Big Brother 11: Week 5 Power of Veto Episode Tonight

Power of Veto

Tonight on Big Brother 11 we’ll see what happened in the PoV competition and have confirmed to us who won the Power of Veto. If you’ve been following the spoilers then you already know who won!

The mood in the house is volatile as fights continue to break out and Chima’s quality factor plummets like a rock. If you haven’t been watching the feeds then you’ve been missing the real game and there’s no way CBS is going to be able to show most of what’s been done and said in the house. You can catch it all on the live feeds new Flashback feature which lets you jump to any day and any time in the season. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Try it for free and then keep it for just 50 cents a day.

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  1. What if Jeff does go for the male alliance….He could put up Natalie and Michelle with Natalie sure to go. I don’t see Jesse putting up Natalie or Jeff putting up Jordan.
    If Jeff and Jordan are the final 2 they both win.

  2. Has this weeks issues and nominations caused a riff between Jeff and Jordan or are they still going strong? BB episodes on TV don’t give us enough info about their budding romance! :)

  3. Jordan wants to see Russell gone, but they’re still good. I think Jeff will keep Russell b/c he simply needs someone else on his side. Otherwise, he and jordan will def. be on the block soon.

  4. I’m now convinced Chima feels she has been scorned by Russell. She is consumed with bashing Russell all day and night. Its the same thing over and over. She can’t let anything go. If by some chance Russell does leave Thursday, she’ll continue to dwell on him and how much she dislikes him. I guarantee it.

    Jeff, save Russell so we can at least be entertained by Chima’s wild animal side.

  5. Michelle and Kevin were obsessed with Russell catching a bug and created this story that he said he was going to use it on someone. Turns out he just catches bugs because he thinks they’re cool.

  6. @steelyross: Agreed. Chima was all over Russell, but it seems like once he started rebuking her advances she went nuts on him. I guess he should have just faked interest for a few more weeks!

  7. Im getting the sickening feeling, that Jeff will put up somebody and Jessie.

    But Jessie? Hellll no. Which if Jeff did that, honestly he would loose a vote. Jessie has never did Jeff wrong.

    Jeff only tried in 1 HOH and thats it, so he doesnt have competition with anyonebody if you look at it from that standpoint.

    Jeff needs to take down Russ, and put up Michelle. Keep Lydia.

    If Jeff were to put up Jessie, he would only make an enemy out of Natalie, Jessie, and Chima. Then Michelle, and Kevin. And Kevin would bring Lydia on board.

    Plus the 3 most exciting people in the house or Jessie, Natalie, and Russ so we could really loose out this week.

    If Jessie was up, he would have 3 votes aginst him. Jordan, Jeff, and Russ. and Natalie, and. Well actually Chima, would vote to get rid of him, and Michelle would do w/e Chima does.

    Damett!!!! Well i guess i will just have to wait and see. Either way if ur not in front of ur tv The last 30 minutes of this Thursday on cbs. something is wrong with u.

  8. Jesse only got 1 hoh the other was given to him Jeff won a pov comp and took himself off the block

  9. Jessie is sweet. I love his monotone when he is arguing and/or calling someone out. He is very smart too. I hate that he is stuck with dirty gnat. He needs to get away from her.

  10. Its easy for us to decide whether or not to use the CDT and on who. Imagine Jeffs confusion. Hes in a house full of vipers, ready to strike at the least wrong move. And it is possible to make the wrong move even with the CDT up your sleeve. Even though Russ is sometimes unpredictable, he kept his word to Jeff when he gave it. Maybe thats not enough to make them best buds but for now its all Jeff has. You dont always have to figure out who you trust the most..but who do you trust the least.

  11. if Jesse and Natalie were both up. Russell, Jeff and Jordan would vote for Natalie. Kevin and Michelle? Lydia should vote for Natalie as Jesse put her up but her heart still belongs to Jesse.

  12. @disappointed: I believe if Jeff uses the CDT he won’t get to vote, but Chima would. She would probably vote to evict Jessie if she is serious about this all-girl Final 5.

  13. besides jeff got votes from public , they said close t 11 million voted , does that mean it was given to him , some people are really stupid ,, just like jessie people for pov are picked from a bag ,,, russell couldnot have rigged , poor , no brains ,nice body jessie

  14. Jeff talking about being on an extra day of slop and how Lydia called him out. Natalie goes off about Lydia. Jeff pauses, says, “Whatever, my fault.” Natalie talks about how much she hates Lydia and how he should still be pissed and so on. Jeff just sits there quietly. Finally he goes, “Whatever, I’m over it.” Heh, the only one who never takes the bait.

