Big Brother 11: Week 4 HoH Endurance Aftermath

Last night was a great night for Big Brother 11. By the time the live feeds came back on we already had three of the 9 competing houseguests down from the competition. After three hours we were down to just two competitors: Jeff and Russell. Finally, at the four-hour mark, a deal was made and one man dropped…

Russell is the new Head of Household this week after agreeing with Jeff that they both wanted Ronnie out of the house. Russell has promised Jeff safety and even said that he’d let Ronnie compete in the PoV competition. While that of course makes me nervous there’s also no reason Ronnie couldn’t end up in the PoV fight anyway, but at least this route will put him in the hot seat for the entire week.

Other worthy notes from the Big Brother 11 endurance competition:

  • Kevin won the $5,000 gift
  • Jordan won a “Have” pass for this week and had to select 3 Have-Nots. Kevin, Natalie, and after pulling Jeff’s name the other HGs made Jordan pull someone else and Jessie ending up being selected.
  • Russell still seems to be targeting Ronnie

Also there is big news in regards to Big Brother‘s Coup D’Etat power play. CBS has announced that all voting before 12:20AM EST has been nullified due to technical errors on their end. The voting page was all messed up last night and had the wrong pictures at one point, then the wrong message at another time. That means all the Jeff fans need to get back on there. If you were planning to vote for Ronnie or Jessie, then you don’t need to do anything at all (snicker).

If you missed last night’s exciting Big Brother 11 HoH Endurance competition then you can still get on the live feeds and use the Flashback times I’ve listed to see all the vomiting and brutal conditions the HGs had to endure.

Funny side note: Had anyone else never heard of ‘Shiantology’? Apparently Shia LaBeouf has developed quite the cult following. Good for some Friday humor.

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  1. i voted for jeff several times.i sur hope he winc coup d etat and wins hoh. casey was the bomb when he left.i truely hope the game is turned around this week.

  2. @bluezey60: Be sure to go back in and vote again since all of last night’s votes were nullified (great work there, CBS).

  3. i agree thone i would like to see russ join jeff,jorden. i would like to see kevin also but he is to thick w/lydia at this point.

  4. Yea! Finally the dumbest part of 11 is OVER & not a minute to soon! Hope Jesse is out the door soon. Hope too that Jeff gets the power over the rest! Casey rocked!! Ronnie’s reply just seemed weak & spiteful.

  5. Voted for Jeff too! He’s great, would love to see Jesse, Ronnie, or Natalie leave. Hope everything pans out with Russel and Jeff’s plan

  6. ty matt i have already done that and will go back again after the ross matthews show.INSIDE DISH.yes ronnis is an idiot no matter how smart he know i have hearde when people are really smart they can be the border line of being crazy….watch ronnies expressions.

  7. EVERYONE VOTE JEFF OR JORDEN!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! i hope russel stays to his word yet to!! and that would be awesome if he allined with jeff and jorden!

  8. What a great show last night. Casey was great. Natalie looked ridiculous defending Jessie as Casey walked out. I’m glad Casey told her a thing or two. Jessie looks so weak letting a woman defend him without saying anything. They both need to go. VOTE FOR JEFF!!! Go JEFF!!!

  9. We lost a good player last night-Casey. He was smart, funny and entertaining. Everything a reality show hopes for. We will miss him. On the other hand, having the “karma” in the house swing to the “good” side sorta makes up for it. Sorta. Jeff really didnt need to win HOH this week (but would have been nice). Hes almost a shoein for winning the Coup détat. Which means he would have the real power this week instead of Russ and still be able to play for HOH next week. Its a win-win situation.

  10. I voted for Jeff I so hope he wins. Its. About time BB did something. Bye bye Jesse or nasty nat .0h I hope Russ does the right thing. He seems like he would

  11. Why you guys keep hating on Jessie? He is playing a game. Jeff is only hating on Jessie because Jessie is a better player that him. All the decision that Jessie has made was as the result of Russel-he is the one that wanted Casey out and now he backtrack about keeping his word. To play this game you have to lie, manipulate and go back on your words. I WILL BE WATCHING CLOSELY TO SEE YOUR MIGHTY JEFF FALLS FLAT. All JEFF is doing is talking about people low IQ. Does he not realize the one he is sparing with(JORDON) the dumbest of the house.You guys all hating on someone for a playing a game. GET REAL!!!!

  12. I think Jordan is putting on an act playing like she’s dingy. Jesse had his turn in the house before and showed his @$$, he shouldn’t be in again. I’m glad Russell is finally thinkin on his own and making his own alliance with someone else, other than following Jesse around like a little lost puppy. It shows a great deal for Russell. Casey was great! Hope it works out for Jeff/Russell to get the others out that back doored him.

