Big Brother 11: Final HoH Round 2 Episode Tonight

Tonight on Big Brother 11 Julie Chen will reveal the official results of Tuesday’s endurance competition for the final HoH of the season.

The normal Big Brother procedure is to hold all 3 parts of the final HoH competition over a 48-hour period with the battle coming to a close during the live Thursday episode where one of the Final 3 HGs is evicted. Apparently Allison Grodner, executive producer of Big Brother, has decided to stretch the events out until next Tuesday’s 2-hr season finale episode making tonight’s episode unusual.

Here’s a preview of tonight’s Big Brother 11 Final HoH Round 2 competition:

click image to enlarge

Besides showing the conclusion of Tuesday night’s competition, you can see those spoilers here, and at least the start of Round 2 we’ll also be treated to the return of several Big Brother legends. Evel Dick, Janelle, Danielle (S3), and Boogie will all be joining Julie Chen onstage to review Big Brother 11. Should be awesome!

Join us tonight in the Big Brother Chat Room and check back on this site for the latest results as they happen live. If it does turn into another endurance competition, like Kevin says he is expecting, be sure to have your live feeds.

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  1. If it’s the case that the final eviction will not be until Tuesday nite, then I guess America won’t be voting. Wonder what will happen in the case of a tie.

  2. Matt

    Why even hold this comp, when CBS has stated all
    F3 will compete for the $500K on Finale night?

    Will Kevin get an advantage on Finale night for his win?
    Same for tonight’s winner?

  3. I think they are just dragging it out. There have been several times it looked like something else, or new, or different, would happen and then nothing. boring!!!!!!!!

  4. Adding a criminal Con Artist to the HG’s was a HUGE mistake by CBS. Didn’t they do a background check on Natalie?


  6. I am done watching it because the final 3 are a joke!! It makes me wonder how stupid people are to believe Natalie’s lies!! I wonder how her “fiance” must feel to see how well she lies. Does he think her lying will stop after the show?? Good luck to him because he is going to be on an emotional roller coaster with her. There marriage will be one lie after another… think he was crying on the show…just wait!!! And Jordan…. can someone really be that dumb? Look into her eyes…. lights are on but there’s no one home abd as soon as she opens her mouth it confirms everything!! Kevin…Kevin… Kevin…. You have been bamboozeled by Natalie!! Everything she says goes! She walks around the house like she earned her spot to be there. She doesn’t do a thing in the house. Kevin was even making her a sandwich last night on BB AD. I was waiting for him to eat it her too. Thanks Jeff for turning the entire house around. You just confirmed to your family and friends that you are just as dumb as Jordan!! Quit begging like a dog…. “you ain’t gettin’ nothing from her”!!! You took her all the way to end thinking you might get lucky??? YOU DOPE!! I hope your days in the jury house are filled with misery!

    TO CBS….. THANKS FOR WASTING MY TIME THIS SEASON FOR SUCH A GREAT “FINALE”. To Allison G. get rid of the people who recruit for this show because this time they didn’t do their job!!! I WON’T BE WATCHING NEXT SEASON BUT FOR THOSE WHO WILL PLEASE CBS RECRUIT HG’S WITH A LITTLE BACKBONE AND SOME SMARTS!!!

  7. My best moment so far this week: I loved it when Julie called Natalie out up in the HOH interview about all the lies she told in the house. The look on that tramp Natalie’s face was priceless. It caught her off guard and I know she felt stupid. She realized that if Julie was saying that, then all of America knew she was a fake, funky, fraudulent liar as well. From what I have been reading on jokersupdates, Natalie hasn’t been doing so well on the new comp game they are practising on in the BY. Jordan is doing way better than Natalie. I hope Jordan skunks Nat in this new game they play today. I think Kevin is worried as well. Let’s go Jordo Let’s go!! Woot woot!!

  8. I just watched the video of Natalie putting a hair tie from her wrist around the key at the beginning of the comp to keep her hand from slipping off. Plus she was holding onto the rope. Why doesnt she ever get called out for cheating?

  9. It is being said gnatlie cheated and let go of the key, but she had her hand on the rope above the key. what is up with that? did anyone see that?

  10. @Midwest: CBS never stated that. All of the F3 will be present on Finale night. Other than changing the schedule of events CBS has not changed the way the events take place. The winners from Round 1 (Kevin) and Round 2 (Natalie or Jordan) will face off in Round 3 on next Tuesday. As it stands right now, all 3 of the F3 have a chance to compete on Tuesday, but only 2 of them will.

  11. Nata”LIE” is a sick sick person and cannot even say a human at this point.Shame on you CBS and BB for allowing this sicko to continue.Sad that you have to stoop this low for ratings,but will guarentee that next season you will have lot less viewers because of it.People, and only some are still watching and hoping to see the snake get booted off……

  12. #4 Karla

    We voted online for Fan Favorite. Prize $25K.
    I’m hoping, against all odds (Jeff), for Michele to win it.

    I believe we were told America would vote at the end of BB11
    to replace Chima’s vote.
    Now that CBS is saying all three finalists will compete
    on Finale night for the $500K, it looks like we will be
    viewers and nothing more.

    I’m confused.
    So many changes and mid-game ……………..
    I personally think Natalie’s negatives are so HIGH, CBS
    is trying to level the playing field in case she wins.
    There are going to be charges of unfair but the network’s
    comeback will be, “Expect the unexpected.”

    I’m waiting for Matt’s response to my question above.
    Why have anymore comps when all three will play on
    Finale night?

  13. I just got this off OnlineBigBrother

    If you want to file a complaint regarding the “technical issues” during the POV (Kevin seeing the questions before the others), Kevin facing sideways during the log comp so he could see the mechanism and would know when it was coming on and which direction it would turn (Production told Jordan to face the pool), Natalie using a band and holding the rope instead of the key, and their illegal calendar to study dates, just go to, click on Shows – Big Brothers and go to the end of the page and click on “user feedback”. If BB wants one of them to win, I just wish they would hand them the money and not draw this thing out. If enough of us complain, maybe they’ll redeem themselves, but I doubt it.

  14. For all of the people that say that you will not be back next season are bigger liars that Natalie!!!!!! Each and everyone of you will be back because you love this show. It may not goes as we want it to each and every week but that is what makes it so great!!! Stop complaining and start the countdown until July 2010!!!!!!!

  15. It really does’nt matter which one of the 3 left wins because none of them derserve it. heard natatlie and jordan talking last night about this was the first time in a long time it’s ending with 2 girls. I think it’s the first time they’ve ended the show with 3 people that floated thru the hole game. do they really think they’ve played the game that they’re good at comps when they have’nt won anything on their on. or they really that stupid. this seasons bb will have to be known as the most boring season of all. someone posted on another sight that they should take down jordans’ picture wear she is partly nude because of the way her family must feel. people if jordan cared about them getting picture of her naked breast and partly nude pictures she would keep a towel around her. If you don’t want these kind of pictures on the internet keep your towel around you. The girl is a fake she wants you to think she is sweet&innocent

  16. Actually I think that the three have all played good games. They have made it to the final 3 by winning when needing to (even if it was given to them) and by saying what they need to say to get where they are. That is what the game is about. I do want Jordan to win because of her alliance with Jeff……….I want Natalie to win because I said on opening night that she would win…….I think that Kevin has played the best game out of the 3 and think that eventually he will win.

  17. Lets face it…CBS has overly exploited that picture of Jordan in the tub to sell the live feeds.

  18. While I can understand why CBS and the sponsors want some diversity in who wins BB, I do not think that allowing people to ignore the rules is the way to accomplish that. It is unfair to everyone, even the winners.

  19. EVERYBODY hates Natalie? Not me, she is a smart cookie who has played the game, and everybody is critizing her for doing exactly what BB is famous for – lie your guts out. Even the poor, dumb, innocent Jordan has duped people, and so has Kevin. Some of you guys just don’t want to see what is actually going on. Anyway, glad to hear that there will be two more competitions. It would have been unfair for all of them if BB changed the format in the middle of the stream. Let’s all hope that next season is better. (That wouldn’t be hard to do.)

  20. Complaining to CBS will just give them time to make up excuses as to why Natalie and Kevin were not disqualified. They will just say that they didn’t say that or Kevin really didn’t see the questions and so on. They want Kevin to win and that’s all there is to it. It’s pretty obvious to me. I want Jordan to win but have accepted the fact that production is for Kevin and he will get the money. It’s all fixed. Since Jordan is doing way better than Natalie practicing for Comp 2 I’m sure when the comp. begins they will have rigged it up so Natalie will win. If Jordan wins, then I will be very happy that I was wrong. But still the real winner is the Final HOH and this person will decide who he wants to take to final 2, so it doesn’t matter who wins tonight only if Natalie or Jordan can win the 2nd and 3rd to become Final HOH. Even if Natalie loses tonight and Kevin wins the 3rd he could pick Natalie to take with him not Jordan. And I think he probably will.

  21. Who are you voting for “Americas Fave Player” ?????? Its hard to choose, but I vote for Jeff or Russell or Michelle!

  22. I heard Natalie telling Jordan that BB tried for 2 hours to get Kevin to keep Michele! I wish he had kept her, but I think it is crap that they try to sway them to do what they want!

