Big Brother 11: Final HoH Round 2 Live Results

Tonight on Big Brother 11 the results from Tuesday’s HoH endurance comp will be revealed and then Round 2 of the final HoH comp will take place.

Jordan will face off against Natalie for this competition. After playing with last night’s practice version of the game Natalie told Kevin she wished she hadn’t thrown Round 1 to Kevin because she was not doing well with the new challenge.

I’ll be updating this post here with the HoH comp results. Meanwhile, join us in the chat room as we tear apart tonight’s live episode!

Final HoH Round 2 competition – ‘Heads Will Roll’::

  • Round 1 – Natalie goes first and has to identify the order of the season’s HoH within 2 minutes. Natalie completes the challenge in 1 minute 58 seconds and got 5 answers out of 10 correct.
  • Round 2 – Jordan goes second and faces the same challenge. Jordan wins. She completes the challenge in 1 min 42 seconds with 9 answers correct!!

Jordan wins Big Brother 11 Final HoH Round 2!

Jordan will face off against Kevin in Round 3 on Tuesday night’s finale show. On Sunday we’ll be treated to a clip show of the best moments from the season.

The live feeds will come back on after tonight’s live show, so be ready. Don’t have the feeds? No worries, you can still sign-up now with the Free Trial!

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  1. I don’t understand this changing up deal. So the one who ends up third will have no influence from the eviction house? Plus the changes happened since Tuesday. I smell a rat!

  2. I am disgusted watching the live show. They didn’t even show a single frame of Nat letting go of the key. Bull.

  3. GO Jordon…….now that jeff is gone and will win $25K that leaves Jordon with the finale total winning i hate kevin/nat both have lied remember to jeff and jordon the week before kevin kicked jeff out………GO JORDON

  4. Stop with the Natlie cheated. You don’t like Natalie, which is understandable, so you play that “she cheated” angle ad-infinitum. I am sure if Jeff held the rope and not the key you would be defending Jeff.

    If she was cheating Big Brother could have told her to hold her she had to hold onto the key like Kevin was told to face forward.

    Its a stupid game with rules that are made up on the fly by CBS execs. After the CDT power, what rules do you think this game really has?

  5. I couldn’t believe Kevin’s DR comment about
    wanting to go to the final two with Jordan.

    There’s no way he wins the half-million against Jordan, based upon likely jury votes:

    Jessie: Kevin
    Lydia: Kevin
    Natalie: Jordan (likely, if Kevin betrays her)
    Jeff: Jordan
    Russell: Kevin (based upon his jury house comment)
    Michelle: Jordan
    America’s Vote: Jordan

    On the other hand, Kevin is a slam dunk against Natalie:

    Jessie: Natalie
    Lydia: Kevin
    Russell: Kevin
    Jordan: Kevin
    Michelle: Kevin (Yes, he booted her, but I can’t see her voting for Natalie)
    Jeff: Kevin
    America’s Vote: Kevin

    Kevin is a FOOL, if he thinks that he’s better off facing Jordan in the final two. Team Jeff has to vote for someone, and they’re likely to vote for Jordan, if they can. If they don’t have an ally in the final two, they’re likely to vote for Kevin over the widely disliked Natalie.

  6. @ Everyone…. I daare anyone to say Danielle (BB3 & BB7) / Janelle (BB6 & BB7) / Mike Boogie (BB2 & BB7 Winner) / Evil Dick (BB8) don’t know what they are talking about….

    * They all agree that Natalie / Kevin’s LML was the best move of the game

    * They all think Kevin will win &a should win…..

    Chew on that folks!!!

  7. Kevin was told to face forward but before he got off after winning he wasn’t both nat and kev cheated go jordon

    why don’t they have to follow the rules if that was jordon she wiil be out. …………… double standards

  8. i don’t think nat should go up aganist jordon or kevin because she will just lose. she lied to many times and she lied to everyone the first night her age is 24 not 18. Go Jordon

  9. I’ve been saying since Russ left that the LML was the most game changing and best move in the game and the 4 former hgs agreed with me. Go Kev! I hope you pull it off!

    Did yall notice how ED looked disgusted about the final 3?

  10. @ Another view….. You are absolutely right….

    @ Everyone…. Russell aid he will give Kevin his vote….

    Kevin ill also have

    Jesse (against Jordan)
    Michelle (against Natalie)
    Jeff (against Natalie)
    Natalie (if J evicts N)
    America’s vote agaanst N

  11. You can tell by the pic on the morty tv website that gnasty WAS NOT holding the key!! How many times has any one else been punished for infractions????!!!!

  12. @ Ashley… Let me hear the Jordan Fans scream Kevin isn’t as deserving now when 4 of BB’s players of all time haave solidified whaat I haave bbeen saying abbout NBK – N/K for weeks……

  13. @ Ashley…. Have you been checking out the site aand thinking off a post to put on ince you are a moderator?

  14. well i think if its jordon and kevin it will go this way
    natailie-jordon because kevin is kicking her out
    american’s vote-jordon
    hey guess what jordon you are the new winner of bb11

  15. WTG Jordan! she won the second half of the competition! all three houseguests will be there until finale night. we get to vote if our fav player makes it to the final two who we want to win! OMG I am so excited!

  16. Wow! Good job Jordan. Kevin you have to step it up for the third comp!! I loved seeing Russ in the jh and he was so happy when jeff walked through the door.

    Leo – I have been thinking about the site and checking on it!!

  17. For all you Jordan haters!!! HAHAHAHAH

    ♥♥♥ MY BABYGIRL WON. ♥♥♥

    I knew she could pull out a major win!

  18. I hope she beat kevin! If she becomes the next HOH, I pray that she doesn’t take Gnat to the Final 2

  19. belly – jessie will NOT give his vote to Jordan.

    Everyone – Vote for Kevin to win the final. He is the best one of the three left.

  20. everybody is complaining about this and about that when it comes to kevin and natalie, but no body complained when jordan won the POV. come on people this just a game

  21. Ashley…..michele said she was going to tell the jh that kevin was the worst player and other stuff …….jessie will believe it

  22. boo hoo…. it looked like gNat was going to cry when she spoke to Julie….. boo hoo….

  23. I don’t understand why Kevin would take Jordan to the final 2. He should have an idea how disliked Natalie is.

    Natalie is terrible at competitions. I think if Jordan wins HOH, she takes Natalie, though.

  24. belly – did you watch her exit interviews? She said she thought Kevin made a good move and besides that Jessie won’t take anything into account that Michelle says. He will vote on game play.

  25. @ Everyone

    Congrats…. Jordan won….. Will she take Nat / Kev to the final 2?

    Will Kev take Jor / Nat

    Who will win part #3? Too bad we have to wait until next Tuesday to find out….

    I wonder whaat will happen Sunday now? Anyone want to guess? I think Sunday’s show will be Michelle going to the JH / pretty lame besides that!!!

  26. The only way Jordan wins is against Natalie.

    Kevin played a much better game and if she takes Kevin than she will lose big. Kevin was actually very nice to everyone to their faces and he won a lot of competitions.

  27. Yesssssssssssss!!! I’m doing the happy dance all over the living room right now! Way to go Jordo!! I loved it! Natalie is had tears in her eyes…I loved it! You’re gone bitch!!

  28. No, Ashley I think R and Jeff will bond and when Michelle gets in there and tells him what Kevin did to her he won’t vote for K if Jordan is up there. I think Natalie is a goner with whomever goes against her.

  29. @Leo: I don’t think that anyone who hates Natalie ever said that the lie wasn’t the best move of the game – to me it’s just that the lie only worked as a result of how stupid Jeff/Jordan turned out to be. Good game players wouldn’t have fallen for that lie.

    That being said, I definitely think Kevin played the best game and am pulling for him.

  30. Let’s stop the “cheating” crap arguments and move on to other things. I know how to dye my hair blonde, and I know how to get a boob job. Can anyone tell me how I could lower my IQ by 100 points so that I can be just like Jordan?

  31. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Jordan wins pt 2 and AMERICA IS JUROR#6…she has pulled through and watch ugly ass nasty gnat’s face…yes Natalie America ABHORS you!!!!!

  32. Why bother wondering what happens on Sunday? Julie Chen had already said that it will be never-before scene clips from the past episodes.

  33. I think America should vote for Jordan. She is sweet as pie compared to those other two snakes.

  34. I am so excited for Jordan! I knew you could do it girl!! Natalie looked like she was ready to cry and I loved it! Kevin and Jordan to the final 2….Jordan for the win!!

  35. HaHa! Natalie got, got!

    I didn’t think Jordan could do it but she had such a sweet win over Natalie.

    I’m so glad. From the beginning, I always said, anyone to win but Natalie. I was happy to hear that the jury is pretty much again Gnat.

    I liked the four past peeps. Janelle was always my fav.

  36. I LOVE JORDAN!! PLEASE WIN ROUND 3!! Kevin and Natatollah don’t deserve to win anything!!

  37. Nat is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo quiet on Live Feed!! This is WONDERFUL!! I’ve never seen her this quiet!! Maybe God did answer my prayers!! :)

  38. ZeeSS #55… give me a break you loser… She got 9 out of 10 correct and in the holes faster than Gnat.

    Natalie is the dumb one tonight.

  39. oh MY GOD..JORDAN won this round…so HAPPY…so so HAPPY..Nat just was a whinny brat at the end…i totally dislike that about her..She can never be wrong…hahaha…Jordan won…and i hope she wins Tues also…not sure she can win over Kevin but i DO NOT want Nat to win…

  40. No Natalie! Hip Hip Hooray!!! I loved the looks on their faces (Nat/Kev)when Julie told them that the second round would be tonight and all three will go to the finale. Awesome!

  41. don’t vote for nat or kevin they lied too many times that i’m so tied of them two doing nothing but lieing aren’t you

  42. OMG i am so happy that jordan kicked gnatlie’s ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love that Julie Chen can not hid the fact that she hates gnatlie too! She cut her off so, so good, telling her it was physical and mental (the gnat trying to justify her horrible play, the girl can not win anything at all, but the difference is at least Jordan doesn’t ry to act like she can but doesn’t want to) It is clear Julie can’t stand her anymore than the rest of the US and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. An Atheist NO MORE! J/k on that 1. But here’s my problem after hearing the JH. Kevin/Natalie=Kevin wins

    Kevin/Jordan=Kevin wins

    Jordan/Natalie=Jordan wins
    Jordan only has a
    33% chance of winning. She worked her a** off w/that comp and to top it all off,

  44. Ha ha, did you see the look on Nast-a-lie’s face when she found out she didn’t win the second round. Priceless

  45. I know Jordan is not that smart, but I am hoping she is smart enough to know not to tkae the gnat with her. She does not deserve not one penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Kevin at least deserves the $50,000.

  46. I love how Natalie goes into super BLINK mode while always trying to explain herself.

  47. Congrats Jordan! Funny how she didn’t even have to think to get the order right, even though she couldn’t begin to know which way was up the last competition with like questions. Wonder how much the DR had to do with that?

  48. YES!!!!!!! Jordon came through!!! Well if Kevin wins HOH I hope he picks Jordon. However, I don’t think it matters who he picks because everyone in the jury house knows that Kevin played the best game between the 3 of them. If Jordon wins HOH she’ll probably pick Natalie. If she does, Natalie will probably win because the jury house will think Natalie played a better game. However, if Jordon picks Kevin (which I’m not sure she will) Kevin will deinitely win. Either senerio, Jordon will not win. I would like to see Kevin win first, Jordon 2nd and Nat loose. I just hope Kevin wins HOH because he DESERVES to win out of the 3 of them. To bad 2 of them are left who just rode coat tails. Good luck to Kevin!!

  49. Kevins only hope is to win part 3 or he is Got Got!! Jordan knows Gnat can’t win against her so she picks Nat F2 Hey Leo !!!! Great Got any new songs?your gonna need some!

  50. When it counted, she came through! Way to go Jordan!!!

    Watch Nat. now throw Kevin under the bus. Nat will tell Jordan that she threw the 1st. comp. to him because he promised to take her to the F2. Nat is setting herself up both ways, just watch.

    For that reason alone, I want Kevin to win the last comp. and take Jordan with him, because he said he would do that in the DR, because he believes that Nat. has all the votes.

    That would be such sweet KARMA and yes Nat. there is a God and he is now punishing you for being so nasty and manipulative.

    Also, loved Lydia comments about Nat. – right on girl!!!

