Big Brother 11: Week 6 Nominations Revealed – Spoilers

The live feeds are back on Big Brother 11 and Michele’s nominations are in. Most of you will be happy with the results. Click “continue reading” to see the noms.

Big Brother 11 Week 6 nominations:

  • Chima
  • Natalie

Jump on the Big Brother live feeds with the Free Trial and see how Chima and Natalie are handling their nominations right now, live and uncensored.

I was at first nervous with Michele’s win in the HoH competition, but shortly after it was clear she had decided to align her power with Jeff, Russell, and Jordan. Splitting the house in two made these nominations inevitable and a wise choice as their both strong competitors in the game.

Also worth noting is that the Have & Have-Not’s competition is over, but the house operated together and won food for all days but one this week. The stand-off of Natalie and Lydia’s threat to take craps on the beds if they were sent to the steel room was avoided. Way to play tough, Big Brother!

What do you think of Michele’s nominations? Would you have rather seen someone else get nominated? Voice your opinion below and get into the Big Brother discussion here.

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  1. Well good for Michelle. She does have it in her. I just hope that maybe both of them will be gone this week.

  2. Not happy Chima is up (Yes, I am a fan but against the Twin Towers joke) Want Gnat the yapping side kick gone. Wish it was Russell and Gnat were up. Oh Well on to the POV.

  3. Outstanding nominations!! WTG Michelle. Double elimination this week– you don’t suppose……..

  4. You’re gonna hate this one “anti-Jeffer’s”. “So this is what it’s come down to…for 3 weeks in a row Jeff gets to decide who is on the block?…Jeff is actually running the game.” – Natalie Don’t kill the messenger….Jeff haters. Note: I posted this comment b/f staing Chima said this. I apologize.

  5. Michelle if you have the balls to take on Chima, I trust you will break up J&J. You are a smart girl do you thang.

  6. I am glad to see Chima and Natalie up for eviction! I think the house will bea better place with out them. After both of them are gone, Lydia needs to go! Instead of being grateful to Jeff for taking her off, she gets upset with him…were is her gratitude? He DID NOT has to save her!

  7. Wise choices! This shows Michele is really paying attention and is ready to dig in the dirt. The fact that she DIDN’T put up Lydia is solid gold. She smackdowned all three with one swift blow. Now Nat and Chima know they are not immune from the block and Lydia will have to make alternate plans for her vacation with Jessie. For someone deemed timid and wishy washy (at times called her that myself), she has come out swinging and landed a fatal blow. Our little Michele has come a long way.

  8. I’m psyched about the noms!!! FANTASTIC! Does anyone know how the double eviction works on Thurs? (this is my first season of watching so I don’t know how that works– Apparently I’ve been living under a rock!!)

  9. Neely – BB will have a fastfoward bb – with a HOH comp and nomintion and eviction within minutes of each other on the live show Thursday – its really fun to watch – no campaigning or buttkissing – it just happens! Its a beautiful thing!

  10. I was so glad Chima was nominated. I didn’t really like Michelle and my opinion is changing a little. I want Chima to go home. I thought she was pretty mean to Russell and is throwing fits because she didn’t get her way. Grow Up Chima!

  11. WTG Michelle……..I want Nat AND Chima OUT!!!! I was very nervous when she won HOH! I thought for sure she would put up Russell

  12. Way to go Michelle! You rock. Get them both out. I’m tired of Chima’s mouth and Natalie is worthless. They both need to get over themselves. I’m tired of Chima’s threats and Big Brother should be too. This rocks!

  13. Michelle girl you finally got a spine! Yeees!!! I am glad Chima-pet, with the witchy laugh is up along with she-man Natpy head!! when the show started I didnt like Russell, but at least he humbled himself. Chima-pet, she needs some “Demerol, Demerol, B/B give her some DEMEROL!!!

  14. Good move keep weak players like lydia safe, she is this seasons jameka, a totally non threatening player to keep around for no reason other than safety

  15. I think Michelle made the right move. Natalie, chima and Lydia are immature and should realize it is only a game. Chima’s laugh is driving me crazy

  16. Chima needs to go, big time. On the feeds today, she said that Russell should not have brought a rosary with him into the house because he’s a “Muslim terrorist” and not Catholic. Who would honestly say that about someone? She’s a horrible, horrible, person. Many of them have said mean things that are out of line – but that is definitely over the top. I think she needs serious help.

    Also – these people seem to forget that they were selected (out of TONS of people) to compete for $500k. Could they honestly be any more ungrateful? They would really be willing to walk out on production if they didn’t get beauty supplies? Wow – so many people would kill to be in their position and they just treat it like it’s a right, and not a privilege to be where they are.

    Also – Lydia needs to just stfu already. She was taken off the block by Jeff (something she should be thankful for) and instead is walking around like a bratty child.

    Ugh – this season has the most unlikeable house guests ever. Anyone know why Kevin keeps hanging with the wicked witches? He seems like a decent person!

  17. J/J/R/M relaxing in the HOH and the spoiled brats complaining in the RR. Michele really surprised allot of people. POVs and a HOH. Michele rock. The whinner’s messed with Jordan’s and Jeff’s stuff and Jordan is upset. Jeff is his calm self and is putting everything back.

  18. Kevin is by himself in the green room and told Jordan that he had nothing to do with anything. I think he is getting upset with the whinners.

  19. Has anyone figured out the rumor about Jessie being gay. As beautiful as he is, he played the girls and acted like a homophoid (sp?) to Kevin. He should come out of the closet. I”m sure alot of guys would be happy. He is definetly eye candy but never really showed interest in the girls other than to play them.

  20. OK, I know I said I was through but with Michelle back on the team it’s a go. I was so afraid she would join the Chima team & if anyone deserves to lose it’s C/N/L. These are about the most foul mouthed women I have ever listened to on national TV or anywhere else, it’s very off putting. I couldn’t believe they’d cry over Jessie leaving. He was more girl than guy. How many Jesse’s spell their name like a girl? Plus he would have cut all of them loose in the end. He was very abusive to Lydia & yet she just LOVES him so much. He didn’t mess with C or N because either one would have kicked his butt for him & he knew it. The only bad thing is they will be in Jury House & STILL not playing the game. They are supposed to vote for the one who played the best game instead of getting even with ones they dislike. Wonder where BB dug all these loser’s up? Lydia could hurt someone before it’s all said & done. She is pretty creepy at times. I used to feel sorry for her but not anymore.

  21. If you saw him on the interview with Ross Matthews it was obvious that he was uncomfortable around Ross. I will give Jesse credit because Ross really pushed to find out if anything sexual took place between him and Lydia and he kept saying NO.

  22. kathy miles thats so funny thanks for making me laugh seriously i needed that and soo true btw

  23. i love this at first i was nervous that michelle would put up jeff and jordon iam gald she put up chima and skid marks i hope chima goes then skid marks goes 2nd on double eviction nite

  24. @jcat: Ross breaking out the sheet to get under with Jessie was hilarious, but yeah, Jessie didn’t seem to like that at all and he didn’t budge on revealing details. Funny interview.

  25. @bbjen Please tell me that Chima did not say he shouldn’t have a rosary because he is a muslim terrorist and not a Catholic. Seriously, where did they find this girl? On live feeds and BBAD she acts like she can’t talk about how she got on the show but she was way too good to try out. Totally agree about Lydia, what is her PROBLEM? Jeff saved her and she was so upset about Kevin not using the POV.

  26. Some of the whinners ,esp chia pet will win a special beach towel to take to the jury house so she can whine 24/7 and maybe nastylie will win a block of cheeze to eat with all her whinning going to jury house as a result of next thurs.double eviction, sorry but remember is just a game to win half mil.and how you play along and worry about yourself and not everybody else.

  27. This was the best pick Michelle could make! I would prefer Chima to leave next because I am sick and tired of her mouth and her threats to cause problems if she doesn’t get her way. Natalie is nothing without Jesse and Chima so she will be gone eventually but lets cross our fingers for Chima to be OUT!

  28. good comment #38 Jake You put some very descriptive thought in that one ,or maybe the skidmarks were caused from shittin the bed..LOL

  29. WOW! It is so nice to see I am not the only one wishing for SHEEMA to get her Diva ass out of the house. This week will be more interesting to see how the whiners act now that they are NOT in control. AND, Lydiaot shows how amazingly stupid she is as she cries about Jesse not getting a chance to save himself.

  30. i hope Natalie wins PoV (yes i do like Natalie but she is not my favorite). Anyway, I like the thought of Michele alligning herself in a final four alliance. Michele is my favorite and has been since the first week. I thought it was weird that she won this week since my favorite (Renny) won HOH in week six of last year. Also, I am so glad that Jessie is gone. The one thing I would change is switch the evictions of Jessie and Ronnie. Ronnie may have made you wanna puke but at least he would have voted for the better player instead of the better friend. I like everyone still in the house, whoever makes it to the Final 2 both deserve to win. Chima is a little disappointing but she is just the person who is a complainer and a whiner. I don’t she would ever go through with anything. Finally, the best case scenario for me this week would be Natalie winning PoV and Michele nominating Lydia/Kevin and send Chima out the door. I like Chima but she is the least likely to help Michele win.

  31. Oh man so happy with michelle right know, looks like jeff jordan and Russell are ruling the house thank god. China so needs to go.

  32. Excellent job by Michelle, but I have to admit when she won the HOH she had me alittle bit worried, but she managed to do the right thing.

