part, she looks like a complete idiot on national television. natalie and lydia are also retarded… im so happy the tables have turned in the house and i am rooting for jeff or jordan to win the whole thing. i dont want jeff to backdoor russell this week, id prefer to have him keep to his word, however russell does need to be out soon… i think the only way for jeff to win the whole competition is to have russell in the final two with him because i feel the votes would fall this way..
    jessie russ
    lydia jeff
    nat russ
    jordan jeff
    kevin jeff
    michelle jeff

    i hope that both nat and kevin get evicted from the house i dont want either of them in the final two… i really hope that jordan wins, if not her then jeff, if not him the michelle. please dont let russ kevin or michelle win PLEASEEE

  34. Kevin needs to win it and Jeff needs to go next week no matter who is hoh Jeff can be nominated

  35. Jacob I love Kevin too he is a sweetie Pie and if he win i dont care but Nat needs to gooooo!!!! :(

  36. I have been a fan of Jeff’s since the show started. If he used this power of veto to get Russ out this week, this will be the dumbest move of Big Brother this year. What a fool he is to think Kevin and Nat have his back. Plus if either of them make it to the file 2 they will win. I would rather sit next to Russ or Michelle in the final 2. You would be more likley to win. WHAT A FOOL HE IS TO USE THIS VETO!!!!!!

  37. I hate everybody but Kevin I hope he wins hoh 2 out of the next 3 weeks and pov the other
    Jeff bd Russell if u want to make it to the F2

  38. Frank i agree Nat is the one who shoud win she has playe the best game as anyone.
    why we all dont like her is that she lies.
    and thinks it right.

    NOT just ok but right.
    she belives all her owns lies thear for they are true.

  39. If Chima hadn’t left the votes in the jury house would be stacked 4 to 3 for kevin/natalie assuming that kev/nat makes it to the final 2 and they all vote based on their friendships. Right now if the final 2 people are jeff and natalie it should be a 3/3 tie. Jordan, michelle, and russell voting for jeff against Jessie, Lydia, and Kevin.

    If natalie/kevin can skillfully get into the final 2 America would probably break the tie and vote against nat/kev. Chima should have planned ahead so she could join the jury and help her friends. What a shame.

  40. Russel is not so dumb I just got thr going ove the fefds from after I went to bed at around 3:30 when he and Michelle were talking he started puting it togethet that Nat was the one tell Jessi waht to do.

  41. OH how I wish I would check befor I push submit.

  42. Jeff still can get the votes because Jessie will tell the others that was a good move he told Jeff before he left. Jessie will tell Lydia, Natlie it was part of the game. That anybody with the power would tking off someone who is a treat to them. Natlie should not win the game not because of the lies but she did not win any games. Russell needs to talk to Jeff make sure Natlie stay on the block.

  43. Jeff, u better send home Russell. When everyone turns their back on you (Yes! i cant wait) Atleast u will get rid of a strong, strong player.

    Im starting to think either way he is screwed which im loving but who knows.

    Jeff wont use the power, and Kevin will go home.

    Now this leaves Natalie is a very interesting spot. Who will she align with? Unless Russ and Michelle targets Jeff and Jordan (please do!) Then she can roll with them.

    All i know she has to win HOH. she has done it before (HOH with out the gifts) althoug nobody seems to want to remeber, and if i were her i put up Michelle and Russell.

    If Jeff does use it, it will really make my day as Russell or Michelle are almost guranteed to go home with Natalie on the block against them. So thats good.

    Get Russ out so Michelle doesnt have a leg to stand on and so she breaks down.

    If Natalie especially can keep he rplan to backdoor Jeff 1 more week in secret she will make it to final 3 for sure no question.

  44. Will from season 2 didn’t win anything either, but I think he deserved it. I don’t think Jessie would vote for Jeff just for using the power. NOT using the power would have made him a fool, but using it doesn’t make him a genius.

    It may have been Natalie’s strategy to paint the target on others such as Jessie while scheming in the background. Maybe she wanted everyone to see her as an 18 year old with a crush.

  45. if jeff bdoors russ, he deserves the fate nat has planned 4 him. Jeff told jord this morning that he trusts russ to keep him safe, but not to keep jord safe. so he is screwing over russ to save her ass. AND mich a little while ago informed jord about russ saying if he’s put up, he’s gonna go off on them. that girl CANNOT keep her mouth shut!!

  46. Why is Michele being such a wuss? When Jordan says “If Russell stays he’ll put Jeff on the block, why doesn’t Michele say “You don’t think Keving will put Jeff up?” It’s like J&J don’t even consider it.

  47. June, You really think Kevin is a sweetie pie? He practices lying all night to Jeff, told him trash about Russell and Michele, and then told the camera that Jeff is an idiot for believing him. Not my definition of sweet.

  48. jeff what are u thinking being around jordan all this time has made ur brain damaged…Get rid of nat or kevin……they are going to put u on block dummy

  49. Rene F i mean a sweetie pie in a girl way ok not in the game but any ways i want Russ and Jeff to win the two finales go Russ and Jeff goooooo!!!!

  50. jordan just told a bold face lie to jeff about her talk with mich. what do you jeff fans think of the golden girl now?