  23. Matt this is an update that you posted. “Update 3: CBS’ new press release says all 3 HGs will ‘face off for the $500,000 grand prize’ on finale night. So no eviction this Thursday or Sunday…” Honestly from that it sounds like they are all competing on Finale night.

  24. Chima won’t be at the finale….the finale is for players and she opted to not play by the rules therefore…..not play. Pity, I know that she would have swayed votes in the jury house for Nat but she just couldn’t take being made a fool of by America and Jeff that week.

  25. The second round has not been played yet. Nat and Jordan practiced for it last night. Also, america’s fan fav voting is over so we will have to wait until the finale to see who gets the $25,000 and I am hoping Michelle got it. Chima will not show up for the finale. She wasn’t listed as a hg to vote for in the $25,000. She has been banned from all viacom networks (they own cbs).

  26. @ Nicole..doesn’t matter what nat says she is always lying….Don’t believe one word that comes out of her mouth

  27. Do these three not realize all the power players were taken out due to their own stupid actions. These 3 are still there by pure luck. They are dumb but they are still there. Everyone needs to realize this is only entertainment. Life goes on after BB.

  28. Kevin would be stupid not to Natalie to final 2 because Jordan would win against either of them. I don’t think he realizes this because he thinks all of Nat’s friends are in the jh. He doesn’t know that they have turned against her.

  29. Well if they vote on who has played the game better I think Kevin could win over Jordan because he never really rode someone’s coat tails like Jordan he just stayed under the radar and kept his mouth shut. Natalie just lied!

  30. @ Susan S. I wouldnt even show my face either, Id hike it out of the country if I was Chima. She is a VERY hated person.

  31. If Natalie or Kevin wins this game she will have to give stupid Jeff a big thank you. If Jeff had kept his word to Russell after swearing on his parents, then the f2 will be different. Go Kevin

  32. It will be nice to see Danielle from BB3 tonight. She was a great player after what she did to stupid Marcelos.

  33. Votes:
    Jesse: Nat
    Lydia: Kevin
    Russell: Kevin
    Jeff: Kevin
    Michelle: Kevin
    Jordan: Kevin
    So like I said when Russell went, Kevin WINS BB11.

  34. I think it will be
    Jesse: Kevin
    Lydia: Kevin
    Russell: Kevin
    Jeff: Kevin
    Michelle: Kevin
    Jordan: Kevin

  35. If Kevin takes Jordan to final 2, Jordan will get the following votes:


    Jordan would win BB11. If Kevin took Nat, he would win. IMO, Nat has no chance of getting first.

  36. @Sherry: Nope, they won’t. You’re quoting my quote from CBS + my own words. Can’t count that as a quote from CBS altogether.

    What it means is: All 3 HGs will still be in the house come Tuesday night. No matter who wins Rounds 1, 2, & 3 they are all technically still competing. If Kevin wins Round 3, for example, he could either take Natalie or Jordan to the F2. If you keep that in mind, and the fact that Round 3 won’t happen until Tuesday night, then yes, all 3 HGs will be facing off for the half-million dollar prize. But when it comes time for the Jury House votes it will be a 2-person race.

    People seem to be looking for some twist or angle that isn’t there.

  37. I think Kevin has forgotten that Jeff took him off the block. Kevin needs to understand that he owes the final 3 or 2 to Jeff. He needs to take Jordan with him to just let Jeff know that he appreiates Jeff’s actions. Jordan would be happy with the 50,000. Unlike Nat she wants it all. To think some other person missed out on BB because of her (nat). Greed does funny things to people.

  38. Dont think we have to worry about Chima showing up. Shes probably out there making someone elses life a living nightmare! Glad they decided to include Danielle though…smart player.
    Im sure most of us will be disappointed if Nat wins but..oh well..we should be used to disappointment by now. The only saving grace would be if Evel Dick goes all “Evel Dickish” on Natalie! Worth a season of hell to see that!

  39. Kevin does not owe Jeff sh*t, he took Kevin off the block because he thought he was doing a great move to benefit himself in the game. Who the hell is Jeff for other HGs to do what would likely please him. Go Kevin bring Nat to the final so that you can win it all.

  40. Hey Winona, yes greed does strange things to people – all in the BB house are there for the money, not just Natalie. Nobody would go under the microscope 24 hours a day unless there was a pay-off.

  41. I for one mean it when I said that I no longer watch BB/BBAD, but ck the websites. I agree that it is our choice to watch or not. I for one forgot how great it is to watch TV for PURE ENJOYMENT, which I did not get from BB/BBAD. I hv deleted BB/BBAD from my DVR so that CBS does not get my ratings. I feel insulted by CBS/AG for the way this season has played out. To me America GOT GOT by them.

  42. I believe the reason they are doing this is because they don’t want to admit that they messed up with Kevin, POV. They must have received hundreds of phone calls with her number being on the web. Now they have to give them other chances but its not fair to Michelle. Just my opinion

  43. The selection of HGs was the biggest problem this season. Some of them were fine choices(Michele, Jeff, Casey, Russell, and yes even Ronnie), but the rest of them were uninteresting people and one pathological liar.
    Lies may be part of the game, but hey!!!

  44. Nick, I agree.

    Also, having cliques was a horrible idea and
    totally limiting in showcasing the strengths and weaknesses
    of each HG.

    Some could hide behind the stronger members of their
    cliques and they did …………… and look what BB11 ended up with –
    Three of the Weakest Players Ever in the F3.

  45. I just have to wonder about how everyone in the house has believed NataLies age…All she talks about is her “poker” playing, now what casino will let a minor come in and play poker and all the while drinks are free? Also, how is it that she is able to drink “mikes hard lemonade” and no one has called out Big Brother on “enabling a minor” and Michele as smart as she is didn’t pick up on that, the whole house’s all mind boggleing.
    NataLie cannot win!!!

  46. Chima won’t be there in any way shape or form. She left a bad taste in most people’s mouth’s. She was so happy to put the screws to whoever she could but when it was her ” turn in the barrel” she started showing her true colors. Natalie & Kevin showed theirs when they plotted, not just evil, but harmful ideas towards the other HG’s. Not only that but delighted in kicking some when they were already down. I don’t think either one deserve to win but that’s not my call. This season has been a hugh disappointment when compared to others. We can but hope they’ll do better in ’10. Unfortunately others may get the same idea to call the shots as BB has caved so many times in this season to demands of spoiled, unprincipled babies.

  47. Who does everyone think Kevin would really pick for final two? It seems he told both Nat & Jordan that he would pick them if he wins.

  48. @ 61 mars…..not everyone believed that Natalie was 18 on the first day. Kevin was the only one that questioned it. He said , yeah right you are 18. Also, some have come close to questioning her age (especially when she talks about poker playing, and didnt Michelle say she thought that you had to be 21 to be on BB?) but nothing has ever come from it.

  49. @ Jackie 63….its hard to say what Kevin would do. Right now he is acting like Natalies lap dog, but in DR he says that he needs to play for himself. He has told them both he will take them. If he was really smart, he would have sent Jordan home & selected Michelle….I say he will pick Natalie, but Im hoping that he will WISE UP and select Jordan

  50. Before Michelle’s eviction Jordan again was talking to Michelle about how you are supposed to be 21 and Michelle said something like I don’t know. I don’t think Jordan believes for one second that Natalie is 18. She’s just keeping it to herself right now.
    So CBS is going to explain the rules to us tonight about Tuesday’s comp. I think they should have kept to their original rules and disqualified Natalie and Kevin. But now they are going to act like we are stupid and didn’t understand the rules. Don’t insult my intelligence CBS, I understood the rules and you just won’t abide by them.

  51. @ midwestfan (#60) I agree with you on the cliques thing…..boring. However, BB always tries to come up with something interesting….they dont always work (Pandora’s box, etc). The clique thing (or something similar) has been explored before: project DNA, summer of secrets, the X factor…..

  52. @ Mary…I do remember something like that. Werent they in the kitchen & Michelle said I thought you had to be 21 to play BB & Jordan said, yeah well maybe not in her state! LOL Also, when Natalie got HOH Jordan was looking at her pictures & kept commenting on how much older her friend looks, little things like that. Also, Im sure that stealing from HG should be a violation of rules….like when Natalie stole Michelles gloves, dont you think?

  53. what BB seems to be doing is stretching things out and delaying the final eviction so that there won’t be a tie in the Jury House and so that America won’t get to vote.

  54. Jackie, if you dont like Big Brother then you would not be on this sight because you can read what is going on. Plus it has more information. I was hoping Kevin would play his own and go with Jordan because Natlie will not help him.I would like him tell how he really thinks about all the lies. Kenvin says stuff in DR but does not say nothing to her.I cant see Natalie winning.

  55. So the question is whether or when will Kevin realize that if he chooses Jordan for F2, that Natalie will not have a chance to turn the Jury against him. Too bad he could not realize that before he evicted Michele.
    And I think that Jesse will vote for Kevin because Kevin got Jeff—like he says, the big move

  56. This is my first time watching BB. I loved the show until Natalie is in the final three. I hate her so much. If she don’t get evicted after cheating. I swear I will never watch BB again. I would rather see Ronnie instead of Natalie. Heck….anybody instead of Natalie. She needs her a reality check for real.

