Big Brother 11: Week 6 Nominations Round 2 Revealed – Spoilers

The live feeds are back on Big Brother 11 and Jordan, the new HoH after Chima quit on Saturday, has made her nominations. Considering the way the house is split there were few options for Jordan. Click “continue reading” to see the noms.

Big Brother 11 Week 6 Round 2 Nominations:

  • Lydia
  • Natalie

Jump on the Big Brother live feeds with the Free Trial and see how Lydia and Natalie are handling their nominations right now, live and uncensored. Don’t miss your chance to rewind the live feeds and watch why Chima was evicted!

Will Jeff and Jordan continue with their plan to backdoor Russell this week? Thanks to Kevin and Natalie, Jeff and Jordan are becoming paranoid that Russell is planning to turn on Jeff next week. While this may cost Jeff/Jordan a friend in the jury it may also work out well for them as Russell will be one difficult HG to overthrow down the road.

What do you think of Jordan’s nominations? Would you have rather seen someone else get nominated? Voice your opinion below, read what others are thinking, and get into the Big Brother discussion here.

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  1. N/L are scheming to do evil things now they are on the block! – TYPICAL childlike behavior

  2. I think it is a good move and I hope they go through with the back door. Russel is a lose cannon

  3. Thats what she wants I’m sure to be alone with Jessie I’ll be happy to see either one of them go

  4. Russell should stay this week so they have the numbers! Russell or Kevin should go next week!

  5. Ugh! Natalie has made a new home on the block.

    She better win veto gosh darnitt.

    Lydia is just a pon. She will never win anything, and she emotionally unstable, she is the kind of person who will quit at the end if she is stressed so yea.

    Michelle is sneaking through this game which is crazy to me. She is a tough competitor if you look at her record dont get me wrong, its just that she lies to everyone, and everyone realizes it, but its almost as if when ppl are told this, they dont eblive it, and then it happens to them

    She is stil lying, and she is running the house, with Russ.

    Russ is runnign this house, Jeff is influenced by Russ and Jordan, Michelle brainwashes Jordan while Russ kinda sorta does the same to Jeff.

    But i mean she is pulling a ronnie every week, and i dont how she is getting by. its not like she is a week competitor. She CAN make the top 2.

    We didnt have a veto comp when Michelle was hoh i dont think, so this week should be something physical which plays into Natalie’s favor. however it also plays into Russ’, and Jeff’s.

    Darn u BB, look what you did. What the eff does cout ‘d tat even mean? lol

  6. Jeff said only person in house he can not figure out is Mich. She scares him the most – relating to her having PHD and should not have told anyone.

  7. If Natalie or Lydia win the POV Michelle should totally be nominated! Why? Because it’s not completely clear where she stands and she’s really really good! She can read right through them all!!!
    Plus, I want Jeff to win!

  8. Diana, ur not making anysense with post 5. Arent they supposed to do that to stay in the game? everyone does that, thats what you do when ur on the block. duh.

    And i dont think Michelle telling ppl she has a PhD made that much of a diffrence. Unless all the houseguests arent bright, which most of them are, she is a brain surgeon!

    You know that expression “It doesnt take a brain surgeon to . . . . ”

    Well she is brain surgeon. aka neuroscientist.

    Even if its with mouse. Plus she was on the brains.

  9. @Marcus

    I am just copying the feeds from another site. What evil scheming they are up to, I have no idea. To lie and cheat is part of the game, but some of their antics are crossing the boundaries.

    Jeff apparently has quoted that he can’t figure out Michelle because of her PhD, not me!!

  10. Like i dont get it.

    Didnt Michelle show how quick she will lie last week?

    She basically lived in Chima’s hoh room, and promised that if Chima didnt put her up, she will do anything and nothing against Chima especially if she wins hoh.

    Next week Michelle wins hoh, and she puts up Chima?

    Like and it gets glossed over for . . . ?

    But if ur Jordan or Jeff (that would suck) you have to realize, that she will play to like a neglected animal, and next wekk play you like an instrument.

    I mean really.

  11. Some of there antics are crossing the line?

    The only thing they have ever crossed the line with is touching Jeff’s stuff.

    What antics are you talking about?

    antics plural meaning more than 1

  12. Michelle is playing the game like a true PRO. Russ asking if he should leave people thinking they are scheming together. Russ says he just would like to win out. He states he wants to ride all the way to finals with Mich. Russ says he had to play flawless to make it here – villian (which he states he likes being a
    d*ck) but also charming to stay. Russ says best job they did was staying a lone wolf (not necessarily teaming up right away). He says Jess never really gonna back Russ up. BB just screws Mich because she was to be sleeping – now everyone knows she is talking game with Russ.

  13. @Marcus

    The antics I was referring to is not related to Jeff, but the behavior in general. Spitting the ‘dummy’ and threatening to leave amongst other things when they don’t get their way. I am not going to debate this with you, because you have a mindset that cannot be swayed due to having your favorites. I have my opinions which I am entitled to so let’s just say that we both agree to disagree on what is going on in that house.

  14. I don’t get the live feeds. I just know that Jeff is buying into the lie that Kevin conjured up and that makes me mad. Jeff really needs to bring it up to Russel and Michele to clear the air. I truly want to believe that Russell would stay true to his word with Jeff. I really think he is grateful to Jeff for using the wizard power on him. I know this is not what you all think but it’s been a whirlwind of a season and I need to find something to keep me watching and hoping for the good guys!

  15. I HAVE to say….this has been the most controversial yet ENTERTAINING season I’ve watched so far!!

  16. @Riley

    As of right now it looks as though Russ is scheming with Michelle to go all the way to the end.

    This is his quote just posted:

    “Russ/Mich laughing about who would really win out of them two – Mich kills rats/Russ a terrorist (they say Jeff is most loved)”

    “Russ asking if he should leave people thinking they are scheming together. Russ says he just would like to win out. He states he wants to ride all the way to finals with Mich. Russ says he had to play flawless to make it here – villian (which he states he likes being a
    d*ck) but also charm to stay. Russ says best job they did was staying a lone wolf (not necessarily teaming up right away). He says Jess never really gonna back Russ up. BB just screws Mich because she was to be sleeping – now everyone knows she is talking game with Russ”.

