Big Brother 11: Week 3 Live Eviction and HoH Results

Tonight on Big Brother 11 the results of the season’s third live eviction will be revealed along with the results of the fourth HoH competition. Join us right now in the chat room for discussion of everything going on through the live show.

I’ll be updating this post here with the eviction and HoH competition results. Meanwhile, join us in the chat room as we tear apart tonight’s live episode!

Julie Chen has revealed that the Big Brother 11 Cliques are disbanded tonight. That means there is no more protection from others within your own group. Will the Cliques start to turn on themselves this fast?

Looks like we’ll have an endurance HoH competition tonight so get ready and signed up for the live feeds free trial so you can watch it all live tonight.

Live Eviction voting:

  • Jeff: Votes to evict Casey
  • Ronnie: Votes to evict Casey
  • Natalie: Votes to evict Casey
  • Chima: Votes to evict Casey
  • Russell: Votes to evict Jordan
  • Kevin: Votes to evict Casey
  • Lydia: Votes to evict Casey
  • Michele: Votes to evict Casey

By a vote of 7 to 1, Casey has been evicted from Big Brother 11!

Julie has revealed there will be a “mystery power” secretly given to one HG as America decides. They won’t know about it until it is used. Very interesting! It’s a “coup d’etat” where the winner can replace one or both of the noms on the spot.

HoH Competition – Endurance:
Yep, it’s an endurance competition where they’ll have to sit on a swing for as long as possible. The first 5 who drop will get a mystery prize. 1 is worth $5000!

Oh my goodness! Big Brother just revealed this giant diploma that they HGs are thrown into as they spin around on the swings. They are really hitting it hard! It’s hilarious! Join us and check it out with the feeds’ free trial!

HoH Competition – Endurance Results:

6:30PM BBT – The live feeds came back for just a moment and we see that there are only 8 still spinning. Then the feeds jump back to trivia…

6:35PM BBT – Only 6 left. Someone is actively throwing up! I can’t tell if they’re on the sidelines or still in the game, but they are yakking! Okay, that might be Michele puking.

6:45PM BBTLive Feeds have dropped out temporarily. Will update as soon as they return!

6:50PM BBT – Feeds are back. Swings have stopped. Kevin, Ronnie, Natalie, and Lydia are out.

6:55PM BBT – Swings are going again and the rain water was turned back on.

7:00PM BBT – The rain has stopped, but the swings are still going and they’re still getting hit by the giant diploma.

7:05PM BBT – Still Jeff, Michele, Chima, Russell, and Jordan up there.

7:10PM BBT – The swing has stopped again. No change in players.

7:15PM BBT – Slow swinging with a bunch of wet HGs. Does not look like fun!

7:20PM BBT – Fast spinning and the water is back on. Same 5 still in the game. Michele is puking a little bit again.

7:20PM BBT – Same 5: Chima, Russell, Jeff, Jordan, and Michele. Still swinging fast.

7:25PM BBT – Russell is hurting.

7:28PM BBT – Jordan dropped. 4 remain: Chima, Russell, Michele and Jeff. (Go Jeff!)

7:35PM BBT – Same 4 remain. Chima says her bum hurts a lot. (Drop off, Chima. Drop off!)

7:40PM BBT – Swing is going again, but not too fast. No player changes.

7:42PM BBT – Diploma came back out and Chima hit it hard. Really, really hard and flipped over the diploma and was swinging around upside down but still managed to hold on. Now I’m impressed. That was crazy!

7:50PM BBT – Slow swinging and heavy rains, but same 4 still remain.

7:55PM BBT – No change. Just lots of shivering going on up there.

8:00PM BBT – All 4 still in. The big diploma is starting to fall apart up there. Everyone looks a little rough, as expected.

8:08PM BBT – Chima may fall soon. She’s whimpering.

8:10PM BBT – Chima is out!! Jeff, Russell, and Michele remain. Go Jeff, Go!

8:20PM BBT – Feeds are back and 3 are still up: Michele, Jeff, and Russell. The other HGs were let back in. Ronnie is blaming someone else for why he fell. Of course.

8:25PM BBT – Rain and full speed swinging is back. Michele is being very vocal as she hits the diploma. Still the 3 of them remain.

8:32PM BBT – Michele is down! Only Russell and Jeff remain. Come on Jeff!!

8:35PM BBT – Jeff is kidding that he’ll play Rock, Paper, Scissors with Russell to decide who wins so they can’t get down. I don’t think they’ll do that, but both should promise safety to the other.

8:40PM BBT – Jeff and Russell are still up. Natalie says she won’t shower for a week if she becomes a Have-Not. Eww.

8:50PM BBT – Jeff and Russell both hanging in there.

9:00PM BBT – Most of the activity is inside. The downed HGs just got some pizza and are really happy. Russ and Jeff look miserable up there, but they’re hanging on. This could go a lot longer!

9:01PM BBT – The deal making has begun. Russ says, “we both want the same person.” Jeff says that he won’t put up Russ but can’t trust that Russ won’t do the same because of his connection to Jessie and them.

9:02PM BBT – Jeff and Russ kick Michele out of the backyard so they could discuss deals. Jeff is very nervous. Don’t give in Jeff!! I trust Russ at this point, but I really want Jeff to have it. Jeff is offering Rock/Paper/Scissors.

9:05PM BBT – Neither is willing to give in to the other. The rain starts again and the swing is in motion.

9:10PM BBT – Jeff and Russ are still going. The rain has stopped by the swing is going really fast.

9:15PM BBT – Jordan is out back yelling at Jeff, “play it out.” She doesn’t want him to make a deal with Russell.

9:20PM BBT – The rain and swinging has stopped. All the HGs are out back watching the final two players hanging on.

9:25PM BBT – Jeff really wants to make a deal and asks everyone to leave the backyard again. Russ refuses to play Rock/Paper for it. Jeff is about to drop!!

9:26PM BBT – Jeff concedes to Russell after he promises that Ronnie will be up. Jeff drops down and Russ stays up until he gets confirmation from Big Brother that he’s the winner. Ronnie says he’s going to put up Ronnie and even let him play for the PoV. Hmm…

So that’s it for the night. After nearly four hours Jeff gave in and Russell has emerged as the new HoH. Wow, that means the ol’ Athletes Clique has been in charge 3 or the first 4 weeks. Of course the cliques no longer provide protection and so anyone is game for Russell’s nominations. Russell has promised Jeff that Ronnie will be nominated, but who else will be on the chopping block?

How did tonight’s results impact your Big Brother 11 predictions in the Amazon gift card giveaway? You can keep entering with new guesses each week, so don’t give up yet!

Once the live show is over the live feeds turn back on. You can get the 24/7 uncensored feeds at a limited time $13/month discount rate. So far I’ve definitely not been disappointed with the show these HGs have been putting on!

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  1. One more time…I gotta say, BB watches these boards. Great double twist with the clique and COUP D’ETAT. I think we can all rest easy knowing the right thing will be done. Like the majority of normal people in the world, 81818 2(jeff) is the only vote to cast. It WILL be done. Argue different…it really doesn’t matter. You almost lost me CBS.

  2. @MD: Definitely. I think CBS understood how ticked off America is with the current direction of the game and this lets us take charge!

  3. I also hope Jeff gets this vote and wins HOH in which case he case use the power the following week when he wouldn’t be eligible for the HOH. Either him or Jordan need to win the vote and HOH. If this doesn’t happen then I definitely won’t be watching…I barely watch showtime big brother because I can’t stand the whiny jerks of the Jessie clique. Ronnie, Jessie and Natalie need to go, and go fast. I initially thought Russell was a major jerk, and he is, but I could tolerate him over those other 3.

