Big Brother 11: Week 5 Monday Live Feed Highlights

After all the fights on Sunday in the Big Brother 11 house it was hard to top that action, but the HGs tried as Russell continued to fight for his survival while Lydia just floated along the lazy river.

Paranoia over the Coup D’Etat continued to be the focus of many discussions, but Chima and Michele win the “Line of the Day” award for their comments that America is sexist for electing a black man (Obama) over a woman (Hillary).

Can Chima achieve the coveted trifecta for making an ass out of herself three days in a row?? We’ll find out today on the Big Brother 11 live feeds!

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 10, 2009:

1:00 PM BBT – Live Feeds are back from the PoV Ceremony. Kevin did not use the Veto. Chima working her words into Kevin’s head with comments about Russell expecting Kevin to use the Veto to save Lydia. Kevin says he stays out of it because those sorts of comments don’t get to him. Chima drops a few more lines about his relationship with Lydia and how it’d be better without Russell around, etc.

1:05 PM BBT – Chima saying that Russell is the hypocrite, not her, and that her actions will prove that. Does she have short term memory? Chima says Russell’s approach is three-pronged: befriend, bully, and then backstab. Talk turns to a “lets evict Russell” party with Chima, Lydia, and Jordan.

1:50 PM BBT – Chima and Lydia talking strategy. They complain that Jeff/Jordan are here to make friends, not play the game. Is Lydia here to play the game? I haven’t seen her do anything yet. Chima is sure that Jeff has the power and that he threw the PoV competition. Both agree that it’d be stupid for Jeff to use the CDT power as he’d make enemies and those enemies will all be in the Jury house.

6:15 PM BBT – Lydia and Chima again talking about how they want the Final 5 to be all girls. They want to make sure the girls don’t turn on each other. Chima must be feeling better. Yesterday I’d have expected her to say she wanted the Final 5 to be all non-terrorists.

7:00 PM BBT – Kevin and Lydia talking about the Coup D’Etat. Lydia wants it to be used and hopes it is something cool. I hope it gets used too!

7:45 PM BBT – Jeff and Russell are counting votes to keep Russell. Well, mainly just Russell counting because Wizards like Jeff don’t need silly things like votes to keep Russell.

8:00 PM BBT – Michele and Chima talking game in the HoH room. Both are worried about the mystery power. Michele is trying to repair her relationship with Jeff, but thinks it won’t happen until Russell is out of the house. Michele thinks Jeff/Jordan are being nice to Russell to lock in his Jury vote.

8:15 PM BBT – Michele and Chima’s talk turns to Russell bashing. Chima would hate to have a woman-hating son like him (her words).

8:20 PM BBTOh this is good: Michele and Chima agree that America is sexist because it’d rather have a black man as president than a woman. Well that’s a bit of an over-simplification of the entire process, but good to know they think America is sexist…

8:45 PM BBT – Michele and Chima talking about Russell’s pending eviction and wondering who they will target next. Chima promises she won’t hold a grudge at whoever evicts her if that happens. I believe you, Chima.

9:15 PM BBT – The HGs all get Play-Doh, though they have to call it modeling clay. Russell would have preferred wine. Jeff and Lydia get right to work. Jeff’s first clay accomplishment: male genitalia.

10:00 PM BBT – Chima goes in and wakes up Jessie and Natalie. She tells them they need to be out there interacting with the other HGs and making nice. Chima warns them it’ll be their fault if they go up on the block for acting this way. Seems Jessie’s feeling are hurt because Jeff works out with Russell but not with him.

10:15 PM BBT – Kevin is telling Chima that he thinks he heard something about Jeff asking Russell if he should “save him” rather than talking about giving him his vote. Lots of conspiracy type talk going on here. Paranoia invades the room (rightfully so though).

10:30 PM BBT – Jeff talks with Russell about getting the votes to stay. He tells him to keep fighting and working to secure the 4 votes to keep Chima from getting to tie-break and evict him. Jessie comes out while Jeff goes inside. Russell starts to work Jessie for his vote, saying that the guys will need him to keep Chima from pulling off her all-girls goal. Jessie goes on about being hurt that Russell picked Jeff and not him for the PoV comp. Man-up, Jessie. Sheesh.

