Big Brother 11 Week 6: CBS To Air Chima Eviction Tonight + Monday Live Feed Highlights

Tuesdays on Big Brother 11 are usually Power of Veto competition and ceremony episodes, but thanks to Chima and her successful efforts to be evicted from the game this weekend, those plans have been sunk. Instead tonight’s Big Brother episode will feature all the awesome events leading up to Chima’s removal and will also likely include the second HoH competition and follow-on noms.

If you haven’t caught up on the details of Chima’s eviction you’ll definitely want to crank up your live feeds and use the Flashback feature to see what you missed starting at 10PM on Friday night. Don’t have the live feeds yet? No problem, you can sign-up right here and get started with the Free Trial.

CBS will have to heavily edit down the 5-hour span of events to fit them within a small segment tonight so if you want to see it for yourself the live feeds will be your only option to watch Chima’s meltdown and removal.

With the house moving at break-neck speeds I don’t want to leave you hanging with what’s happening inside the game. Let’s take a look at what happened yesterday in anticipation of today’s Power of Veto events.

Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 17, 2009:

9:00 AM BBT – Michele is talking game with Jordan. Asks her if Russell has been quizzing Jordan over her plans to nominate a replacement if the PoV comes to that. Jordan says he hasn’t. Talk turns to Michele’s student loan debt and how she hasn’t been able to save any money. Sounds like sympathy talk to me, but could be sincere.

9:30 AM BBT – Despite Jordan’s earlier talks with Jeff about backdooring Russell she is starting to realize the damage that would do to her numbers’ advantage. Jordan tells Michele that she doesn’t want to see Russell go this week and would prefer to get Natalie out now, but she acknowledges how hard it’ll be to evict Russell later. Jordan says that if Russell gets the PoV it’ll definitely be Natalie leaving on Thursday.

10:00 AM BBT – Michele and Jordan discussing the benefits to taking Lydia to the Final 4 over Russell because she’d be easy to beat and would crack without her friends in the house.

10:45 AM BBT – Kevin, Natalie, and Lydia in the backyard sweating the pending nominations. Natalie is sure that Jeff is making all the calls this week with the noms (he’s not). They’re worried that Russell will tell Jessie about their Jessie-bashing session when/if he goes to the Jury house.

1:00 PM BBT – Live Feeds are back and as suspected Jordan has nominated Lydia and Natalie.

1:15 PM BBT – Kevin is trying to talk Natalie and Lydia back from the brink of crazy. They want to go nuts in the house and cause problems. He tells them to play for PoV first but don’t do anything so bad they could be removed. Kevin says he’s getting tired of the immature hissy fits and doesn’t want to play with people like that. Kevin, come over to the other side! Abandon that sinking ship, the USS Natalie & Lydia.

1:30 PM BBT – Kevin trying to convince Lydia to go to Jordan and plead her case. Lydia says it’d be too fake. Kevin tries to explain that this isn’t the real world, this is Big Brother and in here you play by certain rules. I’m liking Kevin more and more. He’s a very smart player and J/J/M/R are totally underestimating him by not trying to eliminate him as soon as possible.

1:30 PM BBT – Jeff and Jordan planning how to confront Michele and Russell about the rumored alliance they have to eliminate Jeff and Jordan instead of going to the Final 4 as they planned. This was a lie planted by Kevin and Natalie.

1:50 PM BBT – Russell and Michele talking game and how their strategies have worked so well this far in the game. Russell says going lone-wolf has been the best move he’s made and letting Jessie take the role of team captain kept the heat off his back and instead made Jessie the target.

3:00 PM BBT – Jeff and Natalie are having a nice talk about the game. Natalie is pretty down on her chances and Jeff is doing a good job of encouraging her. She’s trying to ask why he wanted to keep Russell over Jessie. Jeff explains that he saw Jessie as the head of the snake. He’s right. Things crumbled fast for the “other” side with Jessie’s eviction.

3:25 PM BBT – Natalie backtracks to Chima’s eviction and explains how the Diary Room told Chima she’d have to follow the rules, but Chima refused to promise that. BB explained they’d have to remove her if she couldn’t promise to stick to the rules of the game. Chima told them to send her home then. Stubborn like a mule and $500,000 poorer for it.

6:15 PM BBT – Jeff complaining about Michele blocking his time with Jordan because she stayed upstairs in the HoH room last night. That’s not cool, Michele. Jordan wants to confront Russell about the betrayal rumor, but Jeff says it’s not the right time.

6:30 PM BBT – Kevin goes to talk game with Jordan in the HoH room. Jordan admits that Russell keeps pushing to get Kevin nominated. Well that’s a smart move! Kevin tells Jordan that Natalie wants to nominate Russell. Kevin tells her he’s suspicious of Michele allegiance.

7:00 PM BBT – Russell is out back get a professional massage under a big canopy tent. Very fancy. Phew, it’s a female masseuse. Heh.

7:45 PM BBT – Kevin reports the success of the “last minute lie” they used to put a wedge between Jeff & Jordan and Michele & Russell. J/J don’t know which one is lying, but now believe that one of them is not telling them the truth.

9:30 PM BBT – Kevin talking more game with Natalie and Lydia. He’s confident his words with Jordan have convinced them to go after Russell with the promise that he’d join their side and control Natalie and Lydia. He already does. Kinda.

11:30 PM BBT – Talk turns to Jessie and how he had the girls wrapped around his finger. Lots of funny talk about the situation, nothing too serious. Natalie denies being at his beckoned call, but others assure her she was.

The clock on Big Brother 11 is winding down and as it does the game play and strategy ratchets up. This is some of the most exciting times in the game and the HGs realize how close they are to winning a half-million dollars.

Later today we’ll have the Power of Veto competition results so keep checking back. This event may be critical in deciding who leaves next. If Russell can play and win I’d expect Natalie to be heading to the Jury house, but if not we may see a surprising backdoor eviction. Well, at least surprising to the one evicted!

You can catch all of these events using the Tivo-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now and watch it all live and uncensored for just 50 cents a day!

Julie Chen teases details of Chima’s expulsion on The Early Show:


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  1. Sounds to me as if CBS is going to run Chima into the ground tonight for her actions over the past week!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  2. After just watching the little segment with Julie off of the Today show I hope that CBS buries Chima in this entire deal. Chima talked sh*t the entire time. I know what you are thinking, but someone needs to make her understand that you cannot act like that on TV even if that is not how she normally would act………although I think we saw Chima’s true colors!!!!

  3. I do not believe that Jeff/Jordan/Michele are that dumb to evict Russell this week. Why hasn’t Jeff even asked Russa direct question -Why did you not vote out Jessie? That answer will clear alot of things up. Russ is the one who is getting used by Kevin and the Girls.

  4. I hope Natalie goes homes this week. Then they need to send Russell home. He is trying to play averyone. No one shuld trust him, but use him to get Natalie out. Kevin is playing a very smart game. Trying to stay in the middle as a mediator. I tink Jeff and Jordan better starting questioning Michelle and Russell or they will be going home. I am going to love to see Queen Chima g down. I hope they show the best parts tonight. This is the best season ever. You have a little of everything going on in the house. Go BB.


  6. Natalie put Kevin up to do her dirty work just as she manipulated Jesse. She need to go. Russell has gotten the raw deal with Chima and Natalie. I think Natalie is trying to get Chima revenge. I hope Kevin get caught up in his lie. (not lie)

  7. Hi Matt i got your e-mail on the Block notification but the reason why is i pushed the box that said Block notification so my daughtor fix it for me cause i am a dumba@$ but any ways thanks Matt for rsponding back to me on that ok sweetie oh Matt YOU ROCK!!!!!

  8. At the end of one of last weeks shows Julie said that this week was a double eviction. !!!! It would be fitting to just go on and hold a regular evicion! And not do the new HOH and mess up the schedule!
    But either way…I’m feeling very excited and happy about the way things are going! Love you BB

  9. disappointed thats a good point i agree with you and i dont care what people my say but I LOVE RUSS HE IS HOT AND Playing the game.

  10. Sunday’s show was so disappointing after reading all the updates here, it just drew out Chima’s boot off the show. Anyway, tonight should be better. I’m anxious for the show to be down to Russ,Kevin,Jordan, Jeff & Michelle. You know they’ll all do whatever they have to to stay alive, that’s the game. It will be fun to watch. I wish BB would be stricter with the rules of the house. I hated it when Russ & Chima were so much in each other’s face. I was so afraid someone would hit somebody. They shouldn’t let things escalate like that. And I don’t see any reason for them to allow the terrible language and remarks made to fellow HGs. In the famous words of Penny from Big Bang Theory – “Crap on a cracker”, that should be the strongest language we hear. I know, it’s not Sunday school but people should be more civil to each other. But, it’s high school, maybe that’s how people talked to each other in HS.

  11. russell shuld win the POV …..please do tht …becas ur the real game player ………i want u to be in the final2…..

  12. Russell is really good to all ..he teased people who lied his behind and bitched him … he ran after Ronnie , because he was a liar who manipulated things …then he fought with chima ‘cas she lost her plot …..finally he ditched Jessie and re framed his new Allie with Michelle because Jessie framed a strong alliance with chima, nataliar and lydiot ….Now he is swingin donno who he can really trust …. I want him badly to win the POV and be safe and send home Natalie …..Jeff has time to flirt with Jordon who is really matured and cool guy who forgot his game in front of Jordon ….so poor Jeff even if u go home I don’t bother …but Russell or Michele should be in the final 2 and all the other three dickheads must be thrown out very soon …………

  13. Like the rest of america I was so happy to see Chima take the train if anybody gives bb an america a bad name ite this stupid bitch.

  14. Hi all I,m so ecited for tonight show I wish I could make it 900pm. I love wacthing that show evening my 2 year old know everyone by name.she love to say jordan i think she may be a jordan fan lol.

  15. Wish we could see the true melt down instead of the watered down version. Wonder if she is on meds or not or is she just that crazy?

  16. I am so happy that Kevin and Lydia at least figured out that Chima screwed them by acting like a child. She never belonged on this show. I almost quit watching it because of her actions. I think the woman has some sort of entitlement problem and those people never learned in their entire lifetime to play well with others. I’m afraid she will someday be a bitter old woman and all alone. Sad for her. Not sure if that OLD DOG can learn new tricks!!

  17. ChimaFan why would we stop its that part of the show and that her being in there made it big for alot of new fans to join am i right?