  33. eliza I think They have another HOH Comp after next week eviction and whoever wins has a few mins. to decide ,who is going up and then no POV ,They go and vote agin the same nite.

    hoh after

  34. Michele has played a good game, won HOH, 2 POV’s. And now, what timing. Putting up Nastylie and Chima-diva is perfect justice.

    I found it sickening last night when those two and Lydia were toasting JessHe in their love fest, drinking his wine. Gee, it was almost like they were having communion–“drink this red wine in remebrance of me; then fix me a sandwich”.

    And they were messing with other HG’s stuff? What childish, ungrateful, narcissistic biotches. Lydia ought to be thankful Jeff saved her. But, I guess she doesn’t care and just wants to get to the jury house so she can tug on her boy toy some more.

  35. This is great on Michelle’s part!!! I can’t wait to see Chima eliminated. Everything she complains about with Russell doing is the same shit she is doing. It’s ok for her to make comments about him being a terrorist…..she’ll get what she deserves and get eliminated this week!! YES!!

  36. Chima completely and totally has crossed the line she is disrespecting the viewers with her crazy talk about terrorism etc. Please BB show some guts get the crazy whiny lady off the stage.

    Russell is a bully but at least he keeps it personal and doesn’t drag in racist sterotypes and make himself out to be the victim of other players.

  37. evil dick, did the same kind of actions and won the game, But it was how the jury voted, and they got to see the videos of what was happening every wk. and they sometime heard things of what HG said about them after they got voted out, that might change there whinning minds about why they are not still in the game..

  38. I can’t wait for chimas chat with Julie after she is evicted…Julie will surely call her out on some of her lies and deeds…..I can hear chima stutterring now

  39. would love to see Chima evicted and then have Jeff or Jordan win HOH and get Natalie or Lydia during the double eviction. That would be a perfect scenario.

  40. Neely- Another thing about the double eviction that has happened in the past is that they are not told about the double eviction until after the first person leaves. So who ever is evicted first on thurs. is very surprised about an hour or so after they arrive in the jury house, the second person shows up unannounced. How fabulous would it be if Lydia were evicted first on Thurs. with the anticipation that she gets to spend a whole week alone with Jesse all to herself (no Scrappy around to steal Meathead away)and a big fat monkey wrench gets thrown into her plans and an hour after Lydia arrives her new BFF shows up unannounced to compete for Meatheads attention again. That would be worthy of its own show.

  41. Jacob- How can you hate Jeff? He is the most civil and decent guy in the house. What is your beef with him? Are you seeing something the majority of us don’t see.

  42. Michelle…you rock. I wasn’t sure where you stood but am glad to see you put up Chima and Natalie. I am tired of Chima’s theatrics. She is behaving very self-centeredly and quite immaturely. I also don’t get Lydia and her crush on Jesse. I don’t doubt for one second that he would have thrown her under the bus if it helped his game. I think he was just taking advantage of her insecurities. Has there every been anyone more conceited than Jesse?

  43. That’s the smartest decision Michelle has made in this entire game! Way to play the game, at least someone wants to continue playing. I’m ecstatic with this decision, I’m amazed that Michelle isn’t as dumb as she leads you to believe! Get rid of the cry babies who could care less about playing the actual game they signed up to play! I’m excited for the POV, I hope neither 1 of those girls win it, but at least Michelle knows she can just replace one of them with Nat. Double eviction is a love hate relationship for me. I hate it because it takes away a whole week of game play, I love it because its interesting.

  44. WAY TO GO MICHELLE!!!!! Someone needs to lay the smack down on the team and this week, Jeff/Jordan/Russell/Michelle squad has taken over..THANK GOD!!! Chima needs to be GONE and leaving the other two makes for them to have to prove that they can actually WIN something (yeah right). Lydia is a whiner, but what would BB be without one, which puts she and Jessie as a perfect match, with him being last years lol. TOTALLY ADDICTED to afterdark at this point, and will be till the end!!!

  45. Its about time!!!!! I didnt know Michelle had it in her but Im glad she finally woke up…..double eviction….please – please – please – let them both live happily ever afte rin the jury house with Jesse!!!!!!!

  46. I hate Jeff because after he was unfairly given the coup d’état he started to act cocky and he’s annoying and he smokes like a chimney

  47. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!I CANT stand those two pigs and what the hell is wrong with Lydia Jeff saved her and she is upset PLEASE

  48. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well as im watching now, Natalie’s forehead comes into good use, as she is able to remeber all of these dates and stuff. I hope she stays.

    If she goes, I dont know what im going to do.

    What happened to that deal Michelle made with Chima? saying she will do anything for her, if she didnt go up? Michelle, do you ever not lie?

    Does Jeff not know how to eat with a fork? he is cutting the peices like he is feeding a toddler, and he isnt stabbing his food, he is scopping like he is using a spoon. See what happenes when you hang with Michelle.

    Wait if its a dbl eviction does that mean its a must win for the nominated ppl?

    Nah big brother wouldnt screw the fans over like that. . . . . . Yea they would.

    Surely if Natalie gets the votes, she cant go right back up.

    If Natalie can survive this week, she will be the hunted.

    She is a tough competitor, unlike Chima, so if anyone can do it she can.

    So Jeff, Jordan would vote to evict her.

    Russ, Lydia, Kevin would vote for her to stay im assuming.

    Maybe it wont even be that close if Chima runs her mouth.

    Go Natalie. Go Cardinals. haha

  49. Jeff didn’t save her he just took her off the block Russell would have gone home and she should hate Russell

  50. Michelle/ sucks up badly I might add to however is hoh and has poor social skills. She will not win anything physical against physcho russ. Final 2 she could win against chimA since ppl hate her
    JordN/ USELESS lump only touches her fake boobs and used the f@g word more than once ew! If ppl respect game play T the end she doesn’t has a shot at #1 she’s an idiot. Girls always get screwed in the end
    Jeff/ wonnt win physical comps against russ. He begged for a deal. He’s a proven idiot. (technotronikz)
    Chima/ doesn’t know to shut her mouth(maybe a stratigy?) if ppl wanna win the big money they should keep her

    I want keV to win

  51. Jeff should go home soon. He got an unfair advantage too much power, got to relax now 3 weeks and pick who he wanted out of the house.

  52. I don’t really like Jeff either. I can’t stand Jordan. I mean she can’t tell time. She hasn’t done anything but just sit behind Jeff this whole game. She is just like Natalie. Chi/Nat/and Lydia are annoying but i understand why they are upset. Jeff did not have to work for that power. He couldn’t win on his own so CBS let America save him. Lastly CBS should sit down with Chima and tell her if she keeps making hateful remarks they will have to let her go. She has crossed the line with the personal attacks.

  53. Russ most likely can only win 50000 coz eveyone hates and won’t vote for someone who just won 10k hello are they stupid

  54. Funny how the random drawing for HOH comps never pick team Jeff. The internet Coup D’Etat picked Jesse as the winner, too bad CBS gave it to Jeff.

  55. Great nominations, Chima needs to go.. I would love to see Natalie and Lydia gone as well. Totally tired of hearing about poor Jessie.(Ego driven waste of time, why was he given a second chance.) Double eviction could be nice with Chima gone, then either Nat or Lydia.

    Then it will be interesting to see how russell plays against Jeff, Kevin and Michele as we all know Jordan/Jeff are one aand the same for now.

  56. Seems like all you people are hating on Jeff cause he was smart enough to turn this game around after Jesse and his entourage dominated it for so long that it got boring….and Lydia should re-examine her loyalties….Jeff saved her ass too because if someone else had gone up nex tto her, she would have gone home. She is nothing but the ungrateful lovesick puppy she has been since meeting Jesse on day one.

  57. Great nominations…. And this being a double elimination week, both of them might end up going if everything works out right….

  58. YES!!!!! Its about time things start running right. I would really love to see one both of them go hm durin the double eviction!

  59. what’s with the tirade against chima? So many of the HG have said nasty things like gay slurs russ and his anti women sh#t and braden/Lydia stuff I don’t think you should get kicked out for being prejudice or a bigot. I don’t agree with Chima at all though.

  60. right move by far..look how nicer the house is without jessie and them on the block….they are still kids by taking out jeffs clothes

  61. FYI Chima did use the word terrorist correctly when revering to russ behavior. How ever I wonder if she knew he was middle eastern before she said it. Coz i saw russ tell other HG he was ME after chima made that comment

  62. Puut Puut Golf? oh that should interesting.

    I think the reason nobody has targeted Jordan is because, they know she has no chance of winning anything, so if u take her to tend, or she is around, its just that much easier for you.

    Were’s Chima?

    I forgot to ssay this ealier.

    It is crucial that Natalie, win hoh again, she has too. if she doesnt she will go up again. But she needs to put Russ and Jeff up.

    Russ is playign a great game, and Jeff, wel not so much.

    Michelle, i think its only a matter of time before someone targets her.

    But we need to get Jeff out first. We cant take the chance of him getting handed another gift like that again.

  63. hope not one of them will win the veto. but i wish chima would go first im kinda tired of her.

  64. Chima obvious does not want to play the game when she is not in power so get her a## off the show!!!!

  65. Damn, I knew I was right to have faith in my fellow nerd Michelle
    (Ronnie’s not a nerd, he’s a loser, 30 year old undergrads are never nerds, that’s why i never rooted for him)
    She is the only female that is capable of winning competitions and she can read through bullshit. Granted she is a little awkward, but I’m going to go out and say she will win this game.