  57. @Midwest Fan
    It would funny if one of the Jury Members had
    a sign that read
    C – Can’t
    H – Help
    I – It
    M – Mentally
    A – Asocial or Asinine

    You know she will be watching:)

  58. I hear VH1 has created a new reality show for Chima, “Shot of Chi-male”. Who would want to marry that cun*!?

  59. @M Horton #69

    You are right, CBS is dragging this out, but not because of American not having the right to be the 7th vote, but rather they are embarrassed on how this season has turned out.

    They kept hoping that things would get better after the whole clique scenario was a bust, but it kept getting worse.

    The Pandora’s Box was a bust twice and we felt duped by all the lead ups, just to be let down time and time again. Even the so call Jury will pack a puch, well I didn’t see the jury pack any punches and they keep dangling carrots for us to ensure that their ratings don’t drop because they have sponsors that they have to satisfy.

    Don’t be surprised if this so called jury packing a punch is still shoved down our throats and don’t be let down if we are duped again!

    This season has been so disappointing for me, other than the CDT which was a real twist (and they had to do that because the strongest clique athletes were flicking the other HG’s off like flies).

    Have you ever stopped and wondered why in the F4 there was one from each clique and all of them (excepting Michele) and each one of them was the weakest player. Let’s face it, you couldn’t have any of the strongest players against any of the other HG’s from the other cliques, because the strongest players were all athletes (excepting for Nat.)

    I have little doubt that this has all been scripted for drama and the BANG factor, however I think it blew up in CBS’ face!

  60. Is there less coverage this season on the jury house? Seems like in the past seasons we saw more of the jury members. Just wondering. I guess we will see Jeff and Michelle going to the house tonight ????

  61. @memy Yes, but I think it was Jordan that asked Michelle just before she was evicted about Natalie. I don’t think Jordan believes she is 18.
    When Jeff was a have-not he took a sip of something and was immediately told he could not have that. But all the things Natalie and Kevin did they got away with.
    I can understand lying and backstabbing, but cheating during a comp and getting away with it is not right. If it were anyone else they would have been disqualified. If Jordan was to turn sideways on the log, she would have been disqualified.
    I’m also wondering if Natalie and Kevin had an advantage by being on the ends of the log. Probably so. I don’t think CBS wants Jordan to win. As far as her being dumb, she knows Natalie isn’t 18 but won’t say it because she doesn’t want an enemy right now.

  62. I think it is funny that Nat thinks that people thinks she is a naive immature 18 year old who doesn’t know anything… instead she is a naive immature 24 year old who doesn’t know anything!!

  63. I’ve been a regular BB fan ever since it’s first season, and I must say that this season was such a crock. How disappointing! There were only a select few that I was really rooting for to make it to the end, but then people got stupid, and made a**es of themselves. All they could do was say “Whoops! I just screwed myself out of $500,000!” The three that are left aren’t even worthy of being true BB players, and only floated their way to the end. Can’t wait to hear what the past houseguests have to say tonight, especially Evil Dick! I think it’d be cool if BB decided to do a surprise triple eviction tonight, and told all three that, “You’ve all been evicted for believing, and trying to impersonate actual BB players.” Get real CBS. I’ll watch next season, because I’m a true fan, but this one really blowed!

  64. The truth is that Natalie and Jordin DO deserve to be there becaise they did play a smart game. Nat because she let everyone else in the house do her dirty work and Jordan because she was carried by Jeff. neither of them had to fight or get their hands dirty too further themselves in the game. So they DID do better than the rest of the house. They just played a different kind of game.

  65. I have not watched the show or BBAD ever since Natalie became HOH. I started to write a comment to CBS about the flagrant cheating, but I erased it. Nothing will come of it, and I would only be spinning my wheels.

    I have read your comments and agree with many of you about the inequality and favoritism being displayed by BB.

    Maybe Natalie will win; I, for one, do not want to watch that. Maybe Kevin will win; I still do not want to watch it. Maybe Jordan will win; that is still not enough to entice me to view a show that has rewarded the vilest of behaviors.

    Some good outcomes from banning BB on my TV– my blood pressure is considerably lower; I am sleeping much better; and I like the world much more.

  66. I wonder how many of the Jordan (pure and innocent girl) followers watch BBAD. A couple of weeks ago, she went on and on about her B— hole, and her P– hole, and her whatever hole, and it was so sickning that I turned off the TV. My point is this – I think that we have talked about her wholesomeness, and boob jobs enough;
    we have talked about Natalie lying about being 18 enough. It is becoming BORING. All three of the finalists come to the end with excess baggage; none are deserving; and all have faults. AND; as far as cheating is concerned, I think that if BB had seen it, they would have corrected it. They have done so in the past. Look back over past seasons – how many won the grand prize by being “really nice people.” Also, I guess everybody forgets how much Michelle “lied” and then said “I can’t remember.” She doesn’t deserve America’s Player anymore than anyone else. We watch BB because we love to “hate” them. That’s why the show has been so popular, and although this season has been a disappointment, we will all watch it next year.

  67. although i do love Jordon to death and i do hope and think she will win the fan favorite, i don’t think a floater should win the $500K.

  68. why was Natalie not disqualified when she was holding onto the rope and NOT the key????? She seems to slide by on everything!!!

  69. @ Mary 78….valid points! I was wondering why Kevin was facing outward, & Jordan was ahead during round 1. Also, I think it is ridiculous that Kevin & Natalie are doing alot of crazy stuff (ie stealing items)& get away with it. Also, Lydia & Chima got away with alot too…..and yet, people keep talking about Jeff & CDT….unfair balance!

  70. OK all you BB fans, this will spin your wheels and open a lively discussion.

    I just copied this from the CBS Commuity Message Boards:

    CBS Community Member

    09/10/2009 01:21:21 Subject: What did Allison found watching after dark?

    Anyone have any idea as to what Allison would have seen / heard watching after dark. She just confronted Kevin about something. It’s to late to say he cheated in the last POV, Michele is gone now. Great time to find mistakes huh?


    I am assuming they are referring to AG!

  71. @ 385 Jane Elliot. You know, I was wondering this. I thought that they had to have a hand on the KEY at all times. This is what Julie said. I saw Natalie on BBAD, her hand was clearly ON THE ROPE alot. There is even a picture of ot on another site….real close but no cigar. Jordan & Kevin were following rules, why doesnt she?

  72. @ Daina # 87….uh oh! Here we go! too late now! However, remember on Dallas when Pam dreamed up a whole season? Maybe they can do this with BB? LOL Or…..maybe they can DQ Nat or Kevin & let Jeff use the key to open BB door! Wishful thinking

  73. @ redhead # 83…..did you see my comment (#88) what do you think about that? Did they mean hand on the actual key or the rope holding the key?

  74. Can’t wait to see Evil Dick back on BB, I sure hope he puts Nat in her place. I can’t wait to see her speechless…I am sure ED can shut her up. She is definately unarmed in a wit matching contest with him and he is not afraid to call her out. Just hope he doesn’t get off track flirting with Jordan.

  75. Memy – we see things from a TV. The producers are right there on the spot, and I think that they have a much better view than we do.

  76. It’s not too late. Michelle isn’t in the jury house yet is she?
    I watched Tuesday’s show again and yes I saw Natalie put something up to the key and I heard a snap. I also heard someone say did you hear that? I honestly feel Natalie and Kevin had an advantage being on the outside edge of the log.

  77. @ Cammy # 91 I cant wait either love E.D.! He will rip into Nat! tee hee! I think he will flirt with Jordan, also, didnt he have a thing for Janelle? He will love it @ BB today! LOL

  78. @memy #89

    Personally, I don’t think anything will come of it, but there was a post #901 Fred on big-brother-11-final-2-poll and these were his comments, which I found interesing, but again don’t believe anything will come out of it:


    #901 Fred

    September 10th, 2009 at 9:54 am
    I was just doing some reading on Julie Chen’s blog. I will admit to have a small crush on her. She has some interesting views on some of the houseguests but what was more important to me was that her comments section is peppered with people saying they say Natalie let go of the key without getting disqualified. Could this have anything to do with the change in the HOH competition?

  79. @memy #89

    I meant to add, that CBS is well aware of the so called cheating and they will have some sort of explanation, if they care to give us one at all, but I’m not banking on it!

  80. A log is a log, is a log. I don’t think it matters where you are positioned. It looked difficult from all angles, and I don’t think that one person had an advantage over another.

  81. @ Diana 95…I saw that from Fred, with this game you never know whats going to happen. Most likely nothing. BB may just ignore it!

  82. @ redhead….ok, just wondered why they told Jordan she had to face forward & was wondering about the key thing. At any rate its over, and should have been addressed then, right? LOL

  83. @memy #99

    You are right, you just never know, but hopefully now with Julie’s blog, the BB crew (AG) will at least give us the courtesy of an explanation to squash all this inuendo.

  84. Memy: Yup, if her hand was off, they should have caught it. We are all human, and maybe they just didn’t see it – I didn’t, but my eyes ain’t what they used to be. Anyway, it is what it is, and now we are stuck with these three weirdos having a chance of becoming VERY, VERY RICH.

