Big Brother 11: Week 7 Sunday Live Feed Highlights

Another lazy Sunday in the Big Brother 11 house as the HGs prepared for Monday’s Power of Veto Ceremony. While Jeff and Jordan appear resolute in their plans to backdoor alliance member Russell, Michele has been warned that he’ll go “psycho” if he is nominated and I don’t doubt him one bit.

I know what I’ll be doing Monday afternoon when the fireworks go off in the house: live feeds!

Try the live feeds for free and use the Flashback feature to see what you missed!

Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 23, 2009:

12:30 PM BBT – Michele and Jordan relaxing and getting some sun when the talk finally turns to the next eviction. Jordan asks Michele who she wants to see go next. Michele says Kevin while Jordan says Kevin and Russell. Michele warns Jordan that Russell admitted he’d go “psycho” if he gets named as a replacement nominee this week at the PoV ceremony. Ohhh boy!!

1:20 PM BBT – Jordan goes back to Jeff and warns him what Michele about Russell losing it if he goes up on the block. Jeff says he isn’t concerned and appears to be sticking to the backdoor plan.

4:00 PM BBT – Jordan warning Natalie that Russell is planning to go berserk if he is nominated at the PoV ceremony. Natalie passes this news along to Kevin.

6:00 PM BBT – Natalie and Kevin discuss how they haven’t won anything. Kevin thinks this is bad news for the final jury so no one will want to take them. Natalie thinks it’s a good thing because they won’t have blood on their hands.

6:30 PM BBT – Kevin and Natalie decide to rearrange the house decorations to screw with the other HGs. They’re excited about their little devious plans.

9:15 PM BBT – Kevin warns Natalie to scale back on her friendliness in the house and to avoid being caught alone with Russell. He wants to keep their separations until they know their plan has worked at PoV.

9:45 PM BBT – Jeff and Jordan are exchanging details on the item counts in the house. How many pillows are here and how of another thing are there. Jordan notices what has gone missing as well.

10:40 PM BBT – Michele tells Jeff that she doesn’t it’s a good idea to lose a 4th team member right now. They need the numbers and he should leave things alone at the Veto meeting. Jeff doesn’t seem moved.

Monday is going to be an intense day in the Big Brother 11 house as Jeff is preparing to nominate Russell with the hopes of the votes sending him out the backdoor. Russell has warned the HGs that he’ll lose control if this happens and from what we’ve seen of his angry attitude in the past there’s a good chance it’ll happen today!

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  1. I hope Russ doesn’t get kicked out like Chima. I just don’t like Nat and Kevin. I wish they would go. Kevin has come so close to winning the last 2 or 3 HOH’s that I think Jeff should concentrate on Kevin. Russ did block Kevin out or he would have won it. Even not being able to play for a minute Kevin still was one can shy of winning.

  2. I hope Jeff see’s that Kevin is playing the whole house and he is moving his targets slowly and Jeff is the target he is moving like a pupit so wake up Dumb A$$ Jeff and take out Kevin or Nat first and Let go Of you Anchor Jorden and sale on.

  3. They gotta keep Russell, they need the numbers. Jeff can definatly beat him later because he’s strong mentally as well as physically. Russells only strong physically. This far in the game…you have to be both. 1st chance Kev/Nat get, they’ll put Jeff up.

  4. Jeff please dont screw up now! I dont think its a good ideal to back door Russ. Kev & Nat is working jeff! He has to be smart about this, next week Kev may when HOH and Jeff WILL BE NOMINATED! Ohh boy… :/

  5. This is J/j last chance to get Russ out of the house and remember that J can’t compete for HOH next week so he will be a sitting duck for Russ who CAN’T be trusted! Kev and Nat Don’t deserve to be there-Don’t deserve to win-Don’t deserve any sympathy-and are horrible competitors. I am not worried about them winning any competitions. Mich or j will get HOH and Mich, J or j will get the POV , like they always have! Kev and Nat are LAME!

  6. Glad I caught this early. I still don’t trust Natalie, she’s been in everyone’s ear since coming to BB, yet she get’s everyone else to do her dirty work. MATT, I can’t thank you enough for the updated info, as I don’t have After Dark. Reading this is the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I check at night. I just don’t like when people have to shove their opinions in others faces. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. We’re not playing for a half million, so some people need to chill, other than that, love this. Thank you again.

  7. @Diane: You’re very welcome and thank you for your kind words. I’m always glad to hear feedback like this so I know it’s worthwhile to others to have these daily highlights available. Thanks for being a reader!

  8. What do you think the next HoH comp will be? I have feeling it’s going to be a trivia game, I hope to goodness it is not because Jordo will have a good chance of winning. I don’t want her to win. Jeff and Jordan need to be split up next week.

