Big Brother 11: Week 6 Thursday Post-Eviction Highlights

Once CBS finally unleashed the Big Brother 11 live feeds last night post-eviction the rumblings had quieted, but not for long. Natalie and Chima voiced their plans to retaliate on Friday night for the use of the Coup D’Etat. Does that mean they’ll break out their insults against Jeff or are they angry at Big Brother? Either way, I know I’ll be watching the live feeds and ready to see what happens!

The big stand-out moment of the night was when Chima again calls Russell a terrorist while claiming she would be the Twin Towers. She finds this comparison of the 9/11 tragedy to her petty grievances in the game to be hilarious and laughs and laughs at her disgusting joke. Something is very wrong with this girl.

Try the live feeds for free and use the Flashback feature to see what you missed!

Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 13, 2009:

6:30 PM BBT – Live Feeds are back and the house has calmed post-eviction. Several of the HGs are clustered in the backyard, but Chima is no where to be seen. Allegedly she was inside dumping the other HGs belongings on the ground and pouring water on their sheets. Sigh.

6:50 PM BBT – Kevin, Chima, Natalie, and Lydia discussing Jessie’s exit and the way he blocked Kevin from approaching him for a hug. Kevin is very upset about this. Natalie and Chima say they are ready to start fights over the Coup D’Etat situation but will wait until Friday night to break it out. All the girls complain they are PMS’ing and it’s not helping their moods.

7:00 PM BBT – Michele, the new HoH, and Jordan are hanging out and making jewelry. Jordan wonders why the other HGs aren’t trying to kiss Michele’s butt. Michele speculates they just want to all be evicted. Looks like Michele has aligned with Jordan, Jeff, and Russell. The house is split, 4 against 4.

8:00 PM BBT – Chima is complaining about the Coup D’Etat power and how it made a fool out of her (her words). She says Big Brother doesn’t know what repercussions to expect from her since this has never happened before. Uh, how about none and then she focuses on playing the game instead of whining about the past?

8:15 PM BBT – Michele gets her HoH room and everyone comes to see it. The mode is very friendly and everyone is playing nice for a change, but Chima and Natalie look ready to bolt.

9:00 PM BBT – Chima stays and talks game with Michele. Chima is pushing Michele to put up Russell because she still wants him out of the house.

9:15 PM BBT – Lydia, Chima, and Natalie are enjoying the spoils of their spoiledness, Chinese food. These three through a hissy fit during the downtime on the live feeds and demanded Big Brother provide a laundry list of things including food and beauty products or they’d revolt. Big Brother gave in. More like Big Wimp!

9:20 PM BBT – Lydia toasting Jessie with Chima and Natalie over wine. They recite his t-shirt’s claim: “the man, the myth, the legend.”

9:30 PM BBT – Jeff and Russell discussing the girls’ hissy fit and how they just keep demanding more no matter what BB gives them. Big Brother gave the brats beauty products as an agreement to not disrupt the game. Jeff is upset about the 2nd vote for Jessie (it was Russell, but Russell doesn’t admit this). Jeff thinks it might be Michele (it wasn’t).

9:40 PM BBT – Chima starts bitching at America for ruining her HoH week saying we had a laugh at her expense. Kevin stands up for Jeff using the Coup D’Etat and says he had to use it, it would have been stupid not to. Kevin’s right.

10:00 PM BBT – The girls start crying about Jessie’s eviction. Seriously like they’re at a funeral. Geez, you’d think Julie executed him when he got out to the couch with the way these girls are crying. All 3 say they don’t care if they get evicted now, they’re done, ‘but first’ all agree that Jeff/Jordan are their new targets.

10:10 PM BBT – Chima repeats that Russell is a terrorist, but get ready because she just launched herself in to a whole new level when she says: “Russell is a terrorist and I am the Twin Towers.” Chima then laughs and laughs. Disgusting.

10:50 PM BBT – Russell is talking game with Jeff, Jordan, and Michele. Russell points out that Kevin is a much bigger target than either Lydia or Natalie. Jordan had said she wanted Natalie evicted. Russell and Michele make a deal for each other’s safety. Both agree. They say their past arguments are in the past.

11:00 PM BBT – Lydia is scavenging through Russell’s drawers for things to steal. Chima has taken his rosary and hidden it. Natalie is taking all the pillows from the Have-Not room and hiding them. All 3 girls say they’ll team together for the Have/Have-Not competition and if they lose then they’ll refuse to adhere to the rules. They say they will not sleep in the steel room and will take hot showers. I say, go for it. Penalty noms are always fun!

11:20 PM BBT – Natalie tells Lydia they can take a dump on their nice beds if they get Have-Nots to keep the others from sleeping on them.

12:15 PM BBT – Chima and Lydia come upstairs and try to play nice with Michele but the results are limited. Michele looks to stand strong with her renewed alliance: Jeff, Jordan, and Russell.

Wow! What a day in the Big Brother house. We had the hissy fits of the biggest child in the house, Chima, redirecting an entire day of events. Jessie was evicted when Jeff used the Coup D’Etat. Michele won HoH and aligned with J/J/R, solidifying the divide in the house of 4 against 4. Last, but not least, Chima made jokes about 9/11 while reinforcing her comments on Russell as a terrorist. You stay classy, Chima!

You can catch all of these events using the Tivo-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now and watch it all live and uncensored for just 50 cents a day!



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  1. WOW….I can’t believe that those 3 girls can toss demands at Big Brother for them to provide a list of things including food and beauty products or they’d revolt and Big Brother gave in. That blows my mind!!!!

    And the Twin Towers comments…Chima really needs to go. Why won’t they walk her out of the house???? Even her grandparents don’t like what she is saying.

  2. What part of this is a game, do they (C/N/L) not understand. It will be interesting to see how they play without Jesse. Natalie has not done anything in this competition.

    And I don’t understand how Jesse can complain about being kicked out either. You can’t sleep 24/7 and then decide to kiss butt when you think you might get kicked out. This is also a game of social skill as well as endurance and intelligence.

    Hopefully Jeff will step up his game now that he’s actually under fire; he’s had it pretty easy up til now and hasn’t had to do much b/c of all the fighting going on.

    Can’t wait to see what Michelle does!

  3. At Matt, why do you try to rile up your angry mob at Chima? Every day you begin your post by bashing her to get them started. no wonder you didnt mind them calling her those coded racial words.

  4. Chima (aka SHE MA as her grandmother put in, what a joke, she is nothing but a big lipped ugly woman, who think she is queen. I bet she used to be a man and that laugh sounds like a drag queen laugh). please kick her out NOW, she is ruining the show

  5. Chima is unbelievable!! To compare her ‘perceived experience’ in the Big Brother house to the tragedy of 9/11 is incomprehensible!!!

    Her ridiculous demands are embarassing. And they’ll probably hit the cutting room floor, CBS won’t admit to caving to 3 HG throwing a tantrum. Thank goodness for the live feeds to tell the whole truth. BB should be ashamed for allowing the Chima-charade to continue!

  6. Matt doesn’t rile anyone up at Chima, Chima riles people up very well on her own. She is a racist, yes a racist! It is a 2 way street. She can’t think of anything better to say so she sticks to that rant. She is a low life whose sense of entitlement is so distorted she thinks she is above reproach. WRONG! Matt can start his post by saying Chima is a rose but she would stink up the place to high heaven with her actions. I hope she is gone next week. But then again every reality show has their demon she’s BB’s time for her to go….

  7. Looking at things from a 20,000 foot view rather than the microscopic one that is a basic part of the game, I wonder if this may be the last season of BB? The reason I ask is because of BB’s aquiescence to the demands of Chima, Lydia and Natalie so that these girls would continue to play nice and not cause a scene. Right now this may seem to be somewhat inconsequential in the overall scheme of things, but this is truly a MAJOR event. Why? Because a precedent has now been set. Any future BB HG’s now know that if things don’t go their way, they can throw temper tantrums on future shows and get a “lollipop from mommy” to get them to be nice. This action by BB is a BIG mistake and it will have major repercussions in the future.

  8. @dada: Let me know if anyone else was being racist or doing things like laughing about 9/11 besides Chima yesterday. Apparently I’ve been missing that if it’s been happening.

    I’m not sure how Chima being a crappy person is my problem, but you seem to want to blame me for her behavior.

    Also, you continue to imply I’m condoning racial attacks on this site. I am not. I have added filters for every racial word I’ve picked up on, yet you continue to act as though I’m supporting racist behavior. Interestingly when I report on it happening in the house it’s suddenly a problem for you.

  9. I don’t think anybody has to rile up most people, in regards to Chima…her actions in the house warrant the negative feelings toward her. Come on, Dada, you can accept her “Twin Towers” comment?

  10. you people are such hypocrites.

    [Comment moderated. Stop trying to start political debates here.]

  11. @dada: My name is “Matt”. Obviously it’s not okay to mock Katrina victims. Please cite day/time and I’ll add it.

  12. How come Gnat and Lydia are BFF’s all of a sudden now that Jessie is gone? What LOSERS they are! As for Chia Pet, she needs to be kicked out by CBS for being EXTREMLY RACIST. If it was a white person saying things like that, they’d kick them out, why does Chia Pet get the best of CBS.

  13. I really feel sorry for Chima (I can’t stand listening to her either) she has some major problems….lets just pray that she didn’t get the attention of someone that is even more deranged than she is. Her family is probably fearing for her safety at this point….she has said some horrible things that she may pay for outside of the house….GOD HELP HER
    There were millions of people affected by 9/11 and her comments are just unacceptable by EVERYONE…she will definatly be hated no matter who you are wanting to win BB11
    If she had a job in the publics eye she would have lost her job, been front page news and would be making apologies on all networks by now!
    It is easy to get mad and call names when she acts like she does but I think she actually needs our prayers!!!!
    AND I believe that BB will have the last laugh on chima….Allison G needs to show her who actually has the GIRL POWER….maybe BB and her family are checking into mental hospitals for an open bed right now SHE really needs intense in-house therapy or at least be protected when she gets out.
    Just my thoughts….thanks

  14. I am hurt and disgusted at the comments by Chima about twin towers and terrorists. Thousands of people died in 9/11 and thousands more are dying overseas to protect this country from it ever happening again. It’s not racism. Americans are proud of this country and I’m surprised CBS doesn’t kick her off the show. Replace her with Casey. At least we will get some laughs from him. CBS, please, she is offending everyone. Make a stand like Jeff did last night. Get some you know what and make a stand and kick her off. If not for your viewers do it out of respect for those who died and are dying for this country.

  15. Im just happy michelle seems to be sticking to the original alliance mich,jordan,russel,andjeff this may be a good week for team jeff after all

  16. @DaFerret..I agree with you…do you think BB could ever let 3 more crazed girls slip by the mental testing at one time again? If BB would have told them Okay GO I bet not one of the girls would have given up the CHANCE for the $$$$ for Jesse…are they there for the money or to make friends….Send them home, skip double eviction & have a big party!!!!

  17. @Matt. Matt, don’t let dada get you mad, he or she must be related to Chia Pet.
    Go team Jeff!!!
    You’re great Matt.

  18. @Rick: Thanks! I think Dada needs a hug. He/She shows up most mornings looking for a fight or maybe just some attention by accusing others of racism.

  19. Let’s simplify this CBS just wants Chima there for The raitings.. I do not like her at all but she is keeping the game interesting!

  20. Only people like Chima are racist.
    I am sure a lot of you who are calling out racism has your white sheet in your closet.

  21. @Dada how can you see past Chia Pet being Racist and blaming Donni for being Racist when he/she just like everybody else has picked up on Chia Pets Racism? So that would mean that You are the just like Chia Pet, not Donni. Read your comment #9

  22. @dada, you are just not right. Why do you always want to start trouble? People disliking Chima has nothing to do with her being black. She is making a mockery out of a very serious time in US history (9/11).

  23. I sincerely hope that this is a grand game play action by Chima, otherwise it is just sad that a person who claims to be for “girl power” is really proving that she is a just a brat who throws tantrums to get what she wants.

    By trashing others personal belongings, those three should have been censored by BB, as it’s just WRONG! And you know if it had been done to them, the world as they know it would be over. How is that behavior allowed in a game?

  24. Why is Jordon and Jeff so popular? because they are the only “real Americans” on the show.

  25. Chima is just another ugly woman that thinks she is better than anyone else, she is by far the worst player I have ever seen on big brother. I think Big Brother is scared she will cause a problem because of her color.

  26. Who said anything about “real americans”? They are all americans. Just because america thinks they are some cute couple doesn’t mean you have to bash everyone for liking them. I don’t like them a whole lot either but I don’t try to start trouble with everyone on the site who does. I’m just glad Jeff used the power to save Russell and now Russ and Michelle have a deal!

  27. They signed a contract and agreed to play this game; and now are having temper tantrums. My 2 year old is more mature and sensible than these 3 irritating brats.

    Chima, Natilie and Lydia should be shown the door, the outside door.

    With miserable, spoiled, narcissistic, ugly people like them, no wonder the world has so many problems.

  28. Karrie, no not racist but truthful.
    If these people on this site could show their real feeling you would be suprise. They started to be real a few days ago by using the usual coded racial words.

  29. well gee I could go way back to my great grandmother who was Cherokee Indian and Walked the “Trail of tears” but people dont want to go into that. Chia Pet is Racist and you know that, but you must know her b/c your very protective of her.

  30. Did everyone notice how Chima is still trying to control things. During the HOH competition when Kevin had to choose two. She pointed to the two he should choose. Kevin…I know you are gay and thats fine…..but you still should have a pair

  31. @dada you must think 9/11 was a good thing for “us americans” as you say. 9/11 is something that should NOT be joked around with. That discrimination to “us americans” and our familys who are overseas fighting to protect “our” country.

  32. @karrie- I don’t think so, some people just get off on getting a rise out of people. If they’re ignored, then they’re powerless.

  33. @dada: Brushing broad strokes of racial accusations against “these people” is over the line. You’ve been placed on a moderation filter.

