Big Brother 11: Final HoH Round 2 Aftermath – Let’s Make A Deal

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Last night on Big Brother 11 the second round in the Final HoH competition left a majority of fans cheering when Jordan crushed her competitor, Natalie, by a score of 9 to 5 in ‘Heads Will Roll.’ What happens next could have an even bigger impact on next Tuesday’s finale show: deal making.

When the live show ended the Live Feeds returned and the HGs shifted into self-preservation mode as enough bodies were thrown under the bus to make even Quentin Tarantino’s stomach turn. It was one after the next as Natalie went to Kevin, Kevin went to Jordan, and Jordan went to her happy place.

Natalie realizes how much danger she faces in making it to the F2 and has repeatedly told Kevin that her future in the game is in his hands. Interestingly, Kevin is skating around confirming her safety if he wins Round 3. He keeps telling Natalie it’s just a fifty-fifty shot at winning. Perhaps his DR sessions we saw last night were honest and he really does plan to sink her ship. That would match up with what he told Jordan later last night. Back stabbing drama ensues!

When Jordan talked to Natalie she assured Natalie she would take her to the F2 if the choice was up to her. Jordan isn’t very hopefully on her chances against Kevin, but Natalie is supportive and says she (Natalie) can’t trust Kevin.

Later, Kevin goes to Jordan and they discuss potential Jury House vote counts. Both tell the other they feel it’s a closer fifty-fifty shot between them if they’re the F2 next week without Natalie. Kevin says he abandoned his F2 plans with Natalie after she took Pandora’s Box over helping him win the Veto last week.

It’s nearly impossible to be sure where everyone stands. I would speculate each of the remaining 3 HGs have firm plans on what they’ll do when, but with everyone telling each other they’re safe things obviously don’t add up. Who do you want to see in the Final 2 on the Finale show? Vote in the poll below and then leave your comments and thoughts on what you want to see happen.

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  1. i still cant believe jordan won that. once i saw that it had to do with hoh 1-10 i thought for sure nat had that one. im cant believe nat was so dumb she didnt realize she won the last hoh. lol. but to all of you thinking kevin is gona take jordon to the final 2 dont bet on it. i think hes just telling the DR that to throw them off. weve all heard the the talks kevin and nat have had about the DR. so i hate to say it but if kevin wins it will be him and nat in final 2.

  2. @lama: I would tend to agree with you on Kevin just making faces for the DR to get them off his back. I’d be surprised if he turned his back on Natalie unless he truly decides his chances are better against Jordan.

    Ivette made that mistake in BB6 when she took Maggie over Janelle to the F2 and she lost $450K for it. Will Kevin make the same mistake if he has to decide? Should be interesting!

  3. I am so happy that Jordan beat whats her face, and to hear that the jury house is against whf as well. yea happy happy!!!

  4. Jordan Vs. Kevin, the outcome is in Kevin’s favor.

    Jordan vs. Natalie, the outcome is in Jordan’s favor.

    Kevin vs. Natalie, the outcome is in Kevin’s favor.

    Even though Natalie, Kevin, and Jordan have their own allies in the Jury House, the decision is typically based on who played the game better. In the past this has been true. But will this trend continue on BB11?

    Overall, I’m very happy with the outcome of the first 2 competitions. Natalie is a poor loser, and I would love to see her a$$ walk out that door on Tuesday with zip. Kevin deserves the money, even though I like Jordan and wish she would win.

  5. @opener, you’re so right nat is a sore loser and to keep mentioning how she wished she hadn’t “thrown” the first competition is too funny. She couldn’t have won against Kevin he is a much better competitor than she is.
    But she did get a much needed hose down..

  6. this is soooo awesome just as i was ready to give big brother up the best thing happened jordan won and there’s nothing natalie can do about it and it proves that good will always prevail because cheating in anything is just wrong i mean if you’re picked to play any kind of game you are to give it your all not choose to be lazy. i guess natalie all eighteen years of her wanted to do that

  7. I think the only way Jordan gets to the F2 is by winning, and I’m afraid she’ll take Natalie to avenge Jeff getting stabbed by Kevin. If Kevin wins, he’ll probably take Natalie, out of fear. The strange thing is, if both take Natalie, they will probably both win. Hate to see Natalie win anything…

  8. I don’t think Nat’s “I’m only 18″ lie is the only reason she WONT get a vote in the jury house. When Jeff played the DVD of his downfall, the Jury Members were commenting how she isnt even trying in the comps. So I really dont see Nat having a chance at all. At best she’ll get Kevin’s vote if he is evicted.

  9. If, and it’s a big if, Jordans wins final HOH, I don’t think she will take Kevin. I think she will take Natalie. Sure Natalie had friends in the house, but Kevin won more than her and I think the jury will vote for that. Whereas if Jordan took Natalie she can argue she won more comps and that both kind of slipped through. I think Jordan will have Jeff, Michelle,Lydia, maybe Jesse and maybe Russell. Even though they fought I think he should have known better that even in real life you don’t call a woman fat. Jesse I feel will vote for Jordan if when the jury asks questions and Natalie starts in about how she ran the house from day one that will be her demise. She can’t keep her mouth shut and that would favor Jordan.

  10. we have to remember the 3 of them dont know what the JH is thinking. kev thinks all of nats friends are in the house so he thinks he will lose. and he may be thinking that jordan has jeffs, michele, america, and nat if kev backstabs her so if he thinks he will lose either way he just might stick with nat.

  11. For me its a toss up on who I want to win it…Jordan or Kevin…Kevin has played the game with more wins and lies as to Jordan who sat back in the sidelines with Jeff…both different strats that gotem this far..(I dont think Jordan had a choice for her strat tho considering she not that great at winning comps)=) I think it was pretty crappy when Nat didnt count Jordan as a whole person when discussing w/ Kev the strats of the last HOH comp…I was so happy Jordan won 2nd part. I was also disgusted when Nat told Kevin in the first part of final HOH…”you can not beat me, I can hold out all night” yeah right she was struggling more than Jordan was! Nat is so friggin full of herself…she dont realize how many haters she has…!

  12. @lama…I think you’re exactly right about the HG’s having no idea about the JH. What surprises me is that Natalie gets so much respect without having shown ability in the comps. She does talk a good game, though, and strangely controls those around her…I just don’t know how she does it…

  13. @Kate B…Natalie always “talks” a better game than she plays…and, she did discount Jordan as half a person…it was nice to see Jordan beat her…soundly!

  14. Does any one know how to vote americas vote to see who they want to win at the two finales; The Amarica vote if you dont have a cell phone???

  15. @..EVERYONE. lets also remember this. there showing us only a tiny bit of what the JH are saying. they could be saying there mad at her for the age thing but the next scentence out of there mouth that we dont see could be that it was a great move to say she was 18 cuz we totaly kept her around for that reason. BB can be showing us that 1 side to make us think natali has no chance so we all stay tuned in to the finale and then when tuesday comes natali wins the whole thing. we never know what the JH realy thinks until they vote. remember all 3 of the remaining HGs rode coat tails until the end so dont even listen to what they are showing us that the JH is saying on tv.

  16. @opener…I agree with you on the final outcomes but if Jordan beats Kevin in the last HOH comp…and then takes Kevin to F2…it will be interesting to see how the jury will vote…could it be possible the jury might vote in Jordans favor…seeing she truly started “playin hard” when pushed in a corner after Jeffs eviction! She would already have Jeff, Michele, and I think Americas vote against Kevin!

  17. That would be my ideal outcome anyway..with Jordan winning Final HOH and taking Kevin then winning it all!

  18. Good morning all.. My votes are all going to Jordan and to Kevin vs. Natalie…. I PRAY Kevin wins HoH and takes Jordan!!!!

    If Jordan wins, then she will probably take Natalie… Not Good!!

  19. @lama You are right. They only show us half the stuff. Probably their way to give us an unhonest view of the jury house so we will vote a certain way. I hope Kevin and Jordan are F2. Kevin will win, but deserves it. And Jordan will get second and she deserves it for letting us see Natalie go out the door kicking and screaming. As long as Natalie gets nothing, I’m happy. Besides it was Kevin who suggested making something up to break up J/J/M/R. Did you hear Michelles’ interview? She said that somehow it got out that Russell was planning to get rid of Jeff sooner and that Russell has a big mouth. So, I thought it was the truth about Russell. I thought I heard him scheming with Michelle about getting Jeff out sooner. So the lml was really the truth.
    Natalie lied from the minute she walked in the front door and never stopped until she finally came clean about her so-called boyfriend proposing to her and then nobody believed her. The boy who cried wolf. I can see scheming and lying to get ahead, but she took it to the extreme and was very mean to people. There was no need for that. She gets what she deserves.

  20. I bet Natalie is kicking herself for giving Kevin the HOH. Do people never learn in this game? The only person you can trust is yourself.
    The Jury house seems to be leaning towards Kevin, but then again, that could be a bunch of bull. You can’t believe anything you hear in this game. I think it’s anyone’s game at this point. Although her changes are slim, I would like to see Jordan win the final HOH. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants to Kevin and Natalie? And I’d like to see her take Kevin just because I don’t want Natalie to have the $. Jordan = America, Jeff, Michele and Kevin = Lydia, Russell, Natalie and I Jesse would be the swing vote. Who knows, it’s just a guess.


  22. Nat-a-Lie, her name is apropos,
    Told a lie that no-one knows.

    Kevin is playing both sides well,
    He might win, as far as I can tell.

    Jordan, queen of sweetie pies,
    Don’t get me wrong, she’s told some lies.

    Late at night, you wake with a leap;
    Oh, it’s just Michele talking in her sleep.

    Jeff is buff, makes the ladies drool,
    He takes folks who’re “too cool for school”.

    You know the one called Love Muscle,
    But we know him better as Russell.

    Jesse was a passive meanie,
    Mainly due to his teeny weenie.

    Lydia rode Kevin’s back,
    And Jessie was her midnight snack.

  23. I’m impressed with how Jessie appears in the JH…if he had been that way in the BB House, he might not have been a target so early…

  24. @lama, I totally agree!!!!!

    And I truly do not trust Kevin telling Jordan that he will take her. At this point I can’t get a true read on any of them and I’m sad to say this but I can’t trust anything anyone of them is saying to each other.

  25. I don’t think she gave Kevin the HOH. She’s full of bologna. She knew she couldn’t beat him and was just giving him a line of bs. She’s the athlete. She should have tried to win this one. Kevin is good at mental stuff. She is such a sore loser. Unfortunately, I am too. I don’t want Natalie to win anything. I bet you when her boyfriend finds out she walked away with nothing that he will dump her. Wouldn’t be surprised if he thought she was going to be rich and that’s why he proposed to her.

  26. If Jordo wins HOH, and sends home Kevin b/c he got rid of her “Man” then Jeff will be really impressed w/ her. I hope they hook up in real life!

  27. It has been a strange year for bb…the formula simply did not catch on as in previous years. Nat (anyone have a giant fly swatter)? I hope the last comp allows kevin. Jordan. And the fly. To pick a colored envelope with questions geared towards that person (Jordan) with the other two envelopes having questions so hard neither kevin nor the fly could get right in half a million years!!! The fly needs to get her nasty AZZ out of the finals she needs to win 3 months house arrest on alkatraz for the horrid person she has displayed to the CBS viewing audiance

  28. Did you all see Gnat’s expression when Jordan told her she was an instigator during the log comp? It was priceless. That was my favorite part of last night except for when Jordan won comp 2. As usual Gnat had to explain over and over how and why she lost. Don’t underestimate Jordan. She has every chance to win the final comp. She just needs to calm down and focus. I hope that Kevin or Jordan have the guts to eliminate her. You never know. They now have to listen to her for the next four days about how great she is. She will slip and they will realize her true colors especially the way she speaks about Michelle. She is very vindictive and cruel in her comments about other people. Go Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Nat is an “Excellent” Liar, to the point she even believes her own lies and doesnt stop to think about what she said. Can you imagine what her “married” life would be like! What a Physco!

  30. first of all natali doesnt deserve anything. the LML only worked becuz kevin sold it to jeff. if nat tried to tell jeff he would have laughed in her face. 2nd natali was shaking like crazy on that log roll. kevin would have won that any way. i cant stand nat and her excuses. how she made it on the athlete team i will never know. she probably lied to big brother on her application. the saddest thing is i was a j/j fan and if jeff and jordan would have made it to the final 3 jeff would have won the log roll jordan would have won the 2nd comp and it would have been a j/j finale. my opininion is that since all 3 rode coat tails and all 3 won 1 hoh that the winner of this final HOH should win big brother.

  31. @ June…. Hello

    @ Hardy Har Har….. Nice..

    @ Martie…. ouch….. ***L-O-L***

    @ Everyone…. Jordan won’t take Kevin because she will actually keep her word – Kevin won’t take Jordan because he knows Jordan is America’s favorite HG left

    @ Survivor Fans….. Join me at ok?

    *** Have a good day all ***

  32. Kevin stands the best chance of winning against either one. He has played a better game and made less enemies.

  33. Does anyone else think that Natalie is just a really bad actress. When I watch her, I swear its so fake…like bad acting. That cant be how she really is….

  34. @Leo…pretty impressive site…also, about who would take whom to the F2, I think Kevin has figured out that he needs to tell the DR people what they want to hear, not what he really thinks. It’s pretty confusing trying to figure out where his true thoughts are…

  35. Oh and some think that they are only showing the bad things that the JH has to say about Natalie…but I think after they watched that video of her in the hot chocolate HOH and witnessed that performance…I dont think they liked that. They all noticed what a lazy biznatch she is!

  36. @Jennifer A…Natalie spends so much time lying, it seems that her little brain is figuring what her next lie will be based on the response she gets. As viewers, we know more than the HG’s, and how much she is lying. She’s lucky, though, that this group of HG’s has been so gullible…

  37. I know DAN, I think that Kevin wants to call her out so bad, but he cant do it right now. He’s knows she’s a liar.

  38. @ NBK Fans – All our hopes aof an NBK Final 2 is in K-Towns hands now……. I can’t wait for Tuesday to be hear!!!

  39. I am so glad that Jordan won the 2nd round.I can’t stand Nat she’s wak she got her prize a proposal.I would like to see Jordan & Kevin in the end. my girl Jordan isn’t greedy she would be happy with either prize.Kevin is cool. But i like Jordan better.O and Chima well lets just say S.T.U.P.I.D. IF Jordan don’t make it she will still when America’s vote. GO JORDAN SHE PLAYED TO THE BEST OF HER ABILLITY. and shouldn’t have thrown the first challange DUMMY YOU FORGOT YOU HAVEN’T WON ANYTHING THROUGHOUT THE SHOW.YOU WON HOH ON A ACCIEDNT FOOL.PURE LUCK AND YOU SAY JORDAN IS A WEAK PLAYER SHE WON MORE THAN NAT.LOL!!!!!

  40. @Jennifer A…Kevin is pretty smart…I’m not sure his fear of Natalie’s strength in the JH is real, or just blowing smoke. If he figures it out, and wins HOH, he should take her to the F2, although I hate that she would get more money…

  41. @ Dan….. I agree because even Kevin said the Producers starting getting on him when he started getting on Jeff and thy wer trying to gt him to b positive about Jeff…. Jordan must have told K/N she heard the audience clapping because K/N started discussing how J/J are America’s favorite HG’s and Jordan would get love for being an underdog / living in a bedroom with her mommy

  42. @ Staci….. wake up – wake up….. There is no way in hll Jordan wins America’s vote!!! Why?

    Jeff Fans
    Michelle Fans
    Russell Fans

    – Need I say more?


  44. YES!!!!!! YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!

    VINDICATION!!! Jordan kicked nat-a-lie’s skanky ass!!!! This show just got better!

    GO JORDAN!!! And to the Taco Bell Do…I mean nat-a-lie…YOU GOT GOT!!! I wonder if she even knows that no one in the jury room wants her to win anyway? LOL I Love it!!!

  45. @staci…Natalie showed a lot of class toasting Kevin’s making the final three with a Hard Lemonade, while Michelle and Jordan sat there, awkwardly…nice…

  46. @ Dan….. nice….. I was screaming Jesse you better gt up on thaat but he rejected Laura for Nat / Lydia… WTF?

  47. The HG dont question Nat enough to catch her lies. Chima is Americas #1 hated person, followed by Nat. I hope she doent get any America votes!

  48. Now we can watch nat-a-lie cry & pout like her hero Chima…stupid a$$!


  49. Big ups to all the loyal fans…… Oh wait I guess I am the only one not flip flopping….. Ooops

    Three times a charm for Jordan Fans?

    Comment edited: Do not antagonize or attack other commentators/fans.

  50. I think that now is a good time to really point out something that was briefly touched upon in this thread a little earlier. Please remember that AG and CBS are going to show everything to the viewers in such a way as to garner more viewers for higher ratings period. At the end of the day, their only concern is ad revenues, not who played best, floated, etc. and especially not who wins. Therefore we should all take what is being aired from the DR, interactions, BB advertising, etc. on the network shows with a grain of salt, especially here at the end of the season. Remember, without high viewer ratings, they cannot justify high prices for advertising, which is where AG and CBS really generate their revenues. Our feelings as viewers only matter when ratings drop because a majority does not like who is winning right now or something to that effect. Then ad revenues drop. The powers that be then try to take action to correct this downward trend. That is why you have to be careful and not take everything that is aired as gospel truth here. For everything they show that paints a rosy picture for the favorite of the crowd, there might something horrible not being shown. I think that this season had more sites and bloggers than ever, and this is why we able to glean some additional details about BB that we did not truly know before. For example, I always thought that “You are not to discuss your DR sessions” was because of possible gameplay outcome influences before. Now I realize it is because they don’t want viewers to know that the producers are trying to influence HG decisions to get better ratings. Please just realize how the show is being processed and delivered to the viewers before getting angry and irate at outcomes that you might not like as a fan of BB.

  51. @ Everyone…. Am I the only person disappointed that BB will be showing quote on quote the best moments of Season 11 instead of Michelle entering the JH / Part 3 of the HOH live? They could have done this and still had a live 2 hour finale on Tuesday!!! Am I wrong?

    Have a good day everyone!!!

  52. @Leo: The Sunday episode (or, last episode before the last episode) has been a clip-show for as long as I can remember. Seems like a waste, and probably is, but nothing out of the ordinary for ol’ Big Brother.

  53. I was going to give Nasty the doubt and see if she was truly throwing all the comps. If she won the second one, then it would solidify that she was indeed throwing them to advance her game to this point, so in theory she would come out swinging in the last two. And to that end, if you were to also believe that she’s all that with her mental acuity she should have had no problem with the comp. But, lo and behold, she’s still just full of bat droppings. She only got 5 right. Her lame excuse to Julie didn’t fly, because out of 10 only 2 went in the wrong hole, 5 right – that left 3 that she got wrong. The thing with Nasty is that she will not admit she’s wrong in anything. Julie cut her short because it was obvious it was going to the usual Nasty patting herself on the back at how awesome she it mentally.