  9. clearly Jeff is not thinking of the votes from the Jury – He needs to get rid of Nat/Kev NOW. if Nat or Kevin makes it to one of the final two, all of their friends are in the Jury house – they will win against J/J/M/R. that is my theory for getting them out NOW

  10. @Matt…deifinatly kudos to you. Yes, as soon as I get to work, I check the updates. Before I leave, I check the updates. Then I print them out for BB’s #1 fan, my 72 year old father in law. As soon as I walk in the door he’s holding out his hand for the update. So great job Matt.
    Also, I’d like to suggest they do a follow up show on what the HG’s are doing after life in the BB house.

  11. Thanks Matt for all the updates. I’d be going nuts without this because I don’t get the 24/7 live feeds. This is great because my husband doesn’t watch the show and whenever I try to talk about it he doesn’t know what I’m talking about. None of my family or friends watch either so this is a good way to have some kind of discussions and opinions. Thank you.
    What’s the difference it Jeff gets Russ out now and waits til next week and Russ gets him out. Jeff needs to do this now, while he can. Michelle will still be with J/J. She needs to be F2 with Jeff or she won’t win.

  12. I think that if Jeff decides to go ahead and back door Russell, then he deserves to go home next week!!!! Wy hasn’t he ever called a house meeting and call Kevin and Nat out to finally clear the air? If Russell ends up going home this week, I will just scream directly at the TV!!!! Jeff needs to stick to the plan and keep the numbers on his side. Kevin will win HOH next week and Jeff will go home for sure if Jeff isn’t careful. I wish there was a way that we could all go the BB house and scream so loud at Jeff and tel him that Nat and Kevin are nothing but big fat liars and they are the ones that cannot be trusted. I can just see their faces now. Next week when they are in power and they nominate Jeff, the will tell him that they wereplaying him the entire time. That’s one less vote for Jeff in the jury house if Russell goes. Come on Jeff……..grow some brains and KEEP RUSSELL IN THE HOUSE!!!!

  13. I think Jeff needs to be concerned about the Jury votes at this stage of the game. Natalie has to go. If there is even one member of the original controlling alliance left, the votes will weigh heavily in that favor from the Jury. Jeff needs to start thinking more forward than he is right now!! I hope he gets his game in order, but I’m not seeing a lot of forward thinking strategy from him.

  14. Yes, Gnat needs to go & Kev next. Jeff also has to stop listening to Jordan. If he doesn’t, & back door’s Russell this week, then it will be Jeff leaving next week. Jeff needs to wake up, stick to the deal w/ Russell, boot Gnat & Kev next. Then they both will be sitting in the jury house wondering what happened? Gnat, & Kev, that’s what happened smart guy.

  15. Awesome. I saw Jordan couting a bunch of stuff, all to find out it will go for not because its been changed.

    Very smart.

    I wish Russell would go ape-sh–. Thats all he ever does when something doesnt go his way

  16. Sorry to say this but Jeff is going to use veto.((((as of 10 mins ago)
    Jorden say they have no enemies and Russel will forgive them and give them jury vote.
    LOL I think they just blew this game.Will get what they deserve for being stupid.

  17. I agree with whats being written here, Jeff needs to eliminate Gnat and Kevin because they will get the votes from the Jury house, so make the final four of J/J/R/M. Its not guaranteed that Jeff will take out Russell in an endurance comp but if Jeff gets to the final with any three of them he should win. Jordan hasn’t really played the game, Russell is a disturber and nobody cars for him, and Michele is seen as a liar, and a bad one at that.

  18. Jeff is making a huge mistake if he puts Russell up, I really hope he doesn’t, but I think he is going to….. please please please open your eyes Jeff and see how much of a lying snake Nat is!!!!!


  20. I am so furious at Jeff and Jordan right now. How stupid can they seriously be! Jordan keeps telling Jeff that Natalie can be trusted and that she can control Natalie. What? Is she really that dumb? Jeff is being just as dumb if he actually believes her. I was team Jeff all the way. But now I’m questioning if I wasted all that time on the hundreds of votes I cast for him. He did a great game change only to throw it all away. Unbelievable!!

  21. Nat and Kevin just now were planing what to say when they put Jeff up. They are going up to talk to jeff again soon to tell him how they will never put him up but Russel will.

  22. U guys sound so suprised that Jeff is this stupid. Ive been saying it since day 1. but no, he is the greatest, and BB should give him the comp.


    He will save Kevin and Natalie, send home Russ.

    Then, ohhh then. Natalie and Kevin will slowly start to run the house.