  18. I’m just glad that last night they finally acted like real people and were having a little fun and laughing. I didn’t appreciate it when the were going to say something good and the show would flip to the other room and show Lydia sleeping, or when Kevin and Natalie were playing cards. I think Natalie has come around and decided to get to know the other side so she could make a better judgement call of them if she leaves. Either way good luck to all the players it’s a better house now.

  19. Hi Kelly im not from where you are but in Californa and that is sooo cute that your little girl is a BIG BROTHER FAN AND SHE KNOWS THAT JORDEN IS A CUTTIE PIE AND A SWEET HEART

  20. ChimaFan i think Chima was the big Entertainer in the big house too she made me watch just to see what hell she can bring the next day.

  21. Thank God that hateful b**ch Chima Pet is gone, I can’t wait to see the show tonight.

    Chima has made a fool of herself

  22. Okay…like I keep saying KEVIN needs to go. Lydia is whorish… Natalie is pathetic… Michelle is funny… Russel is hot… Jeff is strategic…Jordan is just cute!

  23. I feel bad for chima. I don’t think she understands what she has done to her reputation. She signed up to play a game. Then when things didn’t go the why she wanted she went nuts. What a cry baby. Going back to her real life is gonna suck for her.

  24. THANK GOD CHIMAS GONE, go on youtube and see kevin chump ronnie its histerical, big brother afterdark 8/3/09

  25. I totally agree with the fact that when Chima goes back to her real life it is not going to be so good. She was so nasty in the houseit was unreal.All I can say is that crazy women was lucky to be in the house as long as she was. IO thinkthat Nat really needs to go, she is really starting to turn people against eachother and the next thing everyone will know, she will be in the top 2. Jordan and Jeff need to see that she is just trying to get back at them for getting her beloved Jessie out of the house. SHe is not just going to sit there and say look I will be your friend if you be mine. SHe was Jessies rat and she is going to keep being is rat, because “they’re playing the game for Jessie”. I still cannot they sat around the tabel and cryed over him being gone, I STILL lauph when I think of Kevins faces and comments when that was going on. I think that you all are right also about Kevin being a threat. That guy has yet to be NOMINATED! he has threatwriten all over his face!

  26. lol i love when the at the end of sunday’s episode, the guy was like…”and tune in as one houseguest SELF-DESTRUCTS and is removed form the game.” lmfao!

  27. Russ was terrible to HG. He didnt “tease” He had a whole meeting about bashing michelle. Then he called her psycho and crazy in front of everyone. He berated Jeff coz he spelled technotroniks. He followed ronnie and repeatedly called him ronnie the rat and fabricated a whole convo, yet ppl here seem to think ron was the worst liar; Unbelievable. This site is so 95% russ= hawt!
    jor=soo adorabable

    lydia= skank, childish baby
    nat= manipulator, liar

  28. her 15 minutes of fame are up lets move on. hopefully she can get her life back in order without to much backlash. Hopefully she isn’t like that in real life and she can turn the other cheek. Insults can’t hurt you unless you are the one saying them. The house is a calmer happier house and that’s the way it should be.

    P.S. I hope she doesn’t get on t.v. again because I don’t think america would be able to handle it, I know I couldn’t.

  29. After watching Chima’s escalating out of control behavior this season, I can’t help wondering if BB requires mandatory psych evals for all potential HGs.

  30. # 37 so you do watch the show and your right Michelle is smart and Jordan is so adorable and she isn’t as dumb as you said she was in earlier days, I don’t think she’ll win, but I like the way she plays the game and her actions are more commendable than Lydia’s or Natalie’s. I believe Michelle has the best shot at winning this game.

  31. ok i dont see where jesse did anything bad…

    I see Natalie without a gameplan now that he is gone

    Now, im at the point where im back rooting for russ.

    I hope jessie finds out about the comments, he NEVER had bad feelings towards either girl, he even tried to make them friends…did not work TILL he left.

  32. the fact is chima screwed more than the HG’s she messed up the game…when she left, it offset ALL the power, it made lydia/nat speak, how awful…seriously.

  33. you know, i just thought of something. I bet the reason why Lydia and Nat want to leave is b/c they want to be the first in the jury house to be all ALONE w/ Jesse, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  34. ‘Big Brother is a Hot A$$ Mess’ on youtube reveals what will probably go on between Jesse, Lydia, and Natalie (because of what was rumored to have happened while Jesse was still in the house) if they end up in the jury house alone. Karrie said it for us…Ewwwwwww.

  35. #37, did you know that the Ronnie ordeal was planned? Russell was bringing Ronnie food all along and everybody soon figured it out. Also, he and Jeff are now laughing about Technotronics, that was also planned. Russell confronted Michelle and that’s when the blowup happened. Michelle admitted the other night to Jordan that it was 85% true.


  37. karrie…i couldn’t agree with you more on that.

    F teamJJ-

    Ronnie was the worst liar. If he was actually good at it like the rest of em, he wouldn’t have gotten caught. And yes…95% of the ppl on this site do say the same things…and that would be because we are all watching the same show.

    As for Chima… well i just hope they show her for who she really is to everyone. I don’t feel one bit bad for her. Sure, there is a lot of pressure and room to crack in that game, but somehow everyone (with the exception of Russ at times) has managed to keep some kind of decent composure. She still has a lot of hatred in her heart about what happened to her. And while I understand that, it doesn’t justify her immature and ignorant behavior.


  39. Hey Kenny when you said i sound like i should work for IHOP IS that a good thing or bad??? But any ways i love to cook for my hubby:)

  40. Love Julie Chen, very funny.

    I had no idea it became a suprise to Jordan & Jeff that Michelle lies, and Russ will come after you.


    I also had no idea that just by Natalie and Lydia saying this would happened, it picked up so much steam like its not known.

    Im so rooting for Natalie to win this POV. If their was any thing u had to win, this is it. This is 4th quater, 00:01 left, to tie up the game and go to overtime. Ur in windy city Chicago haha. Make the kick!

    Kevin is a good player. Whats different about him and Jordan is Kevin actually had the strategy of keeping low. He never tried to win anything, and the fact that sadly its human nature to assume sents he is gay he is a weal competitor, nobody really challenged him or anything.

    Whoever wins hoh this week, YOU MUST send hom Jeff.

    You will get the votes from Michelle, Russell, Lydia/Natalie, and Kevin.

    Is Brett Favre serious? So sick of him.

    I think the thing about tonights episode that will intrigue the fans is NOT seeing Chima leave, because u fan you already know about it, but to see how it was editied. After hearing Julie it doesnt seem that their going to try to clean her up to good.

    I hope next time i check in i can read

    “POV results are in . . . . . Natalie won!!”

  41. I am so so so glad that Chimoss has gone – so tired of the whining and looking at those big lips.

  42. I hope they find out soon what kevin really up to I think it would be a surpize to every one june if they do decide to get rid of kevin that is a good idea

  43. I CAN NOT wait to see Chima’s a$$ booted off the show tonight. It’s about time! As soon as the show doesn’t go exactly her way, she FREAKS out. Looks like little miss DIVA can dish it out but can’t take it, as soon as she’s on the bottom. The casting this year is really strange. Many of the HGs are not mentally stable or are psychotic/deranged. I agree with Lady Lou…some psych evals should be mandatory before getting cast – then maybe BB wouldn’t have to be removing uncooperative psychos from the house.

    Russ just comes across as a roid-raging spaz. He rarely negotiates in a civil matter…its always accusations on people or acting like an immature bully.

    I would be happy seeing Michele, or Jeff win. Both Jeff and Michele have actually been playing the game – they lays low when need be and step up their game when they need to. They don’t intention cause $&*! in the house and they play hard when it comes to POV and HOH challenges.

    Anyone up against either of them in the final two will LOSE! Kevin and Jordan rode their way through the game…Russ and Lydia are both nut jobs. And Chima, well, she DIDN’T EVEN have the chance to get voted out like any normal HG and had to be removed HAH…karma’s a B*TCH!

  44. This season has been so volatile because of Chima. It will be great to see her leave with all her fireworks, attitude and insults. She needs professional help. I agree that Kevin needs to go very soon. He is such a manipulator. Hopefully, someone will see him for what he is very soon. I hope J/J are the final two and win. They have earned my respect. They are genuinely nice people.

  45. BBfanatic you said it iagree and yes i love Jeff and Michelle too and want them to go to the finales but i like Russ too but tonight is the night to see that Chima cry out the door HALALUYA THANK YA JESUS!!!!!

  46. @toni
    i completely agree with all your posts, you have pretty much said everything i would have.

  47. I would like to see Kevin nominated. If that happens, he will work overtime on everyone which would (hopefully) backfire. All his lies and sneakiness will come back to haunt him.

  48. Hexum THATS ME!!!!LOL!! Just call me pudding brains thats what my family calls me but any way where i lack brains my heart take over so i have a BIG HEART LOL!!


  50. June I think your right kevin is a smart person if they don,t cacth on soon then he,ll probley win.And hexum are you saying that all the people who ork at Ihops are dumb,That can,t be do dumb if there bringing home a pay check.I never knew this was a sight to insult people.

  51. Russ was just talking to M and said that he doesnt feel part of the Jj team, that only michelle is his partner. Russ said that he WONT drop for jess in an endurance comp. he asked m if she would, she said NO!

  52. I love you Kelly but it doesnt matter i am 49 years old and my friends and family said they wouldnt tread me for nothing even if i dont have brains i am sooo loved just look at Jorden thats me but older and red hair.

  53. I really really don’t understand how people can get a feel of who is going to win! Seriously its a crapshoot. I watch the feeds and After Dark, and each day its talk of someone else going up and going home. It doesn’t stop! In the end, I think it depends who talks to the HOH right before the voting takes place that matters.

  54. F team JJ i LOVE RUSS AND MICHELLE AND I LOVE Jeff and Jorden so if Russ and Michelle are the two at the end? I would want Michelle to win but if Jeff and Jorden are then i would want Jeff.

  55. June i,m happy that your a love person.I don,t like people who pick on other its unfair no one perfect.I think you are a sweet women.i,am a 30 years old and i,m not perfect eighter i have three beatiful kids. that range from the ages 10 /2/and 9 month.