    Hopefully the idiot clique splits all of their votes and Jordan or Jeff end up running away with it.

    Thanks Matt for a great site.

  4. Ohhh..thank God! I was thinking about wouldn’t it be cool if some one got a power to dethrown the HOH! Wishes do come true! Thank God! Ronnie or Jessie out the door would be amazing!

  5. @Tiffany: Yep. If Jeff wins it (fingers crossed) he can immediately put up Jessie and Ronnie and then one of them will be forced out. No questions, no objections. Just boot!

  6. I love BB, but this season is really frustrating. I loved braden, was starting to like Laura (she was smarter than she looked), and Casey was so fun to watch! If Jeff and Jordan go, I am done watching this season. I can not stand to watch Jessie and Natalie. I hope Russel will team up with Jeff.

  7. HATE roid Jessie, “Scrappy”, dumbass Ronnie, and fake-lips Chima!! LOVE Jeff and Jordan!! Vote for them guys!

  8. great twist. go jordan jeff and chima. hopefully natalie russel and ronnie all fall off first.

  9. CBS… Bring back an evicted player like you did in Season 10! Being back Casey or Laura!!!

  10. Vote for Jeff so he can Scramble Jessie’s clique… I want jessie and ronnie out.

  11. Casey made the show hysterical. He reminded me of Boggie, I loved his attidute and sarcasim. He is too funny, I’m going to miss him. Scrappy needs to leave, I’m sick of her additude.

  12. why would anyone want Jordan or Jeff to win they are both retarted, and both are terrible at playing the game

  13. I agree scrappy needs to leave, shes so far up jessies butt it makes me want to puke.

  14. If natalie says she’s ‘keeping it real’ anymore I’m turning th tv off. Can’t wait to watch her freak out when she’s nominated. It made me sick to see the houseguests have to grovel to jessie and her. Why was she even there?? She needs to go asap

  15. I am so mad. I have been watching Big Brother many years now. I love it, but I think Jessie coming back and getting HOH week one was the worst mistake CBS could make. He is terrible and with Ronnie and the Gnat it just makes it worse. If Jeff goes I am done watching.

  16. because they are true to the game bill… their not stuck up like jessie and his clique… jessie had his chance last year and he sucked last year because his personality got in the way and this year is no different. You think Jessie would of learned from his mistakes from last year? I guess not…

  17. America wanted Jessie out in BB 10. I agree… why did they bring him back! Horrible!

  18. scrappy is just trying to get a showmance with jessie to make her look good but it only makes her a bigger target. I hope jeff or jordan wins and they turn this house upside down. Preferably Jordan wins and jeff gets the power, that would be sweet..

  19. I hope Lydia (sp?) pulls a prank on Jessie sleeping. That would be hysterical and he deserves it.

  20. no way the feed just came on and the competition is over! Who won??? and why is jessie crying??

  21. The chihauaua needs to go. She’s also very stupid. I get angry watching, and I’m totally ready to tune out if jeff goes. Btw – jessica simpson wannabe jordan needs to go too. Big uns but way annoying.

  22. the girls are star struck for some reason,my opinion hes ugly,and like Casey said very self absorbed

  23. jessie deserves a lot of things like slop on his head and a whole lot of things.

  24. WEll Robert this is Big Brother not a contest for who is more true. All of you people seem to forget this is a game and to deceive and lie are just as much a part of the game as anything else.

  25. I am soooo happy to hear that I am not the only one that cant stand Jessie, Nat, and Ronnie. Couldn’t stand Jessie on BB 10! They are on a power trip.

  26. It is a game, but jessie had 1 try, he should of never gotten another try because he s***** in BB10

  27. Jeff, Jordan, Casey, and Laura can/could have lied all they wanted and I still would have loved them cuz they wouldnt have be annoying about everything. Just cant stand Jessie and Natalies attitudes!

  28. but you have to admit.. jessie is a hottayyy like i just want to dip his muscles in chocolate and go wild

  29. their just kissing his butt mandy, not like hes anything special? I wonder how he gets his steroids in BB?

  30. Most of you are poser BB fans and when something doesn’t go the way you want you all whine and say that you are going to stop watching GROW UP it’s television for god’s sake

  31. Is Jessie really crying?!?! Jessie is probably crying cuz Natalie is out! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  32. We know it’s a game.. Stuck-up man, doggy girl and star wars wanta be are not making this game interesting. No one likes them!! They need to go home. Then we will be able to watch a real game being played..

  33. I wont stop watching,just because I dont like Jessie,I cant wait to see him fall on the 4th week just like on bb10

  34. Casey’s speech tonight was the best ever in BB history. Calling people straight out!!

  35. Jessie is dumb. Only person on show more annoying is ronnie. Btw – he officially goes down as the WORST player in bb history. He is now just a pawn and pathetic at that. That guy is married? Cmon now.

  36. jessie is crying probably becasue he knows his reign is almost over, if jeff or jordan get the power they are going to put him up…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  37. bill, whoever wins deserves to win. Jessie, Nat, and Ronnie are pretty much hated and will not will. It’s obvious Jeff will get the Power and it looks like Jeff or Jordan will likely win this HOH. So Jess and Ronnie will be out and the game will be flipped up.

  38. @Amy they are the only ones playing the game if they weren’t there it would just be full episodes of Jeff and Jordan trying to figure out how to spell cat

  39. it is not over yet! The swing stopped then went around again! Rain came again too! The feeds are on and off but nobody has won yet.

    Lydia, Kevin and Ronnie are out and I thought Nat was the one puking! Michele did too a little she said

  40. You are so right Mary, Casey went out in style and jessie was flabber gasted because he got called out and like Julie said jessie was getting all red and hot…lol

  41. And am i the only one out there who could go for a little julie chen.. i mean come on even the ladies want some

  42. This year has some of the most annoying ppl I remember. Chima is an ugly person inside, ronnie is a rat, jessie is a narcissist, natalie is a poser, russel is a bully. And these ppl are WINNING!! Cmon now

  43. JEFF VOTED FOR CASEY?!?!?!!?!?

    thats gonna come back and eat him

    YES CASEY IS OUT!!!! woot woot

  44. Well duh he voted for Casey….. His best friend is the house is Jordan and he wasnt going to vote against his girl!

  45. Marcus… I dont think it will bite him because casey is not part of the judging crew..

  46. expect the unexpected. The BB game never goes straight thru without twists, turns and surprises. BB made some good changes 2nite, but it is still up to jeff/jordan to play the game and win something.

  47. And I think Casey understood Jeff was alot closer to Jordan than he was to casey. Casey probably doesnt have hard feelings twds Jeff.

  48. i think america will vote for jeff and give him the power and he can shake this damn house up for good next week..

  49. It’s just a shame they waited until Casey got evicted to even the field. He had the brains to lead the charge and I’m not sure Jeff or Jordan will manage well. So sad and now the show won’t be funny at all.

  50. I dont know if i trust her. I would hope she would be strong enough to put up Jessie, Ronnie, and/or Nat.

  51. @jeff, that’s a tossup…I can’t really trust her but it would be worse if Russel or Chiapet wins. So I guess she would be the lesser of the 3 evils…but go Jordan/Jeff first.

  52. Best scenario right now: Jeff wins HOH & puts up Jessie and Natalie. And Jeff also wins America’s vote, so he can keep the nominees the same instead of having someone else change it. I’m crossing my fingers that something this good will actually happen.