  66. so everyone knows..the way that chima and the jessies gang think the were “playing the game” is called bullying..jeff is playing the game..they got otsmarted..suck it up..damn!!!

  67. My Goodness. It’s a game! People like Chima keep you watching the show. How boring is it going to be without her and Natalie? They were selected for the very purpose of keeping the public watching. You can cheer for who you like, but some of your comments are just as bad as the ones you are calling Chima out for making. Whatever…

  68. if the next hoh comp. would be physical then i believe theres a bigger chance jeff would win it. coz he could have won it over russell before but he gave it to him.

  69. @Marcus You are right on target. Jeff needs to go before CBS gives him another gift. Russell the real Rat and backstabber with partner Michelle should be right behind Jeff. Then Jordan can go away. Go team Kevin. Win them HOH comp and get these guests out of the house.

  70. so why was jessie ( I sleep for 13 hours a day) selected…he was the worse…flys were landing in his mouth

  71. what if Lydia wins the POV and takes off Chima? Will Lydia be safe too? Who will michelle put up?

  72. do u think they realize that 2 of them are going of the 4 will go whoever is left their own team will sacrificing

  73. @darbran Jeff couldnt win against Russell and begged for a deal. He was out of gas and Russell wasnt going to give up. He worked over America with that to fool everyone to vote for him. Yes they knew it was coming but just wasnt exactly sure what it was.

  74. they are the worst losers ever….I mean they can’t stand being on the bottom….they call eachother names and now stick together…the have fans really? wow

  75. OMG jeff couldn’t win against Russ. He’s a trained MMA fighter and jeff smokes… Jeff begged for a deal with russ. Russ is clealry smarter than jeff hello technotronics!!! Sick of jordan voice and her saying the f@g word.

  76. My God. The Scorned Women’O Jesse have no shame. Still moving clothes like 2 year olds. Now out practicing on the Putt putt course, saying they won’t let anyone else practice, and will hide the balls if they have to. Chima giving BB the finger when she is told to put on her microphone. It seems to me that I remember on previous seasons there were punitive measures given to houseguests who broke rules. Why do these brats get to continue? I am so proud of Jessie, Jordan, Michelle and even Russell for not stooping to their level. I think Kevin is majorly embarrassed by them.

  77. Jacob, you have complaining about Jeff saying been giving power first of all America BB vans has voted for him. If you watch other Big Brother you know they had America Players have voted for Dan and other twist so get over it. Well Jordan has been staying low so they are not target she is not a threat to them. I hope she wins POV.

  78. @bbfan11 you hav ethta wrong…jeff could hav egone longer..they both said that..jeff and russ…he set a deal to bring russ in ..that is how u really play the game

  79. Waaa….waaaa…Jessie’s gone…waaa…waaaa…CBS and America cheat…waaa….waaaaa…Jeff smokes…waaa….waaaaa….the vote was rigged…waaa…waaaa…get a life!

  80. dr will #1 player because he won and got boogie to win..than dan is the second best..evil dick doesnt count because america screwed eric up..things would have been different

  81. can somebody please tell me what is the appeal about jesie…he can’t even hold a conversation..gnat continued it for him

  82. @Jeannette not all BBFans voted for Jeff. If you look at the other non CBS internet Polls Jesse is the clear winner of Coup D’Etat. Dan did not have the power to skate for a couple of weeks know no matter what he would be safe and get to pick who he wanted out of the house.

  83. First of all Jacob. Jeff didnt have to take Lydia off the block, he could have only taken Russell. So she definately should be thanking him for doing what she cried and whined and begged her “friend” to do. Even at that stage Kevin was trying to distance himself from that psycho. I think BB should take all three of those bitch brats who are hiding other players stuff, refusing to wear their microphones, and threatning BB staff with lawsuits and craping on beds and replace them with people who really want to be there like Braden, Laura and Casey. I guarantee if they keep giving in to those three they are going to have other people in other seasons do the same thing, and people will stop watching

  84. Jordan jeff and michelle = boring tv!!
    Chima- tried to like her coz she’s she seemed so brave after being brutally raped and having bones broken inher face after a serial killer attacked her. But I think she need more therapy Nd the house brings out evil in her.
    Russ- trying to act all innocent after taunting damn near every HG including Michelle is irking me
    Lydia- so cute (sugar bear) LOL
    Nat- could careless about
    Go KEV!!!

  85. bbfan11 do u watch anything besides jessie….you know that they tried to bully their way..jessie was and is an idiot..they are only upset because they are losing now..they started the fights..jessie slept and let everyone do his bidding..u u hae to be a meathead like jessie to like jessie

  86. I like the shift in the house to the underdogs Jeff, Jordan and Michelle. Russell is a loose cannon but good for BBAD watching. I am embrassed for Chima’s grandmother and hope Chima goes next Thursday. That girl is scary crazy with that mouth of hers.

  87. Y’all are so right about who is playing the BB game and who just votes to get rid of people they hate. Sheema is a waste of sperm and needs to go to spend some quiet time with Jessiiee

  88. I hope chima gets a bill from BB when this is over…..No pay…she should owe them!!!!
    such a bitch

  89. I watch for Chima and Kevin. Everyone else is boring or stupid. I’m just upset because even after Russ told Chima to stop because he feels it is racist she kept doing it on purpose. I’m just saying she took it too far with comparing herself to 9/11 and asking him where is his rosary because he is a Muslim terrorist. I know Chima is better than that. She was on of the smartest players in that house but her mouth is not a good strategy. SHE IS STRONG and i love it!

  90. Did she really throw her mic in the hot tub after flipping production the bird…and Kevin fetched it for her too!!!!

  91. I just don’t get it……….Chima can throw her mike in the Jacuzzi and is now practicing golf and not a peep from production. :(

  92. @Snake anyone who disagrees with you in your opinion is a bully. This game is also about timing and luck. And in this case Jeff got both the timing and luck with what he show to be a nice guy to fool America. What it is called is playing the game. And the turnabout is how the game goes. See where everyone is at next month.

  93. Let me see if I understand the BB rules. Kevin takes a bite of food when on slop, gets a warning…does it again, gets an extra day penalty…Jeff takes a sip of Gatorade, gets an immediate extra day…Chima refuses to put on her microphone, flips off the crew when told to do so, then throws the mic in the pool…still out there with that ugly attitude…no call to the DR…and who was getting special treatment??

  94. Yeah! Michelle amde the right choices to put up. Now they have to fight to keep them from getting POV. I hope they send Chima home first. Will Nat want to go and join Jessie?

  95. Why is production sittiong back and allowing Chima to destroy her mic. She signed a contract. why is she still there???

  96. i just agree that Jeff got a free gift from America. He is walking around like he has played the game so hard. CBS gave it to him because the JEFF alliance was losing and CBS did not want to lose most of their viewers who love Jeff and Jordan for some reason

  97. normally they charge tehm with a vote…should not allow her to particpate in veto..threaten her with that see if she starts to behave

  98. uhm Lydia doesn’t need to thank jeff coz no one wouldve voted her out regardless of the CDT

  99. I don’t understand…is Jeff acting like he’s playing hard, or smoking like a chimney? It’s all so confusing…

  100. The reason BB isnt kicking Chima out is because they messed up on the contract and Chima is picking up CBS ratings. Chima is a star. She makes the show interesting. Go Kevin, win win win

  101. Yay Michelle!! Lets get nat/chima and lydia out of the house! .. whats up with lydia anyway mad at jeff? nooone knows maybe she would have gone home .. he saved her .. and noone can say he didnt .. bc nooone knows what would have happened if jeff didnt take them off the block Lol.

    I love jesses interview with ross .. he was was pissed .. He thinks he would have won.. I dont think so .. his group was falling so bad .. 2 of his group in the last 2 weeks plus him now chima and nat hahah .. I love it .. jesse said when he left and was talking to Julie he didnt care he was going to be a sports reporter haha good luck noones going to hire you .. obviously AMERICA/CANADA HATES YOU !!!! hahah ~~:) i am very pleased with big brother now ~!~!

  102. @Dan you don’t need to be confused. Just wait and watch and next month team Jeff will be out of the house.

  103. @Mike Moore…you might be right…although I would hate to call that a “star”…contract stuff aside…because I’m sure they all sign the same agreement…

  104. Omg can’t wait till chima is gone so ppl here can stop the hate. I do think sheis making a fool of herself -_-

  105. Oh she totally is team JJ!.. Shes not going to even get a job after bb11.. after the stuff she was saying in the house.

  106. Imagine if CBS gave the CDT to Jesse and he had Jeff and Jordan on the block. Yes he probably would have won. And Ronnie would still be in the house. Producers do what they think will help the ratings

  107. @Mike Moore…maybe you should buy the BB Home Game and get the result you want…everything is a conspiracy when your team is losing…

  108. It would be nice if Big Brother had another double surprise of bring Ronnie and Jessie back into the house.

  109. I am concerned for Michelle’s safety this week with the double eviction. I can’t remember if the former HoH can compete in the HoH Comp but if not, the sides are even three three. Granted she has Jeff and Russel, Kevin, Lydia or Nat/Chima can win just as easily as they can nd if that happens, you can expect Michelle will probably be up on the block at one point or another. I expect that Jeff will be the main target going up against Jordan most likely. Then, one of them may win POV and take themselves down. Then Michelle is backdoored. Either that or the old grudge against Russel will reignite. But it’ll be fun to see what happens and if Michelle goes up or not.