If Jessie could put a Hello Kitty bandaid on his feelings then Russell might get closer to having the votes to stay. But I’m guessing Jeff is avoiding Jessie because of what he’s about to do on Thursday night with his Coup D’Etat power. Stay connected to the game with the live feeds and see what happens!

You can catch all of these events using the Tivo-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now and watch it all live and uncensored for just 50 cents a day!

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  1. I really for the life of me hope that Chima goes. She does not deserve to win anything in the game. Jessie is getting pitiful and Nat will always be. These people are talking about Jury votes and if Jeff uses his power he wont havethem, well as far as im concerned, if people in teh jury house are going to sit there and be bitter about Jeff being the only one in the house who played and decent adn honest game, they really are miserable people. EVERYONE knows that its a game and people are going to backstab (WWHICH JEFF REALLY ISN;T GOING TO DO!) and people are going to lie, they knew that when they signed up to be on the show! jeeeez these peopel this season need to pull their heads out of their butts!


  3. I can hardly wait until Thursday !! Just to see the look on Chima, Jessie & Natalies face will be priceless !!!

  4. I like big craker, at least he is upfront with his bigotry not like some of the others on here using code words like chimpa, big lips etc.

  5. I hope this site can be kept clean enough to stay awhile. Everyone knows what Chima is like & she doesn’t think BB will show how bad she is to the ones without BBAD. Now she’s hanging names on all the guys. Jessie, wake up you’re next (after Jeff) if she has her way. Hopefully Jeff will derail her train of thought. Lydia will crack under so much pressure. I actually feel sorry for her. If she’s put on the block next week that will do it. As for the winner: ABC (Anybody but Chima)

  6. Get Chima, Dirty Natalie and Baby Jessie out. He (Jessie)reminds me of a person that will work out all his life to feel bigger/smarter and let his poor wife (male or female) work. This is getting to be the same thing each day. These three need to get on with there lives outside of BB.

  7. Ok Miss Beauty queen. Chima had to put on makeup to go to the DR. Maybe Jesse will wake up and smell the coffee and keep Russell if Jeff doesn’t use his power.

  8. Man! Chima makes me tired. Shes like a dog with a bone. Im starting to feel sorry for Russ. Even he doesnt deserve her constant bashing. Wish Jesse’s sleeping sickness would rub off on her. Come Thurs, Chima may spit some fire and demand to see the rule book but i seriously doubt whether any chairs will be thrown. She has a viscious bark but no teeth to her bite. She knows BB would not stand for a brawl. No physical confrontations whatsoever(in that rule book shes been reading). Her paranoia, along with everyone elses, is in overdrive. I know its a 24/7 game but my head would hurt just trying to second guess everybody. You start to overthink things after a while. Simplify. Just do whats best for YOUR game. Stop trying to read peoples minds and start noticing their actions. Because usually what comes out of their mouth and what they actually do are two different things.

  9. Jesse upset over Russell picking Jeff over him for the POV. Jesse says had he choose him and he won POV he would have saved him.(liar Jesse)

  10. I can’t wait til Chima actually sees herself on TV and realizes who she really is! The comment about America being sexist is crap cause if Hilary was voted in America would be racist…right Chima! She is just a bitter woman and for her to say that she wants all women to be in the finals what does that make her. I love the Jeff/Jordan team and am proud to have Obama in the white house! hope Jeff uses the power and can’t wait to see Chimas face!

  11. @dada: and that’s why anyone using that word hits the moderation filter and waits to be reviewed.

    I can only moderate but so much here. With hundreds of comments a day I try to catch what I can. Sometimes code words don’t catch my eyes. The code words I do see then have to be evaluated. With “Chimpa” I have to try and determine if they’re trying to be racist or commenting that she acts like an animal, much like the way Natalie became “Gnat.”

    It’s a fine line and difficult to 100% accurately interpret what was intended. Earlier in the season the Russell/Jessie/etc. gang was referred to as the Gorilla Gang. I took this as a someone coming in and beating their chest and bullying others around. Other readers took it as racist.