  15. Nice not to hear the hero worship for TEAM JESSIE for a few moments, although I think Jessie learned a little from being so hated last year…his aligning with a creepy Natalie, and a psycho Chima wasn’t so well thought out. Michelle is an annoying liar, and Lydia is plain nasty. Having trouble figuring out why people are calling Jeff’s lack of gameplan, a lack of gameplan. Not pissing everybody off isn’t such a bad tactic…ask Ronnie what he thinks…

  16. @john

    This is the same guy who called Natalie an “instigator” to her face when she walked past. I don’t think she heard him.

  17. I am not a Jesse hater, but I want Jeff and Jordan to be the final two. Jeff needs to get rid of Natalie so Jesse can maybe play nice with Jeff/Jordan and Russell. Lydia and Jesse may even work together…who knows.
    Jesse may even stay awake once he is allowed to talk to the rest of the house.
    AND give Jesse more alcohol…he is funny when he drinks.

  18. Yesterday Lydia had a lucille Ball look going and today we have the grim reaper. Does anyone know why she is dressed like that? Jesse figures she is hiding out today…
    And I thought she and stinky were going to be wearing thong eye patches today?

  19. If Jeff / Russell or Jeff / Jessie don’t work together both males are screwed and will be evicted in the next 2-3 weeks….. Jeff will not make it to the end depending on Jordan…. I hope he is smart enough to realize that……. If not, he will be out along side Russell…. Chima / Michelle / Kevin / Lydia / Natalie will use Jordan as a pawn if needed and force her to either join the all girl alliance (with Kevin) or go home…… What are the rest of your thoughts on this matter?

  20. Jeff needs to use the CDE to take down Russell and Lydia. Then put up Jessie and Natalie. Vote out Natalie. Need to break up the Chima-Jessie-Natalie triangle of power or no one else will win against them. Power alliance of Jeff, Jordan, Lydia, Kevin, and Russell. Michelle will follow whoever has the power. Then any two of them could go to the final two. Looking for it to be Jeff and Russell.

  21. Jacob, doesn’t look like Jeff is gonna be leaving this week. I have been rooting for Jeff from day one and know he can do it. Go team Jeff!!!

  22. Jeff went to the second round with Jessie in Week 2, saved himself with a POV, and tied Russell in Week 3. He’s just as good as Russell is, if not better.

  23. Jacob how could Jeff be given something that America voted he should have

  24. Just a question…why would Jeff have even attempted to win HOH this week? His best move…as a gamer…was to lose, and see if the nominees would benefit or hurt his chances…we’ll see if he makes the right move. Right now I think he should get rid of Natalie, or Michelle. So many Jeff haters…so little time…I guess being a good game player means you have to treat others poorly, according to some of these posts…

  25. Jeff needs to win HOH within the two weeks so he can get rid off Natalie,Jessie He was close week three so he has a chance he wants to work with Russell. He does not trust Jessie he does not know that Russell playing both sides so he will help who ever wins.

  26. julie chen is pregnant by evil dick. that means evil dick jr will be back on big brother. it was confirmed on another site that evil dick and his daughter danielle will appear sometime with in the next two weeks on the show which should be interesting.

  27. So, I see the terrorist fight was edited to make chima look better. She did mean it in a racist way, just like when she was in the hoh room calling calling Russell osama.

    Some of you were quick to paint her a racist, but CBS just showed that you are liars.

  29. i will have to say, the context in which the comment was made, chima wasnt too far off the mark,, but i havnt seen or heard everything,just what cbs wanted me to see and hear.. so i dont know, guess thats what i get for being cheap and not paying for live feeds

    still think it is time for natalie to go home, let jessie re-align himself with a real ally

  30. I beg to differ…Chima did say that Russell was terrorizing everyone in the house and YES SHE DID call him a terrorist. She did call him that one night in an argument…she brought up his family being from the middle east and him being a terrorist!!! She didn’t say anything on tonights show about his family but she did say it before!!!!

  31. Jeff need to put up natalie.
    At this point maybe Russell should go home he is a wild nutcase

    Chima feeling are hurt cause Russel was not into her!
    Jessie & natalie & nat go home
    But if possible if somehow jeff & jessie could reteam up! WOW look out

  32. Chima wins again and that makes me sick, when she said that whoever won the POV was suppose to do what she wanted because she is the HOH That is suppose to be why you have the POV to help out your friends…So Kevin really is a punk by doing what Chima wanted….Shame on you Kevin

  33. kevin may have kept himself a patsy to chima, but he just a lost an ally in lydia… i dont know about you, but i would rather be an ally than a patsy.