  110. This is such a joke. Jeff was given a free gift and didnt earn it at all. Jessie was playing the most cerebal game in the house and truly deserved to win. Anyone who says that Jeff is playing a great game is foolish. Jeff was handed a power which he did not earn. America and CBS are stupid and are just handing this guy the game. I am completely disgusted with what transpired. This show is completely rigged, why don’t they just hand Jeff the 500K and be done with it. Jessie outplayed the whole house and everyone knows it. It amazes me how delusional you people are.

  111. Spin it how ever you want but BB didnt give the cdt to anyone. America voted…on CBS. Who cares who other poles say would have won, the only pole that counts is the one with CBS.

  112. Chima flipped the bird to production and refused to wear her mike, then Kev or Lydia or Nastylie said they’d get it for her. She sounds like JessHe. Get the others to do her bidding.
    Nastylie keeps saying who she’ll put up on the block; guess she forgot the part about actually having to WIN something first. Oh, I forgot, she just tells everyone else what to do.

  113. Nata-lie has done nothing in this game but ride jesses back. Now he’s gone she wants to go be with him… I say peace out and go.. I can’t stand her voice!!!

  114. I dont know how chima is bringing the rating up .. i would think it would bring them down .. I didnt think anyone could even hear her talk anymore.

    her voice is so innoying

  115. Mike is right. I checked out the other polls and Jessie was more popular when it came to winning the CDT. Too bad CBS didnt keep a running poll so all could see how the votes played out on their poll. I keep seeing the same people uptalking Jeff and Jordan, and those same people are down talking anyone who opposes them.

  116. @Katie…I think it’s her glowing smile and infectious laugh…or, maybe that should be infected…

  117. chima is a hateful spiteful b*tch. she’s making her grandmother and mother so proud. She needs to be removed from the house, given no stipend, no ability to play whatsoever (no jury house, no participation in anything) after this latest defiance with tossing her mic into the hot tub. i’d love to see some drano in her shampoo!!

  118. @dan and @katie funny how you give Chima all this attention. She really must be a “star” with all this attention.

  119. @Lisa Langers…were you responding to an opposing viewpoint…or is that just the other people?

  120. Wake up everyone, Jeff was just handed the game and Jessie was completely screwed. I can’t believe that people can’t be honest and just admit that Jessie was on his way to winning this game. It is truly a shame that CBS gave America the vote and allowed delusional people decide who will win this game. I am thoroughly disgusted that people are enamored with Jeff and Jordan. They have done absolutely nothing in this game! Please CBS make this right and bring back Jessie.

  121. You all will not believe this. On BBAD, they told Chima to put on her mic, and she just flipped them off and kept on walking outside. Still no mic? What is up with her, why can she so blatently disrespect the rules and get away with it? Who is running this show?

    The witches of BB are practicing the veto mini golf game and claiming they will take all the balls inside and hide them so Jeff’s team can not practice.

  122. the only thing Jesse out did anyone on was sleep. Jeff got the cdt just as fairly as he could concidering the HGs didnt have any power to sway the vote either way. America decided they wanted Jeff. You wouldnt be whining if Jesse won, but you would be pissed if people said it was rigged. So there treally is no winning with you. The only other thing besides sleeping Jesse was good at was being a self centered ass. He should be gratefull hes getting a free vacation out of the deal, have you seen the places the jury gets to stay. So dont feel sorry for him hes having a great time

  123. @ Katie you don’t understand how Chima is boosting ratings? Hello everyone on here is talking about her. Everyone is Chima this and Chima that People love watching the Drama!
    @ Lisa Langers they need to bring Ronnie back. It can be the new twist. like the CDT CBS invented to keep Jeff in the game.

  124. I really feel sorry for their families who are having to listen to their (L/C/N) continued blatent antics on the show. Obviously, they have forgotten they will be returning to the outside world. There is no way I could facew my family or friends if I acted like these three.

  125. haha yah everyone talking about getting her out .. because noone wants to listen to her anymore? ..

    the same way they did with jesse now hes gone YAY!!

  126. @mike are u jessies lover? jessie slept..played no game..everyone around him were in love with him..ronnie..nat..lydia..chima..all for some reason like u love that creep..he taught them how to be a sore loser as u can see them doing now…he showed that when dan came back..he got outplayed two years in a row..JESSIE SUCKS!!!!!

  127. Yes bring back Jessie and Ronnie! Finally fans who could see who really was playing the game and not given the game. Great chrissy and mike.

  128. they dont know how to play the game…nat..chima..lydia..and jessie sucked at the game..ronnie was doing good till he started to fall in love with jessie

  129. @Snake – Jessie was the HOH king. He played the game with his group and was on his way to winning before this power was given from the outside that put him out of the game.

  130. Tell me someone, what has Jeff or especially Jordan done this game. Take the coup de tat out of the equation and where would they be? People open up your eyes and quit being blind, Jeff was handed this game for ratings purposes. Jessie was completely screwed over and if you can’t see that then you are just lying to yourself.

  131. the only thing Jesse out did anyone on was sleeping. Jeff got the cdt as fairly as he could concidering the HGs had no way to sway the votes either way. America decided to give the cdt to Jeff and not to give it to Jesse. You wouldnt be whining if Jesse had won, but you would be p#%%^d if people said it was rigged. So there is truly no winning with you. The only other thing besides sleeping Jesse was good at was being a self centered #$$. He should be gratefull hes getting a free vacation out of the deal, have you seen the places the jury gets to stay? So stop feeling sorry for him…hes having a great time.

  132. he could have played the house against each other but fell in love with jessie…really why do people like jessie ANYONE please tell me..well mike? lisa? mike moore? amyone

  133. For those saying Jeff won the special power unfairly because of internet poles, the internet poles were not used to determine the winner. The votes were made by text message and votes online directly to Big Brother.

    Lydia looks like she is on the verge of tears and would pass out if someone said boo, Natalie and Chima are pouting because they found out they are not invincible. Kevin now appears to be trying to suck up to Michelle and the other three.

    This is the worst season of Big Brother in the 11 year run of the show. The show may have jumped the shark this season!!!!!

  134. first mike jessie had his chance last time..and again second time…both time he lost…jeff and jordan are playing a fair game…they havent gone out of their way to screw anyone…and they havent lied to anyone…what about ur crew..they lie..cheat..hide and steal..and cry…dont forget what he did to kevin

  135. They should put all us on the show we would prob cause more drama then the house guests arguing over sides all the time Lol

  136. @Irish easy to say Jessie is having a great time in the jury house but I bet if you ask him he would tell you he was screwed. And it would be true. He was basically removed from the game from the outside. Jeff is gonna find himself not so wanted and popular in the near future and will be out soon.

  137. Even Julie railed on Jesse for sleeping 12-13 hrs a day after he admitted he knew what was comming with the CDT to be used. She was like “Shouldn’t you have been working some face time in with your sleeping?”

  138. jessie pitted two girls against eachother…I mean treated lydia like crap and she came back for more..ran after gnat like a sick puppy…and was a riot when she out wrestled him lol

  139. Maybe you should have voted for jesse to win alot more then lisa .. if your going to cry about him the whole you can only the blame yourselve and your fan club

  140. Snake it isn’t about liking someone more. I am not watching this show to make moral judgements about someone. I am watching this game and looking at is from an objective point of view. Jessie had played the best game up to this point and that is just fact. To think you really know someone’s character by watching this show is ridiculous. You should watch the game and root for those who are playing it the best. Please take your personal biases out ofit and look at people for their gameplay.

  141. wow lisa langer do you watch the show at all?..Jessie wasn’t screwed….get over it…jessie is a putz…he did exactly whats in his head..NOTHING!!!!!! he never should have come one liked him then why would they like him now… SORE LOSERS!!

  142. the ONLY thing that removed Jesse was his constant “nap” when if he wanted to stay he should have gotten off his conciderable butt and tried to stay. I think if you are just gonna bend over and take it without a fight you kinda get what you ask for in this life.

  143. Chima still doesn’t have on a microphone. That was like 45 mins ago they told her to, and they havn’t announced it again. Just who does she know or blow?

    I believe it is in the rules to wear mic 24/7 unless in water.

  144. & he didnt even win the first Hoh .. the team did? not him .. that was a free hoh for him

    Michelle won .. hoh and 2 povs .. so did she play the game just as good as jessie? haha like really

  145. if you watch it you can tell jeff is playing a great game…and still being a good can happen…again ronnie had the best game till he fell in love with jessie

  146. Snake, I bet you wouldn’t call Jessie a putz to his face. It is comical how people just make derogatory comments about someon they don’t know. If Jessie was in your face I bet you would hide like a little kid.

  147. Everybody seems to forget that the initial comp that got Jessie into the game was a physical challenge that greatly favored the athletes…that was not an arbitrary decision…I think they probably felt that Jessie would bring in more viewers…so, there was a little bit of favoritism there…can you admit that??

  148. chima is getting away with disrespecting the show by not listening about putting on her the microphone and flipping the finger to the cameras. I guess that will be okay with the vigilanties on this web site but i’m just sick of seeing her and reading about her. I hope if Lydia or Kevin wins POV they realize if they use it their partner will be going up in place of the house guess taken off. Go Michelle win it all. She is the top player in the game to this point.

  149. Ok, maybe I’m not remembering this very well, but didn’t Ronnie say that this was just a game and then made it really personal with Michelle? Saying really nasty things to her? Maybe the cry babies are taking a page from his play book?
    Yes Chima is creating ratings, but really, her actions are over the limit.
    As for CBS, don’t you think that they plan out the show long before they film it? All they do is plug people in, all of the HOH, POVs and other stuff is already worked out prior to the show happening. They just can’t factor in the human factor and predict who will win.

