Big Brother 11: Week 5 Monday Live Feed Highlights

After all the fights on Sunday in the Big Brother 11 house it was hard to top that action, but the HGs tried as Russell continued to fight for his survival while Lydia just floated along the lazy river.

Paranoia over the Coup D’Etat continued to be the focus of many discussions, but Chima and Michele win the “Line of the Day” award for their comments that America is sexist for electing a black man (Obama) over a woman (Hillary).

Can Chima achieve the coveted trifecta for making an ass out of herself three days in a row?? We’ll find out today on the Big Brother 11 live feeds!

Try the live feeds for free and use the Flashback feature to see what you missed!

Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 10, 2009:

1:00 PM BBT – Live Feeds are back from the PoV Ceremony. Kevin did not use the Veto. Chima working her words into Kevin’s head with comments about Russell expecting Kevin to use the Veto to save Lydia. Kevin says he stays out of it because those sorts of comments don’t get to him. Chima drops a few more lines about his relationship with Lydia and how it’d be better without Russell around, etc.

1:05 PM BBT – Chima saying that Russell is the hypocrite, not her, and that her actions will prove that. Does she have short term memory? Chima says Russell’s approach is three-pronged: befriend, bully, and then backstab. Talk turns to a “lets evict Russell” party with Chima, Lydia, and Jordan.

1:50 PM BBT – Chima and Lydia talking strategy. They complain that Jeff/Jordan are here to make friends, not play the game. Is Lydia here to play the game? I haven’t seen her do anything yet. Chima is sure that Jeff has the power and that he threw the PoV competition. Both agree that it’d be stupid for Jeff to use the CDT power as he’d make enemies and those enemies will all be in the Jury house.

6:15 PM BBT – Lydia and Chima again talking about how they want the Final 5 to be all girls. They want to make sure the girls don’t turn on each other. Chima must be feeling better. Yesterday I’d have expected her to say she wanted the Final 5 to be all non-terrorists.

7:00 PM BBT – Kevin and Lydia talking about the Coup D’Etat. Lydia wants it to be used and hopes it is something cool. I hope it gets used too!

7:45 PM BBT – Jeff and Russell are counting votes to keep Russell. Well, mainly just Russell counting because Wizards like Jeff don’t need silly things like votes to keep Russell.

8:00 PM BBT – Michele and Chima talking game in the HoH room. Both are worried about the mystery power. Michele is trying to repair her relationship with Jeff, but thinks it won’t happen until Russell is out of the house. Michele thinks Jeff/Jordan are being nice to Russell to lock in his Jury vote.

8:15 PM BBT – Michele and Chima’s talk turns to Russell bashing. Chima would hate to have a woman-hating son like him (her words).

8:20 PM BBTOh this is good: Michele and Chima agree that America is sexist because it’d rather have a black man as president than a woman. Well that’s a bit of an over-simplification of the entire process, but good to know they think America is sexist…

8:45 PM BBT – Michele and Chima talking about Russell’s pending eviction and wondering who they will target next. Chima promises she won’t hold a grudge at whoever evicts her if that happens. I believe you, Chima.

9:15 PM BBT – The HGs all get Play-Doh, though they have to call it modeling clay. Russell would have preferred wine. Jeff and Lydia get right to work. Jeff’s first clay accomplishment: male genitalia.

10:00 PM BBT – Chima goes in and wakes up Jessie and Natalie. She tells them they need to be out there interacting with the other HGs and making nice. Chima warns them it’ll be their fault if they go up on the block for acting this way. Seems Jessie’s feeling are hurt because Jeff works out with Russell but not with him.

10:15 PM BBT – Kevin is telling Chima that he thinks he heard something about Jeff asking Russell if he should “save him” rather than talking about giving him his vote. Lots of conspiracy type talk going on here. Paranoia invades the room (rightfully so though).

10:30 PM BBT – Jeff talks with Russell about getting the votes to stay. He tells him to keep fighting and working to secure the 4 votes to keep Chima from getting to tie-break and evict him. Jessie comes out while Jeff goes inside. Russell starts to work Jessie for his vote, saying that the guys will need him to keep Chima from pulling off her all-girls goal. Jessie goes on about being hurt that Russell picked Jeff and not him for the PoV comp. Man-up, Jessie. Sheesh.

If Jessie could put a Hello Kitty bandaid on his feelings then Russell might get closer to having the votes to stay. But I’m guessing Jeff is avoiding Jessie because of what he’s about to do on Thursday night with his Coup D’Etat power. Stay connected to the game with the live feeds and see what happens!

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