Big Brother 11 Week 5: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Chima Scorned

Chima has proven herself to be one of the loudest, most abrasive houseguests of this Big Brother season and tonight she is poised to take the crown.

In anticipation of the Coup D’Etat overruling her nomination decisions, Chima has made repeated threats around the house to this mysterious power holder and to the Big Brother 11 production team. Chima has threatened to let loose a tantrum that would make even the worst two-year old jealous. Her review of the Big Brother rule book indicates her careful attention to how far she can go and possible intention to toe the line of what she can and can not do.

As such, the current expectation and rumor stands that tonight’s Big Brother 11 eviction will be taped in advanced. If this is true then I have no doubt that tonight will be the most exciting, dramatic night on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

If the live feeds flip to trivia early then we’ll know the eviction proceedings and possible use of the Coup D’Etat is being pre-recorded. Once the feeds return I’m anticipating a battleground with Chima in full throttle mode, much as she did the night after the first eviction.

My plan is to stick close to the computer and watch it all unfold uncensored because there’s no way CBS will be able to show this. It’s going to be that good.

You definitely won’t want to miss tonight on the live feeds. If you’re new to the feeds then be sure to sign-up now and get ready with the Free Trial so you can see all the action and drama as it unfolds live and uncensored on Big Brother 11!

What do you think? Should Chima be allowed to disrupt production or is the best thing to pre-record the eviction and avoid a situation that can’t be broadcast? Share your thoughts but keep it civil, you know, don’t pull a Chima!

Update: Tonight’s Big Brother 11 show will definitely be taped in advance. Big Brother has already informed the HGs of this and they are discussing it now on the live feeds. Oh boy, oh boy, this is going to be awesome! Are you ready?

Update 2: If you’ve got the Big Brother Toolbar add-on then you’ll get the notification of tonight’s results as soon as they’re posted. It’s free, so get that now!



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  1. I think if chima goes wait out of line she should get the boot.Then she will relize she lose all that money for something as stupid as throwing a fit. Now who is the poor sport?

  2. I think it should all be live, come on, reality is the best way to go, what more reality can you get then when it’s live.. she’ll be ambarasing herself.. come on I wanna see the Wizard use his power and see how it starts changing BB11, maybe it will bring more interest this season, I haven’t been 100% interested in BB for the first time ever since BB2 when I started watching..

  3. I feel if CBS is the least bit worried about this that they should get Chima to the diary room and find out what she will do and also get Jeff in their after her to find out if he plans to use it. After warning her about her behavior if she is still ranting about it, just kick her off before eviction and have the eviction vote and then a vote to select someone who was evicted to come back to replace her. Hope it’s Casey.

  4. @doc: Thanks. It’s actually the screengrab from the night right after she was nearly evicted against Braden. She spent the night screeching at Michele which makes me thing we’ll have Part 2 of that night.


  6. I think Chima is more talk then action, I think CBS is giving into a terrorist. I think they should just get rid of Chima, problem solved, not many on live feeds like her. We also don’t see how CBS can let her strong arm them.

  7. I think that CBS should remove Chima from the show. She is out of controll. Apparently she has some Anger Management Issues that need to be dealt with

  8. Chima should not throw a fit at the production co. She knows that the mystery power can be used.
    If she go against the rules then she should leave.
    All of this should be live. How do we know Jeff will save bully Russell?

  9. With the “LIVE EVICTION” now being a taped one, then the discretion of the producers rule should also apply and Coup D’Etat should also be modified to remain a “Mystery” and allow Jeff to use it anonymously in the diary room. What fun that would be for Jeff, as well as us, who have now been cheated out of a live eviction! If Chima thought she was being f*ked with already, why not continue? She doesn’t deserve to be let off the hook! F*ck with Chima’s noms and never let chima know who did it! “GO TEAM JEFF”!!!!!

  10. Chima is acting worse than Omarosa did on the Apprentice show….and she went on to motivational speaking…maybe they know each other

  11. @arizona: I have been wishing they’d do it that way to protect the user of the power. It’s been a secret so far, why not keep it that way?

  12. I’m with Mary 100%. Double eviction and bring back Casey!!! He and Jeff were the most honest and real about the house. Good people.

  13. I agree with Mary. And, thanks Matt for staying by the computer for those of us who can’t. CBS should just give her the boot if she’s not acting according to the rules of the house (if there are any). Maybe CBS is afraid of her. I didn’t know the LIVE evictions were taped. Guess I’m naive. Darn. Hope Jeff takes Russell off.

  14. Ditto..thnx Matt. It’s killing me being here at work not knowing what’s going on in the house and then counting down the hours till tonight. Me and my 72 year old father-in-law are BB Superfans!! Have been since season 2. It’s all we talk about when I get home. We go over every scenario possible.

  15. What a concept…a Mystery Power that remains a mystery. Let Jeff go to the Diary room, state what he wants to do/ who should go and just let the decision be known at the Eviction ceremony.
    Chima will self destruct and send herself home soon enough. Perhaps she should have gotten the anger management along with her treatment after her assault.

  16. Damn CBS – grow a pair already and kick this hate-spewing trouble-maker out. I can’t believe she has you running around changing production/filming procedures(tonight’s eviction episode might be taped?)because of her infantile temper tantrums and not-so infantile threats. I don’t understand why her behavior is being allowed…If it was a man making all kinds of threats would this be tolerated? I have a feeling no.

  17. I think next year BB should have a coup where even the HOH can go up. Had that been the case this year, Chima would be going home tonight!

  18. If Russell would have given her a taste of her own medicine by making racist remarks…he’s be off the show. Call a spade a spade and get her out so we can move on.

  19. I like Arizona’s idea…can u imagine how crazy Chima would get if she didn’t ever know who had the Coup?

  20. This is soooo wrong…production should warn her and if she goes over they should boot her out!!!

  21. BB tonight is called a LIVEeviction, if production is changed and things are taped to be EDITED for viewers, well then instead of “BB is watching you”, you all at CBS can expected the EXPECTED, “we won’t be watching BB” anymore. Chima is not worth losing your viewers, she is a certifiable NUT JOB!!!!!!!!!

  22. Can’t the feed be delayed 10 or 15 seconds to give them time to edit all the expletives I imagine she is going to use?

  23. I do not believe that Chima should be allowed to be so disruptive that is necessary for CBS to tape a show that should be live. In fact, it is my opinion that Chima should have been evicted from the house for spitting on Russell. That is disgusting and vile behavior and she deserved a good slap in the face but Russell, with all of his faults, was a bigger person than Chima.

  24. It looks like the show will be taped today..according to the Big Brother website for tickets to sit in the audience, people are being asked to be at the CBS studio by 11:30am for a 1:00pm-PT taping

  25. it peeves me off because i look forward to seeing the thursday night shows live

  26. I think Chima is making Russell crazy and we will notice a change in him once SHE leaves the house.

  27. Big Brother says its live, it should be live……! Anyone who would let Chima run the show needs to grow some!!!!!!!
    I am so wishing for Jeff to use the Wizard power! It will be awesome!

  28. Is there something Chima is doing against her contract? Maybe she needs to go! I’d prefer time delayed and live. Hopefully Jeff will use his power! Hopefully the ‘good’ side wins and can hang out in the HOH room!

  29. Maybe she will do something BAD enough to get kicked off the show and then BB can move forward without that crazy, big mouth in the house.

  30. Russel is just playing the Evil Dick Game who by the way won the $500,000………Will the live feeds be back on soon?

  31. hi,i hope Chima does enough to get evicted by big brother. I can’t stand her. She needs to grow up and shut up.

  32. I say lengthen the show,and give Chima full reign to have her tantrum in front of God and everyone. It couldn’t possibly be worse than Evil Dick’s tirades on BB 10. It will definitely make the show very interesting.

