Big Brother 11: Week 5 Tuesday Live Feed Highlights

Last night’s extreme editing job by Big Brother 11 to present just slivers of Chima’s accusations at Russell for being a terrorist truly reinforced the need to keep watching the live feeds and see what’s actually happening in the house.

Big Brother fans who only watch the broadcast episodes would have missed Chima’s attacks on Russell’s Lebanese heritage as the start of her “terrorist” comments and her follow-on references to him as Osama. While I was disappointed in Grodner’s editing decisions, I was not surprised.

With that out of the way, let’s look back over what happened Tuesday throughout the Big Brother 11 house.

Try the live feeds for free and use the Flashback feature to see what you missed!

Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 11, 2009:

12:00 PM BBT – Chima and Jessie conspiring to blame things around the house on Russell. They’re hoping to upset Lydia at Russell in case she is saved by the CDT and might consider voting to evict Russell.

1:30 PM BBT – Jessie becoming worried that Lydia has the power as she’s becoming more reclusive in the game as though she doesn’t need anyone to help her this week. Jessie’s plan is to be overly nice to Jeff and Lydia just to cover his bases in the hopes they’ll not Coup him.

2:30 PM BBT – Jessie and Natalie are in be-nice mode with Jeff and chatting him up on things about his life, etc. Will it work?? I don’t think so!

3:00 PM BBT – Jessie goes to the kitchen and tries to offer to make Lydia a shake. No response. He then offers a potato. No takers again. Too little too late? Lydia admits she is mad at Jessie and continues to sit in silence with her hood down and toying with the Play-Doh.

3:30 PM BBT – Nothing to do with game-play, but Jordan is trying to help cut Jeff’s hair and I’m thinking she’s not such a pro at this. Just something funny to go back and watch. Lydia steps in and corrects the situation.

4:15 PM BBT – Natalie realizing (or at least admitting) she’s in real danger of going up thanks to the Coup D’Etat power, especially if Lydia has it (she doesn’t). Natalie and Jessie are sharing in their worries.

8:30 PM BBT – Natalie is detailing out her eviction plans. First up she wants Russell out on Thursday. Next she will have Jeff and Jordan nominated together so they will at least have one remain on the block. After that she wants Michele gone and finally Lydia. Hmm, Natalie should try and win something now that she knows what to do with it…

10:00 PM BBT – The HGs play “table topics” where they pick up a card and pose the questions around the room to start conversations. Mostly silly talk, but fun to listen in on.

12:00 PM BBT – Talk turns to who to keep. Jeff says he wants to keep Russell, but Michele disagrees because she says he betrayed her earlier. All agree that if Jessie gets HoH he’ll be targeting Jeff/Jordan/Michele.

Well look at that, Chima got through the day without stereotyping or making broad strokes of random claims against people. She’s getting better!

It was an otherwise calm day in the house with little game talk. Jessie turned on the charm and Natalie tuned in to her pending danger. Will they be able to befriend Jeff enough to remain safe this week? We’ll know very soon!

You can catch all of these events using the Tivo-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now and watch it all live and uncensored for just 50 cents a day!

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  1. First, I’m so thankful to have this website to read the real stuff. I was almost fooled by Chima. I CAN’T STAND Natalie or Jessie. Natalie is probably the only girl that will ever make Jessie’s sandwiches….Jessie is fool enough to think a celebrity will call him outside of the show!

  2. Natalie needs to go, Jessie is nothing without her. Then Chima needs to go, then Michelle, then Russell.

  3. When jeff doesn’t use the CDT, im going to tell everyone i told you so! He’s not going to use it, is the feeling i get.

  4. Was very upset with the way BB edited the show last night. The casual BB viewer will never get to see the true racist that Chima is. Hopefully they will find out during the live show when they can’t edit. I think she will show her ass when Jeff uses his power. BB needs to explain to Natalie that she is being watched by America 24 hrs a day so it may be in her best interest to quit the nose picking, booger eating, no showering, skid mark comments…etc., etc. I think the only thing they have told her is that she has to stay within 6 feet of Jesse at all times and she is doing a great job of that.

