Big Brother 11: Week 5 Live Eviction Episode Tonight

Tonight on Big Brother 11 we’ll have our fifth eviction in the BB11 season. Now there have been rumblings and rumors that tonight’s eviction won’t be live due to the promised temper tantrum of one certain house guests.

Chima has warned Big Brother production that if the Coup D’Etat is used, negating her HoH powers, and potentially saving Russell from eviction she will bring down a firestorm of rage on the house and disrupt the live eviction. Could Allison Grodner and company actually be giving in to this ridiculous woman-child and pre-recording the eviction event to avoid an unbroadcastable scene? It’s possible, but I’m hoping this is just a rumor.

Don’t forget to join us tonight in the Big Brother Chat Room during the eviction show at 8PM EST! Live or not, we’ll all be in the chat room again having a great time discussing it as it happens!

Since the Coup D’Etat power is still in play we can’t have our usual poll for choosing who would receive your eviction vote. Instead we’ll continue the poll on how you would decide to use the Coup D’Etat power if you had the choice. Vote below and pick which 2 of the possible 4 HGs you’d want on the block instead of Russell and Lydia. So far Jessie and Natalie are way out in the lead!

Meanwhile, get your Big Brother 11 live feeds ready so you can watch the house react uncensored to who is evicted and who becomes the new Head of Household. If you don’t have the live feeds yet you can still get the Free Trial discount. That along with your monthly $10 in free mp3s with your subscription and you’re getting a really good deal. Try it for free. Keep it for fun!

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  1. I’m wondering if they pre record the live show, when will the feeds come back? Will we get to see what happens before they put it on tv? I like watching the feeds the most after the eviction takes place.

  2. Come on Big Brother Network!!! If you allow Chima to have her way, then I’m sure there will be alot of disappointed fans, who want to see the live eviction ceremony tonight. I’ve been looking forward to this all week, since announcing the coup d’etat, and Jeff having that power. Too bad for Chima if she doesn’t like it. How can she be allowed to go on with her threats and tantrums. Please!!! Can’t someone just get her out of that house, ASAP!

  3. If the show is pre-recorded because of Chima’s threats…I can hear her now going on and on about all the power she has over BB & CBS because she is so smart, that they are all scared of her and the only one to ever cause the show to be pre recorded…..DON’T GIVE HER THIS POWER!!!! Don’t evict her – FIRE HER NOW
    AG show her your GIRL POWER!!!!

  4. Why doesn’t BB remove Chima from the house if she can’ follow the rules. I would think BB brother would say something to her. By giving in to her tantrum BB is just making her worst. She is worse than Russell. Jeff should put up Jessie and Nat. Natalie has done nothing to win anything. again without Jessie, Natalie is nothing. Chima needs to have something bring her big mouth back to reality. I hope Jeff doesn’t give in to her whinny behind. Hope who ever gets HOV next week puts her up and gets rid of her.

  5. If it is pre-recorded it would probably be because the new nominees need to pack not because of chima

  6. @Jacob: In past seasons with surprise double evictions the HGs that had to leave suddenly did so without their belongings which were later packed up by the remaining HGs. So that won’t be the cause as it hasn’t stopped live evictions before with unexpected evictees.

  7. I hope you are right but can’t someone from the production staff pack for them or just make all of the unsafe hg’s pack

  8. My question is if they are bringing ticket holders in that early, could it be possible that this may also be a double elimination night??

    Wouldn’t it be the cherry on top of the ice cream, if both Jessie and then Nat or maybe even Chima get tossed out the same night.

    Let’s just hope the “expect the unexpected” is all in Jeff’s favour. He has been going through enough this week. I can tell the pressure is building as to what would really be the best for him and Jordan.

    Also I have another observation, in our area (Tampa Bay Florida)in the Cable guide, it gives only Kevin and Russ’s full names. No other HG is even mentioned,I have noticed that the past 2 years, the two names they used, one of them became the Winner of the BB. Again just something to throw out there as I know this show is a current daily raelity show. But isn’t that odd????

    Go Jeff!!! Hopefully whatever you decide will be in YOUR best interest to turn the house from the evil side to the good(sunshine side).

    I am really getting tired of BBAD just showing Jess/Nat/Chima most of the 3 hours.

    But I do have to say last night, the blow up between Russ/Jess was VERY funny to watch.

  9. There will be plenty of time to show the others after Jesse/Nat/Chima are gone….please let it be soon.

  10. i agree with you nonnie,i watch showtime at night and half the time i turn it off. all BB does if focus on the HOH and those ASSES in there.there is other people in the house but yet BB just shows jess/nat/and big mouth chi a pet. sicking i sure don’t want to sit for three hrs just watching them. they are all air heads and have no idea what the hell is going on around them.they seem to think the show is all abouth them.