  33. Keep it live! I am looking forward to this episode of BB tonight more than any other episode ever. Live TV is always better and I think this would bring new viewers to the show who are looking to see the fireworks. On the other hand, I totally understand why CBS is not airing it live, since Chima has been so vocal. I am excited either way!

  34. Live feeds down, Chima has scared everybody at CBS, the wicked witch might as well just collect a big fat check and go home. Whatis herproblem, they should do psychological evaluations before they let people on that show. In the early years they sent a guy home bacuse he threatened to stab someone in the house, Chima needs to gooooooo.

  35. yea she thinks that whoever has hoh and they nominate then those people should stay on block and not be saved by someone else..people play for themselves if jeff thinks him and jordan are safer with russell than someone else then he should use it and not have some little child throw a temper tantrum because things didnt go her way

  36. If they are taping tonight’s show then it is more to do with the Coup D’Etat than Chima’s tantrum. If the Coup D’Etat is used then they are going to need more time for nominations and editing purposes. All Chima’s tantrum is going to do is push up ratings which will benefit BB. As for Chima she is going to be heading out the door fastrack if she is not careful. Hopefully we will also see a double eviction on top of the Coup D”Etat. Next week I am hoping Chima is evicted from the BB house.

  37. i cant stand her laugh it hurts my ears i had to change cams last night because of her laugh

  38. Sheena should get everything that she has coming to her. Once jessie is gone then Natile will also be on the rampage. Its gonna be fun.

  39. wow i am so glad i did not buy the live feeds.what cowards CBS is for letting chia-pet do the things she is doing,that biotch needs to be thrown out of the 2001 BB threw someone out so why not do it again. she has issues she is the one who needs a therapist not wonder she has no one in her life who would want her.

  40. i like jesse and natalie but i think jeff should use it and turn house upside down and watch chimo have an melt down knowing russell is still in house..i didnt like evil d but i do like russell

  41. I totally agree with both suggestions…Chima needs to be evicted if she throws one of temper tantrums and let the power stay a mystery of who has it…

  42. @ Arizona..that is the perfect idea! and exactly what BB should do! I have not liked Chima since the introductions of this season! and personally,she is the last person who should be commenting on a person’s appearance…ie: You are NASTY B*TCH! I am curious to know how BB11 decided on this group to begin with. You have one who loves himself more than life, two physco women who are stuck in this wierd fantasy with him a couple decent people and a couple dingbats..aka Jeff & Jordin but I have to say, I think they make a great couple and hope they hook up outside BB…just got help any kids they may have..their teachers will definately have their job cut out for them!

  43. I agree with keeping the wizard power a secret! Good thinking! The crazy lady thinks she runs the show! Did they drug test her before letting her on! Go Jeff and Jordyn!

  44. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Julie announce to the houesguests, that America would be voting on awarding a houseguest a special power, before the HOH competition was even held? Either way, she should keep her yapper shut, because they always say to expect the un-expected. They should pre-record it,because she’s just going to make a fool out of herself.

  45. Chima needs to take that wig off and come out with her natural hair, maybe she’ll come down to earth a bit. Tired of her nasty ass.

  46. I agree with Mary!!!!
    I say show chima let america see what a nut case she really is. Also, wth is she?? Why give her enough control to cause tonights show to be prerecorded, kick her ass off if she causes to much trouble!

  47. If chima flips out evict her too that would be double eviction, she has went way too far,even with this show.I feel so sorry for her family she is spoiled and I want her gone she hurts my ears too…

  48. Oh come on. Just how much can the mount do. If she gets too loud then her lips will explode. She is just one big loud black black woman. There are a million of them. She will shrink. At least when she gets down stairs she will get out of the bed. How does a clean beauty gal sleep with dirty Natalie.

  49. i think tonight before the show they should state that this show is pretaped for people that dont see live feeds or get email updates

  50. Matt I just want to say that I love you websit. I don’t have time to watch the live feeds, so I check here several times a day for up dates. I just want to say that Chima needs to go ASAP. Go Team JEFF!!!!!

  51. Seems as though CBS is coming out the winner here. Whether taped or live, they still get huge ratings. Im sure these hg were picked because they might create controversy. Good for ratings. But how much controversy can one show stand. When has someone crossed the line. I think Chima not only has crossed the line but erased it. BB has pushed a little too far with this hg. Chima has forgotten that her actions inside the house will reflect on herself outside the house. Her goal to someday be a motivational speaker to young girls is dissolving before our eyes. Greed and disrespect are not qualities most people want their childern to learn. Whether she wins BB or not, her life is changed. And not for the better.

  52. Ugh I’m stuck at work all day and can’t watch the feeds! Keep me updates on here about CBS decisions and the happenings if the house. Thanks friends! :)

  53. someone so terrifying that even CBS bows to their command?
    you have to hand it to the lady.
    move over bret michaels,
    chima is my new guilty pleasure!

    with all the drama unfolding tonight;
    this will probably be one of the most dramatic evictions in big brother history.
    i’m soo excited!

  54. I think it should be broadcasted live , if Chima wants to pull a tantrum she should still remember the guidelines, if not let her go too!

  55. Chima is a candidate for a future episode of Bridezillas….that’s providing she finds some poor sucker to get to marry her.

  56. If Chima gets her way, I’m not watching BB anymore. We should ban together and show CBS.It was boring last night with them all getting along so they say. We can’t watch night after night of Chima, Natalie, and Jesse running the show. Are we getting cunned? notice how all the big threats are leaving and maybe they owe Jesse this win.

  57. Air it live..its Big Brother..we want to see EXACTLY what happens when it happens. PLEASE aire it live!

  58. They shouldn’t make special allowances for Chima and if she breaks the rules they should give her the boot too.

  59. I find this very funny how so many of you are bashing Chima on here. Pay attention it’s a game. She’s playing it like Evil Dick. No one really knows why CBS is taping early, perhaps President Obama is going to be talking to the Nation about the Healthcare Reform. No one really knows why they are doing, just way too much speculation. FYI – Do any of you really know Chima? answer is probably not. So you really don’t know what type of person she is. She’s playing the game like everyone else. That’s my comment and I am sticking to it – Like Kevin said “\/ – Deuces”

  60. Chima Chima Chima, I hope your are under the other house guests skin, you are surely under America’s skin.

  61. I think they should lock the sicko up in the HOH room..I’m soo glad her time is up tonight she acts like a queen up in the room..for one I want her GONE!!!

  62. Well I can’t wait until tonight. I wished they would have it live and boot Chima. She is worse than Evil Dick was I think. She needs to go right with Nat & Jesse. Let them all go to the jury house and have a grand ole time. I like the idea in calling all of them one at a time in the diary room and let Jeff tell them then who he would like to put up and that would drive Chima NUTS. I would love it.

  63. No, she should not be allowed to show her “ass” on live TV. Big Brother has gone to her head. It’s too bad she can’t be kicked out!

  64. I think that they should boot Chima and I think that they should keep the wizard a secret…. Wouldn’t that be awesome.. Chima gone, wizzard power used and Jeff & Jordyn Happily ever after..
    J & J you rock….

  65. @arizona2: Part of the problem is that Chima isn’t remembering this is all a game. If the Coup D’Etat is used it it will be because of a strategy decision, but Chima is treating it as a personal insult.

    But yes, until the event happens, this is all speculation. As I stated above, this is the rumor.

    Updated: This is no longer a rumor. BB11 will definitely be pre-recorded tonight.

  66. I agree with Shelli. I would love for the Coup D’Etat to be keep a secret. Chima would freak!

  67. @arizona2
    The houseguests can’t be on game all the time. That is the fun part, they can’t hide who they really are. Like Russell, he is being a royal @@@@ but you see who he is besides that. Chima has shown how self-centered self absorbed and stuck-up she is. She has made racists statements, spit on people and behaved in a horrible manner Maybe someone pulling off that wig would bring her down a notch or two! I have never gotten this alliance crap. Everyone is there to WIN and at some point the “true to my friends” has to go! If the nominations were meant to stand no matter what ~ why would they have the POV!