  51. Jess ie wont give Jeff his vote are u crazy? JUst because Jeff made a great move doesnt mean he gets Jessie vote. Jessie will give his vote to Natalie, or Jordan.

    It depends on how bad Lydia throws Natalie under the bus in the jury house.

    This is ofcourse if the plan of Jeff, Jordan, Natalie final 3 is the same.

  52. I think Jordan is a user. And if Jeff doesnt wake up she is going to use him till he is out the door and she is still there

  53. I would love if Jeff and Jordan split. Like they got in a big argument, That way to real Jeff would come out, and he loses fans, which makes america’s vote more acceptable and not a plot to give Jeff the game.

    Plus their so annoying to watch and its almost as if there never on the same page.

    How are BB gonna give the game to Jeff and Jordan this week should be the man story line lol.

    Now im on team Natalie and a lil of team Kevin, but I thought it was dumb, and would never work for them to tell a lie to Jeff/Jordan.

    Like why would they ever belive that.

    And guess what, dumb and dumber bought that, and now have basically scraped there final 4 deal. America always loves the dummies, but dislikes strongly the ppl who play the game, how interesting . . .

    If Jeff takes down Kevin, oh my gosh wat an idiot. Not that we didnt know that already.

    Like i said Natalie’s plan of backdooring Jeff needs to wait. If she won or Kevin won HOH this week, then i dotn think she would have the numbers to send home Jeff.

    She would have to put up Jeff and Michelle or Jeff and Russell.


  54. Connie,
    I was a huge J&J fan, but their cocky behavior the past two days has really turned me against them. I caught the lie, too, she blows everything out of porportion just to get Jeff more angry with Russell. I don’t doubt for a minute that Jeff can’t even conceive that Jordan might win, like he’s said so many times, he’d be so pissed.

    I love that, Dumb and Dumber. I don’t think Jordan is as dumb as she seems, but their falling for the big lie so easily and twisting everything that’s said around to fit what they want to beleive is so pathetic.

  55. I think a good move for Jeff would be to take Natalie off the block. Then put up Russ and get Jor and Mich to vote Kevin out. Russ will owe him again, the rat side of the house will be all but eliminated and the F4 decision w/ Russ and Michelle will still be intact.

  56. Jeff is such a dumbass and it annoys me. Why EVERYONE loves him? IDK. Almost everyone is annoying me at this point. Natalie, Russ, Kevin AND Jeff need to hit the road, in that order. I want either Michele or Jordan to win, i would be happy either way.

  57. @ Jaime….. Get over it….. Natalie isn’t going anywhere the next two weeks….. Jeff / Jordan have said today they believe their final 4 will work with Natalie / Kevin by getting Michelle out next week….. (needless to say Jeff / Michelle will be nominated next week with K/N trying to bring M to thei side if they save her over Jeff) Michelle aka she-rat will flip on J/J for self preservation like I have been saying…. Look what she did to Russell….. Now she regrets it……

    @ June……. Russell is 100 percent gone this week according to J/J…. Michelle says Russell will flip out… Jordan says I don’t care and told Jeff….. Jeff said, “go ahead and flip out because I don’t care…. I will f-ing slap you (Russ) in the face”!!!

    @ Marcus….. Wuz up fam? Thanks to she-rat Kevin / Natalie will make the final ….. L-O-L at all the Team Jeff Fans…. I told them ether M / K would screw that team…. Michelle did it… J/J have agreed to bring Natalie to the final 3, but they won’t tell Natalie, so she won’t get complacent or cocky!!! Go Kevin / Natalie aka the last 2 members of team NBK!!! L-O-L!!!

  58. FYI- The golf tournament on CBS is running way past it’s scheduled time. BB may be late again this week.I hate it because it messes up my recording of the show!

  59. @ Marcus…… Next week would be the perfect time to get rid of Jeff…. Why?n If Jeff / Michelle are up and the noms stay the same, Jeff goes home….. Jordan votes to evict Michelle (Which pisses Michelle off) and either Kevin / Natalie vote to evict Jeff…. There is a 1-1 tie and the HOH either K/N will break the tie and evict Jeff and make an ally & deal with Michelle to go after Jordan who voted to evict Michelle and will win against Michelle (who screwed Russell, Lydia, Jessie) compared to Jordan whom everyone likes…. L-O-L!!!

  60. Leo- You may be right but this game changes on the turn of a dime. It is a long time till Thursday and an even longer time till the end. Expect the unexpected!

  61. @ Budman…. Think about it ok? Let’s say Jeff takes Natalie off the block and for some reason J/J decide to evict Kevin instead…. Do you really think Russell will say “oh gee thanks Jeff / Jordan” we are friends again… lets get Natalie out, so we can have our final 4 agreement go thru”? I don’t think so…. Guarentee… Jeff / Jordan will bring Natalie to the final 3…. Gurantee…. Kevin / Natalie will nominate Jeff / Michelle if one of them win the HOH on Thursday… Guarantee…. Jeff will not miss his chanceto split up M / R and backdoor Russell….