    I found it interesting that while all four gave Nasty props for her gameplay, not one of them gave her the thumbs up for winning.

    ED was spot on as usual, about Chima and I thought he was disappointed with the remaining 3. He made the comment that “this is what you have in the final 3. I think he wanted to see Jeff/Russell going the distance.

  54. @ Matt (BBN Host)…. Yes but that was before BB decided to not show someone bbe evicted the Hursday prior to the Finale…..

  55. Too bad they didn’t have an eviction last night, Nat would be gone! Way to go jordan, hope J & K go to finals!

  56. I cant wait for Finale night, I want to see Jeff and Russells face when Julie tells them that Nat made up the lie to get out Russell and had Kevin tell Jeff! Oh I cant wait for the spoilers to come out!!!

  57. @jENNIFER A. Yes, normally she does every year. She tells them what we know!!! How exciting is that?!!!! Tuesday is gonna be a BLAST!!!! I cant wait for Julie to smack Nat in the face when she spills the beans on her!

  58. I woke up this morning at 1 am and it took me an hour or so to get back to sleep thinking about Natalie and Jordan and the game!!!!! anybody else??? LOL

  59. I cant wait to see Kevin’s face. Did you see how he looked last night when Jordan won??? :) That was priceless. That’s how I know that he going to take Nat over Jordan to the Final 2 and I think that Jordan knows it too!

  60. Highlights…if we watch live feeds which 99% of us do, then there are no highlights to watch. I guess I’ll find something else to do Sunday. Laundry or something! :)

  61. I wonder why Lydia hasn’t told anyone in the jury house about the lml? She was there when Kevin suggested they make something up. Natalie made up the lie, but it was Kevins idea to make something up. So Kevin should be credited for that, not Natalie. It was a good move. Lydia was there, because Natalie told Kevin he had to tell Jeff because he wouldn’t believe her or Lydia. Maybe they do know in the jury house. Lydia must have told them.

  62. @DaFerret #65

    Thank you, I have been saying this for days now. It is all about the ratings and the revenue for sponsor satisfaction.

    I agree with your comments 100% and although I have continually posted similar comments, there has been little response to them, so finally someone (other than me) agrees with how the system works!

  63. @Al, at 1 am BBAD is on, but I am usually sleep so I hear some of it…and I got so annoyed hearing Natalie and Kevin gloat about these lies! Then I look at the tv and everytime I see Natalie with that stupid smirk on her face and I get so mad! Dont you HATE THAT SMIRK. OMG! Im angry just thinking about it!

  64. Leo whats up bro sing a song like Hey Jorden its your birthday and Nat Blam it on the Alcohol! :) Or any song will do.

  65. @mary #81

    Good point! Perhaps that is why the jury members have turned against Nat. and CBS just didn’t want to show us that keeping us in suspense as to why the change of opinion on Nat.

    I also think that Nat. trashed Jessie to Lydia and she relayed that back to him, and his ego is so bruised that he has taken it personally and he can’t let it go because he was so ‘hot’ on her. Wait until Michele tells them all that Nat. is engaged – PRICELESS!

  66. @Jennifer A — I have always thought this season had more unlikable characters than ever before, but “the Gnat” has to be the worst human being I have ever seen. I record BBAD and just can’t stomach “the Gnat” … she makes me want to vomit. Also, the other houseguest were extremely gullible this season if they really think CBS would allow underage drinking on air. DUH … get a clue!

  67. @June–Yep! You’re right!

    @Diana–right again about J/N/L b/c if you noticed before anyone can even walk in the house…he’s like the biznatch is 18…he’s clearly upset!

  68. @Lynn E. I know right! My husband tells me that its not that healthy to let someone on tv get you this upset, but he has no idea how annoying this girl is.

  69. I am sooo Glad that Nat threw the first round to Kevin so Jorden would win against the Dirty Nat and she sure did man she sure kicket Nats A$$ Didnt she!!!

  70. @Jennifer A.

    I think that all the other JH members know that Jessie has a crush on her and they are going to give him some ‘curry hurry’ about her being engaged and using him as a ‘tool’. That will really p*ss Jessie off and he will lobby to try to get all the other JH members to vote against Nat. – yep, Karma is a b*tch!

  71. @ Matt (BBN Host)….. Post #57 is respectful and isn’t antogonizing Nat Fans? Taco Bell….. he means Nat? Let’s be consistent bro!!! If they can dish it, they better be able to take it right?

  72. agreed Diana! One thing Jesse cant stand is a bruised ego! He is going to do some serious hating, I just wish that he could hear it from Kevin b/c Kevin knows how to gossip!

  73. @everyone Dont you love how they underestimated Jordan….they had counted her out and she fooled them. They looked so stupid last night, especially Natalie. She thought the had that competition! (Me too…shh! :)

  74. @ Matt (BBN) Nat Fans are antogozied all the time bbecause we are the minority here (NBK Fans)…… Keep it comsistent and include personal attacks on the HG which can insult the fan…. It is like me saying trailer trsh Jordan needs money for her family….. That is not nearly as bad as what people have called N/K…

    @ Diana…. Matt sent a reply explaining… Check it out

    @ June…. I wrote a pro Jordan song last night ok?

    Moderator’s Note – Indirect offense taking by fans of Natalie over comments that someone doesn’t like her is much different. If I said “the Patriots suck” then it would be much different from “fans of the Patriots suck.” People may be insensitive and ignorant in their comments about HGs, but I am being as consistent as possible by telling commentators that they are not welcome to attack other commentators. In fact, that warning is above the comment window on every single post. That’s pretty consistent.

  75. @ everyone… NBK Fans / Jordan Fans… If you can throw stones to quote Jeff, you bbetter not cry when they get thrown back ok?

  76. I would have respect for Kevin, and his decsion if he was smart about it.

    HOW IN THE WORLD can u knock Natalie for taking the date with her bf?

    Kevin, would have done the same thing. If Jordans mom was behind the door, she would have took it too.

    If Tim was behind the door, Michelle would have opened it too.

    How in the world can u knock her for that?

    THey both have had each other’s back tremendously in the game

    Didnt Natalie make up (like she had to) for opening Pandoras Box, by letting u win round 1?

    She gave it to u, because she trust u so much. Just like when it was reversed the last 2 times Kevin needed to trust Natalie, Natalie came through.

    I have NEVER pulled for Jordan, she is worthless. But for this final round . . . (canty belive ima say this) GO JORDAN!!!


    Then Jordan takes Natalie to final 2, and Natalie should win a close won 4-3

    But if the jury house is gonna play that BOGUS AZ “she lied and told me she was 18” card then Natalie wont win.

    And to add more on that, that has to be dumbest reason, to not vote for her.

    It has nothing to do with her game in the house, and its ur dumbaz’s that fell for it, knowing u have to be 21+ to even be on the show.

    Lydia isnt THAT convincing. And Jessie cant be THAT mad at it, because he knew before anyone.

    IF THEY VOTE FOR JORDAN TO WIN, i can only assume production had a way in swingign that, because Eeveryone is comparing who got out who, and who played the game the hardest.

    Jordan has gotten out Lydia, which rele was Jeff. PLEASE!

    Since the Jury house is given the CD of the tv show, if Natalie or Kevin is edited to looking rele bad, then something is up.

    iTS ALWAYS been a case, either Jessie, Chima, Jordan, WHOEVER of BB editing the show VASTLY to change what america thinks about certain houseguests, and make them look either bad or good.

    Jordann nor Jeff have never been edited badly, and Natalie, Jessie, Chima(before she got crazy) been edited good.

    If anyone was against Jessie, Natalie etc(that alliance) they were looked at s heros.

    When it was reversed, like Natalie and Kevin lying TO SAVE THEMSELSEVS IN THE GAME, it was looked at as a bad thing.

    Ive typed enough for 2 days haha.

  77. @Jennifer A. #96

    I think that Michele will do very nicely giving her 2 cents worth. Michele couldn’t stand Nat. and once she finds out about the lies (including the LML) and their discussions about Nat. not even trying in comps. they will even loathe her more!

    The fact is that Nat. continually tells everyone how good she is because she has a low self esteem and she is trying convince herself that she is worthy of winning.

    The bottom line is that for every comp. that she fails in, she has an excuse and is not taking responsibility for her poor play or her actions, so hopefully when all this is over, she can reflect and try to work out where and why she went wrong. Time has a way of making you see things in a totally different perspective. She is just too immature to see that right now, but hopefully over the course of several years, she will know what she did wrong and why America in general turned against her in this competition.

  78. @Jennifer A #97 — I also thought last night’s competition was more suitable to “the Gnat”, but she blew it … praise the lord!

    @all — don’t you think that N/K should be smart enough to work America just as hard as they will work the other Jury House members to get our vote, which could be the DECIDING vote? They should stop trash talking America’s Favorites (Jeff, Jordan, Michele) in order to secure our vote! Although they are effective liars, they are still not all that bright.

  79. @ June…. Look at the previous entry…. But be forewarned there was a guy posting disspectful / ignorant crap under my name / Ashley’s / Cat ect

  80. @Jennifer A. I said that same thing, the look on Kevins face was like oh sh*t! He isnt gonna take Jordo, so I hope Jordo can figure it out. She stands a better chance againist Nat, the hiprocrit or however its spelled!!!! LOL!

  81. The LML was not a lie! Russell did exactly what Kevin told Jeff the girls “heard” the VERY NEXT DAY and then admitted to Jeff that he did, in fact, secure a F2 deal with Michele during their “talk” (not the blow-up) in the backyard. This, not the LML, is what secured Russell’s fate and changed Jeff’s game.

    Why does everyone insist on giving K/N SO MUCH CREDIT for the LML when it’s all on Russell for not playing it more cool? UGH!

  82. @Marcus #102

    I think if I recall correctly, Kevin did agree that he couldn’t blame her for opening PB box. I think Kevin was more annoyed and changed his views about Nat. when he was handcuffed in the PB and Nat. ignored him and went back down to get the money, leaving him to only get $600+.

    He saw how greedy and how selfish Nat. really is and her true colors came shining through.

    As for your comments about BB slanting the comp. to Jordan – be real!

    When K/N had the advantage with Kevin winning POV and Nat. not having her hand on the key, all Jordan fans claimed the same thing, so ‘tit’ for ‘tat’. It goes both ways and balances itself out.

  83. @Jennifer A: You’re right. Kevin is smart and knows that he most likely will only win against “the Gnat”. He’s throwing off the DH so they won’t keep working him to keep Jordan.

  84. @Diana & DaFerret#65, THANK YOU BOTH. I agree re: CBS/AG and the ratings. Thats why I hv cancelled both BB/BBAD on my DVR. I was so addicted to these shows, however I can’t remember the last time I watched becuz I feel America GOT GOT by them. I hv watched since season 1, and this is the WORST season ever, thanks to Nat. Thanks for ur updates. I am so disappointed with CBS/AG.

  85. @Martie: Russell didnt amit to saying that he was going after Jeff. He amitted that he thought about it. Russell just didnt tell Jeff he didnt say that, b/c he didnt know WTF was going on. If Russell would have know about the lie, then he would have said he didnt say that, which is the truth. The F4 was done, it was a deal that was sealed and shut and then along came Nat and Kevin to screw it all up.

  86. @Linda e #104

    I think you will find that Kevin said something like that to Nat. and he did make mention that we have to be nice to get America’s vote.

    So Kevin is savvy enough to understand how important it is not to trash other HG, but Nat. can’t help herself, she has to feel justified in her actions, so she does that by trash talking all the other HG, but in particular Michele, stating that she played unfairly and a really dirty game. I think that she is a little confused and needs to look in the mirror again! ~ lol :)

  87. I am so glad Jordan spanked hoodrat in that competition. It was hilarious to hear hoodrat’s voice crack from near tears when Julie asked her how it felt to have her fate in the other HGs hands. I also loved how Julie corrected her that it was a mental AND physical competition then cut her off! That was the best.

  88. One way or the other, I want Kevin and Jordan to sink Natalie’s ship, for sure!!! She needs to GO! I think it’d be the best decision ever, if on the finally night, that was when Natalie learned she was evicted from the BB house. Then, what could she do? NOTHING!!! I’d rather see Jordan and Kevin go against each other. Maybe if Jordan is the final HOH, she could evict Natalie, by saying she was evicting her because she backstabbed Jeff. I hope Jordan doesn’t forget that it WAS Natalie who worked the wheels to get rid of her beau! All I can say is I hope that it’s “BYE, BYE Natalie” come next Tuesday. Go Kevin and Jordan!!!

  89. Russell told Jeff to his face that he was going to backstab him the night he was drunk. This coupled with the fact that he made a F2 deal with Michele BEFORE they even got to F4 solidified Russell’s exit before the week Jeff could not compete for HOH, not the LML.

  90. @Jackie M #110

    Well I hope that our girl Michele takes the $25k, but some of the polls that I have researched show that she is winning on some, but Jeff is clearly winning on others, so I think it will be a toss up.

    I want Michele to get it over Jeff!

  91. I personally think natalie needs to go down under and be sitting with all the others that went out….What they did to JEFF was wrong and hed still be there if it wasnt for them two..

  92. I wish Jordan would have told Gnat after she won the comp… “This is for you Jeff and Michelle!” and then run around and gloat and boast and grab two Mike’s hard lemonades and toast herself but Jordan’s a bigger person then I would have been.

  93. @Jennifer & Lynne, totally agree w/u both, thats why I no longer watch BB/BBAD. NO TV program shud get u so upset, however I cud no longer watch Gnat that I am happy to say I now watch TV programs such as DROP DEAD DIVA/ARMY WIVES, that truly give me ENJOYMENT. Get all the info I need re: BB on websites. Thanks for all ur comments/updates.

  94. I just have to say how comical it was to watch Kevin and Jordan killing the spiders on BBAD last night. lol, I am petrified of spiders so I could relate but it was funny! Guess it was nice to see them having fun rather than plotting and planning for a while. Tired of the crap going on. Bottom line, one of them will win it all and one will win 50K and one won’t get squat. I hope Nat is the one that doesn’t win anything!

  95. Hoodrat only had to wait a couple more weeks to see ‘her’ man… you waited this long already why not wait a little longer to help secure your place and show your loyalty??? Because she has no loyalty that’s why. She is loyal to the power only… wouldn’t matter who had it, she’d be their bestest buddy evahhhh.

  96. Exactly Karrie, people forget too easily that Russell had no clue what Natalie and Kevin were up to! Yes, Russell was a very strong player, but I honestly felt that he planned to have them (R,J,J & M) as the final 4. Ofcourse it would’ve gotten to the point where they’d need to start going after each other! That was obvious! But, as much as I liked Jeff, his true bad move was believing Gnat and Kevin, and backdooring Russell (not the fact that he lost the veto competition). I hope beyond hopes that Jordan and Kevin will stick together, and kick Natalie to the curb!

  97. @Diana 116, I am hoping that Michelle takes the 25K, Thanks to Jeff’s stupidity, Gnat/Kevin made it to final 2. I rather hv Kevin win instead of Jordan since she egged Jeff into evicting Russell, and she is not the sweet innocent person she pretends to be. However not much choice. I truly enjoyed “talking” to all u nice people on this website,that’s the ONLY thing I will miss once thank God BB/BBAD is DONE. Aloha Nui Loa

  98. @ Rose, that would have been the best!!! I couldn’t agree more. The thing is, Jordan was too classy for that, and chose not to stoop to Natalie’s and Chima’s level!

  99. @Jackie M #124

    Jackie if you are a Survivor fan, it will continue on with most of these people.

    Leo has a new Survivor blog and you can go there now to have a peek.

    It really is a good looking site and Matt has done a great job creating it!

  100. To all those thinking that Kevin’s expression after round 2 meant he was taking “the Gnat” to the finals. Here’s more theories:

    1) He’s thinking that if “the Gnat” won round 2, she would take him to F2 if she also won round 3 — or —
    2) He’s thinking that if he won round 3, he can pick anyone he chooses (including Jordan) — BUT —
    3) If Jordan now wins round 3, he could be out of the money all together, because he also would not win America’s vote.

  101. I wish Kevin had more of a backbone..Nat controls him….maybe that is who is in real life a sub/slave…he truly needs to stand up for himself and do what is right for him…i don’t care what that is..but i am tired of his being so boneless…i love Jojo…but she really hasn’t done much except for yesterday…so it should go to Kevin…but not if he takes Nat with him…that i see a spineless move and he’s just doing what Nat wants, not what is best for him.

  102. If Natalie was going to give up the POV in order to see her boyfriend, you’d think it would be a little more interesting than a stiff hug & a handshake wedding proposal. Kind of like your boss showed up, and you don’t know how to act. Weird.

  103. @Lynn E #128

    I think that Kevin pulled that face because he though ‘OMG I’m screwed’.

    He stated that he was clearly concerned about the ‘bond’ N/J had between them and he must be thinking unless he can turn Jordan around, if she wins round 3, she will take Nat. with her, so I am thinking that he is running scared, that is why over the next few days both K/N will throw each other under the bus and right now Kevin is in damage control.

    If Nat. won round 2, and Kevin round 3, he knew he was sitting pretty, but things have changed now and he is perplexing on the chain of events that might just cost him this game (i.e. blood on his hands)

  104. A lot of you people are basing your decision on a popularity contest. As we know, if if the jury house doesn’t like someone, they still end up voting for the one who did play the best game. Kevin played the best game. For how much I do not like Nat. she is in second place and then Jordon. Remember when Dick was on BB and one time on the show he said they needed to evict the people riding on coat tails because no one riding should ever win the game. This season, people seemed to base everything on their emotions except basing it on the game play. I like Jordon too but, she rode of coat tails. Yes she won a few things but, I’m telling you…either way, if Jordon is up against Kevin, Kevin will win. If Jordon is up against Nat., Nat will win. That is how the jury house is going to vote in the end. Althought, they can’t stand Nat., like the rest of us, in the end they will look at the whole game play by everyone in BB. So, best case scenerio is Kevin and Jordon. That way, Kevin will win and Jordon will win. Natalie will not get the 500,000. If Nat and Jordon are the final 2, Nat will unfortunately win the 500,000. So, lets all hope that Kevin and Jordon are in the final 2. It’s not who is most likeable, its who played the game to make it to the final 2.

  105. I am rooting for Jordan all the way. She is a sweet and wholesome person that really needs the money and deserves it in my opinion. Nasty Nat doesn’t deserve squat. She is in real life the way she portrays herself on BB. A low life, lying, schemeing piece of crap that has no respect of others. She is a total user/loser. While I don’t like Kevin he knows how backstabbing Nasty Nat is and is like her in a lot of ways and that is why they got along so well, but finally got his eyes opened or so he says. Good Luck Jordan!!