  34. Now I know why Chima is a freelance journalist…noone would hire her full time…cant blame them either

  35. And these are the sissy baby playing and adult game.there not going to win this way i see some people that got there heads on staight.and that everyone on jeff side

  36. @steelyross I know some people like to make people mad, but (dada) acting like chima is out of line.

  37. @ Matt, while I’m not a big fan of censorship, I congratulate you for taking ownership of your site and not allowing hateful spewing just for the sake of spewing!

  38. I agree that Chima should be removed from the house and bring Casey back to replace her. She doesn’t deserve to be there. Her hiding Russel’s rosary is disgusting and I hope she gets what she deserves for messing with other peoples things. You don’t disrespect religious items of any kind! Come on Big Brother get a back bone and get rid of the nut now. Don’t wait for her to be evicted. Make an example out of her to let it be known that that kind of game play is unacceptable!!

  39. poor Michell she just have been used by Russell. If she keeps Russell in the house she will be home soon because Russell is one of the biggest contester and during endurance is going to win and put Michell out. and Yes America we just F’d Jeff. at the final there is going to be 7 house guest and if one of the finalist is Jeff well guest what lidia, natalie, chima and Jessi votes will not be for him for sure so the winner of this season of big brother is Russell.

  40. CBS should send Chima out the door. She’s admitted that she doesn’t care if she is evicted. GAME OVER BIG UGLY LIP MOUTHING BITCH! GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. I vote with Karrie bring back Casey. Also Big Brother does need to do something about Chima. She is getting away with some bad things. Man I wornder what her Grandmother thinks about her now.

  42. Matt, continue the good job. I look forward to your updates. Wish people wouldn’t get so angry. It’s TV. Jeff is so handsome, he’ll probably get some kind of modeling job or appear on TV in ads. I think Jordan is to young for him. Can’t believe he’s 38. Go Michelle, do what’s right for you. (I still want Chima gone:)



  44. Hey Jesse if you don’t like what is said here find another site to go too. Opinions are like a-holes, we all got one. So close the door on your way out!!

  45. Yeah Jesse said it was America’s fault he was out, not it is his fault for being so self centered about himself. Man he is sad with his little shirt he had on last night. I say let his 3 followers join him in the jury house.


  47. I can’t imagine how any American can laugh at what happened on 9/11. It is completely ridiculous. She needs to go. She has no right going around and calling people terrorists.

  48. Why was Chima allowed to compete in this week’s HOH? Was this a concession from the producers because her HOH reign was virtually meaningless?

  49. I agree Jen. I think when she gets out they need to put her on a plane out of America. She doesn’t deserve to live in this great country.

  50. @ Toni, you are so right. They can’t win because they want revenge because they are not getting their way. It is a GAME please they need to focus on that.

  51. Matt,
    i cant see ,cbs putting up with ,chima,nat,crazy lydia. and what they are doing,i can tell you CBS is losing a whole lot people and viewers,they are so hateful and just wrong in life ,

  52. @matt thank you hun for the updates.I think chima will get her boot out nexts.I don,t know why she so mean but I hope she goes next

  53. Did anyone hear the comment Chima said about the Aqua Net hairspray, whos it was, somone said it was Jordens and she replied “figures, she is so white trash” !!!!

  54. how great does CBS think it is to watch 3 nuts women go at other peoples stuff, threaten to sue and then threaten to walk out b/c of some guy.
    1.It was America who voted for Jeff and she man was pissed it wasn’t her (oh boo hoo)
    2.there are some people who wanted to play in this game and got voted out, they want out, here is the door
    3.I can see CBS scared of she man’s threats, but who is in more control and has more $$$ come on.
    And what’s up with L/N Jeff took L off the block and saved her and L voted to boot N out and now there BFF’S wow these girls have a screw lose that’s for sure.

    But the big one is She man, why is CBS letting her get away with this??? As the saying goes expect the unexpected

  55. Question: Does anyone know why Jeff wasn’t eating last night with the rest? I think I caught him saying something about not being able to eat in After Dark – but am not sure of the reason.

  56. I promise you if the shoe were on the other foot, Jessie would have used the cdt too! It is how the game is played. I am deeply insutled by the 9/11 comments. To use that in this game is wrong and disrespectful. Chima is NOT a strong woman, she is simply a disturbed and vengeful person and I hope her family will get her some help.

  57. My reasons for loving J & J are their funny talks!! Like the one about spiders and where the web comes from or Jeff trying to teach Jorden how to tell time!! Roll on the ground laughing and its so real and inocent.

  58. Hey Big Brother, don’t give in to the demands. I would rather see people walked off the show and cut the season short than to have the rantings of Chima and Natalie go on. There are really good players in the house that will provide excellent entertainment without Chima and Natalie. Just a thought….

  59. In the interview with her Grandmother did she say Chima’s mother joined the Navy? Chima’s mother is fight for this country as well. Man Chima is a very weak woman who thinks she can bully everyone. Someone needs to show her the door.

  60. Jeff is such a class act. Not. Every other word out of his mouth is the F word, maybe you all should buy him a vocabulary

  61. Here is the deal…..if everyone is so tired of Chima’s absolutely terrible acts, which they are, then they need to send an email to CBS and Big Brother’s production company. I agree that what transpired yesterday had an adverse affect on future gameplay. I have watched BB fanatically since season six, including After Dark everyday. I have no patience for what Chima is doing, be it for good TV or not. I didn’t like Jessie or Natalie, but they were just playing the game. Chima’s diva demands are a detriment. Congrats Matt on banning Dada, those comments are totally not needed. Claiming Jeff and Jordan are the only true Americans is ridiculous. Seriously people, if you want something to change….EMAIL CBS AND BB’S PRODUCTION COMPANY. What blows me away in all of this is wondering what is in the contract they sign….you can better believe there will be very SPECIFIC language for future contestants moving forward….or at least I hope so!

  62. @Mary…Jeff got an extra day on slop for his sip of Gatorade…he’s back on regular food today…

  63. @ Mary you are right, but Jesse 3 ladies does not see it that way. They are all so sad. Don’t you know that Casey was jumping up and down last night seeing Jeff use the power, I know at my house we were, but I would have loved to have seen it live.

  64. @Mary. I think he got caught taking a drink of something not on the list and got an extra day of “have not”

  65. just a few observations regarding HGs.

    -Chima: The villian of all villians? I don’t care to dissect the racist angle to many of the posts, but I will say this…the CDT was granted before she was even an HOH winner. Just something to keep in mind. That said, she is becoming rather intolerable at this point and as for her anger? Let it fester, it’s sealing her own demise.

    -Lydia: Wow. Her part in the cry fest was off the wall. Jessie voted to evict her last week. Her friend didn’t POV her. Some of the talk about her background on various sites indicates that maybe money has nothing to do with this after all.

    -Natalie: I can’t explain it, but a small part of me thinks she may still have some game left in her, even if she is proving to be rather inept overall. And the continuation of the 18 year old lie is just beyond silly. If she survives another week or two, I could see her and Russell somehow linking up again as Russ may be at the bottom of his new team.

    -Kevin: If nothing else, reminds us that floaters do sort of have a chance. May be the only one in the position to hide for a bit longer…doesn’t seem like a big time player, but I wouldn’t count him out either.

    -Jeff: Kudos to him for shaking it up last night, that’s for sure. The CDT seemed invented for him and his team, but nonetheless, I think he may be playing a bit more game than people give him credit for. His consistency has allowed Michelle to possibly tie herself to his campaign, even if she has Jordan in the way. This is no easy feat, and perhaps even a smarter approach than Jessie with Nat/Lydia. Don’t forget, he’s an ad salesman who has lately talked much of his great inspirational boss…he may have a bit of a target on his back, but with Russ around, and Michelle to some degree as well, he may actually prove to be more teflon than Ronnie.

    -Jordan: Similar to Natalie in that she shows to be inept at times, but occasionally spews forth some intelligence and definitely enough charm. I mean, the girl was a pawn for a couple of weeks straight…her innocence is keeping her going. Like Kevin, I wouldn’t be shocked if she went far, with or without Jeff.

    -Michelle: Fascinating at times isn’t she? I give her credit in that she’s been perhaps the most lone wolf on all contestants, and her competitive spirit is strong. That alone makes her dangerous. Unlike Russell, who seems to be out of options in jumping sides, Michelle may be able to continue this longer than she should.

    -Russell: My favorite player. He’s just so wild, almost like a poker player with too much beginner’s luck. But you have to admit, he’s made some fascinating moves throughout that kind of keep him alive. The deal with Jeff sealed the CDT play I think. His two hour talk with Michelle I think planted enough seeds to allow him to continue to work with her. Taking out Ronnie against his at the time team was gutsy. Simply put, he can be incredibly charming at times if crazy and virulent at others. A very forceful personality. Even his Casey vote strengthened the bond with Jeff. And the other night, he talked to Kevin in a way that Kev wanted to talk to Jessie…this could come in handy down the line as well. I just find Russell to be the most fascinating player at this point. Even that vote for Jessie last night? While Jeff and Jordan seem hip to it, all the other drama will override this move, and yet, if Russell were to make final 2, he might have more votes than we’d realize. Lastly, like Michelle, he seems to be a solid competitor…he’s won an HOH, a POV, and almost took that egg POV last week.

  66. @Mary…Jeff got an extra day on slop for his sip of Gatorade…he’s back on regular food today…; @Mary…Jeff got an extra day on slop for his sip of Gatorade…he’s back on regular food today…;;

  67. Thanks for the info – I knew you guys would come through for me!! Now that discussion can stop at my office! :)

  68. What is going on with BB. Makup products. What did you give the guys. Wimpy Wimpy BB.
    I guess BB can’t shut big lips mouth. Can’t blame BB though because her big lips keep moutn open. Put a sox in her mouth. I am so tired of hearing her talk and laugh. Twin Towers joke has backfired. Natalie needs to go as well as Chima. One at a time and then let the house settle down and let the balance of people compete mentally as well as physically. I thought that is what BB was suppose to be about. Double elimination next week could take care of this with the two mouths and then the follower will go bananas and need meds for Bi- polar Come on BB. Let the good guys win for a change. Let the good guys play.

  69. jeff is 31 not 38 he was born in 1978 i agree with everyone cbs should do something i love big brother but its right what some of them are saying and doing someone posted last night said they saw chima going out the door wearing the same thing she has on last night it was a video and it was only on for a few min and than it was taken off

  70. well there you go jeff, you did the stupid thing and now people hate you

    and now, all you stupid people got what you wanted…jessie is out…so is it really that fun to watch? Was “seeing his face” worth it? He KNEW jeff had THAT power and called it out days early, anyone claiming jessie didnt try to talk to jeff is lying, he DID try, but jeff wouldnt look him in the eye

    I must wonder, how you people justify lying/screwing people over, when you pick ronnie apart for FAR FAR less

  71. 1-Jeff had an extra day of Have Not because he accidentally drank some Gatorade and that was his punishment.
    2-She Male is out of control. Her one friend and her grandparents were embarassed and hoping for her to reflect on her actions.
    3-I don’t think BB should remove them forcefully if they stay within the rules of the house b/c this is Our World. There are crummy people with no regard for others out there and we can’t just remove them…maybe this is a lesson for us on how to deal with racist people.
    4-Lydia is insane for hating Jeff…what the???

  72. I think this is the best houseguest ever. I freaking love the drama they are casuing. No other houseguest has ever been like this, and it just show that BB is not as tough as we thought.


  74. last night lydia said that Jeff didn’t even know what Michelle’s husbands job is… we?
    Anyone know???

  75. “let the good guys win”

    SERIOUSLY? look at how BB has gone thus far, jeff gets power…power is SUPER ridiculous…jeff evicts jessie who gets screwed by haters because he works out more than jeff…

    jeff is an IDIOT…people know this, but jordan/jeff discussing butts is more interesting than nat/jessie talking game.

    What is wrong with America? I guess I shouldve asked that question last election.

  76. I have to say that ronnie was the most hated person but I know think that chima make ronnie looks good lol

  77. @alex. Jeff didn’t screw Jessie up, he never had a deal with Jessie. Ronnie made deals with everyone and screwed everyone but Jessie, I’m glad those two are out of the house.

  78. First, Matt, you had more patience than I do. His bickering was not called for.

    Chima can’t complain about Jeff getting CdT. He was given the power before she won her HOH. If Jeff would have won the HOH then he probably wouldn’t have used the CdT power.

    The girls should be punished for any bad, ridiculous, or obnoxious behavior. BB needs to get a handle on this before it gets out of hand.

    Last nights show was taped, I knew who was evicted and won HOH before the show aired because someone leaked the info. If the girls keep up their mischief we might not see another live show this season until they are gone.

    The racist/derogatory comments made by the HG are uncalled for but Chima is taking it to all new high!!! Her character is being judged by millions of viewers. She also stated to Julie in her interview in the HOH room that she was not sorry for anything she said and ment every word. What a great place to appologize was missed by her.

    I like this game and am disgusted with what BB is letting them get away with.

    This is a game, except it’s for half a million bucks. No matter if you float threw or lie, cheat or sell your soul it must be considered game play even if “WE” don’t think so.

    The HG have the power to evict people and they choose to look over the ones hiding under momma’s skirt until midway through the game most times because they pick out the ones who get under their skin first for elimination.

    Let them play the game and hopefully BB will getting the crazieness under control.

  79. @Matt – I’m married to a black man, so my children are bi-racial and I don’t have any problems with you calling out Chima. If it were any of the “real Americans” calling Russ a terrorist, I’d feel the same way. Chima is a disgusting excuse for a human. Comparing herself to the Twin Towers is unforgivable to the people who lost loved ones on 9/11. Every American was impacted that day, so for her to compare herself to that tragedy is inexcusable.

  80. Last week Jeff didnt talk to anyone because he had the cheating power. Now he is kissing up to Michelle. He cant win in the final because the jury all hate him.