  150. as for jeff he didnt win the hoh because he had the power..he didnt win hoh because he made a deal with russ..and if u watch it you can tell he was ready to stay up longer..russ was wearing down….so jessie won his second by luck…wait who did he almost lose to thats right jeff so mike and lisa pay attention

  151. actually i would jessie is a putz..i have no problem telling anyone besides he would just fall asleep…he couldnt fight gnat and for u mike u show u are a putz too

  152. @198 Katie – you could say the same about Michelle winning her last and ONLY HOH was handed to her on a silver platter – only had to answer 2 questions. Jessie worked hard the entire game and worked his alliances. Yes was definantely a better player than Michelle. Without the CDT Jessie could of been HOH again and Michelle and Russell would have seen themselves on the block this time.

  153. So Jessie “almost” lost to Jeff in the HOH competition. Snake, you just made my point. Jeff did lose to Jessie. Almost winning does mean anything, a loss is a loss. Jessie earned his HOH power, unlike Jeff who given a power he did not earn.

  154. Why are we even talking about jesse hes gone yayaya:) sorry guys .. your team is losing .. stop watching if you dont like it

  155. wow lisa you are in the lydia boat..jessie didnt win anything….he couldn’t because he has no talent…and for you mike he couldn’t fight to save his life…people who work out like him don’t know how to fight..they work out to build their bodies..other people like russ who actually work out to fight…and yes mike so do i ..again maybe u should know people before u judge

  156. Snake you wouldn’t call anyone a putz to their face. People like you are spineless and talk noise on here, in the real world you would get punked. Know your role and get me a sandwich.

  157. To BB11Fan, you obviously are blind and enjoy immature drama. Jeff won the prize because all of the BB Fans adore his personality and maturity and it doesn’t really matter what all the NON-CBS poles say; It only matters what the CBS poles say. And Chima is the oldest one left in the house and acts like the youngest. And Lydia, I felt sorry for until she became an ungrateful hussy; she obviously forgot how Jesse treated her most of the time. The right ones J/J/R/M are finally in control.

  158. I am sure you work out Snake. You must be in tremendous shape. lol…Please, Jessie would pick you up with his pinkie.

  159. Right now Russell, Kevin, and Michelle are the strongest players in the game. Jeff is used up and is still floating on momentum from his gift. I believe Kevin will now emerge as the new leader in the house. Go Kevin.

  160. jeff could have won hoh from chima…but why would he when he had the real mike get off the jessie horse he really with it…I’m still waiting for you to tell me how jessie was good..what doid he do..he lied about the get rid of ronnie ..lied to casey…they had a he lied about not lieing…so again when did jessie play a good game?

  161. haha .. did you see jesse fight mike ? i bet you can beat him and russel hahaha ..

    You make me a sandwich!

  162. TC you are counting your chickens before they hatch. See where Kevin and his crew are at in a few.

  163. pick me up and put me down because again u idoit..he doesnt know how to fight..damn you arent a real smart one are you…damn you are in love with jessie…well toobad he is a homophobe..sorry mike you lost you love again…he treated kev like crap..he was the real bully who couldn’t talk

  164. Wouldn’t most of us love to be a fly on the production room wall? I bet they have Chima voodoo dolls all over the place! Maybe they’d rather not fight and instead hope she leaves.

    I wonder if Chima’s supporters approve of what she’s doing? And I think if Lydia wins POV she’ll save Natalie to keep her from Jessie.

  165. i would be interested in knowing how, Mike, you know weather Jesse can pick anything but his nose with his pinkie. Its been my experience that men who feel the need to workout constantly to build bigger and bigger muscles are trying to compensate for a small muscle elsewhere Just sayin

  166. i like kevin but he will be gone soon to .. he is just not the main target right now .. lets get rid of chimia / nat / lydia first

  167. Katie, you just don’t like Jessie because guys like him look at you and laugh. You obviously have alot of build up resentment from being used by guys like him. It probably brings up some bad memories from your past…Snake, Jessie played the best game because he formed the strongest alliance in the house. He knew how to get people to follow him and if it wasn’t for the b.s.power that CBS handed Jeff then Jessie and his team would be mowing down the rest of the house. You know it and I know it, if you don’t believe me check out the posts from over a week ago whining about how Jessie is controlling the game. People on here were talking about not watching the rest of the season. CBS caved in and screwed Jessie over. Jeff did nothing to earn this. Wake up dude.

  168. Irish, so you are telling me that NFL football players are trying to compensate for something else? Please, it is a fact that men who work out are tougher than most of you people (Snake, Irish and Katie) who have never worked out a day in your lives. I also work out and believe me, I am not someone to mess with.

  169. hahahah yah right .. im not one bit attracted to jesse .. that is so funny .. if only you could see me .

    That was the best comment i ever heard Lol

    Thankyou for making my night mike!!

  170. Ilove this .. you guys really do have bad judgement and dont know how to read people at all .. haha

  171. no ur right he controled the idiots that have no sense…I mean really when chima goes watch who will be doing the thinking…the best is he only made it 3 weeks last time..why would you even listen to him…hell ronnie knew more then he did….lol….he bullied his way making people’s life horrible and lied…and was telling everyone he didnt….he picked all weak people and made an alliance….if he would have waited like russell he figured it out…stick with americas popular..americas choice is a part of the game…boogie had it and didnt.NEED to use it or he would have just like anyone else would have

  172. Let me try

    Mike your just a loser who wants to be big and gross looking like jesse .. im guessing you are ugly though ..

  173. no I’m pretty sure NFL players workout to compete on the field…..Jesse is no NFL player. As for you, well…..those who can, do. Those who cant just scream that they can. Sounds kinda like you dosent it? You really shouldnt get so worked up over a game that SOMEONE ELSE IS PLAYING……jeez, get a life of your own.

  174. mike work out so you think you are tough…let me explain something a mother holds her toddler of 20-30 lbs all day…how long does a weightlifter hold the weight..less than 20 seconds…so she would be tougher….as for you mike u look like ronnie i m sure and are in love with meatheads

  175. Katie, just because you don’t value how you look don’t get made at people that take care of their bodies. It takes alot of character and heart to go into the gym and work out. You are just being a hater and jealous person.

  176. @ Mike – don’t let these haters discourage you. You are right on the mark. They need intervention from an outside source to change the game in their favor. All for the ratings. See the fan base freeze when Kevin comes to life. :)

  177. mike just so you know if you look jeff takes care of his body better than jessie…he doesnt put artifical mass body crap in it…and if you did work out then you could tell ..yes hate to break your heart..jeff has bigger arms than jessie..a person who works out can tell..not a man in love

  178. Snake I bench over 300 lbs. You have no idea who you are talking to. I eat people like you for breakfast. And for you Katie, you are telling me to get a life? Please, you are the one on here arguing with me about the show. You might need to look in the mirror and get a life yourself.

  179. Thank you BB11Fan. Good to see someone in here with some common sense. I am not trying to be rude but most of these people in here are brainwashed by CBS. I mean who in their right mind could actually pull for Jordan? She might possibly be the worst player in the history of Big Brother.

  180. i have nothing bad to say about kev..but he has no game….he is the least jordan knows jeff is her meal ticket…he kissed jessies as when he wasnt the hoh…wow really…then got punked by him on live (well recorded this time) tv….now the lame trio is destroying any chance he has

  181. Ithink maybe you should have a look in the mirror

    your doing the same thing I am ????

    i dont think you know what you are saying mike you should go to bed


  182. @Mike – who is Jordan? I don’t remember any Jordan on the show. Oh wait! Is that one of the floaters that is skating by being protected by the producers? OK now I know who you are talking about . . . Hey Hey Hey goodbye Jordan.

  183. let me get this again you are like jessie you dont practice what you preach…you have no idea about me..who or what i look like..I at least can tell you have no sense…because you are in love with jessie ,, have not denied i’m guessing you are in love with him…trust me i could be a 2 foot midget and kick ur lame asz

  184. Say it again Kevin as HOH twice in 3 weeks. Puts up Russell and Michelle, and Jeff and Jordan. Those 4 are the ones I now dislike the most.

  185. see mike likes the bullying type..because he can’t back his 300 pounds lifting…and that will do you well when I have you in a triangle choke..just tap mike so you can kiss jessie and fan11

  186. Mike I appologize for making this personal, I still dont agree with you about Jesse but I was rude and I’m sorry.

  187. Hey Katie and Snake thanks for the entertainment. This was better than the show. Go team Kevin the new house leader has emerged.

  188. wow bbfan11 you are delusional…kev is not a strong player…yes more than lydia and gnat

  189. No thankyou guys for making my night!
    I am going to bed .. i am tired of this .. nigh snake & Irish & Mike that thinks he can bench over 300lbs

  190. “Chima! PLEASE put on your microphone”

    BB please don’t make her. It’s so peaceful not hearing that cackle on BBAD tonite lol

  191. Irish is now playing the game by trying to get the enemy to like her. This is getting good. What is next?

  192. Snake, just because you and your friends play MMA in your mom’s garage (that you live in) doesn’t mean you are tough. The triangle move? Oh no, I am scared. lol..Why don’t you put Katie in a rectangle and just shut her up. Both of you are showing your ignorance.