  68. If you want to call into the Big Brother Express Show and have your say …The number to call is 1-877-576-3348

  69. Air live!!!!! On one of the other reality shows (charm school) one of the girls spat on someone and was evicted. I did read it somewhere that Chima wanted to spit on Russell in hoping he would punch her and when she gets out she’ll sue him? Sharon Osburn said that spitting is “assult with a deadly weapon” If that’s true than Russell can sue her!!!! AIR LIVE and keeping it a secret on who had the coup de (whatever)!!!!

  70. If Chima spit on someone that is assualt and just like hitting someone she should been shown the door.Then had charges pressed against her..

  71. I think BB should pre record the show IF they feel there might be some type of bad trouble with a house guest like Chima.
    I cant beleave how childish Chima and Russel are, they whine and cry about nay thing that dosnt go thier way both Chema and Russel need to go.

  72. 57. Hazel-I watch GL to have for many 30+ years. I can’t believe it’s ending soon.

    Anyway-so glad to see just about everyone agrees that Chima is vomit inducing!

    I so want Natalie/Jessie gone. Those two are lazy and stuck on themselves!

  73. Well if like everything else CBS will edit before we see what really happens. Just the way they did when she yelled terrorist to Russell. If more people are watching and rating have gone up then CBS will not do nothing people likes excitement. This is a game and this is how she plays to get her way if it works she has potential winning the game .I not saying it right but sometimes people blow things out of proportion

  74. Rose, Yes GL being cancelled is big in my book, I have watched it as long as I can remember and I will be 1/2 a century this year!

  75. Chima should go! She is a bully and talking about racial!!!! Jeff does an extra day of slop for one sip of gatorade. What is her punishment for the slop and poison that comes out her mouth. Does she get to go on provoking and threats and having tantrums to get her way. CBS are you needing ratings that bad. I am fed up and I have been a big brother fan from the start. I understand it is a game but keep the guidelines equal for all the players and keep it a game!

  76. @Jeannette – My point exactly.Obviously CBS is enjoying this because of the rating, if they did not they would have already tossed both Chima and Russell a long time ago.

  77. Come on America, use the phone# provide by Ann to try and bully CBS. You did it before and the cheat power was given to St.Jeff

  78. @ Matt this is awful. Well I can tell you one thing I sure hope that Jeff uses the power it would be a shame him not to use it. Well I guess bully Chima gets her way.


  80. If Russell has any sense, he will file an assault case against Chima when the show finishes. Spitting in someones face is against the law, period! As for putting up Jess n Nat, it would be smart, the alliance would be weakest ever, because those two along with Chima have alienated themselves from the rest of the house. If Jessie goes, Chima may still run Natalie…but no one likes Natalie, so she’d become useless. She is a weak player in HOH and POVS, and I believe that the power would shift to Jeff, and he would then be the person telling who votes who!!! As for anyone defending Chimas actions, imagine her spitting in your face and then tell me it’s just a game. That’s just inhumane and nasty.

  81. If they cast it live it will bring alot of ratings for them and make all of us BB11 fans HAPPY!!!! By the way, is it 8pm ET yet? Im ready for BB11

  82. when chima said last nite women should vote for woman saying we (women) would all vote for jeff, she gives us no credit. if they didn ‘t bully jordan, we would have voted for a woman, she (jordan) would have gotten it hands down. but because of her bullying, we had to give it to a guy that could protect our real choice!

  83. i voted for jeff and jordan both because i wanted ronnie out and knew he would have been saved

  84. The show should be LIVE as promised….and if Chima embarrasses BB and the network on LIVE TV then SHE should be evicted ON THE SPOT!!!!! Who is CHIMA to interfere with production…her head is already too big and that would just stroke her ego even more! She’s a disgrace!

  85. man i feel so cheated, thanks alot, chia pet! i’ll feel even more cheated if jeff don’t use the power, what a letdown that would be!

  86. Under no circumstance should a participant be allowed to change the rules of the game. Live show means live show. If BB allows her to make them take early is false advertising and CBS could be subject to a large class action law suit.

  87. ohhhh CBS what a disappointment! Now that the taping is confirmed I’m not as excited about seeing it, first government wants to controll us now CBS! oh woe is us!

  88. My family has been looking forward to tonight’s show. Well I really, really hope that Jeff uses the POWER. CBS we are all very disappointed with what you are doing.

  89. me three. Im disappointed in CBS and Chia pet (thanks for the new name Connie!) !!!!!!!!

  90. I think CBS will tape the show because of legal reason. Chima will probable sue them for showing her in such a bad light. Yes she is worse than Evil Dick. BB should simply kick her out. They kicked out some guy on one for the 1st BB shows just for putting the kitchen chairs on the table.

  91. It should be live,and Chima would be told in advance that if she disrupts this airing it would be an automatic eviction.They do have 3 or 4 sec delays so they could beep it out,but shes such a b—h that we would probably hear nothing but beeps.It does take the fun out of it though

  92. It’s a game show, and everyone is there for the same reason…to win the money. Just because you have HOH doesn’t make you president. Everyone that gets the HOH walks around like their King or Queen. They need to remember its only for a week. Then they go back to being put on the block. They seem to forget that while there HOH. I would like to see Chima leave the house. I guess it would be best to tape it, just incase.

  93. I cant wait for big brother after dark,thats going to be awsome,the sparks will really be flying I just hope Jeff can play for hoh.I wasnt sure on the rules for him having the power if he could play.GO JEFF

  94. Chima it is a game! She is worse than Evil Dick. The attack Chima endured was horrible and for her to suggest Russell go to prison to be raped is a slap in the face to all victims! She started all of this when Russell denied her advances. Russell has handled things well considering Chima has everyone convinced he was at fault. Hopefully she’ll be taken off of her high horse tonight-along with Jesse and Nat!!

  95. @canadiangirl: They’ll keep them off until they have the content they need to paste together the show. Keep an eye on them…

  96. I pray Jeff uses the CDT, and I hope Chima throws her temper tantrum. The reason why she would go ballistic is because she can’t stand having her power/nominations usurped by a male; she is a misandrist(hates men), a racist, and a sociopath. She needs to get the boot, and how someone makes it through life being such a horrible person perplexes me.

  97. i would like to take the credit but chia pet was russ’es creation. pleeeease jeff use the power!

  98. Love the show! I’ve never seen a season where most of the HG can’t keep their mouths shut! They tell everything to everyone! CBS probably has to tape for legal reasons. They’ll still show Chima in the light she deserves!

  99. i have braden on facebook and someone said that live feeds will be off until 9 pm eastern

  100. maybe cbs is recording bb tonight because if a baseball game is being played .yesterday they said they were going to preempty bb thursday to air the game its in boston

  101. Chima probably blew up and they have awhile before the show thats why the are doing it now,all the editing they are going to have to do

  102. evict her ass CBS! If not, you better have a good reason for not showing us the “LIVE” eviction show!

  103. last nite when jesse & russell talked after “fight”, if jesse takes another deep breath when he talks to make his point, thinking i’m good, i’m gonna choke. please wizard!

  104. If the eviction is being taped, the live feeds will not be back on until after the show airs, otherwise you would know who got evicted.


  105. come on, they will show Lydia and Jessie making out and let the racist Chia Pet do crap but they wont show her break down. BB should boot her for being Racist. And who knows if her Rape story is even true, maybe shes just trying to get some brownie points :(

  106. I don’t like her at all because of all the yelling and I don’t think that the Big Brother Producers should tolerate it I think it is bad for the show I know my husband has talked about quiting watching because of that.I have watched Big Brother ever since it has been on.