  56. I would love to see the look on Ronnie’s face if Michelle wins. She has always sat there and just taken his harsh remarks – despite him being the one that was actually the ‘worst person in the house’. Seeing that face would make my freaking DAY/Summer! F U RONNIE…huge TOOL

  57. I would want Russ over M. even though Im not a fan of either. Russ has a WAY better chance of winning (votes wise)

  58. I like jeff and jordan but i said to my husband from the being michele might win it if she does then shes desevre it just like i think russ does too.

  59. FTeamJJ- I rarely agree with you. I am a JJ fan but I love that you are very vocal about your opinion. America should give you a special prize as biggest fan! Do you ever sleep?

  60. Nat has a boyfriend? You me she has a boyfriend and a concubine!!! LOL!!! Oh and not to mention a girlfriend. Its gonna be the bb first threesome in the jury house, blah. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (barffing in my mouth) NASTY! I cant believe they are letting Jesse bring them down to loserville b/c they are so in love head over heals for him, YUCK!

  61. nat needs to go this week, i hope like crazy, russ wins POV. then keep noms the same, and votes out nat. maybe then they will FINALLY trust him a little. other than the vote to keep jesse, which was such a bad move, what did russ do that was so bad? the chima thing was provoked by a lie and personal stuff. he made a few deals to keep his butt in the game, which they ALL do. and he kept his word to jeff, going against his own team. what more does j/j want, promise of his firstborn? come on, get rid of the jesse posse.. then fight it out in the final 4…just my opinion.

  62. Kelly chareish the moments with your littles cause they grow up soo fast and i am looking at my son right now and he is 21 he is the baby and is 6 foot 4 but any ways go Jeff.

  63. BBFanatic good point i would love to see Ronnies face too HAHAHAHA!!!!Oh my son said if you spell it with ie at the end then its means he spells it like a girls way? (Ronnie) is that how he spells it?

  64. Well cant wait untill tonight but any ways got to go for now my son wants to get a video game at block busters.

  65. What in the world is wrong with Jordan? Why doesn’t she show Jeff a little bit of affection? Is it because she doesn’t really like him? We need more J/J action, they are so cute together. I know grandpa is watching but come on….. Also, can anyone tell me how to get the live feed? I signed up a week ago and have not been able to get the actual live feed.

  66. annomo did you down load the real player.and I think jordan won,t give jeff to much affection is because she probley afriad of disappointing her family if she does that on tv I think that when they are alone is when they will get closer

  67. no result on veto. I think there doing that tommorew. I,m not sure,I know thing got change at the bb house when chima left.

  68. @Budman

    LOL of course I sleep! I don’t even stay up till 3 to watch BBAD, I record it ^_^ I’ve been watching BB since season 6. I wish I saw all seasons but I was like 11 when it came out. Not many 11 yr olds watch BB do they?

  69. Thanks for the response. Yes, I did download real player. Could you give me step by step directions? The “help” people were “no” help

  70. If you were Chima, would you put BB on your resume? Don’t most of the contestants use this to further their career?

  71. @f team jj your like 16 years old?? No way?!? Def would have guessed a middle aged man who is mad at the world! Just saying :)

  72. you have to go into real player sign in your name in password in it should work that what i did.let me know if that work annomo

  73. if you already sign in to big brother live feeds you can press the yellow button where it said big brother live feed in it should go to the live feeds if it ask you to sign in write in your password in name. hope this help you annomo

  74. I read somewhere that POV was going to be aired tonight. I guess that was a false rumor.

  75. F Team JJ is a Natalie fan so she is propably lying about her age to throw us all off and cut her some slack!

  76. june, i think that song is ‘I Gotta Feeling’ by the Black-eyed Peas.
    though i’m a chima/lydia fan, your posts are so funny and sweet; lol.
    try out for big brother 12 :]

  77. I am going to try out for BB12. Hubby thinks i’m nuts but I truly doubt I’d be called!

  78. no matter what happens on big brother I just have to say you are the funniest people to read. It’s good to see you all rooting for your favorites and voting against the people that are against your people (person) .

    I believe at this point everybody is deserving of the prize. Although Lydia is crying thats her game, it’s a bad game but a game non the less. Kevin throwing Russell under the bus is a good move if he doesn’t get caught, while Natalie getting him to start the rumor was good game on her part. Jordan being the girl that every body can talk to and being sweet is a game that has helped her and she isn’t as dumb as everybody thinks. As for Jeff ,Russell and Michelle they need to keep winning or they will be in trouble. Good luck to all house guests especially you Michelle

  79. natalie should go this week.
    i would much rather it be russell but jordan is starting to wise up and think about their numbers for next week.
    as long as russell or jeff is out the door next week, i’ll be a happy camper; to quote jessie. :)

    i’m all for chima and girl power!
    kevin too, he’s basically a girl. :)

    michelle is so awkward at times it makes me cringe. and when she lies it’s so unbelievable. if i was in that house i would see through her so easily. what’s wrong with them?!

    russell is IMO the second ugliest guy in the house. i hope you didn’t have to stop and think of the first, lol. russ has terrorized so many houseguests and he still is let off the hook? whatev.

    natalie is weak.

    kevin is the smartest player in that house this entire year. i will be surprised if he doesn’t win. go kev!

    jeff has won ZERO competitions.
    good looks and dumb brains will take you far i guess?

    jordan is so cute!
    she’s 100% real.
    and she’s won herself an HOH, unlike her boytoy.
    go jordan. :)

    my favorite from the biginning.
    i think she’s way underestimated.
    or maybe i’m just putting too much faith in her.
    if natialie goes this week, then kevin the next, followed by russell, michelle chooses lydia for f2 and screws jeff, jordan loses the final hoh, and lydia becomes a finalist. :)

    random scenario, but it’s possible!

  80. i still miss laura.
    she would’ve been a force to be reckoned with.
    maybe another janelle?

    thanks a lot ronnie.

  81. @chlymidia: Jeff won CDT and he would have won HOH if not for Russell begging & dealing. I think he’s also won a POV, didn’t he? What has Natalie won or Lydia won?

  82. If they learn nothing else from this, these guys are learning to deal with the girls’ periods and even talk about them, to an extent. More than I can say about a lot of other men, where mention the word and they run the other way!

  83. I really think if Nat or Lydia win the POV, Jordan should put up Russ to help reduce the big players. Kevin, Lydia or Nat haven’t won anything yet so at this point they aren’t really big threats yet. (Make them suffer without Jessie even longer) I’m cheering for Jeff but it’s really anyones game at this point.

  84. i respect all the houseguests and all of your opinions.
    i was just giving mine.
    jeff is strong i suppose but he’s just thrown competition after competition.
    the CDT was given to him, therefor he did not compete in a challenge and win.
    america likes charming, so he rightfully won.
    jeff is an amazing person, but i’m just not a big fan, :/

    like i said, natalie is weak.
    and i’m probably overrating lydia.
    if lydia has been pokerfacing with her strength in competitions, this would be perfect timing to win, win, win.

  85. honu 9- I completely agree with your assessment! I am a JJ fan though. Unfortunately Jordan will never win because nobody will take her to F2 because she would win hands down. So if Jeff can keep from getting ruined by Operation Bosley,I think he is in the drivers seat. That was smart of Natalie to get Kevin to do her dirty work and unfortunately for team JJ, it looks like it might work.

  86. @i thank you for that song sweetie of the black eye peas and ya i want to get on the big brother house so (i) lets me and you get on and be buddies ok and we will stire up the house like Chima well not that bad even if you like Chima its all good and i do hope she will be ok out of the house and i know she will.

  87. hey, when they show chima walking out the front door tonight, they should play that new version of ‘goodbye’. lmfao i would love watching that.

  88. @i me to i liked Laura now she was smart it was like she could read what people were doing right and my hubby likes her boobies LOL! But lets see who wins next week and i hope its russ just to see what he would.

  89. just for the record, jeff won POV and took himself off the block (week 2?)otherwise he would have been voted out. that was also a crucial play for him besides the CDT.

  90. your right michelle he did win pov I beleave it was when ronnie put up jeff in laura he won pov in took him slef off

  91. Wouldn’t it be in Jordan’s best interest to get out the big players and then weed out the little ones? Like Michelle, Russ? They are the other true players, showing they are playing the game.

  92. i have watched all 11 seasons and this is the 1st year i watched BBAD. I respect everyones opinions, but Jeff to me seems to have the most common sense in the house. Everything he says on BBAD I just want to yell….I KNOW..THATS WHAT I WOULD SAY. He is the one I can most relate.

  93. I’m not sure when BB1 started if it was 2000 i was 11. I’m 20 not 16 :\

    @ray bee

    Im not mad at the world. I just kinda don’t like when people bash the underdogs. I like the underdogs NLK. Just like I like Jj when they were at the “bottom” before the CDT.

    Are they gonna AIR the POV today??? When does the comp start?

  94. yes russ is a nice looking man. he has a nice smile.I like jeff eyes.I think a person eyes say alot about them there window to your soul.And when I look at jeff eyes there a nice blue color and they tell me he a pretty laid back guy

  95. 007 doll

    Jj want m/r to be on their side to annihilate NLK. then they want to attack each other. Stupid but w/e

  96. I don,t know if there having a pov today I,m wacthing live feeds and earlier i heard jordan talking to some one when the pov was going to be I think it was jeff that said it was today if not then it,ll be tommorew

  97. I am worried that if Kevin wins the POV and take Lydia off the block, they will put up Russell. Russell must win POV in order to be safe.


  98. I too liked Laura’s boobies. One of my favorite parts of the season was when she let Jordan feel them to see what implants were supposed to feel like.Thank you Big Brother!

  99. i forgot about jeff winning that pov.
    props to jeff for saving himself.

    @sabrina: that’s exactly what michelle has! lol her expressions she makes when she’s lying are so funny. the victory splash in the mud! getting hung upside down in the HOH competition! and don’t get me started on the noises she makes when she sleeps. lol this girl is a hoot.

  100. @ june.
    we should try out this year! so funny if we ended up making it. we’d have to keep our bigbrothernetwork alliance under wraps. lol!

    lauras boobies are epic.
    no wonder your husband likes her. :)
    lol they might have held her back in a few competitions though.

  101. If kevin wins POV and takes Lydia off, Russel or Michelle will HAVE to go up!

  102. @ F Team JJ…

    N/L/K WEREN’T the underdogs up until now. Had jesse not gone… they would still be dominating the game as they had been for the past 5 weeks

  103. @Matt confused on the rules of the POV. I remember one time Crazy James used the POV he won to take Chelsea off the block and save her. The HOH at the time turned around and then put James up on the block and he got voted out of the house. Bur then there is always talks of the veto winner being safe from the block if they use it on somebody. Can you clarify the stipulations of the POV?? If anybody else knows feel free to input as well!