  62. **** This evening on the Leo knows best blog I present more Facts and debates… Presented by yours truely, Leo!!! ***** S~M~I~L~E *****

    @ Jaime….. Get over it….. Natalie isn’t going anywhere the next two weeks….. Jeff / Jordan have said today they believe their final 4 will work with Natalie / Kevin by getting Michelle out next week….. (needless to say Jeff / Michelle will be nominated next week with K/N trying to bring M to thei side if they save her over Jeff) Michelle aka she-rat will flip on J/J for self preservation like I have been saying…. Look what she did to Russell….. Now she regrets it……

    @ June……. Russell is 100 percent gone this week according to J/J…. Michelle says Russell will flip out… Jordan says I don’t care and told Jeff….. Jeff said, “go ahead and flip out because I don’t care…. I will f-ing slap you (Russ) in the face”!!!

    @ Marcus….. Wuz up fam? Thanks to she-rat Kevin / Natalie will make the final ….. L-O-L at all the Team Jeff Fans…. I told them ether M / K would screw that team…. Michelle did it… J/J have agreed to bring Natalie to the final 3, but they won’t tell Natalie, so she won’t get complacent or cocky!!! Go Kevin / Natalie aka the last 2 members of team NBK!!! L-O-L!!!

    @ Budman…. Think about it ok? Let’s say Jeff takes Natalie off the block and for some reason J/J decide to evict Kevin instead…. Do you really think Russell will say “oh gee thanks Jeff / Jordan” we are friends again… lets get Natalie out, so we can have our final 4 agreement go thru”? I don’t think so…. Guarentee… Jeff / Jordan will bring Natalie to the final 3…. Gurantee…. Kevin / Natalie will nominate Jeff / Michelle if one of them win the HOH on Thursday… Guarantee…. Jeff will not miss his chanceto split up M / R and backdoor Russell….

  63. They have to get rid of Natalie before final 3 because if she gets lucky and makes it to the final 2 there goes 450 grand down the drain because she will get the jury votes. They might have a chance with Russ or Michelle

  64. i am sooooo over jordan. her kindergarten mentality is no longer cute and it is certainly ruining jeff’s game. I’d love to see Kevin go, but Jordim has him so confused by not being able to relay conversations she’s having with Michelle, he’s going to do what she wants and oust russ. I know I wouldn’t risk 500k on someone who can’t talk about anything other than bodily functions and think it’s interesting to everyone around her. God help any children she may have! Wake up Jeff!

  65. @Budman – I live in Alabama too. So Roll Tide back at ya!

    First, Jeff said he would slap Russ in the face if Russ went off about being back doored. Yeah Right! I would love to see that! Russ would take him out.
    Second, Jeff told Jordan that if Mich doesn’t play by their rules then she is gone!
    Who does Jeff think he is? I am so sick of him acting all high and mighty like he owns BB. I hope Nat and Kev SLAP HIM IN THE FACE come next week and shuts his rat trap up!!!

  66. @ Budman… It is a done deal bro…. J/J are taking Natalie to the final 2 because they think she will be easier to beat in the final 3 than Kevin / Michelle…

    Ashley…. here is proof of Jeff saying he would slap Russell in the face ok?

    Jordan: “She asked me who we should get out this week, and I told her I dunno, the strongest player. She said “FYI, Russ said he’s gonna go crazy if he’s put on the block!”

    Jeff: “I don’t care.”
    Jordan is telling her full conversation with Michele.
    Jordan: “I said listen, Jeff is gonna do what’s best for Jeff.”

    Jeff is saying Russell is gone, and if Michele doesn’t wanna play by “our rules” (Jeff/Jordan), then she’s gone too.

    Jeff is totally confident that Jordan/Jeff/Natalie/Kevin are gonna be in a Final 4 deal against Michele. (Little does he know that he’s going on the block if Natalie/Kevin wins HOH & they’re gonna try to get him out.) Jeff is going off about how Michele will be next to go.

    Jeff: “And Russell saying he’s gonna flip out & go crazy? Go ahead! I ain’t scared of you, dude. I’ll f*ckin’ slap you.”
    Jordan: “Well, she shouldn’t have made a final 2 deal with him.”

    Jeff: “She’s just gonna run back to Russell and tell him everything you two talked about.”
    Jordan: “But I didn’t say what you were doing (backdooring Russ), I said I didn’t know. So you can’t act any different.”
    Jeff: “I don’t know why I’m getting so f*ckin’ mad! You’re making it sound like she was being sassy.”
    Jordan: “She was being sassy!” (**No she wasn’t.??)

    ***** Any qestions please feel free to ask ok Ashley!!! *****

  67. Leo thanks for the input but i wont cry its a game and my the best man or women win right? :)

  68. @ Ashley…. I have posted the transcrip with that convo with him saying that ok? It is waiting for moderstion now… Any questions please free to ask me ok Ashley…

    @ Budman… It is a done deal bro…. J/J are taking Natalie to the final 2 because they think she will be easier to beat in the final 3 than Kevin / Michelle…

  69. Ashley- Yeah I’m a teamm JJ fan but I agree that Jeff’s cockiness could be his downfall. If he can survive this next week (which he propably will) It’s clear sailng ahead. NK plan to put Jeff against Jordan and I think he will win POV and take himself off.Nobody left can beat him at anything and after this week it comes down to winning comps.