  17. @ Laurie! Love the new nicknames…..Lydiot & Natalier! LOL priceless
    @sonshine60 I totally agree with you….keep Russ in this week, get rid of Natalie

  18. I an glad that Jordan won hoh and she put up Knatty & Lydia. Now they have to get rid of one of the LIARS. I can’t believe how easily Knatty tells a lie.Looks to me like that is how she is on the outside. bye bye

  19. Spitting in food is crossing the line. Flipping over tables is crossing the line. Making violent threats against the other HG’s (claiming to make food with something the others are allergic to) is crossing the line. Touching other HG’s personal property without their permission is crossing the line.
    The other stuff: lying, scheming, back dooring… That’s all part of the game they signed up for. Its a game worth half a million, you gotta do anything and everything to win, but the crossing the line crap shouldn’t be tolerated.

  20. Nah i just asked you a questions, which you didnt really answer.

    Im not biased. I will say bad things about favorites. Jessie and Natalie surely arent perfect and defently have some flaws.

    And i will at times say good things about Jeff. I mean im not like most ppl who will completely lie to themselves and hear only what they wanna hear, and think everything their favorite does is perfect, trust me. but okay.

    Threating anger, or w/e you called isnt really over the line. Plus niether of them did nothing to act on those threats.

  21. Please with Jessie being in the jury house both of them will be willing to go so they can have “Jessie time”. They will turn on each other like two female dogs in heat fighting for their boy. Michele is the sly one, she is as bad as Chima but in a quiet way. Everyone better keep their eyes open and not be so trusting because she is good!

  22. Jeff changed his mind after talking to the DR last night and now says it is better to get Nat out first to reduce the numbers on that side of the house. Russ can be taken care of next week. I don’t believe Jeff will get Russell out of the house at this point. Michelle will try to keep Russ no matter what she says to JJ. Nat’s only hope is to win the POV and I doubt that. Lydia might win if its the MORPH game, she should be good at that since she is a makeup artist!

  23. they should get rid of natalie, kevin then backdoor russel
    that way they can still have the numbers cause if they backdoored russel next week or kicked off lydia instead of kevin and then russel
    kevin would approach michelle and warn her that if she doesnt side with him she won’t be able to go to f2 since jeff and jordan will take eachother
    therefore for jeff and jordan to have the best chance it should go
    natalie, kevin (or kevin, natalie) then russel, then lydia then michele

  24. Really? Liek im sure very season were someone is really pissed off they stupid stuff, that wel all know (unless the’re Dick or Chima) their not going to do.

    Please with that. Saying to spike Michelle with red die was Chima, and we all know she is crazy, thats why she aint in the house.

    Lydia is crazy. She cut herself over a guy that she knew for 4 weeks. Please.

    Im not excusing it, im just saying shinanagins, and threats of that nature go on all the time, in every season, and its not crossing the line.

    Spitting in someone’s face, and food, throwing water on them, being racist, trying to make someone look like their racist, downing the size of manhood, THATS crossing the line

  25. @TinaG

    Thank you! Like I said, some people are biased and you cannot reason with their mindset!

  26. @ memy

    I can’t take credit for the nicknames — read them on a DR post this weekend, but had the same reaction you did: LOL Priceless! :)

  27. I hope neither of them win the veto and Natliar gets kicked out the house. Lydia has issues but Nataliar is just plain evil. I glad I don’t have any dealings with her out of the house. Good ridence Nataliar!!!!

  28. I hope jeff smarting up in call out kevin on this lie that he trying to tell.we,ll see whats happens

  29. Why do people think that if the POV is something physical, GNAT will do good… does anyone realize she has yet to win any competition, she is not a threat.

  30. Now on to the POV so Russell can be Backdoored. Gnat and Lydia need to work hard. Stop being weak and win don’t depend on the rest. They are to wishy washy. If they were smart to make sure of this Make Russell the Host of the POV. I can’t wait til he goes. Not trustworthy at all. Oh well Michele to Win BB11

  31. Thanks for proving my point Diana.

    Anyway does anyone think if say Lydia wanted to leave, like she wanted to be voted out that she would?

    I wouldnt think so. Like just for the sake of conversation, if she wanted to be voted out, I dont think Michelle, Jordan, Russ, and Jeff would. and make her stay in the game because she is such an easy target.

    Wat chall think?

  32. I think it was smart for Jordan to put Nat and Lydia up! I think final 4 are Jeff, Jordan, Michele and Kevin!! GO JEFF!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Didn’t Jordan pinkie swear with Lydia to never put her up or vote her out in the beginning when they were so tight?

  34. I think the noms are great. I hope Nat goes home she has ridden on coat strings for way to long!!

  35. mIke I beleave kevin told natile that he going to tell jeff that he over heard michelle taking to russ and russ said that he put jeff up which i don,t think that was said some correct me if i,m wrong

  36. I would like to see Kevin out!!!! Hes sneaking his way to the top, so watch out it could be Kevin that wins bb11

  37. I hope Michelle is not planning on tunring on j/j?! Especially after Jordan let her share her HOH room & took one of her own pics down so Mich could have a pic in there! That would just be sad. I wish Kevin would just break up with L/N & realize they are going to take him down with them. It is like High School…remember when your parents said “you are the company you keep”?!

  38. I found it interesting to see how Natalie tells everyone ELSE to do the dirty work – most recently telling Kevin to tell Jeff a lie. This way her hands are clean, and she could turn on Keving later if she needs to. I really agree w/previous poster who felt Russell is truly indebted to Jeff, and wouldn’t get him or Jordan. I think this time he may be sincere. We’ll see! Just when you think you’ve figured it out—BAM!