  107. I agree, CBS is probably taping for legal reasons. But Chima complained to bb producers when they edited braden’s comments. She says” if an individual is a racist, they shouldn’t be edited not to look like one”. It’s absurd just how hypocritical she is.And Chima isn’t playing the game or using the evil dick strategy. Why knock off two people who could conceivable be on your team and secure your alliance with numbers? In fact, to any perceptive viewer Chima’s game play has simply been personal-not strategic. And here is why, Chima is a woman scorned for having her sexual advances refused by russ. spittting on rand throwing water on russ is assault, threatening to throw ding dongs is inciting him to violence in hopes that he goes to jail and gets sodomized on a daily basis is disgusting and vile. Repeatedly calling him a terrorist and bashing the fact that he is catholic and prays daily is childish (yes she proceeded to claim that russ’s god is Satan-lol she is nuts!) She behaves as aggressively as her rapist. I wouldn’t be surprised if she suffers from Stockholm syndrome/battered women syndrome and now identifies with her rapist aggressor. It wouldn’t be surprising if her pysch imbalance surfaced due to the stress of the game. Where’s the show psychologist-clearly asleep at the wheel. And she wants to educate young woman about self-empowerement and abuse. Please no! What she needs to do is get her head checked first before she becomes a danger to herself and others. Chima makes sane people become crazy. I wish CBS had the balls to submit to her request and show her as the vile, disturbed individual she really is. An even if she threatens to sue, she signed a an air-tight legal waiver drawn by CBS legal counsel. Chima needs to go!

  108. Hazel and Rose,Ive watched GL sence I was 5,and Id come home from school,and thats what was on the TV.So Id have lunch and watch it.Im 50 now,so 45 years….Yes Ill miss it.Shame on CBS.And ther now pre recording BB because of a BLOW horse who cant follow the rules and has to threaten CBS..I guess Id pre record it also.

  109. CBS didn’t rig the vote for Jeff-If you read all the comments you’d see that 90 per cent were for Jeff. I’d like to see CBS find people off the street that didn’t know that much about BB. The other HG are playing the game! They haven’t been evicted by the “bullies” yet! It is only week 5 so let’s give the HG a chance! How would you like to be in the jury house with Chima. Maybe next she could join Jesse and Nat!(Ideal)I’d like to see Jeff or Jordan win HOH to get a break. They’ve had to scramble for a month

  110. Pre-taping is unfair, if she shows her ass that much then she needs to go. The CDT was put into play for just that reason, STIR THINGS UP, RIGHT! Let us see it in its intireity!

  111. They should show it live (GREAT TV) and if she goes to far
    Jessie or Natlie won’t be alone walking out the door.
    Let people who only watch the show on TV know the real Chima.
    Unless you watch the feeds you really don’t know these people and how they act

  112. I would LOVE to see a “Celebrity Big Brother”. I’d even settle for another Big Brother “All Stars”.

  113. I have sat here and read all the comments that Chima is a racist. According to the, here is what a racist is: noun
    1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
    2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
    3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.(, n.d.). Yes Chima is loud and obnoxious, but certain ones are. Take Russell for instance, when Ronnie was HOH, he yelled every rant and rave at him. Chima has a strong personality and lets her pride get in the way. But far as a racist – very from it. Yeah o.k. go ahead and slam my comment, but it is the truth! Maybe the truth hurts.

  114. @arizona2: Would you then say that Chima was out of line for calling Braden a racist for his “beaner” comment?

    I don’t know about you, but her ideas that Russell could be a terrorist because of his heritage, well, that pretty much hits #3 on the head.

  115. I for one will not continue to watch BB if they do not show it live tonight. It has been really boring this year, nothing really happening. All you see mostly is Chima shooting off her big mouth, and she is such a not class person. So when some thing exciting might happen and then they let some one like her control the show, No thank you, think I will watch some thing else from now on.. No more BB 11 for me. We have showtime2 and there are other things to see then this. We even liked Evil Dick better then her. I think that CBS pretaping this episode was a big mistake. Good luck other house guests. Hope Jeff does what America wants. We all know Chima’s mouth will overload her ass. I bet a person like her has one filthy mouth and she can really use it too.

  116. [Let’s stay on the topic of Big Brother, not politics. Again, like I said last time, this is ‘Big Brother,’ not ‘Hardball.’]

  117. If Chima shows how horrible she really is, then CBS is going to look stupid for editing all of her stuff out. Better for them to pretape the episode.

  118. I wasn’t going to comment on arizona2, but I do have to agree with Matt. Not worth debating, the facts speak for them selves. Thank you arizona2 for putting it in black and we truly see that her comment was racial. I know that wasn’t your intention..but let’s call it what it is.

  119. Chima is an angry, out-of-control woman, who would say and do anything to win an argument. She is the female equivalent to Russell, in that she uses threats and assault when she argues. I don’t really think either is able to have a logical disagreement with another person, and agree to disagree…they must browbeat others into thinking their way…it’s pretty pathetic…makes for great television, and “live feeds”, but if they are really like this, they need serious anger-issue therapy!

  120. i hate how the other night she was saying that russell will probably end up in prison

  121. Are the live feeds still down? If the posted with the comment that said that the show was being taped at 1pm is accurate then it should be going on as we speak (type)!!!! :):):)

  122. Is there any way that it was always going to be taped show if Jeff was going to use the Coup d’etat? Think about it, if two people are going up who had no idea, then they’d need time to pack, etc. since they only have 1 minute to say good-bye and leave the house. Maybe they asked Jeff in the DR if he was going to do it so that they could prepare.

    However, if they are doing it because of Chima’s threats, then they should give FULL disclosure and before the live show, explain why they had to tape the show and show the threats. Who is running the show, CBS or Chima??

  123. @Dan: No, I’m not sure why the filter caught it. It’s been going in to overload the last few days and grabbing more comments than it should. No worries, I’ve ok’d it.

  124. Well said Matt- couldn’t agree with you more. In fact, Chima also said that she can call Russ a terrorist because Americans hate middle easterners and jessie called him “Osama”. the tactic is called guilty by association. In this case, chimas slurs are out of line. And in this case-clearly racial.

  125. I really hope they do air it! I have been looking forward to this all week – Please let us have this moment!!! I cannot wait for the afterdark show and the live feeds tonight. I can’t wait to see the facial expressions once the power is used and Nat & Jess go up and Jess is voted out! LOL! wishful thinking & hoping!

  126. they have in the past evicted someone for double elim and it has never been pretaped they just have the other hgs pack for them after the show is done

  127. Does anybody know an insider who is at the taping of the show? Seems like our best shot at the fastest truth right now!

  128. If this is the way she want’s to be then I think she should be removed from the program. If you can’t handle defeat then she shouldn’t have been allowed on the program in the first place. It’s a game so grow up and play it like an adult not a two year old child that doesn’t get his or her own way. To me she’s just showing her true mentality and is acting like a spoiled brat. Come on Chima GROW UP AND ACT YOUR AGE NOT YOU MENTALITY.

  129. I agree with’CBS’ viewer! I hope Russell survives-Lydia too! 7:00 can’t come fast enough!! After dark should be interesting! After 10 seasons the HG should know that for most the show is not a career booster. I would like to see HG reactions to Americas view of them. If you don’t have Live Feed you can still get online and find out what has gone on. I’m already dreading the end of this years season and having to wait another year! HA! HA!

  130. They should do the episode live. Send Chima to the HOH room for the interview with Julie. While she is waiting, (and since she cannot vote anyway), hold the evictions.
    My scnerio, Jeff used the CDT, puts up Jessie and Natalie. Before Julie announces the decision, talk with Chima. And before Chima leaves the room, pop up the on the screen, for Chima to see, and so she can hear Julie’s voice saying, “Jessie, by a vote of 4-1, you have been eliminated from the Big Brother household. Please grab your belongs . . . ”
    Que Chima and fit, and immediately send houseguests outside for new HOH competition.

