Big Brother 11: Week 7 Saturday Live Feed Highlights

Yesterday on Big Brother 11 the Power of Veto competition played out with all the power in the house shifting to one focal point. Meanwhile, Kevin and Natalie pushed Big Brother’s limits and were threatened with expulsion for breaking the rules. Find out what happened below!

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 22, 2009:

11:00 AM BBT – Michele talking alliance issues with Jeff and Jordan. Michele tells Jeff that Russell hasn’t talked about breaking up their Final 4 alliance, just that he’s still hoping to get to F2.

1:00 PM BBT – Jordan chatting with Kevin and Natalie and confirms that Russell wants them out. Well of course, they’re not in his F4.

1:30 PM BBT – Kevin and Natalie practicing dates of events in Big Brother 11. They’re getting ready for the next “before or after” event. They have a secret calendar they’ve made out of play-doh and a chessboard. Kevin has forgotten his color code (!).

4:15 PM BBTLive Feeds are back from the Power of Veto competition. Jeff reveals he has won the Veto.

4:30 PM BBT – Jeff tells Jordan he’ll take Kevin down because he’s the better player and that Natalie will be safe anyway. Perhaps they should send the better player home! Jeff details out what he and Jordan will have to tell Russell on one side and Michele on the other.

7:30 PM BBT – Natalie and Kevin getting excited at the idea that Jeff is planning to save one of them and backdoor Russell. Kevin warns her to keep her cool when it happens and don’t celebrate right away.

9:00 PM BBT – Jeff goes to Natalie looking for assurances that she won’t target him and that she’s going after Michele if she wins. Kevin makes the same promise. This is a lie. Natalie and Kevin are targeting Jeff at their first chance.

9:30 PM BBT – Natalie and Kevin start speaking in Spanish. Big Brother yells at them to stop, but they keep going. Natalie yells back that she’s just making up words. Production freaks out and demands that they come to the Diary Room immediately. When they return Kevin realizes how much trouble they were making but Natalie continues to downplay it. No code talking in Big Brother!

10:00 PM BBT – Jordan offers Jeff a shared bubble bath. Jeff says only if they can make out first. She says nope, so he tells her she’s on her own for the tub.

12:30 AM BBT – Michele and Russell discuss their options. Both are worried about the Veto being used, but Michele thinks Jeff will leave the noms alone. They’ve noticed how Jeff and Jordan are becoming buddy-buddy with Natalie and Kevin and that worries them a lot.

Michele and Russell should be worried. Jeff is poised to go back on his Final 4 alliance with the Power of Veto and nominate Russell to be backdoored this week. New deals spring up everywhere, so the drama should remain high today as this may be Russell’s last chance to secure his safety with Jeff.

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  1. jeff has played this game very wisely so far i just can’t believe that he is really going to believe anything nat or kev are telling him.

  2. Wonder the ‘real’ relationship with Jordan and Jeff. She seems so dingy and just plain ignorant. Dont see the attraction from Jeff, unless just gamesmanship…

  3. Week 7 POV competition thread is still getting some interesting feedback from us BB watchers.

  4. Once again, thanks, Matt for the updates. I think they are more exciting than the televised episodes. Maybe they spoil the show for me, oh well. The updates get me going. I’ll be watching tonight’s show. I’ve been watching BB from the begining and Survivor. BB, my summer fun.

  5. Jordan got HOH because of Jeff but she doesn’t remember that only that she WON HOH. The HOH/POV win has made her think she is a major game player along with who two buddies.
    So over her. Sad to see Jeff fall from his game because of Jordan and her two buddies. :(

  6. I do not have live feeds so someone please help me out here.
    1. on Tv BB makes it seem like Jordan and Jeff are a couple. Does Jordan tease jeff? In the above breakdown of events Jordan says she will not make out with jeff…I thought these 2 were sleeping together. Sounds more like Jordan is stringing Jeff along.
    Please fill me in :)

  7. Linda E. your welcome sweetie but they have just posted another here just now and my head is spinning. Live Nomination Episode tonight man to meany post at one time.