  51. NastyLIE sucks at competitions, then makes excuses when she loses. It doesn’t matter if it’s chess, pool, or BB HOH or POV’s.

    Kevin and Jordan compete for the final HOH. If either wins, you think they’d take the other to final two as being desrving. But, they have to think how the jury will vote. Do they know that America gets the 7th vote?

    I don’t think the jury would vote for NastyLIE to win, but anything can happen!

  52. @ Jordan Fans….. Russell will give the best player his vote which will bbe Kevin not Jordan… (He was going to give Jeff his vote for this reason)

    Russell will be even madder at Jordan for her good bye message / chest bump / for playing a huge role in Jeff backdooring Russell…. Russell / Jeff will talk

    Russell will give K/N credit for their LML fooling Jeff into evicting Russ and for Kevin having the b**** to evict Jeff

    Jesse will never vote for Jordan because Kevin has played a better game and Kevin evicted Jeff

    Lydia will vote for Russell

    Natalie will for for Kevin is Jordan evicts her (which won’t happen)

    *** If Kevin doesn’t win he is going home….

    * Jesse will vote for Nat
    * Kevin will vote for Nat
    * Lydia will vote for Nat (because she may be mad at Nat’s lie but she knows Nat haas done more in the game than Jordan)
    * Russell will vote for Nat because she has played the game better and he was going to give (Jeff his vote for the same reason)

    *** Jordan will get the following against anyone

    Natalie (if Kevin screws Nat)

  53. Yay Jordan! good for you honey! I’m a bit annoyed that the last member of the jury won’t be able to influence them at all, with a week’s stay in the house – that seems kind of unfair! Also, was it my imagination or did Julie kind of burn Natalie when Gnat was droning on about knowing all that’s happened in the house, blaming the ball for not working right, and how could she lose a mental competition and julie just cut her off with a terse “it was mental AND physical” ha, i loved that. GO JORDAN!

  54. Jeez, Jordan. No need to rub it in… okay, yeah, rub the salt in Natalie’s open wound.

    I still want Kevin to win the final round. But I also want him to take Jordan. I just want Natalie to go home empty handed for being the biggest idiot BBUS has ever seen. (You do not want to go across the pond if you want less idiots- trust me.)

  55. Well, how’s that for a confidence builder. Jordon will feel invinsible on Tuesday.

    Kevin went into shock, Natalie immediately tried to justify why she didn’t win. Oh how sweet it is!

  56. @Leo

    OK, now explain to me how the voting will take place.

    If Nat. loses and goes over to the rest of the jurors, it still makes 6 votes. What if there is a tie, how will they vote the winner if it is live.

    Do you think that the lines will be open for a short period say 30 min. or so for America to cast the final vote?

    I’m a little confused how the 7th vote will be brought into play!

  57. Kevin has no clue what the jury thinks of Nat and how they all hate her now. Thus, I do think he’ll take Jordo. I think Kevin will win against Jordo and Nat, but Jordo will be a bigger fight.

    If Jordo wins, she HAS TO take Nat. It is way too close against Kevin.


  59. I am so proud of Jordan, she did great. Is it possible that a kind person could actually win BB 11? She might have rode Jeff’s coat tails, but for the majority of the game, she played with honor and kindness and for my opinion, for whatever it counts, I think good still wins in the end.

  60. @Leo

    If Nat. gets evicted and goes over to vote with the rest of the jurors it will still give us only 6 votes.

    Being a live show, do you think that the lines will be open for a short period (i.e. 30 mins.) after the final comp. so America can cast their deciding vote in the event of a tie?

    I’m a little confused because I don’t think that was clear unless Julie mentioned it at the end of the show, which I didn’t get to see because hubby is watching the football!

    Any ideas??

  61. @Jordan Fans……. Kevin is the stongest player left….. I do think Kevin will win part 3…. I haave been worried since seeing Nat practice last night… Check the posts…… Kevin knows if he doesn’t win, he is going home… BB should have left it the regular way with either having pat 2 yesterday / part 3 today or part 2 today and part 3 on Sunday instead of this never before seen footage crap for Sunday…..

  62. LOL….I thought that it was funny that Jordan won. Just to see the look on Nats face alone! tee hee! If Kevin wants to win this thing, he is going to have to beat Jordan, and then he can decide which one he wants to take to the final 2. I think that Kevin was happy when Julie told them that the final HG would be evicted on Tuesday…he’s thinking that he could actually throw Natalie under the bus now…he doesnt know that the JH members are NOT natalie fams….Oh yeah, couldnt you just tell that Evil Dick could care less who was in the house? He probably would have been happy if Russel, Jeff & Kevin or Michelle were final 3.

  63. Do people think there is a real chance that Jordan would take Kevin? I hope so! I would like that final 2 the most.

  64. @ Everyone… Want to know whaat is funnier? How it took you geniuses 3 times to ty to pick aa winner….. How…. Jeff / Michelle now Jordan…. I guess three is a charm

    Me…. NBK all summer N/K and I don’t have to flip flop….. Let’s not flip flop when Survivo starts for all you Survivor faans joing my Blog site ok?

  65. #55, Balls to you. Same to you, buddy. I am not a loser, at least I would know when I had won a game. It took “brainless” a little while to understand what Julie was saying.

  66. Nat took her twistie off and is playing w/ it! Who takes off their “engagement” ring and plays with it?? :)

  67. As anyone else mad about BB’s lame plans fo Sunday nights show?

    I can’t wait to see Jeff’s Faace when Michelle enters the JH…. He was so sure Kevin would win next…. His faace when he finds out Nat won hoh…. Priceless!!!

  68. Jordan listened to Jeff, Casey and Russell and that girl studied her heart out when it came to remembering what she was told. CONGRATS Jordan! Nat gave pt. 1 to Kev and this is what she gets.

  69. Did anyone notice on BBAD last night Kevin told Natalie exactly what the comp. was going to be, that there would be 10 lanes and names on the balls and they would have to put the names in the right order.

  70. price of a pack of gum 75 cents, price of a paperback $7.99, look on Nat’s face after losing round 2 PRICELESS

  71. It was really funny to see Jordan beat Natalie! Did you see the look on her face when Julie made the announcement? She just knew that she had Jordan beat! Natalie was making excuses for why she didnt win! LOL
    I think that Kevin was happy when they made the announcement about Tuesdays live eviction, now he thinks that he can throw Nat under the bus & she wont have time to contaminate JH. He has no idea that they arent Natalie fans anymore! Kevin realizes now more than ever that he needs to win.
    2 funny points…..Julie cutting off Natalie
    Evil Dick could care less about who wins! (I think he would have liked to see Russ, Michelle, Kevin & Michelle in final 4)

  72. How do you vote online? Where? I’m so encouraged by Jordan’s win. Like both Kevin and Jordan. Natalie goodbye forever!

  73. Go Jordan….her “game” was to attach herself to a strong player.. which she did and not make waves or enemies..which she did, exluding Russell, that chest bump was comical though. She knew she wasn’t a power player in the game physical or mental so she did stick with Jeff and it got her pretty far…..

    IF Jordan wins the final competition/Part 3 and becomes HOH…IF she takes Natalie to the final two …

    Jeff votes for Jordan
    Russell votes for Natalie
    Lydia votes for Jordan
    Michelle votes for Jordan
    Kevin votes for Natalie
    Jesse votes for Natalie

    Kevin seemed happy that Jordan won, perhaps he thinks that he has a better chance of winning HOH against Jordan.

    As long as Natalie doesn’t win, I’m happy.

  74. Natalie got beat tonight, and Witless finally won something on her own. Wonders never cease. Natalie is still my favorite, but if she doesn’t make it to the final two, then I am for Kevin all the way.

  75. Way to go Jordan. I’m so proud of her. Now all she has to do is keep her mind on the game. She needs this win for her family. Ratile is such a rat, for her to tell Kevin she wishes she hadn’t dropped that she should have won round 1. I hope he realizes he can’t trust her no matter what. Whoever wins round 3 better not take Ratile

  76. I loved that when Jordan was competing, you could hear the audience in the background rooting for her and every correct ball she got in the hole. Priceless!

  77. I am so proud of Jordan, is it possible that a kind person can really win Big Brother? I sure hope so.

  78. So, former BB houseguest’s winners said that the best move was “the lie that Nat and Kevin came up with” because it changed the whole game and Jeff playing the Coup De Dat (but Jeff is no longer there). And they also said that Kevin should win.

    These are former players that KNOW how the game is played and they are not letting their emotion cloud their judgment of the GAME.

    Yes, I get it, you guys don’t like Nat but she hasn’t done anything that other past houseguests haven’t done before.

    I want to hear what are some strategic moves Jordan has done that has changed the game in her favor?

    This is a game not a popularity contest. I know everyone loves Jordan. But all I’m hearing is “Go Jordan” “I want Jordan to win!” “She deserves the money because she is sweet!” But this is a game and the best player should win not the sweetest player.

    Kevin is the best player out of the 3. He should win!

  79. @Leo
    I have stuck with Jordan… aka floater(s) all the way. I have not flip flopped and have said I hope good overcomes evil. She proved she has some game, and won a comp without using any sort of calander… hmmm, maybe she bleaches her hair afterall.

    btw, have I mentioned tonight that I really love floaters?

  80. Here’s the thing..Jordan has played every competition to the best of her ability.. Natalie never has did she let everyone else do the work.. or she cheats.. Yes people have lied in the past but Natalie is personally attacking Michelle is just down right mean..How on earth could anyone be proud of her….

  81. As the game has played out I have been for alot of players and as my picks dwindeled down to this F3 I still continued to watch BB and can’t wait till Tues. I thought Gnats look on her face tonite was worth all the dissapointments This season, Wasn’t it breath taking Now Even Kevin is going to be Jordans Lap Dog for the next few days, Gnat Can’t control him anymore and he will let her know it ! but deep down if he doesn’t win the pt. 3 he will be Got Got Back and Jordan can tell him Your outta Here !! Hurray Jordan , She might win this after all and maybe Jeff will pickup where he and her left off, What a great season this will have turned out in the end. Jeff Jordan sounds like Jeff Gordan #24 he is one of my favorites also Best for last Gnats face when she is done ,my best luck wishes for Jordan that order, Gnat Good over evil wins in the End.

  82. @ NBK Fans…. It is only fair!!!

    *** Sing-a-long-everyone ***

    Jordan is in the heazie making NBK fans everywhere feel queazy….. we can’t be mad she beat Nat so easy…. but all the same….it comes down to K-Town and Jordo to decide who wins the BB game (chorus)

    Jordo shook the game / won part 2 with skills and brains – now us NBK fans are regretting Nat played so Lame / with her lousy skeet ball plan and aim – Now we get to tremble hopin K-Town has it in him – if not he will be evicted following a Jordan win…..

    repeat the chorus….

  83. Jordan didn’t play the best physical game and Kevin did nothing until the end, nasty did nothing but cling onto people and hide behind them. Out of the 3 I hope Jordan wins it all. She was the only one who didn’t play it dirty style, so you should be giving her props for that.

  84. I keep trying, but nothing is appearing, I feel like I have been sent to exile island, and its the wrong game even!?!

  85. I think if jordan wins then she should take kevin cuz like “Another View” said she would clearly win.. and nat. is a liar and cant win crap so she dont deserve to win anything! kevin deserves it more that nat. cuz he actually played the game. i agree jordan’s not that smart, but if she works harder than she ever has she could beat kevin! lets hope! GO JORDAN! Kevin and Jordan F2!!! :)

  86. -If Jordan takes Kevin she will lose
    -If Jordan takes Natalie it could go either way but since she won more competitions she would likely make the better case to the jury
    -Kevin will win over Natalie or Jordan with bigger win over Natalie bc of Americas vote.

  87. Nat’s working Jordan by throwing Kevin under the bus and she’s taking it! Hook, Line and Sinker!! Nat’s still being Nat and Jordan’s still being stupid, I mean dumb, I mean an idiot, I mean Jordan!!

  88. @ Cat….. I am going to be working on

    @ X-rev…. You are full of it…. Jordan Fans where Jeff Fans until he left… Then they became Michelle Fans…. Now they are Jordan Fans…. Wow I guess 3 times is a charm huh?

  89. Good one Leo I see your still got wit with words ,Catch ya later dude, Go Jordan !! Pt3 to be seen who wins Kevin Should be worried. Gnats already Got Got ,Even kevin said she will be outta here..