    Russell please take him to the finals because even Chima will vote for you over Jeff.

  81. @alex: first of all alot of us didnt like Jesse from the other BB he was on. I also think that his big ugly muscles are ugly and dont match his squashed face!
    Go Team Jeff, JEFF is #1!!!

  82. i say, let the 3 babies (chima, natalie and lydia) leave, and then big brother can bring back the last 3 evicted houseguests (casey, ronnie and jessie)… that would be hilarious.. i wouldnt even mind having ronnie back in the house if it means getting rid of 3 of the biggest nastiers babies i have ever seen on big brother (also this is why natalie should have left last night, and not jessie, jessie wouldnt not be throwing a tantrum and threatening to leave because natalie was kicked out through a big brother coup d’etat , because in the end, jessie would have been playing for himself, like those 3 crazy girls should be focused on)

  83. @blackgirl. Chima was telling Michelle to put Russell up, I doubt she would vote for Russell to win.

  84. you want to bet before this game is over Russell and Chima put aside their diff and team up. You know why because they are players.

  85. Does anyone believe Michelle will stick with Jeff / Russell / Jordan even after Natalie / Lydia / Kevin / Chima (whover isn’t evicted) wins the next $”$ on the double eviction night? How will the double eviction work again? Two people are evicted, so do the houseguests have another HOH comp after the 2nd eviction?

  86. Everybody is over looking the fact that Lydia and Gnat are now BFF’s now that their loser Boyfriend is GONE. Maybe Gnat and Lydia are gonna hook up!!!!!!!!!!

  87. In the begining i like Jeff because he is a pretty boy, put after the cheating power i change because he did nothing to get it. It is like working hard for something and have it given to someones else because of looks.

    CBS gave that power to Jeff to keep the viewer happy. Soo not fair to the real players

  88. The real player are people who win competions and are playing the game.

    Like Russell Jessie and Ronnie

  89. why cant some people accept the fact that some of us like Jeff. If Casey wouldnt have been kicked out and back doored by Jesse and Chima and Gnat, then we would be all for Team Casey!!!

  90. Michelle and Russell are smart players that is why they are sticking with Jeff & Jordon.
    They know that Jeff cannot win because all the Jurors are hating on him

  91. Has Lydia still not thanked Jeff for taking her off? And WTF how was Chima pet allowed to point at who she wanted Kevin to pick? And why is Kevin being such a little biotch?

  92. @Ray Bee thank you, I saw Chima tell Kevin who to pick. I hope the other HG’s saw that too!

  93. Jeff will never win HOH because he is not smart or strong enough. Jordon has a better chance. Good thing all the house guess are not as in love with him as you are. Rusell will use him for as long as he can. Go Russell

  94. to blackgirl: Jeff got the power b/c america felt he would use it stratgic and not emotionall as he did. as for real players Jeff has won comps and is a good player.

  95. dang I felt like I was at Jessies funeral last night, these girls are way too weird. Too many cruel things are going on in the BB house now. BB needs to be firm and not let these wacko girls get there way just so they will be nice. I feel sorry for these girls parents how shocked they must be to see them act this way.Kuddos for Jeff…

  96. When this game first started I was all for Russell b/c he too is HOT!!! And SEXY!!! So either way Im for Jeff #1 and Russell #2!!!

  97. They all use each other to get as far as they can but some just get stupid about it. Some are playing a little dirty and degrading America and peoples heritage don’t get it.

  98. When his season first started i liked Chima and nat, But there actions have made m think over that decision. They do need to leave and hopefully it will be this week…

  99. when all the drama is gone from the house what will you all have to talk about. Jeff cut his hair, Jeff is so cute, Jeff went to sleep, Jeff is awake from his sleep ohhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Get real

  100. How pathetic!!! And to think that I’ve actually somewhat been behind Lydia. Don’t get me wrong, but she certainly wasn’t the top person on my list that I wanted out of the house. I get that she’s upset about Jessie, but she does need to remember that it was Jeff who saved her a** from potentially leaving the house. I hope Michelle will stick with Jeff, Jordan and Russell. I was concerned about her being the new HOH, once she one the competition. She should put up two of the three “parahnas” Natalie, Chima or Lydia.

  101. @blackgirl .Dan won last year but didn’t win any competitions until later on in the game. Does that mean he wasn’t a real player? I’m all for team Jeff but even i’ll admit that it sucks for Jesse or any other player to be evicted like that. Quite honestly i’m not a huge fan of backdooring either.

    On another note, i don’t like Lydia too much but she really doesn’t owe Jeff anything. Russell was the target and likely going home meaning she would have been safe. It really sickens me how these 3 women are acting, especially Chima. If i were Jeff and she was acting a fool i would take her photo off the wall and pee on it.

  102. Dan from last season was not a real player. America helped him to win and BB is trying to do the same thing with Sir Jeff.

  103. @Matt hey how about you stop being so biased for one thing and also pay more attention to the thing people say on here like a-holes saying “Chia Pet” and “Gnat”

  104. I am new to BB, so forgive me if this seems a stupid question. Why are Chima, et al allowed to dictate the terms of their participation and make any demands? Other HGs seem to think they have to take whatever BB allows them to have. Chima’s threats and insults to production seem alarming. Can’t BB talk to her in the Diary Room and tell her she is out of line? Why would CBS cater to her and allow her to get away with this with no repercussions whatsoever? How can they allow her to defile/destroy other HG’s property? You know the other HGs cannot strike back or it will turn into all out war. Is this normal? Are there not rules guarding against abuse of HGs or CBS? Did they not have to sign some form of agreement or waiver before taking part? Not rhetorical, I would love for some of you experienced people (or BB reps) to explain this. Thanks.

  105. if big brother doest take cheema out of the game for those racial comments and torrists comments towards Russull i will boycott this show, big brother has to understand that ALOT of people (me) that have lost loved ones due to the 9/11 attacks watch this game. And Big Brother should have never given into there demands. that is the dumbest thing i have EVER heard in this game. i hope when cheema gets out of this game she will see herself on national TV and be ashamed of herself. i pray that she lives in a church just asking god for forgiveness. i absolutly LOVE the fact that her Grandmother does not like her additude nor her comments in this game. when cheema gets out she WILL have a reality check. her friends im sure will NOT let that go and i pray she has no friends left when she gets out….. who died and made her queen?!?! maybe if she combed her weave and was a bit nicer myslef and 30 of my fireds who watch the show at ny house every time it comes on wouldnt want stop watching this show…

    i have seen EVERY season and i can honestly say cheema is worse then evil dick. eveil dick hit you where it hurts in the game, but cheema is just flat out rude and disrespectful. she has talked about Russells family without ever meeting them. and thats just uncalled for.

    the way she screams is pointless!!!! and to top it off she does not know who to communicate. i cant wait for everyone in the house to see the episode so they can see how dumb this girl is and so they can see that she was hitting on Russell and making sexual advances at him and had rhe nerve to deny it all after she became HOH.


  106. Tom, Why do you say i hate America. Because I think the cheating power is unfair. These people are all Americans therefore an American will win the game fool.

    Please let me know how you come to that conclusion.

  107. first of all @blackgirl ..many ,many,many people votrd for Jeff to get the”whizard power” you are just in the smae basket as chima , you neeed to quiet your ability to even type

  108. Good morning BB 11 fans……. I think Russell / Jordan /Michelle should all buy Jeff a gift afterthe season is over because he has given away $450,000to whoever can get to the final 2 with him……. Natalie / Chima / Lydia have officially saaid they will givetheir vote to whover is against Jeff because he screwed them….. Jessie will undoubtably give whoever goes agaisnt Jeff his vote…. You need 4 votes to win….. There you go….. If the final 4 is Jeff / Russell / Jordan / Sherat aka Michelle – I want tosee them evicted in this order….. Michelle / Jordan and Jeff / Russell in the final 2…. Why will Jeff / Russell choose the other man over Jordan? Because the ladies Chima / Lydia / Michelle / Natalie / Kevin would choose Jordan overthe men….. Either wy Jeff will get 2nd place at best after yesterday…… Does anyone want to indulge me with some feedback / opinions on this matter? P.S. Go Jeff / Russell for the final 2!!!

  109. blackgirl…..there has been no cheating power..BB lets American play and American votes for the players they feel are playing the game the best. You were bitching that Dan won because of America fool.

  110. Jeff will choose Russell over Jordan and I hope Russell knows that. Russell will stick with Michelle to get out Jeff.

    Russell is a smart player not a jeff worshiper.

  111. Hey Tom, watch your language you still did not say why you think I hate America. You cant just throw your accusations out there without explanation.

  112. Hello All.
    Just some things that I noticed last night/this morning on Showtime. I know that Chima is a mess (like I said before, I am not a fan) However, I still stand by the fact that Lydia has some severe issues. Why was she crying over Jessie (who never really had her back, and “bruised” her?) Last night she also referred to Russel as a “mini Terrorist” when she was talking to CHima and Natalie.Lydia also was talking violently when she made the statement that she would shank a males body part, explaining that the bottle opener was a good weapon. (all you have to do is cut and twist, harder to heal) Lydia also called Jordan a “ho”, and made references to Jeff & Jordans inappropriate behavior and said that if Jeff won Jordan should break out the knee pads…POT KETTLE BLACK? Hello? what was up with her & Jessie? In my opinion I think that Lydia, CHima and Russell should go. Oh yeah, did anyone notice how Jordan was talking tough out by the pool? LOL Please! Why did she feel the need to remind Russ & Jeff not to agitate Michelle with certain terms, was she remembering when she used the horrible term to refer to Kevin?

  113. Oh yeah….while I am on a roll, who found it hilarious that Chima, Natalie & Lydia were actually boo hooing over their chinese food? Jessie was evicted….get over it! He would not have been crying over any of them, well maybe Natalie! If I am not mistaken, he threw Chimas name around for possible nomination, and he put her up for eviction! We all know what he did to Lydia! Seriously, they were acting like CHILDREN! Big Brother Nursery School! Didnt Kevin look like he wanted to run far away & fast? LOL Maybe thats why he was alone in the green room!

  114. Just like the snake she is, Michelle is now going to backdoor this alliance later next week. or in 2 weeks. I have to call her a strong competitor now.

    Only Natalie should have been crying, she and Jessie were actually close.

    Lydia, is crazy though. And he didnt beat you up, you fell down.

    Chima needs to be evicted just on the things she says, but you know what. more ppl still hate Natalie more then Chima, boy does that say alot.

    Russell needs to get in Chima arsh and light her up. I have so much respect for his patience. She has beat him up verbally.

    Michelle doesnt have to put up Natalie, for some reason, Michelle thinks Natalie is coming after he, (she cant be that stupid). She no question is coming after Jeff.

    I really dislike Jeff on a personal and game level, but it was one of the best moves to get rid of Jessie. Im just saying what alot of sain ppl are saying that, He shouldnt have been given that much power by a freakin votes from america, because he didnt deserve it noe earn it.

    And to add to that, you knoe Jeff could have been sitting high, and been cool in the house, but the moement he got in, he just exhiled himself from the atheletes, and did nothing. he just sat in hammock, but it really looks comfortable though. But he would always complain about being on the bottom, dude u ut yourself down there.

  115. Unfortunately, what all of the Jessie/Nat/Chima fans are failing to realize is that this game is for everyone’s entertainment….not just theirs. America OVERWHELMINGLY voted to give Jeff the power to overthrow the past two HOH’s. By over 80% according to CBS polls. Looking at these numbers, and the fact that this game is played for the masses at home to enjoy on their TV’s, it just seems like the very few that are pulling for those three are being very VERY very sore sports about the whole thing. America got Jessie out once… twice. It is all part of the game. Jeff didn’t cheat. AMERICA voted to give him the power. Would everyone be claiming Chima cheated if she won the power? The balance of power has FINALLY shifted….deal with it.

  116. Memy, i agree with you on the lydia comment. but i have an answer for you… SHES DUMB!!!!
    the only reason she cried is b/c she likes him and he doesnt not like her. she hates the fact that he likes natalie. did you see the night she snuck into the hoh room to watch him sleep?!


  117. @BBFAN: Every comment that gets caught by the filter I’ve been editing out ‘Chia Pet’ to ‘Chima’. As far as ‘Gnat’ how do you possibly find that offensive on a personal level? The comparison is obviously the obnoxious nature of Gnats and that of Natalie. I’ve never heard of ‘Gnat’ as a racist term.

    Hundreds of comments post every hour. Unless I had each and every comment stopped and approved/disapproved I could not block every comment which you feel is offensive. I catch what I can, but meanwhile you’re going to have to grow some thicker skin and discount nasty commentators for simply that.

  118. Tom america doesnt vote for who they think is playign the game best, thats why Jeff won the power. I mean have you not been watching for 5 weeks?

    America votes for you they think is cute, or looks really good. and im going to say it, America falls in love with the “Typical American couple”

    Eric and Jessica ring any bells? ditzy Jessica, and Eric?

    ditzy Jordan, and mr chicago Jeff?

    Yea i said it. its the truth.

    but as we have seen, America doesnt vote for who plays the best game.

    Were not at that point in the game were if ur still in the game, you have worked your ur way to be here.

    We are still in the point of the game were you can be here if you havent done anything.

    Give 3/4 weeks. Once Lydia, Jordan, Kevin, Chima leave, then we start getting into the real players.

  119. Jorden is smarter than you give her credit for. Jesse played his hand all week acting paranoid about the ‘power’ being used against him. She is young enough that life has not made her paranoid or untrusting but she does observe alot. I noticed last night after the big shocker she went to be with Michelle and made barcelets for sometime, securing her strength in the house and jeff’s as well. jeff, jordan, russ and michele were in the hoh room for hours talking. Lydia is not the first person in the BB house to need meds..remember allison last summer who cried all the time (that drove me nuts)…there were alot of conversatons last summer on her needing her meds increased. Lydia is less comfortable with the camera on her and is much more relaxed when engaged in conversation with kevin. she was obviously shook up last night when Jeff stood up and switched the game around, thats normal emotion. besides, how many of us blogging here aren’t on some kind of medication? Being cooped up in that house would drive anyone to therapy!