    I can’t be in all places at all times and I’m not perfect with my mind-reading attempts, but I’m trying to keep the site and its comments clean and an enjoyable experience for everyone. You’re welcome.

  12. Jessie is such a cry did russell know who he was picking they can’t see who they are picking out of the bag for POV. he is such an’s going to be good on thursday can’t wait when chima finds out she really never had the power just the room…hehehe

  13. @ Matt thanks for banning him, i know you cant pre-screen all the comments altleast your trying.

  14. @Matt, you are doing a great job. Some people can and will put a racial connotation on almost anything. You can’t please all the people all of the time and some people you can never please.

  15. @ Matt, thank you for banning him. I don’t like the way Chima is playing this game either, but there is no reason to use words like that to express your dislike of her!

  16. i think jeff and russell should keep jessie around. if the girls want to kick them out, then they need to beat them to the punch, now is the time, while they still have the numbers to do it. (kevin could be swayed by the guys, he may be gay, but the girls would cut him loose has soon as they are done with the physical threats, he does have a penis and these girls are vicious)

  17. @Shep, I can see where your coming from. The guys are going to need to think fast if the girls want them gone. Without Jessie thats one less and the girls will out number them really fast. I think that Nat needs to go before Jessie anyways. If there is one person I cannot stand more than Chima its Nat.

  18. Matt, thanks for keeping us updated. You’re doing a good job. I hope Jeff takes Russell off the block. They talk about him making enemies by using the CDT but I think he’ll make allies. Besides, it will be fun to see how everyone reacts. I don’t mind Jesse, he’s fun viewing, he wouldn’t win the final prize anyway. Russell’s more of a threat but I like him, too. So, I hope he stays!

  19. Best thing that could happen is Jeff save lydia and nominates Michelle so Russell or Michele will go home

  20. With all the personal fighting in the house…Michelle or Lydia with Kevin may be the final 2 after the rest pick each other off….sad, sad, sad

  21. I love Jordan…don’t think she doesn’t know what is really going on in the house? Being a Southern Girl myself…you learn to pick your battles or fight with a smile or a giggle maybe she isn’t clueless….she may end up like Jessica Simpson…..laughing all the way to the bank!!!

  22. Jordan should get kicked off the show because she is so stupid my dog has a higher IQ and then Ronnie should replace her

  23. i say jeff should take russell off, put up nat.. then most likely jeff, jordan, kevin and michelle would vote natalie off.. that is what i want to happen.

  24. i dont think jordan is a dumb as she is portraying. i just dont.

    ronnie was a kiss a$$ to the jocks, just like he probably was in high school.. thinking if he does their homework for them, then they would accept him as one of them, but in the end, when push come to shove, if would be the first to hit the door.

  25. @ Shep1973, I agree, Natalie needs to go! I cannot stand her following Jessie around and telling him who he can and cannot talk to. I’m starting to get worried that Jeff won’t use the power. I hope they show him in the DR on tv tonight talking about what he is going to do. At least that will give us some insight! As for Chima, I could get past the horrible laugh if she wasn’t so hypocritical and would stop bashing Russell so much. This is a game, and I want someone to win who is playing it well. I hope Jeff steps up and does what he needs to do on Thursday!

  26. I hope Natalie’s “boyfriend” did buy a big ring and gave it to a WOMAN that he can trust and that is loyal to him. He needs to change his number…move away or something. Natalie would NOT understand if it was him in the house doing what she is doing…my gosh look how jealous she is over Jesse (her friend???) and she is suppose to be in LOVE with her boyfriend.

  27. I really want to see Nat and Jesse up against each other… to bad they won’t have any time to run each other down to the voting HG and I hope that Chima is the tie breaker….none of them standing behind each other…oh my!!!!

  28. Jordan is playing safe right now…at least it is some kind of stategy.
    Let the best woMAN win

  29. smartest move is to let russell go…jeff keeps his friendships all around, and chima becomes a target for her mouth as well as michelle

    or put up michelle take down russell, this gives jeff/jordan an alliance of lydia/jeff/jordan/russell with the eviction of michelle.