  90. ya jordan won something on her own for a change, even if it was rolling a ball in a hole. I don’t remember the comps being this easy in the finales before. anyway still don’t like jordan but I am glad she beat natatlie. but you will have to admit the lie nat and kelvin made up did turn the game around for them. even though you or I don’t want to admit it, It was a good game play for them. I think if any one of us was playing the game and new a lie was all it took to get us closer to 500,000 we would do it. Jordan still does not deserve the money. if i was one of the hg in the jury house and had to chose between those 3,If I was going to be fair and honest about who made the best play in the game I would have to vote kelvin and nasty natatlie. I just wish bb would change the way they evict people so that the people that really play the game and win comps make it to the end instead of floaters. To be honest I don’t want any of these three to win.

  91. All you J/J fans complaining to BB paid off. They switched the mental competition to something Jordan could possibly win and postponed eviction til Sunday so you would still watch. Funny how no one complained about her using cards for her calendar to study. Suspicious how she didn’t have a clue on last mental comp, she couldn’t get one right but she didn’t even have to think about it this competition and way too calm. Sounds like production threw J/J another bone. Switching things at the last moment on their behalf. Jeff is still cocky in the JH. Looks like production also got into Kevin’s head about taking Jordan to the f2. Kudos to all you J/J fans, your complaining paid off. Too bad BB wouldn’t let the two best players go to the end.

  92. @ Cat… Did I or did I not say things aren’t looking good for NBK when Nat was doing so bad and Jordan was dominating that game last night?

  93. Natalie is actually in a good spot.

    She will be taken to the end by Jordan, or Kevin. Kevin swore on his man,so its a guranttee just about he will take Natalie.

    Jordan is dumb and Jordan will do w/e Natalie says, not Kevin because Natalie has been working her over longer.

    It was dumb when Natalie gave Kevin the compeition, but also bulded up her insurance more.

    But Naalie wont be going home.

    Kevin will be interviewd Tuesday night with Ross, so im cool.


    If nobody else, I will be the one fan, although im sure theres alot out there.


  94. @ Survivor Fans…. Check out the hottest Survivor Fan Site / Blog online…. – if you don’t believe me ask your fellow BB Fans…. I would rather have you look for yourselves though because seeing is believing!!!

  95. I just voted on line at and it seemed to allow me to do my vote over and over and over like more than I should have – ANyone else have this issue., So glad Natalie is going down……..

  96. first off—Hellllllllllll yeahhhhhhhhhhh Jordo won this phase–now on the live feeds –i’am beginning to think she will take kevin–if she wins——–omg is natalie goes 3rd–it will be like peace on earth-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Is anyone else having problems trying to post.

    I try to post and I see nothing and then I repeat my post and nothing?

    Am I the only one having this problem?

  98. Hello All. If you are like me you are ecstatic that Nasta-LIE got smoked on rd 2.

    What do you think Rd 3 will be? I think, if it is like any of past seasons, it will be like a sit down competition where they will be asked questions of the Jury Members. Like how they finished a sentence. They will be given two different options as to how each jury member responded to a question and they will have to pick A or B to finish correctly. What do ya’ll think?

  99. did anyone notice jordan had jeff’s rubber band on her arm for good luck?? its the one he used to have on his drinking glass!!!

  100. Jordan also realizes the same as Kevin, that PigPen has “friends” in the JH. They are unaware of the JH turning on Nasty. She will take Kevin because in her eyes she’d stand a better chance of getting votes. They won’t know how the JH has turned until it’s too late. So she’ll take Kevin if she gets last HoH. And Kevin flat out said it in the DR that he needs to win HoH so he can take Jordan to F2. I think he and Jordan will come to an agreement on F2. In the house right now, it just makes sense. And Jordan knows that Natalie is a huge liar after the Pandora’s Box fiasco. If she’s willing to lie about that, she’ll lie about anything. And Jordan is probably really pissed at Nat for the way she’s been acting and some of the things she said. Kevin has laid low since Michelles eviction and is letting Nat make her grave. Jordan will take Kevin. That’s her only good option atm. And really, she has to think that Nat doesn’t deserve anything.

  101. Jordan owned Natalie. Natalie sucks balls. Don’t forget Jordan would have been 2nd in that other HOH she won if Jeff hadn’t given it to her but she still did well to final 2 it up. Jordan also won a POV. That means she’s won more than Natalie overall. So frankly screw Natalie. Kevin probably deserves to win but Jordo deserves second. I will love to see that cocky douchebag Natalie get absolutely nothing for 3rd place. She deserves nothing less.

  102. Marcus I wouldn’t be so sure that Kevin is taking Natalie. He swore over and over to Jordan as well on his boyfriend that he’d take her. Right now Jordan and Kevin are discussing taking each other. Looks like Nat’s game is over!


  104. @m — Jordan didn’t just roll any ball in the hole, she rolled the RIGHT ones — that was Natalie’s downfall — she just couldn’t seem to figure it out — and Jordan’s the dumb one??????


  106. @Leo
    It is no secret that I am full of it, but sometimes even us b.s.ers’ stick to their floaters. I challange you to find one time I picked anyone but Jordan! I was never a jeff fan because he treated Jordan like dung.

    I am only a meanie to those I love :P

  107. You can tell by Julie Chen’s tone of voice when she speaks to Natalie that she doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Delighted that she cut off Natalie’s sorry excuses. Despite my better judgment, I watched tonight’s show because I wanted to see what Evel Dick, Janelle and Danielle had to say about this season’s game. I also was hoping to see Jeff’s entrance into the jury house. At this stage it appears that no one is particularly thrilled with Natalie in the jury house because they think she was led by Kevin. They (wrongly) seem impressed with Kevin’s gamesmanship. However, IF by some disgusting twist of fate Kevin and Natalie do end up as the final 2, Natalie will be try to impress the jury by telling them it was HER making all the plans and that Kevin just followed them. I really hope the final 2 comes down to Jordan and Kevin. Unfortunately, Kevin has an advantage because he is far more articulate than Jordan. Jordan won’t be able to “plead” her case to the jury as easily. I hope Michele enters the jury house before the live show and can give the others some input as to how things went down in the house after Jeff left. Truly, none of them deserve to win the $500,000 but I think Jordan is the lesser of all evil and should win. Kevin is only there because he clung onto Natalie all those weeks.

  108. please someone tell me, if someone would have been evicted tonight who would it have been? the hg thought someone was going so I am confused and no one will tell me

  109. Nat couldn’t even remember that she won the final HOH she put Kevin in that ball slot…not only a Liar and Cheater but STUPID!!

  110. lmao, when these problems began here tonight, i thought i had been banned from the blog. I was worried. Glad to see they banned all my other favs for a while too

  111. Kevin has played the better game, but I love that Jordan won tonight. Hope she gets the 50,000. Natalie bye bye

  112. @ Marcus…. Kevin said he would swear on everything bbut it didn’t mean sh** to him…. If he is smart he would take Nat

    @ Jordan Fans…. I am singing this song to myself bbecause I am eating crrow for dinner

    I was lame-lame-lame…….. having so little confidence in Jordo’s game-game-game…… and now I am filled with shame….. so much shame…..

    I was lame-lame-lame……for having so little confidence in Jordo’s game-game-game… I am feeling shame…. so much shame…..



    why….why….. Dam**mit Natalie….. I wish Kevin would have played this round

    Does anyone believe Jordan will get Kevin’s vote if she evicts him?n Does anyone think Russell q Jesse will vote for Jordan over Natalie even thouh they said they will vote for the better players (includin Jeff had be been there for making smart moves like Nat’s LML)? Does anyone believe Lydia can resist playing personally and voting for Nat to spite Jordan for evicting Kevin (and because she obviously has a probblem with Jordan with her actions the last couple days in the house and she knows Nat had a hand in evictin Jeff / Michelle)

  113. I dont understand how much more of a chance Jordan has by winning 2. I thought when she lost number 1 that meant she was out of the finals. Sorry to sound stupid but if all three still go to the finals what’s the point of this three phase comp?

  114. @ Leo–the problem with Natalie is not the lie–Jeff is to blame for believing that one. But the problem with Natalie is that she takes no responsibility for her actions and she goes beyond the game to be nasty and hurtful. She is not just about lieing and cheating, she is about making people feel terrible for no game reason. She goes too far.

  115. I know everyone loves Jordan. “Go Jordan” “I want Jordan to win!” “She deserves the money because she is sweet!”

  116. @180 Leo
    You ever seen the movie, monty python and the search for the holy grail? I remember this one dude who asked silly questions and then got caught in his own trap. Be careful what you ask… you might be thrown for a loop. :P

  117. In terms of voting, more than one vote is allowed but there must be one vote in each scenario so I voted an even number of time alternating between Kevin and Natalie in their scenario so my vote canceled each other out.
    Go Jordan—who is holding her own and without cheating.

  118. Hope floats… Jordan can keep her head above longer then the sinking rat nat. Kev better cling to her and at least get some money outa the deal.

  119. I hope Kevin wins the third part so he is guaranteed in the final 2 because he deserves it more than Jordan or Nat. I wish it could have been Jeff, Russ, Mich in final 3. That would have been a lot more fun to watch. Oh well!

  120. So happy Jordan beat the “Gnat.”
    I think, that while many would say Kevin played the best game, why would you vote to the guy who had no issues lying, betraying and cheating his may throughout the game. He was the rat of the house, played innocent and yet played an extremely dishonest game! Yeah, yeah, yes, I know…BB is all about the whole “Do whatever you can to win”, but I would much rather reward the honest, good natured, hard working Jordan than the lying, cheating and betraying Gnat and Kevin!

  121. @ Ashley / Cat…. Get on SurvivorFaanDom and show it some love ladies….. Is it Eptember 17th yet? Dayum it!!!

  122. I dont understand all the hatred towards Nat. She is not my fav but I dont hate hate hate her. All these bloggers keep talking about how much she lies. So what, that is part of the game !!! And, they all lie (including the golden girl and boy). And her lying actually helped further her in this game. Everyone did believe she was 18 and that kept to keep the target off her back. And her lie with kevin about Russel saved her and is the reason that both of them flipped the house and made it to the final 3. What’s wrong with lying??? And, its not cheating unless big brother calls you on it. They all cheated and one time or another. (Ex: Jordan had cards to help her with the calendar and Michelle used her birth control). As the Raiders coach once said ‘if your not trying to cheat, you are not trying your hardest.’

    I dont believe that Nat deserves to win bc she didnt win comps but i do think she made some good strategic moves during the game. And her losing was actually strategic bc it kept the target off of her too. Like Dr. Will once said ‘nothing good comes from winning comps in this game.’

  123. Uhg, went to Leo’s stupid Survivor site and got a virus. Installs some trojan horse thing to steal credit card numbers out of cookie. Grrrrrrrr.

  124. I personally think floating through the game is a good strategy. You make fewer enemies.
    Who says you have to make power plays to be in the game…Hope does indeed float! :)

  125. @Ashley

    Glad to here that! Everyones entitled to an opinion but i bet she didnt even buy the crap she was selling!

  126. @192 Ashley
    I admit to not being fond of these final 3 at first, but now i am liking it. We have on clear sweety, one clear funny man, and one clear loser. We all needed one person in this F3 that we all say.. “If she wins, I will puke.” And we got it!!!

  127. @ Frilly Billy- Leave Leo’s survivor site alone. I went to it earlier and it looks great. Jealous are we

  128. I imagine Rat Nat will start kissing Jordans you know what, did you see Kevins face when Julie announced Jordans win?

  129. Still pulling for Jordan to win, I wish it could have been her and Michelle in Final 2, but hopefully Michelle will win the 25K. Natalie has been my least favorite houseguest ever and I have watched every season. I didn’t care for Mike Boogie either.

  130. @Ohiolady – #200 I agree with you. I do not share everyone’s hatred for Nat because I, like you, believe lying is part of the game. The reason I don’t like Nat is because she was always stuck up Jessie’s a$$ and she had a bf at home. I hated to see her and Jessie laying all over each other in the bed all day.

  131. WTF, u ppl are going to the survivor blog and its giving out cookies? I like cookie dough.. just like my floater mate :D I feel cheated leo, give me some cookies!!!

  132. @Leo

    Been on the Survivor site several times. Showed it lots of love!!
    Matt sent me my info today.
    Thanks for your help :)

  133. @ Cat / Ashley / x-rev….. Can you believe this airhead Bill Frist and his comment? Tell these wonderful BB Fans wuz up?

    @ Matt (BB Network)…… This guy Bill is clowning your work bro… You want to set him straight or should I get grimey on the fool for dissing my Survivor site you set up for me bro?