  120. @blackgirl

    jeff won as many competitions as ronnie and jessie.. so what is your problem…

    and in case you forgot.. jeff won the pov when he was on the block, and he took himself off..hmmmm.. you must have a short memory, but thats okay, there are plenty of jeff fans here to remind you, lol

  121. @ray bee

    kevin is chima’s bitch,, and lydia apparently doesnt care that no one has her back, nominated by chima, voted for eviction by jessie and not saved by veto by kevin,,, my conclusion, lydia is a masochist

  122. @Marcus – I’ll have to disagree with you. Jeff didn’t alienate himself from the athletes. The athletes alienated Jeff because he spoke with other houseguests. Don’t you remember Jeff talking about how the Athletes kept having meetings that he wasn’t invited to? Just wanted to clean that up.

  123. @black girl… again, jeff could have won hoh, but instead he chose to make a deal with russel.. seems you have forgotten that as well

  124. Jordan and smart should never be in the same sentence. She isnt that bright. She isnt acting dumb, she just is.

    I guess Jessie had good sense in being paranoid, look what happened?

    Enertainment is one thing, but to say Jeff won the power becaz he played the best game is ridicllous. The person who played the best game got robbed and was sent packin last night haha.

    The producers know the ratings will go up they DO look at the comments and stuff of their site, and if Jeff is liked by 85% of america, and most of everyone hats on Jessie and Natalie, hmmmmm connecting the dots? It just so happenes they bring this punk arsh power that gives all this power to whoever america likes the most.

    And its not based on game, but looks. I guess you do w/e you gotta do to pay the bills.

    But when in Big Brother history have you EVER see someone gets snatched up, not having any chance to fight, and by someone who didnt earn the power of the house? He got robbed. Wether you hate Jessie or you like him, you ave to admit he did get robbed.

  125. Yogi! Yes I saw when Lydia snuck in Jessies room and watched him sleep! Who does that? WOW LOL That chick has some real issues, they shoud keep a close watch on her, she could be really dangerous to herself and others.

  126. Big problem with production acquiesing to demands of players, regardless who they are…Now that a precedent has been set, what’s to keep everyone from saying they will end the show if their demands aren’t met?…The best strategy would be to let them walk and either shorten the run or bring in runners-up…Actually, CBS could start a second series of a weekly show which documents the runner’s up comments concerning what’s happening in the house…Maybe they should serve as the jury rather than the players…After all, court cases are not decided by the participants…BB would then open itself up to more stringent competition, and if a player didn’t want to participate, they would be replaced by someone from the jury mid-game…Always scrambles the status quo to introduce a ringer during a game…


  128. @black girl .. for the third time..

    dan was america’s player and he won despite america trying to screw him every step of the way, when his action and alliaces went one way, america would make him try to go another way and vote against his will… did you watch last year.. america didnt help him, but yet he still won overall.

  129. @shep 1973…..thank you for reminding everyone of that! I think that Jeff could have stayed up there longer than Russ!

  130. Marcus, if Jesse played the best game, he wouldn’t have been evicted. The person who plays the best game is the one who wins.

  131. And you cant say Jeff would have won, because he didnt, and if i recall was begging to make a deal.

    Jeff never hung out witht the athletes, he never made any decisons, he wasnt on THEIR team. he alienated himself. and after he did, he got further alienated after talking with rival houseguests. He is the won that said he doesnt like Natalie and Jessie just because.

    Seems you Jeff fans have selective memory.

    Russ got on Jeff about the tecknotronics, but only after Jeff pretty much was on the athlete team so he said, whats the worse that will happen? he isnton our team, he just get saved by us every week.

  132. You can play the best game and be gone. for 5 weeks he played the best game.

    and was robbed.

    catch up now.

  133. Sorry Marcus, I have to disagree. I don’t see how Jesse played the best game. He slept most of the time. It’s a social game, and he just didn’t have what it takes to win.

  134. i think michele should nominate natalie and russel, but since they have a ‘deal’, then natalie and kevin should be nominated and natalie evicted a.s.a.p. (then jordan can win hoh!)

  135. Ok so I need to put in my two cents.
    1. L/N/C – Need to get over it (jessie) he is gone. Stop the bi*@chng and play the game or BB show them the door.
    2. BB – Grow some. Stop giving in to the Babies demands. Remind them that they are to “Expect the Unexpected” and if they can’t deal AGAIN show them the door.
    3. I am one of many who voted to give Jeff the Coup. I did not vote on his looks I voted for him because I felt / feel that he is an honest guy who is playing the game close to the chest but also I figured he would actually use the power and not worry about causing more drama. And you know what he did not disappoint me in the least.

  136. Correction – I want Russell & Chima. How could I forget about Chima? Hopefully, Chima will go home.

  137. Thanks Matt! Maybe Jesse wants to go too! Oh yah, he already did! CBS is disappointing if they keep giving in to the demands! Lydia needs to watch who she is calling a ho. What’s she been up to with Jesse? She was just crying about him being to rough and ignoring her!

  138. Jeff won pov so what, as did a lot of house guest. How many opportunity did he have to win HOH. You all cannot admit that Jeff is on top because BB heard the outrage from you all and decided to help poor jeff.

    Jeff could have won HOH, but he didn’t. Russell won because he played Jeff for the fool that he is. Russell is stonger both physically and Mentally.

    As I am one of the few none Jeff fan on here, you all are free to gang me. Anyways I have to fo to work now. bye

  139. I hope it is not the end of BB! Maybe they could update some rules and penalties. I feel sorry for Chima’s grandparents and Mom

  140. Matt,
    I appreciate your censoring/banning dada for attacking the people commenting on this site. I would ask you to request that those calling Chima names concerning her appearance to cease doing that. Some of those comments do easily appear to be directed at her race.

  141. If BB hadn’t gave in to their demands we as viewers would not have had the belly laughs that we had last night watching the 3 Amigoes morn Jesses’ departure

  142. I am watching the showtime at dark and laughing hysterically how these girls are crying over Jesse. OH MY GOD. I never thought I’d say this but Jesse has more sense than any of them. Even HE knew that Jeff had no choice but to use it! Oh my lord, these girls need a life!

  143. Do you guys think this is going to look like the Big Brother 10 Final Four?

    Dan: Jeff
    Memphis: Russell
    Keesha: Jordan
    Rennie: Michelle

  144. Sometimes and no offense to most…some people are too stupid to argue with…anyone sticking up for Chima after her 9/11 “joke” falls in the stupid remark. Also people defending Lydia and Natalie. I am ready to start a one person boycott of CBS.


  146. To give into these 3 women so they won’t cause a problem on the show is nuts! All the crap they are pulling CBS should be placing all kinds of sanctions against them. Big brother sure sanctioned Jeff for one sip of gatorade with a extra day of slop. This is a game against other players not the network or did the 3 women become CEO’s for CBS when everyone was not looking! They don’t want to play by the rules or follow the sanctions well then don’t let the door hit them in the butt… if you know what I mean.

  147. I am hurt and disgusted at the comments by Chima about twin towers and terrorists. Thousands of people died in 9/11 and thousands more are dying overseas to protect this country from it ever happening again. It’s not racism. Americans are proud of this country and I’m surprised CBS doesn’t kick her off the show. Replace her with Casey. At least we will get some laughs from him. CBS, please, she is offending everyone. Make a stand like Jeff did last night. Get some you know what and make a stand and kick her off. If not for your viewers do it out of respect for those who died and are dying for this country it not right that bb gave in what wrong with you you never ever have done this i have watch big brother since day one and this is not right i thinking we need to boycot CBS on having this lady in the show Russel is american just like us and it is so wrong what she did and you dont mess with poeple stuff that not right either big brother needs to let the girls go home that way three eviction can be play and the rest of the house can relax until the four week then they can do the game again so CBS you need to do what best for your show for Cbs well let do some more studd to theses girls shake up their world please

  148. I just heard the 9/11 comment and “twin towers”. SEriously how does CBS not do anything about that? I have a friend who passed away that day who was in the twin towers, and I can just imagine his now grown boys watching this show and hearing that comment :( That is just sad.

  149. When the show first came on, my husband kept referring to him as the older guy. So, I looked up his bio and I thought it said 38. Oh well.

  150. I like Jeff. I think he is trying to find his place in the house and really shook the house by using the special power last night…I didnt expect that. At first I thought he screwed himself but he definitely changed the game. Chima has way too much power and ego and needed to be knocked down a notch. as BB goes on from year to year people tend to go with the flow and not make waves by standing out and doing what they thing is strategly good for the game. Jeff showed he is a real player and I was glued to the set. He made a difference that may or may not come back to haunt him. I like the conversations with him and jordan. I dont expect her to win but you never know. there is an age difference with the two (jordan 23 and Jeff 30) and they live far apart from each other, who knows what will happen this week but it will be interesting. aIm glad he used the power even though I didnt expect him to use it, He is a stronger player than first anticipated. It will be interesting to see what unfolds over the next week bc all the houseguests have been rattled. Id like to see chima evicted and Id like to see kevin and Lydia step up and be more of players than stay in the background and wait for things to happen. id like to see some self confidence in kevin and lydia to shake up the game and make it more interesting. In the long run I dont see Jeff and Jordan being a real couple bc of the age difference and the distance between their homes. I see more of a protector with Jeff and Jordan, I love watching them together, they are so cute so you never know. has any BB couples actually stayed together outside the house?

  151. WoW! These girls Chima,Lydia,Natalie, are really messed up people. They were talking about how they have hearts and morals, are you kidding me! They constantly lie,scheme, and back stab everyone. They talk crap about Jeff and Jordan who have played the game as clean as anybody ever has and what’s up with Lydia, who get’s her butt saved from the block by Jeff, but is angry at Jeff for doing so.

  152. I don’t think the age difference is a problem…Jordan needs an older wiser man….and she can keep him feeling like a young stud. I think they will compliment each other

  153. I can’t wait for these girls to see Jesse’s interview on the Insider. He so obviously could care less about any of them, and here they are crying their eyes out over him LOL

  154. Mary, I am in agreement with you I feel that CBS should kick Chima’s ASS out the front door once and for all !!! She is saying too many things that is upsetting to ALL the American people. It’s time that CBS is taking notice !!! Let us all hope that CBS wants to continue shows in the future.If they don’t clean up THIS SHOW OF CHIMA who knows what will happen to most of the viewers in further shows ???

  155. Does anybody remember the BB show w/ Allison on it and that other girl. Nobody liked either of them and yet them made it to the end and the other girl won. See Chima and Allison are just alike

  156. Right now Michele is thinking of put Chima and Natalie on the block. If one is taken off by the POV, Lydia will go up.

  157. jcat — do you know when the noms are? I know what Michelle is saying, but won’t believe it until I see it

  158. I don,t think she should have said things about 9/11 god bless all those people on that day that had there life taking.may god be with there family. when chima said that my jaw drop to the floor.does she think before she speaks?What if some one said something rude about girl getting attack in rape I,m sure she would,nt like that,But after all she best friend with someone who like hitlor.What is wrong with that girl ? She need to go.And lydia you would think she would be happy with jeff for saving her butt and getting her off the block.Was,nt she the one that fought with kevin to use his pov to get her off I thought that what she wanted.And you would think that she would be releave that jessie gone,After she sat there and cry to kevin how shes done with him.What is a matter with that gal.And natile she just upset because the person she fell in love is know gone. I thought she had a boyfriend,So why would she care so much that jessie left.Get over it.If he was,nt so worrie about eatting and play the game with his mine.Then maybe he still be there.My point his that jessie is a musle head.And poor kevin what he going to do know.Who know what he up to next I still having figue him out.I think russel did some mean thing but at lease he said he was sorry, I got to say he playing the game well.And what about jeff nice move jeff you got the musle head out.keep up the good work.And jordan she just a sweet heart I hope she starts showing every one that she really can play the game and she is strong.I have to say michele seem like a smart person and will see who side she really is on when she put up two people on the block.I can,t wait! I myslef am hoping for jeff to win then maybe him and jordan can live happliy in love.

  159. isn’t there a rule about stealing? I think Chima needs to go, I think CBS needs to take a stand and kick her off for all her racial slurs, didn’t they do that in big brother UK with a contestant being racist to another. They called her into the diary room and spoke to her. Why are they not doing this with the 3 girls. They really need to be going home. This is childish and repulsive and we are condoning this behavior by watching it.


    Please refrain from all-caps. It comes across as screaming.

  161. @Jackie: We’ll have the noms announced here on the site by around 9:30pm. Keep checking back as they might come in earlier!

  162. If enough people complain to CBS directly, and say they will not watch the show they may do something but just ranting on a chat site won’t do much. I just wrote to them and I think many others should too

  163. That would be good play if Michele put up Nat and Chima even if one was removed and Lydia was put up. Together these 3 if kept together could be dangerous but if she did remove one the power would take a blow. Michele is not my favorite person on the show but she has the brains to win if she continues. And I had to laugh when Nat and Chima was talking about the all girl thing an getting rid of the boys one of them could win. they figure if they get all the guys out that what girls are there they could beat. Don’t underestimate Michele they might end up with egg on their face.

  164. question… I must have missed the live feeds. What exactly is Chima and her followers doing to the HG’s? Are they destroying property?
    If so, why is the show putting up with this?

  165. Good afternoon BB fans…. Does anyone else find it interesting that Russell wants to target Chima / Kevin but not Natalie…. I think he may try to form a secret alliance with natalie on the side, so he can have her looking out for him at the same time as having jeff / Jordan / Michelle looking out for him and not knowing about his deal with Natalie…. I think he trusts Natalie more than Michelle and will definitely stab Michelle in the back for Natalie….