  34. @shep: Yeah, CBS made a very gracious editing job for Chima. This wasn’t the first time she called him a terrorist and earlier remarks touched on his Lebanese heritage. I was disappointed, but not surprised that CBS would pull their punches like that. They also cut out Chima’s post-fight commentary and behavior which was also very negative.

  35. @shep: Oh, and no worries, you can be cheap and still get the live feeds. Free 3-day trial and then it’s just fifty cents a day!

  36. Kevin is thinking about next week not just playing for that moment.

    Let me be clear about one thing. I want RUSSELL to win the game because he is a good player. That is why if Jeff uses the wiz power it will be ok with me because Russ is the only person with the balls to break up dumb and dumber.

  37. Lydia seems to need friends so I don’t see her holding a grudge against Kevin. However, I do think it was awful he did not use the POV because I think Lydia would have used it on him. After seeing tonights show I don’t think Jessie was as bad as I thought but I still want Jeff to put up him and Natalie and for Nat to go home. I want to see Jeff, Russ and Jessie go at it for a final three. I think that would make great tv!

  38. @dada: You’re forgetting that CBS cut and edited the whole situation. You saw only a portion of the event after it was edited. We saw the whole thing on the live feeds. Who do you think would then have a better understanding of what really happened?

  39. chima said( you should be on americas top terrorists )after he called her out she gave a explanation wich was ( you are terrorizing the house ( terrorist ).if i was russel i would have taken it the same was a bad choice of words.would she say that to anyone inclined to think no,she wanted to attack him and she did.she is taking this game to a personal matter if your for her or not.she was wrong.

  40. @dada: You don’t have to believe me, you just have to believe the truth that is readily available on the live feeds via the Flashback mode. I doubt your eyes and hears will lie to you like CBS just did.

    Here’s another site’s commentary on tonight’s bending-of-reality by CBS. If you don’t believe me or the plain truth on the live feeds then you can also read the reactions of others:

  41. dada what you see on CBS is all editted … it is not like watching the live feeds. Chima did call Russell terrorist because of his race, then covered it up and called a terrorist because he is terrorizing the house. I understand you are a fan .. she let a lot of fans down Im sure. You are lucky she is getting a good edit from CBS, they are making her look better than what she is doing. Believe me if you…. for yourself dont root for her, you will look as bad as she does and if you dont know all the facts about her I wouldnt root for her. Everyone talking about her is not lying.

  42. @DADA- Have you ever heard of editing? Do you have one inkling as to how television production works? My guess is no.
    Chima was recorded on the live feeds calling him a terrorist before when he wasn’t around. When that happened, she was called out and her response was, well America hates middle easterners so they won’t get made at me calling him a terrorist.
    Now, CBS is not gonna put themselves in hot water b/c of what Chima said. Instead, they will use the cut (and this is the one where Russell is there and comes back at her) where she uses semantics to dodge her true intentions. Then, CBS uses old footage of Russell to make it seem she meant it another way. If you have a ton of footage, an amateur editor with minimal computer skills, you can paint anyone into a corner. Its so easy.
    Take for instance, when one HG makes a comment to another HG when aired on primetime. The reactions are hardly ever geniuine, rather they’re edited to look more dramatic.

  43. Tracy, did you read what I wrote. I am a Russell fan from day one. I just don’t like how people were bashing here with all those names. The name calling just stopped recently because people like Toni and I complained.

  44. steeyross, I know what editing is. This site did alot of cutting of the nasty words you all called chima. This is like the kettle calling the pot black.

  45. Dada Im a Russel fan too … not to many of us. So we are on the same size. But really Dada Chima is acting up. You have to give kodus to Russell for not hitting her. She wanted to spit in his face to make Russell hit her and get thrown out and sent to prison and get raped. No kidding I have the feeds and she said that about Russell. If you just watch CBS you are getting cheated … really. After dark is 3 hours of BB but the feeds are 24/7 all time.

    We are on the same side really … just you sticking up for Chima is not good … she is acting a fool.

  46. TRACY I am not sticking up for her. I am saying that people on this site was just as nasty as her. Did you read all the racist names they called her.

    And I have said before that Russell is a class act for not taking the bait and calling her names.

  47. Don’t forget her threat to stab Russell and walk out of the BB house if he doesn’t go home this week. That’s just one of about a hundred threats she’s made this week if she doesn’t get her way. I can’t wait….