  104. Just think: Chima “could have” been out week 1! Who do we blame for keeping her? ;)
    I would like to see Kevin leave this week…
    Can you imagine Jessie’s look when he does NOT see Lydia or Natalie? These two girls will do each other in!

  105. I think there getting ready to set a pov game they call a locked down in told everyone to go outside so maybe its an inside game

  106. Been watching the late night shows. Wish someone would tell these “houseguests” to stop crunching and slurping while they whisper.

  107. I believe if kevin takes Lydia of Jordan should put up Michelle to find out if Russell would try to save her,because if Jeff and Russell vote to keep her than Jordan could break the tie. It would be a good way to test Russell on his final 4 oath . Also proving Jordan and Jeff allegiance to Russell. Now if Natalie or Lydia win and they take their selves of put up kevin and send him to be with Jessie. For some reason thou I don’t see Lydia taking herself off.

  108. @honu 9
    You mean you think Lydia would rather be with Jessie than stay and have a chance to win $$$ ?
    This POV is so important!

  109. I hope they play for pov soon. I would like to know if lydia and natile or going to be staying on the block.

  110. If Kevin won POV would he take off Lydia ? Remember he did not the first time can he be trusted. If you have POV you cannot not be put up on the block is this right? Jeff has gave up competitions though he can finish one I think he just waiting for the right time.

  111. Its almost time for the fun to start on big brother. I also like to wacth hell,s kicthen, in after that it my favorite show bb.

  112. Are we all thinking it’s just the explanation of Chima leaving tonight, HOH and nominations tonight with the POV and eviction both on Thursday?

  113. so i was just checking on the episode info for BB tonight, and in the cast list it had Ronnie’s name….it never has anybody who is not in the episode listed in that section. is it possible he could be returning? let hope not!!

  114. Yes if you have pov you are safe.And thats a good question if he does win it. I think he may use it on her this time.Only because theres talk about back dooring russ.What I would like to know if that you use your pov on some one does that mean your giving that to them. Making you no longer safe.

  115. Kelly

    I love watching Hell’s Kitchen as well. Thank goodness I have a DVR so I can watch both.

  116. If ronnie returns that would not be fair .Seeing the fact he,s been wacthing and know what going on,And he,s been so long out of the game. so I really hope they don,t bring anyone back.

  117. 106 Jeff has won POV and he made a deal with Russell when he was second place for HOH he gave up because he new he was safe

  118. I’m upset that Jessie and Chima are gone. Because Chime left and will not be in the jury house, will America be voting to bring someone back into the house or directly to jury?

    Either way, I’d love to see it be Ronnie.

  119. 156 good one tell everybody what I say. Listen to me I know what I what (LOL) The one who cant win nothing so that all she has is her mouth. Someone should make a hand puppet and follow her around the house and eveytime she talks do the hand puppet.

  120. BB is starting and there hasn’t been a POV!! Are they gonna air it today????????????

  121. kelly if you are still out there, I opened Real Player and there is not a yellow button that says Big Brother. I searched everywhere and Big Brother is nowhere to be found. Any suggestions? from anyone?

  122. @annomo at the very top you click on superpass and then there are tabs and the last one on the right is big brother.

  123. @Matt – not real sure why my last comment to annomo is awaiting moderation. I’m trying to help him get on live feeds.

  124. @Fteam JJ – I heard they were doing the pov on Wednesday and would air it Thursday with the eviction.

  125. Makes for great TV. Hopefully, if Chima’s family were smart they would get her into counseling or therapy ASAP. But, wow what great TV ratings…tough on the production staff but, wow it couldnt have been a better script. Ratings through the roof I’ll bet. Whoo hoo! makes for an interesting house of characters and wonderful entertainment. Too bad she has such a bad, bad potty mouth. Her family will not be proud of that. Just like what “flounder” said on animal house “This is gonna be great!”

  126. @annomo – are you still there? You need to click on superpass when you turn on real player.

  127. So funny to see everyone start jumping on the Kevin bandwaggon. Freaking pathetic. Stay off.
    Im not a big fan of Kevin, but a fan nonetheless. He aint my favortie, but still.

    Because all you guys have liked Casey and others and look what happened to them. Stay off the Kevin ship. haha.

    Soooooooooooo no POV today?

    Who knows with BB, they could have cancelled it to keep the heat on Jeff. Wouldnt surpise me.

    So POV tomaro? hopefully.

    Highly doubt double eviction, game would be 9 weeks instead fo 10.

    its supposed to be 10.

  128. Ya the Kevin bandwagen is interesting. Jeff/jordan better watch out like a snakebite. This is getting very interesting…….I love this show.
    Are you sure the Chima thing was not scripted. It is perfect for TV ratings…
    Love it…. Can’t wait for tonight and Thursday. I am hooked………Yeah

  129. @Marcus: I’m really surprised we haven’t had the PoV competition yet today, but there have been midnight comps before and that could be what we’re facing.

    If not, both PoV events will have to take place on Wednesday. Big Brother locks the place down pretty tightly on Thursday and so I doubt they’d risk running things so closely together with the live show. I could be wrong though. It has happened once or twice before. No, just the once.

  130. … realize that she has literaly ruined her present career and will probably be unemployed for some time to come as who in their right mind would want that nut job stirring up shit in their workplace….

  131. Thanks to all. Finally I am where I need to be although now it says I am having a network connection problem!!

  132. Chima is a total embarrassment! I am so disappointed in her. To leave the show in this manner truly shows that she was never worthy of being selected for Big Brother. The immaturity level she showed in tonight’s show really made her look stupid and not the strong female I thought she was. Goodbye, Chima and I hope you do not get your 5 minutes of fame like the other Big Brother contestant because you do not deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. Wow, Natalie is THE most pathetic person in Big Brother history. Does she not realize that this is a game and America hated her alliance so they voted Jeff as CDT? She’s such a tool. I’m glad to see Lydia actually having some sense in her mind.
    Glad to see Chima be expelled. She did it to herself. If I was on that couch and heard she was expelled I would have jumped for joy!

  134. OMG – Thank God Chima is gone – seriously she is the worst thing that has ever happened to Big Brother 11…

    She chose to go on this show – she pouted, she pitched fits and was such a loser I can’t comprehend why she even joined. He inability to get it together prior to Big Brother booting her butt was a testament to her character. She let her team down, she let the producers down and in retrospect I believe she will know she let herself down. I have never seen a more immature display in all the years of BB! The only beneficial thing about Chima being on Big Brother was it was a discussion point to teach my children how not to act – EVER. What a pathetic display = I am glad you are gone CHIMA and to be 33 you should be ashamed of yourself.

  135. Natalie is THE most pathetic person in Big Brother history. Does she not realize that this is a game and America hated her dumb alliance so they voted Jeff as CDT? She’s such a tool.
    Glad to see Chima be expelled. She did it to herself. If I was on that couch and heard she was expelled I would have jumped for joy!

  136. russell: “it wasn’t for you,keep cryin”……………….ahahahahahahaha i laughed for about 10 mins straight,omg i love him lol

  137. This is the season for Big Babies! Between Chima, Lydia & Natalie being the most childish & Biggest sore losers I have ever seen!!! I cannot believe what I have seen this season! STUPID GIRLS!!!!!

  138. chima,lydia,natalie theyre just pathetic, they dont have any descency. laura could be alot more better than those girls. wish her and casey were still in the game than those hoes

  139. Go Kevin get Russ the backdoor, and BB can now replace Chima with Ronnie and bring back Jessie. The CDT is what mess-up a perfectly good game and drove Chima out of the house and evicted Jessie. What a crock kicking out the HOH’s team mate then evicting her. BRING JESSIE AND RONNIE back and get rid of the Real Rat Russell.

  140. Laura and Casey should have no right to come back into the house they were out played and Ronnie should be the replacement.

  141. Wow Mike Moore….I cannot believe your siding with Chima. You just went low…way low.

  142. It is a shame Chima had to go. She is a strong woman who stands up for herself. Too bad some of you folks see strenght as crazyness when you don’t like the person. I agree that Ronnie should be brought back in her place and time for Kevin to get Russ out of the house.

  143. Wow you people are so twisted. If you honestly are sad that Chima went, something is wrong with you. Chima is nothing but a self-centered pathetic sore loser, and she sure showed it by throwing her mic in the pool.

  144. Go Tab and Mike. About time someone writes something worth reading. Go team Kevin. Bye Bye J/J/R/M

  145. I don,t think anyone should beable to come back i think they probley would have done that so i don,t think no one coming back and blackgirl jeff got the card in play it well. its a game and he made a smart move.

  146. I just can’t believe that you would side with that team. They are the most pathetic people on big brother and they do not deserve to play this game.

  147. I loved when Lydia told Jeff that he got power because of the coup de crap the America handed to him

  148. @Timothy It must be so easy of you talking about people you don’t know. They say when someone is pointing three fingers are pointing back at them. I guess it is easier to put down people that don’t agree with you then thinking their might be other opinions that are valid.

  149. Lydia has the most beautiful tatooes. Must be tatoo haters putting down Lydia because she is a nice girl compared to the vocabulary of Jeff the F bomb speaker. Go Kevin and Lydia.

  150. Everyone likes who they want, Why do people like foul Jeff. I know beacause he is so cute and a good person. Please what do we really know about any one in the house.

  151. After watching tonights episode with Lydiot….omg….does BB check these people’s mental capacity before choosing them……they got a bunch of rotten eggs this year….Ronnie, Chima, Lydiot…….good grief – choose better people CBS

  152. @Tabatha Tell me how Chima is a good person when Big Brother handed her the opportunity to win $500,000 and then she completely disobeys rules and damages company property.

  153. @#199

    That is so horrible what Russell did, aside from the fact that all these people someway or another are mean spirited, Natalie was geniuinely crying because she got the phone call. Why would anybody defend him doing that, Natalie has done nothing but be a straggler on like Jordan and they do not deserve the mess that they have gotten from Lydia or Russell.

    I liked Chima for being the most interesting person in the house but it was wrong for her to do what she did. I can see where the anger would come from since she basically was a puppet HoH for one week and then had the crown taken from her. Its so pointless, she won HoH and should have been able to evict one of the two nominees that she had up. CBS really needs to get this show in order because it all is a mess, almost as if they are making stuff up as they go along.