  13. Ok, we’ve got entertainment now!!! I voted for Jeff also. I am tired of Natalie and Lydia fighting for Jesse’s attention. Jesse is a jerk and a sissy for letting Natalie stand up for him. You rock Casey!! Ronnie is still a rat and thinks he’s the smartest Big Brother player ever. He has studied the game. Vote for Jeff!! he’s the good guy and deserves to win.

  14. I’m definitely voting for Jeff. I’m so sick of watching Jessie, and Natalie run the show. I want to see Jeff and Jordan take over, possibly with some new allies. I NEED to see Ronnie/Jessie/Natalie gone ASAP. They are giving me a headache with all their cockiness and whatnot.

    I’m sad that Casey actually left, he always made me laugh. But i’m glad he showed Natalie a thing or 2 before he left. He’s an amazing guy, and Jordan/Jeff definitely needed him.. oh well.

  15. Matt, you run an awesome site, dude. I re-submitted my votes 4 Jeff & will continue to do so until voting ends. There is NO WAY Jessie is going to win this thing.

  16. To all the people complaining about other “hating” on Jessie and the Dorkwads, please. If Jess gets the best of Jessie then JEFF is the better player, not Jessie. If Jeff gets more votes, the JEFF is the better player because he made himself more likable to America, ALSO PART OF THE GAME. Basically, who wins, deserves to win. And that is that.

  17. I think what Cassie did was awesome. Jessie still doesn’t know how to play. I to think Jessie is hiding behind Nat,because why didn’t he say something to Cassie. Jessie needs to wear a chicken suit. I sure hope Jeff made the right move letting Russel win. Ronnie is a creep. You know they say when someone has book sense they have no common sense. I hope Ronnie leaves next. I hope Jeff or Jordan when the Coup d’etat. Can’t wait till Sunday.

  18. i heard that ronnie is now in panic mode cuz he thinks that russ might put him up. i hope that russ goes back on his word with ronnie cuz walking around like he is unstoppable. but seriously you gus have to vote for jeff and jordan to give them a better shot at fliping the house around.

  19. I voted for Jeff numerous times this morning!!!! GO JEFF!!!! Although I would not be disappointed if Jordan got the ultimate power!!!!! I think that Russell will honor his word to Jeff and Jordan!!! Although I am not sure he will send out Ronnie just yet. I look for Ronnie and Lydia to go up, but I think his plan may be to backdoor Jessie!!! How sweet it would be!!

  20. hopefully russ puts up natalie and ronnie or jesse. as long as one of the three goes home id be happy. we all knwo that jeff’s gunna win the coup d’etat thing so hell be running the house and making the real decisions eithe r way, this week one of those three are goneeee.

  21. Voted for Jeff a few times, Jessie is a weasel and got lucky being HOH the first time without doing anything ….. Hell, he was so lost he was asking everyone else who to nominate the first week, get out there and look around ya lazy butt!!!

  22. One problem, they won’t tell them who has the C’D’T until next week on Wednesday or Thursday, no one has any idea what the power is and it is “BIG” to be able to change both nominees at the last minute …………. oooooooooooooobaby!!

  23. There is one problem, no one knows what the power is and that it won’t be told to them until next Wednesday / Thursday …….. It’s a monster power to be able to change both nominees at the last minute before the eviction vote.
    If Jeff does team up with Russell he might be able to save it for a week depending who Russell puts on the block!!
    This power will be a big game changer ……. YEAH!!!!!!

  24. VOTE FOR JEFF..If he gets it then I hope he doesn’t have to use it this week that way he can not win HOH next week and use the power then and he could play for the HOH a week after that..basically this would buy him 3 weeks!

  25. Man oh man, I pray that Jeff wins the coup! I’m so sick of that Ronnie and Jesse! Way to cocky and arrogant. It’s time for good to reign in the house for awhile.

  26. did i just read right,jeff let russ win!what the hell i could understand if it was someone he could trust 100 percent (jorden).man…i hope it doesnt bite him. i gotta go vote some more for thinkin jeff will be back doored if he doesnt win this.last i knew russ and tard boy were in cahoots.yes jesse needs to wear a chicken would fit him perfectly.i hope jesse gets back a little shocked on this news w/jeff.

  27. I liked Kevin a lot, but he is way too enmeshed with Lydia! UGH! I am pull for Jeff to get the Coup. Jordan would be fine too, but Jeff will use it more wisely. I would like to see Lydia and Natalie go on the block together. Can you imagine what that would stir up between them?!@!