  8. survivor i love too never missed a season bb is my number one! i just wish they would bring on bb twice a year too.

  9. Jeff I trusted you all this time & you blow it, if you put Russell up. I,m going for Michelle. She has really taken a lot of crap from everyone in that darn house. Nat, needs to go, big time, & I,m not the same Judith above .

  10. i think jeff and jordan make a cute couple i know jordan is a few years younger but they could make it

  11. Judy thats what i said to put BB twice like survivor and they did last year in feb. for love couples so come on BB PUT TWO A YEAR.LOL!!

  12. in the beginning i didnot like michele either but i have kind of changed my mind i feel she has proved herself to jeff and jordan i think she would keep her word to them and go in the final origional 4 i sure hope jeff will think about it.long and hard.i do not want him to use the pov.

  13. It is Michelle’s fault for backstabbing Russell behind his back to Jeff / Jordan and unknowingly solidifying Natalie / Kevin’s lie…… She isthe nail in the coffin and now she wonders why Russell is going home….. When Ronnie played both sides, he was sent home….. When she-rat (Michelle) tried to ply both sides, her ally Russell gets screwed and sent home….. I can’t wait for Michelle to get evicted….. Now after the damage is done and J/J re talking to K/N she wants to be Russell’s best ally again? I call B.S. to that!!!

  14. If Jeff and Jordan don’t wake up and smell the coffee, they are going get a rude awakening by being placed on the block! I don’t see how they can even speak to Kevin and Natalie, let alone believe what they say! I hope Jeff keeps his word and leaves the nominations as they are for this week.

  15. Karen i agree they need to start talking to each other now and not be so layed back thinking nothing is going to happend to them both.

  16. I hate to say it BUT if Jeff uses the veto and sends Russell home then he deserves whatever the consequences may be…how can he believe ANYTHING that Natalie and Kevin say…he sent home all of their friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I hope nominations stay the same. Jeff needs to keep his final 4 deal. Even if Russ betrays Nat will have the votes. I would rather see Russ over Nat. She needs to go. I hate how she is kissing butt now. So two faced. I can’t believe they are falling for her age. They would neve let anyone underage drink in there. How stupid. Casey knew she was older said it many times.

  18. @Leo – I agree with you about Michelle. She should have kept her mouth shut. I hope JJ stick to their word on final four but it is not looking that way. In HOH next week it will be everyone against Jordan to play and I really don’t think Jordan can win against them. Doesn’t Jeff realize this? I can’t wait for him to get evicted because of this foolishness.

  19. Teri – this is my take on the relationship between J&J.
    Jordan is a dumb as a rock and Jeff is fairly intelligent. He is protecting her like a big brother would bc I think he sees that she is stupid. They tease each other back and forth like a brother and sister. Jordan is not a girl who sleeps around and says her grandpa is watching. She smiles at him but so far I haven’t seen any making out (I hope someone can let me know if they have). Jeff asks to make out and she just laughs at him. He is more of a mentor/teacher to her – like explaining what the four suits are in cards – she did not know the other three besides diamonds.
    I see them in bed and I think – girl you should jump on him and get it on – cameras or not LOL – but she just talks.
    I hope they don’t take it to the next level bc I do not see them lasting at all outside the house except as friends.

  20. I think Jeff likes Jordon, do9nt you remember them making out when Ronnie came in and just started talkin .Jordon says she cant do anything with Jeff because of her Grandpa, but all the sex talk she has had cant make him very proud.

  21. I don’t watch the live feeds, however, it appears on the show that Russell royally screwed Jeff behind his back. At first, he was like “Thanks SO much, I will do anything for you, even use the veto for you if we’re both nominated” and then in ep #19 (or 18) he was like he owes NO ONE anything and will do anything he can to win. WTF?!?! Why such a big change? Up to that point, I wanted him or Jeff to win….now I’m not so sure.