  70. @Ashley #98 – I completely agree.

    Jeff has turned into Jessie x 2. And I dont think Jessie was ever this bad. I think the power of running the house these past 2 weeks has completely messed up Jeff’s game. He has gotten distracted by what should have been petty he said/she said stuff. I think it was Jessie who said it best…you go into HoH sticking with your plan regardless of what comes up (because once you’re HoH so many lies come your way).

    If Jeff backdoors Russell, I can’t wait until Thursday where I hope Natalie or Kevin win HoH (perferably Natalie) so that Jeff can come crashing back down to earth. He’s going to look real stupid knowing that he single-handedly blew up his team over misplaced trust in Natalie/Kevin.

  71. @ June…. You are absloulutely right… This is the highest rated BB season ever…. I love the high and lows.. I have had lows since Ronnie was evicted until now…. Who would have guessed the LML aong side Michelle’s over zeaous lies to ensure J/J brought her to he final 3 would change the game for Natalie / Kevin the came wa the CDT changed it for Jeff…. W~O~W!!! Expect the unexpected folks!!!

  72. @Leo – I have the live feeds so I don’t need the transcripts. I think Jeff has gotten way to arrogant and I can’t stand arrogance. It would be great if Mich won HOH next week and put up both Jordan and Jeff then at least one of them would be gone.

  73. @ Budman…. The most dominat BB players of all time is James from season #9… He won 2-3 OH comps and four POV’sin a row… e was beat because no one is invincable…. Don’t thinkjeff will win every cmp because that won’t happen… Even if we wins the POV next week and has Jordan evicted (because Kevin / Natali will make a deal with Michelle who will flip flop on Jeff to stay) then it ill be Jeff against / Natalie / Kevin Michelle because Michelle will think like J/J “hey can beat these two who have only one POV and maybe an HOH if they win next week to get to the final 2 easier than I can beat Jeff”….

  74. Leo yes i agree this is the BIGGEST RATED BBrother in history! why? Is it because of Chima and Lydia mmmm? :)
    PS. Leo i see you got your smily faces right but how did you make them red and so big? :)

  75. @ Ashley… I think Michelle wins she will put Natalie / Kevin up with the hopes of getting rid of Kevin because she will be too scared of Jeff winning the POV….. Michelleis a liar / sherat who will let other people get their hands dirty and waitntil someone els nominates J/J or until the final 4 to make a move….

  76. Ashley Jorden is geting on my last nerve because she always talks about nothing and picks her nose and plays with her hair and says i have to pee or poop all the time grow up Jorden this isnt preschool. :(

  77. @ June also because so many people either hateTeam Jeff or they love them and so many NBK aka Team Jessie fans watch to see if Team Jeff wil get screwed from being power hungry and then you throw in characters like Chima, Ronnie , Casey , Braden and al the twists and turns from the CDT / LML and tadda you have a winner!!!

  78. @ June…. No problem… I will be back… I have to show some love to all the blog posts on this site ok? Chat with you soon June… ;) :) :D :P

  79. @ June…. It is the same symbol as the smiley face except a capitol P instead of the ) ok?


    : ) = :)
    : P = :P


  80. @ Blackgirl…. I can’t get any love? June was agreing with me in post 109 when I sad that in post 106… Just kidding… What is good with you BlackGirl…. Check out my posts on every blog spot on this site and give me some feedback ok? O~N~E!!!

  81. Jordan turning to be just like nat …ugh keep it up piggy and u wont get americas vote. is this ur true self showing?

  82. @June – Jordan drives me crazy too. Her voice makes me cringe now. I really don’t want her or Jeff to win this thing.

  83. @ Teresa… I knew J/J’s true colors would show eventually…. How do you feel about J/J now all you J/J supporters?

  84. @ Ashley… who are you going to be pulling for once Russell is evicted on Thursday? ;) :) :D :P

  85. I think the producers are getting Jeff to act like he is going to back door russell that way when the veto ceremony comes natalie and kevin will be surprised that one of them are going home. I personally dont think Jeff is stupid enough to trust Natalie and Kevin

  86. Natlie needs to go when a person does not win nothing they will try hard to win at the end. For votes they will change to Jeff if Natlie is gone. Jesie knows that Jeff had to do is part of the game. For the rest it is luck of the game because if you do not win POV or HOH you have no chance.

  87. @ Ashley…. Yes come abord the NBK Express featuring Natalie / Kevin…. woot woot ;) :D :P ;)

    @ Blackgirl you get on board too….