  39. Whoever said nat has been riding coat tails is funny. Jeff has been saved everytime his team was saved, right or wrong? stop playing semantics. Where would jeff be if he wasnt given CDT?? complaining in the backyard smoking. At least Nat schemed with jessie the whole time and picked who they wanted out and succeed in doing that AND JUST CAME thought of a brilliant plan.

  40. Nat and Russ BOTH won the first HOH and it was given to Jessie.

    Russ doesneed to be backdoored this week because his new friend Michelewas told of the plan to backdoor him by j/j (big mistake).

    Unless it`s already happened, it is inevitable that Michele will tell Russ the plan to evict him this week.

    Just by him knowing this, now it coould be the whole house against j/j. Michele pulled off a great befriending job with jordan toget her to expose all off j/j`s plans.

    Now, with her phD, and her ability to play for HOH on thursday, Michele is now controlling the game.

  41. Forgot to say: Maybe after Kevin spoke to Jeff (telling the lie), and hearing what Jeff said, Kevin may have thought to play both sides – if Jeff takes Kevin into the group, Keving may make it farther along. The two witches (Lydiot and gNatalie) will be eliminated and Kevin looks like he was sincere with Jeff/Russ/Mich/Jordan. It might have been a good move for Kevin, if he’s not exposed by the witches. Love this show!

  42. Good bye Chima. What a sore looser. I’m so glad she is gone. Thank you CBS for doing something about her. She was way out of control and that girl needed a good hard spanking. Wasn’t Kevin hysterical when he was commenting about the 3 girls crying over Jessie. When these 3 girls look back at the tapes and watch themselves they are going to be so embarrassed and they should be. I wish Kevin would tell those 3 girls he has had enough and then go over to hang out with Jeff’s team. I love Jeff and Jordon and I so hope they are the final 2. I liked Jeff from the moment I saw him. You can tell he is just a nice all around good guy.

  43. Nat told kev to tell jeff the non lie lie coz it would be more believable coming from Kev. It doesnt make since for nat to go up to Jeff. Duh! Annihilating NLK is the stupidest move if JJRM want to be #1. Russ will easily win against Jeff and Michelle for votes. Yet Nat is a HUGE threat…Laughable

  44. @PAUL

    the same befriending Michelle did to chima she’s doing to Jj. M even straight out TOLD j to her face that she was playing team jess. Now why wouldn’t M do the same to Jj???? Think girl think (jordan)

  45. @Jacob

    Anyone who makes it to the final 2 deserves to win! It is a game, to outwit and outsmart, by playing with people’s minds!

  46. Nat is lying again!

    She just told Jeff:

    “Nat- I don’t cry in real life the first time I’ve cried in a while was when Chima left”.

    Was she not crying with Lydia and Chima when Jessie was booted out?

  47. And your right diana who ever makes it to the end deseved it i just hope it go to that person who fought and try there hardest at this game

  48. I’m glad the girls were nominated. I hope Natalie is evicted. She acts like a gang-banger. I hope the week after Lydia or russell is evicted. I am rooting for Jordan, Jeff and Michelle in the final 3.

  49. @Larry I don’t really think Nat told Kevin to go talk to Jeff just so her hands would be clean. I think N/L/K would think Jeff is most likely to believe a lie coming from K because he has the least personal connection to the whole Jessie vote off. K knows that he will last longest with N/L votes so he needs to try to save them and pit J/J/M/R against each other if he stands a shot at the final. Go Team J/J!!!

  50. @Jacob

    Too true!, but it shows you her character that she lies even when she is not playing the game!

  51. Yep! You got it! Once a liar, always a liar, great testament to her character, she should put that on her resume when she is looking for a job!

  52. I agree. The two with enough smarts to get to final two deserve to win. Just hope is not Natalie or Lydia. Natalie is the biggest manipulator in this house. She does have everyone do her dirty work for her. She gets the others to tell the lies for her and then professes she does not lie. No, she just manipulates everyone else to do it for her. Jessie nor her would have gotten as far as they did without her manipulating everyone.
    I have been a BB fan from the beginning. Watch every season. Have never disliked as many participants as I have this year. Maybe that is part of the game.
    Play a good game of charades, beer pong or anything. Forget the game for a little while and us a rest.

  53. Ummm…EVERYONE lies in the BB house…duh…that’s part of the game. why are people shocked or upset by this? EVERYONE in every season has lied their way to the end. Seriously…have none of the people in the house ever seen the show? Have some of you here never seen the show? How else can you get ahead if you do not win every single competition? Cutting phoney deals and talking SMAC about other people is LYING…trying to fool people is LYING…even Jeff has figured this out and keeps telling everyone this, yet people act SHOCKED when someone lies.

  54. @DIANA
    Who cares if she lied about crying? Its a game where your worst characteristics come out; manipulating, lying, threatening, cheating etc.

    M/R are the WORST liars ever IMO yet Jj seem to want to keep them knowing this, On top of being the smartest and most physically capable…Ugh so fustrating.

    and didnt m tell jor she plays poker????????????????????????????

  55. If you look at this logically, even though Jeff and Jordan are my favorites, Kevin is playing the game as it is meant to be played.
    Without the lies and backstabbing you wouldn”t even be watching this show, which I must say is my favorite program,.

  56. @gleej

    It’s not about the lying when you are playing the game. It is about the lying when you are trying to have a serious conversation with someone outside the game, which Nat was doing with Jeff! I have not problem with the lying that goes between HG’s when they are making strategic moves, however if outside game playing if you have to question someone’s integrity, then it is best that you don’t associate with that person at all.

  57. I agree with Ken Kevin is playing the best game and all it takes is for natalieir Lydia (or maybe Kevin) to win HOH then the game changes completly which is a reason I love this show

  58. @f team JJ

    You need to read the comments about the lies. Like I said when it is in the game play you expect it, however you have to question the integrity of someone who will lie outside the game play. That is the point I was making!

  59. Does anyone know how Jordan won HOH……I mean what was the competition itself….true or false? how many pens are in a cup? which HG said “yadda yadda yadda”………..

  60. @Jacob

    I think Jeff has a game plan and part of that game is not trying to over power the opposition, so he has thrown a couple of challenges and his compassion toward others comes naturally. I will not be surprise to see him step up and try to win more competitions from here on in!