  53. Jeff, she hasn’t impressed me yet. But I think she knows that stuff is about to flip. She will want Jesse or Ronnie out for sure. She’s gotta know America will vote for Jeff or Jordan.

  54. where did you find the place to vote on line. I went to the cbs wesite and couln’t find it anyhere on the BB site?

  55. Help: I tried calling: 81818 (for Jeff); but, can’t get line…Pls tell me when I may call – or, when the line will be ready to receive calls inasmuch as I’ve never done this before; but, sure want Jeff to get HOH. Thanks

  56. who else wants jeff to win HOH just to see more pictures of his beautiful self?

  57. BB had to…. noone wants to watch Nat, jessie, and Ronnie have all the power. Jessie said he thinks Nat is hot…. yuck.

  58. Nat is such a cheater she wanted to give Russell her gloves! Im very happy Jesse, Lydia, Kevin, Ronnie and Nat are NOT going to HOH that is wonderful those are some of the worst people right there sitting and knowing they have lost.

    Jeff, Jordon Michele, Chima and Russell still hanging on! Michele and Chima on slop and still on is pretty impressive!

  59. Candace, my best case will be Jeff wins, puts up Jesse and Nat. One of them wins POV and Jeff puts up Ronnie and Ron gets backdoored. So he has no chance of going to the jury house.

    The week after, he lets everything ride and uses his power after the POV goes down to make sure Jesse and Nat go up so one of them goes home for sure. By this time Jeff should have an agreement with Russel and Lydia/Kevin.

  60. the 10 vote limit if for cell phone use…so go ahead and vote all you can on your comptuer!! more than 10 times! i did!!

  61. I hope Jeff wins HOH and COUP DE’TAT. That way he can put up either Ronnie, Nat, Jessie, Chima or Russ this week and next week when he can’t play HOH use his “special power” to put up 2 more.

  62. Nat should not be allowed to give Russel gloves.
    I hope Russel is still planning to turn against Jessie.

  63. Thanks Joe and Mandy.. finally someone to respond what’s your opinion on julie chen not like you can say anything bad about her [she’s flawless]

  64. I would love to see Jessie go home on the 4th week like on bb10 prove he doesnt rule the roost like he thinks

  65. Man, this is an awesome site! I’ve been following it this season & I love it! Umm, yeah I voted 4 Jeff 2. Want him 2 put up Jessie, Natalie & Ronnie – depending on eligibility. Julie made it sound like if they r HOH or POV they r safe. Anyone else get that?

  66. Thanks Joe and Mandy.. finally someone responding. what’s your opinion on julie chen .not like you can say anything bad about her.

  67. I am a little confused I thought if Jeff wins HOH he CAN’T put Rus and Nat up or even Jessie cause they are athletes? So we should really be cheering for Jordan right?

  68. Tbone, I agree with you 100%. Glad there are true BB watchers out there who plan ahead. Ha. Sometimes I act like I am on the show…Oh, if only…

  69. I didnt realize Michelle was so strong (mentally). I would have guessed she would have fallen off when she first puked. Puking and still up… nice!

  70. u might want to stay on their all night long Bill because nobody is going to vote for jessie

  71. DUH jane.. are you stupid? the hott julie chen said there are not cliques anymore!

  72. The cliques are no longer. They graduated tonight and now they fight for themselves.

  73. Jane, you ignorant slut.

    (hehe…I can’t believe I could finally use that line…used to love SNL ;) )

    THe clique have been stopped…no more cliques so everyone is up except HOH.

  74. jane they did away with the cliques. yaaayyy

    bill i have done over 200–for jeff–so YOU take that. You must be the only one besides his family who likes him…or are you family? ha ha ha..he is a big jerk..just like last year…i was so disappointed to see his ugly face.,i will be gald when its gone

  75. well look at me i’m jane and i think i can just skip an episode of big brother.. NOPE

  76. i voted for jordan i figure seeings this is endurance if jeff wins this week then they will still have the thing next week if one of them cant win it. that way they have power for two weeks and will hopefull get rid of ronnie then jessie!! i didnt like him in the first season and this one just makes him worse!

  77. @bill.. it’s a good thing my husband has all these computers from his business at home. We’re Jeff fans :)

  78. I’ll come back another day when we find the answer out, because I can bet a million dollars nobody wants to see that egotistical maniac with the power

  79. Does anyone watch Miami Social Club on Bravo? Notice a familiar BB face in the bunch… (hilarity ensues)

  80. tabitha… vote jeff as many times as possible! Jeff can use the power next week if he is HOH this week!

  81. you guys just hate him because he is playing the game along with ronnie and russell everyone else is just sitting back and doing nothing. Jeff may be athletic but is not intelligent jordan has neither of those things Michele is clueless chima is a drama queen lydia is strange and keving goes with the flow none of those people can play the game

  82. What is this? A Jeff Fan Club? I like him and all but there ARE other players. Jordan is an idiot. And for those who are ripping on Jane, this is just a show and some people actually have lives and may miss a show or two.

  83. Yeah, But its pathetic that Jessie has to be on the show AGAIN in order to TRY to win BB. If he was as good as you say, why did he not win season 10?

  84. I want to make this clarification. The Jane with a capital J is the one you are calling names not me jane with a small j. Two janes on here tonight. I watch faithfully and can’t wait for Jessie and Ronnie to get the axe. Go Jordan and Jeff!

  85. @Jane, no because the High School cliques are over so they can vote anyone they want, and @Stephanie, i could go for some Julie, even tho shes more painted up than a doll

  86. Bill– Jesse should know how to play by now this is his second time trying. Jesse is playing against a bunch of BB virgins. Jesse is going out of the house he has the biggest target on his back … bigger than Ronnie!

  87. and if you payed attention to the show you would have heard the jessie is on the all natural body building circuit and is tested very frequently for steroids

  88. bill, you are the one voting hundreds of times. Talk about no life. Kind of sad. :'( <—- look, I shed a tear for you. You’re sad. like a 3 legged puppy.

  89. mario- funny snl line i actually thought that in my head. and very nice to explain yourself.

    really want jeff to win HOH but actually wouldn’t mind if russell won. i’d be very interested to see what he does. michele i’m ify on and chima just no i can’t with her

  90. I hate to ask considering the responses last time, but would anyone be willing to fill me in on what Casey’s speech was about?

  91. guys do NOT get too confident that jeff will win and then slack off thinking he will get it no matter what. VOTE FOR HIM UNTIL TUESDAY NIGHT!!!!

  92. Looks like bill has a man crush on our boy Jessie. i think he takes screen shots of Nat and Jessie in bed and photoshops his face on her body!

  93. I would like to know casey’s speech too. I sadly enough am stuck at work I havent seen the show from tonight yet. What did he say??!??

  94. Why is everyone voting for jeff or jordan, why not be interesting and vote for someone low key and someone who has played in the shadows/low key, a great way to get them involved, like how my gym teacher gave special powers to girls in certain sports to get them to move, as much as everyone is hating the jesses clique, stop because unlike rest of the house they are actually playing and doing what the game calls for unlike kevin, and jordan is the loveable pawn that doesnt even sweat when shes on the chopping block, shell prob win

  95. bill bill bill,
    Jessie not on ROIDS is like saying A-Rod is not on ROIDS…
    I dont care about the “all natural body building circuit they all say they are all natural…
    I just voted for jeff 100 times and will vote 1000 times tomorrow.