  166. I have always watched “Big Brother After Dark” from beginning to end but the past 2 nights have turned it off. You can only take so much of Chema and that laugh. BB, you need to make her put Russell’s Rosary back, that is just not right.

  167. @leo and you are probley right. but if chima and nat or on the block and keep them slef on then i,m not to shore but I think nexts thursday is when they get rid of two people and it,ll be those two gone

  168. I,m on live feed right know and there playing the have and have not game can,t wait to see who eatting slop this week i hope it chima lydia and natile

  169. @ Kelly…. If Natalie / Cima are on the block one would go home and then BB owuld have another HOH comp which would lead to nat / chima (whoever isn’t evicted winning the HOH and if nat wins she will probably put jeff / Michelle up and Chima would probably put Michelle / Russell up…..

  170. dada,

    As a black women I also think Chima is a racist and she needs to go. BB should just let those three nuts walk off the show. I am truly embarrased by Chima’s actions.

  171. if chima put up on the block and stay up there then i say she would be the next one up and i,ll try to keep you posted carol and your welcome @erocunc1

  172. Right before going out to play the have & havenot compition. Jeff went in to get a shirt & Chima says to him. America likes voting for a-holes it’s been proven time and time again.She back to calling Russel and extreme muslim terrorist too!

  173. Jesse is the biggest body building baby I ever saw!He is in love w/himself and thinks he can do no wrong.Chima ia ugly bobble-head Diva Feel sorry for poor sucker who ends up with that! I like to see the ones who are not evil get a head thank goodness Jeff won “wizard” and used it correctly.Jesse is blaming America for his exit..should tell him something.He was an ass last time and still is!Glad Ronnie did not make jury house he cried more than all girls!!Go Jeff!

  174. can someone please tell me how to email cbs or BB production to complain about how offensive Chima is with her talk of 9/11 etc? I cannot find an email address on the BB site or the site. Thanks!

  175. @Gina,where do you get the “white trash” directed at Jordan? You do not know ANY of the players outside of what you have seen on T.V. I think that phase is very steep. Now if she acted like Chima or Natalie, I could see where you are coming from.Jordan really has not done anything wrong to provoke the H.G. Matt, I think you had no other option but to bar dada from commenting . He has been way to far out of line for the last few weeks. GOOD FOR YOU !!! blackgirl Russell kept his word to Jeff, keeping him and Jordan safe from being put on the block. THEREFORE, Jeff is not a fool. He is one of the best players yet.I hope he and Russell go to the end.Alex, it was FUN watching Jessie getting his butt kidded out the door no more watching a big cry-baby !!!

  176. Was any one else irritated by how CBS tried to spin Chima’s terrorists comments by showing clips of Russell yelling at people? Of course they leave out the part when she comments about all American’s hating his race.

  177. @DaFerret: You are so right! If BB is going to cave in, it will soon be a waste of time to watch. While it’s no secret that BB “nudges” the game in various directions (I’m trying to be polite here), that’s a huge difference from caving in and ruining the show.

    @Matt: You are doing one heckuva job here, and I, for one, really appreciate it! Yours is the only site I use to follow BB (especially since I’m limited to broadcast only, can’t afford after dark or “live” feeds). Thank you!

  178. @ErocUNC1

    Thank you for encouraging people to contact CBS and the BB Production Company directly. My latest Diary Room blog is about that very thing. I posted a User Feedback link for CBS. Do you have the name or contact email for the BB production company? I would really love to begin pestering them, too. I’m fine with complaining about things I don’t like, but the 9/11 comments, trashing others’ belongings and beds, and taking Russell’s rosary are beyond tolerance. Let’s not forget to mention Chima taking Natalie’s pain medication from her shoulder incident and mixing it with wine. Illegal and stupid. And apparently allowed by CBS. Hopefully something will give this week.

    Anyone with email addresses or phone numbers concerning Big Brother, contacts to directly complain about Chima’s comments and actions, please post it!

    Lori in Texas

  179. I need someone to set me straight and fill me in…

    Why was Jeff assessed an extra day of slop for taking a sip of Gatorade, but Natalie didn’t get in trouble for refusing to sleep in the Have Not room? Did she have a pass for that, or did I miss her penalty?

  180. My sister and I just sent a complaint to CBS about Chima and her actions. Shame on CBS for letting Chima get away with everything. I guess it pays to have friends in production.(Chima)

  181. Live feeds are back!

    Michelle and Jordan are showering, and Kevin is washing something out of his clothes; he says “That was sorta fun.”

    Bound to have been messy!

  182. If C/N/L lose the H/HN competition, they said they will not sleep in the HN room and will eat what they want. Let’s see if BB has the guts to either force them to abide by the rules or toss them out of the game.

  183. Apparently Chimnatdia is complaining again about something regarding the house’s have and have not competition. Russell and Michelle are talking about how they two are the only two who ran to try and win the food comp? They keep referring to different vegetables. Maybe it was like the old food comps?

  184. Oops! Correction, that was not Michelle and Jordan in the shower, it was Lydia and Natalie! Jordan, Michelle, and Russell are in the HOH Room.

  185. This whole season has been a bunch of bs all would have been well if ronnie would of voted to keep braiden i say kick chima out if she does what she is thretning to do and let america vote her replacement. show some kahunas cbs

  186. @Matt i think you need to put a spell check on here because my spelling is kind of like Jeffs

  187. Wow….yup the 9/11 thing needs to be addressed. I say let the bitches walk off next time they want to demand something. I would say the same thing about anoyone else on there too. Being in this game is a PRIVLEDGE (MIGHT OF SPELLED THAT WRONG) NOT A RIGHT. These heffa’s are just too damn much. Especially Chima… and i want to see how close natalie and lydia are after nat finds out that lydia f**ked jessie.

  188. @ sabrina realy i didn’t know they bumped uglies. and im glad im not the only one that could use a spell check

  189. “But when in Big Brother history have you EVER see someone gets snatched up, not having any chance to fight, and by someone who didnt earn the power of the house? He got robbed. Wether you hate Jessie or you like him, you ave to admit he did get robbed.”

    ohhh umm.. i don’t know… maybe week one when Jesse backdoored Braden? because as my Jeff-loving selective memory recalls, Jesse didn’t earn that HoH power either… it was “handed” to him.

  190. I can’t believe Nat and Lydia are mourning over the fact that Jessie didn’t have time to prepare or say good bye to anyone. Ummmm, excuse me but didn’t Jessie do that to Casey??????

  191. chima, nat, and lydia need to get over themselves. do they honestly think that everything is going to go their way? ITS A GAME! they all came on the show to win money. they should have all know that BB throws lil twists in the game. seriously they all need too get over themselves.

  192. @ Dan yeah mike boogie won it in bb all stars but it wasnt used also america did not have a say on who got it they had to be the first h guest to guess a secret puzzle it was something about reaping what you sew

  193. You know what would be really cool?

    Next week is double eviction… but expect the unexpected, Nat and Chima are on the block. Chima wins POV so lets say Lydia goes on the block. Nat gets evicted. Julie anounces that this year’s double eviction is performed right away. Chima is kicked off the show for basically being a racist b*tch and for threatening production as a warning to others that would try to do that again.

    Chima has a mental breakdown and has to be taken to a mental hospital ( altough it will be edited out :( ).

    Lydia loses 20 pounds of water for her world guiness record of most consecutive hours crying.

  194. oh by the way im not perverted wood is just my nick name just thought i would clear that up

  195. OK y’all. I figured out how to have our voices heard. What would make BB sit up and listen.

    Their advertiser!

    If we boycotted the products that BB has for advertisers I bet they would listen to our complaints. It would give us a true voice about what we want to see.

  196. @snakebit..I have already complained to CBS and threatened a one person boycott. What a great idea to EMAIL all the sponsors and threaten to boycott their products..

  197. i used to love this website.
    until everyone alligns against one person in the house that is simply being true to who she is. chima is not fake. she obviously has very strong opinions about people in the house, but it doesn’t make her a bad person.
    her comments about terrorism and twin towers aren’t all that derogatory. you people make it that way. if you hated someone as much as she did then you would probably say things FAR worse than she does. it just depends on the kind of person you are.
    it’s sad, matt, that when one person (dada) takes up for their favorite- you ban them.
    you say “oh, i can’t put up with this crap.”
    well if you can’t take it, don’t dish it.
    you certainly can hate on chima.
    so why can’t we stick up for her?

    if you hate chima so much, go look in the mirror.
    she’s a beautiful woman who has an unpredictable mouth.
    i don’t agree with everything she says,
    but i don’t hate her for it.

    seriously, get a life.
    and matt- well.. you suck.

  198. if we start all these demands and use threats we are no better than the ones in the house doing it

  199. True Cammy but we pay to buy their products and we pay to watch the show (we that get BBAD and the live feeds). Shouldn’t be able to complain since we fund their show. We are “the customer”.

  200. Do we know who Michelle nominated yet?

    Natalie and Lydia are disgusting people, but Chima is intolerable. For Big Brother to give into these girls after their dispicable behavior is enabling them to continue it. They should be escorted out of the house, and not paid any of the money in their contract and Laura and Casey should be put back into the game.

    I dont even like the idea of those idiots in the jury pool — they ruin the whole show –

  201. Chima is angry from the “ordeal” that she went through. Why on earth would BB allow this psychotic weave wearer to be on the show in the first place? Thanks for banning dada. I think he/she must be related to Chima. Natalie and Lydia should hook up and share the smell of Jesse. Her poking fun at 9/11 and calling Russell a terrorist and Jordan white trash is no better than a white person poking fun at slavery and calling her the n word. Someone said that if a white person had said something to that effect, all hell would break loose. I agree. I hate double standards and Chima seems to be the poster child for just that thing.

  202. @Sabrina and Dan… Thanks :)

    I can’t stand the Jeff-hate over the use of the coup d’etat. It’s unreasonable.
    Some people have the upper hand in physical contests, some people have the upper hand in mental contests, some people have the upper hand in popularity contests… you win what you win. and if you win it… you deserve to reap the benefits of it.

  203. I agree with Nikki. Jeff can’t help it if America loves him. Booties are burning because they (C/N/L)can’t stand that their boy toy is gone.

  204. ahahah it’s actually a bit shocking to me how poor of sports they’re being about this, i mean, i didn’t expect much from them as people… but as competitors in a game that is far from being over, grow up!

    ALSO… for all chima’s talk about wanting a woman to win this game… she sure is bent outa shape about a man being evicted.

  205. Chima is a racist, sexist, xenophobic bigot. I’ve emailed CBS expressing outrage over her behavior and am boycotting. Everyone who has a moral compass, please email CBS, call to complain and boycott watching the show. Get your updates from Matt instead; he does a spectacular job at running this site.

    Complaint form:

  206. I understand wanting to get a good show for your money and chima is horrible I hate hearing what she says…hell I hate hearing her voice period now…but should we threaten the station? I filed a complaint about her and my 29 year old son reminded me that we ALL have the right to say what we want…we don’t have to agree or listen.
    She should have been kicked off the show but we are all talking about her and getting our coworkers or family to tune in so hence…more viewers – any publicity is good. Maybe we should act like she isn’t even in the house anymore…that would hurt her more I think… she hates to be ignored she craves attention and doesn’t care how she gets it.
    I hope you all get refunds…or at least beauty products

  207. Michele told Natalie that she is going on the block as a pawn and Natalie is just squirming. She is just babbling and said that Chima will be up to talk to her. Go Michele.

  208. @Nikki: Great observation RE Chima’s sexist banter. Can you imagine if the men formed a conspiracy against women and said, “no matter what, we need a woman to win?” How come sexism can only be applied in one direction? It’s disgusting, and I’m horrified at sharing the same chromosomes as Chimas. Abhorrent!

    Someone PLEASE organize a petition to get her OFF!

  209. I totally Gagged at the ladies crying at Jessie leaving. That was corny. But I want Michele to send Russell home. I’m sorry how can he help her game play and he does not even like her. Jeff disappointed me because he was outside not eating and moaning and groaning at the behavior of Chima, Gnat and Lydia. Umm, did he expect them to act any differently? See them and go about your day. NAd excuse me litte miss Jordan said Faggot yet again last nite. (Don’t call anyone a faggot to Michele. She’s sensitive to mean words) And Chima is a Biggot. Looks like a lot of prejusice actions in the house. I just know one thing Russell better be up or I will not be happy with Michele. Her memory can’t be that short. She better use her own mind.

  210. @Zac: ‘dada’ was banned for his/her continued race baiting, attacking other commentators, and repeatedly drawing politics into discussions as an excuse to make statements like “23% of Americans think Obama is a terrorist.” That has no place on this site and as such, neither does Dada.

    Dada was not the first to be banned and probably won’t be the last. I repeatedly gave Dada warnings, including direct emails, to avoid such comments and he/she chose to ignore that. I’ve got no sympathy.

  211. As far as making our feelings known on the bad behavior, it’s kind of like a baseball game…we can boo…even heckle, refuse to go to another game, or buy the products associated with the team…but, we can’t play (ok, the coup d’etat, but you get my point). I also feel there are more important things to worry about. I’m sure there are people at the network scanning some of the sites to see what is up. Inviting back prior evictees would only work if they have a mass exodus…and they would only be able to bring back sequestered contestants, who have not seen the show after they left. I have learned a few things from these HG’s…because of Natalie, I’m going to take 3-4 showers a day…and, because of Jessie, I’m going to work out a little less so my muscles don’t dwarf my head…

  212. I know of no other realty show that has given in to a contestant’s demands. As someone said, it must be for ratings. But this Chima person is unreal. How hurtful and insulting can a person be. I don’t think she in in it for the prize money. I just don’t see her staying the distance. If she is this vengeful on a TV show, how does she act in real life. And to laugh about 9-11! That hurts all Americans who lost loved ones in that tragedy. Shame on BB for letting those girls tromp on you.

  213. I do not agree at all with Chima’s comments or actions. Furthermore, I think it speaks volumes for Natalie and Lydia for laughing at her 9/11 joke. Not really sure how that is game play or funny AT ALL!!