  106. @Diana #132 — I agree with you, but many people are thinking it just meant he was planning to take Nat and NOT Jordan to F2. There was more to the look, as you detailed in fine fashion. Thanks!

  107. I enjoyed reading most of the comments on this site and would like to express my thanks to you Matt for this blog. Whoever wins the $500k/$50k/$25k, I hope they spend it wisely. I voted for my final 2 hgs (and will continue to vote) as well as the $25k winner.

    Looking forward to survivor, amazing race, so you think you can dance, football, etc. :)

    Wish everone here the best for the rest of the year.



  109. @ Diana…. Did you read my last email & Matt’s?

    People have access to all 20 Survivor castaways bios ok?

  110. @Pamela #133

    I agree with ED, however I don’t agree that Nat. deserves second place. She also rode on coat tails as well. The difference between Nat. and Jordan is that Jordan in fact, has won more comps. than Nat.

    I don’t believe for one second that she threw any comps. She is incompetent and pretends to throw comps. because she isn’t any good at them.

    She claims that she threw the first round to Kevin and it appeared that way, but she was ready to drop and wanted to set Kevin up, so he would ‘owe’ her (her words not mine).

    She believes that she is controlling Kevin, so thought it was a safe bet that he would take her to the F2, now she is running scared because of Jordan’s win.

    I still maintain that Kevin would have outlasted her in round 1 of this comp. and she knew it!

    I do agree however the best case scenario will be J/K.

    I also think that if it is K/N, then Kevin will win purely by his gameplay and he wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and eliminate the strongest players J/M.

    It is fun spinning different points of views around though!

  111. #137, I agree 100% with you. I will be furious if Nat win the 500,000. But…I’m telling you, if Nat is up against Jordon, Nat is going to win. The jury house always ends up voting for the person who played the game. Look at the last few winners. I also think that Kevin is really the only one out of the 3 that deserves to win. He put an honest effort into all aspects of the BB game. I think that is what BB is all about. Competitions are important. I really like Kevin and I didn’t see him as being viscious like Nat. He still seems to be very nice to people in general and the rest appeared to be game play.

  112. Jordan,

    We wish you all the luck in the world that you win BB11. You remind us so much of our oldest Grand Daughter. We love the Carolina accent, and non-back stabbing approach. We live in South Carolina.


  113. I think natalie played a good game..if it were a normal game like soccer or something a horrible game but its big brother u have to lie to win in this game thats why she made it to final 3 and jeff didnt…if u think natalie played a bad game then ur watching a game that isnt suit for u..change the channel..its BIG BROTHER SO GET USED TO THE LYING ALREADY

  114. @ Mary # 81….I totally agree with you I think that Kevin should get more credit…it was Kevin & Natalie that came up with LML…However, it wasnt really a lie as Russel admitted to some of the stuff they said (I hear ya Martie # 106)
    @ Jennifer A (# 84) I agree with you, that smirk of Natalies makes me want to smack her! LOL were they taping something for BB episode on sunday? they were doing staged conversations in the kitchen & on the couch ( at your #97 LOL)
    @ 118 Rose….LOL that would have been funny

  115. @Leo

    I read your email and Matts, but there is no mention about the bios.

    I have already cleared this up with Matt and I don’t have the time to do what Matt would like.

    I did misunderstand the bios. being linked to RT and being rotated, so that was sorted out.

    I still don’t see any links that takes you to the casts bios. though, so perhaps I am missing something.

    Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter because the site will remain the same without any changes.

  116. Diana I totally agree with you. But, in the end, Jordon didn’t win enough competions especailly when they really counted. I believe Nat’s lieing, deciet, and all the other horrible things will give her the win if it comes down to Jordon and Nat. In the past, that is how the jury house voted. If K/N come against each other, Kevin will win. Look when they interviewed the past BB HG last night, they all said they thought Kevin should win. Jordon and Nat both rode on coat tails but, I do believe that the jury house would vote for Nat because she was the vicious villian who made it to the final 3. and…if Nat wins the 500,000 i will be furious!!! if jordon wins the 500,000 i will be very disappointed because Kevin is the only one of the 3 that really played the game and never rode on coat tails. as far as needing the money….who the heck couldn’t use 500 grand!!!

  117. @ Dawn: I know its crazy, but like I said earlier that Julie is gonna spill the beans about that lie, I cant wait to see everybodys faces that was involed w/ the lie.
    ANYBODY: There seems to be 2 different stories to Russells eviction. Someone said Russell amited to Jeffs face when he was drunk that he was gonna backstab Jeff. What Ive seen is Russell said to his face that he thought about it. What is the truth behind this load of crap??????????????????

  118. I sure hope that America’s Vote comes into play because I have been voting all morning and last night too! I would hate to find out that it was all for naught…

  119. One issue I have with the whole big brother set up is the jury. The set-up is nothing like a legal jury. They have to base their decision on limited information. A juror (if that is what they are going to call them) should have access to all the information. They should see everything that we do and more,rather than a quick edited version of things once a week plus a single question by each on finale night. If they had all the information some votes would be different than they would be otherwise.

  120. i really like how natalie played the game she came to win by any means nobody knows her true personality outside of bb so they should just stop all the bashing!!! I thought bb was a game not a popularity contest you can save that for america’s vote

  121. @Pamela #146

    For the most part I agree with you, especially in past seasons. However, this season we are dealing with a different breed of HG’s. These people were way too emotional and have taken things to a personal level.

    Nat. did that when she evicted Michele. It was purely personal because of Chima.

    I think that both Jessie and Lydia are currently basing their votes for personal reasons. Lydia has told Jessie about Nat. trashing him and his ego cannot accept rejection (that is who he is as a person, his arrogance portrayed that last year and this year has been no different). Wait until Michele tells them (Jessie) that Nat. is now engaged. I think that Jessie will lobby to steer the votes away from Nat. (but concede that his vote could go either way) and that they the Jury will see how well Kevin played.

    If the F2 are J/N, then I think that the votes will go.

    Jeff – J
    Michele – J
    America – J
    Lydia – J
    Jessie – either way
    Russell – either way
    Kevin – either way

    F2 – Kevin and Nat.

    Jeff – N
    Michele – K
    America – K
    Lydia – K
    Jessie – K
    Russell – K
    Jordan – N

    That is how I see the voting goes, but next Tuesday will tell all!

  122. Jordan to win part 3 and say herself to final 2 and take Kevan at least Jordan will gt 50k to help her family with

  123. Who would have thought Goodness AND Evil could both make it to the end!?
    It will be interesting to hear the rational of votes for Natalie or Jordan, if they are final 2.

  124. @Leo-Sorry I checked out early last night. I should have been there to watch your back. And by the way GO JORDAN!!!! $500,000.00

  125. Ray and Betty Knight

    It is lovely Jordan reminds you of your granddaughter but
    get a grip.
    You must have missed reading or hearing Jordan’s back stabbing.
    True, she didn’t do most to people’s faces but that almost
    makes her worse and not better.

    If she is up against Natalie, I hope she wins but
    she is no angel, far from it.
    Hopefully your granddaughter
    only emulates her by her looks and not by her BB
    after dark behavior and words.

  126. @tricee28 #151

    I think if you had been following these blogs daily, you would have read that two highschool friends of Nat. came to this blog and stated that she was no different in this house than she was at high school.

    She lied and manipulated people even then to get her own way and they also stated that if Nat. read the blogs, she would know who they were.

    You should also recognize that living in a house full of people, you can only act for part of the time. In every relationship (as these HG have been in), when you live with someone, your true colors eventuall shine through. Unfortunately for Nat. the HG’s brought out her worst qualities!


  128. Yeah everything is about ratings….but…. BB wants to hold on for another year! Any show will take notice if enough fans keep saying the same things over and over! BB formula has been strong until season 5/6. What is to stop BB from giving the latest HOH winner (Jordan) 1 more cu de tah (sp?). Maybe give Jordan the choice to bring back Michele or give the others a suprise?? Come on BB. Make this last week a game changer… CBS has the power to change the routine …. Now let’s all hope they do it and oust knasty!!! Any others thoughts?

  129. @Budman…I get what you’re saying, however, I think BB is allowing the JH members to be treated like a real jury, in that they have no access to outside influences, like TV, news, other media…and they are sequestered away from it all. They have to rely on the facts as they see them presented, and the information each subsequent evictee brings to the JH on dvd. What you are stating would be what we all want them to see, which is the conniving and lying…however, that would be prejudicial…darnit!

  130. @Elaine #154
    I like the comparison. Jordan and Nat would make for an interesting Final 2 just because they are two completely different people in all aspects. If Big Brother was to be a test on human behavior, they couldnt get 2 people more different.

  131. @ Budman
    I agree with Dan that the jury house should remain as is but it would be interesting if it were a twist for one season. The jury gets to see it all!! It would be unlike any other season.

  132. @Dan
    Well, the twist would be that the house guests dont find this out til they get to the jury house. I could see votes going back and forth all summer long.

  133. Jordan has a better chance of winning if she keeps Nat. If she does she should tell her that the only reason she is keeping her is b/c she knows she will win against looser Nat! Plus she needs to tell Kevin shes getting him out b/c she owes him for getting rid of her man Jeff. LOL!

  134. I hope Kevin and Jordan go to the Final 2. Natalie has not even tried to carry her weight the whole game, and she doesn’t deserve to walk away with the dough. Kevin, dear, you’re better off taking Jordan, not Natalie.

  135. I would like Jordon to win this. Natalie has got to be got! She thinks she has this in the bag, or she did before last nights comp. NOONE thought Jordon could pull it off, and she did! Love love Jordan to win 500k and Kevin to win the 50K.

  136. @Fred…that would be fun to watch, as HG’s cut their own throats…although, the game in based on using whatever you can use to get to the end. Some JH members would probably love the deceit…

  137. I hope Jordon and Nat don’t end up in the final 2 because they both rode coat tails. Kevin played the game. I am hoping he wins the 3rd competition, and his chances are better than good and I am hoping he takes Jordon to the final 2. That way Kevin wins the 500 g and Jordon wins the 50,000. Nat goes home empty handed. I agree with most of you being upset with Kevin and Nat but, Jordon to win the 500,000 would not be fair at all. The ones who base the decision on popularity and who they like, well…if you were in the BB game, you would have been evicted too. And hey…I would be evicted to because I couldn’t be like a Nat. Thank goodness! But, going into that game, I think a person needs to seperate their personal emotions from game play and the 500,000. Just like Jeff, he got emotionally involved with Jordon and had he alligned himself with someone else, he probably would have made it to the end because he did not have a strong partner game wise.

  138. My repeated voting has been and probably will not change-

    Kevin to Win over Jordan
    Jordan to Win over Natalie
    Kevin to Win over Natalie

    Best case, is Kevin and Jordan as F2 with Natalie winning nothing.

  139. Personally, I think that anyone who goes against Natalie in the Final 2 would win b/c I think that they see how she is and they wont vote for her. I dont think so anyway.

    @ everyone Does anyone know if Ross Matthews said anything to them about stuff that happened in the game that they dont know?

  140. @Dan-I agree. The evidence as presented is subject to the editing talents of Big Brother, which we have seen is often tainted in one direction or the other. I could be wrong,not having seen any of the tapes that they see. Hopefully the word of mouth accounts of the new jury members helps. Unfortunately these people are bitter having just been evicted and robbed of a chance at a half million.

  141. @Jennifer A…I think Ross Matthews can only tell the evictees about current events that took place while they were in the house. He’s not supposed to relate game play secrets to them…

  142. Now remember, Gnat claims she has “no blood on her hands” and everyone has believed her lies all this time and did her dirty work…good game play, in a perfect world, No, but on BB, probably. I hate that people who are @$$holes end up winning but that’s just how things are. I would love to see Jordon rub N/K’s face in it!

  143. I wonder what it is that Michelle did that has Nat. all twisted up and hating her…Did I miss something major?

  144. I can’t stand Natalie. She really has been manipulating of the other people in the house. She can’t be trusted and I think she has turned even her friends against her. Kevin has also lied and manipulated to his advantage. Jordan is a sweetheart who doesn’t have an evil bone in her body. She stayed true to her loyalty to Jeff and I think she deserves to be in the final two. If she is there with Natalie she should win. If she is there with Kevin it is a toss up. Kevin did play a good, honest game most of the time and if he wins the HOH he would be smart to take Jordan.

  145. Jordan would be happy with the 50 grand..Kevin wants it all…Jordan was very nice to Michelle in her good bye message and has a few regrets I feel on how she acted although Nasty Nat never has showed remorse on what she does or says…I guess what i am saying is some of the actions are the game but others show their true colors!!

  146. I think at this point it is anyones game. I would love Jordan to win just to Piss Nat. off but I really do love Kevin he has made it fun to watch with his caddy comments about Nat. he just cracks me up..But honestly he has played the game pretty good especially if he is fooling the DR but I have to say I really did think he would have kept Michelle so expect the unexpected???or is it unexpected if the Producers/DR people do have that much of an influance in the game.

  147. Neetee

    Natalie is in a twist over her dislike of Michele from Day One
    but she, also, puts 100% of the blame on Michele for her
    BFF, Chima, leaving.
    She, also, blames Michele for dragonflies, ants in
    the house, the California fires, World Poverty and Hunger,
    etc. etc. etc..

  148. Does anyone else think that Nat and her hubby to be do not look right together. He is not what I expexcted at all!!!
    Go Jordo!!!

  149. The only way jordan is going to make any good moves are with the help of BB. I can’t say for sure but I truel do think BB gave her the answers or at least told her what the comp was going to be. I just don’t see jordan able to think that fast. I would have thought natatlie would have done better in this comp. I can’t believe she only got 5 out of 10. It really does’nt matter which one of these three win. If I had to chose,I would have to chose kelvin for the 500,000. seems as though he done more out of the three left in the game. and as far as the 50,000 maybe they should just split it between natatlie and jordan nither one of these girls done anything to deserve the money they both coatailed to the end. you know how america is since jeff was their favorite and he and jordan were suppose to be couple and a lot will vote for her, not because of game play. They were my favorite hg to in the beginning but then I seen the real Jeff and Jordan. Americas favorite I would have to vote russell. I’m sure bb ratings was very high when he was going off on these people , that’s what makes good tv. I just wished Jeff would have trusted russell a little more and I think they would have still been there. Jeff should kick his on self in the butt for letting Jordan talk him in to trusting kelvin and natatlie.

  150. I actually liked the way that Michelle played the game to some extent she was a hard person to read. I just hope that Nat. doesnt make it to the F2 either. she has her cash she won while leaving Kevin in the box let her walk away with that and I think Nats b/f only proposed because he was worried about if she had to go to the jury house with Jessie and there was not 24 hr live feed there what might happen…Poor guy…

  151. Leo,

    Please tell me you are now ready to give up on Natalie
    so I can stop worrying about you.

    It is time to cheer on Kevin and Jordan for the F2.


  152. I like the idea of making the last two split the 50,000 since they changed the game why not change the prize too…I only think it would be fair…Good Idea M

  153. This seems like a last minute manuipulation by the producers. WHY? Kevin was correct when he said they should not have spoken their plans aloud.
    If it is to garner ratings…I for one feel that this is unfair.
    This switch will let American vote for their fav and Jordan is bound to take that vote

  154. could someone please tell me what was up with BBAD last night and the staged conversations? At one point you even hear Kevin talking with a female right before Nat goes into her proposal conversation….so I was wondering if anyone else caught that?

  155. okay I have missed tons I guess on BBAD I did not even know it exsisted this is really the first year I have watched the whole season…

  156. oh ya its on showtime….the whole fight between chima and russell was on it….pretty awesome! its been lame lately though with the final three but last night it seemed like production was stepping in to get them to be more exciting or something

  157. @Diana, I do try and read these every day and missed the Nastalie’s HS friends posts, darn! But, it is no surprise. And while I agree that every reality show has it’s creative editing, there is no getting around some “speeches”, example Nat’s little tirade to Julie, and literally every time we’ve seen her open her mouth, it’s just all about how good she is at simply everything she’s involved in. The sad part is I honestly think she believes what she spews. She does think she’s played “with honesty and integrity”. That’s why she was so shocked when Julie doused her with reality about her lying and what everyone and the JH knows. Her father seemed like a nice enough guy (for the entire two minutes we watched him) but if by raising her on his own, he’s done her a huge disservice by allowing her to live in a fantasy existence of not taking responsibility for her mistakes, and better by not graciously admitting that she does make mistakes. Further, it’s obvious that she’s a master at twisting scenarios around to benefit her, so another trait she’s been allowed to fine-tune growing up

  158. Neetee

    A 50/50 split of the second prize of $50K would likely
    only be approved by Natalie. I can almost hear her
    romantic answer to her bf’s marriage proposal
    being repeated if asked this question, “Hell-Yeah!”

    At this point, I think it should all end with Jury Votes
    and America Votes. Fingers are crossed for Natalie to get nothing.

  159. If Kevin were trustworthy it would be a no-brainer for Jordan and Kevin to form a final 2 alliance. It would guarantee them at least fifty thousand w/ a 1 in 2 shot at the half million. At this point Jordan can not trust either of them because they are such liars, so she has to win part 3.

  160. @ohgeezy…it was obvious that the conversations were staged. Natalie is so fake that she couldnt even get that right. She was directing the conversations IMO, and she was doing a poor job. She retold the proposal story AGAIN. It was all so fake. I didnt hear the lady that Kevin was talking to though.

  161. @Budman…Jordan does need to win part 3…she can’t trust either of the other two to take her…

    @Jennifer A…Natalie also won’t let anybody else talk…she was interrupting incessantly last night on BBAD. Nobody else is allowed to relate a story…Natalie knows it all…

  162. It was really quick saying “don’t….” Kevin says-mention that you told us” female-“ok…bye”. It was about 40 mins into the show. I have it dvr-d so I hit rewind because I was confused by who he was talking to because it wasn’t Nat’s voice and Jordan was getting a new mic. Nat whispered to Kevin after asking how to bring the whole thing up and he told her pandora’s box again then she started in on how she got engaged and it was the best part of BB for her yada yada yada….

  163. @Dan..Natalie IS the knower of all things. If only in her mind! What is wrong w/ that girl? I hope someone busts that bubble of hers and send her to the Jury House.

  164. I agree midwest I really dont want Nat. to win any more money…but I really dont want Jordan to walk away with nothing too..I would agree with Budman that if kevin would form an aliance with Jordan then they both win..either way because Jordan is not greedy like Nat. and would be okay with second place and that is why I think if she goes up against Kevin then Kevin will win because everyone knows that Jordan is not greedy…Kevin already admited he was a greedy Biznacth when he had the pandoras box which I just thought was the funniest thing ever…

  165. Hi. I just want to wish Jordan all of the best, and I hope that her & Jeff hook up…They really make a cute couple and I think they are good for each other. He gave up HOH for her, and that says alot about a man !!! Way to go Jeff, hope Jordan appreciates what u did for her… all of the best to Jeff & Jordan, and hopefuully if Jordan wins, she will finally giver Jeff a kiss !!