  131. if chima disrupts tonight she should be immediately evicted!!!! but i have a feeling that she is so far up grodner’s …. that grodner will let her get away with anything!!!. if this is the case, i will no longer watch cbs or big brother!!!!! big brother and cbs need to wise up or they can potentially lose their audience and their ranking will suffer… cbs you only exist because of your viewers.. if your viewers leave your network.. you will no longer exist!!!

  132. Why doesn’t CBS just evice the racist pig. She is so stupid, get real it’s a game and she won’t win. She is 34 & still not involved with anyone, she will never get a guy after this show, who could forget such a ugly bitch face and loud mouth creep. She is worse that Russell and the worst houseguest ever. CBS needs to get ready for lawsuits from her racist ingorance

  133. anyone know any leaksi am one for a spoiler doesnt matter to me if i find out.. alot of football on tonight

  134. No, Chima should not be able to threaten the producers of the show, and if they give in to her, that is a big mistake that will resonate on future shows, turning it into a worse than Jerry Springer show…not good.

  135. I could careless what happens as long as Jessie or Natalie goes home tonight. Also that Jeff or Jordan wins HOH!!!

    I am not asking too much am I?

  136. I just read on another thread that everyone was told to pack and that all feeds are cut until 6pm BB Time.

  137. I hope we all have a good laugh when we find out the Real reason for the taping.

    Just a few more hours till show time…we need to take a nap so we can all stay up tonight to watch BBAD… on the East Coast….it should be really good

  138. Wow…I can’t believe Chima is THIS F**KING CHILDISH!!! It’s just a game you fake whore get the f**k over it!!

  139. I just checked the live feed @ 5:18 EST and IT’S ON TRIVIA….I think that means they’re in fact taping the eviction ceremony, just in case Chima implodes.

  140. I watch that to. Russ and Jessie had me laughing.They like each other and could word fight. LOL

  141. I think we all know from the posts here and the lead up story to tonight’s show that jeff uses the power and puts up jesse and natalie. Absolutely no surprises there. The only one I want put up in there place is Chima but that won’t happen. Hate to see jesse go because that would make it so simple for russell to stay in the game until the end. Ugh. I don’t like his attitude towards a lot of the other players. Jeff and Jordan as final 2 would be tres, tres boring and expected. No excitement or game playing necessary from now until the end. Just predictable eliminations one by one. Dull stuff.

  142. I don’t imagine the live feeds would come back on until the show is over. I can’t imagine a true fan would quit watching BB because of one thing CBS is doing-makes you mad. Starting to sound like Chima.

  143. What if it comes to a tie and Chima has to vote one of her “TEAM” off. what a payback

  144. I think they need leave it live I mean really what’s the worst she can do? She already acts like a racist, has already said she wanted to hurt people in the house what are they waiting for ? Untill she puts hands on someone geez if it is. Taped I might stop watching bb

  145. “What if it comes to a tie and Chima has to vote one of her “TEAM” off. what a payback”

    That would make my night even better…… doubt that she would send Jessie home over Natalie if it comes to that.

  146. Big Brother Leak on twitter just said that they heard a rumor that Jesse was evicted and Michelle won HOH, but right now they cant confirm it

  147. How about evicting Jessie and then send Lydia to the jury house next. Then Jeff can keeping saying if front on Natalie “I wonder what Jessie and Lydia are doing.” That would drive her nuts

  148. OK… I am calm now. But this is freakin ridiculous. The only reason they should tape this show is to give the person time to pack that really will be evicted tonight. Any other reason is complete BS. OVIAS (OH-VUA) JESSIE!!

  149. Geoff, that is great if the info is true.
    Russell is safe and Ronnie sorry I mean Michelle is HOH

  150. Just read on another website that has audience member twitter them that Jesse is evicted and Michele gets HOH. HOpe this is true.

  151. I’m afraid of Michelle. She could ruin the whole plan by going vigilante on Russell. Considering how she wouldn’t even admit that attacking Russell’s fertility was an insult and started screaming at him just because he kept asking her to understand his feelings (how often do guys even say that!?), I bet she could go off the reservation completely.

  152. Chima wouldn’t vote in a tie-actually she doesn’t vote at all. Jeff neither only in case of a tie- which it can’t be

  153. I am afraid of Rochelle too she might put up Russell. But she is smart she realise that St.Jeff is America’s baby and is the biggest threat in the game.

  154. there is something out there that says the area that gets football redskins vs ravens have a blackout and will not get big brother til 2:30 a.m. and thats why the taped show. they have been preempted by a “preseason”, not real football game. blackout’s complain!

  155. Let’s see if it’s true first…if it is Michelle, she is part of the “Women’s Alliance”, too…

  156. i think as to not piss off chima, she will put up russell who is a safe pick cause rest of house, and then a pawn. look out jordan.

  157. michelle wouldnt put up jeff and jordan it would make michelle look really bad jeff could have put up michelle if he wanted to so in my eyes Michelle owes Jeff for not putting her up

  158. oops hit enter too soon. michele is still playing both sides, the girls told her to get close to jeff & jordan and its too soon she won’t want to pick sides this early.

  159. I think Michelle has a crush on Jeff. So she wouldnt put him up. Maybe put up Russ and Nat.

  160. she won’t put nat up cause that will piss off chima. right now she’s using her as protection against anyone that is mean to her. she’ll separate eventually, but not yet.

  161. I find it hard to believe, with Twitter, that this blackout can last until airtime…hope the audience members actually did get this through…

  162. This blackout is purely Chima related. The CDT was in play last week and it was live like clockwork. Case closed. It came through last night that the show would be taped. Chima sucks. If one person out of 10,000 digs what she’s doing, congrats…you’re as delusional as her. And yes, I would say I know her considering I am able to watch her and all the other HGs 24/7. A rose by any other name, is still a rose.

  163. If she gos off then she shoule get the boot for being a poor sport.and showing she has no class.
    she is not playing the game,
    she is getting personial.

  164. its real jesse has been evicted and Michelle won HOH its all over the net i even saw it on TMZ.. also whati am hearing is the show ran really long and the HOH comp will run on live feeds again like it was 2 weeks ago.. so the eviction is true and the HOH is true

  165. If Michelle is hoh then she will definately put up Russell who is my favorite. I hope twitter is wrong.

  166. Let Chima go off and show her true colors. If she has such a problem maybe “Obama” can help her out. Or Maybe she is just a poor “Katrina” victim for New Orleans. HA HA HA HA

  167. the football game might not be the reason, but no reason for you to be so rude. i know for a fact it happens with big brother a lot because my sister is in oh & i’m in tn. she calls me and i give her play by play cause they aren’t going to get it til like 2 in the morning. we are true bb fans, and it happens a lot in ohio cause they have 2 football teams – browns & bengals.

  168. i worry about mich too, didnt she have a deal with j/j? russ needs to be greatful this week and not cocky. if he sticks with jeff this week and keeps cool, he might be ok. i’d like to see jeff and russ final 2

  169. Why was Chima allowed to play in this weeks HOH since she was HOH last week?

    I know Michelle has an alliance with Jeff and Jordan (I hope she wouldn’t put either up since Jeff didn’t put her today) but she has a girl alliance, and she use to have one with Russel.

    I am glad Jesse is gone but it would have been nicer if Jeff was also HOH. I hope he isn’t a have not.

    I hope for the double eviction it will be Chima and Natalie.

  170. I believe J/J will be safe this week. I may regret saying this later but I think that she will show her loyalty to J/J now. I think she will put up Russ and Lydia…maybe kevin, maybe Nat…I don’t see her putting up Jeff, Jordon, or Chima

  171. @Karen…. Making fun of Katrina victims is way below the belt….Let us hope disaster never strike you or yours….

    Chima will get what is coming to her in due time….