  134. @x-rev – #205 I see your point. I just think with the other 3 in the finals it would have been much more competitive and more fun to watch.

  135. Leo – bill frill is just jealous because you are so well liked and have your own site that everyone will be blogging on.

  136. @215 leo
    Its a great site, but aren’t u a little worried about cats sudden interest in “rocket science?” She is almost as obsessed with rockets as I am floaters!

    @ cat
    just showing u some love darling

  137. @ Bridget…. Thank you babe for showing me some love and setting the record straight….

    @ Cat…. It is all good

    @ X-rev…. you are VIP bro….. you get steaks and wine…..

  138. The Survivor site is awesome. Survivor
    We dont want to lose the crazy (i love you guys) friends we’ve made here on BBNetwork!
    :) :) :)

  139. @ Everyone …… Come to my site everyone! I want to analyze every Survivor contestant, discover the worst one (terrible human, a backstabbing idiot, etc.) and root for them! Because I hate myself and it makes me feel better knowing there are WORSE people out there!

    Why won’t girls go out with me! I’m SO LONELY!!!! Nat you bitch, we coulda had something! You better be playing that Jason idiot.

  140. Hi, I’m Leo, a lonely freak, and I have to reply to EVERY FREAKING person because it’s all about me! You reply, I reply. You say it’s a nice day, i say, ‘why yes it is, come to my survivor site”.


    PS. i love you Nat. You’re my kind of tranny.


  141. Seriously, folks. Nat has dug her grave with the 2 people left in the house. Kevin knows that Nat will take Jordan instead of him. Nat is stupid enough to believe Kevin will take her. And for Jordan to take her as well. She’s burned her bridges with those 2 in so many ways. She’s lied to both of them in so many ways. She put Kevin on the block when she knew she couldn’t play in the veto comp. She is lying to both now as we speak. Not to mention the massive amount of garbage spewing out of her mouth. The stuff she’s been saying about past HG’s, is purely classless. Really? Is it necesssary to rag on previously evicted HGs when their time has come and gone. Jeff said it best, “Why would you bring up past HG’s Jordo?” He was right. It doesn’t pay to talk about evicted HG’s because it can’t help your game, it only hinders it. And besides bringing up evicted HGs can bring up certain memories or instances that have happened that were forgotten. The LAST thing you want to do. It’s also tasteless. ESPECIALLY the way she’s doing it.

  142. @Leo
    Im disappointed…any man that would go out with Nat has to be desperate!!
    Now we know your the King of Love…so stop gutter shopping!

  143. Cat, when he sends it to you then will you get my email address from Leo and send it to me? Or Matt, if you are reading these, will you please email me the info also. Thanks!!

  144. leo your songs suck just like nasty nat did tonight either way jordon is most likely in finals she’ll win enough to buy mama a double-wide or minimum atleast put a down payment on a used trailer maybe they could get an old FEMA trailer either way nat is history

  145. @Diana, yeah I got your email. I’m not into that but as long as you don’t use your whole fist it should be OK…. Be gentle.

  146. @x-rev
    I have my own rocket launcher!! :)
    Have you read this guys bio?
    He says hes cocky!
    Now hows a girl supposed to think at all after a statement like that? :)

  147. @ Diana….. That would be a lot of work and Matt is too busy…. If you would like to do that or no someone who can, I would be cool with it ok?

  148. @Leo
    Suggestion in the love department. Stop going to the gym and flirting with women who can kick your @$$. Go to Dairy Queen and pick up the cutie with the dilly bar, they always prove to be fun. (Stay away from the buster bar eaters, they tend to chew on nuts.)

    ;) :)

  149. Woohoo – I don’t get live feeds, but are Kevin and Jordan really going to take each other?

    Leo’s site looks fine – nothing from my AV and the code looks clean. Good site!

  150. @Leo #234

    OK, that’s fine, it’s your site, I just thought it would be a nice feature for people who wanted to go straight to the bios. without have to scroll down etc.

    I’m looking foward to Survivor next week!

  151. @ Bobby /….. You are lame…. Let me guess you losers posted #223 / #229 under my name? What lame a**es…

    @ Cat… Do those posts even sound like me?

  152. I want K/J in the final 2. If Kevin wins round 3 he will take Jordo but he needs to work her these next few days to take him cuz right now she is taking NataLIE. And we all know except for Leo and Ashley that we don’t want that. I believe Jordan has not ridden coattails. She did play in every single competition the best that she could and was in everyone of them trying to win it. Do you people forget that she won a veto comp fair and square all on her own? And she didn’t have to stop and think about the order of the H.O.H’s like NataLIE did. She knew them all right away. She didn’t get panicked and flustered like Nat and she got more right and in a faster time. Jordan won this competition fair and square and I can only hope she wins round 3. Either way, because Nat can’t play in round 3, Jordan is definitely in the final 3. Good, Honest, genuine people can win out in the end. Go Jordan!!!!!

  153. @Ashley, that’s cool. I figured. I’m going to eat a whole pumpkin pie with a quart of ice cream right now. BRB

  154. Woot woot!! Kevin and Jordan have just made a Final 2 alliance to take each other to the end. Jordan made more sense that anyone gave her credit for. Her and Kevin both agree that together they have a 50-50 chance at the $500K. If either one takes Natalie they both figure they have no chance of winning cause all her friends are in there…they don’t realize that she has no friends left in the JH! Natalie you may have thrown Kevin and Jordan under the bus but they are both going to be driving the one that runs over you…..LOL!!

  155. Thanks Cat! I will get it from Leo and we will get set up and start it. It is going to be fun!

    x-rev – thanks man! I appreciate it.

  156. @Jesalyn – I gave Jordan kudos for winning the comp tonight. That should count as good sportsmanship right?

  157. @ Ashley #248 / others…….. Ther is a lonely loser signing is as me….. What a sad story for that lame a**

  158. Dearest “little a” I love how u seduce me and make me feel special. But I am sorry to tell you that I am faithful to my one love… unless you have bigger floaters then her, then i might consider cheating on her! Please give me a reply.


  159. @Everyone… some loser is signing in as me and pretending to be me. i don’t even sound like that! he/she also spells 1000 times better, so you no its not me.

  160. Ithink…if miracles happen and Jordan gets to pick…she should pick Nat (even though that gives Nat 50K) But Jordan doesn’t know about the Jh so she will take her 50/50 odds whereas, if she takes Nat, she wins hands down!

  161. @264 sservie
    All is forgiven, I hope you hid the little brats lifeless bodies where they wont be found. :P

  162. @sservie #267

    When you vote you have to cast a vote on all 3 options:

    First option Jordan/Kevin
    Second option Kevin/Natalie
    Third option Jordan/Natalie

    Since it is fair to say that not too many people would vote for Natalie, the majority of votes would be favored on the left side:

    Jordan – left side
    Kevin – left side
    Jordan – left side


    Kevin – right side (and this is the only one)
    Kevin – left side
    Jordan – left side

    Does this make sense??

  163. No matter what, Jordan will come out a winner.
    Whether she gets $50,000 or $500,000. She has played the most overall decent game. I know some of you think shes floated through…but that is one strategy..just maybe not how you would do it.

  164. Objective Watcher w/ no dog in this race must ask…

    Why do both sides think that Nat would have all the votes? The only vote Natalie would have for sure is Jessie (and I think even Jessie would consider voting for Kevin bc he is the best game player and J is the type of guy that would give it to the best). Jordan has for sure America, Jeff, and Michelle. Kevin only has Lydias for sure but he played the best game of the three. If Kevin and Jordan are smart they will take Nat to the end bc she would be the easiest to beat.

  165. Diana I have already voted several times and so has my husband. I voted for K/N and he voted for J/K. He really likes Jordan too.

  166. x-rev #275

    Unfortunately/fortunately I work one-on-one with these kids in their homes, so that is not an option.

  167. @#266 – Really. Bleach and silicone couldn’t get me to touch Nat with a 20ft. pole! She can change her appearence, but she’ll still be the terrible individual still. And i don’t have a low IQ. Just because we like who we like, doesn’t give us a low IQ. It’s freedom of speech. The right to one own opinion. And the right to voice it. If you don’t like it(just like i tell people who don’t like America)get the hell out.

  168. @sservie #274

    You are probably right, however I want her to take Kevin. I would rather Kevin gets the $50k because I want to see Nat. get ZERO, NAUGHT, NADA, ZIP, NOTHING!!!

    I really don’t care out of Kevin or Jordan who takes the big prize, as long as they both get something!!

    I think I will be physically sick if either one of them takes Nat. to the F2 ensuring her of at least $50k! – puke, vomit!!!

  169. Jeff’s dumb, Ronnie’s a rat,

    Russel called, Jordan fat.

    Jessie was a little gay,

    Lydia tried to change his way.

    Michelle was weird, a little zesty.

    Natalie was just plain nasty!

    Kevin acts too cool for school,

    Chima threw her mic in the pool.

  170. @283 sservie
    Sounds like you and my daughter are in the same line of work. She calls me and tells me some real crazy stories, so I kinda know how u must feel after a day like today.

  171. I just won’t Nat to get $0000000000!!!!!!!!

    If it’s Jordan’s choice…I think she’ll take Kev since she doesn’t know Nat has lost all JH votes.

  172. x-rev #289

    Yeah…it’s tough some days. I’ve been in danger a couple of times but you gotta do what you gotta do…it’s all for the kids they had no say so in their situation so I am there to fight for them.

  173. Lets play a little game. Lets imagine if Jordan won the $500K and lets say in a year, the nat falls on hard times and ask her if she could help her out… do you think Jordan would say no?
    lets say the nat wins the $500k and Jordan falls on hard times and asked her if she could help her out? Would the nat say “yes?”

  174. Well, I’m hoping Kevin will take Jordon if he is HOH or…Jordon will take Kevin if she is HOH. That way, they will both win money. I don’t want to see Nat get any of the money which means, whoever wins HOH…they have to send Nat packing. If Jordon takes Nat, Nat will win. I just know the jury house will vote for Nat saying, the major game play for her was lying to Jeff about Russel. That one is going to place a win for Nat. So…we have to all hope that Kevin wins HOH and takes Jordon or…Jordon wins and takes Kevin. Kevin will win but, either way, Jordon will go home with second prize. What do all of you think?

  175. Everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful night! I have to put my son to bed and get up very early in the morning!! I will chat with yall tomorrow. If anyone else comes in as ashley, it isn’t me!!

  176. @sservie #287

    I am voting for Jordan all the way through to, except on the second line I’m voting for Kevin over Nat.

    So my votes are:

    NOTHING for NAT!!!!! $0000000000000000000000!

  177. @294 sservie
    Keep up the good work, you will be rewarded someday when on of those kids approaches you and thanks you… thats all it will take to make it all worth while. Believe me…

  178. k, i have to hide for about a half hour, u all be good, and make sure and throw the real leo under the bus while he naps.

    lol :P

  179. Rock on Jordan! Stick it to Nat! My favs this year, i order of greatness are:

    Jeff B.C. (Before CDT)
    and Jordan by extension

    The others can kick rocks!

  180. @Cat #291

    Hey girl, see you’ve been keeping x-rev in line!

    Did you read my comment to Leo about the Survivor Blog.

    If I have the time, I will download the code and put the links in over the cast pictures, so you can go straight to their bios from the top of the screen.

    I’m not sure whether my schedule will give me enough time to do it, but if I can, I will!

    Leo said I could if I had the time!

    What are your thoughts about that? Or do you think it would be a waste of time and not many people would even use it?

    Don’t want to invest hours into doing it if you think it wouldn’t be utilized!

  181. #301 Cat

    I think Leo and and I are kinda in the same line of work but not really…Leo is probably in the more dangerous line of the job….I work with birth to 3 year old developmentally delayed’s the parents and the environment that CAN be dangerous for me, had a big scare this week and I’m still a little shaken up.

  182. @ Bobby….. My bad then

    @ the lame a** using my naame & Ashley’s – probably Bill…. Get a life and grow a pair…. if you want to talk crap have the balls to do it undr your name…. Let me guess… You want some attention, so you are using my name & Ashley’s right?