  96. Time to kick Jessie’s ass, Jeff is the man and he will fight this one for Casey tonight. Vote for Jeff. Huge fan of BB, but this season is awful. Hopefully they can bring back either Braden/Laura/Casey, they were wrongfully evicted and deserve a second chance.

  97. If Casey wasn’t put up on the block, this would have been the perfect week for him to win HOH or America’s vote. :( Sad that he is gone

  98. Chema just hit the diploma and did a flip and still held on and stayed on her swing.

  99. i thought bill was going to the bar to get a drink. leave already — you are about as annoying as jessi

  100. @bill….you must be on steroids yourself to defend him soooo, also you surely know that you can NOT get that big without drugs…That is NOT natural…I’m a trainer…This is my job…It’s NOT possible to achieve that level of muscle

  101. I am not the one that voted for jessie 100 times …bill…. go to your bathroom and look in the mirror and you will see someone that has no life

  102. anyone who chooses to argue via blog instead of going to bar has poor decision making skills…ie bill

  103. Come on guys, none of us have lives obviously lol. We are all on here writing about the same thing! Being a BB fan is so much better than having a life!!!!!

  104. – Diploma came back out and Chima hit it hard. Really, really hard and flipped over the diploma and was swinging around upside down but still managed to hold on. Now I’m impressed. That was crazy!

  105. i watch everytime its on and i watch the afterdark i am tired of hearing jessies voice they should have brought back someone worth it he didnt win last season heck i could have lived with cowboy comming back even though i didnt like him either. anyone other than jessie who might be a natural body builder but he is not smart or he would have won the first time on the show


  107. liking the show doesnt make us sad, it makes us spectators, anyone who saw rat race understands the thrills of watching humans play dirty to win money, its some sick psychological experiment that makes alot of money because its televised for our enjoyment

  108. I just voted for Jeff – alot!!! On the web site you can vote more than ten times. Keep the votes coming.

  109. its just like watching survivor except they are thrown in the wilderness with barely any food lol

  110. People!!!! Jessie is NOT a natural body builder…I don’t care what BB says!!!! What are they going to say, ” Yeah, Jessie uses steroids, and CBS put him on TV to encourage it????”

  111. It is not saying it online but I’d almost bet they are only accepting 10 votes from each ISP number.

  112. Who cares if Jesse is on steroids. What does that have to do with the BB game? I’m not a Jesse fan at all, but let’s stick with the actual game.

  113. the fact that show is called big brother is no doubt connected to george orwells 1984, where people lived under constant surveillance and their behavior was regulated, ie this is a show that manipulates the rules and game to achieve better ratings, everyone bitched about jessie clique so the powers that be created two twists to deal with this issue, people should be satisfied and stop droooling over jeff and jordan like they are such victims who need to rise from the ashes

  114. i can’t find where you vote. i went on two web sites for cbs. does anyone know at all.???

  115. i hope jeff or michelle win it or maybe russel who says he has seen what jessie and nattalie were doing,

  116. I can’t believe that Jessie was stupid enough to keep Ronnie, because all he is going to do is stab him in the back next. Chima is gross looking with those big fake lips..She thinks that she is to good for alot of the things that they do at BB, she shouldn’t have sighned up.

  117. i am tired of listening to her complain about being on slop at least this year they are giving them other things to eat lol cabbage isnt that bad

  118. i agree with tabitha. i want to see jeff or michelle win this, even jordan, because jeff will be by her side and help her even if she isn’t sure about her game play. i’m still iffy about russell, because it seems like he has an alliance with ronnie, and i don’t want to see ronnie stick around any longer. ugh. i gag just mentioning his name.

  119. like they told jessie not putting ronnie up was going to put a big target on his back and he didnt seem to care so he is going to figure it out the hard way seeings the only ppl that will help save him are on their way out of this competition! I cant wait for another hour when I can watch the thing on tv and see who wins hopfully before i leave for work!

  120. I am not a big of jeff or jordan because they dont play the game they are to busy lovin on eachother and after caseys speech i wasnt very impressed with him because bb is game of backstabing and jessie didnt even backstab him they were never on the same side maybe casey should have taken the veto a little more seriously then he might still be in the house and as for the coup des ta I am not impressed with that because if jeff wins it doesnt prove that he is a better player in the game because he had help and i think that is wrong i am a jessie fan and i wouldnt even want him to get it they should just let play the game and see who the best player realy is and as for the people saying that jessie already had a chance so did other players in the past so why is it a big deal he is not the first player to come back and get an other chance

  121. with the new cou d’tat power , does the hoh still choose the new nominees, if so using it could be a waste if the hoh is smart when they nominate each week, because it seems the 3 pple who went home were all backdoored onto the block so its like when your nominated it doesnt mean anything and the power just reinforces the trend

  122. if casey had won the veto and used it to back door ronnie, could jessie have turned around and put up casey?

  123. I hope she doesn’t take this, because who knows what she’ll do…she’s dumber than a box of rocks (Chima).

  124. @Monica…I don’t care about Jessie being on roids, thats his life and body he will eventually ruin…I was simply stating the fact that he is NOT a natural body building…your muscles can only increase to a certain size, after that you have to use steroids….THIS IS MY JOB!!!! We are talking about BB, where are you at????

  125. oh no what happened to jordan? i really hope jeff gets it then!!!!! btw what did everyone think of lydia staring at jesse while he was sleeping?

  126. We all need to vote for Jordan for the COUP D’ETAT, We all say that we want to see the house flip. If we give it to her then we KNOW that the house will flip and it could be a great week to get one of the meat heads out.

  127. i thought lydia was ok before but now shes so firggin creepy and seeing her on hd makes her look like creepy

  128. Susan … I was the same way and all 4 of them already lost! Only one still in it that I dont want would be Chima I want Chima and michele to fall next

  129. WIll jordan know what to do with the coup d-etat power? that’s what I’m a little worried about

  130. Hobart- If Casey would have won the POV and used it on Michele or Jordan then yes he could be put on the block. Google the POV Rules. Marcellas did it and he was evicted.

  131. I really want Jeff 2 win!! & I voted 4 him as many times as possible!!:) but if I would have 2 pick out of the other 3 it would b Mechille.

  132. Okay HG’s…Its time to make deals and get this over with….I have an early morning!!!!

  133. nathalie lydia staring at jesse while he was sleeping was more then a little freaky!!!!! Crazy Girl!!!!!

  134. I really hope Chima and Russel fall. This house needs to be shaken up. Hope one of the bullies (Nat/Jessie) finally go home.

  135. Of all the house guests I find Lydia the most annoying Chima and Natalie duke it out for the #2 spot. Like Jordan, Jeff and Michelle. They need to bring in Russel and Kevin.

  136. No, no the POV rules changed….You can NOT be put up if you use the POV on someone

  137. I just pray that Jeff gets the chance to take control. Someone needs to shut Natalie up, Jessie is an idiot, and Ronnie is the worst HG I’ve ever seen! BB has finally figured out that they had to do something to make the rest of the season bearable. I love it!

  138. Razort your mistaken. There were 2 POV’s that season your thinking of when they used the silver POV. The current POV is gold so the POV winner is also safe even if they use it. So Casey would have been safe if he used the power.

  139. how come everyone with my name on bb has been crazy and stalkerish
    remember natalie and matty?