  48. Dada I understand your fustration but Chima I think as let alot of fans down not just yourself. But for you at this point to still root for her is condoning her behavior and really if you dont have the feeds, then you are not really able to see what she is doing because I dont think you would like her and stick up for her … but I do think you wouldnt be a name caller, just like myself.

  49. dada- its “pot calling the kettle black” cool guy. and my explanation to you was not that at all. you are, though, dodging the issue b/c you don’t have the stones to accept the truth. Chima would call it cognitive dissonance, so maybe you’ll accept that.

  50. I agree that Kevin should have used the veto, Lydia seems like she will use it as an excuse when she needs to turn on Kevin. It definitely shows he has loyalty to only whoever has the hoh room. This will come back to haunt him.

  51. I really hope everyone remembers what happened this week with Chima because my boy Russell I hope is going to torture her next week when he gets to stay in the house. I hope she is without Jesse and she will have no where to go. Maybe that laughter of hers will turn to tears, but with Russell I hope everyone knows that it is game play you can tell he is no where near a bully from the letter he got a home, and the way he was raised. Russ said he was going to play like Evel-D and Dan .. he is trying, Russ just doesnt run from the caos he creates it and fuels it.

  52. Tracy, that is why jeff must use the wiz power to save him. He knows how to play the game and will stir up a whole lot of trouble.

  53. Chima really was using terrorist as a racial slur. She actually discussed it being a racial slur with Russell the previous week, so the only people who think there is any other context for its use simply have not seen that conversation on the live feeds.

  54. Russell better be there, he’s my pick to win. Plus, just to see the look of horror on chima’s face would be epic!

  55. I checked the CBS boards for the first time and there seems to be a running conspiracy theory that Jeff won’t use the Coup d’Etat because Chima is threatening to sue and call CBS racist. It seems to be supported by the drastic edit of Chima’s comments in order to cover up her constant racist attacks.

  56. Jeff, saves Russ is going to be epic. Chima put the 2 on the block and Jeff takes them off and poof… those 2 (Lydia/Russ) will be after Chima. Jeff and Jordon are not targets…. some of the smart folks are thinking they should break up their relationship but there are bigger fish then Jeff and Jordon. Game is going well cant wait until Thursday and live TV is going to be chaos. I hope Chima’s actions doesnt jeapardize my favorite summer show I will be soooooo upset if BB get taken off the air because of Thursday.

  57. cbs has her every word evry move on tape,i dont they are worried if she tries to sue it will be thrown out of court.also what has cbs done to be called racist.chima is losing it.jeff will use the coup d etat and put jesse and nat up.if chima wasnt safe i think she might have gone up after all this.also i think this house has made their own rules,lol.hoh does not have the power to stop someone from using the kevin was just afraid to get his hands dirty or hes afraid of chima wich is under standable after her tyrades.

  58. Tracy- even though the evictions are considered “live”, it will be on a delay in case CBS has to beep foul language. However, if Chima starts to get physical, then they might just go to commercial until there is civil rest on the set.

  59. Does Livefeeds allow us to see what happens in the DR ?

    Hope Chima will do what she has said when Jeff uses CDT power. It will be fun.

  60. i don’t think chima won’t do anything. the only thing she will do is yell at jeff and create some kind of female alliance to get jeff out.

  61. I went on Jokerette radio and talked the conspiracy about Chima suing CBS because Jeff is going to use the CDT. And Sheila from season 9 said there is alot of paperwork and there is no way she can sue and when you start talking about that kind of stuff Chima will soon be going out the door too for messing with production. Chima is under a contract and she is digging her own grave. See ya Chima!!!

  62. Chimapet is a blow-hard. She needs to be taken down a peg or two. This is a game. If they went into the BB house expecting no twists and turns in this game, they were naive. Have they never watched this show before? Chima can’t sue BB. OMG! She is so power hungry. Please Jeff, change up this game. Get one of that power triangle out. Put up Jessie and Natalie. Hopefully they will have enough sense to vote out the Nat first.
    Don’t know why they just don’t have a three way in the HOH room and get it over with. Maybe then Chima will not be so frustrated. Nat looks like she is gay anyway. She has been calling Russell a “terrorist’. She knows the implication of that word since 9/11. She knows exactly what she is doing.
    Chima to be the oldest woman in that house is so childish. Fingers in her ears and yelling “liar” over and over again. The mentality of this group has something to be desired.
    Then there is Miss “PHD” Michelle, who can’t keep her lies straight. She has amnesia alot, doesn’t she?
    As far as I am concerned, Jeff and Jordan can go to the end. Jeff may not be actively playing this game. He is listening and figuring out his next move. The deadliest poker players are the silent ones!

