Big Brother 11 has shifted into overdrive with last night’s expulsion of Chima from the game. Despite having planned a double eviction and having the first default eviction last night, Big Brother decided to scuttle Michele’s reign as HoH and held a second Head of Household competition.

This afternoon, after a three hour HoH competition, the live feeds are back and a new HoH has been crowned. Click “continue reading” to find out who won…

Big Brother 11’s Jordan is now HoH. Congratulations on her first big win!

The drama doesn’t stop there though. Since the live feeds returned a few minutes ago the house has been on fire as Lydia, Natalie, and Michele have exploded into fights. The entertainment factor is cranked up to 11 here folks, so test out the uncensored feeds with the Free Trial and see what’s happening right now.

Jordan will announce her nominations on Monday, so Sunday will have plenty of time for scheming and fighting in the Big Brother house.

Side note to the competition: Natalie may have won a phone call to home while Lydia is stuck wearing Jen’s infamous red unitard from Big Brother 8. Take a guess who is pissed off and letting it be known…

I’ve never seen so much action in this house! You can get the 24/7 uncensored feeds with the Free Trial so why are you waiting?!.

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