  140. i want michelle to win HOH because I havnt seen her in any alliances all season, shes a floater who hid behind the brains while othger pple had targets, this will force her to show her true colors and shes not a bully so she should make well informed nominee selections

  141. Im thinking Michele will be the next to go and Jeff and Russell are still looking good … Im hoping they dont make a deal either. If anything I think Russel will deal with Jeff hopefully

  142. I wanna c chima fall..& as 4 Lydia, there’s a lot more 2 this chick that we haven’t seen yet. I’d like 2 c her stay a lil longer just 2 cause more drama & c what more she will do. I kinda liked her comment bout getn revenge while he’s sleepn.

  143. i liked her in the begining but near the end she got to me… what was it that she always said? oh god i’ll remember it in a minute

  144. i hope eith jeff or Michele wins hoh b/c if russel does then he might not nominate jessie, natalie nor ronnie

  145. I don’t trust Michelle…
    I can’t believe she’s still hanging on after all that puking!

  146. even if jeff makes deals i dont think its his intentions on putting up russel or michelle he is mad at jessie for not going through with the plan!

  147. jessie and ronnie will probably go up regardless of who wins, that’s the smart nominations.

  148. Should Russel win, I think he will allign with Jeff-Jordan-Kevin and Ronnie. He’ll want to break away from Jess and Natalie. He already has an alliance with Ronnie and wanted Lydia out in week 1.

  149. i want michelle to win HOH because I havnt seen her in any alliances all season, shes a floater who hid behind the brains while other pple had targets, this will force her to show her true colors and shes not a bully so she should make well informed nominee selections

  150. I don’t think russel is sincere about what he says to ronnie, i think he just got tired of harassing him.

  151. Jeff needs to win or he is going to be a big target this next week…You cant trust Russel and Michelle has been saying she is mad at him…

  152. anyone surprised that russell is still hangin on?? usually the big guys are gone pretty quickly…

  153. sandy, like when jessie was always one of the first people out of the endurance competitions

  154. For the people who didn’t see the show… as Matt says above whoever gets the Coup D’etat will get a “mystery” power. Meaning they (and we) know what it is but no one else in the house will know what it is until it is used. I think when Jeff wins it is going to send a huge message into the house as to what kind of game play America likes.

    The winner, hopefully Jeff, will have the power to replace either or both of the HoH’s nominations right before live vote. The HoH and the PoV holder would be safe. Anyone else could be nominated at the last minute before the vote. BB listened that we were not happy with the way the season is going and this should really shake things up.

  155. I used to like Natalie until tonite when she did that creepy stalking and revenge talk. All I can think of is Lorena Bobbet. I dont like Jesse but I would lock the door if I were him.

  156. Ok…I am relying on everyone with a Live Feed – I HAVE to know who wins HOH before I go to sleep…. HAVE TO!!

  157. RECAP
    6:30 Kevin is down
    6:45 Lydia and Ronnie are down
    6:46 Natalie is vomiting on the swings
    6:52 The swings have stopped rotating… for now
    6:53 Natalie is down
    6:57 They have begun swinging again… and it’s raining in the backyard!
    7:29 Jordan is down
    8:05 2+ hours in and Russell, Jeff, Chima, and Michele are still going strong
    8:11 Chima is down
    8:22 The houseguests have been allowed inside the house; Russell, Jeff, and Michele remain

  158. I hope Jeff gets it also. Im so tired of Jesse and Ronnie and Natalie. How are they not gone yet! Ready for good to overcome!! Maybe CBS had a feeling no one was enjoying the show with the way it was going.

  159. Christyy – I don’t have after-dark either so I am blind! Wait.. I’m housesitting.. I will check.. if so.. looks like I am getting NO sleep tonight! This HOH is SO important.

  160. All you people jumping on Jeff’s band wagon. He chose the losing side like James did in season 9. I hope you people give the America’s choice to someone who is playing a smart game and not someone who’s own decision to turn on his team has him in the minority. Let’s go Russell or Chima aka NBK!!!

  161. @Amy B. Let me know if you have it!! I hope you do!! that will be a special present for house sitting ;) hehe

  162. All you people jumping on Jeff’s band wagon. He chose the losing side like James did in season 9. I hope you people give the America’s choice to someone who is playing a smart game and not someone who’s own decision to turn on his team has him in the minority. Let’s go Russell or Michelle aka NBK!!!

  163. @hobart: They will and Jordan and Ronnie will hook a lift. Russel has an alliance with Ronnie and the focus will be on Jessie , Natalie and Lydia. Ronnie will skim by for now. Not a threat to anyone….

  164. i want to see what natalie does if jessie is gone, because so far all she’s done is hide behind him, and yell.

  165. Stop being lame losers and getting mad because Jessie’s team was able to outsmart, outwit and outplay Jeff, Laura, Jordan and Casey.

  166. I do agree that Natalie and Russ and Jessie and Ronnie are playing the game – yes – but that doesnt mean that I want them to prevail! hah I don’t remember seeing Jessie play this hard in his original season….

    I heart Joshua from Season 10

  167. i really hope that jeff win cuz he needs to get jessie and natalie out. hopefully he’ll start playng the game cuz if not his chances of staying ar e slim now.
    i know its just a game and you always are going to have cheaters and backstabbers but i just can stomach big headed people (i.e. jessie and his puppies). just please let the good people win so all the meatheads can start shakin in there lil boots.
    i really hope that the cou d’tat could alow to bring back evicted house guest cuz i really liked casey i believe that if he came back russel and him could stirr up the house. maybe now russ can join with jeff since casey got him to start thinking about his alliance. but i just hope jeff wins. PLEASE VOTE 4 JEFF!!

  168. Kevin, Ronnie, Natalie, and Lydia and Jordan I want to say got one of the boxes, They said the first 5 people that dropped got a box.

  169. Michele has fallen and its just Jeff and Russel and Jeff mention playing rock, paper sissors lol.

  170. Jeff needs to strike a deal with russell and say I wont put you up if you give me HOH..

  171. I would rather see Michelle and Jeff last, than Jeff and Russell. At least Michelle and Jeff are on the same side. However, Russell did vote for Jordan to leave and Casey to stay…

  172. @ Leo, How is just having HOH the first time, Ronnie winning HOH the second time (by luck) and winning HOH the next time (because that game was based on luck… being good at the game? Hope Jeff wins because his team chose to not include him in on their plans in the first place.

  173. And leo stop being a sore loser when america votes Jeff and he eliminates jessie and his gang of losers.

  174. It’s not about who outsmart who, BB choose to group them in 4. Week after week the athletes were safe. No one could of voted either Jessie,Nat,Jeff or Russel. They were safe for 3 weeks. Did they deserve it NO. Jeff was the only smart one in that group. Now that the tables are turning we’ll see how Jessie/Nat can save themselves this week. Maybe one will throw the other under the bus and we’ll see them both packing and going home.

    Matt great work!!!! well Done

  175. does anyone know if you can buy big brother seasons 1 and 2 dvd’s, when i search it i only see season 3 and up?!

  176. To all your Jessie, natalie and Russell haters… Don’t forget that Jeff is a meat head who turned his back on the Athlete clique to join a losing team, so he is now on the lame side of the house which is in the minority. He can’t spell, play the game and he is disloyal. If he had half a brain he would have never sided with the wrong team over his clique mates. Lets go Jessie, Natalie, Russel And Ronnie. Don’t hate them because they are playing the game better than Jeff, Jordan, Casey, Braden and Laura!!!

  177. Something evidently happened to Michelle. We didn’t see her fall; feeds went off. Jessie and Nat talking about her whole cooch (Jessie’s word) hanging out and her something (her pants?) getting tangled up and then something (the diploma?) hitting her in the head. Haven’t seen her since the feeds came back.