  166. first of i wanna say Hardyharhar that was really good and secound i so want the final 2 2 b jordan and kevin with jordan winning but if kevin won i wouldn’t be upset get gnat-a-lie out of there i hope jeff and jordan hook up after bb they’d be a cute couple :)

  167. I think they were trying to smooth some things out for natalie by allowing her to talk so much about her experience and what she has done as far as furthering herself in the game. It almost seemed like BB production was trying to make Nat look good….idk

  168. It’s pathetic how pitbull made all sorts of excuses as to why she lost to Jordan. It was funny though when Julie was like “It was a mental AND physical competition”, after pitbull was yapping how she could remember ANYTHING that happened in the house. I can’t stand pitbull!!

  169. oh geezy…Why did Nat stop Kevin when he was talking about the fight w/ Ronnie? I didnt understand that part.

  170. Dan and Budman,

    Can Jordan be trusted to make a good choice on
    bringing Kevin and/or Natalie with her to the F2?

    She seemed to be making sense when she talked with Kevin
    last night. They are both looking like 50-50 odds with
    Natalie being a favorite so it is in their best interests to
    team up.
    ( Based upon what the know or think they know
    about possible Jury votes.)

    On the other hand, she seems to have taken Natalie on like
    a little sister. Hmmm Hair, makeup, tampon training, etc. etch..

    Should Kevin risk it all and tell Jordan how he and Natalie
    created and spread THE LIE?

  171. I think lydia did tell them JH about the lie and thats why they are so against Nat. I wish they were showing michelle coming to the house because I think the JHG would be shocked to see her walk in the door..and I really wanted to see the looks on their (mostly Jessie)faces when she told them that Nat. got engaged…I think BB is messing up by not showing her arrival to the house.

  172. Nat “the prankster” of this season…just had to point that out…..anyways…I am not quite sure why she cut him off other then to think that she was given specific direction from production…just like she was trying to keep the hitler discussion out of why kevin got mad at ronnie…i watched it again and when he tries to bring it up she says that its not time and he says I thought we were suppose to talk about it naturally….it was after that portion of the show that the female voice was speaking to them.

  173. @Midwest Fan..I know you werent talking to me, but I think even if Kevin tells Jordan, I dont know if she has it in her to make a decision based on anger or revenge b/c I dont think she can. At first I thought it was an act, but now Im starting to think that somethings not on upstairs.

    I will be SURPRISED if Jordan makes a good decision and take Kevin, but really why would she…….he evicted Jeff. She would be better off taking Natalie. She has won more than Natalie so game play cant really be an argument….strategy maybe. She would have Jeff, Michelle, America….maybe Lydia if Lydia is mad enough at Natalie…IDK, JUST A THOUGHT.

  174. Jennifer A

    I don’t have the Live Feeds or BBAD and rely upon this blog
    for much of my information.

    Big Brother Craze is also a good site to read in the AM. Leeza
    provides a good dictation of what was said the night before.

  175. @neetee: It would certainly make for MUCH BETTER t.v. than hearing the entire season recanted in Natalie, Kevin, & Jordan’s (scripted) words.


    Is this like Survivor where they carry everyone’s torches and are forced to say something about each castaway? UGH! I always fast-forward through that part BECAUSE I WATCHED THE WHOLE SEASON. I CAN REMEMBER WHAT THEY’RE LIKE AND WHAT THEY SAID!!!!! UGH! Boring!

  176. @Moose, I agree, I hope CBS/AG does something to change this game, at least leave us with a good taste in our mouth and makes us want to watch BB12. I might start watching again, just to see Gnat’s face when she gets NO MONIES. @Diana,Leo asked me to join his Surviror Samoa, might do that just to keep in touch w/all you great people. Don’t want Jordan to win the 500K, since she was Jeff’s Waterloo and got Russell evicted. Not much of a choice, but want Kevin to win. As long as Gnat gets NOTHING. Still hoping Michelle gets 25K. God bless you all.

  177. @Midwest Fan…not sure if Jordan knows what to do. She has shown moments of depth, with the comment to Natalie on the log comp, pretty much shutting her up. I don’t think she realizes how much hostility Natalie has created…plus, I still think, if she wins the 3rd comp, she will want to avenge Jeff’s eviction by evicting Kevin…

    Also, the tampon training comment was hilarious…

    About the Lie, that would be a good move if he planned on taking Jordan to the end…otherwise, it would be used by Jordan against him, if he evicted her…Kevin is a darn good game player…

  178. I think it would just be a riot if Ms. GNATaLIE was not chosen for final two, and would have to walk out and join the jury on Finale Night. How very embarassing. Just what the missy deserves after all of her backstabbing and lying.

    I think it’s so funny that her letter from her father says he’s proud of her & how she’s playing – so honestly.

    Girl’s gotta go – NOW! She’s lied to everyone – even sweet Kevin.

  179. in all honesty if and a big IF jordan were soley in it to win the grand prize then she would have a better chance taking Nat. with her than Kevin. However I really think that she will take Nat for the simple fact that Kevin crossed her and Jeff. So I really think that Nat. is gonna win some money on Tues. as much as I hate to admit it or even think about it…I really think that Kevin will take Nat if he wins…this just sucks…

  180. Come on why does every body think Kevin deserves it over Jordan? Who has cleaned up after those lazy brates. Both Nat-lie & Kevin the Scaord follower that both of them were mean and hey slept and let the other wait on them. Just last night Nat-lie say oh man we are out of towel Micheles not here to wash them so who did it Jordan. Who washed the dishes and put them away Jordan. Playing a good game she did the house cleaning and is really a sweet girl so what that she is a bit ADD at least she tried. What has Kevin really done to deserve it over Jordan. When it comes to the game last night she just won fair and square, come on doesn’t everyone of us know that answer, Yes BB knew jordan was good at the rolling the balls, Nat-lie should have praticed and listened to the rules better. When it comes to Nat-lie I hope she gets the boot with nothing.

  181. @Dan I dont know about you but I am cringing just thimking about Jordan’s final push for the end. Can you imagine her speech? She is so nice, can she “throw someone under the bus,” in order to make a case for herself? I bet her mom is like toughen up and win the damn money and stop worryin about hurtin people’s feelings!!!! I like Jordan, but geez!

  182. Hey Karrie, I only get to see what’s put up on TV, so I guess I can’t talk too much on who’s said what, but I wish Jeff hadn’t backdoored Russell like that, cuz once he did, that caused the “snowball effect”, then Jeff left and Michelle. I feel that as far as those who are left in the house, that the best case scenario was for Jordan and Kevin to be going against each other for final HOH. That means that Natalie can only rely on what they choose to do. I guess we’ll have to see what happens Tuesday for certain!!! I only hope that Natalie has to walk out the door minus the $500,000!

  183. Can anyone tell me whats going on in the house now? what is Gnat doing? Is she still goin on how she remembers everything that happened from day one. yada yada yada….. Is she still talking to both Kevin and Jordan about taking her to the final 2? I so hope she gets sent to the Jury and they all bust her!! I wish Jordan would of gotten to enjoy her win.

  184. Last night did you hear Natalie organizing the cleaning day? Can someone tell me if Natalie has cleaned anything today??? Just curious!

  185. I think Jordan’s honest way of playing truly deserves to be rewarded with the prize. Kevin 2nd place. The lies put him in second place.

    It simply proves that a person can get ahead without lying. Most people think you can’t, but Jordan proved you can. Jeff started lying & look where it got him.

    Go Jordan! We’re hoping the best for you & your mom!

  186. @Jennifer A…when Jordan concentrates, whe is a little better competitor. She does get frazzled easily, though, so yes, I hope she can keep it together. She is nice, but she is capable of throwing somebody under the bus, as she has not been the little angel some people think she is, e.g., Russell…

    Her speech, if she gets to give one, will probably be sweet, and not vindictive…she is not an angry player.

  187. kevin and jordan..natalie has gotten to snobby since jesse left plus after she got her hoh..also jordan won the spot in competition 3 fair and square and should be in final 2 with kevin

  188. Couldn’t agree more with Jeanette! Even though I originally would’ve liked to see Natalie leave last night, I thought about it later on, and realized how funny it’d be for her to make it to the final night in the house, only to be booted out on her big behind! If that’d happen, then atleast this season wouldn’t be a huge washout!!! There were far better players who deserved to be in there than her.

  189. #221 Jennifer

    I reread last night’s transcript on the Big Brother Craze blog
    and Jordan and Kevin, both, see themselves as equals in
    the voting. Again, conversations may be honest or bogus
    and we are simply guessing which.

  190. Right on Dawn I am with you Nat. gone in the end…and penny less well she did get some money from pandoras box with Kevin…but that should be more than enough…

  191. I truly believe if I was in the three finalist situation and I had to make a decision as who to take with me to the final two (provided I won the finl HOH), I would deffinately take someone that I would not care if they won. In this game you never know for sure what the jury is thinking so I would NOT take Little Miss Liar Liar because I would not take the chance that she could win. At least of I didn’t win the money then I wouldn’t feel so nausious as if Little Miss Liar Liar would win. I would make sure she didn’t get a dime. Maybe we could all sit around the TV and click our beer bottles and sing Ding Dong the Witch is gone.

  192. I’m really beginning to believe this is “RIGGED”. There’s no way in hell Jordan remembered the HOH names and order so easily. They had to give her the answers. I ‘m beginning to think the Kevin thing is just like American Idol and Adam, and they know a lot of people dislike Natalie. Therefore they will set it up so that Jordan wins. BS

  193. I was a little surprised to hear all the former BB HGs say the best move in the game was the lie. I don’t think so. If you think about it, it’s the loyalty. Because right now, Kevin can’t trust GANTaLIE because he knows how MUCH she lies & is totally aware of how honest Jordan is.

    See guys – honest can prevail!

  194. @Midwest Fan. They did have that conversation. I get the feeling that they are both lying to each other…I dont trust Kevin and if he had not backstabbed Jeff then Jordan would be loyal. But yes, they talked about that last night on BBAD.

  195. 229 Cynthia

    Name of the game is not ‘Who is the best Housekeeper”

    Kevin and Natalie have both lied and cheated and played the game way more than Jordan.

    Jordan’s 1st win (on her own) was last night.

    I hate Nate like the majority of America (how proud her family must be of her), but I at least see game play from her and from Kevin mostly since Jeff was dumb enough to fall for the lie they made up. And it was Jordan that believed them and convinced Jeff.

    They (Nat and Kevin) have to get some credit for keeping themselves in the game, when I would have bet big bucks they were out the door.

    I too hate how nasty Natalie is. There has to be something very wrong with her, as it is not normal to be as hateful and vendictive as she is. I too beleive she beleives her lies, and that is scary.

  196. MsM…come on, she was on the block damn near everytime, how can she not remember who put her up! It wasnt hard :)

  197. Rigged I hope not but even if they did tell jordan the answers would she remember she gets frazzeled pretty easy and I would bet she would forget I think she won that one fair and square..and even if they did tell her she still had to get the balls in the hole and she was really good at that and Nat really sucked at that…and come on Nat. could not even remember who the last HOH was uhhh duhhhh….

  198. @Jeanette..the best move was the lie b/c it worked! Kevin has no choice…he lies just as much as her! Well not as much, but he lies too!

  199. jennifer A.

    Yeah that is true isn’t it. But I just don’t think she’s that smart. Remember the other comp with kevin and michelle she was totally clueless and frustrate. This one she was way to calm. She knew!!! She had HELP!!!

  200. Jordan is the more honest of the three. She is not as calculating as the rest of big brother 11. She is a down to earth person whom Natalie and Kevin refer to as “the bitch”. I hope she wins round 3. Natalie and Kevin truly deserve their comeuppance. People like them should reap what they sew. This is what I would like to see: Jordan and Kevin in the final two with Jordan winning the grand prize in an upset. Natalie (her name has “lie” in it) should get what she deserves, nothing. Gee…wasn’t it just a couple of days ago when Natalie was so sure of herself and very cocky. It’s time this girl got what she deserves after riding Kevin’s shirttails for most of the game and lieing to everybody!

  201. Boogie fan
    You got that right about Nat-a-lie she is just talking talking and talking I have to shut down because I just can’t stand hearing about her plans for her wedding and how she needs the money. Keven Last night I was surprised told Nat-a-lie that he didn’t want to talk about the game when Jordan was called to the DR, But when Nat-a-lie was called to DR he was so interested in talking Game with Jordan. They both feel that they have a 50/50 chance. Now BB is not letting the last evicted house guest which we all believe will be Nat-a-lie because Kevin is so pissed that nat-a-lie passed the POV over seeing her bFF So the next Evicted person will not get anywhere near the Jury. They said that the person evicted will only be able to question them on the live show. Michele going to the jury house will deffently do a bigger impact on the Jury house. When the Jury get to see the DVD there is more on it then we see just look how its edited on TV there is not enough time for us to see the whole DVD. Well any way its noon and nat is still sleeping boring

  202. #226 Dan

    I think THE LIE is going to come out before the Finale.
    These three have too much time together to just keep
    rehashing the same old stuff.

    I just want Kevin to be the one to tell Jordan before Natalie does.

    All Natalie needs is a look, a smile seen between Jordan and
    Kevin and she will use it.
    How ironic that finally telling the
    truth to someone is actually her last card.
    However, she will put all of the blame on Kevin.

    It is a drastic move and if the truth is told to Jordan she
    may believe the first person to tell it.

  203. Jennifer; You’re right, K does lie, but it seems he’s been developing a bit of a conscience as of late, so I’ve been developing somewhat of a tolerance of him. If Jordan can’t take it, I want K to win.

    Ultimately, on Tuesday, I want GNATaLIE to have to walk outside and vote with jury houseguests. How hard would that be for her to swallow? AND SO WELL DESERVED!!!!

  204. @MsM She got flustered on the POV b/c she had to think of too many things at once, She had to figure out which two houseguests instead of one and then she had to get the order and then it was timed……that was to much. But Im not hating on her…I didnt know either.

  205. Can you imagine the laughter GNATaLIE would get from the JH houseguests as the last evicted HG?

    There would probably be a standing ovation for her eviction – that she was finally evicted!!!

    So well deserved.

  206. That would be the best case scenario, because GNATaLIE wouldn’t have time to poison the JH houseguests’ minds with more lies.

  207. M&M

    I have questioned the integrity/ethics of BB Production quite often
    however, I don’t believe Jordan was helped in any manner.

    This was an easy comp.
    Easy for Jordan, so it should have been a breeze for Natalie.
    Natalie has a lot to worry about these days and I think she
    is buckling under the pressure. So much so, she couldn’t
    play the comp. Liars do get flustered when their end is near.

    Anyway, thank goodness, Jordan won and we didn’t have
    to watch the Nat Dance and Chima Shout Out, “This is for Chima!”

  208. I love that Jordan won the second chalenge. Kevin and Natalie were so sure they had it sewn up and she wasn’t even a consideration. But she pulled it out and I just think she is terrific and I am pulling for her to win.

  209. #262 Jeannette
    I will be clapping and making noise like people do when they watch Football I think my who ever lives in my apartment will think I just lost it because I will be hooting an hollering uncontrolable I wish I could be there to do it. lmao I and so hoping and hoping to see it. My Husband that doesn’t even watch shows like this has started to watch the last couple of weeks to just see what this Nat will do next. He can’t wait eather to see her walk out the door.

  210. @ MsM It was really easy for Jordan to remember. Simply put, when more than half of your stay in the BB house is a twilight zone nightmare because the first 5 that won were all set to send your group home, you don’t easily forget just who they were. Then the 3 after that were all that was left of her group. Pretty much ingrained in her memory. Whereas with Natabummer, it was just all one big sleepover (she never left the bed because the first 5 HOH winners were all in her group), and that was where she immediately got in trouble. She could not remember that Jessie won 1st and 3rd, and she blanked on who won after Chima (Michelle). Lastly, she forgot that she was 10 and not Kevin. Those were the three she got wrong! The other two Ronnie and Russell I believe she had right, but the balls went in the wrong hole.

  211. @Midwest Fan…you are right about the first to tell Jordan about the Lie…if it happens, I hope it’s Kevin…and, yes, Natalie would bury Kevin if she came “clean” first…haha, Natalie coming clean…

  212. @ Everyone & Jennifer A & Geezylouisy….I heard the conversation between Kevin & Natalie (also Jordan)on BBAD. It seemed like it was staged. I think its for the never before seen clip show that will air on cbs tuesday. They talked while sitting on the couch & standing in the kitchen. Obviously production did that based on the content of their “talk”, and Natalie wouldnt let them bring up anything negative, and they couldnt change clothes to get in the hot tub until after the “conversation”

  213. M&M

    Another thought:

    The night before Jordan was fantastic at practice while
    Natalie was horrible.
    I think Jordan got a good night’s sleep and Natalie worried
    the entire night.

  214. it all sucks and it is still 3 1/2 days away…and if it is rigged then the producers of the show are all kicked back reading this stuff and laughing…I am really frustrated that a “reality” show can not even be real. Its all about the Ratings like you all said before..

  215. I just hope that Jordan wins. She really did not make deals with everyone and she just tried to win the games to get the power and then play.

    Cannot say I like Natalie the bully or Kevin who really kind of made the gay community look bad to me. I think he should have played just like a person no labels.

  216. i liked natalie in the beginning but after seeing her on live feeds all summer i dont like her now lying is part of the game but she thinks she is all that and what she did to michelle when kevin won that pov basically rubbing it in her face wasnt game play most people would have went and either got enough drinks for everyone to celebrate or would have got some glasses and split the drinks

  217. i was laughing so hard plus was soooo happy when jordan won because of what natalie said in first comp that jordan hasnt won nothing and she left natalie back on the side lines on comp 2 lmao

  218. I want Jordan to win so that Jeff will take her to Hawii heheh :o) I want those two to keep seeing eachother…even their families seem to like the match..

  219. Man that Jordan is just so sweet, a total class act showing you don’t have to screw others over to be a winner.

    Kevin, yah he’s kewl too…

    As for Gnat, well salt on a slug baby salt on a slug…

  220. @Neetee…Jeff and Jordan would have plenty to talk about, like the origin of “Technotronics”, and “How To Tell Time”…

  221. Dan LMAO okay I have to admit about the telling time thing that was too funny…but the spelling I can relate to that… :o) and I dont think there would be much talking while in Hawii LOL

  222. Oh Dan I dont think so I think she just respects her family and thats why she is being the way she is…I am sure she doesnt want MOM to know EVERYTHING….I dont think that Jordan is as innocent as everyone thinks when it comes to Jeff

  223. @Dan yea now that would definatly get ratings up now wouldn’t it….It did not seem to bother Lydia and Jessie in the least bit…

  224. GNATaLIE has gotten enough out of her game – the cash from the Pandora’s Box & the engagement. As for game play – nadda. She rode on Kevin the whole way & stayed under the radar.