    P.S. i have been a die hard NBK since the debates about who should get the CDT…. In case anyone else wants to join the bandwagon… I am showing love, but don’t wait to long ok? The train will be leaving on Thursday when Russell is evicted… Join now or forever hold your peace… ***** L~O~L ***** ;) :) :D :P

  88. @ Jeannette… J/J think bringing Natalie to the final 3 wuill ensure there ability to get to the final 2…. I think Natalie is playing an excelent game… to get to the final 3 without winning is an amazing feat by itself… She is being underestimated by J/J/M and will end up suprising them and winning…. Join the NBK express ok Jeanette? *** Woot woot ***

  89. @Blackgirl…. That is why Kevin is my favorite to win, but I think Natalie has the easier path to the final 2 because J/J want to brin her to the final 3 ad even Michelle wants to bring natalie to the final 4 which will allow Nataie to squeak by to the final 2… Kevin still hasJ/J and Michelle gunning for him.. J/J not so much because it sounds like they want to have a final 4 with Nat / Kev becase they think they can beat Nat / Kev easier than Michelle… *** L~O~L *** get on the NBK Express on Blackgirl / Ashley / Bluezey60 and everyone else!!! ***** Woot woot ***** ;P :) :D :P

  90. still like jeff and jordon but i dont know where jordon heads is she is getting to close to nat and believes her i hope that he gets nat or kevin out this week come on jeff use your head this is a game

  91. Did the POV ceremony happen yet?, or is it about to happen, does anyone know?

    Go Natalie Go Kevin

  92. @Marcus – the pov ceremony is tomorrow. Not sure what time. Hope they don’t back door Russ.

    CBS portrays Jeff and Jordan to be so wholesome and innocent. It really gripes me. Too bad we watch the live feeds and see Jordan talk about sex all the time.

  93. jeff is stuck between a rock and a hard place honestly
    I mean A) i think its smart to keep natalie to final 3 cause she sucks at games so it’ll ensure that jeff and jordan make it to f2
    second i think jeff shouldnt have won this HoH and he should have let someone else win it like russel, michele or EVEN kevin
    you see that way he can still play for the next HoH which is the most important.
    you see if kevin won he wouldve put up russel and jeff so all they need to do (even if they didnt win POV) is get 2 votes, michele and jordan this will be done by jordan making a F2 deal with michele by saying that she cant get jeff cause he’ll beat her and she can tell Jeff that beforehand telling him its only to get her vote meanwhile so its fair and so they ensure a spot in the f2 jeff makes a f2 deal with natalie saying he cant beat jordan because everyone loves jordan. So if by the of chance michele wins at least jordan makes it to f2 if Natalie wins at least jeff does.
    moving on by eliminating either Kevin or russel this week. he still risks getting nominated if he eliminates kevin he risks getting eliminated by russel if he eliminates russel kevin might eliminate him next week
    best case for him right now is either jordan winning or michele winning
    also by keeping michele and natalie as a f4 with him and jordan he can make sure that those 2 wont make a f2 deal since they hate each other and this is the only way that would work since if it was natalie and kevin theyd have a f2, if it was michele and kevin they would also make one since they dont hate eachother, if it was russel with either of them he would make one too since theres no REAL hate
    but natalie cant STAND michele and blames her for chima so its best case scenerio

    but jeff needs luck in his side next week so that jordan or michele win

    also jordan and JEff should both throw the HoH comp for top 4 so they can make sure they both make it to final 3 since by losing it (michele would probably win) one of them will win the POV over natalie who is HOPELESS therefore since the POV holder for top 3 has all the power he can Jeff (or jordan) can vote out natalie (or michele by the off chance of natalie winning HoH 1 in a million!) therefore they’re good for f3 and f2
    if jeff makes it through next week i guarantee that at least one of the ttwo (jeff or jordan) will make f2 if not both of them

  94. Hold on now, their is nothing wrong with Jordan and her sex talk.

    But it does go against how CBS portrays her, but hey if she wants to talk about it, doesnt maker bad or good.

  95. @Marcus – I don’t care about her talking about sex. But don’t get on national tv and act like it is something you would never do.

  96. My good lord. Jordan sickens me! I am more than sure now that she is playing Jeff and riding his coat tails to the final 2 and he would be silly to take her there. Final two should be Jeff and Russel. She is such a foolish twitt she makes me angry watching her on television causing problems where she was not even part of the conversation between Jeff and Kevin when the big lie came down. Did we all realise how quickly she counts her safety at this point based on Jeff’s achievements.

    h she sickens me. She bring nothing at all to the alliance. She should be the first of the 4 out. I hope and wish.

    So I hope Kevin goes, then Natalie, then Jordan!!! Final three, of course, Michelle, Jeff and Russel. Then Michelle goes. But it would have to be Jeff who wins that HOH or POV

  97. have we forgotten that she got breast implants and works at hooters?! how viginal can she be or pretend to be. please?!!!!!

  98. if jeff and jordan are so naive to believe kevin and natalie dont lie and wouldnt target them next weeki if either of them win hoh.. then they deserve to lose, hell.. if they are that stupid, i want them to lose.. jeff and jordan are falling for a last ditch lie, boy are they gonna feel stupid after the show, when they realize who the real liars in this siuation.. thats all. go kevin!

  99. I hope Jeff doesn’t back door Russell and put him up. He should keep the nominations the same, if he plans on winning BB11. If he continues to listen to Nat/Kevin, he is basically throwing away the chances of winning. I agree with some of the other posts. I think Jordon is playing Jeff and doesn’t even realize it.