  178. Jeff is the real meathead…. He just happens to be a meat head with no brains and can’t play Big Brother to save his life… Go team NBK!!! To all your Jessie, natalie and Russell haters… Don’t forget that Jeff is a meat head who turned his back on the Athlete clique to join a losing team, so he is now on the lame side of the house which is in the minority. He can’t spell, play the game and he is disloyal. If he had half a brain he would have never sided with the wrong team over his clique mates. Lets go Jessie, Natalie, Russel And Ronnie. Don’t hate them because they are playing the game better than Jeff, Jordan, Casey, Braden and Laura!!!

  179. Think, If Brian would have been able to join the house instead of Jessie. He never got a chance last season, since he was the first one out.

  180. Jeff may be a meathead and an athlete but hes not stuck on his self like jessie has!

  181. Im not a hater on the Jesse’s clan because they are meathead I am because I hate the big ego of Jessie(have you read his blog?) and what has Nat done in the game that made her good? Bark at people after they leave? Ronnie just annoys me b/c he thinks he is God’s gift to brains.

  182. Leo…what show are you watching???? Jeff didn’t turn his back on his team, they turned there backs on him…and why??? Cuz he was talking to pretty girl???? If Jessie and Rus had any sense, they would have been talking to the pretty girl, who lets face it is not that smart and could have helped thier games!!!!

  183. What if Jordan and Jeff are not dumb that’s just there game. evryone knows how to spell KAT!!!!!!

  184. Let’s not forget ir Jeff put up Jessie / Natalie / Ronnie or Russell only one of them will go home with the other three and Chima targetuing him and Jordan…. he might target one, but he won’t sacrifice his whole game like that. Not if he wants to win because he will only have power for one week with America’s vote people… L~O~L!!! I have more confidence in Jessie’s gang than I do in Jordan who is on Jeffs!!!

  185. @Leo – Jeff didn’t turn on his team. Just because people are thrown together on a team, doesn’t mean they all have to act the same and make the same decisions.

    Ronnie turned on Michelle … lied to her…

  186. @sweetbabe hahahahaha hilarious b/c i just finished watching showtime afterdark from yesterday where they were talking about that lmao!!

  187. leo- how is jeff a meathead? ok he cant spell but he won a veto that took alot of thinking with the whole counting coins. Ronnie who is on the brains failed that miserabley! he also almost wins quite a few things and gives russell a run for his money…how is he a bad competetor?

  188. @ Leo keep showing us what a dumb jock you are. It’s easy to cheer the current winners, most losers like to jump on that bandwagon. Most of uf here is cheering for the underdogs.

  189. I totally cannot stand this Jessie clique. I want Jeff to win this HOH and turn this game around. Lydia is absolutely hidious and Natalie is a wanna be Jesse fan for real, Her boyfriend must be pretty pissed off her by now. I wish Casey wasn’t the one to go home. Casey and Jeff could have teamed up and got Ronnie and Jesse out of the house. Thanks for the space.

  190. I hope jeff wins this HOH and then he gets the vote from america so he gets one out this week comeing and then the following week he gets another out..

  191. At least Leo knows how to cut & paste. Jeff is smart for not aligning himself with Jessie and his crew. New Born Killers? Now that’s real smart. Why would they want to be known as killers? And New Born? Not even creative. Go Jeff and Jordan!!!!!!!

  192. Ronnie annoys me…He thinks he is the next Boogie and Will….Have you seen his diary room scenes??? He is trying to be just like them….He will NEVER be hated and loved as much as Will was….I loved to hate him

  193. Ummm… hey LEO! Speaking about not being able to spell (making them the losers, minority, lame side of the house, and whatever else you said)… go look back at some of your previous posts and count your mistakes. I’m just stating the obvious.

  194. that would be awsome robert. or even if jordan wins if its ethier of them thats the only way they can do it! heck maybe next week jordan will win hoh then they wont need it

  195. Remember Jeff / Jordan would have to deal with Jessie / Natalie / Russell / Chima / and Ronnie as well and Lydia… Do you really think America’s vote will help Jeff win the game if he misuses it and pisses off the entire house? This is Big Brother not High School. Jeff is No Evil Dick and won’t be able to squeak by with that many people gunning for him. Remember he can only evict one of those people becausew they have the numbers, so he will have to deal with the rest of the house and him and Jordan will be next like James, Chelsea, Sharon and Josh from seaon 9 after they got rid on Matt… Do you Jeff fans remember that?

  196. I am voting for both Jeff & Jordan to get America’s Vote. If one of them wins it I’ll be happy. Vot4ed 10 times each so far. More to go until they tell me to stop.

  197. @Leo, have you been watching? If Jeff wins this week and wins the contest of the “mysterious power” then he will be in charge for two weeks which could knock two of Jesse’s clan out and Chima would prob switch sides because she don’t want to be a target and that leaves Ronnie and most of them hate him anyways! If Jeff makes alliance with Russell and he wins then that side still has power! Sorry Jessie’s friend!

  198. right jennifer. did you catch the whole phone thing he did, just like boogie and will?

  199. Is there anyway to watch afterdark online? I do not have showtime, yet I HAVE to know who wins HOH tonight, ha.

  200. if he takes out jessie and natlie then the others will start to play their own game instead of being a flock!

  201. AMY B.. to comment on one of your previous posts regarding LEO’s comment… don’t that Ronnie also through Michelle under the bus by stating that she was the mysterious vote that decided to keep Chima and evict Braden. Ronnie and Michelle are on the same team, he backstabbed. Teams don’t always stick together. I think we’ve already figured that out!!!

  202. Leo your opinion has no weight here. Kudos, on the copy and paste skills. We do realize its just one dumb comment pasted twice.

  203. There will be someone here until it’s over I’m sure.

    Ronnie and Lydia thinking America is going to vote for Chima after we see what she went through in the competition. Not likely. Ronnie has figured out it is a coup d’teat.

  204. Have a good night all. I am just representing for Jessie / Natalie / Russel and Ronnie…. No hard feelings ok? I figure their are enough cookie cutters cheering for Jeff and Jordan, so I would stand up for team NBK… Have a good night!!! It was fun bloggin with you!!! PEACE!!!

  205. @Duchess…Yeah, thats what I mean…He thinks he is someone he is not…LOL, there is only one Dr Will

  206. Think of it this way. If Jeff with HOH and the Coup, he will be able to pick off two people. He can go after one this week and then one the next week. It would put him in a great position.

  207. you would think that jessie would have changed his gameplay after already having read the blogs and learned what america hated about him.

  208. i loved to hate Dr.Will. he is occasionally on a show called “The Doctors”. it is funny to see him in a non-big brother capacity.

  209. I also completely agree w/ the majority…reading LEO’s post’s are pathetic @ best…any normal intelligent person(obviously not LEO), can see that neither Jessie or Ronnie winning HOH’s required no skill, Casey and Jeff had better shots then Jessie but ball bounced off edge. Lucky shot for Jessie…Ronnie is just a pathetic excuse of human waste, Gnat to lie about her age, boy that was a great strategy, just shows how immature she is because everyone believes it and accepts it because she states is young. I for one have voted for Jeff, only thing holding me on to this show is the hope that he will get even w/ these conceited, lucky power trip’d rats. Russell should be congratulated for seeing the light somewhat. Leo go back to fantasizing about Jessie on someone else’s time

  210. I keep getting an internal error when I try to post. Everyone went inside and Russell and Jeff are talking a deal.

  211. Leo jeff or jordan will have the power for 2 weeks which means that2 atheletes r going to be out. Plus lydia is no longer with them. Can’t wait!! Finally those morons r gonna get what’s coming 2 them.