  22. Also, to answer some of the previous posts. I believe that J/J are an item in the house beyond a brother/sister type of relationship. They have made out before (or attempted to until that ****** Ronnie ruined it) and it appears to me that they both are attracted to each other in “that way” and according to the interviews, both of their families think so as well. The only thing is that maybe they aren’t as trashy as Jesse & Lydia to do it in the house AND be so open with it to everyone.

  23. ***** News Flash ***** Natalie won’t be going hom this week or next week…. Why? She is protected by Kevin (Final 2 deal) and Jeff / Jordan (they want to bring her to the Final 3 because she is a weak player according to them)….. Michelle wants Kevin gone because he is a bigger threat and could win HOH / POV next week and would mess up Michelle’s final 3 plans even though Jeff / Jordan don’t plan on taking her to the final 3 anymore because the want to take Natalie now…. *** L~O~L ***

    It will either be Russell going home this week (backdoored) or Kevin going home (nominations stay the same)

    Next week will either be Kevin going home (Jordan / Michelle win HOH and send him home because Keving is a threat) or Jeff going home (if natalie / Kevin win HOH) or Michelle (back up with jordan as the replacement for Jeff / a pawn again) going home, is Jeff saves himself with the POV with him / Michelle nominated to keep them from saving each other and evicted Natalie/ Kevin!!!

  24. WOW Leo You have it all figured out dont even have to watch anymore if I was.cant stand to listen to GNATS voice.ARE you the official ex pert from the show.

  25. I have been a J/J fan all season but if Jeff puts up Russell then I hope Jeff gets what he deserves. If he is too stupid to see through K/N then he doesn’t deserve to win. If Russ goes this week I see a final two with K/N. Sad, Sad, but they will deserve it for their game play and being being able to lie and get away with it.

  26. @ JB…. Dod you watch the live feeds?

    After the POV comp yesteday…. Jordan was telling Jeff they need to take natalie to the final 3 because she would be easier to beat than Michelle (to esure they both make the final 2)

    Kevin has a final 2 deal with natalie and knows that Michelle / jeff / jordan won’t bring him to the final 3 o2 r over each other…

    Michelle wants to get Kevin / Russell out before natalie because she will be able to beat natalie easier than Kevin / Russell to get to the final 3 (but she does’t know that J/J have agreed to bring natalie to the final 3 instead of her)

    Jordan wins the HOH, she will either put up kevin and Miclle or kevin and Natlie (with the planof getting rid of Kevin…. i say Kevin / Michelle because she would then be able to get rid of Kevin een if Natlie votes out Michelle because it woul be a 1-1 vote an she would send kevin packing and still be in natalie’s good graces because she didn;t nominate her (and her plan ofJ/J/N would still be a possibiblty)…

    Does this make sense KB?

  27. Does any other bb fans, Melanie / cat / Ashley / Bluezey60 / Daiana C / Jacb / Stellyross / Blackgirl / F Team JJ / matt agree or disagree?

    ***** Please indulge me with your opinions ok? ***** Thanks!!!

  28. @ Melanie… What are your feelings abotu what I said? Please give me your opinions and toughts ok? Thanks!!!

  29. I think Michelle screwed up the F4 by bashing Russell these past couple of weeks. She basically backed up N/K’s lies and pushed J/J to K/N. IMHO

  30. I think the LML might have been the best move of the season especially if Nat/Kev win HOH next week. The only hope for Russ is if he gets Nat on his side or Kev gets paranoid and tells Jeff about the LML or Jeff comes to his senses and does not back door Russ.

  31. @ Melanie….

    1st) Yes I think Russell would hve honored the Final 4 becuae he knos that him / Michelle would be favored to beat Jeff / Jordan because Jordan would be the weakiest player remaining in the final 4 and Jeff would have to win every comp…. they would know that a final 3 with J/J would leave them in 3rd places.