  172. I cannot wait for the live/taped eviction! It is making it more interesting that CHima is having a fit! Everyone is all over Chima, and yes I agree she is annoying and needs to go but Russel is equally annoying & has threatened everyone in the house! He needs to go as well. He is violent and has issues. Do you see him sitting on the couch alone when he smiles & then frowns? Dude is crazy! Lydia is seriously in need of help, she need to be evicted to get psychological help with all of her issues. Jessie needs to go, and if he is evicted Natalie will leave after him chasing him down with a sandwich.

  173. Well, Chima is getting the attention she wants.
    It’ll be interesting how tonight will go. CBS think before you act!!!! QUESTION: What is CBS afraid of????

  174. I hate to say this, but I have a feeling that Chima is a hired actress for the show. That is the only logical reason to make tonight’s eviction pre-recorded instead of live. She seems like she is always acting. Even the above picture of her looks fake. And, her sympathy story is something that could never be proven due to the Rape Shield laws that protect the privacy of the victim. I don’t know. I’ve been around a lot of actors and my gut feeling says she is a hired actress for the show to boost ratings.

  175. hopefully jeff will be able to figure out russell already went behind his back, but who betrayed jesse? kevin or lydia? you know jordan & michele did what jeff wanted. russell just screwed himself again, he better get in tight with natalie – she’ll be looking for someone else to take care of her now.

  176. THank you Arizona2 for posting the true definition of a racist! CHima is NOT a racist. She is Loud, abrasive and annoying, but not racist. I think that her comments were totally misunderstood. Alot of people cant take her personality, and thats ok. I dont see any comments about RUssel here…..he is just as loud and abrasive as Chima. Whos really racist? Just a thought

  177. memy if you are going to make accusations, then support w/ facts. Yeah russ is loud, brash and vocal. But not once did he stoop so low as to hurl racial comments. Even under fire, the kid still has an element of control. Russ has a strategy-its called evil dick. His actions have been strategic, including his loud outburst. Chima on the other hand is purely irrational. As for the idiosyncracies, w/ camera 24/7 yeah the camera is bound to catch a slipped smirked or odd facial expressions. Doesn’t mean the person has psych issue.

  178. I got the same info about Jesse evicted and Michelle HOH.
    RE the football thing, I am on the east coast, and it is blacking out cbs for tonight, but they are showing it at regular time on upn. They announced that last week, so it isn’t the reason for the taping of the show though!

  179. tracyo9….Chima’s story about the rape is true. I do agree with you that she does act (so does Jessie, Russel) The rape story is not an act. It happened while she was in college in Hampton, VA.

  180. Hey memy, Chima called russ a terrorist and stated that it was ok to call him a terrorist because he is of lebanses heritage and because americans hate middle easterns. Following @arizona2 definition of racist (which you agree with), then her terrorist comment calls under category 1 and 3. As an african-american woman, I find her statements and behavior repulsive and disgusting. But Russ and the other houseguests do not behave anywhere near as despicable as Chima

  181. @Karen: As a New Orleans native, your Katrina humor is not appreciated. You wouldn’t make a joke of it had you lived through it, and spent the last 4 years rebuiding your home and trying to put it behind you – or worse yet, had you known someone who didn’t survive it.

  182. bb11….are we watching the same show? Russ sits on that couch ALOT and he is thinking (or whatever) he goes from frown to smile. I just gave one example…I do think that he has anger issues among other things. I do not profess to be an expert. Its just MY OPINION! For the record, He does not have elements of control all of the time. Please!! When his “plans” dont go his way he tries to create situations, but he is getting caught! CHima went off because of personal issues, yes it was irrational, but she was provoked. Russel will NEVER be Evil Dick

  183. BB11. Chima was incorrect in calling him a terrorist, I believe she tried to say that he had terroristic tendencies…..I also find her behaviot reprehensible! We can agree on that!

  184. memy – I didn’t know it was true. I didn’t research it. I’m guessing that perhaps you went to college with her or maybe it is public record? I admire her strength for surviving such a horrible act. It would be great if she did actually talk to rape victims about her experience. Then again, her racist comments towards Middle Eastern people makes her an unlikely choice for some help groups. I suspect it will be a long time before she is hired for a position with a company that requires interaction with others in the workplace. She will probably do the freelance writing until someone trusts her to work in an office without offending other races. Certainly, an employer would not want to be held liable for such (foreseeable) conduct.

  185. BB11 Chima was an idiot for using that term, she should have thought before she opened her mouth, and by the way I too am an african american woman, and I do not agree with what Chima says

  186. Tracy09 yes it did happen to her, I went to the same college before her. I do remember when it happened. I agree with you that she will have issues with jobs in the future. Sometimes I wish that she would just shut up! LOL

  187. memy – I hear ya. I think being in that house with several very annoying people 24/7 would drive anyone crazy. : )

  188. Memy, I know I’m watching the show, I question if you are and clearly you aren’t watching the live feeds. For the last few days, Russ has been busy playing pool and wracking up votes etc.. In fact, he decided to lay low (strategic) for the past few days on advise of Jeff. If he doesn’t have control like you stated, then he wouldn’t be “Creating” situations to move the game in his favor. So clearly, he is in control because he is creating situations-its called game play by the way. And no Chima was not provoked, Chima went into a frenzy because her sexual advances towards russ were declined by russ. Her ego was badly bruised and so she began her tirades calling him a terrorist, osama, throwing water on him, attempting to spit on him so that he can get kicked out thrown in jail and sodomized on a daily basis. She’s sick. Moreover, her entire daily conversations have revolved around no ones else but Russ. Chima is obsessive and fixated. Russ may not be like evil dick, but who wants to be Evil Dick?-not Russ. the kid is fine being himself and using some of EDs strategy to win. Its called creativity and game play.

  189. I wonder if Chima has a fatal attraction for Rus. He better watch for her when the show is over

  190. bb11fan,i agree w/you.about chima and russ,he never hurled a commet that attacked her heritage or ethnic group.she is out of line and i would have taken her slanderish remarks the same way.she is causing alot of havoc that is not game play that is unnecessary.

  191. DAMMIT…look i just read on another big brother website that lydia did stuff to jessie…can anyone confirm that?

  192. It seems pretty clear that Lydia and Jessie hooked up based on the live feeds. Not going to go into any detail since kids may be reading.

  193. It is not a personality conflict when Chima says Russ is a terrorist because he is lebanese.

  194. WTF?????? Man, I’m barely getting my live feeds today. I’ve been reading up on the highlights and apparently there’s been some MTV Real World type business going on!!!!! Well, no wonder Lydia is acting so dumb. She got pulled in.

  195. If a HG is allowed to blackmail the producers of the show to the point that they have to completely alter the way the show has been done since the beginning, then I think that it is a death knell for BB. Next year will only get worse, as it has for several seasons (eg, Danielle and ED and the verbal violence) with HGs already memorizing the ‘rule book’ to see just how far they can go in the violence/bullying/threatening department before they are ejected. We all know that ‘the rules’ get bent out of shape whenever the producers think that it would add some spice to the show, but this is going too far, especially with racial epithets & threats to do harm to an HG by another HG’s friends outside the show are involved or Chima calling Russell a terrorist &’Obama’

  196. Hey bb11…..who in this house doesnt continually talk about a topic over and over? I watch shotime every night & I have seen Russ go over and over a topic to the point where I cant take it, and Im not in the house! Obviouisly you are a fan of Russ, and thats ok…I just wanted to give my opinion. I am NOT a fan of Chima…I just think that she is not a racist…stupid and loud yes. And give me a minute, but I think that Russ said something about her facial features. At any rate, I think that we can just agree to disagree on Russell & CHima

  197. No not that I know of. I think it was Russ or Jeff that found one of their wrappers under the bed LOL

  198. IT WAS JEFF! THAT’S WHAT I READ! WTF??? F**KING LYDIA! She’s giving all of us Latina’s a bad rep!

  199. If Chima throws a tantrum, throw her out. Bring Casey back and let him finish the game. If she can’t play by the rules, then she shouldn’t be there. This isn’t her house yet! Big Brother is the one that came up with the “wizard” power and if they can’t protect that person then why have it.