  212. @ Hobart BB Guests have no phone, internet or TV. Remember last year the plane banner incident? BB sent them all inside to keep them from getting any news.

  213. Glad you left Leo – we know you were just here to get a rise out of everyone. And FYI, Lydia and Kevin would go to Jeff’s side in a heartbeat if he got HOH, and especially if he got America’s Vote too!!! Jesse doesn’t have the numbers anymore. Hopefully it’s bye-bye Jesse/Natalie/Ronnie. I’d even be fine if Chima goes. Jeff HAS to hold on and win, his life in BB house depends on it!!

  214. Jeff afraid to give it up. Russell saying he kept his word to Casey and he just wants a letter from his pop.

  215. after dark = loove

    Jeff better not give in. i trust russell but, if ronnie or jessie gets in his head jeffs out for sure. more spinning. oh yay for them.

  216. Talk about team sprit. They others don’t give a sh– they are all inside. They shouldn be made to stay outside until the last one is remaining. The only one outside I think is Jordan.

  217. @ Hobart my mistake. He was seen as more of a vain kooky jock that season. This time he’s held power and has 2 ladies after him so he really seems into himself even more this season

  218. They are inside because they were asked to go inside by Jeff and Russell after Jessie offered to go in so they could talk a deal. Both have promised each other safety but neither willing to give it up yet. Now quiet and water has started again.

  219. the diplmoa is just about shredded to bits. and russell just loolks like an aniaml. jeff on the other hand looks like hes done this before.

  220. They are going to have to make a deal! It’s going to go on for the next 3 hours! Jeff won’t give and Russell won’t give!

  221. This is so addicting. I have never been on this before, I just usually wait to see what happens but I want Hot Jeff to win so bad I can’t go to sleep until I know. Jessie, Ronnie and especially Natalie need to hit the door.

  222. jeff and russell just confirmed they’ve done this before. hah, as a fighter i could see that from russ, but jeff a sales guy? hm.

  223. oops, did not mean to dbl post, said it did not go thru my first time! That diploma is funny!

  224. they have have nots comp. may still be on teams depending on the numbers then indv. later on

  225. Everyone is back outside so they can’t really deal. They wanted any deal to just be between the two of them.

  226. sorry I meant “fool!” trying to blame this on others will not help his game play. he’s screwed. he tried to trick others and now he has to go through the same hell he put others through.




  229. I cant believe I’m still waiting up for this…guess shows you how much I can’t stand these Tool’s(nicely put lucious bean)…LETS GO JEFF!!!!!

  230. i can’t stand this. if Russell was planning on teaming with Jeff, he would have just dropped already. obviously he is still aligned with the ‘evils’, so Jeff absolutely has to win this HOH.

  231. stop posting false comments please! just wait until you actually see it happen.

  232. russ promised to keep jeff and jordan safe
    he said he wants ronnie out-I don’t believe him

  233. jeff is completly stupid. he just gave up. he better pray that russ is on his side if not hes going home. why jeff why

  234. that is so stupid. Jeff will definitely regret that decision. we can only pray that he wins Americas vote for coup d’tat… suck!

  235. are you serious?? i stayed up this late for jeff to go and concede? he better hope that russell is being honest and stand by with his truce.

  236. I’m so disappointed in Jeff right now…I feel bad. It better not backfire on him and Jordan!

  237. Jessie kissing ass already. Chima right there with him. They are sure their alliance won.

  238. hes ganna win the cobatal or w/e so if russel back stabes him in wont matter :D im rooting for jordon cause she hot

  239. russell will not nominate jessie.. maybe natalie though. i think he has a secret deal with Ronnie too.

  240. Well this will prove how much of a jackass Russell is. If he sticks with his promise, then I will think there’s a little hope for this show. If not, why even watch. Jesse’s side is just a bunch of morons. I wish Jeff hadn’t dropped!!!! Make sure to vote for Jeff for the Coup dtat!

  241. It hasn’t stopped me from voting, been able to vote at least 50 or more times for Michelle.

    That really is a bummer for Jeff, Let’s just hope Russell keeps his word.

    WHY JEFF????WHY???

  243. jeff will regret this. until the house gets jessie out that jackass will control

  244. Russel has a secret alliance with Ronnie and he probably is too scared to piss off Jessie so he will probably put up natalie and lydia. GRRR! I wanted jeff to win! Stupid Jeff!

  245. Jessie and Natalie need to go but I am sure Lydia will be the one to leave next week.

  246. Susi, why did you vote for Michele 50 times? That’s kind of random, I don’t know anyone who cares about Michele being in any kind of control. Everyone, vote for Jeff if you want any kind of excitement and for the game to turn!! Otherwise, Jesse will keep picking the nice people off one by one, and it will be him, Natalie, Ronnie & Chima at the end screaming at each other and bragging to the camera about themselves, and trying to outgeek each other!! Vote for Jeff!

  247. Jordan had to pick 3 people to be half nots. She put their names in the graduation hat to pull names. She thought that would be more fair. She did not put in the brains who were on slop last week. She pulled Natalie, Kevin, Jeff and then everyone told her she shouldn’t have put Jeff in there. So she pulled Jessie. Lydia tried to take Jessie’s spot on slop and let him off. She’s nuts!

  248. Natalie, Kevin and Jessie are on Have Not’s this week! Jordan got to pick the Have Not’s this week and did not let Ronnie, Chima and Michelle since they were have not’s last week. Is that what im hearing correctly from BBAD?

  249. What makes good television Lily? People bragging about themselves to the camera? I don’t think people enjoy seeing gross Jesse bragging about his muscles or Ronnie thinking he is such a great player when everyone really hates him and keeps him in because they can control him. And Chima is just an ugly person, inside and out. What makes good TV is watching 2 different sides take TURNS getting rid of each other so there’s some revenge, that’s fun to watch. It’s also fun to watch some people get along and like each other. Thus the reason why I’m really sick of seeing Jesse, Natalie, Lydia & Ronnie in any kind of power. They are just idiots.

  250. I can’t believe how many of you go for the pretty boy Jeff or the nice ones. This is a Game. I love games and I go for the Gamers. Like Dr. Evil of the past or Jessie who is having fun; but he is playing the game for himself. Everyone knows people who play again are looked at as already having their turn and should be gone. Plus with Jessie being strong is a double target. He is doing very well against those odds and should get the CoupDEtat power. Jeff has made no moves accept to turn his whole former clique against him. Jeff has earned nothing.

  251. FYI anyone that voted for the special power before 9:20 est the votes were disqualified you need to vote again

  252. Uh, comparing Jesse to the past winners is NO comparison. Who is Dr. Evil? You mean Dr. Will and Evel Dick? Those are 2 different people. And they were awesome players. Dr. Will WAS a pretty boy, but he was a schemer and got people to love him, but then he lied behind their backs, and he was hilarious. The best BB player ever to play. Evel Dick was awesome too, but he was actually honest. Crude, disgusting and mean, but honest. And a GREAT BB player. Jesse is neither of those, he is stupid, and only gets rid of nonthreatening people cause he’s afraid to get his own hands dirty. He isn’t strong, and we’ll see that as soon as the other side of the house is in power. Jeff hasn’t had a chance to earn anything up till tonight because the chicken s— other side of the house keeps picking off his friends so he doesn’t have a lot of people to support him like Jesse. Watch – it will turn, and I can’t wait!!