  61. do you think they will bring someone back? like they did when america voted Kasar back in?

  62. @F team JJ: Wow, you are good, I never thought about why Jeff gave it to Jordan–it makes perfect sense. It seems that Jeff and Jordan are playing this pretty safe for themselves and pretty smart–didn’t think Jordan had it in her.

    I am really made that Kevin did what he did–I hope he doesn’t make it to the end. I want Jeff to win.

    I almost feel sorry for Russell, because he didn’t lie to Jeff about that and I feel he is being loyal to him. Didn’t he tell Michele it was going to be Russ and Jeff to the end or did I read that?

  63. I agree with Jacob Kevin Should Win. if Jeff wants to win he needs to backdoor Russell this week because the next competition is going to be endurance and Russell is really good. If Russell wins, he is going to put Jeff out because Jeff will be hard to beat in the last endurance challenge for the two last places.

  64. Kevin only lied twice
    1 whatever lie he told Jeff
    2 he told Lydia he wouldn’t abuse dae yum yum the unicord

    I may be wrong but I don’t think so

  65. @1is1me & Jacob:

    It bothers me that he lets Nat and Lydia boss him around and he doesn’t do what he wants to do. They just use him and he can’t see it. It would be great if he really went onto Jeff and Jordan’s side. But this whole show he didn’t lie, now the girls want their butts saved and are sacrificing him.

  66. Most lie in the game that is part of the game to stay in the house. Some get powers what ever this happens every year the only think they change the games. I think Lydia will be going she more of a threat because she a harder player then Nattlie. Nattlie gives up to easy. She just has a big mouth. Jeff is a good player he thinks out his moves and makes it. Russell should not be backdoor until the end of the game.

  67. Lisa Donahue in BB3 was the original floater who won zero comps and told no lies (maybe just one at the end) and won 500g`s.

    Brilliant move on jeffs part to allow jordan to win HOH while keeping himself eligible for next week. He now needs to win HOH next week or he could be nominated. Then he`ll need to win POV.

    I think N/L/K`s lie about Russ/Mich planning a final 2 is actually true. But Russ/Mich didn`t tell anyone, the others just think they made it up. How ironic is that?

  68. should have put up Kevin and Natalie since he is the one causing the trouble….yes, hope neither wins the pov….

  69. I heard that cbs was asking america what evicted house guest america would like back. Im not sure thats true or not, but if its not true then I believe america gets a jury vote. Someone on here updated us about r/m wanting to take each other to the end in the splish splash room.

  70. I still say kevin needs to go. He’s gonna be hard to get rid of because he’s “everybody’s” friend.

  71. 3:40 PM Michele telling Jeff that Russell chose Michele because she is a super villain and that J/J are too good.

    seems like M is slowly throwing russ under the bus. Why else would m tell jJ this?

  72. not necessarily… she is HOH. She nominated two people… she will be target. In face, weren’t lydia and kevin already talking about taking out jordan and jeff?

  73. People have and will always lie on BB but there’s a difference between dirty lies and shadey behavior vs. strategic lies to further your game. Natalier, Chima and that entire pack is simply playing dirty and coming off like immature, spoiled, emotionally unstable children. These dolts need to remember that once the show is over they will be going back to their old lives (maybe a couple will get a few more minutes of fame of some other reality show like Celebrity Rehab) but and their antics on the show will follow them forever. Seriously, who would want to hire after watching them on the show? Jeff, Jordon, and Michelle at least haven’t jeapordized their future careers.

  74. If russ wins HOH he will put up jeff and kev. coz with jeff out and him (r) not being able to compete in the next HOH it increases Ms chance of winning HOH and saving russ/m final 2.

  75. Someone asked the definition of coup d’etat – the sudden, forcible overthrow of a government (Webster’s dictionary) I know it’s old news, but I didn’t know if that person got their answer. Still want anyone but Lydia or Nat. to win. Thanks for the updates, all.

  76. Also, when you are as emotional as these girls are, how can you think strategically to get ahead of the game. At least J/J/K/M/R have tried to separate their emotions and concentrate on the game to win the $500k

  77. No not RUSS! I either want him or michele to win! Go Russ and Michele… or Kev… but mostly Russ and Michele. Admit it, they’re the only ones who play the game well =).

  78. The HG that keeps calm and thinks clearly, without losing focus will win this game! The ones who are concentrating on vendetta’s will ultimately lose! Kevin has a point when he tells the girls that they should make ‘nice’ with Jordan, rather than going off and playing ‘mean’.

  79. Oops!

    Forgot to say that Kevin told the girls to play nice until after the POV before they play nasty!

  80. @F teamJJ – you just like picking fights don’t you? As the saying goes.. “ignorance knows nothing higher than itself”. Those dolts are clearly too wrapped up their immature tantrums and scheming to think beyond the moment. Its not that they don’t care how they are behaving, they simply realize how it will affect them later. Nuf said. Next topic please.

  81. I am happy that they have removed Chima from the Big Brother Show. She is clearly one person who ruined the show with her attitude. I have never seen a contestant with such a nasty attitude as hers. I don’t know how the other players could put up with her except Natalie. Natalie also needs to be spoken to. She has a very bad attitude as well. I applaud Jeff, Russell, Jordan, Kevin, and Michelle for putting up with the nastiness of Chima and Ronnie. I am so happy the producers could see the problems she was causing. Jeff is a role model that all players should look to.

  82. Thank you to those who agree with me. It goes to show that the HG’s that are showing maturity are playing the game to win. The HG’s that are playing emotionally and like children are showing how immature they are. I don’t care how old they are, the mentality is childlike!

  83. You are very welcome diana. and your right there are some children in that house.And some poor sport Its a game and if they can,t play like adults they should,nt play at all they should be handed sent home

  84. WHO gives a sh@t how they behave?? It’s a reality show. Are you their parents? Judge how they play the game not their antics. I’ve seen worse behavior than this on other reality shows. The constant attacks ok their behavior is soo overkill at this point. It’s just a game and your JUST a viewer, remember that. You don’t like it no one forces you to watch.