    I like Jeff and Jordan as people but Michele cannot think on her own and Russell is just awful.

  154. Enjoyed the episode. They showed alot more than I thought they would. Lydia has problems, too. Sheesh! I would be very surprised (based on what I saw from the TV episode tonight) if Russell were backdoored. Looks like Jeff was trying to end some of the drama and enjoy the time in BB. What’s wrong with that? I like him, sorry, JJ haters. Anyone but Lydia & Nat to win. Kevin is going down on my rating. (Based on what they aired.)

  155. Jeff is whipped and he’s not getting any comment…….by blackgirl…….
    yeah, that would be another reason why america likes him and respects what kind of a man he is.

  156. Mike Moore — have you not yet figured out that this is a GAME?? If they watched any previous BBs, the HG should know to ‘expect the unexpected’ and anything goes. You can’t possibly believe that had the tables been turned that the CKLN group wouldn’t have used the cdt for their benefit…and if you don’t like that America gave the cdt to Jeff, then you must have really been upset when Jesse was handed the 1st HOH for doing absolutely NOTHING!

  157. Ok, this is the worse season yet for big brother and I am a big fan of the show. Why, America did you give Jeff a power, he has not in any way even played this game, he’s just layed around with Jordan, another who has no game. They are truly a waste of space on the show. There is no one left on the show that even deserves to win the money. They better screen people better for the next time or they will probalby lose some viewers.

  158. Lydiot, Natalier are poor sports…….plain and simple…..they always blame other people rather than look at how THEY are (not) playing the game……they are out numbered now and they are all losing and stooping to the low scumbag levels in which they are making themselves look like rotten people.

  159. There was nothing Chima did to any of the houseguests that would warrant calling her an “evil person.” Like you all have said, this is a game and she played it. But CBS screwed her over, she won the power fair and square and they took it away from her. Its something that needs to be addressed in any later seasons and could possibly have them ending up in a lawsuit if there are no details of it in their contracts. The whole, “Coup De Tat” thing most definitely will NOT be included in the later seasons because of this.

  160. Hahah go Suzi!
    Yeah what about Jessie being handed HOH
    Excellent point.
    Everyone who said Jeff was handed the power, well consider her point. Hahah good one Suzi!

  161. i think next season they should put some bonafied diagnosed paranoid schizophrenics in the house… but not let america know who is who, and let us guess, and if you guess right, then you get your name put into a drawing for a half million dollar give-away.

    this game is no longer about lies, backstabbing, schmoozing, etc etc.. it is now about surviving the paranoia..

    ugh… it is all giving me a headache

  162. FYI I am a paralegal and you cannot sue someone for not getting your way. Trust me, people try it all the time.


  164. Yes it is a game with many twists and surprises. BB would be following one of these by bringing back Ronnie and Jessie.

  165. Kelli,Jeff is nice and America respects him, Please, If he was so nice why come on a game show trying to rob the cradle. How old is he?
    So called Nice got him the Coup de Crap not for his gameplay.

  166. I bet if it was the opposite and say, Natalie won the CDT, she would use it to overthrow Jeff, Jordin, Michele, or Russel’s nominations.

  167. I still don’t agree with the way Russell spoke to Natalie when she was crying. Like I’ve said before when Ronnie said that horrible thing to Michele (who now deserves the chastising), what Russell said to Natalie was uncalled for and anyone who condones what he did needs to stop saying how evil they think Natalie, Lydia, and Chima are….

  168. one more thing.. those that are upset about jeff given the coup d’etat power…. what about jessie being given a second chance in the house.. that really isnt fair to the other houseguests having to compete physically and psychologically against someone who has been there and dealt with that unusual situation before.. so in my opinion, all that power did, is make things the way they should have been, a complete house with a level playing field.. too bad he didnt get the boot earlier, it wasnt fair that he was in there to begin with, but of course, lydia, chima and natalie didnt have a problem with that, cause it worked in their favor…

  169. they should make chima pay for that expensive mic she broke. I know thats in the contract. along with with all the medical bills from viewers who have to get their ears checked after hearing her awful laugh. I HAD NIGHTMARES!!!learned to never go to sleep with BBAD on when chima was there.

  170. the slogan is “Expect the Unexpected” , so she lost the power to evict someone they told them that hoh and pov could possibly only save you….AND IT DID!!! Just cause she gave up and acted the way she did doesn’t deserve a pitty party . she was too weak and unstable for this game. Again I will say good luck in the real world and I hope you will be alright. I’m still glad your gone.

  171. I love jeff and jordan since day one,they are making a good team with russ and michel,ihope they still together and keep their word ???????

  172. I think when they pick people for BB 12, they should pick people who are currently out there working their azzes off. People who would be happy to take a summer off, and the biggest problem of the week be that they didn’t get the right hair conditioner.

  173. The Coup de Tat was once part of the game but the HG had to earn it by competing. It was not a HANDOUT

    As for Jessie not earnig HOH, His team won the comp, all the other teams had equal chance to win.

  174. @mike moore

    Don’t say that 95% ppl here say it’s not fair -_- even though bb could have the sequstered. Remember twists are only fair when given to jeff

  175. but Jessie was not an active part of that team in the competition — other HOH’s have had to individually compete for the position — and as for it being an ‘equal’ chance ??? — it was, after all, a physical challenge, and their team was the ATHLETES….

  176. i have been a jeff and jordan fan … but for them to honestly think that one of the other players should unequivically commit to a final three with the two of them is absolutley absurd. are they really being honest with themselves if they think they would pick a third person of each other to take to the end.. they are just asking another person to volunteer for third. quite frankly, i would be saying one thing now, but planning for something else next week and the week after if i was michelle and/or russell..i mean unless they dont want a half million dollars

  177. I think chima should have taken notes when jessie was evicted…he went out with class. I never supported his team but was very impressed with his sportsmanship. I like him more now for that.

  178. you know I keep reading this CR#% you people write and I’m sure you all are nice people, but some of you just don’t understand the game. nobody has gotten screwed by cbs or big brother IT’S A GAME!!!!! Now get over yourselves


  180. BB11 is not the same, when all the HG had equal chance to win no matter how they look.
    It is now a popularity contest.

    Dr Will and Mike Boogie must be just cracking up.

  181. To all those whoe are siding with team “crazy train” I think you are completely jaded. As a fan who’s been watching since episode one, season one, I know and you should know that America plays some part, whether it be minor, or significant, in the BB game every single season. The houseguests know this as well and signed a contract stating that they knew this. For crying out loud the motto of the show for years has been “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.” Lydia/Natalie/Chima/Kevin are nothing but a bunch of sore losers and hipocrits because when they were doing it to the other alliance and they were in control all was cool and right in the world. But as soon as the tables turn and they aren’t in control anymore, then it’s WW3 and all hell breaks loose. They are an embarrassment to America in my opinion and their true character came out when they lost their “precious Jessie”. I applaud Jeff for using the Coup D’Etat and doing what he did. If the roles were reversed, you and I all know that anyone of them would’ve used it as well and gotten one of the Team Jeff members out of the house. Plus The Coup D’Etat was only responsible for Jessie being evicted. It had nothing to do with Chima leaving or with Michele and Jordan winning HOH. Everyone in that house had a chance to win both HOH competitions. It is nobody’s fault but Natalie/Lydia/Kevin that they didn’t win. Power could’ve very easily been back on their side. I know I rambled on but I am so tired of the bull**it on this blog that somebody with some actual sense needed to knock some sense into the dillusional few who actually condone the childish,ammaturish,embarrassing, behavior going on by those (bratty children) going on in that house.

  182. The CDT wasn’t a handout, Jeff didn’t ask for it and was surprised when he won it, you seem to conveniently forget that America voted for him to have it.

    Had some of the other HG’s displayed the same sort of consideration to their peers, America may have found it difficult to be so lop sided.

    Don’t blame Jeff for getting the power, AMERICA gave it to him and if the CDT went to Jessie, Chima, Nat, Lydia or Kevin, then Jeff, Russell, Michelle or Jordan would be sitting in the jury house now!

  183. ummm.. jessie had an unfair advantage from the get go.. and not being handed the hoh.. but rather the experience of being in their on his first chance to win big brother.. Last Year.. but apparently cbs and big brother thought he was popular and beautiful enough to deserve favortism.. hmmm.. not fair really, imo

  184. Those with the fastest text fingers get to pick the one they like. I agree this is a popularity contest. Drop that and Jessie’s game is still boss in the house.

  185. @ Jessica L
    Did you even watch the CBS broadcast tonight! And I will bet they edited in Chima’s favor. She called Russ a terrorist and she was the twin towers! if that doesn’t turn your stomach,I don’t know. btw Russ is of Lebanese descent in case you did not know

  186. all ppl on here saying it was a twist to give jeff Cdt, why can’t the same be said about athletes which included JEFf winning jess???? Hypocritical much. Athletes had bigger advantage being athletes agaiin which included JEFf; no one says anything about that though.

  187. @shep1973 If you were really following BB they you would know Jessie was at a handicap because he is not popular with the Americans with the fastest text fingers. It was because of this that once again he got evicted by the Wizard Power. It is only an advantage if it went to Jeff of course but you cant see that.

  188. @mike moore,,, what was jessie’s game..and was it different from the one he played last season? if so.. makes you wonder, if he didnt win last year, what makes him or you think he could win this year…

    was jessie that popular last year to get a second chance this year?

  189. Diana, you are so right America gave the CDT to Jeff. It was not a handout. What is your definition of a handout?

  190. I think chima should have taken notes when jessie was evicted…he went out with class. I never supported his side but was very impressed with his sportsmanship. I like him more now for that.

  191. @mike moore.. and why was jessie not a favorite of america.. because he already made and a$$ of himself last year, his first chance at winning a half million dollars, which uhhh.. he didnt win, but still got a second chance.. jessie shouldnt have been there this season.. but cbs apparently loved him THAT much

    btw,i could care less if jeff wins,i am rooting for the least paranoid person.. which is still to be determined, lol

  192. @ F Team JJ- YOu seem to keep up pretty well with bb. Does it seem like Jordan still wants to backdoor Russel or is she sticking with NLK?

  193. Chima, is that you?!?

    >August 18th, 2009 at 10:34 pm
    BB11 is not the same
    >when all the HG had equal .
    >chance to win no matter how they look.
    >It is now a popularity contest.
    >Dr Will and Mike Boogie
    >must be just cracking up.