  200. BB11…I will admit that I watch showtime every night….not the 24 7 live feeds… I am basing this on what I see every day for three hours. Again, I am NOT a Chima fan. If she is saying and doing all of the crap that I have been reading on the blogs then she is an idiot. But you have to admit that people have been hating her BEFORE the incident with Russ happened. Hopefully she will be gone soon along with Natalie.

  201. Memy, this is a moot point and no longer worth responding. Clearly you’re a chima fan and I recognize the truth sometimes hurts especially when one comes to realize their fan is a racist. May the best hg win

  202. If BB 11’s execs allow this witch to be the first and only HG to cause a delayed telecast I can’t see myself continuing to be a loyal fan. Get rid of her. Make an executive decision in order to keep future HG’s from trying the same garbage. Show her that the show is definately bigger than her big mouth and childish attitude. Do it for the fans. This has been the worst group of people ever assembled for my once favorite show.

  203. Im gonna predict… jeff uses it… puts up nat and jessie… nat goes and then there would be a quick one again with another houseguest leaving… hmmmmm just putting that out there as all were told to pack bags… why would they tell chima that unless there was a chance for her also… ok 1 minute till showtime!!!

  204. @Ashley- People are so quick to think the worst. That’s why we still have problems in this country. I see no one pissed that Russell’s been such a prick. He treated Ronnie horribly. This seems like a pretty bias reaction to me.

  205. Correction memy- the word was “houseguest” is racist. not you personally. i’m sure your cool.

  206. i feel like i’ve been evicted frm the Big Brother Network..none of my posts are showing up. ;( what’s up with that, Matt?

  207. I cannot believe CBS isn’t explaining why they aren’t live and showing just what a bitch chima is!

  208. well…hmmm i dont view her as a strong conifident woman,i view her as strong woman but im not seeing any positive in her behavior as a confident woman.chima is a loose cannon,w/alot of problems that come out in her behavior. im trying to say this w/all my respect.gooooo jefff!!!!!!and he was polite.lololool enjoy!!!!!jeese is still an idiot.lydia..what the hell.i knew it tho.michele was loyal to jeff.russ what the hell….i didnt know that,bye bye jesse.

  209. I must have a different definition of a strong woman… I vew a strong woman as someone with, brains, class and integrity… behaviour such as chimas makes me think she is ignorant woman with troubles… not my definition of a strong woman!

  210. what did he say while leaving the house and chima saying the she needs to have a talk with production… wow…. she thinks she something

  211. it sounded as if chima said she was going after ms gucci..meaning jordan. What a bad move that would be with Russ and Jeff there to protect Jordan. Hope Michelle stays true to Team Jeff and dumps chima immediately.

  212. I love how chima is giving directions to the other hoh players.
    She should not be playing in the hoh!

  213. chima does not want any one else to have an opinion or explanation.i see her in the crystal ball leaving next week.she has to realize she is not the only one playing the game.russel…what the hell,i guess you better pick a side and stick to it.did you see chima pointing to jeff and russ for face when kevin picked.omg michele is hoh well this will be interesting.

  214. Why wasn’t the part about chima being able to take part in the hoh contest revealed until tonight?
    CBS negotiated with the real terrorist!

  215. I wonder what Jeff, Jordan and Michelle think about Russell for voting to keep Jessie? I wonder if Michelle will put him up.

  216. my meaning of a strong woman as chima is( she is strong as in being a fighter but not in a postive manner)she is not a strong confident woman as you descibed cari.

  217. @Arizona: You can NOT link out to pirated copyrighted material. It is not cool and it is not allowed. That is why your comments are being blocked.

  218. well if michele puts russ up this week he will leave.i think chima should be put up right next to him.then he might be safe.

  219. jeff i think said he is true to his word which i think he was talking about the week russell was hoh and kept jeff and jordan safe but i think chima thought he meant that russell knew he had the power and thats why she said her and production is going to have a little talk

  220. Chima is despicable, she’s not very lady-like at all… too much of an attitude… she was directing Kevin on who to choose and that drama queen (Kevin) doesn’t have a brain of his own, LYDIA was crying when Jessie was gone & didn’t even thank Jeff (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?), RUSSELL VOTES to keep Jessie IN THE HOUSE?, LOL JESSIE fully doesn’t even give Natalie recognition during the speech until after he was evicted…. overall I can’t wait to see Chima go…. if Michelle doesn’t realize she should be siding with Jeff & Jordan after today’s mystery power & knowing that America voted for Jeff, I think she should be next to go then.


  222. Every one knows that Michelle will chicken out of her own game play and take on chima’s. I think that chima IS a waste of a BB player and the show would be much better if she was removed and casey was brought back. I love Jeff and hopes he wins, however this is the worst BB cast so far! And I’ve seen every single season.

  223. hey bb11fan! Im baaaaack! (LOL) & happy that Jessie is gone! Actually yes Im cool! LOL I knew it was a typo! Seriously, I am not a Chima fan! I still dont think she is a racist, (based on what I saw on showtime)just an idiot. Its obvious that you have the live feeds, and you saw more BB than I did…so I will look at my tapes! ha ha I just hated that everyone picked on 1 person & didnt point out everyone else’s flaws.

  224. i find it appalling that a huge corporation like CBS would allow themselves to be bullied by a 110 pound woman who threatened a temper tantrum. It was not fair to the devoted followers of BB who have waited all week to see this event unfurl to keep us from seeing it carried out live, much less have no live feeds on RealPlayer so we could at least see it there. Chima should have been reigned in and severe punishment up to and to include explusion from the game if she acted inappropriately. CBS could have cut to commercial, removed her from the set and went on with the show. The CoupDe Tat was a part of the game she is playing and she shouldn’t have that much power. Maybe CBS should put her on its production/producer team?!!!!

  225. Too bad Kevin decided to chum up to Chima. Didn’t he think something was up when Jesse wouldn’t shake his hand?

  226. I guess we now now Chima is all mouth and no action. To bad CBS let her get away with her empty threats. They should have thrown her off when she started making them.

  227. Bad move CBS to feed an ego that big. Hard to believe you would let her dictate the rules to YOUR game. Michidiot HOH– looking bad for Jeff and Russell. She’s a sheep that will follow Chiapet up to the slaughter house while Nogame Gnat holds the door. Kevin-what a whimp! Allowing Chia to make his choices for him. I’m guessing Kevin and the other girls ( except Jordan ) will join forces to eliminate Jeff, Russell, and Jordan before the cat-fight begins. Well, at least America got the pleasure of watching Jessie shuffle his feet. A lot of class that guy, it’s too bad it’s all low.

  228. What’s with Lydia? He treats her like crap after all the sexual stuff. He votes for her to go,let’s her get put up again-and she’s crying for the pig! Too bad she couldn’t take the time to thank Jeff!!

  229. I think when Chima is leaves, and it won’t be too soon for me, when she goes thru that door, she should not have anyone clapping for her…that will let her know she wasn’t liked for the way she acted in the house….she’s spoiled and BB producers did bow down to her and that’s why I think she got to do HOH. That’s not fair…why were they so scared of her?

  230. chima is still dictating to CBS! In an effort to calm the threesome down, CBS offered them ‘products’. (hair , lotion, etc) reported on Jesse’s frame of mind to them as well. As they whine about how unfair theis coup d’etat was/is, we all know chime woulkd have used it in a new york minute had the shoe been on the other foot! CBS needs to rethnj the name of ths show…perhas it could be renamed “Big Sistah” before the season is over! Allison get back control of YOUR game!

