Tonight’s Big Brother 11 Head of Household competition truly turned out to be an endurance battle as the HGs are racing to see who can “recycle” the most soda cans by dropping them into narrow tubes from their elevated platform. The first houseguest to reach 24 cans wins, but if no one reaches that threshold after an hour whoever has the most will be crowned the winner.

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Update @ 6:30PM BBT: The live feeds are back and the HGs are already inside having dinner! Well nuts. Let’s see who is revealed as the winner.

Kevin said, “F you, Jeff” kiddingly though, so maybe Jeff got it. Jeff is talking quickly and excitedly with how he was playing so I’m thinking…

Confirmed: Jeff is the new HoH. Michele just asked what snacks he requested, so I’m taking that as confirmation. Kevin lost by 1 can!

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