  194. @Mike Moore

    Jessie’s handicap was brought on by JESSIE himself, with his cocky and narcististic attitude! He actually did a disservice to himself last season, so sure he was at a disadvantage coming in, BUT he did very little to try and turn around America’s attitude about him. In fact, this year he was worse than last year!

  195. Jessie blamed Dan for his loss last year…now it’s American hating him. If he spent more time trying to positively influence the game and less time flexing, maybe he could have stayed longer. He made himself a target by his cockiness. Jeff made the right move for him, at that time. Maybe everybody should quit crying or stop watching…

  196. @black girl,,with the jury house voting for the winner , and it not being decided by an actual contest, big brother has ALWAYS been a popularity contest.. wouldnt you think?

  197. Big Brother is a popularity contest, even when only the jury votes…or, haven’t you paid attention?

  198. Bottom line This a TV show for CBS and the only way the show will continue airing is by having viewers. And the people that have been watching this show for the past 11 years voted overwhelmingly for Jeff because he is a decent human being.

  199. Dr Will, because i am not a Jeff worshipper I am like Chima. Get real not everyone is gonna like the same people.

    Guess what your name calling will not hinder me from expressing my opinion.

    You wanna start something be sure you can finish it.

  200. @Lee

    She shouldn’t have said that but if you want to point out the horrible things many of these people have said, Russell and Ronnie have said all of them already. Chima was nothing more than an intelligent “reality tv show” diva who stuck with those who were helping her carry on through the game, so she was playing the game…I don’t see why all the people on here are acting as if they have known her since birth and want to call her evil because she was with a different group in the house.

    At the beginning I disliked her and those athletes because of her attitude. But later on she kept to the side and really didn’t do anything and I was happy she called out that one guy. It started off interesting television on an otherwise boring show which is when I started to like her.

    I don’t see why all the people on here are badmouthing Natalie when she does absolutely nothing bad in the house. She’s as softspoken as they come. The only one who may deserve some grief is Lydia who got angry with the wrong person i.e. Jordan who like Natalie is soft spoken and not mean.

  201. Blackgirl why are you so on Jeff winning the coup da what ever that thing is called are you mad because he put out Jessie? I think so. But any ways i like Russ.

  202. I agree with blackgirl.

    I wasn’t even aware Jeff was this liked till I came on here, I don’t dislike him at all but I don’t like how he’s being so buddy buddy with Russell after the way he acted towards Jeff earlier on.

  203. Mary

    Jor wants nat out and then russ
    Jeff kinda wants russ coz he is more of a threat to him
    They go and for and will decide after pov results

  204. Dan, but the jury are the other HG that played the same game and made alliances with each other not outsiders who are voting because of looks

  205. @i YOU ROCK AND LETS DO THIS LET SEE IF WE CAN GET ON THE BIG BROTHER AND TEAM UP YAAAA!!! I wish they could bring back that louisiana lady i think her name was Rene i loved her. Thats the one Jessie and her fought about her waking him up trying to find the door remember you guys.


  207. Jessica: did u just start watching the show last week? Nat was jessie’s pitbull. Did u not see her go off on Casey when he was evicted. Casey wasnt even talking to her. She fought all of jessies fights.

  208. @ Jessica L
    We must be watching a different show when it comes to Natalie. I do get BBAD so I might get a little bit more info than you.

  209. @blackgirl…and they vote for their favorite, whether or not they played the best game. They harbor resentment from being ousted from the house, and refuse to vote for those people…for the most part. Yeah, it’s a popularity contest…

  210. Chima, chill girlfriend! I didn’t call you any names in that previous post. You’re out of the house now so relax. My partner Mike had CDT in season 7 but didn’t have to use it. You can’t blame Jeff for using it.. he had to, otherwise Jessie = 1/2 million dolla man. Remember it is a game.. .

    >Dr Will, because i am not
    >a Jeff worshipper I am like
    >Chima. Get real not everyone
    >is gonna like the same people.
    >Guess what your name calling
    >will not hinder me from
    >expressing my opinion.
    >You wanna start something
    >be sure you can finish it.

  211. @Jessica L

    Yes, you are correct, most of the HG’s have been vindictive toward each other, however Chima was so consumed by her ‘ego’ and her self importance that she let go an opportunity to win $500k. Her ego choked her and it manifested in a way that her only option was to behave like a prima donna and demand to be removed from the house. WHO DOES THAT when there is so much at stake!!

  212. Keeping Nat as the #2 or #3 finalist is the smartest thing to do. No one would vote for her.


  214. I don’t like Nat, but I did feel sorry for her when she was crying and Russell was so mean to her. Having said that, I understand why Russell did say that to her because everyone in that house is paranoid at the moment and rightly so!!

  215. I can’t help but laugh at those on this board AND the HGs still in the house that are harping over Jesse. JESSE himself said Jeff made a smart move by getting him out so why can’t everyone else see this? I don’t get it. People want to say Jeff does nothing because he wins nothing (yet two HOH that he blew to give someone else a letter from home), yet when he gets his big moment and changes the entire game, then he was supposed to do nothing! Insanity!

  216. I’m really worried…the last several posts have been nice…what’s wrong with you people??

  217. @Kelli

    How do you know Natalie was faking tears? It didn’t look fake at all. Why would anybody think that about a person who is getting a phone call from their father after being locked away from their family for a month? You sound like you’re repeating what you heard Russell say and therefore you immediately agree.

    I personally don’t care for any of the people in this house except Jordan and Kevin but the way Russell spoke to Natalie was definitely uncalled for. No matter how much you despise these people she was having a touching moment and then Russell says something like that. It’s awful. From what I’ve seen, Natalie didn’t say anything hurtful to the guy who had the banana suit.

  218. Russell was mean to Nat because he is a gamer.
    He didnt want his “alliance” to think he has something with Nat. Thats a player
    Go Russell

  219. Kelli: I would only hope so. It would be neat to see a surprise appearance from Dr. Will on the show. I loved him. He had the best DR sessions.

  220. @Jessica L

    I have to disagree (because I love debate) about how Russell handled Nat when she was crying. People are thinking that Nat and Russ have a secret alliance still from the begining and he didnt want the HGs to think that he gave her the phone call to her for Nat’s benefit Russell just took the trip instead. Russell didnt want the HG to think he did a favor for Nat, wouldnt look good for him.

    Also you say Michele doesnt think for herself. I see Michele and she thinks all the time. She is talking to herself and is thinking constantly. She crys because she thinks herself to paranoia LOL. Michele wakes up hours before the others to think, Michele IMO thinks for Jordon.

  221. I like reality shows like Big Brother and the Real World for the shock value. They usually fill most of the cast with unstable egomaniac types, who for the most part are not too bright, and it makes for good television watching the idiocy and fireworks unfold. I think this season takes the cake though. They must be casting people straight from the insane aslyum.

  222. JessicaL – i say that b/c i have seen in several episodes where natalie has either made up a lie……or pathetically been jessies lapdog…..she is FAKE therefore fake tears would not surprise me one bit! i don’t respect the way she was jessie little puppet, girls like that make me wanna puke…..and like i said i think SHE IS FAKE.

  223. groving ran: i like jordan and jeff final two – they should probably take out michele then russ……. i would like to see nat go for sure ……..just to see if Lydia can get any more psychotic!!!!

  224. Such poor losers…Jesse, Natalie, and Lydia –
    Can we cry anymore about a second year loser????

    Cry me a river….They got beat by their own tactics of isolation and their premature thoughts of game domination….America got it SO RIGHT!!!

  225. Maybe bb producers noticed that America hated team jess (CBS forums this site LOL) so to make viewrs happy, which makes ratings go up, they brought back cdt. Except this time
    You don’t win a challange like last time, you be your good ol self. But couldn’t bb alreDy know USA loved jeff so to ensure he did get it they could just do a VOTE In?????

    Which also brings money?????? Which brings in viewers to see if their fab got it? Which brings on more ratings????

    JjUST an OPINIOn!!


  226. yeah, Jackie maybe they mean Jeff is whining b/c he is always trying to calm down the nut jobs in the house so he can enjoy the game and live in a psych ward!!!!!

  227. I notice that on the board if you have a different view (not a Jeff Fan) some people want to bully you. Try bullying someone else because it wont work with me. not Dr Will

  228. @Kelli

    But what is Jordan? A puppet for Jeff and vice-versa. He even threw a HoH competition so she could win.

    I’ve seen all the episodes and Natalie is not some heinous loudmouth who talks ill of everyone. She did not deserve what Russell said to her. And if it helps, I also did not appreciate the way Ronnie spoke to Michele and was glad he left afterwards.

    Michele does not think for herself because days before she was mad at Russell for calling her names and such and she saw how much of a threat he was and how vindictive he can be but yet she would have rather kept him in the house than keep the two people who were actually on her side (Natalie and Chima)

  229. Kelli – I’m going to go with Michele. She hasn’t been able to float through the game and she doesn’t just lay around looking good or cute,

    I’m just saying…..

  230. fteamjj: i think CBS wanted to let america get involved like when we got to make Eric to crazy things in the house……and like when we picked Dan etc……it was just a way for america to change the game a little! and yes, i agree ……get more viewers

  231. John ur the kid because I like a different a different person and ur pouting about it and making me sound bad so go suck ur mama

  232. groving ran; yeah, i’m not real crazy about her b/c of what she did to russell making him look like a nut job to chima…..she completely lied to russ’s face in front of chima…..then of course russ went to evil dick mode and went nuts himself -but i thought michelle was kinda to blame for that whole thing about making russ look bad…….russ didn’t need any help in that arena!!

  233. BB had to give America some kind of control, being that they took it from us after season 1…Remember, WE used to evict the hg’s…It’s a’s a game…

  234. JessicaL: Michelle kept Russ on her side b/c she realizes thats where the numbers are this week…….

  235. I can’t believe all of the people who actually like Jeff. He is such a puss. I can’t stand him. At least Lydia is not afraid to say what she thinks. This is the WORST Big Brother Season yet. I can’t think of any of them that I would want to win.

  236. I love the “Coup d’etat” thing. It makes for interesting TV. Otherwise, everyone watching past seasons knows what to expect and how to act and the whole game gets boring and predictable. They did a great job in BB to add rules and twist it up…. I love it. “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED”….is exactly what it means. You sign up for this and it is TV…duh!