  63. Wow! Watching Gnat in the POV competition, I can see why her supporters are so high on her! What a great competitor!

  64. Damn, that edit was worse than I thought it would be (just saw it). CBS is SOOOO full of crap.

  65. @Eamon : it’s the limit of time. They just outline some important events in the house. But who loves BB always watches AFTER DARK and update the information. So I just look forward to Thursday every week

  66. Hope Jeff puts Natalie & Jessie up. Either one of them leaving now would be great. I’m not sure who I can’t stand more. Getting Jesse out would break the triad. Also, he had his chance last season. The HG’s need to boot him. Natalie is so annoying and thinks she’s all that; she ain’t even a bag of chips!

  67. I understand that it is hard to edit a show that is being played 24/7 into an hour show, but really you can tell who is just watching what you see on TV compared to someone who is watching after dark, and than people like me who see everything on live feeds. Just a shame for the people who see just the TV. I had to explain to someone who was sticking up for Chima … who just sees the show, and I am sure if they saw the live feeds they would not have a hard time condoning what Chima is doing. Just a crazy editting happening on CBS’ part.

  68. @Binh
    The problem is, they could easily have put five seconds of footage with Chima telling Russell to his face in front of Kevin that “terrorist” was what she considered a racial slur for Lebanese people, and which would have proved Russell’s point. They didn’t. They didn’t even show her saying it in the first fight. Instead they went with the Russell screams at everyone edit. If they used half of the time they spent showing Russell screaming at people to set up Chima’s terrorist comments it would have been completely balanced.

  69. um, i like chima.
    in fact, i LOVE her.
    i don’t agree with her choice of words of course.
    but she’s entertaining.
    at least she’s not fidgeting like michelle, dumb like jordan, or just not winning anything like lydia or natalie.

    sure, she’s a total diva.
    but that’s what makes her so entertaining.
    how boring would the fights have been this week if she just walked away like a wimp as michele did?

    why does everyone hate her so much?
    and jeff? puh-lease.
    he’s a great guy and all, but he doesn’t know how to play the game!
    he has what? two allies?
    wow. way to go jeff.

    i’m sorry, it’s just my opinion.

    and now everyone on this site hates me. :)

    my guess is that Jessie will be evicted this week.
    and then natalie will scramble for safety.
    chima, natalie, lydia, michele, & kevin then form an alliance.
    and then big brother 11 will become oh so good. :)

  70. I like Chima too. It’s just a shame she put a target on her back both publicly and in the house. As much as I would like to see her make it to the finals, she’s really nailed the coffin shut and is not playing very smart at all. She was already a target being a woman of colour so it was stupid of her to behave that way and give people a reason to talk.

    I don’t think Lydia will align herself with Kevin after him not having her back. I think if Jeff takes Russell off, which I hope he does, it will be Russell/Jeff/Lydia/Jordan vs. Chima/Natalie/Kevin/Jesse. But even if Lydia sticks with Kevin, it won’t matter because if Jeff puts up Jesse and Natalie like he says he wants to, Russell and Jeff have it virtually in the bag if they continue to play their cards right. Jeff needs to not let Jordan pull him down though.

  71. @zac & nicola: i agree! not everyone hates chima out here. some of us appreciate her strength. shes probably not my favorite player, but shes not my least favorite either. she plays the game with courage and takes risks. ironically, she has this in common with russ. i guess thats why they dislike each other in the game. will be interesting to see how they deal with each other if jeff uses the power.

  72. i’m not insinuating they’re racist, but yeah i agree with you nicola.
    i wish she would’ve played her cards differently, but chima will be chima.

    if jessie goes this week, and jeff/russel win hoh; i expect to see chima and michele nominated.
    if lydia wins (which i’m hoping for!) then russel and natalie should be nominated?
    i’m not sure where rus and lydia stand atm.
    but enough random speculating.

    one things for sure,
    i want any of the girls to win!
    (that includes kevin) :)

  73. Under normal circumstances I would love to see a female get it, but the females in this house are really not impressing me. If Chima would pull her head from her behind then maybe… but I think the damage has been done. I can’t stand floaters, so Kevin isn’t an option for me, but I would choose him over all the females except Chima.

    I’m for Russell and Jeff. Perhaps it’s just me, but I like real game playing in BB and not just floaters floating around and/or flirting their way to the end.

    I still feel though that the tension between Russell and Chima is totally sexual, and if the cameras weren’t rolling and they were outside of the house, it would be a totally different story just like Jordan said.