  100. @Gracie. Unless things have changed since I signed off from the Evening/AM BB11 Live Feed watch… Russell will be BD and Jeff will be out and not even reach Final 2. Michele is realizing that she is not in J/J f4 pack. Bad move on Jeff part.

  101. if Jeff backdoors Russ, then that will still leave Natalie and Kevin in the game, which would b a BAD move, bc if by any chance Nat/Kev made it to the final 2, they would win, bc all of nat/kev’s friends are in the jury house,

  102. Jeff’s best scenarion is him and Russell in the final two.You have to look at the big picture.If he wants to win it all,it all lies on who the last two hg’s are.If Jeff and Russ make it,Jeff should get the voted to win it.Anyone else and he loses the money and the game,period.Think about it a minute.I am right.

  103. Jeff isn’t thinking for himself – he is thinking for him and Jordan. That’s the problem…otherwise he’d be thinking what is smart for himself – which is final 2 with either Michele or Russ. He needs the most hated house guests.

    @bigsister: I agree!

  104. @ Smart…..

    Here are the smiley faces ok?

    : ) = :)
    ; ) = ;)
    : D = :D
    : P = :P

    Any questions just ask ok Smart & other BB Fans?

  105. Jeff has lost focus. His ego/jordan has warped the thought process. Unless he re-groups Jeff will be history. Live feed watching and a storm is brewing in Russell. If he is put up tomorrow than all H— will be let lose. Jordan just came out to excercise with Michele. Lets see what J will spin to Michele.
    Russell is watching them and I think I see smoke coming out of his ears!

  106. I have always been on J/J side but at this point someone needs to get Jordan out so Jeff could get back to the game. Does anyone agree?

  107. Last night on after dark Jordan was driving me crazy. She has always wanted Nat. out now they are BFF.. The best thing for Jeff would be not having her to drag along any more.

  108. Jeff has been so short with Jordan lately. I wonder if he is starting to realize this. Earlier today on the live feeds, Jeff was telling her that they have to win everything from here on out to make it final 2 and Jordan said, I just want to float through. Jeff got real mad.

  109. Man Jefff is so slick and sneeky too. when he said he wanted Russ out and put up Nat and Kevin I sure hope he changes his mind about putting Russ up. :(

  110. @173 I did not say Jeff should get Jordan out… I said someone should.. She is not think thing through and makeing Jeff do the same from what I see.

  111. @Suzy –
    I agree that Jeff has finished his honeymoon stage with Jordan. He gets upset with her but then she gives him that vacant smile and he feels bad for her and then they are back to their giggly selves. He was mad at her bc she keeps saying he is going to the jury house and he has to keep talking to people and she “bakes cookies”. I agree. She keeps talking to Nat and is making friends while he does the dirty deeds.
    If they get rid of Russell they need Michelle bc she can will HOH or POV better than Jordan can.
    Jeff will be shocked that N/K lied to them ON PURPOSE. Jeff needs to get the correct head in the game if you know what I mean.

  112. Why are Jeff, Jordan, and Russ so dumb!!!

    Russ aked Michelle

    “did i ever say that?”

    “well i dont knoe, we talked about alot of stuff”

    How did nobody stop and go “wait a minute WHAT?”

    she lied right in front of her own alliance, that doesnt raise a red flag to anyone?

  113. Love how the painting Jeff. almost as if there making a personal resume/profile for a love show VH1

  114. @ Marcus…. Jeff / Jordan weren’t smart enough to realize Michelle lied in front of them…. *** L~O~L *** if they had half a brain between the two o them, the would back door Michelle this week since she is the one lying and now trying to protect her because she never thought her lie would lead to this…. Sherat aka Michelle screwed herself by lying to much like Ronnie and will be gone in the next 2 weeks… *** L~O~L ***

  115. ***** Spoiler / BB Updates *****

    7:28pm BBT:
    HOH Room

    Kevin & Natalie made their way up to the HOH room, then a minute later, Russell joined them..totally killing any alone-time talks that could have been had between Jeff/Nat/Kev.

    Kevin/Natalie leave the HOH room to go downstairs to cook, Russ stays and listens to some music while playing cards.

    Russell: “You want me to leave? I can leave…”
    Jeff: “No, no no..I’m gonna take a shower. Go ahead (and listen to music).”
    Russell: “Ok.”

    7:49 BBT

    Kevin/Natalie are now in the kitchen making something to eat.

    Jeff is done with his shower & joins Kev/Nat in the kitchen.

    Jeff: “It was nice for you guys to stop by.” (laughs)
    Natalie: “Ya, for the whole 30 seconds. The whole point of going up then was so that nobody would know we were up there, so that we didn’t cause drama.”

    Natalie/Kevin/Jeff quickly ‘check-in’ with each other that the plan is still solid for Russ to go home & that they’re ‘together’.

    mean while at 7:53 BBT outside

    Jordan told Michele she thinks Jeff should backdoor Russ because he’s the strongest competitor. Michele said “No, that’s Jeff.” Jordan doesn’t say anything. Michele tells Jordan she doesn’t wanna talk at that moment.

    Michele said she’s tired of hearing Russell complain about how Jeff/Jordo don’t hang out with him & Michele anymore.