  85. As I just stated above, I re watched that show and Julie clearly said one hand must be on the key at all times. Not the rope, the key. Now tonight they are going to act like we are stupid and say they said the key or rope. Jordan should have won and it’s obvious they are letting them get away with stuff. Everyone seems to think that Jordan doesn’t belong in the F3, but I couldn’t have done what she did and I’m proud of her. Let’s see what kind of bologna they are going to feed us tonight.

  86. OK the debate about the key will continue, however I just went to this site for all of you who are interested:

    ——– Just tpe in the http:// at the beginning.

    You can clearly see Nat. with her hand on the rope, but technically the bottom of her hand (palm) looks as though it is pressed up against the key, so therefore you could say her hand was on the key.

    The only thing that I would really question about the whole cheating thing is the hair tie around her wrist to ensure that her hand didn’t slip, now that is CHEATING!!

  87. OK the debate about the key will continue, however I just went to this site for all of you who are interested:


    You can clearly see Nat. with her hand on the rope, but technically the bottom of her hand (palm) looks as though it is pressed up against the key, so therefore you could say her hand was on the key.

    The only thing that I would really question about the whole cheating thing is the hair tie around her wrist to ensure that her hand didn’t slip, now that is CHEATING!!

  88. wouldn’t that be nice?? DQ natalie and Jeff use that key he found??? :) again, why didn’t they have good bye messages for jeff when he was evicted?? they did for michelle and it was live?

  89. I’m still wondering why Jeff did get his good-bye messages, too. They had plenty of time for it. I think Kevin and Natalie said something so appauling that they didn’t dare have us hear it. Again, covering up what slime they are.

  90. BB does hold some responsibility to us viewers, and one of the reasons why I like(d) the show was because I thought it was not “scripted” – that does not seem to be the case. NAT has been acting exactly like CHIMA with her complaints, breaking of the rules, etc. – but someone empowered her or she would be not acting so recklessly? – don’t you think. There should be consequences for her cheating (or being allowed to cheat) especially when all AMERICA is aware and saw it as clear as day. Idea: take the point away from Natalie and give it to Jordan.

  91. Natalie cheats – and once again she cheated – pure and simple. BB obviously wants her to stick around. Only BB knows why.

  92. Kevin cheated too. The last POV he saw the answers and this HOH com when Jordan was told she must face toward the pool and Kevin clearly was sideways alot of the time. He wasn’t facing the pool.

  93. Lazeek I agree with your comments. The last 3 like them or not do deserve to be there because the strategy they used got them there. Go Kevin.

  94. A new theory for you all to chuckle about.

    What if the big twist is that if both Natalie and Kevin are in the F2 and are guaranteed a spot for the $500k and $50k respectively, CBS BB then says before the voting begins:

    “Sorry you have both been disqualified for cheating and the JH must vote for two runner-ups Jordan and Michele as to whom had the best game play to become the winner of BB11”.

    Now remember, there could be no rebuttal from Nat. or Kevin because of the legal binding contract and the fact that they have them cheating on tape and documented evidence about their respective conversations with each other.

    Now that is how CBS BB could save this year’s disaster.

    What a great ending that would be and the majority of BB fans across America would feel vindicated!

  95. @Dawn you said it and yu are right. The three best players are what you see. You have to do what ever it takes to end up in the finals and that’s what they did. Stop hating Natalie, she played a smart game. CBS BB11 is one of the best yet. All those of you who want to stop watching it that is your choice. I promise you want be missed. Not all the time our favorites will win. You just have to suck it up and get ready for BB12. Not all America hate Nataile it is just you guys and you do not make up all of america.

  96. WHAT a wasted season,Who wants any of the last three to win,we at our house dislike all three.We also are skipping next year and telling others to do so.No surprise no one brought back,fire all who ruined this season.

  97. so does anyone think that evil dick will call Natalie out on her age tonight? she is so dumb for thinking that would even work. i am dissapointed with the rest for the way this season has gone. has anyone heard any news on a season 12? hopefully it will be better

  98. @les482ley #120

    I think that you will find that ED will be told by CBS not to give away any secrets (i.e. Nat’s age) as far as BB12, they just announced it that there will be a BB12!

  99. hey they also told them to face the pool and Kevin was turned to the side to watch the geer if and when it stopped or change directions…

  100. @diana #122

    I was kind of thinking that after I posted that. Wow I cant wait for this season to be over with. So im sure they wont do a winter bb12 it will probably be next summer? i hope they choose there contestants better this time

  101. but you know guys if it wasn’t good why is everyone still watching it…..Dont like the way it is ending but I think it has been a good show…

  102. Since Nasty threw the 1st round HOH and didn’t win, her cheating is a mute point. Even if she had gotten disqualified from the comp for holding the rope (which she clearly did and the cameras got a great shot), she would still be in the F3 and eligible for pt 2 of the HOH, thus the same result.

  103. Did anyone hear one of the production people tell Kevin “We have a technical issue” when he went into the Diary Room last night on BBAD?

    I was hoping something had come up, but he came out pretty fast and didn’t appear upset or anything…

  104. Why, oh why, does Natalie still wear her ASU sweatshirt after Lydia & Jessie defiled it?

    I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t put it back onto my body, clean or not. I think I would just have to trash it and get another one later…

  105. did BBAD…tell Natalie that the viewers couldn’t believe the way she acted with the her boyfriend during Pandora’s boc because last night she tried to explain why so wasn’t so kissy kissy with him or real excited…I know the DR had to say something to her…

  106. Also…in regards to Nasty using a rubber-band to cheat, I got the following off of and it makes good sense…Damn, I can’t believe I am actually defending that biznatch…YUCK!

    Seems that the talks of Natalie cheating with the rubberband around her wrist can be put to rest. She was switching hands through-out the HOH Comp, making it impossible to have her wrist strapped to the key. (She would have had to keep slipping the rubber band over hand and she didn’t.) It was most likely to keep water from dripping inside her hoodie.

  107. if that was my boyfriend i would have been so happy to see him. i probably would have cried. i mean seriously i thought she was pretty cold to him and to say hell ya to a marriage proposal wow realy classy

  108. It’s sad if it was a CBS-staged proposal with an actor.

    It’s even more sad if that proposal was for real.

  109. @les482ley: How do I put this delicately? Lydia admitted to performing a certain activity with Jessie, and they used Natalie’s sweatshirt to clean up.

  110. I don’t think its right if BB lets Kevin and Nat(alie) get away with cheating. Its not fair to Jordan. I agree, disqualify them both and give it to Jordan. Surprise!

  111. @Martie #128 – I think it had somethin’ todo with Kev saying that due to tech issues, he saw the questions before anybody else, which gave him additional time me to think about the answers. I found this transcript of what viewers could hear…

    Kevin gets called into the Diary Room, but his mic isn’t shut off. You can hear him walk in the Diary Room, open up a door, and then the beginning of a convo…

    Woman: “Hey Kevin!”
    Kevin: “Heeey!”
    Woman: “The technical issue JUST came up, and..
    Kevin: (giggle) “Okay.”

    *Mic volume fades down & eventually off.*

  112. martie #135
    eww thats disgusting. wow yeah i totally missed that part. wow. i love bb but wow this season is a little crazy.

  113. @Martie #133…It’s the latter. That wasn’t an actor. He’s the same guy in her HOH family photos. I doubt CBS would pay an actor to do a photo shoot and propose, If so they could’ve put that money to better use by giving Jeff a bonus to vote her a@@ off when he put her on the block.

  114. @les482ley: Sick, huh? So wouldn’t you just throw it out at that point? I’m thinking I would have too much respect for myself to actually put it back on and wear it on t.v.

  115. @fedup: Yep, that’s it! That’s what I heard, too! I was hoping it meant something about the POV, too, but he came out of the DR really fast and didn’t appear upset or anything.

  116. @martie 141.
    yeah i would have burned it in the grill!!! thats so gross. i couldnt stand jessie before i really think he is trashy now. i cant wait for tonight.

  117. i hope natalie wins just to see the looks of distugst on all of the nay-sayers faces :). natalie is in the final 3 because she made the right moves at the right time… some of that may be from luck, but she still is part of the final 3

  118. I just look forward to BB12!!! They need to do a show twice a year! I hate waiting a year to watch the show again. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo JJJJJOOOOORRRRDDDDDDAAAAAANNNNNNN!!!!

  119. @ Everyone…. The thought of Natalie winning might make you sick, but i would feel more sicked by Jordan winning for the following reasons

    *** Kevin

    Played a better game than both N/J
    He played a role in the LML which is why he is still in he game
    He won 2 POVS
    He won a HOH
    He won when it counts

    *** Natalie
    She has done more to ensure her safety with the LML than anything Jordan has
    She has alligned with Jesse / Kevin which will prove to be a great move
    She won here HOH (same type as Michelle)
    She won when she needed to for her and Kevin

    *** Jordan

    Won a POV
    Was given her HOH (Not impressive)
    She alligned with Jeff (which is a good move)
    She lies to people and talks crap about them behind their back

    *** This isn’t who is nice and caring… This is Big Brother…. Get a clue ***

  120. I saw a commercial for the new Survivor, and it said “Evil has a new name…Russell,” and I was sooooo excited for a second! Then, I realized the timing would be impossible. Too Bad!