  11. hey matt why is my comments awaiting moderation i haven’t said anyhting that anyone else has said, i guess it time i delete all of this from my puter. and just forget reading or replying to anyone

  12. @Debbie: Your comment was approved and allowed. If you’d rather not have your comments moderated then try to post them without curse words. Including “ass” in your previous comment sent it to the moderation queue. Not using “ass” in your most recent comment allowed it to be posted immediately. It’s your choice.

  13. OOOHHH, a double nomination would be GREAT!! Put Jessie and Natalie up and give Natalie the boot! Jessie would be a train wreck without her! Then get Chima ou of there. I bet Jessie would turn into the sweetest mime you’ve ever seen! lol

  14. Is anyone watching the live feed? Would it be showing the eviction now? Since the audience members had to be there at 11:30?

  15. @Jacob: Yes, that’s true for us, but they don’t tell the HGs. That’s the surprise part for them. So they wouldn’t have all packed that night, just the 2 on the block. When the second evicted HG of the night leaves he/she must do so without their packed belongings.

    I’m not saying tonight is a double eviction, but rather explaining how HGs can be evicted without having their things packed up and ready to go.

  16. @Matt, thank you love. they will show the entire thing on the live feeds though right? Will they show anything on After Dark?

  17. Dawn – I totally agree with you. Chima needs to go! BB is in control NOT Big Lip Mouthing Chima. BB dosen’t owe her anything. Don’t let her ruin it for the rest of us that are axiously waiting to see what goes down to night. Let her make a fool out of herself “AGAIN” on national tv. Her days are numbered, it’s just a mater of time and she will be OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT TO IT JEFF!!!!!

  18. Ugh I’m stuck at work all day and can’t watch the feeds! Keep me updates on here about CBS decisions and the happenings if the house. Thanks friends! :)

  19. PJ- Glad to hear you agree, as I’m sure other’s do also. We all look forward to watching the show Live. Chima has been in that house for way too long! I personally enjoy watching her make a fool of herself, and I hope her days are numbered. I myself don’t get to watch the live feed, so I’m going to miss out. I don’t have a personal computer at home, and in today’s economy can’t afford it. Right now I have to type my comment to you on another computer. If it’s not on tv tonight, it’s going to SUCK for me!!! I was soooo looking for tonight’s show. What a bummer.

  20. Everyone except Jeff is afraid of Russell, which means Russell is the best person to keep in the house. Jeff and Russell are the strongest mental and physical competitors left in the house.

  21. and thats a shame. ppl hate them, or excuse me dislike them strongly for no reason.

    ppl say “oh i cant stand jessie, he walks around like he runs things”

    well he does. and he has been walking around like that because he was either hoh, or someone in his alliance is hoh. what is he suspposed to do?

    and then “oh i cant stand natalie, her and jessie are always together”

    well there a team and they like each other. kevin and lydia, and jeff and jordan are always together.

    how bout u guys start respecting there game.

    michelle is literally a female ronnie almost down to the T, yet she only has 6% of the votes? como?

    como se de sey thats crazy!

  22. thaat what I like to know if they will show anything on the after dark.Lets hope we don,t have to say up that late to see that.And I hope cbs has,nt told jeff not to use his power that way chima won,t throw her fit.I for one want him to use it. to see jessie go.I know that probley a crazy thought but what if they told him not to use it and offer him something else could they do that. just a question?

  23. Live show is being taped today. All feeds are off til 6 pm BB time. EVERYONE HAS TO PACK….. Maybe we will see JESSIE nad Nat go home or Jessie and Chima… A person can dream can’t they …….

  24. That good I hope he does use it and if he decide not to that will make me wonder if it was really his choice not too.It just make me think that if chima can get away at pulling the crap she pulling then what else will they let her do?

  25. Honestly, I think BB/CBS should have Jeff put up Jessie and Natalie and double evict them both and fire Chima out of that house with them. They have no regard for the show and they are constantly warned about talking about their DR sessions yet nothing ever comes of it. BB man up and give the show back the integrity it used to have.

  26. I CAN’T SAY WHAT I;M REALLY THINKING BUT THIS BITCH HAS ME SHAKING. SHE KNOWS (SHEEEE0 can say or do anything and then yell racism and threaten lawsuit. THAT’S WHAT ALWAYSHAPPEN.