  28. Does the screw-ups on voting include the texts too? I was glad to see Jessie as a have not. But I got sick of hearing his frigging whining like a little girl about it! For pittys sake Jessie man up already! GEEZ! I voted for Jordan and hope either she or Jeff win the Coup d’etat and sends the entire house into a tizzy! I do have to agree with Casey, Natalie is a Chihuahua. And that voice of hers is just AWFUL! I can’t believe Jessie wasn’t man enough t o say something to Casey when he left… Had to let his ankle biter Scruffy do his talking… What a man! Nobody loves Jessie more than Jessie!

  29. bluezey60 – from what i read, it seemed like jeff was struggling and was going to fall soon. i guess that’s why he made a deal with russell.

  30. keep voting & voting for JEFF to win. There’s no limit on the online voting, just text voting, I think. But I’m gonna vote vote vote for Jeff. Hope it works out!

  31. I watched on Showtime last night and Jeff and Russell were both getting tired, but both siad they were in it for the long haul unless they could agree on a deal. Jeff gave up the power because he trusts Russell. I think he can trust Russell. I do not think that it will backfire. As long as Jeff wins the Coup then I will be happy either way. This would really give Jeff the most power in the house and still allow him to compete for HOH next week. I am hopeful that Jeff, Jordan, Russell can align and take on the rest of the house. Get rid of Ronnie or Jessie this week and that puts the 3 Amigos (Jeff, Jordan and Russell) at a huge advantage!!!!

  32. True, the online voting seems unlimited and I thought I heard it costs to send phone text!!

  33. Russel will put up Michelee and Lydia, then sadly backdoor Jeff. He’s still in alliance with ratty Ronnie

  34. I’m sorry Jessie and Ronnie both need to go home!!!Jessie should not have been let back in the house to begin with!!!!

  35. hummm but don’t forget the power, the Coup D’etat. it can turn everything up side down

  36. Hello. This is Natalie’s nose. Can someone please remove me from Jessie’s butt? Thanks mucho!

  37. Everybody vote for Jeff so that the others will get their votes split. Tell everyone you know to vote and to vote often. Otherwise, if Ronnie or Jessie get it this game will be screwed!

  38. If you want Jeff to win the coup d’etat, make sure to VOTE for him because people might not vote and just assume he got enough…Someone else might slip in and win in that case.

  39. News flash Jeff / Jordan fans……. Read Jessie’s comments about the houseguests….. If Jeff uses the power to screw Jessie / Natalie or Chima, he will only be able to evict one person… That will leave thtwo of them and Russell and the rest of NBK gunning for him… He will try to get Ronnie out and I guarantee he won’t be dumb enough to go efter Natalie / Jessie / Russell / Chima next week because he would instsntly be the #1 target for whoever stays in the house the week after… He isn’t James / Chelsea / Josh and Sharon from seaon #9 who made that same fatal mistake when they evicted Matt in seaon #9 and pissed off Natalie / Adam / Ryan / Sheila…. If Jeff want anyone chance of winning he won’t jump in the fire… Go Team Jessi / Natalie / Russell. P.S. Read Jessie’s comments about the houseguests when he was HOH…. He said ROnnie is expendable… L~O~L!!!

  40. I want Jeff to win this coup d etat. Although I love Jordan too, Jeff is able to make the hard choices, where I think Jordan is too nice to do anything to really stir up anything. That is not a criticism. She’s just a very nice and sweet person. Maybe even too nice for BB.

  41. If Russell goes back on his word and backdoors Jeff, I will pray that Ronnie wins.

  42. It looks like BB is handing Jeff the win already.Thsi coup d’etat is a bunch of BS.Jessie has out played Jeff and will end of leaving due to all of the haters.If Jeff wasn’t in the athletes clique,had been out of the house already.

  43. My guess would be that Jeff is going home. In the history of BB, people who make “deals” while hanging on a rope. . . .end up going home.

    Of course, if AMERICA would give him the POWER, he could change the game. In a perfect storm, Russ would keep his word, and get rid of Ronnie, Jeff would get the POWER from AMERICA and then use it next week to get rid of Jessie. . ..with nasty Natalie right behind him.

  44. Jesse is a cry baby. And nat is one of his you take the blame person. I want to see both of them gone. I wish BB would bring back
    Casey. He would shake things up. Im voting for Jeff.

  45. Well, I voted for Ronnie because he’s guaranteed to use the coup and create chaos. Vote for entertainment reasons!

  46. We need to vote for Jeff! If people are voting for either Jeff or Jordan, that will split the vote and they may not get enough votes. Go Jeff!