    Simply put, that is not game play. That’s laziness. And that’s GNATaLIE. Girl doesn’t even shower.

  225. I was quite surprised how decent her boyfriend seemed to be. I expected “greasy, icky, no teeth” guy.

  226. #281 Neetee

    You are a true romantic, a showmance romantic.
    Jeff said in an interview that he and jordan will remain
    friends after BB11 but that is all.
    Personally, I think their showmance was cute but hardly
    relationship building.
    By the time Jeff returns home to Chicago, he will need
    an unlisted number due to all of the women ready to meet
    him. His favorite restaurant in Park Ridge is getting the
    business due to Jeff’s promo. He dines there several times
    a week.

  227. @Jeanette I hate to defend the nasty in any way… but.. not all women shower every day or even every few days due to skin condition. I know, I can only shower once a week due to allergies. I do wash everyday which is more than I can say for the nasty!

  228. Kevin only decided to act more humble and quit walking around like he and Natalie own the place (like how obnoxious they were acting before) b/c he forgot about America’s Vote and now he’s scrambling to have some hope of that, too.

    If it were just his Diary Room sessions, I’d love the guy. However, I still remember him pretending like he was hearing people out (when he was HOH) and telling people they’d better come talk to him in the next 2 hours if they want a chance at staying, only so he and Natalie could laugh at how many uncomfortable situations they had created in the house.

    That’s why I am voting: Jordan, Kevin (if against Natalie), Jordan…

  229. Hey guys Jordan gut up and did the cleaning, washed the towelsand put them away and the lazys are still a sleep and it 1:22 pm wow lazy


  231. Come on BB… please do one more cu de tah! Please switch things up for your fans… for ratings… for the sake of BB12!! Let Jordan have a Coup d’etat game changer/gift the way the other HOH winners have gotten… let her have a bonus or something that can be the deciding vote in the end!!

  232. Cynthia

    I believe Kevin helped Jordan with the dishes last night.
    On the transcript, he mentioned to Natalie that they
    should go help her.
    He said he was going to the kitchen while Natalie went to sleep.

  233. @midwest you are right I am a true romantic and if it was ment to be it will happen..and I think you are right he is going to have to hide out for a while after this show he will have a ton of jordans lined up for his taking.. :o) I just hope that who ever they end up with they are happy they seem to be truely good people unlike Nat. she has some deep rooted issues…not just the house but other issues…I feel for her b/f…the B/F better get her into therapy if he knows whats best for himself and their relationship…

  234. Neetee: I love Kevin too. I know some people on here dislike him but, he has a good sense a humor, is very gentle spirited and I believe he is a truely genuine person. The best revenge on Nat would be for Kevin and Jordon to win and Nat go home empty handed.

    Ali #190: who cares!!

    m #191: Totally agree with you!!!

    #229 Cynthia: Are you kidding me!!!!!! Since when should you win BB because your a good house keeper and follower???!!! Get real. You can’t even compare Kevin’s game play to Jordon’s because Jordon didn’t have one. In fact, Jordon cost Jeff the game by convincing him to believe Nat and Kevin over Russell.

  235. @ Pamela I like Kevin also. He certainly has shown America his nice side at times. He is funny and a great announcer (his imitation of Julie). Kevin is definitely someone I would love to have as a good friend!

  236. Midwest fan
    Yes that was the first and only time though got a look they are afraid of who Jordan would take with her. Keven is not so sure about this next comp. Also did you notice that Jordan was saying to Nat I will take you to f2 so I can see Nat doing everything possable to make sure Jordan is educated to win. lmao I just really don’t nat to be in the f2 but jordan did say she wanted to evic Kevin because he got out jeff. So who know what will happen I just can’t wait I know thes next couple of days are going to be hell for nat.

  237. During the last few minutes of BBAD last night Kevin told Gnat that they needed to be nice the last few days so America wouldn’t think they were bad people. That’s the funniest thing Kevin has said all season since there are no more live shows before finale. Too little too late! He was also cutting Jeff down to Natalie saying he didn’t see what the attraction was to Jeff. Dah! Remember him drooling over Jeff in the gardening scene. Gnat has rubbed off on him. He doesn’t even know the truth any more. The only reason he is still in the house is because Jeff pulled him off the block to backdoor Russell.(Which most of us agree was Jeff’s downfall)

  238. #304 Dan
    You cracked me up!
    Teasing you and enjoying every second.
    BTW – At this very minute, BB Production and BBAD are
    discussing with their lawyers, your suggestion of using “The DAN CAM.”

  239. Moose I agree with you. Kevin seems like a really nice guy but, putting that aside, he is the only one that used his brains to play the game. Nat did nothing. She was evil on the game. Jordon, although nice, acted like she didn’t have a brain in her head and rode through the game. Not trying to be unkind toward Jordon because she seems like truely a good person but, if she could remember all those names in the last competition, she’s not as dumb as she acts.

  240. @Dan please NO NO dont be ashamed…Be Proud we are all thinking it but only you were brave enought to say it out loud…how ever please please do not put two gay people in the house with the new approved “Dan Cam” oh okay wait now I already know what you will be thinking Dan so dont let me down… :o) Say it loud and proud…As I know you would

  241. Hell the only reason nasty nat stayed on the log solong was, from not taking a bath a heavy crust formed on her feet which stuck to the rug on the log like velcro-lol.. jordan fell off the log from the over powering smell of nasty nats body

  242. Washington State…I hope that Jeff wins the $25,000. so that Jessie can get pissed at america again.

  243. @Leo- The little juvenile turd from last night is trashing your survivor website. He should be arrested for impersonating a human!

  244. I am hoping that Kevin wins the big bucks. For those of u that think Jordan is such a sweet person that she can’t say anything mean, REMEMBER HER GOODBY SPEECH TO RUSSELL. She was totally mean, just becuz HE CALLED HER FAT. Kevin may lie, and aligned w/Gnat, but he is more honest than Jordan. However as long as Gnat doesnt win a dime, I am happy. Go Kevin…hope u win.

  245. I really really wanted Jordan and Jeff to win this year! I’m sick to death of the cheaters and liars winning! It’s disgusting! But since Jeff is out…let it be Jordan in first place and Kevin in second. If Natalie wins anything it will be a shame. She’s a lying, cheating bully.

  246. wake up people we would still have Jeff if it were’nt for Jordan ? I honestly believe Jordan cost him the game. We all know Jordan will be labeled the dumbest ever to play big brother, even Jeff told her that. she told him she did’nt want to be remember as the dumb one or the girl Jeff carried to the end. Jeff said he was’nt trying to be mean but he just did’nt want her to be disappointed. Well I Think I would rather be remember as the dumbest rather than the nastiest. I will have to admit I think Jordan tried in the comps but just could’nt get it with the stronger hg. however I never heard Jordan say that she was good at comps like natatlie did and not win crap.

  247. @Budman

    I just went to the site to see what you were referring to and this person is lame!!

    Leo will check their email address and ban him/her from his site. He can also check their IP address, so having multiple emails addresses won’t help.

    He will catch the little SNOT and boot him/her off and make sure that he/she will not get back on.

    Childish and very immature, hey but some people need to think they are funny and they get their rocks off by being vulgar!

    Oh you little SOB, if you try to impersonate me, everyone who knows me on this site, knows that I’m not a pervert or vulgar little creature, so your comments using my name will be superfluous (go look up the word jerk!)

  248. @m #342

    You know I question that, purely based on the remaining F5 players. You had Jordan, Michele, Natalie, Kevin and Jeff.

    By some strange coincidence there was a person from each clique with both Nat. and Jeff being the only 2 from the athletes.

    How could you put up a strong athelete against the rest of the cliques.

    I have questioned whether it was all staged to have one from each clique and with Nat. being the weaker of the 2 athletes remaining, Jeff had to go, to balance the scales.

    It’s just a theory and something that I have questioned since Russell was evicted.

  249. A lot of people who are in the Jeff/Jordan camp that post on this site seem to really resent the LML and call it underhanded, etc. They let it affect how they think of Kevin/Natalie to a great extent and they resort to slighting them in some manner or other on their posts here in some cases because of it. I want to preface what I am about to say here with the fact that I too was pulling for Jeff/Jordan. However, I have to say that I bear no ill will to Kevin/Natalie solely based upon the LML. It was truly a brilliant game-play move. What I really am disapointed in is Jeff/Jordan for believing it, for falling for it “hook, line and sinker” so to speak. And I think that most of the people who berate Kevin/Natalie for the LML probably feel the same disapointment as I do regarding Jeff/Jordan deep down. It is time to face up to the fact that Jeff/Jordan made a critical error and are now paying the price for it. It is time to stop complaining about the LML folks. It happened. Please move on.

  250. It sounds like we are all pretty united in disliking Nat and hoping Jordan & Kev are in the final 2. I know they all lied but that is “playing the game”. At least J&K ‘s lies were to promote their position. N was just NASTY she lied when the truth was easier. She actually plotted her LIES just to get attention rather than further herself in the game. Also her personal attacks were uncalled for. Nat & Chima deserve each other.

  251. @Diana – Tell him/her how you really feel :)

    @ Budman – Thanks for the picture…I’ll never be the same, but the real victim is poor Cat…LOL


  252. @DaFerret…you’re right, of course. They “got got”, and it was a great ploy that shouldn’t have worked, but J/J weren’t astute enough to see that their enemies were still their enemies. The bulk of the criticism is about the unnecessary lies…

  253. @DaFerrett #346

    For me personally, I don’t have any ill feeling toward K/N for the LML, in fact, I like Kevin, but I dislike Nat. intensely, again not for her lies, her backstabbing or her cheating, but her as a person.

    Her attitude is less than to be desired, she uses and abuses to get her own way and when she doesn’t she becomes a bully. For me, it is about how she thinks that everyone owes her and how she thinks her word is the gospel and she will continually make up excuses for her poor competing skills and expects the other HG’s to do as she DEMANDS.

    I said it so many times that she needs to take responsibility for her actions and to be humble through defeat. She needs to accept her fate and then come back fighting, just like Michele did.

    I have no time for people who expect or demand everything without having to work for it.

    She even expects and has asked CBS BB to pay for her wedding – give me a break!

  254. @fedup #348

    I don’t have time for people who get off on vandalizing and his/her comments were just not necessary, so I apologize if I offended you, but Leo and Matt have put a great deal of work into this site for our enjoyment and someone has decided to take it upon themselves to try and ruin it for everyone else, so sometimes I become disturbed and I forget my manners and cut loose!

  255. @Diana…I agree…Nasty Nat has had a sense of “entitlement” throughout the game, and is indicative of her personality in life. I had the same reaction she did re BB paying for her wedding…She’s on the wrong reality show for that.

  256. Maybe I’m pulling a Jordan or suffering from CRS, senior moments, etc. but I thought the LML was partially true because Michelle and Russell were actually talking in the Storage Room. I just thought Kevin and Natalie (not realizing it) just enhanced it.

  257. Have to laugh at Nat saying that Michelle will be remembered as ” the bad one” silly lil rug rat- wish I could be a fly on the wall when she eventually is able to read or hear what MOST people ( from what I can gather here and w/ my friends)think of her and have not heard too much outside of the BB house negative about M.
    Way to go Jordan!

  258. @fedup #352

    I actually feel sorry for Jorand and Kevin having to hear her constant nagging about taking her to the F2 with either one of them.

    She goes non-stop almost to the point of brain washing. I just wished that both J/K would ignore her and give her some of her own medicine back and treat her the same way she treated poor Michele, but we both know that neither one of them will do that to her, because they have too much class!

  259. I want Jordan and Natalie, I think Jordan has a better chance to win if she takes Natalie with her no one in the jury house will vote for her at least that is what they said last night. We know Michelle, Jeff and Lydia won’t and I don’t think Jesse will. I’m not sure about Kevin.

  260. @Diana – I wasn’t offended at all. You were as respectful as you can be to people like that. I’ve held my tongue for 2 days now…1st adda the a@@ and now joker the jerk. At first, I started to react, but then I’d be deleted and banned from the site…LOL! I’ve chosen to ignore them, bc attention is what fuels them. Handle it however makes you feel better…You have many supporters here. ;)

  261. @Cherrykiss #354

    I think you are right. Michele will be overwhelmed at the love and support America has shown toward her, because right now, she thinks that America thinks she’s crazy, little does she know how much we admire her courage and her tenancity!

  262. @fedup #358

    I usually only say my piece once and then ignore it and walk away.

    That is way I put the comment at the bottom, because people I have interacted with on this site, know that I have always tried to remain objective albeit Nat. has made me bend my rules and I have also tried to keep my comments non-offensive even when I disagree with another blogger, because everyone is entitled to their opinions!

  263. Jordan and Natalie because I don’t think anyone in the jury house will vote for Natalie at least Michelle, Jeff and Lydia won’t.

  264. @DaFerret- I agree. I too was a JJ fan (now just a J fan) The LML has been highly overrated mainly because it wasn’t a lie. That is why when confronted Russell could’t tell Jeff that it was a lie. K-N just got lucky on that one. If Jeff had won the POV over Michelle, he could have saved himself and would propably be in the spot that Kevin now holds. At this point it’s all water under the bridge and I am sure Jeff knows now after spending time w/ Russell in the jury house that he blew it.I hope Jordan pulls it out. If she wins part 3 who in there right mind can say she doesn’t deserve to be in the final 2.

  265. @Joan #363

    You are probably right, however I would prefer to see J/K because I don’t want to see Nat. get anything ~ except “go sit with the other jury members Natalie because you have been EVICTED”!

  266. @Budman #364

    At least if Jordan is in the F2, Jeff will get his seasons Bear tickets and Jordan can feel at least she repayed him for helping her go all the way!

  267. @346 Daferret I agree get over the LML its part of the game. but I also do not like Nat because of who she is her attitude..she has been truly carried flew under the radar..She lied yes they all lied its part of the game but she lied to be hurtful and not so much to further herself in the game. Also Seannie you are right it worked out perfect for K/N because yes I too remember the conversation between R/M about getting Jeff out next…so it all fell into place and I still think getting Russel out was a good play on Jeffs part it was Kevin that did not hold up his end but thats the risk you take in a game like this and at least Jeff is man enough to blame himself for not winning the POV and that is why he is in the JH. Every one wants to blame the other person for putting them there but Jeff takes pretty much sole responsiblity for his being there. Yes Jordan could have been a stronger team player but she did what she could and she helped him in other ways to keep him strong…I HOPE JORDAN WINS HOH…but worried if she does that Nat. will get money again I still think Nat. is gonna get some money I hate the idea but I just have that feeling she is going to make it to the F2 it sucks…

  268. I am soooo waiting for the look on Jordon’s face when she is told that she is the winner of the 500K. The HGs had plenty of opportunity to vote her out… they didn’t. They didn’t see her as a threat, and those HGs are now in the jury house. So for those of you who think she doesn’t deserve to win she played as good a game as any of the other HGs.
    For her staying under the radar worked. Regardless of her relationship with Jeff she is still there, in the finals, and he is not. She managed to get along with most of the HGs without being a threat….so who really gets the last laugh. I highly doubt that Jeff HAD any plans to continue a relationship with her, other than a “friendship”, he doesn’t think she is smart enough for him. However, she may be more appealing to him with 500K.
    The win last night for her was not rigged in any way. I think Jordon put her mind to it, focused and won the competition fair and square. I hope she can maintain that focus and has the confidence to defeat Kevin. Kevin and Natalie played their “own” game and now that it is down to the finals, they have started to question their own decisions. This questioning will only cause them confusion and ultimately their demise in this very interesting and ever changing game.

  269. I’d like to see K/J in the F2 also…The beauty of the F2 being revealed on Tues. is that Nasty now realizes that she doesn’t have the chance to influence the jury (not that she could anyway) if she is evicted. At this point it’s not about who I want to win…it’s about Nasty NOT winning anything at all, not even $50K. If I had my way, she wouldn’t walk out with her twisty tie…Someone needs to slap Jason back to reality!

  270. @ Diana #365
    I do agree I really don’t want Natalie to get anything I was so happy last night when Jordan won and how Natalie was making every excuse and Julie cut her right off. The voice gets to me big time.

  271. @c lee #386

    I like you analogy. Perhaps K/N will become as paranoid as R/J became and that can be your ultimate demise. Perhaps they will continually try to second guess each other and you know when you have a little doubt in your mind (a small mound), it can quickly consume you with negative thoughts and become a huge mountain to climb!

    Russell is a prime example of that, his paranoia destroyed his gameplan and Jeff got tired of him coming to him all the time asking him if they were still the F4!

    I believe that Russell just didn’t know how to approach Jeff and talk to him about his word and being honorable.

    Jeff believed him the first time when he threw the HOH to him, when Russell swore on his father, and although they all swore on their families, Russell should have reinforced his oath and word to Jeff and perhaps it would have been a different outcome, but like Budman said, it is water under the bridge now and we can all reflect and say what if, but we still cannot change the outcome!

  272. @Diana #350 – Please do not interpret my comments in #346 as being generally supportive of Natalie in any way, shape or form. I was strictly referring to the use of the LML by her and Kevin. Like you,I feel Kevin is a geniunely likable person. However, with Natalie… If I was given a choice of spending 5 minutes alone with her in a locked room or cutting between my toes with a linoleum knife and pouring salt into the wounds, I’d take the knife and salt every time.

  273. @Joan #370

    I loved it when Julie said to Nat. it was mental and physical and called her out again, that was priceless!

  274. the only way jordan will win this game is if kevin wins and takes jordan. if jordan wins no matter who she takes the other person will not vote for her. so for the jordan fans only hope is kev to take jordan and hope nat votes for jordan

  275. @Diana – Thank you! It’s bad enough having the blond stigma as well(okay, so there’s some gray in there too-but not for long)!

  276. @DaFerret #374

    LOL ~ :)

    I never misinterpreted your comments because I read your other comments about Nat. and I knew that you didn’t like her :).

    I was just merely trying to point out it wasn’t about the LML for me, but rather about her character that has made me not as objective as I should or would like to be about her!

  277. @NeeTee – I agree completely with what you said with respect to getting Russell out and taking responsibility for your own play!

  278. @Sue #379

    You know that is a hard call! We only got to see a couple of minutes of him and he appeard to be genuine and quite a nice guy. At least he showed some emotion and had tears in his eyes and tried to be a little romantic toward Nat. something that she is incapable of!