  183. i am furious with this twist. it does nto make any sense to me why does the game have to change up again. to me it was the producers saying oh why don’t we make another move so that jordon the blonde hair blue eye girl wins and leaves the two who have changed the game out in the cold. i am furious what has jordan done to win this game? she followed on jeff coat tales and only won one hoh and that was handed to her on a silver platter by jeff. i mean come on this about game play not oh let us make jordon a winner. because let’s be honest if kevin is smart he would take natalie to final two and win the whole thing because he brings jordon and it is jordon winning the whole thing. well, i guess to say that big brother is fixed and i will go to there website and say that and i do not care how much they deny it.

  184. I think Nat is so bad that she should PAY Big Brother money! Or at least the other house guests for having to put up with that thing.

  185. @x-rev

    Jordan would give Nat the last dime in her pocket! On the other hand Nat would kick Jordan to the curb and beat her with her scepter all the while reminding her that she is good at everything, and cant be beat and why she won and…you get the picture!

  186. @sservie #309

    Sorry to hear that you had a scare this week. Happy to see that you are OK though because you’re awesome and you deserve only the best!

  187. @ Everyone… I will be on my site….. If this character post anything under my name “Leo” ignore them ok? Have a good night all!!!

    *** NBK / K/N Final 2 ***

  188. @Diana
    I think thats a great idea…would be easier to access the bios. Hope you have time.
    If your like me, its in short supply!

  189. I am correcting my previous post #252. I meant to say that because Nat can’t play in round 3, Jordo is guaranteed a spot in the final 2.

  190. sservie #315:
    Nat wouldn’t spit on Mother Teresa if she was on fire unless she made her swear on her life she will give her $100.

  191. @Diana #317

    Thanks! I’m turning a blind eye to the multiple postings bc this site has been really cathartic for me at a time when I really needed it. So thanks very much to everyone or one..

  192. Reading these comments makes me sick!All of these horrible remarks towards contestants that are just playing a silly game. It makes me ashamed to be an American! Many of you have hate in your hearts. They are people!!! And its not like they are professional athletes getting paid millions of dollars to perform in front of people and be critiqued. These are just regular every day people. Most of these comments are sickening and breed hate. I DONT LIKE IT !!!

  193. Nat would give Jordo nothing because she would blow it all in the first month. She wouldn’t have anything TO give. She wouldn’t give her anything anyway. But Jordan would NEVER ask Nat for a single thing. And more than likely will never talk to her again outside of the house.

  194. @bernard #311

    No more furious when Jordan and Michele fans had to eat crow when both Kevin and Natalie cheated.

    Get over it, CBS isn’t going to accommodate you because you’re furious. Go write a complaint to them it is infuriates you so much!

    Every single one of us has had to eat humble pie on this site because we didn’t like the way the decisions went or the game was played and our fav. got booted off.

    I wanted Michele to go all the way to the end. It didn’t happen, so now I want Jordan or Kevin to win as long as Natalie gets ZERO, NADA, NAUGHT, ZILCH, NOTHING, NIL. She can pout and sulk all she likes, but KARMA is a b*tch and what goes around, comes around!

  195. @Cat @sservie @x-rev

    I think Michele let me borrow her horns, because I am normally objective, but I am spitting fire and venom tonight, must be those darn horns!!

  196. @Ohiolady – then go find a site that’s more suited to you. If you don’t like it, go away.

    And this fake Ashley is really irritating now.

  197. @Cat #329

    That is the ashley with the small ‘a’ because our Ashley said goodnight because she was putting her son to bed. Don’t listen to this one, she is bogus!

  198. my 2 cents:

    1. has a “scary calmness” that enables him to be a very convincing liar. if he were my friend in REAL life, i would probably have a problem trusting everything he would say to me from now on after seeing him on bb. yes – i know it’s a game w/ $500,000 at stake, but one doesn’t “just learn” how to lie to someone’s face the way he did w/ jeff… not a good thing.

    2. has the patience of a Saint for putting up with natalie’s mouth!


    1. my guess is that in REAL life, she is EXACTLY the same person we see on bb… a rude, obnoxious, ‘know-it-all’ who would say and do ANYTHING to get what she wants. this game has been easy for her because she’s just being herself!

    2. i find it hard to believe that her dad is really proud of the way she has acted on this show.. ?? i would be soooooooo embarrassed if i were him – and REALLY PISSED OFF!


    1. “the all American girl next door”! a cute, sweet, funny young lady who wears her heart on her sleeve. great facial expressions :)

    2. the most honest one of the 3. not great at comps, but has always tried her best – being too hard on herself when she failed, making tonite’s win especially sweet. wtg jordo! jeff will be THRILLED for you :)


    Jordon wins HOH – takes natalie to F2. i don’t think she can win 1st place against kevin, and even though i HATE to see natalie end up with the 2nd place prize, i REALLY want jordo to **win $500,000!!:

    **jeff will get season tickets to the Bears – and jordan will go to Hawaii w/ jeff!!


  199. Ohiolady, shouldn’t you be in church or something?

    FYI, Nat is not a real person. She was cloned from the DNA of Hitler, Attila the Hun, and Charles Manson, all mixed together.

  200. Cat that was not me. I would never say that to anyone on here. I’m writing from my blackberry but seriously this is my last post. Someone is posing as me.

  201. Hey Marcus. I’m with you – I sure don’t want JOrdan to win anything. The lights are on, but nobody is home, and I shutter to think what she would do with any amount of money. She did beat Natalie fair and square, but I am sure that
    Jordan is good with any kind of balls. Hee, hee. Why does BB keep casting “dumb blonds.” They are SO Boring.

  202. Well Well Well Nat, What ya think about that Jordan beat your butt BIGGG TIMEEEEEE. And now Nat has nothin to offer either one Kevin or Jordan, Sooooooooooo I see Kevin and Jordan making a finale 2 deal with each other Just in case the other loses. But OMG Natalie you can go home now. All that talk you did last night just brought the curse down on you. You built you confidence up and look what happen. Jordan had that well I hope I can win attitude and not that I know I can and guess what she walks away with the Comp. by a land slide. WAY TO GO JORDAN

  203. @ diana #328:
    how did kevin and natalie cheat? i am confused this a blog where we can say our opinion about things and i can say that the twist in an unnecessary part of the game. why do you decide tochange the game at the end you change it at the beginning. listen, i was accepting of jeff winning the coup d etat but let’s be honest here if they really wanted kevin or natalie to win would they have done the twist? come on they want jordon to win and let’s be honest do you think jordon has done anything to win the show?

  204. @sservie #336

    You know that I’m not normally like that, but geez, when our chips were down and all the Nat. lovers had great joy in rubbing it in especially when Michele got booted, now that Jordan has finally won something and the tables look like there about to turn again, they cry foul!

    Give me a break.

  205. I have to feel sorry for Jordon right now. She’s going to be spending the next couple of days with Kevin and Natalie doing mind games on her. Natalie will work on destroying Jordon’s frame of mind and moral because she thinks she stands a better chance if Jordon loses and Kevin takes her to the final 2 as he promised. Natalie is convinced she would win the $500,000 up against Kevin despite the fact she tells him the opposite. Kevin will either be negotiating with Jordon to take him to the final 2 or he’ll also be trying to upset her so she’ll lose to him in the final competition.

  206. Hardy, what did Nat do that was so bad that you hate her and are comparing her with Hitler?

    She lied to further herself in the game(which they all did). She made a few mean comments about people (which they all did). Yes, she has poor hygiene but she isnt the first BB houseguest with those problems. I just dont understand what makes you hate her??? And that you think her play in a game is worth you saying that she is a horrible person in real life. Which I am going to guess you dont know her in real life. Hate only makes you look ugly!

  207. @sservie #336

    Back in moderation again. I did reply, but it isn’t that important. They are just sore losers!

  208. People say Jordan didnt do anything…well how smart is that….ya dont have to do anything and you still win!
    Work smart not hard! :)

  209. @bernard – #311

    RATINGS are the reason for the final twist. Big Brother viewers dropped by 50% last Sunday (after Jeff’s eviction on Thursday), and if Jordan were to have benn evicted tonite, it would have been DISASTEROUS for CBS!!

  210. I hate Nat like 99% of the people in America but Nat & Kevin didn’t cheat. The worst nat did was attempt to steal things from michele, like her gloves and other things. Not sure if she succeeded but Michele couldn’t find them when it came to packing time. Oh well, not like Michele would have needed them.

    Nat is simply despicable. it’s not against the rules though.

  211. @Dillusioned #356

    I wouldn’t be too concerned about Jordan. It has been very clear that the DR puts their 2 cents in as been proved by past discussion between J/J and N/K.

    I think they will tell her that they are playing mind games and I think she will get it right if she wins the final comp.

  212. The feeds are off bc they are having a final 3 celebration sea food dinner with music. They cant play music on the feeds bc of copyright laws

  213. @Ohiolady – they’ve cheat on a few occasions. Natalie creating an “aid” such as a calendar, makeshift or pre-made, is a clear violation of the rules. Kevin admitted that if it wasn’t for the technical difficulties during the last veto that gave him the time advantage, he would NOT HAVE WON! He stated it plain as day. I call that cheating. Not luck, that’s for sure. Nat holding on to just the rope in the endurance comp in part 1. YOU HAVE TO KEEP A HAND ON THE KEY AT ALL TIMES. If you watched the live feeds you WOULD KNOW THIS. And the calendar wasn’t done once by Nat, she did it twice. Dirty players. And we have had a couple of Nat’s ex classmates blog on the site and they stated she is just as bad now as she was in school. Proof enough for me.

  214. #307 Diana

    You’re nice to offer to do the biography work on the
    Survivor site.
    My first visit, I clicked on the photos expecting to
    see biographies and was disappointed not to see them.
    Personally, I think it is important to set up the photos
    with the bios.
    Set up Russell the Liar first and have some fun.
    He must be something else since Survivor is using him
    for the tele ads. A Male Natalie !!!!! Oh, my!


    How in the wolrd is the jury out on Natalie?!?!

    Yes she lied about being 18, but darn is it that big of a deal? their acting like she told a lie on her family or something.

    Isnt that just as good strategy as backdooring someody?

    and arent all of u dumb because u bought that she was knowing u have to be 21+ to enter the show??

    And yea she road coatails, so did Lydia, Kevin, Jordan.

    How is the house loving Jordan? she hasnt played thae game at all up until last week.

    I dont by that all of sudden The Jury hates Natalie because

    she told them she was 18
    and she road coatails at times

    isnt that the defentiton of playing the game?

    I mean fugg!!

    Something didnt seem right with that.

  216. @Mickey #366

    You’re right, I read the blogs from her ex classmates and both of them said she is a liar in real life and a manipulator to get her way.

    No one gets a free ride through life, however Nat. expects it, always has, always will, but hopefully she will leave BB with nothing and she can reflect for the rest of her life and tell people she gave it up for Kevin, when we know that she could never have outlasted him, she was playing mind games with him because it comes so naturally to her!

  217. @Midwest Fan
    Lord love a duck, dont know if i could take a male Natalie!! The girl wears me out! Maybe i should reconsider watching the show…ill need therapy!

  218. YAY JORDAN!!!

    What?! No one gave her that HOH! Now she’s won more than Natalie and didn’t have to manipulate and lie her way to do it!!!

  219. @Marcus #370

    I think you will find that the jury has been influence by Lydia. I think that Nat. told her a lot of things and I know that she trashed Jessie to Lydia and she went back and told him.

    We all know that Jessie has an over inflated ego and it choked him when he knew that Nat. was playing him. They have also convinced Russell and that is why the jury has turned on Nat.

  220. can’t believe I am paying to watch the same fish swim….why can’t we watch them eat we do any other time…then shut of the music…. we are paying to see what is going on….

  221. @Marcus

    I thinks it’s bc they showed on the show when Jeff entered the jury house that that had all turned against Nat.

  222. @Diana – I just belive that cheaters should never prosper. I mean for crying out loud, she can’t do a SINGLE thing honestly. She cheats at pool and chess. Really? Is that necessary? And she’s doing it against people she calls friends, when their backs are turned. AND SHE BELIEVES THAT SHE WINS FAIR AND SQUARE! The nerve of that strange little boy!

  223. My votes:

    Kevin and Jordan – Kevin
    Jordan and Natalie – Jordan
    Kevin and Natalie – Kevin

    I sincerely hope Kevin has or can make a deal with Jordan.
    NOTHING FOR NATALIE! It would be soooo sweet.
    Has he tried to do so?
    I’m hoping Jordan is only playing Natalie along about
    them being a team.

    Any information from the Live Feeds?