  47. Celebrate now Jeff / Jordan fans… L~O~L!!! ***** Read this and give me your honest feedabck regardless of who you are supporting ***** Well – well – well….. Russell is the winner…. It looks like you Jeff fans will only be able to see one of Jessie’s team go home if Jeff is dumb enough to use the power and nominate two of thwem… He won’t because he will instantly have the rest of team Jessie targetingn him / Jordan…. News flash Jeff / Jordan fans……. Read Jessie’s comments about the houseguests….. If Jeff uses the power to screw Jessie / Natalie or Chima, he will only be able to evict one person… That will leave thtwo of them and Russell and the rest of NBK gunning for him… He will try to get Ronnie out and I guarantee he won’t be dumb enough to go efter Natalie / Jessie / Russell / Chima next week because he would instsntly be the #1 target for whoever stays in the house the week after… He isn’t James / Chelsea / Josh and Sharon from seaon #9 who made that same fatal mistake when they evicted Matt in seaon #9 and pissed off Natalie / Adam / Ryan / Sheila…. If Jeff want anyone chance of winning he won’t jump in the fire… Go Team Jessi / Natalie / Russell. P.S. Read Jessie’s comments about the houseguests when he was HOH…. He said ROnnie is expendable… L~O~L!!!

  48. I have voted for Jeff to win America’s power; and have been rooting for Jeff/Jordan to win this. They make the cutest couple. I love how he protects her. I am so tired of hearing Jesse bitch about being a have not, it was well earned. As for Rat-a-tat-Nat..come one her saying I am not jeopordizing my relationship with my bf by sleeping near Jesse. She has already said she loves him; she tells him he can’t talk to the house whore and she is always being touchy feely around him. If she still has a bf after this the dude is stupid. Lydia I still like her, she is just a little throwed off. Kevin-still don’t know what to think of him. Chima the laugh has to go. Ronnie is just needs to leave. I was sorry to see Casey go. Michelle-I think her and Ronnie would be a perfect couple in real life

  49. Leo I do not agree. If you think that “NBK” is real in this house you have another thing coming. I dont think anyone is 100% trustworthy in their alliances (except for maybe Jeff/Jordon). Everyone has to go home at some time and when NBK sees a strong person on the block such as Jesse and Nat these two are going to get votes even from there own alliance, why because if you plan to win everyone has to go sometimes and strong people go home too and when they finally do go on the block …. they will go home.

  50. jen thats cool i still worry tho.i understand if he was struggling but,im still leary of russ.its not like this group can keep their word on would be nice if they could become partners tho.

  51. Snakebit Sal hit it on the head!!!Jessie DID NOT do a thing to win H.O.H.the first week.Since than he has a following of whining girls doing all his dirty work.When are they going to realize that this is a game for ONE big winner??? EVERYONE IS EXPENDABLE at one time or another!!!! It is a game for the BEST person to win.MOST people wants the GOOD people to win. If you noticed Jessie did not curse…until last night!!!!How irony, isn’t it? SOOOOOOOO glad too see him sitting in the HOT SEAT for once. He thought he had it sewed up.WRONG,WRONG,WRONG!!!!!!!!Some people could not understand why Casey was so mad.Now they can see CRY BABY Jessie do his thing for the next week..HA,HA,HA PLEASE B.B. bring Casey back in the house,we all would LOVE to see him in action !!!!! WHAT A GREAT SHOW THAT WOULD BE!!!Jeff has my many votes..


  53. hey cor that was funny. leo…….come on jeff will put jesse up because if he doesnt he will be going home anyways.jeff is jesses next target.i will keep voting for jeff.there is new life into this game lets not let jeff know i have only seen 3people on here thats for jesse.and that might be 1 to many.

  54. bluezey60…I’m all the way with you!!!The people that wants Jessie to stay are his family.BYE-BYE Jessie sorry (NOT)!!! Your time is up BIG BROTHER!!! No more game for you LOSER.

  55. Leo are you going to keep posting that until you finally get a response? Nobody cares that you are one of three people in the world that actually likes Jessie.

  56. I hope that BB puts yet another twist in the coup d’etat… let the winner (Jeff) bring back a player and get rid of one!!! that would be great.. Casey back..Jessie gone!!

  57. I have to say, that I am liking Russell more and more. He’s one of the few actually playing the game, getting to know everyone. Plus most of the time he’s able to bring some humor to the house. I’m not completely sure Jeff can trust him, but I’m proud of Russell for voting to keep Casey like he said he would. That’s a start.

  58. @Georgia: Jeff talks about people?!?!?!? Jesse and his butt plugs talk about people 24/7!! Jeff actually socializes about more than the game. What do you have to say about your boy Jesse acting like a 3yr old over the Have Nots? And Jeff doesn’t have a little “pit bull” fighting his fights for him!

  59. The reason that Jessie does not want to be one of the Have Nots is because he eats like a PIG!!!Just watch if he is still going to be in the house in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully not.He will cry all week about something,than blame Casey.I was so proud of Casey last night in his farewell speech. He couldn’t have said it any better.Casey I hope that you are able to read all these blogs and see just how many people like you.