    Too hard a call for me without seeing more of him and seeing how he interacts with other people!

  279. @Diana I agree with your judgment on Nats b/f she did not at all seem excited about the proposal. It was almost like she was in a hurry to get him out of the house…and then telling him no that she wasn’t gonna wear the twistie in the house even after she came clean she still isn’t wearing the twistie wonder how the b/f feels now..

  280. Hopefully, Natalie has bossed Kevin for the last time. Her future husband will be under her rule soon. Poor guy!

  281. @Neetee #384

    I thought she was wearing her twistie ring last night.

    Personally, I think she did accept his proposal, but whether it will last is another thing.

    Someone mentioned earlier in this blog that Nat. needs attention. What better way to display self importance or narcissim by accepting a proposal on national TV in front of millions of viewers. You would have to feel important – right??

    Like I said, if there is no pot of gold at the end of BB, she just may push him to the curb and go to try to seek a relationship with Jessie (now I’m being mean ~ lol) :)

  282. @ Dianna- I agree the little jerk has to go. I was thinking last night that it was propably that adda guy and remember a few weeks ago we had the guy named dada. Coincidence? I was on Jokers and was proud to see that my girl Jordan is on top of the fan poll.(I know that is not anything you would like because Michelle has been there for a while and I don’t mean to dis. her) Gnat is in last behind Chima and Ronnie.

  283. I don’t think Jeff carried Jordan…She wasn’t put up that many times and when she was she wasn’t the target…and she has won almost as much as Kevin…

  284. Happy blogging people, time to do some work and get back to reality.

    I’ll catch you all later tonight!

  285. @Dana #389 I know that Nat. accepted the proposal I was just noticed how she was not all that excited about it I thought…I did not notice the twistie but I could have missed it pretty easy I guess..And I dont think your Jessie comment was mean at all :o) probably very truthful and sometimes the truth hurts.

  286. I think Julie was waiting for Natalie admit made yhat she made mistake and lost without all the excuses

  287. did you read Gnat’s blog – she criticizes Michelle as playing dirty, lying, cheating, etc and then says she has played a clean game. There is some definite personality disorder here. And the bit about her helping Kevin to find divine grace… PLEASE don’t let her be in the final two…. Go Jordan and Kevin – out with PP

  288. I wish they would have video “clips” for the BB jury house like they do on the Survivor website when those jury members go to the “Ponderosa”. The little synopsis they show on Thursdays just doesn’t really tell you much. And right now I’m sure the jury house is much more interesting than the BB house.

  289. I’m in a holding pattern. My comment is in moderation. I think it’s because I tried to figure out where the elusive Leo is.

  290. @Jeannette – Nasty Nat doesn’t take responsibility for anything that goes wrong for her…It was the stupid ball’s fault for not going in right…LOL! The most pitiful part of her game was that she didn’t select herself for the 10th HOH…I guess that was the ball’s fault, too. Not to mention that she failed to adjust her answers when one ball actually did roll into the wrong spot…
    that’s still not excuse for 5 thru 10 to be wrong.

  291. @fedup…I think that inability to accept any responsibily, or very little, is the reason she is so despised here…the lack of cleanliness doesn’t help either…

    Can anybody think of a more disliked HG? It’s kinda sad…

  292. watching live feed ..Kevin and Natalie are so into theirselves….Jordan has done laundry and folded towels while their nasty a$$es sat there on the lounge ….She Jordan has been in the house for 30 minutes and they haven’t even ask were she was….so much for not leaving he out of it….

  293. I would agree with you Dan I do think that is why she is the most unliked HG because of the lack of responsiblilty…Good call DANO…and I still cant belive the shower/bath thing NO WAY

  294. @seannie-I bet they are having a great time in the jury house. W/o all the cameras and pressure they are propably good friends now. I noticed last night how civil Russell was to Jeff after a little “I told you so!” You know Lydia loves it having three manly men to service. HAHA

  295. Eilleen – I don’t get either. Nasty Nat. like Chima, has a warped way of thinking. Michele may have put Chima on the block, but she is not the reason for Chima being expelled. Chima and Nasty felt defeated after learning Chima was actually “powerless” as HOH and Jesse’s eviction. Chima had a tantrum, eliminated herself with child like behavior, and left her allies hangin’. She basically gave up and didn’t fight…the POV hadn’t been played yet. I don’t get why Nasty thinks Chima is worth a second thought, she didn’t add anything to further her in the game. Even Nat gathered herself and lied her way to the next week. Kevin has helped her more than both Jesse and Chima. I guess the connection is that they are both on the same level mentally.

  296. @faustizzy

    If Jordan wins and takes Nat she would almost certainly beat her. I mean she would have Jeff, Mich, and America to start with against either of them. Then compare their two resumes in the comps and she would clearly at the very least get the one more vote she needs.

  297. @Dan #403/409…Agreed. Nasty’s personality sucks period. I haven’t liked her since the HGs moved into the house. Bathutub ringg?…funny!

  298. Would agree that was a good poem…awwhhh almost quiting time here at work time to go home and do some real work… Hehehe I love my job…

  299. I hope it is K/J and I would like to see Jordon win but Kevin has played the game, well at least for the last 3 weeks.

    Ok the GNAT, like the jury said she has done NOTHING, I mean NOTHING, she has never cleaned,fixed a meal,done laundry, I bet she has never washed any of her clothes. she thinks everyone has to wait on her, fix the meals do dishes. Oh Man and I know production told her to start talking about her so called fiance because they have read so much crap about it. well lazy lier Gnat your free ride is almost over.

  300. @All Survivor fans…5 more days and its the premiere of the new cast for Survivor Samoa!! Join us on ;) :)

  301. Any updates on the live feeds for who Jordan would take? Even though I want Kevin to win, I’d rather it be a close vote and Natalie gets shut out.

  302. Ode to the Gnat

    If Nat-a-lee was a canine,
    I’d put her to sleep if she was mine.

    If I was related to that con,
    I’d put itching powder in her tampon.

    She smells so bad, she smells so foul,
    I swear she smells like a moldy towel.

    She’s so mean, she’s so bitter,
    If I was Michele, I would’ve hit her.

    Oh Natalie, I hate you so,
    Why’d you call Jordan a fat ho?

    Were you bitter, and really jealous?
    That people like her, especially the fellas?

    So many things to hate you for,
    Every day you give me more.

    I’m sure your nuptial is not real,
    There is no heart that you can steal.

    In your heart, you are so ugly.
    It was apparent when you said smugly,

    “I could win, if I wanted to!
    P.S. take me to the final two?”

  303. OK, I’m signing off for now…Keep forgetting I actually have a life of my own ;)


  304. What makes me crazy is the fact that Jordan and Kevin are competing in the final HOH while Gnat will sit back with that devilish grin on her face and possibly skate to the f2 from their efforts. Jordan and Kevin should take each other to f2 on that fact alone.

  305. Have a nice afternoon/night…have to get to my real job, bouncer at Chipendale’s…talk to you later…

  306. 4 more days to go! Can’t wait for finale night. Unfortunately, since BB/CBS changed the format this year, we also have to endure 4 more days of Gnat blabbering on and on. Ugh! Can’t stand that girl. Any other year, and I think she would have been gone by now! Jordo and Kev need to take each other to final 2. Take their chances with the votes. It will be close. I hope each thinks that Gnat doesn’t deserve to be in the F2 (since she basically hasn’t won anything and hasn’t really tried)and boots her ass out on finale night. That is a high possibility since each still thinks Gnat has jury house votes/friends. Hope Kev was being truthful in his DR sessions! Go Kev and Jordo!

  307. @HardyHarHar #429 — You are hilarious … Love It! Are you a poet … a writer? You should be! Go HardyharHar! Jordo & Kevin F2!!!!!

  308. What will be happening on Sunday…favorite BB moments from this season ? I hope they show the jury house and what’s going on in there.

  309. I was watching BB After Dark and they must have had the HG talk about their time in the house. I watched them talk about the fight with Ronnie and Kevin and Chima/Michelle/Russell’s big blow up. This talk occurred while they were sitting on the couch dressed in the same clothes they were in on Thursday night’s show. Then BB called Jordo to the DR and then K/N talked about the LML -LAST MINUTE LIE – and how it changed the entire game and how they did it and how it ended up getting out R/Jeff/Michelle after being down 4-2 and the Nat laughs and says Russell was actually going to uphold his final 4 deal. K/N also laughed at how Jeff believed them about keeping him safe.

    K also eluded to the fact that the people in the DR tried to convince him NOT to evict Jeff that night.

    You could tell that whole thing was set up bc they were talking like they were on TV – fake-like and no cussing.

    What do you think – did anyone watch that????

  310. Michele and Kevins is still sitting on there butt while Jordan goes out to get another load of towels…and Kevin even ask Natalie if there were towels in the dryer but did get up to go help…..SORRY ASSES….

  311. Not to be critical, but it seems to me that BB is not produced for Black audiences. I have never seen a Black make it to the Final 2 (I might be wrong), and even with this season, when it appeared that a Black may be somewhat successful at getting to the Final 2, the game changes. Chima loses her clout and Jeff gains, thanks to America. If Kevin gets to the Final 2 America votes and everyone knows that America loves Jeff/Jordan. In the past it was the Final 2, but when Jordan was the only non Black left the rules changed… Final 3! Just a thought! I know you won’t print it though.

  312. LInda – The Coup was voted on before Chima was HOH and Jeff had 2 weeks to use it. BB wouldn’t have known that CHIMA would win HOH when Jeff decided to use it.
    Also one of the old HGs on the other night said that NO woman has won BB (black- white or green) when going against a MAN.

  313. Hardy Har Har,

    Natalie is playing the game by being a cut throat. Is she any worse than Jordan, who had pillow talk with Jeff on how to backstab Michelle and then lie and grin in Michelle’s face. The best player in the game was Michelle but Jordan won out. So why are you hating on Natalie?

  314. “A Black”?

    Anyway: Chima lost her clout because of Chima. No one else to blame but herself. Chimas was constantly calling Russel a muslim terrorist and Jordan white-trash. That is racism at its best.

    If any other HG called Chima “a black” anything, there were have been hell raised by Chima.

    Chima got away with a LOT in that house. If she was on my street talking that nonsense, she would have gotten what her racist butt deserved… a smackdown.

  315. i do believe that nat should be fired she did cheat by putting on that hair band even though she did not win she should go.

  316. Linda, I don’t like her as a person and being amicable is part of the game since America votes on stuff, like CTD, the jury house, etc.

    It doesn’t take a degree in phycology to see that Gnat is a terrible person and should be publicly chastised, lest we get whole seasons of Big Brothers full of Gnatalie type characters.

  317. I think when Nat& Kevin heard the audiance clapping for Jordan during the comp.that is what is going to change the game, now they know for sure that she has America’s vote. So even if they were going to take her they will not. BB has rigged the game again HOW COULD THEY BE SO STUPID. Jordan does not have a change if she does not win Tuesday.

  318. Also, you give her too much credit. She’s not “cut-throat”. If she was she’d be winning comps and taking people out. She’s floating and making herself out to be a non-threat, while being a mean, vile, c\/nt.

    I guess we’re all reflections of our heros.

  319. BB didn’t care about cheating (regarding log roling comp). I was watching it on live feeds and saw Kevin standing side-ways constantly. Not just looking but standing (especially toward the end). But the subject of cheating is moot at this point because its over with. BB has their own rules. Rules the public can not decify.


  320. I agree Linda. Jordan or Kevin for Final 2! I’m not a Natalie fan, I just think that she is using “Survivor” strategy. . .Outplay, Outwit, and Outlast, and it is working for her. I just wish that there was a third one for her ..Out(the)house!

  321. I would love to see Kevin win..i think he played a very smooth game and was very fair about all of his decisions..

  322. @440 so you’re saying America is good with voting in a black president but won’t go as far as voting in a black reality show contestant coup d’etat?????

  323. @449 Joe
    DOn’t you think Kevin turned more to the left to give Nat the opportunity to “talk” to Jordan about falling? It was all the plan to have Jordan think Nat wants her as F2.
    WHy doesn’t anyone say Nat was cheating by watching the log mechanisms? She was closer to her log end than Kevin was to his.

  324. My opinion on who will take who to the final 2:

    If Jordan wins she will take Nasty and if Kevin wins he will take Jordan

  325. Rene’,

    First of all I am white, so it’s not a racial gripe. I merely pointed out that I had never seen a black/African American get in the final 2,and it appears that the rules changed, OK?
    As I stated before, I would love to see a Jordan/Kevin final 2. Let’s move on.

  326. #445
    How do you know the hair band constituted cheating? Where did they announce they couldn’t put something on their hand? Nat disgusts me but if it wasn’t a rule breaker, it was a smart thing to do.

    I could as easily say Jordan cheated by gained 12 lbs. The added weight gave her more stability on the log in the wind.

    See how ridiculous it sounds to say these things?

  327. #456
    Odd that you bring up something but when someone responds once to it you suddenly want to “move on”. And why do you feel it necessary to announce your race?

  328. Rene,

    Your mention of a Black president, black reality show that why. But enough of this. I will not respond to this issue anymore. I want to enjoy the chats, not get into a brawl with you. I want Jordan/Kevin. That’s a wrap.

  329. I can’t stand Natalie, and I want Jordan to win. Not because she was the best player but because she needs the money more than the others, and she is 10,000 times nicer than those other two liars. I believe she has a better chance with Natalie. I feel like she would have 3 votes in the jury house, and I know America wants her to win. It would be the greates final ever!

  330. Linda, my post #444 was to you. You typed “a black”. I too thought it was a racist post, but since your other comments, I’ll rethink it. Maybe its the way it came across.

    I’ll move on too.

  331. The CDT was given to the guy who was truly an underdog and really had no other options in the game.

    I’m sure CBS did it, knowing who the fan favorite was, in an effort to stop the bleeding on one side of the house and eliminate the kingpin who was picking everyone off one by one – not interesting t.v.

  332. Honestly if Kevin was seeing the log mechanism I don’t call that cheating! I call it smart for looking at something they put in his line of sight! Either way it’s over and now it’s all about the 3rd level!

  333. @Linda Rainier: No rules have changed! They are not having a “Final 3” to allow “a White” in there! They are just holding the last competition two days later!

    The only thing this actually changes anything is that it doesn’t allow the final juror time to go in and mess with everyone’s head in the Jury House!

  334. Hi Linda Rainier – I respect your decision to move on, but if I may, I have a question. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I interpreted your post as basically saying that in BB brother history, there has never been a black/African American in the F2, and since Kev is black/Japanese, he would be a first. Your comment re the change of the game, in your opinion is that since J/J have been America’s favs, they have slanted the game in their favor.

    Am I right?

  335. Kevin is Blackanese (black and japanese), and Natalie is Blacknic (black and hispanic). There are two blacks in the house now.

    So this racial/prejudice suggestion is nonsense.


  336. I hate to even acknowledge the race discussion, but if Jeff was not caucasian (and oh so very handsome), I’d love to see what people’s opinions would be of how horribly he was treated by people in the first few weeks.

    For that matter, Michele, too!

    I think BB and its houseguests are Equal Opportunity Offenders… and you just have to know that if you sign up to do the show, people are playing for a 1/2 mil; and someone might be mean to you, or the producers might try to sway an outcome for dramatic effect.

  337. The other evidenced that BB is not against Kevin or Natalie is that one rule is during competitions, no HG is allowed to use any other language except English. Kevin and Natalie both spoke spanish TWICE each.

    I speak spanish and they didn’t say anything incriminating or game-planning, but this is yet another rule that was broken by K/N and they were allowed to continue the comp.

    Then again, if BB expelled everyone who broke a rule (or two), this reality show wouldn’t last a month!

  338. I think its pretty obvious that if Kevin wins HOH he must take Natalie to the final two if he wants to win $500,000. If he takes Jordan, she will get the votes of Jeff and Michele. She will also get Natalie’s becuase Natalie will be freshly stabbed in the back when the vote takes place.

    Then America will supply the last vote she needs. If Kevin takes Natalie to the final two, he will win all 7 votes. The jury house and America all seem to hate Natalie.

    I am sure if he thinks this through he will come to the same conclusion.

    Jordan wins against either Kevin or Natalie if she makes it to the final two.


  340. I can hardly stand to watch bb now that Jeff is gone what’s to watch. I hope Jordon wins and takes Nat, only because she could then win the 500k, but I don’t want Nat to win the 50k. once in a while Kevin is mildly entertaining but yuck! I’ve read that a lot of people wanted Russ to win but I really didn’t because he was just trying to imitate past players rather than just be who he is. Which is what I think Jeff and Jordan did. and what in the world was it about her that made everyone be so cruel to Michelle?

  341. everytime i post something on this blog, it goes into moderation or is deleted! I am neither saying nor doing anything wrong…what’s up with that?

  342. I’m just wondering what you guys thought about what Evel Dick, Janelle, Boogie, and Danielle said about the game? Just curious.

  343. @astrolove – ED looked disgusted and unenthusiastic @ the F3…Janelle appeared to be unimpressed although she complimented the LML strategy…Danielle hasn’t changed and was clearly for a female winner, and Boogie was more excited about his success than talking about the F3, and while I though his attempt to come to Chima’s defense was considerate, she isn’t worthy. I think we all understand that being locked in a house for over 2 mos. with strangers can be stressful, she was clearly over the top.

  344. the thing that irritates me the MOST about nat is her “you can’t beat me no matter what” cocky attitude, i cringe everytime she starts speaking. This whole time she has said how noone can beat her. well then biznatch PROVE it. it’s irritating. Personally right now between Kevin and Jordan I will be happy no matter who wins I’ll be happy as long as they totally leave nat out of the whole thing and just take 1st and 2nd together!

  345. I personally hope that Jordan and Kevin go to the F2, and Nat goes home with nothing. She has done absolutely nothing but annoy America this whole season. I have the live feeds, I don’t watch them constantly, but I have never once seen Nataliar clean the kitchen, clean anything, do anything to help anyone… I could go on and on and on… she is way too full of herself. I hope her boyfriend wakes up soon.

  346. I would like to see Jordan win BB 11 because it would be nice to see… “Nice Guys don’t always finish last” I would like to see Kevin get 2nd (he is the lesser of two evils).

  347. I could tell that Dick was not really impressed by anyone in the final 3. I guess he admired Nats shameless lying ability, it surpassed his own. I liked Dick because he was an atheist and so didn’t suffer from the fake Christian hypocrisy of people like Jesse and Nat and Ronnie that irked the ish out of me. If you are a “follower of Christ”, you have no business being in BB. Can you imagine Jesus or ay of the apostles in the BB house? LOL. But i digress.

    Janelle, whatever, useless comments. Boogie had a lot of interesting things to say out of all them.