  30. @Jacob Jeff and Jordon got most of Americas vote your Ronnie got 2% Whose playing dumb. Go Jeff and Jordon

  31. Jordan is a dumb ass. She is going to be Jeff’s problem. He needs to get rid of her before she turns the house against him with all of the stupidity that is spewing from her mouth!

  32. keep russell. replace russell and lydia with jesse and natalie? wow would jeff put himself in quite a position. he would be owed a lot of favors. And Kevin would most likely appreciate him saving lydia for the 25th week in a row. so there would be jeff, jordan, russell, lydia, kevin all aligned. until they pick off the dispicable natalie and chima. those two need to go ASAP. even though i dont like jesse, i would like to see him try to b*** russell and jeff and get back on their good side after his little army is voted out in consecutive weeks.

  33. @Kay..I agree with you. I love Jeff and Jordan and I hope they take it all!
    They might not be exciting to watch for some but they aren’t going to need straight jackets either.
    I hope after Jeff uses the CDT they both feel more secure in the game and start to rile things up a bit. I think they both feel beat up in this game and are just waiting to make their move. I little bit of power for them may be just what is needed in that house.
    What is that old saying??? “It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool then to open it and remove all doubt”
    Go Jeff/Jordan

  34. Jeff needs to take russ and lydia off the block and put up jessie and nat. then evict jessie. from this point on nat and chima will self destruct and become huge targets! can’t wait to see it. Jordumb? come on grow up.

  35. Was that a strategy move when Jordan went back and told them that Russell told Jeff that he would backstab him? Jordan is just a litle nieve trusting Chima. I wanted her to shut up when she was talking to Chima about Russell. Russell is no dummy and he make BB worth watching. If you remember, Michelle did say those things and lied to Chima about it, thats what started the fight. I am losing much sleep watching the live feeds at night. hope that is is worth it when Jesse walks out the door.

  36. for those who want jessie out. dont you see, that if jeff does put jessie up and he gets voted out, that he would be doing their dirty work for them.. natalie and chima dont even want jessie in the final 5.. i still think natalie is using jessie more than he is using her.. and dont mistake my strategy for being a jessie fan.. he is arrogant.. all 200lbs , 45inch back and 18inch arms of him (btw, on sundays episode, even he looked like he was getting bored quoting his stats.. lol)

  37. @disappointed “If you remember, Michelle did say those things and lied to Chima about it, thats what started the fight.”

    from what i remember, michelle did not say the exact words that she was asked. russel said that michelle said that chima said that when she get hoh, she would try to backdoor russel, when in fact she said that when she was in the room, she had heard russell name get mentioned, but then she laughed, because of the fact that she was never really let in on their strategizing.. but as usual the paranoia and short term memory loss in the house prevailed.
    that is what i recollect.

  38. It is very hard for me to believe that nat and chima want jessie out. I think that they are saying a lot of things because they do not know who has the wizard power. With Jessie gone nat is the only one that can play in the hoh comp on that side which give jeff, russ and jordan a good chance at hoh and then take out chima and natalie. once they go through and evict that alliance they pretty much will be final 3

  39. I hope Jeff uses the CDT to put up Jesse and Nat. I still don’t trust Lydia though….if Nat were to get evicted Lydia could side with Jesse cause she would have him to herself..OR if Jesse got evicted her and Nat could team up cause nobody would suspect it and they would try to avenge Jesse’s eviction. Just a thought, after all, it is big brother.

  40. i love the site Matt and i do recognize that you have done a lot of work to keep it going. i also check it more often than others because the comments are more mature.
    i do however stronly agree with dada. the term “chimpa” is racist and should be banned. there’re really no way to argue that its not; “gnat” is on that list for me also. these comments to me are ignorant and harmful.
    thanks for the great site!

  41. @ Jacob, Jeff is not a sissy, he is probably the only smart one in the house. He isn’t on anyones hate list and people are going to kiss up to him hard core, when he whips out the CDT and has the votes in his favor for who gets voted out.

  42. Natalie will say anything to Chima at this time she still with Jessie playing a game.She hang with the peole who thinks she will be safe.I hope she will be put up soon she needs to go. I think Jeff,Jordan needs to win an HOH or they will be put on the block. I think Jordan might be holding back and waiting for the right momment to win.