  60. jesse needs to go home next week. any of you chima/nat/lydia/ronnie/russ fans would definelty want him gone soon as possible cuz they simplely have no chance at beating jesse if they were up against him on the block.
    if chima and jesse were on the block who would nat vote to keep in the house…jesse. if it was down between jesse and kevin who would lydia pick to keep in the house… jesse.
    if russ knows what really good for him he would back door jesse cuz sooner or later the NBK alliance is going to back door him.

  61. I hope that Russell puts up Ronnie and Jessie Just to see if they would but Jessie out before Ronnie…

  62. (chesshircats) that would really shake up thing I really like that thought alot…

  63. i’m so glad most people seem to be voting for Jeff! let’s spice this house up and get those cokcy mf’s out (natalie, jesse, ronnie)!

  64. I can’t wait to see a number of people get picked off…..Ronnie is a scheming weasel who cried like a big baby that he missed his wife (oh boohoo!), Jessie’s gonna blow it a SECOND time because no one likes a meathead with a giant ego, Natalie and Lydia need to both grow up and get over their love affairs with Jessie….man, this season’s cast is horrible. I hope Jeff or Jordan can restore a little decency back in that house!

  65. The truth hurts folks…. That is why you won’t answer the riddle. Remember James / Chelsea / Josh and Sharon from seaon #9 thought they would be fine after back dooring Matt? What happened? They were all picked off after doing the dirty work to get rid of Matt… Jeff will not be able to do anything but get one of Jessie’s team put off the show and then have everyone else targeting him and Jordan. He will not risk his own game t dom thta…. Lets not forget that all the pople in this chat log doesn’t amount to 10% of BB11 viewers…. You better hope Jeff wins because if not you are screwed. How many of you are going to other blog sites? I am going to all of them…. It is not a given that Jeff will win…. Even if he did, he won’t put his own game at risk to just get one potential enemy evicted…. Pick one… Jessie / Natalie / Chima / Ronnie…. Three will be left and all of them are more capable o wimming the HOH than Jordan… L~O~L… Just food for thought… Have a good day!!!

  66. IF, Ronnie goes this week, AND Jeff gets the CdT power, we could actually have a game/show worth watching.

    But there is so much human garbage in that house it is WEEKS away from being watchable on a regular basis.

    I just want to watch the show, the second that NASTY natalie gets bounced. . .

  67. You need to vote Jeff….everyone says he is boring and predictable..he is the only one who will stand up to those three idiots. Without one of them there or having power is what makes the show more exciting.

  68. So, VOTE FOR JEFF. . .. multiple times. . .

    LEO, you aren’t real bright. . . maybe you should just watch and not post for the next 10 weeks or so. I feel dumber just reading your posts. Sorry, but that’s how I see it.

  69. ronnie and Lydia on the block. .

    BTW, what kind of an adult still refers to himself as ronnie?

  70. PLEASE DO NOT split your votes between Jeff/Jordan.

    We want to make sure Jeff wins and if we split it could end up backfiring on us.

    Jordan is a sweetheart but she proved last night in wanting to make things “fair” (like any of the others would do the same) with the have-not choice that she can’t be trusted to make a wise choice with the power.

    Seriously, what was she thinking? We needed dork, roid, pit bull to be weak for the POV contest.

  71. thank you Rob. Leo must be Jesse’s brother or just another steroid freak with the head the size of a coconut and the brain the size of a pea. GO JEFF!!!!!!!!!!

  72. KP, I love your post!! Leo, as the complete minority on these posts, you keep acting like you have any idea what you are talking about. No one should be scared to go after the geek squad, Jesse, Chima, Ronnie & Natalie. I think Lydia and Kevin would be easily persuaded if the power switches, especially since Jesse is treating Lydia bad for Natalie. Michele could be swayed too. So let’s see….count the numbers….Jeff, Jordan, Lydia, Kevin & Michele. Even if Russell stayed with the other side for now, I count 5 against 5. And I think Russell could easily switch, especially if he nominates 2 from his “supposed alliance”. Jeff will get the power, and he will use it wisely by getting one of those idiots out of the house!!