  74. Right now Michelle’s dripping poison in Jordan’s ear to cover her tracks. Jordan and Chima are the only ones who don’t believe that she’s completely full of crap. Crap, she’s even piling it higher and saying that when she apologized and admitted what she said to Russell she didn’t actually mean to admit it. She’s going to completely ruin this alliance if she stays in it because she’s completely, utterly dishonest even when she doesn’t need to be.

  75. I was so disappointed in Kevin,Hes not a true friend,or he would of used the POV on Lydia.Im a very loyal person,and this is a unforgivable act.I do think that if Jeff doesnt use his power,his popularity will decrease,alot…!!!Let Chimma say and do what she want,she is just making her self look like a fool.And Nat is just that a nat!!!Just a bug,swat and shell be gone,then Jessie can have other friends in the house.Like a big boy!!Well all find out on thursday.Good luck to all and have fun speculating….

  76. Jordan I finally have figured out….

    Tonight when she was sitting on the pool table and asked Jeff if he was a Democrat or Republican, and Jeff said Independent, she looked confused…then when she asked him whom he voted for, he said it was secret, then said Obama, she said “I voted for McCain. I probably shouldn’t of told you that”…

    [Editor’s note: Danian, your comment has been moderated as you just called 46% of this country racist and ignorant. That’s, well, ignorant. Watch your comments and stay off politics. This is ‘Big Brother’ not ‘Hardball.’]

  77. @Danian Pozas

    Here’s a book you should read. “Tragedy and Hope”. Its a one-volume history of the twentieth century by Carroll Quigley. He was an historian, professor, and polymath. He was Bill Clinton’s mentor at Georgetown University. Just because you voted for Obama doesn’t mean you should be on your high horse. Calling people ignorant and/or racist because they voted a certain way might make you feel righteous, but it doesn’t mean you are correct. To fully understand the power structure in this country and around the world, you need to read and take into consideration works outside of school textbooks. Hey, don’t take my word for it, you have to do your own research. I’m also not trying to come down on you or give you a proper thrashing. Its just that your bravado and cavalierism shown in your post worries me a bit about where some peoples minds are.

  78. Michelle is a snake, but at least she tipped Jordan (and thus Jeff) off about the fact that chima and her gang have decided that Jeff and Jordan are next on the block. I don’t think there’s any doubt that Jeff is going to use the power and Jessie or Natalie will be walking out the door.


    I am a well educated man, in fact I am perhaps too well educated…

    I don’t want to make this a political board, MATT is awesome, we come here to talk BB…

    However, if ANYONE, ANYONE thought that Palin should be one heart beat away from the leader of this country..WOW!!

    She “can see Russia from my front porch”…she “reads everything” she has no clue about Supreme Court decisions other than Roe V Wade….she didn’t know what the Bush Doctrine was….for sakes…

    And by the way, I am a registered Republican!!!

    Now shut up, and go make YOURSELF a sandwich!!

    Good day!

    [Editor’s note: I’ve removed comments directed between commentators. Please enjoy the site without getting caught up on each other’s differing views.

    And to be fair, Palin didn’t say “I can see Russia…” that was Tina Fey making fun of Palin’s claims that proximity to Russia gave her international experience. Gotta give credit where its due, Tina Fey and not Palin on that one.]

  80. I think Jeff takes out Jess, and then all sort of racial banter will come from Chima, what are your thoughts on BB??

    I hope that Michelle is as smart as I think she is, and just playing dumb, I like her competitive side….

    If Jeff doesn’t do what I consider correct, and split Jess and Nat, then he has nothing to EVER complain about again..

  81. Jeff is gonna get backstabbed by Russell if he wins HOH this week. Russell, Chima, Kevin, Gnat and Jessie oh and Nasty Michelle need to go!

  82. good morning usa..well i posted my commet on chimas remark in the fight w/russ last night .i know jeff will use the power to put up nat and jesse.the girls going against the guys i dont think will work.chima, nat are going to get split up soon.unfortunately lydia is going to forgive kevin and move over to the other side after jesse leaves.lydia knows she is expendable to them ( chima,nat )well i think michele is going to be alot of trouble.i dont think she is a female rt ( i do not want to give him any credit.)he felt he was the best ever in bb and his wife was cheating for him or trying to.he knew it to overly confident thought he had it.micheles lying like a scared little girl.i dont think she ever knew people like this before bb.i think michele and chima really could go far to the final 4 if they would just stop all the the still a jeff,russ,jorden fan.michele will be in final 4 b/c i believe chima will be packing right after jesse.lydia will not save chima b/c she will not want nat and jesse alone in the house.