    Jordan: “He use to always tell me to ‘watch out for Michele’.”
    Michele: “He makes a final 2 deal with me when he was HOH, then tells everyone about it. Nothing adds up with him.”
    Jordan: Yeah, I didn’t like him week 1. He always told me ‘Michele is sketchy’.”
    Michele: “He said he had a final 2 deal with Casey.”
    Jordan: “He wasn’t close to Casey but for the last week he was here.”

    @ everyone… BBAD is coming on… Enjoy the show… have a good night & sweet dreams everyone…

  116. @ Diana C…. thanks for showing me how to do smiley faces ok? have a good night 7 sweet dreams Diana C / marcus / Ashley / F team JJ / blackgirl / bluezey60 and everyone else… ;) :) :D :P

  117. @Marcus that part you saw on the show was editted alot … that was a big convo in the BY. Michele dug herself in a hole and Jeff asked her to please tell a story that is believable so Jeff can stick up for her. Another bad edit by CBS.

    The show didnt show the swearing on families and pops and Michele on her dogs … show didnt show any of that .. that would make Jeff look bad and CBS wouldnt want to do that.

  118. I dont trust Michelle. I think Jeff should backdoor Russell, then Michelle. They’re the toughest competitors.

  119. There is stupid, and then there’s Jordan. She’s a complete idiot. She genuinely believes that Nat and Kev are her besties all of a sudden.

    And @Bigh Vietnam—Jeff won’t get a chance to backdoor Michelle simply because she’s going to be in the game longer than he.

  120. I just want this week to be over with so I can see Jeff and Jordan eliminated for this nonsense. As somebody else pointed out, Michele shot both herself and her team in the foot by lying too much and for no reason at all, but Jeff and Jordan are seriously disappointing to watch. Anyone could see these lies coming a mile away, and regardless of how Jordan (or anyone for that matter) feels about Russell, it was OBVIOUS he was being loyal to the F4 alliance. Russell said it best when he said him getting rid of Jeff makes no sense and does not advance him in the game. The conversation should have ended there… actually anyone with a brain would not have even had to ask the dumb questions they asked.

    Jordan stood there demanding Russell why she keeps hearing all the negative rumours about him as if there was any logical way to answer such a dumb question. The real question is why is she so quick to believe everything she hears. And Jeff is smart enough to know better, but everytime he gets a clue, he turns around and consults Jordan and all bets are off. The two of them deserve to lose at this point, and they were never my favourites to begin with.

    I just want this week of BB to go away. The thought of Natalie and Kevin going to F2 pains me to no end lol!

  121. CBS is doing everything it can to keep Jeff the hero and Russell the villain for some reason. It ignored Jeff and Jordan’s plans with Michelle to backdoor Russell starting a week ago, ignored Jeff and Jordan blabbing all of their plans to Kevin, and now it seems they are editing the backyard blowup so that it isn’t about Michelle being sketchy and Jeff and Jordan being stupid and is instead about Russell blowing up. Hell, Jordan, Jeff, and Michelle were COMPLETELY blowing up on Russell for half an hour while he just sat there and took it.

  122. Comment #191, I agree with you, it would suck if Kev & Gnat made it to final 2. Gnat to go this week.

  123. O.K Jeff and Jordan are not stupid, they are looking at the whole picture. it is there are three groups. J/J, K/N, M/R. so which one is the strongest group? M/R. so when will Jeff will have another opportunity to win HOH? in a couple of weeks. and when Russell will have an opportunity to win HOH? this coming week. do you think russell is that stupid to keep Jeff who is one of the strongest players in the house? NO, He is not. so Jeff Back door Russel.

  124. 1is1me – You seem to have missed the part where Kevin and Natalie have vowed to each other to betray Jeff and get rid of him next week.

    You also seem to miss the part of all of the jury being friends of Kevin and Natalie.

    Add those two facts to the fact that the numbers will not be on the side of Jeff and Jordan next week, and what you have is a DUMB MOVE ON THEIR PART.

    The only chance Jeff, Jordan, Michele, and Russell had at winning was with each other at F4. At least at that point it would’ve been every man for himself and each would’ve had an equal shot at getting to F2. Jordan just flushed all that down the toilet, and to be honest, BB is a pain to watch right now. I’ve just never seen anything so retarded.

  125. If Jeff really back-doors Russell, I think Kevin will ultimately win. Kevin and Natalie will follow through on getting rid of Jeff (possibly creating a K/N/M alliance), making it easy for K/N to pick everyone else off like flies. They will probably want to get rid of Michele after Jeff due to her being such a strong player, but I have a feeling Jordon would be after Jeff. Even if there is a kink in this plan and K/N don’t make it to F2, I still think Kevin will win if he stays in the house due to everyone trusting him so much and being so gullible.

    If Jeff does not back-door Russell and R/M/J/J make it to F4, I believe Russell or Jeff would win with Michele in second place.

    What’s so frustrating is how close they’ve come to the F4 only to blow it on a VERY obvious lie. I’m not losing sleep over it, but it is very difficult to watch.