  348. It would just be so priceless to see Nataliar’s face if she is not picked to go to the F2 with either Kevin or Jordan.

  349. ( CHECK-OUT YOU – YOU-TUBE ) Watch Natalie cheating ,,,on the log roll. Call A.G. 1-818-325-6900 ext. 6903 or e-mail CBS.COM.FEEDBACK, & let them know this is not right again. Here we go again,,

  350. I think at this point BB should switch the cameras to the jury house, that would be much more entertaining.

  351. Of course this is what we would see in the jury house…

    Jeff playing Solitaire
    Russ staring off into space
    Lydia admiring Jesse
    Jesse admiring Jesse
    Michelle giggling at Jeff

    It would still be better than looking at Nat and listening to the stupid crap that she talks about. I feel so sorry for Jordan and Kevin stuck in that house with her.

  352. @Donna S #486 – You’re scenarios are funny…LOL! I agree that at this point the JH is probabbly more entertaining.

    @Everyone…Have an awesome night!! I’m outta here.

  353. @Budman

    Julie announced Janelle and Danielle as F3 and Mike Boogie and Evil Dick as winners of their seasons. Not sure but I think she only made it to F3.

  354. I hate too remind you ppl that this is not your fathers trailer park. This is bb and know one owes another, unless it is their best interest to do so. U saw how u ppl were acting, because jor got the names right. What does that say about ur iqs? Go Kevin !

  355. @Cat

    When Danielle first played (before All-Stars), she was in the final two with Jason (this was the infamous season where Marcellas refused to use the power of veto on himself, and Jason??? voted him off because of it).

  356. @Stephen

    Like i said…I can barely remember yesterday :)
    Yes you are right…how could anyone forget Marselles!!

  357. Kevin is going to win the next competition. He will! So, hopefully he’ll pick Jordon. Guess it will depend on who Kevin picks.

  358. Michele was the best player in the game, but as so often happens to best players, she got bounced. She has my “America’s Favorite” vote.
    Neither one of the J/J combo which seems to be the favorite on this blog, deserves the F3, though Jordan deserves a sympathy vote. Natalie’s desperation is becoming too obvious, and Kevin should really make a truth speech before he bounces her off.

  359. Answering my own question. I watched last nights show again and the graphic under Danielle said: Final 2 Big Brother 3

  360. @ Budman / Cat….. Danielle made the Final 2 of BB3 and lost to Kisa ecause that was when BB let JH members watch the Diary Room Videos…. That was the last season BB allowed that….

    @ FedUp /Budman…. Matt & I have banned the person posting those obsurd messages and erased them…

    @ Cat…. I will let you share the news about my new ride because I am playing with the tv’s / dvd’s in my whip!!!

    @ Everyone have a good night!!!

  361. Just checking in:
    Nothing much going on in the BBH.
    Nothing much going on here.

    BB, where is the drama?
    Even the DR sessions are over for the F3, so what do
    you have planned for the weekend? Arts and crafts? Yippee!

    It is too bad the F3 isn’t Michele, Jeff and Russell.
    Now, they would have made this time interesting.

    I agree with Evil Dick. BB Production should have
    had a Triple Eviction and
    brought back 3 others.

    Yawn ………………….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Suggestion: Give each player 5 minutes to read this blog.
    What a hoot! Will they tell each other what they read?
    The good and the bad?
    Come on, please.
    Anything to stop the Michele bashing, the late night
    sex and hygiene lessons and wedding planning.

  362. What is desperate Nick is ur blatant hatred for someone u don’t even know it disgusting thee amont of hatred directed towards a contant of a game show that has done nothing but put herself out there to win like everyone else, I realize that’hating’ is a spectators; sport but u seriously crossed the line with ur analysis of how she played her game, did u cry outrage when Jeff threw d HOH for Jordan….I bet u thot it was ‘sweet’….

  363. Airee

    I read Nick’s comment and you need to read it again.
    He isn’t a fan of J/J though you seem to think he is.
    And he didn’t say anything hateful about any of the F3.

    At this point in the game, Natalie is desperate.
    Kevin does need to make a move soon and if he
    selects Jordan over Natalie for F2, he will have to
    explain his reasons to her.
    Jordan gets his sympathy vote which I don’t understand but
    while supportive, it isn’t over the top praise.

    His favorite, Michele, is out of the game and he is sorry
    about that. I agree with him.

    You have misread his comment.

  364. @Marcus #102…u hv to be about the only intelligent poster I’ve seen since BB started….u analysis is apt. Refreshing to come here and see something different from all these Natalie haters or Jor(duh)an must win for Jeff spectators….Any one of the 3 deserve the money and no spinning from the editors of the show can change that….

  365. @Midwest Fan…excellent comments…I think a lot of people still commenting here have seen their favorites leave already, and when the majority is unhappy with what’s left, some comments are a little rough. And then, some people just want to get into it with somebody. I like the way you took the high road…maybe I can do that some day!

  366. @Midwest Fan…we were writing each other at the same time…how sweet…

    I’m not sure Kevin will ditch Natalie…I think he wants to keep his word to her…too bad! Hope I’m wrong.

    This is the most boring day…and it will be like this until Tuesday unless some secrets are spilled…

  367. @ Budman… Danielle mad Final 2 in BB3 and lost because BB let the Jury see Diary Room footage which cost her the win…. That is the last season BB has let the Jury see DR footage

  368. If Jordan ends up winning this show it is a joke. She has done absolutely nothing in this game and was carried by Jeff who was carried by American and the CDT. We all know that Jessie deserved to win this game and was robbed. CBS if Jordan wins this I will never watch again and I am sure there are other people that feel the same. Go Kevin or Natalie, at least you 2 have played the game.

  369. Dan

    Don’t follow me. I’m not taking the “high road,” I’m
    looking for something/anything to shake things up.
    It is time for the Big Lie Reveal.


  370. BBAD is lame

    Tommorow’s show will be worse

    This desperate attempts of BB to try something new to aappease N/K haterss is why BB will never be as succesful as Survivor (fact)!!!

    Good night everyone!!!

  371. Is it just me or is BBAD lame tonight?

    Tommorow’s show will be worse

    This desperate attempts of BB to try something new to aappease N/K haters is why BB will never be as succesful as Survivor (fact)!!!

    Good night everyone!!!

  372. Oh my gosh!!! Natalie is going to get slammed on this site today. Why? Because she and Kevin are lying on the hammock, and she has the gall to try and convince him that there is a God. How could this horrible person even do such a thing? Well, I still like her, and I think that her best line to him was “Kevin, you need to go to church with me.” I am still rooting for her, and can’t wait to see what all you bashers have to say about her today. GO
    NATALIE!!! No, I am not pushing Religion on this site, I am just saying that this girl is not the horrible person lots of people claim that she is and you need to give her half a chance.

  373. I agree Redhead. Natalie is just human like the rest of us and these people on here just like to hate and judge people.

  374. Lisa

    Good for you. I think Jessie needs a fan or two.
    Sadly, I’m not one.
    I don’t like former players returning to the show unless
    all HGs are former players and participating in a BB All Stars.

    Personally, I don’t want any of the F3 to win so I’m in the
    worse possible place. However, I have voted for Kevin to
    win over Natalie and/or Jordan.
    And for Jordan to win over Natalie if they are the F2.

  375. @Pointless-I disagree with you about Kevin having to take Nasty to the F2 in order to win. They don’t know that the JH is against Nasty; for all he knows they are all still on her side. They also don’t know that most of America hates Nasty either. He could think that America thinks Nasty has played a good game even though she hasn’t; and he may think that because Jordan skated through via Jeff that the jury won’t vote for her. IMO

  376. To all that are having the race discussion I thought this ended with the devil Chima. I think we addressed it enough at that time. I am proud to be Caucasian and who cares if the Caucasian race is going to be a minority in a few years. Back to BB. GO JORDAN

  377. Jessie was robbed two years in a row by America. Give him credit, he played the best game this year and in my view as robbed. Jeff was just handed the game by America and yet he still blew it. Imagine if Jessie had the CDT, they could have just given him the 500K weeks ago because no doubt he would have won. What a waste giving it to Jeff.

  378. @Laurene-From what I have read BB 12 will be in the summer of 2010. I do agree that the DR has to much influence on the HG’s decisions and that they are there to make their own decisions whether good or bad. Why weren’t they telling Jeff about the LML about Russell and encouraging him to evict N/K

  379. @Lisa: Jessie was handed a free pass back into the game this season after he blew it in Season 10 and handed a free HOH week the very first week to boot.

    Perhaps if he wasn’t such an @ss-hole to Jeff, he wouldn’t have gone home via the CDT.

  380. Jessie was robbed last season too by America. CBS owed him better this time around and the screwed him again. All I am saying is that should let the game play itself out without America’s help. It is just not fair and ruins the integrity of the game. Jeff should have been eliminated earlier in the game but CBS liked him.

  381. CBS doesn’t owe anyone anything, except maybe their advertisers. If it makes for ratings, they’ll hang Jessie out to dry the next 10 seasons in a row, if he’ll keep coming back for the humiliation. ;)

  382. @Lisa-I am not even gonna waste my breathe. All I will say is Nasty didn’t so crap and Jesse had his chance last year.boohoohoo.
    @Leo-It’s not you, hun. BBAD is very lame now. N/K are discussing God and the creation of life and how Kevin doesn’t believe in that. Can’t wait to blog about Survivor. Since the DR likes to advise the HG’s on which way to sway or give their opinions I say spill all the beans and watch the fireworks explode and Nasty run like a dog with her tail between her legs.
    @Redhead-Nasty gets bashed every night just because a lot of us dislike her. I said dislike not hate, because hate is a strong word. Since you like her so much maybe you two can go to church together and have brunch after.
    @Lisa-Kevin made a pretty clear that Jesse had all the girls in in back pocket with Lydia and Nasty fighting to be in his underwear. It was time for the other side of the house to have the power. Nasty hasn’t done anything to deserve 500K and Jesse OMG, not gonna waste my breathe. boohoohoo

  383. @Dan: If you’re impressed tonight, you should’ve seen me the other day go after Leo. You would’ve really enjoyed that. We had a fun banter…

  384. @Martie…Leo is pretty funny, and biased like most of the rest of us…I noticed you have some competition from Bridget…she’s bringin’ it right now…

  385. I heard/read somewhere that, in real life, Jessie has a bunch of girls who are “friends” (much like in the BB house), who will all do his bidding: run errands, take care of his personal needs, etc. Anything he doesn’t feel like doing he calls them in order until he can find one of them who is willing & available to do it.

    Sounds like he used this same methodology in the BB House, and it was working until the CDT.

  386. @Dan: Bridget is going to have to tackle all of the jabs for me. I have to turn in for the night!

    Good Night!

  387. come on you have to win it all jordon

    we will see you in the f2



    go jordon


    bb11 winner

  388. I want Jordan and kevin I cant stand all of the lies natalie has made up !! She was so confidant she was going to be in the f2 til jordan won. I hate the way she chews her candy omg ..Hope Jordan wins she needs the money she is real.

  389. Does anyone think Jordan is still sweet & innocent?

    Jordan to Kevin…..

    I promise I am taking you to the Final 2

    Jordan to Natalie……

    I promise I am taking you to the Final 2

    Jordan has become a good liar….

    Who will she backstab?

  390. @ Redhead- I’e disagreed with you several times this season but I totally agree that natalie has stepped up in my mind by witnessing to Kevin. I have been a bad Natalie basher but I will not do it any more. (I still hope she only gets 3rd place though)

  391. @ Belly……… I hope Kevin….. I think Jordan…….

    @ Matt…. ok I will quit putting that guy on blast ok bro?

  392. Jordan is just telling Natalie lies to keep her from freaking out. She is still a sweet person. She can chest bump me anytime. For everybody that said she had no game, I think she is doing very well for herself right now.
    JORDAN $500,00!!!

  393. Vote for Jordan!!! Let her win BB 11. Let’s show America that a nice person can win at this game….. We need to show that a nice person can really win at this game…. I am so sick of all the loser’s and bad people winning at this game…. This bunch of people on this BB 11 are so arrogant and a bunch of idiot’s… If it is the final 2 with Kevin vs Nat Please vote for Kevin…. JUST DON’T LET THAT SCAG NATALIE WIN…Both Kevin and Jordan have to take eachother to the final 2. They have much better chances because of those stupid people in the jury house as they may just vote Natalie. The jury house doesn’t see everything that Nat has done and because of that they may just vote the rat’s way as they didn’t really see all of her game play. GO JORDAN GO!!! Jordan really played that round 2 excellent and it proved that she isn’t as dumb as everyone thinks she is…. She is a nice girl no matter what anyone says…. I think her and Jeff make a cute pair too! I think they are a great match and should probably try and see if anything happens outside the game after the show…

  394. I think Kenvin and Jordan should win if Kevin will for once do what he says in DR, I hope Jordan remember what Jeff said about Natalie cannot be trusted.This is hard because Keven took Jeff out Both need to think of all the things Natalie did in the house

  395. At this point it is so obvious that this whole show is scripted that it’s ridiculous. Congrats CBS on getting 13 naive(?) actors to perform for 80 days for little or nothing.

    I’ve lost all respect for CBS. No wonder Cronkite died. He probably jumped off a bridge in horror upon seeing what’s become of this station that once garnered much respect.

    CBS has lost all credibilty with me.

  396. @Lisa 534 — Dear, you just don’t understand. It was not just CBS that liked Jeff, but America, too. They knew Jeff would use the power to remove Jessie because America didn’t like Jessie either. Makes for better ratings, better revenue for CBS. Jessie is an egomaniac … people just can’t stand that. Not sure why you do.

  397. @Leslie 563 & 564 — If you think “the Gnat” is behaving like a Christian, what show are you watching????????? Seriously, she is the most vile person I’ve ever seen on this show ever, including Evil Dick.

  398. NBK – what does it stand for????????????

    Yeah, Nat is so innocent and virginal – I wouldn’t expect anything less from an 18 year old!! ;)

  399. Whoa!

    Where are the late night partygoers comments?
    BB Production, it looks like your Party sucked, just like BB11.

    On a scale of 1 to 10 Rating BB11. (10 being the Highest Score)
    BB11 gets a 4.

    Next, the 2 Hour Finale:
    Thanks to BB Production, Jordan will get the America’s Vote.
    Thanks to BB Production, Jeff will get the Fan Favorite.
    Who will win the $500K?
    Ugh! Who cares?

    The only way to save the Finale is if Julie goes into Labor
    during the show. Thank goodness, that’s not BB Production’s choice.
    Or is it?

  400. don’t forget america votes too, so we shouldn’t be so quick to trust their DR sessions. if they’re smart they’ll be playing us like any other houseguest so this leaves me a bit skeptical.

  401. Ithink BB12 should be something totally different. Like having a house full of people over 60. Maybe the couldn’t do some of the really physical challenges but I think they would do very well, if not better, at the mental challenges.

  402. @leslie whew Christian Values in someone as vile as Nat? What Church do you go too? She is nasty and a habitual liar!!! If she was virginal and a Christian she wouldn’t be doing the things she is doing to win the almighty dollar.

  403. I have advice for Jessie. The more you try to convince others that you are hot, good-looking, etc….the uglier you appear. Part of Jeff’s appeal is that he doesn’t go around telling everyone he’s a hunk and is considerate of others instead of thinking of himself 24/7. A huge turn-off for women is constantly telling them or asking if you’re good-looking or a stud. Find some other subject besides yourself!





  405. @mel – Is Jeff dumb because he failed at an attempt to spell “technotronics”? Guess you are in the same category as ‘stupid’ for butttt and desparate?

  406. For all those with a rational thought process, PLEASE, PLEASE go to and vote as many times as you can! We have to make sure the gnat has no chance at $500K

  407. Screw nat and her “witnessing”. She’s a liar, a cheat, has a vile mouth and has the audacity to f-ucking “witness” to Kevin?? She is insane. According to nat’s special religion, Kevin is going to HELL because he’s gay. He’s going to boot her off for being a huge douche bag.

    God is not a genie. You don’t rub the bible and get 3 wishes. Supposedly he has better things to do than grant prayers to selfish people in a house cheating and lying for money. Or maybe you can explain to the starving kid in Africa why God doesn’t care about him but chose to help some b!tch on a reality TV show.

    In one breath she is extolling the virtues of being a Christian and in another she is saying the most vile things ever. Wait, that DOES sound like most Christians I know.

  408. Martie: Aren’t you the one who keeps saying over and over and over, let’s move on. Well, let’s do it. Yes, I read the bible and I am proud of it, so GET OVER IT!!!

  409. fred derf

    I agree. Kudos!

    BB shouldn’t allow HGs to discuss religion or politics.
    I believe politics isn’t allowed, so why allow

    Natalie appears to be working pretty hard to get the
    anti-gay votes. Shish.


    BB11 is really turning me off to the entire show.

  410. Susie Cue: So Natalie is not a virgin. YOu aren’t in your right mind if you think that Jordan is. Watch some of the reruns and you will see that she is not as pure as the driven snow. (Perhaps after a few trucks run over it).
    Anyway, I am not going to try and change your mind about Jordan. She is what she is, and if she wins, so be it.

  411. Budman – Right on!!! I am only trying to say that Natalie is not as bad as everyone says, but I am wasting my time cause like Jordan, the lights are on, but nobody is listening.

  412. @ Redhead I don’t appreciate the slam from you!!! You freak all I was saying was that she is not virginal and not Christian acting, I saId nothing about Jordan, that’s not what I was talking about! Most Christians I know don’t lie cheat, steal peoples things or destroy them, what does that say about the Christian Community if she claims to be that!

  413. I am loving “Big Brother” this season, but shocked that Natalie, and in fact the 3 worst players, have made it to the infamous FINAL 3.
    I love Jordan and want her to win, not because she is smart or a saavy player, but because she seems to be genuinely nice. Natalie inspires me to talk to the televison… her arrogance astounds me. Please, Fans, go to the website and vote to make sure Natalie doesn’t take home a dime. All the horrible names she has called the other players, perfectly describe Natalie and her own ‘game.’
    Karen< Big Brother Fan

  414. At this point, I am hoping that Jordan and Kevin are the final 2. I have been voting like crazy for Jordan. Just so Natalie gets absolutely nothing, I will be happy. I also cannot believe that CBS let Natalie get away with the cheating. Lies and backstabbing are part of the game, but cheating as she did is against the rules. This is not fair to the other players. Perhaps next year, CBS will not have any rules or should I say that they shouldnt if they are not going to abide by them. Am very disappoionted in CBS, (not that they care), especially since the majority of the viewers are totally aware of it and are totally disgusted because of it. Wondering if Kevin and Jordan would have any recourse after the end of the show? There are those that may say that Nat didn’t win even if she cheated in that comp and that is true, but it did allow her to remain and possibly be in the F2.