  73. H. Granger: did russ put ron/lydia on the block, or is that what u want? if he didn`t, who did go up today?

  74. listen Hermoine Granger my post don’t make you dumb because you aren’t that bright to begin with…. You obviously don’t watch Big brother or you would know a majority of America doesn’t want the good guy to win…. Remember America’s Player during seaon 8 when America voted for himto get rid of Dustin instead of Dick / Danielle? Do you remember what happened to James / CHelsea / Josh and Sharon when they back doored Matt in seaon 10? These are simple questions for you simple minded Jeff / Jordan fans, but I guess like Jeff they are too complicated for you to answer…. Learn how to read and answer questions even if they aren’t the ones you want before you critisize a post ok slow girl aka Hermoine Granger. Don’t get mad at me you chose the wrong players to win… And to verify I hated Jessie last year because he was against Dan / Ollie and that click, but I like him this year because he is playing a better game. P.S. All you Jeff / Jordan haters need to realize even if Jessie didn’t come back… Big Brother was going to bring back a former guest from BB past… It is better with Jessie than it would have been with the airhead female from season 8!!! Answer the questions and stop living in denial that this blog site doesn’t even represent 10% on BB 11 fans…. It isn’t a given Jeff will win America’s vote… To all you sensible Jeff / Jordan fans this harsh comment isn’t for you… It is for Hermoine Granger and the other airheads who are salty they chose the losing side.. Give props to team NBK because they were able to outplay Jeff / Jordan / Braden / Laura and Casey… I liked Casey. but he joined the wrong team, so now he is at home and will soon be joing by Jeff / Jordan in the next 3-4 weeks out of the game!!! Have a good night!!!

  75. Lisa if you look at the current nominations you will see that Lydia could easily be voted out this week… Why… Michelle will probably allign with Jessie / Natalie / CHima because all three of them have a better chance of winning than Kevin / Jordan… When Kevin finds out how Lydia has been throwing him under the bus he might just vote her out too. If Ronnie gets off the block Lydia won’t get more votes against Jessie / Natalie or Chima… If jeff does win America’s vote (which isn’t a given because remember all the Jeff / Jordan fans on this blog site are less than 10% of BB 11 viewers) I doubt he will risk his own game to nominate 2 of Jessies group just to get one person evectied and have three people who could win HOH next week targeting him… Learn the game ok Lisa and remember you are in the minority…. I am on mutliple blog sites… You should check some out before you assume a majority of Americans want Jeff to win ok? Have a good night!!!

  76. P.S. Hermoine stop using other names like a weak minded moron afraid to use your real name….. I am Leo and this is my opinion…. What is your real name? It sure in the hell isn’t Hermoine… L~O~L!!! Don’t worry…. I will get the last laugh when you all get to watch Jeff and Jordan decide who will will then moey from Team Jessie / Natalies click… Russell know he won’t beat Jordan / Jeff, so he won’t bring them to the finals like Adam / Ryan didn’t bring Shiela to the finale iof season #9…. You all would know that is you are real BB fans…. Jut like the comments I posted about what happed during seaon #9 when James / helsea / Josh and Sharon back doored Matt…. DOn’t get mad because your choices won’t win…. I am pretty good. I said either Ollie or Dan would win last year and picked Amda of Natalie from seaon 9 and Dick for season 8…. I guess my choices aren’t too bad….

  77. LEO, my goodness. . .you are desperate need of a remedial grammar lesson. I don’t want to post anything else because I feel sorry for you. Your delusional view of this game is not only wrong, it is warped by failure to understand the players in this game or the nature of the game.

    You are angry and upset, and you might just want to take a couple steps back, take a few deep breaths, count to ten . . .and then STFU, because you haven’t got a clue and your angry rants only prove how pathetic you are. Bye now

  78. Have a good night al and remember if you dion’t like being put down, you shouldn’t put down othersfor having different opinions than you ok? Have a good night & enjoy another season on BB even if your personal players don’t win!!!

  79. Listen Hermione…. Don’t get mad because I know more about the games than you… If I am wrong, you can always give specific facts that will discredit what I am saying instead of ignoring my facts in my blog post right? Instead of getting mad because what I am saying is accurate… Have a good night everyone. Remember if you don’t like being put down, you shouldn’t put down others for having different opinions than you ok? Have a good night & enjoy another season on BB even if your personal players don’t win!!! Lets not be poor sports because the people you want to win are evicted and threaten not to watch the show anymore because people have said that the last three seasons and guess what? They still watched anyways….. Enjoy Big Brother after dark everyone… PEACE!!!

  80. Mr Bozo Leo,

    Since you don’t appreciate others opinions it would at least help if used better grammer, or maybe you slept through high school. I’m sure most of the people on this blog haveseen other seasons. When Dan was Americas player he had to vote the way the callers voted, he wanted to make other moves but had to do otherwise!! Dick won because America voted Dustin out, Dan would have voted him out. last season was an anomole, teams where made early and the luck of the draw determines most outcomes, with a little luck, James would have made it further. Where not here to answer your questions but to express opinions, so why don’t you limit your response likewise. Russell is getting rid of Ronnie unless witless can win the POV which will start the collapse of the super group.
    Jessiw is a wuss and got the first HOH when Russell actualy won the competition. Russell didn’t even have an idea who tov put up, and instead of going out in the house and figuring out own his own he had other people give hime names!!
    If you don’t care for the size of this blog, no one is keeping you here but your ego ….hmmmmmmmmm
    So buzz off kid and leave us to OUR opinions and not your tirade!!!!