    I’d actually love to see this entire cast on Survivor.

  121. @Leo…Jordan was final two in her HOH comp…there was no guarantee she wouldn’t have won. She had already defeated all outside her alliance, yet everybody talks about how she was given HOH…by Jeff, to a degree, but by nobody else…Natalie only won when there were only two other competitors…yes she was openly manipulative and successful at it, but a lousy competitor…

  122. I’m really looking forward to Evil Dick, a favorite, being
    on tonight’s show but I don’t think he will be allowed to say
    exactly what is on his mind about the F3.

    His blog said it all.
    He see these three as being the most awful finalists ever and
    believes BB should do a Triple Eviction and bring back three players
    worthy of F3.

  123. @Leo: Natalie was getting the balls in the hole about every 8/20 rolls. Meanwhile, Jordan was going on streaks of 8-, 9-, 10- straight.

    Fortunately, for Natalie-lovers (ahem), I’m pretty sure Jordan would take Natalie with her to the F2 over Kevin.

  124. I wonder if Evel Dick will update us on him and Danielle….I wonder if they are still speaking or not speaking?

  125. by the way, did anyone notice how Nat didnt react like a normal person would if they had the chance to see their otherhalf and then they want to marry you and she wasnt emotional @ all! What a LOSER! I would have made the best out of my 15minutes by getting it “on” I wouldnt care whos waching! LOL!

  126. Karrie – i thought the entire “engagement” think was completely just WEIRD!!! no, omg i love you baby – nothing…..just hell yeah….like someone else said – thats what you say when someone asks if you wanna go to the bar……not when someone asks you to marry them!! too weird

  127. Natalie reminds me of a little dirty cockroach….just dirty and weird and ya just wanna step on her and smoosh her!!

  128. @ Dan…. Do you honestly believe Jeff wouldn’t have beat Jordan’s score in that HOH if he tried> He would have got a whole in one against let’s say Natalie / Kevin….

    @ Martie…. If there is a combination of you get as many shots as answers you get right…. Not so good for Jordan… If there is a get the ball in the correct answer… It will be a toss up… Jordan will do better with shots, but will she get the right answer…

    @ Everyone / Martie…. I clearlyy said… “NBK is in troible because jordan is dominating the games set-up”….

    @ Everyone… Enjoy the show… I have to go workout, so I can be home for the show… have a good evening……

    @ FedUp… Wuz up? Email Matt and ask him about the moderation info….

  129. @ Midwest Fan…. One of them will win… Who deserves to win the least? Get a grip…. That answer is Jordan!!!

  130. @ Martie… The Rocket Scientist looks like he will be the bad guy..

    @ Dan… i read your message and you can’t deny that Jordan was given the comp because Jeff was getting a hole in one everytime… get it? Good!!!

    Natalie won because unlike Jordan, she didn;t choke…. She (Jordan) won her POV because even Michelle believes she was copying her… Is Michelle wrong or just a liar making excuses? You be the Judge….

    Don’tmake excuses… Jeff would have won, but he decided to let Jordan win because he knew she would do whatever he wanted her too!!!

  131. @Leo…nice attitude…I understand what Jeff did…I also know that “they” had defeated all “their” competition at that point…get it? Good!

  132. @Leo: So who is Natalie taking to the Final Two with her is she should win HOH? I can’t follow who she is lying to anymore…

  133. i bet that
    Natalie is being gross and eating and talking with food in her mouth

    Kevin is thinking – I COULD ACTUALLY WIN 500G’s

    Jordan is thinking about that trip to hawaii w/Jeffie poo

  134. @ Martie…. Kevin… because natalie knows Jordan will have America’s vote and can only hope Jeff / Russell / Jesse / Michelle will hold a grudge against Kevin… Did you check out the Survivor site? Who is your choice to win?

    @ Kelli…. I am working out…. I am boggling in between reps…. *** L~O~L ***

    @ Dan… Answer the question with an answer and not another question… get it? Got it? Good!!!

    @ FedUp / Cat / Ashley… Check your emails!!!

  135. @ Kelli…. ouch… You did, but I always reply to messages dirrected toward me out of respect and my stubborness… *** L~O~L ***

  136. In Jordo’s HOH win if Jeff hadn’t thrown the comp. Jordan would have still been HOH. She would have took the HOH prize from Chlamydia and Jeff wouldn’t have taken it away. Even if he did it wouldn’t really have mattered. By giving it to Jordan, it ensured he could play for HOH the next week.(which he did and won!)Not to mention he wouldn’t have got any cuddle that night.
    @ Natalie (#144) LOL- I made that same argument the other day but in Jordan’s defense.

  137. @ Dan… It is all good bro…. You have great views and I love to read them… Please bring your awesome attitude and opinion to my Survivor blog ok? Have a good day all and enjoy the show!!!

  138. bigbeardon: jordan just can’t tell time….she’ll be ok!!! as long as there aren’t any comps about time tellin!!

  139. @ Dan… Uhhh Thanks… I think *** L~O~L ***

    @ Gooz…. Check out the Survivor Blog… It is up and running ok?

  140. @ Cynthia S…. Thanks… You should continue these great debates about the best reality show Survivor at ok?

    @ Everyone… You should too!!!

  141. Am I the only one bored with BB this week? With all the talk of throwing comps, etc. the suspense and interest has dwindled drastically for me.

  142. candy – i have been “bored” with it since Russ left…..not that i liked him all that much…but he kept things stirred up!!
    like ED

  143. i say let america vote to pick past HG’s for BB12!!! can’t be anyone who previously won…well, except for ED!!HA

  144. The fact that these three are what we have left to pick from is the culmination of many events. If any of a number of things had happened or not happened we would have three “different” people.
    1)Ronnie-rat splitting the house
    3)Coup de tat
    5)Jeff backdooring Russel
    6)Kevin beating Michelle in the last POV (She would have won easily but for one wrong answer)
    -and if you break it down any change in HOH or POV wins could have turned the game dramatically.
    So love em or not, we got what we got. We got- got.(Leo-good words for your next song, but I want royalties!)

  145. Kelli,

    I voted for Michele. Jeff really disappointed me when he began power trippin’ and in the end he lost focus. What’s that saying about glass houses? He wasn’t much better than Russel when he learned he was going on the block, and his defeated, poor sport attitude towards others, especially Michele after losing the veto was uncharacteristic of the man who first arrived at the house.

  146. @Cat @Martie @Leo

    Trying to catch up with some of these blogs, but I did find ED blog posted today and some of you might be interested in sending him some questions to ask the HG’s tonight:

    Tuesday I will be doing the backyard interviews “live” from the Big Brother house.
    I will see about doing some pre-show talking with former Houseguests and whoever I run into there. And after the show airs on the east coast, we will be live from the backyard talking with each of the Houseguests one at a time. It’s the same as you have seen me do the last couple seasons for Real Player, but with none of their bullshit edit jobs and no waiting for days for them to come out in dribs and drabs. You will see it as it happens.

    And you will be able to catch the interviews 3 or 4 places. There will be widgets where you can go to the sites and watch them without leaving the site there. I think that both Morty’s and Jokers we have the basic agreements down, but we are finalizing the deals this week… You will also be able to find it on the front page of Stickam. But please check back and I will confirm where, when and how in a couple days.

    This should be fun this time around. And through the sites you will be able to, or I will be able to ask some of the questions that YOU want to ask them. I’ll be getting lists of questions for the HG’s and I will pull from them a question or two per HG. I will also be checking the boards on those sites and possibly the chats while we are live.

  147. i don’t think Jeff was even slightly as bad as russell…..jeff said over and over….it was my fault b/c i didn’t win the veto!!!!

    russ just went nutzo…and made for some interesting tv that week!!

  148. Natalie cannot win!!!! Have never liked her, but when she won HOH and said this is for Chima, I almost threw a plate at the tv.

  149. @fedup…I felt bad for Michele…she caused a lot of her problems by floating too much with her alliances, but she was a strong competitor, and deserved better. She was great on the interview with Ross Matthews.

  150. @Cat @Martie @Leo

    Just posted a portion of ED’s blog today and went straight into moderation, so now here is a smaller portion that is more in line with tonight’s show and you maybe interested in posting a question for him to ask one of the HG’s.

    It would be priceless to see Nats. face if he asks the question about the continual lies!


    This should be fun this time around. And through the sites you will be able to, or I will be able to ask some of the questions that YOU want to ask them. I’ll be getting lists of questions for the HG’s and I will pull from them a question or two per HG. I will also be checking the boards on those sites and possibly the chats while we are live.

  151. does anyone remember last season…….who got the 25G? was it Dan? did he win AND get the extra $$???????

  152. @Matt

    Why have I gone into moderation twice when all I was doing was trying to let these bloggers know that ED will be asking HG’s questions that WE want asked?

    I don’t get it!

  153. who would y’all pick from previous seasons?

    i would want Marcellas and Amy and Rennie and Kisha and Erica and that older guy that was on with her that same season, and Jase and Kasar
    and Danielle and Howie……….