  83. Kevin needs to win and put up Jeff because he didn’t deseve the wizard power it was given to him and he’s won one compitition
    Kevin FTW

  84. I don’t think Russell will backstab Jeff, as he’s yet to backstab anyone period. I think Russell has made it clear he wants to win the money (as do they all), so to that effect he will put himself first (as he should), but that doesn’t always mean backstabbing someone. He’s already made it clear that if he doesn’t win, Jeff is who he will pull for, and he’s proven this by agreeing to help Jeff before he leaves the house with competition answers. So I believe his alliance with Jeff is good hearted and sound.

    I think Kevin will align himself with anyone who has the power (even if it means backstabbing a so-called friend), and with Jesse or Natalie gone, I fail to see how their whole alliance will have any power unless one of them wins HOH, which I predict will not occur because, with the exception of Chima and Jesse, nobody ever wins anything.

    I think if Jeff or Russell can win HOH (because we know Jordan does nothing but flip her ponytail, pooch her lips out like a duck, and disgrace women all over the world… oh and talk about her “boobs”), their alliance will truly have it.

    Jordan may ride this to the final 3, but I doubt she’d get to the final 2, as her endurance is a joke, and she never wins or does anything in the game. So Jeff knows he won’t ever have to eliminate her, she will simply lose out. I don’t think Jeff would put Jordan over winning the money anyhow, and if did he would have to be the dumbest man in America.

  85. Nicola..I agree with you on a lot of points…but I do like Jordan a lot. At least she is pretty and easy to like…she doesn’t try to hurt anyone like others in the house. I wouldn’t mind Russell, Jeff, Jordan or Kevin winning the money…any of the others have got to go…Thank God the Rat is gone…he is the biggest nerd in history!

  86. i agree w/jorden not making it to the final 2 just b/c she is not pulling her own wait.i really do wish she could pick up her game and be a contender b/c if i want to be fair she is a floater just like nat ,lydia,( kevin got lucky i really do not see him winning anything else.)i see chima up against nat next week and unless chima wins pov ( she is very capable of doing )she will be leaving right after jesse.i believe in the following week it will be nat going after chima.michele right after unless she continues to win povs.i see jeff and russ in final 2 and jeff winning just b/c he played as honest and nicely as you can in bb.just my opinion.

  87. Joy, I didn’t really expect anyone to agree with me about Jordan, I was just voicing my take on things. Personally, I don’t find her very attractive, but I was commenting on her game playing abilities and the way she portrays herself to other women on television. I do not believe she’s totally innocent in the house either, as I’ve seen her talk shite.

    The thing is, in order to play the game, you’ve got to get your hands dirty at some stage and win somethings, and she’s done neither. So she’s either trying to win on the false merits of being an angel – totally not believable and unrealistic, or she’s riding the Jeff wave, which will only work so long. Again, none of this has anything to do with her as a person, I simply don’t like floaters in the house and she’s the ultimate floater. Kevin, Lydia, and Natalie, while floaters, have all at least shown their hand at some point and practiced some sort of game play however miniscule.

  88. Yeah I’m paying attention and Kevin needs to wins HOH and Jeff needs to go because wizard was given to him
    Do u understand Cheri?

  89. i’d love to see the Gnat gone. It would be very interesting to see what happens between Lydia and he. Oh better yet when Gnat finally gets to watch it.

  90. What did Jeff do to get it nothing because it was given to him and he didn’t earn it Jeff and whoredon need to go

  91. Jacob,
    Get a life. You dont even know what is going on. Have you been watching & listening. By whoredon I am asuming you mean Lydia since she is the only one doing anything in the house

  92. Cheri: I need to get a life? I don’t have live feeds because I have a life I just look at highlights instead of watching 24/7
    and by whoredan I mean Jordan because she is a whore

    John: i’m straight I’m white and I’m a guy and how am I like chima

  93. First let me say thank you to all those that watch the live feeds and post about them. I watch the show and BBAD. I already have no life, lol and if I got the live feeds I really wouldn’t. Jacob..I am assuming that you must also be gay, I have nothing against gay people as my best friend is gay; but Kevin has done nothing but win a POV that he didn’t/wouldn’t use on his so-called best friend. I can’t see why anyone would want him to win. I am for Jeff all the way. He plays the game and doesn’t get into any shit. I like Jordan because she is with Jeff and I think they make a cute couple. Do I think she should win it? No, she hasn’t proven herself; as I said before if she keeps laying low and being so non threatening she has a good chance of making it to the end. I may have liked Chima in the beginning, but after the comments about Russell, sorry can’t wait to see her go home. I am rooting for Jeff/Russell

  94. My last post was obviously before Jacob’s last post. Ok, so you’re not gay then you must be Kevin’s friend. Can you give one good reason why he should win?