  231. This is by far the worst BB website. There’s not even any sort of update – spoiler or not. I’ve commented so many times and its never benn posted. The updates are severly lacking compared to other websites – and this guy is getting paid! Does everyone understand this – you can get more up to date information from other websites that aren’t so sponsored, and thus filtered, then this one?? I know this won’t get posted, just like all of my other posts. But tonight was the straw that broke the camels back.

  232. i know and she looks so mad to about jesse leaving yet last week she was crying to kevin about the way jesse was treating her

  233. i agree b.bedgood.i dont feel she should have any reconition no more than i thought that other guy should that was evicted.( not casey not braden.)

  234. @Erica…Have you downloaded the Big Brother Network toolbar? If you have you will notice a BB Updates button on your toolbar. Matt always updates us on each and every show almost immediately. Janet, Killer and MD keep us posted as to live feed info. in their blogs and they do a great job. We also rely on each other. This is the only site ive been on , and ive been on numerous sites, that is not cliqueish, we welcome everyone. No matter their opinion.

  235. I like the comments on this site. If you don’t, go elsewhere.
    Chima, Kevin and Lydia haven’t even spoke to Michelle yet, they’re screwed. Too bad, I like Kevin but he chose the wrong side, at least up to now.

  236. bluezey60, you’re talking about Ronnie. I’m with you on that…If these people in the audience wouldn’t be applauding, they might get the message…

  237. I am a Jeff fan threw and threw. As are my co workers who also enjoy big brother 11. I think Chima is a poor sport. And acts as if she’s queen bee in the house, which is very irriating. I WANT HER OUT!! I do not think its right to have to pre-record a show because a house guest is being distruptive, i understand why they did it because of the censors…but they shouldn’t have to. I think big brother should consider tossing her from the game. Russel isn’t then one causing the problems in the house, its her. KICK CHIMA OUT BIG BROTHER!!! Watching something pre-recorded isn’t fair to the viewers who watch the show religiously.

    The fact that you had to cut the live feeds so that people who were watching and PAYING for the this service couldn’t know what happened. Goes to show you need to take Chima out of the game, on grounds that she disrupted production.

  238. @ Erica: If you’ve commented ” so many times ” you obviously keep coming back so there must be something you like about this site, I’d suggest you give a longer look, I think you’ll change your mind.

  239. Chima’s bum is hungry, her grey sweats are always stick up her scrawny ass.
    She’s still threatening to leave the show? Good! Let her go and being back Casey or Laura. CBS has been much too kind to chima so far, not showing when she really did call Russ a terrorist in a racist way, her threats to CBS and house guests. If she won’t quit talking about production then give her a penalty nom!

  240. CAn somebody please tell me what is so good about jeff & Jordan?? Jordan has done nothing but play the dumb blonde role..and jeff recieved his power from america…At least chima and russell are plaing the game..As far as im concerned they are the only good players left…Most of the time the winners of big brother are hated by america and the houseguests but they win because the game is not about popularity but GAMEPLAY!And even though they hate each other GO Team CHIMA AND RUSSELL!!!!!!!!!

  241. since chima was allowed to play in the HOH contest, then it should only be fair that from this point on that the out-going HOH be allowed to play again!

  242. I lost respect for CBS/BB, letting one woman’s ranting change the format of the show. She should of been shown the door instead of revolving the show around a possible tantrum.

  243. I think Chima should be taken out, she is very rude, I feel sorry for her family, acting like that on TV. What is up with Lydia, Jeff got her off the block, she should be greatful, now she is so buddy buddy with Chima & Nat. Well Chima has to go then Lydia for being a ass-hole, then Nat. Hope Michele puts Chima & Lydia,or Nat.Jeff or Russle need to win pov. If Jordan wins pov, THAT WOULD BE A BIG SURPRISE.lET THE GOOD GUY’S WIN FOR ONCE. Are this will be the last B.B I see.

  244. I think anyone who disrupts the live eviction should be booted out of the house. Who the hell does she think she is anyways. So sick of watching her think she is above everything….she needs to be put out of the house and not by the HOH….she needs to be put out by the producers.

  245. Michelle will put Russell and Chima up on the block.She gave off strong body language that she knows exactly what she wants to do.The rest of the houseguests need them gone so that they can have some peace and quiet. No one will use POV to save either of them.

  246. Why did they let Chima play for hoh. I thought hoh had to wait to compete for hoh again. Remind Lydia who took her off the block she is acting like a bitch, messing with his things, tell her to grow up. Kevin needs to remind her, I didn’t use the pov on you but Jeff got you off. Be happy,

  247. Is LYDIA in need of real mental help???

    She cried like she had lost a family member….
    She cried like her mom died….
    She cried because Jesse went home….

    The same guy that she says has “bruised her” and has made her want to “start cutting herself again”

    Jesse voted to evict her…LOOL

    Now she “hates Jeff”….the same Jeff that kept her in the house last week, as Jesse was voting her skank ass out!! WOW!!

    I would not be surprised if Lydia asks production if she threatens a lawsuit, if she can just go to the Jury house to be with the nimrod Jess, or if she would happen to win POV, she can put herself on the block!!

    Anyone catch her saying that if she had a chance to win a prize phone call from her family, she would decline, and give it away to Kevin to call his man???

    WTF!!! Lydia, girl, skank, whatever you are…you NEED HELP!!!!

    Good day.

  248. Chima has a lot of class… too bad it is all Low.

    Hopefully the pit bull and the Narcissist will be voted out on the double eviction.

    Once she see’s herself on film, Chima’s is not even smart enough to be horribly embarrassed by her own actions. Her family must be in total disgrace.

    The pit bull, put a sock in it, monkeys have better table manners.

    These two just need to shut up.

  249. Shima, Shima, Shima (shaking head)…

    I really do hope that Shima violates some production rules and gets a severe set back. She’ll get what she deserves (along with Natily). Besides, it makes for better television dynamics.

    Pssssst! Shima should head her Grandmother’s advice… listen a bit more, but then her giant ego probably wouldn’t be able to do that.

  250. Does anyone know how to contact CBS and let them know so many fans are unhappy and might not watch the show again. With Chima participating in the HOH comp, it showed discremination, I think…What’s fair for one is fair for the others, regardless…..I think CBS owes its viewers a good explanation…..

  251. Chima comparing herself to the twin towers is a slap in the face to everyone who died, lost a loved one, searched the rubble, or cleaned up the devastation. Why do they let this girl run off at the mouth like that? And what is the deal with calling Russell a terrorist… simply because she pretends it’s because he “terrorizes” everyone – we all know exactly what she means… especially after saying she’d rather have the Nazi (Ronnie) instead of the terrorist in the house. If Russell were to use the N-word referring to her… she’d sue! OMG (oh my GAG!) What was with the crying over Jessie? I literally threw up a little in my mouth watching that last night. Jessie was a user who got what he deserved. The other side didn’t have a freak-out meltdown whe Casey got evicted. Sheesh! And how about the hiding things? What grade are these people in? And hiding Jeff’s rosary! NOT cool. Michelle please evict Chima.

  252. I enjoy watching Big Brother, but I do not think anyone should be allowed to hold the network hostage because they do not like what is going on. You sign up for the show, you agree to the rules, it is what it is, if you do not like it, there is the door, as it has been said, move your feet and go to your new seat, outside the BB house. Zero tolerance should be enacted and immediately.

  253. Chima has to go . If any one person in that house caled her the N word . they would be out of the huse in a heart beat. Why does she get to call every one else names . Get her out of there. ASAP. she’s pure poison

  254. They all 4 should be evicted for the way they are acting, they shouldn’t be able the touch the other housguest stuff! or their beds!!!!
    GET CHIMA OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  255. Which is some inspirational stuff. Certainly not knew that opinions may be this varied. Numerous for every one particular in the enthusiasm to provide you such incredibly helpful info in this article.

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