  154. Natalie has lied so many times when she didn’t need to…I never understood the purpose of that…she believes the 18 year-old lie helped her tremendously in her game. I don’t know why that would help…

  155. Dan – i couldn’t agree more……i never got that one at all……thats proof that natalie lies JUST TO LIE……just like why did she like about the whole PDB thing……she’s just STOOPID……..

  156. Triple Eviction come on nobody win LOL

    well next year I tring out again and if there is a player like Natalie I would put her in her place.

  157. @Randi #226

    If you want to pose a question to ED to ask a HG your question go to: then go to his blog section and post your question.

  158. @Dan…….YES it WAS JACK…..loved him and ERICA….yeah, i remember James the veto king too….liked him too!!
    didn’t like April and Ollie or that silly girl that Jase was hooking up with – who, by the way……made Jordan look like an MIT graduate

  159. @Diana #89:

    I read on another Big Brother site that because Kevin “won” the log competition, he would be going into the finale as the HOH. Perhaps that’s what AG called Kevin in to discuss if in fact a discussion took place at all. So many unsubstantiated rumours floating about. I’d prefer to think that AG was still trying to talk Kevin into taking Jordon to the final 2 and to shaft Natalie. If AG viewed the competition tape and saw how both Kevin and Natalie cheated, but still decided to allow Kevin to be the HOH, that could be dependent upon his cooperating with her.

  160. @Kelli – I didn’t say “just as bad”…I said he “wasn’t much better.”

    Russel – Almost immediately after Jeff used the V and put Russell on the block, he arrogantly, and with a smile said to the other HGs, let me go hear the music. No one wants to be confronted immediately after a blow like that. During the convo, Rus admitted to him that it was a good move, but that wasn’t enough for Jeff he kept on and on…and as the convo became more confrontational, Jeff kept saying his now infamous line, “You GOT GOT…” Nasty the instigator runs and gets Jordo who thinks she should interject and !!Boom!!, all hell breaks loose.

    Jeff – “Mr. I KNow I’m Safe” bc Nasty and Kev gave me there word that I was not going on the block. He learns he is on the block and is visibly and “understandably” pissed that Kev (like he) went back on his word. Her doesn’t want to talk to anyone, not even Jordo, kinda like Rus must have felt after he was put up. The difference is that everyone left Jeff alone…no one was in his face. Not to mention that, unlike Russ, he was given the heads up. Immediately after winning the POV, Michele went to hug Jeff and what does he do? He says, “Get away from me.” He has a hissy fit, and like always, “on his terms” hugs it out with her later. Jeff GOT GOT, and he brought it on himself.

  161. @Ashley…probably the most annoying bunch ever. Whatever they learned from past shows was forgotten quicky. And, where did this prima donna fixation come from?

  162. @Dan re #226:

    Natalie lying to make herself younger was done deliberately so she wouldn’t seem as much of a threat in the game. The houseguests did underestimate her because they treated her like the “kid” who didn’t know what she was doing.

  163. Hey fedup! #240 – I tried to explain all that a long time ago when Jeff first went on the block but I got slammed from everyone. I believe you put it very well and I totally agree with that comment.

  164. @ Nicole #26
    When did BB supposedly spend two hours telling Kevin what to do? I’d like to go back and check the live feeds to see when he was in DR that long. Do you have anything to back this up?

  165. @Disillusioned…I’m sure that’s why she did it, but I think everybody was aware of her. She is pretty immature for any age. After all, she is still there, but I can’t figure out why…I chalk it up to a pretty low level of intelligence in the house…not her superb game-playing…

  166. Dan #241 – I hope they screen the hgs a whole lot better next time and those who do make BB12 don’t take some of this seasons final 3 attributes to their game play. I want a season like season 8. I enjoyed it the most.

  167. Grrrrr..just spent 45 minutes trying to get back online…thunderstorms!!

    You think Chima is gathering a protest rally for outside CBS studios for fanale night…i dont think one person is considered a rally :)
    Question: Do you think they will even mention her on the final show?

  168. Cat – I would doubt they mention her since she has not been included in the fan fav or anything, but you never know.

  169. If i get kicked offline again..and its gonna happen any minute…say nice things!

    Wow…where is all the hate coming from?

  170. NAsty natalie is still there b/c she hopping to the right people…jessie left and she hopped over to chima…chima got the boot and she hopped over to Lydia…lydia left and she hopped over to kevin…..JUST WHEN KEVIN just happened to kick in full gear and start kicking butt!! she’s where she is now BC of KEVIN AND ONLY KEVIN!!!

  171. Kellie #256 – I agree Nat is there because she floated but Jeff is the reason she is still in the house. She was on the block 4 times when he and jordo were in power and they believed her lies and didn’t evict her.

  172. Kelli,

    GOOD!! YOU ARE ENTITLED TO PICK YOUR OWN FAVS! Please don’t confuse my ability to offer and opinion and analyze BB as a game in which even our favs have flaws as my trying to get you to dislike anyone. I for one am not a J/J fan, but I am a Jeff fan…He was awesome to look at. However, I respect Michele’s personal strength and ability to play the game as an outsider and a loner.

  173. After further review, it seems that Leo is one of the crabs that crawled out of Natalie’s inner most crevices and learned how to blog.

    Welcome to the world my friend!

  174. Well an hour and a half an BB will be on. So…we’ll either be a very happy crowd on here or angrier than heck!! (Well except Leo. lol) In the end, I really hope Kevin wins the money out of the 3 of them. He is the only one left who played the game which includes winning competitions. As far as needing the money, it really has nothing to do with the BB game. As far as that goes…who the heck couldn’t use $500,000.!! So….go Kevin. I think in the end that is who the jury house would end up voting for. Whether we like him or not…that is who deserves to win.

  175. Kelli – I can’t remember if he took her off or not. I know he took Kev off and evicted Lydia when Nat was on the block but it seems like she was on with Chima and got a pass. I can’t remember anymore.

  176. fedup – did you hear michele say to julie on her exit interview – that she had always been bullied and people have always picked on her? i really felt so bad for her….almost shed a tear! for real – that was sad!!!

  177. @Ashley
    I agree with you that Nat is there only because of Jeff.
    And no, they wont mention Chima…they dont want Julie to go into premature labor!

  178. @adda…why do you have to bring our President into this. I happen to love our new President. I voted for hima and I support him but what does that have to do with the BB game? You just made a ridiculous comment. No one likes Natalie because Natalie is a disgusting person. She is Mexican and so am I….this Mexican can’t stand her!! She gives Mexicans a bad name. I surely don’t want everyone who watches this game to think that all Mexicans are dirty back stabbers who think lying is the only way to get thru life. You need to take that racism some where else!! I haven’t seen anybody on this site make racial comments towards Natalie, Kevin nor Chima.

  179. Kelli #258 – Hilarious! I was thiking adda was related to Chima, but you’re probably right…It’s her LOL!

  180. i don’t think Chima cares anything about BB anymore. it isn’t about HER anymore, i’m sure she is onto something else about HERSELF.

  181. In the past, the jury house has always looked at the number of competitions the final 2 have won when they make their decision. I think that is where Nat or Jordon are going to loose out.

  182. adda – is that you chima……?? no one on here is saying things about “darkies” – you have a lot of rage…..its really you isn’t it chima??

  183. @adda
    Personally im for Kevin but i feel no need to explain why im for anyone to someone who is obviously so full of hatred. Color has no place on this board…try the Jerry Springer Show.

  184. grammalilx – AMEN!!!! Good Lord where did all that rage and race come from……trying to read back and find where it stated anything as bad as what chima/ i mean adda is saying….

  185. Just for the record, my favorite player of all time is Marcellus, an African American Gay person. I voted for Obama. I think Kevin should win, although he was not my favorite. I want Natalie to win nothing. And, I’m Jewish…hate on that!

  186. Kelli,

    Who knew Michele’s childhood would prepare her for BB of all things…

    @grammalilx11..Don’t give adda the satisfaction…”It” is not worth it

  187. Anywho..back to more important people..Jordan is a sweetie but is destined to come in second.
    Kind of glad shes up against Nat for the second round…prob better odds.

  188. #117 Diana
    As much as I lover your cheating theory, it doens’t wash, because Jordan would have to be disqualified for her physical attack on Russell.

    Also, Gnat’s use of a hair thingee does not constitute cheating UNLESS BB told them specifically not to do something like that.

    I’m guessing they were told to face the pool because if they were able to turn around, they could turn each time the log reversed and never have to walk backwards. Kevin, although turned left to rest on his arm, did, indeed have to walk backards like the others.

  189. adda – you have serious issues. I am white and I loved Russell who is lebanese and I believe Chima made MANY racist comments about him.

  190. Cat – i agree – better odd for jordo against Nat……i think Kevin is going to win regardless of who is against him…….if it were between nat and jordo – Jordo would win!!

  191. One thing besides Natalie still being in the house really bothers me. Jeff found the key and got nothing for it and Jeff got no good-bye messages. Did they maybe just leave the door open to drive us crazy or could there still be a twist at this late date. Maybe Jeff didn’t kiss Jordo good-bye because he knew he was coming back.