  214. If Lydia was smart she would have jumped on the other side after Jeff was so gracious to save her,she wouldnt be stuck on the losers side w/ grub-ball smelly Gnat, Chia Pet & useless Kevin! Lydia has been saved way to many times its time for her to go to the grave with her beloved Jessie who was NEVER loyal to her!

  215. @Wood: Unfortunately the best option we have is for the commentators to make use of the browser’s built-in spell checking features. I know Firefox has a great one that works just like MS Word.

  216. i believe chima should be removed from the show.she has absolutely crossed the line,and she can take nat and lydia w/her w/their demands.bring back casey,laura,braden to replace them or just pick 3 fans ( after mental back ground check).terrorist-twin towers to many people in our country and other countries have died over this.chima should be removed. she is not an american that im proud of.she owes the enyire world an apology .most importantly to those who knew someone who died and to those who have a family member defending her right to be free to get away w/saying these things.also to russ,and his family.chima is a disgrace to all of america.

  217. I’ve watched BB since the beginning and the original HG are probably as p.o’d as we are that these chicks can make demands to BB and they are granted them. What’s the point of being in the house if you aren’t following the game as it was intended? I’m very disappointed in the events of this season. I may cancel my live feeds if this continues. SheMan shouldn’t be allowed to make discriminatory comments against people and the president and order the producers to do what she says. It is one thing to have strong opinions and clearly another to be racist/sexist. And we shouldn’t forget that alot of this “chick power” started after Russell rejected her sexual advances. My fiance adds that BB should make Chima stop threatening/blackmailing the producers to give her what they want. I was disappointed to see the “eavesdropping on the houseguests” segment of the show and she was demanding that they open the door. Does she have ties to BB (ya know she is a journalist). I think a penalty nom is in order and bring back the HG that respect the process of the game (Casey, Laura, Braden…)

  218. I was told Michelle told Chima she is putting her up any news on her reaction.

  219. Where does Chima get off being so demanding. She says she needs to have a talk with the producers’ like she is someone important. I think BB fans need to have a talk with producers’ as to how they continue leaving someone so ugh ugh, trying to think of a polite word for a not so polite person. cocky, racist, diva bi*** in the house. Personally I think she is the one terrorizing us. Then they continue to reward her.

  220. there is one more thing we can do, boycott watching the BB TV show’s for 1 week. Lets not watch this Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and see if we can impact the tv ratings.
    this might let them know we don’t want to watch what they candone as entertainment!
    I say the same about the live feeds but us hardcore fans have a tuff time and wouldn’t know what is going on. LOL

  221. To all of you who want to complain about Chima’s behavior and comments.

    Please BOTH email your complaints AND call this number to complain to CBS. Hopefully, if enough of us do this, they will censure her!

    323-575-2200, then press 1

  222. Matt, Great job on getting rid of Dada, obviously he is relative of Chima. I just love reading your updates when I can. I have watched Big Brother every season and enjoy it. I just don’t understand why a show like this doesn’t have better contracts with the people the put in the house. I would think that they would have something put in that they are allowed to remove/censor anyone at their (BB) discretion. I really feel sorry for Chima’s mom, can you imagine your daughter leaving you when you are so ill to go make an ass of herself in front of the whole world. She is probably wondering where she went wrong in raising such a racist bitch. I just hopes she goes home and in the next hoh, I hope that the good guys win and send Lydia home next. I am rooting for either Jeff or Russel to win this one.

  223. @ Channin-Thanks I tried to email cbs but when I hit submit it said link appears to be broken then when I went back my post was deleted I had a nice paragragh about chimas racist comments and why needs to leave. Unfortuneatly they didnt get it!

  224. they just shut off the live feed for she can pick who she wants so i say will know in about and hour

  225. Excuse me but isnt Julie Chen’s husband some big CEO of cbs? c’mon Mr. Chen—get this takin care of so we can all move on Chima needs to be removed this is serious!

  226. I will say as Fan of Chima (Kevin & Michele) I did think the Twin Tower comment was distasteful but so many things have been said in the house that are distasteful. Jordan and the use of the faggot word. Russell only get up in ladies faces. The things Braden said. I have to say this is most distatstful house ever and that’s saying a lot seeing that I was against ED and wanted him out. If you ask one to go others should go.


  228. The only thing I can guess as to why Chima can do what she wants is because it is no longer Big Brother it’s The Chima Show

  229. @CECE…Russell only in ladie’s faces? How about Jessie, and his tormenting of Ronnie, and ridiculing of Jeff…it’s not a sexist thing with Russell…

  230. I am also going to assume that the reason CBS tolerated Chima’s behavior is because she is African American and feel that if they remove her from the house it may be considered racist. That is the only reason I could come up with

  231. Both are distasteful and cause for a hostile environment. So why jump on the back of one and not all of them

  232. why are we getting a message that BB is preparing for a live show tonight (its friday and I double checked tv shcedules…live feeds are off and the BB trivia is playing?

  233. @consuela #310, I totally agree with you however after rewinding my dvr and watching the twin towers comment, I noticed and have to give Natalie credit. She did NOT laugh but looked down. I seriously think Lydia has such mental issues that she will laugh at anything. Am I crazy or does Nat seem a little less barky since Jess left?

    @rhonda. If I’m not mistaken her husband is president of CBS.

  234. @ matt ill look in to it thanks
    also is it pretty clear that chima and nat will go up this week?

  235. I haven’t jumped on either…just questioning the comparison. I agree they are both distasteful…and your argument in both cases cited is slanted…

  236. I think it was funny that when I was watching BBAD Nat and Lydia were discussing who would go up against Russell!!! They thought Michelle would put him up – I wonder what is going on now?
    I miss my fix of BBAD. I wish I had time to get the live feeds!

  237. Has anyone heard that last nights BB episode was prerecorded because sposidly Julie Chen went into early labor? Fact or Rumor? I only heard it, not sure if it’s true or not? But how would they know to prerecord it then?

  238. Slanted it can be. I’m just tired of the Jump on Chima because she says what she says but no one not even in the synopsis made mention of other “distatstful” thing or actions said. Again I thought the Twin Tower’s comment was wrong. The use of the word faggot if heard by Kevin could cause an uproar also. So I may not be talking to you actually I was making mentioned of others in the house being just as distasteful (maybe not a loud)so why email to get one kicked when nasty cooment have gone on the whole season Chima seems like the website’s scapegoat.

  239. This is so funny to read. You guys know the CDT was rigged by CBS. The internet pole on who should get the CDT picked Jesse by a landslide. I voted for Ronnie but Jesse won it not Jeff. And if I say too much on this I too will be censored. :( good luck girls minus Jordan

  240. CECE I know that other people had said things.And chima as gone to far with the 9/11 comment we lost alot of people on that very day. So her bring that up was very disrespectful. And I have to say at these russel man up in said he was sorry he also did,nt say anything to hurt other people.She also call him a terroist and his family one to.She had no right putting his family in her fight between them two.His family did,nt do anything for those kinda raciest comments.And I don,t agree what russel did. But like I said at lease he said sorry. Did she? [no]and chima from the very start of the show was call braden a bigit and her little nasty commit to casey.I do remeber jordan saying sorry for using the word faggit. And what make chima look even worst then all those people is that she can,t even say sorry.

  241. #334 Melanie I agree that Nat is not as barky as she was. In fact Nat was trying to talk to Michele before the noms took place and Nat had a hard time speaking her mind, she was timid. Maybe a changed Nat but I think it is too late for her.

  242. I think anyone who can make a joke out of 9/11 is sick and mentally derange…Thousands of people lost their lives that day and hundreds more in protecting their country. Chima needs to go and BB should stop acting liked they are scared off her…. Who is exactly running this show Chima or BB? Come on get a damn back bone!!

  243. How can Jesse get back in the BBH? He was robbed, never had a chance giving a house guest so much power to skate 2 week with no worries and pick who he wants to take out. Never seen so much power on the 11 episodes.

  244. is it true you cannot tell a person they are going on the block directly? so what will happen to michelle if she did this?

  245. @Mike Moore….how many chances do you want Jessie to get? He’s had two chances already….although I have to admit he did play better this season…But I don’t want him in the house. Chima/Natalie and Lydia all reminds me of Michele when Jessie got evicted last season….I thought this was a game…When it comes down to it only one person is going to win…

  246. Samantha, Thanks for the link. I just sent the following complaint to CBS>
    Why is CBS allowing Chima to remain on the show. Her racist comments are one thing, but to compare herself to the Twin Towers (one of the saddest days America has ever known) is beyond tolerable. CBS must have an eviction out in their contract with her, so why aren’t they using it. She has insulted just about every person watching this show, its no longer about ratings, its doing the right thing. Come on CBS, you give in to her whims like she is the puppet master and the powers that be are the puppets. You showed her on TV calling Russell a terrorist, but edited it such a way that it seems that she called him this because of the way he treated the other HG. One can’t help but wonder if you CBS approves of this behavior. Why else would you condone it. By accepting this behavior you are equally guilty. I just hope Russell gets himself a really good lawyer, because everyone that watches the live feeds knows that he has quite the case against Chima and CBS for allowing it to go on.

  247. @Jackie…it was a combined competition…I thought I read that Lydia and Kevin are on slop, and the HG’s get regular food every day except one…please correct me if I’ve missed this…

  248. You can tell someone there going on the block thats not a rule thats what people get so po’d
    about cuz they want people to be straight forward w/ them!

  249. I think based on previous BBs that you can tell a person that you are going to put them up as a pawn which is exactly what Michele told Natalia.

  250. @Rayne: Still too much power was given to Jeff. With all of Jeff’s profanity and F bombs in every sentence America choice isn’t such a wonderful sweetheart everyone here makes him out to be.

  251. samantha,
    yes, thank you for the link. i also just sent them i message. i have decided to stop watching cbs totally if chima is not evicted by cbs, not the hg’s by thursday night. i will be sad at this, but i have watched every episode of bb from the very first one and have never been this insulted before.

  252. I got this from another page….if you are interested in leaving a message, maybe multiple messages, and registering your complaints about Chima, or any other houseguest, or you want to praise them on something (trying to be fair), then call…


  253. @Joanne the very comment are making against Chima is the protection Chima has to her right for freedom of speech. With over 20 year in the United States Marine Corps I too may find such comment insulting but your recommended actions too are insulting as you are denying the freedom of speech. This society truly must be changing to a socialist community with this general feeling of censorship from this forum.

  254. People (using the term loosely here with regard to Chima) are the reason hatred, bigotry and extreme racism exist. Big Sistah, oops, sorry, Big Brother is allowing her to perpetuate this. She needs to be evicted from the BB11 house and NOT be allowed any further participation…we don’t need a jury hiuse full of haters! Send chima packing!!!

  255. Jeff was given a handout to please his fans.
    The HGs should have competed for this power to make it fair. If Jeff wins the whole thing there should be an *on the win.

  256. Mike Moore, My husband is a Catholic from IRAQ, yet some of my best friends are Muslims. I will never put someone down because of their religion, race or nationality. But I will call it as I see it. If you don’t like it too bad. As you say everyone is entitled to their opinion or “freedom of speech”.

  257. Chima makes a sad remardk about the twin towers, would she had said this in a room where people lost love ones;s that day??

  258. BB11 fan, If Jesse would have gotten the CDT then I would say the game was rigged. Jeff got it because America loves him. And he deserved it . Jesse learned he cant bully people

  259. Jeff said it best He feels sorry for Chima. I think he said she is pathetic but if he didnt I will. She is a very sorry excuse of a person

  260. the coup d’etat should have remained a mystery until after the show was over, like America’s player was. Jeff could have done the nominations in diary room and no one would have known. Certainly would have added even more misery to the miserable 4. Now that would be worth watching! If Chima isn’t penalized for her behavior, especially the taking of the Roasry and the 9-11 comments, I am done for the season. Go Team JEFF!!!

  261. @Mike Moore Dont take this wrong—-but you sound a bit jeleous of Jeff! He is funny smartand gorgeous, and loves to use the F bomb—-But seriosly everyone else is saying it to—-after all you are saying its freedom of speech! lol It wasnt Jeffs fault he won the wizard power! what was he spose to do say oh no thanks let someone else have it he won and deserved it those people were on a major power trip and needed to be knocked down to size!Im pretty sure if you were in Jeffs situaation you would have done the same thing—especially if things werent going your way! TEAM JEFF!! WOOT!!

  262. I’ve been watching big brother since the first season, and i can honestly say Jeff really hasn’t done anything to deserve that power. He only got it bc America thinks he’s cute. He has won competitions but he really has just been floating along. And his lil speech b4 he used it was cocky and arrogant.

  263. Jeff isnt the first to get the power, but Mike Boggie earned it by winning a challenge.

    Why is it that if you are not a jeff worshiper people say you are jealous. of what

  264. @Lana…Jeff’s speech was almost non-existent. He was told to keep it short, and he did…hardly cocky or arrogant…in fact, he looked nervous…

  265. @Lana
    Everyone is calling Jeff a floater… I DON’T GET IT! When you don’t have any power in the BB house… wtf are you supposed to do? Make a scene? Try to orchestrate things when you’re in absolutely no place to, and if you do, will probably get voted out? He did what he had to do, at the bottom of the food chain, to stay in the game. Won the Veto when he had to, shut his mouth when he had to, used the mystery power when he had to… He’s played a great game thus far!

  266. @ Lana…and Natalie has done WHAT? She has continually bashed Jeff for doing nothing, winning nothing, etc. What has she done? She doesn’t shower, can’t win anything, lies, cheats, EVEN STEALS while riding the coattails of other house losers. Jeff has great game..let us not forget Dan who seemingly did nothing, but in reality, did it all!

  267. ” I have the power and its time to fell the pain. U guys have been running the hosue blah blah.” Nervous? all week in the diary room he’s been having a laugh at the house guests bc he had the power. he did nothing to deserve it and i dont think BB should ever have that power again.