  224. @Diana
    I read those blogs too.
    What a train wreck she is. Misery follows this girl wherever she goes. I think she needs an attitude adjustment! :)

  225. NAT is nothing but a liar and cheater. she did not have a hold of that key and BB let her get away with it. i am so glad Jordan beat her tonight.. hehe GO JORDAN. all that lieing is going to come back and bite her in the butt big time.nat needs to look in the mirror she is the devil daughter.

  226. @Midwest Fan

    I will download the site and IF I have the time, then I will slot the links into the code, however there is no guarantee that I can commit to doing it. It is all time related for me!

  227. #377 sservie

    Listening to everyone in the Jury House being
    against Natalie was the second best part of the show.

    The BEST part was Jordan winning against Natalie.

    Now if Kevin and Jordan can MAKE A DEAL! Double Sugar!!

  228. It doesnt add up

    It would be = to the jury house turning on Kevin because he backdoored Jeff.

    Its playing the game!!

    i just cant get how the jury is against Natalie HELLA HARD all for telling them she was 18.

    like rele???

    u dont pick her game, u pick that?

    and i didnt say it well eailer, but everyone has rode coatails.

    i meand rele, u have too because u cant have power every week, and some weeks u dont want to.


    maybe once they see her win HOH they will change but that doesnt make any sense.

    If next week, they see the footage, of her winning HOH, and like hate her more, or say she didnt rele win, and all that horsechips, then there opnins are HELLA influenced.

    Natalie’s 2nd round play was horrid. I think she froze up and got nervous, especially because she said the right order after she locked in her time.

    That mistake will cost her the game

    Jordan has NO CHANCE IN HAIL to win round 3.

  229. Mikey, michelle used her birth control as a calandar and Jordan used playing cards. Give it up! They all cheated and lied. I dont know why all the blame is on N/K

  230. Jessie will not vote for Jordan. He is a spiteful b a s t a r d….but it doesn’t matter because she won’t need it.

    Go Jordan! Finally some good news! Hopefully this will give her the kick in the pants she needs to finish this game strong. Woo Hoo!

    So excited about Finale night!!!

  231. @Mikey #379

    I honestly believe that she needs some sort of counselling. I’ve said it before and I am saying it again.

    Have you noticed that she is so obsessive and she goes non-stop almost to the point of brain washing to get her own way.

    She needs some help and she needs to learn how to be considerate towards others.

    I have always tried to teach my children about being polite and I have also tried to teach them that throughout life to progress no matter what field you are in. It is never the amount of knowledge that you have (although it does help), it is the way you interact with people that will help you reach your goals. In other words, it’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know!

    Nats. problem is that she is a ‘know it all’ and her word is gospel and you have to beat to her drum, so she is going to go through a lot of hard knocks in life, because she is just starting out and there are a lot smarter and meaner people than her, and she is bound to come across a few in her lifetime. Only then, will she start to learn the value of humility!

  232. Can’t believ what Nat or Kevin says because last night they said they were going to tell them in the DR what they wanted to hear and then do what they want and not be pressured…

  233. they say that the cream always floats to the top. I think this floating to the top thing has potential!
    GO JORDAN u and ur cute little floaters!

  234. And who cares about the key. BB didnt call them on it and the rules were ambiguous. BB said that you had to be holding the key at all times. Well technically when N/K had it by the rope they were touching the key and holding it up. If BB didnt call them on it then it was not out of the rules.

  235. Its always nice to see a smart a** knocked down a peg or two. Dont wish harm on anyone just want them tramatised enough to realize that they are not God’s gift to mankind!
    Im a meanie :)

  236. live feeds aren’t on yet…went to another site and the show them sitting at a table eating…take God that bbad is about to come on.

  237. @391 Diana
    I agree, this girl has convinced herself that her potty smells like roses. (to put it kindly so as not to go right to moderation.)

  238. I just don’t get some of the people who post on this site. I can’t believe anyone could actually hate any of the hg for not playing the game their way. Whose to say your way is right and their way is wrong. No one knows what they would do under the circumstances of playing for $500,000.00 dollars. All the personal attacks on people you don’t know is beyond comprehension. Appreciate the show for what it is- entertaining, humorous, and a study of human nature.

  239. #373 Cat

    Still laughing …………………….
    Which is the bigger nightmare?
    Being in the BB house with Natalie or on Samoa?
    Or getting married to her?

  240. @Ohiolady – Yeah but the didn’t purposely sneak items into the red room and HoH to create calendars. Jordan just laid out cards and put names and dates to them. Which btw, Jordan is not as dumb as she looks. What Nat did is what past HG’s have tried to do and that was to make an aid. Every season the producers have vigorously told HGs NO AIDS. Michelle just used her birth control pills, and that’s it. Her own personal belongings. Truthfully, you are only supposed to study for mental comps by talking it out with either yourself or other HG’s. No aids, period.

  241. @x-rev

    The bottom line is that I really don’t care, because I will never follow her career or try to find out what happens to her after she leaves this show, I just hope that she gets to read some of the blogs and perhaps a lightbulb will go off in her head and she gets some help to address her issues, although I seriously doubt she believes that she does anything wrong!

    Hey, but that’s her problem to deal with, not mine!

    I actually feel some pity for her, because she is in for a rough ride when she goes back into the real world next week!

    My poor Jason, she is going to be one little snappy fish if she doesn’t take home any money and she will be cracking that whip for him to cough up for the wedding ~ lol :)

  242. Listening to Natalie’s excuses for losing, on the West Coast feed, is making my ears bleed. She won one comp all season, and always considered herself a “strong competitor”. Maybe a nice “congratulations, Jordan” would have been fitting…

  243. @ Ohiolady & Pam
    Thanks for live feed info. Must have missed
    that somewhere..
    Maybe they could at least show us with no sound. We could practice reading lips!
    Have they ever shown a finals dinner before on the feeds?

  244. @402 Fred
    We don’t hate all of them, just a couple of them… since you like the “human nature” aspect of the game, you should understand that it is human nature to despise that which is wrong.
    All of us fight everyday to make it big, so we can help family and friends and causes… and we all have felt the sting of being backstabbed or belittled by ppl who are just plain nasty. I for one don’t go around hugging them… I just work harder against them.

  245. EVERYONE!!
    I am dying to know, if it comes down to Jordan and Kevin, or Jordan and Natalie, who will you choose?
    1 for Jordan
    2 Kevin
    3 Natalie

  246. @Cat @sservie @x-rev @Leo @Mikey @Midwest Fan

    Good night to you all. Football is over so I am spending some time with my hubby.

    Will download the Survivor code tomorrow and time permitting add the links to the casts photos!

  247. OMG that audience. How they love Jordan YUCK!


    Well hopefully Jordan wins, which she wont round 3.

    It will be like otev, physical but mental combined.

    Thats ALL Kevin.

    Darn! thats the only hope for Natalie to win.

    Sad thing is, the jury house seems like they will give every vote to Jordan because Natalie did the unthinkable and cruel act of lyin saying she was 18. OH THE HORROR!


    I just hope Kevin can freeze up like Nat did tonight, and Jordan wins, takes Natalie.


  248. ugh…KEVIN SUCKS!!! his voice goes through me, if he would shut up once in a while I might like him….he needs to tone it down a bit!!

  249. I was really impressed with the way Jordan recieved the news of her win. She was happy, but not a screaming idiot like some other current houseguests. Hopefully this win will boost her confidence and she can hold her own in the next competion.

  250. #402 Fred

    You are correct BB is like a lab experiment of human nature.
    And all, HGs lie.
    However, in the game, there are nice liars and mean, rotten &
    hateful liars.
    Natalie is a mean, hateful and rotten one.

  251. @x-rev

    Truthfully, i pray for them. Yes i like to talk a little crap and say some not so nice things sometimes but when im alone…i pray for them to see the error of their ways and then i kill them with kindness. Doesnt always work but at least ive not contributed to the problem.

  252. That’s just it Ohiolady, YOU MUST HOLD THE KEY AT ALL TIMES! Not the rope. And touching is not the same as holding. The rules weren’t ambiguous BTW. They were stated clearly. One hand must be holding THE KEY at all times. Clear as day. And you can only face the pool. Plain as day as well. Touching the key is not friggin’ holding it.

  253. @112 Dan

    She did say “congrats Jordan” and hugged her after Julie said she revealed who won.

    missed that.

    and didnt Jordan ger he ronly HOH handed to her from Jeff?

    SHE has only one a veto.

  254. Mikey, who died and put you in charge of the show? If BB let them get away with it then they are allowed to do it. Its like any other sport, the only rules that count are the ones that are enforced. For instance, if you are playing basketball some refs may call you for every touch foul and some refs will not even call it if you tackle someone. You have to play the refs game. And yes, like in life you have to try to bend the rules sometimes!

  255. @ 418 leslie
    WTF??? Bigots??? trailer park trash??? I think most in here think Kev has been the funniest and probably the smartest player on the show… And I hope he wins $50K. The only thing I hold against him is teaming up with the nat rat. Choose your friends wisely.

    hint hint… floaters are always a safe choice. :P

  256. @Marcus…Jordan’s HOH came after Jeff and Jordan had defeated all the others…you can call it a gift because Jeff threw away his last attempt…but, they were an alliance, and the alliance had won that comp…

  257. @442 Cat
    Scriptures say to shower them with love, and its like pouring burning coals on their heads… I like the image personally. :P

  258. @x-rev

    Ha! Leo is sulking!! Hes mad at his impostor. Email him and tell him the coast is clear…he doesnt believe me! :)

  259. Yeah MWEST. they said they didnt like the way Nat was giving up on the challenges and letting Kevin do all the work.

  260. @Dan

    Dan excuses? didnt Julie ask to Natalie what happened?

    What she suppsoed to say? “i dont knoe” and thats it.

    She asked her to explain herself.

    Maybe u were caught up in drinking ur hatorade.

    @Midwest Fan

    they all said they are against her because she lied about her age, even Jessie


    Again with u, no team wins the comp. idc if it was J/J

    Jeff won it, then he gave it to Jordan

    Was it a stand up move? yea but who cares, she still didnt earn it

    that seems to be the common factor with the J/J group

  261. @Marcus…relax, dude…I don’t like any of the last three…my favorites are all gone. It’s obvious that Natalie is your choice, so good luck…she is not somebody I can root for…hope you can sleep tonight without my support…

  262. @Dan

    So Dan u were just so caught up in “her excuses”

    u decided to make up a complete lie?

    isnt that what u hate Natalie for “doing”?


  263. Anytime im on, and anyone is making ridcicolous lies up about any of the houseguests

    i will set a side a couple of sentences adressing them

    Im not fired up, but im just respoding to what u said.

    U shouldnt just lie about stuff. i mean, ur a viewr, u knoe what and what isnt going on.

  264. @Dan

    . . .it was a completle lie

    u said Nat did say “congrast Jordan”, and she DID that AND hugged her clear as day on national television.

    Sounds like a lie to me.

  265. Its going to be a Jordan/Kevin final 2
    no matter who wins the final HoH round
    Natalie is GONE

    i don’t care who wins between Kevin and Jordan
    they’ve both been ok players
    Kevin is better though
    and I’m not to fond of either of them
    because of the things they both said about Michele

  266. Marcus…I wasn’t lying…you are being kind of a jerk…I said I must have missed it, my bad…where did I say I heard it?

  267. @Dan

    Someone has to keep u guys honest.


    Nah ur comment just stood out because it was so false, and u replied to my comment before i ever adressed u.

    thats what a comment box is. one person talks, another person shares their feelings and comments on what other ppl say.

    ya dig?

  268. ok, in about 2 minutes someone is going to see thier monitor kind of turn to black and fizzle lol, have a good night lil “a”

    ;) :P :)

  269. If u missed it, u shouldnt make bold statements on what u didnt see.

    That would be like me bashing Kevin for calling Jordan names, when i never saw it.

    Thats called making a lie

    Saying Nat didnt congrat someone when she did is making up a lie.

    If u didnt see her not do it, then u shouldnt say she didnt.

    How can u comment on something u didnt see?

  270. IMA OUT.

    go ahed Dan, make up some more stuff u didnt see happen.

    hahaha. the ppl on here are amazing.

    the show comes on for u to watch. not to make up stuff u never saw. cough cough Dan cough cough.

    Anyway, piece!

  271. Ok, so for survivor we have two Russell’s and a Natalie. Could this be a repeat of BB? lol.

  272. Natalie’s gloating is unbearable. Though I despise her, I would still vote for her in F2 is she were to be there, simply based on the fact she manipulated others well. She’s unfeminine and has a disgusting personality, but she has played well. I hope it doesn’t come down to her in that position!