  85. Same goes to you F team JJ. If you don’t like what we write, then don’t read it and most certainly don’t bother responding to it!!!!!

  86. You just love to try to antagonise people, I see it throughout all these forums, so if that makes you happy, more power to you! I have no intention of attacking you or anyone else in this forum. I am merely speculating and expressing my opinions, which I am entitled to as are you!

  87. *IF YOUR A JEFF FAN*At this point in the game Russell is just as big of a threat to Jeff as Natalie and bigger then Lydia. If russells gone this week then jeff wont have to compete against him in the final four,if russell stays and wins hoh (if you think about it) his best move for a chance at the finals, would be to get Jeff out. I think Michele, Jeff and Jordan could steam roll through Kevin, Lydia, and Natalie. Overall I think russell is to strong and smarter then people think on ? comps, to leave in the game at this point.I want jeff jordan or michele to win. If natalie pulls this off and ends up winning, AWESOME MOVE i dont know why but i like natalie so much better now that jesses gone.

  88. Hope Natalie goes first… It would drive Lydia
    crazy knowing Natalie was with Jessie alone wondering what they were doing.

  89. Jay, I agree with you. Russell is indeed a very strong player and as I recall he told Julie at one stage, that he plans on using Jeff and Jessie to see who can take him further, so there is no doubt that he will do the same with the rest of the HG’s to further his game. He is smart – ABSOLUTELY!!

  90. Right now what I am reading and how I interpret these forums, both Jeff, Kevin and Rusell are the focussed ones, so it will be interesting to see which one of these guys slips and ultimately falls!

  91. Id just like to say that not everybody can act cool and calm when there pushed into a corner especialy in the big brother house this long. im a J/J fan because i do think like jeff and jordan. But at the same time i dont dislike the other houseguests for not controling there emotions i dont even hate chima, i respected her game, she is a strong inteligent women who made some supid mistakes and she will pay for them. In the end we all have are opinions and judgments but we shouldn’t take them to far.
    GO J/J!!!!!!!!

  92. diana/ which one out off the house guess do you think is going to win?I,m hoping its jeff but i think it might be russell.He,s play a strong game and it bought him pretty far.

  93. You know Kelly, I am sitting on the fence right now. I would like to see Jeff win because of his moral standards, but I think it could go with any of the other 3 being Kevin, Michelle or Rusell. I don’t think Jordan will win, although I think that America will vote to give her the $25k or is it $20k?

  94. Thanks Jay. I totally agree with you, but it is the HG’s who can stay calm, cool and collected that have the advantage. When you cannot deal with stress, you cannot make rational decisions, therefore the mistakes are made, whether in BB or in the outside world, that is how we tick!

  95. @ jay great to know you aren’t one of the 95% people here who critic analyze to death and shun honest emotion. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  96. jay, I don,t hate chima eigther.Hate is a strong word.I just don,t like the action or commits she has made and I think she owes the public an appolige for what she said about 9/11 that broke my heart to bring to my mine what a sad day that I don,t hate her I just don,t like what she said I also like jeff and jordan and hope they say togther after the show

  97. Diana I think you may be right I see two of your three at the end.I see russel or michele.When the show frist begun I told my husand that I think michele might go all the way only because she smart in it looks like she know what she doing

  98. Jeff and Jordan apparently have both said that the people in the DR room are discouraging them from getting Russel out.

    It sounds to me as if Michelle is playing both sides kind of like how Kevin is. Jeff/Jordan seem to understand that for now, they need both Michelle/Russel.

  99. Kelly, I think she is playing like a chess game, and just waiting for the “Check Mate” that is why I am so surprised that Natalie didn’t use similar strategies and has allowed others to influence her game plan.

  100. I also think what’s bothering Jeff (cause he repeated it severaltimes) was that Russell told him he wanted Jessie gone, then Russell voted to keep Jessie after all. Jeff saved him and then Russell didn’t vote to evict Jessie as he said he would. That supports the Kevin lie, since Jeff remembers what Russell did with the vote.

  101. on a lighter note, i think jeff should definetly ask jordan to marry him. hes never gonna find a girl like jordan. shes such a good person, and gorgeous. They ‘re perfect together.

  102. Just copied this from another site… It looks as though J/J are having a disagreement. This is where they need to keep their heads!

    “Jor wants Jeff to talk to Russ, she doesn’t feel confident and thinks he will get mad at her for what she says – GreenEyes
    Jeff starts getting peeved cuz Jor wants to confront them and find out. Jeff doesn’t think it’s gonna do any good and they don’t have a plan for what to say. He thinks Mi will run out and go tell the other side what happens and he doesn’t want them finding out there is problems on their side. Jor says he is saying the F word alot. He says it one more time for good measure. Jeff says he doesn’t understand what happened to their Final 4 plan. Jor says “we have to come up with a plan” Jeff “What am I the A-team, i’m sick of coming up with plans”

    He says get me outta here he wants to go to the beach. Jokes again about Jor putting his key 2nd and she’s on her own now.

    Jor continues speculating on who gets HOH next and who would they put up. Different senarios….”

  103. russell voted forjessie cause made a promise and he hopes to get his vote in the jury house.

  104. Rus is having his massage and Natalie says “the massage will make him weak for the POV tomorrow”

  105. breaking the rules. She had a meltdown and threw her mic pac in the hot tub and then refused to pay for it.

  106. chima was upset that her power was taken away. CDT
    Michelle nominated china/nat
    Chima doesn’t want to follow rules
    Won’t wear mic, flips off production
    Throws mic in jacuzzi
    Asked to pay for mic(4,000)
    Says fu$k that says iwanna leave and does around 3am fri

  107. I am laughing at the latest convo with J/J and Kev. he works so hard to work on them getting Russ out, leaves pretty confident that he has done so. he walks out and Jor turns to Jeff and says “ok we need to take out one of the girls” LOL

  108. I love how they think she is so stupid. She likes Kevin but she knows he is desperate to keep the girls…

  109. Haze I agree. I think Kevin is just a week too early. If this was next week and Nat was out, I think he’d work on her. I am hoping that Kevin wins POV so that he can show is true colors as he takes one of his friends off the block.