  5. I think without Jessie in the house, Natalie will be furious. However, she hasn’t won a damn thing yet & I doubt she will win the next HOH. It’s nice that this season the people I can’t stand the most actually won’t win. I take that back, I did like Dan last season. I did not like Evil Dick or his drag queen daughter with the ugly mouth. (sorry if you r reading this)

  6. I so want Jeff to use the CDT but I am starting to get worried. Surely he knows that he has to put up Nat and Jess against each other! I hope he doesn’t fall for all the pretend conversations they are throwing at him.

  7. Jeff better use the CDT… I can’t see a better moment to break up Mr.&Mrs. Pompous. It’s sickening to hear Jessie say that he has lost his ability to feel safe this week and it’s America’s fault. What I have to say is “THANKS AMERICA for giving Jeff the power”. At least we can get rid of one of them Nat is just as bad!!

  8. Sassycat, I agree in addition to Jessie, the fake wrestler. I hope Jeff has the balls to put up Nat/Jessie; next on my list would be DSL, sorry, Chima, and then Michelle. The love muscle is a serious competitor and I don’t know if he should go b4 Michelle. Lydia & Kevin….hmmmm

  9. I’m confused..what does it mean that Natalie has to stay within 6 feet of Jessie…I’ve heard comments about Natalie’s hygiene but are you serious about boogers????

  10. Jessie whined all season he was on last time to. The house mates didnt like the way he treated Renny

  11. When the biggest thing that happened all day was Jessie “turning on the charm”, you know it was a yawner in the BB house. If he thinks Jeff buys that load of manure then ive got a bridge for sale. Pack the pecs Jessie and be ready to hug Nat goodbye. Love Natalie’s sense of impending danger. Thought she said she wasnt afraid of anything. Well, maybe two things: Jesse being evicted and Lydia being evicted after Jessie. Those sequester houses ARE isolated.

  12. J/J were laughing about how nice he was being to them. He offered to cook Jordan a potato.

  13. Jeff already said he would love to see Nat and Jess up against eachother on the block. I believe that is his plan. As for Michelle, she is a hot mess right now. Chima is off the freakin hook!!! What the hell is wrong with her? Jeff and Jordan remind me of Jessica and Eric…how cute!

  14. The thing about nat and jess going up against eachother is that there is a slight chance of nat going instead of jess. Lydia for sure would vote out nat.

  15. Natalie needs to go first!! She has not done anything! I want the tougher competitors to stay and fight it out. Much more interesting that way.

  16. This season and the houseguests seem to be having more drama and controversy than past seasons! Does anybody know if CBS has talked about doing another season yet or do you think this season could hurt the chances of the show coming back? I really hope not!

  17. Hopefully Jeff can fall for Natalie and Jessie ultimate and surely diabolical skeam to get him and Jordan out of the Big Brother House muhahahahaha!!!

    Yes, yesss, its coming together quiet perfectly. hehehe, Jeff wont suspect a thing.

    Get Michelle out. We dont want her flying through the game without ever having to pick a side or be honest now do we?

    As for last night, That was the best BBAD ever. very funny. those questions were very interesting as well.

    Is it thursday yet?

  18. Oh and just thought i point this out. To all of you guys that say Natalie hasnt done anything, listen up.

    She was the first HOH. her and Russ were the first Head of Households which gave them 4 players although Jeff never really was with the athletes.

    So yea pay attention

  19. Umm, Jessie was the first HOH, even if in name only….so, no, Gnatalie has never been HOH or any other honor, except slovenly and reeking of crack sweat. Boo her!

  20. @Joy: I know I am so thankful for this site! I don’t have time to watch the Live Feeds and this helps me stay in the know with what is REALLY going on in the BB house! I was also loling a lot when Jesse thought Jeremy Piven was seriously going to contact him after he leaves the house…such a meathead

  21. Jesse was given first HOH as a gift from CBS and as a cheatout of for first winner. As for jeff never being with them, he was smart he saw right off the bat what they were

  22. I sent a complaint to CBS about the hack edit job they did on Chima. it is a crime they made Russ look like the bad guy. i’m too mad to say anything else. just giving Chima what she wants…I think I’ll call it “The Chima Show” from now on…

  23. Jeff is going to use the c
    CDT! In last nights episode it already showed Gnat and Jesse trying to butter him up. He then went into the DR and said he knows they are just faking it and he is not falling for it. I’m sure he has said he is going to put those two up against each other more then CBS let’s on for the suspense factor.