  273. GO JoRDAN to nat you not make it thru airport security with your twisty tie and no money, but i have a twist for u , you can pick up a twisty tie at any day old bread store. Just like you boyfriend did hoping you would get the money to buy a real ring. good luck. Dumpster diving.

  274. Lori, Nats boyfriend actually gave her a real ring too but Nat didnt want to take it on the show. Remember??? She said it would make the others mad so she just took the twisty tie

  275. I thought the twisty tie was the way his parents go married, and he said that he had the real ring at home

  276. I thought she said it would make everyone mad if they knew she spent 20 minutes with her boyfriend over helping Kevin with the POV and she lied over the whole thing about Pandora

  277. Well I hope Jordan can see Natalie is using her I know during the first HOH see did not listen to Natalie I like the way she told Natalie off. I hope she wins the next one I like to see Kevin and Jordan win they both tried hard playing the games. Natalie gave up all the games and won her HOH by luck.


  279. there is two lori’s on line, and i am not the one that wrote to someone i hate you. My name is caps Lori


  281. I was and still am a J/J fan, but this is a game and the best player is Kevin. Out of the 3 he has won more comps. So if Kevin does take Jordan to the final 2 he does deserve to win.

    As far as Natalie goes, I don’t understand how anyone could think she deserves to win anything. Yes she won an HOH but i would have to say good guessing on her part, as far as any other comp she never put any effort in it!, just gave up and depended on everyone else in her little clique to keep her safe.

    As for Jordan, Yes she did get an HOH by Jeff pulling a natalie lol and not putting effort in the comp at the end. She has won a pov and tonight she won the 2nd HOH comp, She does try atleast (more than Natalie).

    Some are complaining that BB has changed things up, oh well makes it more interesting to me regardless of who is in the final 3

  282. @OhioLady- No he didn’t give her a real ring. He gave her a twist tie and said that is how his parents got engaged. Nasty said that she had a ring that she wears at home but it’s a fake ring, like a $5.00 ring she said. She said that is the kind of ring she wants when she does get engaged


  284. Lynne,I agree with you that Jordan has tried all the comp. This is why I like to see Jordan win. The lies is only part of the game if that was the case they would not have comps. Kenvin played the games and won. Natalie gave up all the games and used excuses,She had Kevin win and she hang on all the HOH winners.

  285. @ Matt (BB Network Hot) Please find out the email of this a** hole possting crap under other peoples name and bn them from this site

    @ Cat… Sservie emailed me asking me why I am using other pople’s name

    @ Sservie.. If tha is you, do not drag my name though the mud… Get a clue and ask before you accuse ok?

    @ Cat / x-rev….. I sent Matt (BBN) an email, so I hope he bans that a** hole from this site tommorow ok? Good night all!!!.

  286. The little juvenile imposters are ruining this site. Hang in there Dan. I learned a while ago to just skip over whatever is said when you see Marcus name. I usually can’t make it out anyway. You are not missing anything important.

  287. @ Everyone… Please email Matt at ok? Have him bban this a**whole who is usin other names to post

    @ FedUp… I didn’t wite that poem ok? It was funny but not me…

    @ A**hole….. You need to gow some balls and use your name lame a**….

    @ Cat……. I think it might be Oho because Budman said Oho was trashing me with Marcus as well….

  288. @ WTF….. You have the perfect name… Sorry to steal you sh**

    @ Budman… Do you think that a**hole oso from the other day would be lame enough to use peoples names?

    @ Sservie… why the f*** would I sabatoge my associations with Cat – a moderator on my site & x-rev and other people on here when I am advertising my Survivor site to them? As far as I am concerned you can either apoligize for you accusations or not say sh** to me again….

    @ Cat….. Did you get my last email?

    @ x-rev… did you get my email address?

  289. @ Maverick No i would not want to be treated abdly by anyone nor would i treat anyone badly but this is BB and and i havent seen an episode yet that didnt have lying and backstabbing going on regardless of who did it, I am judging on comps only.

  290. @ Cat…. you know x-rev and I joke about floaters…. I would never say anything about pu**y under your name / my name or any other name…

    @ Cat / FedUp… Whan are you guys going to put a post on the Survivor site?

  291. GO JORDON!!! JORDON TO WIN IT ALL!!! I WANT JORDAN TO WIN!!! SHE PLAYED EXCELLENT TONIGHT!!! NATALIE IS SO DUMB… GLAD SHE LOST… NOW SHE IS REALLY SWEATING… GOOD FOR HER AS SHE DESERVES TO HAVE A NICE LONG SWEAT AND BEING SCARED FOR THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS!!! THOUGHT SHE WAS THE HUGH HEFFNER OF THE HOUSE!!! NOT LOL!!! YOUR A WASTE OF A PERSON!!! I HOPE YOU GO DOWN IN FLAMES!!! KEVIN AND JORDON FINAL 2… KEVIN BETTER NOT WIMP OUT NOW AND STICK WITH NATALIE!!! I didn’t like the way they stopped everything when Jordan walked into the house while Kevin and Natalie sceamed. I don’t think it was right or a fair way of play. They should have kept up the game with log still rolling while they were arguing. Natalie making more threats and still getting away with all the things she has done and is still doing in the show. I am just glad she finally gave in and fell off. She is one bitch I don’t want to win. The show definitely had to change up the game because of ratings. No-one wants to see Natalie and Kevin duke it out…. I am so happy for Jordan and I hope she keeps up what she has done tonight and takes home the prize. I also hate the way the show is making people text for America’s vote. They really should have people do America’s vote the way they did it on several reality shows like Dancing w/Stars for example by calling a 800# and going on line to vote. It is an unfair advantage because not everyone can text or have the money to keep texting. If they did it the other way it will be a real true America’s vote. If Natalie is in the final 2 I sure hope those stupid people in the jury house along with America’s vote don’t let her win. She deserves nothing. Someone who has done so many bad things and made terrible threats surely doesn’t deserve to win. She is the real devil in this game.

  292. @ the a** hole…. I hope you or anyone tries that sh** on my site, I will ban your a** in a heart beat!!!

  293. @Leo #547 – Ooops, my bad. BTW, if there is a tutorial for WordPress? If so, send it to me ok, or feel free to give my email to Diana to forward it to me…thanks!

  294. Oh and now we have to hear from people who are still watching the live feeds how much Natalie is sceaming and making more threats to Kevin. Kevin just needs to stick to his guns and get rid of the bitch like he keeps saying he will. They need to get that witch out of there and if they really think about it Natalie in the jury doesn’t have a lot of time to talk about votes and the game because it is live on Tuesday. The rest of the jury members are having plenty of time to talk and decide. Kevin and Jordon wouldn’t have to worry as much with her threats because it would be too late to persue the whole jury house.

  295. i like how gnat tries to say she knows “everything”…when she first put out the balls for the first 4 she got it wrong, haha then Julie cuts her off and adds, “it was a physical comp too” eat that! Jordan beat you in a mental and physical comp, you ain’t such a good player now are ya?

    i’m so proud of jordan, the only one she messed up on was bad aim

  296. Hey, I agree with you on whoever is doing this! It is not me, so you need stop accusing me of something I didn’t do.

  297. @ Oho…. My bad…. I am just pissed and trying to figure it out

    @ Everyone…. Matt (BBN Host) will be able to see what email is associated with those bogus posts under other names….

    How do I know? I am the host for and I see everyone’s emails who posts and email, you will be banned tommorow!!!

  298. @ Leo, I hear you & know what you mean. You would think that they tell you that once you use a certain name that no one else would be able to use it.

  299. @ Oho…. Haave aa good night… Join me & other Survivor Faans at ok?

    @ FedUp… Have a good night &a sweet dreams!!!

  300. My votes:
    Kevin & Jordon = Kevin
    Kevin & Nat = Kevin
    Jordon & Nat = Jordon

    I still think that if it is Nat and Jordon in the final 2, the jury house will vote for Nat to win. Although most of us don’t like Nat and like Jordon, in the end, the jury house will look at all the scheming Nat did including her lying, manipulation and all the other stuff to slide to the final 2. That is usually how it comes down to the voting in BB. I really believe thats what will happen regardless how the jury house dislikes Nat. That is why I am hoping that Jordon and Kevin are in the final 2. Really think about it everyone. Isn’t that how the jury house votes in the end in the past seasons. They seem to seperate their personal feeling and end up voting for the person who they feel played the game better than the other even if it is with deception. what do you think?

  301. @Budman #506…Hey, thanks! I had seen his stuff before, and thought the grip on reality was a little tenuous…wasn’t crazy about being called a liar when I missed something…appreciate the support!

  302. o pamela I’m right there with you kevin did all the duty work himself. he lie to jeff to take take himself out of the block then he basically got russell out first. then he totally got the bigest competitor that even america had ‘JEFF’ then he got mitchell out when he was about to be taken out. I think he did good he lie one time to totally change the game by his lie not with the help of america and like it or not he is in the final three. SO yes he deserve to win

  303. 1is1me…i totally agree with you! when i logically think about the BB game, Kevin is the only one left that REALLY played the game. He won competitions, especially when it counted, he took risks by putting himself out there and putting certain people on the block and basically played the game. I REALLY hope he wins. I know some people don’t like him but, i think he’s a very likable character. I often wonder if he didn’t feel sorry after finding out what Nat was like, that he ever paired up with her. However, his moves in the game got him into the final 3. I know people are made because he got Jeff evicted, etc….but, that was a smart move on his part (even though I liked jeff too). It’s really all about winning $500,000. Thats why, i think, they all come on BB to begin with.

  304. I think kevin play the game in all the ways, he won POV he won HOH, he lie, he was a backstabber and he was freindly, nice, funny, smart and I think the rest just play one aspect of the game. i meant Natalie only lie all the time, even about the fact that she was a good competitor. on the other hand Jordan was nice and nice and nothing but nice, everybody kept her because she did not do anything in the whole season other than to be carried by jeff first and eventually by Kevin (subscontian) because he was busy trying to put the strong contesters out so yes Kevin deserves to win, I’m voting for him

  305. 1is1me…totally agree with you too! glad someone is thinking common sense about all of this. It is a game that is worth $500,000!!! i don’t think any of them really would put their BB friends first over the $500,000. some of them did and it got them evicted. chance are they will never see those people again and have also lost out on the $500,000. Lydia was one of the players that did that. she fell apart after jessie left. well….jessie will probably never see lydia after BB and she gave up playing a game worth $500,000 for a man that she doesn’t even know!! so the question would be….did you come to make friends, find a boyfriend or girlfriend…or did you come to win $500,000??!! LOL Although Kevin did lie, manipulate, etc. he was also nice, funny and kind too, like you said. he played the game in all it’s variety in order to win the $500,000. i say good for him and i sure hope he wins!!

  306. @ the guy using other people’s screen name – are you that much of a p***y that you ar too scared to use you regular screen name and talk sh**?

  307. Success for those who don’t know that you can vote online. I voted lots of times. You can vote as often as you want from starting time till closing time on the 15th. Go onto the BB website.

  308. You can vote at for free and as often as you want you just have to enter captcha’s to vote. So vote for your favorite and good luck to whomever wins…

  309. Jordan smoked Natalie in that comp. Where did that brain and stamina come from ? You go girl. Leave Natalie to rot.

  310. If Jordan wins against Kevin and evicts him, she would win a half million dollars. Nobody will vote for Natalie.

  311. Perfect scenario – Kevin against Jordan – I wouldn’t care who wins then bc Nat would get nothing. I bet she would pout pout pout and threaten both of them. She is the ultimate bad sport.

  312. YES…YES…YES!!! Best case scenario, Halleluyah, and the clouds soon parted!!! To all of you Natalie fans, Hahaha! I at first thought it’s suck that they have to wait until Tuesday night, to find out who wins the final HOH, and to do the last eviction, but now I think it’d be hilarious that Natalie will make it to the final 2 hour evening show, only to be told by Kavin or Jordan, “Sorry Natalie, but you have been evicted from the BB house. Good Riddens!!!”

  313. I wonder if the next live eviction being on Tuesday finale night that Kevin will decide to take Natalie, because she won’t have time to influence the jury. Hope he stays with the plan of kicking Natalie out.

  314. Notice how whenever Natalie loses, she becomes so flustered and starts bad-mouthing everyone in the house. Human nature–no! It’s a display of poor sportsmanship, which she has shown all frieken season!