  192. what exactly does undercover biggot mean???

    undercover b/c we are blogging? i don’t get anything that comes from you chima…..i mean adda

  193. @adda
    Are you serious? You are wondering why everyone is calling Natalie and Kevin cheaters??

    i don’t think we are watching the same show…Maybe you are looking for the Tila Tequila site?

  194. @Budman

    If only that were true…millions of women that roam the earth would be swooning at the thought!
    Seriously doubt it though :)

  195. I’ll be back when the fun group is online. This is all way too hate-filled and, if possible, boring at the same time.

  196. @everyone…adda is not worth the time…We should all follow Cats’s lead below.

    #292 Cat
    September 10th, 2009 at 6:45 pm


    *permanent ignore*

  197. adda – I’m not up at that hour so of course I didn’t see that but I can assure you that I would have commented on it as unneccessary had I been online at that time. Please quit the personal attacks so we can discuss BB and what is going on right now. Thanks!

  198. i was sooo hoping for the KEY TO DO SOMETHING other than just UNLOCK kevin……i was hoping if he was evicted – Julie was going to say…ok, jeff – that key you have will get you right back into the house!!!!

  199. I love Kevin! I hope he wins it all, now that my man Russ has no chance! But I did vote for Michelle to get the 25k because she was the best player, IMO

  200. #240, 243 Fedup and Ashley
    Exactly. Jeff is typical ‘Can do it, but can’t take it’. Almost everything he complained about the others he was guilty of himself, but he never saw it.

    Not just the lying and schemeing and backstabbing, but every day life, too, like calling Michelle smelly, while farting openly at every whim. It was so ridiculous to hear him trash Kevin for not keeping his word after doing the exact same thing to Russell.

  201. @Adda Please give it a rest. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. You have expressed yours which is appreciated. Now can we move on to the more important issues at hand, tonight’s competition. Thank you.

  202. @Ashley…i agree

    @Kelli…not sure..just hoping for something different than the lame ole stuff we been seeing. Maybe an upset…by Jordan

  203. @Martie #306

    I’ve been off line for a while and boy when I came back I couldn’t believe the b.s. from one blogger on this site. Hate filled is an understatement.

    Anyway, I’m with you for now. I’m going to cook dinner and get ready to watch BB and then I will be back and you and I can see if we can channel our thoughts again (heee!!)

    Looking forward to seeing some of the old BB HG’s and I hope that ED fires some pretty volatile questions at Nat. and she is exposed for who she truly is!

  204. I know Rene F. I could not stand that about Jeff! The thing that pissed me off the most was when he told Russ that Russ would never be the man he was and would never measure up. I thought Jeff was very arrogant and did not like him from day 1. Sorry to all you Jeff fans out there!

  205. rick raynor – you just ruined it….we had a permanent *ignore* up on Chima….i mean Adda…i mean Chima….so now you have just fueled the fire again!!

  206. @Rene F

    I really like Jeff in the beginning..before he spoke and burst my bubble!
    Im no prude and can cuss like a sailor if need be but his treatment of Michele put me off of him permanently…stll good eye candy though!

  207. @Cat @Ashley @Budman @ReneF

    Catch you guys later, after the comp.

    Let’s hope that the questions asked are worth the while and the comp. is not another flop!

  208. OK, how funny is it that Kev says to Nasty last night something like, “If you had read the BB rules, you’d know that you have to be 21 to be on BB.” Nasty responds by saying somethin’ like, “Maybe its different in some states.” Got to give it to her…Once she tells a lie that’s her story and she’s stickin’ too it.

    I’m not sure, but I think Jordo was around at the time. If so, could Kev be bringing this to Jordo’s attention and laying the groundwork for evicting Nasty and taking Jordo to F2? Can anyone shed some light on this?

  209. @Ashley #329

    I was always a Jeff fan, but hey after reading some of the posts about Russell’s package, perhaps Jeff was jealous and wished he had some extra luggage ~ lol :)

    Gee I think that x-rev is rubbing off on me!

  210. cat – do you have the live feeds? i heard that jeff and jordo said some really mean things about michele……..

  211. I know why there was a change to the way BB11 ends this year….. Allison got word that if StinkeeGnatalie goes to the final 2, and that if “WE” got to vote, that we were voting for whomever she went against to win.
    So, if the show ends Tuesday, “WE” can’t vote hence StinkeeGnatalie may win the Big Cash!!!

  212. @kelli…no live feeds…lots of reading!
    They commented on her smell, her nose and how stupid they thought she was….not nice at all!

  213. This blog is for BIG BROTHER FANS to voice what they think about the shoe I am sure noone on here wishes DEATH for anyone, it’s a reality show, we all like to watch and we all have our complaints on who we like or dislike no matter what the RACE IS.

    I myself was a Jeff fan and I also like Kevin He cracks me up with some of his sayings. I am not sure myself what I would do or say if I was trying to win $500,000, I don’t think any of us do.

    I enjoy reading what everyone has to say, we are all human and have who we like or dislike, no matter if it is on her or in our everyday lives. I think this is great and I am sure we will all continue to watch till the very end, because we are all addicted and curious. Thanks to all on here keeping me entertained. GO BIG BROTHER!!!!!

  214. @Cat…….cracking the hell up!!! thank you for looking in the mirror!! and for the comment!! ALL WE NEED IS LOVE!!! ALL WE NEED IS LOVE LOVE…..

  215. Kelli – I have the live feeds and Cat is right. They said all those things, Jordan included and it made me sick because they did it behind her back.

  216. #Ashley 327
    I actually liked Jeff (and Jordan) very much in the beginning. I didn’t see any signs of arrogance until he got the power. It was like someone flipped a light switch. Who the hell was that guy in the HOH room, ridiculing people and lording over everyone? No other HOH had that personality change. I didn’t like Jessie for his self-love, but he didn’t change when he got power, it was still him.
    What surprised me even more was Jordan, who followed suit shortly after and got even worse than Jeff. Her head got as big as her chest and she even seemed to annoy Jeff with it sometimes.

  217. yeah i read that about J/J saying that stuff about michele ……and THAT does disappoint me a lot b/c i do really like J/J – mean people suck!!

  218. @Rene F
    Power corrupts…gives a false sense of entitlement. Wonder how many of us would stand by our convictions if they stood in the way of half a mil?

  219. Rene F – you are right about the power changing J/J. I guess I never liked them because I liked Russ from day 1. I liked Jessie a lot better this year then last.

  220. Adda, it’s hate crime, all these people on this site hate me because my name starts with R. They don’t treat the T’s and the C’s and the J’s like this!. Bigots! All of them!

  221. Cat – i agree with the comment about what would we do if we were in the house…..and although i am not sticking up for j/j – some people just dont like other people and admit it you have probably talked about someone behind there back……and said mean things about them……it just so happens that THESE people J/J are on national tv and the world hears what they are saying!!

  222. Kelli, I think I love you!!! lol, that’s the first time in a LONG time where someone actually corrected their spelling and I commend you for that.

  223. thanks jennie ………i just got done saying “all we need is love” and there….I just got some LOVE!! TEEHEE

  224. Does anyone know where I can watch BB online when it starts on the east coast. I live in Los Angeles and I would love to watch it early.

  225. @kelli

    totally agree..just asking
    But yes ive called people names that would make a trucker blush. Nobodys perfect but just wondering how long it would take me to get to that point. If my mother knew half of what ive done in my life she would turn over in her grave…im not bad…just curious :_

  226. @kelli….It is not that easy to get tickets. Me and my daughter tried already.

    @Ashley….thank you sweetie. I’m doing that now.

  227. Cat – yeah, i can honesty say that the F word is probably my favorite……when you say it -it just releases soooo much frustration!!!
    use to never say it……and my ex husband would laugh at me when i did say it….anyway….yeah, we all have those not so proud moments….just wouldn’t want them to be viewed by the world….or hear what i have to say about someone i honestly didn’t like!!!

  228. Jeff let us all down when he became HH. His mocking Michele was downright cruel. He’s not the nice guy he appears to be.

  229. CBS should remove Nat and Kevin in tonight’s show for cheating and bring back the last two evicted HG’s.

  230. @ kelli no, I missed that one. I’m finishing the BBAD from last night and not paying attention right now.

  231. @Everyone PLease see below…

    # fedup
    September 10th, 2009 at 6:50 pm

    @everyone…adda is not worth the time…We should all follow Cats’s lead below.

    #292 Cat
    September 10th, 2009 at 6:45 pm


    *permanent ignore*

  232. But kevin and natalie didn’t cheat….natalie is just a plain nuisance and kevin is smart. I wouldn’t mind seeing him win since michelle is out. I hope michelle gets that 25k!

  233. Everyone enjoy the show…..20 more min for me – can’t wait to see (as someone else already said…..) Russ’s face when Jeff comes to the jury house…….and cant wait to see ED……..