    BUHAHAHAHAHA!!! yes . . . yes its all coming togethe nicely hehehehehe

    little does Jeff know Natalie and Kevin will come after him very, very soon ahahaha. AAAHHHAHAHAHA. . . . . AAAAAHAHAHAH

  23. Because Jorden likes Nat now she talks non stop to her. She is in Jeffs ear all the time, if he had hr to think with out her (maybe) would get a clue.

  24. kevin and nat are playing jeff,for somebody who has played the game so good thus far,what a idiot.if he back doors russ i hope hes next.he need to be,kevin and nat has been a aliance all game and now they are his best friend,if warning bells dont ring,then jeff should be out.@ lease you know russel is going do what ever to get to final four and he knows jeff,jordon,michell is the only way.plz will somebody kick jeff in the buttox and get his mind on the game and off jordons boobies!

  25. If Jeff thinks he needs to get out Russell he will do it he will not listen to anybody because he is thinking how he can win and what best for him. The votes are not true it is what other people think it might be

  26. I think jeff should keep the plan an nominated russ and next week i want michell to go home.

  27. Jordan let Michele kown J/J not for M/R when she told michele Jeff will do what is best for Jeff. But Jeff listens to Jordan so everyone knows it is wrong

  28. Nat is smiling ear to ear right now and planning for hoh. Nat and Kevin moving and hiding things around the house. Jeff an jordan have been trying to count things. veto crermony soon.

  29. Jeff should think about the Jury House. If he backdoors Russell, all his “frenimies” will be in the Jury House and will never vote him as winner.

  30. i WAS a j/j fan but am longer one. what brain washed jeff did was stupid. i guess this is what happens when the power goes to your head. anyone else sick of watching the j/j fake relationship with the gigging and all? and why is it that everyone but n/k get caught lieing and doing things around the house? i have the live feeds and have heard kevin say the DR coaches them at times on what to say and do to start an argument. i have always been a BB fan and luv’d the show and always thought it was an honest reality show but after watching all whats happening its like all the other fake ones. i didn’t watch the bb show last night either. plz all you haters don’t start bashing me cause these are my opinions. also, me being a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, etc., i feel sorry for michelle at times for the way jordan makes fun of her. again htese are my opinions and i’m just so upset with bb.

  31. I was hoping that BB would have either jordan or jeff just happen to walk up and hear nat/kev talking about their lie. lol, i’m sure i’ll get over being upset with all this. i can’t wait to see kevin & jordan go up on the block and go out the door and being have nots and being treated like they’ve been treating the other HG’s for the past 2 weeks. they need to be knocked down a few notches. and plz stop with the so called showmanship. my daughter is 33 and her hubby is 41 and they’ve never acted as childish as they are and yes, they’ve been together for over 14 yrs. ok, anyone have any pull so I can call the BB house and talk to someone? (just kidding) LOLOL

  32. Nat and Kevin need to goooooo!! Why can’t anyone see Nat is a floater, and Kevin is like her lap dog!

  33. Omg Jordan just said to Nat I’m going to go off on Russel tonight. I will tell him go lick jessies balls.
    How low is this. Sweet Jordan is no more. Hope they both lose

  34. #42 Take it easy, CBS will stop anything bad from happening. Both Russ & Jeff were wrong to say or threaten each other. How old are you?

  35. It is so hard to believe that J/J are so gullible and dumb. If they lose, they have only themselves to blame. It sure does look like K/N will be the final two. Unbelievable!

  36. ***** GOOD ~ Evening ~ BB Fans / Bloggers *****

    @ Ashley… I told you Jeff would show his true colors and backdoor Russell…. I wonder if people still think of Jeff / Jordan as moral saints…. L~O~L!!! Jeff showed he was gritty after the technotrnics fight with Russell…. People wanted a good old american boy who would never lie or back stab anyone…. Jeff is just as grimeyas Jessie / Ronnie and will ultimately back stab Jordan if he needs to for $500,000…. He will not lose $500,000 for a showmance that may not even develop into a friendship let alone a relationship after BB 11 is over… Anyways… Wuz up girl (Ashley)? There is no way Kevin will turn on Natalie and vote her ot for Russell because Kev knows with Natalie in the house he will have his best chance of getting past the final 3….. Everyone else will get rid of him in the next week or two max…. I am about to do homework…. It was my first day of the fall semester…. I need to study for my “Constitutional Law” class… Have a good night Ashley and everyone else!!! ***** O~N~E *****

  37. I still love J/J but I think their best chances for WINNING the game are with Russell and/or Michelle…noone in the jury house likes them…everyone there would vote for K/N…

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