  268. @ Nikki…Jeff is over rated. I just think America should stop voting for cute ppl and put some thought behind their votes. Jesse and his click ran the house bc he made big moves. Jeff just laid back and complained about then American hands him a power and he’s all happy about it.

  269. @Lana… America voted for the underdog that they knew was ballsy enough to make a move. If America was voting for the “cute” person, they would have voted for Jordan.

  270. @Lana…not even close to the cocky and arrogant line fed to Casey by Jessie…if Jeff hadn’t used the power, he would have finished 6th at best…he wasn’t going to break into that group…it was a calculated risk…did you want him to say “sorry…I know you should win, I’m not worthy…”?

  271. He played laid back until it was time to make his move.
    There is nothing wrong with that. Team Jesse made big moves when they could, Team Jeff made a big move when he could.

  272. Wouldn’t it be great if America was allowed to evict one of the house guest. I wonder whom(?) that would be.

  273. I just don’t get how people are blaming Jeff for taking out Jesse. He was given a power, which like it or not, was given to him. He had to turn the game around to his advantage. If he didn’t, then I’d be agreeing with some of you here who say that he has done nothing. He did what he had to do with what was given to him!

    He’s here to win. He’s not going to roll over and die, obviously!

  274. @Nikki…Jeff was an underdog bc all he wanted was to talk to Jordan. He alienated himself then complained about it constantly. America voted for Jeff bc he is cute. I admit it was a good move but he didnt deserve that power simply put.

  275. – You’re gonna hate this one Chima fans (are there?). “So this is what it’s come down to…for 3 weeks in a row Jeff gets to decide who is on the block?…Jeff is actually running the game.” – Chima Don’t kill the messenger….Jeff haters. 

  276. jesse did nothing for his first HOH, he was given that PLUS being part of a foursome outnumbering all the other cliques. Funny how Chima and her loser crew seem to have forgotten that! TEAM JEFF ALL THE WAY!

  277. Whatever Jeff haters your just jeleous!!! OMG it wasnt his fault he got it-he didnt decide himself to be the wizard he didnt steal it, someone gave it to him so he used it so what I thought his speech was funny and true! Jessie waltzed into the house a second time what was he spose to do say no thanks let jessica go! Cmon poor sports jump on the winning team! Go JEFF!

  278. ive always been for BB twists and stuff but i thought this power was just too much. and if Jeff overthrow the HOH why was he allowed to participate in the new competition? A power like that is unfair to the winner of the HOH for that week and the other houseguests bc they cant defend themselves.

  279. He was an underdog because he voted against the house in the first week! It had nothing to do with Jordan!
    Everyone who voted for Braden to stay, were underdogs… and one by one they got voted out. He didn’t alienate himself, they alienated him because he wasn’t a part of Team Jesse. So naturally he was gonna talk to Jordan, and Casey and Laura and Braden when they were still around… they were his only teammates!

  280. Jeff made a great move by getting rid of Jesse.
    My point is that the power he got was unfair to the others because it was a handout.

    Jordon didnt win the popularity contest because the voters are mostly women.

  281. that’s a part of the BB game though, not being able to defend yourself… thus the invention of the “backdoor”.

  282. @ Nikki
    I understand why Jeff could be seen as a floater. He tries not to get his hand dirty. Even up as of the last HOH comp. Okay he used the Coup d’etat. Whoopy. He even said he could have won the HOH comp between him a Jesse. As wishy washy as Russell was he let him win that one. And last nite he gave round between Michele and himself to her. He even turned his head towards her when she answered. He’s riding on coat tail of those he trust but other than the little Coup d’etat he floating.

  283. @Lana…kind of like a back door…everybody who plays is told to “expect the unexpected”…fair, or not, they know that coming in>>>

  284. Lana — but that is NOT Jeff’s fault. BB is making some major mistakes this season (giving in to Chima is a major one IMO). I just don’t get why people are pissed at Jeff for BB’s decisions!

  285. I voted for jeff as well.And I did,nt vote for him because he cute.My husband I know for sure did,nt vote for him because of his looks we vote for him cause we knew he would be smart and use it.That why bb add these powers in the game for they can be use and spice up the game.

  286. i’ve said it already in this thread, and i’ll say it again… yeah, jeff’s power was a hand-out. he won a popularity contest.
    but SO WAS JESSE’S HOH in week ONE!!!! that power was handed to him too…. and set him up to be king of the house… how is that any different?

  287. Well all is said and done we can’t change the results. But Jeff wont win BB he guaranteed that when he used the power. Russell will probably win bc he’s stronger and alot smarter than jeff. and right now the other HGs arent really concerned with him.

  288. Cece, I am not sure what you are saying is correct. Natalie and Chima were complaining just 2 hours ago that Jeff has been running the house for the past THREE WEEKS

  289. Lana, you keep thinking Jeff won’t win. I like how positive you are. I think you may end up a bit surprised like Jesse!

  290. I hope Michelle doesnt put up Russell. If they should team up they would be unstoppable.

  291. @Jackie…Im not pissed at Jeff. I just didnt care for his little speech much especially seeing he pretty much floats. But honestly BB has been messing up so much i definitely wont watch a next season. I just want to see how this 1 plays outs but Jeff definitely will not win he saw to tht himself

  292. Chima is on the block and Natalie said that Karma is going to get Michele and she will get a disease or something.

  293. and you thought he would win without using the coup d’etat and slowly letting his side get picked off one by one?

    yeah, that’s a much superior strategy…

  294. @ I’m not watching live feeds, so forgive me. I still think he’s playing not to get his hands dirty until last nite’s Coup d’etat usage. He is floating, IMO!!! Letting others win so you won’t have to is floating to me.

  295. @Jackie..I dont think i know lol. Look at the facts…all the evicted HGs will go into the jury…N/L/C definitely will not vote for him to win. Jesse might bc he respected the move Jeff made. So he’s got the odds stacked against him already

  296. @Nikki…another nice point…but you can’t argue when the rules are only for one side…you know that! Kinda like Chinese Water Torture…no, that wasn’t a racist remark…

  297. Lana, I am not so sure…looks like Michelle just put up two from Jesse’s alliance…and why do you call him a floater? He never floated! He had an alliance from day one just about when Chima was up. It just so happened that Jesse’s group got rid of them one by one until JEFF stopped it. I am not sure how that makes him a floater. A floater has no alliance. Jeff did have one

  298. @Lana BOO HOO it’s a game of lies cheating & twists its not spose to be FAIR have you ever watched it beore? So what- chia pet got to participate in HOH to was that Fair? Whoever thinks Jeff was a floater UMM not hardly he was with Laura Braden Casey and Jordon all along! Go Nikki and jackie!

  299. Lana — if its Jeff and Russell in top two, I have a feeling people are going to feel differently about Jeff after speaking with Jesse, who right now thinks Jeff made the right decision. I wouldn’t say Jeff won’t win at all. Now he definitely wouldn’t have had the chance to stay long enough if he didn’t use his powers.

    Yes, Natalie and CHima are on the block

  300. i totally agree with CECE. Jeff doesnt want to get his hands dirty but after last night he did it and insured he wont win.Power or not Jeff couldnt win and neither will jordan bc they both just slowly drift along. hoping the other HGs turn on each other.

  301. For all the hater of Jeff because he was given a send Jessie home card and don’t think it is fair , if you watch any other reality show they always change it up as the years go on to make it more interesting and keep the viewers attention. Sorry your Jesse had to go home ,but you wouldn’t be crying if your favorite had won the power. Personally Michelle is the one to beat, agree or not she has found a way to win POV’s and now HOH and she has a good alignment in the house . As for all the other crap about who is saying what and who is a biggot doesn’t matter it has you guys interested and all consumed so CBS must be loving it !!!!!

  302. Does anyone else think Michelle could be playing both sides, planning on back dooring J/ J/ or Russell that worries me cuz I think michelle is smarter then we give her credit for!

  303. Natalie reading the rule book which is a joke because she and her cronies don’t follow the rules themselves.

  304. Can you explain how Jeff and Jordan are floaters? It doesn’t make sense! Seriously, I can’t talk game to someone that keeps saying “they float”. They haven’t floated yet!

  305. @ Rhonda…ur comment was rude and insulting and b4 u try to attack people read what the post. Ive been a fan since the show started if u had read my posts u would have seen that so why dont u try keeping quiet and not bash people for being opinionated

  306. @ honu 9 Amen!!! Michele is the one to beat. That’s why she’s one of my favorites. She’s the only playing the real game. IMO.

  307. Cece, I have to say that this week Michelle has showed that she is tough. I really didn’t think she’d stand up to Chima! Now I will say she’s a force to be reckoned with!

  308. rhonda I think she really wants to get chima out.I wacthing my live feeds and it looks like natilie is going over te hand book rules

  309. Hello I have been watching BB since day one and I love the show. We all take sides and we all have the right to choose who we like and dislike on the show. I do love to see the drama but agree that it did get a litle out of hand, but I don’t think Chima should be out of the show or to complain to CBS to remove her or the other girls. I don’t agree with the power given to Jeff and agree that it was a free power given to him and was unfair to Jessie to leave this way from the show. I did not like Jessie in the last season, but I feel that he was a better player this time. I Will continue to watch big brother and follow up on this website feeds and blogs.

  310. @ Honu9…hmm thats true… Michelle could be planing on backdooring Russ or Jeff. It would be brilliant on her part bc they wouldnt definitely go.

  311. Michelle is a smart player, I guess if she was a lit bit cuter she would have won the CDT.

    I guess if you dont look like a model your bains is the next best thing.


  312. @ Jackie I have always like Michele.
    I knew she was going to burn her eventually because Michele and Chima had a blow up early because Michele voted to evict Chima instead of Braden. So Girl had it in her.

  313. @lana you’d feel different if your FAV had the power- I appologize for offending you but—-people are ragging on Jeff for winning the wizard power and it wasnt his fault! Shes smarter than people think she is!

  314. @ Jackie… Michelle is an idiot if she doesn’t backdoor Jeff or Russ now that she has the chance. She is smart but she will lose any physical competition against them. If she really wants to have a chance to win she needs the 1 of the guys to go

  315. Michele rocks. She is loyal to J/J and will stick with them for a few more weeks. The Jeff team will continue to pick off C/N/L and then Kevin before they turn on themselves.

  316. Yes I do remember that blow up, but I still thought Michelle would be afraid of her. Or I thought Michelle would play it safe and put up Russ and Chima. I have to say though that I think R/M/J/J are going to be a great team. It all depends who wins this next HOH

  317. Lana I totally disagree. RIght now Michelle needs to get rid of the other 4 before she even considers getting rid of Russ and Jeff. Michelle knows that she was on Jesse’s radar to go next, and thus his alliance was in the same boat. SO she knows that Russ, J&J have her back. She needs to get further before she worries about the other two guy’s muscles. When they are down to four, theN I agree with you, she needs to get rid of Russ and Jeff.

  318. @RHonda… actually no i wont. there were only 1 seaons i had a favorite player and that was Evil Dick. I dont have a favorite player i base my opinions purely off what i see. and Jeff just doesnt impress me. its that simply.

  319. I have just e-mailed CBS and complained about the show. I told them that the 3 witches HAD to go!!! I also told them it is the American people that is keeping BB on the network. With ALL the complaints,something has to be done or they WILL loss a lot of viewers. I don’t know how many complains they have to get, too do something about the show.

  320. Rhonda I agree with you this was not something that was his fault this was apart of the game that big brother bought back.And Jeff got it because alot of people voted for him he use it wisely.This is all part of the game that what it is.and it like he got a get out of jail card and know he on broadwalk.And I hope that where he say. go j/j and i do like russel and michelle i think there playing this game smart.

  321. @ Jackie… no she needs 1 of them to go now probably Jeff. bc Jesse’s old alliance were going for russ. Plus she has proven she is equal or better matched to face off against the ladies. Plus JJ & Russ only have her back bc she is HOH

  322. @ Kelly -ok thanks that makes me feel better! Why is Gnat reading the handbook? I Hope Michelle stays true to her word I like her but just dont trust her she’s to smart she scares me!

  323. Natalie told Michele before the nominations that if Michele put her up that Michele would not win if she was in the final 2. What Michele did to both Chima and Natalie was great game playing. Natalie made up the lie about Michele being in the green room and expected Michele to keep her word to a liar.

  324. Evil Dick was the Best BB Player Ever. He made that seasons so amazing to watch! They need to bring him back for real

  325. Lana, do you watch the live feeds? Because you don’t really seem to know what your talking about! Jesse said in his exit interview himself that he was going to be gunning for Michelle within the next TWO WEEKS!

    And again I disagree. Michelle needs to stick with her alliance, and she will. The other side despises her, she ain’t going back now! YAY!

  326. jcat again, I totally agree. Chima and Natalie hate Michelle now — there is NO WAY Michelle can change sides now!

  327. i catch bits and pieces im a freshman in college so i cant be like all up into it lol.i usually just read blog to see wuts going on.

  328. @ Lana—ok fair enough i usually do have a fav Loved evil dick though! I love Jeff but ya prob gonna come down to Michelle and Russell? My all time FAVORITE though Ill hafta say was Dr. Wil season 2 & all stars!

  329. I hear ya. I’m a mom of 3 kids 5 and under! So very busy. Thankful for nap and early bedtimes to watch my tivo after dark and follow feeds LOL

    Anyway, you miss out a lot if your not following the feeds. Basically, the alliances are set at this point and Michelle is solid with R/J&J

  330. @joanne #353. I loved your letter..can I copy and paste and send? I don’t want to offend but you said everything so well. @rhonda, you and I are on the same page totally. @honu9 I too am impressed with Michelle. I truly believe she is going to stay true to the J/J/R/M alliance.