    The person who said Nat has to stay within 6 feet of Jesse was only joking. She won’t let Jesse out of her immediate reach. Weird duo!

    And Chima’s DSL are outta control! Haha

  24. when Jeff uses the Coup De’tat and puts up Jesse & Natalie, I will scream for joy…then i can say “told u so!!!”…its very obvious he will do this especially since Jeff told Jordan he wants to see them both on the block…its the best thing he could do & the only chance he has in turning the house upside down…i think a few ppl will be on his side after cause they will then know America likes Jeff & Jordan & hates Chima, Jesse & Natalie


  26. I think we need a triple elimination and get rid of Jesse, Natalie and Chimbones. They are the worst players in BB history. Jesse was bad enough the first season we had to watch him and I really don’t know what Nat does except stay in bed whining and Chimbones – ugh!!!!!

  27. I’d love to have Natalie go first before Jessie. She is a manipulater,a canny liar,a user who is now trying to establish some degree of separation between herself and Jessie should he be evicted. Last night she played a friendly game of pool with Russell in case he ends up in the jury. She befriended Shima securing herself if the all girls’ alliance should form. Jessie isn’t shrewd or that smart but Natalie really is a very wily gamer.

  28. I cant belive they edited it that way. They even tried to justify Chima’s racist accusations towards Russell by putting clips about Russel doing bad things to the others (techotronics, ronnie hate, russell shouting at lydia)

    Why didnt they put Chima’s clip where she trew something at Michele?? Why didnt they put the clip were she called Braden a bigot? Why didnt they put the clip were she threw water at Rusell? Her wish for him to be raped? Her plan of spiting at Russell so he’d hit her?

    If we have a racist/terrorist inside the House, it would be noone but Chima. Seriusly BB, grow up and start doing what is right.

    Once again, screw ya Alisson for your bad edition.

  29. @Matt…Just heard a rumor that Thurs live show might be pre-recorded. Possibly because of certain hg reactions to CDT. Dont know how that would work with the live feeds unless they black them out. Could you check on this? Apparently audience members with tickets were asked to come early. All this may or may not be true…hope not

  30. oscar go to utube type in bb11 find the video that’s says fu—– you it is chima and russ fighting and then it’s ronnie and kevin, it shows chima throwing water in russ face

  31. @Ray Bee…Dont know the link..just going on info ive read on other sites and info from friends. Still investigating this rumor. Let you know more when i find out.

  32. jessie needs to go first because he has more alliances in the house than Natalie. Everyone follows jessie at his word and if he went 1st, Natalie would be gone soon after. After all she is his lapdog and a lapdog will follow it’s master.

  33. Jimazoid, I also have a feeling that Jeff will not use it (I hope he does) I think he might not want to create enemies and just get rid of Russell because he sees him as a threat.

  34. I agree last nights editing was horrible. They need to make Chima look as bad as she is. I can’t stand her. Her laugh makes me want to puke. Hope jeff shocks the crap out of her.

  35. I also read that the Thurs. show will not be live. The ticketholders were told to show up at 11:30 instead of 1:30. What a shame! How can CBS possibly justify having a racist in the house and then having her change the whole format of the show? I think they should have just had her in the HOH room to do her pre-eviction interview and then told her that she was locked in the room until the votes were cast. Or just point blank told her that any outburst will result in immediate eviction. I think BB has jumped the shark with this season and I don’t see them possible having a BB12.

  36. And one more thought. I think everybody who paid for the live feeds should demand their money back if they change Thurs. to a taped show and cut the feeds for half the day. That is not what we signed up for! I wouldn’t be surprised if this show doesn’t turn up some litigation before it’s all over. And if it does, watch Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton get involved.

  37. I can,t wait to see all three of theres faces.good bye jessie.I really do hope to see him walk out nexts.

  38. If CBS tapes the show & only shows what’s good for Chima I’ll be through watching too. If they can’t control one person they are in sad shape. They can do like radio does have a 7 second delay to catch swear words. They have made Russell look like a jerk & cut all the bad from Chima. CBS renege’s on their deal to show all the things happening in a fair way. Are you big Chima fans or what?