  110. Just wondering whether the convo with J/J/K will tip R/M over the edge, because you know that K is going to tell the girls and it will probably get back to Russell.

  111. Diana, I was wondering the same, BUT really they didn’t say anything that wasn’t true. I think that after the veto, J/J will talk to Russ and Mi about the issues, and then when the girls or Kevin bring it up to R/M, it will be water under the bridge. As long as J/J talk to them first, it SHOULD be fine.

  112. Does anyone know when the pov is going to be held. It is usually on Monday there, shown on Tuesday night’s show.

  113. I hope so Jackie, however given Russell’s outbursts and his seemily paranoia, I am not convinced that he won’t declare war on J/J and try to take them out with M/K/L/N. I guess that is what keeps us glued to our PC’s trying to somehow work through every possible scenario and hoping that our favs. get it.

  114. I can’t believe J-J havn’t figured out Kevin’s story is a lie. They all (J-J-M-R) even commented Saturday night when Natalie, Lydiot and Kevinoodle were sitting in their bedroom whispering. They all said “Scheemerrrsss” at the same time. They knew they were up to something because before that K-N-L were all in bed.

  115. cont…
    Then, all of a sudden Kevin approached Jeff the next morning with the Russell story.

    I really think Russ is sincere in keeping Jeff safe from the block. He was really touched by the actions after the CDT.

    Just my opinion of course.

  116. Don’t forget this is a double elimination I hope neither girl wins the POV. If one does I think it would be good to put up Russel


  118. boy jeff and jordan are screwing up big time, they should know that kev is not one to be trusted he has never hung out with them. and he is up ly and nat ass all the time. wake up you two.. they believe kev then they deserve what they get. they are pretty stupid right now. hope nat goes home .

  119. I hope r/m backstab j/j. They think by keeping their toughest competitors to the 4 they can win? They have to trust their faith in a MMA fighter/paranoid proven liar; and phd neuroscientist/proven liar poker player. Who altogether have won 3hoh and3 POV! Rofl this is sooo funny to watch. Do j/j realize that r/m realze that jj have the best chance of getting majority votes

  120. they need to get nat out this week and if jeff wins hoh they need to put up russ and kevin let him feel what it’s like being on the block.i have a feeling kevin is going to win this game

  121. They are all tiring themselves out trying to plan for every scenario. It’s impossible to do.
    Natalie will have to win POV to save her group. If not, Jordons’ play will set the tone for the rest of the week, and make it easier for Jeff to manuver them to the finals.

  122. I have a question that I was hoping someone could answer? My question is this: Why Michelle could not play in the hoh comp? When Jeff used his “wizard power”, Chima still could compete for the hoh. Can anyone help answer this? Thank you

  123. Here’s my rant on Kevin:

    Kevin has been playing an extremely smart game. He hasn’t lied thus far, and the one “lie” that he told actually turned out to be partially true (the “lie” was about him overhearing that Mich/Russ made a F2 deal with each other and that he will eventually get rid of Jeff soon enough, like F4)

    Kevin is stuck in the “bad people” alliance because R/M/J/J already made a F4 deal and that they were going to pick off the “bad ppl” starting with Jessie, then Chima, then Natalie, etc. It’s just how the cards fell, he didn’t choose his fate, it just happened.

    Kevin is starting to become good in the eyes of Jeff and Jordan, which is GOOD because Jeff/Jordan will send Russel home, then Lydia (or maybe even Michele). He is sitting pretty unless Lydia opens her mouth and Jordan/Jeff finds out that Kevin told them.. which is a possibility.

    On another note, if Kevin were to make F2, he would easily take the money and win. He’s using Lydia/Natalie for their jury votes because he hasn’t completely thrown them under the bus to the “good ppl” alliance. Jessie will probably vote for him, and if Jeff/Jordan backstab Russel and/or Michele, their votes will most likely head towards Kevin..

    Final Words:
    Kevin, I applaud you for your fine playing Big Brother. He’s so smart and sneaky at the same time.. LOVE his game playing.

  124. Oh, P.S.:

    Jeff and Jordan are NOT going to make Final 2 (unless they win consecutive HoH’s). I am 95% sure of it. Sometime soon, the other houseguests are going to realize how close they are and won’t take them to F2. Thus, Michele/Russel/Kevin/Lydia will nominate Jeff and Jordan together soon enough.. whoever is left on the block after Veto is GONE. They’re like a package that needs to be seperated.. (I like them both alot, but it’s just inevitable, IMO)

  125. @fteam jj Go Jeff & Jordan! Michelle & Russell! To the final 4. They earned it. Team Jessie, (you know the gang) all suck & need to go home!

  126. Hey Mike your the same person that said Jessie was coming back? Well, where is your guarantee?

  127. Mike that wasnt a rant.

    I love how Jeff is always trying to get pity for himself, and saying how down in the dumps he was and how he was on the bottom all the time.

    Its like dude, nobody was even coming after you and u were safe for basically the entire the cliques were setup so be quiet.

    I cant stop laughing at the “captain unitard” and just lyida’s whole get-up. its hilarious.

    I dont think Kevin is a threat is physical comps, not because he is gay, just because he isnt.

    I see Kevin, Lydia, and Natalie spliting up soon. maybe a week, 2 at the most.

    I also get the feeling Lydia doesnt want to stay in the game, she wants to go pull a Natalie chasing Matty type thing.

    She doesnt want to stay, she wants to go to Jessie, its so obvious.