  27. All house guests have been told to pack. Maybe more than 1 going home. Maybe they have all been evicted…..lmao

  28. Oh my god i cant wait cant wait for tonight

    I think im going to wait till i see the show rather then come on here and see the results.

    i wanna she chima get mad, so she can be the hated person of the house. then it would be great if russ wins HOH, and sends her home lol.

    but he is risky, dont know what russ will do. after talking to production or basically talking to himself last night eating juciy fruits, anything is possible.

    then again i might just do the feeds for today, caz nnow that i think about it, i dont knoe if i could possibly wait until 8. that ryhmes.

    or i think its spelled rhymes.

    cbs knws they better have it taped. but if they didnt, there ratings would sky rocket. which is good for them. last season was boring, so i see why. but i dont want to show to be cancelled, i wanna go on.

  29. Word of wisdom how big of a story can you make out one statement this story was blow out of proportion. Talking about the news making the story bigger sounded like it really bad and it not well I guess BB fans just did the same thing come on did some of you read what you wrote a lot hot temper people who are writing like Chima talking made it bigger then necessary.

  30. Proper english and spellcheck FTW!!! That being said..get the ‘roid and the ankle-biter out of the house! Sadly Lips will have to wait a week!

  31. I am so looking forward to tonight’s eviction ceremony. I know Jeff will use the power and put Jesse and Ratalie on the block. Go Jeff! Sorry I am for team Jeff/Jordan. I know Jordan will not make it to the finals unless the HG’s keep ignoring the fact that she is not a threat. But I want Russell/Jeff in the final 2.

  32. Hey Debbie Matt said ass. Whats up with that matt? oh come on i still love ya matt sweetie just havig fun hun.

  33. Man i Love Big Brother i sleep Big Brother and I eat Big Brother do you see what your doning to us Big Brother you got us addicted Man i love it you should have two a year like surviver and Big brother is better then surviver too!!! Big Brother ROCKS!!!!

  34. Michelle watch out for Nat and Chima because they will go after you if you dont put one of them up girl! And did you see that nat said that her and Chima is in alliance together so get a clue Michelle your not one of there alliances.

  35. Jacob i like Kevin too he is one of the girls and i adore him and Jeff and Russ can controle him’ and that was bad when Kevin wanted to hug Jessie good buy and he put his hand up in Kevins face. Jessie is a A$@ whipe mama boy cry baby i am glad he is evicted. Go Jeff and Jordon!!!

  36. What’s up with the 3 cry babies? Did they forget who they back doored, thought it was funny, and said it was just a game? They need to grow up! Lydia needs to watch what she is calling other people!

  37. BB needs to grow a pair and quit giving in to the cry babies! They gave in once, now look what’s going on. Chima is a disgrace. Even her grandparents didn’t like her attitude! It was an insult to refer any comparison to the twin towers the way she did-and hide Russells rosary? They talk about the other side having no morals? They need to take their rose colored glasses off!!

  38. Tina G- I am glad you said what you said it saved me some typing, lol. WHen I began reading all the posts it shocked me that all women with implants are whores. What about the women that get implants due to double mastectomies? Some people.
    Mary-I agree with you whole heartedly about everything you have responded to. Why is Chima still here? Why is CBS allowing her compare herself to the twin towers. She had already shown that she had no class by calling Russell a terrorists, but including the twin towers was completely disgraceful. Let me pull a Chima, she must be from the West Coast. j/k everyone. Don’t get all riled up, but that is a Chima generalization. She thinks her grandparents are proud of the way she has been playing. If I were them I would have disowned her. The worst part is her wearing her marine outfit.
    Jeff-I am glad he used his CDT power. I wanted Ratalie to go, but will lose no tears that it was Jesse instead. Since, Michelle has the HOH this week, she is saying she is putting up Chima and Ratalie. I think both should be gone, especially Chima. CBS was so scared by Chima’s threats that not only did the tape earlier but they even allowed her to play in the HOH. WTF CBS, are you people on drugs?

  39. West coast rock baby not only do they have Disney land they have BIG BROTHER YAAAA! Michelle please put Chima up and the little Nat bug!!! Oh I think Chima said she was from Louisiana.

  40. Kevin stop trying to please Chima she is a black widow louring you to her web and then useing you Kevin and then she will Bite your head off so lydia save your man girl take him away from the two witches becuse Nat hates you Lydia she told Jesse to put you on the block get a clue girl and Michelle Jesse and nat put you on the block so i hope to god you put her up and Chima the snack.

  41. HEY DID YOU HERE??? mICHELLE put Chima and Nat on the block and Chime threw a fit and flipet the bbro off and threw Jeffs close in the water before she qwit Big Bro house well i didnt see that part but some one els seen it but i did see the house saying Nat and Chima is on the block and nat is kissing Lydias butt to get the veto. and Michelle said if one get off then Kevin will take there place man Richie i hope that is true you said Chima qwuit!

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