  234. Sabrina – she may have thought she had to do something different to boost the ratings. This is a guess.

  235. In adda’s case it’s unknowledged. He’s mad because his anger management class conflicts with Big Brother and they don’t have TIVO at the jail. Sorry to break the “unacknowledgement” of As$a

  236. It’s just wrong that people think Natalie is smart and has played a good game. BS! There have been many villains on past BBs, but they were smart and deceitful. Kevalie just float lies to the HGs. What’s smart about that? A good, smart player will use info obtained from another HG and use it strategically to advance themselves in the game. Sure there are occasional lies and embellishments, but for someone to pick her nose while plotting lies with her little bit*ch Kevin, is just not fair play. Who can complete against that? I may not like some of the past villains, but I certainly respect them for good play. I can’t stand watching the Kevalie show.

  237. blackgirl……ED stands for Evel Dick…he won BB a few years back……you either loved him or hated him….he was very blunt bold and in your face…….but he always said things to the people that i didn’t like on that season so I LOVED HIM!! and he reminds me of Nikki Sixx and I LOVE NIKKI SIXX!!!!!

  238. This is by far the worst BB ever! There should be some limit to the lies. Natalie should have been stopped by production. 10 peaople in my extended family will never watch BB again if Natalie is allowed to be in the final 2. What’s even worst is the cheatin that has been viewed live. How can you say the competions are fair when we see the real cheating. Natalie should have been disqualified from BB. She has made BB looked liked these competitions have been rigged.

  239. Evil Dick is NOT awesome!, he was/is a filthy pig just like natalie. The same “people” that were fans of his must really love the gnat. Heck he even had his daughter on the show to usher him to the final 2, without her he would never, ever have made it.
    Ibet he loves the gnat’s gameplay.

  240. Tae Kwon Do “world champion” bronze medalist…funny how Nat isn’t listed in on any years team USA taekwondo site, or on any of the WTF taekwondo site either….

    What amazes me even more, she’s never once done any workout or anything that resembles tae kwon do in the house….she lied about something as simple as her age, probably lied about her bronze medal too. It’s more likely she is a regional winner at some local contest and she claims she a world champ… more like WORLD CHUMP!

  241. @ Ashley / Blackgirl / Cat / FedUp / Martie….. Hello…. BB is coming on…. Enjoy the show…

    @ Modman…. I see you grew some N*** while I was gone with your lame joke…. Use those n*** when I am posting ok?

  242. I never believe anything that comes out of Stinky Gnat’s mouth. I hope the release dragon flies during the competition just to watch her run like heck. Also, I’m glad she had to stay on the log and get all wet, that was her shower for the month!

  243. where can i find evel dick’s blog??
    wow, that’s so great of natalie to talk smack about michelle…. that must be how she truly thinks of herself.

  244. O.K. I’m back now for a few, and then I hope to chat with you guys after the show airs. It’s later for me because I am in Cali.

    This may be a dumb question, but why do some people spell ED as “Evel Dick” and others as “Evil Dick.” Is this just a misspell or what?

  245. ewwwww evil dick is gross. he makes every gay guy wanna go straight and every women wanna be lesbian… and his daughter is just as nasty/ throw nasty boogy in he’s very gross.. nasty nat should be adopted by evil she would fit right in

  246. Go Jordan!!!!!!! 9 out of 10 correct on the competion. Working with Jeff on the counting and remembering paid off. Yea!!!!!!!

  247. Yeeessssssssssssssss, Jordo finally won something! Suh-weet mother of all that is holy! Good may actually prevail!

  248. Yessssssssssssss!!!!!!!!! Jordo FINALLY won something on her own! Sweet Mother of all that is Holy, Good may actually prevail…

  249. She played it and played it well! Cudos to Jordan!!! And once again we see Nat is making excuses as to why she didn’t win. She just got out played!

  250. Nasty looked defeated before the results were given…Great Job Jordan!! Awww Nasty don’t cry and stop it with the excuses. Julie was like shut up biznatch, it was a physical comp and you suck!!

  251. Watch Nat. throw Kevin under the bus now!

    She will tell Jordan that she let Kevin win the 1st HOH comp. because he promised to take her and watch Jordan fall into Nats. web of lies.

    I hope that Kevin wins the 3rd comp. and he takes Jordan based on what I heard in the DR sessions.

    I’m just afraid that if Jordan wins the final HOH comp. she will take Nat. for no other reason than that do I want Kevin to win the last HOH comp.

  252. From what I read online (because it hasn’t aired here yet), you could hear the audience applauding each ball Jordan made.

    Way TO GO, JORDO!

  253. Wath Nat. throw Kevin under the bus now. She will tell Jordan that she threw the 1st. comp. to Kevin because he swore to take her to the F2 and Kevin will scramble.

    I think that if Jordan wins the last comp. she will take Nat. with her to the F2 and that will suck big time, for no reason other than that I am hoping that Kevin wins the last comp. and he takes Jordan to the F2 as he said in the DR in tonights episode.

  254. @fedup: I may pay actual $$$ to see Julie Chen call Natalie a “biz-natch!” I would fall off the couch in gleeful delight, LMAO!

  255. Jordan telling Kevin and Natalie that America will have to vote between Kev/Jordan, Nat/Jordan, and Kev/Natalie in pairs.

  256. Well, Jordan would probably be better off taking Nat with her to the final two because from what I saw in the jury tonight, they do NOT like Nat at all anymore!

  257. Jordan, you had nine and have won the competition. Cameras go to her face – there is nothing there. She looks like a deer caught in the headlights. Oh well, let’s go forward and on to the boring finals, and pray for a Good Survivor season. This BB is the PITS

  258. If Jordan goes to the final two and takes Nat, she will win. As they showed the people in the jury house, they HATE Nat now and I would think that Kevin would vote for Jordan over Nat because of what a lying skank Nat is.

  259. Too little too late. The following are not my words…from Joker Updates…

    Kevin wonders if they should even be talking game (perhaps he means smack) on the live feeds any more since America is voting now. (too late, bizznatch – ed).

    They both get silent as their brains think THAT one over. And Kevin leaves the room.

  260. Yeah, my comments are taking a long time to make it online.

    Natalie used her HOH blog to make rude remarks against Kevin – I’m sure thinking of America’s Vote. She is a sophisticated liar & manipulator.

  261. GO JORDAN!!! WOW it’s going to be so awesome to send natalie tothe jury house and not winning the 500k because she’s a liar and a cheat and you know what they say cheaters never prosper

  262. I hope Kenvin can work with Jordan before Natalie I guess Natatlie is Jordan best friend now like I said along Miss. Coat Tail hangs out who ever wins.

  263. I’m on the West Coast…so Natalie lost to Jordan in a physical comp? Hmmmm…what was her excuse? Was there a bug outside (besides her)?

  264. OMG! I am so excited. So freaking happy that Jordan beat Nat the Rat! At a mental and physcial comp. Nat’s excuse, well the ball went into the wrong hole and I knew what has happened since day one, and Julie just looked at her and said, it was a mental and physical one. Take that Nat the Rat. Also I am so happy that the Jury seemed to totally dislike Natalie. I don’t want Natalie going to the final 2, BUT if Jordan won HOH, she would have a better chance of winning the 500K against Nat. Jordan seems to think everyone loves NAt, BUT OH GF NO THEY DON’T.


  265. So it was mental, too? Didn’t Natalie tell Kevin that she would trounce Jordan in a mental comp? This is kinda cool…

  266. Can someone explain to me what the purpose is in playing anymore games if all three have to compete again on finale night. I don’t get it. What’d I miss

  267. Natalie purposefully threw the first comp because she said she could kick Jordans butt in the next. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you LOSE Nat!!! I loved the deer in the headlights look Nat gave when she lost…it was priceless!!

  268. OMG, Natalie is going through the whole Michelle, Chima, Russell thing…Chima DID say she wanted to backdoor Russell and Michelle actually DIDN’T lie about it…what’s up with that…Nat is just trash…

  269. I don’t think someone like nat- LIE should win and think that’s a way to live life and how she can say God has been with her and Kev is beyond me!!! We don’t have to lie and cheat to get ahead and it sure isn’t worth losing your soul over!!! I think our young people need better examples to watch!

  270. Well it seems like “may the best liar win” I can see now Natalie running with the 500K without doing anything. Everybody knows that she is good at lying and she made it this far lying. Who is to say that she is not going to win again by lying? A liar is a person who is lying, who has previously lied, or who tends by nature to lie repeatedly. That is Natalie.

  271. I am sick and tired of hearing people saying that BB is fixed. How on earth would ANY of you know ??? If you are not part of the staff, there is no way anyone could possibly know. It sounds like sour grapes to me. Lighten up you people, it is just a GREAT GAME !!!! It’s played the same way every year, only a few has too spoil it for the rest.No one is perfect playing the game. Some are better than others.Chima was the worst of all the games..she thought she was the queen bee of the BB house.I hope that Michele gets the $25,000. She played the BEST of all the BBHG..I voted for Jordan to win it all…

  272. every time i post something to this page it goes into moderation and then is deleted. I am doing or saying nothing wrong! what’s up with that?

  273. Sept 13th–2009
    This BiG Brother 11 has been great I am almost 63 Years old and I have watched everyone of them. I am sure glad that they decided to go on with another Big Brother next Summer. I really enjoy watching it, Julie Chen the Host is Great.
    Sincerley Linda sammons

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