  128. iu’ll say it agaIn…the guys on this show just come on to hook up with the ditzy girls..jeef went after jordan from day one..he doesnt even play the game..just lay around with jordan..what a wuss

  129. jeff and jordan suck at this game the ones in the house running it right now are russel and michelle

  130. Isn’t that what Jessie & Lydia did? Then, Jessie wanted to hook up with Gnat. Jessie, King of the wusses’

  131. Hey, Jacob, Guess what Ronnie,& his wife want you & Chima to come over for a pity party. Things did not go your way, (team Jessi). After all, it’s a game. Please inform the rest of team Jessie.

  132. I think her moms are perfect &. should be left just the way they are. I think they are complete idiots to think Kevin is “on their side” enough to vote for them. And I feel so sorry for Russell. He’s really getting screwed for nothing. I just hate Jeff went thru everything & he’s just going to throw it all away. If nothing else, they need to at least get Natalie out before they get rid of one of their own! And they aren’t even giving Russell a chance to defend himself.

    And Michele has something up her sleeve. When she does that fake laugh & starts forgetting everything, I think she’s lying thru her teeth. I can’t quite figure it out, though. She obviously has a big crush on Jeff & it goes right over Jordan’s head. But she seems to have something going with the other side, but tier seems to be zero evidence. She is so weird. I think she wants to go to final two with Jeff which would explain her being the pusher to get Russell out to protect Jeff.

  133. Time for Nat to win a veto! Kev the sugar bear to win the next HOH and Jeff Russ and Michelle to go home.

  134. Things that irritate me about the BB houseguests –

    1. Natalie. She is so lazy. Sits on that red bed all day, eating, and dispensing Kevin to do her dirty work. That way, she can keep saying how her integrity is impeccable…righhhhht. And please, give that girl a nose irrigation. She must have boulders up there. I have never seen anyone pick their nose so much.

    2. Natalie and Lydia chew like pigs.

    3. Michelle’s laugh. Creepy.

    4. Childish behavior, temper tantrums when we don’t get our way.

    Things that make me smile =

    1. Kevin’s Diary room sessions when they evicted Jessie and the girls were bawling. Re -DONK – u – lous!.. cracked me up.

    2. Jordan and Jeff, can be close and care for one another without getting slobbery and exchanging bodily fluids every minute. Classy.

    3. Lydia calling Jordan a whore. HA.. At least Jordan’s DNA has remained on her own clothing.

    4. Imagining what is going to be like when Lydia, Natalie and Chima see what a joke they are to most of respectable America. Re-DONK-u-lous!

  135. nat really just told jordan her and jeff are no where near her target for next week if she gets hoh. i hope jordan doesnt believe this. if russ got backdoored this week who else would she put up? come on how bad of a liar is she really?

  136. Again, I’m new to the show. This is my first season watching. What does “back door” mean?

  137. backdoor means when lets say like what is kinda going on possibly
    nat and lydia are on the block ok and then nat or kevin gets pov and takes off nat so that way they can put russle up for eviction and send him home. basically get someone put on the block that thought they were going to be safe and sending them home

  138. Russell can’t go after Jeff. Jeff and Michelle are bigger targets than he is and if he goes to the end with Jeff he has a decent shot of getting a few votes. Same with Michelle. If Jeff goes away then Natalie and Lydia will try to take him out. It’s that simple.

  139. OK I am a BB lover also. The only time I opt to pay for Showtime on my Dish is when BB is on…OK I normally watch it EVERY night from 12 am until 3 am but WTF happened with that Chima (Chema, however she spelled it?????I was just looking on the net and also had BB 11 on Showtime and started hearing about all the crazy crap that Chima SUPER CRAZY chick going on…From what I have read either she quit or was thrown off of BB and looked like it was talking about it happened on Sat. night….The girl did not deserve to even be able to stay in comp. by going to the Jury house in my opinion…What the hell happened with the BB house guests this year, where in the hell did CBS find most of them…In the loony bin or something…Looks like almost everyone but possibly 5 should have had been screened by top pyschiatrists this season…OK just being nosey wating to know WTF is really going on

  140. chima threw a crazy hissy cause jeff used the cdt and then michelle nominated her for eviction which made her even more mad. so she was practicing for the pov and was told to put her microphone on she refused so i think it was nat or kevin went and got it for her, then she threw it into the hot tub, she was then called to switch her mic and she refused so again they went and got it for her and she refused, then they were all called for a house meeting where producton told chima she would be paying for the mic it would be taken out of her stipened, and she got up saying f that s im out of here and went and pounded on the dr door and said open this d door now dont f with me, they let her in the dr and escorted her out, she lost all her rights to her stipened money for being there every week all of it. and she cant have anything to do with cbs and she will not be in the jury house at all, she is banned fron everything to do with cbs

  141. Chima did cross the line, more than once and deserved to be booted out and I want Jeff and Jordan to be the final 2 and don’t care which one gets it but at least they didn’t have to lie and throw tantrums to get there and Even the majority of America is pulling for JEff, already been proven, of coarse there will always be those who want the freaks or losers to come out on top.

  142. @ f team JJ

    This past weekend, there was a vote for America to say who they were choosing to bring back. I voted for Casey–by the way, he had the most votes of anyone by a landslide–so I feel pretty sure it will be Casey.

  143. @Mary
    I’d be very surprised if anyone comes back – just due to the math. When is Wrap up show? Since everyone but Jessie has been out, giving them a chance to come back, gives them a huge advantage; they know all the secrets. However, I could easily see them bringing Casey back to run an HoH or food comp. It would explain them putting him out of touch, which I heard somewhere that has happened) so he is limited on letting any thing slip.

    Bring Jessie back, has the problem of well why? This would just lead to an other Double eviction week…

    Putting anyone else in to the Sequester house – problem they know too much – as simple as that. Maybe in the future they will keep them all sequestered – personally I’d love if all players who were not EVICTED get a vote – and if it was just 3 so be it.

    Just my 2 cents


  144. I think she should have put up Natalie and Kevin. Kevin and Natalie both need to go.
    Kevin is a slacker.

  145. Jeff & Jordon need to confront everyone together regarding the alliance’s. That way they will all be scrambling to cover their a**.