  193. Thank you Irish, nothing personal here either. We can both agree to disagree without making this personal.

  194. no games, I just saw my post and didnt like it. Take my appology as you like but it was sincere. I know what its like to go to the gym every day….its hard. I did it for a long time and lost 168lbs and a total of over 200 overall inches. I heard all the negative comments and I dont want to be that way is all. Just because I’m thin now dosent mean I should be mean. So again I’m very sorry and goodnite

  195. Good for you Michele what comes around goes around and she got what was coming to her… I just hope she stays on the block and she gets sent home… GO HOME CHIMA BITCH you need to get to packing…… GO TEAM JEFF JORDAN AND MICHELE!!!!

  196. If the power Jeff got is such B.S. then how about the click crap? Braden didn’t have a chance with the team he had and Jessie only got in the game because of the team he had , so really JESSIE GOT A SPECIAL POWER HE DIDN’T EARN EITHER. So I guess is was only fitting he got taken out by a special power . go Michelle

  197. Lets get Natalie out first. She has done nothing this whole season except become best friends with whomever gets HOH. Chima will be out soon enough with her mouth.

  198. mike nothing personal you are an idiot..I have low tolerance for bullies who think because they life weights they are strong…please like I said a mother is stronger than you..proven fact….You have shown yourself to be a true meat head..just like jessie..he did not deserve a chance let alone a second to play the game…I’m sure he petitioned to get back on..he wants to be a wwe star…lol..he would never get it done…he has to be smart..and it would be too tiring for him..he doesnt even do cardio

  199. Lydia threatened to hut Michele. Michele is allergic to red dye and Lydia said she was going to put red m&m’s in her drink. The DR called her to ask if she had done it. Well if she has or had it would be a little late now. CBS needs to pull C/L out of house before someone gets hurt by crazy C/L. I voiced that I was worried about J/J/M/R safety in the house yesterday. If something happens cbs should be sued. Chima and Lydia are actually crazy (I think)

  200. see they have no one to anchor them….they have no one making sense except kev..and they push him aside…they called lydia whore and bitches now she is their best friend..sad person….chima hates to lose…hell jessie would have pushed her to the side in a couple of weeks…even mike can agree that jessie would have done that

  201. i like how they offered everyone position that is worth something….lol…we will let u be #5 if you play with gee thanks for being so nice….lol,

  202. BB11 fan I did write the word everybody voted for Jeff you aasume but it does not matter because he did what he wanted to do use the power did a good job. I just saying people should not complain because BB always has a twist. If it was not him it would be someone else.

    What Lydia is doing is wrong that is a big threat because she knows Michele is allergic to red dye. How can a person think even think that way doing harm to others is out of line.

  203. When u go into the BB house u go in to play a game and win half a million dollars. U go in knowing anything can happen. Jesse got back in the house with other HG help and became the first HOH. He didn’t deserve it. Ronnie was playing the game but not very smart. He under estimated Michele. Jeff won the power which he didn’t ask for but he used it wisely. Chima needs to go. She is being unprofessional. CBS should remove her from the house and bring back a former HG that really wants to be there, respects not only their self but others and the game. She wouldn’t go to the jury house she would just go home.

    I’m glad Michele put Nat and Chima up. Michele is playing the game and she picked the right side. I can see Michele winning. Chima is not worthy of final 2. She goes next, then Nat or Lydia, I don’t care which one first and I don’t care what goes on at the jury house. Let the final 5 fight it out. Go Michele/Jeff/Jordan/Russell/Kevin. Any one of those is worthy of the half a million dollars.

    One more thing. Jesse knew America didn’t like him last year what makes him think America would like him this year?

    People ask yourself this, if you were in the house and America awarded you this power wouldn’t you have used it to your advantage? You are in there to win for yourself not to help someone else win all that money and not to make friends, hopefully you had friends before you went into the house. I would love a chance to go into the BB house to win half a million dollars.

  204. Three of the four cooks are all in the Forces of Good. The three strongest players are all in the Forces of Good. What exactly do the Forces of Evil have on their side other than cultish obsession and furious vengeance?

  205. Whatever BB11Fan. Just wait till Sunday. Anyway I may be counting my chicks to fast; but
    you are too. LOL. Later. Talk to me Sunday. Ha.

  206. i hope noone uses the pov. they vote nasty out first. and then, for the first time in BB history kick out chia pet for being racist (calling russle muslim terrorist and bad mouthing middle easterners), threaten to sue the production and even threaten to walk out b/c it wasn’t going her way, and harassing and terrorizing other houseguests and throwing her tendrum like a little kid (hiding things and messing other houseguests things). so there goes double eviction. i can’t believe CBS is letting this childish bigot run the production. GET HER OUT!!!

  207. what’s up with chia pet’s lips? is she born pre mature? or does she have some kind of rare disease? all i can see is her big fat lips. how can this person thinks that she should of been in america top model? does she look at herself in the mirror? come on…don’t be are no top model…you look like you just crawl your way out of a gutter. She is most racist and filthy mouth person i’ve seen in TV and please no more race cards PLEASE!!!

  208. I agree Big Brother set up the first competition by making it endurance and Jessi got in the show which is not fair for the rest of the groups four against 3. Then Big Brother tried to fixed with the wizard power and basically gives set up the things for Jeff which is not fair for the rest of the house members who had been playing the game. so Jessi and Jeff suck in the game they are what they are thanks to the fact that Big Brother loves them and wants to give them the money. now who is taking advantage of that is Russell because if he and Jeff are the two finalist he will win because the jury will vote against Jeff because he kick Jessi out of the house. in the mean time the good players are just spectators of CBS corrupt shows

  209. If the people that evicted him are in F2 they have to give it to one of them. I am going to bed. We have to pay to watch fish swim because of 3 unstable crazy 3year old girls

  210. Chima needs to be removed by any means necessary during the next BB. Do Not collect your stipend. Do not go to the jury house. Just leave.

  211. Oh Michelle, you’re my hero now. Michelle, Jordan, Jeff, Russell – final four. Perfect !!!

    If nothing changes in the veto competition, Chima will be leaving the house next week.

  212. Something is going on in the BBH. I am wondering if the POV is being done NOW!!!
    Maybe that is why they let them practice this evening in preperation. Guess MS nosey here will gaze at the fish tank and listen to that wonderful music to see what up.
    Stay tune!

  213. YES CHIMA IS GONE!!!!!!!!!

  214. J/J/R/M are talking about the fun activity that is going to occur on Sat. Also they wonder if Michele will be able to replace Chima or if BB will have an eviction this week.

  215. CHIMA IS GONE!!!! Can’t wait to hear her side of how she was mistreated…what a despicable human being she is. TEAM JEFF ALL THE WAY!!!

  216. Feeds were down from about 4am EST till about 5:30ish, and it seems Chima was kicked out during that time! WTF??? WOW!

  217. Michelle can put up Lydia, as a reminder to never look a gift horse (Jeff) in the mouth ..

  218. Finally BB got the guts to get rid of Chima. Wonder what will happen with the POV and eviction on thursday.

  219. okay natalie won the first hoh with russell and she hasn’t even made an appearance in a competition since then. Jessie won ONE HOH and it was flipping a ball into a bucket in which Jeff tied him to only lose in the next round. Jeff could’ve easily beat Russell in that HOH but chose to make a deal for a way to align with russell. Jeff also won POV when he had to. You crybabys kill me with this cdt crap give it up already. Every contestant and fan knows every year there are twists and the cdt was this years twist. If Jesse and his band of hos would’ve been more civil and not so immature maybe they would still be in the game. Natalie, Chima and Lydia weren’t playing the game to win they were playing for jessie and they’ve proven that this week. They are each willing to get evicted now to go to the jury house. The biggest mistake big brother made was making that first hoh competition a physical one almost insuring jesse came back.

    P.S. @Jacob get some new material

  220. I figure BB Production will do away with the double eviction that was scheduled for next week.
    Maybe they will make this week PEACE OUT and do double eviction next week.

  221. Maybe big brother will have Michele put up another person to replace Chima and that will be the double eviction since Chima is gone. We can only hope.

  222. @ jcat
    I hope it goes that way I would hate for Michele to go powerless this week because on Chima’s actions.
    I have watched BB since it started and this is the most crazy one ever.
    CHIMA has replaced Evil Dick as the most hated villian ever to walk through the BBH door!!

  223. Natalie and Lydia are upset(po’d) about Chima being tossed. Natalie wants to quit. These people don’t want to admit they brought it on themselves with their childish actions and daring Big Brother to do something.

  224. chima has been evicted from the bb house for throwing the mic into the hottub or something like that

  225. I wonder if production is going to cover it up with Chima’s mother was sick. It could have been the mic in the hot tub, maybe the meds and taking them from Nat, and drinks wine. Chima is done. WOOHOO!




  228. Chima is defintely no longer a ‘guest’ in the BB house. Could be any number of 1000 reasons why she has been thrown out of the house. They allowed her to stay far too long as it was. Whatever the reason/s, she is GONE!

  229. According to the blog on live feeds, Jeff made the statement that Chima quit. Can’t confirm because the live feeds won’t show Lydia and Natalie talking.

  230. That sounds like Chima. She thought she was above Julie saying on Thursday; “by a vote of 3 to 2 Chima you have been evicted!”

    Her pride couldn’t handle defeat on national TV.
    I do feel sad for the shame she has brought to her family.
    I don’t want to kick Lip’s while they are down and hope she seeks help and look at the sunny side of life and others.
    I will write no more of C…..
    The PERSON has left the BBH.
    Thank you CBS!!!!!!!!!