  39. Jeff better use the power….. and put Jessie and gNat up (it would be the best thing that’s happened so far in BB history). Chima would flip out and go rascist (thus the reported possibility of CBS taping the show), gNat would cry like the psychotic baby she is and Jessie would just sit back and say “I told you so”. …..SO…. if Jeff doesn’t use the power then he doesn’t deserve to stay any longer than next Thursday….

  40. I’m sorry but Chima is not a racist. First of all if she truly call Russell a terrorist because of his heritage wouldn’t the other houseguest be in outrage. They in outrage because of statements made by Braden. Come on now. When Russell was pleading his case that Chima was Bigot(and he got the definition wrong) to Jeff and Jordan(who by the way early this season thought it was okay to call someone a faggot) on Showtime Feeds I knew then this was going to get blown in the wrong direction. Glad CBS edited the way they did and the show Rusell give the wrong definition of a Bigot. He is a terrorist always starting crap in the house.

  41. Chima called him terrorist because of his race. Chima is a racist,scorned ,evil black woman and a disgrace to her race She made remrks aboutpeople from the south and I think the midwest. It was be tough for Chima to think, even if only in her own eyes, that she is perfect. She is ugly through and through

  42. CeCe you obviously DON’T have BB After Dark or Live Feed! She called him a Terrorist! It had NOTHING to do w/ game play! She’s a racist! You should NEVER refer to someone as Osama! That’s just wrong!

  43. For someone who is a journalist and should know the meaning of a terrorist she should never have said that. Plus after she called him a terrorist Natalie tried to cover for her by saying “That’s not what she meant” but did she hear any of that? Did she stop? NO!! Why, because she never shuts up! She’s the one always playing the racist card.
    She wants Russell to be raped and wants him to hit her so he could get tossed off the show and she tossed water in his face. Hello!!!!! None of this CBS showed!!! All they showed was what Russell did to Jeff, Lydia and Ronnie. To me Russell just brings out apart of these people true nature when he antagonizes them… Whenever they have a confrontation Chima always…always goes up in his face, with her hands up all in his face. Like a little poodle in heat.

    Chima is a manipulative, arrogant, ego-maniacal bitch and she needs to go…..
    And if Jeff does not use the CDT (as much as I love him) he needs to go as well….. All they are doing is talking out of both side of their backside and the crap is just landing on the floor waiting for someone to come along…..
    I love bb but I have been contemplating if I will continue to watch it if this is how they chose to do things “One Sided”.

  44. Wow – I am amazed that they wanted to portray Russell as at all to blame for the bigotry that Chima was dishing out – just more BB lame b.s. in my opinion to not deal with the fact that the racism that Chima was spouting was about her and not about Russell’s bullying.

  45. It wasn’t racist she was just caught in the heat of the moment
    the biggest racist was Brayden and everybody loved him so I’m not gonna believe that chima is that bad If nobody talks about brayden so sorry u haters I’m not buying it

  46. Chimena…Is a total RACIST bioch & needs to be taken out for the good of everyone. I hope she looses everything & she needs to know the racist remarks not seen on the broadcast do not get past the 24/7 gang.

  47. a few seasons ago, the ex’s, they removed a hg for unacceptable behaviour. they should do that for chima, then have america vote one of the previously ejected hg back in. if the powers that be are smart they have kept some of them isolated. they did that one season as well. food for thought.

  48. The people who think that Chima doesnt mean what she is saying must not what Showtime. She said terrorist more than one occassion then said she will spin it to say he was terrorizing the house. She is the one getting in Russell’s face pointing her fingers screaming. I think that Russell was a big person for not knocking her out. He was outside playing pool and threw water on him. She has talked about southern, people, stated that there arent pretty women in Chicago, said that Casey sound like a bufoon because he was trying to sound black. They try to portray her as being the victim with the rape. It was unfortunate that she was raped but then to say what she said about Russell being raped if he goes to jail is sick. It was wrong the way they edited Russell. He is the only using strategy. These people think that it is high school for real and Chima is that mean girl that people follow.

  49. Chima is a bully when she has protection. I cant stand her. Wait till she finds out America doesnt like her.

  50. Jacob: What a doofus you are. America hates nice people over racist people like Chima. You are just soooooo funny. HA HA HA

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