  126. It is time for Jordon to do her own thing. We all know that adult ADD have to have a safety net. Jordon was smart enough to move when Michelle did on the other pov but she is not able to do much more. Jeff will finally make a bad move trying to save Jordon. Jordon is thinking of herself with the Rusell thing and Jeff is thinking only of Jordon. Come on Jordon you can do it alone. Come on Jeff. Think of the house votes. Get rid of the Gnat and the Gkevin.

  127. Even if Jeff were to pull off Kevin and put Russell up, which I think he will do, he will still have the numbers to keep Russell when he sees Kevin and Nat grinning ear to ear. He will tell Jordan to vote out Kevin. So Russell going is still not a done deal until Thursday’s vote. It could go either way. But if he were to do that and saves Russell at the end I believe Russell will go after Jeff next week. Didn’t Russell say in the diary room last night that Jeff would be a fool to keep him?

  128. First thing I want to say is that Jeff – you can be my gardener anytime you want. LOL I thought that segment last night was hilarious with Kevin watching Jeff. Too funny.

    I also noticed that they didn’t show J/J/M/R swearing on their families to go final 4. It is amazing how TV shows manipulate how they want us to think/feel. Look at how they tempered Chima’s tirades.

    When is the POV ceremony?

  129. if jeff backdoors russell. that will be one of the dumbest moves in big brother this season.. and it really saddens me, i dont want to believe that jeff is that stupid to believe natalie, and to think that she would never lie to him and jordan. please someone tell me that jeff is not that stupid..

    but i guess the old saying goes.. God gives you one (great looks) and doest give you the other (great smarts).. or something like that, lol

  130. Well if Jeff does put up Russ then Jeff buy buy because Kevin and Nat was talking on the couch last night that She Nat is going to put your A$$ up Dumb A$$ Jeff! Hopfuly you wait untill you get Nat out cause your a goner Jeff! :(

  131. I Jef takes Russ out then i hope Nat gets the HOH and puts up Jorden andJeff and he will see the Nat Kick His Butt and then Jeff gets the POV. and get off then Nat puts up Michelle and Jorden goes home in the Jery house and Russ laughs and then Nat and Jeff are the last two and evey body gets mad at Jeff and Nat wins because he was stupid to listen to Kevin and take out Russ! :)

  132. Oh, I can’t believe that Jeff is going to believe Kevin. After all the crap? I think Russle has proven himself to Jeff many times. What’s wrong with Jeff. It will be stupid thing he has ever done since the season the two girls talked at the end, I think it was Jennel and another HG. They figured what the guys were doing and dumped them.

  133. New topic on here its awsome check it out its called….
    It”s time for the 7th inning stretch… so read it and will you stop if your team is loesing? :)

  134. I’m watching last nights after dark. None of these guys are too bright. Nat told them she plays professional poker in vegas and that right before BB started she was in vegas and won $70,000. You have to be 21 to play in vegas. No one has mentioned this at all. Someone has to think of it before the eviction. It will just show what a liar she is.

  135. Mary (#200) – It would make no sense for Russell to go after Jeff before F4. This would not help him advance in the game, and it was a lie made up by Natalie and Kevin. Russell explained this to J/J and they STILL didn’t get it.

    Russell said he would go after Jeff AFTER they reach F4, and that is NOT betraying their deal. Jeff and Jordan are obviously not planning to let anyone else win, so it is totally fair for Russell to have a plan for after F4 with Michele. J/J seem to think everyone should just hand them the money, and I’m sorry, but that’s just not going to happen. They seem to think anyone who’s trying to win the money for themselves is somehow betraying them. I mean hellloooo, it’s called a competition!

  136. Russ has been true to his word. And he just told Jeff he would not put him up or vote him out. Jeff and Jordan are snakes

  137. They’ve (J/J) really shown their true colours these past couple of weeks. Their game play is foolish and a joke, and Jordan is a 2-faced lying idiot. F4 alliance be damned, I can’t wait to see J/J voted off and the looks on their face when they finally see how stupid they look on national tele.

  138. ***** GOOD ~ Evening ~ BB Fans / Bloggers *****

    @ Ashley… I told you Jeff would show his true colors and backdoor Russell…. I wonder if people still think of Jeff / Jordan as moral saints…. L~O~L!!! Jeff showed he was gritty after the technotrnics fight with Russell…. People wanted a good old american boy who would never lie or back stab anyone…. Jeff is just as grimeyas Jessie / Ronnie and will ultimately back stab Jordan if he needs to for $500,000…. He will not lose $500,000 for a showmance that may not even develop into a friendship let alone a relationship after BB 11 is over… Anyways… Wuz up girl (Ashley)? There is no way Kevin will turn on Natalie and vote her ot for Russell because Kev knows with Natalie in the house he will have his best chance of getting past the final 3….. Everyone else will get rid of him in the next week or two max…. I am about to do homework…. It was my first day of the fall semester…. I need to study for my “Constitutional Law” class… Have a good night Ashley and everyone else!!! ***** O~N~E *****

  139. I cannot believe that jeff still thinks that nat/kevin didnt lie to him and he blames russel for everything. i dont support jeff anymore. hope he gets a wake-up call in the jury house. natsy saluted chiapet…what the hell??????hope michelle n jordan get 5 bottles of wine 2nite/and every nite[lol]

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