    2nd) I think Jordan will target Kevin, but she will then target Michell is Kevin saves himself, so she could bring Natalie (the weakest play to the fial 3 with J/J)

    3rd) You are absolutely right about Michelle being the reason j/j believed n/K’s LML because if she would have denied it, J/J would have probably gave M/R the benefit of the doubt because N/K have never talked this much to them…. Now Michelle is screwing herself by changing her story and saying Russell isn’t targeting them….

  32. 7:19pm BBT:
    HOH Room

    Michele goes into the HOH room, banging a pillow on top of her head.

    Michele: “I need to vent. Natalie is driving me CRAZY!!! She paints this picture like she never did anything wrong in this game and twists everything like her and her team (“Team Jessie”) were these really good people.”

    Michele said Natalie was totally spinning EVERYTHING and how she talks the loudest. (Could this be the start of a plan on Michele’s part to try to get Nat out? Hmm!)

    Jeff enters the HOH room.

    Jordan/Michele game talk.
    Jordan is laying the ground work for when Jeff puts Russ on the block. She is telling Michele that if Russ wins HOH next week, that her (Jordan) and Jeff are going on he block.

    Michele: “Mm..I don’t think so.”
    Jordan gives a ‘yeah, right.’ look to Michele.

  33. hello again leo, michele admitted to having a memory problem but no one believes her. after talking to russell last night, i think he does now

  34. @ Diana C…. it is too lte because Michelle is going to be the reason Russell goes home… if she makes the final 2 now, Russell won’t vote for her because he will find out via Jeff / jordan why he left because that means Michelle would have made the final 2 with jeff / jordan / natalie / kevin…

  35. @ Randie Loman…. Thanks for verifying what i am saying….. i am about to head to the gym to workout, but I will be back later…. have a good day all my BB fans / bloggers!!!

    Randie Loman

    August 23rd, 2009 at 1:07 pm
    Ok Leo after haveing a nights sleep and able to think about it you are right.
    and it dose make sence and I went back and looked and and looked and looked and looked and after going over as much of the taped feed as possable I see whear you are come from and I missed it.
    Sir my hat’s off to you and I offer yoy my most hummble apologies sir.

    Have a good day everyone!!!! ***** O~N~E *****

  36. P.S. Not all athletes / body builders are self absorbed meatheads…. (ME) *** S~M~I~L~E ***

  37. No code talking? They used sign language in season 3. I hope Natalie wins despite all the viewers who hate her.

  38. Funniest thing last night was Jeff trying to get a makeout out of Jordan. JUst take hot tub, and maybe u will get the makeout dumb dumb!! her family wacthes after dark, not the live feeds. not that it matters but still.

    That and the spanish/pig latin between Kevin and Natalie. I had no idea they would get so darn mad. They were heated. Even when they werent saying anything. They should have diary room cams, i would love to know how things like this go down.

  39. Leo,
    I agree with you. Even though I don’t want it to go that way, after watching BBAD over this past week, I can see it going that way. (it comes on here at 12:00 to 3:00 here). I also agree with you that Russell had every intention of keeping the Allience with Jeff and Jordon. I can still hope that can’t I?

  40. Nat is just a liar plain and simple. If you lie about your age that is pitful.And Kev is confused he needs to think about who is hanging with! I hope Jordan or Jeff wins but they need to take russell to the end cause he is hated alot.

  41. I’m sorry people but Jeff is starting to get on my nerves, the way he’s allways yelling at Jordon

  42. I would like to see Jeff to win. I thinks he lied low and is stepping up his game. It is like a long distance runner. You pace yourself but place yourself a few paces back and then give it all that we have to the finish line.