  81. Uh Leo, who said Dustin was a GOOD guy anyway??? Some of us didn’t like him AT ALL!!! I am GLAD Evel Dick won. He was a big jerk at times, but he played the best game, and he was HONEST doing it!! None of us are sorry we are on the Jeff/Jordan and now Russell team. Jesse didn’t outsmart them, they are STILL THERE!! I really don’t think you know what you are talking about, but the fact remains that Ronnie is most likely leaving next week, thank goodness, Jeff WILL win the power and he will send Jesse, Natalie or Chima packing. Those are the facts, face them, move on and get over yourself!!

  82. Are you forgetting the CBS only fans see Jordan as a dumb wit and Jeff rarely seen? Ronnie may get the CBS sympathy vote.

  83. LEO>>>
    The problem is coming in that you cannot respect others opinions. Just because you think u know everything doesnt give you the right to be an a$$hole. Everyone always has favorites in BB and just because they dont agree with urs doesnt mean someone doesnt know what they are talking about. Jesse couldnt win last season and he wont win this one either; as I mentioned before you must be one of the pea brained steroid freaks like Jesse. Peace dude, we are all entitled to our opinions.

  84. I think Leo is just a weeee bit too tightly wrapped. It’s difficult to read his message through his near illegible grammar. I hate to berate him for it, because maybe English is his second language, but his incoherent thoughts mixed with 2th grade grammar is near impossible to decipher.

    Add that to his god complex concerning his knowledge of this game and you have a classic case of societal waste. Mean? Maybe, but accurate.

    I hope everyone is still voting for Jeff so he can shock the game in two weeks. . .it seems Ronnie will be going home this week.

  85. hi leo,what are some of the sights that you are on? im on at least 3 and im on bb chat.we may be only 10 percent i really dont know.i do know i have only come across maybe 4 people total for jesse and ronnie and 1 is a michele fan and 1 is a ronnie fan says she is his wife lol poor lady.past bb really dont make a difference to me,just this game.if jesse wins the challenges to stay til the end then he does deserve to win,the 1st hoh should not have been his he did not should have been russels maybe things would be different.i will root for jeff all the way.i hope russel will be a loyal to him (jeff) and carry each other .may the best man win.i like jorden as well but..she is not playing hard enough to go to the afraid if she doesnt start she will get jeff dragged down.because he wants to protect her wich is great thats what alliences do protect each other til the end.she really needs to step up and win challenges hoh and povs.i really do believe jeff will win this power over the house.then hopefully bd jesse he deserves it. he deserved everything casey said as well.if jesse doesnt get bd bye bye ronnie.

  86. oh,leo i was a evil dick and danielle fan all the way.the only people that won that i never rooted for was boogie and his showmance. i cannot even remember her sure you do.we maybe on opposite sides but at least your loyal.

  87. Attention Snakebit Sal and other Jeff / Jordan supporters…. I would like to point out you Sal proved my point when you stated America wanted America’s player to kee Evil Dick because they didn’t want to make the show boring with a bunch of so called good guys (aka bad BB players)… Secondly, thanks for your comment Bluezey60 because you see there are some people who don’t flip flop…. Last but not least, to all of you Jeff / Jordan fans…. Remember that millions of people watch Big Brother and this chat blog only has at most 100 different viewers…. That isn’t even 10% of BB11 viewers… Secondly I presented three seaons in which the bad guy made it to the finale…. This game is about back stabbing…. I want you Jeff / Jordan fans to name one person in the first 10 seasons who won the $500,000 without backstabbing, lying or cheating one time during that seaon… And stop crying about ho Jessie got the HOH the first week because anyone who was brought back for a second seaon would have been HOH…

  88. I forgot who won 6 and 7 the rest I got/ I want Jeff to get it and that can prtect him if anything goes wrong with his deal. Jesse is a wossie never liked him. I hope Kevin does good though. He wont jumping around.

  89. if she protects Ronnie, Jeff could potentially put up Jesse and Nat, how sad for that egotistical jerk to get kicked out week four again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. If Jeff goes up, he will take himself off (I believe he will win the Coup D” power. . . .which is too bad, because I was hoping Ronnie would get the boot this week (without Jeff having to use the Coup D’ power), and then he could really shake things up a week from NEXT Thrusday. . . .oh well. . ..

