The live feeds are back on Big Brother 11 and Michele’s nominations are in. Most of you will be happy with the results. Click “continue reading” to see the noms.

Big Brother 11 Week 6 nominations:

  • Chima
  • Natalie

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I was at first nervous with Michele’s win in the HoH competition, but shortly after it was clear she had decided to align her power with Jeff, Russell, and Jordan. Splitting the house in two made these nominations inevitable and a wise choice as their both strong competitors in the game.

Also worth noting is that the Have & Have-Not’s competition is over, but the house operated together and won food for all days but one this week. The stand-off of Natalie and Lydia’s threat to take craps on the beds if they were sent to the steel room was avoided. Way to play tough, Big Brother!

What do you think of Michele’s nominations? Would you have rather seen someone else get nominated? Voice your opinion below and get into the Big Brother discussion here.

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