    All I can say to Chima is “neener,neener and neener! HA! You made your bed now lie in it….potty mouth an all.

  237. Michelle was on Jeff and Jordan’s side from week 1….she voted to evict Chima then, not Braden….

  238. @Lee…Lydia and Natalie have won nothing on their own. Nat has had some good ideas, and she is the best nose picker in the house. Lydia was a classic floater, who has turned into a psycho biotch…

  239. LEE……..answer Lydiot and Natalier have not won anything b/c they are too busy being insanely crazy when jessie was in the house!!!! awww poor nutjobs.

  240. Jacob – but AMERICA LOVES JEFF AND HE GOT THE POWER TO CHANGE THE GAME…….AMERICA DOES NOT LIKE NAT b/c she is jessie’s puppet….bulldog, lapdog pittbull whatever you want to call her…..

  241. maybe giving america the power to vote for CDT means they regret putting the nutjobs in there too!!!!!!!HMMMMMMMM…….????

  242. @Jacob…Natalie has shared an HOH, with Russell, that brought in Jessie. Other than that shared “victory”, she has won nothing. Jeff got POV when he might have been evicted…i.e. when it counted, and the Coup d’etat…whether you like it or not…and he used that power well…

  243. Michelle: Nat won the ability to look like on of those ridiculous girls who follow guys around that use them!!

  244. Blackgirl

    Why do you keep watching BB if you think it is a popularity contest similar to American Idol. If I thought it was similar to American Idol I’d stop watching.

    Most Americans vote for who they feel is the best player against those they feel are playing a dirty game. The attraction for America is to help the Good get rid of the Evil…. otherwise evil would win more often.

  245. Jacob – America likes Jordan b/c she doesn’t go around dropping F bombs all day …and b/c she is a good wholesome girl…….

  246. I think Jacob might be a plant…the comments are very interesting without having an ounce of credibility…nice work!

  247. Lee- yes just because I have my own oppinion doesn’t mean I don’t watch

    Kelli- Jordan is a hoe puppet

  248. jacob…..maybe everyone thinks you are 6 years old b/c you use words like hoe puppet and douchebags!!!!

  249. I’m a kid cuz I don’t like Jeff no that just means I’m straight unlike John who masturbaits to pictures of Jeff

  250. Jacob i like your style. You are not intimidated by the majority to express your opinion. That is why we all love this country.

    On final thing before i go to bed.

  251. Well I do have to go to bed for work. But I apologize Jacob for saying mean things. U just need to act your age. when u cannot see people u only have words to go on. bad 1st impression. im not the only one.

  252. Thank u blackgirl I hav an oppinion ladies and gentlemen and why do u have a problem with that?????

  253. jacob – the problem is how rude you are! calling people names is like, well, elem. school when you don’t know any better!!!

  254. Oh you are right) I forgot about Sec.1 Line 34 of the Big Brother Handbook allowed us to do that>

  255. Latest house update: house guests bored: Big Brother give them wine. Should be an interesting nite.. .

  256. @ everyone still crying and saying Jessie was given a handout…… No he wasn’t….. Ther were 4 cicks who competed for the HOH…… Braden could have won for the Popula click and brought back the young lady from season 8 and been made HOH…… Braden is an athlete and Casey was not in bad shape so don3 give methis crap about only theathletes coullld have won….. Laura could have won, but she gv up bcuse she didn’t want to have target on hr (she said this the first show)…… Any of the Houseguests who were brought back would have been made the HOH an would have given there click a 4 person advantge….

  257. @ everyone still crying and saying Jessie was given a handout…… No he wasn’t….. Ther were 4 cicks who competed for the HOH…… Braden could have won for the Popula click and brought back the young lady from season 8 and been made HOH…… Braden is an athlete and Casey was not in bad shape so don3 give methis crap about only theathletes coullld have won….. Laura could have won, but she gv up bcuse she didn’t want to have target on hr (she said this the first show)…… Any of the Houseguests who were brought back would have been made the HOH an would have given there click a 4 person advantge…. It is funny BB decided to bring 2 people back from BB 10 whenthey had 36 peope they could have picked from that pllayed after BB Alll Stars aka BB 7!!!

  258. okay, i have to be honest about tonight’s show. and please do not hate me for this but i felt that some of things that i saw tonight were absoultely ridculous. first, i do agree that chima had to go i mean she violated rules and destroyed a very expensive piece of equipment. i mean she deserved to go but on the new hoh competition i was very annoyed about how the game was played. first, with jeff i mean he thinks now with all the power he has in the house that he think he runs all and to me that is disappointing. also, i mean the little flub shot to give jordan the victory was really cheap and to be honest dumb you are here to win a game not a girlfriend and i think he should have been much more focus on the win then making the girl happy. then their is russell, i have to said his remark about the phone call was absoultely horrendous. listen, i am not a fan of natalie but he was so vicious about it that to me that does not make him a bigger man. i was equally shocked but the fact that when lydia went off he was laughing at her. i think it showed to me a real lack of charcater. i repeat i did not like what chima said about him but i feel like he just doesn’t get relationships inside the house and to be honest he should be eliminated just for that. kevin, was really the voice of reason tonight. he told chima not to be stupid and to stay and fight and with lydia the same thing. kevin has really played the game well. and that is what it is all about folks the game. and to be honest if jeff wins it he can thank america for that coup d’ etat. because that one moment changed the game. let’s be honest about that without that russell would be going home not jessie. let’s be real.

  259. Alright, children, it’s time for bed. Turn the lights off and go to sleep. You’ll feel better in the morning. And maybe Lydia with DOR.

  260. @leo
    just to ask i didnt see jessie compete for the 1st hoh did you? then it did get handed to him. if any of the other past season people would have won it that way it would have been considered the same, not just cause its jessie. cause they didnt compete for it thereself, that is all anyone is saying.

  261. Oooh Dr. Will is that a prediction.
    Maybe…… never know.
    I think more unexpected stuff will go down.
    I love it……..the more twisted it gets the better the TV ratings and the more I want to watch.
    Where is the button I can push for “Stir it up some more”………I love this

  262. Jeff the wizard power, because He was America’s choice. No one else would stand up to team Jessie, & take his cry baby a$& out. If BB did not bring the wizard power in, how boring would show have been too watch. Team Jessie had the numbers & you just sit & watch people get picked off. How is this entertaing?

  263. lee what does that have anything to do with what i said, were you talking to me? sorry i couldnt tell

  264. i think lydia could use medication, i personally dont like her but i dont hate her. i cant hate someone i dont know. hate is a strong word, but the unicorn seriously she could grow up. and temper tantrums are for 2 year olds not adults.

  265. exactly cheri that is the point and i think that is common sense so i dont see how someone dosnt understand that//

  266. So thats how it allw ent down huh? yea she really deserved to leave

    Natalie, Kevin were trying to convince her

    I cant belive Michelle did that after all Chima did for her though, but it doesnt matter now.

    Alison, the executive producer sounds hot.

    Yea i said it.

    be back later

  267. k thats what i was wondering i just saw this and was wondering if you were talking to me. thanks
    # Lee
    August 19th, 2009 at 12:08 am

    Common Knowledge A previous contestant has never came back at the start of any season!

  268. Despite Natalie being my favorite, she was acting stupidly about the Chima thing. Like i think caz she was mad but still. The stuff she was saying was dumb, but hey, she went after Michelle so im not complaining about that.

  269. I use to like her. Now she thinks she runs the show. Her actions after and during the HOH this week really showed her true colors.

    Especially against Jordon. She has never done anything except take up for Lydia, and she was totally out of line, drunk or not.

  270. She calling Jordon a “HO” when she is the one giving Jesse hand and blow jobs in the house. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  271. I dont think there should be a veto because during double elimination week there is no veto for one of the evictions. In order for BB to be back on schedule … there should be no veto. LOL Nat will have a fit, watch the baby go off now it will be just like Chima all over again. Nat has already thrown out her threats to production. Crazy people this season.

  272. Hhahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Natalie’s haircut is the funniest thing! And that outfit is vicious! How u coul;d possibly approve ureself of that? haha.


    Why does Jordan loose respect for Kevin, Natalie, Lydia for what Chima did? that makes no sense.

    Ima give ehr to benefit of the doubt because she was upset and in the moment, but still

  273. Comments # 406 & # 419, the pity party for team Jessie is over. #1 He was given a second chance to be on BB11. #2 The second thing He was given was the 1st hoh. And the cry baby still wasn’t happy. It’s over, team Jessie (whiners, it’s not fair,) now we have to earn our way to stay in the game.

  274. You know, I forgot about that. During double evc week, there is no POV for 2nd houseguests up for eviction. They just go right to voting.

    Maybe no POV. I would love that. Lydia would hate that because then Nat would have Jesse all to herself for a whole week, alone. lol

  275. I would like to give Lydia the benfit of the doubt that she was druk on orange juice, but wow. She loves her some Jessie. Dying to go the jury.

    She is pathetic.

    I was rooting for Kevin, he got to unlucky bounce.

    Never liked her.

    Russell loves being a “d”. that keep crying remark was in very bad taste caz everyone in the house knows how much nat loves her dad.

    I really dislike Jef,, but that was a stand up move. That shows he really likes Jordan. Cheesy but classy.

  276. # 427 Hi, you have a great question. Check out my comments. There is nothing wrong with them, but that is how it goes. I tell what, he probably will not answer you.

  277. It was obvious Lydia was drunk but on what?? we didnt see her drink anything. Oh yea i forget. editing. not telling the whole story.

    “why are slurring ur words?”

    “im not surring ma yords!”

    hahaha classic.

    And when did Jeff think he can get crazy? u didnt getting crazy when Russell was in ur face.

  278. Nat was talking today on the feeds that if there is not veto comp for her to be able to take herself off the block, it is like being backdoored by production. She said if this is happening and there is no veto comp there will be hell to pay… theats to prodution on the feeds.

  279. I would like to say that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. I do not appreciate Jeff or Russell’s comments. They are both bullies. Jordan is truly a dumb blonde who need to grow up and see the world. Who in their right mind would say yes to a marriage propsal in national tv and think it is for real. I truly do not understand where big brother gets their players up if this is what they are given us I may just have to stop watch. This is not enterainment, there is so much fighting that it is not enjoyable to watch anymore.