  331. @Rhonda…i think russelll or michelle will take this season. not jeff tho there’s too much hate going in his direction from the soon to be jury right now lol. Dr. will was sick tho but Evil Dick was better :P

  332. @joanne ss meant #354, also meant I don’t want to offend you for asking to plagarize,(sp)? thanks

  333. Lana — see your not wathing the feeds. The hate has already turned to Michelle and still on Russell. The only one that is still hating on Jeff is Lydia!!!!!! Things turn fast in this house.

  334. @ Jackie– thats a shame bc i thought she would have been better off taking 1 of them off this week. but we’ll see how it works out. It sucks i miss alot but u know college comes first. im not watching BB anymore after this seaon. IM pretty tired of the mistakes bb is making. its killing the show

  335. @ Melanie RIGHT ON! Glad I got on this site! I feel a little better now! I know Jeff wont win cuz he won and used the power but cmon yall hafta admit it was fun to watch and he’s oh so CUTE! Russels not bad to look at either! Jessie though—icky his heads to teeny tiny for his HULK body!

  336. and jessie was handed the hoh when he came in to the house and did nothing to receive that…jeff has played a good game I would be proud to have him as a son…good job mom and dad…

  337. I couldn’t stop watching, I’m hooked LOL — I want to go on the show (I know me and a million others), but my husband said he couldn’t survive without me!

  338. I really want opinions here. Why is BB and CBS giving in and setting a precedence to Chima, Nat and Lydia? Also, by letting Chima say the things she has said. Is it for the ratings or does the rulebook/contract not forbid such demands, etc. Thanks e1 in advance.

  339. hi rhonda I don,t know why she was reading the hand book I,m guessing she trying to get someone in trouble or she did something bad.I like to know what she up to or did those three girls are always up to something.

  340. @ Jackie–yeah i give up on this season, this house is way more insane than the past. And i really cant be keeping up. so ill just watch on tv and see who wins and call it a day LOL

  341. iiii am with the dr. will lovers! my favourite player EVER!
    ED was up there though, he was somethin else lol

  342. Jackie–I want to go on BB too but theirs school and im pretty young too so its like uhh…LOL. N haha the hubby probably doesnt know if he can handle all the kids! i dont have any but my nephew is quite a hand full me and my whole family cant handle him!

  343. ED was just awesome man. I did watch the feeds for that season. He just made u so addicted bc u just wanted to know wut he was going to say or wut he was going to do. he was definitely something lol

  344. I believe we all agree that CBS messed up BB11 royaly from the beginning and continues to do so! Whosever team you’re on board with! I’m looking for a silver lining and common ground

  345. Thanks Kelly-I dont have live feeds would love to but my husband already thinks im nuts to stay up and watch After dark everynight and then I DVR it also so I can watch what I miss incase I fall asleep, Obsessed? YUP! Hmm I hope N is reading the handbook cuz she did something wrong those 3 girls are the sorest losers Ive ever seen on this show glad their ring leader left, way to go Jeff nice move!

  346. I loved Dr Will and Boogey from all-stars. They got me hooked on BB. Their DR sessions had me ROFLMAO!

  347. I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Chima does have a right in the US to say whatever she wants, however tasteless, etc. it may be. At the same time, let me also remind all of you that you don’t have to listen or pay heed to what she says or does either. It may just be that all of the attention that is being given to her comments and actions on the BB sites may be indirectly empowering her. The network may be reading all of the comments on these sites about Chima and letting her stay and/or acceeding to her demands specifically because of all the publicity that is being generated about her and the show.

  348. @rhonda Do you remember when Ronnie did it and he looked like such an idiot! I actually threw up in my mouth when he did it..haha

  349. Chia Pets goin to be going out on thursday anyway so she and Jessie can be alone in the Jury house and then she can try and make her moves on him thats how it all started w/ Russel cuz he didnt want to love on her he prob. thought ewww those nasty fake lips NO THANKS! so then she got all pissy at him cuz he didnt want her!Goodbye Chia Pet!

  350. I applaud Jeff’s restraint….had I just walked into my room and found my things strewn upon a bed when I know they were all neatly in drawers, I would have ripped natalie apart! Natalie can’t possibly think this was a good game move, uness she’s just trying to get to the jury house before lydia and reconnect with that loser jesse. I have greater respect for Jeff than I thought possible. TEAM JEFF!!!! (I live close to Natalie, hope I never run into her!)

  351. My mind wanders when strange things happen. I was sitting on the throne and started thinking, I saw Natalie reading the rule book and thought how weird it would be if she invoked “the rule of page 139” in the rule book, which states you may evict any person immediately before the veto ceremony, but only to find out she can’t because of “the rule of page 150” which states you can’t use the power because she told someone she had discovered a hidden power (which you know she would do!)

    Hope that gave everyone a good laugh …. lets lighten up everybody

  352. @ arizona WOW what a low blow! poor sport losers! I know isnt Jeff just a classy guy—he kept saying last night that he wasnt going to let them break him! TEAM JEFF ALL THE WAY!

  353. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Big Brother a “game?” Last I checked there are rules to every game and one of the rules of this game is that America gets to choose a player to win the CDT power. ANY PLAYER. Including Chima Natalie and/or Jesse. I believe I heard them mentioned that America will always choose the “favorite” player. That being said (as Jesse would say) perhaps it would have been a good stragedy to be nicer in the house.. Just a thought.. Any of you that are thinking of applying to be on the show should take this into consideration. IT IS GOING TO BE THE SAME THING NEXT TIME AND THE TIME AFTER THAT!! And as far as Nataie continously saying she never lied in the house? She must have forgotten that the first thing out of her mouth was a lie. (she’s only 18!) And she continues to lie about it today. The HG’s must be pretty naive to not realize that CBS would never let her take a sip of alcohol if that was the case!!

  354. I wish J/J/R/M would complain to BB that Natalie was drinking and is under age(18). The producers would probably have to make Natalie confess or look like they condone underage drinking to the rest of the HG.

  355. jcat nat is 24 not 18 so BB won’t do a thing to her,, but what pisses me off with BB is they won’t stop the nasty ass biotches from meesing with other people stuff.

  356. @Debbie, I know she is 24 but the HGs don’t and it would give them something to complain to big brother about. They could say that BB is letting the whinners get away with something else. At least she is not wearing a U of A sweatshirt. Go Wildcats.

  357. I just read on the other link that Chima said Russ should not have a rosary because he is a “muslim terrorist” not a Catholic. Seriously, where did they find this nut job?

  358. Rhonda I am and that same boat with ya. I watch the after dark also.I love that show I don,t like some off the people and the way they exspess them slef[chima].I also am a jeff team fan.DEferret; your right she does have the right to say what she want, but she can at lease keep it respectful and think about other before she open her big mouth.she also got the right to use her brain before she talks and said thing to defend and hurt others, I,m not to worry about chima every dog get there day and her is coming so i hope she can cacth a bone and beg. go team jeff

  359. @jcat The problem with that theory is that the other players are complainers and whiners. They decide to play their game and appreciate what they are given. I liked Jeff all along but after listening to him talk about feeling sorry for Chima and her angry, hateful being, he zoomed to the chart of my respect. I don’t care if he does drop the f bomb every 5 secs.

  360. I wrote this earlier on the BBDR and thought I would share with you all:

    Watching Jeff take his clothes off the bed where someone had thrown them is just not that entertaining.
    I believe the fish bowl should appear and production hold a class on “how to play nicely with others during gametime”
    Strongly convey that further childish behavior will bring a $ fine and three fines = exit from the GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  361. There is a big difference in insulting someone,s perverted way of life and joking about the largest mass murder in the history of the world.

  362. I like Jeff also, especially what he said about Chima. He also was calm about his clothes being thrown on his bed. What is great is the look on Jordan’s face. I wouldn’t want to be in C/N/L if she blows a cork.

  363. gotta love listening to lydia and natalie…it’s so pathetic how they truly believe they have potential to do anything in the house! Not only do they believe their own lies, they justify all their bad behavior in the name of jesse’s revenge. Even Jesse said playing the coup d’etat was a good move…Can they with complete certainty say they wouldn’t have done the same thing had the roles been reversed? NOOOOOOOOOO!!! GO TEAM JEFF!!!!!!

  364. UGH!!! I voted for Jeff because he was the underdog and clearly out numbered in the house, not because of his looks. I have said the final 3 would be either Jeff/Jordan/Russell..wait gimme a chance to say why. Because if everyone keeps letting Jordan skate by because she is not a threat she will end up being in the final 3. The other one was Jeff/Russell/Michelle, I wasn’t to sure on Michelle and her position in the house, but I am glad she had the balls to stick it to Chima.
    Those who think Chima shouldn’t be reprimanded need their heads examined. She stole a rosary. She has used many racial slurs towards Russell and put down Mid-Westerners and Southerners. Who made her judge?

  365. Nice talking to you all WOW there are sure alot of opinions out there—going to watch After Dark now for the next 3 hours!

  366. The more I read about Chima on this site, the more it is making me want to stop watching all together. The only reason I added Showtime 2 was to watch BBAD, glad I didn’t get the live feeds. Just because Russell’s family is from Lebanon doesn’t necessarily mean they are Muslim, maybe Russell is Catholic. Also, to whomever posted the question or comment about Chima being from Louisiana I don’t think so. I would hope that didn’t come from here. I was born and raised and coon ass and am proud to be one. I just couldn’t see someone so rude, ungrateful, racist coming from here. Don’t disgrace us please. lol. Oh and if she is WE DISOWN HER HERE

  367. Kyblu- I agree with you 100% on the healthcare issue. What else should we discuss

  368. i can’t believe the behavior of those 3.I think it should be a triple eviction.Chima doesn’t desevre to stay in the house one more for the other two if they can’t abide by the rules they should be replaced.

  369. i cant belive that they are allowing chima to continue on the show with the racist comments she is making
    calling ppl terrorist because of the country they come from is completely unacceptable, and if she actually made the comment about russell being a muslim terrorist nd how he suldnt hve a rosary, just proves how racist she is, also comparing her little princes problems to the terrible suffering that occurred on 9/11 is total disrespect to all the lives lost and to the suffering may ppl had to endure

  370. BB opened the back yard and there is a minigolf set up out there.
    Chima went out w/o her microphone and BB told her to put it on and she flipped them the bird

  371. What’s up with Chima ignoring BB request to get a microphone! She even fingered them and still didn’t get called back in. And Jeff gets a penalty for a sip of gatorade!(Which he deserved)

  372. Will someone PLEASE explain this to me??? Chima goes outside without her microphone- BB tells her to put her microphone on. She FLIPS them off! Kevin goes inside to get it for her and when he gives it to her, she throws it in the hot tub. What I need explained is WHY IS SHE NOT THROWN OUT OF THE HOUSE and any further participation???????

  373. this is really bull shit, they haven’t even told her a second time or called her to the diary room.
    The C/N/L team has threatened to play all night and not let the others practice

  374. Natalie thinks she’s such a competitor..wait till BB actually sets up this competition something like a view obstruction will exist…she’s a real athlete alright! (if athletics includes running her nasty mouth!)

  375. if you are interested in leaving a message, maybe multiple messages, and registering your complaints about Chima, or any other houseguest, or you want to praise them on something (trying to be fair), then call…


    Please pass this on if you are so inclined.

  376. @ haze, yes, she tossed her mic into the hot tub in comlete defiance of production’s request that she put it on AFTER flipping them off! She needs to be removed IMMEDIATELY and not allowed any stipend, vote or any other participation..parties included! I am OUTRAGED!

  377. Yet they are not doing anything about it…This is absolutely ridiculous, she needs to go!

  378. Bridget, I have called so many times already…THANK GOD for free long distance! I suspect their message box will be filled shortly! See phone number in post # 514. Have fun! TEAM JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  379. WAIT ONE MORE FREAKIN MINUTE!!!Production just told Chima to get a replacement mic. She refused and Kevin goes to get her a new one? I was under the impression a few days ago ONLY THE PERSON USING THE MIC WAS ALLOWED TO GET IT when production chastised 2 others for not folloowing directions..but for this hateful, spiteful b*tch, anything she does is OKAY????? where are the penalties or better yet, the map to getting out of dodge?

  380. for those of you without live feeds….Chima & Lydia by the washer/dryer talking about how they are going to ‘accidentally’ hit someone

  381. Chima has shut her mic off. Lydia verbally confirms Chima shut it off and then….Chima took off her microphone that Kevin attached to her.

    Kevin needs to disassociate himself with this troubled threesome..he’s about to royally screw himself

  382. Why are they letting her get away with breaking the rules…they told her to put her mic on, she told them to S*** a d**k, the told her again and she puts it on at the bottom of their shirt, yet they are not harrasing her over it, it is one message every thirty minutes or so

  383. Many of us would appreciate some neutrality on this site. You show your bias far more than necessary and it detracts from the helpfulness of the website. I know you’ll ban me for this. Just please remember that not everyone agrees with your position regarding the houseguests.

  384. Chima needs to just be removed. Do not pass go. Do not collect your stipend. Do not go to the jury house, just have her removed during the Have-Have Not Competition

  385. Lydia has to be the most ungrateful bi$%&ch is BB history, I missed 2 or 3 seasons so I can’t be absolutely certain, does anyone know of someone even more ungrateful and rude about it?
    She doesn’t seem to realize she is supposed to be there to win half a mil, not whore after Jesse.

  386. Seriously Chima is gone for real who can confirm? SWEET if its true take N/and Ungrateful Lydia w/ you!!


  388. How can BB give into Chima? I always felt that she and Natalie had to go. I’m glad that BB gave Chima the boot. I am also pleased that Russel, jeff and Jordan are in alliance. I hope the three of them make it to the final three. I really want Jeff or JOrdan to win the $. I think I’d like to see Jordan be the top winner, then Jeff, (I’m a little undecided).

  389. I am so glad Chima is gone, hope Natalie goes next, what they did was childish, this is a game, they knew what they signed up for. I would like to see Jordan or Jeff win.

  390. I wish coloreds wouldn’t appear on these game shows. 1) I don’t want to have to look at ’em. And 2) I want ’em to stay poor.

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