  91. why are these people wanting to save a big fat rat and that is what ronnie is, he really needs to go. russell needs to tell michelle if she saves Ronnie she will go up on the block in his place.

  92. Somehow they all think that as long as Ronnie is there, he is like a buffer between them and getting voted out, because he is so hated. Stupid logic, but seems to be what they are thinking.

    Jessie thinks he’s some sort of intellectual. . .a complete moron, but he thinks he’s like Rodan’s thinker. .

    If Michelles saves Ronnie, I hope she goes next week. Stupid ho

  93. They will get tired of what jesse is doing and instead of going for the other people they will go after Nat/Jesse and then the others

  94. @hermoine Why do you think she will use POV for Ronnie? What has been said? Surely she won’t use it and risk going up herself will she?


  95. What makes you think Evil Dick was a bad guy? He didn’t back stab & kept his promises, he even used POV to save his daughter instead of himself when they were both on the block. That’s not a bad guy to me. He also stayed with the one challenge that looked to nearly finish him off, trying to win for his daughter. You have a strange set of values dude.

  96. JJ– I loved Evil D. alot of people did. I think he was rough/tough on the outside and soft/caring on the inside. I think Russell is trying to play like Evil with his randon outburst and flair-ups and really you can tell Russel is smart and an softy, just from his letter from home proves he has heart and really isnt a bully. He is loyal to his word and morals and you can tell that with his vote for Casey.

  97. i agree jj evil dick never lied to anyone.he let it be known the way he felt about things or people .he fought for every win he had.he was truely loyal to his daughter.he was not afraid to call people out.i like russel but he is not ed.i believe ed was a natural (real)anyone else after him is just a fan and trying to be like him.i know ed has a real heart those tears for his daughter were real.i cried w/him.russel is growing on still voting for jeff

  98. Russell’s problem is that no one really trusts him. Certainly, Roid and Gnat don’t, Michelle stated tonight she doesn’t. . . I do think that he is growing on Jeff. . .I could see Russell going to the final 4. . . and then, anything goes.

    He may have to do something to prove his alliance to J/J/M. . .say if he gets HoH in two weeks, he puts Lyia and Gnat up. . .

    I see Ronnie going this week, Jeff getting the Coud D’ power and using it to get rid of Jessie a week from Thursday. . . . .in what should be one of the best shows in BB history. . .. especially if say, Jeff has the power, and if Gnat were HoH and all week she thought she was running the house and POW!!! IT’s THURDAY. . .a good day for a Coup D’Etat. .. .and out the door goes Roid. . . .. booooooo yaaaaaaahhhhh

  99. On the cheating network Someone that signed an email named Rod asked someone to go to site and create a bot to continuosly vote for Ronnie

  100. To Leo: I also have been to a lot of other blog sites but this one is the best. For the most part the people in here respect each others opinions whether we agree or not. We try not to attack each other for supporting one player over another. We come here to have fun, not to attack others. We also know the “good guys” wont always win but its fun cheering them on. On occasion we might even cheer for the “bad guy”. For example: Evil Dick. While i didnt care for his tactics, he was entertaing and really deserved to win over Danielle. We may be a small blog site but we dont care. I dont come here for the number of users. I come here because i share in the appreciation of a game ive loved for 11 seasons. Whether or not my fav wins this season is irrelavent. I’ll be happy however it turns out. By the way, my name really is Cat and i dont care what you call yourself, its your respectful opinion that im here to read.

  101. I wonder if thr rumor of a hack bot to vote for Ronnie is true and if CBS is smart enough to catch it.

  102. Well said Cat, I completely agree with you and am still rooting for Jeff/Jordan. I will keep voting till I can’t anymore. I say Jeff/Russell and hopefully Jordan in the final three

  103. well put cat,i completely agree w/you.if the rumor is true i think ronnie should leave the show.wife should be arrested for that they have ways to prove that stuff.i really dont think the hg believe ronnie,i think they think he is so annoying and rediculous that they let him

  104. Go to cheating and you can see email signed by a name of Rod asking about putting bot on voting site to continously vote for Rat Boy Ronnie

  105. I dont know did you go see it. The reply’s said they wont do it but would send info for them to do it themselves. Did you go look

  106. cheri i got the sight up but,cannot find it unless im on the wrong 1 im AMAZED i did not know this sight existed.i really hope it does not happen so the rest of the hg.

  107. It came up for me. the post from Rod I dont know how to find. But there is another one asking for mor info to cheat on BB and how they can switch it if they want to. i went into forums and scrolled to bots. I got to it yesterday because someone had pasted a link I am not familiar with site. On one of these blogs is where I got link. You could scroll thru each one and see if you can find it or do what I said up above Hope this helps you

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