  146. i agree tammy if they put everyone in a room over this lie nat will be caught.i hope she goes this week then lydia or kevin,they can draws straws on those 2.but kevin is the biggest threat between the 2 of them ( i like him )so he should stay and compete b/c he has earned it.i really hope that j/j r/m can hold it together until the final 4 .then play to win indavidually. i think michele possibly could leave unless she saves her self to be in the final 3.meaning in the final 4 not 6.

  147. Lydia and Natalie are perfect as nominees. There should be no backdooring of Russell. Get one of these two odd females out of the house.

  148. I think Jordan did the right thing at this point in the game by her nominations. I hope Nat goes out. Kevin is a good player, and though I hate his alliances, I respect his game more than Russells. Putting Russell on the block right now would blow it. They still need him until after this week. Michelle will win this game if they don’t get out. Plus I think she has been deliberately losing competitions to stay under the rader. I hope they don’t underestimate her…she is dangerous and will win if they don’t pay attention. As much as I am sick of Lydia, whoever said that she would be perfect to take to the final two is pretty smart! (Love the new nicknames Lydiot and Natalier! How true, ha!)

  149. i just hope jordan goes with getting nat out. her and jeff need to call a house meeting in living room with everyone.then ask russ and mich about what kev told jeff. then they will get the lier.

  150. Great to see someone besides Natalie, Chima, Lydia and the other side in controll……Jeff & Jorden would be great at the end! And even a couple……..Very Sweet together!!

  151. Watch out for Kevin to win it all. They are trusting the wrong person. They need to get him out along with Natalie and Lydia. If this happens, we will see a great ending.

  152. @ juacob….I love Kevin, however he has lied more than twice! LOL Remember when he & Lydia came up with the lie on Michelle & went running into HOH room to tell Nataliar & squarehead…..oops! Jessie?

  153. Does anyone else love Kevins DR time? I was cracking up to his response to the Witches of Eastwick’s CryFest09 after Jessie got the boot! LOL

  154. @ Susan…girl, you crack me up everyday! We feel the same way! THe chewing & the nose picking is driving me INSANE! LOL

  155. Viewing the show in which Chima was removed, was the right decision. I have never seen such a disgusting person in my life. I am also upset with Natalie as well. She deserves to be sent home as well. These people should understand the rules and if they don’t like it, they are gone. I also feel Lydia is the same. They don’t like it, then leave. I hope in the future they are more stricter with these people.

  156. @Lisa If BB would bring back Jessie and Ronnie you bet J/J would be back on the block.

  157. I agree with Dick. Chima pet, Nataliar, and Lydiot knew the rules when they entered the house. They also knew that there would be twists. Instead of acting like morons, they should just play the game.

  158. watching tonight episode I think Lydia should be thrown out of the house also, after the stunt she pulled, what are they little kids, she forgets is a game, hope one of them two gets evicted thursday, Lydia or Natalie.

  159. Jordan is too dumb to be on the show! Depending on this weeks eviction, the next hoh should put jeff and jordan on the block. Michelle and Russlle wouldn’t know what to do(they would probably hate each other all over again).

  160. Comment # 236, Mike, the pity party for team Jessie is over. Ronnie got the fair and square. Jessie got the boot fair & square. Remember that both Brayden & Casey got back doored too. So they should have the right to come back? It’s only fair, your words exactly.

  161. Wow! what a class act Lydia is! What grace, what charm- wish she was my daughter! gag!
    how long has she been out of her rubber room?

  162. Jacob, u said earlier that Jeff should grow some balls…well I can say the same about Kevin.. Go team J/J but I think if Jeff or Jordan want a shot in winning $..I think they should take either Russel or Michele to final

  163. Send Russell Home Now before it’s too late. Time for Kevin to win the next HOH and Veto

  164. Good job Lydia, time to make that house sober. Dump all the junk food and save all your friends from getting diabeties. You are a true friend to all the thankless folks in your house. Go Team Lydia.

  165. Time for the surviver twist. With Lydia getting rid of all the junk maybe it will make the rest of the house guest see what they are doing. NOT! Kevin needs to win that POV and take Lydia off the Block. Good bye Russell.

  166. Comment # 248 Mike Moore, This not the game “Survivior”. What are you thinking? Lydia wants to leave the BB house so she can spend a week with Jessie. Kevin has done all that he can for Lydiot. He has to stand up for himself. If he does, Kevin will win the money. Kevin does not need Lydiot.

  167. In my opinion ( I know- they’re like a-holes, everybody has one and they all stink ) I think the final two on BB have and will always be the two that have played the GAME the best. How did they get there otherwise? I can’t always believe the best PLAYER wins the game because of the bias in the jury ie… voting against someone because of clashing personalities rather than for someone because they played a better game. So if you have to hate SOMETHING– hate the game, not the players.

  168. Natalie needs to go simply because she needs to be in the jury house in order to speak for Jessie (and it would burn Lydia’s butt to know that Nat is getting the “jessie time” and not her!)

  169. I’ve been on JJ’s team this whole time but would prefer to see Kevin in F2 instead of one of em… I’m on and off about M and R just becayse they have played the game well thus far but are not my favorite people. Lydia and Natalie are least likely to go the the F2. This is when it gets interesting, because now honest players start scheming, example Kevin tells a lie for the first time to advance himself and split team JJ and MR. Kevin’s best bet is either R or M is backdoored either this HOH or next HOH, or he can just win next HOH. Can’t really say what will happen because there are a ton of comps left to take whoever to the end and there is no REAL strong competitor just weak ones like L and N. Lol

    Go Kev!!

  170. I was really happy with Jordans pick, though I hope Kevin is close behind. He has shown his true colors as well.

  171. I had been wondering if anyone might possibly figure out just what exactly the midterm elections might suggest for free college awards. It appears to be the Republicans will look to cut anything they can cut knowning that probably means awards for higher education. I don’t grasp how they feel this country is ever going to be competitive, if the actual price of higher education continues to climb, but grants end up being more challenging to obtain. It’s distressing to think I’ll be in debt $40,000 or more along with not knowing if I may possibly get a job after I graduate in this tight economy.

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