  231. I think it’s great! I think these people are extremely immature and should be allowed to play. After all it’s just a game and everyone should be playing for themselves. Jeff made a fantastic decision and even Jesse agreed. Chima, Natalie and Lydia need to grow up!!!

  232. Good job Chima, don’t give them the pleasure. BB didn’t protect you women from Russell and I agree with you leaving the show.

  233. Good job Chima, don’t give them the pleasure!!! the Show is rig anyway, they did the same thing when the riged the show for the kid with pink hair.

  234. I think some of us, & I include myself, need to get a life. I mean this in the kindest way. When your blood pressure starts to raise over a TV show….Having said that I’m still glad, if true, Chima is gone.Woohoo

  235. I’ m soooo glad that chima is gone. She had the most annoying laugh and now the nasty and lydia have to defend for themselves which wo’nt last long. I would like to see both of them gone on the double elimination night. Chima was just a big whinner for not getting her way. Boo Hoo!

  236. yay michele. I was concerned about her being hoh too. but she is much smarter than Ronnie claimed to be. Good for you Michele.

  237. CBS was allowing Russell to bully her and for her it must have been like he was trying to rape her. It was probably too much for her to take, so she had a breakdown.

  238. @ReignB: Oh yes, I’m sure being bullied is just like being raped.

    That’s incredibly insensitive and diminishing to rape victims.

    And how will that change the double eviction on thurs

  240. Instead of Natalie being put on the block, it should have been Lydia, hands down.

    She was very ungrateful towards Jeff after he took her off the block. She should have been happy that Jesse went on the block and ultimately went home. Jesse totally took advantage of her. She either needs counseling or she needs to grow a backbone.

  241. As there is another Linda in some of the comment room I have added my middle Initial.. E to ensure hopefully that my thoughts are not linked with hers.
    Opinions are great so keep them coming.

    Linda E signing off as it has been a long long long but great night/morning in the BBH.
    8/15/09 will go down in BB history.
    Here’s looking at you later tonight!

  242. @MATT chima is a victim of a brutall rape! This show is too much for her she needs therapy

  243. Michelle is stupid and should have nominated jeff and russell. it would have been nice to see a female win! and chima bio stated those things before she was removed……….

  244. Lydia doesn’t owe jeff jack sh”t!! She wasn’t going home regardless of the CDT! So stop saying that

  245. I’m very proud of michelle she did the right thing and I hope shemmmish goes home she has been a real bi…. and as a black women I’m ashamed of the way she has made such a fool of herself. Strong women show the power with actions not words. way to go michelle.




  249. I am not watching this show anymore.It sucks.Jeff is the real sucker.He did not win any event,but he was granted power.This is bull shit.I hate Jeff a lot.



  251. chima is a discrace to strong women every where she is a bully ,strong woman know how to get what they want the smart .anyone can bully she should seek help and right away. bye bye chi.


    A GAME

  253. I am so glad that Chima is gone. I believe she wanted to get on BB 11, to cause serious problems and then write about it. Afterall, she is a freelance journalist.

    When I hear the word “freelance”, I auomatically think that those freelancers really don’t have a job that they can depend on. Including Chima.

  254. I am so glad Chima is gone. She gives ALL women a bad name. I think she will try to do something against BB, to get her revenge. The problem with Chima, is she is a spoiled little B….h who is used to getting her own way all the time, and throws a hissy fit when she don’t. GOOD RIDDENS.

  255. Damn it to hell. I go to sleep for a few hours and come back to my wishes finally being answered chima gone. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you! Her family must be sitting there with their heads in shame. She really thought she could get away with her actions. J/J/M/R did great they just sat there and allowed her to self destruct. I guess these so called strong women were just there to keep one another company right, none of them were there to play for 500K. Bring back Casey!!!!!!!!!!!!

  256. I LOVE Michelle’s noms. So glad Chima is gone. NOW get rid of natilie altho except forher mouth and smell she’s not even a threat!!.

  257. ReignB-you are seriously going to say the show is rigged. Why because it wouldn’t tolerate the things that Chima pet was doing? Get real! Look her up maybe you two should hook and and take Lithium together

  258. Why give jessie another chance he already got two chance you would figue he would learn from his last mistake he made.So why hand jessie that card. keep him out it not like it are chocie who or what they decide to do.I think since it was going to be double eviction that it,ll only be a single. will see what happens

  259. If Michele was smart she would have picked both Russell and Jeff for nominations, you know down the road they will evict her. Jordon is a waste of time, she does nothing but mess with her hair all day long. I hope Michele wins this but she better wise up if she wants to win.

  260. im really really happy shes gone…really i am really.i know this is kinda late but ,did anyone notice they;re was no good bye messages for jesse? i thought that was unusual.

  261. i saw that also on ross mathews show,he rocks.i think jesse has a real problem w/gay men.he does not want to be touched by them or does he….and i also think he acted like a 3 year old thats why ross held his breath,lol i was cracking more jesse no more of that other girl and her followers will be soon after her.then the real games can begin.i gotta say i do like michele as a contender.she has proven her glad she is w/jeffs team.

  262. I REALLY don’t think it is fair of BB to
    give people a chance @ 1/2 mil when they can’t play the game fairly. It is one thing to through obstucles in the HG way, give them wierd food to eat but what they did by giving Jeff something HE DIDN”T win and so much power
    that is not fair. The HG have to win the power of HOH & veto so why should america get
    to take that away form just a couple of HG and not all. If you gona do that then let America decide everything. And it can be a game of popularity. I loved BB but I can noy stand it any more so I will be cancelling
    me feeds and not watching this Bulls*** any more. Yes a game is a game give everyone the same chance to win. They make the challenges
    so anyone of them could win but as you’ve seen
    only a few have really tried. Yes I know all the Jeff LOVERS out there are going to dump on me but that is OK because it shows just want kind of player you would be. ( WEAK )
    So long BB how your ratings go to poo!


  264. I was very pleased to see last week’s eviction-way to go Jeff! I don’t think Michele could have done better with the nominations-Chima needs to go because she is a troublemaker in the house.

  265. Good nominations, hell they can both go. We like good drama on TV and a little spice but these trailor trash females are an embarrassment. CBS is desperate if they had continued to allow this to go on. I can’t watch the crap, I check online for hi-lights and catch last of elimination show. Use to be a big fan, now its too weird and trashy people selected to be on the show. Yea notor mouth Jessie is gone, what a piece of ego trash!

  266. wow, so jeff had the balls to switch up the game when HANDED a power, but ronnie was a rat?

    Jessie gets hated on because he was handed hoH….did he ask for it? no, in fact he said he thought it might not be the best thing…

    you make it seem like he demanded it, the HG’s gave it to him

  267. bluezey60: They had no messages for Jessie cuz as far as they knew either Lydia or Russell was going out the door. That was switched at the last minute so no good-bye was made.

    As far as Jeff getting the CDT he didn’t know he would get it either & what is he supposed to do just not use it & get booted out the next week? EVEN Jessie said it was a good move, one he would have no doubt used against Jeff if he’d had the chance. Try to remember “It’s a game!” Sure most people would like jeff over ones like Chima & crew. Sometimes nice guys DON’T finish last.

  268. I think it’s funny that at first Chima pet was talking about girl power and making sure that only females make it to the end. Then when she found out that Jeff had the “wizard” power she blamed it all on female America always voting for the cute guy. So much for girl power. And then way that they all whined and whimpered for Jessie was sickening. get over it! Like Jeff said, it’s a game, Jessie didn’t die for Christ’s sake. Jeff is the smartest and most genuine player in the game.

  269. Chima is gone,,,,,,YIPPEE! The house will be in the best shape of the season. Who is on the block with Natalie now?

  270. Everyone who watches the show knows that Jesse and his posse of woman were the true bullies. Jesse did not have the courage to speak up. Nat the rat did it for him as did Ronnie. Lydia only latched on to Jesses ro further herself. She may have thought her new gay boyfriends would protect and helo her in the game.
    Jeff is the only HG that has any morals and integrity. He deserves to win as de played an honest game.
    America got it right. Good guys can come in first place. Jeff you deserved my vote as well as the vote from everyone else I knew.
    Russel and Michelle are flip floppers.
    Nat the rat is a liar!!!! 18???? yeh right
    Kevin is a scared rat.
    Jesse is a homophobic rat.
    Ronnie looks like a rat.
    Chima is a racist rat.
    Lydia is a rat tooth brat.

  271. “ReignB

    August 15th, 2009 at 9:49 am
    CBS was allowing Russell to bully her and for her it must have been like he was trying to rape her. It was probably too much for her to take, so she had a breakdown”
    ReignB You have got to be kidding. She bullied Russell way more than he bullied her. She spit in his face, threw water on him, and cursed him constantly for turning down her advances. That is also sexual harrassment isn’t it? Chima should have been gone long ago.

  272. Hey JJ2 where were you when Jess was pushing Natalie around? He is a bully…I said that before. Thank goodness Chema is gone. I really like Michelle and Jeff. Always did. she took a lot of crap. I like to see Jeff and Jordan get together…they make a cute couple. Even their parents thought so. It would be nice for America to have a say in picking the winner!!!

  273. Why can’t Lydia and Nat just get over there loss and play the game. It’s sad as there would have been alot of other people that would have liked to have had the chance to play.