  95. [Editor’s note: Your comments have been deleted. Stick to the game, not name calling.]

  96. Sorry to interrupt the name calling but have any of you heard that the Live Thursday show is “suppose” to be taped due to Chima’s threats!!!
    I read on another site (sorry..I like to read them all) that ticket holders to the live Thurs. show are being asked to arrive at 10:30am instead of 2:30pm.
    I am finding it very hard to believe that BB would give her that kind of power or anyone else for that matter.
    She really needs to be gone…..And NOW
    Not for any other reason than to show the houseguest who is really in control.
    Just my opinion PLEASE I don’t need any haters in cyberspace.
    Just wondering what any of you die hard fans think of this (without the hate)…..I am a newbie be gentle

  97. [Editor’s Note: Your comment has been deleted due to poor taste and lack of basic decency. You’ve also been banned. Congrats!]

  98. Jacob, You must not have much of a life because people havent been saying Jordan is a whore. It is Lydia that is doing things. If a few kisses make you a whore then I guess all men and all women are whores. As i said get a life or maybe learn how to read the comments. Do you know Jordan. Yes or No I have seen alot of your posts and you just like to be negative and talk about everyone. So I will not read yours anymore or stoop to the level

  99. cheri jacob is just like chima ,, satrs trouble , i think jordon is so totally awsome,
    i think you are right about him starting trouble

  100. matt i agree i think chima will vote jese out also so she can have this all girl alliance.she is pretty tight w/nat.but jeff would definately have to put nat up.i really think she would vote lydia out,and she would vote kevin out .im not sure about michele.b/c she knows michele would win competitions.

  101. I can’t stand Jordan because of the way she talks and is so stupid

    she’s a whore because she has fake boobs which for some reason she thinks is hot even though they are ugly just look at Laura

  102. I dont agree with the edit CBS gave Russell, it looks like he is provoking Chima to act like she is and making Chima’s actions exceptable because Russell is deserving of Chima’s rath. It is all bogus!!!! Russ is playing a good game he uses he tough attitude to strong arm people but he is game playing. Chima’s actions in the house are over the top and uncalled for and I hope she has repercussions for her actions outside of the house and she is considered not hirable!!!

  103. Thanks Cheri, why is it if a women has fake boobs,shes a whore,and if a man has a penal inplant,that just makes him longer!!!Why are people even talking about crap that has nothing to do with BB???So lets talk about my Yorkie,shes so cute…LOL
    OK, CBS step up and do something about Chimma,she has talked very bad about the network.And making terorist remarks,This will be my last season of BB I will watch,Ive been very loyal to BB for 11 years,now its just crap!!!!By all.

  104. i’m not saying this because i’m a fan of chimas, i’m saying this because i’m a human being.

    Jay, may god send your a** to hel- jail. so you can get raped too. :)

  105. L-O-L!!! Jeff hasn’t taken a shower in 2days because he doesn’t like to take cold showers…… I guess Natalie isn’t the only who doesn’t like to take cold showers in BB 11…… Anyways….. Jordan told Jeff she doesn’t care much for Russell, and she doesn’t trust him and wants him to be evicted…. She said Russell will start shit in the HOH room while they are locked down….. Do you think Jeff will disregard Jordan’s feelings about wanting Russell to leave just to evict Jessie? Do you all think it will be a tough Physicall HOH comp since the HG’shave been locked in the house all day? If so, Russell will win and put Chima / Michelle on the block next week if he isn’t evicted…. He won’t screw Natalie because he trusts Natalie moe than Michelle / Lydia / Kevin / Chima combined and he will use that to getbrownie points with Jessie by protecting Natalie….. This is a lot of info, so I am hoping to get some feedback from other BB 11 fans….. Have a good night!!!

  106. thank -you for banning jay matt,that statement he made against chima was horrible and distasteful….im not a chima fan but she is a human being and does not deserve that.

  107. Jacob ,
    Kevin has done nothing if Jeff has done nothing

    Matt I wish you would do something about Jacob always trying to start stuff. A ban would be great
    I think everyone is getting sick of his trying to start stuff

  108. I can’t believe Jordan had the audacity to try to sway Jeff’s opinion of Russell one way or another. She’s done nothing in that came and will be Jeff’s downfall. If Jeff’s smart, he will keep his eye on the ball and let Jordan sink herself. They’re relationship is their business, but personally I get tired of watching them and don’t find women who act like that cute in the slightest.

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