  43. I’m gonna say this again Natalie or Kevin needs to go.u have a point bea that would be jeffs best option to go up againest russel in the final 2 to insure he wins but u never know the people in the house change their minds and change friends like people change their underwear look at lydia and natalie for 2 people that hates each others guts certanily didn’t look like it after jessie went home they were sitting crying and toasting jessie together and formed an allience HELLO I would like to see either jeff or jordon win jordon needs the money more then anyone so it seems.

  44. If Jeff wants to win he needs to get rid of Jordan and hope like hell he goes up against Russell ,it will definetly be a done deal. No one in the juryu house gives a F—about Russell.

  45. So the house will have Jesse Lydia and …
    So who does Jeff think will vote for him if he goes agaisnt Jordan? Jesse and Russell because they are chauvanists. But everyone else votes for Jordan for sure. And if Jeff back doors Russell I’m fairly certain he loses that vote as well.

    At this point the game is who do you think you can win agaisnt in the final 3 and 2, right? And who do you want to be up against for the vote?

    So who do these characters think they can win agaisnt besides Natalie? And why?

  46. @ Bea….. stop being a hypocrite because Michelle has lied more than eberyone put together…. She over did it by lying on Russell (toensure her final 3 spot with J/J) and now regrets it because J/J are going to back door Russell do to he lies and K/N’s lie…. Ooooops!!! She overplayed her hand like Rat boy aka Ronnie…. Ronnie was right…. Michelle is a rat aka she-rat….

    Jeff swore on his family to takeR/M to the final 4 and now he will back door Russell and target Michelle next week (need proff watch the flashback onthe livefeeds when Jeff says ou (J/J) final four with N/Kis solid and we will get Michelle out next week…. Oooops!!! I guess Jeff is a good liar too….

    Natalie is a better lia because her LML has changed thegame fo her mor than the CDT did for Jeff…. Oooops!!! L-O-L….. Go team NBK aka Natalie / Kevin!!! What do my NBK aka N/K boys think about that – Marcus / Jacob and other N/K FANS?

  47. @ Sarah / Bea….. Russell is going to join Jessie / Lydia in the Jury house….. Teff Jeff (M/R) is no more accoding to J/J due to their new plan of bringing Natalie / Kevin to the final 4 and Natalie to the final 3…… Oooops!!! Any final words for the fake Final 4 of J/J/M/R? L-O-L!!!

  48. @ Mary… If Natalie gets to the final 2 with Jordan she will win…. Hoh…. With Jessie, Kevin, Lydia and Russell (because J/J backdoored him this wee)… ***** L~O~L***** Ooooops…. And lets not forget that Michelle might be pretty pissed too if she is evicted before Natalie and or kevin as wel because she was screwed by J/J too…. This will be the same case for Natalie against Jeff as well…. The only person Natalie wouldn’t beat is Jeff… Michelle will not beat Natalie either… If Natalie is smart she would bring Jeff instead of Kevin or if they get rid of Jeff next week, bring Michelle over Jordan and last case scenario Jordan over Kevin because my boy ***** Kevin will win against anyone if he gets to the Final 2 ***** Boo-Yah!!!

  49. @ Fred… War & Peace is complicated but B isn’t when you have she-rat aka Michelle there to mess up a good thing like J / J / M/ R because she did what Ronnie did and jumped the gun by lying and throwing Russell under the bus to ensure she was in J/J’s final 3 plans with 7 people left… :) :P :D ;)

  50. Jeff please hear my cry!
    back doorig Russ will be the biggest mistake in the game. I think it is going to happen. If it does that would make a historic player making the greatest move in BB history and 2 weeks later making the 2nd biggest mistake in history.
    He keeps thinking about who he needs to beat instead of who has the most to gain with Rusell’s dismissal.
    I think if he will Back Door Russ then he will be out next week.
    HOH really does play with their minds and egos. If Jeff realizes this and does not piss off Russ and Mich. By not trying to BD Russ, then it migt be ok….
    However if he does or does not put up Russ, we can only hope Kev will be smart and turn on Nat by coming clean with the lie and the plan to evict Jeff next week. This must be done before the POV ceremony then maybe there will be a chance for Russ.
    Let’s keep our fingers crossed that history of actions will prevail over paranoia and fear of loosing control. It is practically inevitable that he will loose control next week. So if I were him I would bet on what I know! Not what I think I know.
    I know Russ and how he thinks and acts. I do not quite know Kev/Nat and how they act and react. Jeff is just getting to see their game play up close and personal.and can’t be sure what they are capable of.
    I hope Jeff’s logical mind prevails over his emotions. It did last week. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this roller coaster ride of yet another week. I love BB11!