  275. how imature these three girls are!!!! saying your going to soil beds and trying to give another person something they are allergic to is insane. I thought I liked Lydia a little bit but she has fullen for a creep Jessie and he has admited he was not attracted to her he used her. And she is lower herself to acting like a mental patient along with the other two who we already knew were. Big Brother Monitor a little more before we get a bunch like these again please.

  276. America gave Jeff the POWER, not CBS. It was CBS that allowed Jesse to even be in the game in the first place! Jesse did not even win HOH the first week it was given to him. As far as I am concerned, Jeff is playing the game and is playing it well. The great thing about it is he has done it with out disrepecting the producers or his family at home. I hope he wins the whole thing.

  277. Chima was a spoiled 32 year old brat. She quit because she could not stand the fact that she was losing and things were not going her way. She has some serious issues and I hope will find the help she needs to get rid of some of the internal anger that is built up inside of her.

  278. We will never know the real reason why Chima is gone hense the reason we had fish for 90 minutes this morning, then fish for and HOH comp that took and hour … and more fish tonight when we do noms. So yes alot of fish for 24/7 live feeds .. oh but really sign up! They are great!

    Really they are Im just fustrated! (because we are watching fish again)

  279. janedans: I don’t know where I was for that. Did it happen? I saw where Jessie couldn’t get a pillow away from Natalie for some time so I wonder how Jeff just moved her at will. I think with Natalie’s training & strength NO-ONE would just push her easily. Jeff has compassion for Chima, feeling bad for her, as does Jordon. Who else has said that??? Still think he’s a really nice guy. Also think Russell is just playing the game. I know several guys who would have done more than push Chima out of their face. Most girls who take on guys are lucky their mama’s raised them not to hit girls. Lets face it they can hurt you much worse than you(MOST girls) can hurt them.

  280. Yes – who did Jordan nominate??? I like both of them too (Jeff and Jordan). They r my 1st and 2nd choice to win. Michelle is my 3rd and Russel is my 4th???

  281. America gave Jeff the Coup D’etat, he didn’t campaign for it, beg for it, or compete for it…It was stuffed into his lap. Of course he was relieved and overjoyed to get it. Who wouldn’t have been?

    It’s about time for that little wolf-pack to get a full serving of “what goes around comes around”. If anyone is acting like a terrorist it’s both Nat and Chima. They have been since the game began! And alliance with Jesse just encouraged it. Chima gets more like a spoiled 2-year-old every day. She is such a spoiled self-centered little *@#$% she can’t even see the banshee in the mirror looking back at her. No amount of make-up BB can provide can help her because of how she acts! True beauty begins in the heart. But you first have to have one. Can’t wait to stop having to watch her tantrums, threats, and low-class behavior.

    Michelle is playing a good game, I’ll give her that. I just like the game Jeff is playing better. I agree that maybe Jordan is just there, not really playing, not really knowing how. I have no problem with Russell because his game is no different than quite a few who have gone before him and ended up in the final three.

    Chima and Nat are the bullies. Lydia just stays with them because she is so deathly afraid of them. She just acts any way she thinks will please or impress them. Kevin I really haven’t figured out. But this I am sure of: the reason he didn’t take Lydia off the block is because he was terrified to make a move not sanctioned by Nat and Chima. I think he was also half hoping that when the Coup D’etat power was used it would overturn the nominations anyway. He thought he would need the POV to save himself.

  282. can anyone tell me the circumstances that lead to Jordan having the HOH? And what about Michelle’s time being cut short as HOH. Not that I mind. I don’t get the live feed so I turn on BB After Dark and see Jordan as HOH. Huh???

  283. “Yes – who did Jordan nominate?”

    Natalie and Lydia I think she said tonight on Showtime?

  284. I still can’t figure out how Jordan became HOH. Besides Chima going out like a lunatic, what happened?

  285. i dont think jordan has done her noms yet i think with the new messed up schedual she will announce it tomorrow so someone should know by tomorrow night.

  286. “I still can’t figure out how Jordan became HOH.”

    She got got a hole in one in mini-golf apparently. It’s funny because when they were practicing it the night before she was terrible. Jordan says that she’s going to nominate Lydia and Natalie. However…. Natalie and Kevin are planning to devise a devious lie to split Jeff/Jordan and Russel/Michelle at some point. Kevin is going to approach Jeff/Jordan and claim [lie] that Lydia/Natalie are secretly overjoyed about Jeff/Jordan/Michelle’s alliance with Russel because he [Russel] plans on turning against them. When Russel denies the accusation their will be false claims that they overheard him saying this or something like that. Either way it’s going to be fireworks. I’d like to think that Jeff/Jordan/Michelle won’t believe it. They have to know that they’re totally desperate at this point and will say/do anything.

  287. Jordon got her HOH room and is willing to share it with Michele. Michele didnt want but Jordon said she would be mad if she didnt get her stuff and join her in the HOH room. Jordon insisted Michele even bring up her pictures of her family too.

    I dont understand some people on the blogs…. it is a game that is going to award someone a half million dollar, that is life changing amount of money. There is only a few people this season I think I would want to see get that kind of money, it isnt just about the game it is about wanting a great person who could use the money for good, to get that kind of money. It is not JUST a game! It is about the people inside the game and how they are as people, and how they handle themselves.

  288. I would have prefered that she nominate Lydia and Russell. I can’t stand Russell.

  289. Everybody is so pro jeff and jordan who could not win a competition in the beginning. Everything turned for these two because Jeff won the Coup D’etat. I dont like how these two are probably going to be the final two all because they are nice. They need to play the game. I wished Big Brother didnt make a twist in this game so soon.

  290. i think jeff and jorden,michele,russ are on to nats game play wich is ( devious lies)oh and stink them out is all she has done,her,lydia are only still here b/c they are not threats.i believe their time has come.jorden was faking that golf practice.she had to be,i would almost bet her family golfs.most of us east coasters do.i wanted to tell karen i agree 100% w/her and w/all of you jeff and jorden fans.

  291. Jeff also took himseld off the block when he was on the block. So maybe you people that say Jeff didnt do anything, remember. He saved himself. Supid Jesse was give a freebie HOH

  292. I hate Jordan! She’s a lazy, chunky, idiot. All she does is drink, sleep, eat(too much) and complain. How about you go back to school and get that high school diploma before you go on national tv and prove what an idiot you are. She really makes blondes look bad!! Stop tugging on your bang and pick up a book fatty!

  293. I read where Lydia and Nat were going up, but I think it would be better if Lydia and Kevin were put up. I think that Kevin should be ousted. That way it would shake things up more, because b****hes Nat and Lydia wouldn’t have someone to do their dirty work for them. They would actually have to do something besides lay in bed, eat and complain.

  294. jeffs team everyone has pulled their own weight now,no more floaters there,im so happy jorden won hoh.they all have earned their spot in that house except lydia,nat.they are on their way out.i hope nat first,hehe.jesses maid will be there soon.i bet he will be relieved he wont have to fend for him self.although maybe he is dwindling away,shrinking muscles no one there to make him a sandwich or a

  295. Then when Lydia gets to jury house jesse wont be able to get away from her and he wont get a minutes peace with those two. To bad we wont get to see it

  296. lol cheri thats funny,i think lydia and nats new found friendship will be at its end.the new reality show ( who gets to sleep w/jesse).lol.

  297. chima played the game russel did get on alot of peoples nerves his actions should have put him out of the game earlier j%j are annoying for crap sakes and michelle sucks and is just lame

  298. I an so happy with Michelle picks I can not stand Chima or Natalie, I kinda of liked Lydia, now she makes me sick, sitting around like Jessie was a God, Please, I was so happy when he went home.

  299. Have the nominations started yet? Kevin’s expressions were priceless! Better watch out or he’ll win this BB! Hope Nat leaves this week. It’ll drive Lydia up the wall! Hope they don’t back door Russell yet! Why did they show Chima talking on a BB commercial today?

  300. Kevin’s expressions WERE priceless, wheelsmom. It’s got to be excruciating to hang with Lydia, Nat and the now-gone Chima. He’s paid his dues but nonetheless he’s gotta go too. Really hopin’ for a happy-ever-after ending (sappy, I know, but still…)

  301. I am glad it is happening the way it has already. Jessie is a jerk and he attempts and suceeded in using woman to do his dirty work, he is scum. russell will be the first to go out of hte four, I cannot believe Kevin is such a follower with those insane woman. Lydia should of been removed as well for her antics last night. There should not be any alcohol in the house if people cannot control themselves. And Nat, well wonder what her boyfriend thinks about her antics with Jessie? A little bit of more then flirting it looked like and he admitted he would want to date her outside the house where he says he didn’t feel anything for Lydia and she will put herself out for a punk. Well I guess we have a few mental patients missing from the hospital and they floated onto Big brother 11

  302. i can believe lydia will give up all that money for jesse.she is another train wreck that got under the radar.he will not give her the time a day in the real was funny when jeff kept telling her she was going to stay.but whats not funny,i have to say is watching these girls it is not entertaining,its pathetic.there is no bb game in them.i hope nat leaves thurs. then lydia. kevin is trying to play but,these girls are dragging him down w/their bull.they expect him to do all the work.i for one was so happy that she was removed from the show,no talk w/julie chen or ross.she deserved a straight jacket only. no clapping for her.those rewards after eviction are earned.and not voting for a hg b/c you dont like them is just reenforces just how sad they are.and linda e im w/you.on the other things that are happening as well in the house also.i hope that the 5 hg that are playing the game get some peace soon,then maybe we can truely see our fav show at its finest.jeff,jorden,russ,michele,kevin.

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