  43. Jesse is a sissy. when he was a have not he wanted to hit one of the girls. He cried like ababy cuz Lydia wouldnt take his place. Nat thinks she is a bully

  44. Nothing personal against Jeff here, but did anybody else notice how he did not know how to pronounce coup d’etat when he opened the envelope. I thought that was rather humorous given that he is an advertising professional and supposedly somewhat educated. Personally I am rooting for him.

  45. Look at the spelling of COUP d’etat I think a lot of people would have problems saying the the word. I hope he uses the power just to show Chima she not the queen of the house.

  46. @DaFerret – I still don’t even know how to pronounce it and I’ve heard it probably 100 times! It’s not so easy.

  47. i,m going for jeff and jordan as well.I think jessie needs to go,then chima,then nat I hope to see jeff use his power.I can,t wait.

  48. So some people can pronounce it other cant well does not matter all I know it a good power and we will find out if Jeff uses it. Jordan remarks are not call for but if that you have say Jacob that it is not much of anything.I hope she wins HOH

  49. Great Thought—

    Kevin wins HOH then nominates Chima & Nat and if the POV is used to remove either of them he then puts Michelle up and shows them all who has the real girl power……I like Kevin

  50. I cannot believe Chima- a rape victim herself- would wish for Russell to go to jail so he can be raped. She is an awful human being. She will be facing serious backlash from her comments for the rest of her life.

  51. you can tell what jacob is into and what type of person he is , i mean jordon is still learng so dont cal her dumb , shes sweet

  52. She 22so she should be out of college (if she even went to college)

    And John your a douche-bag and you think that Jordan is so sweet and she goes around calling people “fags” which she probly doesn’t know what it means so don’t say I’m a bad person and you support Jordan and Jeff

  53. Jacob, please do not argue with john, he is a foul mouth jerk. he should be banned from this site for all the things he called chima.

  54. Jacob has a big problem, he’s jealous of Jeff’s good looks. Some of the HG think americas’s vote winner will receive a big prize. Little do they know, Enjoy tonight everyone.

  55. @Jeannette “Natalie will say anything to Chima at this time she still with Jessie playing a game.”

    if this were really true, then natalie would have run to jessie about chima’s all girl plan when she first heard about it… she has run to jessie about everything else that has been said in the house,, just sayin’

  56. What everyone needs to realize is that this is a game, and if you are gonna come on here and say nasty words about anyone then you should really look in the mirror and see if you like yourself. Being Racist and making derogatory remarks towards anyone in life gets you nowhere. Grow up and act your age and not your I.Q… their might be kids on here reading this and thats not a good example to be setting. Just think if your own child came on and read what you wrote how do you think they would feel about their own parents?

  57. Chima said that she was sure america all loved her I would love bb to have america vote to get rid of one hg and bring in one that had left that would really spice things up

  58. after watching tonights episode, i have a different opinion on chima’s use in the context that it was used in that argument. lets face it, russell has made it a point to terrorize the other houseguests..thus making him a terrorist.. now i dont know if there were other times that the reference was made, i am cheap, dont have live feeds or showtime, so i dont know.. but something i thought was black and white, now has a shade of gray.

    still think it is time for natalie to go.. for some reason, i am thinking jessie is a lil more of a stable ally than russell for jeff

  59. I can’t believe someone thinks Jordan is ugly. Whatever…Oh, and Jeff is a sissy they said as well. Sounds like some jealousy.

    So many people these days are for the scum. What happened to morals and values? Nobody teaches that to these kids, especially respect.

  60. I’ve been an avid BB fan for all 11 seasons and never have I been more disgusted by the editing that occurred tonight by CBS. For CBS not to include the full reason why Chima has been referring to Russell as a terrorist is beyond deplorable and completemy unacceptable. I will never watch this show or any other CBS show again.

    Thousands of people have died at the hand of terrorists. Thousands more have been effected because they share the same heritage.

    Disgusting. Shame on you CBS.