  280. Boy i love it when the houseguests are getting along.

    When there fighting its get trying because nothing but lies are thrown around and it just like “here we go again”

    But like they do cards or w/e its really cool to see them all chillen like a villen’ u feel me? lol

  281. I agree. Never threat production hwever.

    But if there is no POV comp., then its obvious BB is desprite to give the game to Jeff and Jordan.

    But they already advertised it. However, why would they ask her (Nat) of the possibly of no POV?

    They better have POV.

    If Natalie goes to jury, her and Jessie arent gonna get along watch i gurantee it. They will fight after everything came out.

  282. @Tracy,
    Yeah well it seemed to have worked for Chima for awhile. I think Nat thinks she can do it as well. They don’t seem to know how they come across on TV. I mean Nat said something about “she was running the house”….when did that ever happen?

    This is really messed up because you do have 5 people that really want to play the game and 2 Nat/Lydia that have lost what this is all about. I think they are trying to salvage the season but it seems things got way off track.

  283. OMG! Where in the he** did Nat come up with Naproxen in a mild form of Vicoden? LOL

    Naproxin is Aleve. No codeine. Vicoden is a narcotic with none of the same ingredients. She acts like this is some high-powered drug.

  284. If you read the summary of the day’s events, PoV comp is tomorrow. Just watched the tonight’s show. Are they for real? Chima has not followed the rules since she got there. She should have been expelled long ago. Her and her little diva attitude. Can you imagine her going for a job interview and the employer having his preception of her tainted from this show. How proud her grandmother must be. I am sure it is difficult to navigate amongst a group of strangers to get to the prize, but degrading yourself to do it is uncalled for.
    That isn’t even half of what she was doing and saying. I am beginning to believe Chima, Natalie, Lydia and Jessie all had ‘god’ complexes. Or maybe Jessie was the ‘god’ and the others his disliples.
    Why is Lydia still there? Wasn’t what she did a distruction of personal property? After all the beers and candy were not hers. She is a loose cannon ready to go off. Kevin needs to jump ship before it implodes. At least he has some sense about him.
    Here’s hoping that they stick to their plans and vote out Lydia or Natalie,depending on how the PoV comp goes. They don’t need even numbers going into next week. Kevin, Lydia and Natalie know that is their only chance in this game.
    Off the watch a little of ST AD and then sleep.

  285. I certainly would hope that production would not let these threats go as far as they did with Chima. Look how that ended up.

    Besides, then Nat the Rat would not be able to see her love-muscle Jesse in the Jury house if she is removed for disobeying the rules.

  286. I disagrre a lil Tracy, but if BB makes it clear they will sabotage the season, there wont be a BB usa anymore.

    Nataie never really ran the house. She ran it WITH Jessie. And she kinda told Jessie what to do at times.

  287. @Paula

    I agree Nat and Lydia have been playing production and that is how Lydia got her hair pink. It is so bad that Jeff said Im going to threaten to break some windows and see if I can get some wine and beers LOL. When production threats happen … the house guest leave and get evicted shortly after no matter what the season.

    Nat has been in the house to long if she thinks “she” was running the house. LOL I never saw that either, maybe when Jesse was in charge, Nat was thinking it was her too. I dont know. Nat is trying to pull out anything at this point, with LML (last minute lie)Gimme a break, not to mention Nat sent Kevin to approach Jeff with LML. Nat needs to go!

  288. I love how you guys can call Kevin names for playing the game, but Russell keeps his name after he had done the following things.
    1) vote to keep Jessi
    2) pretend to have a fight with Ronie and lie to everybody
    3)call Mitchell bad names
    4) fight with Jessi over nothing
    5) is making deals with Jeff and Mitchel at the same time to be the two finalist

    and yes he can be cute to some girls, but give me a break and stop looking at the mirror 24 hours, 7 days a week, and please get a girlfriend or come out of the closet. and by the way Russell Jeff is taken. Sorry!!!

  289. ridic eps, tbh kev/lydia will be the only 2 left in their alliance opposing jordan/jeff/michelle/russ.

    Next week Kev/lydia will be put up and kevin would go home, then the week after that, lydia and russ would be put up.

    Then house gets crazy and the drama begins lol

    I can guareenteen this will happen. the chances of lydia/kev/nat/ winning POV or HoH is still slim in my mind they’ve failed in every competition and are not that great of competitors.

    The Final 4 will come down to Jordan and Jeff along with Russ and michelle. HOW PREDICABLE DOES ANYONE DISAGREE WITH ME??????

  290. Nattlie did tell everbodoy in HOH who she wanted up she also went around telling everybody what was said in the HOH playing both sides. She had jessie to protect her then Chima she was always on a winning team. She did nothing for her self.

  291. Well reading some theese commets should be taken off because some of the commets does not add to any of the conversation for Big Brother show. People have right for opinions but the name calling is not called for.

  292. IT’S ABOUT TIME SHEMIA GOES; WHAT A TERRIBLE ATTITUDE…guess CBS is serious about their rules of the game. Natalie should have been gone a long time ago…Jeff took her OFF the chopping block and she STILL RAN WITH SHEMIA’S GROUP…ungrateful!! I’m pulling for final three to be Jeff, Jordan, and Russell.

  293. does anyone know if Natalie is still the target for this week? I heard j/j might backdoor Russell. Hope not. It’s too early in the game for that I think.

  294. I agree about Chima being out of control. She totally was acting like a big baby. Had she never watched the show? I was so happy to see her go. Couldn’t stand hearing her voice for one more minute. I know that these people are playing a game so why is it that when Chima and Jesse and Natalie voted out all those people and gloated about it that was cool but now that they are in the position of being voted out it’s unfair? Please HG’s. All that business of crying over Jesse made me want to puke. Kudo’s to Jeff for that smart move he made. I personally would like to see Jeff and Jordan in the final two!!

  295. @Vanessa: The PoV Comp didn’t happen yet. Speculation is that it might be live on Thursday’s show since they had planned a double elimination that night but will fall back to just 1 and have the extra time to do the PoV comp then.

  296. I may be wrong in saying this, but for those who think the CDT was “unfair”… I am pretty sure the Veto didnt exist when the game first started… and now its a major part of the game. Maybe CDT will be, and it will force houseguests to remember they are on a TELEVISION show, and America sometimes gets some power and controls the game, and they should be likeable characters. Its karma.

  297. Chima, Lydia, and Natalie are ruining BB. ITS A GAME!!!! I just want it to get over with. Chima needs mental, anger management, and physiological help. Natilie nad lydia just need to grow up pa-lease!! Jeff,Jordan,Russ,Kevin,and Michelle get it, ITS JUST A GAME. stupid girls!!!

  298. Chima, if I was your family, I would be so ashamed of your princess bitch actions. In one of the episodes her family said they were so proud of her WELL NOW WHAT DO YOU THINK. If you were my daughter, I would disown you. What shameful actions for a young lady.

  299. I cannot believe that Lydia went in the same direction as Chima. Lydia smarten up, you are not a baby, I can’t believe at one point in the game I was pulling for you, boy did you have me fooled. What is up with these stupid girls, did BB not interview or get medical exams on them. They are NUTS!!!! This is a game not real life.

  300. Chima threw a fit costing 50,000 or 500,,000 what a dum a@@ sorry but that was so stupid. I am betting Michelle, Jeff or Kevin will win. I am going with Michelle. She is smart by keeping her mouth shut and mature.Nat and Lydia r so inmature. My four year old acts better than they do.

  301. at the end of tues. nights show wasn’t it announced that another houseguest would be leaving thurs.?

  302. i dont blame chima..i would have went off soon as she got the power it was taken away from her..everybody else got their chance evict who they wanted except her..and she was right to leave cuz that right there showed her that she wouldnt have won anyway..there has never been an african american winner on big go chima!!!..u would have got evicted and no money anyway..oh yea..jeff is the king of wusses..he must be sleepin with jordan..lil miss innocent…right wink..

  303. OMG!! eyenou4reel,

    Of course! the race card!.. I should have thought of that!!! I always knew BB was a racist. wink wink:(

  304. does anyone besides me think natalie is a lesbian? I know she claims to have a boyfriend but she also said she was 18 years old, also did anyone else noticed how jessie always made it look like he was always playing with himself under the covers? HUM?

  305. …….. i agree with the 90% Of you guys that said Chima had to go. and yeah Jessie was handed this game. He had the advantage of going through it once before, that is a HUGE edge. He knew exactly what to do & what not to do. The Coup De’etat was the only way to level the playing field. i think even voted for Jeff twice.
    …..i think for those Jeff/Jordo haters – the’re probably far from homophobic, i think they say ” that’s gay ” or somethhing, not once have they ever bashed anyone. Jessie straight out pushed aside Kevin once he no longer needed him like he was infected. THAT WAS COLD.. i’m not a big kev fan but it think he’s smart
    ……and Russell the love muscle..ok yes.. he’s way too emotional and and doesnt’ think.. but i like the guy.. i think there is *some* loyalty to Jeff there. More so than jeff thinks, but not as much as he actually claims.
    I think all you guys posting are awesome!!

  306. KAREN: i’ve been saying the samething. she seems more butch than a tom boy, i thought i was the only onewho noticed. she seemed to be the dominante one with Jessie, he even hadto promise to diss Lydia the next week ( before the coup de etat was used.

  307. Just finished watching bbad, kind of boring. They were trying to make tye-dye t-shirts. Near the end Michelle went up to hoh room to tell Jordon, that if she won pov she would use it on Gnat, & Jordon said, I understand you need to use it to cover your deals w/ other hg’s. Kevin & Lydia playing badminton, trying to say that one of them needs to win pov. Was cut off, if you have live feeds, was there more? Thank You

  308. has anyone noticed that jessie looks like earthworm jim? big body and little head. haha
    that is a nintendo game

  309. Karen Jessie was the girl and Nat was the man she wore the paints and Jessie wore the dress.

  310. Jacob your such a web worrier you probably cant fight in open so you hid on the web and fight with words so get a life and come out of your room. And Lydia is such a selfishe BIATCH THATS WHY PEOPLE DONT LIKE BEING AROUND HER LIKE KEVIN HE IS OS SWEETIE AND NOW LYDIAS HATING ON HIM.

  311. Sandy Jessie is not only looking like a worm he is one because he was a worm when every body was on his butt he scwormed into the ground and hid behind Nat.

  312. is there anything going on in the house? has nat and/or tat had a meltdown yet? tonights show should be good!

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