    While I don’t see Jordan getting the 500k, I do hope she gets to the F2.

    Kevin + Jordan = BEST CASE SCENARIO

    Kevin + Gnat = WORST CASE SCENARIO


  315. Well, thank you BB for the switch to enable Jordon to not be sent home. You go. Come on BB do some talking to Kevin. Steer him away from the roach.

  316. Jordan played the dumb blonde all the way through. She is very smart and played everyone even us. She rode Jeff’s coattail and skated her way to the top. I hope Kevin wins.

  317. I’m glad Jordan won over Natalie. I would like to see Jordan get the final HOH. If she takes Natalie she may win, if she takes Kevin, I think Kevin will win. Natalie is in her face constantly.. she is trying to brainwasher her. Based on Kevin’s comments, I think he prefers to take Jordan to the final 2. We’ll see….

  318. @87 what in the world have nat do in this game besides being a bitch she cant win anything and she dont even try she could have tryed harder in the smore’s comp but she was depending to much on Kevin.
    Go Kevin and Jordan.

  319. The thing about NataLIE and Kev’s last minute lie is this… Everyone says it was such a great move but in reality the only reason it worked was because it was actually TRUE! N/K didnt know that, but if you remember when Jeff confronted Russell about it he did not deny it!! So it wasnt really like Jeff fell for their LIE…. he had to make a choice and Russell was going to come after him just like N/K.

  320. Im super glad that jordan won all she has to do now is beat kev.. I dont want nat in the final two i dont think she is a good player she is a lier and i just dont like how she has played the game. Kev has played a pretty good game the only thing i wish he would do was grow some and step up and be a man and stop being nats bit*h. I mean he is kissing her butt for what reason i know that if those two went to the final she would blam everything on him and throw him under the bus. And Jordan I love jordan ya she is not so bright and ya she has not played the game like others and she has not won very much but what I like about her is that she has such a great heart. She has not lied to anyone I think she has been true to herself. I want jordan to win. So im pulling for jordan all the way. I love that kev and nat thought that they had this in the bag, whenever this happens houseguest when you think you know everything remember big brothers saying (Except the Unexpected)!

  321. Natalie is Jordan/Kevin’s GOLDEN TICKET to the 500k!!!…too bad they don’t see it. Russell is the SWING VOTE for Kevin. It looks like the Jury is leaning towards voting for the best game player schemer.

    Personal Pick (I am Jordan/Jeff fan)-
    Kevin has the best shot going into final two w/Jordan & Natalie.
    Jordan has the 2nd best shot if she takes Natalie to the final two with the Jury majority.
    Natalie has NO shot to win, her best play is to realize it and fight for 2nd place.

  322. I personally cannot stand Natalie. Her voice, and how she acts is really annoying.

    I hope though that Jordan makes it to the final two.

    None of the house guests know what’s been said in the jury house, so they don’t know it’s flipped on Natalie. So it’s like Kevin, or Jordan are *stupid* for taking each other to the final two when they already believe Natalie would get the votes because her alliance is in there.

  323. I feel that it would be in Jordan’s best interest to take Nasty Nat to F2 because this would definitely guarantee Jordan the 500K. Only problem with this is that Nasty Nat would benefit from it with the second prize, which she does not deserve. If Jordan takes Kevin I believe he will get the the 500K…the JH will favor him due to game play. Bummer :-(


  325. I don’t think Nat’s “I’m 18” lie is the only reason she WONT get a vot in the jury house. When Jeff played the DVD for his downfall, the Jury Members were commenting how she isnt even trying in the comps. So I really dont see Nat having a chance at all. At best she’ll get Kevin’s vote if he is evicted.

  326. I think Jordan has a good shot of winning now that she won a compitition. Now the jury would have a good case to give Jordan the money, especially if she wins the third round.

  327. Who wants to listen to Natalie make up excuses why she lost for the next five days. She is going to be all over the both of them to get them to take her to the finals.

  328. boy from reading everybodys comments, i am confused. help me out here, okay this is how i took it. jordo and kev face off for third round, then whoever wins will pick who they are taking to be f2. when that is decided, then the third one will auto go to the jury house which will be there with julie chen, that is when the jh will ask questions to the f2. so when the third person goes to jh that makes it 6 jh guests. the america’s vote is in case there is a tie. so when the third person goes to jh who is with julie, they won’t have time to poison there minds with lies or the truth. so am i wrong in what i heard from BB on thursday night ???

  329. @darlene r…I think you have it all right. The last evictee will go directly to the stage with the other JH members and be able to question the F2, then decide on their vote at that time. So, right, no JH “poisoning”…

  330. I love how Natalie was making up excuses for her loss then Julie was like um it was mental and psyical. Take that Natalie! :)

  331. @ Matt (BBN Host)….. Thanks you for banning the idiot posting under othe people’s names with offensive comments

    @ Survivor commentators please email me fo a tutorial of Word Press…. Thanks!!!

  332. @ Everyone…. Let’s not forget how in past season’s JH emembers looked like they would not vote for th eventual winner because they wanted the person who would become the last evicted…. IE Mike Boogie (BB7) / Dick (BB8) Adam (BB9) / Dan (BB10)…… Jordan will either be like Janelle / Zach / Sheila / Jerry and last evicted or finish in 2nd like all those in the stated season’s!!!

  333. @ Dante…… (My Eal Faam)….. You bwttwe join my Survivor Site….. *** Wink – Wink ***

    @ Cat / Sservie / FedUp…. I am forwarding you the email with the Word Press Tutorial / the email with Matt verifying the imposter was banned unless you think I am Matt too now…. *** L-O-L ***

    @ Everyone….. Thanks for the love on

    @ Everyone… Let’s not give Jordan the $500,000 before she gets to the Final 2 bbeecause even if she gets they she may not win!!!

  334. I was going to give Nasty the doubt and see if she was truly throwing all the comps. If she won the second one, then it would solidify that she was indeed throwing them to advance her game to this point, so in theory she would come out swinging in the last two. And to that end, if you were to also believe that she’s all that with her mental acuity she should have had no problem with the comp. But, lo and behold, she’s still just full of bat droppings. She only got 5 right. Her lame excuse to Julie didn’t fly, because out of 10 only 2 went in the wrong hole, 5 right – that left 3 that she got wrong. The thing with Nasty is that she will not admit she’s wrong in anything. Julie cut her short because it was obvious it was going to the usual Nasty patting herself on the back at how awesome she it mentally.

    I found it interesting that while all four gave Nasty props for her gameplay, not one of them gave her the thumbs up for winning.

    ED was spot on as usual, about Chima and I thought he was disappointed with the remaining 3. He made the comment that “this is what you have in the final 3. I think he wanted to see Jeff/Russell going the distance.

  335. OK all you BIG BROTHER FANS. lets say it altogher “JORDAN WINS BB” lets put it out there in the universe for it to come true.
    Jordan and Jeff get married and have beautiful babies and become the first BB couple to make history. JORDAN WINS BB lets be positive….

  336. Did you all see the look on Gnat’s face when Jordan told her she was an instigator during the log com? Priceless!!!! Beating Gnat the over confidant/under acheiver was also priceless. Now Jordan and Kevin have to listen to the Gnat for the next four days about how great she is but I hope they see right thru her and see her for what she is. Although she did lie and manipulate everyone in the game she was also very vindictive and cruel when speaking about other HG’s especially Michelle. Her true colors will come out and J & K will see this. Jordan needs to think for herself and calm down and focus. Kevin needs to think for himself as well. K/J F2. Gnat needs a dose of her own medicine.

  337. @Annie,
    I did and I agree…and the way Jodan said it was so sweet and simply put….YOU’RE AN INSTIGATOR(smile),but…she left out you B***H!

  338. go Kevin i didlike natalie soooo much she has done nothing for herself she has lied and conived her way thur this whole game she has the personality of the devil i dont think Jordan has the brains to win against Kevin she is kinda of stupid and if its going to be a physical challege she can not do it. At least Kevin has played the game with a little bit of diginity and besides it would rock the BB if a nice hispanic gay man would win

  339. I still do not think natsy should even be there ..kevin won,jordon won,nasty can not even play round 3,she should be gone 0 wins ,no Money,they should send her home!!!!!!!!!!!!

  340. @Barbara….Kevin said he is Blackaneese…LOL!
    I never heard that phrase before he said it. He is funny and very witty. FYI….I want Jordo to win because she really needs the money for herself and her family. So…..Go Jordo!

  341. IF Kevin wins against Jordon, I think he’ll send Jordo home…I think hes just telling US he’ll send NataLIE home, but I really doubt it and it SUX, cuz either Kev or Jor wins is good with me.. as long as the PITBULL loses i’ll be in my GLORY!! She needed to go home before ANYONE else! pisses me off shes STILL in the game.

  342. Jeff got got by Jeff. Jeff and Jordan were on their way to the final two. He let paranoia about Russell and a lie from the best liar, Natalie,in the house, take him off his game. Between he and Jordan winning, Natalie and Kevin should have been evicted out of the house, not Lydia and Russell. BIG, BIG,BIG mistake!!!!!!!

  343. Natalie is the true devil. Please don’t let her
    win. Go Jordan, all hope is on you. Destroy the
    evil witch. Send nasty Natalie to her jerk
    boyfriend Jessie.

  344. hey ashely right do you think jessie is smart enough to see michele is lieing because i don’t think so ok Go Jordon!!!!!!!!!
    well i think if its jordon and kevin it will go this way
    natailie-jordon because kevin is kicking her out
    american’s vote-jordon
    hey guess what jordon you are the new winner of bb11

  345. hey do u think jordon will win all coments welcomed i want ur opitions thanks
    Go Jordon…………………………………………………………………………….
    go jordon yea go jordon do it for your man do it for your man go go go go jordon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  346. Watching BBAD, on Showtime. What a snooze fest! I would like to see Jordan win! Then see Jordan take Kev to the final two. Go Jordan GO!

  347. if you want Jordan to win then i guess it needs to be Jordan and PigPen in the final 2. If you want kevin to win then i would go for Kevin and Jordan going final 2.. I hate Kevin and PigPen and hope Jordan wins.

  348. I agree Kevin deserves to win. Jordan 2nd. Natalie can spend her engagement (if that was real) wondering why the world doesn’t like people who lie for its own sake, cheat – even at solitaire – and peoplle who have a mouth no good “Christian” girl ever had. Not to mention a dozen other Natalie qualities that make her obnoxious. Don’t understand people who think she was just game-playing.

  349. Comment #603, @ Nick, You are exactly right. Gnataliar has NO GAME PLAY! Gnataliar is just exactly what her name implies. Gnataliar, “Karma is a bitch” That is your words exactly! So, Gnataliar, Enjoy Karma!

  350. I hope Kevin wins… He played the game Jordan just got this far because of Jeff and she is not bright at all she will probably just waste the money. If she would use it to buy a brain then she should get it. But we know you Americans are probably backing her because she is pretty.

  351. I think Danielle was right when she said a woman will never win if they go up against a man… I mostly agree with her when she says people don’t like women when they are in the lying backstabbing role. Society always view them as evil. Nat played the game like every other man who won Big Brother and yet all the women and on this site hates her. So she lied which winner did not. Jordon is an air head who just got by for being a pretty air head, the typical dumb blond that American men and apparently women can’t get enough of. No one in Big Brother was ever as evil as Will, Mike Boogie and ED and you people liked them and wanted them to win. Now you are hating on Nat because she is female and on Kev prob because he is gay. They played the game, managed to survive after their alliance was depleted and caused the other alliance to crumble…. that alone says to me that they both deserve to be the final two. Everyone who does not agree are simply hating because if it was a straight handsome man behaving like that he would be loved just by looks alone. Note no one is hating on Jeff because of what he did to Russell instead every1 on this site is making excuses.

  352. @ Hater

    I respect your opinion but it is just that…. YOUR opinion. Thank God we all live in a country that allows us to have our own opinions and voice them!

    Thank u for sharing yours with us…

  353. Let me add….

    I do not share your opinion on Natalie but I do agree there are many double standards within our society.

    I want Jordan to win and it has nothing to do with her being cute, blonde or an airhead. I want Kevin to get the 50k and no part of that is based on his sexuality…

  354. If kevin wins hoh nasty nat will be sitting
    next to him for the big money.He will not
    sway and choose jordo knowing full well that
    he has a chance against nat more than jordo
    at this stage.

  355. Go Natalie Go Natalie it’s your birthday not a holiday. All you haters are eating crow now. HAHAHAHAHA.

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