  253. Jeff is gonna win the Coup d’etat!…good job all u TRUE BB fans!!!…Jessie is very scared and he should be!…i wanna go there and jump over that wall so i can start smashin a few ugly faces(Jessie, Natalie, Ronnie, Chima, Lydia, Michele)!!!

  254. Jessie is no Einstein. But he is a big target. Everyone should want him gone as a return player. But he is a little savvy street smart. Plus he is smooth with people and stays low key. That nonsense with POV replacement Casey little rhyme was just to get TV time. All the ones looking ahead for entertainment industry future do it. Didn’t I heaqr he wants to be a Wrestler. Getting Casey before Ronnie was his best move. Getting good with Russell has proven a good move as he is now HOH. Russell could turn on Jessie. But Jeff definitely would be after him. With Ronnie still there he is a target over Jessie.

  255. Big Brother does its best to make it look like Russel has a secret alliance with Ronnie, but the live feeds show he was just trying to control him. After last night’s attempts to out Ronnie as a backstabber with the Athletes, it’s clear Russel’s moving on him.

  256. FYI everyone this is on cbs website, whoever voted online do it again!! (go JEFF go)

    IMPORTANT NOTICE — All online votes cast before 9:20 PM EST (6:20 PT) on July 30 have been disqualified due to technical difficulties. We encourage you to vote again if you voted during this time period. We are sorry for any inconvenience

  257. Was Jeff nuts? I would not trust anyone in this game. VOTE FOR JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  258. YES! Jessie is a have not this week, along with Natalie & Kevin. Natalie’s not sweating it, she has a slop pass, but Jessie is being such a BABY about it, whining non stop and talking his normal idiotic crap!!

  259. It’s true.. Per the CBS website:
    “IMPORTANT NOTICE — All online votes cast before 9:20 PM EST (6:20 PT) on July 30 have been disqualified due to technical difficulties. We encourage you to vote again if you voted during this time period. We are sorry for any inconvenience”.

  260. Well this is all talk in all but the thing about it u have to be one step a head of the game thats what it take in this game u cant be laying low like a floater u cant be so cool like the good side of the house or u be cut faster than ya cut a slice of chesse so like i say every side have it CONS PROS

  261. I like how Russell is now gunning for Ronnie and the main reason house turned on Ronnie was because he kept Russell around, they are like a pot and kettle

  262. The main reason people turned on Ronnie is because he backstabbed the Jeff/Jordan/Casey side of the house, then went around telling lies about people. Now, he says that’s just the way the game is played, but now America gets to see through his BS and lay the smack down.

  263. ronnie is so awesome he has actually made bb usa worth watchin for the first time ever lol gotta love that evil geek ! VOTE FOR RONNIE coz u know he will do something spectacular with the power and not something dumb like half a braincell jeff will VOTE FOR RONNIEE !

  264. Julie looks sooo beautiful!!! oh my, i am catching up on the last two episodes, why do pregnant women glow:)

  265. IMPORTANT NOTICE — All online votes cast before 9:20 PM EST (6:20 PT) on July 30 have been disqualified due to technical difficulties. We encourage you to vote again if you voted during this time period. We are sorry for any inconvenience

  266. I don’t know who is coming up with these ideas, but I LOVE YOU!!! The diploma was sooo funny, America likes funny!!!


  267. jus wondering, what does NBK mean? I know its the alliance of jessie, gnat, and them but what does it mean?

  268. I wish Dr. Will Kirby would come back and host a Big Brother “Showmance competition” I loved the High School theme!!! I love how America gets to vote… BUT MOST OF ALL I LOVE THE BANANA!!!

  269. Ronnie Talbot is a cyber bully. It is a very sad day that CBS casting and/or production would allow this to happen. This not funny! What Ronnie Talbot admitted to Cyber bullying another person is a crime! Why did CBS allow this criminal to be on it’s show?

  270. hey, i am a huge fan of big brother but let’s be honest this year has been nothing but jessie this and jessie that and i think lydia is weird and she is stalking jessie. ronnie is an arrogant man who needs to come out of the closet and also should never take off his shirt ever again. ronnie should be voted out just for that. i got to say this year’s group is so boring that i have not really taking the time to watch the after dark episodes on showtime 2. because these guys are so boring and superflous. and i hope jeff wins the coup d etat.

  271. im a massive fan … big brother 9 wasnt the greatest either…big brother 7-8 were legendary… such likable individuals to route for.

  272. I’m so happy to see things might start changing now. I’m so sick of Jessie…we cheered during the his eviction in BB10! We were freaking out when we saw him come back!!! Right now I’m liking Jeff…but really, I’ll be happy as long as it isn’t Ronnie, Natalie or Jessie in the final 2

  273. Don`t know what Jessie would do if there were no mirrors in BB. Never saw a BOY look at himself so much. Nat and Lydia need not fight over him, he just LOVES himself so much. Can

  274. I voted for Jeff and Jordon to get the Coup D’etat. I love them both, it’s had to choose…

  275. I’m glad Russell won instead of Michele. I actually think he’ll do the right thing and oust Ronnie. Then when Jeff wins power he can put Jessie and Natalie on the block.


  276. I sure hope Russell sticks to the plan! Ronnie has got to go!!!!!! Russell is playing the game VERRRRRY well….thats why i hope he doesn’t backfire on Jeff!

  277. We know that this is just a game, but in real life the same things happen. Why can’t good guys like Jeff win?

  278. Jesse, Natalie and Ronnie need to go home soon. If they stay on this show, then I will quit watching. Jesse never should have been brought back. He wasn’t liked in BB10 and he isn’t liked this time either. And, BB needs to bring back Casey.

  279. Well – well – well….. Russell is the winner…. It looks like you Jeff fans will only be able to see one of Jessie’s team go home if Jeff is dumb enough to use the power and nominate two of thwem… He won’t because he will instantly have the rest of team Jessie targetingn him / Jordan…. News flash Jeff / Jordan fans……. Read Jessie’s comments about the houseguests….. If Jeff uses the power to screw Jessie / Natalie or Chima, he will only be able to evict one person… That will leave thtwo of them and Russell and the rest of NBK gunning for him… He will try to get Ronnie out and I guarantee he won’t be dumb enough to go efter Natalie / Jessie / Russell / Chima next week because he would instsntly be the #1 target for whoever stays in the house the week after… He isn’t James / Chelsea / Josh and Sharon from seaon #9 who made that same fatal mistake when they evicted Matt in seaon #9 and pissed off Natalie / Adam / Ryan / Sheila…. If Jeff want anyone chance of winning he won’t jump in the fire… Go Team Jessi / Natalie / Russell. P.S. Read Jessie’s comments about the houseguests when he was HOH…. He said ROnnie is expendable… L~O~L!!!

  280. Russell actually sticks to his word. I doubt he will be sticking with Jessie for long. He is an Alpha male, not an idiot. He’ll be getting rid of Jessie very soon. Just watch. Mark my words. And btw, Jessie is gay, literally. Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay. I just find it funny that people believe he actually like either of those two girls on the show. Look everywhere you can on the internet and see if you can find Jessie EVER having a girlfriend. He doesn’t. Jessie needs to come out of the closet and make his family proud of him.

  281. oh my goodness! Natalie can’t even read!! When she was the host of the veto competition last week I thought I was going to have an aneurysm listening to her read the script! It was painful to listen to. Worst casting job ever…Natalie and Ronnie, and Shima…who found these people? They are not interesting! Even Michelle is a bore who can’t annunciate after one beer.

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