  415. good news!!!! I think Natalie may know she won’t be in the final 2!!!! I read on 2 sites that Kevin is going to tell Natalie on Monday that he is not going to take her and also, Natalie confessed to Jor that she cheated through out the comp..Jordan told her she below:

    Later all three of them are together and Rat-Nat admits that she cheated during the comps. She helped Kevin. Jordan says that she knew. She was told in the Diary Room that the tapes were reviewed and “you lost anyway” so it didn’t matter.

  416. I don’t like Nat. she is a player. Don’t think her relatioship is genuine, she expected the proposal, but will lose again in the end. She didn’t seem that excited. I think that if she wins any money, i.e. 2nd place, she will use it on herself and not follow through with her on camera conviction to marriage.she is self absorbed, selfish, untrustworthly, and conceited. She is nothing and can give nothing in return. She will probably con some lonesome person who has money to think she is a catch. And then she will probably win. Let’s hope the jury members aaknowledge this and prove to be more astute in character

  417. QUESTION..does the hg who doesn’t make it to final 2 get to vote with the jury?
    like if nat doesn’t get to final 2 does she get a vote?

  418. Lisa, if viewers weren’t allowed to “hate and judge” the contestants, BB ratings would be in the cellar

  419. leslie – your “christian values” and “virtue” statement referring to Nat in the same breath as calling Jord “trash” are making me barf.

  420. The biggest thing I have noticed about this season is the whiners! It’s ok for Natalie to lie but in her book “Michelle was a skank” for it. So, it’s ok for THEM to play the game but not for the others, too. The double standards-beginning with that crackpot, Chima, have just been RIDICULOUS!

    GO JORDAN….Natalie is nothing more than a whiner and loser and the poorest excuse for an “athlete” than I have EVER seen.

    Go Jordan…she may have ridden coat-tails but she got there.

  421. I really don’t think natalie should be in the final 2..i just really don’t like the girl. but aside from than if jordan does take natalie the comparison will be made that both nat and jordo rode coattails to get where they are. but if you look at it natalie clearly is seen throwing comps and relying on someone else to win for her. jordan may not win comps but at least she seems like she is trying her best and her best just wasnt good enough. just cuz you don’t win doesn’t me you didn’t try and i think she may be able to win if the jury members see that.

  422. @Redhead: I re-read your erroneously punctuated message and finally understood what you were trying to accuse me of saying. You also misquoted me because I have never said, “Let’s move on.” Get your facts straight, lady.

    BTW, stop promoting your hatred by hiding hiding behind your religion.

  423. What has Jordan done so wrong….I don’t think she has rode anyones shirt tail …she was on the block just that she wasn’t the target…she has won Hoh and veto and the second part of the finale….what has nat done but lie..which is the game but her personality stinks…

  424. Just my personal opinion, but I think Kevin & Jordan both would be smarter to take NataLIE to F2 because American can’t stand her and she has been a snake to most of the HG’s in the jury house. That said, I HATE the thought of NataLIE getting even $50K. Michelle is in the jury house now and we know she will tell Jessie that NataLIE is engaged so my gut tells me he will vote for Kevin or Jordan over NataLIE. Like many of you have already posted, Jordan will get Jeff & Michelle’s votes and if she goes up against NataLIE, she will also get Lydia’s vote. From the polls, it looks like Jordan is wayyyyy out in front with America, so she will most likely get that vote too which would make her the winner of BB 11

    NataLIE has admitted to cheating in comps and we saw her cheat in pool, cards, chess, etc. and regardless of who she would be in F2 with, Jordan or Kevin could point out that she gave up the ability to play in the final POV, the MOST important comp, so she could spend 5 minutes with her boyfriend. Says a great deal about her drive to win! AND Jordan won a POV and an HOH and has gone one to win the 2nd HOH comp. What did NataLIE do? Just my humble opinion. :)

  425. Sheila #607. The only thing that Jordan has actually won on her own is this #2 comp. Jeff gave her the HOH and Jordan, Jeff and Michelle all said that they could feel which way the person on either side of them was stepping during the veto. At least 3 different times during that veto comp Jordan stepped one way then changed after Michelle stepped the other way. It was only dumb luck that her number was closer in the tie breaker. I hate Nat and don’t want her to win any money either but Jordan hasn’t done anything throughout the whole game. Don’t think she deserves anything. Nat is a scumbag liar but at least she made it this far on her own. Even if it was by lying, manipulating and getting other people to do her dirty work. She got Idiot Jeff to turn against Russell in the best move of the game. Even better than the coup d tat. Ultimately want Kevin to win.

  426. Hi Kandeecane,

    I hear you…but during the HOH comp that Jordan won, she had been hitting some holes in 1. Jeff was an uber gentleman in deliberately losing the HOH comp, but we will never know if Jordan could have won it fair and square because of his having done that. And I must disagree about the POV comp…in my humble opinion, Jordan won that fair and square. (sensing which direction the other HG’s were stepping did not mean they were “right”…Jordan still had to decide which answer was correct).

    And I get what you’re saying about Jordan not doing much in the game….but…what she did do, she did w/o lying, stealing, cheating, etc. Kevin cheated in more than 1 comp and NataLIE cheated in everything. (slight exageration there ~smile~). And NataLIE never tried in any comp and gave up her right to play in the final Veto.

    Again, this is all totally just my opinion, but I am firm believer in “cheaters never prosper” and NataLIE and Kevin both cheated AND lied, and in my humble opinion, Jordan didn’t.

    I get what you are saying though about Jordan not doing much in the game. :)

    Looking forward to them all facing the jury tomorrow.

  427. So, when is Jeff getting his wn show? any single female CBS execs listening? He’ll mor than make up 500K that way.

  428. @ Leslie-geeze how about you fly to Cali and meet Nasty after the finale. You two can have a cup of tea and chit chat as to why she lost the game. Just because she grew up without a mother doesn’t mean that she is more innocent than Jordan, it’s obvious she didn’t and still doesn’t have too many girlfriend’s. I have a friend who’s mother died when she was 3 and she was raised without a mother and she wears make up and also has manners. How can you sit there and say that Jordon grew up n a trailer park. She actually grew up very well off and how can you sit there and say she is more sexually advanced than Nasty. How do you know that? Jordon wasn’t the one giving her guy a BJ and hand job, Lydia was. Jordan wanted to respect her family and wouldn’t even kiss Jeff on camera.

  429. OH and BTW Leslie-I don’t live in a trailer park far from it and I am a Jordan fan

  430. OK, I think Kevin will take Jordan to the F2 with him; but I think Jordan will take Nasty so regardless Jordan will be in the F2. Goooo Jordannnn!!!!!!!

  431. tj, the round 3 for HOH will be held live Tuesday night right before voting. Rumor has it that the producers are trying to prevent the HG who is eliminated from F2 from going to the jury and spreading their venom to the jury. (Gee…wonder who THEY think will be leaving?) lol :p

  432. I feel Jordan has the truest heart and would use the money for a purpose greater than herself…helping put her family back together. And for once, I would like to see the one person that didn’t lie, back-stab, and screw everyone win for a change. The “nice guy” (girl in this case) usually never wins, but I’d like to see America plug good morals for a change and put 500 G’s in Jordan’s pocket!

  433. Lisa…#512 I totally agree with you. If Jordon wins I will be disgusted!!! I hope she wins the second prize and Kevin wins the first but, she better not win the first prize because your right….she did nothing!!

  434. Even if gnat had played with a little bit of integrity, the fact that she gave up the most important POV of the season to satisfy her own desires (a bit narcissitic) proves that she does not deserve to win anything. I sure hope Kevin & Jordo don’t lose site of that.

  435. There are 2 scenerios that can happen in Tuesday.

    If Jordan wins, she will take Natalie because blood was on Kevin’s hand when Jeff got kicked out. This will be very benefit to her because all the jurors are against Nat right now.

    If Kevin wins, he will take Jordan. And the votes will be unpredictable. Russ, Jessie, Lydia will vote for Kevin. Jeff, Michelle, Natalie will vote for Jordan. And the viewers’ vote will determine the winner.

    This is the best scenerio for Jordan. Hope she will win this season.

  436. Everone needs to listen to the evection interviews of Lydia Russell Jeff and Michele before you cast your vote on who should win BB11. Go to

  437. Jorden V. kevin = Jorden
    Jorden V. nasty Nat = Jorden
    Kevin V. Nasty Nat = Kevin
    There you have it Jorden wins. I called it!!

  438. Gnataliar needs to go! As for Gnat’s fiance’, as MR.T would say, “I pity the FOOL!” I wanted Jeff & Russell to be in the final two! It sucks that they are not. And Evil Dick,Mike Boogie & the rest sad this: The strongest players never make it! Which is sad. Jordan, you go girl! Gnataliar needs to go!

  439. Most people think that the last 2 are gonna be Kevin and Jordan.I think that only if Jordan wins the last leg , for sure she will be in, but if Kevin gets to decide, we don’t know for sure if he will choose Jordan. If he is as smart as he’s shown to be, he knows the odds on him winning are higher if he goes up against Nat. And, in reality, he was way better and outsmarted the muscle twins(Jessie, Russel), and he was smarter than Jeff because he knew what to say,and how to behave in order to save himself when he was a cat’s hear close to getting evicted.But, he made the mistake of befriending Nat who is disgustingly unlikable for obvious reason, and some of that rubbed off onto him. Besides, since the beginning I wanted Jordan to win, regardless of who the better player was. So, GO JORDAN!. And, LAUREEN, if you’re out-there, I sent you a reply to your message last week, but I lost track of you. Send me a signal if you’re out-there.Good resting everyone. take care of yourselves.

  440. Well i just have a few comments to make. I don’t think there is a chance in the world that Kevin will take Jordan to F2. Why, because he can not break away from Natalie. If he could he would have done it sooner, she has him almost brainwashed and he is a bit afraid of her. Never going to happen, its K and N all the way if Kev gets to choose. IMO!
    I hope even though i do not like her, that Jordan does take Nat to the finish if she does the picking, she will win for sure but I am pretty sure she will loose against Kevin.
    Even though Jordan has come on strong in wining the 2nd part of the HOH, its a bit of to little to late. I hope I am wrong for I would love to see her win it all.
    I think that Nat has to be a very unhappy gal inside to treat others the way she does. That kind of ugliness usually comes from abuse of some kind, there are many different subtle kinds of abuse that can make us feel horrible about ourselves and that is how I see Nat. There is no excuse, what so ever for her behavior but just maybe there is a reason for it.

    GO JORDO!!

  441. If I were Jordan and win the final hoh comp, I would keep Kevin. My speech would be “I’d rather lose to Kevin and win $50,000 than win $500,000 and see Natalie win $50,000.”

  442. I can not stand Natalie, she is a terrible competitor and has lied more than anyone in the house and the worst part is…she stirs up all the lies and makes others enforce them…so her hands are clean and if it goes bad then she is still safe. She has ridden everyone’s coat tails throughout this. I would like to see Jordan and Kevin in the finals…out of the 3 they deserve it the most. Based on competitions Kevin should win…but based on who played the cleanest most honest game would be Jordan, it is a tough decision to make…..BUT I HAVE BEEN TEAM JEFF AND JORDAN ALL SUMMER SO I DO HAVE TO SAY IT WILL BE SAD IF SHE DOESNT MAKE TO TO THE FINAL 2

  443. i hope if Kevin wins he will take Jordon with him and the same with Jordon because if anyone win’s anything i hope its them to

  444. Strategically, Jeff has played the best game of the three. Jordan has played the cleanest game and is the most true to her word. Nat cannot be trusted by anyone. She has told the most lies and has been a master manipulator. She and Jessie would make the perfect couple as full of themselves as they are. If Jordan wins the final HOH, I believe she will take Kevin based on her reasoning that it would be a more even voting field. If Kevin wins the final HOH, I’m hoping he will take Jordan. I believe him when he says he will take Jordan because he’s been laboring too much about breaking it to Nat. I just hope he doesn’t cave on that. I LOVE Jeff & Jordan together. I hope they hook up for real after the show is over!

  445. The thing that sealed my disdain for Nat was when her boyfriend proposed to her she was so cold and unfeeling. I thought it showed that she has no feelings whatsoever. I felt that she was thinking, “Yikes, Mon! Go away, I have a game to play here and i can’t keep an eye on things as long as you are here.”

  446. Lets be real people….Kevin is almost as big a liar as NataLIE…almost. So if he were to win the final HOH..he will not take Jordan, unfortunately. If he were thinking clearly, he would…because if he takes Nat…she has more votes in the jury house than what he does. I just do not think that Nat deserves any part of the money….NONE! Nat is scum!

  447. I love Jordan…she may have floated a little bit..but she has stepped up her game in the last few weeks. She may not always be great at the physical competitions, but she knows her stuff about the house. Plus, she is nice, she isn’t a flat out liar as is Nat and Kevin. NataLIE has Kevin so brainwashed it is sickening. At least if Kevin and Jordan goto the F2….Jordan will not go home empty handed. She deserves the big prize, but unfortunately, snakes and scum usually win this game.

  448. Can anyone tell me what the “LIE” is, I must have missed it. I know there were several but what lie are they talking about here that Jordon needs to know.

  449. the final outcome is truly unpredictable…i think it’s going to come down to the winner of this last competition and who they chose to take to the final two…and i don’t think anyone can really predict who the jurors are going to vote for….jordan might not have had as much game as them (i personally think the only game nasty had was to leech on to others and hang on for dear life) but she has made it to the final 3 and she is generally well liked by everyone in the house…we will all see on tuesday night…but if you were watching the live feeds this weekend…nasty is sweating it out and kevin was busting her out about every move she made…i would be happy if kevin or jordan won….but nasty needs to have her butt spanked and sent home to ruin the life of that pitiful man who was dumb enough to propose to that loser…
    MARCUS…OR DO YOU USE M when you don’t want people to know it’s you….your nasty natalie is going down……….

  450. Nat. has told Kevin that she is the most hated by America, because her boyfriend has read a lot of the blogs, how does she know this? Nat. has cheated, and now, she has to be cheating again, she is so full of herself she would never guess she was the mosted hated, without that info., passed to her. I can’t believe BB would miss that.

  451. How pathetic is it that gnat actually thinks she “almost” or “should have” won competitions? We can add “dilusional” to her list of not-so-complimentary personality traits.

  452. ***The Houseguests Game Play***

    I’m going to list in order who I thought played the best game and I’ll try not to be biased.

    1. Kevin Hands down Kevin played the best game though it involved a little dishonesty. The LML lie was executed by him flawlessly. His choices on who to keep in the late game were brilliant given that now he is playing for $500,000 against Natalie and Jordan. The only person even more of a gimmie than those two is Lydia.

    2. Jeff Jeff was the most headstrong player in the game. He took on the tougher houseguests both verbally and competively. It was because of his game that he opened the door for someone like Kevin to win it all.

    3. Jesse Jesse was probably the only house guest with the ability to actually play both sides of the house. He maintained influence on Natalie and Ronnie, as well as Russell and even Casey to an extent.

    4. Lydia Oh my gosh am I serious? Yes actually, she was gifted with the ability to really talk her way out of situations such as the first nomination and though confrontational, was able to keep herself from being evicted on two other occasions. If she showed she could win competitions, we may be seeing Lydia here in the final 3.

    5. Chima Chima had promise in the beginning, she was incredibly headstrong and maintained dominance over alot of the houseguests. She was very direct but unlike Russell, was able to maintain stable relationships and hold on to key alliances which could have propelled her through the game similiar to that of Evel Dick.

    6. Russell The reason Russell only made it to number 6 was because his gameplay was erratic. The Russell of week 8 was not the same Russell of week 1. He started off headstrong, intimidating and direct but later moved to more of a schemer type playing style. He could not maintain stable relationships which ultimately hurt him.

    7. Natalie Natalie is a schemer without question and though she has gotten herself into hotwater on several occasions, ultimately was able to skid on through due to her houseguests believing she was not a threat in the game. Though many can argue about the sincerity of her making it to the final 3, the fact is, she is there and it wasn’t by accident.

    8. Ronnie Ronnie played Big Brother like a video game in that he was trying to be one step ahead of everyone. Unfortunately for Ronnie, Big Brother isn’t a video game and you can’t go around and try to manipulate and lie to everyone’s face and expect to get away with it. The difference between his game and Natalie’s game was that at least Natalie didn’t establish a reputation of being a fraud after week 1. Ronnie’s game was doomed to fail.

    9. Laura Laura never really got a chance to get her game going other then the fact she was smart enough to out Ronnie’s game. The reason she makes the #9 spot is because she tried outing Ronnie during his reign of HoH. I’m guessing she though she could rally everyone together against him but it fell flat on her face when ‘shockingly’ he nominated her.

    10. Casey Casey gets the #10 spot solely because he overestimated his likability and ended up being the 3rd person evicted. His carefree spirit though charming at times, didn’t help him stay out off the radar and he also showed he was prone to poor decision making. He did show he had the ability to be a good communicator during his interchange (which Russell which ultimately lead to him jumping ship) but by that time it was too little too late.

    11. Michelle Michelle was an outstanding competitor but lacked horribly in the communication department. She couldn’t convince a thirsty horse to drink. Her ability to maintain relationships rivaled that of Russell and her aura was obviously not that positive as none of the other houseguests truely tried to reach out to her.

    12. Jordan Jordan is #12 because she really had no game. She floated on the coat tails of Jeff the entire time and really relied upon her cute and sweet personality to carry her.

    13. Braden Braden only had a week but if the way he handled his nomination said anything about his game…Braden did the exact opposite of what he should have done to stay in the house and paired with his bizarre behavior during the first week would have been disastrous for him to stay on any longer.

  453. NataLIE and Kevin were emotionally and verbally abusive to HG’s. Especially to Michelle. I know that lying is part of the game, but I just can’t get past them being so mean. The reason Jordan is getting my on line votes is because she made it as far as they did without being nasty and causing other HG’s to cry. No amount of money would allow me to feel good about abusing the emotions of another human being the way Kevin and NataLIE did. Just my humble opinion!

  454. OMG !!!! cant stand when nasty gnat eats !! chews like a damn cow , makes me so sick, the 3 of them eating chips and you can hear her crunching and see her moving her mouth like she is in a race lol cant hear the other, you cant even hear them talk over her nasty chewing lol

  455. Gnataliar is coat tail rider! Gnataliar crawled up Jeesie’s a$*$*, & rode it for all it was worth. When Jeff gave Jessie the boot, Gnataliar rode J/J coat tails! Gnataliar does not belong to be in the house! As for Chimarosa, there is no comparison to Evil Dick! Chimarosa is just plain mean, & a sore loser. Gnataliar is mean, & a sore loser.

  456. How else can you explain her shouting out when she was given HOH, “This one is for you Chima.” Just my humble opinion.


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