  51. @ Elana… Kevin will never turn on Natalie becase he knows that keeping his promise with Natalie (final 2 deal) is his only way to the finals because J / J and M / R will never turn on each other to keep him… Kevin knows he will be evicted next week (if not this week because heis a better player than Natalie)… best case scenario he is kept until next wee and then evicted next week because he spread the LML lie and no one will believe or trust him….

    Say good bye Russell and team Jeff forever!!! :) :D :P ;)

  52. im wacthing live feeds and there go natilie talking again about jessie, jessie,jessie. what must her bofriend think about that.

  53. Come on people stop CRYING it’s a GAME and by the way it’s Jeff’s decision who he trust and he trust Kevin and Natalie so get over it

  54. jeff said he wanted everone to suffer so they will come clean with teir other deals with someone else.

  55. does anyone in here have any pull to where I can call the Big Brother House and talk to Jeff? LOLOL

  56. @Leo, I appreciate your viewpoint however right now it would be prudent to keep all of team Jessie in the Jury house in stead of giving them a shot at final 2 in the BB house. If that happens then not only will team jeff loose jury votes to team jessie but also the 2 people on team Jeff that were betrayed by him early. Why create an enemy now and and loose the #’s both in BB hose and Jury. Kev only true hope of really staying in the house over Nat would be turn. I think Kev might have a “guilty concious” and might need to come clean. I think he can do this with minimal damage to his credbility. All Kev has to say was he was backed into a corner by the girls.

  57. this is the dumbest move i think i’ve ever seen.
    though it’s a pleasure for me to watch it happen. :)

    if only lydia hadn’t gave up!
    she would be riding to the final 3 at least.
    but let bygones be bygones, or whatever.

    ..bye russell!

  58. @ Elana…. You are out of your mind (no offense)…. jeff would not trust kevin if he told the truth… kevin is already a target and J/J would be even madder at him for abusing their trust for him…. Furthermore…. kevin will be evicted before natalie because Jeff / Jordan / michelle all would rather take natalie farther than kevin because they think (Natalie is so weak in comps…I say think because natalie may shock people in the next couple weeks in comps) Kevin knows he will not get to the final 3 with Michelle / jeff / jordan in the game even if he were able to still have Russell backdoored this week and natalie gone next week…. If anything, he wouldm screw himself because jeff will save natali, and if they find out about the lie, Jordan and Michelle may target Russell…. I don’t think Jeff would like that, but Michelle would mention to jordan that if kevin can lie about LML which is played an even bigger role than natalie by apporaching J/J, then what else is he lying about (IE not targeting jeff)…. get over it Elana,Kevin knows his ticket to the final 4 and beyond is working with Natalie….

  59. Doesn’t every one see that even if Jeff makes it to the final two he can’t win because there are to many against him in the jury house… They will pick any body but Jeff…

  60. ***** Spolier / BB Updates *****

    7:28pm BBT:
    HOH Room

    Kevin & Natalie made their way up to the HOH room, then a minute later, Russell joined them..totally killing any alone-time talks that could have been had between Jeff/Nat/Kev.

    Kevin/Natalie leave the HOH room to go downstairs to cook, Russ stays and listens to some music while playing cards.

    Russell: “You want me to leave? I can leave…”
    Jeff: “No, no no..I’m gonna take a shower. Go ahead (and listen to music).”
    Russell: “Ok.”