  61. I am watching BBAD…… Me seeing Russell isolate himself reminds me of how Ronnie isolated himself……. He doesn’lt know Jeff had the CDT, so he is like an underdog…… I am pulling for Russell now, and I hope Jeff saves him….. At least Jeff / Russell can work together to make the final 2…… It will be a tought task with Michelle / Natallie / Lydia / Kevin against Jeff / Jordan / Russell….. I am hoping Natallie will join Jeff / Russell / Jordan, so they can make it to the final 4….. Russell can trust Natalie more than he can trust Michelle / Lydia / Kevin / Chima….. J/J/R will be solid with a 4th person in their alliance…… Let’s go Jeff / Russell…….

  62. This is just a game people. From the way you guys act on here you all would be fighting in the big brother house or would you be as paranoid as the HG are. So you can’t really call this game on your own beliefs. I think all the HG are doing a great job in the house but with CDT thing its has everyone’s heart racing like a souped up engine, not good but this is BB’s house and anything goes. Far as Jeff getting the power he would not have any game if you did not give it to him out of pity or his sexiness. So thanks for helping him in this game because he really needed some help because Jordan couldn’t. Everyone else is playing the so I know Jeff thanks you for the much needed help.

  63. Jeff just said going to use it lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will be so much fun or would if had . Love it

  64. This is the very worse BB.I turned it off last night! I still keep seeing the bruises Jessie afflicted on Lydia while knuckle punching and saying she “NEEDED” it.Abuser! That is what he is.He is no man.He is a spoil kid and the way he curses production is wrong as is mouthy Chima and Natalie.These people need to go!The BB house would be better without them for sure.

  65. If the Jacob who said Jeff should go home is my son, then he is grounded, and removed from my will!!! LOL!!! I want Jeff to win!!!

  66. I would hope that Jeff uses the CDT power and puts up Nat and Michelle and that Nat gets voted out so it breaks up the “Girl Power” alliance. Jeff will most likely though, put up Jessie and Nat. If Jeff does put up Nat and Jessie, here’s how I think the voting would go.

    Russel – Nat
    Lydia – Nat
    Kevin – Nat
    Jeff – Jessie
    Jordan – Jessie
    Michelle – Jessie

    Most likely ending in a tie with Chima kicking out Jessie.

  67. Jessie has to go and Jeff knows it.Lydia and Russell will vote to evict Jessie.With Jessie out, Natalie will only have dingbats,Shima,Kevin,and dirty double crossing Michelle.Kevin and Michelle are even bigger snakes than Shima and Natalie.Russell and Lydia better know this too.

  68. I was on the fence how I felt about Chima but after last night I really don’t like her. Her comments were terrible and the comments she made tells us just what kind of a person she really is. I still want to see Jessie and Natile leave the house so I am hoping Jeff uses his special power putting them both up on the block. And what is up with Jessie getting his feelings hurt because Russell picked Jeff over him. Are you kidding me your feelings are hurt. HELLLLLLOOOOO Jessie your not loyal to anyone. He is one of the most self absorbed self serving people I’ve ever seen. He would do anything to save himself. I do think Kevin was wrong for not saving Lydia. I realize its a game and everyone wants to win $250,000.00 but I do think Lydia would of saved him. I was shocked to see Russell throw Jeff under the bus with telling Jessie he would team up with him and get Jeff out. I really thought Russell was a better person than that. I really think the only 2 people in that house that really keep to there word and who do not back stab is Jeff and Jordon. You can really see they are both genuine really nice people.

  69. Connie: You are right on the money about Chima. For someone who’s been raped herself to say such an ugly thing about Russell is unforgivable. She has shown herself to be cruel, vicious & hate filled. It would not matter in the least if she were white, brown, yellow or pink she would still be a bigot. If your friends & family aren’t ashamed of her they ought to be.

  70. Shep 1973, Natalie will not say nothing to Jessie until one of the girls deside to put her on the block then she will cry to Jessie or who ever is HOH. Chima has problems she likes control and she is cruel,vicious to a lot of housegust. I agree with Connie Kevin should have save Lydia but for some reason he was afraid of Chima. I think sometimes they forget they are not HOH for ever. If Jeff does nothing this week he will not know who to trust. Russell will play both sides but sometimes you have to to stay in the game.

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