    7:49 BBT

    Kevin/Natalie are now in the kitchen making something to eat.

    Jeff is done with his shower & joins Kev/Nat in the kitchen.

    Jeff: “It was nice for you guys to stop by.” (laughs)
    Natalie: “Ya, for the whole 30 seconds. The whole point of going up then was so that nobody would know we were up there, so that we didn’t cause drama.”

    Natalie/Kevin/Jeff quickly ‘check-in’ with each other that the plan is still solid for Russ to go home & that they’re ‘together’.

    mean while at 7:53 BBT outside

    Jordan told Michele she thinks Jeff should backdoor Russ because he’s the strongest competitor. Michele said “No, that’s Jeff.” Jordan doesn’t say anything. Michele tells Jordan she doesn’t wanna talk at that moment.

    Michele said she’s tired of hearing Russell complain about how Jeff/Jordo don’t hang out with him & Michele anymore.

    Jordan: “He use to always tell me to ‘watch out for Michele’.”
    Michele: “He makes a final 2 deal with me when he was HOH, then tells everyone about it. Nothing adds up with him.”
    Jordan: Yeah, I didn’t like him week 1. He always told me ‘Michele is sketchy’.”
    Michele: “He said he had a final 2 deal with Casey.”
    Jordan: “He wasn’t close to Casey but for the last week he was here.”

  61. @ libby….. You are absolutely right… jeff did the dirty work with Jessie and now Russell, but he will be giving the benefits to everyone else… I have been saying that for weeks…. Even before he used the CDT because even if Chima didn’t quit, he would have pissed so many people off by keeping Russell over Jessie…. Even without Chima, jessie, Lydia, Russell and pick one (Natalie, Kevi) will vote against him… Which gives whoever is against him in the final 2 a majority with 4 votes… they can win even without America’s vote…. ***** L~O~L *****

  62. @ everyone… BBAD is coming on… Enjoy the show… have a good night & sweet dreams everyone…

  63. Something is wrong with some of the blog … I keep getting an error message that the websites are down for maitantence????

    Been happening for couple of days now

  64. Comment # 85, Leo aren’t you the one that said Jeff would not put Gnat up this week? Gnat does not have upper body strength, Gnat weighs a 100lbs Russell weighs at least 200lbs. Well Leo?:~)

  65. Natalie is the sh*t!!! Go Natalie!!!! I hope she makes it to the final two. Russell plays the game well when he isn’t being paranoid. Michelle is the slickest, trickiest one in the house. Kevin has also played the game well–except for one huge mistake: Using the gold can to block Russell out of revenge. He should have used it on his closest competitor–Jeff. Jeff and Jordan need to be split up next week or they will be in the final two.

  66. I am really confused on my thoughts on this season! I really am not sure who I won’t to win

  67. Comment #87, Are you sure you have been watching BB? Gnat the she rat needs to go, & Kev next.

  68. I want Russell to win. I want Natalie gone, Kevin gone will be good also, but Im hoping if Russell wins POV those two will be sweating and turning on each other to save themselves.

  69. I want Jeff or Jordan to win. As for the rest of the HG’s I don’t trust any of them.

  70. I love Jeff and Jordan! I’ve been cheering them on since the beginning! Russ played all sides and needs to go even though he is a good player and competitor. Jeff deserves to be the final housemate standing because he’s won HoH and maybe veto’s. He’s what a “big brother winner” is all about! GO JEFF AND JORDAN! ALL THE WAY! :) ;) :D

  71. Come on! Don’t change the nominations!
    Nat and Kevin are so sneaky! I hate them!
    I hope Jordan wins.

  72. I’m so lost and confused… Usually I have a favorite on Day1 and stick to it.. This year.. my mind waivers.. Some days I want J/J to be the final two… Other days I’m all for Kevin.. What messes Kev up.. is his alliance w/ Natalie.. I can’t stand her!

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